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goddamn the boys are fighting and they got me wanting to write a threesome!!!!
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Who I Write For
cody rhodes
el phantasmo
swerve strickland
adam page
will ospreay
seth rollins
jey uso
cm punk
i might update to be open to more eventually but this is the list for now. if anyone has anything they’d be interested in, let me know.
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wildfire 006
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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warnings: unprotected sex, daddy kink, biting, dirty talk, choking, fluff, minor praise kink.
a/n: the final part! Apologies for the delay. i’ll be uploading a list of people i write for if anyone is interested in requesting. enjoy!
As soon as you enter the bathroom, you perch on the edge of the bathtub, watching Cody set the temperature of the water in the glass shower. Once he’s satisfied with the temperature, he begins to undress, keeping his eyes on you. As much as you try not to stare while he undresses, you can’t help but bite your lip watching him.
“What?” he smirks.
“I’ve never seen all of you at once,” you say. “I’m excited about it.”
“Oh, yeah?” he chuckles, finally removing his boxer briefs so he’s naked in front of you. “What do you think?”
“Do a spin, let me see the rest.” With a laugh, he does as you ask, holding his hands out to the sides and doing a slow 360 in front of you. “I love you,” you laugh.
“I love you, too,” he replies, holding his hand out to you. As you gently place your hand in his, Cody leads you into the oversized shower, closing the glass door behind you.
Showering with Cody was something you had frequently thought about. Vivid images of being soaking wet, pinned cheek first against the tile of a shower while Cody slams into you from behind, both of you moaning in an almost obnoxious way — the thought stayed at the back of your mind every time you were present while he showered.
But this is different. Cody is gentle, getting down on his knees to help clean every inch of you before cleaning himself. He chats with you the whole time, mostly idle conversation about work, but stopping every now and then to make sure you’re okay.
“Come here,” he whispers, pulling you so your back is against his chest, standing under the shower head. His arms wrap around your frame holding you loosely against him. “Is there anywhere in particular you want to go today?” he asks. “We can do anything you want.”
“I don’t know,” you say with a contented sigh. “You can show me the sights. It doesn’t even have to be anything fun, honestly.” When Cody chuckles, it rumbles through your body, and you drop your head back against him, angling to look into his head. “You’re in charge, daddy,” you add, with a teasing grin.
“Mmm,” Cody hums, closing his eyes. “Keep talking to me like that, we won’t be going anywhere today.”
“Is that a threat or a promise?”
“You really love having a smart mouth,” Cody mutters, pressing his head against yours, his mouth beside your ear. One of Cody’s hands presses against your throat, fingers curling and pressing just enough to make you pull in a breath. “I could get you off in every room in this house, and it still wouldn’t be enough for you,” Cody mumbles. “You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”
Cody is quietly mumbling the lyrics to the song that plays on the radio as he casually drives with one hand gripping the steering wheel. You try to discreetly look at him from your spot in the passenger seat, taking in the more relaxed outfit he donned for your day out.
“This feels different,” you say, to Cody.
“What does?” he asks, lowering the volume of the music to hear your response.
“This,” you say. “Being in a car, hanging out with you. I don’t know, it’s just a different vibe.”
“Probably because you were grinding on my face a couple of hours ago,” Cody teases, which causes a flush to spread over your skin. You let out a shy chuckle, so Cody reaches across the center console to take your hand. “Seriously,” he laughs. “Things are different, you’re right. I don’t know about you, but I like this a lot better.”
“Yeah, I like it, too.” Cody gently pulls your arm across the console, kissing the top of your hand and keeping your fingers laced with his, placing them both in his lap. “What are we gonna have for dinner?” you ask, laying your head against the headrest, craning your neck to peer at Cody.
“Anything you want,” he says. “Name it, and I’ll make it.”
“No, that’s too much pressure. You pick.”
“Hmm,” he hums, rubbing his thumb on your hand. “I have an idea. There’s a grocery store that I really like a few miles away…I can run in to grab a few things.” You glance out of the window, taking in the variety of shops lining the street. An idea crosses your mind, a way to surprise Cody.
“Is there a place nearby...that sells, like…clothes?”
“Of course,” Cody chuckles. “A lot of stores around here sell clothes. I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. Are you looking for something in particular?”
“Uh, not…really,” you reply, trying to think of a response that will be vague enough to keep Cody in the dark about what you are planning. “Maybe like a mall close by or something?” Cody glances over to you, his eyes narrowed behind his aviators, as if he’s trying to read your mind.
“There’s a plaza,” Cody says, looking back to the road. “It’s a little further past the grocery store. They have a ton of shops there, I’m sure you’d be able to find what you’re looking for there. If you’d like, I can drop you off to get whatever you need while I pick up the food. Would that be cool?”
“Yeah,” you nod. “That’s fine.”
After a few moments, Cody pulls onto a parking lot and you begin to read the signs of what shops are located in the plaza. Dior, Balmain, Versace, Cartier.
“Woah, this seems…” you look at Cody. “I wasn’t talking about stuff like this. This place looks expensive. Just a regular mall—”
“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Cody interrupts, parking the truck in a spot at the back of the lot. “I’m sure there’s a place in here that has just the kind of clothes you’re looking for.” You watch as he takes his wallet from the center console, pulling out several hundred dollar bills before holding them out to you.
“Cody that’s, like, a thousand dollars,” you say, pushing his hand away from you.
“I can give you my credit card instead. I want you to get whatever you want, babe. Whatever you need.”
“But, Cody—”
“Come here,” he says, beckoning your closer with a crook of his finger. You both lean in towards one another, resting your weight on the console. His free hand gently grasps your jaw to keep you in place, your eyes locked. “I know you’re fine taking care of yourself,” he says softly. “But you have got to let me take care of you sometimes, too. What's the point of having money if I’m not gonna spend it? Especially on you.”
“Fine,” you sigh, allowing him to place the money in your hand. Before you pull away, Cody’s grip on you tightens, keeping you close so he can place a kiss on your lips.
“Good girl,” he mutters. “I’ll bring you up to the door.” He relaxes back into his seat, pulling from the parking space and waiting in the traffic of the aisle. “Did you know that my favorite color is yellow?” Cody asks, suddenly. When you look at him in confusion, he looks back at you, a small grin on his lips; you finally catch what he’s implying.
“Yellow’s a nice color,” you nod. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Good,” Cody nods, pulling the truck up to the entrance of the plaza. “Take your time, no rush at all. Just let me know when you’re ready.”
“Okay,” you reply, slipping the money into your bag. You lean back across the console, giving Cody another kiss before opening the door and exiting the truck. “I love you,” you say.
“I love you, too, baby girl.”
When you arrive at Cody’s house, you excuse yourself to the bathroom, leaving Cody to begin the process of cooking. Once alone in the bathroom, you pull the yellow lingerie from the bag you got from the plaza. While yellow has never been a color that you frequently found yourself wearing, you have to admit that as you look at your reflection in the mirror, you like the way the bright colored lace looks. You pull your jeans and shirt on once again to keep some element of surprise, before heading down the stairs towards the kitchen.
You take a sip of your water as you watch Cody across the kitchen from where you sit on the counter. He’s stirring a pot of sauce on the cooktop, his face remarkably focused for such a simple task. You have to stifle a laugh but smile wider at the sight.
“It’s not polite to stare, ya’know,” Cody says, not looking up from his work. “If you aren’t careful, I’ll have to come over there and teach you a lesson.” With this, he shoots a glance to you, a satisfied smirk on his lips.
“I was just thinking about how you look so much better without that horrible mustache you had when we first met,” you reply, gesturing to his face, earning a laugh from Cody. “And as much as I miss your dark hair, the blond has sort of grown on me…the neck tattoo, though, I don’t know. It does make me want to bite your neck. Was that the idea for the placement? Sort of a target?” Cody sets the spoon down and crosses towards you, his jaw clenched as if he is irritated. When he comes to a stop in front of you, standing in between your legs, he sets his hands on the counter on either side of you.
“Babe,” he begins, deeply. “You’re making it difficult for me to keep my hands off of you right now. I was planning on this being a nice, romantic dinner, but if you keep throwing me looks, and running your mouth, I’m gonna spread you out on the table instead. You know how long we’ve been waiting to do this.” He drops his gaze from your face to look between your bodies, before pulling in a deep breath and looking back to you. “Once I get a taste of you, I won’t wanna stop,” he whispers. “And then that just spoils the delicious dinner I’ve been making for us.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” you say, leaning in and giving him a soft kiss. “I didn’t mean to distract you.” He chuckles quietly, giving your thighs a quick squeeze as he moves back toward the cooktop.
“You’re such a tease,” he muttered. “Just over here trying to cook a fuckin’ nice dinner, and you’re getting my dick hard.” You laugh, taking another sip of your water. “Did you have fun today?” he asks, changing the subject.
“It was okay,” you reply, nonchalantly. Cody’s head snaps up, confusion in his eyes. “I'm just kidding,” you laugh. “I had a great time. I love spending time with you. Being able to be out with you…holding hands, being cute…I loved it.”
“Good,” he nods, setting the spoon down again to turn towards you. “And now you’ve got me for the whole weekend. We can do whatever you want.”
“Did you just tell me that I can do whatever I want to you?” you ask, with a teasing grin.
“Now, babe,” he says, smirking while he shakes his head. “You know better than that.” He turns the stove knobs to a lower setting before he crosses the kitchen to stand between your legs once again. “Who’s in charge?” he whispers.
“You are, daddy,” you respond.
“That’s right,” he grins, leaning in towards you. His gaze falls to your mouth, the faintest smirk still on his lips, before he pulls his attention back to your eyes. “But because daddy likes to treat his baby girl right,” he begins, grabbing onto your hips and yanking you forward to the edge of the counter. “We’ve got a few minutes…”
He smirks, pulling you from the counter so you can stand before him; he walks you towards the sofa, sitting down and pulling you to straddle his lap. Before Cody can speak, you grind against his lap, feeling how he’s already getting hard under his gray shorts.
“Don’t be a tease,” he warns. “C’mere.” You dip your head down and press your lips to his, allowing the man to deepen the kiss. His hands grip your thighs tightly, helping you grind down against him, both of you moaning in response. As his hands begin to slip up the sides of your shirt, fingers digging into your skin, you kiss down his cheek towards his neck. “Careful,” Cody mumbles, as your teeth scrape against his neck.
“Didn’t you say I could leave marks?” you breathe against his skin, dragging your tongue slowly along the outline of his tattoo.
“I did,” he replies. “And you can…but if you get me going—”
“You won’t want to stop,” you tease, echoing his words from earlier. “Promises, promises.” You bite his neck, listening to the groan he lets out as he grabs hold of your hips, pulling you tighter against him.
“You’re…” Cody speaks through his teeth, fingers digging into your skin so hard you’re sure he’s going to leave bruises. It drives you to bite his neck again, this time harder, which causes Cody to react. His arms wrap around your frame, flipping the two of you over so he has you pinned down on the sofa. “What did I tell you?” he whispers, settling on top of you, between your thighs. “Hm? At the hotel…what did I promise you?”
“You said a lot of stuff,” you tease. Cody takes your hands in his, lacing your fingers and pinning your arms to the sofa above your head.
“Have you gotten sassier?” he asks. “I said I was gonna make you mine. Remember that?” He leans towards your neck, kissing and nipping at your skin.
“Yeah,” you breathe out, closing your eyes and grinding against Cody. He maneuvers to hold both of your wrists with one hand, taking his now free hand to cup your breast over your shirt. “Fuck,” you whisper, pulling your knees around his waist as Cody continues to bite your neck.
As Cody’s hand starts to bunch up your shirt, fingers brushing against your skin, he stops suddenly, pulling back from you so he can sit up on his knees. For a moment, you’re not sure what he’s doing, until you smell the burning coming from the kitchen.
“Goddamnit!” Cody exclaims, vaulting from the sofa, and scrambling towards the kitchen. You listen for a moment from your place on the sofa, hearing clanging and slamming, mixed with Cody swearing in anger. “Motherfucker,” he groans.
Hurrying into the kitchen, you find Cody standing in front of the cooktop, waving a chopping board to fan the smoke away from the burnt roast he had just removed from the oven, pausing briefly to turn the range hood higher. You bite your lip, keeping yourself from laughing as you watch the aggravated look on Cody’s face. After a moment, once the smoke has dissipated, Cody tosses the cutting board onto the counter top, and turns off the hood. With a loud sigh, he places his hands on his hips, staring at the ruined food.
You feel a laugh building up, and though you try to stifle it, a slightly choked breath comes out. Cody’s back is still facing you, but you can see the way his posture changes. He turns his head so you can now see his profile, and the scowl on his face is still noticeable.
“Did you say something?” he mutters.
“No,” you reply.
“That’s funny,” he begins. “Because it sounded like…you were laughing.” You part your lips, prepared to defend yourself but Cody continues. “What is it?” Cody asks, turning around to face you fully now. His face has relaxed, but his eyes are lit up, something devious hidden within them, something playful. “Are you nervous because now that the food is burnt…that means there’s nothing keeping me from fucking you until you’re begging me to stop?”
You are so focused on Cody’s eyes piercing through you that you don’t realize he’s walking closer to you. When he’s just a few feet from you, the urge to run overtakes you, so you turn on your heel and dash through the house, laughing in delight. You can hear Cody running behind you, but you’re certain he’s intentionally letting you get away, likely running slower than he normally would, just to play with you.
You’re halfway up the stairs when Cody, still hot on your trail, catches your leg with his hand, causing you to stumble forward onto your hands and knees. As you make contact with the stairs, you’re thankful that they are carpeted, but you quickly flip onto your back so you can see Cody.
“Where d’you think you’re going, huh?” he breathes out, slowly walking up the stairs towards you. “Running away from me like that.” With a smirk on your face, you scoot up the stairs, still trying to get away from him. “My good girl likes to be bad sometimes, hm?” he continues with a devilish grin spreading across his lips.
As you reach the top of the stairs, you lock eyes with Cody, and pull your shirt over your head to toss to the side. His smile grows wider, even more devious, as he braces both of his hands on the railing and the wall on either side of of the staircase.
“Damn,” Cody whispers. “Yellow is your color, babe.” His head tilts to the side, finding your gaze. “But I hope you don’t think that’s gonna make me take it easy on you,” he adds. “In fact…” He trails off, taking another step up to be closer, leaning in towards you.
As Cody’s face is now next to yours, close enough so you can feel his breath on your lips, you feel your own breathing hitch. Cody’s fingers make find your jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and dragging down the zipper. Keeping eye contact with you, he uses both hands to work your jeans down your legs and throws them to join your shirt on the stairs.
“All lace…” he breathes, looking down at your clenched legs, and gently pushing your knees apart to get a glimpse between your thighs. “I’ll bet you drenched straight through ‘em, huh?” He reaches between your thighs, slowly rubbing his thumb over your damp panties.
“Cody,” you whimper, your body lurching slightly at the sudden contact. He grins at you, bringing his thumb to his lips and licking the taste of you from his skin.
“What was it that got you so worked up?” he asks, dropping onto his knees on a lower stair so that he’s eye level with your panties. “You liked getting chased?” You nod slowly, watching Cody leaning in between your thighs, with his eyes still on your face. “Of course you did,” he chuckles, his breath blowing out across your already flushed skin. “Daddy’s bad girl.”
Your eyes stay on Cody as he gets closer and closer to you until finally you feel his breath blowing over you through your soaked panties. Without warning, Cody’s tongue presses against your panties, near your entrance, licking all the way up to your clit.
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp, spreading your thighs wider. Cody chuckles against you, sucking gently on your clit through the soft lace of your panties. “Cody,” you whine, pressing your hand to the back of his head in an effort to pull him closer.
“Mhm,” he hums against you, pulling from between your thighs, licking his lips. “If this wasn’t our first time, I’d fuck you right here on these stairs.” He climbs up the stairs so he is now kneeling between your legs, eye level with you. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”
“Anything you want, daddy,” you reply, as you grab Cody’s shoulders, pulling him towards you for a kiss. He chuckles against your lips, slipping an arm behind your back to pull your body flush against him, while his other hand grabs your thigh.
As he continues to kiss you, he tightens his hold on you, standing up from the stairs and lifting you up with him. A small gasp escapes your mouth, and you break the kiss to hold onto Cody more firmly.
“Don’t worry, baby girl,” he mumbles. “I’ve got you.”
Cody carries you towards the bedroom, gently dropping you onto the mattress. As he undresses to his briefs, he keeps his gaze on you, making sure you stay focused on him. After your eyes momentarily flit to his gray briefs, desperate to get an eyeful of just how hard he is, you find Cody smirking when you fix back on his face.
“What is it that you think about when you’re staring at me like that?” Cody asks, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs to draw your attention back to his hips.
“Right now…I’m thinking about earlier…” you mumble. Cody tugs his briefs down his legs to remove them and slowly starts to stroke his hand over his erection as he eyes you up.
