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Can you do cockwarming w cody?? Pretty please w a cherry on top
For you? Yes. 🥹
Keep Warm
Tumblr media
Cody Rhodes x Fem Reader | 18+ ONLY, IT'S SMUT GIRLIE | 1,509 words
Happy reading! Read my first Cody story and other stuff here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
Nights were supposed to be for resting. Retiring from the long stretch of day that stretched even longer with work bleeding you dry of energy that you tried to salvage once you returned home to crawl into the shower, into bed, and into Cody's arms as he tried to rest, as well.
His work was just as draining yet rewarding, at least, but he, too, looked forward to nights with you, the room dark, cool, and quiet as the moonlight peeped at you both lying in bed together under the covers as you awaited for sleep to fall over you.
But after forty minutes, it did not come, and instead, you felt your boyfriend shift behind you, keeping one of his arms secured around you as he twisted onto his back in hopes of the position helping him to drift asleep. You lay on your side still but flipped over to face him and put your head on his warm chest, helping yourself shake the slight chill of the room without his other arm while the one that was still around you slid down to hold your waist.
"Why aren't we tired? Or is it just me?" you asked in a soft voice as you listened to his soft heartbeat in your ear. Cody sighed as his fingers slightly dug into your pajamas along your belly.
"You're not alone. What time is it?" he asked you but used his free hand to reach over to the nightstand on his side of the bed to grab his cell phone. When his screen lit up, you both glimpsed at the time as 1:39 am. He sighed again but added, "At least I don't have to be anywhere until late tomorrow afternoon. I can sleep in with you..."
"I work, though," you reminded him as you rubbed your hand up and down his abs and chest behind his white tee shirt. That made him pout as he squeezed you to his side. "Just not sleepy yet for some reason. Maybe you're not cuddling me good enough," you joked.
"Oh, it's my fault?" Cody piped up with a little laugh, his chin grazing your forehead as he tried to look down at you with faux-astonished, blue eyes. You laughed, too, when his fingers on your belly tried to tickle you.
"Gotta be. Because I usually fall asleep like that when I'm in your arms." You snapped your fingers before returning them to his chest where you swirled them up and down the valley between his pecs. You glanced at him and propped up yourself a bit to kiss his chin and then his lips as you whispered, "So, what are you going to do about it, baby?"
"I guess since it's my fault, I gotta fix it, huh?" Cody whispered back as he craned his neck just a bit to reach your lips for another kiss when you tried to settle back down onto his chest. He kept your mouth on his with his fingers that slipped beneath your chin, his mouth soft, warm, and comforting, a familiar passion that lulled your restless mind yet quickened your heartbeat. His arm that held you by the waist turned into his large hand gripping you there instead as his other hand joined to pull you from his side to on top of him, cuddling you to his chest with a warm, tight grip that made you cozy on him. "Better?" he asked with another kiss.
"A little," you goaded him just as softly with a small shiver. Even though you were indeed cozy, the room was still chilly and you needed more to keep warm...
"Just a little? Are you cold? Not sure why we keep it freezing in here at night," Cody remarked with his hands lazily falling up and down your spine, sending more of those small shivers through you.
"That's because we usually cuddle and stay warm."
"Trying my best to cuddle you 'good enough' now, sweetheart."
You giggled at his cute, teasing tone before an idea popped into your head. "You know they say the best way to keep warm is to cuddle naked..."
"Yeah? That's what 'they' say or that's what you say?" Cody mumbled with an adorable grin when you planted your chin on his chest to look at him with bright eyes from your idea. His fingers that trailed down your back were already trailing back up, pulling your pajama shirt with it. You leaned back to help him peel it off of you before you helped him do the same with his shirt.
"Both," you chirped proudly and he giggled at you, rising to cover your throat and collarbone with more of his warm, sweet kisses as his big hands rounded over your butt to tug down your pajama shorts. You were straddling him but eased up to let him slip them off, along with his sweatpants, before you straddled him once more, throwing the covers back over yourselves where the heat you made together was now intense yet comfy.
Cody's skin was now hot, soft, and hard with his muscles rippling beneath it, muscles that wrapped around you as you nestled back onto his chest, your nose nuzzled to the crook of his shoulder and neck as you let out a content sigh. Yet that sigh swiftly rolled into a hushed moan as you felt him roll his hips beneath you, just a bit, just to get comfortable, seemingly, but in the process, the smooth shaft of his dick that hung between his thighs nudged to your bare clit.
"Mmm, shit," you whimpered to his throat, your warm breath making his skin rise with goosebumps that you felt on your lips when you kissed him there. Your pussy was warming up, too, as Cody shuffled underneath you again, and this time you knew it was on purpose as he tilted his hips up a little to rub himself against your warmth that was beginning to grow wet, as well.
"Now, now. I'm doing this specifically because friction creates heat and I want to keep you warm...no other reason," Cody reminded you when you whimpered again from him growing hard as he did so, the tip of his dick slipping between your slick folds with ease and caressing up your clit again. You felt his chest rumble with his own little whimper, too, however, his precum slipping from him and mixing with your wetness. 
You heard the smirk on his mouth when he said it but now you saw him bite his lip when you reached your mouth to his for a kiss. Your hips rolled with him, his hands palming your butt, your hands palming his strong jaw, both your quiet moans yet smacking kisses mingling together as you grinded together.
"You should slide it in, baby...to keep it warm, I mean," you huffed with another moan on his lips that he pulled into a messy kiss. The new idea tempted him, you saw it in his eyes when he gazed up at you and felt it when his length twitched while still being lusciously wedged along your soft and slick folds.
"That's one way to cuddle, I suppose." Cody's deep tone rose just one octave with his beautiful groan after he picked up his dick to press at your wet opening, sinking inside to the hilt in just two thrusts as you were soaked and needy to hold him as he held you with needy hands on your butt. "Fffuck. This is what you wanted, sweetheart?"
"Yesss, mmm. Now keep still. We're just...just cuddling," you said to him sweetly as you rested your head on his shoulder, trying not to groan from how he perfectly filled you and fit you. Yet your pussy betrayed your own rule when it throbbed around him as he squirmed for less than a second under you, his head pushing up to the back of you and making you stutter a breath, "I-I said stay still, baby."
"Trying," Cody breathed, too, burying his face in your hair to stifle how it hitched from his dick twitching inside you. A few moments passed as he tried to settle down before he squeezed his arms around your waist, adding with a sensual, trembling breath, "Are you going to finally sleep if I hold you like this...or are you going to let me make you cum first?"
You couldn't help the moan that tumbled from your lips as he kissed the shell of your ear, his dick still but both of you trembling now as you tried to keep warm and motionless. Cody kissed your jaw then as you clenched it from how delicious he felt all over you, in you, his sultry breath on your skin, compelling you to purr to him, "The way you're shaking, baby...I think I'll make you cum first."
His laugh was low and sexy as his kisses moved to your cheek as he softly growled, "Yeah? I want to see you try...and by that I mean ride this dick, sweetheart."
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• Summary: You made many enemies throughout your career in World Wrestling Entertainment. Some of which you despise so much it makes you sick to your stomach. But the more you two hate each other, the more the sexual tension becomes too intense to ignore.
• Parings: Cody Rhodes X Fem Reader
Warning- Language, 18+ only (minors DNI), Dirty Talk, Smut, unprotected sex, (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)
Tumblr media
You and your brother are known for making enemies everywhere you go. You two can’t help it, however. Being called “The best in the world” doesn’t sit right with anyone who just sees two shallow siblings who run their mouths and don’t care about the consequences.
You and Punk ran around WWE when you two were young. Winning championships, making history, making friends, and making enemies. You made much more in both the men's and women's divisions. The females were jealous, and all they did was sit around and gossip to one another with a camera in their faces as if Total Divas was another name for The Real Housewives.
You didn’t care about making friends, although you did make a few. Some eventually turned into enemies. But there was one person who was at the very top of your list.
Cody Rhodes
Since the very first day you step into WWE and Join Punk’s side, You dislike Rhodes. That dislike eventually turned into hatred. You two even went out of your way to ruin the other day.
He and your brother never got to work together in the same ring, not that you know of, which didn’t make sense on why you and Cody had so much anger towards each other.
What made things worse was his return to WWE. After Rhodes took his balls and left WWE, you continued to do what you do best: make history and make enemies. But his being back was now ten times worse than before he left. As a matter of fact, it was now complete hell.
He’s mature since the last time you saw him. But it didn’t mean he wasn’t getting under your skin because he was. The way Cody looked at you, flashed his smile in your direction, and spoke to you in a way he shouldn’t make you, well, simply punch him in the face.
He was distracting you, something that you are now realizing. He’s distracting you before, but you always shrugged it off and ignored it
This time you can’t.
And what made things worse was the night Sami called you.
As much as Sami annoyed the living hell out of you when he first joined the roster, one thing that man was good at was making you laugh on and off-screen, which is one of the many reasons why you consider Sami a friend.
But he knew your situation with Damian Priest, someone you've been seeing for a while. He was another person who got on your nerves only because he wouldn’t give up on making you his, which, for a moment, you gave him a chance
But as you walk out of your hotel room's bathroom with fresh, clean clothes after taking a shower, your phone, which was laid on your bed, was being blown up Sami himself.
Before you could even read the unread messages, his name appeared, causing you to groan while answering the phone.
“Sami, you better have a good reason why you’re calling my phone, or else I'm going to kill you when I find you!” You spoke with a slight growl through your voice.
“Is it true?” Sami asked, bringing you into confusion. “Because if it is, Damian knows, and he’s not too happy about it.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” You asked, unsure what he was talking about. So many possibilities pop into your head, but you haven’t done any recently that would get you in trouble with anyone, let alone Damian
“You and Cody?”
You almost gagged at the name Cody. You rolled your eyes but caught up at the mention of you and Cody. It made you even more confused
“What about me and Cody?” You asked, but instantly regretted hearing what came from Sami’s mouth.
“You slept with him, Y/N? Please tell me that’s not true because he and Damian got into a fight backstage earlier, and Damian is pissed as hell.”
You were taken aback by this false information that was received from you. But you had no clue how to take the information in.
“Who told you this?” You asked.
“Cody said it himself,” Sami said. “He t-"
“Sami?” You interrupted your friend, which he hummed yes in response. “Where’s Cody, so I can find him and murder him.”
That alone answered Sami's questions that you two did absolutely nothing. Even if you two did, you would of told him. But Sami shook his head, even though you couldn’t see it.
“Last time I checked, he was somewhere in the hotel, but I don’t know which room he’s in.”
With that, you hung up; you needed to find Cody one way or another, or else you weren’t sleeping tonight. You place your slippers on and head downstairs to the lobby. You weren’t sure if this idea would work, only the person you were going to didn’t like you that much.
You knocked on Jey’s door, someone you saw entering their room before you entered yours. To your surprise, he answered but had a curious look.
“Where’s Cody?” You asked. Jey smirked at you as he crossed his arms. “You’re looking for your man, Brooks?” He asked, calling you by your last name.
You didn’t have time for his jokes as you rolled your eyes. “Do you want to get punched in the face, Fatu?” You replied, mentioning his government last name. Jey rolled his eyes at your comment.
“He’s the floor above us, letting B.”
You smiled at his answer before walking off to find the closest elevator. Clicking on the number above yours, you waited impatiently for the elevator to open on his floor. When it did, you stomped to his door, banging it so loud you probably woke up others nearby.
The door eventually slams open, revealing Cody, who stands before you. When he realizes this, he flashes a smile at you.
Cody knew that telling Damian this false information would come back to you. He didn’t think it would be this soon, but seeing your face fill with anger made Cody happy.
“What can I do for you today, Y/N?” He asked, crossing his arms. You stormed right at him, hitting him repeatedly. The last time you had put your hands on him was one heated argument when he mentioned your brother, someone you do not play about.
Cody, however, being strong, took your wrist and pinned it against the door after closing once you struck at him.
“Why would you tell Damian you and I slept with each other? You know that’s not true!” You growled at him. All Cody did was laugh, which made you angry even more.
“Come on, Y/N, I did you a favor,” Cody spoke. “You don’t even like him like that.”
You fought with the grip of his hand around your wrist, only for it to be slammed right at the door. “And how would you know that, Rhodes? You know nothing about me?”
“I know a lot more than you think, princess,” Cody spoke, causing you to roll your eyes at him. “Damian is too soft, too much of a good guy even though he plays this bad guy on camera.”
“Oh, like you’re any different?” You scoffed, only for him to smirk at you. “I’m not, you’re right. But I don’t need to try to get you in my room desperately; look how easy it was for you to come over here. You can’t stay away from me like you couldn’t all these years.”
Once again, you fought with him by moving your wrist, only for him to succeed. You weren’t doing, however, to hit him like how you initially tried to. Something in you changed as he spoke to you. It was like now you need to push him back. He suddenly felt a little close to you.
“You need someone that plays the same game you do, someone that keeps you off your feet, someone that makes your entire head and your entire body feel on fire. Damian is not getting the job done.” Cody spoke, lowering his voice as if it was some way of getting his words into you, which it was.
“And how do you know what I want and need?” You spat at him. Little did you know that all of your anger was riling him up.
“Because darling, you and I have played this game for a long time. And the amount of times you left me hard, I know I had the same effect on you and left you soaking wet.”
Your eyes widened at his confession. However, whether you want to admit it or not, he wasn’t wrong. You two have a lot of sexual tension built up between you two that you haven’t even realized yourself until now. And at that very moment, just by Cody kept debating whether he should look at your eyes or your lips, it was turning you on.
“Cody, let go of me.” You spoke lowly. Cody smirked once again, letting go of your wrists. But instead of hitting him, you stood there in front of him, not even moving an inch.
“What happened? I thought you were going to hit me again,” Cody teased. His smile dropped, however, as you looked up at him.
“I hate you,”
“I hate you more,” He replies.
“You make me wanna pull my hair out,” You groaned in frustration.
“And you make me wanna throw you on the bed right now and fuck you senselessly till you stop disrespecting me.”
“Nothing you could do will make me respect,” You spat at him. His eyes darted at you as he licked his lips. He was riled up, half hard by how close you two were. And you were no better. The way he was speaking was making you want him to do exactly what you made him feel.
That’s exactly what Cody was planning on doing.
He attached lips to yours as his arms snaked onto your waist, pulling you closer than before. The kiss was innocent for a moment.
That was until you let out a small whimper, Causing Cody to deepened the kiss. Your back arched against the door as your breast touched his clothed chest. Your fingers messed in between Cody’s hair as the two desperately needed one another.
Your body was on fire. Something Cody mentioned that you needed. And he was giving you exactly that. But you wanted more.
“Are you gonna respect me?” Cody teased as he asks this in between the kisses. All you did was smirk and shake your head. “Never,”
You suddenly let out a moan at the pain of Cody’s hand connecting to your ass. That sound alone drove Cody insane.
His nails dug into the side of your waist as he pulled off the ground. Your legs were now wrapped around him, and you let out pants as Cody's lips kissed down your neck.
Your entire head was spinning. You couldn’t believe that the very moment, someone you truly hated from the bottom of your guts, was making you feel like this. And you know that if you even thought about this days ago, probably longer, you would throw up at the thought of it.
But now here you were, making noises you never thought Cody would ever make you earn while you two made out with each other.
Your back went cold after Cody pulled you off the door your back pressed against. You then felt yourself slipping from Cody’s grip as you fell onto the mattress he put you in.
You look up at Cody. He had crazy written all over his eyes as he trailed down your body. You realize what you wore as you showered earlier and changed into clothes.
An oversized shirt, nothing particular, just plain, and shorts. Cody's hand was wrapped around your ankle. It was like he was in a trance from looking at your body head to toe.
You couldn’t help but tease him a bit, enjoying the way he looked at you. Your feet slide down his clothed chest down to his joggers. You can feel his member throbbing against your feet before you bring it back to his chest. He took a hold of it, kissing the heel of your feet, all while watching you.
“Are you gonna respect me?” Cody asked his previous question to you. You smiled at him and shook your head as you repeated your answer. “Never.”
Cody chuckled as he lowered himself down to him. “Don’t say I never warn you,”’
He kisses you once more, with more lust, while your hand finds his hair again. Your other yanked on the shirt that covered him.
Cody took the hint, pulling off the shirt before placing his lips right on yours again. Your hands roamed around his arms and back, feeling his bare skin. You can feel him shudder against your touch before he begins grinding against you.
You lost track of your breathing as he did this while he worked on his neck. You never felt this needy in your entire life as you began to move your hips against him.
“Cody,” you whispered, though it sounded more like a moan. Cody’s lips pressed barely against your ears, sending you chills. “Tell me what you need, Y/N.” He spoke. “Tell me what you need, and I’ll give it to you.”
You knew you were going to regret this later on. But at the moment, you couldn’t care less. You needed him.
“I want you, Cody. Please.”
Cody groaned before kissing you. His hands went underneath your shirt, massaging your skin before he realized you weren’t wearing a bra, widening his eyes a bit.
He took your shirt as it went flying somewhere. His eyes shifted to your chest as your breast laid perfectly on there.
You let out a sigh as his tongue attached themselves to your breast, playing with them and massaging them with his hand. His other hand, however, slid down to the waistband of your shorts. Your breathing got heavier as he slipped them down inside of you, immediately the wetness he created inside your underwear.
“Holy shittt,” Cody shuddered as he gathered your wetness. “I barely touched you, and this is how bad you need me. You wet for me, baby,”
You could help but moan at the touch of Cody rubbing your clit. You couldn’t help but think about the last time someone touched you, which made you smirk.
“I haven’t been touched in almost a year.” You spoke. You bit your lips, almost whining, when Cody suddenly stopped rubbing your clit.
“You’re lying?” He asked, looking down at you. But you shook your head. You might as well give him the complete honesty you thought.
“It was some random guy I didn’t even finish.” You spoke. Cody stared blankly at you. “You haven’t had an orgasm in almost a year, too?”
You bit your lip again as you shook your head. Cody's eyes closed slowly as he remained silent. At first, you weren’t sure what was going on, but Cody let out a painful moan and opened his eyes. If his eyes couldn’t get darker than before, it was now.
“It’s okay, baby; I’m gonna take care of you.” Cody moaned. “Daddy’s gonna take care of you.”
Your eyes fluttered closed as you let out a moan. You had extreme daddy issues but never to the extent where you would be turned on this badly by Cody calling himself daddy.
Your shorts were pulled off along your panties, leaving you completely naked in front of Cody. His eyes never left you as he spread your legs open and began fingering you.
“Mmm, fuck.” You moaned as you began to feel hotter than before. Your hips began to grind his fingers as he rubbed your clit faster.
When your eyes never opened, Cody’s finger slowed down. “Look at me, keep your eyes opened.”
Your whines were needy; you felt him slow down, but the minute you opened your eyes and looked up at him, he flashed his smile, which you still hated.
