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Protective Solo owns my heart <3
Tumblr media
Summary: the reader is Nick's assistant who finds herself in Logan Paul's line of sight. Much to her dismay. Lucky for her, Solo Sikoa seems to have a soft spot for her.
Tumblr media
Smackdown is well into its program on a usual Friday night. You've been tentatively seeing to all GM Nick Aldis' needs as his assistant.
"YN!" Aldis catches your attention with a shout as he's looking down at his phone.
"Yes, sir?" You answer his prompt with enthusiasm.
Nick glances up from his phone and nods out toward the locker room area. "Could you please go and fetch Paul Heyman for me?" He asks you. "And Solo as well."
"Sure." You nod. "Can I ask what for? Just in case they ask?" You ask him.
"Just a meeting," Nick replies vaguely.
You nod and take off for Roman's spacious locker room. You come up on the door with 'The Bloodline' scrawled across the door. You knock briskly on the wood and wait for an answer.
A few seconds later, Jimmy Uso cracks the door open and peers down at you. "What do you want, shortie?" Jimmy wastes no time in confronting you.
"Mr. Aldis has asked to see Paul and Solo." You explain. "May I come in?" You ask him politely.
Jimmy narrows his eyes at you and glances around the empty space behind you cautiously. He glances back down at you one more time before he begrudgingly steps back from the door and lets you inside.
"Thank you." You nod at Jimmy and step through the door. "Excuse me, sorry to bother you, Roman." You turn your attention to Roman lounging in his chair. "Mr. Aldis has asked to see Paul and Solo." You explain.
"What for?" Roman quirks a brow at you.
You bite the inside of your lip, wishing that Nick had just explained what his intentions were with Solo and Paul. "I'm sorry, he just said it was for a meeting." You explain sheepishly.
Roman's jaw twitches and you watch him beckon Paul over to his side with the subtle flick of his wrist. You remain by the door and watch Paul and Roman whisper to one another for a moment before they both turn back to you.
"Take Solo with you." Roman turns to Solo and nods in your direction. "Paul will join you in a few minutes."
"Oh, okay." You nod and glance at Solo standing stoicly on the other side of the room.
Without a word, Solo stalks over to you and waits for you to leave. You offer Roman a small smile and turn around back to the door.
Solo reaches over you and pulls open the door. You nod at him in thanks and step out into the hall. Solo follows and shuts the locker room door behind him. You wait for the door to shut before starting your journey down the hall silently.
You've been working for Nick for a few months now as his assistant. Roman and The Bloodline have been a nuisance for Nick since he took the job, and you as well. But there's just something about Solo that draws you to him. Despite his stoic nature.
"Sorry to take you away from Roman so randomly." You attempt to make small talk while you walk.
"Don't worry about it." Solo replies dryly.
You nod and continue on the journey back to Nick's office. You get to the door and Solo once again steps ahead of you and grabs the door for you. "Thank you, Solo." You offer him a thankful smile.
Solo nods and you head inside the office. "I have Solo here, Mr. Aldis. Paul will be joining us shortly." You inform Aldis before stepping back over to your desk.
Nick beckons Solo over to his desk and you busy yourself with work while the pair chat. Paul shows up a few minutes later and comes over to your desk.
"Miss LN." Paul greets you. "Sorry for the delay." He offers you an apology.
"No problem, Paul." You reply. "Mister Aldis will see you now. He's with Solo chatting at his desk." You nod toward the boss's desk.
Paul heads over to Nick's desk and you once again get back to your work. A few minutes later Paul and Solo whisper to one another for a moment before Paul points over to you subtly. Solo nods and walks over to your desk.
"Is there something you need, Solo?" You look up from your work at Sikoa.
"Nah." Solo shakes his head.
You nod and Solo remains posted up by the side of your desk. Paul and Nick remain at Nick's desk chatting about something or other.
A few minutes later, the office door swings open and Logan Paul comes sauntering in with a self-entitled smile plastered on his face. "YN!" Logan walks over to you, making a note to ignore Solo. "How's it going beautiful?" He asks you.
"Logan." You reply dryly. "Mister Aldis is busy at the moment." You warn him.
"Fine with me." Logan leans over to your desk. "I came by to talk with you." He winks at you.
Your jaw twitches in annoyance at Logan's advances. Solo catches the subtle gesture and eyes Logan out of the corner of his eye.
"I'm a little busy, Logan. Sorry." You attempt to politely get him away from you.
"No trouble, babe." Logan shrugs. "I can wait." He continues to lean against your desk.
You let out a small sigh, tapping your pen against your palm. Next to your desk, Solo matches your sigh. You watch from the corner of your eye as he uncrosses his arms and steps up to Logan.
"You can go ahead and leave." Solo sizes up Logan. "Now." He stares at Paul with a no-nonsense look.
Logan laughs and turns to Solo but second-guesses himself when he sees the look on Solo's face. Logan backs off and glances at you one more time before he scoffs and exits the office.
"Thanks for that." You turn to Solo after Logan slams the office door.
"He come by often?" Solo leans back next to your desk and crosses his arms over his chest again.
You nod, recalling all the times you've had to put up with Logan meandering around the office when you're trying to work. "Only when he's bored." You answer Solo. "Which just happens to be almost always." You snark.
Paul and Nick finish up their conversation so you don't catch the flare in Solo's nostrils. Paul walks over to your desk and collects Solo before both of them head out.
Nick walks over to your desk after the pair have gone with papers in his hand and questions ready to fire at you. "Did I hear Logan Paul in here a minute ago?" He asks you.
"Mhm." You hold your hands out to receive Nick's papers. "Sikoa scared him off." You muse. "What are those for?"
"Just some copies I need to be made up," Nick replies. "I really should have a talk with our United States champion about his manners." He sighs to himself.
You nod and take the papers. Nick walks off back to his desk and you neatly put the papers into a pile before taking them over to the copier in the other room.
It takes you around 15 minutes to make all the copies that Nick needs. When you come back into the office Nick is talking in a rushed and concerned tone with a couple of the security staff.
"Is there something going on, sir?" You drop the papers at your desk and hurry over to Nick's.
"It seems that Mister Sikoa has decided to teach our US champ some manners himself." Nick turns to you. "The pair were just separated after getting into a brawl backstage." He explains.
Your eyes widen in surprise at Nick's explanation. "Oh." Is the only reply you can muster.
"I'll go have a chat with Mr. Paul," Nick adds. "I trust that you can handle speaking with Mr. Sikoa?" He asks you.
"Of course, sir." You nod. "What would you like me to tell him?" You ask.
Nick bobs his head in thought for a moment before he answers you. "Just please let Mr. Sikoa know that he cannot go around assaulting people backstage. Especially champions." He informs you.
You nod and head off to the trainer's room that they've got Solo waiting in. You nod to the security officers at the door and they let you in.
Inside the trainer's room, Solo is being treated for a minor cut to the eyebrow from the fight. You walk over to him and dismiss the trainer cleaning up his cut.
"That cut looks like it stings." You comment.
"It's fine," Solo replies.
You nod and bounce on your feet, unsure of what to say. "Can I ask who started the fight?" You ask him.
"I started it," Solo replies plainly. "And ended it." He adds.
"Right." You nod. "And can I ask why?"
Solo looks at you through the blood trickling down his face. But he doesn't have to say anything to answer your question. "Yeah...I know why." You bite the inside of your lip. "But you didn't need to. I don't need any help in dealing with Logan Paul." You insist.
"Kind of seems like you did," Solo replies, a hint of a smile on his lips.
"I-" You take notice of the smile he's trying to hide. "Okay!" You stifle a laugh but not the amused smile on your face. "Thank you, again, Solo." You thank him in a whisper. "Clean him up and then he's free to go." You turn back to the trainers. "Don't let it happen again, Mister Sikoa!" You glance at him and raise your voice.
Solo nods at your raised tone. "Yes, ma'am."
You exit the trainer room and head back to the office with an amused smile on your face. When you get back Nick is already back from his chest with Logan.
"I presume that your conversation with Mister Sikoa went well?" Nick asks you.
"It did." You nod and sit back down at your desk. "I don't think that this will be happening again." You assure him.
Nick nods and sits back down at his desk ad well. "Yes, I don't think so as well." He agrees with a knowing smile.
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randombubblegum · 2 years
Whats the theory on luisinana hotel.
Like personally, I doubt it was something Official, If it was anything, i feel like it had to be something both of them could plausibly deny was anything more than friendship.
But what do the people, and most importantly Syd, thinks?
HMMMM okay so like. my theory on louisiana hotel is pretty simple really LOL i think that whole thing was just awsten and otto burning off the UST in a way that was plausibly deniable for both of them??? thats not even a theory its just fully visible in the video 😭 like:
- awsten gleefully annoying otto into wrestling him while hes naked wearing JUST a robe
- awsten grabs ottos ass and fully sticks his hand between ottos legs. like. that is On camera
- awsten clearly blissed out gleeful in heaven having otto hold him down with his body, pin his arm to the bed, smother him with a pillow, straddle him, etc
- otto goes red as a tomato by the end and flees to the bathroom????????????
- otto hitting awsten with pillows while awsten giggles “im only 18 ;)” insane. hello? INSANE COMMENT
- otto picking awsten up bodily with awstens legs (again he is naked) wrapped around otto and his robe practically falling off
like. it was the classic “wrestling is how boys have sex” meme except it was real and like. palpable. BUT!!! plausibly DENIABLE, which is the essential thing. actually i dont even need to reiterate my theory i wrote a whole fic about it the literal moment i watched the video because it opened my third eye forever lol
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That's not nasty to say at all! HECK YES SHE PEGS THEM BOTH. (Honestly Carmy probably needs to be taken control of a little, he probably takes a while to get relaxed enough to go into subspace, but when he's in there I bet he's like an obedient little puppy for Sydney). AND RICHIE IS SUCH A BRAT, once he wrestles through that toxic overly-macho bullshit he begs for her strap. I need to go back and rewatch season one, I loved seeing their dynamic so much.
ehehehehhe you talkin my language anon.
oh DUDE Carmy would absolutely love giving the reins to someone else, especially someone he knows he can trust and someone he respects. He knows Sydney is gonna take care of him and make him feel good and he doesn't need to feel guilty or overthink. He just needs to he a good boy and listen.
Richie would probably only get interested because he gets jealous of the intimacy that he senses is growing between Carmy and Sydney. And sure, when he finds out about it he is incensed, creeped out even but he too craves affection, attention, and good ole validation. He's willing to try. And of course, he's like, "cmon! just do me like you do carmy." But Syd is a good Dom. She knows that Richie needs something else entirely.
Honestly I feel like the fic writes itself.
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filthyjanuary · 3 years
awtto :)
tbh ngl this meme seems much better suited to fictional ships but alright let’s go
001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:
when I started shipping it if I did: i got into parx in like may 2020 and i was shipping awtto by june-july i think so pretty quick, because i read awsten’s book and it was INSANE and also syd was making Points and NO ONE WAS LISTENING and i was like HOW ARE Y’ALL NOT SEEING THIS.... nearly a year later, awtto nation thrives <3
my thoughts: they are absolutely bonkers. like their history is insane. the way awsten talks about otto irl but ESPECIALLY in his book? INSANE. their personalities and how fucking weird and different they are and yet they get along so well? INSANE. they make me want to gnaw drywall <3
What makes me happy about them: it’s just very fucking cute that they met as teens and are still tight as fuck despite Drama That Very Well Should Have Destroyed Them and now they are in a band doing cool things and they have these completely on paper different personalities but they mesh so well and it’s just like!! i like ‘em! and they like each other!! they put up with so much wack shit from each other like i’d have to love someone a lot to keep making an effort when they were neigh unreachable most of the time and i’d have to love someone a lot if they were Awsten-levels of batshit off the wall obnoxious too and they do! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER
What makes me sad about them: uh well the g**** of it all. bad situation. makes me sick if i think about it for too long.
things done in fanfic that annoys me: tbh awtto nation generally writes incredible fic. i don’t look at wattpad so i don’t know what fuckery goes on there. i guess just like wanting to avoid using their names so you write ‘the heterochromatic boy’ fives times in one fic makes me want to drink bleach but also i do not write fic so like i’m really not in any position to criticize.
things I look for in fanfic: it’s written by sydney @randombubblegum. nah jokes, tbh i’m behind bc i havent rly had fic time lately, and when i have, i’ve been reading DBH fic, but when i do read awtto i kind of read everything in the tag. the fandom is small enough that it’s not like i have room to be choosy. and also most of the stuff ppl are putting on ao3 is really good so i always have a good time.
