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floral-poisons · 2 days
Tumblr media
kind of wanna reinforce this here. because i’ve seen ai writing become so popular on tik tok.
ai writing is not okay.
it’s literally theft. just like how ai art steals, ai writing steals. it’s using authors’ very real work to generate whatever you type in. and this also needs to be said as well.
writing is a form of art. fanfiction is a form of literature.
seeing this all over my fyp is REALLY discouraging. fanfic itself is already a labor of love and we love it when you interact. but please do not use ai writing for your fanfic needs when this writing literally steals from fanfic authors.
genuinely don’t know if this post will go around because my interactions outside of hcs are shit, but i hope it does.
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widowbf · 3 days
first time - s. h.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─── ୨୧ warnings
smut, virgin!reader, …wellendowed!steve, but in a soft way, extremely sappy smut, kissing, a deeply unfortunate amount of kissing, oral (r receiving,) penetration, mild size kink, grammatical errors, ooc!steve presumably.
─── ୨୧ word count - 2.1k
─── ୨୧ author’s note
hello friends! finally cracked and actually made a tumblr, so say hello to my first published fic! if you’re mean to me i will cry.
Tumblr media
“i just want to make absolutely, one hundred percent sure that you’re still—y’know. okay with this.”
“steve, if you ask one more time, i’m pushing you out my window,” you deadpan, and steve laughs. you grin, carding your fingers through his hair. “if i didn’t want to do it, i wouldn’t bring it up.”
“i just… i want you to feel safe,” he murmurs. “if you want to back out, i won’t be mad. i promise.”
“alright. i’ll tell you if i get uncomfortable.” you hold up a pinky, and steve, with a solemn sort of air, links pinkies with you. “i promise. and a pinky promise isn’t lightly broken.”
steve smiles, running his thumb over your lower lip. “can i kiss you?”
“you’ve kissed me before,” you reply. “you don’t need to ask.”
“i know,” he says, “but still. i’d like a yes or no.”
“yes, then.”
“thank you,” steve says. and he leans in to kiss you.
he tastes like the strangely minty sort of taste of his chapstick, and he’s almost hesitant at first, delicate, his hands resting gently on your shoulders, and then he shifts, bringing a hand to the back of your head, his lips hot against yours, his touch firm. you come together in a sudden clash of teeth, and you startle.
“oh, sorry,” he breathes.
you don’t bother responding to that, simply dragging him down to kiss you again. steve laughs, but kisses you all the same, drawing you close to his chest and kissing you like he’s never wanted anything so badly in all his life. 
he runs his hands down your body, slipping under your shirt (or, rather, his shirt that you stole) and drawing his nails across your back lightly. you shudder, gasping and arching into him, and he kisses you all the more, all lips and tongue and teeth.
his hands are searingly warm wherever they meet your flesh, lingering like brands even when he shifts and moves away, and you can almost feel his heart through his chest from where it presses against yours, searingly, achingly warm. so, so warm.
“can i—” steve leans back to breathe as he speaks, and you try to tug him back down. he laughs, catching your hands. “wait, wait. can i—i’d like to—touch your tits.”
you stare blankly, and then feel your face flame. steve laughs again, and you bury your face in his shoulder. he laughs.
“a yes or no question again, sweetheart,” he drawls.
“yes,” you mumble.
“alright.” a beat. “are you sure? you sound—”
“i will shove you out that window.”
“alright, alright. no need to get feisty.” you can hear his grin in his voice.
steve runs his hands along your ribs, admiring the way you shiver, and then he grazes his thumbs across your nipples. you gasp, and lean into him. he laughs softly, very very gently squeezing the squishy flesh of your breasts, and tilts you back, laying you on the bed. your shirt rides up, so you think, to hell with it, and pull it off, arching your back to get it around your head.
steve gazes at you like you’re more beautiful than the morning sunrise. you hear the shirt hit the floor with a soft rustle, and the sound seems to startle steve, just enough for him to remember what he’s doing. he flicks your nipples, earning a bizarre, voice-cracking squeak.
“babe,” he says, his eyes bright, “i want to eat you out.”
you blink, and then bury your head in your hands. steve laughs, and runs his hands down your torso to your hips, lingering, lingering. 
“it’s a yes or no question,” he murmurs.
“it wasn’t phrased like a question,” you mumble. you’re pretty sure your brain just gave up when he said eat you out. it flew off, away into the sunset. goodbye, brain. someone will miss you. probably.
“’m sorry. what i meant to say was, may i eat you out, sweetheart?”
you make a squeaky sort of affirmative sound, and steve laughs at you. he pulls one of your hands from your face, and presses a kiss to the tip of your index finger, his eyes flickering towards yours. his gaze is immeasurably soft and sappy, defying everything the rest of his body is doing. he adjusts your hand in his, pressing a kiss to the heel of your palm.
he continues making small, lingering kisses down from your hand—your wrist, your elbow, your shoulder, your collarbone, your belly, your hips—and then he pulls your pants down, and presses several small kisses to your thighs, pulling them apart gently when you try to close your legs.
he presses his thumb to your clit, rocking it in slow, gentle circles, and a shudder sweeps all the way up your body, a soft moan tumbling from your lips. steve makes a quiet little appreciative sound, a hum in the back of his throat, and then he hooks his hands under your hips and draws you to his mouth.
he is, you think, really good at this. really, unfortunately, fascinatingly good at this, and his lips are warm, and his tongue is really warm, and this feels horrifyingly, electrically, terribly good.
you reach and run your fingers through his hair, not—pulling, but just scratching your nails across his scalp in the way he likes, and he groans, low in his throat and his chest and vibrating against you, and you whimper and keen, trying to draw him closer as his tongue flickers and coils, methodically, carefully. his eyes are dark when he looks up at you, and you feel like you can just get lost in his gaze, fall into him like the stars in the heavens.
steve’s hands on your hips are gentle, gentle, and he manages to get you to rock your hips against his face in a slow, leisurely grinding motion, your face going hot and your eyes fluttering. there’s a nonstop mantra of moans from your throat, breathless and helpless as you feel.
“this f-feels so obscene,” you manage to get out, and steve agrees with a rough sort of groan that shoots heat straight up your spine, and then he teases one finger inside of you, and you gasp, collapsing back into the bed.
you’d never really thought too much about steve’s hands before, no more than you think about the rest of him, but now you are and his fingers seems so long, and his hands are really pretty, and you’re really, really going to lose your damn mind over here.
you can feel something like a coil tightening in your lower belly, like a white hot fire, sparking up your spine and flooding your brain. you sink your free hands into the sheets, and you tug steve closer, whimpering and moaning helplessly.
steve is utterly insatiable now that he has you, and his fingers find that sweet, spongy spot inside of you that sweep all the feeling straight from your legs. you wonder briefly if they’ll work in the morning, and resolve to make that steve’s problem when the time comes.
steve adds a second finger, and the tension inside of you suddenly snaps all at once, pleasure sweeping straight through your body and utterly robbing you of all your senses. you’re dimly aware of a high whine that ends in a voice cracking gasp, and realize belatedly that it comes from your own throat.
steve relents eventually, and comes up and kisses you. you startle.
“oh, god, that is weird,” you say, laughing helplessly.
“i like it. you taste sweet,” steve replies, sap he is.
“i feel like you’re lying to spare my feelings, but you’re too damn pretty right now for me to argue,” you murmur, dragging him back and kissing him again. 
steve kisses you for a while, and separates slowly. he hums, thumbing your lower lip. “can i… be inside of you?”
he grins, and sits up, swiftly undoing his pants and ridding himself of them in an oddly practiced motion. you make a weird sort of choking sound, and steve grins bashfully. he’s—well, he’s big, and he seems nearly as thick as your wrist.
“i’ll go slow,” he says. “and we can stop—”
“ah-ah,” you interrupt. “window.” steve snorts, shakes his head.
you do feel some trepidation when he levels himself with your slit, but damn it all, you’ve gotten this far, and you’re certainly no quitter. you resolve to stop if you start bleeding, or the building catches on fire, or hell freezes over. something like that.
you wrap your legs around steve loosely, drawing him closer to you, and he begins to push inside of you. 
you whimper quietly at the sudden stretch, unaccustomed to such a sensation, and steve’s eyes flicker to yours, his eyes filled with concern. you chew on your inner lip, breathing slowly, deliberately, willing yourself to breathe through it.
“you okay?” steve murmurs, kissing the crown of your head.
“mmhm,” you mumble, and he presses further in, and you wince, “ah, slowly, slowly.”
“i’ve got you.” he finds one of your hands and laces his fingers through yours.
he stills, and after a moment you nudge him lightly, heel to lower back, and he shifts forward at an achingly slow pace. you’re dimly aware that you’re shivering slightly.
you continue like that for a while, with steve going still at every noise or motion of discomfort you make, until finally, finally, he’s settled inside of you, hips pressed to your inner thighs. he lets out a sort of half-groan half-sigh. you wrap an arm around his neck, hiding your face in his shoulder.
it’s a bizarre sensation, but it’s not entirely unpleasant. you just feel really full in a way you’re almost completely unfamiliar with, and there’s a slight, not altogether painful burn, like when you’ve overworked a muscle. 
there’s a moment, maybe two, where you just sit, nigh afraid to move, feeling your heart pounding and hearing the synchronization of your and steve’s breathing, and then you shudder.
“m-move, please,” you breathe, barely audible, and he does, rocking into you slowly. you both let out a groan, and you cross your ankles at the base of his spine, drawing him closer. “fuck.”
“fuck,” he agrees, kissing you, resting a hand on the back of your neck. 
he keeps his movements slow, little rocking motions from his hips, but you feel it everywhere, blossoming all across your skin in little pin pricks of warmth. it’s a new sensation in all sorts of new places, and the sheer size of him sets your nerves aflame, your earlier sensitivity kicking in tenfold.
“you’re so warm,” he breathes, and you rest your forehead on his shoulder, breathing deliberately. “and you’re so damn soft, god.”
the last word hangs in his throat, rumbling like a sort of growl, and you shiver, curling into him with a soft, keening whine. his movements are rhythmic, but gentle, easy, until suddenly he hits a spot inside of you that makes you whimper aloud, and then he’s pushing you down into the mattress, gripping you with a sort of innate possessiveness that makes your head spin.
“god, fuck, steve,” you ramble, clinging to the sheets like a lifeline, “you feel—this feels so—” you can’t find a word to describe it, your lack of vocabulary leaving you breathless and helpless beneath him. “fuck.”
