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berriblossom · 8 months
Tumblr media
X fem reader, btw
Imagine your husband gains baby fever. He sees how you hold children, how you're so gentle and careful with them. How all your friends have children and talk about the joys and happiness they have with their little babies.
Imagine how he sees your disappointed smile about how you two don't have a little one yet.
This leads him to imagine what it would be like to have a little one around, how'd they cling onto you and their cute smile. How'd they look like a perfect mixture of the both of you. His perfect girl and his perfect child.
This leads to everytime he fucks your sweet pussy, he stays a little long before pulling out and spilling his hot cum onto your tummy and chest, whenever his cock is pushing into your womb he pushes his hand onto your tunny for you to feel him fucking your cervix and promising he'll give you that baby.
How many nights he'd have you ass up, face down as he fucks your pussy, pleading to you to let him get you pregnant. How sometimes in the middle of the night he'd eat you out in the middle of the night claming "he needed a taste before he filled you up again". Its so cute when he begs and pleads that he loves the look of your cunt leaking his cum.
How greedy he'd get when you cockwarm him, his thick, long cock throbbing just to fill you with his cum and get you pregnant. How'd he fantasize about your swollen tummy, your milk-filled breast just leaking your sweet milk for him to taste.
Goodness when you finally beg him to fuck a baby into him, hes already planning his next vacation at work for the next few weeks to give you that baby.
Tumblr media
Its not a problem if i don't admit its one
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shanieveh · 10 months
— “ who did this to you? ”
; genshin men as your enemy (with benefits)
pretends not to care (he massacred them all) — kaeya, albedo, childe, zhongli, ALHAITHAM, scaramouche
He immediately tries to keep an aloof facade the moment he let out those words. It wasn't that he actually cared? Like come on, you're the most annoying person in the world. But when you finally tell him those annoying bastards names in quick succession they were hunted and destoryed.
There was something so annoying about your face getting hurt he just couldn't pin point why. Maybe it made you more annoying? Yeah, probably that. He doesn't care at all. But he will never have the guts to tell you what actually happened to the ones that hurt you.
cares more about your well being — diluc, KAVEH, kazuha, XIAO, tighnari, freminet, ayato, heizou, lyney
His usual sour expression became that more of concerned but angry all the same. He checked for wounds, brought you to the medic. The guy was acting pretty strange.. too strange. Maybe it was a prank? That's what he thought too, why... why was he helping you this way?
When you told him the people who did this, he was never one to forgive them. But none of that mattered when you looked in pain. Wait? Wasn't this his enemy. He shouldn't think like this. But... fine just this once. Both of you are sure this will be the one time he cares for you. How foolish.
ready to put people on their graves— wriothesly, dainsleif neuvillette, PIERRO, childe, scaramouche, xiao, CYNO
It was to the point he was even screaming for you to give out their names. And as soon as you do, he marches out of the hospital and kidnaps them one by one. No one will escape. No. One. At this point, he didn't even think that both of you were enemies or that this isn't how he was supposed to feel. He didn't care.
And as he cleaned his blade at the end of the fight, this time he showed no mercy. Maybe in your point of view he hated you, and at some point he also thought he did. But now, staring at what he'd done, hate isn't that far from love. And love isn't that far from revenge.
just glad you were okay — freminet, bennett, ITTO, gorou, thoma, tighnari, KAZUHA, chongyun, diluc, baizhu
Who in the world can possibly harm you like this? How dare they? Why would they? But it doesn't matter what the name is. With an first-aid kit in hand he cleans up your wounds and wipes your tears. This was the same man you keep arguing with. The same you hated above all else.
You've never seem him gentle, but now you did. Cherishing this, you know you'll use this whenever both of you fight. But... no that would be too cruel. He looked so pretty doing it, like an angel rather than demon that was him everyday. So you just kept it in your heart, a memory forever lasting.
