What Are We? Pt. 1/2
What Are We?
Jey Uso X OC (Kayla)
Roman X Jade
Jimmy X Trin
Rhea Ripley
Rating: 18+ Warning: Smut; sex, fluff, couple arguing, making up
Jey and Kayla have been friends and lovers for years. What happens when Kayla is tired of Jey asking for space instead of putting a label on what their relationship is. The script is flipped when Kayla is the one who asks for space and cuts off contact with Jey for six months, even moving out of the state.
What happens when Rhea, Bianca, and Trin invite Kayla to celebrate her birthday in Pensacola and Jey finds out? Can he finally admit he loves her or are they better off apart? This was requested by @royalkay23 thank you for being so patient and I hope you like it thus far.
Tumblr media
Savannah, GA
“I ain’t comin’ Jey is going to be breathin’ down my neck.”
“And your ass know you gon’ fold like that chair I hit Becky with the other night,” Bianca said chuckling.
“Kayla, I need you to trust us, we have the whole weekend planned and you need this,” Jade pleaded as I sighed looking into the camera.
This was our weekly thing to do to talk on facetime once a week.
“Ya’ll I don’t know, I been trying to stay under the grid since I left Pensacola.”
“I promise we went Lowkey for your birthday this time. We got a little staycation with some activities planned and a little party. You don’t even have to go to the house show on Saturday if you don’t want too” Trin said pouting trying to make me feel guilty.
“I don’t want to see him ya’ll,” I whispered as I heard Jade fake cough muttering “bullshit” as I rolled my eyes.
Damn, she could always read me like a book.
“Jey is leaving for Atlanta; he won’t be here I promise. It’s a mini girl’s weekend celebrating your birthday,” Bianca swore as I chuckled.
It was nice they were trying to plan something nice for me, but I knew Jey. If he knew I was coming, he would be there with bells on trying to talk and I ain’t in the mood. He made his choice, and I made mine.
“Girl come on and turn up for your birthday,” Trin said making me laugh.
“Yes, let us celebrate you Kayla, let’s have some fun.” Rhea begged as I finally agreed. “Fine, I will be there but why do I have the feeling ya’ll setting me up.”
Six months earlier
Pensacola, FL
Jey's House
“So why would she show up here?” I asked as Jey wiped the sweat from his brow. “You really wanna talk about it now after we’ve just had sex.”
“Didn’t the bitch just knock on the door, trying to get in here!”
“I sent her ass away, I ain’t tryin’ to argue baby we’ve had a nice weekend together. Damn, sometimes I just wish I was single,” he said as I looked at him getting a familiar feeling.
But not this time, I was gonna get his ass first.
“Well let me help you out, I’m leaving, and you can be single and up in every piece of ass you see fit to be in.” I said pulling away from him.
“Kayla, I didn’t mean-”
“I can’t believe I feel for it again,” I hissed getting up putting my shirt back on. “Come on Kayla don’t go,” Jey pleaded as I searched for my skirt. “No, I need to go because once again you want to play games, Jey,” I said as he got out of bed trying to stop me from leaving.
“I didn’t tell her to come by, Kayla,” Jey said as I scurried around the room gathering clothing in my hands. His ex had just come by and had given this song and dance about wanting him back. Now I never met her, but I’m pissed because she’s the reason he can’t commit.
She also worked for the WWE as well which made it worse that he saw her a lot at work.
“Kayla, please can we just talk about this,” Jey pleaded as I shook my head putting on my shoes.
“Why? I know the drill; she is fucking with your head and now you’re not sure what we are all of a sudden and now you want space.”
“I don’t want to make it complicated Kayla, I been through some fucked up shit.”
“We’ve been sleeping together for years Jey; we are past complicated now. Every time we get close to putting a name on it you freak out or something happens that makes you question us.”
“So, you just gon’ leave now. Kay, I don’t want you to go,” Jey pleaded as I pushed him away.
“I ain’t getting back in bed with a man who doesn’t see himself being in a relationship with me.” I was tired and just wanted to go home. This was the last time I was falling for this bullshit.
“Kayla, I need you to understand-”
“Oh I understand, you like me but not enough to be in a relationship with me?"
“I never said that bae.”
“Your actions show me that you want me to share my body with you, do couple things such as have sex, go on dates, be there for you when you’re going through shit but you don’t want to be in a relationship with me?”
“Ok, that sounds shitty-”
“Because it is shitty Jey, but you ain’t gotta worry about it no more. I want you have a nice life and I hope you find what you’re looking for. Storming out of the bedroom.
“Kay, don’t do this-”
“Do what? Choose myself?  Stop being your fuckin’ toy that you pick up off the shelf and play with when you get bored of other bitches?!” I screamed as Jey grabbed me by the arms stopping my rant, making me look at him.
“OK, dat’s it GOTDAMNIT!” The anger radiating off him seeping into me as well. Hell, I was pissed and fed up.
“Let me go, Josh!” I yelled as he invaded my space making me look at him.
 “You ain’t no fuckin’ toy, I lo-”
“You what Josh?!......The silence pissing me off even further.
“Speak! Damn it!”
“Look just don’t let me hear you say some shit like that ever again. You ain’t no toy I just play wit and you know it.” Jey said more calmer as I scoffed heading towards the door.
“Don’t come by my house because I won’t be there, and don’t call my mom either. I just need some space Josh.”
The shock and look of disbelief on his face would have made me laugh if it wasn’t so sad. Throwing his words back at him had struck a nerve and knew it.
“Kay, you don’t mean that let’s just talk-”
“Never expected to hear those words from me, did you? Well, Josh I think we need some space from each other.”
 And with that I slammed the door not only Jey but whatever we were to each other.
"Damn, we been through so shit." Thinking about that day was the last thing I wanted but the memory always came flooding back at the wrong time.
 It took a lot of strength to walk away, but when you tired, you tired.I loved him and I knew he loved me, but I had to choose myself in that moment.
I only wished he had fought for me, and let me knew everything would be ok, but he didn’t and now six  long months had passed.
The girls were right, I needed a break. I was going to enjoy my birthday and celebrate.
Maybe I wouldn’t run into Jey after all and if I did, don’t let me fold.
One Week Later
Pensacola, FL
Fusion R&B Club
Jey’s POV
“Man, I thought you was restin’ what you doin’ here?” Roman asked as I rolled my eyes. “Ya’ll ain’t slick I know Kayla flew in for her birthday and I just wanna see her.”
“Man let that girl have fun tonight, she just touched down two hours ago and you already trying to start.” Jimmy accused as I tried to find Kayla on the dance floor.
“I ain’t starting shit, she the one that left me six months ago.” I hissed still very angry even though I know I was to blame.
“She had a reason, look just get at her in the morning and let her enjoy the night,” Sefa said as I ignored him taking a seat. “I won’t bother her tonight, I just wanna make sure she good.”
“You are so full of shit, don’t ruin her night, or I will kill you." Roman's tone was stern but I ain’t scared of his ass, I’m here to see Kayla.  
Throughout the night I managed to keep a low profile just watching Kayla from afar. It definetly put things even more into prospective.
Men desired her and they weren’t trying to hide it at all. Seeing Tama and his brother watching the girls VIP table more than the dance floor was pissing me off.
“I’m bout to flip all this shit over, if he looks at her one more time,” I hissed seeing Tama and his brother whispering and pointing at Kayla…My Kayla.
“Man, let them women do they thing, it’s cool,” Sefa said as I sat seething.