“fuck isn’t an adjective,” he says, his voice kind of strained, kind of throaty, and you both laugh helplessly at the ridiculousness of that particular statement.
his nails bite into you with every thrust, and you can feel your heart pounding against your rib cage, and he’s so warm and so thick where your bodies meet, and then you feel tightening in your core and you cry out and wrap your legs around him and—
it feels like someone’s come and snatched away all your senses, dropping you into a vast sea of pleasure that makes you scream, and you can feel steve finish inside of you with a shuddering groan, a languid roll of his hips.
it takes you a moment or two to drift back down, and steve pulls out of you, wrapping his arms around you. you whine at the familiar yet new emptiness, and he laughs.
“easy, baby,” he says. “gotta give your poor pussy a break. she’s sore.”
“she can take more,” you mumble.
“alright, then we have to give my cock a break, alright?” you mumble an affirmative. steve grins, kissing you on the nose. “hey, i’m gonna run you a bath.”
“let’s stay here a while longer,” you say. “please?”
“alright. but no shoving me out the window,” steve says, a lackadaisical grin on his face. “promise?”
“pinky promise,” you say, extending your pinky.
steve laughs, shakes your pinky, and drags you into the bed. “now you’re stuck with me, sweetheart.”
“same to you, harrington.”
Tumblr media
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sleepy-f · 3 days
[An Enigma]
The Ramshackle Dorm prefect is an enigma, a fool and many others. But one thing that the First Years student of Night Raven College agrees is, the prefect is someone to be cautious of.
[Note: gender neutral reader, but well this is the point of view of NRC students(not the main cast). Also English is not my first language, so forgive me for the error. ]
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
For Heartslabyul members their dormleader is a tyrant, short temper, unreasonable, unapproachable and a ticking bomb.
Any moment the bomb can go off, you need to be cautious to approach lest you accidentally trigger it.
For this person not afraid to question and goes against his ridiculous rules is... Amazing yet foolish.
To them, Riddle's collar is a hindrance to them. They block the user magic, truly a frightening unique magic to have. But to the Prefect, it's nothing but a heavy fancy collar.
They saw it, a rebellion they said, the prefect and that Trappola guy, questioning and even fighting with that leader.
They lost though, well not a surprise, he is the one that won after challenging the previous dorm leader for that position.
Even after the whole conflict is settled, Riddle is still a frightening figure to be near, the clicking of his high hills is enough to strike a fear into the Heartslabyul members.
For this person to casually talk and tease the dormleader, truly, it takes a huge courage.
To then the prefect is a fool and courageous. An enigma.
The majority of the Savanaclaw members are beastmen. Full of carnivorous animals.
They live by the rules of nature, the strongest is the leader.
To them, Leona Kingscholar is an untouchable leader. A ruthless one to add.
No one dares to challenge him, that is why the dorm didn't have a vice leader. A king that rules the kingdom by himself.
So when this puny herbivore decides to waltz into the beast's territory they thought, what a foolish person.
Yet that foolish person manages to blackmail convince their leader to help them against that slimy Octovinelle dormleader, they thought, what a bold person.
One shouldn't touch a Lion's possession. When one of the courageous egoist members dares to touch the Lion's possession, well let's say it won't end well.
To receive a glare from Leona that is across the room is... Frightening experience. No one dares to play with death after all.
It's fair to question their relationship really, the King doesn't seem like he is protecting or spoiling the herbivore, yet he didn't allow anyone to get closer to them. Is he waiting for the right moment to attack maybe?
Yet the sight of him relaxing with them under the tree seems like an unusual behavior for a hunter.
A wonder. An enigma.
Azul Ashengrotto is a mastermind and a manipulator. And that is not secret to everyone.
He got everything under his control. What a terrifying person. No one in Octavinelle dares to question him, after all they know, he will guarantee success with any of his plans.
One step you take, Azul already took 5 steps ahead. A game that you can't win.
Every word and action has to be properly calculated, lest you fall into his traps. But Azul is a Mastermind, what he wants, he will get.
Yet this magicless student that has nothing on their names manages to pique his interest. What a terrifying situation to be in.
Octavinelle students think that the Ramshackle Prefect is a fool, like a fish swimming too close to the shore, like a mermaid trying to pretend as a human. A terrible and dumb action.
Who in this world,wants to be close to Azul. Tiring when you have to be aware of every word you say, every action you take.
Yet for this person to be so relaxed with the master of manipulation, do they have no fear? Or simply do they have nothing to lose?
A question really, well not like they will voice it out loud, the fact that one magicless person can reign in Floyd, is enough of a reason for them to show an ounce of respect to them.
Well, reign is a bold word no? Truth to be told whatever that prefect are, manage to keep Floyd's attention to them. Every time they are in the same room Floyd only focuses on them. A win for them, no one really wants to have that beast attention on them.
To Octavinelle the prefect is a person that is worth observing, an enigma.
Unlike other dorms, Scarabia's dormleader is sunshine, kind and a fresh sight for a school like NRC.
He didn't rule tyrantly like heartslabyul, didn't strike a fear like Savanaclaw and you don't need to be cautious when interacting with him.
So when a friend and classmate are from a different dorm advice not to get too close to be prefect, they are confused.
Their dormleader is very welcoming and talkative, so it's not weird to see him converse with the prefect.
But when the drama with their vice leader happens they catch a glimpse of why their friends from other dorms said the prefect is scary.
For them, to outsmart the close to perfection, Jamil Viper, truly a magnificent and terrifying person.
Although the conflict is settled with the help of the Octavinelle trio, the prefect still is a major key in it.
But for them to still converse with Jamil happily after Jamil imprisoned them in the room for a while.
Maybe, just a little, they will be cautious with them too.
A person worth to be cautious of. An enigma.
When you think of the word "beautiful" Vil Schoenheit comes to mind. His beauty is otherworldly.
Vil is like a rose, his beauty is to be admired from afar, too close and you will get prick by his thorn.
While Vil is stern, he is not as scary as the other dormleader. He is approachable at least, the least you get from him is scolding for not wearing your uniform properly.
But Vil is Pomefiore's dorm leader. In order to achieve that title they have to make the most potent poison out of all their peers.
And that alone is scary.
And for this person to be so close to Vil Schoenheit is... Foolish.
At first Vil seems kind of indifferent to them, just exist is what they like to describe.
Yet after the VDC, Their untouchable beauty seems to spoil them a little. A high brand of tea, a new set of clothing, a suitable color makeup, a new skin care. Seems like the prefect strike an interest in Vil.
From a person existing to a person that gets scolded by Vil to take care of their beauty makes you wonder who exactly is the prefect.
Not to mention, their huntsman called them a trickster, for you to earn that kind of nickname from him.
And for them to be surrounded by their top beauty, to strike an interest in their poisonous queen. To achieve such a title from their huntsman. Maybe they are worthy to stand and observe.
To Pomefiore's members, the prefect is worthy to admire. An enigma.
Ignihyde is a dorm that is full of introverts. Popular people are to avoid, lest they accidentally trigger a long tiring world quest.
The Ramshackle Prefect is among the top names of individuals to avoid at all cost.
A mysterious magicless student with their card soldier and a fire raccoon.
Everywhere they go, it attracts attention, no mystery, after all, all of the overblot incidents somehow they are involved in it.
To be well acquainted with the dorm leaders, and close enough to joke around with them.
Everywhere they go seems like troubles will follow, an introvert nightmare. And it seems like their dorm leader agrees too.
A person that is to be observed from a far. An individual that you can only see in news and newspapers.
Yet, after the attack at their school, it appears that their dorm leader is not entirely a person they thought he was. Their presence in their dorm is getting frequented. Although most of the time they only come for Ortho.
Some of the students that are more familiar with... Data collecting, tried to search for something about them. Family lineage, medical history, birth place, ethnic, a simple date of birth, yet they come up empty hand.
Is it because they are protected?? Surely not, even Kingscholar and Draconia have some sort of information on the internet.
Like a ghost, they appear and make their presence known, and like a ghost they disappear without a trace.
To Ignihyde members, the Ramshackle's prefect is worth researching more. An enigma.
A fool
There is a saying that said, Ignorance is a bliss. Perhaps this was the case of the Ramshackle's prefect??
Yet it doesn't seem like it.
Their Vice leader seems like he adored them. Sometimes inviting them to Diasomnia dorm or asking the two knights to pass on a message.
And they seem to be close with THE Malleus Draconia. Although in the presence of other people they called him "Malleus-senpai". Yet sometimes you can catch a slip of tongue, "Tsunotaro" much to Sebek's dismay. What a disrespectful nickname to call the heir of the Valley of Thorns.
Although the fae only chuckles and seems to not mind it. Maybe enjoy it a bit.
Of course Diasomnia students know who the prefect is. Like a curse, all sorts of trouble follows them everywhere they go. They often become the subject of a talk in that school.
The Ramshackle's prefect challenge the tyrant rulers in a duel with their friends.
The Ramshackle's Prefect poke an irritated lion.
The prefect, The Ramshackle's this and that, truly they are full of Misfortune.
When some foolish members try to cast a curse a spelled on them, the spell did not affect them at all. It looks like they have a protective spell surrounding them.
It appears Lilia is quite protective over them too, well at least in Lilia's own way.
And the Dragon? Well... You shouldn't touch a dragon's treasure.
For a magicless student to attract the attention of all this beast. Truly Diasomnia students don't know if it's a blessing or a curse.
For Diasomnia students, the Ramshackle's prefect is a walking misfortune, to be avoided. Yet they can't help but think they are an enigma.
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piichuu · 2 days
Hello! I’m new to your account and I wanted to request something from you, I really liked the headcanons you did where reader took off their wedding or engagement ring for AOT! Could I request one for JJK? Any characters are fine as long as Nanami is in it haha
ft. gojo satoru, geto suguru, itadori yuji, megumi fushiguro, nanami kento, toge inumaki
Tumblr media
“put it back on.”
he looks at you, the blindfold was taken off a long time ago and his bright blue eyes are boring into your soul, demanding you to put the wedding ring back on your finger after having it taken off during an argument.
you slowly do as he says and look down at your hands with tears in your eyes. gojo seems to notice your lip now suddenly wobbling as he steps closer and cups your cheeks, tilting his head to the side to catch your eye. “let’s not break up over something this stupid, hm? keep that ring on,” he presses a kiss to the corner of your lips and smiles, watching you begin to calm down.