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the-massive-simp · 10 months
nsfw - mdni
♡thinking about needy men, coming home late and finding you already asleep in your shared bed
♡thinking about needy men who try to ignore their needs and go to sleep without disturbing you, but it's so damn hard when their cock is straining against their pants and you and your sweet pussy are literally inches away and you've told him multiple times that it was fine if he did something while you were asleep
♡thinking about needy men succumbing and start to almost unconsciously grinding on your plump ass, trying to find some relieve
♡thinking about needy men mumbling they're sorry when they accidentally wake you up from your sweet dreams
I'm so sorry love- ah~ I couldn't help myself ngh-
♡thinking about needy men reaching for your chest to play with your nipples while their cock rubs between your thighs
♡thinking about needy men who pull your panties to the side and slip inside of you, shushing you and kissing your neck to distract you from the slight burn, but you're so wet you almost don't feel it
♡thinking about needy men almost coming on the spot, lasting only a few thrust before spilling their seed deep inside of you, but they keep going because they're so horny
♡thinking about needy men who fuck you for what seems like hours, babbling almost incoherent words and pleas
"you feel -ah- so good love- ngh"
"just one more please- oh please"
"wanna fill you up so bad- so so bad"
"gonna cum- ah- gonna cum gonna cum gonn- ngh i'm coming love- fuck"
♡thinking about needy men filling you up with their cum so many times that at one point it just keep dripping out of you
♡thinking about needy men who only stop when they're almost falling asleep on the point, not even caring about pulling out and just holding you in their arms while they drift off
[requests open]
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komelrebi-san · 6 months
riding genshin men>>
ooooooof i'm down bad oh shit
Tumblr media
tw: MDNI!, riding/girl on top, praise kink, degradation, size kink, squirting, p in v penetration, dummification, dacryphilia, tummy bulge, tell me if i should add more!
don't like, don't read.
they are mean, so mean. but then again, of course. you're their pretty little doll, their obedient little plaything, they can use you however then wanted, no? fuck, the sight of your cute cheeks stained with tear tracks as you babbled how it's too much for you is so pretty. they'd do anything to see you like this any day, everyday. your tummy bulged with his girth, whimpering when he laughed at you. he knew that your thighs were sore from trying to continue, and that this wasn't nearly enough for you to cum the way he can make you. but hey, where's the fun in that? he'd like to see you work for it.
HEIZOU, lyney, KAEYA, BAIZHU, wriothesley, CHILDE, alhaitham, AYATO
you're on top, ey? you think you've got control? nah, you can't be more wrong. gripping your hips with large hands, they are practically slamming you down on his cock, groaning at the way you whined, at the way your cunt sucked him back in, at the way you cried out his name when you squirted all over his lower abdomen and his pelvis. pointy canines grazed your neck as he sucked the supple skin of your neck, strong grip leaving behind angry red crescent shaped marks with his nails, hips rutting up into you. oh, and he won't be stopping anytime soon. but hey - he doesn't forget to praise you for doing so well and taking him.
ITTO, ZHONGLI, diluc, WRIOTHESLEY, TIGHNARI, wanderer, alhaitham, cyno
so...you wanna take control? oh honey, you have all the control over them, you've got them wrapped around your little finger! tie them up, blindfold them, choke them - go ahead, they'll let you do anything. go ahead and use them as you please. they are crying from how good it feels, because you've been going at it for hours, yet you weren't stopping. it's too much, they've cummed so many times it hurts, it hurts! but fuck, it felt so good, please please please don't stop. they can barely form coherent words, archons, they can barely even think from how good it felt. only broken moans left their swollen lips as they cried, fat tears rolling down his cheeks.
NEUVILLETE, GOROU, VENTI, kunikuzushi, albedo, KAVEH, thoma, KAZUHA, XIAO
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bboricha · 1 year
he's fucking you into the sheets, the smell of sex and linen filling your senses as he raises your hips a bit higher to hit that sweet spot of yours that makes you see stars. your back is arched at an impossible angle and you're holding onto his pillow for dear life, you've already cum, well, you're not sure how many times its been anymore. you're starting to lose feeling in your legs, but he makes sure to keep you nice and snug against him. you grab his wrist only to weakly push it away, hoping he'd understand, but instead he lays on top of you, his chest flush against your back as he whispers into your ear,
"just one more, please, i know you can take it"
childe, cyno, diluc, itto, kazuha, thoma, xiao
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areislol · 5 months
Tumblr media
►— pairings. various genshin men x fem! reader
►— warnings. smut, cursing, dirty talk, just smutty. implied reader has somewhat thick thighs, 18+ fingering, MDNI
►— synopsis. an alternative title, how do they eat pussy?
►— a/n. been having these thoughts for a bit now i need to jot them down before my obsession grows worse.