“That shit, easy for you to say. Your girl ain’t up there buckin’ like a mechanical bull in the VIP section,” I said looking at Kayla with her hands on the table, her ass bouncing from side to side as I subconsciously I gripped my dick…
Man, she just asking for it, and when I give it to her, she betta ride dis dick just like that too.
I swear I ain’t never been so thankful she had on jeans in my life but dat ass was thangin’ and looking extra fat as she shook her hips bouncing on her hands as Trin and Bianca cheered her on.
“Damn, you had it like that, and you fucked it up,” Sefa said as I shot him a look, he was enjoying my misery a little too much. I was about to knock that smile off his damn face.
“I ain’t fucked up shit, Kayla’s still mine. We just fall in and out from time to time.”
“Ain’t you tired of dat, Uce? You know you love her, gone make dat shit official twin.”
 "I done told his ass, keep on letting her walk around this bitch single if you want to,” Roman said as I sighed knowing he was right.
“Beautiful and single at that,” Jimmy added, nudging me as I rolled my eyes.
“She ain’t fuckin’ single, we just takin a break trying to figure some shit out.”
“Aye! Buckin’, buckin' like a mechanical bull! You betta buck Kaydoll!” Trin yelled taping Kayla on her phone as I looked back at Jimmy.
 “See, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout, yo' wife always instigating shit, probably on Instagram live right damn now broadcasting Kayla’s ass,” I hissed as he laughed.
“Hey, no face, no case.”
“Man fuck you.”
“But let’s be real twin, you always doin’ stupid shit and being indecisive about your feeling for her. Look it took a lot of convincing to get her out here for her birthday. The girls got a little staycation and party planned for her so stay outta the way,” Jimmy said as I frowned.
A party? Staycation? Really, and ain’t nobody told me shit. They really were gonna let me fly home to Atlanta and not tell me nothing.
“I ain’t being indecisive about shit. Kayla knows what the deal is and how we get down. But the real question, how come ya’ll ain’t told me about all these plans? Ya’ll know I been wanting to see her,” I said as Roman sighed.
“The girls said you weren’t invited, and ain’t you flying back to Atlanta tomorrow,” he said shrugging his shoulders as I saw Tama approaching Kayla in their VIP section with a drink.
“I ain’t going no fuckin’ where..I like to party just like the rest of ya’ll.” I said snarling at the fact this clown was up on my woman.
“Aye, I am so serious right now, you cockblock any of us this weekend with yo bullshit, I’mma beat yo ass,” Sefa said as I saw Tama lean over and try to whisper something to Kayla, but she moved away giving him a polite smile, keeping him at arm’s length.
“I’ll be back,” I said standing up as Jimmy tried to grab my arm but I snatched away from him.
“Man, Uce, chill out they just talkin’” Jimmy said as I ignored him making my way toward the girls VIP section. He ain’t got no fuckin’ reason talkin’ to her, that’s the damn point of the matter. Motherfucka know what time it is.
“Jey, what you are doing here?” Rhea asked blocking my path before I got to their VIP section as I frowned.  
“I’m trying to talk to my girl, could you move please so I can go up there.”
“Oh, now she yo’ girl but for years you ain’t wanna put a label on it.” Bianca said rolling her eyes as I sighed. “Bee you know me..You my sister and you know I love her. I just have a hard time voicing that shit.”
“So, what you want us to do?”
“First of all move so I can go up there and break that shit up,” I said pointing at Kayla and Tama as Rhea smirked.
“Not on your life, Kayla can handle herself and she seems to like his company,” Jade said pointing at Kayla laughing at something Tama said.
“Look, you gonna only make it hard for yourself if you come up here acting a fool,” Rhea warned, but all I saw was red seeing him push up on her. The final straw was his leading her out of the VIP to the dance floor.
“I love ya’ll but please move, I need to get my girl.”
“Fine, go ahead and dig a deeper hole we can’t help you get out of,” Bianca said making the girls move.
“Fine I will,” I said stalking towards Kayla and Tama, but Sefa jumped in front of me. “Think about what you about to do.”
“I’m bout to talk to my woman and it ain’t got shit to do wit ya’ll secretive asses.”
“We did what we had to do for Kay and we ain’t sayin’ sorry for that. So, you can scratch your ass and get glad.”
Scanning the dance floor, I didn’t see Kayla nor Tama. I had lost them.
“Where the fuck did they go?! look what you did, ya’ll fuckin’ pissin’ me off now”. I hissed as Sefa rolled his eyes.
Where the fuck did they go? Searching the room, I sighed in relief seeing Kayla go in the restroom and Tama talking to his brother by the exit.
“I know she ain’t planning to leave wit him.”
“Leave it alone, Uce,” Sefa pleaded as I rolled my eyes making my way towards Tama and his brother Tonga.
“Hey, Jey what’s up wit you?” Tama asked as I tried to keep my cool.
“Oh, nothing just coming to talk to Kayla.”
Kayla’s POV
“Yes, relief,” I mumbled washing my hands. I had been having a great time. Tama seemed nice, and consoderate. When I told him I didn’t know where the bathroom was he offered to take me.
“You gon stay away from her is what you gon’ do or I’mma break every bone in your fuckin’ body.”
Hearing the familiar voice and commotion I went towards the door in shock. "I know it isn't?"
“Jey, she’s a big girl and can do what she wants. I bought her a drink and offered to show her where the restroom was, that’s all.”
“Stay away from her, that’s the only warning you getting.”
“I didn’t know she was spoken for Jey, but it’s cool.”
“You a bitch ass lie!”
Opening the door, Jey quickly ushered me back inside locking the door behind him.
“Are you carzy?!” I hissed as Tama pounded on the door.
“Hey, let me in. Are you good in there, Kayla?!” He shouted as Jey rolled his eyes.
“Tell lover boy you good, and to take his ass on somewhere.”
“You can’t tell me what to do,Jey. Why the hell are you even here?”
“Aye, it don’t matter to me, he can stay and listen to me fuck some sense into you for all I care.” Jey said without shame as I scoffed.
“Tama, I’m ok....I’ll call you later,” I said for good measure to piss Jey off knowing good and hell well I didn’t have his number.
“I’ll hopefully see you before the weekend is over Kayla.”
“You won’t be seeing her again, bye.” Jey hissed at the door as I threw my head back in frustration and screamed.
“You just so damn confusing, you don’t want a relationship, but you don’t want men talkin’ to me. Make it make sense, Jey.”
“He wasn’t talkin! He was wanting to get wit you, he been watchin’ you all fuckin' night!”
“Ok AND!! I’m not with you, what do you want from me Jey?! This off and on shit is getting old,” I said as he stopped me from walking past him, pulling me close as I avoided his gaze.
“Kayla, you already know I don’t share what’s mine and stop calling me Jey," he whispered as I growled in frustration, somewhat turned on.
 Kayla keep your legs closed, don’t do it.
Jey’s POV
I didn’t want our first conversation to go this way, but Tama had pissed me off. Her dancing like she didn’t have a care pissed me off. Men looking at her pissed me off. My own stupidity of letting her walk out of my house that day pissed me off.
“What did you just say?”
“You heard me Kayla, I don’t share what’s mine and your mine.” I said boldly.
“Oh, so now I’m yours,” Kayla said sarcastically, pissing me off even more. She knows she’s mine and it was time to remind her.
“They sniffin’ round you cause’ they know what the deal is,” I said blocking Kayla from leaving, backed her up against the door.
