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Tumblr media
If I could blaze this picture of my cat I would
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Tumblr media
look at this little sleepy scene!!
thank you so much @lucy6767 for taking the time and making this <3
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there’s a taglist form on my master list now!!
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Hello! Um i wanted to let you know about this sooner but i complete forgot😅 I changed my username ( I was used to be wintergirlsoilder2) and i wanted to ask if it nit a problem to change it in the gatlist as well for baby scarab?Also I've heard that you have been in an accident, i hope that you and everyone that was involved is well! Pls take care of yourself have some rest as well ❤️
of course i can change the tag list!! and everyone was ok, nobody was ticketed and everything is okay and nobody was seriously injured and my car is all fixed now thank you :)
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So I have fallen face first back into my moonknight obsession and I’ve been rereading “Baby Scarab” by @80pairsofcrocs and “Transitions” by @yikesitskennawrites and a ton of other fanfics which has fed my delusions given me inspiration for some fanart
So here’s Marc/moonknight with reader
Tumblr media
Layla: Where’s y/n?
Marc: *lifts cape* she was cold
Y/n: *little wave* hi :)
Also bonus of reader wearing Marc’s cape because *insert cute fluffy scenario idk*
Tumblr media
(Yes reader looks like me because again I am delulu ok it’s 4 am gn everyone)
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ok i’m over it.
my car accident has no more effect on me let’s get back to writing :)
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 months
Is baby scarab just your spidersona lol
little bit :)
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i got into a car accident the day after my birthday that’s why i haven’t been posting anything ✌🏻
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it’s my birthday again and i didn’t even realize it until now
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okay making a tiny fic-
dating casper while also being horny teenagers includes!!!
- you speaking to him in spanish during sex-
“así es, puedes tomarlo” you would say, slowly lifting yourself up and down on his length.
“o-oh- oh god- please..” he would whine, trying to get you to be just a little rougher with him.
- but sometimes it would backfire..
“eres un buen chico para mi” you would tell him, leaving bruises on his neck and chest.
he would relax under your touch until he gets confused. “what does that mean again..?” you get off him and sigh. “wait- i have a spanish test next week!”
- also being total switches.
- as in one time you would be pinning him down and having your way with him, using him as your little toy, but other times….
“are the ropes too tight, y/n?”
“no, they’re good” you would try to break free until a harsh smack was either delivered to your ass or one of your breasts.
- yes. casper did research on knots. a lot of knots.
- and bought the most soft, comfortable rope for you.
- all with your consent of course.
- he claimed it was to teach you something, like you would always take control until he whipped the ropes out and constricted your movement.
- it would teach you to just sit back and not rush through the experience but enjoy every single touch and tingle from it
- now with that said, you’ve done very inappropriate things with your webs
- i’m talking like not even dirty things like hanging casper from the ceiling.
- but obviously to make sure he keeps his hands and the headboard
- another thing!
- though y/n has excessive trauma based around people hitting her, she’s learned to trust casper and set boundaries.
- like only hitting each other on the ass, and for you occasionally on the breasts as well.
- also fruits as safewords, in replaces of the colors in the traffic light system.
- green is kiwi, banana is yellow, and tomato is red.
- but if either of your mouths are busy and physically can’t form words you have hand signals instead.
there was one time you were on your knees, letting casper force your head deeper down on his cock using your hair as leverage.
you didn’t mind the gagging, and you didn’t even notice the drool and tears running down your face.
but you did notice when you were running out of breath.
your face was turning redder than before, and your hands were bound together behind your back.
you started to do the ‘spider-man hand’ as your safety signal, and casper pulled you away from him to wipe the liquids away from your face.
he let you have a breather until you were ready to go again.
- but that’s not all. of course it’s not.
- let’s not even get started on the amount of times you’ve been caught
you and casper were stressed, it was the end of the school year and you were worrying about finals and being able to graduate.
you were also home alone at your apartment since your dads were at the store.
so you both decided to relieve some of that stress so you both covered yourselves in your blankets to cuddle.
at first.
you started stripping each other of clothing and eventually started going at it.
so much your bed frame was hitting the wall with each thrust casper had in him.
you were below him, and he was above you, he had your hands intertwined with his as he split you open.
and you were being so overwhelmed by the pleasure, and the sounds of skin on skin, and the sounds of both yours and casper’s whining that you didn’t hear the front door open.
or your bedroom door open.
and when you heard the gasp it was too late.
you threw the blanket off of you, only to uncover your faces while slapping casper on the shoulder to get him to stop.
marc dropped what he was holding and covered his eyes.
“HOLY FUCKING SHIT- OH MY GOD- IM GOING TO FUCKING THROW UP!” he runs down the hall and to the bathroom.
you look up at casper, who had a hand on your boob.
you raise an eyebrow.
