criticalrolo · 5 months
losing my mind at this amazing story from r/dndmemes some people’s dnd adventures are just. So Fucking Cool
here’s the link and the story, it’s Amazing
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offonaherosjourney · 2 months
A man and a woman platonically raising a child together and not falling in love has to be the biggest plotwist in the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie AND my favorite part
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saja-star · 1 month
I am obsessed with this idea
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bardifice · 1 month
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medli20 · 4 months
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Yesterday our DM told me that my warlock can keep his skeleton minions in his bag of holding 💀
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firstginger · 2 months
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finally completed my dnd quiz! featuring a mix and match of 30 races and 14 classes, discover who you would be in the forgotten realms! i'd be a satyr artificer :)
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wizard-email · 4 months
sometimes dnd archetypes annoy me because like. at the core of a paladin oath it's being so dedicated to something it gives you superpowers
they're not christian camp counselors or cops they're fucking autistic
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lotshusband · 4 months
dnd paladin character concept: a knight raised alongside a magic user, who loves his friend, considers them family — but the magic user through a twist of fate ascends to godhood, vanishing from normal human life. so the knight swears fealty to the fledgling god so he can have some connection to them even still & the god who loves him dearly in return blesses him with gifts and divine powers as a way to reach back toward him, back toward earth. this paladin’s vows are easy to keep, like second nature… and prayer is both automatic and personal
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royalsea-art · 7 months
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posted a banger tweet and thought that tumblr deserved to see it too
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hyperbali · 4 months
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Absolutely incredible work, lads
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sleepdeprivedsurgeon · 8 months
I’m building a dnd class rn called “Just Some Guy” and the whole thing is that they are just supremely bad at combat and ability checks the whole time. at level 20 u get an ability called “Fucking Finally” where u get the level 1 abilities of another class. ur hit dice are d4s and the only thing u have proficiency in is improvised weapons. this is the funniest thing I’ve done in a hot minute
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leidensygdom · 5 months
So, what is the OGL and why are DnD creators thoroughly screwed?
Tumblr has not been doing a great job at talking about this, but:
With OneDnD, Wizards of the Coast has decided to update the Open Game License (OGL). Said license is what allowed people to create homebrew DnD content and sell it, and even larger companies to use certain sorts of content. Pathfinder, for example, is built on said OGL. This also allows streamers and artists to exist and benefit from said content.
With OneDnD (sometimes called “dnd 6e”), WOTC wants to create a much more restrictive OGL, which will, amongst other things:
Make WOTC take a cut for any DnD-related work (according to Kickstarter, a whole 25% of the benefits)
Let WOTC cancel any project related to DnD up to their discretion
Let WOTC take ANY content made based on their system, and re-sell it without crediting you, or giving you a single cent
And most importantly, revoke the old OGL, which will harm any company or game system that used it as a base, such as Pathfinder. And it means they GET ownership over any homebrew content you may have done for 5e in the past!
It’s important to note that OGLs are supposedly irrevocable. They were planning to use it for OneDnD initially, but they want to apply it retroactively to 5e, somehow. Which is illegal, but lawyers have mentioned there’s a chance they may get away with it given the wording.
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This means that anything you make based on DnD (A homebrew item? A character drawing? Even music, according to them?), can get taken and used as they deem appropiate.
These news come from a leak of the OGL, which have been confirmed by multiple reputable sources (including Kickstarter, which has confirmed that WOTC already talked with them about this), and was planned to be released next week.
So, what can we do?
Speak against it. Share the word. Reblog this post. Let people know. Tumblr hasn’t been talking much about this matter, but it’s VERY important to let people know about what is WOTC bringing. 
Boycott them. Do not buy their products. Do not buy games with their IP. Do not watch their movie. CANCEL your DnD Beyond subscription. (Btw, they ARE planning to release more subscription services too!). They do not care about the community, but they care about the money. Make sure to speak through it. 
And maybe consider other TTRPG systems for the time being, Pathfinder’s Paizo has been much nicer to the community, their workers are unionized and are far more healthy overall
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delphina2k · 10 months
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Know your puppies!
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white-weasel · 2 months
Funniest bit of the dnd movie is Xenk clearly being an NPC the DM introduced for lore and plot purposes who’s a competent fighter because of course he is, his reputation and backstory require it. But whoopsies the DM made him too powerful, the whole party likes him, and now they want him to come with to fight the BBEG which will completely and utterly fuck up the encounter balance
So instead of there being any actual plot reason he can’t join Xenk just says “I can’t. This is something only you can do.” And then walks off, never to interact with the party again because the DM just knows those little shits will find a way to use their OP creation against them
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shitpostingkats · 2 months
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I saw the dnd movie with my partner and took away only what was intended.
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I don't want a direct sequel to the DnD movie
I want more DnD movies with the same cast, but they play totally different characters every time, except for Xenk, who is the only recurring character in the entire franchise
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