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the driller killer (1979)
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The Driller Killer (Abel Ferrara, 1979)
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felicereviews · 2 years
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The Driller Killer (1979) 96 Minutes, Unrated
The second selection in my Cult Series (want to join my cult?) is The Driller Killer.
I read about an Abel Ferrara movie called Angel of Vengeance (aka Ms .45) in a book on Cult films.  The movie is about a mute girl who gets raped and snaps and shoots a bunch of men.  In the final scene she is dressed as a sexy nun.  The movie is good but I don’t think it’s a cult classic.  It’s not memorable enough.
Somehow, I felt a Ferrara movie belonged on a list of cult classic films so I thought I’d try Bad Lieutenant.  I had heard of it but never seen it and, based on the story line and Harvey Keitel in the lead, I figured I would love it.  And it was good.  There are a couple of really fucked up scenes and a great ending.  A good portion of the narrative takes place inside a Catholic Church - a Ferrara theme perhaps?  Still - a cult classic - no - it didn’t send me over the edge like I expect a cult film to do.
Since I had yet to be gobsmacked by a Ferrara film, I thought I’d try one more.  The Driller Killer.  I liked the name, it’s available to stream on Kanopy, and Ferrara writes, directs, and stars in it.  It don’t get much more Ferrara than that.
Well - this one did it for me.  It opens in, you guessed it, a Catholic Church.  I don’t know what the pair was doing in the church but Abel and his pretty roommate leave in a hurry, make out in a cab, and go home to their beautiful New York apartment and their second beautiful roommate.  Now, the apartment is not Woody Allen beautiful - but it’s a sweet pad.
All through that first scene the film cuts to footage of a punk rock band who we later learn are The Roosters.  New York old school punk rock does a cult classic make.  Well, punk rock and an unstable protagonist driven to murder with a power tool.  Two thumbs up.
BTW, in 1979 there are no cordless drills.  So he has to buy a battery belt from a home shopping channel so he can take his murder weapon out into the streets and kill derelicts.  Very resourceful!
The Driller Killer is a punk rock story about artists working in New York and one of them goes off the deep end.  I liked this one.  Give it a whirl.  (see what i did there?)
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purgetrooperfox · 1 year
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writersmorgue · 2 years
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blorbologist · 2 years
One for sorrow, two for joy - Chapter 13
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Glintshore is beautiful - in a twisted way, like the scattered remains of a vase on the floor. Vax sees his face reflected back up at himself, is reminded of his dream of Sarenrae, and feels a shiver crawl up his spine. 
Vex and Keyleth have flown out to the coral reefs cradling the island - Percy’s best guess of where the Shrew and other ships likely found themselves damaged. It’s their hope that Commune with Nature will reveal the wreck’s location, so they can then chug their accumulated potions of waterbreathing and take a dip to go hunting for treasure. 
As it stands, Vax is just enjoying the sunshine. He’s thrown one of his many cloaks over the glass-studded beach, like the most expensive towel, and has made sure to throw handfuls of sand into Grog’s discarded clothes when the goliath elected to skinnydip. He hasn’t forgotten their prank wars, not yet, and he could use the satisfaction of seeing Grog squirm a bit.
“What is he up to?” 
Vax cranes his neck to see Percy squinting towards the water. “Looking for any washed-up loot from the ships. I think he found a sand dollar and is convinced he’ll strike it rich here.
“You’re entirely overdressed for the weather,” Vax adds as an afterthought, because Percy is still decked out in his usual attire - dark pants, gloves, thick coat, the whole nine yards. He must be sweltering.
de Rolo makes a face at this. “We fought off air elementals not twenty minutes ago - I would say keeping ready is perfectly reasonable.”
“Fair enough.” Vax pats the sand beside him - carefully, as to not prick the skin on glass. “What brings you to my neck of the woods?”
(Keep reading on AO3!)
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sgterso · 9 months
☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. It's time to spread positivity!!!
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stop STOP youre my everything youre MY favorite blog you are amazing and ily sm
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tspultradeluxe · 11 months
Q. Smp is funniest thing to see on my dash ooc why are these Minecrafters childrearing
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rinseveryday · 1 year
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Me when I don't draw Rin for a single day: I miss him so much it's been so long my son my baybie I'm so sorry mwah welcome back to my sketchbook
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hugsohugs · 1 year
btw if you search something on pc or a mobile browser you can edit the time range of the posts you're looking at if you edit this number:
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you have to pick a time range from the list first so there's a number to edit but yea, you can search any amount of days you want. two weeks, three days, ten years, the world is your oyster baybie!!!!
anyway, hope this helps someone ✨
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The Driller Killer (Abel Ferrara, 1979)
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izzytoons216 · 5 months
Nvm I got it in the bag ,day 4 baybie
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thebestestbat · 15 days
ITS OVER AND I PASSED! 1 more step over... i did start logging my panic attacks on google sheets and i have another one to log bayby. i did this bc i had 3 panic attacks w/in 10 days in dec/jan and thats like just not normal for me anymore! but then i havent had another one until today. but now im relax
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kakusu-shipping · 2 months
hi there! I just came by to say that I think you're really cool, and we might not share an F/O but we have F/Os from the same family and I just find that to be a fun coincidence /gen. Like, your F/O is Makarov Dreyar, and mine is Laxus 🫶 (I hope it's fine to interact btw, if this makes you uncomfortable in any way I'll immediately back off). I hope you have a very nice day bc you've got great taste and you deserve to be happy 🤠
okay obviously sharing F/Os is my absolute favorite, but do you want to know what my second favorite is?
Sharing media with another self shipper!
ESPECIALLY when they're related to my S/I in some way like you smoocha my grandson?? My little Grand Baybie??? I love you. Makarov loves you. Second grandchild. Another thing to bully Laxus over and maybe you too I love to tease
I had another anon at a time talking to me about their Fairy Tail S/I and I ADORE hearing about it PLEASE anon come tell me about your self ship with Laxus and any Self insert lore you have and send me reference if you have one?? If you want to fdjgkfdj
I hope YOU have a GREAT DAY anon because YOU have amazing taste and deserve to be happy as well!!!
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alreadyyyyy took a mental health day last week from class and i can't do it again! cause only 2 absences per term baybie!!
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l0vegl0wsinthedark · 2 years
Just running in here to say that your Harry and Draco are one of my all-time favorite characterizations of them. I'm seriously obsessed. Particularly in Good Talk Potter and Luckiest Size Queen. I LOOOVEE a snarky Draco and a Harry who's affected by it but also sees right through it and is so confident in both Draco's feelings for him and his own for Draco that he just shows Draco how good they are together but still lets Draco come to him, lets Draco make the right choice.
Anyway I reread Good Talk Potter this morning and I've been thinking about it all day and I just needed to tell you okay byeeee 💛💛
Phoebe baybie 🥺♥️
This ask means the world to me. I haven't written in ages and I'm not in my most productive phase and that feels incredibly shitty. You write so beautifully and for you to come and tell me you like my work 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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