“Jey, what exactly is the de-” my mouth swallowing her whimpers with a sloppy passionate kiss. Six months of anger, passion, regret and most importantly love taking over us both as our tongues battled for control as if we couldn't get close enough to each other.
Rendering her into a whimpering mess, Kayla quickly pulled away trying to regain a sense of control, but I refused to let up.
I had missed her and had to let her know it wasn’t over between us no matter the time or distance we belonged to each other.
“Yea, you already know what the deal is, and how I get down stop playin’ wit me.”  I growled moving my kisses to her neck, knowing her weakness.
“J-Josh I can’t.”
Her moans of pleasure driving me insane, I knew I should stop, but I couldn't.
“Yea, say my name, like you know you mine,” I groaned claiming her lips once again, as she clawed at my shirt pulling me closer. Yea, I’m  nippin’ this shit in the bud tonight.
“Left me, knowin’ what you mean to me.” I groaned wrapping her legs around my waist.
“You never showed it and I’m not yours,” Kayla moaned trying to move remain strong, but I wasn’t gon’ give up that easy. Grinding against her pants covered center, she gasped instinctively rolling her hips against mine.
“Fuck,” Kayla gasp as I moaned in agreement, burying my face in her neck. It had been too long, our pleasure short lived as Kayla pushed at my shoulders when a loud knock startled us.
“Let me down, Jey.” she pleaded as I placed her back on her feet but still held her in my arms, ignoring whoever was trying to come in.
“Your mind is mine,” I moaned making her look at me before I kissed her tenderly on the forehead. “Jey, stop,” she pleaded as I moved my attention to her now plump lips. Gently nipping at them before once again tasting them, in a deep kiss startling us both of its power.
“Your lips are mine.” I rasped.
My own heart racing as I kissed alongside her neck. “Yours,” she moaned as a primal growl escaped my lips, her acceptance of our fate turning me on even more.
 Grasping her hand within mine and placing it over her heart. “Your heart is mine,” I whispered before placing our conjoined hands over my own heart as Kayla looked at me with confusion.  
“And my heart is your, Kayla.”
“What are you sayin’?”
“I’m tired of fighting how I feel Kayla, I want to be with you, and I want you to be my mine.” Another knock at the door disrupting us again before she could respond.
“Open the door Jey, folks out here need to get in the bathroom. They threatenin' to call security,” Jimmy said as Kayla wiped her tears. “Two minutes Twin!" I shouted as Kayla shook her head smoothing down her clothes and her hair.
“No, we’re coming out now Jimmy.”
“Kayla, please just hear me out, Ma. We can go to my room and talk or least let me give you ride to where ya'll stayin'."
“No, talk to me when your sober and not saying what you want me to hear because you saw someone take an interest in me.” Kayla said unlocking the door, storming past Jimmy and out of the club with Rhea and Jade right on her heels.
“I told yo’ ass but you wouldn’t listen to none of us. Now you in a bigger mess.”
“Twin, not right now.”
I had to find Kayla, it was so much I had to tell her. Heading outside I saw her hugging Rhea.
“Look, I don’t know what you did in there, but she is a mess. Meet me at our breakfast spot in the morning at 8 am. Don’t be late Jey.” Bianca’s intense stare daring me to be late tomorrow.
“I’ll be there, sis.”
“You just couldn’t resist makin’ an ass out yourself, could you?” Roman asked walking towards me as I shot him a look and Bianca shook her head before walking off.
“Man, I’m out, I’ll see ya’ll sometime tomorrow.” “So you were serious about not leaving for Atlanta tomorrow. You acted like this morning you had some much to do before we head back out on the road.” Sefa throwing my words back up in my face irking me to no end.
“Plans change, I asked to be added me to the house show for tomorrow anyway. Plus, my home is wherever Kayla is and I ain’t leavin’ Pensacola without my girl. So, get ready to see me all weekend fam.”
“Just know when to back off twin, we all hope you and Kay can work it out but don’t come on too strong.”
“Jimmy, I can’t let her go back to Savannah not knowing how I feel.”
A’ight, we know and we got your back.”
I wasn’t going to come on too strong, but I definitely was getting Kayla back one way or another.
The Next Morning
Blaster’s Cafe
Bianca’s POV
Jade and I decided to come hear Jey out and see where his head is at. I can honestly say he’s done a lot of growing up these last six months but Jade was still on the fence Kayla is her cousin
“How do we know mean it? You could be just sayin’ what we all wanna hear,” Jade accused as Jey seemed so defeated.
“Jade, I know I fucked up, but the time apart made me realize part of me was missing. I Love Kayla, it’s time I took a chance.”
“She was so broken, thinking you guys were on the right track and then her comes Cameron once again and you didn’t do nothing to stop the disrespect,” I said throwing in my two cents, but Jade was hitting it home.
My cousin got tired, Jey. She wants to be married, have kids and have a partner who isn’t going to change his mind and has no problem being committed to her and her alone.”
“Jade, I’ve never changed my mind when it came to Kayla, I just had a lot of shit going on and you know that Bee.” Jey said pointing at me as I sighed sitting down my cup of coffee.
“I know but it’s been five years since Carmen, Jey. But you and I both know Kayla would never do what she did to you. She helped you get through it and saw what it did to you.”
“I know Bee.”
“Then I’mma need you to act like it bro. Stop letting her come in and make you second guess yourself.”
Jey’s POV
“Ya’ll have known each since ya’ll were teenagers, Jey. Name one time Kayla ain’t been there as your friend, or lover. Like people get tired of the back in forth and people not seeing their worth.” Jade scolded as I rubbed my temples feeling a headache coming on.
It was too early for this conversation, but they were right. I felt even more like shit remembering the times Kayla and I would be so close to putting a label on what we were. Then almost like clockwork, I’d get scared, push her away and say I needed space.
 I was runnin’ from her love because I felt underserving, and I didn’t want to screw it up.
“Jade, I’mma be real wit you and Bee.  I was scared of Kayla; I knew she was the one for me, but I was fighting it tooth and nail but I’m tired of fighting it. Kayla is it for me.” I said truthfully as Bianca nodded in understanding.
“So, what you saying? Bianca asked as I sighed knowing now was the right time to let them know my intentions especially if they are willing to help me.
“Kayla is my future; I want her to be my wife and the mother of my children someday when we’re both ready. She means everything to me, and I have no intention to leave Pensacola without her.”
“Well, if want Kayla to be all those things, are you going to keep livin’ in the past?” Jade asked refusing to make it easy on me.
“No Jade, I love Kay-”
“Good, because if you were, there is no future between ya’ll and you might as well leave her be.” Jade said without hesitation. Damn, she was a ball buster but I’m glad Kayla her cousin looking out for her.
“I know, that’s why I’m here. I love Kayla, I always have. I know I took her for granted but I never will again,” I said pleading my case as Bianca looked at me with a small smile before looking back at Jade who finally nodded.
“Fine, we will help you but don’t make us regret this,” Bianca said reaching into her bag pulling out a piece of paper and giving it to me.
“This is our schedule and addresses of everywhere we will be this weekend. We are having her little dinner party after the house show Tomorrow at the Westview. Come dressed and ready to plead your case.”
“If you leave now, you might be able to catch her before they leave the rental we’re staying at. Rhea just text me and said they about to eat before they head out. We’re going to meet them at the boat," Jade said as I smiled.
