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I just realized something. (possible spoilers)
Father Abel from Trinity Blood is essentially a vampire version of Vash the Stampede from Trigun.
They both try to avoid killing to some degree
They’re both incredibly goofy and clumsy most of the time, but when shit gets real, they can be total badasses.
They’re both immortal
They both lose somebody very close to them and have a breakdown.
They both have main enemies that are practically the same species as they are.
They both rock glasses
They also both have a very positive personality
There’s probably more but I haven’t finished Trinity Blood yet :p
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lazyheadcanons · 7 days
"when i first saw those scars on your body i was speechless. how many times have you been betrayed? how many times have you been hurt? how many times have you been lied to? how many times have you been humiliated? how many times have you been treated as something other than human? had that which was dearest to you taken away? had your word put to question? been laughed at as they ground you into the dirt?"
all this said in ignorance of his own actions being the first of each of these experiences. fear for how he and his brother would be treated turned into him realizing those fears for vash alone, separating them. leaving himself isolated in his paranoia, to get lost in thought as he always has, and spiral.
and yet from the bottom of his poor, volatile heart, he means it. believes every wound his brother has sustained to be the fault of humanity. that if only vash had stayed with him he would have been safe. knives would have been able to keep him safe.
i'm too tired to be eloquent about it, but this is tearing me apart. and i'm thinking about it even more thanks to conversations with a new mutual. plagued by knives thoughts.
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lazyheadcanons · 8 days
Steve is an excellent gift giver, ask anyone in the Party, and they’ll tell you all about what they got from Steve for their last birthday. They’re not incredible gifts because of how much he spends on them or how fancy they are (they’re usually not very expensive and aren’t very fancy). No, they the best gifts because they’re useful.
Steve is a HUGE believer in giving practical gifts. He only gifts things that he knows his friends are going to use, things that they could probably buy for themselves, but Steve likes to give them to them instead.
For Dustin’s 15th birthday, Steve gets permission Claudia to teach Dustin how to drive. (Claudia says yes of course, because as much as she loves her son, she was not looking forward to being an a car with him at the wheel just yet Possibly ever.)
For Robin’s graduation, he buys her a new set of luggage so that when they go on their Hot Girl Summer Roadtrip that they’ve been planning (and eventually when she needs to move into her dorm) she’ll have a place to pack her stuff.
For Christmas, he buys El a bunch of different colors of glitter glue and film packs for the Polaroid camera Jonathan had bought her for her sracpbooking.
He spends an entire year saving up all of his quarters to give to Mike on his birthday, because he knows that Mike can never find any when they all go the arcade. (Mike can’t even pretend that it’s a bad gift, he wants to, but he can’t.)
It’s not just holidays and special occasions either, if Steve is out and about and he sees something that he knows one of his friends would love he buys it and gives it to them. Just because.
He’s at the sporting goods store getting himself some new running shoes and sees a set of sweat bands in Hawkins High colors and gets them for Lucas.
He notices that there’s a whole in one of Max’s gloves in the middle of December and buys her new pair to slip into her coat pocket when she’s not paying attention.
When he’s helping Joyce cook dinner for the Party one time and he sees her frowning at a old dented frying pan he goes out and gets a her new stainless steel one to see place the old one.
After everything Vecna and Upside Down related has been settled for good and he and Eddie have become tentative friends Eddie learns about this particular habit and skill of Steve’s. But he doesn’t realize at first that it’s Steve who’s giving him gifts.
It starts simple, a new pack of Eddie’s favorite kind of ballpoint pens that he used for everything (song writing, campaigning writing, and occasionally even doing his homework) slipped into his backpack, timed perfectly, as he had just used up his last one.
He doesn’t know how they got there, and tries to recall if he had bought them himself and just forgotten about it, but he doesn’t think he did. He decides not to question it too much though, why look a gift horse in the mouth?
The next thing he finds is a new notebook left in the passenger seat of his van after a hangout with the whole crew, again timed perfectly, he wanted to write a new campaign for Hellfire soon and needed someplace to write out all his plans.
He knows that it’s a gift this time because he sees a sticky note on the cover that’s says, “For Eddie :)”. He doesn’t recognize the handwriting, but he smiles at the wobbly little smiley face his anonymous gift giver has drawn.
The next gift comes in the form of a black velvet scrunchie, stuffed into the pocket of his leather jacket. It must have been put in there at some point when it was hanging up at Steve’s house during their group movie night that weekend. He uses it to keep his hair out of his face and because he thinks it’s cute.
Eddie starts to figure it out not long after that.