“Yeah?” he asks, moving to the edge of the bed. “Which part? The part where you squirted all over me, or the part where you were deepthroating me?” A flush breaks out across your skin at the way Cody speaks, intentionally teasing you just because he can. “Both?” Cody chuckles. “Of course you were. You’ve been aching for this to happen for years.”
“Cody,” you whine, watching his hand still slowly working over himself. “Please, please just fuck me.” He smirks wider at your needy tone, moving onto the bed so he can kneel between your spread legs.
“You know I’m not letting you off that easily,” Cody replies, grasping your thighs to pry your legs even wider. His hands stay on your legs, but slide around towards your soaked panties, his fingers delicately rubbing your inner thighs as he goes. “You are so goddamn beautiful,” he mutters, pressing one hand on the mattress next to your head to brace himself as he leans in to kiss you softly.
Both of your hands maneuver quickly to his back, desperate to pull him against you, which he allows. As soon as your skin makes contact with his, you feel as though a spark ignites your whole body, causing you to pull your knees around his waist as if to beg him for more contact.
“Fuck,” Cody breathes into your mouth, as he gently grinds himself against your panties. He breaks the kiss, to your dismay, but sits back onto his haunches, eyeing the way you shift your hips impatiently.
Cody uses one hand to pull your panties to the side while the fingers of his other hand glide through your wetness, gathering as much as he can. The whimper you release is not of your own accord, which causes a grin to spread across Cody’s face. Your eyes lock onto his hand, his fingers dripping with your juices, as he uses it to coat his length.
The words escape you, watching Cody stroke himself this way feeling almost too intimate for you to handle and briefly, you begin to pull your thighs together. Cody, feeling your legs tighten around him, shakes his head.
“No, no,” he mumbles. “Look at me. Don’t get shy, baby girl, it’s just me and you.” With his fingers still hooked in the leg of your panties, he slides his erection into your panties, rubbing against your clit.
“Oh, God,” you whine, when Cody lets go of your panties. The material holds snug against the both of you now, keeping his cock pressed against your slick.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” Cody breathes out, leaning over to brace himself on top of you to kiss you again. He gently rocks his hips so that he grinds the underside of his length against your clit inside of your panties. “Talk to me,” he says, kissing your cheek, along to your jaw.
“Fuck, daddy,” you whisper, closing your eyes and pressing your head against the pillows. “You’re so good at teasing me and working me up. You could get me off just like this.” Cody groans against your skin, biting your neck as he rocks his hips faster.
“I don’t want to get you off yet,” Cody says, kissing his way back to your mouth. “I want to feel you come…I’ve been thinking about it all day.”
Cody kisses you again, slipping his tongue into your mouth to deepen it, but he pulls back again too soon for your liking. This time, you grab him by the shoulders and pull him to you again so you can continue to kiss him. Cody chuckles against your lips, allowing you to be in control for the first time. He continues to grind himself against your clit, but pulls back just enough to drag the head of his cock to your entrance. You gasp into Cody’s mouth, breaking the kiss to look into his eyes.
You take the lead, sliding your hand between your bodies to wrap your fingers loosely around his shaft. Cody doesn’t break eye contact with you but his smirk falters when you tease the tip of his erection against your folds again. This time you help him finally ease inside of you, Cody taking over the action so he slowly pushes himself as deep as he can.
“Oh, fuck,” he breathes out, closing his eyes so he can remain still for a moment. Your breaths are coming in quick pants as you try to adjust to his size. “You okay?” Cody asks, pressing his forehead to yours.
“You’re so fucking big,” you manage.
“Yeah? I can tell you’re not used to this, you’re squeezing me tight already.”
Cody stays still a few more moments, keeping his eyes locked with yours. The way Cody stretches you hurts the slightest bit, however, it only turns you on more; you’re sure Cody can see the effect he’s having on you and chooses to wait for you to acclimate.
“Fuck me,” you whisper. “Please, Cody…”
“God, that’s hot,” Cody mutters to himself.
Cody adjusts to pull your thighs around his waist, your feet pressed flat to the bed. He braces himself with his hands on the mattress, as he pulls his hips back slowly until only his tip is inside of you. He peers down between your bodies, watching as he sinks back inside of you achingly slow. The soft moan that Cody lets out as he feels you stretch around him sends a shiver through your body, causing you to tighten your knees around his waist.
As though he senses your eagerness, Cody begins to move his hips a little faster, maintaining eye contact with you as he does so. The grin spreads wider across his face as he scoots himself closer to you, rocking into you a little faster as he lower his hands brace on either side of your waist. You hook your legs around his waist, urging him deeper each time he thrusts and panting out a few obscenities under your breath.
Cody drops his head to kiss you again, quickly working towards your neck to leave some bites in his wake. He becomes so focused on what his mouth is doing, his thrusts begin to slow. You watch as he kisses down to your lace clad breasts, swirling his tongue around your nipple.
“Cody,” you whimper, pressing your hand on the back of his head to keep him in place while he keeps slowly fucking you. Cody takes the hint and sucks on your nipple through the lace. You buck your hips against his motions, letting out a desperate groan. “C’mon, Cody,” you plead when Cody’s mouth moves to torture your other nipple. “Fuck me harder.”
“Baby girl,” he says, his hot breath blowing out against the now wet lace that covers your nipple. “I’ll give you everything you need…you have to be patient.” He gives your nipple a quick, teasing bite, making you yelp and buck your hips again.
“I wanna see you,” you murmur, pressing your hand to his shoulder so you can push him back. Cody chuckles, keeping himself buried inside of you as he sits up on his knees and presses a hand against your hip to keep you in place.
You watch him as he runs his free hand through his hair as he starts rolling his hips to resume his previous pace. You’re sure he’s not trying to look quite as sexy as he does at the moment, and you want to kick yourself for how silly it sounds in your mind. Still, your eyes are taking in every inch of him as he pins your hip to the bed and fucks you steadily.
“Let’s get rid of these,” Cody mumbles, using both hands to rip your panties off of you. It makes you gasp, the action catching you off guard, and you briefly think about complaining that he’s ruined your new panties, even though he paid for them. “I’ll buy you more, don’t worry,” he chuckles, noticing the look on your face. “Trust me, as good as they looked on you, I’ll buy you one in every fucking color.”
Cody makes his thrusts more languid, making sure he gets deeper each time, so decide to give him a bit of a show. Reaching down between your legs, you trace around your folds and allow your fingertips to tease over the base of Cody’s erection as he continues to thrust. A soft exhale escapes Cody’s lips, his eyes trained on your face as if he’s trying to figure out your next move.
Once your fingertips are wet, you bring them to your lips, licking the taste of yourself from them. Cody hums in approval, his grip on your hip tightening. Your free hand cups one of your breasts, kneading it and playing with your nipple, still keeping your eyes on Cody.
“Let me see,” Cody mumbles, tugging at the strap of your bra to slip it down your shoulder. You do as instructed, slipping your arms out of the straps so you can pull the cups off of your breasts. “Keep touching yourself,” Cody instructs, thrusting more forcefully, a slapping sound beginning to ring through the air.
You continue to follow Cody’s instructions, cupping your breasts and toying with your nipples while you watch between your bodies. Cody rolls his hips against you, both of his hands now holding onto your hips to keep you steady while his movements become faster.
“You’re fucking me so good, daddy,” you whine, your voice needier than you thought possible feeling the familiar tightening in your stomach. “I think I’m gonna come already…”
“Already?” Cody teases. “Fuck, it’s that easy with you?”
As you part your lips, preparing to defend yourself, Cody begins to rub his thumb on your clit. You gasp, your body lurching from the contact, and you grab Cody’s forearms. He smirks wider, breathlessly, fucking you harder as he continues to tease your clit.
“Jesus, you’re fucking tight,” Cody moans, leaning his head back to pull in a deep breath. “C’mon, baby, come for me. Let me feel it.”
You dig your nails into Cody’s forearms, desperate to work your hips to meet his quick thrusts, but he has you pinned down so forcefully, you are unable to move. His thumb works faster over your clit, sending you hurtling towards your climax.
“Fuck, I’m gonna…I’m…”
Your climax hits you hard, tremors rolling through your body as Cody doesn’t relent with his actions. You kick your feet slightly against the mattress, heels digging in, trying to wiggle away from Cody as you feel yourself become overstimulated. Your grip on his forearms tighten, nails digging into his skin.
Momentarily you wonder what you must look like beneath Cody, moaning with tears stinging at your eyes, your legs pulling tighter around him, body trembling. Cody, who is letting out his own needy groans, starts to slow very slightly, his eyes locking on your face. As a tear rolls down your cheek, you can see Cody’s concern, but you shake your head quickly, biting your lip.
“Choke me, daddy,” you beg, not recognizing the sound of your own voice. “I wanna come again. Make me your good girl.”
“Yeah?” Cody asks, wasting no time in wrapping his fingers around your throat. “Who does this pussy belong to?”
“You, daddy,” you choke out.
Cody’s fingers tighten around your throat, cutting off your air as he pounds into you harder and sloppier. One of your hands trembles as you reach to rub your clit, desperate to climax again. Your other hand still grasps Cody’s forearm, making sure he doesn’t pull away too soon.
“You’re gonna come again, huh?” Cody pants. “I can tell. You always get off this fast or is it just because daddy’s doing it right? Choking you until you get off?” Your jaw goes slack, feeling your second climax beginning to creep up in your stomach. “That’s it,” he mutters. “Come for me again, baby. That’s my good girl.”
As soon as your climax starts to hit you, Cody releases his grip on your throat and you let out a strangled moan, followed by more desperate, obscene moans. You had never heard yourself sound so whiny and needy, and it almost embarrasses you, but you see Cody’s reaction - he loves it. He leans over you, pressing against you and helping you wrap your legs around him by holding onto your thighs. He again fucks you through your climax, your voice growing hoarse for the borderline screams you’re releasing.
“Where do you want it?” Cody breathes against your ear, fucking you harder, deeper than you thought possible, your orgasm still rolling though your body and clouding your thoughts.
“My pussy,” you rasp. “Come in my pussy, daddy. Fill me up.” Cody growls, the pace of his hips uncontrollable as he pushes to his own climax.
Your body almost becomes numb as you feel what you’re sure is another orgasm working though you. Cody finishes inside of you, the sensation unlike anything you’ve felt before. You bite his shoulder to muffle your moans, scraping your nails down his back. Cody’s moans ring in your ears; vulnerable and sexy, one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard.
You’re overstimulated, your body shaking of its own accord, and you want to shove Cody off you to get a break. However, he slows his thrusts until he finally stops, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he relaxes on top of you.
“Jesus Christ,” you mumble, threading your fingers through his short hair while your other arm wraps around his shoulders.
“I’m not just saying this…but that was probably the best I’ve ever had.”
“Yeah?” you chuckle breathlessly.
“Mhm,” he hums, slowly pulling back enough to kiss you. The kiss differs from what he just did to you — soft and tender compared to rough and relentless. When the kiss ends, he gently pulls out of you, but maneuvers to sit on his haunches again. “That’s a beautiful sight,” he mumbles, peering between your thighs, fixated on the way his come seeps from your overworked sex.
When Cody softly touches your folds, your body jerks, but he uses his free hand to soothingly rub your thigh. Cody’s fingers gently work into your entrance, pushing back everything that has dripped out. You whine, shifting your hips, body still overstimulated. When he retracts his hand, you take hold of his wrist, tugging him closer so you can lick his fingers clean.
“Mmm,” Cody hums, kissing you once you finish. “I wish I could have had you that night at the arcade. I would have danced with you in your room, and held you until you fell asleep. I wish it wouldn’t have taken us so long to get here.”
“It’s okay,” you nod, emotions beginning to get the better of you. “We’re here, that’s what matters.” He grins widely, nodding his head in response.
After giving you another quick kiss, he gets up from the bed and leaves the room for a few moments. You want to follow, but your body feels like it’s made of concrete, weighing you into the mattress. You instead close your eyes, reliving the last few days in your mind as you try to figure out how you got so lucky.
“Baby girl?” Cody’s voice pulls you from your thoughts, and you find him standing beside the bed in a tank top and shorts. “I think you fell asleep for a second,” he laughs softly, scooping you from the bed and carrying you down the hallway into the bathroom. You notice the bathtub is filling up with water, the scent of roses in the air, presumably from the bubble bath that Cody had added. “Here,” he says, gently setting you back onto your feet so you can hold onto his shoulders to steady yourself. “The temperature should be perfect. I got the bubble bath from the grocery so it’s probably not the best, but it’ll do for now.” You smile up at him, nearly getting lost in his eyes as he gently removes your bra. “Take a bath, relax,” he continues. “I’ll see what I can scrape together for dinner. And then we can cuddle up and watch a movie like old times. How does that sound?”
“It sounds like I’m in love with you,” you reply.
“I hope so, because you’re stuck with me now.” You share a small laugh before Cody kisses you once more, this time deeper and with more passion. After a moment, he breaks away and lets out a deep sigh. “I can’t get worked up again,” he mutters. “Neither of us will ever leave the house if that happens. Besides, we still have time before we have to fly out for the next show. We should conserve our strength.”
“Good point,” you nod with a laugh. Cody helps you into the bath and you almost immediately feel your body begin to relax. He crouches down beside the tub, cupping your jaw to rub his thumb across your bottom lip.
“I love you,” he whispers.
“I love you, too.”
With one more quick kiss, Cody exits the bathroom, switching the light off to allow the two candles on the sink to illuminate the space. You rest your head back against the tub, staring up at the ceiling as you think further back to the start of your friendship with Cody. Everything else seems like a waste of time, and you kick yourself for not admitting your feelings sooner. However, you think, tonight was a step in the direction to make up for lost time.
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to update, I just finished the final chapter tonight, and I’ll proofread and post tomorrow. after that, i’ll throw out a list of who i’m willing to write and if you guys want to request, you can let me know.
i have 1 fic that i’ve been working on and another idea that i’m stuck on that i need help developing. so i hope to have more for you guys soon.
i’m gonna be 100 with you guys, i totally forgot i was writing this Cody fic. i’m getting back into it to try to get it finished. i also started some incredibly niche, self-serving, slutty fic with a bunch of wrestlers if anyone would ever be interested in, I might post here
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cainanders · 8 months
i’m gonna be 100 with you guys, i totally forgot i was writing this Cody fic. i’m getting back into it to try to get it finished. i also started some incredibly niche, self-serving, slutty fic with a bunch of wrestlers if anyone would ever be interested in, I might post here
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wildfire 005
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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warnings: oral sex, daddy kink, spitting, dirty talk, hand kink, biting, a little bit of praise kink, lots of teasing, fluff (i think that’s all, i’m sorry if i’ve missed anything).
a/n: the penultimate chapter of wildfire! sorry for the delay. it’s shorter than the last parts. hopefully i’ll be able to get the final part posted sooner rather than later, and be open to inspiration for new works. please enjoy!
Four days have passed. Four excruciating days, during which Cody made your life a living hell.
He always made sure to brush up against you when he would walk by, sometimes placing his hand on the small of your back. You would often catch him looking at you from across rooms of people, his eyes half-lidded and his bottom lip between his teeth. Sometimes, you were sure you’d see him run his hand over himself, rubbing at the bulge in his pants.
Cody would never be alone with you, but would still invite you to his hotel room each night, a playful glint in his eyes every time. You’d turn him down, thinking that would give you the upper hand, but judging from the way that Cody would grin after each time you deny him, you were playing into his hand.
Monday rolls around, and you’re tasked with photographing a few promo shots in the hours leading up to Raw. This keeps you away from Cody, but your mind stays on him. You try to stay focused on your work, making sure to talk to all of the superstars that you hadn’t had the chance to catch up with yet.
When you finally finish the promo shoot, you pack up your equipment, and make your way around the arena to take a few behind the scenes photos. As you find the locker rooms, you find Cody’s room, with the door open a few inches.
“Cody?” you call out, knocking lightly on the door. “Are you in here?”
“Yeah, come on in,” he replies. You slip into the room, immediately moving to set your bags down but keeping your camera in your hands. “Busy day?” Cody’s voice comes from behind you.
“Yeah, it was boring, though,” you laugh, turning around to face him.
You’ve seen Cody shirtless before, sure. So has the rest of the world. And you’ve seen Cody after he’s showered. But you’ve never seen Cody, moments after stepping out of the shower, still slightly damp, with a towel wrapped around his hips. Maybe it was because any time you’d see Cody even remotely underdressed, it was when you were still playing at being friends. But now that the truth is out, the sight of him sends a flush over your whole body, your hands squeezing your camera and inadvertently snapping a picture.
“Fuck,” you mutter, looking down at the camera as though you forgot how to use it.
“Uh-oh,” Cody teases. “What happened there?” You shake your head, glancing back to Cody briefly to see his hands on his hips.
“Sorry,” you mumble, pressing through the menu in the camera to pull the picture up on the screen. Cody was blurry in the picture, barely in frame as it was shot from waist high, so you quickly delete it, hoping to erase the memory along with it.