“what? i was covering it so he didn’t see”
“you’re an idiot, you’re lucky i love you”
“we’re dead aren’t we?”
- also as much as you actually have sex, he cried during the first time.
- well not during, but after.
- he was sore from the amount of pleasure and thrill he felt for the first time in his life
- he was so happy to have someone like you in his life, that he trusted with this
- and he was even happier that you trusted him
- because he loves you, and he always will :)
also i didn’t say anything about butt stuff i’m so sorry @0scars1saac
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dating casper would include…
having him learn how to dye your hair since he wants to be a good boyfriend and help you
sitting on his lap while you put a face mask on him
not being able to cuddle due to the cats being in between you two and not wanting to wake them up
marc spying on you and casper’s dates while jake and steven threaten to kill him
you knowing they were there all along
purposefully kissing him on the mouth in front of your dads just to gross them out
helping each other pick out concealer to hide hickeys
helping each other come up with other excuses because the concealer rubbed off
swinging him home after school no matter how loud he screams
doing other things to make him scream
like if you want nsfw version :0
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baby scarab || 65
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : THERE IS NO MORE SCHEDULE, IM SORRY also thank you all sm for the support and requests :)))
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader, layla el faouly x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), spidey stuff, violence, language, angst, kinda rushed? kinda angst at the end, many mentions of throwing up, underage drinking, more drunk teen stuff, let me know if i missed anything.
"alright let's go over this again- what time are you supposed to be home?"
"11 at the latest"
"and how will you get home?"
"you pick me up or khonshu walks me home"
"and what do you do if you get uncomfortable?"
"tell evie then call you"
"that's right" marc says and you sigh, feeling your leg bounce up and down due to the nerves.
your first highschool party. technically.
evie went to your school, but you didn't see each other at all. except when she would occasionally walk home.
marc parks the car at the side of the road, and you look over to evies house which was booming with music and colored lights.
and that was when she came out.
she was in a sparkly red dress that only reached to the middle of her thighs, and she had sparkling jewelry in every possible place she could.
you opened the door to step out of the car when you looked down at your own clothing- which consisted of plain black shorts, a white t shirt and jakes leather jacket.
"awwww! you look so cute!" evie compliments and you look down to the sidewalk shyly.
"hey" marc calls out behind you so you turn around. "don't do anything stupid, okay?"
you smile at him. "i won't. i love you guys" you say before shutting the door and walking to evie.
"that guy is familiar.. is he that cabbie that yells at people and causes scenes all the time?" she asks, leading you to the door.
"yeah... that's my dad"
"oh okay- wait- that's your dad?!"
she interrupts you by laughing. "i've heard him yell the funniest things at people-" she keeps laughing as she opens the door.
you laugh along with her until you see the amount of people inside the house.
evie senses your nerves and turns to you. "if you get overwhelmed just tell me and i can hang out with you in my room if you want" she offers and it makes you feel better about going.
"thank you"
"now- for drinks we have apple juice, water, some sprite, and i think someone brought a bunch of alcohol but i don't drink-" she leads you to the kitchen.
"apple juice?" you ask almost excitedly and evie nods.
"well i can get you some and you can go hang out if you want, get to know people?" she suggests and you nod, walking to the huge living room where there's maybe 15 people dancing about on the floor, and you choose to go stand in the corner of the room and watch everyone as they have fun.
that was when someone came up to you.
"heyyyyy! i haven't seen you before! what's your name?!" a boy looking around your age starts, leaning against the wall next to you.
"i'm.. im y/n"
"ohhhhh! evies friend! i've heard so much about you!!" he slurs out taking a huge gulp of whatever liquid was in his red solo cup.
"uhh.. yeah. i'm evies friend-"
"well i'm bradley it's wonderful to meet you- you're so pretty!" he brings a hand up to brush down the bridge of your nose, making you lean away a bit.
"oh- i'm sorry force of habit" he pulls his hand away and puts it in his pocket.
"my ex used to let me admire her" he looks down at the ground and you watch in shock at the boy's dramatic expression.
"but she cheated on me!" he tears up, leaning to you again and hugging you, spilling all of his drink on the floor.
you just stand there and awkwardly pat his back.
"she- she cheated on me with my brother!" he sobs violently into your shoulder and squeezes his arms tighter around your waist.
evie comes back with your apple juice and looks shocked at the position you're in.
"what happened?" she whispers as she comes up next to you.
"this is my new friend bradley. i think he's wasted or something" you shrug and evie chuckles before rubbing his back, making him let go of you to wipe his tears, by dropping his empty cup on the floor.
he adjusts his beanie you didn't know he had on, which conveniently has embroidered writing on it saying 'sad boi' with a frowny face next to it.
he takes your hand in his and kisses it. "i'm sorry- you're just so pretty- are you single? would you ever cheat on me-?" he asks while still slurring his words together.
evie starts leading him away from you. "she's happily married, now let's go" she starts. "i'm just taking him up to the guest room really quick- i'll be right back" she hands you your cup of juice and you nod.
you look down at the wet spot on the floor from when bradley spilled his drink and cringe, moving to another corner of the room.
trouble just always seems to come your way and another boy approaches you.