He and Steve are hanging out together, just the two of them, not for the first time. Eddie is playing his guitar on his bed while Steve is telling a story on the other side of the bed. They both startle one of Eddie’s guitar strings snaps with a loud twang. Eddie sighs, knowing that he’s gonna have to go get new strings soon now. Steve leaves not long after that with a goofy smile and a wave “good night”.
Two days later when Eddie gets home from Hellfire, he finds a pack of new strings taped his the front door without a note and Wayne has no idea how they got there. But Eddie knows. Who else could it have been but Steve?
And Eddie realizes that maybe all of the little gifts that he’s been given over the past couple of months were all Steve’s doing. Steve Harrington, reformed jock, ex-douchebag, genuinely good guy. Steve Harrington who’s Eddie has been trying gish best not to crush on ever since he had seen Steve wearing Eddie’s vest in the Upside Down.
Operative word there being “trying”, Eddie had been failing miserably and had gone and fallen for the guy against his better judgement. He couldn’t help it! Steve was just so nice and funny and thoughtful and HOT and Eddie was only a man, okay? He had been powerless to resist the Harrington Charm.
He goes to Steve’s parent’s house after he restrings his guitar with Steve’s gift to confront him. He’s not upset about the gifts, he’s just confused. Because why would Steve be paying such close attention to Eddie that he can buy such useful things for him? Why would he spend his money on Eddie at all?
When he opens the door Steve doesn’t look surprised to see Eddie there, but he does look nervous, which gives Eddie pause. Why is Steve nervous??
“You got the strings then, i’m guessing?” Steve asks, stepping aside to let Eddie in.
“Yeah, I got the strings, Steve. They kinda hard to miss, you taped them to the front door,” He teases as Steve closes the door behind them, neither of them moving to step into the living room.
“Well, I didn’t want you to miss them. We’re they the right kind? I wasn’t sure which kind to get so I asked the guy at the music store and he helped me figure it out, but if I got it wrong just eat me know and I’ll go get the right ones,” Steve isn’t looking at Eddie as he rambles.
“Steve,” Eddie cuts him off, feeling brave.
“Yeah?” Steve looks at Eddie now, and he can see the mix of fear, anxiety, and hope shining in Steve’s eyes.
“They were the right kind,” Eddie smiles.
“Oh, good,” Steve exhales. “I’m glad.”
“Steve,” Eddie says again, quietly, trying not to spook Steve who is clearly already nervous. “Have you been giving me gifts this whole time?”
Eddie is delighted to see Steve blush. “Uh, yeah, I have been. I do that a lot, I like giving gifts to the people I care about, I guess.”
“Steve,” Eddie can’t help his smile as he repeats Steve’s name again.
“Yeah,” Steve agrees, like Eddie had asked his opinion on something. His eyes are wide, the hope that Eddie noticed in them earlier has grown.
“Stop me if I’m wrong,” and Eddie really must be braver than he thought, because he leans in and kisses Steve.
Steve kisses him back almost immediately, and it’s not rushed or forceful. It’s soft and careful, no urgency to it, and it makes Eddie dizzy with how perfect it is.
And Eddie can’t help but think that this is by far the best gift that Steve’s given him.
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lazyheadcanons · 8 days
El, who learnt through Hopper that if you do something bad then something you like gets taken away, kidnapping Steve whenever someone in the party does or says anything that upsets her
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i NEED to write something based on meryls undeniable attraction to how tragic and broken vash is
im so fucking certain abt this
she never found him attractive until she saw his scars, then it was all flustered stammering and blushy faces and longing gazes
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lazyheadcanons · 25 days
Lucas Sinclair is literally one of the bravest and most loyal characters I’ve ever seen and we don’t appreciate it enough.
Like in season one he was so ready to fight anyone (including little psychic girls that could kill him with her mind) to get to Will. He literally went to an army base for that kid and then when he faced the demogorgon he stood in front of his friends with his wrist rocket like he was 11 and yet he was this brave and he’s also brave enough to admit he was wrong. Like he’s just so good and loyal and kind.
Then come season two he’s out there meets a cute girl and is instantly like wow. He literally risks the governments wrath so she won’t be mad at him. Then her brother tries to kill him then she nearly hits him in the balls with a nail bat and he is ride or die. He keeps dating her despite the risks Billy poses and he also continues to mock her and be real with her and literally just thinks she’s so cool like there’s no self preservation there at all. Max could come at him with a bat and he’d be like “okay ✨✨”
Then in three not only is he still fearless with Max but even with the girlfriends vs will drama he’s like constantly ride or die. He and Max bring both Will and Mike on their dates. He’s the first to apologise to Will for only talking about girls. He literally tries to fix it after the argument and then he literally always includes Will. Like not to mention him grabbing the axe or his firework plan like he just wants to protect his friends so much he’ll literally make himself a target to back them up.