“If you wanted me to do a Playgirl shoot, you could have just asked,” Cody jokes, with a smirk. “I think I’d be a better centerfold than HBK, don’t you?”
You look back to him again, biting your lip when you see that he’s now grasping the towel where it’s wrapped. He loosens it enough to push it just past his hip bones, pausing for a moment to make sure you’re still watching him, before he pushes a little further until you get a glimpse of trimmed hair just beneath the towel.
You pry your eyes away from Cody’s towel, looking into his eyes as you start to raise your camera slowly towards your face. Cody grins wider, allowing you to take a photograph of him.
“How’s it look?” he asks, as you check the screen of the camera to view the picture. As you part your lips to respond, Cody creeps up beside you, pressing against your side so he can look as well. “Not bad,” he whispers. “I’ll drop the towel if you want to take another one.”
“No, no,” you chuckle, taking a step away from him. “I’m not falling for this shit.”
“What?” Cody replies, trying to feign shock at your response but he can’t help laughing.
“I know all you’re gonna do is tease me and then leave,” you say. “Because you think you’re funny, or whatever.”
“You can’t handle a little teasing, babe?” he grins, tilting his head to the side and peering into your eyes as he steps closer to you.
“Cody, I’m serious,” you warn, holding your hand out towards him. “Listen to me. We’re less than twenty four hours away from being able to have some genuine time alone together. Let’s not forget who was the one who decided that we were gonna wait. Now, I love that you tease, and usually, I’ll give it right back to you. But right now is not the time. If you keep doing this shit, I’m not going anywhere with you tomorrow, and you’ll have a nice, fun three days to spend with your fucking hand.” When you stop, you notice the smirk on Cody’s lips almost immediately.
“So, you’re counting down the hours until we’re alone together, huh?” Cody says. As you begin to tell him off again, he shakes his head. “I’ll stop teasing,” he adds. “I’m sorry, I just love watching you squirm.” Cody closes the distance you put between the two of you, placing his hand on your lower back to keep you close only for a moment. Dipping his head down, he gives you a soft kiss on the lips, before pulling back. “That was kinda hot, by the way,” he whispers. “You telling me off like that.”
“Well, don’t get used to it,” you say. “I hate being that person. You just know how to get under my skin.”
“After this week, I’ll know how to do a lot more than that to you, babe,” Cody says.
“C’mon!” you exclaim, slapping him playfully on the chest, which causes him to recoil with a laugh.
“Last one, I swear!”
For the remainder of the night, Cody keeps his hands and his comments to himself, acting as though you were just friends. You’re mostly thankful for this, however, a small part of your brain wants him to keep teasing.
At the end of the night, you make sure to leave the venue before Cody can find you, heading to the hotel to settle in your room. While you are changing into your pajamas, you get a text from Cody.
I thought you’d stay in my room tonight, so we can leave together in the morning.
You don’t trust Cody to leave you alone that night. As much as you want to be in that hotel room with him, you know he would keep teasing, because he wants to see you break first. With a deep breath in, you let Cody know that you’re going to stay in your own room and will see him in the morning.
You climb into the bed, settling down in the covers to get comfortable. Your phone buzzes at your side, but you ignore it for a moment, to turn off the light on the side table. Briefly, you think you might continue to ignore the text that’s undoubtedly from Cody, just to give him a taste of his own medicine, but you decide to check anyway.
You know that you shouldn’t be surprised, but when you open the message to find a shirtless mirror selfie of Cody, you’re tempted to roll your eyes. Instead, your mind wanders, thinking of the possibilities the next few days hold. You decide to call him, without thinking of what you might say - he picks up after one ring.
“That desperate, huh?” he asks.
“You’re the one who picked up in one ring, Cody,” you reply. “And you’re the one trying to bait me into your room. I think you’re the desperate one.” He lets out a chuckle that turns into a sigh.
“Okay, full disclosure?”
“Go for it.”
“As much as I’m looking forward to the other stuff,” Cody says with a small laugh. “I missed you, babe. I missed sharing a hotel room with you, talking to you, watching stupid movies.” He lets out another chuckle before continuing. “I missed waking up to you saying my name,” he adds.
“What?” you ask, confused.
“In your sleep,” he replies. “You’d say my name a lot. Well, more like whimpering and moaning.” Your cheeks flush at his words, not having been aware that you’d had any dreams that would make you do that. “It wasn’t always like that,” Cody continues. “Sometimes, you’d sound scared.”
“Scared of you?”
“No, not at all,” he says. “More like you were having a nightmare or something. So, I’d hold your hand and tell you that you were safe, and you’d calm down.”
“You big softy!” you tease. “Why didn’t you tell me that before? That’s really sweet, Cody. You’d hold my hand?”
“Mhm,” he hummed. “I always want you to feel safe with me.” The tears threaten to well up at your eyes, but you wipe them away.
“Are you trying to manipulate me into coming over there by saying cute shit?”
“Of course not,” he laughs. “Why, is it working?”
“A little,” you respond. “Honestly, the picture was more tempting.”
“Oh, yeah? Why?”
“I don’t know…” you trail off, finding yourself unprepared to talk dirty on the phone at that moment.
“It’s just me, babe.”
“I need to get my hands on you.”
“And I’m the desperate one?”
“I guess we both are,” you reply. “But I’m not going to come over there tonight. We’ll just have to wait until we get to your house tomorrow.”
“Hmm, I suppose you’re right,” Cody says. “I did make you wait a whole week, I guess I can wait a few hours.”
“Nine hours,” you say. “And I’m all yours.”
“You’d better get some rest then,” he responds. “You’re gonna need your energy.”
“Goodnight, Cody,” you laugh.
“Goodnight, baby girl.”
Cody’s house is bigger than you expected, especially for a man who lives alone. You assume it’s the same house he shared with his ex wife, but opt not to bring it up right away, in an effort not to spoil the mood.
As soon as the two of you arrive at his house, Cody explains that he needs to run to the store for a few things, and encourages you to explore the house to feel more comfortable. You wonder if he can sense your nerves and wants to give you some space to get acclimated without him watching. You do as he suggests, and wander through every room in the house.
On your journey through the house, you see a baseball hat that catches your eye. The black hat with white lettering that says ‘call me Daddy’ makes you think back to the night that Cody called you. You wonder if he purchased the hat afterwards as a joke or if it was something that he owned for a while.
After you change into some boxer shorts and a t-shirt, you settle onto the sofa and scroll through apps on your phone, waiting for Cody’s return. You feel yourself become sleepy from sitting in one spot, staring at a screen, so you maneuver onto your back with your head on the arm rest. You aren’t sure how long you lay there before falling asleep.
You awaken in Cody’s arms as he’s carrying you bridal style up the stairs. For a moment, it doesn’t feel real, but when he glances down at you with a chuckle, you feel it rumble through his chest.
“Go back to sleep, baby girl,” he mutters. “I’m bringing you to bed.” As soon as Cody lays you down on the bed, and you see that he’s still wearing your favorite suit, you grab his arm to stop him. You sit up on your knees, your hands fumbling with his belt buckle. “What are you doing, hm?” he asks, still grinning at you.
“I don’t want to sleep,” you whisper.
“What do you want, then?”
“I want you, Cody.”
“How bad?” he asks, gently stopping your hands. “Hm? How bad do you want me?”
“So fucking bad,” you reply, voice weak. Cody grins, unfastening his watch and crossing to place it on the dresser. He sits at the foot of the bed and removes shoes, taking the time to put them away in the closet. You can tell he’s trying to drag it out still. “C’mon, Cody,” you whine.
“Okay, babe,” he chuckles, leaving the rest of his clothes on and finally maneuvering onto the bed. He urges you to lay on your back again before he kneels between your legs.
Cody kisses you without warning and you inhale sharply, grasping his shoulders. He takes your breath away with the kiss, causing you to pull away sooner than you would like. You hold his face gently between your hands, peering into his eyes, as if you’re trying to read his mind. He laughs softly, leaning back in for another kiss.
Cody kisses as though he’s just as desperate as you are, his teeth coming in contact with your lips, nipping so hard, you wonder if you’ll taste blood. When he kisses across your cheek towards your neck, leaving bites in his wake, you feel how swollen your lips have become already. As Cody reaches your pulse, he bites down harder than you expect, and you let out a strangled whine.
“Fuck!” you gasp, arching your back to press against his body.
“Are you mine now?” Cody asks, kissing your neck, hands grabbing your thighs to hold them snug against his hips. “Hmm? You belong to me?”
“Yes, all yours,” you breathe. Cody hums, gently biting at your pulse this time and grinding himself against you. “Fuck, Cody,” you whine, grabbing handfuls of his jacket.
“Mmm, no, no,” he mumbles, leaning back onto his knees to look down at you. “You know what I want to hear.” You bite your lip, your heart pounding in your chest.
“I’m yours, daddy,” you whisper.
“Damn,” he grins. “It’s even better in person.”
Cody licks his lips, eyes wandering over your body, your boxer shorts and t-shirt making you feel exceptionally underdressed compared to his black suit. His eyes keep traveling down until he looks down at his own pants, noticing that the damp patch that you left on his crotch from when he was grinding against you. The sight makes you blush, embarrassed by how wet you are from such minimal action.
“What’s got you so fucking hot, hm?” he asks, wiping the dampness from his pants with two fingers.
“The suit,” you reply without thinking, too lost in the sight of Cody cleaning the taste of you from his fingers. “Fuck.” Your face heats up more as you realize how desperate your voice sounded. Cody grins wider, rubbing his thumb along his bottom lip.
“So it’s that fucking easy with you, huh?” he whispers, taking hold of your thighs again. “All I have to do is put on a fucking suit, and you’re drenched.” Cody yanks you by your thighs, pulling you closer to him. “Any other kinks you wanna share with me, baby girl?” he continues, leaning down to kiss your neck.
“Not yet,” you reply, nuzzling your head against his and slipping your arms around his torso beneath his jacket. Your fingers dig into the fabric of his waistcoat feeling the warmth of his skin radiating through the layers.
“What if I told you…” he begins, slipping his hand under your shirt to cup your breast over your bra. “That I want to eat your pussy? You’ve been so good this week, putting up with all of my teasing…let me show you how it’s supposed to feel.”
Your breath comes out shuddered, which you don’t expect. Cody’s fingers tease your nipple through your bra, as he continues to bite your neck. You’re desperate to find your words to respond to Cody, but when he grinds against you, all you can do is moan. You grasp Cody’s face, pulling him back so you can peer into his eyes once again.
“I don’t have to,” he says, softy. “If you aren’t comfortable with it.”
“I trust you, Cody,” you whisper. “Ever since you first brought it up last year, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what your tongue would feel like…and your fingers...” Cody smirks, listening to how breathless you sound before you’ve even started.
“Yeah?” he asks, sitting back on his knees, peering down at you. “Let’s get these off then.”
Cody begins to tug your boxers and panties down, so you lift your hips to allow him to remove them. You sit up quickly, tugging your shirt over your head and tossing it away. Cody leans in to kiss you, his hand moving behind your back to unhook your bra. As soon as the clothing is off of your body, Cody moves off of the bed, yanking your body so your legs hang off the edge of the bed while you rest flat on the mattress.
As he removes his jacket, his eyes are on you, tilting his head to peer between your legs. When he rolls up his sleeves, the gaze he sets on you makes you feel vulnerable, so you instinctively begin to pull your thighs together.
“Uh-uh,” Cody says, leaning over to rest a hand on the bed beside you and using his other hand to ease your legs apart again. “Don’t be shy, baby girl. It’s just me.”
Before you can respond, you feel Cody’s fingertips teasing along your thighs towards your core. As soon as his fingers come in contact with your slickness, pressing to your clit for a moment, you inhale sharply which makes Cody smirk.
“You haven’t been touched in so long, huh?” he asks, bringing his fingers to his lips. He parts his lips and sticks his tongue to lick the taste of you from the pads of his fingers, maintaining eye contact with you. When he wraps his lips around his fingers, sucking every last taste of you from them, you grasp his wrist, pulling his hand away from his mouth so you can kiss him.
The taste of yourself on Cody’s tongue makes your head spin, and you find yourself desperate to have his head between your thighs. You place your hands on either side of his face, pulling him back so you can kiss along his jaw towards his neck. His hand finds its way back to your clit, teasing it softly but enough to make your body twitch.
“Cody,” you whine against his skin. “Please.”
“Please what, baby girl? Tell me what you need. I’ll do anything you fucking need me to do.” When Cody’s fingers start to rub circles on your clit, you respond by biting his neck to stifle your groan. “Fuck,” he whispers in your ear, bumping his head against yours. “Tell me.”
“I want you…”
Unable to focus due to Cody’s fingers still toying with your clit, you trail off with a soft moan, pushing Cody to lean back enough to see his eyes. You hope he can read it in your face, but he just stares back at you with his lips parted, waiting for you to speak. You urge him backwards, trying to guide him where you want him, so he kneels on the floor between your spread legs, waiting.
“Say it,” Cody commands, hands resting on your knees. “If you say it, I��ll do it.”
“Fuck, please eat my pussy,” you beg, cupping his jaw. “Please, Cody.”
“Anything for you, baby girl.”
Cody pushes your thighs further apart, before he leans in, giving a gentle bite to your inner thigh. He cuts his eyes to your face as his tongue begins to tease your clit. His tongue moves tenderly, ghosting as if it’s not even there, traveling to your entrance to push the tip in just for a moment. He flicks his tongue over your clit again, which causes you to roll your hips against his face.
“You taste so good,” he breathes against you.
Cody takes his time, teasing your clit to make sure you’re as wet as possible. His breath comes in soft pants against you, his tongue working with precision. You can’t help the way you moan, desperate and loud, grinding yourself against his face to urge him on.
“Calm down,” he whispers. “Just feel it.” You listen to Cody’s instructions, relaxing into the bed to focus on what he’s doing.
The concept of time escapes you, seconds stretching out into minutes until you feel like Cody’s been teasing you for hours. Slow and steady, his tongue swirls and laps, open mouth breaths escaping him. When his tongue pushes into your entrance once again, this time deeper, your body lurches in surprise, your hands grabbing for him.
“Easy, easy,” Cody mutters. “I’ll give you what you need.” As you feel his fingers slowly creeping around your entrance, you spread your legs wider, making Cody chuckle against you. “You’re fucking desperate when it comes to my fingers, huh? Why is that?”
“I don’t—”
All words escape you as Cody slips one finger inside of you, still teasing your clit so slow it’s maddening. You can hear how wet you are as his finger pumps into you at a snail’s pace. Cody’s free hand reaches for you, lacing his fingers with yours. Wiggling your hips and pressing your heels into Cody’s sides, you hope he takes the hint to stop teasing.
“Mmm,” he hums, giving you a quick glance. “Are you rushing me? Got somewhere else to be?”
“I just fucking want you,” is all you’re able to reply.
“You have me, baby girl. Now, let me concentrate.”
This time, when he dips back between your legs, his tongue is pressing harder, more urgent as it swirls around your clit. The way his tongue moves, flicking faster and with more expertise than you imagined possible, makes your body tremble. You’d never felt anything quite like it, and already you feel the tightness beginning to form within you. Cody, as if he senses your approaching orgasm, starts to suck on your clit, much to your surprise. Your gasp turns into a moan, overwhelmed with the sensation.
“Oh, fuck,” you moan. “Cody, fuck, don’t stop.”
You hate to admit that Cody was right. You hadn’t felt like this whenever anyone else had gone down on you, but you don’t want to tell him. While you’re briefly distracted with your thoughts, Cody slips a second finger inside of you pumping faster. Your back arches off of the bed, pushing yourself closer against his face.
“Fuck, daddy,” you moan, letting go of his hand and threading your fingers through his short hair to tug him closer. Cody growls against you, never faltering his pace. “It feels so fucking good,” you mutter, grabbing for Cody’s hand again. “Fuck, fuck!”
Cody curls his fingers, pumping faster as he continues to lick your clit. With a breathless groan, you peer down at him to see that he’s looking up at you already, his eyes devious. You tug his hand towards you, slipping two of his fingers into your mouth. He leans away, kissing and biting your inner thighs while his fingers continue to pump into you.
“You look so good right now,” Cody mutters. “The way you’re sucking on my fingers, moaning like that, you’ve got me so fucking hard.” You pull his fingers from your mouth, knitting your brows together as you try to make your voice stronger than you feel.
“I wanna suck your dick so fucking bad,” you pant, as Cody uses his now free hand to tease your clit.
“Yeah? You do?” Cody smirks, biting your thigh harder. “Maybe I’ll let you…maybe.” You know his eyes are still on you so you relax onto the bed, running your hands over your stomach and your breasts. Your fingers toy with your nipples and; even though you’re trying to put on a little bit of a show for Cody, you find yourself responding to your own touch. “Feels good?” Cody’s voice is slightly strained, as if he’s losing his composure.
“Mmhm,” you hum, peering back at him.
