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unhinged-jackles · 23 hours
thinking about insane canon shit that happened in supernatural and the number 1 “jesus fucking christ I can’t believe they did that” moment for me was them creating the fictional non biblical character colette, the love of cain’s life, so cas can be paralleled to her in dean’s trajectory with the mark
like cas is not dean’s colette, cas IS colette because colette doesn’t exist!!! at all!!! they made her up!!!
they chose not to add in a best friend for cain, instead the writers wrote in a lover they wrote in a lover who only ever asked cain to stop and then we get dean beating cas bloody and cas only ever asks dean to please just stop
I will never ever in a million years get over this
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justjensenanddean · 2 days
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Jensen Ackles | FBBC March 25, 2023 [x]
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Based on a news headline I saw this morning 🤭
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N°4 The Boys Soldier Boy Featurette - S3
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impaledbeetle · 1 day
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Do I look like I'm joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?
Dean Winchester being PrettyBoy™️ | 01.04 "Phantom Traveler"
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*looks @ misha’s twoquestiontuesday answer*
*looks @ the likes of this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRIPbwtLv8c/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= *
yeah, that tracks! (i bet he borrowed the comic book from jensen who probably had it as voice acting prep 😌)
Tumblr media
he only remembers one comic he read to prepare for gk and that was the long halloween?! truly insane
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nataliadyx · 3 days
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darkshrimpemotions · 2 days
Jensen on Destiel
Okay! So we're always getting "Jensen doesn't like Destiel and said it wasn't real one time years ago" thrown in our faces by bitter no-lifes who can't just let other people enjoy things. So I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of all the times Jensen talked positively about Dean and Cas's relationship!
Right now it's just a list of things I remember from being in this fandom since 2011. Eventually I will add links to sources, video sources wherever possible. Watch this space!
(Also, if there's something that isn't referenced here, feel free to reblog or reply and I'll add it to this post! I want to grow this post as big as possible so we can always remind ourselves how little the one or two comments antis constantly reference actually matter, especially given how much of this comes after those comments were made, indicating Jensen has long since changed his mind.)
Straight from the Jackles Mouth
Jensen talking about Dean and Cas's relationship and how important it is to Dean.
Jensen talking about the confession scene, Castiel's goodbye, and he, Misha, and Dick improvising the handprint.
"Dean has no taste, clearly."
"What are you looking forward to tackling this season?" "Cas."
Jensen talking about he and Misha watching and sharing fan reactions to the confession.
Jensen talking about asking a crew member to film the confession on his phone so he can remember it as Jensen and not only as Dean.
Jensen talking about a lot of his reaction being cut out of the confession scene's final edit.
Talking about Dean and Cas's relationship transcending human understanding (yes I do count this, he was trying to do damage control after Jared's homophobic rant).
Saying Dean wasn't making any decisions in the confession scene, which emphasizes that Dean was not rejecting Cas by not being able to say anything back in the moment.
Saying after Cas was gone Dean was thinking "I didn't give him anything. I should have said "I love you, too."
Saying if s15 Dean (who was LITERALLY SO MAD AT CAS HE COULDN'T LOOK AT HIM for half the season) could give s4 Dean any single piece of advice, it'd be to keep the weird angel around because he'll be the best friend Dean's ever had.
Talking about Dean and Cas's reunion and how he hopes we'll get to see it someday. It would be a big hug and then "can we talk about that good-bye a little bit?"
Fan Encounters
"I live it" in reference to Destiel fanart.
Signing Destiel fanart, switching his pen to match Misha's where he'd already signed it.
Choosing the Lovers tarot card for Destiel
CasDean 4 Lyfe photo op
Calling a Destiel kissing fanart the papparazzi shot
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acecroft · 9 hours
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Dean Winchester in SUPERNATURAL 4.07 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester'
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dilfgifs · 2 days
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Jensen Ackles as Tom Hanniger MY BLOODY VALENTINE (2009) - dir. Patrick Lussier
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salchat · 1 day
A quick Jensen before packing away my art stuff for the day...
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Beau Arlen | Big Sky 3.11
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justjensenanddean · 3 days
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Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy [Darren Goldstein]
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unhinged-jackles · 16 hours
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ScoobyNatural Yellow Draft
In other insane things that happened on Supernatural, someone somewhere along the line decided to change the name of the “twins” Dean seemingly had intimate relations with from Carlyle to Cartwright
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and Cartwright Twins is the name of a baseball team based in Canada
Like we can’t make this stuff up there was a conscious decision to change the name bro
jacting joices are also wild in the second gif
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lemondropsonice · 3 days
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N°3 The Boys Soldier Boy Featurette - S3
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negans-lucille-tblr · 12 hours
Sit - Soldier Boy x Reader Oneshot
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N finds herself in trouble when she doesn’t listen to her boyfriend’s instructions. 
Rating: 18+
Pairing: Soldier Boy x plus sized!Reader
Tags: angst, self worth issues, body image issues, oral sex (fem rec), face sitting, face riding, biting, p in v
WC: ± 2.2K
A/Ns: This smutty little fic was commissioned by someone who doesn’t have tumblr, but wanted me to share it with you guys anyway! Hope you all love it! <3
The Boys Masterlist
Tumblr media
“We need to talk.” 