“i’m sorry, sweetheart. i should’ve heard you out,” geto strokes your cheek with a sad smile on his lips. the two of you are currently in bed, ready to fall asleep after an intense argument. it’s all been solved now and it’s just as usual, you’re all cuddled up against him as he has one hand on your cheek.
“it’s okay, don’t worry baby,” you press a kiss to his lips before turning around to put your wedding ring on the night stand beside you. he immediately wraps an arm around your waist and pulls your back flush to his chest. “you promise? you promise that you aren’t leaving?”
you turn back around and smile at him, combing your fingers through his long hair. “i promise, suguru. i love you,” his gaze immediately softens and he buries his face into the crook of your neck to breath in your perfume. “i love you more, baby.”
you’re in the bathroom together with your boyfriend who’s arms are securely wrapped around your waist. the two of you engaged in an argument earlier, but after a while, solving it and going back to normal wasn’t a difficult task. he would stay like this forever if he could and you would to the same.
what causes him to freeze is watching you gently take the engagement ring off your finger. even though your previous fight has been solved, he can’t help but fill with worry. are you gonna ask him to leave? tell him that you want to break up because he isn’t good enough for you?
“i always take it off when i do my skin care routine, yuji. don’t worry, okay?” you turn your head a little to look at him and his cheeks immediately heat up. deep inside, he knew that you’d never leave him over such a small fight and that you wouldn’t just take the ring off out of nowhere to break up with him. but despite all this, he couldn’t help but worry. the thought of losing you crushes him, but thankfully you’re still here.
“good,” he mumbles before placing a few kisses to your shoulder blade. you look at him through the mirror and smile to yourself at the sight of his red cheeks. “i don’t know what i would’ve done if i lost you,” yuji admits and you turn around to get a better look at him. “it’s okay, yuji, you won’t ever have to worry about any of that.”
“i love you more than you could ever imagine, okay? it’s only you, please just trust me. that person was trying to kiss me, but i backed off, i don’t want anyone else but you. i can only imagine myself being with you. don’t take the ring off, baby, please. i want to marry you, i want to have a family with you. you’re the only one for me,” he rambles as tears are streaming down his cheeks.
his usual cold front has been breached. it breached as soon as he heard you mention the person he spoke to at a party earlier this evening, the thought of you not trusting him crushed him. he was sure you knew that he’d never do anything such as cheating, but apparently, you don’t trust him as much as he’d want.
you look at him, eyes widened and slowly putting the ring back on your finger after taking it off during an emotional moment. shame immediately takes over you, of course you trust him, but insecurities tend to control you every once in a while. “i’m sorry ‘gumi,” you mumble, pulling him close so he can cry into your clothed chest. “it’s just that they looked really pretty, like really really pretty and i don’t look like that.”
he looks right into your eyes and begins to brush his fingers through your hair. “you’re the prettiest person ever. how can you think so bad of yourself?” you shrug your shoulder and reach for his hand to intertwine your fingers with his. “i’ll make sure you’ll realize how beautiful you are, don’t worry my love.”
“darling, don’t do that,” his sweet voice stops you from taking the wedding ring off your finger. it all became overwhelming and it felt like your fight was never ending. fortunately, nanami is there to reassure you that it’s an easy issue to solve and he holds your hands in his, paying extra attention to your ring with his fingers.
“why don’t we talk about it calmly instead? yelling at each other will never do any good and i don’t want you to feel like the only solution is to take off the ring and leave,” nanami says before pressing a kiss to your temple as a few tears has begun to roll down your cheeks. “i’m sorry, kento.”
he shakes his head and pulls you close so he can wrap his arms around your waist. “it’s okay, i’m sorry too. we’ll be alright, sweetheart, don’t worry your pretty head about any of this.”
arguing with him is uncommon and when you do argue, you’re the one talking as he’s quickly writing notes to get his point across. thankfully, he’s always open to listen to what you’ve got to say and when trying to solve a fight, he keeps calm and tries his best to explain how he’s feeling about the situation too.
toge is currently laying on the couch watching a tv-show as your previous fight today has been solved. it’s not awkward between the two of you. in fact, he can’t help but miss you as you’re in the shower. he only just saw you half an hour ago, but watching a show by his own on the couch does become boring after only a few minutes.
he shuts the tv off and gets up from the couch to walk into the bathroom. the door is unlocked, but he still knocks on it to see if he can come in and when you tell him that he can, he opens the door and steps inside the bathroom where you’re standing with a towel wrapped around your body.
he smiles at you before looking around, only to notice that your engagement ring isn’t on your finger anymore. toge looks at you with wide eyes and rushes up to you, taking hold of your hands. “what is it, baby?” you ask and he points towards your ring finger so you’ll understand.
you tilt your head to the side and smile at him. “it’s in the bedroom, i don’t want to risk it falling off and into the drains, i always take it off during showers,” you kiss the corner of his lips and allow him to lean his forehead against yours. “i’ll put it back on as soon as i’m done putting on clean clothes. it’s nothing bigger than that, okay? don’t worry,” he nods and wraps his arms around your waist, sighing contently at the reassurance from you.
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sunandsstars · 2 days
Yawnetu masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jake x Neytiri x Na’vi!Reader
Summary: One other mate was enough, but two? Unneeded. ___ was the outcast, the unwanted woman. Jake and Neytiri wouldn’t ever see her..right?
Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5
Tonowari x Ronal x Na’vi!Reader
Summary: With her arrival in Awa’atlu, reader seeks to find a sanctuary for her family, one that she may find in two particular individuals
Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 (coming soon)
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angelltheninth · 2 days
nsfw alphabet for kunigami rensuke? with letters D, K, S, X pls :3
I wish we got more Kunigami in the anime, he was the first character that caught my eye.
Pairing: Kunigami Rensuke x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, muscle kink, strength kink, breeding kink, size difference, blowjob, choking, Reader being lifted up
A/N: I haven't read the manga that far yet so I don't know when or where he will come back but I'll be waiting.
Tumblr media
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Knows how to talk dirty but can't back it up with actions. He's very shy when it comes to being naked in front of you and fumbled while taking off his clothes the first time you had sex. It was embarrassing to admit, but yes, he didn't have a lot of experience, with someone else that is, he knows what he likes though, and was happy to learn your likes too. Which for you are running your hands and mouth over his sculpted body and riding his cock.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Seeing you choke. Not being choked by him but choking when you suck his cock. He loves tilting your head back so he can get in deep, the tip hitting your throat, his full balls slapping against your chin and your pretty lips marked with a thick layer of his cum, making a pretty ring around his girth.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Marathon sex stamina with that man. You have to push him away to get him to stop and tell him how fucking tired you are and how sore and used your cunt feels right now. He's still rock hard and you're trembling and out of breath and just completely spent. The thing is that, when you're like the he gets a deep primal urge to flip you over and fill you with more cum, telling you how much he wants to breed you, practically rutting into your pussy until you can't keep yourself up any more and he has to grab your legs and hold you up.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
He works out a lot so he every part of him a part you can grind on. He loves it when you sit on his abs and grind on them, make them wet and sticky with your cum. His cock is really big though, it's hard for you to take into any hole without a little wiggling and lots of prep. He's not girthy but he's on the longer side.
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sytoran · 10 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your bunny's been missing you lately. you make it up to her.
──── ♥ pairing. sub!bunny!wanda x dom!owner!reader
──── ♥ cont. hybrid!au, clingy!wanda, possessiveness, reader is gender-neutral, food play, strawberries go in places they shouldn't, cunnilingus (mentioned), overstimulation, bunny!wanda is so adorable, fingering, squirting, kind of master/pet but not explicitly stated, power imbalance, power play
──── ♥ note. bunny!wanda brainrot- yes, i am not okay. proofreading? for the weak.
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Tumblr media
"hi, bunny," you whisper gently, feeling a lithe body lodge itself between you and the kitchen counter. 
it was in the midst of making breakfast that wanda, your pretty hybrid, had so adorably interrupted you. "wassa matter?" you ask slowly, giving her a reassuring smile, stroking at her long, flowy hair.
wanda was one of the most beautiful hybrids you had ever laid your eyes upon, a precious bunny you wouldn't wish to ever lose. with creamy skin for long legs, perky long ears and a button nose, she was a birthday present gift-wrapped in silk garments.
when you first got wanda, it hadn't been like the handbooks at all, with unexpected mood swings and odd cravings for food. through ups and downs, you treated your pretty bunny well, letting her grow to trust you.
wanda's independence grew thinner the longer she spent her days with you. an utter reliance stemmed within her malleable heart, her long ears drooping each second you were gone.
and that's where wanda's insatiable libido started.
after an especially long work day, you came home, looking forward to see your little bunny again. 
what you didn't expect, however, was to find her on your bed, in your t-shirt, dry-humping what seemed to be your pillow. her adorable ears were almost upright, shaking as she rocked her cunt against the pillow, looking at you with wide and glassy eyes.
your name fell from her honeyed lips like a mantra, coming out in choked cries and high-pitched whines. 
you can guess what happened afterwards.
going back to the present, this seemed to be one of those times where wanda was extremely clingy. the bunny was wrapping her arms around your torso, then her legs around your waist. 
now, she was clinging on to you like a koala bear, nuzzling her head into your clothed chest.
"bunny," you cooed, ever so softly, knowing how much wanda loved to hear that. breakfast would have to wait.
"missed you," she whined, burying her face in the crook of your neck. she inhaled your scent, tongue peeking out of pink lips to lick at your bare skin. "was back late yesterday. missed you."
you held wanda steady, hands moving to cup her plush thighs. ever patient with her needy nature, the bunny found herself falling for you more and more with each passing day.
"sorry, bunny. i did some overtime at work, you know." picking up one of the strawberries you were previously cutting, you fed it to wanda, grinning at her pleased expression.
"yummy," she said, muffled with her lips wrapped around the slice of strawberry. wanda was adorable. 
"mhm. good girl. want another?" you asked, wanda still glued to your torso. she eagerly nodded.
what you weren't anticipating, however, was for wanda to deliberately suck at your fingers when you pressed the pink strawberry against her lips. she sank her teeth into the fruit with zeal, letting the sweet juice run down her mouth and to her neck.
it didn't take two seconds for your mouth to find that trail of juice, sucking at her porcelain skin. "messy bunny," you mumble heatedly, moving your hands from her waist to her ass, gripping harder.
wanda lets out a whimper when your fingers brush the soft, fluffy tail at her back. you knew she was especially sensitive there. giving in to your divine urges, you wrap your hands around her tail and pull, and wanda lets out a cry, arching in your hands.