“Keep your eyes on me, and I’ll give you what you want, okay baby?”
You nodded. But it wasn’t enough for Cody. “Use your words babygirl.”
You were loving and hating the way he was in control right now. Loved it because of how good it felt and hated it because you knew he would keep this over your head for as long as you lived. But right now, you didn’t care as you spoke, “Yes, Daddy.”
Cody licked his lips at you. “Good girl,” he spoke, then suddenly grabbed you by your legs, scooting you closer to him.
Your eyes went wide, followed by moaning as you saw his head dipped in between your legs, as his tongue slid between your wet folds, licking it.
Your moans filled the room as Cody stared up at you, watching him taste your clit. If you didn’t wake up the neighbor from banging on his door earlier, you probably did right now.
“Baby, don’t stop,” You moaned, letting out a cry. You couldn’t move if you wanted to; Cody had your legs held down.
“Calm down, baby girl,” Cody spoke as you struggled uncontrollably underneath his grip. “Just enjoy my tongue. Enjoy me please you.”
You let out a whine when he said this as you threw your head back, moaning. Your hand found its way to his hair, gripping harshly, causing a vibration throughout your body as he groaned in between your clit.
“Cody?” You spoke out. Cody hums in response as his tongue doesn’t stop the work it’s doing on you. “Cody, I’m… I’m… fuccckkk baby."
The words that left your mouth immediately made Cody know that you were close to your climax, something that you hadn’t had in a while. His remembering that made him pressed harder against your clit, nose touching it as his head shook vigorously against you.
You let out a cry of moans as your back arched once, feeling his fingers slide deep into you. You couldn’t take much longer before feeling what may have been one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had in your entire life.
Your body shook before going stiff a bit, then collapsed your back onto the bed, panting. Cody's head appeared from between as he flashed yet another smile, all while panting.
Somehow, throughout this aura stage, you desperately fought against, you managed to make a snarky comment about it.
“Wipe that stupid smile off your face, asshole,” Cody smirked when you said this and leaned towards you. “You’re gonna still disrespect me?”
A smirk appeared on your lips. Despite your legs being semi-numb, you being in this semi-aura stage, and Cody being a fucking dick but somehow incredibly attractive, you manage to push him onto the bed as your naked body straddle on top of him. Cody was taken back, but his eyes immediately fell onto your body, how you sat on top of him.
“You’re never getting any respect from me,” you spoke before kissing him. You can taste yourself; he grabs hold of your neck, deepening the kiss.
It got out of control momentarily as you two expressed more frustration. You didn’t realize until a second later that you began grinding on top of Cody.
His hands slid down to your hips, moving you against him. You can feel him throbbing against you, causing you to moan.
“You’re so sexy,” Cody moaned out as you let out whimpers in his ears. “So fucking beautiful.”
You felt butterflies in your stomach as he said this. It felt weird. Having him say things like that to you and receiving butterflies was new to you. He always made you sick.
Now, it was the opposite, but you pushed it to the side as you got off of him and placed his hand on the waistband of his pants.
Cody helped you pull his pants off, along with his boxers. You unintentionally bite your lips at the size of his member.
You finally understood him, understood why he was always so cocky and why his ego was so big. It was as big as his member. And it came out as he looked at you, smirking. You were looking at it longer than expected.
“What’s that matter? Never fuck a big cock before?”
You smirk before straddling back on him. “I can put my clothes back on and leave.” You spoke. Cody smiled at you. “But you’re not.”
You immediately shut him up by kissing him. You felt relaxed as you sat on his member. However, the two of you let out a moan as he moved your hips, grinding you against him.
“I can feel you clenching, and you're not even in me,” He moaned as he looked up at you, enjoying yourself on him. It was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. Your eyes were closed as you concentrated on the feeling of him.
You let out a whine as Cody stopped you, but suddenly let out a loud moan as he rubbed his cock on your clit before inserting himself in you.
Both of you two let out a gasp. A part you thought you could handle the size, but you were wrong. And you weren’t helping Cody either as you clenched around him. “Fuck you’re so tight; stop clenching around me, or else I’m going cum.”
You felt yourself wanting another orgasm as you started bouncing on his member. Moans filled the room as the two looked at each other.
Cody concentrated on you as you looked down at him with your hands pinned onto his chest. His hand was on your breast, massaging it, while his other hand smacked down on your ass, causing you to moan loudly.
“Talk to me, baby,” You spoke as you enjoyed yourself on his cock. Cody smirked as he watched you please yourself. “I love how you take my cock, baby, you’re so pretty.”
Your head threw back. “Your cock feels amazing, fuck!”
“Yeah, that’s baby girl, keep going.” Cody moaned. You could help but scream in pleasure when he held you in place and started fucking in pace.
“Oh gosh, just like that.” You moaned. Cody groaned before sliding his arm around your waist and flipping you over.
You now looked up at him as clapping sounds filled the room with your moans. “Fuck you’re so hot!” You moaned, watching him spread your legs apart and deepen his cock in you.
“Shittt, Y/N,” Cody spoke. “You have no idea how bad I dreamt about fucking your tight pussy of yours.”
Your mind was too dizzy even to comprehend what Cody said. Much less, you couldn’t understand what you were saying. You just wanted to finish.
“Yeah, tell me more,” You moaned as you swore you felt Cody’s cock twitch as you said this.
“The amount of times you left me hard. The way I wanted to fuck your ignorant ass out of you. I even jerk off at the thought of it.”
“Cody, fuck!!” You cried out as you felt your orgasm coming. You started clenching more than before, indicating to Cody that you were about to reach your climax.
He hovers over you, slamming himself in you as he reaches your G-spot. Your legs were numb; all you felt was him and only him.
“Cody, I’m close, baby!” You moaned. The way Cody was moaning in your ears wasn’t helping as your hands flew on his back, nails digging into it.
“I’m gonna cum baby.” Cody moaned in your ears. You kissed on his shoulders, holding on to him. “Cum in me, baby.”
“Yeah, you want me to cum in you?” He said, looking at you. “You’re such a slut, shit, come on baby, finish on my cock.”
Your breast pressed against his chest as you reached your second orgasm. You moaned louder than expected when you felt him shoot himself inside of you, cumming. You thank the lord for birth control; otherwise, you would have been pregnant right there and then.
Cody pulled himself out, and as you felt him leaking out of you, he lay next to you as the two of you panted.
It now hit you. You fucked Cody Rhodes. The guy you truly despised. The guy who made your life a living hell.
Cody looked at you, watching your expression as he realized what had happened. You looked over at him, and eventually, that hatred for him appeared right there when he flashed another stupid smile.
“Are you gonna show me respect?” He asked, fully aware of your answer. You answered anyway, panting still but shaking your head at him.
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His Nightmare | C.Rhodes
Tumblr media
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Parings: Cody Rhodes x fiancé!reader
Summary: it’s Cody’s day off and you want him
Warnings: oral (f!receiving), fingering, dry riding, reader has a tattoo for Cody and he does for her, swearing, dirty talk, illusions to more smut.
Word count: 525
a/n: first imagine, was actually nervous about posting this but anything for the new champ.
Being engaged to a professional wrestler was an adventure every day. The days Cody wasn’t working were the days he still had to maintain his persona and start Instagram and twitter beef. “Cody.” You whine from the couch, scrolling through twitter and seeing Cody tweet for the tenth time in ten minutes. “What’s wrong?” He says, coming down in a dress shirt and sitting beside you. “You realize how rare days off are in wwe, right?” You ask, snuggling up to his side, running a finger up and down his chest. 
Cody nods in confusion, not really knowing what you’re getting at. “It’s your day off and you’re more on your phone than you are on me.” You clarify. “I just wanna feel the American nightmare.” You whine into his ear, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Jesus, love, have you been this needy all day?” He taunts, leaning further back into the couch. You swing a leg over his lap and fully straddle him, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.
You pushed apart the opening of his shirt seeing the tattoo of “𝒽ℯ𝓇 𝓃𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓇ℯ.” It replicated yours, however yours said “𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓃𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓇ℯ.” The memory of getting the tattoos together makes your heart race. Your finger traced along the cursive ink in his chest while placing kisses along his neck and his hands running up and down your back, pulling you further into him, practically placing you on his bulge. 
Cody bunched up the bottom of your shirt, pulling it over your head and unclasping your bra, letting your tits feel the coolness of the room causing your nipples to harden. “Fuck baby. All this for me.” Cody says, grazing his thumbs over your nipples. You arch into his body, your breathing uneven all into his ear. “Cody please. More.” You beg, letting out a low moan as he attaches his lips around your nipple while his hand plays with the other. 
You pulled off Cody’s button up, wrapping your arms around his biceps as you arched forward. Cody let his hand wander down your stomach to the entrance of your pant line. You gasp at Cody, cold fingers tracing your fold. “That’s it baby, just relax.” Cody flipped the two of you, allowing your back to hit the couch, making Cody on top, peeling your panties off. 
Cody's hands rubbed against your thighs, back to your clit. He slowly rubbed it over with his thumb while placing wet kisses along your neck. He trails his mouth along your body, inserting a finger ever so slowly, finally allowing you to feel undeniable pleasure. His tongue circles your clit, creating endless figure eights. Your thighs try to clamp around his head, but he uses his hands to keep them apart.
 “Cody, please. I need you.” You whimper thrashing in his hold. You let out an anguish cry of pleasure as Cody caught your orgasm on his finger. You perch up on your elbows as Cody gets off the couch. “You better make it to our bedroom before I do.” He says giving you a smirk making you blush, biting your lips slightly as you rushed to the bedroom. 
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jeysbvck · 2 months
you made a mark on me (a golden tattoo)
Tumblr media
welp, here it is! cody has been my favourite wrestler since 2007/2008, and i NEVER thought i'd write a fic about him, but here we are! after mondays segment, i couldn't get this out of my mind and i hope you all enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!! please reblog & comment, they are really helpful & motivating to fic writers!
taglist; @nightmare-viper @harmshake @wrestlezaynia @alyyaanna @xtripleiiix @afterdarkprincess @courtninacole @crxssjae @wrestlingprincess80 🫶🏻 (if u wanna be taken off the list or added, lemme know!!)
warnings; teasing in public, f receiving, m receiving, slight praise kink, p in v penetration, slight exhibitionism, jealous!cody (if i've missed anything please let me know!)
word count; 2.7k
summary; once again, teasing Cody works wonders.
Even from the other side of the room, you could feel those blue eyes on you, staring so hard you were sure you'd find a burn mark on your cheek when you looked in a mirror. You leaned your elbow on the bar, twirling a piece of hair around your finger as you half listened to Damian; giggling and playfully slapping his arm or chest at the right times. You could barely pay attention to Damian. All you could think about was Cody and how he was reacting to the very obvious flirting happening. You could picture his face clearly in your mind; the way his usually soft gaze would be hardened watching the scene play out, the way he'd be clenching his jaw or biting the inside of his cheek; waiting for the moment he could drag you away without causing suspicion.
The moment came sooner than anticipated when Dom dragged Damian away to rejoin the rest of The Judgement Day in the booth they'd occupied all night. You looked around the room, searching for Cody, but when you couldn't find him, you opted to join Sami and Jey, who were waving at you wildly. Before you could, someone came up behind you, and their hand gripped your bicep tightly.
"I know what you're doing," Cody said, his voice low in your ear.
You craned your neck so you could smile up at Cody. "What? I was just having a very lovely conversation with Damian." You said innocently.
Cody spun you around and glared down at you, his eyes looking brighter under the dim lights. "It won't work." He told you, and you tilted your head, pouting slightly.
"I don't know what you're talking about." You replied, batting your eyelashes, making Cody roll his neck. "You wanna dance?" You quickly asked before he could say anything else.
He glanced at the mass of people dancing and pulled a face. "We really shouldn't..."
"Come on, I was dancing with Jey earlier. It doesn't -"
"You were dancing with Jey?" He asked, his nostrils flaring as he narrowed his eyes. "Fine, let's dance." He conceded, unable to hide his jealousy as he pulled you to the dancefloor as you giggled.
You took advantage of the number of people on the dancefloor and pressed your body up against Cody while snaking your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your waist, and he raised his eyebrow, to which you shrugged, a smile dancing on your lips. "Sorry." You mouthed, and he shook his head, unable to hide the smile. "You're terrible." He replied, making you grin.
"Oh, you know you love it." You said, massaging the back of his neck with your fingertips, just like you did when you were curled up in bed together. Being this close to him was driving you wild, and if you couldn't touch him the way you truly wanted to, you'd revel in driving him just as wild.
You pushed your pussy into Cody's bulge as you danced, and his grip on your hips tightened. "Don't tease me," He warned, his voice almost a growl. "I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself."
You lifted yourself onto your toes and whispered in Codys' ear, your breasts pushing against his chest. "Who's asking you to control yourself? You could just let go."
Your breath on his neck and your scent in his nostrils was intoxicating. It sent a shiver down his spine, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled through his nose; a futile attempt to control the effect you were having on him. His hands made the journey from your hips to your ass and you glanced around the room, thankful that nobody was paying any attention to the two of you. Considering neither of you was ready for people to know about the two of you, you were playing a very dangerous game. Teasing each other and flirting around other people, stealing kisses and secret moments in crowded rooms, sneaking into each other's hotel rooms or onto Cody's bus; it was all so thrilling, and it was a miracle nobody had caught onto the two of you.
"Baby, you gotta stop." He groaned, squeezing your ass. "You're killing me."
Your eyebrow arched upwards, followed by a smirk. "You want me to stop?" You questioned, slipping your hand in between your bodies, sliding your hand down his shirt until you stopped at his belt buckle. "Just say the word, and I'll do whatever you want."
Cody dropped his head onto your shoulder, a low, almost animalistic sound emitting from his throat. He rutted against you, nipping at your neck as he did, the action making your pussy throb as you caught a moan in your throat. Before you could move your hand lower, Cody promptly grabbed your wrist.
"How about we continue this somewhere more private?" Cody said into your ear. He'd posed it as a question, but it wasn't intended as one— which was apparent when he didn't wait for your answer and practically dragged you out of the main party room and through the hotel lobby.
With his hand on the small of your back, he pushed you through the doors, the cold night air pinching your naked arms. Cody guided you around the corner, and before you knew it, you were up against the wall, his lips attaching to yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You reciprocated the kiss, tongues wrapping around each other; both moaning in harmony as he fondled your breasts over your dress. You unbuckled the belt and popped the button open, and when he bit down on your lip, you grinned. You tried to slip your hand into his boxers, ready to feel his cock in your hand, but Cody pulled away, breathless.
"Not here." He said, lacing his fingers around yours. You walked hand in hand across the parking lot, towards where trees lined the edge of the lot. The closer you got, the more you noticed the large outline of Codys' bus, hidden in the shadows of the trees, tucked away from the moonlight. 
"You brought your bus here?" You laughed. "You couldn't use the car?"
Cody unlocked the door and ushered you up the steps. "It's a good thing I didn't, isn't it? I knew you'd try something." He teased, slapping your ass lightly. You turned to face him.
"I knew it'd work." You said, reciprocating the soft smile he sent your way as the lock clicked. He took a few steps towards you, his eyes boring into your soul. They were mesmerising, like two oceans you were certain to drown in, and you wouldn't mind a single bit if you did.
"Of course, it worked," Cody said softly. "It'll always work."
You couldn't wait any longer. You pulled Cody towards you by his tie, your lips smashing together forcefully, his fingers tangled in your hair as he tugged slightly, deepening the kiss. He was like a drug you were addicted to, one that you'd never want to give up.
Cody spun you around and slowly unzipped your dress, peppering your naked back with kisses. The black, velvet number fell to the floor, and you turned to face him, standing in just your heels and black panties. He took a step back and carefully studied you like he was looking at his favourite work of art. He grinned and licked his lips as he arched his eyebrow.
"Get on the bed." He ordered. You stepped backwards until your legs hit the edge of the small bed, and you lowered yourself down, the mattress dipping under your weight. Cody pulled at his tie until it loosened and unbuttoned his shirt, smirking at you as he did.
He stood in front of you, his trousers still open from the make-out session outside, and you maintained eye contact as you pushed them and his boxers down his thighs, freeing his cock from its restraints. Cody's tongue poked out of between his teeth as he smirked, his eyes dark as he flicked his thumb across your bottom lip before he lined his cock up against your mouth.
You stuck your tongue out just enough for it to brush the tip, the simple action making Cody buck his hips. You opened your mouth wider, taking as much of Cody's cock as you could. His hand bundled your hair into a ponytail and as you closed your mouth around him, a groan left his lips as he pulled on your hair, throwing his head back. You dragged your tongue up the underside of his cock, the sensation making it twitch in your mouth. You flicked the tip before curling your tongue around it,and you grasped the base of him, taking a moment to look up at him while you pleasured him.
Cody's eyes were glazed over, profanities spilling from him while he guided your head and fucked your mouth. You loved the noises he made, loved the look on his face whenever you were together. He was usually so calm and collected, so to be the one who made him lose control, to fall apart because of you, it made you feel incredibly powerful and confident; something you didn't have much experience with until you met Cody.
He found himself in a rhythm— one that you wanted to disrupt and so you rolled his balls in your hands, massaging them gently as you took the rest of his cock, choking slightly as the tip hit the back of your throat. The noise Cody made was sinful, and you weren't sure you could be any more turned on until you looked up at him through teary eyes. The sweat was beading around his hairline, his teeth almost biting through his lip as he grunted and thrust into your face.
You wrapped your tongue around his cock and he forcefully pushed your head into him before he couldn't take anymore. He tugged you off by your hair, a Pop! echoing out around the bus. You watched him lean towards you and you crawled up the bed slightly, until Cody was leering over you, his eyes full of lust. He wiped your wet cheeks with his thumbs and kissed you; so much passion in the soft and tender embrace. The longer the kiss went on, the more fierce it became, and your back hit the soft sheets, bringing Cody down with you. His mouth followed a path, planting little butterfly kisses down your jawline, your neck, down to your cleavage  — where he latched onto your breast, sucking and biting as your hands ran down his shoulders, fingertips scratching his back. His mouth then continued its journey down your sternum to your stomach while his hand caressed your breast and rolled your nipple with his fingers. 
Cody hooked his thumbs under your underwear line and ripped them clean from your body. He threw them over his shoulder and held your hips down with one arm, his other hand snaking back up to your throat. He flattened his tongue against your slit and slowly dragged it up your cunt, beginning his feast.
Your hands grabbed the back of his head, and you attempted to buck your hips, but his arm wouldn't let you. "Ohhhh, Cody," you whimpered through little gasps, "feels so fucking good!"
You felt him smile against your thigh as he kissed along the insides before burying his face back into you. "You're such a good girl." He said. "You're my good girl." He said, before flicking your clit with the tip of his tongue. Your hips bucked again, and his grip on your throat tightened as did the grip on your hips. Cody was great at everything he did, he had that Midas touch, but he was incredible at making you feel amazing.