"what's that you're drinking?" he asks nodding his head at you.
you just stare at him for a moment. "apple juice"
he lets out a single laugh. "yeah? and what else?" he asks completely serious.
you just stare at him again. "it's just apple juice-"
"awww, you got invited to a party and you're not even gonna drink? just a little bit?" he talks to you in a tone a mother would her child.
"come on, just take a sip" he holds his cup out to you and you look inside it, just seeing clear liquid. you could smell it from there and you lean your head away from it.
he chuckles again. "this your first time? come on, just a little"
"no thank you-"
"what are you? chicken?" he scoffs with a smile.
"what? no!" you get defensive, standing up straight.
"yes you are! just take a sip you pussy!" he shouts, making a couple people turn around to watch the exchange.
you notice the cup was about half full of probably many different kinds of alcohol, so you yank it from his hand and chug the whole thing in one breath.
you throw the cup down while the small crowd watching you cheers in delight.
you feel a sudden urge of confidence as a girl comes up to you while her friend pours both vodka and tequila in a red cup at the same time until it was almost all the way full.
you look to the boy from before and he nods. "come on my new friend! don't pussy out!" he jokes and you take the cup, again chugging the whole thing without taking a breath.
the crowd goes wild as you wipe the excess liquid from your mouth and you start coughing due to the sting of the burning sensation in your throat.
you throw the cup down again. "another!" you yell, causing the boy next to you to pour the tequila into your apple juice.
you take a breath before chugging that as well, then crushing the cup in your hand after feeling your stomach gurgle.
you put a hand to your stomach and breath slowly, feeling something reach your head.
now everything felt.. fuzzy. like when you try on your friends glasses and see how blind they truly are.
or taking your own glasses off and not being able to see shit.
you stumble back into the wall behind you and the boy wraps an arm around your shoulder and shoves another drink in your hand.
"drink up, you're the life of the party now!" he shouts, earning cheering from everyone again, who's attentions were all on you.
you slowly bring the cup to your lips when evie takes it from you, and you get surprised at the fact that she appeared out of no where.
"what are you doing?" she asks and then turns to the boy that still had an arm wrapped around your shoulder.
"did you pressure her into doing this?" she asks him angrily and he moves closer to you.
"nah, she just isn't a pussy" he looks over to you and turns your head towards him with his thumb and forefinger on your chin.
before you could register what was happening his lips were on yours and when you realized it you pushed him away and tripped him so that he was on the ground below you.
you bent down and grabbed a handful of his shirt and got in his face. "what the fuck is wrong with you?! you can't just kiss someone like that- i have a boyfriend!" you slam him back down and walk away, evie following you.
you find yourself in her kitchen, which was void of people, sitting at the island on a barstool.
"you okay?" she rubs your arm. "i'm so sorry about him- he's always like that"
"why are you friends with him?" you counter and she sighs, sitting on the stool next to you.
"he acts all goody goody in front of my parents and blackmails me into inviting him to parties" she says and you look to her.
"that.. that's not right.." you shake your head and she smiles at you.
"it's okay. he's just annoying" she scoffs and you let out a laugh.
"yeah like who just kisses someone like that- i don't even know his name!" you laugh again. "oh my god casper is going to be so mad at me. "you mumble, putting your head in your hands.
evie rubs your back. "he's not, he'll understand" she starts. "do you want to come dance with me?"
a couple hours later- about 10:30- you were guzzling down all the drinks people were shoving in your face.
they were all cheering you on for not passing out considering you've probably drank the equivalent of a whole bottle of vodka of all the types of alcohol in the house.
you were just about to drink some more when evie approached you again.
"heyyyy y/n- how about we take a break-"
"but evie! i'm not a pussy!" you retort and she takes your wrist and drags you from the crowd.
"hey- why'd you do that..?" you manage to slur out.
"i think it's time for you to go home- but! i had fun! and you had fun and i'll invite you over again but i think it's passed your bedtime"
"i ain't got a bedtime-"
"yes you do, now are you okay to walk home?"
"yeah i got someone"
"...okay.. well i'll see you later okay?" she leads you to the door and you adjust your jacket.
"y-yeah" you stutter, then hiccup.
evie softly smiles at you before closing the door and khonshu appears behind you.
"you are not well" he says and you turn around slowly, and stumble down the stairs from evie's house.
"i'm fine- m' jus' tired all of a sudden" you close your eyes for a second and when you open them you're right in front of the door to the apartment.
