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hii can I request how the blue lock boys would react to one of their teammates trying to hit on you? 💕
Jealousy and protectiveness go so well together its always a shame to separate them. So I rarely do lol.
Pairing: Yoichi Isagi, Bachira Meguru, Sae Itoshi, Rin Itoshi, Hyoma Chigiri, Kunigami Rensuke, Mikage Reo, Nagi Seishiro x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, established relationship, protectiveness, jealousy, PDA, kissing, hand-holding, pouting, embarrassment
A/N: Okay, almost done with the asks in my inbox. Then I hope I can run the event I've been planning.
Isagi tries to pull you away from them as fast as possible. He's not really much of a fighter outside of the soccer field and he doesn't want to hit a teammate. At the same time he cannot just stand by and watch his girl be flirted with. He has a small frown on his face almost the whole way home, it only goes away when you kiss him and call him cute. The next day he goes after that teammate specifically while practicing.
Bachira is hugging you within a second of his teammate flirting with you, pulling you against him and staring murder at his teammate. He's not afraid to be as direct as he needs to be to get the message across so what does he do? He tilts your head to the side and sucks a big bruise on your neck for the whole locker room to see. And then he gets his gear and takes your hand in his while you're still reeling from what happened and he walks off.
Sae never leaves the locker rooms without kissing you, he doesn't even give his teammates the chance, not even the thought that they have a shot with you. That is his number on your back, his necklace around your neck, his fingerprints on your thighs. Every inch of you screams that you belong to him, so others better stay the hell away if they don't want to be crushed by the best of the best.
Rin would rather miss a goal then see you be stolen away by one of his teammates. On one hand, you're above them all, you have to be for him to consider dating you. But on the other hand he knows you can be shy these things, so he's here for you, but he won't always be so he likes to encourage you to build up a lot of confidence. Until then he's happy to tell of anyone he needs to and kiss your lips, neck, hand, anywhere you want to make others get the message.
Chigiri blinks a few times to make sure he's seeing this right. Someone hitting on you, right in front of him. Huh. That's ballsy. And foolish. He might look like a prettyboy princess but when it comes to you his bite as strong as he is fast when running after the ball. This time he's going for something more valuable: your lips, your flustered expression, the collective gasp of his teammates at this open display of affection.
Kunigami pulls them back by their jersey and shoves them aside to wrap his arms protectively around you. Who the hell do they think you are? Someone who just opens her legs for any pretty guy? If they want that they can pay but not to you, you're his girl, he'll protect you from anyone, anywhere, anyhow, even his teammates if needed. He's been in fights before, he can throw down if needed.
Reo figures that the best thing to do is to one-up who ever is flirting with you. A little competition can be fun, besides they're no real threat to your love. He acts really tough in front of others but when he gets you alone he kisses you really hard and really fast, making your lungs burn for air, telling you how much he loves you and how he will outmatch every man that tries to put the moves on you.
Nagi very slowly wraps his arms around you from behind and kisses your cheek, all the while not taking his eyes off his teammate. Its like his actions towards you and the message he's sending are completely different things. To you he's saying he loves you, he values you, he protects you. To his teammate he's saying not to try this kind of thing again, this might not be Blue Lock anymore but he can still make anyone look like shit on the field.
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Never Yours
Tumblr media
NEVER YOURS | Azriel x Female!Illyrian!Reader
SUMMARY: You’ve known Azriel was your mate for a long time, but you never enlightened him to the fact. When you find him kissing someone else you decide to take a trip to the Illyrian war camps to take your mind off of the shadowsinger. But the thing about shadows – they always follow.
WARNINGS: Angst. Swearing, mentions of blood and injuries, reader doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions properly. Illyrian males are sexist and pieces of shit (not our batboys tho<3). Azriel is a mean but it’s kinda justified if you think about… 
I’m thinking of writing a part two where everything is sorted out. Let me know if that’s something you guys would like :))
Tumblr media
“He’s supposed to be my mate,” you whispered, voice cracking, echoing that of your heart.
“I know,” Mor murmured, one hand stroking through your hair, the other rubbing your back comfortingly, careful to avoid your wings. There was nothing else to be said.
A choked cry left your throat. You had thought that maybe, maybe Azriel had known. Maybe he looked at you and felt the connection – felt the bond that tied your souls together. You had thought that those long looks and small smirks he sent your way meant something more than friendship.
But when you’d walked in on him kissing Elain… it was like the world had stopped. They hadn’t even noticed you. Granted, you’d been in the room for a second and then rushed out as soon as your brain actually registered what you were seeing… But he had chosen someone else. You had waited too long to tell him, and now… now you had lost him.
“I have to go,” you hiccupped, rising out of Mor’s embrace. “I’ll, um… I’ll see you later.”
“Are you sure?” Mor asked, worry and concern visible on her face as she stood up as well. “You can stay here, if you’d like.”
You looked around at Mor’s apartment in Velaris, the one she stayed at when she needed time to herself. Everyone had their own home in the city, because while everyone loved the inner court dearly, sometimes everyone could get on each others’ nerves.
You shook your head at Mor’s offer. “No, thanks,” you mumbled. “I just… I just want to be alone right now.”
Mor pursed her lips but did not argue. She gave you a tight hug before you left, making you promise not to do anything stupid, and to get home safe. 
As you walked through Velaris, you could have sworn that the stars didn’t shine as bright, that the music wasn’t as loud, that the laughter was less frequent. It was as if your city knew the way your heart ached and ached, and was trying to reflect that. You hated the way it felt, the way your soul cried and wept, screaming at the Mother for giving you a mate that would not love you back.
You should have told him when you first realised. When he grabbed your hand to help him up after he’d bested you in training (a rare occurrence, as you were both pretty evenly matched and most duels ended in a draw), and when it snapped into place for you. You’d looked into his hazel eyes and felt like you were home, felt like all of your problems could melt away if you just got lost in them. You’d felt like a fool not realising, like the bond was always there, but now a veil had been lifted and you could see it clearly. Azriel hadn’t noticed anything, and so you pretended that you hadn’t, either. Because Elain had already arrived, and you could tell that there was already something between them. And having the mating bond rejected – well, that wasn’t something you thought you’d survive.
You had only told Mor. The thought of telling anyone felt wrong if it wasn’t Azriel, but Mor was your dearest friend, and she had trusted you with her deepest secret, so you could trust her with yours. You insisted every day that you should tell him, always nagging and never relenting, but you couldn’t. Not when he got closer to Elain and you could see the way his eyes lit up whenever she entered the room, the way his shadows would fade away when she came near.
You needed to get away. You’d have to see either one of them tomorrow, one way or another. If you stayed at the River House then you were bound to see Elain, and if you stayed at the House of Wind, then you’d definitely see Azriel. You both lived there, after all, and he was in every hallway you turned down, every room you walked into. You couldn’t bear seeing either one of them, not for a while. You had to leave.
You flew straight to the River House with a plan forming in your mind and entered without knocking, stalking straight to Rhys’s office. He was sitting at his desk, a pen in his hand, and his head raised as you entered.
“You know, most people would knock–” he started, but you interrupted.
“Send me on a mission.”
Rhys looked taken aback. “What?”
“Send me on a mission,” you repeated. Rhys looked at you questioningly, and talons delicately scraped down your mental shields in a silent request. Always a request, never a demand from him, but you shook your head and made sure your mental defences were as strong as possible. “Stop prying.”
It wasn’t a nice thing to say – Rhys only wanted to help you. You’d known him for over five hundred years, and you knew that while, yes, he and the other two Illyrians were huge busybodies, if you had something going on, he wouldn’t ‘pry’. He’d try to help in any way possible.
Rhys could clearly sense your bad mood. You weren’t exactly hiding it. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
“If I wanted to talk about it, then I would have come in here and started talking about it,” you retorted.
Rhys’s lips pursed. “Is this about Azriel?”
You scowled and snapped, “That’s none of your business.”
“You know, I’m sure if you just spoke to him–”
“It doesn’t matter,” you spat. “Either you send me on a mission, or I’m taking my vacation leave.”
Rhys sighed, and you could see the wheels turning in his mind. Sending you away would only fuel your unhealthy coping mechanisms, but forcing you to stay… well, he didn’t want to hurt you like that.
“Fine,” he relented. “There’s an Illyrian War camp that needs… overseeing. They say they’re training the females, but every time I receive information from… other… sources, they say otherwise.”
You wondered if this ‘other’ source was the shadowsinger that you were currently trying not to think about.
“So you want me to get them to train the females properly?” you asked, and Rhys nodded.
That would get you maybe two or three days away from Velaris, possibly four or five if you played your cards right. Maybe by then you would have calmed down and been able to come up with a plan as to where to go from there. How to survive the crushing of your heart; of your soul.
“I’ll leave tonight,” you decided, but Rhys levelled you with a hard stare.
“Y/n, it’s already late,” he scolded. “Just wait until morning. You need rest.”
You were tempted to retort, tempted to tell him that you weren’t a baby and could take care of yourself… but he was right. You needed your strength for the Illyrian camps. The males tended not to take nicely to female warriors, and seeing as you had escaped the clippings in your childhood, they’d more than likely strike if you were tired.
“Fine,” you muttered, relenting only because it was logical.
Rhys studied you, his eyes watching you closely. Even though he generally relied on being able to look into someone’s mind to discern their thoughts, Rhys was pretty good at reading people and their body language. It was part of being a soldier, being a leader.
“You know, anything said here will stay between us,” he murmured.
For some reason, you had a feeling that he knew. Maybe you hadn’t been careful enough at hiding it in your mind, burying it beneath thoughts of your duties and upcoming birthdays and celebrations and whatever else you could come up with to hide it all.
But you didn’t want to talk about it. That was why you were here, after all – you were running from… everything.
“Thanks,” you uttered before leaving.
You could have sworn you heard Rhys sigh as you closed his office door.
Tumblr media
With the luck of the Mother or Fate, Azriel wasn’t at the House of Wind when you arrived that night, nor was he present when you left the next morning at dawn.
The flight to the Illyrian mountains was a long one. You could have easily winnowed to the Illyrian camps, but you wanted to drag this trip out as long as possible. Besides, flying meant planning time, and planning meant that you’d be able to tackle this situation at the war camp more efficiently.
You arrived at the camp just before sundown, touching on the ground in front of the camp warlord and eight of his shoulders. Rhys had told them beforehand that you were coming, but they were obviously infuriated that a girl was going to tell them what to do.
“Devlon,” you greeted.
The warlord had his arms crossed and a frown on his face, causing a small grin to tug at your mouth. Whenever you came to one of the war camps, usually one of the bat-boys would accompany you to make sure they didn’t miss out on you burning it to the ground if you decided to. But now that they were training the females, you’d felt less inclined to do so, even if only slightly.
“So, the High Lord decided to send you to make sure we’re completing our duties,” he sneered.
You raised your chin slightly, the smug grin on your face growing a little bit. “Indeed he did.”
You looked around at the fighting rings, seeing (as you had been expecting) only men fighting and training. The wind pushed against them and they pushed back just as hard, swords clashing against each other, steel shining in the light of the setting sun, dimmed only by the clouds passing overhead.
“We do not need you to oversee us,” one of his men said, stepping forward and flashing his teeth at you.
It was a threat, the way he stood and the way he spoke to you. You could tell he was itching for a fight, and, luckily for him, you were, too.
“You clearly do,” you chided. “I don’t see any females in the rings.”
“Why don’t you get in there, then?” he snapped, rage practically wafting off of him. “Why don’t we see if you’ve really got what it takes, huh?”
You smirked to yourself, pleased with the way this was going. You’d been training and fighting for over five centuries with the best warriors Prythian and the lands beyond had ever seen. This male here was either unaware or too arrogant to realise he would not leave the ring a winner.
“Alright,” you agreed. “Weapons, or fists?”
“Fists,” the male growled.
You walked with him to the ring, eyeing the males who stopped what they were doing to watch. You peered over the edge and down into the valley below, the sheer drop making you want to snap your wings out just in case.
“If, and when, I win this fight,” you began, “you will begin to train the females following the schedule that your High Lord gave to you.”
The male before you grunted, his eyes full of rage. “And when I win, I will send you back to the High Lord in pieces,” he spat.
You simply rolled your eyes, enraging the male even more. Devlon stood outside the ring, his arms crossed and eyes watching you. Was it childish, this behaviour? Accepting a challenge from an Illyrian brute? Absolutely, it was. But you didn’t care. You had to do something to take the edge off, to make you forget the way Elain’s hand rested on your mate’s chest as she kissed him, the way your mate’s hand settled on her waist.
“You know the rules,” Devlon commanded. “No weapons, just your bodies and your wits.”
You grinned at the male, and before you knew it, the fight began. The two of you circled each other slowly, carefully, trying to gauge the other’s weakness. This one, he favoured his left side, which would be useful for you to know for when you were ready to end this. But for now? You just wanted a fight.
The male lunged at you while your back was at the ledge, just as you’d expected him to. He was hoping for a clean win, shoving you into the valley below, but you knew when he was going to strike. The slight shift in his weight as he leaned back told you that he was about to pounce and you side stepped easily, watching as the warrior turned back around in an instant.
This Illyrian was big, as most were, but you’d been fighting against a bunch of big idiots (namely Cassian, Rhysand, and the other one you didn’t want to think about), so you knew how to use your speed, and how to use their own strength against them. 
He lunged again, and this time you came to meet him. You blocked his attack and threw a punch, but he dodged it and grabbed your arm, flipping you onto your back. After a quick manoeuvre you had his legs trapped within yours and you pushed, dragging him to the floor. All of this happened within the span of seconds, and then the two of you were back in defensive positions, circling each other once again. As the sun sank beyond the horizon, fires were lit. You could see the flames’ light washing over your opponent, painting him orange and gold.
This time, you took the offence, throwing punches and kicks his way, fierce and unrelenting. He blocked all of your attacks before you feinted left and struck right. You hit his side as hard as you could, before punching him square in the nose.
You felt no little amount of glee as you heard and felt his nose crunch under the force of your hit. Blood gushed down his face and onto his training leathers and you danced back, prompting him to try to land a hit on you. His eyes were filled with a fiery wrath at being bested, and by a female at that. That was why he had challenged you in the first place – he didn’t believe that a female could beat him, let alone hold her own against him. And here you were, proving him wrong.
You could end it. Right now, you could end this fight, have this male’s face in the mud and the girls training. But you wanted to prolong this, wanted to feel every hit he struck, feel everything before you tired him out.
So you continued the fight, and you even allowed him to get a few good hits in. He got your jaw at one point and you felt your lip split – and yet you continued. You were going to be covered in bruises tomorrow, but it wouldn’t matter. No one in this camp would challenge you again, and you’d be able to lose yourself in the battle.