“I love ya’ll so much,” I said leaning over and giving them a hug before getting up to leave.
“Good luck, bro!” Bianca yelled as tore out of the cafe.
She did say talk to her when I was sober. Getting in the car I texted Rhea to let her know I was coming and to not leave.
Traffic wasn’t too bad, but I was getting stuck by every red light. “Damn, come on…Please still be there,” I mumbled finally pulling the driveway of their rental sighing in relief seeing their van rental still there.
“Good lookin’ out Rhea.” I whispered getting out, seeing her come out on the porch alone.
“She’s upstairs putting her shoes on; I’m going to wait in the van. Don’t upset her, I want her to enjoy this weeken. I don’t want to go to jail for killing you.”
“Rhea, I’m not, I promise,” I said giving her a hug before going inside nervously waiting for her to come down.
“Rhea, I changed my shoes like you said, but can you at least give me a hint about where we are going?” Kayla rambled coming down the steps.
“Good morning, Kay.”
“What are you doing here, Jey?” she asked coming towards me but looking out the window.
“Rhea ain’t left you, she’s just waiting in the car. I just wanted to talk, you did tell me to talk to you when I was sober.” I said shrugging my shoulders trying to lighten the mood.
“Yes, I did, but I didn’t mean now,” she said nervously shuffling her feet.
“I want to apologize, you were right. It wasn’t fair to you how I would always push you away.” I paused waiting for the anger from her, but it never came, she was actually listening to me.
“Truth is I wasn’t drunk last night, and I meant what I said. My heart does belong to you.”
“Can you wrap this up Jey, because I got somewhere to go.” Kayla said getting irritated.
“I’m tryin’ to tell you that I love you, and I want us to be together Kayla. I promise it will be different, these six months without you I been a mess. Just ask everybody, I really missed you.”
“Yea, until Cameron comes around with her drama, and you begin to doubt what we are to each other. You never even tried to find me Jey.”
“Kayla, I know you live in Savannah, I found out where you went the day you left. I even moved to Atlanta to be close to you so if anything happened, I could get to you.”
“But why didn’t you come to see me, and tell me how you felt? It’s been six months Jey.”
 “Kayla I was scared as fuck. I mean for the first time ever, you had just told me you wanted space from me. You were hurt and fed up and I understood it. Just looking in your eyes that night, I knew any wrong word or move would have caused you to walk out of my life forever.
“Just listen to me please,” I pleaded as Kayla nodded her head and folded her arms, trying to keep her tears at bay.
 “I didn’t want to lose you, so I wanted to give you some time, like you always gave me. You ain’t never asked me for nothin’ Kayla, so the one thing you asked me for I was going to give you even though it killed me to do it.”
“Did it dawn on you that maybe just once I wanted you to fight for me, Josh. Fight for us and show you understood where I was coming from and that I wasn't in this alone.”
“Kayla, I know I made it hard for you to love me-”
“No, I let you talk, now let me finish.  Josh, I wanted you to show me what I mean to you instead of me always trying to make you see that I love you and that you love me.”
“I do love you and want to be wit you Kayla."
"Then prove it, stop letting the past control your future!” Kayla cried as I reached out to touch her but she side steped me and started toward the front door.
“Baby don’t push me away,” I begged as she wiped her tears. “I have to go, Rhea’s waiting for me.”
“Can we at least talk a little more at the house show tomorrow?” I asked as Kara ignored me, hurrying outside. “Why does she have to be so fuckin' stubborn,” I muttered closing the door behind me, rushing to catch her before they left.
Y"ou alright?" Rhea asked as Kayla nodded getting in the front seat.
“Please Kayla,” I pleaded as she closes the door.
“Kayla, he’s begging."
“I’ll be around, Jey. If guess if you find me, it’s fate,” she whispered making me smile.
“Trust me, I’ll find you....I'll alway find you, because wether you know it or not, it is fate Kay Kay.” I said knowing she loved it when I called her that.
Trying her hardest not to blush, Kayla quickly put on her shades and stared straight ahead. Rhea, getting a kick out of the exchanged winked at me.
“We’ll see you, Jey.”
“Yea, count on it Rhea, I’ll be seeing ya'll.”
I felt I was making a little headway, but I had a long way to go. Heading back to the car I called Sefa.
"Well I see you still alive Bianca and Jade didn't kill you, yet."
Yea, I lived to tell the tale. Sefa, I need you to get in contact with that florist that did those roses for mom a couple years ago."
“Which one?”
“The one that does the big bouquet of roses, I need them done by tomorrow and I want them gold. If they don't have gold, red will do."
“Jey, what you up too now?”
“I’m getting my woman back, now are you gon’ help me or not.”
“I’ll see can they have the red done for you to pick up before the show.”
Thanks, bro, I appreciated it. I owe you one."
“You welcome, just make this opportunity count."
“Oh, I'm plannin' on it.”
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with me + part twenty
Tumblr media
authors note: this is more on the boring/filler side, and i apologize for that, but it covers some necessary things and hints at other things. plus, the one after this is wrestlemania and then after that is the infamous disney trip, and those def won't be boring/fillers. 👀
also, what do you ya'll think reader is having? i'm also open to name suggestions cause i hate naming characters lmao
status: in progress // masterlist
warnings: fluff, language, angst, and suggestive themes
song inspo: with me by destiny’s child
words: 6.6k
taglist: @pixiedust4000 @yolobloggers @wanderingreigns @southerngirl41 @msbigredmachine @romanreignsbae
Life is one crazy ass ride.
You’ve always known this, but the past few months have really shown you just how insane things can be. It’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been just a fucking rollercoaster of events and emotions, but somehow, things always seen to work out in your favor.
You expected, maybe more so hoped, that your Live with Jadah would go over well. Would help people see and understand that there’s so much more to the story, so much more to you than the lies that have been fed to them by your apparently psychotic ex-best friend. That was the semi-goal.
Well, to say that goal was met is a bit of an understatement.
The Live went viral, spreading and making it to most global and some international platforms. TMZ formally issued an apology to you, Joe, and Jadah, and retracted their story with Mariah, even scrubbing the interview, which Joe’s legal team believes is only to avoid getting caught up in the several lawsuits she’s been slapped with. 
So many publications have turned the tide, no longer speaking on you and your situation with an almost judgmental stance but rather just reposting the Live and letting the facts speak for themselves.
And social media…..holy shit. 
One thing you never expected was for the Live to go viral, but you especially never expected for yourself to also go viral in a different way, that is.
While the general public was initially against you, bashing you every which way to Sunday, it’s almost completely turned with the vast majority now utterly and wholly intrigued with you. They’ve dug up old headshots from when you cheered in college, clips of you either practicing or competing, and a few Snap videos you were in, again, all during your college years.
Not to mention the clips they took from the Live, primarily of you playfully twerking with Jadah. That clipped with the TikToks you did with Naomi has resulted in people making TikToks and “edits,” as Alexis explained, posting and sharing everywhere.
Apparently, the vast majority of social media finds you extremely attractive, and have even been comparing you to the infamous prison bae, Jeremy Meeks, from way back when. Minus the criminal aspects, of course.
“Look at this one! These are my favorite.” Alexis turns her phone so the group of you can see what is yet another edit of you, err, more so your ass than anything to good googly moogly by Project Pat, which apparently was already going viral on TikTok as people post videos of friends and loved ones with a nice ass. Seems you’ve been added to that group.