"i am a god. don't be stupid" khonshu says, walking through the wall into the apartment, and you try to do the same only to end up hitting your head on the door.
"fuck!" you shout, trying to get the key out of your pocket to unlock the door.
let's just say when you get inside, marc is giving you a really weird look as you try to lock the door again.
"did you have fun..?" he asks, getting up off the couch to approach you and you struggle to get your shoes off.
"yeahhh" you say, almost tripping off your shoes to go and hug marc, leaning all your weight against him.
he was surprised until he smelt a familiar aroma. he takes your face in his hands and sees how bloodshot they are.
"have you been drinking?" he asks and you nod.
"i had some apple juice" you start laughing.
marc looks down at you in shock. "you- you reek of alcohol" he tells you and you look back up at him.
"well b'cause i'm not a pussy" you explain and he sighs.
"dude she is drunk" jake points out.
"i think you mean wasted" steven corrects.
"hey i can hear you!" you yell at the mirror, seeing steven put his hands up in surrender.
"and i'm not drunk!"
"oh yeah? tell the time" marc argues.
you slowly turn to the digital clock on the oven. "i am not drunk!" you say to the clock and marc sighs tiredly.
marc takes both your shoulders and guides you to your room. "you stay here, i doubt you've eaten anything lately" he makes you sit down on your bed to go get pop tarts from the kitchen.
you sit and begin to not feel well, like as if you swallowed acid.
marc comes back and see you visibly turning pale- and rushes you to the bathroom.
right as you get there you empty your guts into the toilet- and it burns even worse coming back up than it did going down.
you threw up for almost a whole minute and once you were done you were a sobbing mess.
marc carefully wiped the puke from your bottom lip with a wet towel, and used a different one to place against your forehead.
"take it easy-"
"dad! i'm sorry! i- i was being called a pussy for not drinking an' i don't like being made fun of anymore for i drank a little bit!" you cry, and marc just picks you up and carries you to your bed, setting you down and adjusting the cold cloth on your forehead.
"it's okay, kid. we'll talk in the morning okay? we love you" he says, gesturing to the pop tarts and glass of water. "please drink some water, okay"
"goodnight darling"
"buenas noches, dulce niña"
you woke up twice in the middle of the night to throw up.
and both times your dads were there to calm you down and make you drink water so you didn't get a headache.
they brought you pedro and luna who cuddled with you, knowing somehow that you were sick and needed a pick me up.
and it was the dreaded morning now, where you woke up with a pounding, ear splitting headache.
you groan and squeeze your eyes shut, running your hand down your face only to open your eyes and see steven sitting at your windowsill reading a book.
"what.. what are you doing..?" you grumble, trying to adjust to the light.
steven closes his book and sets it down beside him. "care to tell us why you came home drunk?" he asks.
"i don't know.." you say quietly, still feeling some effects of the alcohol. "i just.. it happened so fast" you sit up and sway a bit where you sit.
steven looks at you expectingly and you look away from him. "look- i didn't know there were drinks there-"
"so why did you do it?" marc asks, deciding to front. "do you know what underage drinking can do to you? you could've been poisoned" he starts and you scoff.
"poisoned by a bunch of seniors?"
"don't get smart with me right now. we can't keep fighting y/n" he ends quietly.
"it's been months since our last argument, but i can't let this slide" he says, making you look over to him sadly. "please explain yourself. and don't lie, please"
you look over to marc before starting. "this guy.. he kept calling me a pussy so i only drank a little bit.. at first" you add at the end.
"and everyone started cheering- so i took that as a good thing- so i started chugging cups of.."
"cups of what?" jake asks from your mirror.
you shrug nervously and marc shakes his head.
"that's extremely dangerous, y/n. you're lucky there wasn't anything too toxic in it- you could've gotten very sick!" he shouts and you nod.
"i really regret it.... i really shouldn't have done it. i feel like shit right now" you tell them honestly and marc nods.
"we need you to promise anything like this won't happen again" marc says and you nod.
"i promise dad- i mean it" you look into his eyes as you promise.
he nods and helps you up off your bed to bring you into a hug. you hug marc back until you feel your stomach acting up again.
jake sensed something was wrong and fronted to rush you to the bathroom.
once you got there you knelt in front of the toilet and spilled your guts again.
jake watched in pity as you finished, flushed the toilet and sat back against the bathtub on the floor.
you looked up at jake. "i'm sorry papa.." you whispered, looking down at the floor after.
"just.. clean up the kitchen and scoop the litter box. that's all for now" he tells you, so you smile and stand up, hugging him before he gently pushes you back.