As the fight wore on, you began to notice the shadows flickering in the darkness. You tried to convince yourself that it was just the fire, the wind and flames messing with your mind, but… you felt him. You felt Azriel in those shadows, watching and waiting.
Unfortunately, while you were concentrating on those shadows, your attacks became sloppy. You struck at the male with your fist and had to hold back a wince as he hit your wrist and got you in the stomach, partially knocking the air out of you.
Voices arose after the blow, and the male turned his head to the crowd which contained males and females alike. But what captured everyone’s attention was the shadowsinger standing at the edge of the ring, fists and jaw clenched and looking like he was planning all the ways he could rip this male’s skin from his body. Shadows curled around him, whispering in his ear and sliding over his wings and body.
Azriel’s hazel eyes slid to yours and you looked away, and back to the male. You should end this. Your lip was still bleeding, as well as a cut on your eyebrow. Your wrist was most definitely sprained, and you were sure you had at least a few bruised, if not broken ribs.
But you wanted to continue. You weren’t done yet, especially not with him here, knowing that you flew all the way out here just to get into a boxing match. It wasn’t fair that he was here, that he was ruining this. It wasn’t fair that he distracted you with his shadows, it wasn’t fair that he distracted you with his mere presence. It wasn’t fair that he kissed Elain even though he was your mate, even though you’d loved him in secret for at least twenty of her lifetimes. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fucking fair.
But… you knew you had to end it. If it went on any longer, you’d only tire yourself out and give the male more of a chance at winning. So you sighed deeply before pelting him with attacks, not giving him a moment to recover. You secured your hands on his shoulders before hoisting your body up and around, wrapping your thighs around his neck and pulling him to the ground. You squeezed your legs tightly, cutting off the airflow to his lungs. He flailed about a bit, trying to escape, and a few seconds before he lost consciousness, he tapped your leg three times, encouraging you to let go and stand up.
“Well, that was fun,” you exhaled. “Let’s not do it again anytime soon.” You turned your gaze to Devlon, his eyes shining with hatred. “The girls start their proper training tomorrow. I’ll be overseeing it, watching what you teach them and how you teach them. Understood?”
Devlon just grunted and left, his gang of males following him. You turned to the house that used to be Rhys’s mother’s and stalked towards it, sensing Azriel follow behind. You were furious that he was here – you’d come to the Illyrian war camps to escape him, and yet he’d followed you here. Had Rhys told him that you’d be here? Had Rhys sent him after you to make sure you didn’t fail? Or had your high lord sent him because he knew that Azriel was the source of your whirlwind of emotions?
The thoughts swirled around your mind as you opened the door. You were tempted to shut it in Azriel’s face, to force him to find somewhere else to sleep, but… he hated these war camps as much as you did. This house, it was a sort of refuge here, somewhere the two of you could feel safe out in Illyria. It was the essence of Rhys’s mother that gave you comfort, you knew. The woman who was more of a mother to you than your own was, the woman who protected your wings and made sure her son and his friends trained you in self defence. The woman who took you, Cass, an Az in, who gave them a home.
So you left the door open for him to follow, and he entered the home. It was just as you had left it the last time you were here; the hallway to the bedrooms that no longer smelled like Rhys’s mother; the small table next to the even smaller kitchen; the dishes that were clean thanks to the shadowsinger behind you, because the rest of you hated cleaning up.
You opened some of the cupboards, looking for the first aid kit. You found it shoved behind a mace and grabbed it, placing it on the table and opening it. You looked inside for the mirror but found it missing, and you sighed through your nose. Cleaning up your lip and eyebrow was going to be difficult now, but you’d figure it out. 
You sat on one of the wooden chairs and assessed your injuries. Split lip and eyebrow – those would need cleaning and bandaids. You assumed you wouldn’t need stitches as it didn’t feel deep, nor did it sting in the way it would if you did require stitches. Your knuckles were split, and your wrist was sprained. Those would require bandages, which you luckily had lots of. There wasn’t much you could do about the ribs – maybe you could get Madja to do a look over once you returned to Velaris.
“Why are you here?”
Azriel’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You’d almost forgotten he was here – almost, only because you could feel the string that tied you together. In a crowded street you’d be able to find him, you knew it. If you tugged on it (which you’d never done) you knew he’d be able to find you, too.
“Rhys sent me on a mission,” you replied nonchalantly.
While you had come here to escape him, it didn’t mean you had to be rude and ignore him, but you could speak as little as necessary. Azriel stayed silent and watched as you struggled to clean your wounds. He sighed and walked over, kneeling between your legs and taking the cloth from your hand, dabbing at your eyebrow. You tensed under his touch and he raised an eyebrow, pausing his actions. He’d done this too many times to count – patching you up after a fight. You all helped each other after a battle with whatever was needed, but this time, it felt… different.
“Why did you follow me?” you asked.
“Why did you start a fight?” he responded.
You glowered at him and a small smile lifted the corner of his lips. He continued to wipe the blood away, and you two sat in silence as he worked. He pulled a bandaid out of the kit and with featherlight fingers, pressed it to the cut on your head. He smoothed it out gently, and the sting was barely noticeable.
“Are you going to answer my question?” he asked, grabbing the cloth again and rinsing it before moving it to your lip.
“Are you going to answer mine?” you retorted.
Azriel chuckled lightly and placed the cloth against your mouth. You hissed as it stung, and the shadowsinger pulled back with a murmured apology. He returned to his task, dabbing lightly and carefully wiping away blood. With his hands practically on your mouth, you could barely think. All you could feel was the cloth on your bottom lip, your mouth separated from the pads of his fingers only by the material.
“You weren’t in the house,” Azriel finally answered as he moved away from your lip and rummaged around the kit for a bandage. “You didn’t tell me you were leaving, so I asked Rhys where you were.”
So Rhys did sell you out. You frowned at the thought, disgruntled by the fact that he sent Azriel after you. Noticing the look on your face, Azriel added, “It took a while for him to tell me, you know. He didn’t tell me what camp you were going to, so I found you myself.”
You scowled at him. “I can take care of myself, Azriel.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” he questioned, ignoring your statement and reaching for your hand to start the bandaging.
Your scowl deepened, and you pulled your arm away from his grasp. “You’re not my keeper, Azriel. I don’t need to tell you anything.”
Azriel eyed you for a moment, clearly seeing that something was bothering you, and trying to figure out what it was. You didn’t normally talk to him like this. Of course, he and the other two Illyrians could be overprotective mother-hens, and you would remind them that you were a warrior, just like them, but your words never had as much venom behind them as they did tonight.
“If this is about my confidence in you,” Azriel began, “I do believe you can carry out this mission on your own. I just…” He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face as if he was considering his next words. “I just wanted to be here.”
You narrowed your eyes at him. “You hate it here.”
“So do you,” he retorted. “And yet you asked Rhys to send you here.”
“I asked Rhys to send me on a mission, not here specifically,” you countered.
At the glint in Azriel’s eyes, you realised you’d been trapped.
“Why did you ask him to send you on a mission?” he queried.
You scoffed, “None of your business.”
You snatched the bandages from his beautiful, scarred hands and stood up. The shadowsinger rose to his feet as well, towering over you. You took a step to brush past him, intending on wrapping your wrist and hands in one of the bedrooms, when his wing snapped out, blocking your way. You glared at the male, and his eyes held concern.
“Are you avoiding me?” he questioned. 
“No,” you lied, trying to push past him again, only for his arm to stop you this time.
You took a deep breath in through your nose, staring daggers at Azriel. Azriel, who was supposed to be your mate, your other half. Azriel, who was looking down at you with pain in his eyes. Azriel, whose dreams you sometimes saw through the bond, the dreams of his past which pained you whenever you thought of it. Azriel, whose pain you could feel now, running down the bond as you tried to leave him behind.
“You didn’t answer my question,” Azriel reminded you. You opened your mouth, but he continued, “I answered yours, so you answer mine.”
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, suppressing a wince as your wrist moved wrong. It was starting to swell, and if you didn’t bandage it soon, the others would never let you hear the end of it. It would be, “you need to take care of your injuries, Y/n” and, “you know better than to leave a wound unattended.” You’d be driven mad, because they would never let it go.
“Why did you start a fight?’ Azriel asked again, quietly and gently.
You let out a breath. “Beating that male would assert my dominance, something that you males are always doing.”
Azriel frowned slightly, and you wanted nothing more than to smooth the wrinkles in his forehead away and assure him that everything was fine.
“You could have ended the fight the second you entered the ring,” he stated. “Why didn’t you?”
You shrugged, not meeting his eyes. You couldn’t tell him. He wanted Elain; sweet, beautiful Elain who could be the perfect wife. Elain, who was soft and gentle, Elain who liked to bake and garden. Elain, whose skin was porcelain and unmarred, whose hands were calloused by tending to her garden. Elain, the woman who spoke eloquently and politely, who was able to get him to smile so easily with simply her presence. Elain, the one who made his shadows disappear entirely.
Not you, the Illyrian female whose hands were calloused by weapons and centuries of training. Not you, the female whose physical scars reflected those of her inner scars. Not you, the female who was rough and sharp, with jagged and brittle edges, the female who had been shaped by battles and wars, the female who had witnessed and brought death to many. Not you, the female who his shadows danced around, as if they could sense the darkness within.
You didn’t answer, instead deciding to refuse to meet his gaze and looking around the house, which you now realised felt too small with the two of you in it. A hand rested underneath your chin and forced you to look up and into his hazel eyes.
“Please, tell me what I did,” he begged. “I hate… I hate this. I hate you not talking to me.”
Your breathing hitched as he stared at you, his eyes conveying the hurt that you could feel pulsing down the bond, even if he was unaware of it.
“You kissed Elain,” came out of your mouth before you could stop it.
Azriel froze, and you wished you could have just kept your stupid mouth shut. “That’s it? That’s why you’re upset with me?”
It sounded so silly. You knew it sounded worse to him, because he didn’t know. He didn’t know that he was your mate, that you’d been in love with him ever since you’d learned his name. You didn’t own him, anyway – he had his own free will, and he could kiss whoever he wanted to. But it didn’t stop the ache in your heart whenever you thought of him with someone else.
When you didn’t respond, Azriel took a step back, his hand leaving your chin. You looked down in shame, feeling Azriel pull away.
“I can kiss who I want, Y/n,” Azriel said.
“I know that,” you insisted, looking up, “but–”
“There is no ‘but’, Y/n,” he argued. “You can’t get upset if I’m with someone else. Why do you even care?”
He spat the last word and you felt anger bubbling up at him and his tone. You could care if he was seeing someone. You had the right to give a fuck about his love life.
“You don’t know how much it fucking kills me, Az!” you snapped loudly. “You don’t know what it’s like, being in love with you for practically my whole life and thinking that maybe, maybe you felt the same, and then having the bond snap in place, and feeling like it was always supposed to be like that, like the Mother or the Cauldron or Fate or whatever thought that I was enough for you…”
You trailed off, breathing heavily and feeling guilt and embarrassment spread through you. You weren’t supposed to tell him like that – you weren’t supposed to lose your cool and yell at him that you loved him and… and reveal that he was your mate.
“The… the bond?” he repeated slowly, the only time you’d ever actually heard him stumble over his words. “Y/n, what do you mean, ‘the bond’?”
You sighed and rubbed your arm, once again looking away. “The mating bond. You’re my mate, Azriel.”
He was silent, and you made no attempt to change that. This was it, the moment where he accepted or rejected the bond, the moment where he either made your heart and soul feel whole, or he ripped your heart out of your chest and crushed it.
“And you didn’t think to tell me?”
Your head snapped up at his words, at the icy rage dripping from them. Azriel’s eyes were hard and dark, staring into you and your soul. You saw him searching through every feeling, every connection to you that he could find.
And then you felt it. The tug on the string that tied your souls together, pulling you towards him. His eyes widened slightly, and his lip curled up into a snarl. “You lied to me.”
“Omitting the truth isn’t lying,” you retorted.
“I had a right to know,” he hissed, and you took a step back.
He shook his head, scoffing at you and your choices, making you feel small and inferior. You hated how easily he could do that, how easily he could make you feel irrelevant and insignificant. It reminded you of how the other Illyrian males tried to do so, not that they ever could. But Azriel had your heart and soul, and everything he said or did affected you in some way or another.
“Well, enjoy the rest of your mission,” he fumed, the cold fury still clouding his eyes. 
Before you could say anything he disappeared into his shadows, leaving you alone in the house as if he had never been there in the first place. For the second time in two days you felt a crushing feeling in your chest, a physical pain that made it hard to breathe. You felt empty, like a part of your soul was missing. 
And it was. Azriel, the other half to your soul, he was gone. And you knew you’d always be able to feel that emptiness, that hole that was so Azriel-shaped it hurt. You were going to feel it forever, no matter how far you went or how long you didn’t see him. It wouldn’t matter if you crossed oceans and lands and skies – you would always feel like you wanted to rip your heart out, if only to ease the pain.
You would always miss what was never yours.
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fearyandear · 2 days
Tumblr media
Yandere Wally because I am a fool.
Lol, to no one's surprise, I am hyperfixated on a puppet man from an analog horror. His design is cute and I reeeeeaaaaally like his eyes gimmick. Being able to eat with them is so cool (and someone suggested he stares at you so much because he's tasting you and WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!)
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silvermizuki · 2 days
Tumblr media
I was gonna wait to post this until I ended up editing the errors I made in my writing but its been like two? weeks so I don’t think its happening lMAO 
ANYWAYS this is a scene that got stuck in my head from the blurb I wrote on ao3
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sytoran · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your bunny's been missing you lately. you make it up to her.
──── ♥ pairing. sub!bunny!wanda x dom!owner!reader
──── ♥ cont. hybrid!au, clingy!wanda, possessiveness, reader is gender-neutral, food play, strawberries go in places they shouldn't, cunnilingus (mentioned), overstimulation, bunny!wanda is so adorable, fingering, squirting, kind of master/pet but not explicitly stated, power imbalance, power play
──── ♥ note. bunny!wanda brainrot- yes, i am not okay. proofreading? for the weak.
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Tumblr media
"hi, bunny," you whisper gently, feeling a lithe body lodge itself between you and the kitchen counter. 
it was in the midst of making breakfast that wanda, your pretty hybrid, had so adorably interrupted you. "wassa matter?" you ask slowly, giving her a reassuring smile, stroking at her long, flowy hair.
wanda was one of the most beautiful hybrids you had ever laid your eyes upon, a precious bunny you wouldn't wish to ever lose. with creamy skin for long legs, perky long ears and a button nose, she was a birthday present gift-wrapped in silk garments.
when you first got wanda, it hadn't been like the handbooks at all, with unexpected mood swings and odd cravings for food. through ups and downs, you treated your pretty bunny well, letting her grow to trust you.
wanda's independence grew thinner the longer she spent her days with you. an utter reliance stemmed within her malleable heart, her long ears drooping each second you were gone.
and that's where wanda's insatiable libido started.
after an especially long work day, you came home, looking forward to see your little bunny again. 
what you didn't expect, however, was to find her on your bed, in your t-shirt, dry-humping what seemed to be your pillow. her adorable ears were almost upright, shaking as she rocked her cunt against the pillow, looking at you with wide and glassy eyes.
your name fell from her honeyed lips like a mantra, coming out in choked cries and high-pitched whines. 
you can guess what happened afterwards.
going back to the present, this seemed to be one of those times where wanda was extremely clingy. the bunny was wrapping her arms around your torso, then her legs around your waist. 
now, she was clinging on to you like a koala bear, nuzzling her head into your clothed chest.