“Ya’know, you’re squeezing my fingers so fucking tight,” he whispers, kissing your inner thigh. “I don’t think you’ll be able to handle my dick.”
“Please, c’mon,” you whimper. “I wanna…I wanna come!”
“Yeah, you’re close already, I can tell. But you know what? I think I can make you squirt without even using my fingers. What do you think?”
Without warning, Cody pulls his fingers out of you and dives back in face first. He uses his fingers to keep you spread so he can focus fully on your clit. Your body is trembling and your breath is coming out quickly, missing with moans and pleading Cody’s name.
Both of Cody’s arms hook under your thighs, pulling you even closer to him as he sucks and licks your clit. You tighten your thighs around his head, grinding against his face as your climax approaches.
“Oh, God, Cody!” you exclaim, grabbing onto his forearms.
Even with your legs clamped around his head, Cody’s own moans are loud enough to be heard along with the sloppy way he eats you out. His fingers dig into your thighs firm enough to leave bruises, keeping you from wiggling away as you finally begin to unravel.
You’re reduced to moans and whimpers, spouting out pleads that barely make sense. Cody keeps working you through your climax and you immediately worry he’s going to keep going to get another from you, so you try to pry his hands away.
“Please wait,” you gasp, finding his grip to be much stronger than you have the capacity to overpower. “I need a sec, baby. Fuck!”
Cody chuckles, finally letting you go so he can sit back and peer up at you. Looking down at him through half lidded eyes, you can see the mess you’ve made of him. His face is wet, along with his shirt and waistcoat. You bite your lip, slightly embarrassed at how sloppy you must look.
“Fuck, that was beautiful,” Cody grins. “Better than I ever imagined.” Your body continues to tremble, as you ride through the residual waves. Your eyes slip closed, your lips parted to let out quick pants. “Talk to me, baby girl,” Cody whispers, kissing your inner thigh. “You okay?”
“I’m…fuck, that was so good, Cody. I really liked that.”
“I could tell,” he laughs, continuing to kiss and lick softly at your inner thighs. “I wanted to get another one out of you, but I think I got a little carried away for your first one.”
“Come here,” you whisper, reaching for him.
Leaving one more kiss on your thigh, Cody moves so he is leaned over you, bracing himself on the mattress with both hands. You gently take hold of his face, pulling him in for a kiss. The kiss stays tender at first, soft and sensual, until you are overcome with desire, leading you to kiss and lick along his jaw and neck. You taste yourself on his skin, and you follow the trail down to his throat.
“You’re gonna leave marks,” Cody mutters.
“Do you want me to stop?” you breathe against his neck.
“No,” he chuckles.
“Does that mean I can leave marks wherever I want?” you ask.
“I don’t have a match until next weekend, so I’m all yours.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
With all the energy you can muster, you push him gently to stand upright, and urge him to switch with you. When he sits on the edge of the bed, you kneel in front of him, fingers finding the buckle of his belt.
“Hey, you don’t have to—”
“I want to,” you reply, glancing up at him. “Believe me, I really fucking want to.” He smirks, and nods his head, so you continue to undo his pants. “Jesus, Cody,” you mumble, pulling his length free and finally getting an eyeful of what he’s been bragging about.
“I told you,” he grins back. “I would have let you have it a long time ago.”
“I’ve wanted you since the moment I met you,” you reply, your hand gently wrapping around his erection. “I would have let you fuck me over a fucking pinball machine at that arcade if you wanted to.”
“Yeah?” Cody smirks wider. “I bet you fucking would have. You’ll let me do anything to you, won’t you?” Nodding your head slowly and peering up at Cody from beneath your lashes, you run your thumb over his tip to collect his pre cum. Making sure he keeps his eyes on you, you raise your hand to your mouth and lick the taste of him from your thumb.
“Mmm,” you hum, blinking slowly, teasing Cody. “I can’t wait to taste more.”
You stroke your hand over Cody’s slowly, sitting up higher on your knees so you can slowly spit to coat over his length. He lets out a soft him, and you glance up at him to see him loosening his tie and unbuttoning his top two shirt buttons. With your eyes still on Cody, you tease the head of his erection with the tip of your tongue.
“You’re so big, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to handle it,” you whisper, licking from his base to the tip, making sure to get a taste of the pre cum that’s leaking. Cody lets out a small hum, spreading his knees a little wider for you, inviting you in closer.
You swirl your tongue around his tip before taking it between your lips, sucking softly while your hand strokes lazily over him. Listening to the way Cody’s breathing starts to falter only slightly from your actions, you decide to take him a little further into your mouth.
Cody hums, putting his hand on your shoulder briefly, his fingers curling slightly behind your neck. When his thumb presses softly against your throat, you let out a small whimper, thinking about Cody choking you. You pull back, looking into his eyes to see that teasing glint you’ve grown accustomed to.
“You’re distracting me,” you whisper, still stroking your hand over him. “And I really, really want to do this. Please.”
“Are you…begging to suck my dick?”
“Does that turn you on?” you ask, sitting up higher to lean towards Cody’s face. “Me, on my knees, begging for your dick? Because I’m so fucking desperate for you?” Your hand starts pumping faster, adding a twist along with each stroke. Cody nods his head slowly, letting out quiet panting breaths as though he’s trying to maintain composure. “Please, daddy,” you beg. “Let me suck your dick. I fucking need to.”
“Need to,” Cody echoes, his voice low. He keeps his eyes locked with yours as his thumb runs across your bottom lip, then slips into your mouth, easing your jaw open. When you stick your tongue out of your mouth, Cody cuts his gaze to the action before back into your eyes. Leaning a little closer to you, he spits onto your tongue, before pushing your mouth closed. “Good girl,” he breathes.
You rest back into your haunches enough to take Cody’s length into your mouth, bobbing your head along with the motions of your hand. You’re sure you can feel Cody’s eyes on you, undoubtedly watching your every move. When he groans, you move faster, adjusting your jaw just a bit so that your teeth gently scrape. The action makes Cody inhale sharply, and you notice one of his hands grab a handful of the comforter below him.
“Damn,” he chuckles. “You love this, don’t you?” You hum a ‘yes’ in response, purposefully dragging out the hum to send vibrations through Cody’s shaft. The small moan that he lets out is vulnerable, completely uncharacteristic of him, but it only drives you to move faster.
Each movement takes Cody deeper into your mouth, so you place your hands on his thighs, opting to only use your mouth. Your pace quickens, bobbing your head, and hollowing out your cheeks as you try to take him as far as you can. Relaxing your throat you feel yourself taking him deeper than you expected, so you bring one of your hands back to steady him at the base of his shaft.
As soon as he hits the back of your throat, you pause, holding him as deep as you can for as long as you can. The noise that Cody releases is between a whimper and a moan, strangled as he tries to keep composure.
You keep still as long as you can, longer than you imagined you could given Cody’s size. When you pull off of him, you drag in a deep breath, spit dripping down your chin as you try breathe. Looking up into Cody’s eyes as your hand starts to jerk him again, you feel your heart skip a beat. His mouth is open, breath staggered, his eyes on you with a look that you’ve never seen from him before.
Desperate to get him off, you take him back into your mouth, picking up the pace even faster than before and using your hand to stroke what you can’t fit into your mouth. Cody’s groans of your name mixed between breathless expletives let you know he’s getting close, so you take your free hand to cup him lower.
“Fuck,” is Cody’s strained response as you massage his balls. His legs are restless, one of his hands resting on the back of your head, fingers pressing down.
When his climax hits, you can’t help but moan along with him, swallowing everything he gives as you work him until he tries to push you away.
“Jesus Christ,” he pants. You look up at him, wanting to remember the way that he looks, knowing that you were the one who made him feel that way. “Holy shit,” Cody says, looking down to you. “That was fucking incredible.”
“You taste good,” you say. He leans down to kiss you gently, and you can feel him shaking slightly from the waves of his own orgasm.
“I think you taste better,” he whispers against your lip. “Better than candy.” When you bite your lip, Cody smiles, a softer, less cocky smile than he normally gives you. He reaches for your shirt that lays on the floor and uses it to wipe your chin. “So, how about a shower?” Cody asks, tucking himself back into his pants.
“Of course,” he replies, helping you along with him so you’re both on your feet. “We can go for a drive, and then come back home so I can make you dinner. How does that sound?”
“Really good,” you mumble. “I love you, Rhodey.” He smiles and kisses your forehead.
“I love you, too, baby.”
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wildfire 004
Tumblr media
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warnings: a little angst, lots of feelings, hand kink, dirty talk, daddy kink, some smutty stuff
A/N: apologies for the delay. This is over 5k words to make up for it. I may be able to get two more parts out of this, but at least one more for sure.
You hated your job, which you convinced yourself had nothing to do with Cody. You didn’t understand the sport, and your co-workers made little to no effort to engage with you. As much as you would have loved to quit and head back home, you knew you’d have no luck getting out of your contract early.
After leaving the United States, you cut off contact immediately with everyone from WWE. Except for Cody. For the first month in Scotland, you kept in contact with him, sending updates on your new job and along with pictures of the landscape. Cody would fill you in on any details going on with your friends, but he always sounded so distant. In your mind, Cody had become apathetic, only responding to you out of kindness and not interest.
You did just leave the country on a whim, you would think. But it didn’t make it any easier when you’d listen to how listless his voice was whenever you spoke. So you pulled away more.
Gradually, you stopped answering Cody’s calls and texts and it wasn’t long before they stopped altogether. Again, you convinced yourself this was the way to protect yourself and ultimately protect Cody. If he wasn’t interested in you any long, there was no use in trying to keep him around.
It had to make sense, you thought, surely it did.
It took a few more months for you to realize that you were an idiot. There was a man that you had fallen for, who knew all of your flaws, and still wanted to keep you in his life. Putting yourself in Cody’s shoes, you imagine that you too would be hurt if someone had been so flaky, and burned bridges thinking that was the way to fix the problems they created.
You’d be lying if you said you were heartbroken when you saw reports of Cody dating another woman, but you didn’t have the right. It was your fault, you pushed him away. More than anything, you wanted to be back home and get Cody back in your life, even just as friends again.
It was almost exactly a year since you had left, and you declined the offer to renew your contract with the team. You had to get back home, back with your friends.
Your flight home arrives on a Monday. It was by design, as you’d already worked with your old boss to ensure you had a pass for the episode of Raw scheduled that night. You swore them to secrecy in the hopes of surprising all of your old friends, especially Cody. You hire an Uber to bring you straight to the stadium from the airport, to give you time to get your belongings stashed and avoid being seen before you are ready.
You stay out of sight for most of the show, only catching up with some of the crew that you had missed. The first of the superstars you see is Seth, who immediately makes his way over to greet you. As the two of you speak, other superstars make sure to stop by to say hello, but Seth is the only one who stays to talk.
You see Cody before he sees you. His eyes are down, checking his phone as he walks toward the locker rooms. You try not to stare but you can’t help yourself. He’s leaned out slightly, not quite as thick as he was the year before. He’s still just as muscular, that much is apparent from his biceps alone, which are currently visible in his sleeveless hoodie.
Cutting your gaze only momentarily to smile at Seth, who still stands before you, continuing on about what he’s been doing over the last year. As quickly as you had looked away from Cody, you’re looking back again, and this time his eyes are up, scanning the hallway as he grows closer to you.
Your brain is screaming, hoping that Cody can hear it and notice you standing there. As if he reads your thoughts, his gaze finally finds yours and his facial expressions go through a quick journey— confusion, surprise, relief, and excitement.
Before Cody can reach you, Becky sneaks up on you to join the conversation, and you shoot an apologetic glance to Cody. He grins and nods his head, pointing towards the locker rooms. You return his smile, understanding his silent suggestion.
The conversation with the couple feels as though it goes on for an eternity, but you keep pleasant as they speak. Every fiber of your being is screaming for you to go to Cody at that moment, and as soon as the conversation begins to wind down, you excuse yourself to find your friend.
Almost as soon as your knuckles make contact with the locker room door, it swings open and Cody is grinning on the other side. He reaches out, grabbing hold of your wrist and pulling you into the room, shoving the door closed behind you.
“Well, hey there,” he smiles, eyes drinking you in as if his life depends on it.
“Just hug me, asshole,” you laugh.
Cody pulls you into a hug, wrapping you up tight in his arms and pressing a kiss to your cheek. You breathe in the smell of his cologne mixed with the sweat he worked up during his brief time in the ring earlier. A part of you wants to never let go of him, and from the pressure he’s applying to the hug, you think he may feel the same way. However, you both pull away smiling as you lock eyes again.
As Cody opens his mouth to speak, the locker room door opens, and Sami & Kevin enter, both immediately swarming you to get their own hugs. You send Cody another glance to apologize, but he shrugs the situation off, busying himself with packing up his belongings.
“We heard you were here!” Sami exclaims. “I can’t believe you didn’t try to find us.”
“You’re joking,” Kevin chuckles. “You knew she was gonna find Rhodes first.”
“Technically, Cody was, like, the ninth person I talked to since I got here,” you reply, shoving Kevin away from you. “So, fuck off.” You give a quick glance to Cody, to see him still packing, but grinning to himself.
“Let’s go get something to eat!” Sami suggests.
“Good idea,” Kevin nods.
“Works for me,” you agree. “Cody, you coming, too?”
“Wouldn’t miss it,” he says, turning to face the group.
“My bags are in the office,” you say. “I guess I could pick them up later.”
“Nah, I’ve got a rental,” Cody says. “We can put your stuff in the trunk. Lead the way.” Cody gestures forward, as the four of you exit the room.
“How’s Scotland?” Sami asks.
“The country is really beautiful,” you reply, leaning back in your seat. “The people are nice. Sometimes I can’t understand a word they’re saying, but it’s gotten easier over time.”
“Are you going to re-up with them?” Kevin asks. You notice out of the corner of your eye that Cody, who was looking down at his food initially, looks to you at Kevin’s question.
“Well, the season is over,” you shrug, thinking of a way to talk around the truth. “The team finished in the middle of the league, nothing spectacular.” You pause, looking down at your food for a moment as you contemplate the answer you want to give. “I think the team owner is more concerned with the players right now,” you continue. “I don’t know.”
“How many lovers have you taken?” Sami’s tone is downright cartoonish, and you are unsure if he senses your uneasiness or has been tempted to ask you the question all night. Judging from the way he phrases the question, you’re almost certain it’s the former.
“I don’t have a whole lot of time to meet people,” you say. “I spend most of my day with the team, and I’m so tired when I get back to my place, I basically collapse into bed.” You casually glance at Cody, seeing that he is waiting for an answer. “I mean, I’ve gone on a few dates or whatever,” you add. “Nothing to write home about.”
“Are you a huge soccer fan now?” Cody asks, with a small laugh.
“Hardly,” you reply, smiling. “I know less than when I started, probably.” The men laugh at your joke before settling into a brief silence for a few moments.
“Well, we’ve got an early flight to Pittsburgh in the morning,” Kevin sighs, looking at the time on his phone. “When are you heading out, Rhodes?”
“Midday,” Cody says. “I don’t like feeling rushed.”
“I need some sleep,” Sami sighs. “I don’t sleep well on planes. Are you going to come too?” When the three men look at you, the heat hits your cheeks, feeling put on the spot.
“Uh, maybe,” you answer. “It depends.”
“On what?” Sami asks.
“If I feel like it,” you laugh.
“You’re weird,” Kevin chuckles, as he and Sami stand from the booth. “You guys gonna stick around for a bit? I don’t know why I even ask.”
“I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow,” Cody laughs.
You say your goodbyes to the two other men as Cody stays seated and watches. Sami and Kevin make their way to the exit and you plop down in your seat again with a sigh.
“I thought they’d never leave,” Cody says, making himself more comfortable in the booth across from you.
“Yeah, me too,” you laugh. “I missed them, but their energy levels are unmatched.”
“Agreed,” Cody nods. “So, you avoided the question. Are you back for a good time or a long time?” You chuckle, wringing your hands together as you contemplate dodging the question for a second time. “Just answer the fucking question,” Cody laughs, as if he reads your mind. “It’s just me.” As soon as he says it, the little catchphrase that he uses for you, calm radiates through your body for the first time in a long time.
“I quit working for the FC,” you say. “I wasn’t really getting what I needed from them.”
“What, like they weren’t paying you enough?”
“No, nothing like that,” you scoff. “They were paying me, like, fifty percent more than what I was making here.”
“Holy shit.”
“It was so far away from anything that I know,” you say. “I didn't grow up with soccer. I never knew where I needed to be, what to anticipate, or who the fucking players were. With wrestling, it’s easy. I know who does aerial moves, who is more likely to apply a submission hold, or who likes to taunt when their opponent is down. It just makes fucking sense.”
“Why the secrecy? You could have just said that before.”
“Because I’m embarrassed about it, Cody,” you reply, shrugging one shoulder. “My whole life I would say that I’d never run away from anything. And what did I do? I ran away from here to Scotland, and from Scotland back home. So it’s my thing now. I’m a runaway.”