"brush your teeth first, puke breath"
"fuck you, papa"
and of course, all three of your dads were thinking about all the activities from last night even after the first time you were forced to go to bed.
the first time you woke up, it was to call casper. to tell him you were drunk and that somebody kissed you and you felt super bad- and you needed to make sure he still loved you.
he said yes even though you were crying so hard you were drooling all over yourself.
and then you got forced to go back to sleep.
and then when you woke up the second time, it was because you were hungry- no, starving.
you ate two packages of pop tarts and some black olives. you almost ate the raspberries before marc hurried in because he heard noise, and helped you as you threw up again.
you slept soundly throughout the rest of the night, and now back to the present.
you ate some plain toast on the couch next to steven and the cats, who were cuddling on the armrest to your right.
"you feeling any better?" steven asks and you nod.
"thank you" you start. "definitely never doing that shit again- i hate throwing up" you shiver at the thought.
"glad you learned your lesson" steven says, and you lean your head against his shoulder as you start to fall asleep again.
steven smiles down at you, turning the tv off so he could get some sleep as well.
a nice sleepy morning for all of you, without anything to worry about at the moment.
except the fact you got wasted the night before and threw up a bunch.
but you'll be okay.
you'll all be okay.
A/N : love you guys, and i know exactly how many chapters are left >:)
taglist ---
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 months
Tumblr media
Casper: us
Y/n: literally
Marc: I hope you burn
jake : he is getting too comfortable around us
marc : agreed. let’s kill him
steven : but he’s so polite :(
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 months
Hiiiii!! Thoughts on my new bracelet? :D
Tumblr media
oh my god.
that’s a baby scarab bracelet
you have no idea the amount of joy i feel right now i love it :D
thank you so much it’s so cute
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80pairsofcrocs · 3 months
Heyyyyy it's been a while... I got some fan art! I've been getting better at drawing
Tumblr media
awwww i love it :D
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80pairsofcrocs · 3 months
Tumblr media
Y/n: me when casper
Steven: oh no did he do something to you?
Marc: i swear..
Casper on the phone: IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO DROP IT
steven : oh mi gosh
marc : my god it was just a milkshake
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80pairsofcrocs · 3 months
baby scarab || 64
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : THERE IS NO MORE SCHEDULE, IM SORRY also thank you all sm for the support and requests :)))
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader, layla el faouly x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), spidey stuff, violence, language, angst, kinda rushed? angst, more angst, yelling, mentions of past child abuse, let me know if i missed anything.
you were sat at the table in the kitchen the next morning while slowly picking at a muffin steven had made earlier.
marc sat across from you, and layla had left earlier as well.
it was silent. too silent. you could hear every drop of rain that fell on the ground a couple stories down.
that was until you decided to speak up.
"so... am i still grounded?" you ask uncomfortably.
marc sighs a runs a hand through his hair. "yes. but.. for less time. and i know this will.. absolutely break your heart but.. but..... oh motherfu- jake you do it"
"darling listen.." steven takes over. "we decided as a group.. and your mother and even khonshu agrees but... we've decided that you won't be able to be arachnid until you're eighteen.." your heart drops at stevens sentence.
"what..?" you ask shakily and marc sighs.
"i know it's hard to hear, but we really mean it this time. we can't have you out there getting hurt-"
"but you do it all the time!" you interrupt. "jake knows how important it is to me- he agrees that i should have freedom! right jake?" you look to him in the mirror and he gives you a sad look.
"wha- jake?! you too?! seriously- i- you've seen what i can do- i-" you cut yourself off, tearing up and putting your head in your hands, allows resting on the table.
steven sighs sadly. "it's okay darling, we're sorry but- you need to focus on your school work, i mean it's the beginning of march and you're failing almost all your classes! you haven't even been in school all too much either!" he raises his voice and you look up at him.
"you can't do this- it doesn't matter if i graduate i don't even know what i'm going to do in life- all i have are these stupid powers!" you tell back at him and a stern look takes over stevens face.
"no, you listen. you need to graduate, i'm not letting you throw your life away-"
"why not?! you're already taking away everything else!" you cut him off again.
steven scoffs, which is something unlike him to do. "excuse me? we are taking away one thing- and it hurts you don't you understand? it's gotten you kidnapped!" he raises his voice another notch.
you groan out of annoyance. "steven just stop- im not giving this up, i can't" you start. "there's people out there that need my help-"
"they have us, kid" marc says and you look to the mirror where he looks at you. "you aren't invincible! you're just a kid, you shouldn't be out there risking your life-"
"neither should you! what if one day khonshu can't heal you?! what- what if one day i just sit here like an idiot waiting for you to come home and you never do?!" you stand up from your seat.
"y/n we will always come home- but you however are young and inexperienced. you are more likely to die out there than we are" steven answers. "we can't lose you. we are doing this because we love you, i need you to understand that" he quiets his voice and you sigh, sitting back down.
"but that's why i-" you're interrupted by khonshu appearing in a thick fog before he turns to steven.