And in four like he didn’t ditch the guys, like he’s in basketball and hellfire. He risks the public humiliation on the daily and I bet neither Eddie or Jason were that nice about his two interests. Like he literally asked the guys to switch nights for the championships he still wanted to play. Then he volunteered to be a spy with no idea if Eddie was legit guilty, lead the entire basketball team on a goose chase put a target on his own back and then stood and faced down Jason WHO HAD A GUN. Not to mention constantly being Max’s support and not being scared of by her being depressed and he’s genuinely empathetic to her losing Billy even though the guy attacked him. Like he’s just so good.
I love the boy so much. He’s the bravest little guy ever, nearly as bad as Steve when it comes to self preservation but he actually won a fight. I will fight anyone who says anything against him.
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Hopper never goes back to the Hawkins police force after his mysterious resurrection. The people of Hawkins and his former coworkers hail his return but when the fanfare dies away they just look at him different. Instead he gets his license as a private detective, and after a few months he’s established enough to need some assistance.
It starts with Jonathan doing some photography work, just quick snaps of cheating spouses leaving motels at odd hours. He’s an artist at heart but it’s a good way to earn some extra cash. Nancy works for him the summer before she leaves for college. It’s not journalism but she still gets to hone her investigative skills.
Surprisingly to Hopper, the one who sticks around, who shows an aptitude for it is Steve. In the beginning he doesn’t even pay Steve, the kid just volunteers to tag along as back up if Jonathan or Nancy are going anywhere less than savory. But eventually he shows an interest in the cases themselves, mostly suspected cheaters and runaways. He has an uncanny knack for telling when spouses are stepping out and when it’s a case of the client being controlling and paranoid. Hopper decides that it makes a certain sense that Steve would have a nose for it.
But where he really shines is with the runaways. He’s good at reading the missing kid’s world; finding who their real friends are, learning what troubles they’re facing, where they would go, who if anyone they would trust. His only flaw as an employee is that he won’t tell Hopper he’s found the missing kid until he’s talked to them himself. Steve needs to know firsthand if they want to go home, what went wrong and if it can be fixed. Sometimes he gets to reassure someone that their parents want nothing more than a chance to do better, sometimes he warns them that there’s nothing to go back for but he’ll help them get someplace safe. Hopper huffs every time Steve tells him he found the kid and no way on earth is he saying where they are now but he never minds telling the parents they hit a dead end.
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lazyheadcanons · 25 days
At first none of the others understand it- why would El feel the need to learn to fight now, after it’s over and they’re safe? When she can knock any opponent sideways with her mind? And why would she ask Steve of all people to help teach her? This last question is the one that comes up the most often in conversation, not always in the kindest of contexts.
But it makes perfect sense to El. She wants to be able to fight if her powers ever fail again. She wants to be able to fight well, to be able to protect the people she loves. Steve has fought monsters and bad people both. He told her about fighting the right way, for the right reasons, about feeling yourself go too far or not far enough. And he’d understood when she told him about hitting Angela with the skate; how she was sorry-but-not, medium sorry, sorry for the damage but not the act itself.
Hopper says she should learn from a real teacher. Mike thinks she should learn from literally anyone else. Everyone says he doesn’t win fights but he is still here. His friends are still here. And that is all Eleven wants to be able to say.
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lazyheadcanons · 26 days
Steve has a handshake with each kid. Even Mike Wheeler has a specific handshake, they all are elaborate but each one ends with a specific move to each kid, Dustin with the lightsaber move, Lucas's ends with a fake basketball shot, Max's ends with them both pretending to leap on to a skateboard, El pretends to drop an eggo with Steve falling to 'catch it', Will throws a flourishing signature into the air with Steve pretending to catch it with his hands held out like paper, and Mike to everyone's surprise ends with he and Steve pretending to be shot in the chest. It's DRAMATIC™️. Both boys lay on the floor for one full minute before getting up and pretending it didn't happen.
The first few times it happened in front of the party Nancy rolled her eyes so hard until they pretended to be shot, each of them 'shooting' the other. Holly thought it was HILARIOUS and copied them.
The Hellfire club however was in shock when King Steve came in to pick up the younger kids and Dustin immediately went over, hugged him and started their handshake, Will came over next for his hug and handshake, then Lucas. All of them talking over each other and excitedly told Steve about the day's newest adventure in their campaign. Mike looked awkwardly at the older boys, at Eddie's dumbfounded expression, Gareth, Jeff and Grant looked surprised, Rachel, Clair and Alex and Corey looked strangely at the group of freshmen babbling away to Steve Fucking Harrington. And Mike popped out of his seat as Steve looked up at him, and Mike saw the soft smile on his face kinda drop a bit at the look on his own face. He felt embarrassed to be honest but he also wanted his handshake, he'd never tell a soul but it was nice having something that was solely his and Steve's. So he went over and held out his hand. Steve looked directly at him, his eyes held the question he would never ask out loud, 'is this ok? Are you comfortable doing this?' But Mike kept his hand out and Steve's face lit up.
