reasonandempathy · 9 months
"You chose to have a kid"
A key point in framing is that almost every anti-choice idiot says, is that they always frame it as "the choice to have a kid". Specifically, in this case:
"You chose to have sex, so you have to deal with the kid"
Let's just...side-step the puritanical root of punishing people for having sex, and the actual, sincere belief that humans Not Having Sex is something we can actually achieve, which is stupid.
People explicitly make choices to not have kids when they have sex, too.
There are whole swaths of things that men and women do, hopefully overlapping, to not have kids.
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None of them are 100% effective. Even Female and Male sterilization aren't 100% effective, other than a full blown hysterectomy.
Literally, a man and a woman can both go to a doctor, have actual surgeries performed so they don't have kids, have sex with one another, and still wind up pregnant. Especially if it's in the first few years after their surgeries are performed. Surgeries which have weeks to months of recovery time, planning, and costing thousands of dollars each.
I choose to go to work every day; punishing me for getting hit by a cab as a "potential outcome" of going to work is fucking ludicrous. People smoking are more likely to get a cancer, but we still treat them in hospitals. Getting AIDS from donating blood is a thing that can happen, but you're damn well going to sue the hospital or agency that gave you AIDS. I can play the lottery every day and eventually win a million dollars, but it's still "the stupid tax" and actually thinking it will happen is the literal Gold Standard for "not gonna happen".
Nowhere else in society do we accept bullshit like that except when we're talking about controlling women and their sex lives for doing things you don't want them to. And it's always, always from the same people who want the woman to deliver the baby (which itself has a high risk of just killing the mom outright, especially in the US) who don't want to feed the baby when it's delivered, who don't want to give it a home or clothes or healthcare.
Again, that's before we even get to:
Tumblr media
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sweaterstitches · 11 months
hey, so if you haven’t heard, político published a document leaked from the united states supreme court tonight.
that document, while not yet set into law, shows that the supreme court voted to overturn all federal laws protecting the right to abortion in the united states of america.
these prior rulings, roe and casey were decided on the basis that the surveillance of abortion as a medical procedure violated the fourth amendment of the united states constitution, which protects our right to privacy.
this decision will impact more than just abortion.
it will impact gender-affirming care, the drugs you’re prescribed, the surgeries and procedures you undergo.
if you’re marginalized, i’m so sorry, we basically just lost hipaa protections for us.
if this doesn’t directly impact you, donate to planned parenthood, to the trans lifeline, to your local abortion funds and mutual aid funds. protect our privacy.
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kyleemclauren · 11 months
Twothirds Is Enough
A clique of 0.0000015% of the country is going to just unilaterally declare major human rights illegal in this country? Oh fuck no.
Fuck the supreme court. Fuck all politicians. I want a direct vote on everything, and if that vote reaches supermajority support it should be law. Two thirds, 66%, is the threshold for Byzantine fault tolerance, the mathematically strongest guarantee that a decision is the vote of The People in the presence of interference. Higher thresholds are completely unnecessary in a representative democracy.
69% of Americans want Roe to stay. That should make it law.
68% of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. That should make it legal.
*89%* of Americans support raising the minimum wage. Why hasn't it been raised?
76% of Americans believe that members of Congress should be barred from owning shares in the publicly traded companies that they regulate. I think we know why *that* hasn't been passed!
We're not divided, not really. We are controlled by oligarchs deciding what we are *allowed* to vote on. No more. Votes for everything! Twothirds is enough!
- - - - -
Update (2022-06-24): Well, it looks like six people have overruled hundreds of millions of people and revoked our federal abortion rights. Gee, it would sure be useful if there were some automatic mechanism for The People to tell the unaccountable god kings their opinions have been rejected!
These examples need to be made into a coherent list - I’ve started a side blog to track twothirds support polls. Please send any national polls with >66% agreement to @two-thirds, especially if the mainstream media pretends the position is “controversial.”
Even though the entire system is broken, we *can* come together to make decisions. Under twothirds, we can begin to clean up the pieces.
- - - - -
Update (2022-07-07): Uh oh! Looks like England is down a government! Would you like a free one?
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liberaljane · 11 months
Tumblr media
Raise hell for abortion rights.