"we must go!" he shouts and you look to steven in a panic.
"no! i- i just got back-"
"darling listen, we will continue this when we get back but you have to promise me you'll stay here-"
"don't just leave! what's wrong with you?!-"
"casper is coming over to make sure you stay put- now we really have to go-" steven  continues to talk over you while his suit forms onto his body.
"steven this isn't fair-"
"don't talk to me about 'fair', now i love you, just stay here" steven days before leaving out the window, making you stare with wide eyes at all that just happened.
"great job 'dad'. sending my fucking boyfriend to come babysit me" you mutter under your breath as you speed walk to your room and slam the door shut, falling onto your bed face first.
that's when you immediately hear a knock at the front door and you groan out of annoyance.
"yeah okay- can't even get a fucking minute of peace" you mumble, swinging your door open to march to the front door.
you open it to see casper with a sad smile on his face. "are you okay?" he asks quietly and you sigh, dragging him in by his sleeve and shutting the door.
"i'm fine. it's not like you came here just to babysit me" you say sarcastically and sit down on the couch with your arms crossed.
casper sighs and goes to sit next to you. "i came here to make sure you're okay. and because i love you" he says honestly, and you look over to him.
"and to make sure i don't leave" you add and he shakes his head.
"even i know that i couldn't stop you if you really wanted to leave" he says and you nod. "that's true-"
"but you wouldn't. i can tell how exhausted you are right now" casper tells you and you look away, biting the inside of your cheek.
"i'm not even-"
"come on, marc told me everything that happened. have you even tried to sleep since then?" he asks and you stay quiet.
casper sighs and stands up in front of you, offering you a hand. "come on" is all he says before you take his hand.
he takes you to your room and pulls the blanket back on your bed.
you get the message and sit down, looking up at casper as he slips his shoes off before joining you.
"just get some sleep, okay? i'm worried about you" he pushes you down so that your head hits your pillow.
"i'm really not in the mood to sleep right now-" you try sitting back up and casper moves behind you to put his arms around your waist, keeping you from sitting up.
"you're not getting out of this and i'm not leaving until you fall asleep"
"how about you just don't leave at all"
you smile to yourself before turning around in casper's arms to face him.
"and for the record, i love you too" you lean to press a kiss to casper's lips before burying your face in his neck.
casper sighs in content and hugs you closer, feeling almost just as tired as you were.
i'm not even two minutes both of you were fast asleep in each others arms, not a care in the world about anything that has ever happened.
meanwhile a few hours later you were still asleep, but in a different position.
you were on your back, head to the side while casper was still hugging your waist but with his face buried in your stomach.
and that's what jake had come home to.
he smiles as and shook his head before closing your door and quietly cleaning up the dried blood on his face.
it wasn't his by the way.
another hour passed and marc was extremely stressed about how tense them and you were before they left, and was almost scared of the next conversation you were going to have once you woke up.
he heard your door open a moment later and thought the worst.
that was until he realized it was casper and not you. he unknowingly let out a sigh of relief as casper approached him.
"how was she?" marc asks quietly and casper sits down next to him.
"justifiably angry" he starts. "i know that she understands why you're taking away arachnid, but it is a part of her now" he explains and marc sighs.
"i know but she's my kid.. she should be focusing on school, not listening to the news and going out to risk her life everyday" marc rants and casper nods.
"i miss her" casper confesses. "the real y/n. she used to try, like actually try. she had a job, and she tried her hardest in school but now.. she's changed so much" he takes a breath. "and i get that she's been going through things lately, like being kidnapped and- and taken by the police but- i need her back" he looks tearfully to marc, who gives him a concerned look.
"i can't let her destroy herself, i just can't" casper hides his tears behind his hands. "i love her marc. i would do anything to make her happy again"
marc puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. "i.. i know how that feels" he starts. "i'm glad she found someone like you.. and i hate that i just admitted that" casper smiles slightly at marc's comment and wiped his tears away.
"thank you, sir"
"call me marc.. you've earned it" marc mumbles and casper nods before marc furrows his brows in thought.
and that was when jake fronted, and casper noticed a change.
"you guys didn't actually have sex did you?" jake questions and casper quickly shakes his head
"no- no. we didn't..." he says.
"but?" jake adds and casper sighs.
"she.. she tried to get something started and i could tell she didn't want it" casper starts. "i.. i stopped her before anything actually happened.."
jake looks down at the ground. "..are you both okay?" he asks and casper nods.
"yeah, i.. i know she wasn't in the right headspace.... and i knew she was hurting" he finishes and jake nods.
"thank you"
casper looks confused. "for what? i just did the right thing- anybody would've done it-"
"no i.. we thank you for protecting her. even though she's technically a 'superhero' she still needs someone" jake starts. "someone like you" he admits and casper smiles slightly.
he's about to say something when you come wandering out, yawning and wiping away the tear stains from your cheeks.
nobody said anything. you just stood looking at them.