“Yeah, like Sandy West,” Cody replies. “But sadder.” You laugh and grab your drink from the table to take a sip. “You were there for a year,” Cody says. “You didn’t think to come back sooner, like when you realized it wasn’t a good fit?”
“Cody, as soon as I got on the fucking plane to go to Scotland, I knew I was making a mistake,” you answer. “But I also knew that I needed to get away for a bit. And I had the fucking contract that I had no way out of, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t leave.”
“I know,” he sighs, leaning forward to rest his arms on the table. “Even though you needed time, you didn’t have to…ya’know, cut me off completely.” You had hoped he wouldn’t bring it up, especially in public, so your gaze drops to the table.
“I thought it was a good idea at the time,” you mumble. “If I didn’t see everyone I left behind then maybe it would be easier to be away. Joke’s on me, I guess. I know it was shitty, but I’m here now, and I’m going to try to make it up to you.”
When Cody doesn’t respond, you lift your gaze to find him watching you. There is an expression in his eyes you’re unable to read, but after a moment, he smiles.
“Don’t beat yourself up about it,” he says. “You were doing what you needed to do to take care of yourself. You don’t owe me anything.”
As you exit the restaurant, a shiver runs through your body at the chill in the air, so you pull your hands into your sweater sleeves and cross your arms over your chest. When Cody passes you, he gently bumps into you, walking to his car, and you dramatically pretend as though he threw you off balance.
“Where are you planning on staying tonight?” he asks, laughing.
“A friend’s place,” you reply. “They live like an forty minutes away, so I’ve got to get an Uber, if there even are any.” You pull your phone from your pocket, beginning to launch the Uber app.
“Nah, that’s silly, don’t do that,” Cody says, taking your phone from your hands and putting it into his pocket. “Your bags are already in my rental, so come stay at the hotel with me. We can watch a movie, like old times.”
“This feels very much like I don’t have a choice,” you reply. “Since you just stole my phone.”
“You’re right, you don’t have a choice,” he grins. You let out a sigh, looking down at the ground so Cody doesn’t see the smile on your lips. “I’ll keep my hands to myself,” he adds. “Unless you tell me otherwise.”
“You lasted longer than I expected,” you laugh, looking up to see the confused look on Cody’s face. “I would have put money on you making a sexual comment much sooner than now. But two hours is impressive.”
“I’ve been thinking them the whole time,” he says, tapping his fingers to his head. “I wanted to ease you back into it.”
“Very kind of you,” you laugh.
You stay silent for a moment, thinking of how to respond to his offer. On one hand, you wouldn't have to pay for the Uber to bring you the forty-five minute journey to your friend’s house. On the other hand, you were nervous about sharing a room with Cody after what happened last time. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t think about him almost everyday while you were gone, and the thought of being alone with him in a hotel room after a year apart floods your mind with scenarios you don’t feel ready for.
“The room has two beds,” Cody interrupts your thoughts, and when you look at him, you see the reassuring smile on his face. “I would love to watch a movie and talk some more, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable at all, so if you would rather stay with your friend, I completely understand. If you want, I can drive you there, or I’ll pay for your Uber if you’d rather do that. I mean, I could get you a room at the hotel too, if you’re…ya’know, you look tired.”
Your heart nearly skips a beat at how Cody is making a genuine effort to make sure you feel safe. At the same time, you see a side of Cody that he never shared much. Desperate to make you feel comfortable, he’s stumbling over his words and talking to fill the silence, as if he’s nervous. While you prefer to see the confident, smooth talking Cody, it’s nice to see a small crack in the exterior. You bite your lip to hide the smile that begins to tug at the corners of your mouth.
“I don’t mind staying with you, Rhodey,” you reply, smiling.
“Awesome,” he nods. “Let’s go!”
You had intended to have a conversation with Cody when you arrived at the hotel, however, you both felt just how exhausted you were as soon as you settled down. No sooner had your head hit the pillow, you found yourself falling asleep.
The next morning, you decided against going to Pittsburgh with your friends, opting to head back home to get settled in with your old roommate. You could tell that Cody was disappointed, but he insisted on you joining them on the road just as soon as you were finished.
Two weeks had gone by. You spent the time moving in, and working out a new contract with WWE. Finally, you were able to join the team on the road again, and you found yourself at a karaoke bar with Cody, Sami, Kevin, and, much to your surprise, Kenny, Matt, and Nick, who met up with the group on an day off.
Throughout the night, you catch Cody’s eyes on you, but he keeps his distance, never allowing himself to be alone with you. Initially, you take it personally, but as the night continues, you brush it off, opting to ignore it.
“You wanna sing something with me?” you ask Kenny with a laugh, watching him debate it momentarily.
“Of course,” he replies. You both walk to the announcer, going through the touchscreen of songs to choose from. “What’ll it be, huh?” Kenny asks.
“I got a good one,” you answer, and pick a song that causes Kenny to laugh.
“Elton John? I thought it would be a Beastie Boys song or something,” Kenny laughs, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, and pulling you beside him as you both make your way back to the group.
“It’s a good song,” you reply.
“I suppose,” he jokes with a groan. “You could have at least asked what I wanted to sing.”
You shove Kenny away from you and plant yourself in your previous seat to take a sip of your drink. As your eyes wander around the table, you catch a glimpse of Cody, aggravation visible on his face as he looks back at you. Your eyebrows knit together in question, but Cody glances away with a shake of his head.
At that moment, the announcer at the bar calls for Sami and Kevin to go to the stage for their turn to sing, which finally frees up space next to Cody. Quickly, you slide into the seat beside him, and wait until your friends begin singing before you speak.
“You okay?” you ask, biting your lip. Cody takes a sip of his drink then leans back, draping his arm over the back of your seat so he can turn closer to you.
“Are you into Kenny?” he asks.
“What?” you laugh. “Are you seriously asking me that right now, Cody?”
“I mean, you’re all over him, planning to sing cute duets together,” he says. “It’s sweet really.”
“Are you not tired of this?” you say. “I’m pretty sure we’ve had a conversation like this before. Don’t you remember how it ended?”
“Are you threatening to hit me?” Cody smirks.
“No,” you reply. “Unless you want me to.” Cody lets out a chuckle, dropping his gaze to his lap for a moment before looking back to you.
“Come on,” he mutters. “I’m being serious.”
“So am I,” you reply, leaning closer to him. “Cody, you’ve been avoiding me all night. Am I just supposed to sit quietly by myself until you decide to activate me?”
“Of course not,” he scoffs. “I just—”
“What did you expect then?” you ask. “For me to come crawling over, begging you to talk to me?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Well, then, since we’re being serious, I don’t know who this weird, broody guy is that you’re channeling right now, but he’s kinda gross. At least the old Cody would do something when he was jealous.”
“Hey, kid, we’re up!” Kenny calls out.
Without another look to Cody, you stand from your seat and follow Kenny to the stage. As you both pick up the microphones, you glance back to your table, seeing Cody down the remainder of his drink and run his hand over his face.
“Are you Elton or Kiki?” you ask Kenny, turning to give him a grin.
“Whichever hits the highest notes,” he quips.
As you sing with Kenny, you try to remain in the moment, but your eyes keep finding Cody. You notice him start to relax more throughout the song, until finally he begins to smile, and tap his hand on the table along with the song. Once the song ends, you and Kenny take a dramatic bow as you exit the stage and make your way back to your friends.
“Incredible!” Matt cheers, clapping his hands and Nick whistles loudly.
“You didn’t have to show us up!” Kevin laments.
“Oh, please,” you laugh, sitting in the seat beside Cody once again. “You guys gave a better performance than the Pointer Sisters could have done themselves.”
As the group settles into another loud conversation, Cody shifts in his chair again to place his arm on the back of your seat. You sigh, rolling your shoulders to stretch your muscles, and suddenly feel Cody’s hand gently touch your back. Involuntarily, you tense up from the feeling of his fingers pressing softly at your spine.
“Do you need some help?” he asks, leaning in closer to whisper in your ear. “You feel really tense. If I could get both of my hands on you, I’m sure I could help you work that out.”
“Hm, welcome back, Creepy Cody,” you tease.
“Thanks for putting me in check,” Cody chuckles. “I’m getting kinda tired of this place…how about we turn this into a movie night?”
“That sounds great, actually,” you sigh, feeling your body relax at the thought of changing into pajamas and laying in bed. “Please, can we leave?”
“God, you don’t have to beg me, babe,” Cody mutters. “As good as it sounds…” You elbow him in the ribs, which causes him to let out a huff of breath that turns into a laugh. “Ouch,” he chuckles, rubbing his side where you made contact.
“You promise to keep your hands to yourself?”
“Fine,” Cody sighs, dramatically. “I promise.”
Thirty minutes into the schlocky horror movie that Cody picked out, you find yourself losing interest. You are in the bed nearest the window as you generally pick, while Cody lays on the other. You’re laying on your side facing his bed while he is on his back, and from your position you can sneak glances at him without him knowing. You cut your eyes to him, noting that he’s focused fully on the movie.
“This movie kinda sucks,” you sigh. Cody laughs, and shifts his head to look at you.
“We can watch something else,” he suggests.
“No, it’s alright,” you say, checking the time on your phone. “It’s one in the morning. What time is the flight?”
“Six o’clock.”
“Like, in five hours?”
“Yeah,” he says, looking back to the television. “I tried to get a later one, but there weren’t any with two seats next to each other.” You smile to yourself, keeping your eyes on Cody. “I wanted us to be able to sit together,” he adds.
“I missed this,” you say, softly. “I didn’t have movie nights with anyone in Scotland.”
“I’d hope not,” he grins, looking at you once again. “Because this is our thing.” You laugh, pulling the covers closer over yourself. “You really never had anyone over to your place?” he asks.
“One time,” you laugh. “The kit man for the team gave me a ride back to my flat, and asked to use the bathroom. That’s the only time anyone else set foot in my place.”
“So, you didn’t hang out with anyone?”
“Nah, not really,” you shrug. “The few dates I went on were nothing serious.” You bite your lip in thought, trying to come up with a way to ask your next question. “I saw you, uh, were spending some time with someone,” you try to make every effort to sound casual as you continue. “Some girl, I don’t know her name or anything. Not like it’s my business, I was just—”
“Yeah, it was just for two months,” Cody interrupts. “She was nice but I was only looking for something casual, which I told her up front.” You know that you have no right to be jealous, but it doesn’t stop the feeling from rising inside of you. “What, are you jealous?” Cody asks, as if he reads your mind.
“No, it’s your life,” you respond. “Not my business.”
“You’d been gone for about five months at that point,” Cody says, looking up at the ceiling. “You’d stopped calling, stopped answering texts. I figured you found yourself a soccer player to occupy your time, and didn’t have any use for me anymore. Outta sight, outta mind.”
“Listen, we both know I was the idiot,” you respond. “I thought if I went to Scotland I could figure my life out. It was neutral, nobody knew me. I could become who I wanted to be. But I hated it. As beautiful as it was, it didn’t have what I wanted. I knew that what I was missing was here. I didn’t hate it because there was something wrong with it; I hated it because you weren’t there.” You pause to let out a sigh, and then quickly continue before you lose your nerve. “What sucks the most is that I figured this out after a few months,” you continue. “I had another, like, nine months on my contract. And I tried to get out of it, believe me, I did. But there was no way that I could without it costing me. Foolishly, I thought if I cut you off completely, that would help make it easier, but it was even worse. When I decided to finally reach out to you, I saw the pictures of you with that girl and it sent me in the other direction. I was jealous and depressed, and fucking mad because it was my fault.” You stop talking and look at everything in the room except Cody, until finally you have to look at him to gauge his feelings. His face shows little expression, but he begins to speak as soon as you look at him.
“Me and her had an agreement going into it,” Cody says. “She was gonna use me to get famous, and I was gonna use her to keep my mind off of you. At the end, she was the only one who got what she wanted. It was stupid of me to think I could get over you by fucking someone else. So, it seems like we both made stupid decisions.” You let out a sigh, and stare back at him for a moment, knowing what you want to say next.
“It’s a cliche if I say it now, you know that, right?” you say, rolling on your back to look at the ceiling. “This isn’t a romcom. Like, after we had this whole little talk about our fucking feelings, and how we missed each other, now I have to say it? Why? So you can have the upper hand because—”
“I love you,” Cody interrupts. You turn your head, looking at him still in the other bed. He grins slowly, then shrugs his shoulders. “You can have the upper hand if you want,” he says. “I’ve never tried that before, it might be kinda hot.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, I’m obviously always the one in charge,” he says. “Ya’know, the dominant one. Daddy, if you will.”
“I won’t,” you retort. “That’s not what I was talking about, and I think you know that.”
“Oh, the other part,” he says, waving his hand dismissively. “Yeah, I love you, no big deal.”
“I sorta wish I said it first now.”
“To be fair, you did,” he says. “Last year.”
“That didn’t count,” you laugh.
“Why, because you said it after I choked you?” You laugh softly, feeling your cheeks heat up when he brings up this memory. Turning your head from him, you bite your lip, but Cody climbs from his bed and moves to sit beside you. “No, c’mon,” he chuckles, grasping your jaw and turning your head towards him. “You were so perfect that night, did you know that?” You shake your head, parting your lips and gently biting his thumb that he has brushed along your lips. “Begging me with these beautiful eyes. This fucking mouth hanging open, trying to breathe…so fucking pretty.”
“I was pretty while you were choking me, you psycho?”
“It wasn’t the choking,” he replies. “You trusted me. You needed me. That’s what it was about.” Cody pauses, eyes cutting to the side in thought, before he looks back to you. “I mean, the choking was hot, too,” he adds, and you quickly smack him on the arm which causes him to laugh. “Ouch! What’s that for? I know you thought it was hot.”
“I did,” you say, taking his hand from your cheek and lacing your fingers together. “Didn’t you promise me that you were gonna keep your hands to yourself?”
“Hmm, that’s right, I did,” Cody smirks, attempting to pull his hand free from your grasp, but you tighten your grip. He grins wider, taking your other hand and pulling you to sit up in front of him. “Do you want me to touch you?” he whispers, pressing his forehead to yours.
“Yes,” you say, closing your eyes.
Cody shoves you to lay back on the bed, and tosses the blankets away from you. You wonder if he can hear the sound of your heart pounding in your chest. He settles over you, both hands bracing himself on either side of your head and kneeling between your legs. The gaze that he gives you mixes between adoring and animalistic, and you can’t help but reach out to wrap your arms around his neck to pull him closer.
The grin on Cody’s face is apparent as he leans in to kiss you and you return the smile as your lips touch. One of your hands rests on the back of his head, while your other hand grasps his shoulder, tightening your fingers around the fabric of his sleeveless shirt.
The way Cody kisses you takes your breath away. He gives you every ounce of the desperation and passion that he feels for you, kissing you forcefully enough to make you let out a small groan. He presses his hips against you, grinding enough to make your groan turn into a moan that’s lost in Cody’s mouth.
With a growl, Cody moves his mouth to your jaw, giving you a bite that only proves to make you moan again. He keeps traveling down to kiss and bite your neck, one of his hands now moving to cup your breast through your shirt. Your hands find their way up the back of his shirt, fingertips pressing at his warm skin, nails ever so slightly starting to dig in.
“Mmm, careful,” he mutters against your neck. “You’re gonna leave marks.”
“So are you,” you pant.
“Yeah, but only one of us is shirtless on television for a living,” he says, quickly, giving another bite to your neck. You giggle, pushing him away from you and peering into his eyes as he resituates to straddle one of your thighs, still on his knees.
“I love you,” you whisper.
“I love you, too.”
Cody does not take his eyes off of you for a second as his hand creeps past the waistband of your panties. Your ragged breath surprises you, the anticipation that has built up over time finally starting to get the better of you.
“Fuck,” Cody whispers. “You’re shaking.” His middle finger rubs against your clit, causing your thighs to instinctively pull together. Your efforts to close your legs, however, are blocked by Cody, who has rested one knee between your thighs. “Still shy, huh?” he quips, nuzzling against your cheek and glides his fingers towards your entrance. “You don’t have to be scared of me, baby girl. I won’t hurt you unless you ask me to.”
“Cody,” you mutter, turning your head away from him as you feel your cheeks flush.
“Uh-uh,” he breathes, pulling his hand from your panties and taking hold of your jaw. “Keep your eyes on me.” Cody turns your head so you’re facing him again, his hand shifting so that his fingers, damp with your juices, touch your lips. You react on instinct, opening your mouth and giving him a desperate, pleading look. “Oh, I forgot about that,” he mutters, slowly sliding his index and middle fingers into your mouth, watching as you begin to suck on them. “Fuuuuck. What is it, huh? Do you love the taste of yourself, or would you just do anything to get my fingers in your mouth?”