►— wordcount. 2.3k
Tumblr media
they eat that pussy like it's a religion, his head buried in between your legs, his hands gripping onto your thighs tightly, using his strength to keep your thighs still and from closing in. his eyes are focused solely on your face as he languidly drags his tongue into a line on your wet pussy.
he's addicted, to say the least. the smell, the taste, the lewd and dirty sounds you were making, he loved it all, and all the while as his mouth latches onto your poor abused cunt he whispers the sweetest things in your ear, dirty words as well. he switches between both. on the rare occasions that he does tease you he will whisper the most vile and dirty things you've ever heard, but most of the time he's just craving you, he just can't wait, once you give him the word that he could go down on you he wastes no time and before you know it he's sandwiched between your thighs and giving you an orgasm.
every time he eats you out he reminds you of a starving animal (if you didn't know any better), every time he eats you out you are a mess, and your pussy is a mess. your juices, sweat and saliva combined created a nasty sight it made him achingly hard but even so he prioritizes your pleasure first as he grinds his bulge on the bed. your moans and praises as you grip his hair and push his head deeper in were all he needed while jerking your hips at the same time.
his nose rested on your clit, the air hitting your clit as his tongue relentlessly flicked up and down your folds, he sucks and kisses your clit before adding a finger in. yes, although he does love to eat you out he also loves fingering you as well, the sweet moans and screams you let out just get him so hard it motivates him to eat you out even more. not that he plans on stopping. he barely teases you, he doesn't like the idea of stripping you of the chance to cum because truth be told he really really wants you to cum on his face (and sometimes he unintentionally overstimulates you).
— XIAO, CHILDE, kaveh, CYNO, WRIOTHESLEY, thoma, lyney, VENTI, itto, gorou
teases you while eating you out and teases you before eating you out, he knew what you wanted but continued to tease you, savouring every moment when you squirm and whine for him to go down on you. he's mean, he doesn't stick to one pace and instead chooses to go slow and fast, it's just how your face contorts when he buries his face against your pussy and begins to lick and slurp your folds and just when you're about to cum (he has been teasing your poor pussy for so long the second he begins to actually eat you out you're too sensitive, that's him to blame) he slows down his pace, a frustrated cry leaving your lips as tears brim your eyes, you just wanted him to do it properly.
he doesn't mind fingering you as he licks your clit but he finds it satisfyingly when he knows only he can make you cum with his tongue, when he feels nice he'll finger you with one or two fingers, pumping in and out of your mushy walls as his tongue rolls over your sensitive bud, his tactic never fails to get you cumming in no time.
he won't lie, he loves seeing you in tears as he continues to tease your bud and clit with his tongue, he isn't even giving it his all, his cheeks aren't even pressed against your inner thighs and here you are, let out cries for him to please eat you out, it's adorable. and when he thinks you're ready and he had enough teasing you already he's already lapping at your folds and humming, the vibrations and hums on your sensitive skin make it all the more pleasurable. he isn't that bad though, when he feels bad for you or feels like you've endured enough teasing he'll make sure to make it up by eating you out good (not saying he never does).
that doesn't mean he's not done being mean to you though, he's heavy on eye contact. he loves making eye contact with you as he brutally violates your clit, and he lives to see the faces you make as he inserts one finger in your soaking pussy, juices spilling out of your greedy hole, he loves seeing how you gasp when he swiftly slips in another finger, teasing you as he says how wet you were that he could easily fit in a third finger.
but he hates when you look away in embarrassment, he'll stop doing what he's doing—he'll stop his fingers from bottoming in and out of your pussy, and he'll stop his sucking and licking at your clit when you look away from embarrassment, "getting shy now are we? guess that means i'll have to stop.." you whine and quickly look back at him, looking down and meeting his eyes, his gaze was hot and intense, mouth and cheeks wet with your juices and his saliva, it was dirty.