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: i mean they’re real people so it’s not rly my place to be comforted by who they are dating but i do think [redacted] is maybe not the best influence. hmmm maybe they can join geoff’s polycule idk. trawsten is also cute sometimes but i also think awsten should get to make out with all his idols. gotto is cute sometimes and there is also something compelling about otto/dewayne tbh. just wholesome boys.
My happily ever after for them: literally get over yourselves and kiss oh my fucking god if geoff has to look like his soul is leaving his body in one more interview i will kermit on his behalf
who is the big spoon/little spoon: we have a canonical answer to this and it’s otto big spoon awsten little spoon and tbh even without having seen that video i would’ve guessed that anyway
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: i dont know if it’s non-sexual but whatever in the foreplay wrestling shit louisiana hotel was 
send me characters/ships 
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30 Questions
Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 30 people.
I was tagged by @fan-fiction-galore
Nickname: Syd 
Gender: Female 
Star Sign: Sagittarius 
Height: 5’3.5’’ I think ? 
Time: 5:22 PM 
Birthday: December 14th 
Favorite Band(s): All Time Low, Set It Off, Halestorm, Dorothy, Fall Out Boy, We Are The In Crowd, Fozzy, In This Moment, Stone Sour, Metallica, Blink 182, A Day To Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Junior, Green Day, The Pretty Reckless, Starset, I Prevail, and a lot of others 😂 
Favorite Solo Artist(s): Lindsay Stirling, James Arthur, Machine Gun Kelly, Lana Del Rey, Shawn Mendes, Drake, Blackbear, Kendrick Lamar, Maggie Lindemann, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, Bruno Mars, James TW, Nathan Sykes, and, again, a lot of others 😂 
Song Stuck In My Head: Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie 
Last Movie I Watched: The Blair Witch Project 
Last Show I Watched: Catfish 😂 
When Did I Create My Blog: I think it was November of 2014 ???? 
What Do I Post: Wrestling, memes, wrestling memes, dogs, cats, positivity, fics, and that’s it ? 
Last Thing I Googled: Corvette 😍 
Do You Have Other Blogs: I do not 
Do You Get Asks: No :(((( I would love to talk to my followers though 
Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: I honestly don’t remember. I think it was a song and I added 13 because it’s my favorite + lucky number 
Blogs You Are Following: 192 
Followers: Like, 142 
Favorite Colors: Black, blue, purple, and red. 
Average Hours of Sleep: Probably 5 hours. 9 if I’m lucky😂 
Lucky Number: 13 
Instruments: Guitar 
What Am I Wearing: Blue t-shirt with black shorts 
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 2 
Dream Trip: Maui OR Sydney, Australia 😍❤️ 
Favorite Food: Pizza…or tacos😂 
Nationality: I’m German and Austrian 
Favorite Song Now: The Best Thing (That Never Happened) by We Are The In Crowd
I don’t have thirty people that I can tag :((( so I tag anyone that wants to do this :)
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sydsaint · 5 months
Gotta show my Latino Papi some love <3
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader is Damian's plus one at Dominick's wedding.
Tumblr media
You and Rhea are taking the afternoon to buy dresses and get your hair and nails done for Dominick's wedding later in the day.
"What about this one?" Rhea pulls a ruby red dress off of the rack and presents it to you.
You look up from the rack you're looking at and examine the dress. "Not really my style." You shrug. "But I bet it'd look killer on you, Rhea. You should try it on." You suggest.
Rhea nods in agreement and hangs the dress over her shoulder while she browses for a few more options to try on. You go back to browsing the rack you're in front of and come across a pretty black dress.
"How about this one, Rhea?" You pick the dress up and present it to Rhea. "I like the neckline."
Rhea turns around and almost instantly nods her head. "YN, yes." She beams. "That will look so good on you."
You giggle and hang the dress over your shoulder so you can browse some more.
You and Rhea both collect four or five dresses to try on and head for the dressing rooms. The two of you have been friends for years so you opt for one of the bigger rooms and share.
"Zip me up, yeah?" Rhea asks you after she's pulled on a black dress.
"Sure, turn around." You nod.
Rhea turns her back to you and you pull the zipper up her back. She turns back around and you compliment her. "How is it you manage to look good in literally everything?" You jokingly complain.
"It's a gift, really." Rhea giggles. "Here, try this one on." She picks up the black dress you picked out and hands it to you.
You begin pulling on your dress and Rhea slips out of hers to try another one on. You get settled into your black dress and admire yourself in the mirror. "I really like this one." You admire your reflection. "What do you think, Rhea?" You turn back to her.
Rhea turns around while she's shimmying into the red dress she picked out and her eyes widen. "Damn, YN." She compliments you. "You might look too good in that dress." She teases you. "How badly are you trying to impress Damian tonight?"
You giggle with Rhea and grab your phone from your bag sitting on the bench. "Do you mind if I snap a quick pic?" You ask Rhea. "I wanna see what Damian thinks of this one."
"Sure." Rhea nods since she's got her dress on by now and is admiring herself in the mirror. "Let's take a few together after you're done." She adds.
"Yes!" You agree and snap a quick mirror picture of yourself.
You send the picture to Damian then take a few with Rhea for fun. You decide on the black dress, and Rhea choses the red. The two of you get your hair and nails done then head back to the hotel to wait for your dates to come pick you up.
"Yeah, we're good, Damian." You call out to him and reach for your clutch sitting on the table.
Damian comes into the door and you watch his gaze flit over Rhea and come to a halt when it reaches you.
"Well?" You ask Damian with a giggle and do a little sin for him. "How do I look?" You ask him.
Damian chuckles and the sound sends a shiver down your spine. You could easily become addicted to the way he looks at you.
"You look absolutely stunning, princessa." Damian shakes his head and walks over to you and wastes no time in pulling you into his side by the hips.
"Told you that he wouldn't be able to keep hiss hands to himself." Rhea laughs.
"You won't ever hear me complain." You grin and lay your hands on Damian's chest. You smooth out his tie for him before tugging him down by the neck for a kiss. "You look handsome too, baby."
You and Damian share a quick heated kiss while Rhea collects her bag. She walks over to the two of you and loops her arm with yours. "Let's get going, yeah. Wouldn't want to let Dom down on his big night by being late."
Damian nods and strides over to the door. He swings the door open and steps off to the side. "Right this way, ladies." He grin at you both. "I'll go on ahead and pull the car around for us."
"Thanks, babe." You touch Damian's arm gently as you and Rhea pass him.
Everyone arrives at the wedding venue about half and hour later and heads inside. You and Rhea find your seats at a table near the bride and grooms place. Fancy cream name-cards mark your spots for you.
The ceremony is beautiful and you shed a tear or two for your friend and his girlfriend, now wife.
The real fun begins after the ceremony. Everyone files into a immaculately decorated space with plenty of room for dancing and a wide array of foods off to the side of the room.
"You hungry at all, hun?" Damian asks you after you've found your table with Rhea and a few other friends from work.
"I'm aright for now, Damian. Thanks." You shake your head. "Dom and his girl look so happy." You gush. "Gosh, I can't wait until I finally get to plan my wedding."
Your comment earns a giggle from Rhea and a wide-eyed look from Damian. The two of you have been ating for about a year now.
"No pressure, Damian." You laugh when you see the guilty look on his face. "I'm content just the way we are."
Damian sighs in relief and plays it off like he wasn't freaked out. Everyone mingles at the table for a while until the dancefloor begins to fill up. You watch people dance for a while with a longing look in your eyes. You know Damian isn't much for dancing. So you try not to get your hopes up.
"YN, Amore, dance with me?" Damian gets up from his seat next to Austin after a while and offers you his hand.
"Oh, you don't have to, Damian." You shake your head at him, but Priest persists.
Damian keeps his hand outstretched to you and flashes you a deabonaire smile. "Come on." He urges you. "I know you want to get out there. And I'm not opposed to once dance." He insists.
"Really?" You take Damian's hand and he leads you out onto the dancefloor. "Thank you, Damian." You smile at him as a slow song starts to play.
Damian pulls you close to his chest and the two of you sway to the soft music. "I know I said it before, but you really do look stunning tonight." He compliments you. "I know I don't say it often. But I love you, YN."
"I love you too, Damian." You blush and lean in a little closer.
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sydsaint · 2 months
Break me anytime sir 😩😩
Tumblr media
Summary: Tired of having to deal with Bron and his violent behavior, Pearce pawns Breakker off on his assistant to handle. A role she's more than happy to take on.
Tumblr media
Raw has been on the air for around and hour, and for once, things seem to be going smoothly. You are hanging out in the backstage area and talking with a couple of the members of the production crew when Pearce comes stomping into the room.
"YN!" Pearce's shrill voice knocks you out of the conversation you were having.
"Yes, sir?" You turn sharply on your heel and face your boss with a smile.
Pearce aims a narrow look at you. "When was the last time that you checked in with the security team?" He asks you.
"Umm, right before the show started. Why?" You answer him.
You notice Pearce's jaw clench in annoyance as he sets a hand on his hip. "Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov are about to have a match." He explains. "And I have a sneaking suspicion that Bron Breakker might make an appearance. Despite the fact that I've slapped him with a fine and asked him not to show up tonight."
"Right, okay." You nod. "I'll check up on them right away." You reach for the walkie-talkie hanging off of your belt.
Pearce stands by and watches you radio in with the security team. You talk with them for a minute before putting it back and turning back to Pearce.
"They haven't noticed anything suspicious tonight, sir." You relay the information to Pearce. "But I told them to be on the look-out for Breakker." You add.
Pearce nods, satisfied with your answer, and gestures for you to follow him back to the office. The two of you are headed back to the office when someone from the production team comes sprinting down the hall in search of either you or Pearce.
"Sir! Bron Breakker is out in the ring and attacking Ilja and Ricochet!" The frantic production guy comes to a halt in front of the two of you.
"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" Pearce shouts. "Well is security breaking up the fight?" He asks.
The security guard nods and gestures down the hall where the rest of the security team are all attempting to escort Bron away from the ring area.
"Sir! Please come with us!" One of the guys practically begs Breakker to cooperate.
You watch Pearce drag a hand over his face with followed by an exhausted sigh. He glances over at you and happens to notice the awestruck glint in your eyes as you watch Bron fight with the security team. An idea pops into Pearce's head and he fixes his tie, giving himself a moment to compose himself before he turns toward you.
"Y/N." Pearce turns toward you and catches your attention.
"Yeah, sir?" You blink a couple of times and turn to face him.
Pearce glances between you and Bron a couple of times before turning his attention back on you. "Why don't you stay with Breakker and try to calm him down? I'll go make sure that Ricochet and Ilja are alright." He explains.
"Yeah, okay." You nod.
You turn back around to Bron and the security team and swallow your nervousness down. Pearce walks off to head down to the infirmary and you approach the frustrated security team and the man making their life hell.
"Okay, you guys can relax now. Step off of him and give us some space." You order the team to relax and disperse.
The team all steps off of Bron and gives the two of you some space to breathe. Bron stares at you with a smug smile and waits for you to dish out some sort of punishment for his brash actions.
"I suppose that asking you to leave the building is useless?" You finally work up the courage to speak.
"I'm already here, aren't I?" Bron replies. "Mind as well hang out, right?"
You close your eyes and huff a breath out of your nose. "Can I at least ask that you stop brutally attacking your peers?" You ask him. "You can be pissed off at Pearce all you want. But taking out half the roster isn't going to get you anywhere." You remind him. "Unless you're just trying to create a mountain of tedious paperwork for Pearce and me?"
"For Pearce, maybe." Bron grins. "He should have let me into the King Of The Ring tournament." He shrugs.
You roll your eyes, trying to devise a plan on what you're going to do with Breakker while Pearce is gone.
"I've got stuff to do. Can I trust that you can behave yourself in the locker room? Or do I have to babysit you?" You ask him.
"I don't know." Bron teases you. "There's a lot of guys that like to run their mouths in the locker room."
You roll your eyes again and your phone buzzes in your pocket. You take it out and find a text from Pearce, updating you on Ricochet and Ilja. Both of them are fine. Or at least, without serious injury.