“I don’t get the fascination,” you admit with a shake of your hand, fingers tapping against your glass of lemonade. “Like, I’m not even famous.”
“You kinda are now,” Bianca suggests. It's a crazy suggestion, too, because in what world does someone like you, from a small ass town with virtually no major social media footprint, qualify as famous. “Not like, A-List celeb famous, but you don’t make it to the Shade Room if you’re not at least kinda famous.”
Alexis makes a sound, adding, “ya’ll whole lil situation made the March event on their calendar.”
“On their what?” Jadah is understandably confused, asking, “what the hell does that even mean?”
“Twin, I’m gonna need to make a PowerPoint for you or something.”
“Please do, and make sure to add the fancy transitions.”
“Custom slide backgrounds?”
“You know the key to my heart.”
The meeting and union of Jadah and Alexis remains to be seen as one of the worst or best things you could have ever done. They’re so damn similar it felt almost criminal to not introduce them, but with both having such strong personalities, a clash could be one of the titans. So far, however, they’re vibing just as well as you and Jadah have. Hence why all of these ladies are sitting around your coffee table, various drinks in hand, most alcoholic, except for yours of course. 
Which reminds you…
“Oh shit,” you announce, four sets of eyes falling on you as you realize you haven’t shared the news with the majority of them, ironically, Jadah being the only one to know. “I haven’t had a chance to ask.”
You decide to be dramatic as hell, pausing as Alexis is the first to say, impatiently, “ask what, hoe?”
Another pause followed by an intentional rub of your belly as you nonchalantly ask, “which one of ya’ll wants to be in charge of planning the baby shower?”
You’re met with instant screams and squeals of enjoyment, a big smile falling on your face as you’re hit with all of the questions and exclamations. 
“I knew it! I knew it was just a matter of time before BDJ struck again!”
“Y/N! Oh my goodness, congratulations!”
“No freaking way! That’s amazing!”
“I’m gonna act like I didn’t already know, so congratulations, great value sister wife!”
Alexis and Jadah’s statements make you laugh while Bianca and Kaylah’s cause your heart to swell. You then try to quiet them down, “thank you, guys. We’re excited. But, we haven’t told Callie yet, so please keep it to yourselves.”
“Of course.” Kaylah excitedly asks, “how far along are you?”
“Almost three months,” you answer, proudly. Although entirely unexpected, or maybe not depending on how you look at it, you’ve found your excitement at this pregnancy growing every single day. Excitement at having another child, giving Callie the chance to be a big sister, to give Joe the opportunity to experience this pregnancy with you from conception to birth and beyond. He deserves it, especially now that you know what he went through with Jadah.
“Wait. Damn. This means we can’t have a hot girl summer until next year!” Alexis is pouting as she downs the rest of her drink before reaching for the bottle to get a refill. “You couldn’t let that nigga shoot up the club later this fall instead.”
Kaylah’s nose turns up as she also takes a sip of her moscato but not before muttering, “didn’t need that visual.”
Rolling your eyes, you point out, “Alexis, we are too damn old to be having a hot girl summer. Half of us are moms and/or in relationships except your non-committal ass.”
Non-committal has nothing to do with the topic that floats to the front of your mind, but having a room full of women to consult with seems like a perfect opportunity to discuss something that’s still bothering you to some extent.
“Let me ask ya’ll something.” You take a sip of your sparkling apple cider and get to explaining. “So, every time I try to talk to Joe about planning for when the baby gets here, like having my mom or his mom come stay with us a bit to help out when he’s on the road, he either ignores me, changes the subject, or just pacifies me. And I’m trying really hard not to cuss him out, but between baby emotions and me being me, it’s hard.”
Being perceptive is always something you’ve prided yourself on, valued as one of your attributes, so it’s hard not to miss when Kaylah, Alexis, and even Jadah all look suddenly uncomfortable with your question, like they also want to change the subject.
Bianca is the first and only to speak out.
“Yeah, that’s kind of weird.” Her agreement is the quintessential example of validation you were needing for this situation. “I get you’re barely three months, but why not start with the plans now? The sooner the better since it seems like his schedule is pretty hectic.”
Throwing your hands up in the air, you echo her sentiments. “Exactly! And one thing to know about me, which I know he has to know about me is that I like to plan. I hate surprises. We need to start figuring out this shit now.”
“I’d definitely talk to him about it, cause men can be very go with the flow, but this isn’t one of those things that I think should be go with the flow.”
“I feel like you should maybe just wait it out and see where the cards fall.” Kaylah’s suggestion is casual, but her eye contact is sparse, and you actually don’t know what to make of that. 
Jadah contributes to the conversation with agreement to Kaylah’s point. “I agree. Trust your man, whore.”
“But—” And as if present and overhearing said conversation, your phone starts to ring, the man himself filling up your lock screen. “Speaking of the devil…..” You lift and show your phone to the group. “I gotta take this ya’ll.”
“Well, duh.” Alexis says like it’s a no brainer. “BDJ probably won’t stop calling until you pick up anyway.”
Laughing, you untangle your legs and climb off the sofa at the same time you answer his FaceTime, quickly telling him, “hold on.”
“I’ll be back,” you inform, but the last thing you hear is Bianca making the awful mistake of asking Alexis what “BDJ” stands for. Alexis and Jadah start to laugh. 
Obviously, Jadah also knows what’s up. 
Locking the door behind you, you sit down on the patio set that was delivered only two days prior and situate your phone on the accompanying table. Legs crossed, you give him the go, “okay, i’m good now. Just wanted some privacy.”
He doesn’t hesitate to slide right into protective papa bear mode. “How you feeling?”
“Alright.” Your hand unintentionally lands on your stomach as you explain, “had some nausea this morning, but that’s not out of the norm. I had pretty bad morning sickness when I was pregnant with Callie the first few months.”
You can tell he’s not entirely satisfied with this answer, leaning more on the concerned and conservative side. “When’s your next checkup?”
“April 8th. I made sure to schedule it so you can be there.” Joe indicated he wanted the first Monday after WrestleMania to be a day of rest for you and Callie, and it can still be, but you also couldn’t miss the opportunity for him to be a part of your first official well-baby visit. Especially with this being the first time you’ll be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. 
That must especially be special for him.
“I promise I’m okay, Joe.” Out of respect for him and his emotional state at such an important time in his life, you haven’t told him everything Jadah shared with you. Haven’t made him aware of your knowledge regarding his loss. You’re not sure if you ever will, to be honest. If he wishes to discuss that with you, you’ll always be there to listen and support. But, there’s zero desire to dig up painful memories and trigger this man. 
That doesn’t, however, mean you can’t reassure him when you can see there’s a level of anxiety and apprehension. 
“If I wasn’t, you and Dr. Young would be the first to know.” It’s a promise. You would never do anything to risk unnecessary complications with this pregnancy. “How do you feel? You look tired.”
He’s looked as such for the past couple weeks, and you feel slightly bad, knowing the whole Mariah ordeal must have taken a toll on him. Not to mention his intense training and preparation for WrestleMania.
Of course, he just shrugs, playing it off. “I’m good.” You make a knowing sound. “What?”
“Seriously, Joe. This is me. I know you like the back of my hand. You’re exhausted. It’s okay to admit as such.”
“I’m fine, Y/N. I promise.”
Joe is every bit stubborn as he is caring. He won’t agree with you, but that doesn’t make what you’re saying any less true.