Y/N’s eyes widen slightly as she looks up at her boyfriend from her place on the couch, and then a small frown begins to crease into her forehead as she sees the darkness in his green eyes that tells her that whatever this is isn’t good.  
“Okay…” she hesitantly replies, sitting up straighter. “Is everything okay?” 
No, it’s not, he’s had enough of you and he’s leaving. He’s finally realised he can do better than you, that he is so far out of your league you’re barely a spot in the distance.
“No, it’s not actually,” Soldier Boy replies, confirming to her that her inner monologue is right. He crosses his arms over his chest and stares down at her, making her only grow more and more uncomfortable. 
Just get on with it, she begs him silently in her head.
“What’s wrong?” she asks, timidly. 
“When I tell you to sit, I mean sit,” he explains. 
Only it’s not an explanation at all, and the frown creased into Y/N’s forehead only deepens, as she glances down at the way she’s currently sitting and shifts her weight slightly, wondering what’s wrong with the way she sits and why her boyfriend suddenly has such a big issue with it. 
“I don’t get it, Ben,” she admits, still shuffling in her place. 
“You hover,” he adds, clearly irritated by the very fact. Y/N licks her lips, opening her mouth to reply, but no sound comes out to begin with, and so she clears her throat and then frowns deeper yet. Now she’s completely lost, because she has no idea what Ben’s talking about. “When I tell you to sit on my face I mean sit not hover,” he concludes. 
Y/N’s eyebrows raise, and then a smile begins to curl over her lips, and suddenly she’s giggling to herself. She really thought this was going all wrong, that maybe he was trying to find some ridiculous excuse to break up with her because he didn’t want to just tell her the truth; that he could do better. But now she’s realising it’s got nothing to do with the way she sits on the couch. He’s talking about sex. Of course he is. The thought only makes Y/N giggle harder as the relief floods her entire body. 
“What’s so funny?” he asks, frowning himself now that he’s the one that’s confused. 
“Jesus, Ben, I thought you were seriously angry, then!” she scoffs, shaking her head and relaxing a little, so glad this was just some joke. Jesus, the guy’s a good actor. 
“I am,” he replies stubbornly. But she’s not falling for his teasing any longer.  
“Oh c’mon, it’s no big deal,” she brushes him off, laughing again. “Besides, I don’t wanna crush you, I’m hardly lightweight,” she points out, gesturing to her body.  
Ben’s frown only deepens at her words, and he huffs a breath, staring her down until the smile has faded a little more from her face, and she starts to second guess if he is only teasing, or if he’s actually mad about this. She’s never known the supe to be a huge joker, so maybe she should consider the fact that he’s actually annoyed.
“Are you seriously mad about this?” she checks, just to be sure. 
“Yes,” he confirms with a brief nod of his head. “What’s the matter, you think I can’t handle it?” he challenges. 
“Look at me, Ben, I’m not going on magazine covers any time soon,” she scoffs, shaking her head. “Last thing I need is to suffocate the world’s first superhero to death with my fat thighs.” 
“You flatter yourself too much,” Ben argues back. “You think that’s all it would take to kill me? You just said so yourself, I’m superhuman, I’m sure I can handle it.” 
Suddenly, it all clicks into place, and Y/N realises just why Ben is so upset about this. He thinks that she’s going easy on him, he thinks that she thinks that he can’t handle it. He’s a very proud man, she should’ve known something like this would annoy him. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t point out how ridiculous he’s being. He knows exactly what she thinks about him and his powers. It’s never hurt to call Ben out on his ego trips now and then. She likes to think it keeps him grounded. He does seem a lot more level headed since they started dating. 
“Oh, I see,” Y/N smirks slightly, crossing her own arms over her chest. “I’ve bruised your ego,” she points out. “Ben, it’s nothing personal. It’s just all my exes never meant sit when they said sit,” she explains briefly, not seeing the big deal. 
“Yeah, well until now you’ve only dated boys,” he counters. That’s when he uncrosses his arms and leans down over her, his hands resting either side of her head as he brings his face closer to hers. “You’re dating a man now, honey, so next time I tell you to sit, I expect you to sit.” 
“Yes sir,” she replies sassily, smirking once again before rolling her eyes, but the supe doesn’t smirk back, and she realises he’s once again not messing around. Just the thought actually begins to make her sweat a little. The fact he wants her to stop holding back is quite the turn on. The darkness in his eyes adds to that too, of course. “Next time I’ll sit,” she confirms, with a lot less teasing in her tone. 
Soldier Boy reaches up and grabs her chin softly, kissing her lips briefly. “Good girl,” he husks, before walking away, leaving Y/N dazed and flustered. 
Tumblr media
Soldier Boy’s POV
The supe is feeling just a little better that evening as he relaxes back on the bed and amuses himself with the Soldier Boy comic books that had been released during his time away. Though, he’s not too fond of the way he gets portrayed sometimes, like he’s a big baby that runs and hides at the first real sign of danger. Maybe that’s added to his stress, because while he’ll never admit it, Y/N had been right that his issue this morning had mainly been an issue because of a bruised ego. Of course it was a little insulting that Y/N might think he can’t handle a woman sitting on his face. When really, he could think of nothing better, especially when it comes to a woman like Y/N. 