Grinning, the two of them did their elaborate handshake ending with them 'shooting' each other. Steve very super dramatically grabbed his chest and slowly sank to the floor and flopped down 'dead'. Mike laughed out loud before dropping down beside him.
A full minute passed until both of them stood up and without even making eye contact, Steve's voice was remarkably calm when he asked, "so Mike, did you kill anyone this session?"
Mike shook his head and rambled a bit about their session as they gathered their stuff. All of them heading out with a wave and a bright "bye guys! See you all tomorrow!"
The drama room door slammed shut behind them and it was oddly silent until Eddie turned to Gareth, "did you all see that, or did I just hallucinate Steve Harrington doing elaborate nerdy handshakes with my sheepies?"
The room exploded into laughter, "nah man that actually happened!" Jeff said snorting with laughter.
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lazyheadcanons · 26 days
I love when people label different members of The Party as Steve’s favorite in fics. There is no wrong answer, they’re all good. Like,
Dustin: The obvious choice. He was Steve’s first duckling, they spend the most time together, they have that dorky/adorable secret handshake routine. Dustin will always be Steve’s favorite, even when he’s going through moody know-it-all teen phases
Max: He threw himself in front of a monster to save her before he even knew her. She saved him from being murdered by Billy. Big brother-sister vibes in s4. She gave him a goodbye letter!
Erica: SCOOPS TROOP. It’s probably hard not to feel extra attached to her after being responsible for her for however long they were trapped in the Russian elevator. Trauma bonds, man. Plus, she’s littler than the others, even if she doesn’t act like it; Steve’s maternal instinct snaps her up
Lucas: Look me in the eye and tell me that Steve didn’t practice basketball with Lucas to help him get ready for tryouts. Tell me he didn’t hype the shit out of Lucas. Tell me he didn’t take Lucas out to celebrate when he made the team. Tell me he wasn’t at every single one of Lucas’ games. You can’t do it
El: Obviously Hopper adopts both Steve and El, and obviously El is Steve’s little sister and he loves her. Next question
Will: Actually says please and thank you. The patience of a saint. Has been possessed by a demon but is the only one who doesn’t act like a demon. Steve’s calmest child. His favorite. (Also: queer kid solidarity)
Mike: It’s never Mike
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lazyheadcanons · 1 month
When Zangetsu is finally able to take control over Ichigo's soul back from Old Man Zangetsu, after he achieved Bankai, he's elated.
He's overjoyed. He can finally be with Ichigo, as his main source of power, as his Zanpakutou, as the manifestation of his soul, he can finally be with him.
He's so happy that he literally can't shut up.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The mask appeared during battles because it was the only way Zangetsu could be close to Ichigo while being under Old Man Zangetsu's control, it was the only thing he could do with the amount of strength and power he had back then, but once he learned Bankai, once Zangetsu had the upper hand against OMZ, there was no need to keep appearing as the mask since now he could physically manifest himself in Ichigo's body to protect him.
And he can finally talk to him with no obstructions between them.
And that makes him happy.
Like, look at him, look at his smile, his huge smile.
Tumblr media
Zangetsu is so happy to be with him.
He calls Ichigo's name over and over and over, all the time, he doesn't want to waste a single moment of being with him, he wants Ichigo to know that he is there for him.
He's finally in his rightful place beside Ichigo, he wants to connect with him, to bond, to start conversations, to share moments, to fight together, to train together, to protect together, he wants to spend time with him and thus he keeps calling his name.
But Zangetsu probably thinks, must believe that Ichigo can't hear him since he doesn't get an answer, doesn't get any feedback, and that's why he gets closer, approaching him and calling him again and again, to see if Ichigo can hear him now.
Tumblr media
When in reality, Ichigo is choosing to ignore him because he's terrified of him, of his confusing and overwhelming presence, which is understandable since Ichigo doesn't know exactly who he is and what he is doing in his inner world if not wanting to eat him, devour him (like how people have been telling him lately he is going to do).
