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Andrew Garfield attends the CHANEL and Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner on March 11, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California
Not but why it has to be so fucking pretty and abuse my poor heart..?
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witchywcmans 8 months
I came here just to tell you that I found your blog two days ago, and now, I鈥檓 on your AO3, devouring Jawbreaker! Simply thanks for writing 馃グ
omg this is so sweet!!! thank u SO MUCH for reading my story and sending me such a sweet message 馃挊
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king-keery 11 months
Idk what makes one person attack another for no apparent reason, but their hate doesn't matter. They won't be bigger than our love. You are great!
Be well and take care. Xoxo from BR 鉂わ笍
thank you so much ! i will definitely be focusing on those who are kind to me and in turn make me more kind rather than any negativity :)
i鈥檓 thankful for you and all the other people who give me kindness and love 馃挄
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softtdaisy 1 year
Absolutely delighted with your fic, but I needed Kleenex at the end... Congrats! <3
I鈥檓 sorry for making you cry 馃ズ it was a very sad one I admit it, I was writing the end yesterday and I was breaking my heart alone
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jadore-andor 2 months
YOU! You are so kind and sweet! I think that you are wonderful!
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b3autyfuldisast3r 3 months
This is so accurate and on point...
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@sincericida @princessmisery666 馃槖
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jynxmirage 3 months
馃幎鉁╳hen u get this u have to put 5 songs u actually listen to, publish. then, tag 10 of your followers (negotiable, positivity is cool) 馃幎鉁
Thank you @callmemana for the tag!
Pretty Woman by Pomplamoose
Sunflower by Post Malone ft Swae Lee
Thunder Struck by AC/DC
Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran
How About Them Cowgirls by George Strait
No pressure tag: @fandomxpreferences @fanboygarcia @seresinsbabe @sincericida @benhardysdrumstick @yanna-banana @agentwayne17 @rhettabbotts @powerfulruler @purplevortexx
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reidslovely 8 months
Hi! I saw your requests were open so if you feel comfortable, would you write a NSFW blurb or headcanon with tasm!Peter x fem!reader where his spider abilities (either strength/stamina) or something hurts her and she has to use her safeword? (I'm 21 btw 馃槉)
Uhm, yes bestie I can 馃挌
I am sorry if this isn鈥檛 what you had in mine anon, but I hope you loved it regardless.
Content Warnings: Rough choking, use of safe word, sexual acts, dirty talk, ownership, and overstim. Obviously there鈥檚 some aftercare.
Also divider creds to @gettingrailedbyreid
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There was nothing, absolutely nothing more magical than getting lost in the moment with Peter.
The feeling of his cock sliding in between her folds, alone was enough to make her feel lightheaded. His breath fanned on her neck, as he left sensual opened mouth kisses on her neck. 鈥淪ay please.鈥 He let out a laugh that held a taunting banter to it. He had already drew five mini orgasms out of her her cunt twitched around nothing, she was still coming down from her last one. Her clit throbbed against the tip of his cock as he nestled there. His pre-cum coating her. (Y/N) looked at him; eyes doe like and bottom lip jousting to a pout.
鈥淧ete please, hurry.鈥 She begged.
His fingertip danced over her sternum, then over her collarbones in a slow manner. His finger stopped at the base of her neck, drawing little diagonal lines there. 鈥淭hat wasn鈥檛 so bad was it bunny?鈥
His sweet words distracted her as he slammed himself into her. The girth having no time to stretch her out, not that she needed it. She knew she was practically made from him, and it didn鈥檛 hurt that it was always Pete who was reminding her of that.
鈥淭his pussy鈥檚 made for me huh?鈥 Peter taunted as he rocked into her, her body bouncing slightly at the strength of his thrusts.
That was one thing about Peter, in these lost moments he sometimes forgot how strong he really was. His fingers that previously rested on her neck now squeezed it tightly, her eyes widening. A moan fumbled it鈥檚 way out of her worn out body. His cock stretching her out, hitting the spot only he had ever been able to fine. 鈥淎sked you a question baby.鈥
鈥淵es, yes. Yours.鈥
鈥淕ood girl.鈥
As Peter slowed his thrusts, he looked in her eyes. He was gone, pupils blown in bliss, as he kept his rhythm while slowing his hips. All at once, it was like her sense where set on high alert, her cunt tightened around his cock and tears burned in her eyes. Peter鈥檚 grip on her throat tightened, she tried to swallow but it felt blocked. She panted her hands lifting to his wrist squeezing. Peter, however, did not ease up. She had never had to use the safe word, but here she was crying and panting seemingly all in pleasure.
Much like the previous moan, the safe word tumbled out of her mouth strained and broken. As if someone had flipped his switch Peter threw himself off of her, staring at her in shock.
鈥(Y/N)..I鈥檓 sorry, I..are you okay.鈥
Suddenly she was glass, Peter sat her up against the headboard softly. He pressed his lips to her forehead whispering apologies.