"you guys were talking about me.. weren't you?" you ask, already knowing the answer.
"all good things" casper tells you. he thought that one little lie couldn't hurt, as long as you didn't use all your energy up again from crying and being overall angry.
"does this mean you have to go home?" you ask him, not even bothering to acknowledge jake.
casper sighs. "i believe it does.. but we will see each other at school tomorrow, and i can help you get caught up" he offers while standing up.
you simply nod and tiredly walk over to him, wrapping your arms around him waist in a hug.
casper hugs you back and when you let go he heads to the door.
"i'll see you tomorrow, y/n. take care of yourself for me" he says before leaving.
you stare at the door for a moment before looking hesitantly at jake.
there was an awkward silence before either of you said anything.
"are you still mad at us?" jake asks which earns a scoff from marc at his bad choice in starting a conversation.
you furrow your brows and cross your arms in front of your chest. "what do you think, dip shit?" you retort and jake stands up with his hands on his hips.
"disculpe?" jake responds and you look away from him with a shake of your head.
"hey- look at me when i'm talking to you" he says sternly so with attitude, you look back at jake, who seemed to switch.
"don't call him that" steven starts, taking his hands off his hips to put them in his sweaters pockets. "you don't get to swear at us like that-"
"yeah? but what stopped me before?" you interrupt and steven takes a deep breath.
"don't interrupt me, and when you did it before it wasn't to hurt us- you better apologize to him or so help me-"
"so help you what? what are you going to do? send my boyfriend back here to babysit me while you go fuck around in your stupid suit?" you start angrily. "how about taking my phone- oh wait! you already have! god knows when i'll fucking get it back!"
"you watch your tone-"
"i'm not finished 'steven'" you say his name as if it's a curse in your mouth. "bet you're regretting adopting me now, huh? it's all been shits and giggles up until you took everything away from me! first my phone- and- and then arachnid- what's next?! are you going to starve me?! resort to beating me, because i damn well deserve it!"
stevens eyes widen at your words and the fact that your angrily yelling at him, marc and jake are just as shocked but can't find anything to possibly say.
"why did you even adopt me?! why bother trying- you've never been around kids before- and marc's had a bunch of trauma associated with it so why?!" you yell in stevens face and he hesitates in putting a hand on each of your shoulders.
"listen. we love you y/n, please just tell us why you're so worked up" he offers quietly and calmly and you stare up at him confused.
"..what...- you- answer my damn question!" you shove his hands off you you.
"we adopted you because we all saw part of ourselves in you.." steven starts.
that's when marc fronted. it was getting to be a bit too much for steven.
"even before jake.. me and steven both saw a part of ourselves in you. and you were hurting. you were overworked with school and your job, and you were being bullied at school- we had to at least help you" he starts and you calm down enough to listen.
"we.. grew attached. we became protective over you because we saw you as our kid. i have always had trouble expressing.. feelings... and so have you now please, please just tell us what's bothering you" he takes a breath. "please baby, i know you're hurting just tell us how we can help you" his voice breaks at the end of his sentence and you look down at the ground.
it's silent for a minute while you try and hold back tears.
"i.. if i can't help then what's the point..?" you start slowly, still staring at the floor. "i don't want to just sit here and do nothing... nobody else knows what's going on out there with harrow- and- and all that shit- i just want to stop it. it's my fault" you take a deep breath.
"i should've died out there where my mother left me.." you manage to rasp out before marc looks at you in absolute terror.
he moves his hands to each side of your face to lift your head up so he could look you in the eyes.
"don't you ever say that again, you hear me? nothing is your fault- and we're sorry for being so hard on you when you got home but you need to learn. you need to have a life outside arachnid, where you can get a job you love- maybe have a family of your own one day but you can't do that it you're constantly being hurt physically and emotionally" he pauses. "you need a break"
you don't say anything but your eyes gather with tears as you take in a shaky breath.
"..i'm sorry...." you manage to squeak out before tumbling into full blown sobs.
"i'm so sorry- i didn't mean to yell at you guys! i know why you do these things and i shouldn't take my anger out on you it's not fair! i'm sorry- i'm so so sorry-!" you get pulled into marc's chest, and your arms fall around his shoulders as you cry your heart out into his shirt.
"shh.. it's okay, we know you. we know you don't mean those things-"
"no marc you don't understand! i've been a horrible person to you guys and you didn't even do anything-"
"no. stop thinking like that, okay? i only want to hear you say good things about yourself, none of this self deprecating bullshit" marc rubs your back as you calm down, and you refuse to look up at him.
"i'm sorry.." you wipe your face. "stevens suit isn't stupid.. it's great" you sniff.