"need you," wanda whines, grabbing at the fabric of your shirt, sharp nails scratching at your chest. you wrap a hand around her pretty throat with slender fingers, and jerk her back to look at your bunny properly. at the sight of her pink, swollen lips, still damp with the strawberry juice, a devious idea pops into your head.
you lift wanda up and set her on the kitchen counter. your bunny whines instantaneously at the loss of contact, but you shush her with a quick peck on the lips. "i'll make it up to you, sweet girl.”
when you slowly spread her legs, maintaining eye contact (something that wanda craved), her pouty frown morphed into an exhilarated grin.
"are you gonna make me feel good?" wanda asks innocently, habitually moving to rub at her left ear. she's a pretty sight, all dolled up on your kitchen counter.
"only the best," you whisper back while leaning down to align your mouth with wanda's core. with one last wink, your head disappears under her litttle skirt.
when you resurface, your chin is damp but wanda's cunt is soaking. "want more," wanda gasps breathlessly. "please," she adds, spreading her legs a little more.
her tight and wet cunt is on display. smirking, you swiftly grab one of the fresh strawberries from previously. wanda tilts her head questioningly.
that expression quickly fades away when you begin to rub the strawberry on her glistening folds. wanda gasps at the cold sensation, her ears pricking up. 
"you can't put it th- oh," wanda's cry ends in a moan when you slip the tip of the strawberry into her tight cunt. it goes in easily, considering how wet she was from previously.
your eyes burn as you watch the strawberry go in inch by inch. fuck, she's so perfect. “you like that, pet?” you ask, voice a touch rougher than usual. your bunny nods, cunt clenching hard.
what better way is there to reenact your little fantasies than to carry it out on your pretty bunny?
at the sight of the glistening fruit, you can’t resist it anymore, and pull the strawberry out. wanda cries at the loss of contact, hands weaving themselves into your hair. you, on the other hand, take a big bite out of the strawberry, moaning at the taste.
“fuck, pet. you taste so good. so sweet, too. mhm.” 
wanda pulls you into a searing kiss, all clashing tongues and open mouths. she craves to taste herself on your tongue, craves to feel you in her once again. you instinctively wrap a hand around her throat, squeezing lightly to remind her you were in charge.
she whines in brief pleasure, liking the idea of being claimed. you think you might like it more.
when you fingers find her cunt once again, wanda comes apart almost immediately, a high-pitched moan of your name falling from her pink lips. you pinch her cute, stiff, clitoris between long fingers, and her gushes of white cream become spurts.
humming in satisfaction, you don’t bother to give your bunny a break, only continuing to pleasure her till all your desires and fantasies were fulfilled.
perks of owning a bunny, you supposed.
Tumblr media
taglist: @natashamaximoff69 @ohsugar-honey-iced-tea @fayhar @bibliophilicbi @screechcat @rowanyaboats @nahnahnahwhat @the-night-owl-blr @matchasrad @wannabe-fic-readerr @natsxwife @wandsmxmff @enanna-h @jemilyswhor3 @manyfandomsfanvergent @jlsammy23 @spongebobs-tie1 @kiyozoe6778 @lovebelt05 @girllcver @godsfavouritelesbiann @bvrxbre @zekespisshair @alcolanic @ezay @forthelesbians @wlwfanfictionss @forthelesbians @cowxpoke @supaheroine @saqua14 @olsensnpm @33-mrvl @gay4ols3n @knellyc30 @eatkobi @stitch26gp @cqllarbqne @lovelyy-moonlight @diannaswhore | headers are from pinterest and @wanwanparty
yes, my wip list is piling up. yes, i have school stuff to do. yes, i need sleep. just...... accept this. reblog to boost my sanity.
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Tumblr media
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“The world was on fire and no one could save me but you”
Tumblr media
Simon who’s not a stranger to the struggles of mental health or unhealthy and addictive coping mechanisms.
Simon who always picks up the phone when you call, no mater how late it may be, ready to help in anyway he can.
Simon who helps drag you out of bed when you haven’t been up to it for the past week, helping you shower and dress yourself.
Simon who holds you close through nightmares and panic attacks the same way you held him. Soothing your cries of pain with gently cooed comforts and delicate touches.
Simon who hides from his own pains and traumas behind his mask, but you know.
Simon who needs time to adjust to the idea of being vulnerable with someone and appreciates your patience with him.
Simon who pinky promised you, even though he didn’t like pinky promises, that you were both in this together.
Simon who will always be there for you, through thick and thin, because no one was there for him until you came into his life.
Tumblr media
Main blog - @adrunkskeletonsduck
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bitchitsaphrodite · 20 hours
cause she's a drummer in this crazy rock band - ln4 instagram au
very close poll between lando and charles but lando did win. let me know if you wanna see charles stuff!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thexyzaffair locking these cunts in the studio until they finish track 5 #newalbumwhen?
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rockneverdied23 everyday that they leave Thomas in charge of the instagram is a great day
marine_legrand thomas is the only one we trust to not ‘accidentally’ like other posts using the band’s account
mrthomaslegrand that’s how y/n lost her band account privileges 
ynusername actually rockneverdied23 it’s specifically because i liked all of messi’s pictures with the world cup trophy and the french over here got mad lol
trulytaylor2 still waiting for my husband (a brother/sister duo and the americans they adopted into their band) to come home from war (finally release another album)
rocksavedus2 the true horror lies in the amount of f1 fan accounts now following the band page... yall go bother y/n not the whole ass band please
ffsnikolai the actual members of this band fighting in the comments 😆😆😆😆
geriatricbutterfly only will has gotten out of this unscathed
emiliabedilia99 im willing to wait longer for a new album if you would just drop a fucking single or something!! Crumbs people, we are begging for crumbs!!
Tumblr media
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ynusername cool sticker!
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mrthomaslegrand so this is what you were doing during rehearsal 
twentyfourthknife i can’t believe i get to see you in two weeks!!!!!
kierakiera_tarp omg me too!!! So excited they’re extending their european leg
landonorris 😎
parkerlantz2 what is this man doing here and why is he so bad at it
fjordsofglory man has no rizz, how did he pull y/n??
bloodhoundstan absolutely not lando get out of here, we do not want all your crazy fan girls going after our mother again
frankie_23 dude yes, they've all been so crazy on twitter lately
solongsucker at least the band is getting more attention! the issue is when they all think every song is about lando even though y/n writes music, not lyrics
coolglassesdude um no chick, you stay well away from the 27 club please
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mrthomaslegrand nightly shenanigans on tour w/ynusername and marine_legrand
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ynusername you really saw us laid out on the kitchen floor dying and just took a pic??
mrthomaslegrand yeah
marine_legrand expected nothing more from this bitch
landonorris is this the story behind the 4 voicemails you left me last night ynusername?
ynusername .... no comment
ln4_fans i do not want to know what those voicemails said, i need it
angelique_key11 100% sure it was drunken love confessions
herwidowspeak marine changing her hair color again? Shocking
fatherscrispy lol the real reason we don’t get new music regularly
grigorsonfire02 don't jinx it man!! didn't like half of 4 of a kind come from thomas' lsd trip?
fatherscrispy lol fair enough, please do more drugs guys!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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landonorris What a weekend! Enjoyed some good time off, caught a crazy performance of thexyzaffair, and even did some karaoke with my girl and her weird roommates
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thexyzaffair Glad you enjoyed the show mate! 
ynusername lol, not inviting you back to the karaoke though 
landonorris Was i that bad??
mrthomaslegrand it was unfortunate to say the least
willbecrooning weird roommates bro?? i thought we had something special
ynusername smh, singing taylor swift together doesn't mean anything these days
fortheloveoff1 lando getting roasted by his girlfriend and her bandmates in the comments will never get old 😂
mikeymacks193 imagine getting invited to karaoke with your fave band and bottling it, typical lando shit
carlossainz55 🧑‍🎤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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marine_legrand oohh la la monaco, thanks for the pics Lando!
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mrthomaslegrand we can really tell who your favorite person in the band is
marine_legrand not like ive ever been trying to hide it
ynusername lovely time with the most gorgeous bassist in the world ❤️‍🔥
marine_legrand 💋
txyza_stannation our girls 🤟
lance_stroll Come back anytime!
landonorris Please give me my girlfriend back now
marine_legrand SHE WAS MINE FIRST
busyboybrian glad to see the girls are getting some time off!
watersidetears12 hope they’re getting some inspo for new music!
Tumblr media
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thexyzaffair behind the scenes of our upcoming Rock and Roll Magazine issue with our lovely drummer
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marine_legrand THATS MY WIFE
willbecrooning no she’s not
mrthomaslegrand no she’s not
landonorris no she’s not
hannah_wright mommy? Sorry, mommy?
girlslovetxyza omg can Lando fight??
4ofakind_truthers have you seen the dude?? we could totally take him down. he's practically six toothpicks tied together
crazedandazed 😵‍💫 i-i-if i speak
winter10braught i can’t believe i get this shit for free
fortheloveoff1 i would like to personally thank god for bringing me to this band
rietlovesf1 lol i think Lando is thanking God too
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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landonorris just a friendly reminder to those who might need it
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willbecrooning hey google, show me pictures of a guy trying too hard
landonorris what happened to swiftie solidarity
ynusername you two are spending wayyy to much time together
ynusername 🥵🥵🥵
girlslovetxyza girl please get up!! this british twink doesn't deserve this!!
ln4 We think this answers the question
4ofakind_truthers I could take him
georgie_middleton are you still wanting to fight the dude?
4ofakind_truthers .... no
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ynusername doing what i love with the people i love and living the dream
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willbecrooning omg you love us???
mrthomaslegrand 😲
marine_legrand it’s okay y/n, i know you love me more
landonorris 🤩
forgetfulpengiun boys a simp
norris_fans4 as he should be!!! have you seen the girl he pulled??
showandtell22 omg my love!!
gonewild00 obsessed with this woman
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your-averagewriter · 2 days
“I will always wait for you."