"Well, it looks like Ilja and Ricochet are going to be fine." You inform Bron and put your phone back into your pocket. "Which means no fine for you, unfortunately." You grumble that last part. "And if you're not going back to the locker room then I guess I'm stuck keeping an eye on you. So let's go." You gesture for him to follow you.
Bron shrugs and trails behind you as you weave through the backstage area. You find it much easier to maneuver through the droves of people working backstage with Bron behind you. But you'd be jumping out of the way too if you saw a man built like Breakker headed your way.
"Hey, Mike. Do you have the viewership stats for first hour of the show?" You head down to the production truck.
"Yeah, right he-Oh geez!" Mike turns around and is startled by Bron lurking menacingly behind you. "Umm, ma'am?" He nods subtly behind you.
"Ignore him." You reply and take the papers from his hands. "I'm babysitting because, someone," You turn back and look at Bron. "Can't be trusted to stay out of trouble."
Mike nods and turns to sit back down in his seat. You gloss over the report and head out of the truck, gesturing for Bron to follow you. Breakker pushes off the wall and continues to trail behind you while you run errands. After you've done a couple of things around the backstage area, you head back to the office with Bron still at your side.
"Pearce! You in here?" You step into the office and glance around for your boss.
"Over here, YN." Pearce replies from behind his desk.
Pearce beckons you over to his desk and you see a smile crack on his lips when he spots Bron still seemingly loitering at your side. You walk over to his desk and hand over the reports you've been collecting all night.
"So, you managed to put a leash on the dog, huh, YN?" Pearce taunts you, nodding to Bron on the other side of the room.
"Huh?" You reply and turn around. "Oh. Yeah, I guess." You shrug. "What else was I supposed to do with him?"
Pearce shrugs with a playful smile. "I'm intrigued that he's listening to you. What's your secret, YN?" He jokes.
"She's much prettier than you are." Bron chimes in from across the room. "And she hasn't gotten on my nerves."
Pearce rolls his eyes at Bron and turns back toward you. "Good work tonight, YN. I guess that I'll continue to leave handling Breakker to you."
"Lucky me." You reply dryly, secretly ecstatic about the decision.
"Don't pretend like you don't like having me around, sweetheart." Bron chimes in again. "No one likes a liar."
You blush slightly and walk off before you dig yourself deeper into this hole. And like the obedient new guard dog he is, Bron follows.
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sydsaint · 2 months
I'm a sucker for an enemies to lovers + forced proximity arc, what can I say?
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader gets an unlucky break when she gets stuck traveling with Tyler for a couple of weeks for AEW's tour of the Pacific North West before Double or Nothing. She and Tyler have never bothered to get along. But truth be told, she doesn't quite know why.
Tumblr media
You read the text from your wonderful AEW EVP's over again, making sure that you've read it right. And unfortunately you have.
Somehow, after some kind of vague mix-up or other, according to the message anyway, you've been stuck with the infamous HOOK as a travel partner for AEW's PNW tour.
Begrudgingly, you collect your bags from the hotel room you're staying at and decide to meet your new travel partner in the lobby. You check out of your room at the main desk and glance around for any sign of Tyler hanging around. You spot Taz's broody kid leaning against a far wall in the lobby and head over to him.
"Hey, Tyler." You attempt to be civil since you're going to be stuck with him all week.
"Hey." Tyler nods to you, an emotionless expression on his face. He pushes off the wall and slings his bag over his shoulder. "You ready to head out?" He asks you. "We're due for a house show in Portland tomorrow. Drive is a couple of hours."
You nod and adjust your bag hanging off your shoulder. "Yeah, I'm ready whenever you are." You step off to the side and let Tyler lead the way.
Tyler leads the way out into the parking lot and over to a black SUV he's renting for the week. He pops the trunk open and tosses his bag into the back before moving off to the side so you can do the same. You toss your bags down next to his, your brightly colored luggage a stark contrast to his black ones, and Tyler slams the trunk shut.
"I'm driving." Tyler fishes the keys to the SUV out of his pocket and flashes them at you.
"Fine by me." You shrug and walk over to the passenger side of the car.
Both of you climb into the car in silence, and Tyler pulls the SUV out of the parking lot and out into the hectic Seattle traffic. Neither of you bother to make conversation, so Tyler switches on the radio to some random hip-hop channel.
"If you're not into the station, I'll change it here in a bit." Tyler speaks up after a couple of songs pass.
"This one is fine." You reply with a shrug.
Silence falls over the two of you again as the SUV flies down the road in the dark. You grow bored pretty fast and hum along to the radio for a bit while you scroll through your phone. What you don't notice is Tyler glancing your way once in a while as you quietly sing along to the radio when a good song comes in.
A couple of hours into the ride, Tyler stops off at some gas station in some nowhere off-ramp town.
"I'm gonna use the bathroom and grab some food." Tyler explains as he turns the car off.
"Cool. I'll do the same." You nod and unbuckle yourself out of your seat.
You and Tyler head inside and he heads to the bathroom while you make a b-line for the snack aisle. You grab an energy drink from one of the fridges on the back wall, then start looking through the chips and other salty snacks on the shelf in front of you.
Tyler comes back from the bathroom a few minutes later and you see him grab the same brand of energy drink out of the fridge as you from the corner of your eye. You pick out a small bag of chips before moving to the candy aisle for something sweet.
Once you've collected a nice round-up of snacks, you head up to the check-out and set everything onto the counter. Tyler comes up from behind you and sets his stuff down as well, and you can't help but notice that your choices in snacks are almost identical.
You fish out your wallet from your pocket to pay for your snacks but Tyler shoulders in front of you before you can pull it out of the confines of your pocket.
"I got it." Tyler mumbles as he pushes past you.
You stumble back a couple of steps as Tyler hands a couple of bills over to the cashier. The cashier takes the cash and returns some change to Tyler who pockets the extra's and grabs his stuff off the counter.
"...Thanks." You give Tyler a quick thank you as he steps passed you with his food and drink in hand.
You grab your stuff off the counter and follow Tyler back out to the car in silece. Tyler sets his stuff inside the car and turns back around to pump some gas before the two off you depart. You stop in front of the car and frown.
"You should have let me at least pay for some gas." You complain, feeling like a leech.
"Nah. It's my rental." Tyler replies as he leans against the side of the car. "Don't worry about it." He assures you.
You huff out a breath and watch the screen on the pump climb in price. "Well do you at least want me to drive for a while?" You ask Tyler, tired of feeling halpless this whole trip.
"Nah." Tyler replies again nonchalantly. "We're more than halfway there. It's fine." He insists.
"Whatever." You grumble to yourself at Tyler's aloofness and climb back into the passenger side of the car.
You climb into the passenger seat and settle into your spot. You glance out the window at Tyler as he finishes up pumping gas. Your phone buzzes and you check your messages. You find a text from Skye waiting for you.
-How the trip going?
-fine I guess. hes just so cold. idk what to do
-hang in there babe! u got this!
-I'll try. wish me luck!
Tyler climbs back into the car and you put your phone back into your pocket. He switches the car back on and pulls back onto the road.
Tyler drives for about another hour in silence before you can't take it anymore. You glance over at him and muster up the courage to say something.
"Are you sure that you don't want me to drive?" You ask. "I'm more than happy to take over for a while." You assure him.
"I've got it." Tyler shakes his head. "Besides, we're almost there."
You nod and bite the inside of your lip. "Are you sure?" You speak up again. "You've been driving for like 4 hours straight." You remind him.
"I'm fine, Y/N." Tyler insists. "If you want to help with something you can do me a solid and crack open my drink for me." He suggests.
"Yeah, sure." You nod and crack open his drink for him. "You need me to hand feed you Dorito's too?" You quip.
Your eyes are fixed on the road so you don't see the hint of a smile crack on Tyler's face at your quip.
Silence once again overtakes the car ride until you and Tyler finally make it to the hotel at around 1am. You grab your bags and head inside to the front desk. You get checked into your shared room and are given two keycards, giving one to Tyler when he joins you in the lobby.
The two of you head up to the room in silence. You make it into the room first and set your bags down onto one of the queen beds in the room. Tyler takes the other bed and the two of you silently unpack.
"I'm going to grab a quick shower before I go to sleep." You inform Tyler as you fish your sleepwear out of your bag.
You grab your comfy oversized tshirt and the comfy underwear you like to sleep in and head into the bathroom. Tyler unpacks his bag and changes into some more loose-fitting sweats before setting his bags down onto the floor and climbing into his bed for the night.
Tyler plugs in his phone and scrolls through it for a while. He can hear you singing to yourself from the bathroom and cracks a small smile.
"There's still hot water if you want to rinse off." You come out of the bathroom a bit later, toweling off your hair.
"I'll shower in the morning." Tyler shrugs and looks up from his phone at you as you discard your towel into the bascket sitting by the bathroom door.
You shrug and climb into your bed. "Suit yourself. I'm going to bed." You plug in your phone to your charger and switch the bedside lamp off.
Tyler does the same and you both get some sleep.
Much later into the morning you are woken up by the sound of someone rummaging around the hotel room. You yawn and prop yourself up in bed and check the time on your phone. 7am.
"Please don't tell me that you're a morning person?" You groan and sit up in bed.
You rub the sleep from your eyes and find Tyler digging through his bags for his gym clothes. Your breath hitches in your throat when your eyes land on his bare back, muscles flexing and moving with every movement. His sweats hang low on his hips, and you can only imagine what they look like from the front.
"Always have been." Tyler answers your question. "I'm going to change and then head to the gym for a couple of hours." He explains.
"Okay." You nod and stretch your arms above your head. "I think I'm just going to hang out here for a couple more hours. Maybe grab some breakfast."
Tyler nods and you watch him walk off with his gym bag slung over his shoulder. You lay in bed for another hour or so before you decide to get dressed and grab something to eat. You pull a cute outfit from your bag and strip off your sleeping shirt in front of your bed.
You switch your underwear and bra and are in the middle of squeezing into a pair of jeans when the door clicks open.
"I'm back. You in here?" Tyler steps through the door as you move to grab something to cover yourself up with. "Oh, sorry. I'll just, step back out." Tyler see's that you're changing and retreats back into the hall.
You pull your shirt over your head and call for Tyler to come back inside the room. He cautiously comes back through the door and tosses his bag onto the floor.
"Sorry, YN. I didn't mean to barge in on you." He apologizes for almost catching you naked. "I guess I should have knocked." He muses.
"It's fine." You shrug and zip your suitcase back up. "My ring gear is way more provocative, right?" You joke. "I was just going to grab breakfast at that place across the street. You're welcome to come if you want."
Tyler nods and grabs a fresh hoodie from his bag. He pulls it over his head and gets the door for you. "Sure, I could eat."
You and Tyler head over to the diner and eat in a comfortable silence. You eventually get him to casually chat with you about some stuff and learn that the two of you share a few hobbies.
After your breakfast has finished you reach for your bag to fish your wallet out of it and pay the bill. Tyler spots your gesture and grabs your hand that's still on the table.
"Hey, I've got it, YN." Tyler insists.
"Again?" You look back up at him with narrowed eyes. "Are you sure? I'm kind of starting to feel like a mooch." You admit, but you can see that Tyler doesn't plan on changing his mind any time soon. "Can I at least get the tip?" You ask him.
Tyler cracks a small grin and nods, letting go of your hand. "Sure." He agrees to let you leave a tip.
You smile happily and pull a couple of bills out of your wallet. You leave them on the table and head out with Tyler back to the hotel room. The two of you have different schedules for the show so you part ways for a few hours.
Much later into the night you are packed up and getting ready to head back to the hotel. You stop outside the arena where there are some fans grouped up and waiting to see some of the people from the show. You run into them and agree to sign a couple of things and take a few photos with some of the girls hanging out.
"What about me, beautiful?" One of the guys with the group of girls breaks through the crowd and approaches you. "Can I get a picture too?" He asks you with a cocky grin.
Reluctantly, you nod and agree to a photo. Normally you'd never agree to take a photo with some tool like this. But you don't want to make a scene in front of the girls that were being polite and waited so long to have a chance at meeting you.
"Sure, why not. One wont hurt, right?" You gesture for the guy to step next to you.
The guy eagerly fishes his phone out of his pocket and steps over to you. You force a smile on your face as he slings an arm around you for the picture. The scent of his nasty colonge assaults your senses but you bear it and wait for the photo to be taken.