All you can do is whine, grabbing onto Cody’s wrist to keep his hand in place as you suck harder. Your other hand feels blindly at your side in search of his arm that he uses to keep himself supported above you. As your fingers graze his skin, you grasp onto his forearm, creeping up higher to hold his bicep. Your eyes are closed, and you can hear your own moans as you swirl your tongue around his digits.
“I’ll bet it’s both,” he whispers, his voice distant, slightly breathless as he answers his own question. “You’re so fucking strung out on me, you don’t even realize what you’re doing, do you?”
Your eyes flutter open, pulling you back into the moment that you hadn’t realized you had slipped out of. To your surprise, you are grinding against Cody’s thigh, his athletic shorts riding higher up his leg with each of your movements.
“How long has it been?” he breathes out, letting you use him while he maintains his composure perfectly. “You’re so desperate for it, I’m sure it’s been a while.” Finally, you drag his fingers from your mouth, sucking enough to give a gentle pop when they’re out.
“Since Ziggler,” you reply, breathlessly.
“No fucking way,” he chuckles. “That was a year ago.” You bite your lip, keeping your slightly embarrassed gaze locked on his. “You haven’t even…” he trails off, his hand slipping from your grasp so he can cup your jaw. “Have you done anything? Like, you haven’t even touched yourself?”
“No,” you say, feeling slightly embarrassed.
“Oh, damn,” he breathes. For a moment, he thinks, his eyes cutting to the side and his brow furrowing in thought. “Ya’know what?” Cody begins. “I want you in my bed.”
“What? We’re already in this bed why do we—”
“That’s not what I mean,” he shakes his head. “I want to fuck you in my own bed. At my house, not at some hotel. That way, I can fuck you like you deserve.” Cody’s words make your head reel, and you let out a shuddered breath. “Do you like that, hm?” he asks, leaning closer to place another kiss on your lips. “We’ve got some time off next week…three days. Think that’s enough time?”
“Enough time for what?”
“For me to really make you mine. You’ll never want to look at another man again when I’m done with you. And I’ll make you so fucking addicted to me…you’ll be soaked whenever you even look at me, because you’ll know exactly how fucking good I give it to you.”
“Hope you can back up all this talk,” you breathe out. “Especially if I have to wait a week.”
“What’s the matter, baby girl?” Cody teases, sticking his lip out to fake pout, mocking you. “You can wait that long? I barely even touched you, and you’re so worked up, you can’t control yourself? So, you’d rather I fuck you here? You’re dressed like a slut, I can treat you like one, if that’s what you want.” The corner of his mouth pulls up into a sly grin, and he shakes his head. “Nah, you can wait,” he says. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while.”
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wildfire 003
Tumblr media
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warnings: more dirty talk, choking, jealousy, angst
A/N: this part is really long and for that I’m sorry. There’s really only going to be one maybe two more parts for this anyway. Please enjoy.
Two days later, you find yourself in Puerto Rico. You spend the first day photographing all of the arrivals, managing to take some scenic shots in between. Cody arrives some time in the middle of the day, and the fact that he’s wearing the blue suit isn’t lost on you. You discreetly take a few extra photographs of him, specifically of his hands, and just how snug his jacket is around his biceps.
After the arrivals and press conference, you have free time to sightsee. You make every effort to stay near the venue, in case you are needed for any last minute photo opportunities. Taking a break from your journey, you pull your phone from your back pocket to check your texts, finding one from Ziggler.
Have fun tonight. I’ll call you later.
You let out a sigh, unsure of how to respond. He was awkward via text messages, much better in person. On top of that, you felt bad that he wasn’t able to make the show in Puerto Rico. As you contemplate an answer, you receive a text from Cody. You type a quick response to Ziggler of two yellow heart emojis, and switch to the message thread from Cody.
Been trying to find you all day. What’s wrong? Scared to be alone with me?
With a chuckle, you begin to type a response, but another message quickly pops up.
I know it must be hard to keep your composure around me, what with how wet I get you just by fucking talking.
You’re tempted to tell him off, just to knock him down a peg, but he’s not wrong — it’s difficult not to give in to Cody when he flirts with you. Especially with the way your feelings had developed over the time you’ve been friends. That’s the other thing Cody was right about: the way you feel about him. It snuck up on you, and the exact feelings weren’t clear to you until he had brought it to your attention earlier in the week. No matter what you feel, you weren’t prepared to admit it yet, not to yourself and certainly not to Cody.
Shaking your head clear of the thoughts, you reply with three eye rolling emojis. You switch to your email account and scroll through, noting a follow up email from another employer that you had been conversing with.
A few weeks prior, you had received an email from a headhunter in regards to an open photographer position for a football club in Scotland. Initially you ignored it, having no desire to uproot your life and move to another country, but the idea is alluring. You let out a sigh, reading through the director’s newest offer, for more pay than you are currently receiving, and find yourself once again tempted. Still, you stash your phone in your pocket and switch your mind to Backlash.
You return to the venue to prepare for the start of the show. You try your best to avoid Cody most of the night, busying yourself with photographing others, and conversing with some superstars you’d not had the opportunity to meet before. You catch Cody staring at you every so often when you would cross paths, but he would make sure he didn’t look long enough to draw attention from others nearby.
Halfway through the show, you step outside of the venue to get some fresh air, the warm breeze much different than the air conditioning in the arena.
Checking your phone, you see a few texts from your friends along with another from Cody from earlier in the night. After quickly replying to your friends, you open the message from Cody.
Do you want to hang out tonight after the show?
Generally, you would spend time with Cody after big shows, watching a movie in the hotel or getting dinner with others. Tonight, something feels off, and you can’t place why. You figure it has to do with your blossoming feelings for Cody, but as quickly as the thought appears, you push it back.
You send a reply letting him know you can meet with him later, before you duck back into the entrance of the venue. Mindlessly, you pause every so often to take photos of the groups of superstars congregating around the backstage area.
As you aim your camera towards the locker rooms, you spy Cody speaking to a woman. She’s not someone that you recognize, and you assume she works for the venue or the press. You lower your camera, glancing around to see if anyone has noticed you, but resume studying Cody’s interaction when you’re satisfied no one is paying attention to you.
Cody is grinning as the woman speaks, and you try to convince yourself he’s just being the polite man that you know. When the woman leans in towards him, letting out an exaggerated laugh at whatever Cody said, you scoff.
“He’s never said anything that fucking funny,” you mumble to yourself.
The pair continue to chat, the woman discreetly moving closer to Cody as they speak. Wishing you could read lips, you take note of the way she bats her eyes at him, and how he brushes his hand on her arm in response. The contact being initiated by Cody makes you clench your teeth, and you lower your camera again.
“Fuck,” you mutter, feeling an overwhelming sense of jealousy at the sight. You absentmindedly fiddle with the lens of the camera, leaving the area to find another photo opportunity that wouldn’t make you feel quite so frustrated.
As the night comes to a close, and you begin to pack your belongings, your phone vibrates from where you had stashed it in your bag. Seeing Ziggler’s name across the screen, you quickly answer.
“Hey, you. What’s up?”
“Nothing,” he replies. “Just saw the end of the show, it was over pretty quick, huh?” You let out a light laugh at the brevity of Cody’s match with Brock.
“Yeah, well, you know Brock,” you sigh, zipping your bag closed. “Honestly though, I’m surprised he took a bump like that.” You hear him let out a small chuckle on the other line. “I wish you could have been here,” you say. “I tried to do some sightseeing earlier, but I barely knew where I was.”
“I can imagine,” he answers. You straighten your back, scrunching your nose slightly — his tone is off.
“Is everything alright?” you ask, quietly.
“I think we should talk.”
“Oh,” you say. “Like…now?”
“I think it’s best,” he says. There’s a pause, as if he isn’t ready to say what he knows he needs to say.
“It doesn’t have to be a big deal, Nic,” you speak. “I know what you’re going to say.”
“I’m sorry,” he answers. “I mean, I care about you a lot.”
“You don’t have to explain.”
“I think I do,” he continues. “I know we aren’t officially a couple, but I hoped we could have changed that. Only I’ve been feeling you get more distant when I try to get closer. And I think it’s because of Cody.”
“What do you mean?”
“I know you two are close. And I can see how much you care about him. I just don’t think that I can keep hanging around when you’re obviously not interested in this relationship evolving.”
“I’m sorry,” you reply. “I don’t know what else to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything,” Ziggler replies. “I promise, it’s okay. Have a nice time tonight, and we can always talk more when you get back.”
“Okay,” you sigh. “Have a good night, Zig.”
When you found Finn as you were preparing to leave the venue, the conversation started simple enough, and you had no intention of going anywhere with him. Two years prior, when you first started with WWE, you had a few drinks on a night out, and ended up going down on Finn at the hotel. It wasn’t your finest hour, and the two of you had managed to avoid the topic — until tonight.
You did not intend to follow Finn back to an abandoned locker room, and you certainly had no plans of recreating your previous incident, but here you are. You’re washing your mouth out at the bathroom sink, looking at yourself in the mirror as you do. You write it off to the emotions — from Ziggler ending your relationship to the vision of Cody flirting with someone else. Realistically, you know it’s neither.
Exiting the bathroom, you invite Finn to share a taxi to the hotel with you, and he accepts. As you walk from the venue, you pull your phone from your pocket and see a missed call and three texts from Cody.
“Fuck,” you say, reading over the messages.
Washing all of the blood off of me and then heading to the hotel. Meet you there?
Are we still hanging out?
Call me when you get a chance.
Placing your belongings into the trunk beside Finn’s bag, you both climb into the backseat and make the short journey to the hotel.
“Third floor?” Finn asks, as you both retrieve your bags from the trunk.
“I think so,” you reply.
“Me too,” he nods.
The conversation feels too friendly for what you had just done with Finn, and it gives you an odd, unwelcome sensation. Still, you remain polite with him as you take the elevator to your floor, and trek down the hallway in search of your rooms.
Once inside your room, you send a text to Cody letting him know you had just arrived, and ask for his room number. After brushing your teeth and changing into a shirt and sweatpants, you head to Cody’s room.
“It’s about fucking time,” he laughs, pulling the door open and yanking you into the room by your arm. “I watched an entire season of CSI while I was waiting.”
“Don’t be so dramatic,” you reply. “I wasn’t that long.”
“Are you alright?” he asks, watching you sit on the bed beside the window.
“Yeah, I guess,” you answer, rubbing the bridge of your nose. “I think I’m getting a headache. It was a long night.”
“What happened?”
“Don’t worry about it,” you sigh. “Sorry I was late, I got caught up at the venue.”
“Finn, too, huh?” he asks. You look up at him too quickly, and narrow your eyes.
“I saw you guys in the lobby,” he shrugs. “I took a walk while I was waiting to hear from you.”
“Oh,” you say. “Yeah, we were…busy.”
“You guys hook up?” Cody’s voice sounds casual initially, but you can hear the note of agitation peeking through in his tone. You let out a sigh and wave your hand dismissively at the question.
“I mean,” you begin. “I went down on him or whatever.”
“Sure,” Cody nods. “No big deal, right?”
“Why the fuck are you acting like this? It’s not like me and you are together.”
“No, we aren’t. But you’re with Ziggler, right? At least that’s what you tell me every fucking day.”
“Oh, come the fuck on,” you groan. “Grow up, Cody. I don’t fucking owe you anything.”
“No, you don’t, you’re right,” he says. “But you know what’s crazy to me? The way you get upset because you think I was flirting with some woman, or with Becky, who, in case you forgot, is married and, beyond that, is nowhere near my type…but you have fucked how many of my co-workers exactly?”
“Some of us didn’t have our pick of the litter our whole lives.”
“So, you’re making up for lost time by fucking anyone who shows you the slightest bit of attention?”
“Well, I haven’t fucked you, so I guess that’s not accurate, is it?”
“I’m probably the only guy you haven’t fucked at this point.”
“Y'know what?” you say, standing up quickly and walking towards the door. “I don’t have to sit here and listen to this shit.”
“Don’t forget your phone,” Cody calls out. “I saw you drooling over Carlito earlier. Wouldn’t want to miss him calling to ask for a blowjob too.”
You spin on your heel, facing him again to see him standing in the same spot with your phone in his grasp. Stomping back towards him, you snatch the phone from him and throw a punch that, much to your surprise, connects with his jaw hard enough to jostle him to the side and make him lose his step.
“You fucking asshole,” you mutter, storming out of the room and slamming the door shut behind you.
It has been a week since your argument with Cody, and in that week, you have done everything to avoid him. His comments about you were incredibly hurtful, and even if you knew why he said them, you didn’t expect him to speak to you like that. Still, the more you think about it, the more you realize what he was saying wasn’t wrong: you were flirting with Cody and hooking up with others, and it certainly wasn’t fair to him. In reality, you forgave him in your mind days ago, but you weren’t going to be the first one to talk.
You arrive at the hotel at the same time as a few other cars from the airport. You make your way to the front desk to retrieve your key, before heading to the appropriate floor.
Walking through the corridor in search of your room, you spot Cody exiting the stairwell at the opposite end of the hall. He flips the keycard in his hand mindlessly as he looks at the numbers on the doors, but after a moment, his gaze finds yours. To your surprise, he gives you a small smile, and stops in front of what you assume to be his room. With his eyes still locked with yours, he nods his head towards his door, his eyebrows knitting in question. Returning his smile, you nod, slipping your keycard into your pocket and heading towards Cody.
“I need to take a fucking shower,” Cody laments as you reach him.
“Yeah, I was just about to say,” you agree, as Cody opens the door.
“How kind of you,” he mutters, gently shoving you into the room. You laugh as you regain your footing, and move to drop your belongings on the bed nearest the window. “Hungry?” he asks, setting his bags down as well.
“Nah, I ate at the airport,” you sigh, stretching your hands over your head. When Cody doesn’t respond, you glance over to him, finding his eyes on you. “Can I help you?” you ask.
“What’s wrong?” he asks.
“Bullshit,” he says. “Something’s off.”
“Uh, Nic ended things.”
“Ah, fuck,” Cody sighs, dropping his shoulders. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you shrug. “It’s not like I was in love with him or anything. We were just having fun.” You pause, biting your lip as you stare at the floor. “It’s fine,” you nod, looking back into Cody’s eyes. “I’m good.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” For a moment you don’t answer, simply pull in a deep breath and then let it out in a sigh.
“Yeah, okay.”
Cody nods and pulls a change of clothes from his duffel bag, before making his way to the bathroom. You follow behind him, hoisting yourself up onto the counter and leaning against the mirror while Cody meddles with the shower taps.
“How’d he break the news?” Cody asks, taking a step away from the shower and pulling his shirt over his head.
“He called me after right after Backlash ended,” you reply, covering your eyes with your hand to allow Cody the privacy to get undressed. “I know he’s been in a funk the last few months.”
“Makes sense,” Cody replies. “He hasn’t been getting a push like he used to.” You hum in agreement, lowering your hand from your face when you hear the shower curtain pull closed. “So, he broke up with you because he’s not over?” Cody asks from inside the shower.
“No, it’s not like that,” you reply, noticing that Cody had folded his dirty clothes in a neat pile on the toilet seat. “I think he…wanted something that I couldn’t give him.”
“Oh, so like you didn’t wanna do anal?” Cody jokes, his tone serious.
“Maybe so,” you laugh in response. “He asked once but I wasn’t interested.”
“Yeah, that’s definitely it then.”
“All jokes aside, we’re just in different places, we want different things.”
“Is that what he said?”
“Something like that,” you sigh, finding yourself no longer interested in the conversation. “Why do you fold your dirty clothes? Wouldn’t you end up getting them mixed up with your clean clothes?”
“I keep them in a different part of my bag,” he answers. “That’s a weird question. Are you uncomfortable with the conversation now?”
“I don’t know,” you sigh, knocking your head back against the mirror harder than you intended. The shower curtain pulls back just enough for Cody to peek his head out so he can look at you.
“Hey,” he says, getting your attention. You tip your head to the side to look back at him, one of his eyes closed to avoid the shampoo that was rolling down from his forehead. “Ya’know, we don’t have to talk about any of this,” he says, wiping the shampoo back into his hair. “We can talk about anything you want.”
“Oh, yeah, like what?” you mumble, eyes cutting down to his jaw, his neck, and his collarbone that was just visible past the shower curtain.
“Maybe whatever it is you’re thinking about right now,” he rasps. You look back into his eyes with a quick grin, looking away as you feel the heat in your cheeks.
“Trust me, you’re not ready for that,” you chuckle.
“God, such a fucking tease!” Cody groans, ducking back into the shower.
“I thought this was just a joke thing that we have,” you laugh. “A witty little back and forth.”
“Your cute little jokes give me a hard-on sometimes,” he laughs.
“Sorry, I’ll ease up on the teasing, then.”
“No way!” he says, loudly. “I love it!”
The water turns off and you slip from the counter, giving Cody his privacy in the bathroom. You plop onto the chair on the opposite side of the room and pull your phone from your pocket. Mindlessly scrolling through your apps, you hear Cody enter the room and glance up briefly to see him stuffing the dirty clothes into a smaller compartment within his duffel.