"bunny," you cooed, ever so softly, knowing how much wanda loved to hear that. breakfast would have to wait.
"missed you," she whined, burying her face in the crook of your neck. she inhaled your scent, tongue peeking out of pink lips to lick at your bare skin. "was back late yesterday. missed you."
you held wanda steady, hands moving to cup her plush thighs. ever patient with her needy nature, the bunny found herself falling for you more and more with each passing day.
"sorry, bunny. i did some overtime at work, you know." picking up one of the strawberries you were previously cutting, you fed it to wanda, grinning at her pleased expression.
"yummy," she said, muffled with her lips wrapped around the slice of strawberry. wanda was adorable. 
"mhm. good girl. want another?" you asked, wanda still glued to your torso. she eagerly nodded.
what you weren't anticipating, however, was for wanda to deliberately suck at your fingers when you pressed the pink strawberry against her lips. she sank her teeth into the fruit with zeal, letting the sweet juice run down her mouth and to her neck.
it didn't take two seconds for your mouth to find that trail of juice, sucking at her porcelain skin. "messy bunny," you mumble heatedly, moving your hands from her waist to her ass, gripping harder.
wanda lets out a whimper when your fingers brush the soft, fluffy tail at her back. you knew she was especially sensitive there. giving in to your divine urges, you wrap your hands around her tail and pull, and wanda lets out a cry, arching in your hands.
"need you," wanda whines, grabbing at the fabric of your shirt, sharp nails scratching at your chest. you wrap a hand around her pretty throat with slender fingers, and jerk her back to look at your bunny properly. at the sight of her pink, swollen lips, still damp with the strawberry juice, a devious idea pops into your head.
you lift wanda up and set her on the kitchen counter. your bunny whines instantaneously at the loss of contact, but you shush her with a quick peck on the lips. "i'll make it up to you, sweet girl.”
when you slowly spread her legs, maintaining eye contact (something that wanda craved), her pouty frown morphed into an exhilarated grin.
"are you gonna make me feel good?" wanda asks innocently, habitually moving to rub at her left ear. she's a pretty sight, all dolled up on your kitchen counter.
"only the best," you whisper back while leaning down to align your mouth with wanda's core. with one last wink, your head disappears under her litttle skirt.
when you resurface, your chin is damp but wanda's cunt is soaking. "want more," wanda gasps breathlessly. "please," she adds, spreading her legs a little more.
her tight and wet cunt is on display. smirking, you swiftly grab one of the fresh strawberries from previously. wanda tilts her head questioningly.
that expression quickly fades away when you begin to rub the strawberry on her glistening folds. wanda gasps at the cold sensation, her ears pricking up. 
"you can't put it th- oh," wanda's cry ends in a moan when you slip the tip of the strawberry into her tight cunt. it goes in easily, considering how wet she was from previously.
your eyes burn as you watch the strawberry go in inch by inch. fuck, she's so perfect. “you like that, pet?” you ask, voice a touch rougher than usual. your bunny nods, cunt clenching hard.
what better way is there to reenact your little fantasies than to carry it out on your pretty bunny?
at the sight of the glistening fruit, you can’t resist it anymore, and pull the strawberry out. wanda cries at the loss of contact, hands weaving themselves into your hair. you, on the other hand, take a big bite out of the strawberry, moaning at the taste.
“fuck, pet. you taste so good. so sweet, too. mhm.” 
wanda pulls you into a searing kiss, all clashing tongues and open mouths. she craves to taste herself on your tongue, craves to feel you in her once again. you instinctively wrap a hand around her throat, squeezing lightly to remind her you were in charge.
she whines in brief pleasure, liking the idea of being claimed. you think you might like it more.
when you fingers find her cunt once again, wanda comes apart almost immediately, a high-pitched moan of your name falling from her pink lips. you pinch her cute, stiff, clitoris between long fingers, and her gushes of white cream become spurts.
humming in satisfaction, you don’t bother to give your bunny a break, only continuing to pleasure her till all your desires and fantasies were fulfilled.
perks of owning a bunny, you supposed.
Tumblr media
taglist: @natashamaximoff69 @ohsugar-honey-iced-tea @fayhar @bibliophilicbi @screechcat @rowanyaboats @nahnahnahwhat @the-night-owl-blr @matchasrad @wannabe-fic-readerr @natsxwife @wandsmxmff @enanna-h @jemilyswhor3 @manyfandomsfanvergent @jlsammy23 @spongebobs-tie1 @kiyozoe6778 @lovebelt05 @girllcver @godsfavouritelesbiann @bvrxbre @zekespisshair @alcolanic @ezay @forthelesbians @wlwfanfictionss @forthelesbians @cowxpoke @supaheroine @saqua14 @olsensnpm @33-mrvl @gay4ols3n @knellyc30 @eatkobi @stitch26gp @cqllarbqne @lovelyy-moonlight @diannaswhore | headers are from pinterest and @wanwanparty
yes, my wip list is piling up. yes, i have school stuff to do. yes, i need sleep. just...... accept this. reblog to boost my sanity.
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Tumblr media
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antigonusyuki · 2 days
screaming rn, but, we must stay focused!
okay, so I’ll start with fluff cause I don’t wanna slam you with any smut ideas right off the bat lol.
so, firstly, could you do smth like what with you did with poly Alejandro and Rudy? I’m sorry if that isn’t necessarily creative but I just wanna know how soap and ghost come to find out that they love you :((
And how they ask you and such, I’m just so down bad for them :(((
thank you for considering my silly lil goofy idea, and feel free to dilute/take out any part if my ask.
have an amazing day/night! <3
Being in a poly relationship with Simon Riley + John MacTavish
feed on this while i work on primal kink with ghost. sorry for the long wait, eye anon!
- Just the same as the previous poly headcanons with Rudy and Alej, these two would be in a relationship before you came into the picture.
— Although, rather than Rudy and Alej's childhood long bond where they have confidence in themselves and have long tread the waters of their relationship, Simon and Johnny's would be fresher.
— Definitely still rocky. They haven't quite reached that balance with their own personalities yet. Johnny ultimately struggles with trying to not come off too strong and Simon battles with his more than decade-old defense mechanism to shut himself away.
- It'd been a struggle to not be intimidated by the taskforce in front of you despite their small numbers. Captain Price had been, while not reassuring, somewhat welcoming so you hoped that was a peek to what they were like.
— "Nervous, rookie?" Soap nudged your shoulder with his, a friendly gesture that eased the tense set of your spine slightly. His eyes were bright even against the harsh glare of plasma and his smile soft. You fought the eager desire to stare.
— "Hard not to be, sir," you chuckled, fiddling with gloved fingers in a nervous habit. "Gee, rookie, don't be a stranger," he huffed. "Call me Soap, yeah?"
- If anyone, you'd definitely catch feelings for Johnny first, mostly for the sheer reason that he'd actually give you the time of day.
— And it's not as if it's some sort of hardship, Johnny's quickly charming even if he's unaware of the extent of it. The boyish smile that pulls on his lips is heart-warming and his easy humor paired with his heavy accent doesn't exactly dissuade your feelings.
— "You sure can drink your fill!" comes Soap's booming voice, followed quickly by a stumbling weight draping itself across the expanse of your shoulders. Your eyes slide from the amber of your glass to whirlpool blue. "Got a stomach on you, rookie!"
— A shy smile paints your cheeks as you scratch the patch of skin behind your ear. "I guess.."
- Simon would probably see the way you gravitate towards his boyfriend and immediately narrow his eyes, partly suspicious and partly jealous.
— He doesn't strike me as someone who'd fall in love with someone easily so your.. less than innocent glimpses towards Johnny for the first few months are most definitely not appreciated.
— Thus begins his actions to attempt to lay claim, pressing himself against Johnny's side and staying there as he literally stares you down. Sometimes he even refrains from escaping to his room during lunch break and eats with you all, just to keep an eye on your interactions with his boyfriend.
�� Johnny, at first, would find it humorous and even slightly endearing. Witnessing Simon act so cat-like in the face of competition is doubtlessly an entertaining sight. He definitely feels bad though, watching your expression go tense and frightful when every inch of you gets examined by the Lieutenant.
— "You know they don't mean anything by it," he sighs, carding a row of fingers through Simon's hair as they lay together. "They're new and yer not exactly giving them a very warm welcome."
- Kyle would probably approach you about it sooner or later to avoid any bad blood between teammates.
— While he has nothing against you, hell he even enjoys your company immensely, Ghost and Soap's relationship is better left alone lest either of them (mostly the former) takes offense and things escalate.
— "You get what I'm saying right, rookie?" He smiles, a little helpless expression with a hint of apology crossing his face as he watches the grim line on your lips.
— "I-" you suck in a breath, ignoring the dull bite of your nails digging against the inside of your palms. "Yeah.. " you clear your throat. "Yeah, sorry for worrying you, Gaz."
— You berate yourself over it when you're back in your room, all hard mattress and scratchy blanket. Feelings were always so fickle and destructive.
— Sleep only greets you when the growing self-loathing simmers and you've cried your frustrated tears into a shortage.
- There'd definitely be distance afterwards, unwillingness to become a bother threatening to cave your chest in as you begin to sizzle by Kyle's side rather than Johnny's.
— The Scot frowns at your silhouette in the distance, hands gesturing wildly in the air as you excitedly tell Gaz some story or another. It's been three days since you've approached him, 72 hours since anything excluding eye contact was shared between the two of you.
— The unpleasant ache in his throat only grows as you come nearer, still unaware of his presence as you burst out in laughter at one of Kyle's quips.
— Your voice abruptly quietens when Gaz flicks his eyes over to you after he spots him standing by the corner. His frown only deepens when Kyle steps forward so you can hide behind the broad stretch of his back.
- While it'd be an unpleasant experience for him overall, I think it would eventually pass over. Johnny wouldn't corner you for an explanation when you're all too obviously uncomfortable even meeting his gaze from the other side of a room.
— The most he'd push would probably be to casually bring it up in a conversation with Gaz. Most definitely tried to be discreet about it before he got told to just spit it out.
— "It wasn't good for team relationship, mate," Kyle shrugs, barely glancing up as he cleaned his boots. "Might as well let the rookie down sooner rather than later, right?" He raises his chin then, dark eyes meeting his under the muted paint of headquarters, his voice carrying a hint of incredulity. "'S not like you to be cruel."
— Johnny walks away from the conversation with more questions than before, completely bewildered at how he's suddenly become cruel to you.
- For the most part, the team would be sorted out in the usual pairs of Soap with Ghost and Gaz with Rookie, while Captain Price fell back to guide all of you through your earpieces.
— Simon watches as Johnny looks over to the neighboring space occupied in the shooting range, a flurry of proud compliments bursting in the Rookie's voice, followed quickly by Kyle's trailing laughter.
— "You alright?" He asks, lingering slightly at the sight of your head tipped back as an obvious result of pleasant humor. He looks away just as he catches himself begining to stare, Johnny's quiet mumble of ".. yeah, all good" a late register.
— "Oh, fuck, Kyle! Where the fuck did you learn that?!" your excited chatter drifts from the radio, an obvious grin in your words. Johnny ignores the clench in his chest when he catches jokes he barely understands being thrown over his head.
— Inside quips. He used to have those with you. He silently wonders if you still remember them.
- It'd probably take a few months at best to fully be comfortable actually approaching Ghost again for you. While the topic of how you'd been crushing on his boyfriend is still.. a sore spot, you can't exactly let that small hurdle sour your relationship with the Lieutenant.
— "Ah, Lieutenant, I have some bandages.." you perk up from his side, a tiny chirp in your voice that has him looking over. You're holding out a roll of clean bandages between gloved fingers, a quirk in your lips and eyes bright.
— His jaw sets. He can't exactly fault you for showing some interest in Johnny and you had backed off quickly enough when he had begun advertising their relationship.
— He sees the falter in your demeanor when his silence stretches out, a slight wince as you begin retracting your hand and he can practically see the apology on the tip of your tongue.
— Simon somehow manages to convince himself it's guilt that has him reaching out to grab the roll from your grasp. He ignores the silent thanks he mutters before turning away.
- While it'd definitely take a while to crumble Simon's walls, your persistence to befriend him would yield results sooner or later.
— It would startle him, no doubt, he'd admit to never considering anything past working together on missions after the whole.. jealousy event but it's surprisingly not all too unpleasant to be on the other end of your beaming grin.
— Simon sits by a shadowed corner nursing his drink and watching with well-hidden amusement as you stumble your way through a karaoke. You'd been belting out a horrendous rendition of Shake It Off earlier and now you're swaying with exhaustion.
— He's about to.. begrudgingly offer to take you back to base when Kyle swoops in to place an arm around you, effectively steadying your faltering balance. "Let's go home, hm?" You whine against the man's shoulder, lips pouty and eyes scrunched together, and all Simon can think off is the frustrating thought of not offering quicker.
- Separately, Johnny would most likely be able to figure out his feelings for you a few weeks after his conversation with Kyle.
— It fills him with more dread than he thinks it deserves. While it's not difficult to understand why he has.. complicated and perhaps less than professional feelings for you, (your smile barely leaves his mind and your echoing laughter keeps him warm during colder days) he knows all too well Simon's perspective on sharing.
— Hell, he'd practically scared you away with his attitude and attention that birthed this growing pivot in your friendship.
— Johnny's aware his boyfriend has.. issues (understatement) with attachment and processing his emotions so he doesn't push, doesn't even consider bringing it up. He swallows his thudding heart and tries to content himself with watching you from afar.
- When, eventually, you figure out your growing affection for not only Ghost's boyfriend but Ghost himself, your breath catches in your throat and you're overcome with the urge to vomit your breakfast.
— "Hey, Rookie, what's wrong?" Kyle's voice comes from behind you, dwindling when he catches you pacing in the small space of your private space. "What happened out there? Practically stormed off."
— You shrug, not exactly wanting to bring up or even think about how awful you are for having these traitorous urges. "I.. I'll be at the shooting range."
— Johnny catches you there hours later, your arms all but numb and sweat trickling your skin in waves. He hesitates to call you for a quick second, suddenly remembering how you've barely talked to each other outside of missions for months on end but— you look troubled.