“Whatever, just know I’m giving you a well deserved massage when we come to see you next week.” Coyly, you imply with a shrug of your shoulder. “And maybe a lil’ more depending on the layout of your place and if we can get some privacy from your lil’ twin.”
“Naw, that lil more is happening no matter what, even if I have to fuck you in the rental.”
His tone of surety makes you laugh as you think about something. “I don’t think we’ve ever fucked in a car before.” The list of places this man has been balls deep in you is endless, but a vehicle and plane seem to have not made the list. Yet. “Might have to change that.”
He also laughs. “Wherever you want it, baby, you just gotta tell me when and how.” Just more and more reasons to love this man to infinity and beyond. He matches your freak so well.
Joe asks about Callie, of course, and you let him know she’s in seven heaven playing with her cousin in her new room that’s gradually filling up even though she still doesn’t even have all of her stuff from back in your apartment. It also goes without saying that you remind him she’s absolutely thrilled to see him soon, the same as you, which is the same as him. Reunions between the three of you are just all around enjoyable.
Naturally, Joe apologizes, for no good reason, at not being able to come with you as you take Callie back to your hometown for your final apartment walkthrough and to close all other matters, officially making your move to Florida complete. It’s a bit of a bittersweet thing, leaving the place you grew up and have so many memories in. However, what’s ahead of you is so much better than what’s behind you. 
And while you would love Joe to be able to come too, it’s also not necessary.
Especially when he finds out what else is on your agenda before you say goodbye for good. 
Realizing your time with him could be cut at any moment, you decide it’s now or never to break the news to him. “There’s something I need to tell you, and I know right off the bat, you’re not going to be in agreement, but I need you to just hear me out.”
He’s hesitant and already skeptical but nods. “I’m listening.”
A deep breath followed by a quick prayer to the big man that Joe will at least try to be open to this plan. “I’m gonna go see my dad while I’m there.”
This is something you’ve really been thinking about, on and off, since the Christmas ordeal. It just hasn’t been such a major priority given all the other fires you’ve been having to put out. Alexis was right when she said the dynamic with your dad has a lot to do with the situation with Joe and not telling him about Callie.
And you being able to acknowledge that has made you realize you’ve been holding onto a lot of pain and anger towards that man. More pain than anything. And it’s time to let it go. The same way you’re leaving that town for good, albeit bittersweet, you need to drop the baggage of hurt at the door before the curtain closes permanently.
In this case, that means sitting in front of the man who is your biological father and nothing more, speaking your peace, and closing that chapter.
For good. 
To some extent, you expected, maybe more so hoped, for Joe to be more receptive. 
It was wishful thinking, at best.
Immediately, he protests, face turned up in a scowl that reminds you of Callie when she’s in one of her moods. “Like hell you—”
Closing your eyes, you do your best to keep your voice leveled. “Hear me out, please.”
“Y/N, do you not remember the last time you saw that man?” Most definitely do you remember. That was definitely a low moment for you. “You were a fucking wreck. I’m not seeing you go through that again, especially with you being pregnant.”
“Do you really think if I had even an inkling it wouldn’t be safe for our baby I’d be doing it? Come on, Joe. You know me. I would never put either of our children in harm's way.” And you know he knows this, knows this very well, but you can also understand his anxiety from a couple different angles. “Before when I saw him, I was still looking for his love and approval. I can admit that now.” It’s been a tough pill to swallow, going back and forth between emotion and logic, coming to grips with such an uncomfortable truth. “I don’t need that anymore. I don’t even want it. I have you. I have Callie. My mom. Our friends. Even this new baby, but if I’m leaving that town for good, I need to leave all of the hurt it brought me there too. That includes making my peace with him.”
When he still doesn't say anything, you continue to plead your case.
“I need to do this, Joe. I’m not asking you to understand.” You’re not quite sure he could. This is one of those things that unless you’ve lived it, lived with a neglectful, uninvolved parent, you just couldn’t get it. “I’m just asking you to trust me.”
He’s quiet for a few minutes, and you already know it’s because he’s sitting on your words, doing his best to meet you where you are. Eventually, he says in a resigned voice, “I don’t want you going alone.”
There’s an immense amount of gratitude for his blessing, and his request is more than fair.  You also figured as such, assuring him, “I already talked with Bianca about it. She’s gonna go with me.” 
This seems to make him feel at least a little bit better. He scratches his beard. “Alright. But the minute you start feeling off—”
“I’ll cut it off. I know.” That goes without saying. You meant what you said. Nothing could make you put your baby at risk. “Thank you, Joe.”
Not wanting this to be the last topic you discuss, you switch gears a bit to something that will hopefully lessen his unease. “I also think we should tell Callie when we come to see you next week. I just told the girls today, and I’m gonna tell my mom while I’m there. Callie deserves to know.” The order of which you’ve told people about your pregnancy isn’t exactly how you would have preferred it to go. In a perfect world, it would have been Joe, Calllie, your mom, and then your close friends. But, life be lifing, so you just have to roll with it as best you can. 
Joe nods. “I agree.” You overhear a distant voice in the background before his gaze falls on you. “I gotta go, babe.”
It’s hard not to feel disappointed. “I get it.” This pregnancy has your emotions a bit on the high, sensitive end, because there’s no reason for you to feel like crying just because this man has to get back to work. You miss him like crazy, sure, but this has always been a bit of the dynamic. You get him in doses, sometimes big, sometimes small. “Can we still call you tonight? You know Callie can’t sleep unless she can tell both of us goodnight.”
It’s such a twist, a beautiful, unexpected thing. Once upon a time, it was just you she needed to see and/or speak to before she could fall asleep. But now, it’s both you and Joe, and you honestly couldn't love that more. 
Their relationship and bond is so precious to you.
And now that you understand what Joe’s been through, you can see why he’s always willing to move heaven and earth for her. She’s the little girl he’s always wanted and finally has.
“Of course.” You weren’t expecting any other answer. “I love you.”
A warm smile sets on your face. “I love you too, baby.”
You settle on a time that works best for him and end the call. Ignoring the sadness at not being able to talk to him further, you walk back in the house for a sure pick-me-up.
“Well, it’s about time,” Bianca teases, dimples nice and pronounced. “Thought we were gonna have to check on ya’ll.”
“No, she’s back too early….” Alexis, as per usual, confuses you when she asks, “ya’ll weren’t having phone sex?” She curses and then grabs her purse, digging out her wallet, slapping a wad of cash into Jadah’s expecting hand.
“Told you,” Jadah says knowingly, smirk on her pretty face as she counts the cash. “One thing I do know about Joe is he’s an all out type of man. It’s rounds or nothing.” She then looks over at you, apologizing, “hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”
“It doesn’t.” It’s an honest answer. You’re old, mature, and secure enough to acknowledge and be okay with the fact your man has been with her in almost every way he’s probably been with you. Outside of the emotional connection component, which is really what matters the most to you. Sex would just be sex if you didn’t love him as much as you do. If he didn’t love you as much as he does. That’s what makes it so explosive. 
“Well, it bothers me!”  Kaylah looks so disgusted, and you can’t blame her. “Joe is literally like my brother!” 
Bianca cosigns with a shake of her head. “And it bothers me because Y/N literally is my sister.”
“That’s so wild, so ya’ll are half sisters, right?” Jadah asks, pointing between the two of you as you move back onto the sofa. “Same mom or…..”
“No, same dad, but we don’t claim him.”
Jadah makes an ‘O’ with her mouth as Alexis leans over to whisper something in her ear. “Got it. Daddy issues. Ya’ll should just jump him then.”