You stare at him from the side for a few moments, noticing the black eye he had likely obtained during the match with Brock. It reminds you of the argument the two of you had that same night. You let out a sigh, turning your gaze from him.
“Sorry about punching you the other day,” you say, pulling your legs into the chair with you. “It wasn’t cool.”
“Don’t be, I deserved it,” he assures you, moving his belongings onto the desk beneath the television. “I was way out of line. What you do is your business, and it’s not my place to make comments on it. I mean, as long as you’re being safe, then who cares. I’m sorry I got you to that point.”
“You weren’t wrong,” you sigh. “I think I took the ‘sexually available, empowered feminist’ thing to an extreme.”
“No, not at all,” Cody chuckles, collapsing onto his bed and propping himself up on his pillow. “It was only, what, two guys? That’s not bad at all.”
“Three,” you reply, shifting in your seat to get a better view of him.
“Tell me.”
“It’s tacky to kiss and tell,” you respond.
“It’s just me,” he says, with a laugh. “You tell me everything.”
“Can I be totally real with you?”
“One hundred percent,” Cody nods.
“I’ve only ever had sex with two men,” you say.
“No way,” he responds.
“Yeah,” you nod. “A guy I worked with in my twenties, and Nic. When it comes to Finn and Punk, I just gave them head.”
“Wait, you hooked up with Punk?!” he asks. “When?”
“Last year, before the fight,” you say. “Honestly, I just wanted to get it out of my system. I wanted to see what it was like.” Cody laughs and stares at you expectantly.
“And?” he asks.
“It wasn’t bad,” you nod. “I expected more.”
“Oh, my God,” Cody laughs. “Rank them, please. I am begging you.”
“Between us?”
“Always. Smallest to biggest.”
“Ziggler, Punk, Finn.”
“So, Ziggy’s got a small dick, but you stuck with him,” Cody laughs, as though he is astonished by your claim.
“It’s not always about the size, moreso how you use it.”
“No, that’s not true,” he replies. “Guys just say that to gaslight women.��� You laugh, shifting to hang your legs over the arm of the chair and rest against the other arm.
“I don’t know,” you sigh, toeing your shoes off of your feet so they fall to the floor. “I think I’m just gonna stay away from all of it for a while.”
“I think that’s a good idea,” he agrees, putting his arms behind his head to relax further into his bed. “How many other guys have you hooked up with? Like apart from the ones you mentioned.”
“Oh, none,” you say.
“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-five, Cody. Needless to say, I wasn’t doing much else either.”
“So, when I met you,” he begins. “You were a virgin?” You nod your head, mindlessly picking at the tear in the knee of your jeans. “Goddamnit,” he sighs. “If I would have been your first, you wouldn’t have needed to go anywhere else.” You laugh loudly, glancing over to Cody to see him laughing in return. “I’m just kidding,” he says, through his chuckles. “At twenty-seven, I was more concerned with getting myself off.”
“I believe that,” you grin. “How many women have you been with?”
“More than two,” he says.
“How many?”
“Six. It’s been a few months though.”
“No way,” you reply. “You were talking to that girl in Puerto Rico, she was really pretty”
“I was talking to her, yeah,” he nods. “Not flirting.”
“Why not?”
“I wasn’t interested.”
“So, you’re gonna be abstinent until you find someone you’re interested in?”
“I’m already interested in someone,” Cody says.
“I know, Rhodey.”
You both remain silent for a few moments before you get out of your seat to grab some clothes from your bag. When you pull out the shorts and t-shirt, you glance at Cody, finding him watching you. You jokingly give him the finger, before heading to the bathroom to change clothes. You expected Cody to have put a movie on for you both to watch as you frequently do, but the television is still off when you enter the room.
You lay on the bed beside Cody, giving a quick sigh as you snuggle deeper into the blankets. He grins and watches you get comfortable, but you notice him staring and give him a glare as if to tell him to stop.
“I’m just happy you’re here,” he chuckles, as you settle on your side. “I thought you’d never want to talk to me again. Ya’know, after you punched me.”
“I don’t have a lot of friends, ya’know. My bench isn’t that deep, not a lot of options.”
“Sorry about Ziggler,” he answers, staring up at the ceiling. “Really. Even if I don’t like the thought of the two of you together…I don’t like you being upset either.”
“It’s alright,” you shrug, as Cody tips his head to look to you. “We weren’t really together, just wasting time.” You watch Cody fight the slightly irritated look that threatens to tear through his pleasant grin. “Still I’m going to miss some of it,” you add.
“Like what?” he scoffs. “I mean, he didn’t make you squirt.”
“Neither did you, Cody,” you laugh.
“Ooh, touché.”
Cody bites his lip for a moment, a conflicted look in his eyes, as if he wants to say something but doesn’t know how. You take his hand that lays on his chest and you flip it so his palm is up. Gently, you trace your fingertips along his hand, around his palm and up to his fingertips.
“What’s the deal with you and my hands, hm?” he asks, softly. You shrug, avoiding his gaze as you feel your cheeks warm from the question. “Do you want to know what I can do with these hands?” he whispers. “I promise it’ll be worthwhile.”
“I’m sure,” you reply, pressing your fingers to his pulse momentarily.
You shift into your back, your fingers still barely touching Cody’s hand, but he scoots his body closer to lay on his side next to you. He props his head up on his hand, elbow resting on the bed, and lays his other hand palm side up on your stomach, allowing you to continue tracing along his hand.
You grasp Cody’s hand and cut your eyes to look into his face as you bring his hand to your throat, pressing it there and awaiting his reaction. For a moment, Cody doesn’t react, but you see his eyes darting around your face, looking for something. You bite your lip, setting your hand on top of his and pressing his fingers to urge him along.
“I just want to see what it feels like,” you whisper.
“You never asked your boyfriend?” You have known Cody long enough to understand his emotions. As he speaks, you can tell he’s teasing, but there’s also a certain aggravation to his words and in his eyes that makes you second guess involving him in this situation.
“I trust you more than him,” you admit. This softens his gaze, and his thumb rubs gently along your jaw and your pulse. “And he wasn’t my boyfriend,” you add, knowing that Cody loves to hear this.
The tips of Cody's fingers begin to press more firmly against your throat, and you pull in a small gasp. Cody’s eyes cut between your mouth and your eyes, giving you every drop of his attention as he tightens his grip.
Your eyes begin to slip closed, thinking about your current situation. Asking one of your closest friends to choke you wasn't what you had in mind when you climbed into bed next to him. You’d expected to fall asleep watching a movie as you’d done many times before. The feelings that have developed within you regarding Cody have overwhelmed you, causing you to act on your impulses without even thinking twice.
“Open your eyes.” Cody’s voice drags you out of your thoughts, and you do as you’re told, looking into his eyes. “Does it feel good?” he whispers, his eyes on your mouth.
“Harder,” you reply. His eyes lock with yours again in an instant, and he licks his lips, tightening his grip on your throat. You struggle to pull in a breath, and immediately want more, hoping that your eyes are telling Cody just that.
“More, huh?” he grins.
As soon as you nod, Cody’s hand tightens again, completely cutting off your air. Your mouth opens in an attempt to breathe, and Cody’s eyes flash with panic, but you clamp your hand on his to keep it in place. You begin to grow restless, eyes slipping closed as you instinctively try to pull in breaths, wiggling around on the mattress.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” Cody mutters, pressing his lips to your ear. “In my fucking bed, begging me to choke you for the first time. I’ll bet you’re fucking soaked right now.”
You feel the tip of his tongue graze along the shell of your ear, followed by his teeth tugging at your earlobe. Cody’s grip on you loosens for a moment, and you let out a squeak, causing him to release his grip entirely and pull back to look at you. Quickly, you pull in breaths quickly, and let out a cough, your eyes finding Cody’s.
“Are you okay?” he asked, cupping your jaw, his voice dripping with concern.
“Yeah,” you reply. “It felt good.”
“Yeah?” he smirked, turning your head to get a better look at your neck. “I hope it doesn’t leave a bruise. We’ll match.”
You take hold of his hand and bring it to your lips, giving a quick kiss to the palm of his hand. Cody lets out a sigh, lacing his fingers with yours and pinning it down onto the mattress. When he leans in to kiss you, a grin pulls at your lips, and you close your eyes in anticipation. His lips press to yours softly, testing the waters for a moment, until you let out a soft whimper. Cody groans in response, deepening the kiss.
The sensation of Cody’s mouth on yours makes your head spin more than when he was choking you, the build up to finally kissing him being overwhelming. You tighten your grip on his hand, and he squeezes your fingers in return, finally pulling back to allow you both some air. You pull both your and Cody’s hands back to your mouth, pressing his knuckles against your lips. For a moment, you stare into one another’s eyes in silence, your heart pounding in your chest as you realize what you’re about to say.
“I love you,” you mumble, hoping your words get lost against his knuckles.
“What was that?” Cody asks with a grin, pulling your hands away from your mouth. You don’t respond, but keep your eyes on him. “Say it again,” he whispers. “It’s just me.” Your eyes begin to well as you feel scared and overwhelmed, so you turn your head to avoid Cody’s gaze. “C’mon, baby girl,” he says, squeezing your hand. “It’s okay. You can say it.”
Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath to calm yourself. Cody remains silent, soothingly rubbing his thumb against your hand that he still holds. You try to reason with your mind, the more rational side of you saying that it’s okay to repeat it, to tell Cody how you feel. You feel the fear through your whole body, and you realize that you aren’t afraid of what Cody will say or what he will do, but you’re afraid that you aren’t ready.
“I can’t,” you whisper.
“That’s alright,” Cody says. You can hear in his voice that he is disappointed, but when you turn to see him again, his eyes light up, a smile on his face. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything,” he says. “Consider it erased from my mind.” He pulls your hand to his mouth, kissing your knuckles one at a time. “Can I ask you something?” he whispers. You swallow hard, and reply with a nod. “That night I called you, and you were getting off—”
“Cody,” you sigh, biting your lip.
“Hear me out,” he chuckles, putting your hand on his cheek. “You said you were thinking about when we first met. What did you mean?” You pull in a deep breath, rubbing your thumb gently along his black eye.
“Your mustache. It was really sexy.”
“Oh, God,” he rolls his eyes, beginning to pull away. “Forget I even asked.”
“No, wait,” you chuckle, rolling over onto your side so your back is to him. “I’m joking, that mustache was awful.” Cody curls up behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder as he waits for an answer to his question. “That night after I met you in that stupid arcade, I kept playing the fucking coin pusher for like another hour,” you continue. “I was just on autopilot because all I was thinking about was you.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“Don’t be so smug,” you laugh, elbowing him playfully. “I kept replaying our stupid conversation over and over, thinking about how pretty your fucking smile was.”
“Pretty?” he echoes, an edge to his voice.
“Yeah,” you smile to yourself. “And bright, too.” Cody’s arms tighten around you, pulling you closer against him and taking hold of your hands. “I couldn’t stop seeing it,” you continue. “All I could think about was what could have happened if you weren’t engaged.” You leave the comment on the air for a moment, but Cody doesn’t respond so you continue. “I dreamt about you that night,” you breathe out. “That you followed me to my hotel room.”
“Is this gonna make me hard?” he asks.
“You’re already hard, I’m just ignoring it.”
“C’mon, it’s like a semi, at most.”
“I dreamt that you kissed me,” you continue. “And we danced to some stupid song that you played on your phone. It was a slow dance but your hands were all over me.”
“That’s what you got off to?” Cody chuckles, lacing his fingers with yours.
“Not quite,” you chuckle. “But I’ll keep that to myself for now. I’m too tired to talk about it tonight.”
“Fair enough,” he replies, kissing the top of your head. “Get some rest. We can talk in the morning.”
You awaken at 4:30 in the morning, finding yourself still in bed with Cody. He had rolled onto his stomach in the night, and you hear him snoring softly.
You replay the night before in your head, feeling your stomach tighten at the thought of Cody choking you. Quietly, you slip from the bed and sneak towards the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. There is a very light mark on your neck from Cody’s hand, and as you trace your fingers over it, you can almost feel the sensation of him choking you once again.
The excitement you feel at the thought is immediately overshadowed as you remember what you said to him. You admitted your feelings to him, and he didn’t run. Granted, you mumbled the words, and refused to repeat them when he asked, but you feel your heart begin to race nonetheless.
Things are going to be different when Cody wakes up. From the choking, to the kissing, to the cuddling, and finally the admittance of feelings, you know that you aren’t going to be able to weasel your way out of the conversation that Cody will inevitably want to have. You swallow hard, and exit the bathroom, seeing Cody still asleep. Creeping across the room, you pick up your belongings, and quietly exit to head towards your own room.
You hurriedly get ready for the day, your mind filled with regret for your night with Cody. You think about the last week, from your breakup with Ziggler to your hookup with Finn, you feel overwhelmed. The last six months with WWE were a whildwind, and you barely had a moment to think about what you were doing.
As you lament, your phone buzzes from its spot on the bed and you quickly check to see a text from your boss.
Heard from a football club in Scotland, they’re desperate to get you on board. Saw the offer, and I know it’s better than what you’re getting now. Should I schedule a meeting?
For the text to have come through at that time, while you were questioning your decisions, you feel it must be a sign. You quickly type back a response letting your boss know that you’re interested in the position, and would like to meet to go over the next steps. You hit send before thinking and throw your phone back onto the bed. Briefly, you wonder if you should have had a talk with Cody before agreeing to meet, but you push the thought from your mind, convincing yourself it’s the right decision.
You exit the office, making your way down the hall towards the locker rooms. Your heart pounds in your chest, mind racing with the right words to say when you break the news to Cody. As you near the locker rooms, you spot Cody talking to Sami, both of the men smiling and laughing. It gives you pause, thinking about how he’s going to take the news you’re about to give him.
“Hey, sorry to interrupt, but can I steal Cody for just a moment?” you ask, approaching the two men quickly. “I’ll give him right back.”
“You can have him,” Sami teases. “I don’t need him.”
You step into a nearby hallway with Cody, out of earshot but still in the light. You toil for a moment, trying to think of how to start your sentence, but Cody quickly becomes impatient.
“Let me guess,” he begins. “‘Gee, Cody, I’m really sorry for sneaking out this morning, and I loved making out last night. Maybe we can try it again tonight?’ Absolutely, babe, I’m more than happy to accommodate.”
“My contract was transferred,” you say. “To a football club in Scotland.”
“Wait, what?” Cody asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“They reached out last month,” you continue. “The manager is a wrestling fan, he likes my photographs, and floated an offer.” You pause, avoiding Cody’s gaze as you look at anything else in the hallway. “I wasn’t going to accept at first,” you mumble. “But I just got out of a meeting with the big bosses…and they agreed to transfer it over.”
“I need to reset,” you say, finally looking at him. “It all got out of hand, so I just think some time away is best for everyone.”
“Okay,” he nods, slowly. “We’ll be in London a few times this year, so I can come visit. And I’m sure I’ll have some time off to be able to—”
“I’ll be hours away from London, Cody,” you interrupt. “And I don’t…I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“What’s not a good idea?” he asks. When you don’t respond, Cody realizes. “You need time away from me.”
“After last night…” you trail off. “I know I said it was you, and that I was scared to get serious because I didn’t think that I’d be enough for you, but I don’t think that’s true. I don’t know if I’m ready.” You pause briefly, looking down at the ground. “I think it’s a little bit about the attention,” you continue, softly. “I never got attention from guys when I was younger, and I like it. But I also feel too scared to try this. It’s like you said, I’m just doing what I can to avoid something real.” You pull in a breath that surprises you with how shuddered it is. “I’m gonna do like I said last night,” you say. “I’m taking a break from all of it. So I can get my head on straight.”
“I don’t want you to go.” Cody’s words are sincere, but not pleading, as if he’s accepting your choice, no matter how much he doesn’t want to — and your heart breaks at the sound.
“I’m too fucking selfish, Cody,” you breathe out, glancing up to him. “I can’t hurt you. If we get into this now, I don’t think it’s going to end well.” He nods his head slowly and lets out a choked laugh.
“I get it,” he says. “When are you leaving?”
“Next Monday. They’ve got housing set up for me, and the team has preseason stuff. It’s going to take me a while to get used to how they do stuff, I think.”
“Well,” Cody speaks. “We’ll have dinner before you leave and, uh, ya’know….I’ll see you before you go. I’ve got to get out to the, uh, ring. I’ll talk to you later.”
Cody turns and walks away from you, leaving you alone in the hallway. You lean back against the wall, letting out a sigh and feeling the tears welling at your eyes. You wonder if you’ve made the right decision.
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wildfire 002
Tumblr media
[check here for the first part]
warnings: dirty talk, daddy kink, hand kink, jealousy
A/N: I guess I should give this a name since it’s going to be a few parts. This is gonna give a little more backstory and hopefully clear up some stuff from the previous part. Enjoy, and thank you for reading.