Tumblr media
Ichigo must be able to feel Zangetsu's spiritual pressure (his own spiritual pressure), approaching him, and it must feel like is about to envelop and devour him because he is so incredibly powerful that it feels like he's crushing his body (like with his Bankai, when he had adrenalin pumping through his body from the heat of the battle, when his mind was occupied with other things, Ichigo wasn't able to feel this crushing power, his own power, affecting him and Zangetsu had to tell him about it, but now, when he's literally chilling on his bed or at school or jumping around his city, without OMZ blocking Zangetsu's presence from Ichigo and when people (Shinji), mention the things he already knows, is when he is able to realize how strong his presence is, how strong he has become, he's able to feel it directly). Zangetsu has full direct access to Ichigo's body and thus Ichigo feels him like this overwhelming force and energy.
He is confused since it must be the first time he constantly feels his own spiritual pressure and it must be terrifying (And he relates this to Zangetsu's presence and voice since he's his Shinigami/Hollow powers but he doesn't know it, yet) and that's why he fears him.
This feeling combined with the ideas and thoughts that others have implanted on his mind about fearing the hollow inside him must only reinforce his own feelings about Zangetsu: his wariness transformed into fear and that fear would eventually turn into hate.
All this time I thought Ichigo couldn't hear Zangetsu's voice, that Zangetsu must have been calling him but Ichigo couldn't hear him because of OMZ or because of him denying his hollow side, but no. Ichigo could hear him but had chosen to ignore him because he was confused and scared, gods, my heart im crying, he was scared of himself.
If only they had talked without anyone being there and with no previous ideas implanted on Ichigo's mind. I-
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lazyheadcanons · 1 month
Thinking about Skip Beat and how making Kyoko get typecast in villain roles is not only a continuing source of comedy given her very kind and thoughtful personality, but incredible for giving Kyoko a vessel in which to heal from her own trauma.
Every villain role that Kyoko has played is ultimately tragic and honestly pretty hated by their respective audiences (as in, they hate the character, not that she plays the part badly or that it's badly written) and in a lesser series this fact could have been the source of conflict for Kyoko's career. You know like "oh woe is me, no one thinks I can play the protagonist and I'm always stuck as the evil character." Instead Kyoko is enthusiastic about each of her roles and is never bothered by the fact that her character is hated. In fact she emotions specifically that she's happy Mio is hated, because that means she's doing her job right and the audience is reacting to her authentically.
This is especially highlighted in the Box R arc where Kyoko is worried that playing Natsu will get her typecast for the rest of her career and she won't be able to diversify, but Lory nips that at the bud and tells her that every role she gets is an opportunity to learn something, and she should try and dig deep and learn what makes each of her roles unique.
And then there's how each role is able to connect to Kyoko on such a deep level because they're villain roles. Kyoko knows what it's like to have family that despises you, she knows what it's like to feel abandoned and unloved, and so when trying to embody these characters and make them come to life she's airing out her own insecurities and growing as a person.
I just think it's special and not something that's common in series like this.
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lazyheadcanons · 1 month
A couple more half-asleep dumb Bleach thoughts on the hollow Kurosakis AU  (Link here) mainly Hollow Masaki.
Masaki who totally gains hollow powers after the shiro incident and when she dies because of this gives the middle finger to Yhwach bach and instead Masaki ends up in Hueco Mundo.
Just super power feral vasto lorde Masaki who’s in charge of a large area because not only is she super powerful she has the Mom voice.
*Group of hollows fighting*
Masaki:What are you doing?
Hollows:Nothing Ma’am! Sorry Ma’am!
Just Masaki who was about to overthrow Aizen and then sees her baby boy and just watches him do it instead like ‘You’re doing amazing sweetie! Rip him from limb to limb’
Masaki meeting Isshin again and being like ‘We’ll talk later darling about you planning to use my baby as a weapon’
Ryuuken:She is going to murder you
Isshin* love struck* Yeah isn’t she amazing
Her being the one hollow others listen to
Ichigo:You bastard
Masaki: Ichigo dinner is almost ready you two boys can murder each other after, Grimmjow you can join us
Ichigo:Yes mum
Grimmjow:Yes ma’am
Giant vasto lorde Masaki carrying the twins and Ichigo around by the scruff of their necks like kittens.
The Shinigami having to make lists to figure out if things Ichigo and the others do are normal human things normal hollow things or just weird Kurosaki shit.