Summary: (y/n) is rushed into the hospital of District 13 after being rescued from the Capitol. After a lot of distress, Finnick and (y/n) reunite. (Finnick Odair x fem!reader)
Word count: 1.2K
Warnings: violence, talk of trauma, injury, kissing
I feel my head lull backwards, I don’t even have the strength to look up properly but even so, my head feels abnormally heavy. The hospital cloth scratches against my burnt skin but the feeling is still better than that of the sodden outfits I remember only too well. The sounds of machines, beeping and beeping in my ears irritate me to no end, mimicking the sounds of the sirens and alarms before the imminent terror of the cells. Blinking my eyes shut and clasping my hands over my ears I try to stop myself from thinking but all I can hear is Snow’s smug voice through the speaker and I can see his smirk with it. 
I open my eyes again to see a bland corridor, nothing but grey walls but I can hear the incessant beeping and doctors yelling. Others in hospital beds and gowns rush down the hallway and I notice a few familiar face. I can’t think of who they are, I recognise their faces but where from I don’t know, I stop thinking about it as my head starts to hurt even more.
I try to sit up but somebody pushes me back down and I don’t have the strength to protest. There are shouts to up my dose and I try to protest but all that comes out are incomprehensible slurs. I quickly feel the effect as my eyes roll back and I suddenly feel tired, even more so than usual. 
The bed isn’t soft but it’s certainly an improvement on the prison beds which makes it even easier to just fall asleep. Feeling my eyelids droop I let them, in desperate need of some rest and sleep. 
Only moments later I feel myself gain consciousness and I immediately sit upright, this time not stopped by an attendant. Sadly, the constant noise hasn’t stopped, machines, people, everything and everyone is making a noise it seems and my hands fly to my ears in desperate need of relief from the sounds. My eyes are hot and I can feel tears stinging at my eyes begging to be released. My fingernails dig into my scalp as I grip my ears, desperately trying to block out the noises but it’s all in vain because as soon as I block out surrounding noise I can hear Snow in my head again, taunting me. At any moment he could take me back and torture me, he could kill me and my family - he might have already. His threats in my ear only provoke more tears but I’m quickly attended to by strangers dressed in weird uniforms.
They try to remove my hands from my ears but as each one touches me I push them off, scared of what they’ll do and scared of the sounds they’ll let in if I hear again. After pushing away their grasping hands the tears only flow more, all eyes are on me, even the patients in the beds around me are looking at me (the ones I can’t quite remember have a special look in their eyes and I can’t tell whether it’s pity or understanding).
Doctors are shouting commands and nurses are still grabbing my hands but despite my now weak frame, I spent weeks or months of blocking out the sounds they threw at me, refusing to listen but then they got inside my head.
This ordeal continues for merely a few moments more before all the doctors and nurses step away, I look at them confused through my teary eyes but then relief washes over my face as a familiar figure walks through the door. Finnick. He rushes towards me followed behind by a few others who run to other patients.
He wraps his arms around me but my hands still don’t budge from my ears until he reaches his hands up and places them on top of mine. His hands are calloused but somehow still soft, the corners of my lips upturn slightly before returning to the straight line.
He’s talking but I can’t hear him until he turns around and I assume yells at the doctors as they quickly scurry out of the room leaving only us and the other patients. He turns back and his eyes are on mine. He’s always had the most beautiful eyes, the green specks in the sea of his eyes, even if I forgot Finnick I could never forget his eyes. Gently, he grips my hands and slowly pulls them away from my ears, I resist at first but then relent, relaxing my arms and letting Finnick bring them down in front of us. He places a soft kiss on each of my hands before laying them down on the bed.
Leaning forward towards me he wraps his arms around my frail body, gently, careful not to hurt me. I rest my head on his shoulder before burying my face into the crook of his neck and wrapping my arms around his neck. My breathing is short and quick as I feel my tears dampen Finn’s shirt but he doesn’t seem to mind.
The warmth of another human is a feeling I have not felt for a while, it seems like forever. I can’t even remember how long ago it was I last saw Finnick but it was too long ago separated by what felt like years of constant torture.
He pulls back but his hands remain gently resting on my waist as I’m sat up in the hospital bed. He places his forehead on my mine and closes his eyes whilst I mimic his movements. This was something we always did, before we got separated and repeating our little ritual brings back not only happy memories but the most important and meaningful ones. 
“You’re okay now,” Finn says quietly, his forehead still resting on mine. “I’ve got you. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” He says and even with everything that had happened recently, I believe him entirely. I nod slightly and gently as I can’t bring myself to say anything. 
“Are you okay?” I ask him, it takes a couple of tries to finally get the simple words out. Finn chuckles softly.
“I’m okay. You’re the one you should be worried about.” He says leaning back slightly to look at me. “How are you feeling?” He says now holding onto my hands again.
“Fine.” I croak out.
“Does it hurt?” He asks.
“No more than normal,” I say as an attempt at sarcasm but he only responds with a pair of sad eyes and a discouraged face. Silence fills the room for a couple of seconds but the sound of the machines hasn’t stopped. “When can I leave?” I say, my head drooping slightly at the high drug dosage.
“Not yet.” He says pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. “I’m sorry.” He says sincerely looking at my disappointed expression. 
“I missed you so much…” I say quietly, placing my head on his chest. “The hope that you were alive and waiting for me somewhere was what kept me going.” I say, getting tearful again.
“I will always wait for you no matter where or when.”
AN: I know everyone's in their Hunger Games phase right now so I thought I'd contribute even though I'm in my Hunger Games phase all the time.
I hope you enjoyed reading!
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some-insomniac-writes · 22 hours
Absolutely zero thoughts, just cockwarming Leon while on assignment for re4.
After the storm took out half of the town, both of you decided it was best for Ashley’s safety that you take some rest beforehand. The Chief’s house seemed like the best option. So you and Leon took the time to try and scrap together a more suitable place for her to try and sleep, all the while she’s asking if you two will be okay to get some sleep too.
The sleep part? Not so much. But you were both planning on being much more than okay..
Sat out in the hallways to keep watch, but much more occupied with something else.
Leon’s thumb pressed against the side of your neck just brushing against the tactical shirt’s collar as he’s trying to suppress his panting. One hand on you, the other his loaded gun. It was a dangerously beautiful game to be playing. Maybe that’s what made it feel even better. All the while you were sunk down onto his cock, your cunt giving a snug hold on him as if he might go anywhere. Head lulled forward with a parted mouth, staring right through him with hooded eyes and needy little gasps muffled by the thunder of the storm outside.
Things had been too heated. Whether it was the adrenaline of the situation, the overall safety of your target or the arguments between where to go next when shit hit the fan.
You and Leon never argued.
Which was a clear sign that something had to be done.
Your hands resting on his shoulders as he made a few soft rocks every couple of minutes, enough to keep you both going. Enough to keep you both together.
Your polar jacket wrapped around your waist to hide how your tech pants were discarded, your own body shielding eyes from how Leon was sat the same way, his own tugged down just enough for you to sit down on his cock. He could stay there forever, and he would if he was able to. He was always floored by just how inviting your weeping cunt was for him, at how you shuttered as you speared yourself on him. Leon could get drunk off of how you looked. How you felt.
“Few more minutes.” You mumbled softly, your forehead against his with a slow breath out. He rolled his hips once more, earning him a gentle moan through parted lips.
“Few more minutes.” He sighed back at you, tilting his face so he could drag you into a kiss. Something warm to steer off the cold winds outside. A settled fire in your lower belly that had yet to be stoked, and that likely wouldn’t happen when your target was in the room next door. Leon bit down on your lower lip just enough to recapture your wandering mind, to which you shakily sighed. He pulled back with a mutter, grinding up against you a little harder this time.
“But when we’re out of here, you won’t be lasting any longer than that.”
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jupitercomet · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dead Man Walking
Tumblr media
summary - Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw was ruthless, a stone cold killer both in and outside of the ring — with the belts and trophies to prove it. When a miscalculation results in a target being put on the back of his trainer's daughter, Bradley finds himself facing responsibility he never signed up for. You're a whole new challenge. And Bradley doesn't think you're one he can fight his way out of.
warnings -  DARK THEMES, boxer au, violence, threats of violence, language, mentions of blood, brief mentions of broken bones, mentions of drugs, mentions of steroids, mentions of previous abusive relationship, mentions of guns, men talking very badly about women, no use of y/n, Bradly is 6′6″ because I said so
this blog is 18+, minors please do not interact
word count - 4.1k
monsters in the dark masterlist
Tumblr media
The basement under Mav’s has always been a dingy place. It’s used mostly for storage and there’s not much that needed to be stored in the simplistic gym. Mav always joked that one day he’ll rent it out as a horror movie set, with its stained walls, flickering lights, and rusty metal shelves. Right now it only adds to the mystery of the man with the scar.
He has yet to come to—Bradley may have knocked him out with more force than necessary. But it’s the reason he was so easy to handcuff to the radiator, so he only had to listen to mild complaints from Jake about “the limp sack of shit” he brought in as they heaved his body into the basement. Bob was less pleased with the sight, but said nothing about it.
“You know how long he’s been following you?” Jake questions, placing his hands on his hips as they all stare down at the unconscious man.
“I’d say a while,” Bradley grits his teeth. “I recognized his car when I realized it was tailing me.”
Bob purses his lips. “You think he works for Abnesti? Or… the other guys?”
“Why don’t we ask him?” Jake speaks before Bradley can answer, pointing at the older man who’s waking with a grimace. “Morning, sunshine!”
Bradley shoots Jake a glare, already over the blond's antics. Sometimes Bradley regrets confiding in him, but Jake is smart—smarter than anyone gives him credit for—and it’s not like he doesn’t need the extra set of fists.
The man with the scar moves to wipe his face, only to have his arm yanked back by the handcuff. He looks at it for a moment and then lets out a breathy laugh. “You got a mean left hook kid, I’ll give you that.”
“Who are you?” Bradley’s not in the mood for this and he hasn’t been since he noticed that dark gray Cadillac following him out of his apartment parking lot.
“This is cute,” the man with the scar ignores him, gesturing at the three men standing above him with a single finger. “Baby’s first interrogation?”
Jake fakes a laugh. “You’re funny. Isn’t he funny?”
He turns to Bob and Bradley—the latter never taking his eyes off the man he has handcuffed to the radiator. Bob eyes Jake tiredly, his muscles tense like, at any second, shit could start hitting the fan. “Knock it off, Hangman.”
“Oh, of course, Hangman,” The man with the scar’s eyes light up suddenly and there’s an uneasy chill in the air that has all three boxers stilling. “It’s nice to finally meet.”
Jake pauses, but doesn’t let his cocky persona falter. There’s an apprehensive glint in his eye that he masks with a smirk. Bradley’s beginning to think that maybe Bob is right to be weary.