You squeaked as he pushed his tongue into your entrance, releasing your throat so he could caress your clit with his thumb as he fucked you with his tongue. You writhed underneath him as much as he'd allow, pushing his head deeper into your cunt, gripping your thighs against his head, unintelligible sounds leaving your throat as your toes curled.
"Co-Cody, please! I'm gonna cum!" You gasped. He chuckled, picking up the pace and your moans got louder. You were certain that everyone in the hotel would be able to hear you, and that the bus would no longer be hidden from everyone— but you didn't care one bit.
You came undone in seconds, and Cody released your hips from his grasp so you could ride his face, his name spilling out of your mouth. His kept working as you rode the wave of your orgasm and when he came up for air, you giggled breathlessly.
Cody climbed up your body like a lion hunting its prey. He needed to be inside you, to feel your walls clench tight around him as he fucked you hard. He rubbed his cock against your slit, sliding it between your lips, without penetrating. You wrapped your legs around him, attempting to pull him closer to you, trying to force him to give you what you craved. He laughed, his tongue poking out the corner of his mouth and rubbed your entrance with the tip of his cock.
"Cody, please -" You whined, your heels digging into his ass cheeks.
"Use your words, baby."
"Cody- I want your-" His tip teased your cunt again and you groaned, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. "Cody, please fu-fuck m- ohhh ffuck!"
He slammed into you, guttural groans passing through his lips at the euphoric sensation. He would never tire of any of this— of being inside you, making you scream his name and lose control at the slightest touch. He loved feeling your body underneath him or on top of him. Even the smallest of gestures; the slightest touch of your pinky fingers secretly interlocking around people and his favourite— when you placed your palm on his cheek before a match, a little good luck ritual you'd implemented long ago. He would never get enough of the sparks that coursed through his veins when you touched.
His pace quickened when your walls clenched around him. Your moans echoed around the room, in harmony once again, and as another orgasm reached its peak, your arms reached around Cody's neck and pulled toward you, pressing your lips together. The kiss was messy and toothy, and he interlaced your fingers together, sending his free hand between your bodies, his finger circling your clit. You quickly became unglued and your head thrashed against the bed, screaming Cody's name, just the way he liked; as Cody reached his own orgasm, his mouth found your neck, biting down hard before he lapped at the skin with his tongue.
He dropped his body onto you, and you wrapped your arms around his back, enjoying the weight of him on top of you. He nuzzled his head into your neck, pulling the sheets over the both of you, and you closed your eyes, feeling content. With his chest on yours, your heartbeats combined, like your two hearts were one. There were so many reasons for you to go public with your relationship, to let people in on your secret. You wanted to scream from the rooftops about how lucky you were to be the one Cody Rhodes wanted to be with. But you also wanted to stay in your bubble, in your own world where it was just the two of you, nobody else mattered, or even existed.
Cody lifted his head off your chest and leaned onto his elbow, tilting his head as he grinned at you. "You okay?" He asked and you turned to face him, reaching your hand up and placing your palm on his cheek, smiling at the beautiful man with the hearts in his eyes that were for you, and only you.
"I'm starving." You whispered, grinning at him. He rolled onto his back, reaching for a phone that was on the bedside cabinet. He settled back onto the bed, and you found your usual space on his chest. "What do you fancy?"
"Apart from you?" You asked, tracing circles around his chest. Cody laughed loudly, and you grinned wider. "Chinese."
"Whatever you want, you shall receive." Cody replied, making you blush. "Yeah?" You asked, and he nodded, planting his lips on your forehead softly.
"Of course. Always."
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claymorexpunisher · 10 months
Behind Closed Doors (18+ One-Shot)
Pairing(s): Cody Rhodes/Fem. Reader
Summary: Fem. Reader is a member of The Bloodline, and her job is to cause distractions. It's her mouth that lands her in hot water... and in the enemy's hotel room...
Tag(s)/TW(s): 18+, oral sex (male receiving), enemies to... nope, still enemies, pain kink, pain slut!Cody.
Word Count: 1,030
Flirting in the name of distraction brought me to this very moment…  as a member of The Bloodline, my job was to distract opponents any way that I could. Even if that meant wearing the skimpiest outfit that I could find, smiling flirtatiously, kissing said opponents, etc.
But there was one opponent Roman currently had that made my blood boil like no other.
Cody fucking Rhodes.
He walked around in his immaculate tailored suits, dimpled grin, and perfectly styled hair… it was like nothing could shake him. Hell, he didn’t even seem to be brought down by Brock Lesnar beating him within an inch of his life damn near every week.
Nothing fazed him and that pissed me off to no end and he fucking knew it. If it wasn’t in the ring, it was in the halls of whatever arena we were at, or during press tours, Cody would flash his usual insufferable smirk that said, “you can’t get me, and I love how much it pisses you off.”
I wanted to kis- I mean, wipe that smirk clean off his face. So, in the middle of one of our usual bickering sessions, I foolishly said- “Oh, please, Wonder Bread. I bet this “”””” loudmouth”””””” would have you cumming within two minutes. Five at most. Don’t sit here and act like you haven’t thought about it.”  
For a moment I was proud of myself. And then my heart plummeted. The smirk on Cody’s face clearly told me that I had said too much and that he was more than willing to test that theory.
I stopped breathing as he sauntered closer to me, pressing me against a hallway away from any prying eyes.
“Is that so?” Cody whispered. “Five minutes… alright. Why don’t you- “His eyes flittered over mine and flickered down to my lips and his gaze penetrated mine again. That action alone had my breasts arching into his chest reflexively until I caught myself, but it was too late, that stupid self-satisfied smirk was back on his face and my own face burned hot.
“-come to my hotel room tonight and prove it. You can ride on my tour bus if you’d like. After all, I am a gentleman.” Cody murmured, his eye lighting up with amusement over my obviously conflicted thoughts. My body continued to betray me the second his hand came to rest at my hip, giving it a firm squeeze before his hand relaxed.
And of course, I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge so, I looked him in the eye with defiance and said, “It’s the least you can do.” ….
Cody’s smile got insufferably wider, and the absolute asshole leaned in and brushed our lips together- barely touching- and once again my body had a mind of its own. I instinctively leaned in further but was sorely disappointed when my lips suddenly met with nothing but empty air.
I no longer met Cody’s gaze, feeling that relentless shit-eating smirk penetrate every part of my being from my peripheral.
Tonight, I was determined to win. What was the prize exactly? I had no fucking idea…
“If I hear anyone in the locker room even hinting at what’s about to happen, I will come back and I will bite it off. Do you understand me?” I hissed at Cody, midway between stroking his hard length and lapping at a bead of precum already forming at the tip. I emphasized my words of warning by gripping his cock harder, until Cody hissed in pain.
But the little pain slut’s eyes darkened right after… figures he’d be into that shit.
I had smirked to myself from the moment I noticed that I wasn’t the only one affected by our little moment in the hallway earlier. I knew I had this in the bag.
“I mean I don’t usually go around talking about my sexual escapades with anyone. Even the guys. I’ve never seen the appeal-“Cody’s words cut off into stifled groan of pleasure as my mouth went down on him again, the head of his cock comfortably resting at the back of my throat. Lewd sucking and slurping noises coming from my own mouth filled my ears and for the second time that night my face- and my entire body- grew hot.
I wasn’t expecting to enjoy his pleasure this much, but I wasn’t gonna think about that for too long. Nah… this wasn’t about him (I told myself). This was about proving a point.
I went to work like a champ, my hands twisting and stroking as my mouth worked at the reddened tip before it covered the entire length once again. I could hear his breaths speeding up and I couldn’t help but smile around his cock, anticipating his imminent orgasm.
“Ah, fuck! Shit, wait-“ Cody grunted as my throat squeezed his cock as I sucked, practically milking him for all he’s worth. My glossy lips stretched a smile as he pulled me off of his cock by hair and I watched his toned chest heave.
“Whatsa matter, baby? Almost there?” I cooed mockingly, my hand never stopping its strokes. I was on a fucking mission, and I was going to see it through.
Without thinking, the nails on my other hand grazed along his lower stomach, sinking into firm flesh in response to his increasingly moans. Instead of answering me, the bite of my nails against his skin apparently only heightened Cody’s pleasure and my mocking laughter was cut off by him practically feed his cock to me again, which I took gladly.
For shits and giggles, Cody had set up a timer on his phone and a quick glance at it through watery eyes told me a minute left.
Testing the waters, I allowed my nails to sink into his flesh again, and I heard Cody hiss before ribbon after ribbon of the salty taste of his release hit my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
Cody let out another curse as I let his release sit on my tongue, only swallowing when his eyes met mine again.
Just as I swallowed, the timer went off.
“…I win.”
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He seems like a major pain in the ass 😭😭😭
🏷️ list: @alyyaanna @ginswife @coolpastelartshoe @greatkoalawizard @cokolin044 @kotoriarlert @alicerosejensen @bunnybot55 @agent-dessis-posts @adollonyourshelf @mini-rhodes @southerngirl41 @harmshake @femdisa @kabloswrld @claymoresofinfamy23 @jeysbvck
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I am usually shy and don't like requsting stuff but.....
Imma just leave this here....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, angel. For you, it's a done deal. 😘💗
Cody Rhodes x Fem Reader | 18+ ONLY, NSFW, fluff, and smut | 2,099 words
Happy reading! Read my other Cody stories here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
The excitement buzzing through the bedroom could likely be felt down the hallways of the hotel, each corner, wall, and floorboard reverberating with that palpable joy for what was to come once you and Cody left it.
Only four hours to go. Four hours to get ready and head out to the Lincoln Financial Field. Fours until WrestleMania began where your husband, Cody, would grace the squared circle and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. 
You could see his excitement marking his adorable cheeks a light pink as they balled up from a dazzling smile. He stood in the bathroom, half-hiding behind the door he held onto as he was getting dressed, his bare, muscular shoulders and pecs peeking at you as did he with that smile.
"You ready to see the gear of a champion?" Cody called out to you as you sat on the bed, already dressed in your turtleneck dress as you pulled on your knee-high boots to kick away the Philly chill.
"Hell yes. You've kept it a secret long enough, babe," you remarked, thinking of how he usually showed you his new gear even in its design stages on the pages of a notebook. That let you know this outfit was one he knew would surprise you with its grandeur. Cody nodded once with a cute smirk before he closed the door for a few seconds, opening it and strolling out in his jacket, tights, and boots, deep hues of red, white, and blue with luminous gold accents such as the American eagle adorning the broad shoulders. His pretty, cobalt eyes wrinkled with that handsome smile of his again as he strutted towards you with his hands out and did a quick spin that made his jacket tail flit through the air. He made you smile, too, with pride before you felt tears sting your eyes to see him so regal and opulent—and you couldn't wait to see the big gold around his waist to match.
"Let me guess. You hate it?" Cody teased before he noticed you wipe at your eyes with your sleeve. He came closer to you and slid his big hands onto your cheeks to tilt your face up at him as he gazed down at you with concern turning down his pink lips. "What's wrong, baby?" 
"Nothing. These are happy tears, I swear," you piped up as his wide thumbs brushed your cheeks, his right one catching a tear as it slipped down your skin. You were telling the truth as you felt nothing but pure elation to see your husband who busted his ass for years week in and week out finally earn the opportunity to be the face of a company that he—and Roman Reigns, respectively—carried on his back already. You added with a sniffle, "Just can't wait to see you looking good like this out there tonight when you win."
"Don't think I've ever made you cry because I looked too good," Cody laughed quietly and made you giggle, too, before he bent over to plant a soft kiss on your forehead. "God, you're precious. You know that?"
"If you say so," you replied with your hands covering his still holding your face as you rested your head on his warm, slightly hairy abs exposed in his open jacket.
"I do," Cody reminded you with one more kiss atop your hair before he carefully pulled away to retreat backward to the bathroom with a sneaky grin. "Ah. I forgot...there's one more part of my gear I want to show you."
One of your arched eyebrows raised at him as he disappeared into the bathroom once more with the door closed, hearing him rustle with something before seeing him emerge in a mask—a skull mask with an almost silver sheen, golden wings, and a patriotic, thorned crown.
You couldn't help the gasp that slipped out of you as it startled you, you never saw him wear something like it. But at the same time, a smile crept onto your lips when he approached you with his hands out again as his muffled voice chirped behind the mask, "Badass, right?"
"Wow, baby. Yeah, actually. Wow," you marveled as he stood between your thighs to let you run your hands up his chest until they cradled the mask. It was denser than you expected, almost like real bone, and smooth. You could see glimpses of his skin through the jaw and eye sockets, but you nearly couldn't see his eyes in the contours of it. Yet you knew Cody was looking right at you as you admired the details of his mask, your fingertips tracing along the grooves of teeth where his warm breath escaped through it to graze your skin. You shivered a bit from the feel and from his fingertips tracing along your spine.
"Wait. Is it badass or is it scary? Because you're shaking a little, sweetheart," Cody asked softly and made another shiver roll through you as he continued caressing your back. 
"Um...both. In a good way..." Your voice was just as soft, threatening to taper off with a little moan when he let his other set of long fingers wrap around your nape as your head fell back to study him looming over you looking menacing, charming, and seductive all at once. If your thighs weren't spread open to let him stand before you, you would have squeezed them shut as that shiver trickled down between them and into your panties. 
Cody studied you back for a moment like he felt it, too, and you heard the smirk in his voice when he said, "Yeah? Or maybe it's a third thing...maybe it's sexy."
His fingers that stroked up and down your spine began to stroke only down as he slowly made a trail from your lower back, your left hip, and to your thigh where those fingers gathered the hem of your dress to tug up. Your eyes followed his movements, watching as his fingers then traced your bare thigh, close to where his touch made you shiver and drip and mumble to him, "Maybe..."
He let out a deep yet light chuckle before you heard a sigh follow it as his fingertips followed the deep shade of magenta where your pink panties formed a damp spot. You sighed, too, as he gently pressed the pads of his pointer and middle fingers to that spot, your clit behind it that he nudged with small circles just enough to turn your sigh into an airy moan.
"I didn't anticipate you'd like my mask this much, darling," Cody moaned back to you when you couldn't resist putting your hands on him, as well. Your head was still leaning back on the palm of his hand as you gazed at one another, yet you didn't need to see his thick bulge to know where it was and feel it twitch when you ran your fingers across it.
"Hmm...you must like it, too," you goaded him with a tiny grin and another tiny moan when he slid his fingers into your panties to bury in your warm slick. The delicious way he swirled them on you with his thumb nudged back to your clit made it a bit difficult to focus your fingers on the hem of his snug pants you wanted to pull down. He moaned with you when you carefully caught and caressed his length in your hand as it bounced free after you finally rolled his pants and red boxer briefs to his thighs. Now you had to look and soak in how his pretty, brown-pink dick throbbed in your grasp, all hard, thick, and long with his round tip trying to spill his pre-cum onto your thumb.
"I like feeling how wet you get for m—unghhh, shit. Mm...I like that, too, baby," Cody grunted with a heavy breath when your tongue swiped along his slit to taste him before you pushed his length into your mouth altogether to taste all of him. You knew he could feel the moan vibrating in your throat as you suckled him into it—a moan that grew deeper as his fingers thrust deeper into your pussy—when he trembled on your tongue and tried to balance himself with his fingers entwining with the hair at the back of your head. 
Cody's moans grew just as deep as you wove your tongue around his shaft that stretched your lips around it, your drool from his yummy, savory taste dribbling from the corners of your mouth and down your chin as your wet dribbled from his knuckles that tapped at your sticky pussy lips with each thrust. He was trying to make you cum, you could feel it with his thumb fondling your tender and tingling clit and his fingertips lingering with unhurried taps on your g-spot. 
He would be successful and soon as you felt yourself clench around his diligent touch, heard your husky moans fill your ears, and saw a flash of his angelic eyes on you in his devilish skull mask as he encouraged you with a husky growl of his own, "You must want me to cum the way you're swallowing me...fffuck. Unhhh, I want you to cum. Please, sweetheart...I need to feel you cum on my fingers."
His grip on your hair tightened just a little to make you keep your eyes on his that leered beyond his mask as he flexed his fingers in you with sweet, short taps on your spot that began to flutter as you whined for him, from that swift and overwhelming rush of warm tingles that flooded your body. It felt damn good, just as good as it felt to feel your husband pulse in your throat a few minutes later with his hips flinching forward until his cute tuft of brown hair brushed your nose. His warm, slippery cum as it started to pump down your throat felt good, too, and his moans sounded good with your name laced throughout them as his deep voice floated from behind his mask once more.
"God, baby...look at you. Beautiful," Cody murmured with another breathy moan obscured by his mask. You wished you could see his beautiful face as he cherished yours that he messied with your saliva and his cum on his tip that smudged your lips once he pulled out. Yet you enjoyed seeing your husband look like a sexy nightmare come to life as he revered you. He took his time drawing his fingers from your wet warmth that still throbbed on them, placing his fingers on your lips to join his mess and compelling you to lick it off. You whimpered as he let you suck on his thick fingers and pouted when he pulled them away, only to whimper again at the lovely sight of him pushing his mask off to reveal his handsome face again and taste you on his fingers, too.
"Thought you would try that with that mask on," you teased and bit your lip when his gorgeous, blue eyes held yours.
"I considered it for a half second," Cody chuckled before he took a step back from you and let his eyes fall on your bosom in your dress. "Uh oh. Looks like you might need to change. I'm sorry, baby."
You glanced down to see where your combined love juices had dripped to your chest and left a nice, big, wet stain that you wouldn't attempt to dry when you both had to head out the door soon. You nonchalantly waved your hand in the air as you replied, "It's alright. I knew I was going to need to fix my makeup again, anyway, too."
"Ah. Sorry again. I hope you don't blame me, but this." Cody jiggled his mask still in his fist and you both giggled to each other. "Don't know what came over me when I put it on..."
You then rose from your seat at the edge of the bed to soothe your hands to your husband's chest, but not before skimming your fingers on his mask first, as you said, "I didn't mind...you could, um, wear it again sometime. If you wanted."
"Is that so?" Cody tossed his mask onto the bed to free his hands to wrap around your waist as he eyed you with his stunning smile. It made you want to blush, especially as he added in a low purr, "Does tonight work for you, sweetheart? I'll wear it and my championship belt just for you...and I'll take it all off for you, too."
Thanks for reading! 💙
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Tumblr media
Featuring 🌷: cody rhodes + female!reader
Warning ☁️: blowjob, swallowing, somnophilia, fingering, unprotected p in v, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, creampie, dacryphilia, 18+ Minors, please don’t interact. Thanks! ୨୧
Word count 🌷: 859
Scenario ☁️: After having a naughty dream, Cody needs a little help from his wife.