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lazyheadcanons · 2 months
Tumblr media
I never thought of it like that. 🤔
But, it makes so much sense! 😳
Tumblr media
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lazyheadcanons · 3 months
sometimes you spend two hours out of your tuesday talking about the persistence of the "steve harrington is an idiot" narrative which is basically the most consistent thru-line in the entire show
sometimes you are watching stranger things 4 and eddie munson calls steve harrington "a pretty good dude" and "oh no," you think "is this the first positive thing anyone's said to him this season?" and then, even worse, "oh god, is this the first time in the show that someone directly tells steve that he's a good person?"
and then you write a lot of words about it
like. let's take a journey.
season 1: nancy doing her little "you are an idiot steve harrington" bit, which as been talked about, but also the fact that tommy and carol are constantly making fun of him for liking nancy, almost in a "aww he doesn't know that he's pathetic" kind of way. barb thinks he's an idiot. jonathan thinks he's an idiot. we know what happened when the duffers wrote him, he was supposed to be an idiot. nancy thought he was using her for sex, and she wanted to rebel! she didn't want to date him even though steve was just so clearly fucking besotted. even the kids thought he was trouble!
on top of that: we know that his parents are never home, that they think it's pathetic that he lost his fight with jonathan (probably just threw money at the situation honestly). we know he's popular, but decidedly not well-liked.
BUT. he's like. a good guy. he apologizes to jonathan for the shit he said. he would apologize to nancy later but he knew he fucked up with jonathan. called jonathan a queer, a freak, said shit about his family, he knew it was over the line and he wanted to fix it. he ran when he saw the monster but he came back inside to save them anyway. nancy gets back together with him. he buys jonathan a new camera and has nancy give it to him as a gift because he knows jonathan wouldn't take it from him. he is smart!
concussion tracker: 1
season 2: he writes his college admissions essay, but nancy doesn't think it's good, no one thinks it's good. he knows it's not good. he's visibly nervous about it, knows his parents are going to be disappointed if he doesn't get to college. there's no more "you are an idiot steve harrington" but a wider acknowledgement that he is Not Smart. he doesn't make the Right Decisions. not to his parents, not to nancy, not by listening to the government and not talking about barb, not by being worried about his family because the government will take everything away from him.
he's a fool in love. he doesn't even realize that nancy doesn't love him. she challenges him when he says so, too, calls him crazy for it, but he's right. he heard her say it to his face and he almost lets her pretend it never happened because he loves her so much.
he's not popular anymore, either, not in his senior year, not without tommy and carol, not with billy around. he can't even keep his girlfriend, that one everyone told him was a red flag, the one that is way smarter than him, way too good for him, he's only really making her worse and she thinks so too. steve, you're so stupid for thinking everything is okay when it's bullshit! when it's obviously bullshit, everything was and you clearly didn't care and everyone knew this was all smoke and mirrors except for you.
he's still good, though, still a good guy. he gives dustin bad (but well-meaning) advice. and the thing is that he doesn't even realize that it's bad advice. it always worked for him! harrington you idiot! naive. girls don't care if you like them, youre pretty! don't you know that's why?
still, he's good! he goes to nancy's place to ask for her back and to apologize even though he knows he didnt do shit wrong. he unquestioningly takes dustin where he needs to go, protects them all from billy even though he can't fight: really, very stupid of him to try. he loses and is literally passed out for a good chunk of time but the kids are okay! he can't see or hear but he knows that if he doesn't chaperone them into the upside down that they'll probably die so he gets up and does it.
he sends nancy to go be with jonathan because "i'm a pretty shitty boyfriend, but i'm not a half-bad babysitter" (and he says this literally knowing he didn't do anything wrong. he really believes he's a pretty shitty boyfriend. he's gotta be, he's too stupid for her, not good enough, couldn't make her happy, didn't let her be right in the way that she needed to be and that just must be a universal truth). it's supposed to be humbling when he takes dustin to the snow ball, now that he's the babysitter guy, he's finally been humbled! thank god! he had such a big ego before!
concussion tracker: 2
season 3: he didn't get into college (probably because he never ended up editing that college admissions essay) (probably also because he's had two serious head injuries) and he's really fallen from grace, now. girls don't even want anything to do with him, partly because he didn't get into college, partially because he's convinced he has no game. he's insecure about it, too, because even dustin has a girlfriend from his smart nerd camp and his advice from last year didn't turn out to be any good. and not to mention what is dad thinks about him.
and steve just. doesn't hesitate for a second to help dustin with the russian spy thing without even knowing it had anything to do with the upside down. like this was no longer life and death, dustin is just his friend and he likes him. and he still helped him even when he was struggling with translation, and he was the only reason they found out it they were operating from the mall, even though everyone else thought it was stupid that he was so focused on the song.
and then he gets tortured, and manages (for the most part) to protect everyone else, takes a fucking massive beating for it, only mentions a single name when he's drugged.
and this part is extremely important to me as a robin buckley defender to the death, she straight up tells steve all about how awful he was, how big of a dick he was in mrs. click's class. and he agrees! he knows! it's hit him that the person he was in high school was this miserable asshole who didn't care about anyone else even though we've only seen a version of steve that tries and cares. nobody remembers all that. not even steve. and later he confesses to her and is straight up waxing poetic about how much fun she is and how much he likes spending time with her and how great it is to be her friend. and yeah, he likes her, he has eyes and a brain. and she shuts him down and it takes about five seconds for his brain to recalibrate.