“Yeah. Yeah, I know you. A coupla my guys had a run in with your girl. I can see why you keep her around, heard she’s real pretty when she cries.”
There has never been a time in his life where Bradley was ever scared of Jake. Jake never fought with the intention to scare people, he was an asshole—a thorn in your side. He got in your head and fed off of every step you falter and every punch you overthink. Jake didn’t scare Bradley because Jake never tried to be scary.
But right now, Jake is uncharacteristically silent. He’s too calm. The smirk on his face is gone, replaced with something unreadable and much more bone chilling. He’s not even looking at the man with the scar anymore, instead Jake’s eyes scan the floor of Mav’s old, dingy basement.
On the wall closest to Jake stands an old metal shelf. It clearly wasn’t put together properly, some shelves looking like they’d collapse under the lightest of weight and the whole thing looking like it might fall over if you leaned on it wrong. What looks to be a piece that should have been used during construction, but wasn’t, leans against the base of one of the shelf legs. Jake bends down, curling his fingers around the short metal rod.
“Can you guys give us a minute?” The question—directed at Bradley and Bob—seems to echo around the dark basement.
“Yeah you want information from him, I got it,” Jake waves Bradley off, jaw clenching. “I’ll take care of it, just get the fuck out.”
Bob wants to argue, part of Bradley does too, but he locks eyes with Jake and all it takes is one look for Bradley to know he’s in no position. Because Jake is looking at him and it only says one thing - if you were me, you’d do the same and I’d let you. Bradley’s never had an unbreakable moral compass and he isn’t about to start having one now.
With a sigh, he gestures his head to have Bob follow him out of the basement. “Just try not to fucking kill him.”
Tumblr media
After half an hour of Bradley and Bob ignoring the noises coming from the floor below, Jake makes his way up the basement stairs. His hands are empty, the metal rod gone, but the effects of its efficiency cover Jake’s knuckles and fingers. He wipes at his nose with a sniff, smearing blood that isn’t his across his upper lip. 
“I should try going to a rage room sometime,” Jake grins finally.
He’s back to his usual persona—Bradley’s still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing—appearing all too nonchalant as he picks dried flecks of blood from his fingers. When neither Bob or Bradley say anything, he looks up with a loud sigh. “Fine. Yes, he’s talking. Singing like a fucking bird. I am capable of showing self restraint, ya know.”
“You’re covered in another man’s blood,” Bob replies flatly.
“Ain’t that just a regular Saturday night for us?” Jake teases. “Now we interrogating this guy or what?”
Bradley raises his brows slowly. “Can he even talk?”
“Oh, he can talk… Walking’s another story.”
Bradley keeps his features neutral when he walks back down the steps of Mav’s basement. The man with the scar looks pretty much like Bradley expects him to, slumped against the radiator with a pained expression on his face. His breaths appear to hurt—no doubt a result of a few metal rods to the ribs. The rod itself has rolled to the opposite side of the room, splattered in metallic burgundy. 
“What’s the play here, sunshine? You gonna give us some answers or am I breaking another rib?” Jake seems all too chipper. Bradley’s somewhat relieved that he’s predictable again. He knows he can handle a jovial, taunting Hangman. Whoever Jake was before… Bradley’s not so sure.
The man with the scar hides a grimace, sitting up with a defeated, choppy sigh. “What do you wanna know?”
Jake glances at Bradley and he steps forward. “Everything,” Bradley tells the man with the scar. “Why have you been following me? And what’s Rafe got to do with this?”
“Right. About two months ago, Razor came to us with some picture of you and the girl, sayin’ he wants to get even with you. The guys I work for didn’t give two shits, but Rafe did. Guess he recognized the girl or something.”
“And Rafe is…” Bob interrupts, looking at Bradley unsurely. “He’s in the mob?”
The man with the scar grits his teeth to something that borders an amused smile. “Sure, kid. His uncle’s high up, so he lets him play dress up sometimes. Gives him toys.”
“And you’re a toy,” Bradley concludes.
“I’m a toy,” the man with the scar confirms. “I was meant to follow you around, take a few photos, scare you a bit. Give the kid his power trip and go home. Really what he wanted was the girl’s schedule - where she went, when, with who. I’ll tell you, he wasn’t too happy about you. But then you stuck your nose is something the big guys do care about.”
This time it’s Jake who interrupts. “They’re where Razor got the Gephorce.”
“Why?” Bradley purses his lips.
The man with the scar looks at him for a moment, then darts his eyes to Jake. “They cut a deal with Abnesti. He rigs fights in his gym that they can bet on and, in exchange, they sell him steroids that are untraceable to give to his fighters. Razor ended up becoming more of a liability and, when they found out he’s the reason you figured any of this shit out, they offed him and solved your little problem for you so you’d leave it alone.”
“They thought sending me a dead guy in the mail would make me ‘leave it alone’?”
The man with the scar sniffs. “That had been Rafe’s idea. The kid’s a brat, but he’s real fucking persuasive.”
Bradley’s fists clench at yet another mention of the man he was positive he hated. You’d been pretty sparing in what you told Bradley about Rafe, but from what he was hearing, he was starting to get an idea. It seems that everything Rafe had been doing the past two months was to terrify you.
“Where are they keeping the Gephorce?” Everyone turns suddenly when Bob speaks.
“The Gephorce.” Bob repeats. “They have to be keeping it somewhere. Where is it?”
The man with the scar narrows his eyes as if trying to figure Bob out. Bradley, too, feels like he’s missing something. “Under Spiderhead. I don’t know exacts.”
Bob nods slowly, locking eyes with Bradley before discreetly nudging with his head for him and Jake to follow him across the room. The man with the scar looked to be in no position to try anything so, with one last glance, Bradley joins Bob and Jake in the corner.
“I don’t know if I trust him.” The words leave Bob’s mouth in a quiet voice.
Bradley nods. “Me neither.”
“I think we should check out Spiderhead. If the drugs are there then at least we know that we know something,” Bob suggests. “And, if he’s right, then we’re in some deep shit. We should figure out everything we can.”
“I’ll see if Mav can get anything useful out of him too, in case there’s something we’re missing. If we want to check out Spiderhead, we should go tonight. It’s the only night Abnesti doesn’t have any fights scheduled,” Bradley glances at the man with the scar, thoughts racing in his head as he pieces everything together.
“Oh,” Jake speaks up suddenly, clearing his throat. “I can’t, I’m… busy.”
Bradley narrows his eyes. “You’re busy?” 
“Well, excuse me for not anticipatin’ you were gonna kidnap a dude, some of us made plans!”
“Right,” Bradley looks at the blond flatly before stepping away. “I’m gonna call Mav. Reaper, you watch him so that Patrick Bateman over here can take a shower.”
Tumblr media
You’re napping peacefully when Bradley gets home, tucked under the blankets of his bed as Bradley closes the door of his room behind him. For a moment, all he does is watch you, the mattress sinking underneath his weight as he sits down next to you. You don’t stir from the feeling and, gently and unexplainably, Bradley strokes your cheek with a calloused finger. You nuzzle into his touch and Bradley feels his heart constrict.
He doesn’t entirely know what you are to each other now. He’s not even sure if he should know now. Bradley’s never been a relationship person, he didn’t entirely see the point in it. He’d be alone this long, if he needed someone he would have figured it out by now. But, when he woke up the morning after, he didn’t find himself regretting sleeping with you. If anything, it was the opposite. 
You let out a soft hum and Bradley’s index finger stills on your cheek.
“Bradley?” You murmur, eyes still closed, and Bradley feels your breath against his hand.
He swallows. “Yeah, toots?”
You smile sleepily, reaching up to entangle your fingers with his. It takes a second for you to finally blink your eyes open, a happy look on your face as you meet Bradley’s gaze. Bradley’s sure that, if this hadn’t become routine over the last couple days, he’d feel out of his depth, but now he’s leaning into it. He almost likes the fuzzy feeling he gets in his chest as you prop your head up against his thigh. 
It was clear from the moment you kissed him and he kissed you that things would never go back to the way they were before. But somehow Bradley knew long before that moment that things would never be the same after you. He knew it when he started anticipating your presence during every outing, even mildly looking forward to hearing you rant to him about how it’s impossible that he doesn’t like milkshakes. But he knew it for sure when he locked eyes with Jake this morning and realized he knew exactly what the other man was thinking.
Bradley’s always been protective—hell, it’s what started this whole mess in the first place—but it was never this feeling of duty, like he’d somehow failed if he couldn’t keep someone safe. But with you it’s different. He didn’t know you back then, there’s no way he could have known what was happening with Rafe, but now he looks at you and there’s this need to keep you safe. This need to make sure you’re nothing but this smiley, sleepy girl who’s about to fall back asleep on his thigh.
You squeeze his hand lightly with a happy sigh. “You’re back.”
“I am.”
“Missed you,” you slur and normally Bradley would think that was ridiculous. He’d just been gone a couple hours, and you’d been asleep for most of it, how could you possibly have missed him? But now Bradley thinks that he missed you too. And maybe that’s why he was so quick to leave the man with the scar with Mav without much of a fight.
Instead of voicing any of that, Bradley dips down to kiss you gently. He swallows your appreciative hum, spreading his fingers out against your warm cheek as his lips move against yours slowly. Your little whimpers spur him on and the mattress creaks under him as he shifts to hover above you.
Your fingers tangle in his curls and Bradley is again reminded just how small you are beneath him. And he thinks of everything he learned this morning and he kisses you deeper. Because this is exactly where he wants you and he needs to remind himself that this is right where you are. The impulsive itch in Bradley’s chest dulls when you pull away with a giggle, brushing your nose against his.
You grin, dropping your hands from Bradley’s hair to wrap them around his neck. “You taste like oreo milkshake,” you tell him teasingly and Bradley thinks back to the burgers and drinks he left in the kitchen.
He grunts. “Yeah, I drank half of yours because you stole all the blankets last night.”
“What?!” Your jaw drops and you scramble up, much more alert. “Did I actually?”
Bradley merely raises his brows slightly.
“Bradley,” you pout and Bradley resists the urge to trace over your bottom lip with his thumb. “You should have woken me up. Were you cold?”
“No. Now come eat,” Bradley pats your thigh as he gets up from the bed.
You follow after him, at a slower pace, and Bradley waits for you at the door frame. You want to say more, that much is obvious, but Bradley doesn’t understand what that would accomplish. It’s not like talking about it would change anything. And if it really bothered him, Bradley would have just gotten another blanket. He didn’t care.