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
As Cody lies awake, he glances upwards with his hands behind his head as his wife sleeps snuggled on his chest. As he watches her, a surge of desire courses through him. His erection is a throbbing reminder of the wet dream that he’d just had.
Cody's gaze lingers on her, admiring her tranquil innocence. The sheets, barely clinging to her naked body, grazed against her skin. At that moment, she seemed to resemble an angel. One hand lay gently on his stomach, fingers tracing invisible patterns, while the other delicately cradled her face. With each rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, her breaths were soft and even, filling the room.
The thought of making love to her while she was sleeping so deeply was definitely turning him on even more. Cody moved with a careful grace, his every movement calculated to avoid disturbing her slumber. One hand traced gentle patterns across her erect nipples, while the other, eased the sheets away from her form. The soft glow of moonlight filtered through the curtains provided a perfect glimmer of light.
He slowly began rubbing her clit, as he gently kissed and sucked on her breasts. She remained in a deep sleep as Cody continued his gentle touches. Cody brings his fingers between her legs, groaning as he slips his fingers inside of her.
Her wetness tightened around his digits as her eyes fluttered halfway open. She murmured in a drowsy tone,
Cody leaned in, his warm breath brushing against her skin as he placed a tender kiss on her lips. He slowly scissored his fingers in and out of her, “Can you help me out, sweetheart?” He asked, his voice low and soothing.
With a slow nod, the weight of sleep gradually lifted as her hips began to grind against his hand. As Cody massaged her g-spot he watched her intently as a loud gasp escaped from her parted lips.
“Make a mess on my fingers baby.” He cooed as he watched a thin trail of drool oozed out her mouth.
As she reached down to grasp his hand, her fingers trembled against his skin, her body writhing in pleasure as her soft moans mingled with his name in the air. Her body arched, every muscle tense with the effort to resist the overwhelming pleasure coursing through her.
Cody pulled out his fingers, tasting her sweet juices as she watched.
“Can I taste you, please?” She whispered.
His eyes met hers with a tender expression, his lips curving into a gentle smile that reached his eyes. With a graceful movement, she sat up, the sheets sliding down her body. He mirrored her action as he leaned back against the plush headboard. He parted his legs slightly, allowing her to crawl in between them.
Her mouth watered as she saw pre-cum oozing from his tip. She arched her back intently as she leaned over to take him into her mouth. She skillfully wrapped her tongue around his tip before sucking on it.
Cody's eyes closed as he basked in the feeling of her mouth.
"Mmm," he moaned, running a hand through her hair, as she sucked nice and slowly before relaxing her throat.
As she deepthroated him, Cody was a groaning mess. Throwing out a few encouraging praises as he tried to compose himself. “There you go,” he groaned, “Fuck, you’re so good at this.” He stilled his hips into the mattress. He was so close.
Before she knew it, thick ropes shot down her throat.
After he came, she sucked on his sensitive tip before pulling away and looking up at him for validation, “Did I do good?”
“So good,” He said, his voice breathless as she climbed onto his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist.
As he guided himself inside of her, a sigh escaped their lips. Her tight pussy swallowed his thick member as she grinded against him. “I swear your pussy was made for me.” Soft moans escaped from his mouth as he wrapped her into an embrace.
“Codyyy…fuck me!” She sobbed as her grip tightened.
Cody groaned in approval as his hips thrusted deeper into her. Successfully targeting her spot, he slammed her onto him as he prodded at her sensitive walls.
The sounds of her wetness became louder as she began to coat his dick. She looked into his eyes, on the brink of tears.
“You��re so beautiful when you cry for me, baby.”
Her tears caused him to grip her hips and bounce her onto him as her walls squeezed him. Cody felt his own orgasm as he began to throb inside of her. “Cum with me,” He groaned through gritted teeth.
The two came as she bounced slowly, riding out her high. The two panted before he pulled out slowly. Cum started oozing out of her as he placed a finger inside of her, plugging her up.
As she rolled onto her side, the weight of exhaustion pressed against her eyelids. The mattress dipped under his weight as he eased behind her, lifting her leg up.
“Shh,” He whispered as he reentered her. “You’re such a great helper.”
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
Thanks for reading babe ☁️🌷
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• Summary: You made many enemies throughout your career in World Wrestling Entertainment. Some of which you despise so much it makes you sick to your stomach. But the more you two hate each other, the more the sexual tension becomes too intense to ignore.
• Parings: Cody Rhodes X Fem Reader
Warning- Language, 18+ only (minors DNI), Dirty Talk, Smut, Pet names, praise kink, unprotected sex, dom!Cody dom!Y/N, smutter than the last two part. (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)
Word count: 5.2k
Tumblr media
Your eyes landed on a particular person sitting next to Becky, causing you to smirk of accomplishment.
Sami. He's been avoiding you for a couple of days only because you told him when he saw him you were going to kill him for giving Cody your number. And he thought that maybe if he could avoid it for a whole week till the next show, you'll give over it. But that was him letting his hopes get the best of him.
He knew you held grudges, and deep down, a part of him knew you wouldn't let what he did slide.
You slowly walked up to Sami, who was laughing at whatever Becky said. Becky's eyes landed on you but quickly looked away when she saw you bringing your finger to your lips, telling her to remain quiet.
Sami's face then went from a smile with a bit of laughter to straight fear as he felt a hand on his shoulders, followed by your voice.
"Hey Sami," You spoke; Sami stared at Becky, who butted herself out by taking a step back. He then let out a nervous laugh.
"Oh, hey, Y/N," He said. "Oh, look, time to get ready for my match, gotta go."
"No, no, no!" You pull Sami right back as he tries to pull you back. You then had your finger directly pointed at his face. "Were you thinking about your life, Sami, when you gave Cody my number!?"
Becky immediately butted herself back into the situation with a smile on her face. "Way to go, Sami!" She applauded, causing you to glare at her.
"No! He shouldn't have done that!" You shook your head, looking from Becky to Sami.
Sami raised his hands in defense. "He told me he wanted to apologize for the rumor he spread; I thought he was being nice!"
"It's Cody; when is he ever nice to me!?" You scoffed.
"He's been more than nice to you," Becky muttered, causing you to again glare at her. All she did was stand there, smiling at you.
There are apparent differences between Sami and Becky; Sami was afraid of you, and Becky was not.
But what Becky said made Sami look between you and her—finally, pushing his cluelessness aside and catching on to something he hadn't seen before.
"Wait, did I miss something?" He asked. You looked at Becky, who looked at you. You then sighed and looked at Sami, explaining to him everything from the night he called you about the rumor, then said to Sami and now Becky the night Sami gave Cody your number. You questioned at the moment if you should kill them. They knew too much.
Sami stood in shock, digesting the information you gave him, while Becky shook her head, scoffing.
"I didn't see then, but I now see it," She said, smiling at you. "That man is in love with you!"
"What!?" You said in disbelief before laughing, thinking she was joking.
But she wasn't.
"Yeah, Y/N, I hate to break it to you, but I think he broke Cody, and he probably did too; otherwise, it would just have been a one-time thing," Sami said, agreeing with Becky.
However, Becky shook her head at Sami. "Well, I don't think He broke her; she is still talking to Damian,"
You were momentarily hesitant before that "Well.." slipped out your mouth. Sami and Becky turned back to you. "I ended things with Damian the next after Cody was in my room. I don't know, hearing that morning him telling me how much he liked me, I didn't feel the same and didn't want to lead the man on,"
"So what about Cody?" Sami asked. "From the time you gave Damian a chance, I honestly thought you would end up having feelings for him, but it's like Cody stopped you from doing that."
You remained silent, hearing what Sami said. Since last week, you and Cody got into that argument. You couldn't stop thinking about him, and it was worse than usual.
You end up staring at his number from time to time. It is saved as an unknown number as if you were going to call him. It wasn't hard avoiding him because you haven't seen him since that night. His words replayed in your head multiple times, and it was so bad you felt your dignity start to lack late at night, in bed, letting your pleasure out while thinking about the man you truly despise. And never have you done anything like that, let alone while thinking about a man.
And as much as you hate to admit it, everything Cody argued to you made him right.
He was right, which holds you back from even talking to him. You could see that smile of his while telling him he was right; that's not something you want happening.
"There's nothing with Cody. I haven't spoken to him, and I like to keep it that way," You said. "This whole situation is dead, so can we please not talk about it anymore?"
You notice Becky glancing over at Sami, who gives her a shrug as they both agree to stop talking about it. Neither one of them wanted to push your buttons.
"You're going to McMahon's party tomorrow night?" Becky asked.
McMahon's party. It is a party that now Stephanie McMahon and her husband, the COO of the company, host every year as a way of celebrating us Wrestlers and our achievements. This year, they're celebrating at the hotel where all the wrestlers stayed for the next few days. You find it complete bullshit, especially when some of the Wrestlers don't get enough attention on TV, let alone this company.
But you still go, only because of the respect you earned from Stephanie herself, despite her no longer working in WWE. But the minute you do go, you wind up leaving five minutes later.
"Yeah, we don't have a choice, though," You spoke. "Adam keeps telling me I must be there and can't leave like last time." Sami sighed. "I have to drag Kevin down tomorrow; Adam told him the same." He said. "You know how stubborn he gets."
"Don't let him hear you say that," You told him as you and Becky chuckled a bit.
Sami was going to speak, responding to your comment, you assumed. When loud yells from a distance caused you three to look in the direction where it was coming from.
Your heart immediately dropped, seeing Damian and Cody in each other faces as yell at one another. Sami takes off, pushing Cody back, while Finn appears out of nowhere with Rhea, pulling Damian back.
"Say one more word about her, and I'll fucking kill you!" The venom in Cody's voice caught your attention. You've seen him angry; hell, you made him angry multiple times. But never in your years of knowing him have you seen him this angry.
Damian, however, laughed at Cody. "Honestly, Cody, I hope two end up together," He said. "You two deserve each other!"
"Come on, Priest, let's go," Rhea smirked as her eyes landed on you. Damian glanced at Cody again before he, Finn, and Rhea walked away in your direction.
You looked at Damian, who didn't even look in your direction. Though, you knew he knew you were watching him. But you were suddenly caught off by Rhea, pushing past you, almost knocking you down.
You laughed as you grabbed Rhea and turned around as you got in her face. The yelling was now coming from you two.
"Is there a problem, Rhea!? Because if there is, I'm more than glad to handle the problem!"
"You know exactly what the problem is!" Rhea spoke. "I warned Damian about you, and guess what? I was right! So stay away from him!"
"Whatever he told you was probably lies!" You spoke before looking up at Damian and then back at her. "He and I are on good terms, so I don't understand where this all coming from!"
Rhea laughed at you before shaking her head. "Not Damian, sweetheart," She said. "Asked Cody over there!"
Rhea then walked off. Damian looked at you, then Cody, who you assume was still there, before walking off alongside Finn.
You turned around and saw Cody standing there. He looked at you. You haven't seen him in weeks, and despite knowing you may and may be angry by the question you would ask him.
Your mind began wandering off. He was shirtless, in his gear. He looked highly sexy when he was mad.
"What was that all about?" You asked him, confused. Cody looked at you. "What do you think, Y/N?"
He told Damian everything. And Damian probably said something that caused him to react aggressively. But you were confused again.
Why did he get so offensive and protective over you? You had people in the past called every name in the book; even Cody himself has called you names. But for him to get this angry over someone calling you a name that you don't know what it was surprised you.
Cody held his hand up, telling Sami he was okay as Sami let him go. Cody looked over at you once more before walking off.
Sami and Becky looked at you, confused about what the hell even happened. Sami spoke and sighed. "The situation is dead, huh?"
The more time went by, the less you were looking forward to the party. It was already the next day, and the party had already started. You looked at yourself in the mirror as your hair and makeup were set, as well as your dress, as it fits perfectly on top of your body.
It wasn't short; it laid just about your knee. It had a split from the side of the dress to show enough skin. Your breasts were shaped perfectly against the top part, and your hair and makeup were perfect to how you wanted it.
But it didn't make you want to go even more. However, after minutes of debating, you finally took your purse and went down to the party.
Upon arrival, you notice the amount of people already there, which makes you want to turn around and head back to your room.
"Drink?" A male walked up to you, holding a tray of drinks. You smiled at the male and took a drink, then another.
You knew it was going to be a long night.
"Y/N?" Becky called out as she approached you. She sees the two glasses in your hand and can't help but shake her head.
"Don't lose me, Y/N," she said.
"Well, if I don't have a drink or two, you will lose me." You said as you took a sip of your drink.
Your eyes wander around, seeing familiar faces. Some you are friends with, others you aren't. And most that you genuinely hate.
The last time you were at this party, you didn't even last 10 minutes and made the excuse that you were sick.
However, Adam Pearce was telling everyone how it's mandatory to stay the entire night. Everyone enjoyed the party, except you.
Becky wonders off, leaving you alone again as she joins her husband's side. You gulped down your first drink as you went for the second one in your hand, placing the first glass on an empty tray and finding another server, taking another drink.
Two drinks went from four to six. You sat down, drank your drinking, and ate a cup of fruit they had also at the party? You ran into a few people along the way of your drinking: Sami, Kevin, Adam, who had to remind her that she needed to stay, even The Judgement Day, whom Rhea and Damian glared at you.
You were still confused about what exactly happened last night other than the fact that Cody told Damian everything. You didn't know how much he told Damian, but you knew Damian said a comment about you that caused Cody to get riled up.
Cody. You haven't seen him at all tonight. You wanted to see him, though deep down, you wouldn't admit that to yourself.
But you and Cody had a lot to talk about. And you were tired of waiting for the right time or nothing.
And you weren't sure if it was the alcohol getting into your system, but you pulled yourself off your seat, finding anyone who might know Cody's whereabouts.
You stumbled upon Jey, Sami, and Kevin conversing about something, causing them waves of laughter.
"Have any of you seen Cody?" You whispered to them. You didn't want to make it evident that you were looking for him.
Kevin shook his head. "Not since leaving our rooms; why?"
You quickly shook your head. "No reason,"
"Y/N, are you drunk?" Sami asked, looking at you. You were going to deny it at first by shaking your head. But the laugh got to you, making you cover your mouth to stop yourself.
"A little," you admit. "You three enjoy the party." You quickly walked off and went onto Seth and Becky, who had said the same thing that they hadn't seen Cody.
"Don't you have his number? Try calling him," Becky reminds you. Seth was taken aback. "Number, since when have you and Cody been friends?"
"Friends!? No! Never!" You deny offensively. Becky, however, gave you a look along with a smirk, causing you to glare at her. "Shh!" You tell her, then walk off. "Did I miss something," You heard Seth asked his wife.
You looked around the party, seeing no sight of Cody, which made you consider taking Becky's idea of calling him.
"But what if he doesn't answer?" You thought to yourself. You pulled your phone, scrolling to his unsaved number as you debated whether or not you should call him. After minutes of discussing, your finger pressed the call button as you placed the phone on your ear, hearing it ring.
"He's not going to answer you," You thought once again. "You desperate, Y/N, the man still hates you. There's no way-"
You stood silent for a moment, panicking on the inside as you realized he had answered.
"Y/N?" Cody asked, checking if you were there.
"Hi," you quickly responded, letting me know you were there. "I accidentally called you; my bad,"
"Really?" He asked. Even though you were drunk right now, you could still tell that his smile appeared on his face. "Because I swore I just saw you pull your phone out and call me," So he is here
Your eyes wander around, trying to look for Cody. "On your left, Princess,"
You turned to your left, seeing a figure from afar looking in your direction. Cody sat down, staring at you while you were still on the phone.
"Has anyone told me how sexy you look in that dress," Cody spoke. "If we weren't at this party, I would absolutely ruin you in that dress."
"I thought you were mad at me," You spoke, ignoring the response you received in between your thighs as he said. Cody smirked at you.
"I could say the same thing to you," Cody said. "Is there a reason why you called me princess?"
You bit your lips while looking at him. You then scanned around the room. There is no sign of Adam or anyone you could run into.
"Second floor, room D." You spoke before hanging up. You glanced at Cody again before walking towards the elevator and sneaking out of the party. You thought you should have done that sooner if you knew it would be easy.
The elevator opens again as you walk to your room and open the door, leaving it open for Cody to come in.
You took off your heels, tossing them to the side as you sat in front of your mirror, taking off any jewelry you had on.
Your eyes landed on the door through your mirror once you noticed it opened, seeing Cody standing in front of your door as he shut it shut.
You turned around and looked at him as you bit your lips.
"Hi," you spoke, looking at him. You couldn't help but think how handsome he was looking. You have been thinking about that a lot lately.
He wore a typical suit, which he wore usually. However, it only made sense that he wore it since others also wore suits.
But you notice the hesitation in him as he eyes you. "Are you drunk?" He asked you. You brought your fingers up, holding them close together, indicating that you were a little drunk.
"I can handle my liquor, Cody. I'll be fine if that's what you're worried about." You said. Cody shook his head. "That's the least of my worries right now." He said and took a step towards you.
You two weren't close. But to you, you felt extremely close to one another. The height difference made you feel small compared to him.
"Why did you call me up here?" He asked curiously. You looked at him. "I wanted to talk about last night."
Cody sucked his teeth as you reminded him about last night's events. "I want to know what Damian said that made you so angry,"
Cody shook his head. "It was nothing." He lied. You rolled your eyes.
"Stop lying!" You said. Cody, from just that, was getting even more mad. You couldn't help but wonder where the sudden anger was coming from. You knew it wasn't just from mentioning his and Damian's fight.
"He said the most out-of-pocket thing about you, princess, that I don't even want to repeat," He admitted. You couldn't help but laugh a little after a moment of silence. "Where did this you getting defensive about me come from? You hate me, remember,"
Cody stepped forward, causing you to part your lips a bit accidentally. Cody noticed it as he licked his lips. The sexual tension was already forming.
"What about you, huh?" Cody asked. "Why did I find out from him that you were the one who ended things with him the day after I was in your room?"
You were silent as you remembered why it took you so long to talk to him. Telling him the truth meant telling him he was right.
And you'd rather die than tell him he's right.
"I didn't feel anything for him," You simply told him.
"And why's that?" Cody's voice went low as he looked down at you. You felt his hands on the skin of your thighs, brushing upwards, causing you to feel goosebumps on you.
"I'm not going to say it, Cody," You tell him. You already felt yourself getting turned on by how close you two are. But you also felt frustrated because of how easily he knew that he was right.
"Say it, princess," he said. "Say I'm right."
"No!" You argued. You gasped when you felt Cody's hand around your neck, pulling you closer.
"Say it," he demanded it. Your mouth was open, allowing Cody to be ready for you to say those two words he was desperate to hear.
"Never," you said, followed by a smirk.
Something in you sparked up by Cody's actions, causing you to push him onto the couch that sat in your hotel room. This took Cody back as he looked at you.
His eyes watched you straddled his lap, feeling how warm you were in between your thighs.