“That’s what I said! Stomp his ole’ mean ass.”
Yeah…..putting Alexis and Jadah together may have created a new kind of threat to society.
“Anyway.” Refocusing them is really the best and only option. “As we were discussing, ya’ll think I should bring it up to Joe when we fly there next week?” You then remember the pact mentality and aim your question toward Bianca. “Let me just ask you, cause you seem to be the only one who gets where I’m coming from.”
At that, Bianca opens and closes her mouth. “Oh. That. I…..I think you should just leave it alone. I’m sure Joe has his reasons.”
Now it’s your turn to look shocked. “What? That’s not what you said literally not even 10 minutes ago.”
Bianca switching up on you definitely wasn’t in the cards, especially since she was providing you all the affirmation and validation you were seeking in your dilemma. 
She looks off, almost in a guilty, sheepish way. “I changed my mind….”
“What did ya’ll say to her?” It’s directed toward Alexis and and even Jadah, because Kaylah doesn’t seem like the type to try to sway people one way or the other. “Can’t leave ya’ll asses alone for two minutes.”
“I don’t like your tone, Mama Mia. Watch it.” Alexis warns, and you can only roll your eyes. “What you need to be focused on is what you’re gonna wear to the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania.”
Kaylah gasps, also remembering. “Shit, I completely forgot about that.”
Your eyes land on her with premature excitement. “You’re going to the awards too?” She nods and you let out a big sigh of relief. “Oh thank god, I was kinda nervous. I’m sure Trinity is going too, but the more the merrier, I feel like I’m gonna be so out of place there or everyone’s going to hate me.”
“Girl, like Joe is going to let that happen.” Jadah is, surprisingly, the first one to jump to calm your nerves. “Him taking you in and of itself is such a ‘fuck you’ move. He really said ya’ll not about to bully the woman I love and think I’m finna just keep her on the backburner.”
“I agree.” Kaylah chimes, providing additional and useful context. “The internet wrestling community is a cesspool, and they’ll always find some reason to complain and bitch, but Joe has never been about that. He’s gonna have you on his arm regardless of who has something to say about it.” 
“Ummmm, why are we acting like majority of the internet isn’t all on Y/N’s dick now that ya’ll cleared up the air?” Alexis lifts her phone, adding, “I literally can’t get on TikTok or Twitter without seeing edits and photos of Y/N that the internet has dug up. They can’t get enough of her.”
“Her ass, specifically,” Jadah adds, and you shake your head. 
“I think what they’re trying to say is that maybe you should redirect your focus on fashion and hair choices vs public perception, because it seems to be in your favor currently.” Bianca’s advice is wise and on time. It also is very much giving off teacher vibes, just another thing you two can connect on.  
You’re really happy you asked her to come visit you. 
That you gave her a chance.
It’s proving to be a really good decision.
“Well, I’m gonna have my mom do my silk press while I’m there, so there’s that.” Typically, you avoid heat like the plague, sucking up the pain in the ass wash days to keep your curls hydrated and thriving. However, you’re okay with every now and then sitting in that damn chair for what feels like, and is, hours for these special occasions. And attending the Hall of Fame awards as well as WrestleMania definitely constitutes a special moment. “As far as fashion…..I have no idea. I don’t really have a lot of fancy clothes, and the ones I do have are before Callie and even now with the weight I’ve gained from this pregnancy already, I don’t know if I can still wear them.”
“Well then it’s obvious what we need to do.” Alexis says with a ‘duh’ tone. “We need to go find you some dresses! Like, today.”
“I probably do need to pick up something too.” Kaylah says with a heavy sigh. “I think Josh said something about wearing red.”
“Of course you have to wear red. That’s Bloodline colors.” 
You chuckle at Bianca’s enthusiasm. It’s kinda cool that she’s also into wrestling. You’re so tempted to ask Joe if he can get tickets for her, Darius, and Taylor, but you also don’t want to do too much. It already means a lot to you that he got tickets for your mom and Alexis. 
“I hate to pull the girls from their playing. They must be having a blast considering not one has come down in like over an hour.” It’s true. Not to mention you can also occasionally hear the chorus of giggles and shouting indicating just how great a time they’re having.
“I can watch them for ya’ll.”Jadah’s suggestion causes all sets of eyes to land on her. She rolls her eyes. “You all go get the shopping done, and I’ll stay here with the kids.”
“Jadah, you don’t have to—”
“I don’t mind. I’m not really that big on shopping anyway.” Finally. A difference between her and Alexis. “Plus, I have some client stuff I can get caught up with.”
You’re still reluctant, offering her another out. “If you’re sure….”
“Y/N, I would hope by now you’ve figured out I’m too blunt to lie. I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t want to.” Jadah shrugs, directing her next statement to Kaylah and Bianca. “If you’re also good with it too, of course.”
Bianca and Kaylah echo agreement with you, hence it being decided.
With a chuckle, you announce, “I guess we’re going shopping.”
Things have been hard since you first landed back in your hometown.
Saying goodbye to your students was hard. 
Saying goodbye to friends in town has been hard. 
Bidding farewell to the apartment you first brought your sweet little girl home to after she was born was very hard.
Visiting your grandma’s grave one last time for who knows how long…..that’ll be brutal.
But this….confronting your father for the last time…
To say you’re a bit on the anxious side is putting it nicely. 
This was always going to be on the nerve inducing side for a variety of good and valid reasons. It’s just getting to the moment where it happens, where you sit in the parking lot of the restaurant he agreed to meet “you” at is just bringing out some indecision you’re certain comes from a place of anxiety.
Finally stepping out of the car, you and Bianca reach the door of the restaurant when she turns to you, mouth turned into a bit of a frown as she reminds, “you sure you want to do this?”
“It’s not about what I want to do. It’s about what I need to do, Bianca.” It’s the truth. This isn’t something you’ve been dying to have happen your entire life, but for the sake of your healing, it’s what needs to happen. “But, if you feel uncomfortable, I totally get—”
“Not at all.” She reaches for your hand. “You’ve got this.”
A deep breath followed by a head nod as you accept her hand. She gives you a little squeeze and opens the door, leading the way figuratively and literally. As expected, he’s already there and waiting, sitting near the back of the restaurant. You’re not surprised a man like him is right on time. He seems like the punctual bastard type.
And Bianca has reiterated as such before. 
Together, you walk hand in hand towards him. Your eyes never leave him, watching as he lights up with a genuine smile at seeing Bianca, but that smile almost instantly drops when he sets his gaze on you.
Wholly expected.
Immediately, his nose is turned up in visible disgust, primarily directed toward you. “Bianca, what is the meaning of this?”
“What?” Her voice is full of nonchalance as is the expression on her face. “I told you your daughter wanted to speak with you.”
He just didn’t know which daughter.
There’s no denying or misunderstanding his anger at the subterfuge. He shoots up from the table. “I’m not putting up with—”
Bianca is quick with it, assertively informing him, “if you want even a chance of seeing Taylor again, you’re gonna sit right back down and hear her out.” It means the world to you that not only has Bianca agreed to be here with you today, but it’s the fact that she’s willing to be so loyal to you.
Like a sister.
Because she is your sister. 
He scoffs almost immediately. “Using my grandchild to blackmail me? That’s low, Bianca. Your mother and I raised you better than that.”
She crosses her arms and matches his energy. “You are the last person that needs to be talking about raising anyone.” She then looks at you, placing a comforting hand on your arm. “I’ll be right over there if you need me, okay?”