— "Rookie, do ya fuckin' reprobate? You look like someone's just killed yer maw." Your shoulders flinch at the sound of a familiar accent. ".. Soap, what're you..?" Johhny scoffs goodheartedly, hands on his waist. "Don't tell me ya own the whole shooting range, eh?"
— Your answering chuckle is barely anything but it still makes his heart soar and his pulse skyrocket into a fever quick pace.
- (Three dense motherfuckers in a room—)
- An outside force would be needed for something to force the three of you to confront your feelings because god knows the three of you follow three different truths.
— "Rookie?!" comes Ghost's static-broken voice, drenched in frightening urgency. Soap freezes from where he's seated in the heli, legs tensing as his breath shallows.
— "Fuck," Simon hisses, desperately trying to get closer to the men who are dragging your limp body. He can see your hand drenched in mud and red, unreacting, as he watches you slowly be carried over to their approaching heli. "Fuck!"
— "Where the fuck are they—" Kyle seethes at him with unconfined anger when he arrives at the location of the heli, a limp in his dragging steps and a dark trembling hand curled tight around the front of his vest. "Lieutenant, where are they.. " he stays silent, pursing his lips underneath the cover of cloth.
— He can barely grit the words out with the intensity of the clench of his jaw but by the stroke of a miracle, he manages. "Last saw them being dragged by enemy forces to their heli." He doesn't meet his boyfriend's searching gaze pleading with him to admit that it's a lie or some uncharacteristic joke. Neither does he meet Kyle's or Price's, eyes all zoned in on him.
— Price releases a heavy sigh through his nose, a string of curses muttered under his breath being drowned out by Kyle's demanding shout. "You were with them!" His voice cracks, brows furrowing further. "You were with them the whole time! How could they—"
— His response only further puts him in the blame, all of which he knows is his to shoulder. "I thought they were dead. There was.. an explosion."
— For a moment there's silence, as if they expect him to further justify himself and explain what choices had led him to abandoning a teammate. But there's nothing more. That's the simple truth of it; he had thought you died and hadn't bothered to check and now his mistake has earned him another funeral invitation on his coffee table.
— Johnny can't stop the broken sob that pushes itself out of his throat. It fills the foreboding quiet with a dragging haunting.
- Later that day, Simon sits on the edge of his bed with slumped shoulders and a shuddering coldness closing in on his veins. Moments later, a gentle hand places itself on his skin and squeezes the stiff muscles of his shoulder.
— The familiar weight adds grief to his sorrow, and he can barely swallow around the dryness that parches him.
— ".. I'm sorry.." He cannot imagine a morning no longer seeing your bright visage greeting him, all too generous with your acceptance of his flaws.
— "We'll find them," Johnny's trembling voice returns him to reality, the slow drag of his words barely concealing the rawness of his throat. "Cap'n wouldn't allow us to just leave 'em behind."
— It's barely a comfort but it's a chance. An opportunity for him to right his wrongs and ask for forgiveness.
- They find you a week later, chained like a rabid dog and slumped against wet cement and still covered in blood. Your breaths come out in rough pants, limbs shaking with the effort to keep yourself up on your bruised and scraped knees.
— Kyle's startled when the first person who rushes by your side, of all people, is the Lieutenant. He tears past the obstructions with barely a pause, floundering as he scrambles by your side with thundering speed. His fellow Sergeant follows by the heel, nearly tripping on his own feet.
— Your vision swims and your skull pulses with the insistent ache that badgers against your head. You feel rough fabric over your cheek and can't find enough energy in you to thrash in defiance, only continuing to focus on the in and out of your breath. "..Rookie?"
— Simon watches your dazed expression and knows you've hardly registered his presence. His anger flares at the sight of your broken silhouette and silently he wonders if there's a way to prolong the suffering of whoever played a hand in harming you, him included.
— "Hey, hey, hey, we're here," Johnny cups your cheek, tilts your jaw to face them as your half-lidded gaze settles on them crowding over you. "That's it, we're right here, love.."
— You can only remember a slurred confession slipping past your compromised mind before black takes over your vision, relief at being found swallowing you whole.
— ".. I like.. both of.. you." Johnny nearly misses it, words rasped in incoherence but the apologetic smile that curls your lips knocks the breath out of his lungs. The finality of your tone fills him with a cold and clawing fear.
— "C'mon now.." Johnny whispers, hands trembling as he lets the MEDEVAC team escort you out of the building. Simon locks their fingers together in iron, squeezing in an attempt to reassure.
- While Simon would rather be alright with letting the miscommunication continue on because he's self-destructive ways have taught him no better, Johnny would seek him out to finally resolve the issue.
— It takes more than a few hours of serious conversation to get it through the blond's frustratingly thick head that deserving of you or not, they need to confront.. whatever the hell has been going on between the three of you.
— Simon's heavily reluctant but is coaxed by the firm belief that you'd want nothing to do with him after what he did. Brought up the possibility of Johnny breaking up with him and just being with you.
— Firm hands clasp either side of his face, forcefully tilting his chin up to meet the whirlpool blue of Johnny's eyes. "You.." he begins, accent somehow heavier under the strain of emotions. ".. are worth it, Simon. Every inch of you is worth the effort and love. Affirmative?"
— "... Affirmative."
- Simon, more than Johnny, is a bundle of nerves the whole time you're unconscious.
— Sat down with Gaz to find out everything the man knew about you, from your favourite foods to what flowers you seemed to be fond of.
— "Is this really necessary..?" Kyle asks, watching as his superior scribbled down every little tidbit of information he had to offer. Really, the fact that you had a leather jacket you favoured during Saturday nights out shouldn't be necessary information..
— Simon looks up, face stone cold. "Yes."
- Johnny prepares a whole care package for you. He borrows Simon's notebook and carries it around the shops as he picks out stuff you might want to have by your bedside once you've woken up.
— "Ah, I'm.. It's for a person I like." He sheepishly grins at the old woman by the cashier who coos at the blush that spreads across his cheeks.
— "Oh, they must be so lucky to have someone like you, young man." Johnny's expression softens as he thinks about the comforting heat of sunlight that showers him when you beam at him. He ignores the painful tug of his heart when the image of your broken silhouette flashes over his vision.
— "Think it's moreso the opposite, ma'am."
- When you wake up, you can't help the way you revel at the mere fact of your survival and the familiar scratchy quality of the blankets. You had thought your fate had been sealed, destined for some cold death underneath layers of cement, but your team had pushed through dozens of obstacles and found you.
— Price walks in with you like that, hollow-gazed and counting the little stains on the ceiling and still quite unable to move.
— ".. I'll call in Soap and Ghost for you, then. Think a talk's long overdue."
— Confusion takes over you for only a moment before a rush of half-remembered coherency returns to you, the memory of your confession making warmth rush to the tips of your ears in embarrassment.
— Johnny and Simon enter the room greeted by the sight of you leaning against the wall for support as you attempt to drag your body away.
- The both of them had a plan as they went in the room, a few days of hard work and a careful path their conversation would tread. All of it is abandoned, literally thrown out the window, as they watch you try to balance on shaky legs.
— Johnny swoops in quickly, placing an arm around you and letting you lean against his steady presence. He attempts to ignore the way you tense, every loose muscle in your body tightening like a coiled spring.
— The plan is not followed. They literally stumble through their confessions through stutters and barely understandable English. They actually talk over each other the first few times.
— "We— I actually— You don't have to— Simon, shut up, let me talk!"
— "We like you, is what we're tryna' say."
- Simon will never admit to the grin that plastered itself on his face as he watched shock flood your features.
— Immediate sputtering and trying to check if you had actually went insane and this was a result of your desires bleeding over to reality. Johnny bursts out laughing when you slap your cheeks a couple of times, the confusion in your face only growing with each pinch of pain.
— "You guys— you.. you like me? I mean, you're in a relationship y'know, and I don't wanna get in the way of that," you start, chewing the bottom of your lips and averting your eyes. "If this is some act of pity cause I almost died, you really— you really don't have to. I can.. I can handle rejection and it's not like I want to force the both of you. It's really fine, I'll probably mo-"
— Simon huffs, half amused and half irritated at your rambling as he walks over to flick your forehead. You jerk in surprise, hands abruptly shooting up to clutch the space between your brows.
— "Think we're liars, Rookie?"
— Your chest blooms with constricting emotions and you try to stop the way your lips curve in a smile you aren't quite able to push down. "No, sir."
- Loads of holidays are spent in Scotland. Johnny's family is big and just as overwhelmingly bright as he is so there's really no escape.
— You'd probably just catch Simon shoveled in some corner with a plate and cup as he watches on at the antics you and Johnny come up with.
— Johnny's mother coos over you as you greet her and it's undeniably visible where your boyfriend got his personality from.
— "My little boy's got a lot of love tae give, hm?" she chuckles, eyes curling in amusement. "Two pretty partners he's leashed to him. One more MacTavish in the nest, then."
- Just so you know, Simon's bed is most definitely filled with blankets and pillows that belong to either you and Johnny. He steals them from your rooms semi-regularly so he can sleep in the comforting scent of the loves of his life.
— ".. Si, is that my-?"
— "No."
— ".. I'm pretty sure-"
— "You're wrong."
- Johnny and you are never designated drivers for a night out. Simon's well aware both of you are quite unwilling to let a night pass by without at least three drinks in your systems so he lets the both of you be.
— He also quite enjoys watching you and Soap drunkenly make-out and grind against each other, breaths mingling and unable to keep your hands off of each other. It's always sloppy and dirty, teeth and tongue and strings of saliva with no rhythm in sight.
— "Mhmm.." you moan as you feel teeth graze the side of your neck, your boyfriend's firm thigh nudged against the space between your legs and dragging against your growing arousal. "That's it, love.. look so fuckin' good like that.."
— Simon grabs the two of you by the back of your shirts and drags you off of each other, slightly amused at the complaints that rise from either side of him. "Time to go home."
- Y'all make it up to him by focusing on his pleasure for hours on end.
— "C'mon darling." you nuzzle your cheek against the trembling thighs of your boyfriend, holding his legs apart as you run your tongue over the underside of his throbbing length. "Can you give me one more?"
— Simon squeaks an agreement as Johnny grinds his hips, burying his cock even deeper in the blonde's lubed hole. "They asked you a question, love. Don't keep 'em waiting."
— "Yes!" He nearly screams when the heat of your mouth covers his throbbing head, barely able to contain his thrashing when you suck. "F-fuck yes!"
- Simon likes to tease Johnny when he's out on a mission on his own, sending the Scot videos and pictures that are not at all appropriate.
— Johnny watches, lips parted and eyes dilated as his breath comes out in short and rough inhales. You're being bounced on Simon's pierced cock, hands under your ass pulling you up and dropping you down as you sob praise and Simon's name.
— "Feel good?" Simon whispers, pushing you down with his weight and bending your legs over to frame the sides of your face. The camera zooms in on your pleasure-filled face, mouth open in a silent scream and eyes rolled back, the picture perfect image of a cock-drunk whore.
— ".. Fuckin' hell.." Johnny curses, wrapping trembling fingers on the base of his length as he matches the pace of Simon's thrusts.
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Tumblr media
Things the Twisted Wonderland guys do that make your heart race hot
CW: Suggestive
I didn't do all of them. I might do the others in a separate post. Idk though.
Tumblr media
Riddle Roseheart places his hands over yours as he tries to make a point on not breaking the rules. He enjoys the feel of your soft hands as he glares at you. He isn't really mad. He does, however, enjoy scolding you. He has a habit of taking a sip of your tea at unbirthday parties. The temperature has to be just right and he wants to watch you share an indirect kiss. Because kissing you would break his own personal rules. This is as much as he will ever do but it always sends your heart racing.
Cater Diamond moves in extra close when showing you his magicam photos. His eyes focused on you the entire time and when you look over his face is right there. His lips close to yours he makes you believe he is going to kiss you. Instead he turns and his nose brushes against the side of your face as you feel his hot breath on your ear as he speaks. "Let's take a picture (y/n) you look so adorable with that blush on your cheeks."
Trey Clover While helping him plant some strawberries your fingers touch as you both gently cover the roots with dirt. Your shoulder to shoulder and he glances at you, meeting your surprised expression. He places his hand over yours and moves it with his own to cover up the remaining roots. After you are both done he helped you wash your hands. Standing behind you his body pressed against your back and the feel of his hands gliding over your soapy palms. "You're so dirty (y/n)..." The way his lips ghosted the shell of your ear has your heart thundering.
Leona Kingscholar his hands gliding along your form as he nestled himself up against you. His warmth radiating through your clothing. The way his fingertips moved your hair away from your neck as the tip of his nose ran along the line of your neck. His breath hot but not as scorching as his lips when they met your collarbone. The brief grazing of his canines against your skin made you shiver and you were certain you wouldn't make it out of this cuddle session without being marked.
Jack Howl While working out he lifts his shirt up in front of you so you get a nice look at his chiseled body glistening with sweat. The steely gaze he gives you tell you it's not by accident. He takes you for a night swim and though he tries to keep his distance he finds himself pushing you against the edge of the pool a low growl emitting deep within his chest. You place a hand on his cheek and he places his palm over the back of your hand and leans into your gentle touch.
Jade Leech Excellent at observations he knew just what made you feel a rush of excitement. He covers your eyes with a blindfold. You feel the tips of his fingers brush away the hair from your neck as you feel his lips connect with the back of your neck. His body pressed against your backside. You can't help but feel weak in your knees as his lips continue to languidly move over your exposed skin while one of his hands roam over the front of your body. His breath hot against your neck as he whispers, "You'll find I'm more dangerous than my brother (y/n)..."
Floyd Leech He noticed you were playing hard to get. This brought out a sense of competitiveness as well as excitement. You tried to run and he easily swooped in and grabbed you. His one hand smacked against the wall in the empty classroom as his other arm was above you. His eyes held a dangerous glow to them. "Little Shrimpy are you tryin' to excite me? Look at you trembling. " A smirk spread across his lips. Your heart thumping, as he bent his neck, his lips ghosting your neck before you felt sharp teeth grazing your skin and you shuddered. "That's right, you should be afraid. I'm gonna squeeze ya shrimpy but...that's if I don't eat you first..."
Kamil Al Asim his hands on your hips as he dances with you. Soon pulling your body against his. His fingertips tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear and the way his ruby eyes meet your gaze leaves you in a daze. The way he feeds you by popping a piece of food unto your mouth only for his finger to touch your tongue. He gives you a dazzling grin and you can't help but notice the way he is admiring you and longing for you simultaneously.
Rook Hunt he caught you. You weren't going to escape his grasp until he was finished with you. He cornered you with no way to escape, you were at his mercy and he was delighted. His hand cards through your hair, the back of his fingers caress your neck. His face is close, his lips brush so lightly against yours that it left a tingling sensation. "You can't escape from me..."