"I hate you, Cody," you spoke. "Nothing will change that, and nothing will make me say those words." You whispered to him.
Cody growled, grabbing the side of your cheeks and kissing you.
You missed everything about him. His touch, his kiss, the way he made you feel. You couldn't help but grind your hips against him as the two of you made out with each other.
"I miss those pretty noises of yours, baby, thought all this week," Cody spoke as you couldn't help but whimper at the pleasure you were feeling grinding against him. Cody watched you, hands on your waist, as you made the most pretty face and precious moans and whimpers out of your mouth.
And you noticed this: Cody sitting there, with his hands on your waist. You took one of his hands and brought it up to your breast, biting your lips as his eye landed straight at them, playing with them.
"So fucking gorgeous," He said, groaning a bit. You can feel his member joint a bit, causing you to moan. You pulled back a bit, pulling his tucked shirt out of his pants and unbuckling pants before pulling it down, showing his boxers. You noticed him pulling off his shoes before kicking his pants off. He was eager to feel more of you.
You straddled him once more, letting out a loud moan, feeling the layers now thin between you two.
"Oh my god, Cody," you moaned, tugging his hair. Cody's breathing was unsteady as the two of them started panting. You couldn't help but smirk, however, thinking about something.
"What are you smirking for?" Cody asked. You debated telling Cody; however, you knew it would turn you on.
"I have a confession to make," you said. Cody chuckled, "You finally gonna admit I was right?"
"No!" You spoke. You then brought your lips to his ears, saying something that just might have driven Cody insane. "I had touched myself thinking about you."
"Fuck, Y/N," Cody cursed under his breath. You looked at him as he struggled underneath you. "I couldn't help myself; I moaned your name and everything."
"Y/N, shut up," Cody said, groaning. You laughed and kissed all over his neck, grinding a little harder on top of him. You two were moaning a mess.
Cody lifts your dress, letting his hands trail up your dress. You wore a lace underneath that hardly covered anything. "Look at that pretty pussy."
You moaned, throwing your head back as you felt yourself approaching your second organism.
"Let me see you touch yourself for me, princess," Cody spoke. You moaned, doing precisely what he said by bringing your hands down to your clit, rubbing it in circles while grinding on him.
Cody watched in awe, as you were an absolute mess watching you. He didn't think you could get this beautiful.
"Cody, baby," You spoke. "I'm close."
As your orgasm appeared, it quickly went away, Cody pulling your hand away from yourself and stopping you from grinding by holding you in place.
He looks up at you and shakes his head. "You will not finish till you tell me I'm right." He said, causing you to suck your teeth.
"I'm not saying that," You tell him. Cody looks at you and lays back, smirking. You looked at him as he smiled even more at you. What alarmed you was the hint of devilish in it. "What?" You asked.
Cody doesn't say anything at first as he leans in and kisses you, and you immediately kiss him back. He pulls back and looks up at you.
"Sit on my face," he speaks, licking his lips.
Your eyes went wide. Never in your entire lifetime have you done that. It brought a little fear in you.
"I'm not taking no for an answer," Cody's eyes went dark as he spoke. He was dead serious.
Before you could even say anything, Cody had already lifted you off the couch and onto the bed.  He takes pulls off your dress, not enough to rip it, and takes your panties off before he takes off his jacket, pulls his tie off, and unbuttons his shit till he was shirtless in nothing but his boxers and lays on the bed.
"Come on, princess, sit on my face," Cody demands. You hesitate for a moment before getting on top of Cody, hovering over his face as you slightly lower yourself.
Cody grew frustrated and immediately wrapped his arms around your thighs, pushing you down on his face until you were fully sat on him.
Despite the fact you're thinking that you're probably crushing Cody, you moaned at the feeling of Cody's touching tasting your clit. "Fuck" You let out.
It felt different. You never had someone make you straddle their face to eat you out. And as you looked down at Cody, you noticed him eyeing you, your Body. Just seeing you like this turned Cody.
And you were tired; you really tried not to buck your hips as you gripped the headboard of the bed. But the way his tongue lapped on your clit, tasting every inch of you, you accidentally buckled, causing your eyes to widen a bit.
"Sorry," You apologized, looking down at Cody. His eyes said otherwise; he wanted you to do that again. And it didn't take long for him to have you buckling your hips again, followed by a long moan.
You knew Cody was enjoying this, which made you care less about being scared in the first place. Your hands reached from behind as your hand slipped into his boxers, pulling out his cock and stroking it.
You buckled again, feeling Cody moan against your clit. "Yes, Cody, don't stop!" You moaned. At this point, you didn't care who could hear you. You swore you were a lot louder than the last time you two had sex.
Both hands were now on the headboard as you felt your orgasm. Your head threw back as it approached within seconds.
But you didn't cum.
Cody immediately grabbed your waist, pulled you up, and held you in place as you were still hovering over him. You let out a needy whine.
"Say I'm right!" Cody demanded. You use every strength to hold your ground as you look down at him.
"I said no!" You yelled.
In just a blink of an eye, Cody now had you lying on the bed. A part of you knew if he kept doing that, pulling away every time you were about to cum, you were going have to want to.
However, you were still stubborn. That was until he immediately attached his tongue to your pussy, his head vigorously shaking in between your legs as he led you back into your orgasm.
Your hand found his head, tugging it down as your moan grew louder before. Cody was way strong, however, and pulled back, causing you to whine once more.
"Fuck!" You scream. "Okay, you're right! Please, Cody!"
You felt that stupid smile on his back on his lips as he went back on your clit. Your legs shook as you clenched on your bedsheets, letting a cry of moans and enjoying the orgasm that you had been craving for what seemed like forever.
You lay there as Cody's head appeared from between your legs, panting as he looked down at you.
"That was fucking hot," he said, then hovering over you. "You're so fucking hot, so beautiful."
Cody kisses you. You can taste yourself on his tongue as the two of you fought with each other. However, you let him win. You were too deep in that aura stage, just by Cody simply giving oral sex, that you were weak to do anything.
But suddenly, you let out a gasp as you felt Cody's dick touch your clit. He watches you as he rubs himself against you.
"Cody," you whine. "I don't think I can handle more."
Cody shook his head, however, and kissed all over you. "Baby, yes, you can," he cooed. "I know you handle my dick, be a good girl to daddy."
You moaned at Cody's voice as he grinds himself against you for pleasure. You needed him inside of you; you desperately needed him. But it was more of the joy than anything you were worried about. You weren't sure if you could handle so much pleasure.
"Tell me what you want, baby," Cody said. "I know want this dick. I can feel you clenching, and I'm not inside you."
Your hands fell on his massive arms, feeling every muscle as he whimpered. "Fuck me, Cody,"
"Mmm, so sexy," Cody muttered to himself as he adjusted the length of his cock, lining it up against your clit and slowly inserting himself in you. "Fuck," he breathes out as he closes his eyes.
He forgot how good you felt, and every single bone in his body was holding back from fucking you so hard on this bed. But he wants you to feel him, take his dick as much as possible, cum as much as you need to.
He wanted to take care of you.
Cody, slowly but surely, rolled his hips, making sure he was fully pulled out till you only felt the tip, then sank back in. You moan, hands above your head as the two watch each other. It was like heaven, what he felt. Seeing you laying there as he allows his cock to enjoy you.
"That's it, princess." He whispered in your ears, patiently waiting to give you to go faster. "Take my cock, baby. You're doing so well, baby girl."
"Keep going," your breath heavily. "Keep talking; go faster, please."
Cody groans a little, speeding up the pace. "You're so wonderful, baby, taking my dick." He said. "No one has ever fucked you this good before, have they."
You shook your head, whimpers and moans talking over your mouth.
"Be a good girl and use your words," Cody demanded. You started to realize you had a kink for that.
"No," You moaned out. "No one- fuck- no one has fucked me this good."
Your hips started to move again his dick, causing him to hold down your hips and deepen his length into you. "That's it, baby- I can feel you." He moans. "You're gonna cum are you."
Cody was now at a pace where he was fucking you harder, faster, and you two were moaning uncontrollably. One of his hands was on your neck, choking you.
"Oh, Daddy, don't stop." You moaned. Cody growls. "Fuck, you going to make me come! Oh fuck!"
You reach your climax, having yet another orgasm. Your moans grew louder as Cody pushed himself deep, letting out his cum as his head fell in between your neck.
The two now lay in bed as you processed what happened. Cody smiled as he clenched his hands, thinking about the fantastic sex they just had and trying his hardest not to get riled up again. "This was a lot better than last time." He spoke.
You nodded, agreeing with Cody as you bit your lips, holding back a smile. Cody looked at you, grabbing your chin and making you turn to him.
"No more bullshit," He said. "I don't care how much you hate me. You're mine, got it?"
Something in felt butterflies in your stomach, which made you absolutely sick to your stomach. He's right; you do still hate him, which is why you hated the way he was giving you these butterflies in your stomach. But there's no way you can back yourself out or avoid him after this night. You slowly nodded, agreeing to Cody as if you were making a deal with the devil.
"Got it."
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joannasteez · 3 months
pairing: cody rhodes x black reader warning: its just smut yall. cody is fully my man my man my man so imma just post this here. cody girls come get your juice and minors please do not interact. word count: 975
Tumblr media
warm thick air, pulsing to life with an unadulterated lust. your tongue slipping over your kiss swollen lips, the dampened slope of your back arching. breaths shallow and the heat in your belly threatening to end itself with a great bursting.  you groan, out of desperation, out of madness, out of pleasure. a raspy "fuck", that assaults the air. cuts into the thick of it. and the trembling in your thighs is vicious. ill-controlled. suffering under the weight of his palms but reduced to tremblings all the same. the muscles there aching and worn by the prying he's taken to them. 
and he is relentless. cody is relentless. tender lips and his tongue even more so. pursing to kiss at your clit, catching it up in the seam of them before his tongue meets the swollen bud to do a pleasured sort of violence. 
"i'm sorry". 
something pretty and faint and begging. like the easy floating of a feather daring to disturb the air. 
your nails roughing into already disarrayed sheets. clawing and palming till your fingers are digging inward to fist at the cool white linen. this chill that courses about, rippling till it pulses your core, a warning of its own. the edge just where release is sweetest, is near enough to feel, palpable and scorching. but he won't let you have it. won't let the heat dissipate from skin and bones. not till the satisfaction in him pools over to drown out the grudge stuck to the width of his patience.
but maybe you deserved this, having been so risky earlier. the way the slow stubborn dragging of your nails had run into the strength of his leg. more teasing than sharp, and of course, you'd chosen a pretty powered blue to match the color of his suit and tie. coaxing a rushing in his blood. and your warm palm had slipped over his pants till they played against his inner thigh, inching closer to the heat of his crotch till you caressed and kneaded under the white cloth of the table. working him to life as you went about the evening. laughing and chatting and socializing with others at the restaurant dinner table. 
it'd been a game for you. touching him and abandoning him. testing the limits of his poker face. 
and when his lips had met the curve of your ear, breaths heavy and uneven, you just knew you'd had him where you wanted him. full of need and bordering desperate.
"are you having fun?" 
your teeth take a coy tensing to your lip. his eyes blue and hot and vengeful. mouth kissing at your cheek. 
"good". his perfect teeth baring for a smile. in a fashion that others would deem warm. but you knew him well enough to know that it was all show. "have it now. you wont be able to later". 
and he's made every word of his true. slipping wet over your skin with his lips and his tongue and the pinch of his teeth. teasing and building till pleasure simmered to a boiling. 
"what happened to the fun you were having?" 
his words mocking and the pull of his thumbs against your lower lips invasive and exposing. your pussy pulsing, feening to cling to anything as he takes the time to stare down at his handy work. slick glistening strings of spit and arousal, a lustful mixing as it slips slow over your opening to soak into the sheets. and his breath is hot against the fat of your swollen clit. his wet drooling tongue flicking over till your hips attempt to rut into his mouth. and his tie still wraps about his collar, loosened and sullied by wrinkles. his suit jacket somewhere strewn across the floor along with his shoes. because thats all he could suffer long enough with before pushing your legs to spread open and over. 
and he speaks with a mix of taunt and fascination. cock hard, pulsing in his pants. a terrible ache that nearly spins his head. "you always get so greedy. so wet. so desperate". 
his fingers, gripping into your supple flesh, grows tight. a groan breaking from him into your skin as he takes to sucking at you again. face burying further till his tongue is stroking pass your lush entrance. feeling the desperate cling of your pussy, and the deep trembling in your body. soft whines and whimpers, shuddered breaths and crying pleads. an urgency fighting its way about, slipping under hot near burning skin, pushing into your fingers till you're clawing through blonde hair and nailing into the roots. 
and he keeps you here. spread and messy. laboring through the build of release again. his tongue taking to a deft, artful fucking. thumb soaked as he presses it to your clit. curls in to rub hastily. and the song of pleasure is terribly amorous. silence of the air arrested by your begging and his relentless mouth squelching as it feeds in to savor the drip of your arousal. 
it's so close, you can feel it settling heavy into your body. a pressure great enough to create diamonds. 
cody moans. somewhat delirious. his mouth and his touch switching. licking a flat broad strip as his thumb pushes in to stroke through the tight clutch of your heat. 
a tear slips into the sheets. your hips rutting mindless. fingers pulling and pinching at your breast till your nipples catch. the taut skin sensitive and ridden with an aching that begs silently to be relieved. 
and of course, when you teeter over the edge, body rife with pleasure, the sweet torture of him abandons you. neglects you to tremble and pulse desperate. left only with the faint simple kisses of his mouth as he waits with a statues patience for your body to settle into dissatisfaction once more.  
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cainanders · 5 months
wildfire 006
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[001] [002] [003] [004] [005]
warnings: unprotected sex, daddy kink, biting, dirty talk, choking, fluff, minor praise kink.
a/n: the final part! Apologies for the delay. i’ll be uploading a list of people i write for if anyone is interested in requesting. enjoy!
As soon as you enter the bathroom, you perch on the edge of the bathtub, watching Cody set the temperature of the water in the glass shower. Once he’s satisfied with the temperature, he begins to undress, keeping his eyes on you. As much as you try not to stare while he undresses, you can’t help but bite your lip watching him.
“What?” he smirks.
“I’ve never seen all of you at once,” you say. “I’m excited about it.”
“Oh, yeah?” he chuckles, finally removing his boxer briefs so he’s naked in front of you. “What do you think?”
“Do a spin, let me see the rest.” With a laugh, he does as you ask, holding his hands out to the sides and doing a slow 360 in front of you. “I love you,” you laugh.
“I love you, too,” he replies, holding his hand out to you. As you gently place your hand in his, Cody leads you into the oversized shower, closing the glass door behind you.
Showering with Cody was something you had frequently thought about. Vivid images of being soaking wet, pinned cheek first against the tile of a shower while Cody slams into you from behind, both of you moaning in an almost obnoxious way — the thought stayed at the back of your mind every time you were present while he showered.
But this is different. Cody is gentle, getting down on his knees to help clean every inch of you before cleaning himself. He chats with you the whole time, mostly idle conversation about work, but stopping every now and then to make sure you’re okay.
“Come here,” he whispers, pulling you so your back is against his chest, standing under the shower head. His arms wrap around your frame holding you loosely against him. “Is there anywhere in particular you want to go today?” he asks. “We can do anything you want.”
“I don’t know,” you say with a contented sigh. “You can show me the sights. It doesn’t even have to be anything fun, honestly.” When Cody chuckles, it rumbles through your body, and you drop your head back against him, angling to look into his head. “You’re in charge, daddy,” you add, with a teasing grin.
“Mmm,” Cody hums, closing his eyes. “Keep talking to me like that, we won’t be going anywhere today.”
“Is that a threat or a promise?”
“You really love having a smart mouth,” Cody mutters, pressing his head against yours, his mouth beside your ear. One of Cody’s hands presses against your throat, fingers curling and pressing just enough to make you pull in a breath. “I could get you off in every room in this house, and it still wouldn’t be enough for you,” Cody mumbles. “You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”
Cody is quietly mumbling the lyrics to the song that plays on the radio as he casually drives with one hand gripping the steering wheel. You try to discreetly look at him from your spot in the passenger seat, taking in the more relaxed outfit he donned for your day out.
“This feels different,” you say, to Cody.
“What does?” he asks, lowering the volume of the music to hear your response.
“This,” you say. “Being in a car, hanging out with you. I don’t know, it’s just a different vibe.”
“Probably because you were grinding on my face a couple of hours ago,” Cody teases, which causes a flush to spread over your skin. You let out a shy chuckle, so Cody reaches across the center console to take your hand. “Seriously,” he laughs. “Things are different, you’re right. I don’t know about you, but I like this a lot better.”
“Yeah, I like it, too.” Cody gently pulls your arm across the console, kissing the top of your hand and keeping your fingers laced with his, placing them both in his lap. “What are we gonna have for dinner?” you ask, laying your head against the headrest, craning your neck to peer at Cody.
“Anything you want,” he says. “Name it, and I’ll make it.”
“No, that’s too much pressure. You pick.”
“Hmm,” he hums, rubbing his thumb on your hand. “I have an idea. There’s a grocery store that I really like a few miles away…I can run in to grab a few things.” You glance out of the window, taking in the variety of shops lining the street. An idea crosses your mind, a way to surprise Cody.
“Is there a place nearby...that sells, like…clothes?”
“Of course,” Cody chuckles. “A lot of stores around here sell clothes. I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. Are you looking for something in particular?”
“Uh, not…really,” you reply, trying to think of a response that will be vague enough to keep Cody in the dark about what you are planning. “Maybe like a mall close by or something?” Cody glances over to you, his eyes narrowed behind his aviators, as if he’s trying to read your mind.
“There’s a plaza,” Cody says, looking back to the road. “It’s a little further past the grocery store. They have a ton of shops there, I’m sure you’d be able to find what you’re looking for there. If you’d like, I can drop you off to get whatever you need while I pick up the food. Would that be cool?”
“Yeah,” you nod. “That’s fine.”
After a few moments, Cody pulls onto a parking lot and you begin to read the signs of what shops are located in the plaza. Dior, Balmain, Versace, Cartier.
“Woah, this seems…” you look at Cody. “I wasn’t talking about stuff like this. This place looks expensive. Just a regular mall—”
“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Cody interrupts, parking the truck in a spot at the back of the lot. “I’m sure there’s a place in here that has just the kind of clothes you’re looking for.” You watch as he takes his wallet from the center console, pulling out several hundred dollar bills before holding them out to you.
“Cody that’s, like, a thousand dollars,” you say, pushing his hand away from you.
“I can give you my credit card instead. I want you to get whatever you want, babe. Whatever you need.”
“But, Cody—”
“Come here,” he says, beckoning your closer with a crook of his finger. You both lean in towards one another, resting your weight on the console. His free hand gently grasps your jaw to keep you in place, your eyes locked. “I know you’re fine taking care of yourself,” he says softly. “But you have got to let me take care of you sometimes, too. What's the point of having money if I’m not gonna spend it? Especially on you.”