"keep looking at me as i fuck you with my tongue, you understand? i want to see your face as you cum, i want you to watch me as i make you cum, got that?"
gentle and soft yet never fails to make you orgasm hard, he relishes in watching your dripping entrance as you wait for him to go down on you. he takes things slow and is very passionate, he considers himself a lucky man every time he eats you out because he knows only he is allowed to be in this position, no one else. he is sort of possessive when in the act when he really thinks about it, no one has eaten your pussy out this good, your moans and cries are only for him to hear.
despite him taking it slowly he is a god at eating pussy (you can't change my mind), he plants soft and tender kisses on your thighs before slowly reaching your inner thighs, you whine and beg for him to hurry up but he only shushes you and reminds you to be patient. "ah, remember to be patient love, i want to savour this moment.." you let out a soft moan and bring your head backwards when he finally kissed your clit.
his hands are tightly yet tenderly holding your legs apart, his hands grabbing a hold of the soft plush of your thighs. he leans in closer to your pussy, his thumb prying your wet pussy slightly open, he stares at it in awe before softly blowing on it, the cold air hitting your sensitive folds. your back arches as a shaky sigh escapes your lips, he looks up from his position and smirks before latching his mouth onto your pussy, it was all so sudden it caught you off-guard but within a couple of seconds the pleasure had taken over your body, your mind was clouded with nothing but pleasure.
he loves it when you yank and grip his hair, pulling him in closer to your pussy just to create more friction. you were so greedy it was cute so he always allowed it, he hummed and moaned softly as he ate you out, the vibrating sensation never failed you made your legs tremble and he knew it. he nips and softly (just barely) bites at your folds before covering them with a long kiss and when he releases he lets out a "pop!", your moans grow louder and louder the more he licks and slurps at your sensitive dripping entrance.
he knows when you're about to cum, the sound of your gasps and moans strained, the way your grip on his hair tightens as you try to pull him in closer to your pussy (it already is but he isn't complaining) and your hips jerking up—he closes his eyes, taking in the moment and makes sure to hold you steady when you finally reach your climax, thighs, hands and legs trembling from the overwhelming feeling of pleasure.
and even after cumming on his face he continues to eat you out (obsessed much), you try to push his head away but he only narrows his eyes at you, it was hot to see him maintaining eye contact with you so well as he licked and slurped up your sweet essence. "don't try to push me away now princess, not after you were so eager to cum and pushed me in so close. just another, please?"
he's the type, that even after you're passed out in bed from cumming, his head's still in between your thighs, bumping his nose onto your clit for stimulation as a few strands of hair tickled your thighs. he really enjoys eating you out, if you can't tell (he doesn't even stop even after you've done passed out) but you know what he enjoys as well? face sitting, the feeling of your soft thighs squeezing his head as you ride his face and nose is everything.
he ignores his own problem when eating you out, his cock was aching, all hot and bothered. but he didn't mind, if anything just seeing you cum from his tongue and mouth made him cum (happened too many times), he's too preoccupied with your pleasure anyway. although if you really do insist on helping him out then... (can he put his dick in?)
definition of "pussy drunk", he LOVES eating you out.. so what if he suffocates between your thighs? he will gladly and happily suffocate between your thighs. although he is a bit shy doing it in public the thought of someone walking in the restroom and hearing the lustful moans coming from one closed stall makes him hard, at first he's soft and slow and kissing your thighs but that only lasts for a bit before he's literally making out with your pussy.
he LIVES to hear your praises when you mewl his name and cry out of pleasure, his lips swollen from burying his mouth deeper into your warm pussy, his nails digging into your thighs as juices (was it cum, saliva or sweat? who knows?) coated his chin, dribbling down his neck. it was a sticky mess and he loved it. his eyes are closed shut, brows furrowing his concentration as he sloppily laps over your hot, swollen puffy cunt. and when he does open his eyes he only does it to admire your soaking pussy coated with slick before licking up your cream, and his eyes? god they're so dazed and lustful it makes you feel embarrassed, real pussy drunk.
one thing he will never ever get enough of is the taste and how messy it gets. call him a freak or whatever you want but the sensation of his cheeks and mouth smothered by your juices and arousal as he gently nipped at your folds and slurped up all of your essence, is something to die for. the way your slick rolls down from his lips to his chin and down his neck, the tickling sensation is one he will never forget.
who knows what the slick is made up of? was it from your arousal? was it his spit and drool? perhaps both. there's just something irresistible about how dirty you could get just by his tongue and fingers that does something to him (not to mention the precum leaking out of his boxers), the more you cry out in pleasure and overstimulation makes him crack.
he's extremely skilled when eating pussy, that's just something he's naturally good at but you swear he gets better and better every time.. maybe you're too kind to let him eat you out nearly every day. but the more he goes down on you the more he learns—what spot you like the most, where's the most sensitive part, what combination you like, what pace... you get the jist. one of his favourite things is when you get too overwhelmed with pleasure to the point where your legs are shaking and pushing his head away, crying out for him to stop—that you were full.