he's good. doesn't even take a full 1986 minute to feel sorry for himself, to feel stupid for barking up the wrong tree again. doesn't take a full aids epidemic world minute to be on her side. no shit this is the guy who called jonathan a queer and immediately went to apologize. he's used to it. he's used to being wrong and he's used to transforming his love into something platonic.
he doesn't hesitate to run his car directly into billy's or back in the direction of the mind flayer. he's unafraid. he's brave. no one calls him brave to his face but they all think it.
and then right at the end, he's trying to get a new job at the movie store, where he almost doesn't get hired because he's too stupid to know anything about movies and-- isn't it funny that he walks into that cardboard cutout that was right in front of him? there goes steve harrington. the bumbling idiot.
concussion tracker: at least 4 (he got his shit rocked by the russians at least twice)
season 4: this is where it gets good. it's where it gets interesting. by which i mean it gets awful and i hate it. it's where i want to rip my hair out of my head and eat it.
spoiler alert: ive only watched volume 2 once and im currently rewatching volume 1 (which actually sparked this rant obviously), so it's going to be a bit brief talking abt v2 compared to v1
just in the very first episode, we get: steve getting negged by his date about how he was bad at basketball, steve talking about how he wants a real relationship with someone who gives a shit about him instead of just... using him for sex, steve being vocally jealous about dustin's other older male friend, steve being the only one who saw lucas win the game (other than nancy who has like never spoken to lucas) and no one acknowledging it. he's like in an accumulative like five minutes of this episode probably.
in the next few episodes, we get a lot of dustin (bless him) straight up calling steve an idiot for
suggesting they contact the police on account of all of the horrible things theyve gotten involved with and the murder that just happened
not knowing how a compass works
being careful in rick's shed in case someone tries to kill them
not knowing how walkie talkies work
not knowing where the walkie talkies are?
then there's nancy who sticks him with the kids because he isn't smart enough to pretend to know things about psychology, they need a certain type of student, says that they're not even kids anymore, that it'll be easy, as if he's only capable of the easy tasks. meanwhile the kids are constantly fighting him because they're smart and know each other well and honestly do not want to be babysat. meanwhile instinct tells steve that max is in trouble and he's right and they still fight him on it.
there's the way robin dustin and eddie tell steve how he needs nancy back (even though he's like respecting her relationship with the guy that She Left Him For) (even though she told him directly and explicitly two years ago that she was never in love with him and that their relationship was bullshit) (even though last summer he told robin all about how he would probably always love her but he knows they wouldn't work again and he's ready to move on)
and like. nobody makes long speeches about what a great guy they think steve harrington is. they all figure: he must already know. only cares about his appearance and getting girls. didn't even bother going to college. probably will skate by on his parents' money. he was popular and a dick and he's kind of an airhead. but who cares, man? it's just steve harrington.
this is the worst for me, man, is when he thanks eddie in the upside down for saving his life, and eddie immediately deflects, and steve has no shit whatsoever to say. he goes up to eddie away from the girls and starts a conversation with a guy that he was convinced was a murderer, a guy he called a freak until they saw each other (eddie: hunt the freak, right?), and starts the conversation to be like: hey! thank you! those girls know how much they mean to me but you don't and i want you to know.
eddie's like "dustin told me you were a badass and i didnt believe him but he was right" and steve is genuinely like. thrown off. dustin doesn't tell him this stuff! he thinks steve is indestructible. and then the good part: "i guess i couldn't accept the fact that Steve Harrington was actually a good dude. rich parents, popular, chicks love him, not a douche?"
because people always stop before they get to that part! steve has rich parents (who cut him off and are never shown because they're never home), steve is popular (or, he was back in high school but we already went over that fall from grace), chicks love him (except they historically absolutely resolutely do not, not the way he wants to be loved by them, not nancy or robin or the girl he takes to the basketball game.) -- but not a douche? when i say this might be the only genuinely nice thing said to steve about his own character in the entire show i'm really struggling to find evidence otherwise. it's honestly nicer than 95% of the shit ever said about steve, to his face or anyone else.
really, the only thing steve is good for, the only thing he has acknowledged himself for being good at, the only thing other people have openly acknowledged he was good at: babysitting
which makes the end of the season hurt all that much more, doesn't it?