Vil Schoenheit approaches you while your dressing unphased that you're bothered by his sudden appearance. You saw him come in from the door length mirror. His fingers brush against your skin as he begins removing the clothing you have yet to take off. "If you wish to stand beside me you need to prepare in the way I wish you too." His gentle touch against your form made you feel as if you were burning up. He stood behind, his lips against the side of your face. "Now...let's go shower."
Malleus Draconia In his arms, there wasn't a place he had left untouched. It didn't matter if you were dressed or undressed. His hands over your form left you wanting more than what he was giving you. Occasionally as you squirmed in his arms his tongue sliding along your neck, or slipping between your lips. His teeth grazing over sensitive areas. He left you a trembling mess by the time he was finished with you.
Lilia Vanrouge the things he could do by just whispering in your ear. The warm caress of his breath against your skin. The way his lips haunted your skin without touching it. Yet you desperately wished him too. Your fingers digging into his biceps as he relentlessly spoke of all the things he would do.
Idia Shroud It always happened when he was gaming or watching anime. How he would pull you into his lap and hold you there. However, any movement from you and he would groan, embarassed from how easily you would arouse him. You would then straddle his waist and it didn't take long before his hands squeezed your ass before moving to your hips and pressing your body down on his bulge.
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sl-ut · 1 day
still here
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: joel miller x fem!reader
description: joel is older than y/n, but that’s never been a concern of hers until very recently.
warnings: UNEDITED, age gap (legal), swearing, mentions of sex, mentions of ageing, mentions of health issues, mentions of insecurities, angsty, i literally stole the final line from tlou s1e3
words: 2.3K
date posted: 29/03/23
(idk how i feel about this yet, the idea just popped into my head and i wrote it in about an hour and a half so don’t be too mad if its not great!)
Fifty-eight was not old. Y/n had been reassuring Joel of that since they had started dating. Maybe he was older than her, but that had very little to do with the way that she felt about him. 
His age was among his biggest insecurities. He was a man who had lived through and was hardened by the apocalypse, while she was just a child when it happened, and was able to deal with the trauma of the world ending much better due to the fact that she simply couldn’t remember any part of her life from before. The apocalypse had taken a great toll on him, both emotionally and physically. 
Twenty-odd years ago, he was a relatively young man, and a rather fit one at that. As a contractor, his body had developed and hardened from the amounts of physical labour that he was constantly performing, and while he was still physically active after the outbreak, his age made it more difficult to prevent his belly from softening and his joints from weakening. He was less willing to admit that he was insecure about his physical appearance, though he did very little to hide it. In fact, he had batted her away during their first few times having sex when she had tried to unbutton his shirt, instead choosing to stay mostly clothed while she was nearly bare. She did her best to assure him that she was very attracted to him, though it still took quite a bit of coaxing before he was willing to shed his clothes in her presence. 
Her attraction was not phased by his age, in fact, it may have been accelerated by it, though she could not deny the fact that it definitely frightened her. When she first met Joel, she was a bright-eyed twenty-year old who was morbidly turned on by the sexy fifty-year old man next door, and was wildly ignorant to the looming danger when she had started a relationship with him a few years later; the world was not built for long lifespans anymore, and there would come a day when Joel would no longer be there with her. During their early relationship, Joel warned her of exactly that, but she waved him off and promised him that it didn’t scare her.
And it hadn’t, until fairly recently. She was grateful that she, Ellie, and Joel had come across Jackson; she was able to let her guard down, socialise, and thrive in the new community. She and Joel were able to settle into their new home while Ellie set up camp in the garage out back, and they could look forward to actually living rather than basic survival. The lessened worry in her life allowed her to see what was right before her for the first time.
She had comforted Joel before when he complained about the pain in his knees and hands, though she was truly seeing the effects that it was having on him since their arrival in Jackson. Just last week, the man had nearly thrown his back out from laughing a bit too hard at something that Ellie said, and his salt-and-pepper hair seemed to have lightened considerably more. 
She had even noted his lowered libido, having gone from wanting her at least once a day to once or twice a week–though she was certain it wasn’t for a lack of physical attraction on his end, as he had been eager when she began to kiss him, only his body seemed to be working against his wants. That was his greatest insecurity yet, especially since it had begun happening on a more regular basis. He was always quick to apologise, offering to help her out in other ways, though she always assured him that everything was fine, and it was.
Everything was fine, but her fear of that changing was growing exponentially with every physical sign of his ageing. She did her best to hide her concerns, knowing that they would only be proof of his insecurities, and instead made an effort to keep him healthy in a more subtle manner, such as suggesting that he eats less red meat, inviting him on long evening strolls through the town, and forcing him to join her for long bubble baths to soothe his aches and pains. If he had picked up on this, he hadn’t mentioned it, and she could always tell when he did, because he would wave it off or do something ridiculous that would only end up proving her point.
Then came the final straw.
She was working in the gardens with Maria that day, chatting back and forth happily and they worked to tidy up the growing crops. They had become good friends in Y/n’s time in Jackson, bonding over their shared love for the Miller boys. Maria had been rambling, going on about something that Tommy had done to piss her off earlier that week, finishing her story with a shake of her head before she changed the subject.
“Oh, I meant to ask you,” the woman turned her head, “How’s Joel feeling today? Tommy told me about what happened, that’s an awful scare. At his age, chest pain is not something to be taken lightly–not to say that he’s old or unhealthy, but you know how it is.”
Y/n froze, tilting her head at the woman, “Tommy told you…chest pain?”
“He never told you.” Maria’s expression tightened, realising that the younger woman had no idea what she was talking about. She sighed, dropping her tools and turning to face Y/n as she placed her hands on her hips, “Look, I don’t mean to be the one causing issues between you two, but this isn’t something to mess around with. The other day, while Joel and Tommy were out on patrol, Tommy said that Joel suddenly got dizzy, weak, and was complaining about some pain in his chest. Now, in saying that, I know that he’s been to the doctor, and he’s probably got his reasons for not telling you.”
Y/n pursed her lips, face hardening at the sudden burn of tears at her waterline, “Yeah, I’m sure he did. When did you say this was?”
“Earlier this week. Tuesday, I think.”
She shook her head. It was Saturday, meaning that it had been almost an entire week since this happened and Joel had neglected to tell her. Y/n chose not to respond, quickly finishing up her work before bidding Maria goodnight, heading back to her shared house with Joel.
When she arrived, there was no response to her call, but Joel’s coat thrown on the back of the couch betrayed that he was home, and the soft sounds of his guitar coming from the back porch revealed his location. The strumming came to a stop as the backdoor creaked open, his eyes turning to face her with a soft smile.
“Hey, darlin’-” His peaceful expression shifted to one of worry when he took her in own sombre face, “What’s the matter–did something happen?”
She shook her head, shrugging as she leaned against the railing, “I don’t know, did something happen? Because today, when I was with Maria, she seemed awfully concerned about how you were feeling.”
Realisation dawned on his features, his brows furrowing as he moved the guitar out his lap and ran a hand over his face, “Baby, it’s nothin–”
“Don’t do that,” she scowled at him, “don’t tell me it’s nothing when it’s so clearly not nothing. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want you worrying about me.”
She scoffed, “Fuck, you did a great job of doing that, didn’t you? What am I supposed to do when I hear from someone else that you had to go to the infirmary almost a week ago because you had chest pain? I mean, really, that’s not something to fuck around with, especially–”
“Especially what?” He challenged, already knowing what she was thinking.
Y/n stopped, debating whether or not she wanted to say it, “Especially at your age.”
He stood up and marched to the other side of the patio and rested his hands on the railing, looking out across the small backyard. Y/n could practically feel the emotions that radiated from him; a mixture of anger, annoyance, embarrassment, and shame. 
She sighed, moving to rest a hand on his back, “Joel, you know I don’t care about your age. I love you, but I need you to start taking care of yourself. This needs to be a wakeup call, I mean, it definitely is for me.”
“Why,” he huffed, “you finally coming to your senses? Finally realising that sooner or later I’m gonna–”
“Please don’t say it,” she whispered, sniffling softly as she rested her forehead in the middle of his back, “Please, please, please.”
Joel scowled, sliding away from her grasp, “About time you start to face reality, darlin’. I’m old, I’ve accepted it. Maybe you should wisen up and go find someone who’s not gonna leave you sooner or later, huh?”
Joel escaped into the house and out the front door, slamming it shut behind him. Y/n let out a shaky breath, moving to sit on the bench where Joel had been when she had gotten home, curling into herself and letting silent tears streak down her cheeks. It was only moments later when she heard her own name being called, Ellie creeping out onto the patio nervously.
Y/n wiped her cheeks, smiling weakly at the girl as she sat next to her, “Hey Jellybean.”
Ellie smiled at the name, having not heard it for a while now. She felt somewhat bad about that, having been a result of her requesting to be treated more like an adult, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I was just over there, so…”
Y/n smiled at the teen, curling her arm around her shoulder affectionately, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just…concerned, I guess.”
She nodded, leaning against the older female, “Are you guys gonna be okay?”
Y/n smiled at the child-like question, as if she were asking her parents if they were getting a divorce–which, to be fair, she sort of was, “Yeah, baby. We’ll be okay.”
“Are you sure?”
The uncertainty in Ellie’s voice caused her breath to catch in her throat, finally thinking over the fight. Were they okay? Maybe you should wisen up and go find someone who’s not gonna be leaving you sooner or later. Those words in themselves felt like a knife driving into her gut–was that him ending things? She had dealt with Joel’s insecurities before, but he had never blatantly told her to leave him behind, nor has he ever explicitly pointed out that he would probably die long before her. Before she could even finish her thought, her head fell forward and a loud sob escaped from her throat. 
Ellie was quick to pull her into a hug, awkwardly trying to soothe her as she wept into her shoulder. She listened to her ramble on, struggling to understand everything that she was saying, frowning to herself as she made a mental note to go after Joel the moment that she felt comfortable enough to leave Y/n to herself.
– – –
Y/n’s eyes fluttered open as she felt the mattress shift beneath her. Her foggy vision took in her side of the room, dimly lit by the lamp on her bedside table before she glanced over her shoulder, finding Joel’s back as he leaned down to untie his boots. His back cracked as he straightened up, reminding her of their fight, though she was feeling more confident that he hadn’t broken up with her considering that he had come to bed with her. 
She reached out tiredly, fingers brushing over his back as she murmured his name. He turned his head slightly to acknowledge her, but he didn’t entirely face her.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, voice hoarse from crying, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“I know,” he sighed, finally twisting his body to sit sideways on the mattress. His own face showed signs of stress, and his eyes were rimmed with red, “I know, baby. I’m sorry too.”
Joel apologising was no small feat, that much she knew. Normally when they fought, he would give a simple you were right and do something nice for her, but it was very rare for him to actually apologise.
“It’s just…” she pushed herself to sit up, “I know you don’t like to think about this, but it’s really scary for me. I’m not stupid, I know you’re older than me and I know that there’s no stopping the inevitable–” she choked, “but I won’t apologise for trying to prolong it as much as possible.”
He dropped his head, “I know, I’m scared too. Just the thought of leaving you here all on your own…”
She crawled across the bed, smoothly working her way onto his lap and engulfing him in a tight hug. The weight of his arms around her pulled yet another sob out of her throat. His large hands found purchase on her back, sliding up and down her spine as his chest shook with his own tears. 
She pulled her head out of his neck, staring up at him with large, teary eyes. Her hand came up to cup his cheek, forcing him to meet her eyes, “Please let me help you. I’m not ashamed of you or your age, but I don’t know how I’m gonna live without you, so please tell me next time.”
He nodded, “I’m sorry. For not tellin’ you, and for being so fuckin’ old.”
“I like you older,” she snorted, fingers stroking along his furry jawline, “it means you’re still here.”
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me, you, and the rest of the world - mv1 instagram au
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ynusername simple dates never fail to make me swoon
View all 2,184 comments
ynshive33 i swear if you don’t stop soft launching this dude and finally tell us who he is imma raise hell
justjulie98 the fact that all we know about him from the songs is that he’s blond with blue eyes kills me they’ve been together for at least two years and this is all we get??!?
decoding_yn how much you wanna bet these are all actually from different dates because she refuses to let us build a timeline of her and the lion dude
ynandherlion 100% she isn’t giving us any useful hint
phoebebridgers great now i want mcdonalds ice cream
ynusername its a need
packofyn idc who this guy is if he makes her feel the way she talks about in her songs he can stay anonymous forever
Tumblr media
ynupdatesdaily Posted to Y/N’s story, looks like she’s in the studio doing some work today!
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ynstanculture i dont care who she’s dating, we might get new music!!
kylie__turner swear every time she posts about one of those cute af dates the girl starts recording the day after
joshin99locks idk who that man is but the power he must have is incredible
prideofyn mother please!!!
ynandherlion omg yes!!!! break my heart again!!!
myra_martinez23 okay but is y/n ever does the thing the tiktok artists are doing where they only release a snippet and then release it three months later i will riot
totallytaylor44_ i have faith y/n would never do that to us
Tumblr media
f1wagupdates Reigning world champ Max Verstappen spotted last night along with a mystery woman. Our sources tell us not only were they very close all evening, but they arrived to and left the club together.
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motheryn ummm okay why is y/n on an f1 page and why is she being referred to as a mystery woman as though she isn’t one of the top 10 most recognizable people in the world???
ynsprideclub just gonna ignore the fact that we might now know who her boyfriend is??
justjakie01 might??? Is this not them doing an official launch? It was an f1 party so they had to know they would get photographed
f1forthegirls as an f1 and y/n stan this comment section is hilarious with the utter confusion from both fandoms
f1trolls Max is finally off the market? Gotta be a gold digger
ynstanculture idk who this max person is by y/n is a multi millionaire, maybe hold off on the gold digging shit
kyleandbradtakef1 the girls in these comments going crazyyy
ynandherlion okay so the lion references make a lot more sense now
traumadumping are you telling me my favorite song that i have actually cried to before was a king of the jungle pun??
ynandherlion ….
Tumblr media
f1updatesdaily Max Verstappen was unusually tense during today’s media session as most of his questions revolved around the sighting of well known singer Y/N L/N with many speculating that the two are in a relationship.