All you are able to think about is the way you felt while talking to Cody. As you dressed for the banquet, you were torn between embarrassment, shame, arousal, and excitement at the thought of your phone call with him. Even as you traveled to the banquet with Ziggler, you tried to make every effort to listen to him talking about the importance of this banquet, honoring someone that you had never met, your mind wandered to the phone call.
You stand on the oversized balcony, looking around at the people drinking and laughing at the tables nearby. Having excused yourself from the conversation Ziggler was having with a group of people you had never met, you found your way to the balcony, noting how quiet it was in comparison to the banquet hall behind you.
Crossing to the railing, you lean over slightly to look at the street below. The banquet hall was on the second floor of the building, and the street was relatively quiet, bringing you the peace you need to once again think about Cody.
You’d met for the first time ten years prior at an arcade, not even bothering to exchange names as it was simply a conversation between strangers. Still, that night, you thought about him, and how if circumstances were different, you might have attempted to spend the night with him. Unfortunately, and at the time, one night stands weren’t of interest to you and Cody was a week away from getting married.
It amazes you how much can change in ten years. Cody had gotten a divorce, worked for multiple companies, and bleached his hair. You’d gone to college, became a freelance photographer, and moved across the country. Now, both yours and Cody’s journeys brought you to the WWE together.
It took you six months to realize that Cody was the one from the arcade. From the moment you were introduced to him by your boss, you knew that you recognized Cody from somewhere but you wrote it off to him being a famous wrestler and you being a casual viewer. Also, the bleached blond hair was a drastic change from the man you had met.
As you stand on the balcony, trying to will yourself to stop thinking of the way Cody’s voice sounded on the phone earlier, you hear someone walking towards you, clearing their throat. You turn around to see the culprit, finding Cody, wearing the maroon suit you loved to see him in.
“Are you hiding from me or from Ziggler?” he asks, a smirk on his lips. You let out a soft chuckle, feeling that tinge of embarrassment in the pit of your stomach at the thought of the phone call.
“Neither,” you reply. “I’m avoiding Sami and Kevin. They try to make me dance.”
“I believe it,” Cody chuckles, stopping a few feet away from you and casually glancing around at the few people on the balcony.
“Listen, I wanted to apologize for earlier,” you say, wringing your hands together as you lean back against the balcony railing. “I should have just sent you to voicemail.”
“Don’t apologize, it was really hot,” Cody laughs. “I would have hung up if I was offended.” You shrug, knowing that Cody has a penchant for always coming up with retorts to everything you say. “If anything, I should apologize to you,” he says, taking a few steps closer to you. “I didn’t even ask if you were into name calling before I called you a slut.”
“I would have hung up if I was offended,” you echo his previous statement, giving him a small grin.
“I knew you were a little freak,” he mumbles. “I know you loved being called that. The way you were moaning…”
“C’mon, Cody, stop,” you chastise him, trying to hide your smile and remain calm. “Anybody could hear you.”
“Alright,” he nods. With a sigh, you turn your back to him, leaning your forearms against the railing and looking out at the city below. “Can I ask you something?” he asks, quietly.
“Is it about the phone call?” you ask.
“Yeah, but…I’ll be discreet.”
“Okay,” you sigh.
“Why did you answer when I called?” Cody’s voice is low, no hints of a playful tone, but more curious. You let out a sigh, biting your bottom lip as you focus on a random car parked on the street below.
“I wasn’t even thinking,” you reply. “My head was so fucking foggy, I just…did it. I don’t really know why.”
“Yeah?” he asks. “Were you thinking about me before I called?”
“Nope,” your reply comes too quickly, and Cody notices.
“Bullshit,” he scoffs. “You answered that way too fast.” He sets his arm on the railing, leaning his weight against it, and tilting his head to try to catch your gaze. “Do you want to know what I did when I hung up with you?” he asks, quietly.
“Did you touch yourself?” you retort, turning to stare back at him. The corner of Cody’s mouth twitches up into a smirk at your words.
“No, I finished my workout,” he says. “Jesus, you’re so dirty. I’m just trying to have a normal conversation, but you have to make everything filthy.” You laugh, dropping your head to hide your eyes from Cody. “What am I gonna do with you, hm?” Cody continues. “ I mean, I can think of a few things, but…”
“Like what?” you push, refusing to look at him.
“I already told you earlier,” he smiles. “If I had been sitting there, watching you while you were fucking yourself, I wouldn’t have let you out of that room until I cleaned you up with my mouth, and then ate you out just to have you squirt again.” You let out a small chuckle, tipping your head to the side to look into his eyes again.
“I’m not a big fan,” you mumble. “I’d rather give than receive.” Cody scoffs, giving a quick shake of his head, as if he’s shocked and not convinced by what you’re saying. When you don’t respond, he narrows his eyes at you.
“You’re actually serious?” You scrunch your face and laugh, nodding your head.
“I’m sure you haven’t heard that one before,” you say. “But it’s just not for me.”
“So, wait a minute,” he says. “Have you ever actually had someone go down on you before?”
“Of course I have.”
“And you didn’t like it?”
“Well, that just means the guy wasn’t any good,” Cody scoffs. “You need someone who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing.”
“Lemme guess,” you laugh. “You’re talking about yourself?”
“Well, I didn’t say that,” he smirks.
“Just implied it.”
The smile that settles on Cody’s lips is only smug for a moment, but shifts to something softer. When you return his smile, he lets go of the railing, and runs his fingertips over the top of your hand. You gently take hold of his hand, flipping it so it’s palm side up on the railing. You trace an invisible line around his palm, and down to the tips of each finger.
“Cody,” you whisper, looking into his eyes. “I think…”
“Am I interrupting? You look really cozy.” Ziggler’s voice pulls you from your conversation, and you look over your shoulder to see him standing nearby.
“Just talking,” you say, with a sigh, giving Cody an apologetic glance. “Jealous, Ziggy?”
“A little,” he laughs. “I was about to head back to the hotel, are you coming?”
“Uh, yeah, sounds good,” you say. “I’ll see you around, Cody.”
“See you guys,” Cody nods to you and Ziggler.
You’d spent the night with Ziggler in your hotel room. As usual, he was more possessive with you, likely to get out his frustrations from seeing you with Cody. A trait that you had initially liked in Ziggler, now not as appealing as you felt yourself losing interest in your already halfhearted relationship.
The following day, you find yourself along with Cody once again, this time in the center of an empty venue, standing in middle of a ring. You have been photographing other superstars throughout the day, and the fact that Cody is the final photo shoot of the day is not lost on you. When he shows up in his bright blue suit, you know he’s going to make things difficult.
So far, after five minutes of photographing Cody, he has managed to keep the conversation light, but you know him well enough to sense that he’s preparing to flip the switch at any moment. The way his eyes wander over you when you change positions for a better angle, the way he licks his lips, and finally the smirk that spreads across his lips as he presses his back against the turnbuckle. Like clockwork.
“God, I wish I could fuck you in this ring,” Cody mumbles, fingers tightening on the ropes. You hope that he doesn’t notice the quake in your breath when he says this, and you steady your grasp on your camera to mask your surprise. “Pin you down,” he continues, quietly. “Make you beg me. Make you squirt.”
“Maybe we, uh, could do one of the pictures with the…uh,” you try, attempting to change the subject and looking around the ring for the props. “Like, the kendo stick maybe?” You scratch the back of your head, your face heating up so much that you can feel your eyes watering. You knew he was going to tease you, but the way he could put thoughts in your mind always catches you off guard.
“Does he make you do that?” Cody pushes to stay on the subject he brought up. “I know you can. You told me that you did, remember? I heard you do it. Fuck, that was so hot, I’m gonna get hard just thinking about it.”
“Maybe the chair is better for you to have,” you try again to keep him on task, your stomach twisting at his words. “Since you obviously have fucking brain damage from too many shots to the head, you asshole.” You turn back to him, trying to look as composed as possible, but knowing that you are falling short. “You know I’m with Nic,” you say.
“You two aren’t even serious,” Cody laughs. “You just like fucking around.”
“Please don’t presume to know anything about my relationship.”
“Relationship,” Cody scoffs. “Please.”
“Did you ever think that maybe I just don’t want to be with you? Has that thought ever skittered across your mind?”
“That’s bullshit,” Cody laughs. “You’re just trying to save face. You saw me talking to Becky earlier, and you assumed I was flirting, so you got in your feelings.”
“Because I know how you are.”
“She’s not my type!”
“You don’t have a type,” you scoff. “You just flirt, Cody.”
“Yeah, maybe, but what about you?”
“I know Ziggler isn’t the only guy you’ve been with.”
“You think I’m gonna get offended because you pointed out that I like to fool around?” you laugh “I’m not embarrassed, not even in the slightest. And the only person who seems to be in their feelings is you. What’s next, Cody? Are you going to ask me why I fuck with your friends but I still won’t fuck you?”
“No, babe, I already know why you won’t.”
“And why is that?”
“Because it’s easier than trying to make a fucking effort.” You stare at him for a moment, noting that he was no longer smirking; he meant what he said. To your dismay, he was right. “If you wanna sleep around, then do it!” he continues. “I’m not gonna shame you for that. But make sure you’re doing it because you want to, not because it’s simpler than actually trying with someone who could love you.”
“Is that what this is about?” you ask, quietly. Cody shrugs, not breaking eye contact with you. “Maybe you’re right,” you say. “I do feel differently about you than everyone else. But I don’t know, Cody. It scares me.”
“What scares you?” His voice is soft, surprised by your statement.
“You flirted with me that night,” you say. “Ten years ago. A week before your wedding. You still flirt with everyone.” He begins to speak but you shake your head and keep going. “Cody, I can’t fuck you because I know what will happen,” you say, hurriedly. “I’ve felt it every time we get close.” You’re both silent for a moment, staring at one another as you wait for one of you to speak first. “To answer your question, Nic has never made me squirt,” you say suddenly. “The only time I ever did that was that night on the phone with you.” Cody’s smirk returns to his lips, curling up slowly as your words sink in. “My whole fucking body was on fire because of you,” you say. “And yes I was thinking about you before you called, too. But I’m sorry, that’s all I can say right now.”
“Well,” Cody sighs. “When you think you can say more, I’ll be around.” Cody smiles at you, and you snap a quick picture of the grin.
“Cute,” you chuckle. “Maybe you should try holding the sledgehammer.”
“Yeah, sledgehammer is much more fitting for me,” he winks, walking past you to pick up the weapon. “Keep that in mind.” You simply roll your eyes and continue the photo shoot, trying to keep your mind on your work.
You manage to finish the first half of the shoot in the ring without anymore incidents. However, as the two of you make your way backstage for the photoshoot of Cody preparing for his match. While Cody changed from his suit to his tights, you changed out lenses and took a few test shots around the locker room until you hear the man making his way back to you.
“Ya’know, I heard you say something the other day,” Cody says quietly, pulling the roll of tape from his duffel bag.
“What’s that?” you ask, twisting your lens to focus on Cody from where you knelt beside him.
“You said…” he trails off, for dramatic emphasis, sitting down on the bench and turning his head to look down the lens of your camera. “‘Daddy’,” he finishes. You take a picture as he speaks, not having a moment to allow his statement to sink in as you do so. Realizing what he said, you bite your lip and glance around to make sure the others in the locker room were not paying attention. “We’ll circle back to that,” he chuckles, getting your attention again. “Why do you get shy when I talk to you sometimes? I mean, I definitely like it. You act all shy and innocent just for me, but I know what you’re really like.”
“C’mon, Cody, don’t be an asshole,” you chide. “I have shit to do before the show. I’m not your own personal photographer, ya’know.”
“As much as I love the shyness, I also love when you mouth off,” he chuckles. “I’m, like, half-hard right now.”
“Finish getting ready, dickhead,” you mutter, making Cody laugh as he begins to tape his right hand.
You focus on his actions with the camera, watching the way he spreads his long fingers for a moment as he wraps the tape. You snap a picture, but continue to watch his hands through the screen of your camera.
Keeping your camera focused on his hands, you mindlessly continue taking photos of his hands and forearms. Your mind wandered elsewhere, thinking of what Cody’s hands were capable of, and how it would feel to dig your nails into his forearms. You continue to take pictures, unaware that Cody has caught on to your actions.
Still focusing on Cody’s hands, it’s not until he brings his left hand to his lips, licking his index and middle fingers slowly (an action which you photograph) that you snap back into reality. The smirk on Cody’s face is devious, and you feel an overwhelming wave of excitement and embarrassment wash over you all at once.
“We’ll add that to the list of things to discuss later,” he quips.
“Jesus, Cody,” you breathe out sharply, standing up quickly and grabbing your camera bag. “I’m trying to work.”
“So am I,” he replies. “You’re the one being unprofessional.” You can hear the teasing tone in his voice, and you fight the urge to respond in kind, but you are determined to make a point. “Have fun tonight,” he says, pinching your side as he walks past you.
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wildfire 001
I’m thinking of eventually posting the whole thing - it’s a friends to lovers sort of thing, with a lot of overly flirty, dirty taking Cody.
Tumblr media
You bend your legs at the knees and press your feet against the bed pushing the toy deeper inside of you, with the vibrating nub pressed to your clit. You click the button on the device, increasing the speed of the vibrator.
“Fuck,” you mutter, arching your back as a chill courses through your body at the sensation. “Feels good.” You let out a soft groan and close your eyes, pressing your head back against your pillow.
Your phone suddenly ringing at your side gives you a start, and you clench your legs together instinctively, as if you’ve been caught. Giving a quick glance to your side, you see Cody’s name displayed across the screen of your phone. You whimper, grabbing for the phone without thinking about what you’re doing, and answering the call.
“H-hello?” Cody says on the other line when you don’t speak. You let out a small gasp that you try to stifle when you realize what you’ve done. “Did I call at a bad time?” Cody asks, listening to your quick breaths on the other end of the phone. “You sound…are you hurt or are you…?”
“Fuck, daddy,” you gasp out, your mind too hazy to realize what you are saying.
“Holy shit,” Cody breathes out heavily into the phone listening to your moans. “Are you fucking yourself?”
“Mmhm,” you hum, pumping the toy faster.
“Tell me how good it feels.”
“Not as good as if it was your cock,” you say, turning the vibrator up again. As soon as you say it, know you will regret the conversation, but you are so overwhelmed by your pleasure, you push the thought from your head.
“Oh, yeah?” Cody whispers. “You want my cock, baby girl? How bad, hm? I’ll come up to your room right now, and let you fucking have it.” You let out a moan at his words, your head reeling and your orgasm creeping up slowly. “I’m sure you’re close already,” he chuckles. “You sound like you’re barely keeping it together.”
“I’m gonna fucking come,” you pant, creeping closer to your climax.
“C’mon, let it out,” he returns. “It’s just me, let me hear how beautiful it sounds.” You roll your hips against your motions, faster and faster, until it finally hits you hard.
“Oh, my God, Cody!” you moan, your legs trembling and your back arching. Your body feels like it’s on fire and you can’t take it, so you tug the toy from between your legs only to be met with a flood of liquid. “Fuck, I just—oh god, I fucking….” You trail off, your head spinning as you ride out the high. “I’ve never…” you pant. “Jesus fucking Christ.”
“Did you make yourself squirt?” Cody’s voice sounds strained, desperate unlike you’ve ever heard.
“Mmmhm,” you hum, your thighs clamping together as your body continues to tremble.
“Holy fucking shit,” he groans. “You fucking slut, that’s so fucking hot. I wish I was there, because I would eat you out and make you do it again.” You let out a shuddered laugh, trying to talk your body into calming down before Cody’s words build you up into another frenzy. “That was so sexy,” he says, his voice thick and low. “I’m glad I called when I did, but now my dick is so fucking hard, I might pass out.”
“Yeah, do you want me to talk you off?” you chuckle in response, turning off the vibrator. “I guess it’s only fair.”
“No, I’ve got to get back to the others,” Cody sighs.
“Wait, you’re not even at the hotel?”
“The gym,” he says. “I’ll have to get rid of this fucking thing before I go back in there, or they’ll never let me hear the end of it.”
“And I’ve gotta clean up this mess and take another shower,” you sigh. “I’m supposed to be going to the banquet with Zig.” Cody groans exaggeratedly, and you can’t help but laugh.
“Thinking about you with him is enough to make me never get hard again,” he says.
“Yeah, well, dinner is probably all I’ll have the energy for after this.”
“Imagine if it was really me instead of a fucking toy.”
“I was imagining that,” you chuckle.
“Oh, not your Val Venis knock-off boy toy?” Cody asks, a grin clear in his voice. “Tell me something, does he fuck you harder when he knows that you’ve been spending time with me?” You can hear the tone of his voice change, his breath slightly stilted.
“He does,” you chuckle. “Just you, no one else.”
“Can I ask one more thing?” he asks. “What specifically were you thinking about?”
“The first time we met,” you say, honestly. “Have a good workout. Rhodes.” You disconnect the call before Cody can ask you to elaborate.
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