Nodding, she gives you one last supportive squeeze and ignores her father to walk over and slide into a booth across the room. 
Left alone, you watch him begrudgingly sit down so he’s across from you, same set of brown eyes locking. It kills you how much of yourself you can see in him, starting with the same set of eyes. You just have to remind yourself that that’s where the similarities end. 
“This won’t take long, which I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear.” He doesn’t agree nor disagree, not that it makes much of a difference to you. At all. “I’m moving from this town. Tomorrow’s the day I hand over my keys, and I’ll officially be living in Florida full time. Not that you care, because we both know you never have and never will give a flying fuck about me.”
“Is there a point to this?” The edge in his voice, maybe even a couple months ago, might have killed you. Stolen your joy. Now, it does nothing. He no longer has that power over you, because you’ve taken that power back. 
And it feels so damn good.
“I did it, you know.” Without giving him a chance, if he even would, to respond, you continue. “I made something of myself. I’m successful. I have a career. I found love all without you ever doing a goddamn thing for me.”
For a second, you swear you see a different emotion flash in his familiar irises, but it’s gone almost instantly, replaced with that permanent disdain you refuse to allow sway you from your goal.
“I have a man who loves me in every single healthy way that exists, who loves our daughter more than there are words in all the languages put together.” Emotion chokes you up, but you manage to stick with the mental points you made for this conversation. “And you wanna know something? We conceived her when he was still married.”
Leaning forward as you lower your voice, both for privacy and emotionality. “But, I didn’t tell him. I deprived him and our little girl for the first almost five years of her life because I was so scared that he was going to be like you, that he was going to reject her and hurt her the way you hurt me.”
It’s a bit painful for you to verbalize those words, but also so damn liberating to free them from the confines of your subconscious.
To also release those shackles they had on you. 
“But, I was so so so wrong, because he is the best damn dad she could have asked for, and he was angry with me for not telling him about her. He wanted to be in her life. He wanted her. And it’s through that I finally realized something.”
Your voice cracks as you finally release your truth and acknowledge freedom from over 30 years of emotional bondage.
“I’ve finally realized after all these years that it’s not that I’m not good enough for you.” You shake your head, pointing at him with all the intention and determination you can muster up. “You’re not good enough for me. Not good enough to be my dad. Definitely not good enough to be a grandfather to my kids. Not good enough to be in my life.” There isn’t an ounce of hesitation or a stutter in your voice. “It’s not that I don’t deserve to be in your life. You don’t deserve to be in mine. You never did, and you never will.”
And never again will you seek out that love and validation from him. You don’t need it. 
You never did.
“I actually feel sorry for you, because I am an amazing, strong black woman who was raised by an even more amazing, strong black woman who was also raised by a phenomenal black woman. And my daughter….” Just thinking about Callie, her warm smile and the great big hug she gave you, before you and Bianca left her and Taylor with your mom, makes you all choked up again. “—is the kindest, sweetest, smartest kid you could ever meet. But as long as there is breath in my body, you will not know her or any other kids I bring into this world.”
That’s a promise, an oath, a swear on everything that you love and hold dear.
“After today, you are dead to me, and I truly hope you one day see all that you missed out on, but I’m not going to wait around for that. I’m going to spend the rest of my life surrounded with love and family because that’s what I deserve.” Grabbing your purse and sliding out the booth, you make eye contact with Bianca who starts to head over. “Take care, Captain Wilson.”
As soon as she’s at your side, he shoots up from the booth. “Bianca, if you leave with that girl—”
“That woman,” Bianca corrects with all the sharpness. “You mean my sister?”
His lips turn up with a hateful snarl. “This hoodrat trash is not your sister.”
You actually laugh at his words, laugh at the fact that he’s truly so pathetic and a piece of shit he couldn’t even take any of what you just said to heart. It also makes you wonder if he’s aware of all the shit that’s been happening online regarding you. Not that it makes a difference.
It’s just something else he would try to use to justify not being in your life.
Like a coward.
“No.” She lifts her chin, taking your hand. “She is my sister, but you?” Bianca shakes her head, and you can hear the emotion catch in her voice. “You’re not my father. You’re the trash.”
If he offers a visible response to her harsh words, you’ll never know because Bianca tugs on your hand, directing the both of you to turn around as she marches you out the restaurant. Once out of the vicinity, she spins you around and brings you in for a big, loving hug.
“I’m so damn proud of you.” Eyes closing, you accept and lean into her embrace. You’re also insanely proud of you. “You said what you had to say. The ball is in his court now.”
“I highly doubt he’s gonna do anything with it.” Separating, you again thank her. “I really appreciate you being here with me today. I’m not sure Joe would have been okay with me doing this, if you weren’t here.”
She smirks, head tilted to the side. “Nowhere else I’d rather be, hun.”
It’s the truth. Along with the fact that you’re not even sure you would and even could have gone through with this if not for her assistance and support. It’s crazy how the people you’ve met in recent months have become such important figures in your life and the people you thought were important are now strangers.
Life….always a wild ride, for sure.
“And speaking of Joe….” She’s understandably confused as you casually throw out, “guess who’s going to WrestleMania with her little sister?”
Bianca’s eyes are as wide as saucers. “Seriously?” Laughing, you nod. “Oh my god—” She captures you in another big hug, the two of you nearly hopping like damn teenagers. “Wait, just me or—”
“Of course not. Taylor and Darius too. I feel like he might divorce your ass if you tried to go without him.”
“You’re not entirely wrong.” Her laughter lessens as she looks at you with admiration and appreciation. “You really didn’t have to do that, Y/N.”
“It wasn’t that big a deal.” And it wasn’t. After biting the bullet and pushing aside unnecessary anxiety, you just shot Joe a text asking if there was any way Bianca and her family could attend Mania. His response was an almost instant yes. “Besides….we’re sisters.” Your eyes begin to water as you give a one shoulder shrug. “We look out for each other.”
Her smile matches the emotionality of this moment. “You’re damn right we do.” Sniffling, she wipes her eyes and then gasps. “Shit, now I need to find a dress. Does this town have any stores where I could maybe find something?”
Her question is so laughable. “Not really, sis. Let’s just wait till we fly home. I’m sure we could find you something there. Maybe the boutique where I got my dresses."
You’re not sure if you’ve referred to Florida as home prior to this moment, but it feels so good, so right. Like it’s where you’re supposed to be. Where you were always supposed to be. 
Home with your daughter, with your man, with the baby growing inside you.
With your family.
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Me, U & Jealousy
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would have been funnier if Jey was with Rhea..
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Jey gon be w/ Rhea aint he? Lmao
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It’s weird how everyone hating you when you’re nine years old still affects your self esteem when you’re 26 like yeah nobody came to my birthday party but that was like 17 years ago why is it stopping me from going to a gay bar
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Jimmy Uso Return (Pictures)
98/? Will he return tonight 🤞 but if not I think he will return at Summerslam with Roman
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and that why I said I wasn't gonna post any more about this upcoming election.... BLOCKED!!!
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oh lawd! another conversation about the Anoa'i/Fatu family and nepotisim.. like are y'all not tired lmao!!!
Lemme break it down rq:
Cody Rhodes = Nepotism
Bray (RIP) +Bo = Nepotism
Natalya = Nepotism
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100 Days of Jey Uso
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When y/n gets too annoying to the point you want to stop reading
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