鈥淚鈥檓 okay. Got a little scared, your grip got really strong.鈥
When Peter looked at her he looked similar to a kicked puppy. 鈥淚鈥檓 never touching you again.鈥 He says after a brief silence. A sad laughs left her lips as she took her deep breaths, her hand covering his as he passed her a bottled water from their bedside table. All Peter felt was shame, there was a small bruise in the shape of his fingertip forming on her neck already.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a lie, but whatever will help you sleep tonight.鈥
Peter returned the sad laugh kissing her hand, they rested against one another.
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ouralcohol 3 months
a shoutout to some of my favorite bloggers and just people i've come to know for the past months or so. life is funny, but here we are. they've helped me become a better person in a lot of ways and i don't think i'd be the person i would be right now if it wasn't for them... in no particular order, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the following:
@rae-gar-targaryen @withahappyrefrain @drew-garfi @mortwig @wicked-rambles @spidervee @renaroo123 @liz-allyn @blooming-violets @silkspiderstuff @squiddtheekidd @papaya-047 @mrshipsmcgee @letmeplaytheliontoo @shimmerwriter @tastesupremacy @sincericida @abibliophobiaa @reigndropss @cryptidcasanova @xbamboowishesx
those are all i can think of the top of my head, dw more of this loving will come.
a lot of them have fics... and you should read them because they are phenomenal.
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noshitbarnes 2 months
I did a thing: starksrhodes -> noshitbarnes
tagging some mutuals for signal boosting @sincericida @underoosstark @tonystarkstan @softtbucky @sarahmiller @inkcap @nerdysuperchick @jamesbvck @evil-deads @nycstark
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Andrew Garfield on set of "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2011)
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rancidpancakebatter 4 months
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Hello all! I reached two hundred followers. That's like so insane to me that there are two hundred of you who like what I do enough to wanna see it regularly. That's such a crazy thing! I like can鈥檛 even wrap my mind around it.聽
I cannot thank you guys enough for your support, it means the world to me
All sappy declarations aside, I wanted to do something for you guys as a thanks. My ask box is always open and I would love it if you guys used it more, so for my celebration, I offer this...聽
In my ask box use these:
馃幍 - give me a song and a blorbo, and I鈥檒l write something inspired by the music
馃帴 - give me a famous (or not famous, maybe just one you like) TV/Movie/Book quote and its origin with a blorbo, I鈥檒l use it as a prompt.
馃懁- give me a blorbo and a headcanon and I鈥檒l flush something out for you, OR Ask about one of mine and I鈥檒l gladly share
馃柤 - Give me a fic concept or trope and/or a blorbo, and I鈥檒l share a piece of art that reminds me of them/that
馃憖 - Anything you're dying to know about me, a story I've written etc? Any questions you want to ask? You can ask anything!
You're welcome to do more than one
I will write for:
TASM! Peter Parker
MCU! Peter Parker
James 鈥淏ucky" Barnes
Matt Murdock
Steven Grant/Marc Spector
(I have a thing for Marvel men, what can I say?)
Steve Harrington
Richie Tozier
I love interacting with you guys, please don鈥檛 ever feel like you are bothering me!
Here are some people who helped me along the way:
@navybrat817, @secretaccountlol, @andrews-lovr, @liz-allyn, @blooming-violets, @venus616, @withahappyrefrain, @ryswritingrecord, @remuslupinsdocs, @cherriescherriesred25, @defrosting-strawberries, @princesskittycatofmeowland, @scorpiolystoned, @sincericida
Thank you all so much, I wouldn鈥檛 be here without you :))聽
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螝伪蟺慰喂伪 伪纬伪蟺畏渭苇谓伪 渭蟺位慰纬魏?
鉁‵avourite blogs :
@little-cherryy @mou-aresei-to-fai @sincericida @simena @ekptwtosaggelos @whimsigothwitch
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softtdaisy 2 months
You鈥檙e so adorable thank you so much 馃ス鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
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blooming-violets 3 months
My favorite app to relax with is this color by number thing. Today鈥檚 new pic, not only, was a Spidey one but a werewolf, too! I think the universe it trying to tell us something @sincericida鈥
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bxcketbarnes 9 months
So, I'm just about done my detective!peter parker fic and I was curious-
Would you rather read it all at once or in parts? I can split it up in at least 3 parts. It'll be about 7.5k words 馃憖
Just let me know what you guys want and I'll deliver! It should be done by tonight if I continue it on my break 馃グ
Tagging people from Peter Parker taglist -
@apeainapot @paw-sneeze @thewxntersoldier @reddesert-healourblues @softtdaisy @foreverrogers @writing-for-marvel @xoxoloverb @onlyfreds @corneliastreetinstyle @avenjames-anderson @marvelouswinchester @0-0-sunflower-0-0 @sincericida @jessalyn-jpeg
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