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keepingupwithf1 Unusually tense?? Was he really?? Or is he just always like that?
livelaughlover_reese Can you blame the dude? He’s here for his job and people are only asking intrusive questions about his personal life. They’re lucky he didn’t refuse the interviews
dontchaknow1 he practically did though?? mans full on told them to talk about racing or walk away
f1forthegirls this kind of gotcha journalism and trying to pry into driver’s personal life has gotten so bad in recent years
jkitwasntajoke yeah maybe all the girls who are so obsessed with the drivers are the reason
f1forthegirls or the guys who wouldn’t know respect if it slapped them in the face
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ynusername afternoon - evening - night
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ynupdatesdaily our girl is in monaco… weird 
fasttimes_maria Ohhh i wonder if she’s performing? Maybe a surprise show!
nunezpalomaa or visiting her boyfriend
ynupdatesdaily yeah i refuse to believe it until she confirms. knowing the crap she’s pulled, she might actually be dating a doctor somewhere and it just letting everyone go crazy over this Max thing for lolz
alexis_sanchez232 lol is that another cat?? Girl is going full on crazy cat lady
suiii_highland3 she is embracing her crazy
ynstanculture dropping kitten pics without telling us the new baby’s name?? Y/N you’re better than this
cora_fergusson_ whoever runs that twitter that’s just ‘has y/n revealed who she is dating yet’ is delusional, the press has been talking about her and Max for weeks and she is straight up ignoring it
diananana1995 i’ll live without new music if she keeps posting all this cute content
Tumblr media
alistgossip Going public? F1 driver Max Verstappen was accompanied to this weekend’s race by singer/songwriter Y/N L/N following weeks of rumors regarding their relationship after they were spotted together at a party. Neither have confirmed the relationship yet. Could this weekend bring the official announcement?
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roadtocarnage no wonder they were so secretive before, you guys haven’t stopped hounding them about this since that picture came out
f1gossipgirls y/n in the paddock at a track Max is known to dominate? Could be a great weekend for Max fans
thedutchlion33 jokes, as if we want some serial dater and mediocre singer like that dating Max
gaslygals10 hop off it dude, Max isn’t going to date you 
ynsuperfans glad to see y/n is getting to spend time with him if this is true!! I'm sure it was really hard to keep all of it so private before
alexa_montegue22 ugh im sure all the reporters are going to be asking max about this all weekend too
honeyitshailey and, if he crashes or has anything go wrong this weekend im sure they'll blame her and him not focusing enough on the race
Tumblr media
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 ynusername well, guess the cat’s out of the bag. or maybe… the lion is out of it’s cage 😉
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f1forthegirls the emotional toll of knowing the most beautiful love songs in existence are about Max Verstappen
ynandherlion well drive to survive is going to live for this plot twist
reallykelly_mathers pls like max is going to let them ask him about her 🤣
esthermacintosh909 as a y/n stan and a lh44 stan… this is literally my worst nightmare
mistletoeandholly lol idk who is more upset, the Mercedes admin or the Ferrari admin
viviannetyler2 OMG i forgot about that!! Didn’t they both post about her last album?!?
willowbrea__ yep 😭
redbullracing 🎊 so glad they finally let us follow you on this account
poppy_ivey no way Max told his team not to follow her on socials to make sure there was no link 
justjulie22 oh my god he totally did 😂😂😂
ynstanculture y/n and her muse 💗
ynusername 👩‍❤️‍👨
scuderiaferrari 💔
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infernalodie · 3 days
𝐄𝐚𝐭 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠 || 𝐉𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐎𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐠𝐚
“𝘐'𝘮 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘷𝘪𝘯', 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘯' 𝘓𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘱𝘶𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘭𝘪𝘱𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘓𝘦𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘸𝘳𝘢𝘱 𝘮𝘺 𝘵𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘩 𝘢𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘭𝘥“
Inspo: Hozier - Eat Your Young
Pairing: Jenna Ortega x Black!Fem!reader
Summary: Her body was a sanctum you couldn’t get enough of...
Tumblr media
Warning: Smut, thigh riding, body worship, and some fluff.
Words: 1257
There was a certain level of obsession when it came to Jenna’s body—coming in waves of lustful thoughts that you managed to keep at bay whenever she was gone for filming. Leaving you stuck at home to look at the old videos you had taken of her. All of them focused on her body. Naked, wet, and flush from your love bites and nails that had been dragged across her skin. Each of them had a poetic essence to them that sent a flood of desire and need through your bones. Needing to feel her soft skin in your hands. Her figure morphing into whatever you wished.
But these were just desperate thoughts to fill in the decaying hours of days when she wasn’t near. The difference now was her warm aura invading your sense. Blinding you from the setting.
“Y/n.” You blinked, gaze lifting from your wine and toward the girl sitting on the opposite side. Her eyes were bright with curiosity and her lips curved in a small smile. “What’s going on in there?”
You slightly fell further into your wooden chair. Tongue peeking out to wet your dry lips. Gaze flickering around the luxurious restaurant Jenna had decided to pull you out too. It was for some sort of date since she’s been gone for 3 months and hadn’t been able to call that much.
It was just an obstacle.
Finally, your eyes met hers and your head cocked slightly to the left. Orbs ran up and down the beautiful black dress, she wore tonight. Lingering a moment longer on her breasts and neck before you finally returned her gaze. “I’m trying really hard to not toss this table to the side.”
The eagerness sent a chill down Jenna’s body that she attempted to keep obscured from her sip of wine. Hoping the expensive liquor wouldn’t show easily your words were so convincing. Or that the lighting was in her favour and not revealing the warmth that invaded her cheeks. Yet, her lips were still curved as she glanced up at you and asked, “Why are you waiting?” Then she tilted her head, unable to contain the brattiness that had built over the time of separation. “It’s okay if you’re scared of sex while I was gone. It happens to the worst people.”
The sassy attitude and overall comment made your lips twitch. Unable to contain the faint smile that formed as you placed your napkin down and stood to your feet. “God, I missed you, darling.”
Jenna’s eyes followed each of your movements. Her lips were hidden behind the brim of her glass that blocked the grin that was slowly building on her face. And when you made your way around the table, leaning down with one hand resting on the back of her chair and the other firmly on the table, she finally pulled away from the intoxicating beverage. Meeting your gaze that was hollowed out of its joy and replaced with that indescribable lust.
“Since you left, I have been starving,” you muttered softly. Each breath of each word fanning her face which only intensified the flush. “All I could do is look at those videos and pray you would be home sooner than later.” Reaching one hand up, you tucked a few strands of her hair out of her face and behind her ear. Displaying the edge of her jaw. “And now, having you home, I think I can finally have the world for myself.”
And something in the way you spoke. How the words rolled perfectly off your tongue. Jenna couldn’t resist you any longer.
Tumblr media
Jenna’s mind was in a tangle of conflicting thoughts that all revolved around you. Lost in the feeling of your lips pressed against her neck and your hands roaming her body. Scratching, biting, kissing—she loved and wanted it all.
Her hips moved without the need for permission. Pressing her wet pussy to your denim thigh and gliding it across the material. Letting her soft whimpers fill the dark bedroom lit by the moon's natural glow. Able to make out your caramel features staring up at her adoringly. Almost enthralled by her twisting expressions of pleasure. The conflux of sweet moans that made your heart pound in excitement.
“So beautiful.” It was a quiet praise, but enough to make Jenna’s heart swell. Urging her to try harder, to reach the finish line that she knew would satisfy you.
Your eyes slowly slithered down her petite figure. The tense muscles that ebbed with each roll of her waist that moved with such precision and repetition that created a foggy effect on your mind.
Licking your lips as your hands gripped her hips. Feeling the radiating heat from her body intensified under your calloused palms. It might’ve just been your mind playing tricks on you. But you liked the idea that you had this wordless effect on her that she didn’t know about it. Or that it may just be her body that had a certain spell cast on you.
Whatever it may be, it left you breathless and left to stare at your girlfriend's ethereal body.
“Fuck.” Jenna’s eyes rolled back, body slightly quivering. Her hands held your shoulders, needing a grounding aspect as she lost her sanity from the firm and pleasurable friction against her clit. You helped guide her, giving her a breadcrumb trail to follow as one of your hands slid up her shirt and grope her breasts. Rolling her pebbled nipples between the pads of your fingers, lips slightly parting with a shaky sigh. “Yes!” Jenna’s hand flew to the back of your head, making you look up at her. “Suck them, please!”
Obliging her plea, you yanked the shirt up and captured one of her nipples. Her body shook with the warm sensation that perfectly blended with the chill in the air. Your warm tongue flicked and lathered her nipple until she dug her nails into the back of your neck. Forcing you to switch between the two with her ruts grew far fiercer in urgency.
That knot that she’d missed was becoming more apparent with each glide of her cunt. Each millisecond of stimulation to her clit pushed her closer and closer to the edge. And with you sucking, licking, and biting at her breasts, she was feeling the ecstasy build till it slammed into her. The sheer volume made her choke on breaths. Hips stuttered with her legs clamping around your thigh, body quivering as you held her flush to your chest. Her moans shook the walls as her face scrunched up in bliss.
You helped her through, prolonging the orgasm for as long as you could. Laying her down swiftly and rubbing her clit with your fingers, slowly. Feeling your own pants soaked at the visceral reminder of why sex with Jenna would be the best you would ever experience.
When it ebbed away, she let her half-lidded eyes flicker down to you. Finding you kissing her stomach softly. “If…” She swallowed the lump in her throat, face grimacing at the rawness. “If you’re trying to go another round, you gotta give me a bit longer, baby.”
All she earned was a hum for a moment. Watching the desire in your eyes flow up and down her body with a certain hunger that Jenna was never prepared for. And you looked up at her, flashing that toothy smile that only whispered the lack of sleep Jenna would get tonight.
“I think I get to eat now, right?”
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romanticbat · 14 hours
Soo... I maybe or maybe not got a little liking for welcome home so...
Wally Darling dating hcs! (Wally x GN! Reader)
Also the reader is a puppet like the others!
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
- He's a cuddlebug, you can't make me think otherwise
- He randomly hugs you
- also he likes pda and basically show you and your relationship to all the rest of the neighborhood
- if you don't like pda that much or you simply don't like it at all he will try to stop
- he will still pat your head or try to hold your hand sometimes tought
- I think it's obvious that he has a high self-steem, he got a big ego even, if you praise him or tell him how much you love him he will be in the clouds
- I feel like words of affirmation and acts of service are his principal love languages
- He just loves to see your face when for example he makes you something you love
- Somehow he is almost always in the place you are so if you need him for something he is not that far away
- You can don't know which apple to buy and want to ask for his opinion and he just pops from who knows where
- I don't know why but I feel like he likes to boop your cheeks and nose
- He likes when you do it to him aswell!
- You two do almost everything together, time goes fast when you are with the person you love!
(I'm adding this fandom to the fandoms you can request things 💯)
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taintedtort · 1 day
Hi your stuff is so cute! Could I request anemo boys with a reader who's really touched starved and ends up crying when they show affection (like holding their face) cuz they're not used to it and don't know what to do?
prompt ✧ touch starved
characters ✧ xiao, heizou, kazuha, wanderer, aether, venti
warnings ✧ gn!reader, hurt/comfort ?, drinking in venti‘s part
a/n ✧ this took me so long to write for some reason? i was totally having writers block (is this all the anemo boys??)
Tumblr media
✧ the first time he initiated physical contact, he was so nervous. the most you two had done was hold hands and share quick pecks, but he had a yearning to hold you, even just for a minute. he wasn’t sure how comfortable you’d be if both your bodies were completely touching, so instead of hugging you he simply held your face in his palms.
✧ his heart was beating so fast and he felt his ears burning red. he realized that just standing in front of you holding your face while saying nothing was weird, so he leaned forward and pecked your forehead. when he pulled back and saw tears in your eyes, he felt like he had a heart attack.
✧ instantly pulled away and apologized, ready to turn and disappear any second. when you shook your head and said it was fine he sighed in relief a bit, but he was still mortified. when you explained that you’d just never been loved physically before, he knew exactly what you meant. it was the same for him, no one had loved him before you so he understood the foreignness of touch. he told you that he related and that he wants to get more comfortable— especially with you. he just hopes you want to as well.
"let’s learn together then."
✧ he‘s very touchy with people he’s comfortable with and naturally that includes you, so this happened very early when you got together.
✧ he hadn’t seen you all day, thanks to a very dragged out investigation. when he finally saw your face he couldn’t help but lunge at you, firmly embracing you into a hug. he told you how much he missed you and placed an obnoxious kiss to the side of your head, pulling away with a "mwah!" sound.
✧ when he pulled back from you to show you his big grin, it instantly faded. your eyes were brimmed with tears and your face was clearly shocked. he quickly asked you what was wrong with his hands sat on your shoulders.
✧ he carefully listened as you explained he took you by surprise and that you don’t get physical affection much. he shrugged and kissed your cheek with a dorky smile.
"i love you, and i’ll show you whenever i can."
✧ kazuha is another one who’s very touchy, so he found out very early in the relationship that you weren’t very used to being physically loved. of course, he reassured you like a good boyfriend.
✧ after two long weeks, he finally arrived back at liyue and saw you on the dock, waiting for him. he felt his heart swell at the sight of you, sitting with your legs dangled over the water, your gaze fixed on the ship as it got closer.
✧ when he put his feet on the dock, he bee lined to you. once he was close enough, he wrapped his arms around you and pressed his lips to yours. he felt you jolt but assumed it was because you weren’t expecting it.
✧ when he pulled back, he saw tears in your eyes. he smiled and placed his hands on your cheeks and asked why you were crying. when you explained that his gesture completely took you off guard and that no one’s hugged you like that before, he just placed another kiss to your lips.
"i’ll greet you with ten times more love next time."
✧ he’s not super affectionate in the first place and he’s also touch starved, so you both are just a mess of nervousness to the foreign love language.
✧ he was out adventuring with you when you had suddenly tripped and slid down a hill. you were fine— just a scrape on your knee and elbow, and wanderer knew you were alright… but he couldn’t help his protective feelings.
✧ when you reached the bottom of the hill, covered in dirt, you busted out laughing. you figured he’d laugh too and scold you for being so clumsy, but he shocked you.
✧ he slid down after you, much more gracefully, and scrambled to check for injuries. urgently asked if you were okay while still scanning your body. when you said you were fine and laughed it off, he sighed heavily and hugged you before he thought about it.
✧ mumbled in your hair that you scared the hell out of him before coming to his senses and pulling away. when he saw your face he felt like slapping himself. you were completely taken aback, that was obvious, but the glassy look in your eyes made his heart drop.
✧ were you about to cry because you were hurt or because he hugged you? he prayed it was because you were hurt— he could fix that. but if he took it too far and you left him, he couldn’t live.
✧ you read the look on his face and instantly came clean about how touch starved you really were. he physically relaxed and sighed in relief. his head dropped to your shoulder for a split second before he picked it back up and looked at you again. he didn’t actually say anything and just got up while pulling you with him.
"you seriously scared me, you’re alright?"
✧ aether likes to show love in many ways, touch being one of them. he’s used to physical contact so it wasn’t really a thought that you wouldn’t be.
✧ he had just gotten back from commissions and found you waiting for him. it felt really nice— to have someone waiting for him and making sure he’s alright. he wanted to show you how much he appreciated you.
✧ he approached you with a loving smile, cupped your cheeks in his palms and placed a lingering kiss to your lips. when he pulled away he told you he loved you.