At the thought of her, he hears her humming quietly to herself under her breath as she emerges from the bathroom in nothing but a towel. She smiles over at him softly when she notices him looking, and then proceeds to head over to her dresser, opening her drawer and pulling out her pyjamas. Ben can’t help but notice they’re the silky ones he likes most, and just the thought of seeing her in them starts to get him going. But the thing that really sets him off is watching her slowly remove her towel, using it to dab herself dry slowly, exposing more and more of her perfect naked body. 
He can’t help the soft moan that escapes his lips as he appreciates his view, and Y/N glances his way at the sound. 
“What?” she asks coyly. 
“You know just what that body of yours does to me, honey,” he hums, unashamedly. Y/N rolls her eyes and turns her back to him, but he doesn’t appreciate the view any less, his eyes dropping to her perfect, full ass and her thick warm thighs, and he imagines his face trapped between them and has to reach down to palm over his thickening cock. “C’mere,” he commands with a soft grunt. 
Y/N slowly approaches his side of the bed, still clinging to her towel as she attempts to cover up part of her body with it. The supe is quick to reach out and tear it from her grasp, throwing it to the floor so she’s got nowhere to hide. His eyes rake hungrily over her curves, and he realises it doesn’t matter how many times he sees her, he’ll never grow tired of seeing her. 
“Remember what we talked about earlier?” he asks, peeling his eyes off of her body and looking up at her face instead. 
“Yeah,” she replies hesitantly, seemingly only growing more timid. 
“Good,” the supe grins, shuffling himself further down the bed and throwing his head back. “Then sit.” 
“Right now?” she checks. 
Soldier Boy only has to turn his head and look at her to prompt her into action as she bites down on her bottom lip and begins to climb onto the bed. He can tell she’s still hesitant, slowly and carefully lifting her leg to begin straddling his body, and the supe grows impatient and grabs her thigh, tugging her down almost forcefully as he makes her squeal and giggle slightly. Instantly, her sex is pressed against his mouth, and Ben wastes no time opening up, extending his tongue to push through her folds as he begins to taste her sweet juices. He hums in delight, feeling the full extent of her weight pressing down on his face, feeling utterly suffocated by her and loving every second of it. This is what he’s been craving. 
He laps up every drop she gives him; and she only gives him more and more the longer he toys with her clit, or fucks her opening with his tongue, and while her voice is muffled thanks to the warm, soft flesh of her thighs pressing against his ears, he can still hear her hums and moans of pleasure above him, and he can hear the slight groans and creaks of the mattress and headboard as she holds on for dearlife and rocks her hips to aid him. His arms wrap firmly around her hips, holding her down tighter against him, wanting to struggle to breathe in anything but her and her intoxicating scent, and it works, his cock desperate and throbbing between his legs at the very sensations flooding him. 
When he begrudgingly pulls back for air, he turns his head and begins to bite and suck on the soft flesh of her inner thighs, making her gasp for air and tense them either side of his face, only making him feel even more wrapped up in her. 
“God you taste so good, baby girl,” he growls against her skin, once again encouraging her pussy back onto his mouth, already missing the sweet tang of her juices. 
He feasts on her once more, not stopping until her legs are shaking either side of his head, and she’s trying to speak coherent words, but the only sounds falling from her lips are in broken english and near enough gibberish, until he can feel her walls pulsing inside her, her thigh muscles quivering. 
He moans himself as he pushes his way out from underneath her, leaving her on her knees, supported by the headboard she’s still clinging to for dear life, and he’s quick to kneel behind her, pulling out his throbbing erection and finally giving it some of the attention it’s craved. He places one hand on her hip, his fingers digging into the soft, supple flesh, and keeps her in her place as he shuffles a little closer and teases her pussy with the tip of his cock. She moans, rocking her hips back seemingly instinctively, and Soldier Boy wastes no time teasing the two of them for a moment longer. 
He thrusts forward, feeling her pussy still pulsating from her orgasm, sucking him in perfectly, and he moans, his eyes beginning to roll as he hones in on the rapid speed of her heartbeat. 
“Fuck, honey,” he hums, folding himself over her, “you almost feel as good as you taste.” 
He presses his face into the side of her neck, dragging his teeth along her delicate skin, biting and sucking occasionally, knowing how much she loves that as he starts fucking into her from behind, wrapping his one arm around her front to keep her elevated just right. Y/N moans, reaching to hold onto his arm rather than the headboard as she fucks back into him too, her nails digging into his skin everytime he gets deep enough. 
“Did that feel good?” he asks breathily against her ear. He can feel her nod, but she clearly can’t reply with words, which only makes him feel even more smug. “Good, so next time I tell you to sit, you better fucking sit,” he growls, his cock throbbing at just the thought of next time. 
“Oh fuck,” she gasps out, her eyes fluttering closed. “Whatever you want, baby.” 
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