“Fine,” you sigh, allowing him to place the money in your hand. Before you pull away, Cody’s grip on you tightens, keeping you close so he can place a kiss on your lips.
“Good girl,” he mutters. “I’ll bring you up to the door.” He relaxes back into his seat, pulling from the parking space and waiting in the traffic of the aisle. “Did you know that my favorite color is yellow?” Cody asks, suddenly. When you look at him in confusion, he looks back at you, a small grin on his lips; you finally catch what he’s implying.
“Yellow’s a nice color,” you nod. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Good,” Cody nods, pulling the truck up to the entrance of the plaza. “Take your time, no rush at all. Just let me know when you’re ready.”
“Okay,” you reply, slipping the money into your bag. You lean back across the console, giving Cody another kiss before opening the door and exiting the truck. “I love you,” you say.
“I love you, too, baby girl.”
When you arrive at Cody’s house, you excuse yourself to the bathroom, leaving Cody to begin the process of cooking. Once alone in the bathroom, you pull the yellow lingerie from the bag you got from the plaza. While yellow has never been a color that you frequently found yourself wearing, you have to admit that as you look at your reflection in the mirror, you like the way the bright colored lace looks. You pull your jeans and shirt on once again to keep some element of surprise, before heading down the stairs towards the kitchen.
You take a sip of your water as you watch Cody across the kitchen from where you sit on the counter. He’s stirring a pot of sauce on the cooktop, his face remarkably focused for such a simple task. You have to stifle a laugh but smile wider at the sight.
“It’s not polite to stare, ya’know,” Cody says, not looking up from his work. “If you aren’t careful, I’ll have to come over there and teach you a lesson.” With this, he shoots a glance to you, a satisfied smirk on his lips.
“I was just thinking about how you look so much better without that horrible mustache you had when we first met,” you reply, gesturing to his face, earning a laugh from Cody. “And as much as I miss your dark hair, the blond has sort of grown on me…the neck tattoo, though, I don’t know. It does make me want to bite your neck. Was that the idea for the placement? Sort of a target?” Cody sets the spoon down and crosses towards you, his jaw clenched as if he is irritated. When he comes to a stop in front of you, standing in between your legs, he sets his hands on the counter on either side of you.
“Babe,” he begins, deeply. “You’re making it difficult for me to keep my hands off of you right now. I was planning on this being a nice, romantic dinner, but if you keep throwing me looks, and running your mouth, I’m gonna spread you out on the table instead. You know how long we’ve been waiting to do this.” He drops his gaze from your face to look between your bodies, before pulling in a deep breath and looking back to you. “Once I get a taste of you, I won’t wanna stop,” he whispers. “And then that just spoils the delicious dinner I’ve been making for us.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” you say, leaning in and giving him a soft kiss. “I didn’t mean to distract you.” He chuckles quietly, giving your thighs a quick squeeze as he moves back toward the cooktop.
“You’re such a tease,” he muttered. “Just over here trying to cook a fuckin’ nice dinner, and you’re getting my dick hard.” You laugh, taking another sip of your water. “Did you have fun today?” he asks, changing the subject.
“It was okay,” you reply, nonchalantly. Cody’s head snaps up, confusion in his eyes. “I'm just kidding,” you laugh. “I had a great time. I love spending time with you. Being able to be out with you…holding hands, being cute…I loved it.”
“Good,” he nods, setting the spoon down again to turn towards you. “And now you’ve got me for the whole weekend. We can do whatever you want.”
“Did you just tell me that I can do whatever I want to you?” you ask, with a teasing grin.
“Now, babe,” he says, smirking while he shakes his head. “You know better than that.” He turns the stove knobs to a lower setting before he crosses the kitchen to stand between your legs once again. “Who’s in charge?” he whispers.
“You are, daddy,” you respond.
“That’s right,” he grins, leaning in towards you. His gaze falls to your mouth, the faintest smirk still on his lips, before he pulls his attention back to your eyes. “But because daddy likes to treat his baby girl right,” he begins, grabbing onto your hips and yanking you forward to the edge of the counter. “We’ve got a few minutes…”
He smirks, pulling you from the counter so you can stand before him; he walks you towards the sofa, sitting down and pulling you to straddle his lap. Before Cody can speak, you grind against his lap, feeling how he’s already getting hard under his gray shorts.
“Don’t be a tease,” he warns. “C’mere.” You dip your head down and press your lips to his, allowing the man to deepen the kiss. His hands grip your thighs tightly, helping you grind down against him, both of you moaning in response. As his hands begin to slip up the sides of your shirt, fingers digging into your skin, you kiss down his cheek towards his neck. “Careful,” Cody mumbles, as your teeth scrape against his neck.
“Didn’t you say I could leave marks?” you breathe against his skin, dragging your tongue slowly along the outline of his tattoo.
“I did,” he replies. “And you can…but if you get me going—”
“You won’t want to stop,” you tease, echoing his words from earlier. “Promises, promises.” You bite his neck, listening to the groan he lets out as he grabs hold of your hips, pulling you tighter against him.
“You’re…” Cody speaks through his teeth, fingers digging into your skin so hard you’re sure he’s going to leave bruises. It drives you to bite his neck again, this time harder, which causes Cody to react. His arms wrap around your frame, flipping the two of you over so he has you pinned down on the sofa. “What did I tell you?” he whispers, settling on top of you, between your thighs. “Hm? At the hotel…what did I promise you?”
“You said a lot of stuff,” you tease. Cody takes your hands in his, lacing your fingers and pinning your arms to the sofa above your head.
“Have you gotten sassier?” he asks. “I said I was gonna make you mine. Remember that?” He leans towards your neck, kissing and nipping at your skin.
“Yeah,” you breathe out, closing your eyes and grinding against Cody. He maneuvers to hold both of your wrists with one hand, taking his now free hand to cup your breast over your shirt. “Fuck,” you whisper, pulling your knees around his waist as Cody continues to bite your neck.
As Cody’s hand starts to bunch up your shirt, fingers brushing against your skin, he stops suddenly, pulling back from you so he can sit up on his knees. For a moment, you’re not sure what he’s doing, until you smell the burning coming from the kitchen.
“Goddamnit!” Cody exclaims, vaulting from the sofa, and scrambling towards the kitchen. You listen for a moment from your place on the sofa, hearing clanging and slamming, mixed with Cody swearing in anger. “Motherfucker,” he groans.
Hurrying into the kitchen, you find Cody standing in front of the cooktop, waving a chopping board to fan the smoke away from the burnt roast he had just removed from the oven, pausing briefly to turn the range hood higher. You bite your lip, keeping yourself from laughing as you watch the aggravated look on Cody’s face. After a moment, once the smoke has dissipated, Cody tosses the cutting board onto the counter top, and turns off the hood. With a loud sigh, he places his hands on his hips, staring at the ruined food.
You feel a laugh building up, and though you try to stifle it, a slightly choked breath comes out. Cody’s back is still facing you, but you can see the way his posture changes. He turns his head so you can now see his profile, and the scowl on his face is still noticeable.
“Did you say something?” he mutters.
“No,” you reply.
“That’s funny,” he begins. “Because it sounded like…you were laughing.” You part your lips, prepared to defend yourself but Cody continues. “What is it?” Cody asks, turning around to face you fully now. His face has relaxed, but his eyes are lit up, something devious hidden within them, something playful. “Are you nervous because now that the food is burnt…that means there’s nothing keeping me from fucking you until you’re begging me to stop?”
You are so focused on Cody’s eyes piercing through you that you don’t realize he’s walking closer to you. When he’s just a few feet from you, the urge to run overtakes you, so you turn on your heel and dash through the house, laughing in delight. You can hear Cody running behind you, but you’re certain he’s intentionally letting you get away, likely running slower than he normally would, just to play with you.
You’re halfway up the stairs when Cody, still hot on your trail, catches your leg with his hand, causing you to stumble forward onto your hands and knees. As you make contact with the stairs, you’re thankful that they are carpeted, but you quickly flip onto your back so you can see Cody.
“Where d’you think you’re going, huh?” he breathes out, slowly walking up the stairs towards you. “Running away from me like that.” With a smirk on your face, you scoot up the stairs, still trying to get away from him. “My good girl likes to be bad sometimes, hm?” he continues with a devilish grin spreading across his lips.
As you reach the top of the stairs, you lock eyes with Cody, and pull your shirt over your head to toss to the side. His smile grows wider, even more devious, as he braces both of his hands on the railing and the wall on either side of of the staircase.
“Damn,” Cody whispers. “Yellow is your color, babe.” His head tilts to the side, finding your gaze. “But I hope you don’t think that’s gonna make me take it easy on you,” he adds. “In fact…” He trails off, taking another step up to be closer, leaning in towards you.
As Cody’s face is now next to yours, close enough so you can feel his breath on your lips, you feel your own breathing hitch. Cody’s fingers make find your jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and dragging down the zipper. Keeping eye contact with you, he uses both hands to work your jeans down your legs and throws them to join your shirt on the stairs.
“All lace…” he breathes, looking down at your clenched legs, and gently pushing your knees apart to get a glimpse between your thighs. “I’ll bet you drenched straight through ‘em, huh?” He reaches between your thighs, slowly rubbing his thumb over your damp panties.
“Cody,” you whimper, your body lurching slightly at the sudden contact. He grins at you, bringing his thumb to his lips and licking the taste of you from his skin.
“What was it that got you so worked up?” he asks, dropping onto his knees on a lower stair so that he’s eye level with your panties. “You liked getting chased?” You nod slowly, watching Cody leaning in between your thighs, with his eyes still on your face. “Of course you did,” he chuckles, his breath blowing out across your already flushed skin. “Daddy’s bad girl.”
Your eyes stay on Cody as he gets closer and closer to you until finally you feel his breath blowing over you through your soaked panties. Without warning, Cody’s tongue presses against your panties, near your entrance, licking all the way up to your clit.
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp, spreading your thighs wider. Cody chuckles against you, sucking gently on your clit through the soft lace of your panties. “Cody,” you whine, pressing your hand to the back of his head in an effort to pull him closer.
“Mhm,” he hums against you, pulling from between your thighs, licking his lips. “If this wasn’t our first time, I’d fuck you right here on these stairs.” He climbs up the stairs so he is now kneeling between your legs, eye level with you. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”
“Anything you want, daddy,” you reply, as you grab Cody’s shoulders, pulling him towards you for a kiss. He chuckles against your lips, slipping an arm behind your back to pull your body flush against him, while his other hand grabs your thigh.
As he continues to kiss you, he tightens his hold on you, standing up from the stairs and lifting you up with him. A small gasp escapes your mouth, and you break the kiss to hold onto Cody more firmly.
“Don’t worry, baby girl,” he mumbles. “I’ve got you.”
Cody carries you towards the bedroom, gently dropping you onto the mattress. As he undresses to his briefs, he keeps his gaze on you, making sure you stay focused on him. After your eyes momentarily flit to his gray briefs, desperate to get an eyeful of just how hard he is, you find Cody smirking when you fix back on his face.
“What is it that you think about when you’re staring at me like that?” Cody asks, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs to draw your attention back to his hips.
“Right now…I’m thinking about earlier…” you mumble. Cody tugs his briefs down his legs to remove them and slowly starts to stroke his hand over his erection as he eyes you up.
“Yeah?” he asks, moving to the edge of the bed. “Which part? The part where you squirted all over me, or the part where you were deepthroating me?” A flush breaks out across your skin at the way Cody speaks, intentionally teasing you just because he can. “Both?” Cody chuckles. “Of course you were. You’ve been aching for this to happen for years.”
“Cody,” you whine, watching his hand still slowly working over himself. “Please, please just fuck me.” He smirks wider at your needy tone, moving onto the bed so he can kneel between your spread legs.
“You know I’m not letting you off that easily,” Cody replies, grasping your thighs to pry your legs even wider. His hands stay on your legs, but slide around towards your soaked panties, his fingers delicately rubbing your inner thighs as he goes. “You are so goddamn beautiful,” he mutters, pressing one hand on the mattress next to your head to brace himself as he leans in to kiss you softly.
Both of your hands maneuver quickly to his back, desperate to pull him against you, which he allows. As soon as your skin makes contact with his, you feel as though a spark ignites your whole body, causing you to pull your knees around his waist as if to beg him for more contact.
“Fuck,” Cody breathes into your mouth, as he gently grinds himself against your panties. He breaks the kiss, to your dismay, but sits back onto his haunches, eyeing the way you shift your hips impatiently.
Cody uses one hand to pull your panties to the side while the fingers of his other hand glide through your wetness, gathering as much as he can. The whimper you release is not of your own accord, which causes a grin to spread across Cody’s face. Your eyes lock onto his hand, his fingers dripping with your juices, as he uses it to coat his length.
The words escape you, watching Cody stroke himself this way feeling almost too intimate for you to handle and briefly, you begin to pull your thighs together. Cody, feeling your legs tighten around him, shakes his head.
“No, no,” he mumbles. “Look at me. Don’t get shy, baby girl, it’s just me and you.” With his fingers still hooked in the leg of your panties, he slides his erection into your panties, rubbing against your clit.
“Oh, God,” you whine, when Cody lets go of your panties. The material holds snug against the both of you now, keeping his cock pressed against your slick.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” Cody breathes out, leaning over to brace himself on top of you to kiss you again. He gently rocks his hips so that he grinds the underside of his length against your clit inside of your panties. “Talk to me,” he says, kissing your cheek, along to your jaw.
“Fuck, daddy,” you whisper, closing your eyes and pressing your head against the pillows. “You’re so good at teasing me and working me up. You could get me off just like this.” Cody groans against your skin, biting your neck as he rocks his hips faster.
“I don’t want to get you off yet,” Cody says, kissing his way back to your mouth. “I want to feel you come…I’ve been thinking about it all day.”
Cody kisses you again, slipping his tongue into your mouth to deepen it, but he pulls back again too soon for your liking. This time, you grab him by the shoulders and pull him to you again so you can continue to kiss him. Cody chuckles against your lips, allowing you to be in control for the first time. He continues to grind himself against your clit, but pulls back just enough to drag the head of his cock to your entrance. You gasp into Cody’s mouth, breaking the kiss to look into his eyes.
You take the lead, sliding your hand between your bodies to wrap your fingers loosely around his shaft. Cody doesn’t break eye contact with you but his smirk falters when you tease the tip of his erection against your folds again. This time you help him finally ease inside of you, Cody taking over the action so he slowly pushes himself as deep as he can.
“Oh, fuck,” he breathes out, closing his eyes so he can remain still for a moment. Your breaths are coming in quick pants as you try to adjust to his size. “You okay?” Cody asks, pressing his forehead to yours.
“You’re so fucking big,” you manage.
“Yeah? I can tell you’re not used to this, you’re squeezing me tight already.”
Cody stays still a few more moments, keeping his eyes locked with yours. The way Cody stretches you hurts the slightest bit, however, it only turns you on more; you’re sure Cody can see the effect he’s having on you and chooses to wait for you to acclimate.
“Fuck me,” you whisper. “Please, Cody…”
“God, that’s hot,” Cody mutters to himself.
Cody adjusts to pull your thighs around his waist, your feet pressed flat to the bed. He braces himself with his hands on the mattress, as he pulls his hips back slowly until only his tip is inside of you. He peers down between your bodies, watching as he sinks back inside of you achingly slow. The soft moan that Cody lets out as he feels you stretch around him sends a shiver through your body, causing you to tighten your knees around his waist.
As though he senses your eagerness, Cody begins to move his hips a little faster, maintaining eye contact with you as he does so. The grin spreads wider across his face as he scoots himself closer to you, rocking into you a little faster as he lower his hands brace on either side of your waist. You hook your legs around his waist, urging him deeper each time he thrusts and panting out a few obscenities under your breath.
Cody drops his head to kiss you again, quickly working towards your neck to leave some bites in his wake. He becomes so focused on what his mouth is doing, his thrusts begin to slow. You watch as he kisses down to your lace clad breasts, swirling his tongue around your nipple.
“Cody,” you whimper, pressing your hand on the back of his head to keep him in place while he keeps slowly fucking you. Cody takes the hint and sucks on your nipple through the lace. You buck your hips against his motions, letting out a desperate groan. “C’mon, Cody,” you plead when Cody’s mouth moves to torture your other nipple. “Fuck me harder.”
“Baby girl,” he says, his hot breath blowing out against the now wet lace that covers your nipple. “I’ll give you everything you need…you have to be patient.” He gives your nipple a quick, teasing bite, making you yelp and buck your hips again.
“I wanna see you,” you murmur, pressing your hand to his shoulder so you can push him back. Cody chuckles, keeping himself buried inside of you as he sits up on his knees and presses a hand against your hip to keep you in place.
You watch him as he runs his free hand through his hair as he starts rolling his hips to resume his previous pace. You’re sure he’s not trying to look quite as sexy as he does at the moment, and you want to kick yourself for how silly it sounds in your mind. Still, your eyes are taking in every inch of him as he pins your hip to the bed and fucks you steadily.
“Let’s get rid of these,” Cody mumbles, using both hands to rip your panties off of you. It makes you gasp, the action catching you off guard, and you briefly think about complaining that he’s ruined your new panties, even though he paid for them. “I’ll buy you more, don’t worry,” he chuckles, noticing the look on your face. “Trust me, as good as they looked on you, I’ll buy you one in every fucking color.”
Cody makes his thrusts more languid, making sure he gets deeper each time, so decide to give him a bit of a show. Reaching down between your legs, you trace around your folds and allow your fingertips to tease over the base of Cody’s erection as he continues to thrust. A soft exhale escapes Cody’s lips, his eyes trained on your face as if he’s trying to figure out your next move.
Once your fingertips are wet, you bring them to your lips, licking the taste of yourself from them. Cody hums in approval, his grip on your hip tightening. Your free hand cups one of your breasts, kneading it and playing with your nipple, still keeping your eyes on Cody.
“Let me see,” Cody mumbles, tugging at the strap of your bra to slip it down your shoulder. You do as instructed, slipping your arms out of the straps so you can pull the cups off of your breasts. “Keep touching yourself,” Cody instructs, thrusting more forcefully, a slapping sound beginning to ring through the air.
You continue to follow Cody’s instructions, cupping your breasts and toying with your nipples while you watch between your bodies. Cody rolls his hips against you, both of his hands now holding onto your hips to keep you steady while his movements become faster.
“You’re fucking me so good, daddy,” you whine, your voice needier than you thought possible feeling the familiar tightening in your stomach. “I think I’m gonna come already…”
“Already?” Cody teases. “Fuck, it’s that easy with you?”
As you part your lips, preparing to defend yourself, Cody begins to rub his thumb on your clit. You gasp, your body lurching from the contact, and you grab Cody’s forearms. He smirks wider, breathlessly, fucking you harder as he continues to tease your clit.