✧ he definitely didn’t expect to see your eyes gloss over with tears. when he noticed, he worryingly asked what was wrong. once you told him his act of love was completely foreign to you and you just didnt know how to react, he was taken aback.
✧ he didn’t pry as to why you were touch starved, he just nodded and asked if it was still okay to touch you. after gaining your consent, he placed a peck to your temple and pulled you in a hug while reassuring you.
"i love you more than i’d ever loved anything."
✧ he’s definitely a touchy lover, so you got used to it pretty quickly since it happened so often. he knew that people became touch starved from not getting physically loved enough as a child, but he honestly didn’t think that you were like that.
✧ he was tipsy— but when was he not. you’d gone with him to the tavern this particular time, you wanted to spend time with him and figured it’d be fun. you knew venti often over drank, so you were hoping to help him lay off a bit.
✧ you didn’t account for the fact that he was trying to get you drunk. he often complained how you never let loose and would try to convince you whenever you accompanied him at the tavern. you always would wave him off and tell him that it wasn’t your fault that he needed a babysitter. he figured he’d sacrifice this trip to finally get you drunk.
✧ eventually you were hanging off his shoulder and slurring your words a bit. he took you home after that, not wanting you to get hurt. once arrived, he took care of you. gave you water and food, pat your back when you puked, let you cuddle with him, and put you to bed.
✧ once morning came and you had the worst headache of your life, you were met with water and advil already sat on the table text to your bed. venti came back with food and asked if you were alright.
✧ he placed his hand to your cheek and kissed you tenderly, not minding your bad breath from the previous day. you asked if he took care of you all night, to which he replied with yes and gave you a brief play back.
✧ when he got to the part of putting you to bed, he explained how you were sooo clingy and were cuddling him the entire time. he then demonstrated, putting your head in his neck and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. he sat there for a few moments with you in his arms and placed a few random kisses to your scalp.
✧ he heard you sniffle and pulled back to look at your face. when he saw your tears, he rubbed your cheek and asked why you were crying. you told him that no one’s cared for you that way before and it meant a lot to you, he just smiled sweetly at you.
"of course i took care of you, that’s what i’m here for."
Tumblr media
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|| Liquid Courage ||
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: " Hiiii, I freaking love the way you write!! I was hoping to request a fic or drabble with F MC x Ominis. Something where Ominis gets startled in class and accidentally grabs onto MC thigh (who enjoys it but they have not established this yet). I’d love to see flustered Ominis! - Anon "
Pairing: Ominis Gaunt x F!reader (house not specified)
Warnings: Fluff, shy and flustered Omi moments.
Word Count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
“ Well done, Mr. Gaunt, another exceptional concoction.” 
Professor Sharp’s monotone voice rang through the young witch’s ear, eyes locked and focused on cutting the right amount of Dittany Leaves to be able to at least come close to a similar compliment herself. 
She didn’t know why, but ever since she was moved to Omini’s potion station to prevent Sebastian from distracting the poor Gaunt boy, she found that it was actually quite hard for her to focus suddenly. She would always find herself caught in conversation with the Slytherin, mindlessly steering and losing count of just how much she had to swish the pot before the liquid would become a disgusting sticky green liquid. Omini’s potion of course, coming out perfectly regardless of how much they both chatted up a storm. It didn’t even matter if she asked for his help, the sound of how close and personal his voice was would send her mind in a haze. This always ended up causing her to grab the wrong ingredient and ruin the potion regardless. 
But, not today. No, today she will go back to being an exceptional student in potions class and show Professor Sharp that she wasn’t turning into Garreth Weasley ver. 2. 
Knife chopping patiently and thoroughly, a bead of sweat ran down the side of her face, eyes squinting at the plant before her as she ensured the last and final chop was done flawlessly. With a final cut down across the cutting board, the Dittany Leaves (or what they used to resemble at least) were ready to be placed on their rightful place in the boiling pot. 
“Need any assistance, perchance?” 
Feeling her body go stiff as a gargoyle, y/n froze her hands mid air, a handful of the chopped plant just inches away from being dropped in the cauldron. Not trusting herself to look at Ominis right this second, feeling his body heat way too close to her own (Merlin, she really wants to turn to him), she simply muttered a quick “No, thank you.” before opening up her hands and allowing the leaves to drop in. Instantly the potion turned into its rightful light green shade, sparks of the similar color shooting just right above the concoction. 
“I did it!” 
“Well done.” Ominis praised, a soft dimpled smile adorning his handsome features. 
Laughing softly at her own accomplishment, y/n set her cauldron to the side to get it properly examined by the professor who was still walking around to determine what grade path each student was currently headed towards. 
“What can I say, I learned from-” 
The disturbance was less than unexpected, however the severity of it was what was most unwelcome. The boom had shook the entire classroom, perhaps the castle itself even. What caused the crash was because of its intensity, it had only shook the whole room but caused every glass vile and window to just burst from the sudden pressure. Students were knocked off their feet and some even managed to spill their own cauldron’s to the ground. 
Professor Sharp shouted, sounding angrier than he ever was at the troubling Gryffindor experimentalist. Everyone had their eyes glued on the ginger boy who was now as red as his hair, a hand rubbing the back of his neck as Sharp stood over him. However, not everyone had their eyes on the red head. 
No, y/n’s certainly weren’t on him. She didn’t witness how Sharp chewed him out for being so irresponsible, she didn’t see how every student was either glaring at him or picking themselves up from where they landed. 
No, her (e/c) eyes were locked in on Omini’s hand gripping tightly onto her inner thigh, fingernails leaving small indents onto her skin as the Slytherin boy tried to regain his composure. She had been one of the students knocked off their feet, unbeknown that Ominis tripped over the force of her feet suddenly against his knees. It caused him to land on her legs, face close to falling stone first had he not caught himself with his hands before he could. Of course, unaware that what he actually caught was a handful of y/n’s tender flesh. 
“What… What in Merlin's name just happened?” 
“Garreth happened…” 
Ominis was about to throw an insult towards the mention of the Gryffindor before his eyebrows furrowed, his forehead creased with worry lines as he gave what he felt under his hand a tight squeeze. An abrupt whimper left the young witch’s lips, her hand flying to shut her mouth as her eyes widened- but not as wide as Omini’s gray hazy ones which became the size of dinner plates at the realization. Yanking his hand away from the soft flesh as if it had practically burnt him, y/n witnessed how his pale features became a fiery red, almost competing with Weasley's own red locks. 
“I…I… oh goodness, y/n I do s..sincerely apologize- I didn't..” 
Coming quick to what was happening, y/n quickly scurried to her knees, ignoring the slight rubble and glass that pressed against her knee pads. “No, no Ominis- it’s okay.” 
“Of course it isn’t! I practically just manhandled you-” 
“Shhhhh… shut up, no, you didn’t!” 
y/n whispered yell, Omini’s outburst had caused a few heads to turn their way which really only added more embarrassment onto the situation. 
With a deep rumble, Sharp dismissed the class early, stating that Garreth will have to be left behind to deal with the mess he had created. Having that said, every last remaining student had grabbed their belongings and made their way out of the classroom, each and everyone having something to say about the boy. 
y/n took this opportunity to get off her ass and grab both hers and Omini’s things, hand quickly dragging the stupefied Slytherin out of the potions class and down the corridor stairs where the both won’t be overheard. 
“Okay, well first off-” 
“No need, I am enough of a man to admit when I have committed a serious offense. “ Ominis placed his hands behind his back, his back straightening as he did so,” You’re allowed to slap me if it pleases you for what I have done.” 
…. What…
“You’re not serious-”
“Oh, deadly, I’m afraid. I shouldn’t have been so careless to lay an improper touch towards a lady, especially someone I hold dear to me.” 
Bottom lip caught between her teeth, y/n gently chewed on her lip as she watched just how serious the blonde was being right now. The red glow his cheeks were emanating still did not dissipate, not even his ragged breaths have eased even after they had long since stopped in their steps. 
She couldn’t hit him. And not just because it's common sense to not slap a blind person, but because she wasn’t even mad at him for it. Did it catch her off guard? Yes! Did she hate it though? Merlin’s beard, of course not. How could she hate a single touch the Gaunt boy laid on her  when she practically could have his warmth pressed against her everyday. Just the sound of his voice sent her heart spiraling out of control, she was lucky to even finish the potion to start with.  
No, she wasn’t going to hit him. There was no reason to. 
Instead of having him feel the impact of the slap he felt he very much deserved, Ominis felt a gentle welcoming graze against his burning cheeks. The cool comparison to his hot skin had him melt for a second, mind blanking out at just what it was he was supposedly waiting for. 
Y/n’s thumb ran soft circles against his cheek, fingertips caressing the beauty marks that kissed his face. A place she wouldn’t mind one day kissing for herself. For now, however, she settled for this. A moment alone with her beloved Slytherin, a moment that not even a bit of liquid luck could possibly recreate for she felt her own courage coming forth as she ran her hands from her cheek to wrap around his neck. 
Pulling him into fond embrace, the witch rested her chin on his stiff shoulders holding him close to her as she allowed him a couple of moments to regain his composure. 
Ominis was at a loss for words. Not just because of how soothingly she was treating him but because he was currently being tenderly held in her embrace. He sincerely hoped she couldn’t hear his heart beating out of his ribcage, not sure just how much hotter under the collar he could possibly get if she did. 
Sensing his shoulders relax and slump down a bit, a slender arm slowly but surely made its way around her midsection, pressing her further into him as he locked his arms around her. 
Perhaps this alternative to a slap wasn’t so bad, he thought to himself as both students remained still, not yet ready to let the other go. Not even when a slightly annoyed brunette Slytherin made his way towards the two.
Uploaded : 03/29/23
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bloatedandalone04 · 3 days
Tumblr media
➪the one where you leave and leon lets you.
Warnings: no spoilers for re4 remake, angst, mentions of infidelity, ada being a sneaky b!tch, this is pure angst, mentions of blood, mentions of trauma, mentions of death, abuse, toxic relationships, abusive relationships, swearing
Word Count: 2.7k
Do not repost this anywhere, reblogs are fine <3
Leon’s leg had not stopped bouncing since you walked out the door of your shared apartment. That was nearly an hour ago and he hadn’t moved from his spot on the couch, where his elbows pressed to his knees and his hands pressed against his mouth.
He stared at the coffee table, and more specifically, at the small box that he placed on it just a few seconds after you left. 
How had things become this screwed up? How did he let you slip away? Why didn’t he try to stop you when you fled the apartment with nothing but tears in your eyes?
You didn’t even take your phone in your rush to get away from him. He found that out when he entered the communal area of the apartment and looked all over for you before deciding to just call you. Your phone went off and it was then he realised that you had left it on the kitchen counter. 
That was when he disappeared back into your shared room and rummaged around in his drawers for the box he bought six months ago. It was a month later when he made, he was sure, the biggest mistake of his life. 
Leon needed information that only few had, one being a person he wanted to keep in his past forever. Somehow everything always came back to Ada, as frustrating as it was, and that was how he found himself tracking her down. 
Turns out she was in the area and was more than willing to give Leon the information….but not without a cost. And the cost was the one thing he swore he would never involve in this part of his life. You. 
She didn’t threaten you or anything, but she did insist on him partaking in things that would surely ruin your relationship. Fast forward to now and those things came back to bite him. Hard.
The sound of the door opening tore him out of his thoughts and instantly his eyes were on you. He turned his head and watched as you entered the apartment and closed the door behind you, fiddling with your fingers as you avoided eye contact. 
You stand by the door for a few seconds, debating on turning right back around and leaving again, or just getting this over with. One sharp intake of breath later had you slowly walking over to Leon. He didn’t dare move or open his mouth to apologize as he watched you with guilty eyes, afraid that you would leave him again if he were to ambush you with all the thoughts that ran through his head in the last hour. 
He missed you.
He was terrified that you wouldn’t come back to him.
He loved you more than life itself. 
He needed you. And it scared him.
He never allowed himself to rely on others as he had been betrayed too many times to count, but he quickly gave that rule up when he met you. Not only did he rely on you to be his escape from the cruel, bad world, but he also relied on you to be the one person he trusted the most, the one person who would never turn their back to him. 
 Yet here you were, hesitating to sit beside him. How did things go so wrong?
You swallow harshly and sit next to him, placing your hands on your lap as you glance at the small box on the table. It was obvious what it was and you had to look away quickly before you ran away again. 
Leon hadn’t been able to take his eyes off you, and the traces of tears still on your face did nothing to calm his racing heart. He refrained from reaching out to you and feeling the sense of comfort you always provided him. Instead, his leg came to a stop and he turned his body to face yours. “I didn’t know if you were coming back,” he said, not surprised at how unsteady his voice sounded. 
You kept your eyes on the floor as you picked at the skin around your nails. It was a habit you had grown out of since you met Leon as he was somehow able to calm your nerves and take away the feeling of anxiety you dealt with on a daily basis. 
His eyes narrowed as you inhaled sharply, your index finger moving to cover the small cut you had just made from pulling too hard at the skin of your thumb. He hadn’t seen you like this in months, so tense and uncomfortable. He hated that he was the reason you slipped back into old habits. 
You pressed your finger harder against the cut, attempting to stop the small flow of blood as you answered him, “I didn’t want to,” you still refused to meet his eyes and that, along with your words, was enough to have his heart beat faster at the very real fact that he was losing you. You were slipping away and he was powerless to do anything about it. “I wanted to run away, go back to how I was before I met you. I wanted to feel somewhat normal after what happened….what you told me.”
Leon closed his eyes at that and turned his head away. Those were the words he never wanted to hear you say. Your life before him was terrible and you were running on pure adrenaline half the time, unsure if you would even still be alive when tomorrow came. The way your life was before…you were barely living. And he saved you. 
He showed you that the feeling of abandonment you felt everyday was no way to live, and he filled in every hole that had formed in your heart. The one from your parents leaving you, the one from when your ex-boyfriend put his hands on you too many times to count, the one from when your best friend drank too much one night and decided to drive home anyway. 
He took every ounce of pain you had and made it dissolve until it was a distant memory. The pain was replaced with happiness, love, want, desire. He never let you go through life alone - not if he could help it, anyway. Even on the days he was called away for work, the weeks you went without hearing a word from him were bearable as he left you with the assurance that he was coming back and he always would. And you understood. 
You were his entirely. His person, his reason to keep fighting, his reason to never give up. You were and always will be the love of his life, and nothing anyone could ever do would change that. 
Even his own fuck up wouldn’t change that. 
“Y/n,” he said, not missing the way you tensed up even more at the way he said your name. “I’m so sorry.”
He wanted to say so much more but he had no idea where you two stood. He had never in his life felt more powerless, so out of control to the point where he was resisting the urge to pull his hair out. Did he even deserve to beg for a second chance? For you to allow him to explain what happened?
Leon had never felt more ashamed. 