The fan pulls you into his side as close as he can get and goes to take the photo. His hand thats slung over the back of your shoulders slides down your back and stops dangerously close to your ass.
You grimace and step away from the fan, intent on telling him off. But someone beats you to the punch. "Hey! What the fuck? Get off of her!" Tyler suddenly appears and stomps towards you and the fanboy.
The fanboy scoffs and turns to confront Tyler. "Excuse me? Do you mind, man? I'm trying to get a picture!" He nods toward you.
"Looks more to me like you were trying to cop a feel." Tyler replies and steps between you and the fanboy.
"What it to you?" The fanboy sneers. "You her boyfriend or something?"
You grab Tylers arm thats posistioned toward you and catch his attention. "Ty, it's fine." You assure him. "Come on. Let's just get out of here." You tug gently on his arm. "He's not worth getting into a brawl over. He's a loser." You shoot a glare at the fanboy. "Who thinks that he's way cooler than he is. Trust me bro, these girls? They know you're a loser too." You nod toward the group of girls standing silently a few feet away.
"Whatever, bitch." The fanboy snarls at you and Tyler takes a step toward him.
"Ty, come on." You give Tyler's arm another tug and he backs off the fanboy.
Tyler turns back toward you and the two of you walk off. "Whatever man. Let's get out of here, YN. Before I change my mind." He lets you drag him off.
"You two make a cute couple!" One of the girls in the group shouts as you drag Tyler away from the crowd.
You and Tyler glance at one another and you let go of his arm. You turn away first to hide the blush on your cheeks and don't notice Tyler's sly little smile.
"Thanks for having my back, Tyler." You thank him. "You're not so bad after all, mister cold-hearted badboy." You knock into his side playfully.
"I got your back, YN. No sweat." Tyler knocks back into you with a grin.
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sydsaint · 3 months
You're still champion of my heart baby <3
Tumblr media
Summary: Tyler faces his toughest fight yet against Chris Jericho with PLE implications. Luckily for him, Tyler's girlfriend isn't above getting her hands dirty in order to help her man win.
Tumblr media
You finish up your match against Emi Sakura, managing to earn a quick win against the Japanese legend. After celebrating in with a few fans on your way up the ramp, you head back to the locker room to see if Tyler's left yet.
"Ty? You in here?" You announce yourself as you come through the locker room door.
"Yeah." Tyler replies dryly from somewhere inside the locker room. "You beat, Emi?" He asks you as you shut the door behind you.
You snort and nod. "Course I did, look at who you're talking to." You laugh.
"Right." Tyler laughs with you.
You clean up some excess sweat from your body and throw on a shirt over your ring gear while Tyler idles on his phone like usual.
"Shouldn't you be headed out to the ring to talk with Jericho's annoying ass?" You ask Tyler after you're done changing.
"Yeah, unfortunately." Tyler nods. "I can't believe that he went and whined to my dad." He grumbles.
You snort and agree. "Look at who you're talking about, Ty." You remind him. "Jericho is a total snake. And he's ugly so,"
"You did warn me." Tyler nods. "I'm headed out. Wanna walk with me?" He asks you.
"Sure." You shrug and head over to the door.
Tyler pulls open the door for you and the two of you head down to the tunnel. You stop right at the tunnel entrance and watch Tyler head through it. You hang back since you know that he doesn't need you for this. Not with a shmuck like Chris Jericho.
You hang around backstage and watch the confrontation in the ring from the monitors set up in various places. You roll your eyes at Chris' arrogance, silently praying that Tyler just decks him.
"Oh what the fuck!?" You curse the air when Jericho decides to take a shot at Taz.
Tyler handles the situation, getting into Chris's face. But your worry for Taz gets the better of you. You head down to the ring from the back way so you don't take the spotlight away from Tyler.
"Taz!" You rush over to his side as he carefully rolls out of the ring. "Are you alright?" You help him down to the floor.
"Yeah, I'm alright, kid." Taz assures you, but you notice that his knee is obviously bothering him.
You set a cautious and gentle hand on Taz's shoulder and walk with him back over to the commentary table. Tyler takes a second to glance your way and you flash him a quick thumbs up. Ty nods at your assuring gesture and goes right back to getting in Jericho's face.
"You sure that you're okay, Taz?" You ask Taz again once he's at down.
"I'm good." Taz nods. "Come on, give me some credit, kid. I ain't quite that old yet." He chuckles. "But I appreciate the concern."
You nod and slink back around the tunnel to the backstage area to wait for Tyler to come back.
A few minutes later Tyler comes stomping through the tunnel with a foul air about him. You walk over to him and try your best to tame the beast before he thinks about doing something drastic.
"Tyler! Hey!" You rush over to Tyler's side.
"Is my dad alright?" Tyler asks you, venom in his tone.
You nod and put a hand on Tyler's arm. "Yeah, he said that he was okay." You assure him. "Come on, let's head back to the locker room and get our stuff so we can get out of here." You give his arm a small tug away from the tunnel since Chris is still out in the ring.
"Thanks for going out there and checking on him, YN." Tyler relaxes a little bit.
"Yeah, of course." You nod and begin pulling him along. "And hey, you'll get another shot at kicking Jericho's ass, okay? In the ring. Properly." You glance his way while you're walking with him.
Tyler's jaw clenches in frustration. "He's lucky that I didn't lay him out right then and there." He insists.
"I know, baby." You rub Tyler's arm, still making sure to put as much distance between him and anything Chris Jericho related as possible.
Sunday night rolls around and it's time for Dynasty. You're not scheduled for a match on the card so you opt to hang around backstage and provide Tyler with all the support that he needs tonight.
Tyler's been in a foul mood since Wednesday, and if you weren't a hater then you'd be fearing for Chris Jericho's well being right now.
"You want me out there with you?" You ask Tyler while he's getting ready for his match.
"Nah." Tyler shakes his head. "I can do this by myself." He assures you. "Can you maybe hang with my dad on commentary though?" He asks you.
You nod, surprised that Ty seems worried about his dad. "Yeah, sure." You pull your shoes back on while Tyler finishes getting ready.
The time comes for Tyler's match and the two of you head out. You let Tyler do his entrance by himself and go the back way down to the commentary table. Taz pulls up a chair for you to sit next to him in, but you decline his offer of a headset.
Chris saunters out to the ring after Tyler with his usual smug aura. You roll your eyes at the challenger as he passes the commentary desk but remain in your seat.
The bell rings and the match gets underway, and just like you suspected. It doesn't take long for the bout to get violent. You sit in silence next to Taz while Tyler and Chris go at it beating the crap out of one-another. You wince each time Chris uses a dirty tactic to try and get the upper hand and your anger grows with each second.
"Oh no." Taz slips his headset off his head once Chris retrieves his metal bat from where he was stashing it under the ring.
Tyler barely managed to kick-out of Jericho's last pinning attempt. So you know if Chris lands this than it's over for your boyfriend.
"Oh, fuck no!" You jump out of your seat and slip past Taz.
You rush around the ring and shove Jericho to the floor while's he's got his back turned away from you. Chris's bat goes flying out of his hands and you pick it up.
"Ty might be to proud to be a cheater, Chris." You stare down Jericho as he gets to his feet slowly. "But I'm not like my boyfriend."
You swing the bat at Jericho and it collides with his head. The blow instantly crumples Chris to his knees and you drop the bat. Tyler finally stirs in the ring so you haul Jericho's fat ass up and roll him into the ring before calmly walking back over to the commentary table.
You are met by Taz who looks at you with adoration like you've never seen on the man's face before.
In the ring, Tyler gets to his feet and locks in REDRUM on Chris, not that it's need after your handwork. Aubrey calls a stop to the match after checking on Chris and the bell rings. You pluck the FTW championship from it's perch at the timekeepers area and make your way into the ring.
Tyler lifts himself back to his feet again and you hand his championship back to him. "I knew you could do it." You smile at him and lift his hand in the air in victory.
"Thanks for the help, babe." Tyler whispers to you, secretly proud that you didn't let any of Chris's bullshit slide.
The crowd cheers for Tyler and you hear Taz mention you back at the commentary table proudly. Chris Jericho has been silenced and all is right in the world again.
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sydsaint · 4 months
My fav shithead old man <3
Tumblr media
Summary: Fed up with listening to Drew talking shit about her man, reader confronts Mcintyre about his big mouth. Against Punk's wishes, of course.
Tumblr media
Raw is hosting it's final show before what is set to be a record-breaking WrestleMania weekend. You are hanging out backstage with a few girlfriends after your match with Indi Hartwell near the start of the show.
You are listening to Liv Morgan vent about Becky and Rhea when you spot Drew Mcintyre enter the room from catering. Your jaw clenches involuntary and Liv notices the fire in your eyes.
"YN? You alright?" Liv tilts her head at you.
"Hmm?" You turn your attention back on Liv. "Yeah, its nothing." You nod absently, attention back on the other side of the room.
Liv turns around and sees Drew talking with someone on the other side of the room. "Oh, Drew." She nods to herself before turning back to you.
"Yeah, Drew." You confirm, venom dripping in your tone as you continue to mean-mug the Scot afar. "Sorry, Liv." You turn back to her after a minute.
"Its alright." Liv shrugs. "I get it. Drew's been running his mouth about your man. I'd be pissed too."
Your sour expresion softens and you nod. "Phil's arm is almost healed up." You smile to yourself. "And when he's back to his usual self, Drew will get what he deserves." You glance back over at Drew one last time. "Though I do have half a mind to go over there and knock him down a peg myself." You mumble to yourself.
"Oh! That'd be fun to see!" Liv giggles, being her usual chaotic self.
"Don't encourage me." You huff, eyes back on Drew.
Eventually your intense gaze manages to catch Drew's attention. Mcintyre meets your gaze and a smug smile warps onto his face. You roll your eyes at him, which prompts Drew to come sauntering over to you and Liv.
"Oh god." You clench your teeth. "Liv, please tell me not to hit him if he comes over here." You ask her.
"Mmm, no promises." Liv giggles and winks at you.
Drew comes sauntering over to the two of you, making a point to come to a stop in front of you.
"Afternoon, Liv." Drew greets Morgan first. "Always a pleasure seeing you around." He smiles at her.
"Hi, Drew." Liv waves at Mcintyre with a mischievous grin. "YN and I were just talking about you." She looks over at you and giggles.
You shoot Liv a glare as Drew turns toward you. "Is that so?" He quirks a brow at you. "So, CM Punk's lady likes to run her mouth just like her man then?" He taunts you.
"Yeah, sure." You roll your eyes. "I run my mouth about shit that doesn't concern me." You fire back, your gaze fixed on Drew's stupid meme shirt regarding your husbands squashed WrestleMania plans.
Drew huffs a breath from his nose, his nostrils flaring up in your face. "I'd watch my mouth if I were you, little lass." He warns you. "Your loser hypocrite of a husband ain't here to protect you." He reminds you.
"I don't need any man to protect me." You snap back at Drew, chest puffed out. "Especially from some whiny little bitch that had to get his kicks dogging on my man just so he could stay relevant."
"Ooo!" Liv coos behind you.
Drew chuckles and stares down at you. "And tell me, little lass? Who's got a title match this weekend?" He taunts you.
"Fuck you." You growl at Mcintyre.
Drew chuckles again and walks off. You watch him saunter off and your anger and disdain for the man only grows. Liv puts a hand on you after Drew is gone so you turn back to her.
"Well, that was super fun!" Liv giggles.
"Yeah, loads." You huff. "Im headed back to the locker room. Catch you later, Liv." You give her a quick hug before heading off.
Later in the night you return to your hotel room where your husband is waiting for you.
"Phil? Sweetie? Im back." You announce yourself as you come through the door.
"Hey! There's my breadwinner wife!" Punk calls back to you from where he's lounging on the bed. "How was Raw? I saw you beat Indi." He adds.
You shut the door and lug your bag over to the foot of the bed. You drop your bag with a heavy sigh and plop down onto the bed.
"Work was fine." You explain. "I mostly just hung out with Liv after my match. Nothing special." You close your eyes and allow yourself to relax a bit.
"Nothing special, huh?" Punk replies and scoots down to you. He runs a hand through your hair, smiling down at you. "So you don't consider getting into it backstage with Drew Mcintyre nothing special then?"
