wastelandhell · 4 months
do you have a list of mods you use in your game? val always looks so pretty u_u
I have nearly 800 mods active rn and its kind of a mess in there, but here's some of the ones specific to him.
Tumblr media
I use Natural 2k face Textures for faces, I'm using an alternative ba2 packed version that used to be included in 2k LMCC ba2 but it looks like that has since been removed.
His body/hands are based on Samuel Redux from SynthOverboss. I did some edits to the normals/specs, as well as add all the body scars. That mod is based on Victoriam Line, which isn't hosted anymore but has been included in 4k Hairy Men EVB. The body and hand models are from BodyTalk 3.
I use Unique Player to give him a different body texture from npcs. I use HiPoly Faces REDUX for his face model, but iirc I had to do some fucking around in xEdit to get this to use the unique player skin for the maleheadRear.nif.
His eyes are from The Eyes of Beauty, but with material and normal/spec textures from TBOS-EyeOverhaul, which I can't find online anywhere. I've used a couple different teeth mods, I think I'm using xrayys natural teeth right now.
His face freckles are also from Samuel Redux, I edited the f4se file to change the blend modes and remove calls to broken textures. I edited these to have gaps where his scars are. I also duplicated the vanilla beard and eyebrows he uses and did the same so his scars cut through them. For extra textures I use one of the contours from Guyliner and probably something from LMCC but I'm not sure. His face scars are custom but I included them in Furby's Face Paints and Scars.
I use Oni vanilla hair re-texture for the vanilla hairstyles. His hair is a mashup of vanilla and azar ponytail assets but you can get something similar with "Maximum Casual" from Crocodile Hairstyle.
A big part of taking nice screenshots is just nice lighting. Without boring you; I use Reactor ENB with Screen Archer Menu to pose/light scenes, and FreeFlyCam to move the camera.
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radioactive-synth · 5 years
Brotherhood!Ri is an absolute jackass to anyone he tends to wind up with on missions. Usually Danse winds up getting his cheesy romantic moves thwarted by Ri's "threats" of extra medical procedures...
poor Danse :’D
Noné Smith is a terrible friend, she doesnt keep her honest and rude opinions about anyone, and likes to say dumb or rude things to see how others will react
Send me a fact about your OC and I’ll answer with a relevant fact about mine.
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scarecrow-forest · 5 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Simple style commission of Alice&Akira for @aya-maruyamas, Archie&Benny for @cucksworth, Miko&Mason for @synthoverboss, Boone&Quinn for @azurelya and it’s a bit special case, Danse&Leonel for @amalthemir (yep, i said i don’t do backgrounds but i wanted to try if i could add the option later:))
Half body flat color commission of C&Maccready and Lois&X6 for @rulerofshit, Pascal&Arcade for @hotbutterpopcorn
Half body with shading commission of Deadshot&Killer for @radioactiveandraste
Thank you guys so much for commissioning me!!:D<3 
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undeadcourier · 5 years
My Pack Merchant, Miko is missing his leg, so he wears a prosthetic made from the park animatronics. He sometimes dresses it up so it's not so boring looking. Other than That I have my overboss, a mojave boy who tends to never keep his shoes or jackets on.
your overboss is valid but i think he's going to get tetanus if he runs around the park without shoes
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radioactive-synth · 5 years
habby birthday
thank you!! :D
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