"full? already? but i haven't even used my fingers yet..." he sighs (directly onto your pussy) and only ducks his head back in despite your futile attempts to push his head away, he knew your energy was low meaning you couldn't push him away even if you wanted to. he could eat out for hours on end, even days if he could (he would), he gets really delirious when eating you out, it's as if everything around him is gone, he's like his own little world with your pussy. the low groan and grumbled escaping his lips as he licks your clit up and down before sucking on it, letting go with a loud "pop!"
and once again he's back it, his tongue brazenly exploring your cunt before swirling at your poor sensitive bud, with every sharp and precise movement he makes he does it with every intention to make you cum, for like the third time. the way he's alternating between your clit and your needy hole makes your mind crazy, too fucked out to think about anything but the intense pleasure, and with every exhale his warm breath hits your flushed skin, his tongue lapping over your squishy folds. he'll never leave your pussy alone, will he?
the one thing they all have in common is that in the end when he pulls away he can't tell whether or not you're extremely wet because of your arousal/sweat or his saliva, or maybe it's both, who knows?
Tumblr media
note: uuuuhhhhhhh dialogue or the text itself may be a bit icky (I'M NOT GOOD AT WRITING SMUT) so if it irks you just stay quiet and go on about your day. (*′з`b)
taglist: @tomansimp @one-offmind @miitchiji @dainsleif-when-playable @momoewn @stygianoir @irethepotato @v4an @imetsk @fiannee @sunnyf4lls if im missing anyone please tell me because i have an inkling feeling i missed a few..
liking + following + reblogs are very much appreciated!!!
another note: slightly proof read so if you found any spelling/grammar mistakes PLEASE tell me.
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xurory · 26 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WHINEY men who are extremely verbal in bed !! he can't help but let out his lustful moans whenever you ride him until he's absolutely fucked into oblivion :3 the way your cute lil' pussy wraps around his cock as he watches your tits bounce up n down. he's just soooo loud, and it's all for uuu <3 it's not everyday he gets to feel you like this, so he'd most likely go insane and whine under the slightest of your touch. "ngh... don't stop, please. keep goin-" you'd shut him up by shoving his face on your boobs :p his cutest whines would come out when you hop off his lap and suck his hardened cock. like, how could he not !? your mouth felt so heavenly and the way you suckle on his tip? makes him crave for u even more.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AVENTURINE, gepard, CAELUS, dan heng / KAZUHA, XIAO, thoma, LYNEY, kaveh, VENTI / ISAGI, chigiri / YUTA, megumi, GOJO / your faves !! :3
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mondaymelon · 1 year
— "𝘁-𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘀?" ♥
:feat~ albedo, kaeya, zhongli, childe, ayato, thoma, alhaitham, kaveh x gn!reader:
⤷ we have a large crowd today here folks !! ⤷ cw: fluff because i don't know what to do in life !!
ᴛᴀɢʟɪꜱᴛ (open!) : @manager-of-the-pudding-bank, @iamdedinside, @ilyuu, @achlysis, @swivy123, @solxima, @poweredbyghostadventures, @haliyamori
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"...That... That was your first kiss?"
As ALBEDO pulls away, gaze hazy as the slightest red blazes across his face, his voice comes out as more of a whisper. He touches two gloved fingers to his lips, letting them linger there, before glancing up at you, a mix of confusion in his flushed expression.
"Ah, how peculiar... how could that be?" It's as if he's in a trance. He surely hasn't felt these emotions before, and everything seems all too... new. Like he's been submerged headfirst into a world that he never knew existed.
But your touch was warm, and with you, he'd be okay with anything.
"'Bedo, what do you mean by that?" You tilt your head, still feeling the remaining sensations of his lips against yours.
Suddenly, the male seems to grow even more bashful - a side to him that most never came close to seeing... after all, as the renowned Chief Alchemist would surely never be caught like this. Flushed cheeks, hitched breathing... yes, never.
Things just seemed to change for you, whether he liked it or not.
"Well..." He starts off louder than intended, and his voice grows softer almost instantly. "I just thought you were quite popular in Mondstadt, so..." His words grow even fainter as he ducks his gaze. "I thought you'd have experience with past lovers."
You almost laugh at the notion, shaking your head as you smile at the male. "Nono, 'Bedo. This was my first, with you."