Instead, Bradley leads you to the kitchen, handing you your burger and shake—which he’d really only taken a sip of because he hadn’t been fully thinking about it. It’s enough to distract you from pushing the topic further and he pulls out his own two burgers from the takeout bag.
By the time Bradley finishes one burger, you’re still nibbling on yours, chewing slowly as you glance at him every few seconds. “What?”
“Nothing…” you trail off quietly, glancing at him again.
With a sigh, Bradley sets his second burger down, lifting your chin with a hand and pressing a firm kiss to your lips. “Finish your food,” he tells you when he pulls away.
You bite your lip as it stretches into a smile, not even bothering to hide how pleased you are as you practically glow with giddy happiness. Bradley decides that he could get used to this.
Tumblr media
“There’s someone here,” Bob holds his arm out, stopping Bradley from creeping farther into the underground of Spiderhead. 
Unlike Maverick, Abnesti handles all his business under his gym, meaning that both Bob and Bradley were having to navigate the building they were only ever familiar with in the ring. So far things had been easy, Bradley had broken the lock to the back door with minimal effort and, like the two suspected, the building was essentially deserted when there wasn’t a fight.
Bradley looks down to the fingers Bob has pressed against his chest. “How do you know?”
“Well, I can hear them for starters, also—” Bob points to a source of light peeking out from under the crack of a door a good number of feet in front of them. “That light is on.” Bob pauses for a moment, taking in the surrounding area as he sucks in a breath. “I think that’s a storage closet which means they’re probably coming out at some point. We should wait to see how many there are.”
Bradley nods and the two large men duck farther into the shadowy hall. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the door opens to reveal a tall man with chestnut brown hair. The closet has him lit up in a backlight, shadowing most of his features, but he appears frustrated and Bradley can make out that he’s on the phone.
“—And I keep tell you they’re steroids, dipshit, not fucking party drugs,” the man shuffles with the phone pinched between his shoulder and ear as he flips through a ring of keys. “Whatever, I’m fucking getting it, okay? But those girls better still be there when I get back…”
There’s something about him that seems young, Bradley realizes, like he’s closer in age to him and Bob than the man with the scar. And something about that nags in Bradley’s head, but he doesn’t even have the time to think about it before the guy on the phone turns and is suddenly lit up by the storage closet light. Rafe.
Bradley has never seen Rafe in person before. Hell, he’s never seen his entire face. All he has of Rafe is a single photo of his dimly lit profile in the top left corner of one of Razor’s pictures. But Bradley has practically ingrained that dimly lit profile into his fucking retinas with how much he stared at it. He had to make sure there was no possible way for him to forget what Rafe looks like. And, like he’s taunting him, Rafe shows off the exact left side of his profile Bradley had been memorizing for days.
“Son of a bitch.”
He doesn’t think, doesn’t even register Bob whispering at him to stop moving. Bradley realizes that, in memorizing Rafe’s face, there was always one detail he couldn’t get out of his head. He always pictured Rafe black, blue, and swollen, but in this moment his face is entirely untouched. Bradley’s going to fix that.
“Who the fuck are you?”
It happens in a second.
Bradley and Rafe lock eyes and Rafe’s hand moves to his belt. Bradley’s fingers curl into themselves and all he thinks about is the feeling of his hand making contact with Rafe’s body. Then Rafe’s letting out a pained cry, dropping to his knees as his arm contorts abnormally, his shoulder twisting into an unnatural position. Bradley blinks, freezing in his spot a couple feet away from Rafe.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Bob pants lightly, twisting Rafe’s arm again to keep him from struggling.
“You said we should see how many of them there were and there’s one,” Bradley growls, his eyes trained on Rafe. “I don’t need you to play fucking hero, Reaper.”
Bob scoffs, kicking Rafe’s knees in so the other man drops to the floor. With the hand he doesn’t have holding Rafe’s behind his back, Bob reveals the gun hiding in his waistband. “What were you gonna do? Punch fucking bullets?”
“You broke my arm, you bitch!” Rafe interrupts before Bradley can say anything more, attempting to kick at Bob’s ankles—which the other man dodges easily.
“No, I didn’t,” Bob responds flatly, before looking back at Bradley and gesturing his head to the supply closet. “Is there rope in there?”
Rafe’s attempts are no match for the two boxers as they demobilize him in the storage closet and prop him up against a wall. That’s not to say he didn’t try, and Bradley will proudly admit he used far more force than necessary to get the man to shut up and hold still. Rafe’s still cursing at them when they finish, but neither of them care all too much.
“You go check everything out, I’m going to stay here with him.” 
Bob gives Bradley a look before picking the gun up from one of the shelves and sliding it into his waistband. “Fine. But I’m keeping this.”
“Didn’t want it,” Bradley grunts. 
Bob gives him one last look before he closes the supply closet door, bending down to grab the set of keys Rafe had dropped. From the side of the room, Rafe laughs.
“You’re so fucking dead, man.” He shakes his head and Bradley’s fists clench at Rafe’s complete amusement. Rafe lifts his head up and, now that Bradley’s fully facing him, a flash of recognition passes through his eyes. The laughter increases. “Holy shit! Of course it’s fucking you.”
Bradley clenches his jaw, eyes narrowing.
“How’s my sloppy seconds? You sleep with her yet? I got her trained good, huh?” Rafe goads, a smirk growing on his lips as he takes in the way Bradley’s physically trying to restrain himself.
Bradley’s knuckles are white, but he still says nothing, taking in everything in the supply closet but Rafe as the other man continues trying to provoke him.
“I hope you know I’m not sorry ‘bout it. But you understand, right? Some girls just need to be treated like that. And she was such a loud, fucking bitch, so I just taught her to shut up. Bet you really like that, yeah? You’re welcome.”
“Alright.” Bradley sniffs suddenly, reaching for some unused wraps on one of the shelves and unraveling them.
Rafe smirks. “There he is!”
Bradley wraps his knuckles quickly, opening and closing his fists a few times. Briefly Jake comes to mind when he locks eyes with a metal mop handle and Bradley makes a note of it as he shakes out his muscles.
Rafe scoffs. “Aren’t you supposed to be some big, bad boxer? You really gonna fight a guy with his hands tied behind his back? Let’s make this fair.”
Bradley pauses looking around the storage closet with a sniff. “Let me ask you something, Rafe, you see anybody else here?” Bradley waits a beat before shaking his head condescendingly. “It’s my job to prove to everyone that I’m the better fighter, but there’s no one else here, is there? I’m not here to prove shit.” He rolls his neck out slowly and, finally, there’s a flicker of sheer panic in Rafe’s eyes. “This is just for pleasure.”
Bradley cups the back of your head as you wrap your arms around him tightly, shaking in his grip and, as you sob, he reaches over to turn the bath on. You’re shivering as he tests the temperature of the water, but Bradley’s sure it has more to do with your emotions than how cold you are, and he rubs your back with a soothing hand. Bradley kisses your temple gently, pressing his lips against your ear.
“I’ll take care of it,” he murmurs quietly. “He’s never gonna fuckin’ touch you again.”
Your fingers dig into Bradley’s bare shoulders, your tears wetting his skin, and Bradley inhales deeply. 
“I’ll take care of it.”
Bob’s confirmation comes in the form of a solemn nod when Bradley exits the supply closet and that’s all the other boxer needs to know that the man with the scar had been right about the Gephorce. He doesn’t say anything as the two move to sneak back out of Spiderhead. Bob only glances at the supply closet door before following Bradley.
“What’d you do?” Bob wets his lips slowly. 
Bradley shakes out one of his hands with a grunt. “Left a message.”
Tumblr media
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fandom-wreck-9000 · 18 hours
A/N: wrote this cause I was bored<3 enjoy also no beta reader so sorry if it’s cringey ig.
Welcome home my Darling new neighbor (Wally Darling x Male reader) Yandere Fic
CW: Scopophobia, stalking, and kidnapping
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Welcome home website.
Tumblr media
You lay on your bed in your apartment lazily scrolling through TikTok, you had just finished some college assignments and eaten dinner so you were bored and didn’t know what to do before bed. You noticed some videos about a company reviving an old 70’s puppet show named ‘welcome home’ there was art that was restored for the show itself, it intrigued you, the vast colorful array of characters, and the story behind the show itself and why it got canceled. Although there was one character that drew you in the most you didn’t know his name yet but he was the most interesting out of them all, he had yellow ‘skin’ and dark blue hair that was put up into a pompadour, through all the pictures you saw you noticed he was the one looking at the ‘camera’ the most, almost as if staring right at the viewer… Right at You… It was very interesting you decided to look up the website and look at it.
And so you searched it up and found it, the site itself was colorful and welcoming, but you got the nagging feeling that something was wrong as if something was staring at you through the screen. You shook it off, summing it up to nerves or superstition, you explored the site, finding out the reasoning behind the restoration of the show which you found heartwarming, and you found out the puppet that had you intrigued the most was named ‘Wally Darling’... “What a cute name, and he’s really cute himself.” you said truthfully a soft adoring smile on your face, the feeling of being stared at grew in intensity, and you decided to still ignore the feeling still notching it up to nerves… Yeah, nerves...
After reading everything and looking at everything on the site you closed the browsing site and looked at the time which was 1:00 in the morning, so you put your phone down and cuddled under your blanket staring outside the window for a bit staring at the stars, a smile curling up on your lips again. You felt your phone buzz and picked it up to look at the notification seeing it showed a random phone number had texted you, you opened your phone and opened messages looking at what the random number sent.
“Hello, Neighbor, how are you? What's your name?” The text read.
It seemed friendly and even comforting but the nagging feeling of being stared at came back, why did this person call you Neighbor anyway? Against your better judgment, you texted back… You didn’t know why but you did…
“My name is (M/N) and I am pretty well… Who are you?”
You patiently waited for a text back from the other person, and you didn’t have to wait long but the text that came back shocked you.
“Wally Darling is my name Neighbor, you have a pretty name I think it fits with your pretty face…”
“What do you mean? You’ve never seen my face??”