“Jesus, you’re fucking tight,” Cody moans, leaning his head back to pull in a deep breath. “C’mon, baby, come for me. Let me feel it.”
You dig your nails into Cody’s forearms, desperate to work your hips to meet his quick thrusts, but he has you pinned down so forcefully, you are unable to move. His thumb works faster over your clit, sending you hurtling towards your climax.
“Fuck, I’m gonna…I’m…”
Your climax hits you hard, tremors rolling through your body as Cody doesn’t relent with his actions. You kick your feet slightly against the mattress, heels digging in, trying to wiggle away from Cody as you feel yourself become overstimulated. Your grip on his forearms tighten, nails digging into his skin.
Momentarily you wonder what you must look like beneath Cody, moaning with tears stinging at your eyes, your legs pulling tighter around him, body trembling. Cody, who is letting out his own needy groans, starts to slow very slightly, his eyes locking on your face. As a tear rolls down your cheek, you can see Cody’s concern, but you shake your head quickly, biting your lip.
“Choke me, daddy,” you beg, not recognizing the sound of your own voice. “I wanna come again. Make me your good girl.”
“Yeah?” Cody asks, wasting no time in wrapping his fingers around your throat. “Who does this pussy belong to?”
“You, daddy,” you choke out.
Cody’s fingers tighten around your throat, cutting off your air as he pounds into you harder and sloppier. One of your hands trembles as you reach to rub your clit, desperate to climax again. Your other hand still grasps Cody’s forearm, making sure he doesn’t pull away too soon.
“You’re gonna come again, huh?” Cody pants. “I can tell. You always get off this fast or is it just because daddy’s doing it right? Choking you until you get off?” Your jaw goes slack, feeling your second climax beginning to creep up in your stomach. “That’s it,” he mutters. “Come for me again, baby. That’s my good girl.”
As soon as your climax starts to hit you, Cody releases his grip on your throat and you let out a strangled moan, followed by more desperate, obscene moans. You had never heard yourself sound so whiny and needy, and it almost embarrasses you, but you see Cody’s reaction - he loves it. He leans over you, pressing against you and helping you wrap your legs around him by holding onto your thighs. He again fucks you through your climax, your voice growing hoarse for the borderline screams you’re releasing.
“Where do you want it?” Cody breathes against your ear, fucking you harder, deeper than you thought possible, your orgasm still rolling though your body and clouding your thoughts.
“My pussy,” you rasp. “Come in my pussy, daddy. Fill me up.” Cody growls, the pace of his hips uncontrollable as he pushes to his own climax.
Your body almost becomes numb as you feel what you’re sure is another orgasm working though you. Cody finishes inside of you, the sensation unlike anything you’ve felt before. You bite his shoulder to muffle your moans, scraping your nails down his back. Cody’s moans ring in your ears; vulnerable and sexy, one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard.
You’re overstimulated, your body shaking of its own accord, and you want to shove Cody off you to get a break. However, he slows his thrusts until he finally stops, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he relaxes on top of you.
“Jesus Christ,” you mumble, threading your fingers through his short hair while your other arm wraps around his shoulders.
“I’m not just saying this…but that was probably the best I’ve ever had.”
“Yeah?” you chuckle breathlessly.
“Mhm,” he hums, slowly pulling back enough to kiss you. The kiss differs from what he just did to you — soft and tender compared to rough and relentless. When the kiss ends, he gently pulls out of you, but maneuvers to sit on his haunches again. “That’s a beautiful sight,” he mumbles, peering between your thighs, fixated on the way his come seeps from your overworked sex.
When Cody softly touches your folds, your body jerks, but he uses his free hand to soothingly rub your thigh. Cody’s fingers gently work into your entrance, pushing back everything that has dripped out. You whine, shifting your hips, body still overstimulated. When he retracts his hand, you take hold of his wrist, tugging him closer so you can lick his fingers clean.
“Mmm,” Cody hums, kissing you once you finish. “I wish I could have had you that night at the arcade. I would have danced with you in your room, and held you until you fell asleep. I wish it wouldn’t have taken us so long to get here.”
“It’s okay,” you nod, emotions beginning to get the better of you. “We’re here, that’s what matters.” He grins widely, nodding his head in response.
After giving you another quick kiss, he gets up from the bed and leaves the room for a few moments. You want to follow, but your body feels like it’s made of concrete, weighing you into the mattress. You instead close your eyes, reliving the last few days in your mind as you try to figure out how you got so lucky.
“Baby girl?” Cody’s voice pulls you from your thoughts, and you find him standing beside the bed in a tank top and shorts. “I think you fell asleep for a second,” he laughs softly, scooping you from the bed and carrying you down the hallway into the bathroom. You notice the bathtub is filling up with water, the scent of roses in the air, presumably from the bubble bath that Cody had added. “Here,” he says, gently setting you back onto your feet so you can hold onto his shoulders to steady yourself. “The temperature should be perfect. I got the bubble bath from the grocery so it’s probably not the best, but it’ll do for now.” You smile up at him, nearly getting lost in his eyes as he gently removes your bra. “Take a bath, relax,” he continues. “I’ll see what I can scrape together for dinner. And then we can cuddle up and watch a movie like old times. How does that sound?”
“It sounds like I’m in love with you,” you reply.
“I hope so, because you’re stuck with me now.” You share a small laugh before Cody kisses you once more, this time deeper and with more passion. After a moment, he breaks away and lets out a deep sigh. “I can’t get worked up again,” he mutters. “Neither of us will ever leave the house if that happens. Besides, we still have time before we have to fly out for the next show. We should conserve our strength.”
“Good point,” you nod with a laugh. Cody helps you into the bath and you almost immediately feel your body begin to relax. He crouches down beside the tub, cupping your jaw to rub his thumb across your bottom lip.
“I love you,” he whispers.
“I love you, too.”
With one more quick kiss, Cody exits the bathroom, switching the light off to allow the two candles on the sink to illuminate the space. You rest your head back against the tub, staring up at the ceiling as you think further back to the start of your friendship with Cody. Everything else seems like a waste of time, and you kick yourself for not admitting your feelings sooner. However, you think, tonight was a step in the direction to make up for lost time.
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Heed the tags/warnings
be gentle the last time i wrote a fanfic i was like 13 and it was a jacob sartorius sugar daddy fic.
pairing: Cody Rhodes x y/n
warnings/tags: Softdom! cody, slight degradation if you squint a lil, Cody is a dirty talk GOD, lots of praise, clothes being ripped off, fem pronouns used,  reader has a vagina, P in V, no protection, oral (f recieving), I unironically refer to a vagina as a cunt and you gotta cope.  
@alyyaanna @juceynightmare​ Here’s the full carton of juice, please feel free to critique me your my siblings I’m trusting you to be brutal. 
Tumblr media
For their anniversary Cody had planned to cook y/n a nice dinner and watch a movie together at home. What he didn’t expect was to walk into their shared bedroom and see her sprawled out in Cody’s favorite lingerie. “God honey, what’s all this for hm?” he rumbles, crawling onto the bed and hovering over her. She whines softly, looking up at Cody and running her hands over the man’s shoulders “Wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, do you like it?” 
Cody ran his hands over the fabric with a groan “I do, looks gorgeous on you darling” he smirks and gently grasps y/n’s panties “I’ll buy you a new set love, promise”. 
She looks up at Cody, confused “What do you m-” She can’t even finish the sentence before the panties are ripped off of her body. “CODY!” she huffs, slapping his shoulder “Those were expensive”. 
Cody laughs, looking down at where she’s leaking onto the bed and smirking “As I said, I’ll buy you a new set sugar, promise, but judging off how wet you are, I think you liked that”. He rips off her bra as well, tossing the torn fabric behind him. “So pretty for me honey, all laid out like this” he kisses her jaw and kisses down to her breasts, starting to suck marks into them. 
“Cody-” she whines out his name, hips searching desperately for any kind of friction “Don’t be a tease, need you so bad” She tugs his hair, pulling him up and kissing him 
Cody kisses her back needily before pushing her into the bed and sliding down, gently kissing her clit. “I know what you need honey don’t worry I’ll take care of you” He smirks and licks from her hole to her clit, groaning softly at the taste of her slick.  “mm taste so good for me honey, my pretty girl” He pulls her legs up, hooking them over his shoulders and leaning down, sucking on her clit 
“fuck- feels so good, so good” she whines from underneath him, eyes rolling into the back of her head as Cody looks up at her from between her legs. She moaned loudly as he pushed a finger into her cunt, gently fucking her with it as she gripped onto his hair. “please Cody, more need more please”
Cody smirked at her begging, gently pushing another finger into her and scissoring her open, gently scraping his teeth against her clit. He put his free arm around her waist, holding her down. “be still.” he growled softly, pushing in a third finger. “So needy for me princess, poor thing” he chuckles as she whines, her legs starting to shake as he rubs her clit with his thumb “Gonna cum for me baby?” 
“mhm!” she whines, legs tightening around the man’s head as she cums, gushing around his fingers. “That’s it, princess, that’s my good girl” He smirks, pulling his fingers out of her cunt and licking her slick off of his hand. She whined, pulling Cody up and kissing him needily. Cody kissed her back passionately before leaning up and quickly pulling all of his clothes off. He climbed back onto the bed, kissing her again and wrapping her legs around his waist before slowly filling her cunt with his cock.  
“mm fuck” Y/N whines, legs tightening around his waist.  Cody chuckled, starting to slowly fuck into her “Here you go sugar, I’ve got you, I know what you  need honey.” He smiled as she wrapped her legs around his waist, speeding up his thrusts  “Look at you, so pretty underneath me like this, my pretty princess aren’t you?” He kissed her neck as she bit her lip, trying to hide her moans “Nuh uh, go on and moan for me baby, let me hear you.” He kissed her cheek before leaning up, looking into her eyes, and smirking when she started moaning loudly. “There’s my good girl, so good for me baby.” He smiled, leaning down and biting marks into her shoulders “My pretty girl, so  good for me baby.” He smiles, leaning down and softly kissing her, running his fingers through her hair.  She smiles into the kiss and then groans “Mm more need more please Cody.” 
Cody starts rubbing her clit with his thumb “Of course princess, you close, gonna cum on my cock?”  he chuckles “Mhm, feels so good” she moans as her legs shake slightly around his waist and he increases the pressure on her clit. “go on baby girl, cum for me” he smiles as he feels her tightening around her cock “so sensitive, so easy to make you cum princess” he groans softly, thrusts starting to get sloppy “fuck princess gonna fill you up okay? cum with me baby” He bites his lip, rubbing her clit a little bit faster
She moans loudly, eyes rolling back as she cums, squeezing around his cock and groaning as he fills her up. “That’s it, princess, fuck you feel so good” he moans, pulling out and sliding down her body, licking his cum out of her cunt before leaning up and kissing her, pushing the cum into her mouth. “there you go princess” 
He smirks and kisses her cheek, getting off of the bed and picking her up, and starting to take her to the bathroom “Let's get you cleaned up pretty girl, did so good for me” he smiles turning the shower on and making sure the water is warm he sets her down in the shower and joins her, grabbing a washcloth and gently cleans her off, cleaning himself off after. Once he’s finished he helps her out and dries them both off with a warm towel. He carries her back to the bedroom and sets her on the bed, pulling on a pair of boxers before helping her into a soft pair of pajamas and laying down, pulling her into him. “Come cuddle princess” he smiles and kisses her temple “I think that might’ve been the best anniversary surprise ever, I love you, hun,” he says, pulling the covers over both of them “I love you too” she smiles and lays her head on his chest, drifting off to sleep.
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Tumblr media
No Caption Need 🥵
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juceynightmare · 1 year
dating 101 (18+) part 22 - cody rhodes x reader
Tumblr media
my masterlist
dating 101 (18+) masterlist
pairing(s): cody rhodes x fem!reader, roman reigns x fem!reader
warning(s): swearing, knifeplay, blood kink, breeding kink, daddy kink, cody has a filthy mouth, choking, slapping, crying during sex, reader squirts, dom!cody, sub!reader, oral sex (m and f receiving), multiple (forced) orgasms, creampie, possessive!cody, cody has a big dick
genre(s): college!au, slow burn, 5.8k words of pure SMUT
|| previous part || next part ||
she hadn’t even been able to open her own door before it was thrown open and she was pulled in. y/n didn’t have enough time to process that she was being pushed back against the door and that cody had taken his karambit from her before she felt the cold metal pressed against her throat. she stared up at the man, her eyes wide and her breath stuck in her throat. she was frozen in place, scared that if she made any movement that the blade would dig into her skin, but god did that thought turn her on even more.
“i was right about how much more beautiful this knife would look pressed against your throat.” cody murmured, tilting his hand upwards and causing the curve of the blade to press further into her throat, but still not enough to scratch her skin. “but it still doesn’t compare to your beauty, even with the fear in your eyes.” he continued, his free hand resting against her hip as he pressed himself against her.
y/n gasped as cody dragged the blade down along her throat, careful not to breach her skin. “cody…” she breathed out, feeling the blade snag on to the collar of her shirt.
“you care about this shirt?” cody asked, watching y/n shake her head. he held her in place as he dragged the blade through the shirt and cut it open. cody rested his hand on her waist afterwards, leaning in and capturing her lips in a heated kiss.
before y/n could even react to the kiss, cody was already pulling away with a grimace on his face.
“we’ll have to wash that taste from your mouth.” he mumbled, bringing his free hand to the back of her head and tangling his fingers into her hair. he grazed the knife against her lower stomach, watching the way she shivered from the cool metal against her skin. cody smiled at her reaction, dragging the blade of the knife upwards along the center of her upper body. he pressed the tip of the blade against the bottom of her chin, forcing her to tilt her head upwards. “safe word?” cody asked.
y/n thought about it for a moment, trying not to be too distracted by the cool metal that was threatening to dig into her flesh or the way cody was staring at her like she was fresh prey for him. “quail.” she said, causing cody to cock his eyebrow in a silent question, although he did not verbally express it. instead, cody simply nodded his head and hummed in acknowledgement, before pulling the blade back from her chin.
suddenly, y/n was being pushed down to her knees with cody’s hand still gripping her hair tightly. he pulled her hair back, making her tilt her head upwards before letting go of her hair. “open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” he ordered, pulling his boxers down just enough to let his length spring free of its restraints. he wrapped his hand around his length, pumping himself as y/n opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out obediently. “good girl.” cody praised, slapping his heavy length against y/n’s tongue.
suddenly, cody thrusted his length into the girl’s mouth, bracing himself on the door so he could press forward all the way until the entirety of his length was down her throat and the back of her head was pressed against the door. he grunted, giving her no time to adjust before he was roughly fucking into her mouth, enjoying the way the wet sounds of her mouth and gagging noises filled the room.
he stared down at her, already finding her staring up at him with tear-filled eyes. “so pretty with your mouth full of cock.” cody mused, reaching down to tuck her hair behind her ears while still thrusting in her mouth. “i bet if i took any longer to shower, randy would be in my position. wouldn’t he, lovely?” he spoke, his tone turning venomous at the mention of randy and the way cody had used randy’s newfound nickname for y/n had sounded so devilish that y/n could feel a pool of arousal begin to soak her panties.
he pulled out of her mouth, allowing her space to breathe and catch her breath and smiling at the way her breathing sounded so labored and ruined. he pushed himself off of the door, stepping back. “jerk me off.” he ordered. y/n immediately reached up at his command, wrapping her hand around his length and pumping him until she found a pace that had cody grunting above her.
she leaned forward, her breathing finally evened out, and she began to lick at cody’s head while still pumping his length, causing him to throw his head back in pleasure. “fuck, that feels good, princess.” cody praised, unconsciously bucking his hips up into her hand and mouth. “i had something else in mind to wash him from your mouth, though.” he chuckled, pulling his hips back to remove himself from her grip and mouth.
she looked up at cody confused, wondering what cody had meant by his words. cody held his free hand out for her, and she reached up to place her hand in his. cody turned her hand over, so her palm was facing up, and placed the handle of the knife in her hand. he wrapped her fingers around the handle, realizing that the girl was too much in shock and guided her to press the blade against the skin of his lower abdomen. “carve yourself into me.” cody whispered, watching the way y/n’s eyes had widened and her gaze flickered between cody’s gaze and where the blade was pressing into cody’s skin.