You open your eyes and find Phil looking down at you. "How'd you find out about that?" You ask him.
"I have my people." Phil shrugs. "I do vaguely recall asking you to leave Drew to me though." He reminds you.
"I know." You sigh. "And I was trying, I swear." You insist with a sigh. "But I see him walking around backstage like some self-assured dickhead wearing that idiotic shirt." You huff. "And I hear all the stuff he says about you. And I just can't keep quiet. Okay?"
Phil smiles to himself and nods. He runs his hands through your hair again and shakes his head at you. "And that is one of the many reasons that I love you." He leans down and kisses your forehead. "But come on, YN. There was a reason I asked you to leave it alone."
"I'm sorry, babe." You frown. "Mcintyre just irks me so much." You huff. "God I can't wait to watch you kick his ass." You look back up at Punk.
"Imagine how excited I am." Phil chuckles and you watch him slide off the bed and come around to your side. "Get those off." He gestures to your clothes. "I know that you've got to be sore after that match with Indi. So i'll run you a bath." He explains before heading to the bathroom.
You close your eyes again and smile to yourself. "I love you!" You call out to Punk. "Best husband ever!" You shout with a laugh.
You hear Punk chuckle from the bathroom. "Pretty sure I'm the lucky one!" He shouts back at you. "And I love you too, sweetie!"
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sydsaint · 3 months
Hello darling I was wondering if you could write a Damian x reader fic where reader has a really bad bf (can make it another wrestler if ya want) and Damian gets into a fight with said boyfriend and then proves to her he loves her and is the better option and you find out reader always had feeling for him but was to nervous to say anything to him (some what based on ho hey song by limiters)
I hope you enjoy it!!! <3
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader has a bad argument with her boyfriend, Giovanni Vinci. Damian intervenes, unable to stand by while reader gets mistreated.
Tumblr media
You storm down the hallway with your boyfriend hot on your tail as you attempt to free yourself from his presence for a bit.
"Stop following me, Giovanni." You whirl around to face him with a scowl.
"YN, come on." Gio replies. "I said that I was sorry. What else do you want me to do?" He asks you.
You scoff and go to turn around and stomp off again, but Vinci catches your arm before you can move away from him. "I want you to stop ogling other women when I'm standing right next to you, dickhead." You yank your arm out of his grip.
"I wasn't ogling, Liv, I swear." Vinci attempts to defend himself. "I was just glancing around the room and she happened to be standing right there." He insists.
"You are so full of shit!" You laugh hysterically. "I saw you staring at her ass, Giovanni! The only thing that could have made it more obvious is if you started drooling!" You shout at him.
The commotion being aired out in the middle of the hallway earns itself an audience when one of the locker room doors swings open. Damian steps out of the Judgement Day locker room and locks onto you pointing an angry finger into Giovanni's chest.
"Everything alright out here, YN?" Damian makes his way over to your side to check on you.
"We're fine here." Giovanni answers for you. "It's none of your damn business anyway." He turns his nose up at Damian.
Damian rolls his eyes and turns to face you. "I was talking to, YN, asshole." He looks down at you with a soft expression. "You okay, YN?" He asks you again.
"I'm alright, Damian, thanks." You glance up at Priest and nod. "Gio and I were just having a disagreement is all." You assure him.
"Alright." Damian nods and backs off now that he knows that you aren't in any danger. "Hey, I was just about to run down to catering to grab a drink for Finn. You want to come with me?" He asks you.
Giovanni scoffs and reaches out to grab your arm again. "She's fine." He attempts to answer for you again. "Come on, YN. Let's go back to the locker room and talk about this like adults." He insists.
Damian grabs Giovanni's arm before it has a chance to clamp down on yours. He shoves Gio's arm back into his chest and steps between the two of you. "Try and grab her like that again and the only place you'll be going is the ER." Damian growls at Giovanni.
"Whatever." Giovanni scoffs and stares at you over Damian's shoulder. "Come find me when you're over this bitchy mood, YN."
You roll your eyes and watch Giovanni retreat back to the Imperium locker room to pout. Once he's out of sight, Damian turns back around and leans down so he can talk to you more comfortably.
"You okay?" Damian asks you. "Does he he all grabby with you like that often?"
"Only when he's in a bad mood." You grumble to yourself. "Which is more often nowadays." You admit. "But I'm fine, thanks, Damian." You smile at him.
Damian nods, thoughts of kicking Giovanni's ass crossing his mind as he looks down at you. "You can still hang with me if you don't want to head back to the Imperium locker room just yet." He offers. "We can chat some more if you'd like." He suggests casually.
"Yeah, that sounds nice, actually." You nod.
You and Damian take off and head down to catering so Damian can fetch Finn's drink like he said earlier. The two of you chat along the way, mostly about work.
"How long have you and Vinci been a thing, anyway?" Damian asks you while you're on the way back from catering.
"Umm, a little over a year now I think." You reply. "It's usually not like this. Gio's sweet, most of the time." You assure him. "We just...well it seems like he likes to argue with me sometimes." You sigh.
"Sounds kind of shitty if you ask me." Damian replies. "I mean, I don't mean to pry or anything like that. But you've seemed kind of quieter and more distant these past few months." He explains.
You unconsciously nod and bite the inside of your cheek. "Yeah well, being a member of Imperium isn't easy." You attempt a half-assed laugh. "Gunther keeps us all on a tight schedule. Anyway, thanks for talking with me Damian. Gio should be cooled off by now. But I'll catch you later, yeah?" You ask him.
"Yeah, anytime, shorty." Damian nods.
You head off to return to the Imperium locker room and Damian watches you go. 'Fuck! I am such an idiot!' he curses himself. 'why couldn't I just tell her how I feel?'
Later in the night, Damian and the rest of Judgment Day are heading out of the arena. Damian is loading up the trunk with bags when he hears arguing a few spaces away.
"I'll be right back, guys." Damian sets down his bag and heads off to find the source of the shouting.
"Why do you have to act like such a difficult bitch all of a sudden?" Giovanni lays into you verbally in the parking lot. "Just get in the damn car, YN! I'm done arguing with you!"
Damian rounds the corner just as Giovanni makes a move toward you. You step out of Gio's range and swat his hand away. "Just fuck off, Gio! God, I am so sick and tired of taking this verbal abuse from you!" You shout right back at him. "Go back to the hotel by your damn self! I'll find my own ride back." You turn sharply on your heel and begin to walk away with your bags.
"You aren't going anywhere until we settle this!" Giovanni steps forward again and goes to grab you.
You turn around to smack Giovanni but someone beats you to the punch.
Your eyes widen in shock as Damian steps out from behind a car. You watch Priest reel his hand back before swinging it at Giovanni's face. Damian's first collides with Gio's jaw and Vinci reels back.
"What did I tell you earlier!" Damian puffs out his chest as he steps in front of you.
Seconds later, Finn and JD appear at your side, having been drawn in by Damian's yelling. "YN? You alright?" Finn sets a hand on your shoulder.
"What? Oh, Finn!" You jump before turning around. "What are you and JD doing here?" You ask him.
"We heard shouting." JD answers you. "Damian!? What the hell are you doing?" He turns to Damian who is now on Giovanni and trading blows with him.
The fight startles you and you shake a bit. "Can you guys separate them?" You ask Finn and JD.
Finn nods and beckons Dominick over from their car. Dom heads over and stands by you while Finn and JD break up the brawl between Giovanni and Damian.
Once the pair are separated, Finn drags Damian over to you and Dominick while JD keeps an eye on Giovanni. Damian calms down when he sees the worried look on your face.
"Shit! YN." Damian's expression softens. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I just...well I wasn't going to let Vinci keep ragging on you like that." He tries to explain himself.
"I know." You nod. "It's okay. Thank you for wanting to help." You blink a few times. "Honestly? I don't know why I've put up with it for so long." Tears dare to spill from your eyes and blur your vision.
Damian recognizes the look on your face and pulls you into his chest for a hug. He rubs your back gently to soothe you while Finn helps escort Giovanni away from the group.
"You know that you deserve better. That's what's important." Damian comforts you. "You want to ride back to the hotel with us? I can get Finn and JD to get your stuff for you." He offers. "Then we can get you a different room to stay in."
"Yeah, that sounds like a start." You nod and pull away from Damian. "Thank you, Damian. I don't know what I'd be doing right now if you weren't here to help." You sniffle.
.Damian cracks a soft smile and hugs you tightly again. "I've got your back, hermosa." He assures you.
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sydsaint · 1 month
He's so unhinged, and I am in love <3
Tumblr media
Summary: Solo looks to completely remake the Bloodline by finally replacing Paul with a newer, prettier, younger, manager.
Tumblr media
You finish writing your email regarding your change in job title to Nick Aldis with a satisfied smile on your face. By the end of the night, you will no longer be Aldis's glorified errand girl. And it's all thanks to one, Solo Sikoa. With Solo and his new Tongan lackeys on Smackdown, there's a new Bloodline in WWE. Solo is looking to replace Paul with a newer, younger, and prettier manager.
A knock sounds at your hotel room door as you hit send on your email. You grab your bag and jacket and answer the door, finding one of Solo's new boys on the other side.
"Sup, shortie?" Tanga Loa greets you at the door. "Solo sent me to grab you so we can all head out together." He explains.
"How gentlemanly of him." You quip and step through the door, shutting it behind you. "I'm ready whenever you are, big man." You joke with him.
Tanga nods and leads the way down the hall toward the elevator. You and Tanga chat while the elevator glides down to the hotel lobby where Solo and Tama are waiting for you.
"The boys are waiting over there." Tanga nods across the lobby to where Tama is leaning against the wall.
"Where's Solo?" You comment when you see that Solo isn't with Tama.
Tanga shrugs, and the two of you walk over to a waiting Tama. Tama glances at his brother with a stoic expression, which softens when he turns his attention to you.
"You sure are looking nice tonight, doll." Tama comments on your outfit.
"Eyes are up here, playboy." You roll your eyes. "Where's Solo at?" You ask him.
Tama cracks an amused grin, rolling his shoulders at you. "He said he forgot something in his room." He informs you.
"Tanga, why don't you go make sure Solo doesn't need any help." You turn back to Tanga.
"Sure." Tanga nods and heads back to the elevator.
You watch Tanga walk off and disappear inside the elevator. You lean against the wall next to Tama and wait for Solo and his brother to return. And now that the two of you are alone, it doesn't take long for Tama to speak up.
"You aren't trying to get me alone, are you, YN?" Tama turns and leans over you with an amused smile.
"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?" You snark and roll your eyes, craning your neck to meet his gaze.
Tama licks his lips, and you spot his hand moving from his side out of the corner of your eye. His hand trails up your bare arm, sending goosebumps over your body, and comes to a stop at the base of your neck.
"I'd watch that hand if you were you." You warn Tama, the two of you staring at one another intensely.
"Why?" Tama replies. "You bite, pretty lady?" He taunts you, his fingers brushing against your neck.
You spot Solo and Tanga stepping out of the elevator over Tama's shoulder and promptly swipe his hand off your neck.
"You'll have to stick around and find out, I guess." You taunt Tama right back with a grin before pushing off the wall. "Solo! I was beginning to think that you'd gotten lost." You walk over to him and Tanga.
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Solo rolls his eyes. "You guys ready to leave?" He asks you and nods to Tama behind you.
Tama pushes off the wall and nods. "Whenever you are, boss." He answers Solo.
Solo leads the pack, and everyone heads out to the parking lot where the rental SUV is waiting. Tanga drives, and Solo takes the front passenger seat which leaves you and Tama in the back.
The ride to the arena is mostly silent, save for the hum of the radio up front. It's dark in the back of the SUV, which gives Tama's hand cause to wander across the seat and toward your exposed thighs. You glance over at him with a stoic expression when you feel his fingers brush against your leg. But the Tongan only flashes a suggestive smile at you.
You roll your eyes and swat his hand away, the expression written on your face warning him to behave himself.
The SUV finally pulls into the arena and Tama jumps at the chance to get your door for you. He hurrries out of his door and swiftly makes his way around to the other side just as you manage to get your seat belt off.
"Let me get that for you, doll." Tama purs as he pulls the car door open for you.
"Thanks." You roll your eyes again and attept to hide the amused smile that creeping it's way onto your face.