Those last two words almost seem to make the male melt as his expression grows affectionate.
"Yes, dearest. You were my first, and you will be my only." ♥
Tumblr media
"Ohoh, your first kiss?"
You can tell from the lilt in KAEYA's smooth voice that you've caught his interest. His hands are still behind your head, hopelessly entangled within your hair, since he'd been kissing none other than you so affectionately only seconds before. "Then, just now…" A smirk makes its way upon his lips. "I was your first, hm?"
When you meekly nod in response, he draws in a shallow breath, seeming to revel at the idea. You can see the twinkle that's found its way into his eyes as he stares at you with something different in his expression.
The silence is finally broken as he speaks again. "Dove, I couldn't-" He takes a moment to pause, swallowing. "I didn't think that..." For once, the man seems speechless, completely, utterly, speechless.
So he opts to the one thing he does know, leaning forward as he moves his lips to yours. And once he starts, he doesn't stop, relentlessly stealing your breath away.
It takes him quite a while to pull away, and when he does, his face is flushed, neat hair disheveled. "Fuck." And even though he's a mess right now, all his gaze is fixated on you.
"As your first, I'm special to you, right?"
His words come to sort of a surprise, was he still lingering on what you had admitted minutes ago? But all the same, you nod your head, smiling at the male. "Of course, Kae."
The use of his nickname nearly sends his head spiraling, but he manages to stay composed - as composed as he needed, anyhow.
He takes your hands in his, his skin slightly cool to the touch as he clasps both of them over his chest with an air of satisfaction.
"And just because I'm your first, don't think I'll be leaving you for anything." ♥
Tumblr media
"Have you never engaged in such romances before?"
The way ZHONGLI speaks to you sounds like he's quite confused - and you'd be correct. He is, because how could it be that someone as lovely and flawless as you have never had a lover?
It didn't make sense, even for someone with a millennia of life's experiences.
Still, upon your confession, a part of him has been stirred. Could it be that you were waiting for your true lover to appear, so that you would be able to dedicate yourself to them with all of you? It was a traditional way of thinking, no doubt, but Zhongli was, and is, a traditional man.
Your first kiss... was all his?
The thought of such... a luxury sends the man's head into a flurry. Was it true? Of course it was, you would never lie to him - yet still a part of him held doubt, not because you might not be telling the truth, but because was someone as imperfect as him really to be the one to share such an intimate moment with you? As the very first?
Even as a god, Zhongli, or Morax, has his fair share of regrets - situations he could've changed, loved ones he could have saved.
Ah, but with the way he's feeling now, the way his heart thumps, the way his lips still hold the lingering feeling of you, and the way his face can only burn...
"It is my honor, love. Not to worry, we will most certainly have more opportunities to do the same in the future." ♥
Tumblr media
"Wait, wait, wait. Are you being serious?"
It's almost laughable the way CHILDE instantly seems to brighten. You're pressed into his body, yet his grip on you only tightens, as if he's afraid to let go. When he speaks again, excitement in his tone only growing, there's also something else in his voice that you can't exactly interpret. "Then, your first kiss was with me??"
He believes you, but he wants to hear the words again, just to affirm himself. To hear them come from your very lips, for you to admit such a thing... his features grow more joyful by the second.
"Yes." You tilt your head to the side, rather quizzically. You aren't able to comprehend why he's so thrilled, but happy all the same. The way Childe smiles, not like the fake facade he wears like a mask, but his true smile. The one that forces his lips into a grin, the one that almost seems to make his deep eyes sparkle.
Maybe you were imagining things, yet still, his smile meant all that much.
The male makes a sound that's in between a gasp and a laugh, his boyish tone filtering into his voice unknowingly. Quickly, softly, so subtle you don't realize it at first, you find that his arms have found their way around your waist, hugging you closer to his frame.
To be in his arms, all of it. It feels perfect.
There's the sensation of something - Childe's fingers under your chin as he tilts it up, staring into your eyes with an unimaginable adoration under his.
"That may have been only your first kiss, but don't think you'll last a day without receiving another one from me!" ♥
Tumblr media
"Know that if you are telling lies, you will be punished for desecration."
However, it's easy to tell from AYATO's jesting tone that he's merely joking - from the upturned corners of his lips to the way his eyes seem to glimmer, all of these signs are small hints you've learned to memorize in order to read his usual hindered expression.