Digital illustration of a devil fem wearing a red fringe dress. There’s a ribbon banner wrapping around her body that reads ‘raise hell for abortion rights.’ At her boots are flames and along with little devil spirits with fireballs.
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apas-95 · 9 months
Tumblr media
Do love how every single liberal on here was saying this was impossible, lmao. Ah, but here's the buried lede:
Tumblr media
So it's not actually doing anything, just Helping You Know What Rights You Do Still Have. Fucking amazing.
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madcat-world · 4 months
Tumblr media
Roe (1 of 6) - Satine Zillah
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world-heritage-posts · 11 months
fascinating how jk rowling claims she doesn’t hate trans people, she just cares about sex based rights, but has said basically nothing about the roe v. wade draft opinion
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3dolc x roe results!
Hey hey, so its finally here! Ik it’s late but here are just some of the results I received from the @cleostoohot and @starliet challenge!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Desired College Acceptance
This is... something I've struggled with for such a long time, so I'm honestly so proud that I've gotten to this point. I was rejected from my no 1 uni in March, and while sure, I got into other places, I was pretty dejected about the rejection. So now after the challenge, I.... drum roll please.... got into my no 1 uni!!! I'm not going to give too many details because I don't want to get doxxed LMAO but, AHHHHH I'M JUST SO EXCITED!!!! I also manifested that my roommate would be one of my best friends(past best friend, not a new one lol), and I heard some bad rumors about the food/dorms there, so I changed it, all to highly ranked stuff with plenty of options lol.
Desired Body
I mentioned this earlier, but manifesting away my period has always been something I aimed to do. This isn't as related to this challenge since I affirmed for it before but, it's been almost a month since the last date that I was supposed to get my period, so I'll take that as a win LMAO.
My stomach also completely slimmed down. I used to have a protruding stomach, but now it’s just so flat?? My thighs and arms are also skinnier and toned, skin is clear and hair-free(only where I want it to be), andddd yup! Literally in love with the way my body looks :pp.
Fluency in Desired Language
I was talking with my parents in our language when they noticed how much better I had gotten at it. I actually feel comfortable enough in it that I could actually argue in it and joke around, and overall, I'm very happy with the results lol.
Ending Thoughts
I'm just so pumped right now, and I can't wait to see what wonderful things pop up in my reality next! If I wanted to tell one thing to anyone trying this challenge or just manifesting in general, it would be to just keep persisting. If you read my 3dolc x roe update post, you'll know that I actually did not have a good time the first two days ;-; I was spiraling and honestly had so many intrusive thoughts pop up in my head. However, I just kept interrupting the thought and affirming against it, and then it got much much easier. I let myself take more time(shit happens, i get busy lol) to make up for this, and baam. All my results are here lol. I'm probably going to manifest more stuff with this, so stay tuned!
Tumblr media
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writersarea · 9 months
This is your reminder that if you are going to protect, do so safely.
So here are some basic rules of thumb coming from several years of protesting:
 Don’t talk to the police
Write the phone number of whatever your local legal group is that is helping with the protest on your arm
Let someone know where you’re going
Keep them up to date on when you get home
Have a plan to get home
Bring water, a face mask (we are still in a pandemic, and it’s good protection anyways), and a mini first aid kit if you have one
Do not wear your contacts, wear glasses. Much easier if things result in tear gas or other substances
Turn your finger print unlock off on your phone. Police can use that to get in, but they can’t make you give up your password
If you take pictures, keep them to yourself. Being identified is not always a good thing and can be really dangerous for a lot of people
Know who is organizing the event
Make a decision on where you draw the line for when to go home so that you don’t have to make that decision in the moment
These are just some basics. Feel free to add on, this is just what comes to mind right now. Stay safe, friends.