"it's okay darling, are you feeling better?" steven speaks up through the mirror on the wall.
"i shouldn't have yelled at you.." you say quietly, and wipe at your wet cheeks again.
"it's alright, you were just blowing off steam.. but next time just talk to us okay?" steven requests gently and you nod.
"good, now you seriously need to eat something, you're going to pass out from exhaustion" marc says and guides you back to the kitchen table where your muffin still sits from earlier in the day.
"if you want something else-"
"no.. it's fine" you cut him off and start taking small bites of the muffin.
you eat your muffin while marc sits across from you at the table, trying to decide if he should say anything.
he overall decides to, with the help of steven and jake.
"is there anything else bothering you..?" he asks and you look up at him and nod slightly.
he tilts his head at you as if asking you to go on.
you sigh and look down at the table, specifically the empty muffin wrapper.
"i just.. i miss how we used to be. i've been a terrible girlfriend to casper too.." you voice your worries and marc sighs.
"i miss you too. you lost yourself for a while and we are all here to help you, you know that" he starts. "and don't worry about casper. that kid loves you so much, i've seen it"
you look up at him and nod, slowly standing up from your chair, making marc do the same.
you slowly walk over to him to snake your arms around his waist and rest your forehead on his chest.
marc gently puts a hand around the back of your head and the other around your shoulder.
"it's okay. you'll be okay, kid" he tells you, which makes you tear up again.
you stood there with him for what felt like hours, and he didn't mind one bit.
steven and jake let him have this moment with you, letting him hold you while you calmed yourself.
who knows what the future would bring from here?
would you turn yourself around? would you go back to being an angst teenager?
but more importantly, would you lose someone close to you..?
i guess we won't know until later.
much later.
you thought this was going to be the end of this little chapter of your life didn't you?
tsk. you should know me better than that by now-
anyways, now, you're doing much better. it was now middle of april and you've gotten your grades up to C's, you get your phone for the day, and your dads take it at night and charge it in the kitchen.
your cats are no longer kittens, they have matured to the point where they fight for a spot on your bed, and whoever loses has to usually sleep with marc.
you'd gone on a couple dates with casper, who had gotten his first job at an ice cream parlor about 5 minutes away from his house.
so of course, he had to spoil you and take you to a fancy restaurant.
with a live quartet too. he wore the nicest clothes he had, and you did as well.
layla lent you an old dress of hers for the occasion, it was dark red with gold accents around the trim.
casper thought you crash landed there from heaven that night.
now back to present day, casper was walking you home from school while you fidgeted with your phone.
casper noticed the nervous tick, so he spoke up. "hey, you feeling alright?" he asks and you nod slightly.
"yeah.. just.. evie asked me to go to a party with her tonight and i'm nervous to ask my dads" you voice your worries and casper hums.
"well the worst they can do is say no" he points out and you turn your head to smile at him.
"i know. i guess i just needed reassurance, so thank you" you say kindly and casper opens the door to your apartment building for you.
"it's no problem. do you want me to come up with you?" he asks.
"no, that's okay. you should get home and get your brace off, i know it's been itching lately" you offer and casper chuckles.
"well i'll see you tomorrow then" he smiles.
you nod and lean in to give him a quick peck on the lips before backing up to the elevator.
"i love you, see you tomorrow" you smile and he waves before leaving.
you get a bit nervous in the elevator, watching the numbers rise as you reach your floor.
'the worst they can do is say no' you chant in your head before unlocking the door.
you walk in and leave your bag by the door while steven made tea at the stove.
"hey darling, how was school?" he turns to you for a second with a grin.
"it was good.." you say and steven turns to you with a confused look on his face.
"and..?" he asks and you fidget with your fingers before looking up at him.
"evie invited me to a party tonight.." you say quietly and steven looks over to the mirror on the wall.
"but it's fine if you want me to stay here i understand-"
"how much homework do you have?" marc asks and you blink a few times before answering.
"casper helped me finish it all during lunch"
marc sighs before nodding to steven.
"you can.. you can be out until 11 at the latest. and we will drive you there and back. you're lucky it's a weekend" he jokes and you smile at him.
"you mean it? i can go?" you ask excitedly.
steven nods. "you've been doing better, i think.. we think it'll be a nice reward for you, to keep you motivated, you know?"
"thank you!" you rush to hug steven and both marc and jake smile at you through the mirror.
steven reluctantly pulls away as jake speaks up. "now go clean your room"
"okay!- thanks dads!" you yell as you run to your room to begin cleaning.
i mean, what's the harm in letting you go to a party with your friend?
you've pulled yourself together and began focusing on school and your relationships with your loved ones.
you were finally you again.
what could possibly go wrong?
A/N : omg this took way too long, but IM BACK!! i have more time to write now and im back in my baby scarab mindset lol. hope you enjoyed, and ill see you later!!
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