You finally look over at him, sadness overflowing in your eyes as you ignore his words. “So, every night you said you were with Chris or out running errands…you were with her?” You ask, not wanting the answer but knowing you needed to hear it for you to be able to move on and find the closure you were never able to get in your past relationships. 
It seemed as though Leon didn’t want to answer either as his eyes stared into yours, silently begging you to not make him answer the question that would surely shatter any hope left to fix what he broke. 
“Please,” you whispered, holding back a sob as you felt your eyes sting from unshed tears. The look in his eyes gave you the answer, but you needed to hear him say it, hear how he ruined what you two shared, how he broke the connection. Even if it hurt you more than anything else from your past, you needed to hear it. “Just answer the question.”
Leon broke eye contact again as he stared at the wooden floor, his jaw locked as he held back tears of his own. 
“Were you with her?” You ask again and Leon hated how defeated you sounded. You didn’t even sound angry or annoyed, you just sounded heartbroken and embarrassed. He was convinced he would rather have you scream at him than have you talk to him in the quiet, tearful voice you were using now. 
He waited a few more seconds before forcing out the answer that would surely be the final breaking point in your relationship, the beautiful, fragile thing it was. “Yes,”
The single word was powerful as it was the final nail in the coffin of your broken relationship. You quickly look away, nodding as you wipe away the blood on your jeans. You weren’t sure where to go from here and you had no clue what to say next. Your eyes land on the box again and you decide to keep asking questions you really didn’t want to know. “Was that for me?”
Leon didn’t know what you were talking about until he looked over at you again and saw what you were staring at. He felt offended that you would even ask that as he was sure he made his feelings for you crystal clear. Then again, your current situation was entirely his fault, and your trust in him was nonexistent at this point, so he really couldn’t blame you for beginning to question everything. 
He had to hold back his scoff that would surely make things worse when he answered, “Of course it’s for you,” 
You look down before back at the box again, hating the fact that you wanted to see what the ring looked like. You bring your finger up to your mouth and chew on your nail, wincing at the sore skin that surrounds it. “Can I see it?”
Leon felt his heart sink. This was not how he envisioned showing you the ring. In a perfect world he would’ve taken you out on a date, probably to your favorite spot - the lake you used to go to when things became too much as it brought you comfort - and he’d make another memory with you there. He’d get down on one knee and wouldn’t have a care in the world about the inevitable grass stains that would form on his pants and he’d ask you to be his forever. Like you were always meant to be.
He didn’t bother answering as he grabbed the box and held it out to you without a word, his eyes glued to the floor. You take it from him, brushing your fingers against his hand as you did so and unknowingly making his whole body ache for your touch. As you held it in your lap, you bit your lip as you looked over at him. His head was turned so you couldn’t see his face, and maybe that was for the best. 
You open your mouth to say something, but all words die on your tongue and you close it again after a few seconds. Taking a deep breath, you look back down at the black box and convince yourself to just get it over with. You just wanted to see it, that’s all, then you can move on and leave this behind you. 
When you opened the box and looked at the ring, you bit down harder on your lip to stop a cry from spilling out. It was perfect and the definition of your dream ring and you wanted to sob at how well he knew you and your style. It was simple but so beautiful and so you. Your vision blurred and you tried to blink back the tears as you closed the box. It was useless as tears still flowed down your face and landed on your jeans.
Leon brought his hand back up to his mouth and he pressed his knuckles to his lips, turning to you when he heard you close the box. You hand it back to him without a word being spoken and he refrained from taking you in his arms when he saw how you tried to discreetly wipe under your eyes. 
He looked at you while remaining silent, completely speechless at what was currently unfolding before him. There’s so much he wanted to say, but what was the point? The relationship was over, that much was obvious when you asked to see the ring that should’ve had a permanent place on your finger for the rest of your life. The ring you should’ve seen in a surprising and special  moment, not during a break up. 
Break up. 
Leon’s heart hurt as everything set in. You were breaking up with him and leaving him to face the harsh reality on his own. 
You clear your throat and wipe your damp hands on your jeans, no plan in mind when you sit up straight and say, “Okay,” it came out more in a breathless tone rather than sounding confident, something you cringe at before continuing, “I should go pack my stuff.” You nodded at your own words as you stared at the floor, beginning to stand up. 
That made Leon hold the box in his other hand as the one closest to you reached out and grabbed your wrist. “Wait, please,” he quietly begged and you froze at his touch. You sat back down, though you never got to fully stand up to begin with, and face him. He looked heartbroken with unshed tears gathering in his waterline, his blue eyes begging you to stay with him. You could get lost in those ocean blue orbs he called his eyes, and you have done just that many times before. But not now. You couldn’t give in and accept his apology when he was the one who betrayed you beyond repair. “Let’s just talk about this some more.”
His hand was beginning to burn against your skin, so you gently pulled away, ignoring the hurt that flashed across his face. “There’s nothing left to talk about,” you say quietly, giving him a sad smile that he wished he never saw as he knew it would haunt him when he tried to go to sleep without you tonight. “I think we both know that.” 
No, he wanted to say, let me fix this. Let me save us.
No words left his mouth as he watched you stand up and make your way to the bedroom. You were in there for what felt like hours before you walked back out, your duffle bag slung over your shoulder and a backpack on your other one.
You don’t say goodbye as you grab your phone on the way to the door, glancing back at him one last time. He was still in the same spot, his shoulders tense, his jaw locked and his eyes glued to the box in his hands. 
You tear your eyes away from him and open the door, hesitating for just a second before you walk out and close it behind you.
When Leon heard the door shut and knew he was alone, the tears he had been holding back since he confessed what he had done came flowing freely down his face. He opened the box and looked at the ring, your ring. It always would be. You were the one girl he had ever dreamed of giving it to, and all it was now was a reminder of what he did and what he ruined. 
He took it out of the box and held it between his thumb and index finger, watching as it sparkled in the light of the setting sun. Tossing the box aside, he reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys. He stared at the ring for a few more minutes before unclasping the chain and sliding the band onto the key ring, right beside the key to this very apartment.
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diagonal-queen · 3 days
Can i request Dazai, chuuya and tecchou when they have a nightmare (like their s/o being kidnapped or something similar)
(I want to request for Atsushi but he already suffered too much)
i see your request. and i'm writing atsushi too because i love to be evil and mean >:)
When they have a nightmare about you
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: Dazai Osamu, Chuuya Nakahara, Tecchou Suehiro, Atsushi Nakajima x gn!Reader
♡ synopsis: How do these boys behave after waking up from a nightmare where something bad happens to you?
♡ cw: Nightmares, mentions of violence/torture/kidnapping, your faves are very traumatised.
note: I tried to make this one very sad so everyone who reads this please cry when you read it to make me feel good about myself 🤧 apologies for errors, hope you enjoy x
Tumblr media
Dazai has lost too many loved ones to handle such a nightmare with any kind of grace. A worse case scenario would be a nightmare in which he is the direct cause for your harm/kidnapping/death, so that's what I'm going with
He's so distressed when he wakes up that he can't move for a minute. He takes a second to come to his senses and realise that it was just a dream.
Dazai turns to you and immediately wakes you up to tell you about it. He doesn't want to let that stuff marinate in his head while he's by himself for too long
You wake up and ask him what the matter is, knowing something is off. This is because usually you're the one who has to wake him up every day. Dazai loves sleeping.
He explains the nightmare to you that he had (in gruesome detail) in a weirdly calm and unexpressive manner- this is what he tends to default to when something distressing happens to him (same)
You can tell that under his demeanour he's actually quite rattled, so you ask him if he's alright and he eventually admits that he fears the possibility that he might hurt you
You wrap your arms around him and tell him that you're not going anywhere and you know that he would never do that. You also tell him how safe you feel around him and how grateful you are for that. Your words really help Dazai feel better :')
After your little talk he kisses you and tells you he loves you too. He holds you in his arms, your head tucked under his chin, and bask in the comfortable loving silence between the two of you until he falls asleep again
Chuuya likes to be in control, so when he's having a nightmare about you getting in harm's way (something he would kill to prevent), he's shaken up.
He tosses and turns in his sleep to the point that he probably ends up waking you up first, and when you notice this you're the one who shakes him awake
He does awaken eventually, breathing heavily and all that, and when you ask him if he's alright he just pulls you into his arms and squeezes the hell out of you, saying something like 'thank god you're still here'
When you ask him again what's wrong he does explain his nightmare to you, though he has trouble getting the words out because just thinking about it makes him feel horrible
Seeing how distressed he is, you take his hand and reassure him that you know that nothing will ever happen to you if he's there protecting you
He'd try to protest with things like 'But what if-' but you're having NONE of it. You don't let him get a word in while you tell him that you wholeheartedly believe in him and how amazing he is
When you also promise to him that you'll be there to protect him too, he's so touched that he absolutely squeezes you again (keep in mind the poor guy is already tired and emotionally volatile)
He has a hard time getting back to bed after the nightmare, so the two of you stay up for a few hours cuddling and talking about life and stuff. And how much you love one another <3
Tecchou probably has super vivid dreams wherein he has no idea that they're just dreams, so when he wakes up he's both terrified and exhausted
He lies there for a minute in absolute terror at what he's just seen. You were probably being tortured in his dream (he's seen a lot of that kind of thing before and it would definitely manifest in his dreams)
He eventually sits up and wakes you up to make sure you're all fine and good yourself. When you wake up and ask him what the matter is, he's very vague about it but Tecchou is kind of easy to read
Usually Tecchou appears a little offish and absentminded (plus he's a member of an OP military unit), so it's very jarring to see him appearing truly serious and even afraid.
You need to ask him questions to prompt him to tell you just how he's feeling, and you helping him verbalise his feelings about the nightmare helps him feel a lot better! You kind of bring him back to reality in a way?
You explain to him that in being his partner, it's kind of impossible for any danger to befall you, like ever, and that while you understand that nightmares can be upsetting they're not a reflection of the future or anything
He's very comforted by your presence and certainty, and asks if it's alright if you stay up and talk to him for a little while more. Tecchou likes being very 'in the moment' with you
So he snuggles in your arms and the pair of you lay in bed as you try to take his mind off the nightmare, talking about funny or cute things with him until he eventually falls back asleep
Atsushi has seen some shit, had some bad nightmares and he's had his friends be kidnapped several times (haven't we all?), but when it comes to you it's somehow a million times worse.
Let's say his nightmare is you being kidnapped by the mafia or something (which is very much a real concern of his and something he's constantly trying to keep from happening)
So when he wakes up in a cold sweat he's immediately making sure you're still there with him. When he sees you sleeping peacefully by his side, he's unbelievably relieved. He might start crying
He'd not want to wake you up and try to get back to bed but it's kind of hard to stay asleep when there's a man cuddling you and also trembling
When you wake up you immediately know something's wrong, and when you ask him he just breaks down and cries into your neck. This unintentionally worries you a lot more and so you're both panicked now
So when he realises this he's like 'Wait no it's fine!' and quickly tells you (in as composed a manner as he can) about the nightmare he had. He looks so upset it's honestly heartbreaking
You cuddle him and tell him that nothing bad is gonna happen to you, that you know if anything happens you, you're gonna be just fine in the end thanks to him and the Agency
He's so thankful for your presence in his life that even if he's fully aware that his fear is a little bit of paranoia, he can't help but fear the hypothetical in which you're taken away from him. Atsushi loves you a lot and it really shows in scenarios like this
Tumblr media
would do anything to snuggle with dazai or atsushi :(
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iamthewoe · 3 days
Calm, Cool, and Collected
Tumblr media
Jenna Ortega X Reader
The past week had been a rollercoaster for you. Everyone was making your blood boil but seemingly enough you were great at acting ‘unbothered’ but this wouldn’t go unnoticed by Jenna. She noticed the crease in your eyebrows being more defined than usual , the way you clenched your jaw when someone said something distasteful and the darkened hue in your eyes whenever someone came into view. She didn’t want to evoke your anger so she kept topics light and short with you which in reality wasn’t helping at all. She was the only person you wanted to talk to and you felt like she was blowing you off because Jenna always was very specific and talked a lot about whatever it was that you two were conversing about.
Today was one of those days. Since the moment you woke up things seemed to be going wrong. First, a fall in the shower and then an angry text message from your parents about whatever it was you were advertising in your new show and then on the way to set there was a bad traffic jam and you happened to be late. You arrived disheveled and upset and oh boy did the director put the icing on the cake. “We’ve lost so much time filming , you’re late! You can’t be the main character and be late Y/n”
You were boiling inside but your outside look cool, calm and collected. “Sorry, will you excuse me for a moment?” You say and vanish to the bathroom. Jenna had watched all this quietly and decided to follow you. When you entered the bathroom you started to go apeshit. Punching , kicking and banging on everything in sight. Your vision was blurry due to the rage and adrenaline. Cuss word after cuss word flew out of your mouth each one more vile than the last. Jenna watched through the crack in the door. She was more worried than afraid. Your knuckles were bleeding and you defiantly had bruises with the way you were slashing around. A bull in a china shop if she’d seen one.
She steps into the bathroom. Once you laid eyes on her most of your anger began to subside and a void of resentment replaced it. Jenna being short with you for the past few days made you hold a tiny grudge against her. “I know you’re upset but take a moment to breath and I’ll go find a first aid kit” Jenna said. You don’t say anything, you just nod and hoist yourself up onto the sink. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off your knuckles started to sting.
Jenna arrives back and stand between your thighs taking your hand in her and wiping your knuckles of blood and making you rinse the in the sink. “I might need to buy you a stress ball for Christmas” Jenna chuckles. “Not when you’re the cause of it” you mumble. Jenna stops what she’s doing and looks at you. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She asks. “Nothing I’m sorry” you reply avoiding eye contact. “What did I do to “stress” you out?” Jenna asks annoyance forming in her voice. Your anger started to slowly creep back in. “You’ve just been different , you’re not talking to me like before” you reply keeping yourself cool. “Mhm…I’ve noticed you’ve been more angry that usual so I wanted to give you space I didn’t want to make it worse , guess I did that anyway ” Jenna replies. You felt a bit bad now. You didn’t know what to say so you hugged her around the shoulders. “It’s been tough lately but you’re the only person I can tolerate” you tell her. “Noted” she laughs.
Jenna wrapped your knuckles up in gauze after disinfecting them and putting ointment on. She kisses your knuckles and smiles “I think I will be buying that stress ball”
You cup her face between both your hands , “Go for it but I can’t guarantee it’ll work”
Jenna chuckles and leans in towards you making your heart beat accelerate. “May I?” She enquires.
You and Jenna had always been close friends and never really talked about your budding feelings for one another but you both understood that they were there despite that you both kept it light and simple with flirting and touching.
She pecks your lips and it was the most gentle and passionate kiss that you ever experienced that lasted no longer than a few seconds and with that you were truly cool, calm and collected.
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