Solo starts barking orders at everyone as soon as he's out of the car. He informs everyone that he's headed to the Bloodline locker room to start discusing plans with Tanga about Cody. But before he leaves, Solo instructs you to make sure that Paul understands that his posistion in the Bloodline is no longer viable.
"And take Tama with you." Solo adds before he walks off. "He'll make sure Paul gets the message."
"Sure thing, boss." You nod and turn in the oposite direction of Solo and Tanga.
When you turn Tama is right at your side, his eye sparkling with eagerness at the prospect of having some more quality time with you.
"Looks like we get to spend some more time together, doll." Tama grins. "How lucky am I?" He smirks at you.
"Not nearly as lucky as you think, playboy." You quip and walk off in search of Paul. "Come on, let's find Paul and get this over with."
It doesn't take you long to find Paul hanging outside Nick Aldis' office. Paul spots you coming down the hall and cracks a friendly smile. But that smile doesn't last long when he see's Tama turn the corner behind you.
"YN! How lovely to see you." Paul smiles at you and does his best to ignore Tama intensly glaring at him from behind you. "Can I help you with something, my dear?" Paul asks you.
"Nice to see you too, Paul." You match Heyman's smile. "And yes, there is something I need to tell you. It's a message actually, from Solo." You explain.
Paul's eyes widen at the mention of Solo's name. He swallows hard and glances back at Tama towering above you a few feet behind you and Paul. "A message? From Solo?" Paul trips over his words nervously.
"Mhm." You grin. "In light of Solo replacing Roman and being crowned the new Tribal Cheif, he has decided that you are no longer needed as special counsil, Paul." You inform him. "From now on, I'll be taking over as specal counsil and mangerial duties to the Tribal Cheif. But Solo sincerely thanks you for your service."
You watch Paul's mouth drop open with an amused smile. Heyman stumbles over his words for a moment in search of a reply. But the hall of famer can't seem to find anything to say in response to your news.
"Well, this was fun." You set a hand on Paul's shoulder. "Good luck finding a new client to employ, Paul. We'll be seeing you around." You let go of his shoulder and go to walk off.
Paul watches you take a few steps forward before reaching for his phone. He brings his phone up to his mouth and is about to make a phonecall when Tama steps in front of him and plucks Paul's phone right from his hands.
You turn back around with a laugh and Tama hands you Paul's phone. "Yeah, there's no need for that, Paul." You smile and twirl his phone your hand. "Roman Reigns is an afterthought in WWE now, Paul. Just like Dwayne is." You hand the phone back to Tama.
Paul stands flabberghasted and once again stutters out a few incoherent words. You turn back around and gesture for Tama to follow you. Tama winks at Paul and lets his phone drop to the floor, making sure to step on it as he walks off with you.
You round the coner and Tama hurries to catch up with you. You hear his hearty laugh as he comes around the corner and falls into step with you.
"Fuck that was sexy, dollface." Tama purrs. "I can see why Solo likes you so much." He adds.
"Solo's always been smart." You reply. "Now come on, let's get back to the locker room."
Tama nods and quickens his pace to keep up with you. "Yes, ma'am." He cracks a devilish grin. "You just lead the way, pretty lady. And I'll follow."
"Hmm." You hum in approval. "Another smart man." You tease Tama.
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sydsaint · 4 months
The only relevant member of The Bloodline. Change my mind. <3
Tumblr media
Summary: After getting stuck with Solo in a small mix-match challenge tournament on Raw and Smackdown, the reader realizes that she's developed feelings for him. The only problem? Reader is Cody's younger sister, and Cody is hell-bent on finishing his story.
Tumblr media
It's the finals of the Raw vs Smackdown mix-match challenge. Two months ago, you got paired up with Solo Sikoa for one of the Smackdown pairings. Together the two of you have managed to run through the entire Smackdown side of the bracket. Now it all comes down to this. You and Solo vs Raw's bracket winners, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.
"You ready for this, Solo?" You ask Sikoa while the two of you are backstage waiting for your cue.
"We've already beaten everyone else, right?" Solo nods. "How hard can one more win be?"
You smile at his confidence and finish your stretching while you still can. Two months ago you would have laughed in the face of anyone that told you that you'd be friends and partners with anyone in the Bloodline. But here you are.
You and Solo started off a bit rocky. The man's cousin having a vendetta against your brother wasn't exactly the best basis for a new partnership. But the two of you managed to put your differences aside and work together to defeat the Smackdown bracket.
"Right. One more win." You repeat Solo's earlier statement, your gaze fixed on the monitor displaying the ring. "How hard can it be, right?" You assure yourself.
One of the backstage crew signals that it's time for your match so you pull the custom team shirt that the company made for yourself and Solo over your head. Solo's music hits first and he rolls his shoulders to loosen up before stepping through the curtain. Your music plays a few seconds later and you follow him out to the ramp.
You do a quick and clean handstand flip out on the ramp and come to a stop right at Solo's side. The two of you share a look and head down to the ring where Becky and Seth are already waiting.
"You want to start?" You ask Solo as the two of you take your place in your corner. "I can keep an eye on Becky if you want to try and wear down Rollins." You suggest.
"Yeah, alright." Solo nods and climbs up onto the apron. He offers you his hand and hauls you up as well.
You grab ahold of the tag rope and the bell rings. Solo and Seth lurch at one-another while you and Becky mean-mug one another from opposite sides of the ring. You watch the men duke it out and trade blows for a while before Seth retreats and tags in his wife.
Solo begrudgingly walks over to your corner and tags you in per the rules of mixed tag matches. "Go kick her ass, Goldie." Solo's hand collides with yours and you crack a small smile at his use of your nickname.
You step into the ring and Becky is on you in an instant. The two of you trade some heavy shots before you head to the ropes to gain some leverage. Your move set is more high-caliber, flyer moves, so it can take some time to set things up.
You bounce off the ring ropes and hit Becky for a clothesline that knocks her to the mat. You then switch to the other side of the ring and jump to use the ropes for a moonsalt. You manage to hit Becky head-on and go for a pin.
"Damnit!" You curse the air when Becky kicks out of your pin at a two-count.
Becky scrambles to her feet and kicks you in the sternum as she gets up. The blow propels you back a couple of feet and knocks the wind out of you. Out of breath, you scoot back and tag Solo back into the match before rolling to the floor to recoup.
Solo and Seth go back to hitting one another with slugging moves while you and Becky are both on the floor in your respective corners. You manage to get your breath and stamina back and climb back onto the ring apron. Solo and Seth are still busy duking it out so you decide to try and run some interference.
"Becky!" You climb back down to the floor and come around to Becky's corner.
Becky whips her head around toward you and the two of you rush each other. You hop onto the steel steps as you come around the corner and propel yourself toward Becky. You raise your arm and hit Becky with a flying forearm that grounds you both.
Now on the floor, you and Becky go buck-wild and start trading some nasty blows. You get a few hits in before Becky manages to get you hard in the nose with a graze of her elbow. You hear a crunch noise as she hits you and feel liquid start gushing from your nostrils soon after.
"Shit!" You gasp and reach for your face as Becky rolls off of you.
You sit up and touch your nose, instantly feeling warm liquid cover your fingertips. You pull your hand back and sure enough, blood is thickly smeared all over your fingers.
One of the officials sitting in the time-keepers area rushes to your side when he spots the blood and Becky backs off of you.
"Are you alright?" The referee kneels down at your side.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm good." You assure him and get to your feet.
You wipe the blood oozing from your nose with your forearm and shake your head to readjust yourself. "Can you continue?" The official asks you and you nod.
The commotion outside the ring catches Solo's attention and he moves over to the side of the ring to get a look at what's going down. "YN?" He calls out to you with concern when he spots the blood smeared all over your face.
Distracted by you on the floor, Solo doesn't have time to react to Seth's next attack. Seth kicks Solo's knee in and hits a stomp before rolls Solo up for the pin. You jump forward and try to break the pin in the ring, but Becky grabs your arm and stops you.
The bell rings signaling that the match is over and it dawns on you that you and Solo have lost the match.
"Shit. Are you kidding me?!" You turn and shove Becky off of you.
Becky laughs, uttering a quick, "Better luck next time, lass." As she climbs into the ring.
Solo rolls out of the ring and you come around to meet him. "Crap. I'm sorry, Solo." You apologize. "I should have been quicker getting into the ring to stop the pin." You huff in frustration.
"Is your nose alright?" Is the first question out of Solo's mouth as you come up on him.
"Yeah, yeah." You nod. "Becky got me with a pretty gnarly elbow." You explain. "It's not bleeding anymore, is it?" You go to touch your nose again.
Solo steps toward you and sets a hand on your cheek to tilt your head upwards. "No, it's stopped now." He pulls his hand back after a moment. "Feeling lightheaded at all?"
"Now that you mention it." You joke and rub the back of your head. "I'm kidding! Just kidding!" You laugh when Solo's face flashes with concern.
The two of you head backstage while Seth and Becky are presented with their shiny new trophy. You both trudge to the backstage waiting area where a couple of the medical staff are waiting to look at you. They usher you into the trainers room to look you over and Solo follows.
After you've been looked at and cleared of any serious injuries you and Solo take a moment to catch your breath and reflect.
"Well, this was one hell of a run!" You muse to yourself with a small smile.
"Yeah, it was." Solo agrees with a hint of a smile. "So, I guess this is it, then?" He turns and holds his hand out for a handshake.
You glance down at Solo's hand, an odd bittersweet feeling washing over you. "I guess so." You nod and shake his hand.
An awkward tension fills the air and your gaze meet's Solo's, your hands still clasped together. Then, the door to the trainers room bursts open, your brother coming through it like a man on a mission.
"YN!?" Cody frantically scans the room before landing on you and Solo. "Your nose! Are you alright?" He rushes to your side.
You pull your hand back from Solo's quickly as Cody rushes to you. He clasps his hands on your shoulders and starts inspecting you feverously.
"I'm okay, Cody." You assure your brother. "Really. So you can back up a little, please." You push his chest and get him to back up a bit.
"Right." Cody nods and takes a step back. "It's really him I should be talking to." He turns to Solo with a sour expression. "Some partner you are, Sikoa! Letting my sister get her face busted up like that."
You scoff and grab your brother by the shoulder. "Knock it off, Cody!" You scold him. "It wasn't Solo's fault and you know it!"
"Whatever." Cody sneers. "This was the finals. Which means you and my sister are done, Sikoa. Got it? She doesn't have to tolerate you anymore." He shoots Solo an accusatory glance.
"Alright!" You grab your brothers shirt and yank him back toward you. "That's enough! Out! I'll be there in a minute!" You shove him toward the door.
Cody mumbles to himself but steps out into the hall. You wait until he shuts the door before turning back to Solo. "Sorry about him. He can be...well, a lot." You sigh.
"It's alright." Solo chuckles.
"Hey!" You perk up at the unfamiliar sound. "I knew it! I told you when we started this tournament that I'd get you to laugh at least once!" You remind him with a wide grin.
Solo holds back another chuckle and nods. "You got me." He admits defeat. "Congratulations, YN."
"You take care of yourself, mister broody enforcer." You reply and step forward with your arms out for a hug.
"Yeah, you too." Solo agrees and surprisingly lets you hug him. "Take care, Goldie. I'll be seeing you around on Smackdown." He adds.
Your hug is one of lose lingering ones you see in movies all the time. But it does eventually come to an end. You give Solo once last soft smile before exiting the room to meet up with your drama-queen of a brother.
Solo watches you disappear behind the door with a bitter-sweet smile on his face. It's over. Now you go back to the natural order of things. A Rhodes and a Bloodline member. Natural-born enemies.
That's how it has to be.
That's all it will ever be.
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sydsaint · 3 months
I am INSUFFERABLE when it comes to him <3
Tumblr media
Summary: Solo enacts his plans to take over as the Head of the Table. Complete with his own new enforcer, Tama Tonga. And to top it off, Solo also has a new inside (wo)man to replace Paul in Nick Aldis's assistant, whom Tama takes an interest in.
Tumblr media
It's going down tonight. So stay ready.
You read the text from Solo on your phone with an eager smile on your face. Across the room, Nick yaps away on the phone with someone from the FOX executive office. You glance over at him and nod to the door signaling that you're stepping out when he meets your gaze.
Nick nods and goes back to his phone call. You rise out of your worn-out office chair and step out into the hall. You make the journey from the office all the way down to the staging area backstage, where some of the crew are keeping an eye on the flow of the show.