“Quite the contrary my Darling (M/N) I see you right now… your pretty (E/C) eyes are enchanting to stare into and your smile is even more breathtaking…”
You stared at the text frozen in fear, how… how did he know how your eyes looked?? This had to be some sick prank, holding back the bile threatening to come out you placed down your phone and searched your entire apartment… You found no one in it... No one at all... What the fuck was happening? You froze again hearing your phone buzz again…
And again…
Fear clenched your entire being, your mouth felt dry, you couldn’t move, you felt your heart beat wildly in your chest out of pure fear, and bile crept into your throat again threatening to pour out of your mouth you swallowed hard to try and keep it down. You flinched when your Phone buzzed again, your head slowly turning toward it in fear… you slowly walked back over to your bed and sat down. Hesitant to pick up your phone. You quickly picked it after the fourth Buzz and you looked at the messages he sent you…
“Friend, why are you searching for me where I am nowhere to be found?”
“No need to be scared friend, I won't hurt you.”
“(M/N) stop being scared and pick up your phone…”
“Friend I am nowhere to be found in your apartment please keep talking to me.”
you slowly and hesitantly wrote back a response…
“How did you know… I was looking for you… and how do you know what I look like?”
You kept the bile in your mouth down as best you could, for your body was completely filled with fear…
“Cause like I said I can see you… Don’t make such a scared face, c'mon keep giving me that adorable smile I saw before please??”
You were still shocked with fear, your mind began to become fuzzy and dizzy, and you laid down back on your bed, your eye’s feeling heavy. Before you completely blacked out you saw your TV turned on and something or rather someone came out of the TV and walked towards you and picked you up carrying you. That was all you remember before passing out.
Tumblr media
A/N: lemme know if you want a second chapter or not lol
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antighst · 2 days
if anyone would get this it would be you 🙏🏽🙏🏽 ghost calling his gf "sunshine" (civilian gf at that) idk why this thought won't leave my head but I'm not really complaining
AWEE OMG. ur so sweet 🫶. i’m so happy i got a request!!! tysmmm love youu! AAA also idk if you wanted smut, but i left it out. if you want it i can always write a part 2?
summary ghost calling his gf “sunshine”
tags soft!ghost x reader, simon and reader teasing each other
not proof read.
simon sat in the living room taking off his boots, his duffle bag laying on the floor, he tried being quiet, but failed when his loud boot hit the wooden floor.
you switched the light switch, walking out into the living room, a dark figure sitting on your couch startled you to say the least. “holy shit!” you yelled continuing with a long breath of relief.
“hi lovie,” simon said, leaning back into the couch.
you rounded the couch sitting next to your boyfriend “hey si.”
simon rested your legs in his lap, his hand on your knee and his other hand supporting your back.
“god i’ve missed you.” you hummed, laying your head on his chest, fingers drawing miscellaneous shapes.
“i’ve missed you too, sunshine.”
he didn’t fail to notice how to tensed, your fingers no longer moving. you shifted your way to sit in his lap, your cheeks red from how hard you were smiling. you took his balaclava off of his face, bringing your lips an inch or so from his, “say that again.”
“hmm, what?” he mused. “i miss you?”
“no. the other thing.”
you let out a small laugh, something he definitely missed hearing. “yes. that.” you brought your lips to his, a passionate kiss.
“you’re so easy to please.”
“oh shut up.”
his hands came up to your face and rested on your cheeks, his thumb tracing your bottom lip. “you’d love that wouldn’t you?”
you shook your head “i’d be miserable, si.”
“of course you would, sunshine.”
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kenny-the-ken · 2 days
Imagine being high school sweethearts with kenny and quickly trying to have sex without getting caught because he’s so horny lmao like hes begging for some head round the back of the school lol
Don't Be Shy
Tumblr media
I love love LOVE this request!!! Part 2 of YOU + ME and My Brother's Best Friend will hopefully be up by later tonight or tomorrow!! Please keep the requests coming guys, writing these are keeping me sane at the moment, the terrible twos are no joke 😭💀
"Baby, please? Not even a quickie?" Kenny whined at you, as you continued to walk down the school corridor, shaking your head.
"No way, Ken. After school, yes of course, but in school where we could get caught? Nuh-uh!" You replied and he frowned, pouting his lips at you and trying his best to give you puppy dog eyes.
"But watching you in Physical Education babe, god and the fact you swore that skort too, it's so short and your boobs and ass looked incredible! Please?" And he was back once again on his tangent of begging and pleading with you, and he was starting to wear you down, and he knew it.
"Okay, what about, we don't have to have sex, but maybe even a quick blowie out the back where no one is during class times?" Kenny asked and you paused for a moment, seriously considering it.
"I'll think about it." Was all you said, before giving him a quick kiss on the lips and making your way to class.
He had a free period while you were in art, and having most of your work done, you decided to toy with your overly horny boyfriend.
Y/n: Hey Ken, can I ask you a question?
Kenny 🧡: Yeah baby, what's up?
Y/n: So I bought some new lingerie a few days back and I only got round to trying it on yesterday evening, I took a few pics for you, I just wanted your opinion on them.
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Kenny opened them and his jaw dropped to his feet, you were so good at taking lude shots of yourself, and you knew this would drive him crazy, his cock was rock solid, and that's exactly what you wanted.
Kenny 🧡: I think I want you to wait for me in the disabled access toilet on the first floor.
And you smirked scanning his message before putting up your hand and asking to be dismissed to use the bathroom.
Unbeknownst to you, when you got there the door was locked, and you tried the handle a few times, before the person on the inside unlocked it, opened it enough for you to be pulled in by their hand and the door was locked again as Kenny pinned you to it.
"You think you're funny, hmm? Sending me those pictures of you looking like you were just waiting for me to come in and tear them off you and remind you who this pussy belongs to." He said, his hand going straight up your school skirt and right to your wet panties.
You let out a small moan at the contact and Kenny slowly pushed you to the floor on your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling his jeans and boxers down, his large cock springing free and sitting against his stomach.
"Suck." Was all he said, grabbing your hair that was tied in a high pony and moving your face closer to his dick. You grabbed it with your hand, your tongue licking the bead of precum off the tip before hollowing your cheeks and taking him as best you could into your mouth.
Fuck this was just what Kenny needed, he'd been longing for you, your mouth, your pussy, anything as long as it was you. And his moans were deep and breathy, as you bobbed your head, staring up at him with a gaze of innocence.
"So pretty, Princess. Looking so innocent with your lips wrapped around my cock." Kenny moaned out, his hips bucking forward causing you to choke slightly, and he smirked.
"What's wrong, can't take it baby?" He teased before setting a quick pace with his hips bucking forward, you could feel his cock hitting the back of your throat, saliva and precum running down your chin, your hands on Kenny's thighs as you swallowed around him, earning a strangled moan from him.
"Fuck, your throat feels so good, what a little slut you really are." Kenny groaned once more, gasping as your hands cupped his balls, massaging them gently, your cheeks hollowing around him, sucking as best as you could, your eyes watering.
"Gonna make you look like a mess, slut." He moaned out, his hips quickening and his thrusts starting to become sloppy.
"Getting close, baby, gonna come in your mouth and you're gonna swallow everything I give you, understand?" Kenny asked, earned a hum from yourself in response as his grip tightened on your hair, moving your head quicker to meet his rough thrusts.
"F-Fuck, y/n!" Kenny moaned out, his vision going white as he came in your mouth, his back arching slightly, your head still bobbing up and down his over sensitive cock, milking every drop of cum from him, and swallowing, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand as you smirked up at him.
His hand cupped your face, leaning down to place a gentle kiss on your lips. "You have no idea the things I'm gonna do to you when we get back to my house." His voice was deep, and he offered you his hand to help you up, pulling you into a warm embrace.
"Thank you, baby. I love you." Kenny whispered into your ear, placing a kiss on your forehead before slapping you on the ass.
"Now get that pretty ass of yours back to class before we get in trouble." He said, and you laughed, a smile on your face, kissing your boyfriend before unlocking the door, sneaking out one after the other as Kenny walked you to your class, leaving you off with a kiss.
"I'll meet you at lunchtime." He said with a wink, before heading back to his free period.
Your teacher inquired as to why you had been gone for so long as you made up an excuse, saying you felt like you were going to be sick, but you and Kenny both knew that was was the furthest thing from the truth.
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iamthewoe · 1 day
The Interview
It was a day , like many others. Today, you and your cast mates had yet another interview. Jenna being close friend of yours and also a love interest always sat beside you in interviews but today was different for whatever reason. You were sitting next to Jasmin and next to her sat Jenna. Let’s not get it twisted you LOVED Jasmin but right now she was unintentionally in the way of you being beside your person. The interview began and the first question was about the upcoming characters arcs and such to which you completely blanked out on since you were focused on Jenna and her position. Luckily for you Jasmin notices and gives you a slight smirk. “Switch?” She whispers. You nod and you switch seats. You felt better now that you were close to Jenna and was able to admire her better. Jenna’s eyes meet yours giving you a slight smile. Fortunately for you , Jenna’s eyes lingered. You smiled back at her and avert your eyes.
Throughout the interview the two of you begin to get closer. First , her head on your shoulder then linked at the elbows and finally her hand resting on your thigh. The interviewer high key shipped the both of you and made a small comment “someone make an edit of this” she whispered to the camera jokingly. Everyone chuckled not knowing exactly what the interviewer was referring to . You were so preoccupied obsessing over how Jenna’s hand was on your thigh you didn’t even hear the next question. Jenna’s hand strokes your face to draw your attention back in. “Oh I’m sorry what was the question?” You asked embarrassed. “Oh no you’re all good! Who do you think would be the best at being ghost face in real life?” The interviewer smiles. You look at Jenna who’s already looking at you. “I would have to say Jenna” you reply. “Why’s that?” The interviewer prods. “She wouldn’t murder me. I don’t think…” you reply. “She’s gonna murder something else” Jasmin mumbles making all the other cast mates chuckle or widen their eyes. Jenna smirks while giving you a side glance as you elbow Jasmin and blush.
The interview comes to an end and you couldn’t wait to get your ass out of there. “Wait up speedy” Jasmin called to you. “Fuck off” you say playfully. “Yeah wait up” you hear Jenna say catching up. Jasmin throws her arm around your shoulder and you roll your eyes. “We were gonna go out and get something to eat are you down?” Jasmin asked. “I can’t , I literally have a ANOTHER individual interview in the next hour” you reply. “Next time then” Jasmin says and departs. Jenna kisses your cheek “Next time you better not be busy , see you later”
You smile and think ‘she’s gotta be into me’.
After the interview aired the two of you were basically trending on Tik Tok and the edits you saw definitely made you blush and realize that you weren’t exactly being delusional about Jenna liking you back.
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