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gorgeousgoddard · 9 months
My 3DOL x ROE challenge
What I’m manifesting
- Desired Appearance
- Desired Wardrobe
- Head Captain of Varsity Cheer Team
- Dream Family
- Self love and concept
- 5 million dollars in my bank account
- Straight A’s , 4.0 Gpa , Valedictorian status
- Officer in desired clubs
- Class President status
- Popularity
- Dream Car and Drivers License
- Desired Art style ,supplies and skills
- Desired skill level on writing, drawing , singing and songwriting
Start date 7/11/22
End Date 7/14/22
@lilithlovesyou111 @cleostoohot @starliet for the challenge/ inspo
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rose-quartz-dreams · 8 months
3DOL x ROE challenge results pt. 2
ideal voice my voice has become a lot deeper and smoother and less raspy/cracky!!
fangs yeah, i definitely got the fangs i wanted alright (still maulding because i accidentally bit my lip and it still hurts)
wake up in the void I DID IT!! I FINALLY GOT INTO THE VOID!! i didnt wake up in it, but i had nothing to do so i decided to do it and i finally got into it :D
get rid of avpd i've had more social self confidence lately and more willing to talk to new people! good god i am so glad to be rid of my avpd because it was hell on earth
glow up i dont know how to explain this, but my facial proportions are more "even" i guess? overall im just a lot happier with the way i look ♡
more dance/exercise motivation ive had so much motivation to workout recently and a lot more stamina when i dance too!! and having more motivation to dance has made learning dances a lot easier
new clothes my mom keeps talking abt how when we visit my aunt next week, she's gonna take me clothes shopping :D my aunt is RICH RICH so i know im gonna get some bomb ass clothes
etc. the first day i started this challenge, right before i ate dinner i affirmed things like "i have the fastest metabolism ever" "nothing is impossible for me except gaining weight" "i lose drastic amounts of weight every second" and oh my god 😭 my metabolism these past few days has been insane, and i literally lost TWENTY POUNDS, HELLO????
i love this challenge so much <3 i’m done with it now since i have all of my desires but it has been so much fun doing this, literally a life-changing experience
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borxoii · 2 months
Tumblr media
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cleostoohot · 9 months
ready or not, we doing the 3dolc x roe again :p
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by @asfkthehottestgod & @youalreadyhavefullresults to do this challenge again, xox! i don’t really have much desires rn so im just gonna come up with things lol. i nominate AWL y’all to do this with us idcc. cus either we all can share our success stories or you can just sit around and wait for everyone else’s tbh 🙈
Tumblr media
𝐈. Prettier voice
𝐈𝐈. Getting rid of all the discoloration on my body
𝐈𝐈𝐈. Prettier hands & feet
𝐈𝐕. A bigger butt.. tehe..
𝐕. Thicker eyelashes
𝐕𝐈. A major main character moment lol (I don’t have anything specific in mind)
𝐕𝐈𝐈. My eyes becoming a lighter brown
Tumblr media
ᥫ᭡ Every morning (and before bed) I will rampage about how I manifest whatever I want in 3 days or less because I am the god of my reality.
ᥫ᭡ Thought the day, whenever I think of my desires I will affirm as if I already have them.
ᥫ᭡ At night I will play a meditation audio (not guided) and affirm for my desires + the fact that I manifest in 3 days or less.
ᥫ᭡ This time I will only affirm “I have all my current desires” & “regardless of everything i have all my desires” cus all those affirmations last time was a little too much.
Tumblr media
Starting this challenge tomorrow {06/23/22}. Join if you’d like 🫶🏽! Full update will be after the 3 days, xox.
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apas-95 · 9 months
Tumblr media
You already voted the dems in! This was the harm reduction, and it did nothing! It was under the dems that your rights were actively taken away! How difficult is it to get that through? It's not at all some hypothetical, the complete impotence of voting has just been demonstrated before your eyes, and you still can't let it go. It's as if all the 'thoughts and prayers' people were finally answered, and God came down from heaven, declared there would be no more shootings, no more attacks, and then, while he was standing there, someone shot up the crowd, and God did nothing except, what, say 'make sure to pray to me before this happens again!' - and you still keep on buying it. The entire argument for voting in Biden, for voting in Obama, for voting every last two fucking years was to stop exactly this from happening. And voting did nothing. Obama could have codified Roe a decade ago. The dems could have done anything, and they did nothing, except preside over the destruction of abortion rights while using it as a fundraising opportunity. At least if it was Trump who did this, if he were the one preaching nonviolence while barricading the supreme court, you might actually riot.
Tumblr media
Ah, nevermind, there really is no getting through.
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annachara · 3 months
Tumblr media
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