“are you sure? you don’t have to just because you’re going to do the same to me later.” she replied, not wanting cody to feel pressured.
cody squeezed her hand gently, and applied just enough pressure for the blade to breach his skin. “use me. cut me. brand me. i want to bleed for you. i’m all yours, y/n.” he breathed out, his tone so tender that it had y/n’s head reeling. suddenly, the world seemed to have started spinning faster on its axis as the implication of cody being hers had hit her. y/n focused her gaze on where cody’s blood had started to trickle down along his skin.
she leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to cody’s lower stomach and whispering against his skin, “all mine.” her words had sent shivers down cody’s spine. she sat back on her knees and began to drag the blade along his skin, hearing him hiss from the sensation of being cut into. he had let go of her hand, and was now resting his hand behind her head, his gaze fixed on where y/n was carving her initials into his skin.
although she had never once held a blade like this to another person, y/n made sure that she wasn’t cutting deep into cody. she breached his skin just enough for him to bleed, and probably enough to leave her initials scarred for at least a couple weeks. when she was done, she pulled the blade back, and admired the way cody’s blood had beaded up along the cuts that spelled out her initials right in the center of his lower abdomen.
cody took the knife from her, clutching it in his hand tightly as he focused on the way his stomach had burned from the cuts, his heart reeling in h is chest at the fact that y/n had branded him. with his hand that was resting against the back of her head, he gently pushed her towards his lower stomach, watching the way she instinctively ran her tongue along the cuts. the metallic taste of cody’s blood instantly hitting her tongue as she collected his blood. she looked up at cody, her tongue still out so he could see the blood that had painted her tongue.
his length twitched at the sight, and before y/n could close her mouth, cody reached down and grabbed her chin to keep her mouth open. he lined his length up with her mouth, letting the head rest against her tongue and smearing the blood against her tongue with his tip. “look at how pathetic you are. licking up my fucking blood without me asking and just accepting my cock in your mouth.” he grunted, moving his hand from her chin to the back of her head and slowly pushing her head forward onto his length. he gasped at the feeling of her mouth enveloping his length, letting her take control and set the pace as she bobbed her head along the length of his cock.
tears welled in her eyes with every time cody’s cock slid down her throat, gagging with every intrusion. the taste of cody’s blood traveled down her mouth to her throat, and everytime y/n would take cody’s entire length in her mouth, the stray blood that had began to roll down his lower stomach and on to his pelvis would smear over her cheeks and nose.
it was embarrassing how fast cody was reaching his high, but the sight of y/n with his blood beginning to smear on to her face and the way y/n had increased the pace she was bobbing her head along his length left cody weak in the knees. it was when y/n brought her hand up to squeeze cody’s balls that cody’s hips began to thrust into her mouth sporadically. breathy moans fell from his lips as he tangled his fist into her hair and held her in place so he could thrust into his mouth.
cody pulled out just enough so that his tip was resting flat against her tongue and he came with a loud groan. his cum painted her tongue, shooting down into her mouth, and cody marveled at the sight of her red stained tongue being covered in his cum. he untangled his fist from her hair and wrapped his hand around his length, pumping himself before pulling back completely. he watched y/n close her mouth and swallow, a satisfied smile on both of their faces. just as he was about to praise the girl, he was caught off guard by the feeling of her tongue against his lower stomach, licking at the blood that had began to dry up and clean up his cuts.
y/n smiled up at cody as she stood back up, cody’s hands instantly finding her waist to support her. “hi cody.” she greeted innocently once she steadied herself on her feet, looking up at cody and smiling widely as if she hadn’t just swallowed a mixture of the man’s cum and blood.
he laughed softly, feeling her hands press against his lower stomach and her fingers drag along his burning skin. “hi honey.” he whispered, the new pet name sending y/n’s stomach in a flurry. before she could react, cody was already pressing his lips against hers and kissing her feverishly.
she moaned into the kiss as cody walked them over to the bed. frenzied hands were pulling at her torn clothing, pulling them all off and leaving y/n bare until she was finally pushed back into the mattress. along the way, cody’s boxers had joined her clothes in a pile on the floor. her chest rose and fell with each heavy breath that left her, and she propped herself up on her forearms before being stopped by the feeling of the the cool metal of cody’s karambit pressed against her throat.
he pushed her back down on to the mattress by gently pushing forward with the knife, grinning at her compliance. he used his free hand to guide her to wrap her legs around his waist and pulled her back so that only her upper body was resting on the bed. cody dragged the knife down her neck, careful not to scratch her, and pressed the cool blade against her collarbone. he made his first cut there, quick and just enough to have y/n gasping at the sensation. he leaned forward, his hand holding the blade resting against her hip while his free hand grabbed her breast and kneaded the flesh. he pressed his lips to the cut once blood began to bead on the surface, licking and sucking on the cut as the metallic taste of her blood filled his mouth. he pressed his hips forward against hers, rolling his cock against her pussy and spreading her arousal over him.
she raised her hands up, but before she could wrap them around cody’s neck, cody had grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms back to her side. “you can pull my hair all you want later, but not now. i won’t be able to hold back if you do it now.” he murmured against her skin, letting go of her wrists and pulling away from her collarbone. he admired the hickey he had sucked into her skin, watching the way blood continued to bead against the surface before it began to slowly trickle down.
he dragged the blade along her breasts gently, running the metal over her nipples before dragging them down lower to her stomach. “no going back after this, y/n. you’re going to have me engraved in you for weeks at the very least.” he warned her, his eyes trained on her expression.
without a second thought, y/n breathed out, “you’re mine just as much as i’m yours, cody.” her words had flipped a switch in cody’s mind, and he pressed the knife into her hip.
her eyes squeezed shut the moment cody cut into her skin, focusing on the feeling of cody’s comforting hand that had found hers and laced their fingers together. but the stinging sensation of cody’s blade had y/n gasping and arching her back off of the bed.
he let go of her hand and pushed her back down on the bed, keeping his hand pressed against her lower stomach to hold her in place as he continued to carefully carve his initials into her hip. “i feel you getting wetter just from me cutting into you. you sick freak, you like it when i cut myself into you?” he questioned, bucking his hips against her pussy teasingly and drawing out a moan from her throat.
when he finished his initials, cody smeared her blood over her hip with his knuckles, grinning the at the sight of her blood smearing across both of their bodies. he moved the blade to the other side of her lower stomach, quickly cutting a number of x’s across her lower stomach and watching the way she writhed under his touch and the blade. cody pulled his hips back, guiding her to unwrap her legs from around his waist so that he could bend down and run his tongue along her lower stomach, collecting her blood on his tongue.
she couldn’t stop herself from reaching out and grabbing at cody’s hair, the soothing feeling of his tongue across the burning cuts had y/n bucking her hips up into the air helplessly. cody couldn’t describe the primal feeling he felt in that moment, but every blood cell in his body was telling him to fuck y/n until she was begging him to stop.
y/n watched as cody opened his eyes to meet her gaze while still lapping away at her cuts. and suddenly, cody was wrapping her legs around his waist and leaning up to meet her face to face with her blood still on his lips and slightly smeared on his chin. she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, just as cody pushed his cock into her, and she arched her back off of the mattress at the feeling of the intrusion without any proper foreplay to stretch her beforehand.
she whimpered into the kiss, tasting herself on cody’s tongue as he bottomed out inside her. cody pulled away from the kiss, and pushed himself back up, grinning at the clear pain and discomfort on y/n’s face. “what’s wrong, honey? feel like you’re losing your virginity again? cry harder, whore. i know you can take my cock.” he sneered, pulling his hips back until just the head was left in her before roughly ramming back inside her and causing her to scream. she had pushed herself up on her forearms when cody thrusted back in, her eyebrows furrowed together and tears welling in her eyes.
the way cody had mocked her had only made y/n more aroused, and she felt embarrassed by the fact. she was pushed back against the mattress by cody, who had held the blade back up to her throat and commanded her with only a look.
“little girl, lay there and take my cock.” cody growled, repeating the motion over and over again and increasing in intensity and speed over time. he pushed the karambit against her neck, breathy moans falling from his lips at the way her pussy clenched around his length so deliciously. endless moans and whines were drawn out of y/n, the feeling of cody so deep inside her without preparation had made the stretch around his cock feel impossibly bigger than usual, and cody was already a blessed man in that department.
it was as if cody was splitting her on his cock for the first time again, and y/n’s head filled with thoughts of cody, cody, cody as he continuously pounded into her.
“daddy! it feels so good, daddy!” she cried out, her hands reaching out to rest against his shoulders as he fucked her. she gasped, a stinging sensation spreading through her neck, right against where cody was holding the blade to her neck. he hadn’t cut her, but it was enough of a reminder for y/n to stay still.
“yeah? you want to make me a daddy, princess?” cody questioned, his hooded gaze fixed on y/n’s tear-filled ones. “keep fucking calling me daddy like that and i’ll fuck a baby into you. fill you over, and over again until my cum’s forced into your womb.” he grunted.
cody. cody. cody.
his words. the way he was fucking her. the way he commanded her with just a look. the way she wanted to bleed more by his knife. y/n was infiltrated with thoughts of cody.
cody felt the way her cunt clenched and unclenched repeatedly around him, and he used his free hand to lift her hips up slightly so that with every thrust, he’d brush against her g-spot and the head of his cock would press right against her cervix - just the way she liked it. it wasn’t long before y/n’s eyes rolled back and her body arched off of the mattress as she came with a loud moan of cody’s name.
he fucked her through her orgasm, his eyes fixed on where their bodies connected. he rubbed her clit as she squirted over him, and the slick, wet sound of him thrusting his cock into her pussy while she moaned his name like a mantra was heavenly to cody. he focused on the feeling of her walls convulsing around him, his thrusts becoming inconsistent as he chased his high. “greedy little girl, coming undone on my cock without asking for permission first.” he grunted.
cody unwrapped her legs from around him, pushing them upwards so they could rest on his shoulders. he pulled the knife back from her throat, his hands finding the mattress as he leaned forward to bend her in half as he continued to jack hammer into her.
she screamed at the change in angle, her orgasm still coursing through her body. she felt cody’s mouth on hers, and she tried to kiss him back but was ultimately left to moan and scream against his mouth. “shut the fuck up and kiss me properly, slut.” cody swore, raising a hand to wrap around her neck and press against her airways. he kissed her again, this time with y/n trying to silence her moans as she kissed him back messily.
he pushed in with one final thrust, shuddering as he spilled his hot seed inside of her and moaning against her mouth. he kept his hips pressed flushed against her, pulling away from the kiss and letting go of her neck so he could press his face into the crook of her neck.
y/n’s hands were pressed against his back, her fingers dragging along his spine as she felt ropes of his cum spill into her.
before y/n could relax, cody was already standing back up and pulling out of her. he brought her legs down from his shoulders, moving the girl’s body as if she were a ragdoll and laying her completely flat on her bed.
he climbed on to the bed with her, pushing her legs apart with his knees and kneeling between her legs. the karambit was laying on the bed, so cody could freely use both of his hands on her body. “you didn’t possibly think i was done with you, did you princess?” he laughed, catching the confused expression on y/n’s face.
he watched the way pleasure overcame her features as cody pushed two fingers into her, pushing his cum deeper inside of her as he thrusted his fingers in and out of her, curling up into her g-spot. “oh fuck.” y/n breathed out, throwing her head back against the mattress as she grabbed at the bed sheets under her. cody latched his mouth on to one of her nipples, licking and sucking on the little bud as he played with her breast with his other hand.
“daddy, i’m so sensitive, please wait.” she begged, her eyes closing shut once cody pushed a third finger into her and began to relentlessly curl his fingers into her g-spot.
“wait? if you want me to wait and slow down, then why are you bucking your hips into my hand, huh?” he murmured against her skin. she hadn’t even noticed that she was bucking her hips up against cody’s hand, and making him reach deeper into her with just his fingers. her flushed cheeks grew impossibly more red in embarrassment as she fought to keep her hips glued to the bed.
cody pulled away from her breast, sitting back on his legs and rubbing her clit with his free hand as he continued to finger her, the sound of the mixture of her arousal and his cum was so pornographic that it even had caused cody to flush in embarrassment. despite her best efforts, y/n began to buck her hips helplessly against cody’s hand as she felt that familiar knot in her stomach begin to tighten.
“i feel you clenching down on my fingers, princess. apologize for cumming without permission and beg for me to make you cum now.” he ordered, as he pulled his fingers out of her and pulled back completely so that he wasn’t touching her at all.
y/n’s eyes widened at the lost of contact, her shocked expression fixed on cody’s amused gaze. she felt her face heat up and her heart swell in her chest. she raised her arm and covered her face with her forearm, feeling cody’s hand on her wrist in the next moment to pull her arm away from her face. she was met with cody’s face right over hers, a cocky smile etched on his face as confidence and dominance radiated from his body. it had sent her straight through the mattress, and she felt her arousal and his cum begin to spill out of her and on to the mattress. “please, daddy. i want to cum over your fingers. i’m sorry for cumming without permission earlier daddy. i’ll be good this time, i promise.” she whispered, her voice worn from the endless screaming and moaning she had done previously as well from her own embarrassment that cody was making her beg.
he thought about it for a moment, but the way y/n was looking up at him with big doe eyes and her puffy lips had formed a pout from her begging was cute enough to satisfy cody. he pecked her lips gently at the same time that he reached between their bodies and pushed his fingers back into her, easily replicating the same motions at the same pace he was earlier. “cum for me, princess.” he whispered in her ear, before pushing himself back up and using his free hand to rub her clit.
she focused on the feeling of cody’s fingers abusing her g-spot, the additionally pressure of his other hand rubbing her clit was making the knot in her stomach tighter with each passing second.
“mine. my pretty little girl.” cody groaned, watching the way y/n’s mouth had dropped open with endless stream of moans of his name and her body writhed under him. his words were enough to finally tip y/n over the edge as she came with a scream around his fingers, her body shooting up from the mattress before being roughly pressed back down by cody’s hand as he had seemingly increased the pace he was thrusting his fingers in and out of her to ride out her high.
she felt light headed, and her eyes were permanently squeezed shut. she felt cody pull his fingers out of her just as her orgasm had calmed down. her entire body felt as if it was numb, and there was a tingly sensation wherever cody rested his hands.
“someone’s all fucked out.” cody hummed in amusement, taking in the fucked out expression that had painted itself on y/n’s face. her lips were turned upwards into the smallest smile, her cheeks dusted a light pink, and when she finally opened her eyes to look at cody, he could practically feel the way they had opened a window into her soul and let him know that y/n was in pure bliss. “one more time, honey. give me one more and you can rest.” he promised her, rolling her over so that y/n was laying on her stomach. when she moved to get up on her knees, cody pushed her back down gently. “lay down, princess. just let me fill you back up, yeah?” he whispered, trailing kissing along her back and feeling the way she shivered from his touch.
her body was sensitive all over, the second orgasm that cody had pulled out of her had been so intense and so quickly after her first orgasm that y/n was unsure if she was even able to cum again. before she could tell cody, she felt the familiar cool metal pressed against her asscheek. “gotta mark you up here too. so no one can just fuck you from behind and ignore that i’ve already branded you.” she heard him say, followed by the feeling of him cutting into her skin that had her gasping.
the striking feeling of him cutting into her skin had also cut into the numbness of her body, and suddenly it was as if him cutting into her had shocked her nerves into hyper sensitivity. she wiggled her hips slightly, yelping when she felt his hand harshly slap against the flesh of her ass. she moaned at the sensation, which only made cody repeat the action.
“stupid fucking girl. loves getting cut into and getting her ass slapped.” he mumbled, rubbing over the spot where he had hit her with his palm as he continued to cut into the skin right above her ass. he pulled the knife away once he was done, dropping it to the mattress and running his hand to smear the blood that had began to gather on her skin. cody marveled at the sight of “cody’s <3” that he had carved into her lower back as he brought his bloodied hand up to his mouth to lick off her blood.
“can’t wait to take a picture of that later.” he laughed, lining himself up with her entrance and pushing himself back into her. he groaned at the feeling of her tight, swollen walls enveloping his length once again, and with the new position, cody had reached deeper into the girl at a new angle that had her mewling under him. he supported himself on his forearms beside her head, pressing a kiss to her back as he began to roughly thrust into her.
it didn’t take long for y/n to determine that this was her favorite way to have cody fucking into her.  she could feel his hot breath against her ear and listen to the way he softly moaned her name as if he were praising her. she could feel the way her flesh burned with every thrust and his hips would collide with her ass. she could feel the way her walls were being spread forcefully with his cock and the new angle had ensured that he was reaching parts of her body that she didn’t even knew existed. she pushed back up against him, as if trying to fuck herself back against him to get him deeper, deeper, deeper into her. the sound of skin slapping against skin had grown impossibly loud amongst the mantra of their moans in sync.
she felt cody’s hands grab hers and he laced their fingers together. “trying to fuck yourself on my cock, princess?” he moaned softly, shutting his eyes and focusing on the way y/n’s walls had felt impossibly tighter in the new position and the way she was rutting back up against him and forcing him deeper into her.
“yes daddy.” she moaned out, feeling cody pin her hands to her side. “want your babies deep in me, daddy. give it to me nice and deep.” she continued, and suddenly cody was pushing himself up so he could properly fuck into her from behind. a scream of pleasure was ripped out from y/n at the brutal pace, and she began to moan “daddy” as if it were a mantra.
“yeah, honey? you want me to breed you? fuck you full of my kids and let everyone know that it’s me who knocked you up?” cody grunted, something primal being awoken in him at y/n’s words. and suddenly, his thoughts were plagued with thoughts of him and y/n. him having kids with y/n. a future where it was just him and y/n in a room of their house with y/n cradling a baby close to her chest as she looks up at cody with tears in her eyes and a wide smile on his face. “gonna make you mine, y/n. gonna fill you up and fuck you good until you’re pregnant with my kid.” he moaned.
her third orgasm was pulled out of her so harshly that y/n felt as though she was having an out of body experience. she moaned out cody’s name as she came, her eyes rolling to the back of her head and everything around her beginning to spin at lightspeed. her entire body shook so ferociously that cody had to press against her lower back to keep her glued to the mattress as he jackhammered into her. suddenly, cody collapsed down on top of her, further pressing into her as he came with a loud moan of her name. his hips jerked forward with every rope of cum that was pulled out of him, y/n’s abused walls convulsing around him harshly and continuing to milk him for all he was worth.
it had been about ten seconds after, but cody was still coming and whispering praises in y/n’s ear. “fuck, i can’t stop cumming. your pussy is milking me.” he breathlessly whined in her ear. the confession had y/n’s walls clenching down on him once again. “stop that, i’ll keep cumming forever if you keep doing that, honey.” he was practically begging for her to stop clenching around him, as soft whines and whimpers fell from his lips.
“can’t help it.” she apologized, her voice hoarse and sounding as though she had just smoked a full pack of cigarettes from how much she had abused her voice while cody fucked her relentlessly. “that’s all your fault. telling me that you can’t stop cumming because of me is doing everything to my mind and body right now.” she admitted.
with his hips still pressed into her and his cock finally milked out of all he had to give her, cody turned her head with his hand so she could look at him. he leaned forward, capturing her lips in a kiss as they lazily and sloppily kissed each other.
it must be the orgasm, but y/n felt shockwaves being sent through her body as cody kissed her. her body reacted accordingly and she clenched around his length once more which caused cody to whimper against her mouth.
he pulled away, much to y/n’s chagrin and smiled at her. “i’d love to stay here like this, but we have blood to wash off of ourselves. cuts to disinfect. and a plan b we need to buy.” he laughed, watching y/n pout out her bottom lip. he pecked her lips once more before pushing himself off of her, pulling out from her in the process as a loud squelch sound filled the room.
“empty…” she complained, her voice barely above a whisper. cody hushed her, sitting back on his legs and spreading her legs so he could admire the way a seemingly endless stream of his cum trickled out of her.
“you just want to be filled with cock all the time.” he mused, scooping some of his cum on to his fingers and pushing it back into her, causing her to whimper from overstimulation. “no more, honey. don’t worry. just filling you back up with my cum.” he averted his gaze to the last place he had carved himself into her, seeing the cuts had already began to turn into scabs.
“can we do all those other things in like… 15 minutes or so? i can’t even stand up, and i want to lay here and be with my cody.” she asked, attempting to push herself up but ultimately failing and flopping back down on to the mattress.
“your cody?” he asked, complying to her wishes and laying down beside her. he turned her over so that she was laying on her side and pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her securely and kissing the top of her head as she cuddled up against him.
“my name’s on your abs. i’ve squirted on you multiple times which is basically piss which means i’ve peed on you.” she mumbled, closing her eyes and sighing deeply as she reveled in the feeling of being so full of cody and being surrounded by cody. her entire body had grown numb and tingly, and y/n had no idea that she was even speaking in that moment - lost in the feeling of bliss from her orgasms. “and you’re my favorite person. that makes you my cody.” she mumbled, her brain feeling foggy and her heart suddenly feeling full in her chest.
he smiled down at her, although she wouldn’t see it as her light snores had already began to resonate through the room. cody relaxed against her, shutting his eyes and letting himself enjoy the feeling of y/n calling cody hers. “my y/n.” he mumbled to deaf ears before focusing on the sound of her sleeping soundly against his chest.
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