he's never been allowed to hang out with the older kids. not since season 1 (even though nancy and jonathan would have 100% died if he hadn't come back). and he loves those kids. he's good at being there for them. he's stood up directly from more than one serious brain injury and immediately did the right thing by them, for them, sacrificed himself for them, only really complained about it in season 4 because at that point it becomes personal, not circumstantial. he's not asked by the kids to help, he's asked by the older people who don't think he can handle any more than them.
i'll say this, too, because it hurts my feelings and idk where else to put it: when max is running up that hill, she calls for dustin and lucas. over and over again. when eddie calls the party over the walkie, he asks for dustin and nancy. steve is always there but no one asks for him. he's going to be there. he's going to instrumental in helping them. but they do not ask for him when theyre scared or in trouble. nobody does and he comes back every single time. he's always there to hear their desperation but he knows he's not who they want!
and i feel like the steve harrington that they want us to think existed would have a snarky comment every time: "i'm here too, you know" but he doesn't. something tells me he doesn't expect to be wanted.
it's just something i noticed.
and then volume 2 hits. they have this big plan. for once, he goes with the big kids. him and his two girls. he trusts eddie and dustin to keep each other safe. he lets max and lucas keep each other safe. he does this even though he always always makes sure they are safe first before saving himself. always. (getting the kids out of the upside down, getting the kids out of the rapidly closing russian elevator, ushering them out, actively putting himself in danger, using his body as a shield. he walks into battle every single time expecting to sacrifice himself for these kids. and this time he goes with robin and nancy to fight the big bad, leaves the smaller things to the kids who desperately want him to stop babysitting them. he figures: max and lucas can handle it themselves, they told me time and time again. dustin and eddie are close and they understand each other in a way i dont get to understand dustin, they can handle it themselves.
steve harrington, you bumbling idiot, listen to them for once! they're smarter than you, anyway, you really hold them back.
and then what? eddie dies, right there in dustin's arms. eddie who is the only person who has actually genuinely told steve that he's a good person that he likes spending time with. even though he told them both not to be a hero. because he knew he wouldnt be able to save them this one time. and dustin had to watch.
and then what? max dies and then lives and then gets put in a coma. he wasn't there like he was in the graveyard. he was the only reason they realized soon enough back then and this time he wasn't there to save her from vecna.
and then what? lucas and erica are nearly killed by jason and the other basketball goons, genuinely violently hate-crimed. and like. steve was wildly popular. he fell from grace but you know jason probably respected him in some weird jock way, would probably listen to steve as like a fucking white guy. and steve can throw a punch
before the got in the fight he and robin were like: i think we're going to lose
and i know steve feels like: i stepped away from my post. the only thing i was good at, the only thing anyone respected me for. i set up this plan and it got people killed. i was tired of being the babysitter and! now! look!
concussion tracker: still probably at least 4 but also i'd like to mention that he gets strangled literally twice this season for like a significant amount of time which is decidedly bad for your brain
tldr: steve harrington, fiercely loyal, canonically neglected, chronically self-sacrificial, disliked at some point by every single character on the show, constantly underestimated, openly self-conscious about his intelligence (both before and after sustaining several severe brain injuries) and how other people perceive him and if people like him and want him around, has given everything for the entire party and he needs to get something back in season 5.
he needs someone other than nancy to tell him he's a good person and a good force in their lives. he needs his final story arc to not be about his romance with nancy (they both need this). he needs dustin to open up to him about eddie's death. he needs someone to trust him with something other than their physical safety. he has never once turned someone away.
and, because he's my blorbo and i want to see him suffer, just a little bit, i want the show to acknowledge how badly he would take the blame for eddie and max and lucas specifically. it is the one time he was not there, it was the one time they lost. he's my steve harrington and i get to project my massive guilt complex onto him as much as i damn well please. and then i want someone to tell him how good he is. for the love of fucking god.
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lazyheadcanons · 4 months
Tumblr media
I dunno, I liked this better in the original(?) mix. When Ichigo was fighting Grand Fisher, Rukia didn’t have her power, and so there wasn’t much she could do to help even if she did get involved– here, she presumably has her shikai (Ukitake’s talking like Rukia would make the difference) and more importantly, Ukitake himself is there, and could probably ice this hollow without breaking a sweat.
In Ichigo’s case, he “won” by survival. Grand Fisher ran away, and would have to wait several years to die in an anticlimactic fashion when Ichigo wasn’t even around. The victory for Ichigo wasn’t in avenging his mother’s death, it was seeing the value of his own life even without her. And that’s a realization he might not have come to had Rukia been making things easier for him– or making him concerned for her.
I suppose the same thing would have been able to be said about Kaien, had he won this battle.
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lazyheadcanons · 4 months
Rukia, to Renji while lying face down on his bed, regretting everything: And then I called him dad
Kaien, to Kukaku while trying not to cry: And then she called me dad
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