"Everything alright down here, guys?" You head over to the crew once you're through the door.
"Yep." One of the crewmen nods and glances back at you. "Need anything boss?" He asks you.
You shake your head and turn your attention to the monitors on the wall just as Solo is making his way down to the ring. "I just came to check up on stuff for Nick." You explain.
The crewman nods and both of you go back to watching the monitors carefully.
Out in the ring, Solo steps into the squared circle with Jimmy and Paul at his side. Roman is busy sulking after his loss to Cody, so he didn't bother to show up for work. Like usual.
Paul attempts to start his usual spiel about Roman's loss and how this obviously isn't the end of the Tribal Chief. But Solo cuts him off. Paul watches in shock as Sikoa snatches the microphone from his grasp and lays down the new law.
Backstage, you watch with a neutral face as Solo embraces his brother in one last heartfelt hug. The brothers share a friendly-seeming hug before suddenly a hooded figure rushes the ring and takes Jimmy out with a hard blow to the back of the head.
The hooded figure rises to their feet and pulls off the hood to reveal Tama Tonga. One of the great Haku's sons.
"What the hell?" One of the crewmen comments once Tama is revealed. "I didn't see this on the schedule." He picks up the schedule for the night and does a quick once-over of it.
"It's been cleared with the boss, don't worry." You set a hand on his shoulder with an assuring smile.
With the secret now out, you walk away from the stagehand desk and head for the curtain. Solo comes marching up the ramp and through the curtain a few seconds later. You smile at him and glance over at Tama as he steps up behind Sikoa.
"Tama, this is, YN. She's our inside girl." Solo glances between the two of you. "YN, this is my cousin, Tama Tonga." He introduces the two of you.
"Nice to finally meet you, Tama." You step forward and offer your hand for a handshake. "Solo's been talking nonstop about his new enforcer."
Tama glances down at your outstretched hand before he does a once-over of the rest of you. A sly smile plays on his lips as he reaches out and shakes your hand firmly. "The pleasure is all mine. Trust me, sweetheart." Tama grins at you.
Your eyebrows raise slightly with intrigue as you drop your hand back to your side. Tama continues to look at you with a gaze that could bring a girl to her knees. The look on his face screams smug, self-assured, fuckboy. But boy are you digging it.
"Well, I'll let you two handle whatever business that you need to get done." You step back over to Solo. "News about our new buddy here should be reaching Nick's desk by now. So I've got to go smooth that over with him." You explain.
"Anything I need to worry about?" Solo asks you.
You shake your head and wave your hand dismissively. "Not at all." You assure Solo. "Nick's a pushover. And I already submitted all the mind-numbing paperwork earlier today."
"Atta girl." Solo nods with a pleased look. "Meet up back in the locker room after the show, yeah? We'll grab drinks and get to work on the next phase of the plan." He suggests.
"Yes, boss." You tease and dismiss yourself. "I'll catch you two sinister backstabbers later." You add with a playful wink.
Solo and Tama both watch you walk off before Tama turns to his cousin. "She single?" He outright asks Solo.
"Far as I know, yeah." Solo rolls his eyes. "Come on, I'll show you where the locker room is." He nods to the hallway to the far side of the room before taking off.
Tama grins to himself and follows Solo back to the locker rooms. Plans are already forming in his head about how he's going to knock you off your feet the next time that he sees you.
A few hours later, you finally finish putting all of Nick's worries about Tama to rest. Smackdown has come to an end and the arena is beginning to become deserted save for the cleaning crew. You make your way down to the locker rooms and knock on the new Bloodline locker room door.
"Yeah?" Tama answers the door with a sneer that instantly warps into a shit-eating grin when he sees you standing in the doorway. "Well well well, look who finally decided to show up?" He steps out of the way and lets you into the room. "How are you doing tonight, pretty mami?"
"Better now that I'm done listening to Nick bitch and moan about you." You quip back with a playful grin. "You're not here for more than a couple of hours, Tama. And you're already a pain in my ass." You tease him.
Tama chuckles, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Well, by all means then, gorgeous. Tell me? How I can make it up to you?" He asks you.
"Oh, I'm sure that I'll come up with something." You giggle and step past him so you can get to Solo. "Everything's all smoothed out with, Aldis, Solo." You report to Sikoa. "Tama is officially entered into the roster database as a member of Smackdown."
"Good." Solo nods. "You ready to head out then?" He asks you. "Because I am more than done with this place." He sneers and gets to his feet.
You nod and everyone heads out. You all stop back at the hotel to change out of your work clothes and agree to meet back up in the lobby later.
You get back to your room and immediately dig around for the most suggestive top and pant combo that you have with you. You find what you're looking for and touch-up your makeup as well before heading down to the lobby.
When you make it down to the lobby, Colo and Tama are waiting for you. Solo doesn't seem phased by your wardrobe change. But the look in Tama's eyes makes you shiver. Oh, yes. You're about to have one hell of a good rest of your night.
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sydsaint · 3 months
Make fun of my big forehead man ONE MORE TIME!!!
Tumblr media
Summary: With Rhea gone, TJD start to fall apart at the seams. Tired of taking Damian's abuse, JD decides that it's time for the Irish Ace to make his return to singles action. But JD isn't about to leave without his favorite girl.
Tumblr media
"Crap." You grumble to yourself in the hotel room as you sift through your suitcase for your Judgement Day shirt. "Come on!" You grit your teeth. "It's got to be in here somewhere."
Across the room, JD finishes throwing his ring gear into his gym bag. He notices the distressed look on your face, so he walks over to you to ask what's got you looking so upset for.
"YN, love. What's got you all worked up?" JD asks you.
"I can't find my damned shirt!" You curse the air and shove your suitcase away from you.
You let out a frustrated sigh and run a hand through your hair.
"Alright, no need to take it out on the suitcase." JD chuckles to lighten the mood. "What's so special about this shirt you're looking for, anyway?" He asks you. "You know that you look good in pretty much anything, YN."
"Ugh, that's not the point!" You whine. "Damian has been up my ass about wearing Judgment Day merch to Raw." You explain. "I swear I packed the damn thing! But now I can't find it." Your voice cracks slightly due to your frustration.
Jordan rolls his eyes at the mention of Damian giving out more ridiculous orders to the team. Priest has been getting more and more authoritarian ever since he won his championship and Rhea had to leave due to her shoulder injury.
"Alright, just relax, love." JD walks back over to his suitcase laying open on the other side of the room. "Your suitcase might not survive another outburst." He jokes and pulls his Judgement Day shirt over his head.
JD tosses the shirt over to you and step forward to catch it. You watch him reach into his suitcase and pull out a different shirt to put on.
"Let Damian bitch at me for not wearing any merch today." JD offers as he pulls a plain purple shirt over his head.
"Thanks, Jordan." You crack a soft, thankful, smile.
You step into the bathroom with Jordan's shirt and the rest of your outfit for the night and get changed. You pull the shirt over your head in the bathroom and notice that it smells like Jordan. Which makes you smile to yourself.
When you come back out of the bathroom, JD is on his phone texting with Finn about the show. He looks up from his phone when he hears you come out of the bathroom and smiles at you.
"Like I said earlier." Jordan pockets his phone and gets to his feet. "You look great in just about anything, YN." He compliments you. "Damian and Dominick are already at the arena, and Finn is waiting for us in the lobby if you're ready to go." He adds.
"Yeah, just let me grab my bag." You nod and retrieve your bag from its spot on your bed. "And hey, thanks again for the shirt, Jordan. I don't know why I was freaking out so much about it." You thank him.
JD shrugs and gets the door for you. "Don't worry about it, YN." He assures you. "Happy to help."
You and JD meet Finn in the hotel lobby and the three of you head out to the arena for Raw. Once you make it to the arena, JD is quick to fall into a conversation with Dominick. You decide to take a minute to catch up with Finn while everyone waits for Damian to arrive back from wherever he's at.
"You ready for Raw, tonight? Finn?" You ask Balor casually. "You've got a match against Jey Uso, right?" You ask him.
"Yep." Finn nods. "I've gone up against Jey, before. It shouldn't be too much of an issue." He assures you. "How about you, YN. How's traveling with JD been?" He asks you. "The two of you getting along? It seems like you are. Especially since, and I mean no offense, but your shirt reeks of him, YN." Finn alludes to something or other involving you and JD.
You laugh at the way Finn maneuvers the conversation around the obvious accusation that he could be making. "Damian's been nagging me about wearing merch for Raw." You explain. "I forgot to pack my shirt, so Jordan lent me his. That's all."
"Oh." Finn replies. "Right, sorry, YN. I didn't mean to accuse you and JD of anything, you know?" He apologizes.
"It's okay, Finn." You laugh. "And to answer your other question, Jordan and I are getting along fine as travel partners." You assure him.
Finn nods and changes the subject to something else. Damian finally makes it back to the locker room right before Raw is set to start, and the mood in the locker room instantly changes when he arrives.
"Good, you're all here." Damian barges into the room, his voice booming as he slams the door behind him. "YN, I see you got the memo about your wardrobe." He comments on your shirt when his gaze happens to flit over to you. "And I see that JD did the opposite." He adds when he glances over at JD who's talking to Dominick.
JD rolls his eyes, but doesn't try and argue with Priest. Damian glosses over the schedule for Raw. He mentions Finn's match against Jey as well as his plans for a promo in the ring before the match.
"Alright, that's everything for tonight." Damian addresses everyone after he's done going over plans. "Y'all can do whatever you want until it's time to head out to the ring."
"How generous of you." You mumble to yourself, which earns some side-eye from Damian.
Damian turns his full attention on you, still siting next to Finn still. "You got something to say, YN?" He asks you.
"Nope. Nothing, boss." You reply dryly and rise from your seat.
Damian's gaze follows you as you walk past him and take a seat next to JD and Dominick. Damian stares at you for a moment, but eventually scoffs and walks off. Dominick heads out to go do something before it gets too late into the night, which leaves you with just JD to talk to.
"Some attitude he's got tonight." You whisper to Jordan with a sour expression.
"Got that right." JD agrees. "Who dies and made him boss anyway?" He adds.
Later into the night, it's almost time for Finn's match against Jey, so Damian rallies the troops and orders everyone out to the ring with him. You bring up the rear of the group with Jordan. Damian leads the pack and talks with Finn about making sure that he doesn't lose to Jey tonight.
"Is he really giving Finn the, 'you better not lose this.' talk, right now?" JD asks you quietly, so Dominick can't hear the two of you whispering.
"It sounds like it, yeah." You nod. "What the fuck is his problem tonight?" You wonder aloud. "I mean, Finn's been a champion way more times and in way more promotions than he ever has." You scoff.
JD nods in agreement, and you both glare over Dominick's shoulder at Damian. "And people like to say I've got a big head." He jokes with you.
You giggle and knock shoulders with JD playfully. "It's not that big." You laugh with him. "Just...larger than average. And it could be worse. You could have a big forehead and be ugly, right?" You add playfully.
"Well, we can't all be as effortlessly pretty as you, YN." Jordan chuckles. "But, I try."
You and Jordan laugh with one another, and for a moment you forget about Damian and his little ego trip.
Everyone files out to the ring and Damian gets a microphone from someone in the timekeepers area. With his microphone in hand, Damian makes his way to the middle of the ring and begins his speech.
You hang out in the corner of the ring with JD and Finn, and Dom is posted up in the other corner while Damian talks. Priest's speech eventually catches the attention of Jey, who was bound to head out to the ring sooner or later. But Jey doesn't come out to the ring alone. With him is Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who's visiting from Smackdown since you're in Canada for the week.
"Oh, great." You comment as Sami, Jey, and Kevin all file out to the ring. "He just had to run his mouth, didn't he?" You sigh.
Jey confronts Damian in the middle of the ring, still pissed off about JD and Dom helping Damian cheat to win at Backlash a couple of weeks ago. Sami and Kevin offer Jey support by keep an eye on you, JD, Dom, and Finn, on the other side of the ring.
Eventually, a fight does end up breaking out between the two groups in the ring. You do your best to stay out of the carnage, But it's a little difficult to stay out of the way when bodies are flying around everywhere with reckless abandon.
"Shit! Move, Damian!" You accidentally smack right into Damian on your journey to make it out of the ring.
Your hit knocks Priest off balance and allows Jey an opening to hit him with a pretty nasty super kick. You feel bad for causing it, but slip down to the floor anyway. JD pops up at your side a few seconds later after barreling through Kevin over near the corner of the ring.
"You alright, YN?" JD checks up on you as the chaos of the fight begins to dissipate.
"Yeah, I'm good, Jordan." You nod and head over to Finn as he rolls out of the ring as well.
Dominick joins your trio a few seconds later and everyone gets clear of the ring. Everyone except Damian. Priest remains in the ring and furiously tries another attempt at attacking Jey.
Jey backs off with regroups with Sami and Kevin, leaving Priest alone in the ring. Damian realizes he's alone and frantically starts looking around for his team. He turns around to find everyone waiting for him at the top of the ramp. You gesture for him to join you in a friendly manner, but Damian takes it as anything but a friendly gesture.
You and the group wait at the top of the ramp as Damian makes his way out of the ring. And Dominick is the first one to notice that he looks like he's fuming mad.
"What the hell was all that?!" Damian stomps up the ring and confronts everyone. "So you guys just leave me in the ring alone?" He glares at the group. "And you!" He directs his attention to you. "What the fuck happened in the ring? You tripped me right into Jey!"
"I was trying to get out of the way, Damian." You reply calmly. "It's not like I meant to trip you." You try and assure him that you meant no harm.
Damian rolls his eyes, anger rolling off him like heatwaves. "Right. I swear, Rhea leaves for a week and it's like the four of you turn into a bunch of idiots!" He huffs. "Did you all forget how to listen to simple directions?" He goes back to confronting everyone.
"And who died made you boss?" You reply sharply, not about to take this verbal abuse.
"Rhea did." Damian turns his angry eyes back on you.
You scoff and tsk at him. "The fuck she did." You protest. "Rhea didn't say shit about putting you in charge of anything, Priest! And I'm getting real tired of you bossing me around." You add.
"I'm the champion!" Damian points to the belt hanging off his shoulder. "So what I say goes. You don't like it? Then you can take your bad attitude and get lost." He glares down at you. "Rhea is plenty enough women for this group. We don't need another one."
Before your brain can register what you're doing, you raise a hand and smack Damian across the face. The sound echo's off the barricades either side of the ramp and you suddenly remember that everyone is still standing on the stage and not in the secluded backstage area. Meaning the whole WWE universe just saw you smack Priest across the face.
Damian's nostrils flare and he stares down at you with murder in his eyes. But you don't budge from your spot.
"She's right, Priest." JD speaks up from your side. "You're not our boss. And we're tired of you acting like you can order us around." He comes to your defense.
Damian's rage switches from being directed at you to JD. He towers over Mcdonagh with a locked jaw and glares at him. "Yeah? Well you can join her then." He growls at JD.
"Gladly." JD replies. "Finn, Dominick, don't let this bloke order you around like his lackies, mates." He gives a friendly warning to the remaining Judgment Day members. "Come on, YN. Let's get out of here."
You glance between Finn and Dominick, offering them each a sympathetic smile before you join JD. The two of you walk toward the curtain while the WWE crowd roars throughout the arena.
"You know that we're going to catch hell from Priest for this, right?" You laugh to yourself as you and JD step through the curtain. "And we aren't exactly popular in this locker room." You add.
"Eh." JD shrugs and grabs your hand hanging at your side. "I've got you, love. Nothing else I need." He grins at you.
You giggle and clutch at his hand in yours. "It might not be so bad then." You joke.
You know that being against Priest won't be an easy battle. But you're willing to take the fight head-on as long as JD has your back.
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sydsaint · 1 month
It's been confirmed, I believe in Joe Hendry <3
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader comes back to NXT after a month-long hiatus, dealing with some family stuff. Her first night back, the reader becomes captivated by one of Ava's new guys, on loan from TNA for a few weeks.
Tumblr media
You make your way through the backstage area down at the NXT filming location for the first time in over a month. Having made this walk a million times before, you weave through the halls while catching up on a couple of texts Ava and Shawn have sent you.
You finally make it to the office and are greeted by an eager Ava as soon as you're through the door. "YN!" Ava greets you. "How are you? I am so glad that you're back!" She hugs you.
"Aw, I missed you too, Ava." You giggle and pocket your phone so you can hug Ava back. "It's good to be back, Ava. I missed work." You admit.
Ava lets you free from her embrace and begins catching you up on what you've missed this past month. She informs you that tonight a few of TNA's top male stars are on the show for a special battle royale.
"That's amazing, Ava." You praise her for her hard work. "Is the showing starting off with this battle royale?" You ask her.
"Yeah." Ava nods. "Come on, we can go down and watch from the curtain." She nods toward the door.
You agree and the two of you head down to the curtain. Ava chats with you about a couple more things that you need to be caught up on while you walk, but it doesn't take long for the two of you to arrive to your destination.
Some of your usual NXT superstars pass by once you and Ava arrive, and a couple of them wave at you. You smile at each of them, happy to be back on the job.
You are about to turn back to Ava and ask her about who she thinks is going to win the battle royale when someone catches your eye. Your gaze fixates on a handsome blond man with a dashing smile and puppy dog eyes as he passes by you and Ava.
"Ava, who is that?" You nudge Ava on the shoulder.
"Hmm?" Ava cranes her neck to see who you were ogling. "Oh, Joe Hendry?" She answers you. "He's one of the new TNA guys. Super popular over there."
You nod and ignore your heart's quickening pace. You and Ava settle in and turn your attention to the monitors on the wall. Your heart flutters in your chest again when Hendry strolls out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand.
"He's a Scot?" You ask Ava, your eyes sparkling with wonderment when Joe starts talking.
"Yep," Ava confirms and notices the look of intrigue written on your face.
Joe does eventually make it out to the ring and the battle Royale begins. Joe lasts about a solid 60 seconds before 90% of the other participants all toss him out of the ring.
"Wow." You comment. "Well, that was a short-lived performance." You joke with Ava.
Ava giggles and the two of you go back to watching the match. Je'von Evans ends up winning the Royale, so you and Ava wait to congratulate him. Je'von comes through the curtain and Ava greets him with a warm smile. You match her smile but get distracted when Joe pops up as well, looking less than pleased about things.
You glance his way and the two of you lock eyes. Your heart skips another beat as Joe starts heading over to you.
"Mr. Hendry." You greet Joe when he makes it to your side. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm, YN. Ava's partner and co-gm of NXT." You introduce yourself with professionalism.
"Pleasure is all mine, sweetheart." Joe grins at you. "I'll admit. I didn't expect NXT to have such beautiful women running the show." He compliments you. "I'm a huge fan of having women in charge. Makes things run so much smoother."
You laugh and shake your head. You've dealt with plenty of flirts in your time as NXT gm. But this Joe Hendry guy is trouble if you've ever seen it in a man.
"Thank you, Joe." You smile at him.
The tension in the air is palpable as you and Joe chat for a minute. Those puppy dog eyes of his drink in your body like you're the only person in the world. He licks his lips as his gaze returns to meet yours and you find yourself struggling to find something to say.
"YN?" Ava pops up at your side after dismissing Je'von and sets a hand on your shoulder. "How are you and Joe getting on?" She asks you. "And Joe, how are you liking NXT so far? I imagine you're a bit upset about being the first one out of the battle royale?" She asks Joe.
"Ah, it's no sweat, darlin'." Joe shrugs. "I'm used to being the underdog. Anyway, I'll let you two ladies get back to being in charge." He steps back, gaze back to being fixed on you again. "I'll be seeing you girls around."
Ava nods and you notice Joe flash you a wink as he walks off. You and Ava head back to the office and fall into catching up on work while the rest of the show runs its course.
"So," Ava prompts you while the two of you are working on your own stuff in the office. "You and Joe Hendry?" She grins at you.
"Ava." You roll your eyes playfully. "We had one conversation. That's it." You insist.
Ava giggles and looks at you over her laptop screen. "Sure, except you were totally eye-fucking him from the moment you saw him." She teases you.
"Was not!" You protest.
"Hey, I'm not judging, YN." Ava replies. "The guy is a total hottie." She admits.
You look up from your laptop at Ava and narrow your gaze at her. "He's a little old for you, Ava. Don't you think? Plus, don't you already have a boyfriend?"
"Okay!" Ava laughs. "Geez, YN, I'll back up off your man." She jokes with you.
You roll your eyes at Ava's antics and go back to what you're doing. The two of you finish up work and head out of the office for the week. You dig through your bag looking for your keys on your way out of the building, making a mental note of some stuff you'll need to get done before next week's episode of NXT.
You step out of the building and out to the parking lot where your car is parked. And as soon as the door shuts behind you, a sweet accent graces your ears.
"Well well well, how lucky am I? Running into you again, sweetheart?" Joe approaches you from his waiting spot a few feet from the door.
"I think I'm the lucky one here, Mr. Hendry." You reply with an amused smile. "Were you waiting for me?" You ask him.
Joe shrugs and saunters over to you. "Maybe," He licks his lips in a teasing manner. "I'm only in town for a couple of days. So why not take advantage of the situation and enjoy myself, right?" He explains.
"Oh?" You quip. "And how do you plan on enjoying your time here, Mr. Hendry?" You ask him.
"I can think of a few ways." Joe replies with a suggestive grin. "And please, you can call me, Joe, sweetheart." He adds.
You nod, loving the game you're playing with Joe right now. "Well, Joe." You smile at him, putting emphasis on his name. "I'm headed out for a bite to eat. You're welcome to join if you'd like." You offer.
"I'd love too." Joe agrees. "Just lead the way, darling."
Early the next morning and you are yet to go to sleep. The sun is starting to rise again, sunlight streaming into your bedroom from the window.
Sweat covers your body like a thin veil, your legs trembling involuntarily from overexertion all night long. Your bare chest rises and falls at a rapid pace, your moans muffled by the hand over your mouth. Your neighbors are usually getting up for work at this time, and you'd hate to let them hear your moans of pleasure through the thin walls of your apartment.
"Fuck, Joe." You let out a shaky breath.
"Yeah, sweetheart?" Joe's head pops up from between your shaky legs, his chin resting on your stomach gently.
Those adorable puppy dog eyes peer up at you with pure lust and adoration as he waits for you to ask your question. "My phone, please?" You beg, tired of listening to it buzz against the wooden floorboard from inside your discarded pants pocket.
Joe frowns, but fetches your phone from your pants and hands it over to you before returning to his comfortable place between your legs. You switch your phone on just as another call comes through. You choke as you read the caller ID. Triple H.
"Hunter! Hello! Good morning, sir!" You cough and frantically answer the phone.
"Good morning, YN. Sorry to call you so early." Hunter answers you. "But I have a couple of questions that I need answered sooner rather than later." He explains.
You bite your lip and card your free hand through Joe's hair, attempting to push him away from you while you're on the phone. "Of course, what can I do for you, sir?" You ask Hunter.
"It's regarding Joe Hendry from TNA." Hunter explains, and your breath catches in your throat.
"Joe Hendry?" You glance downwards at the man of the hour now looking at you with a shit-eating grin before going back to peppering the inside of your thighs with kisses. "What about him, sir?"
Hunter clears his throat, taking his sweet time to reply. And every second he takes a reply is agonizing torture for you. "We're thinking about getting Mr. Hendry contracted over to NXT for a few more shows." Hunter explains. "The crowd really seemed to like him last night. NXT drew a larger audience than normal bases off of just rumors. So we'd like to capitalize on that." He adds.
"Excellent idea, sir." You agree while also attempting to muffle a whimper. "How can I help?" You ask Hunter, eager to get this conversation over with.
"I'd like you to talk with Mr. Hendry and coordinate with him while he's on loan from TNA." Hunter informs you. "I'll email you the details later." He adds.
You bite the inside of your lip again, squirming under Joe's electric touch. "Will do, sir, I'll look out for it." You assure Hunter.
Hunter thanks you and finally hangs up the phone. You drop your phone from your hand as soon as the call ends and let out a sound that's a mix of a sigh of relief and a moan.
"So, looks like I'll be sticking around for a while, then?" Joe rises up and towers over you with a grin.
"Fuck, I hate you." You cover your face with your hands.
Joe grins and leans down, peppering your neck and chest with kisses "That's not what you've been saying all night long, sweetheart." He whispers against your skin.
You let out another sigh of content, knowing that this is about to be a long but very fun next few weeks.
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