After all, commissioner Kamisato Ayato is expected to wear such masks, and that is what he does.
"Ah, perhaps you'll confess to your crime if I do this?" His smooth voice brushes past your ear as he leans into you, whispering just shy of your face. Then, he bridges the mere centimeters between the two of you, meeting his lips against yours for the second time that night. He was warm, yet his touch was cool - all of it, the rush of emotion and expression, sent your heart aflutter with every second that passed.
As he moves away, a serene smile graces his lips upon seeing your flushed expression, while on the other hand, he merely seemed unfazed. "Ahah, so it was true."
His quiet laugh does wonders to your heart, regardless of the situation. Soon, you feel something else - the graze of his gloved hand, one finger running across your chin as he stares at you, gaze unwavering.
"You chose me, and I'll make sure you don't regret it." ♥
Tumblr media
"Y-Your first kiss... with me... ah-"
And just like that, you've turned THOMA into even more of a stuttering, blushing mess than he was merely moments before he had pulled away from his first kiss with you. You can tell he's overwhelmed, by the way he grasps at your arm for support, almost like he's going to tip and fall over if he doesn't. His skin is warm to the touch, but it's always been that way.
When he finally manages to steady himself and speak, his voice is faint, barely reaching your ears. "Me, of all people...? You... You're truly too kind..."
And you can tell, from the way he gazes at you after he speaks those words, that he truly means it.
"Thoma, what do you mean by that? Of course I'd choose you, if not, who else?" You beam at him, smiling, and you can see the male perk up, almost like a puppy of sorts.
It was endearing, the way he adored you so innocently.
Ah, but he'd always been like this. Loyal, someone who'd always put you first, who valued your life over his own. You swear you can see his forest eyes glistening, threatening to tear up. "Love, what did I ever do to deserve you?"
"I love you, Thoma, and it's as simple as that."
And just like that, you've managed to capture his heart once more, a heart that you had already taken. He finds his place in your arms, leaning his head against your body with a smile, his own warmth merging with yours. He doesn't need to answer, doesn't need to say a word. The way his eyes sparkle with such unbridled infatuation is enough to confirm it.
"I love you, and that will never change." ♥
Tumblr media
"I expected as much."
"...What?" ALHAITHAM's answer is one that's caught you off guard, despite all the other surprising occurrences that had happened that night, mainly how his lips had met yours. While it was over in the span of seconds, that moment seemed to have stretched out for an eternity.
Ah, but then you glance up, and something in your mind clicks. Maybe it's about the way he's gazing at you with the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, or the way his multicolored eyes glimmer. He's amused, and it's you who is the entertainment.
So you repeat your question. "What do you mean by that, Haitham?" You hadn't meant to sound so accusing, but it slips into your tone - the confusion, and perhaps the slightest shred of annoyance.
"Hm, should I leave it up to you to interpret?"
"Honestly, all I meant was that you seemed to be someone... inexperienced."
"Must I say more? You're a terrible kisser, that's what." A playful smile, graces his lips for the briefest moment. "But it's not a problem, hardly one at all. In fact, I enjoyed it." The male being so upfront about his feelings was a strange sight to behold.
"Hm, should I show you what a proper kiss looks like then?" And just like that, without waiting for an answer, he leans forward, hands roaming, one behind your chin and one behind your head, tilting you forward as his face meets yours, warmth spreading across your body like wildfire. Sudden, yes, but not unwelcome by any means.
You almost feel disheartened when he pulls away, breaths labored as he smirks. "Not much better, however..."
"I'm sure we'll have many more opportunities in the future." ♥
Tumblr media
"...Darling, you have to stop me from falling in love with you all over again."
And KAVEH wouldn't be wrong - he's desperate. Because archons, every part of you, every small aspect of your being just sends him more and more deep into this hole he's dug for himself. Every time you laugh, he can hear his heart rate picking up, his face growing red. It's obvious when he's in love, both to him, and to the people around him.
He was already so hopelessly enraptured with you, yet every day, he could only feel himself grow more and more infatuated. It was something impossible to control, and perhaps that was why he chased it so much - the feeling of loving you.
You can only laugh at his words. "Aw Kaveh, that's too bad, isn't it?"
"Quite terrible indeed." Now he's laughing too, and not the quiet kind - the kind where he's nearly doubled over, one hand on your shoulders as he practically beams. "Now come on," he cups one hand around your cheek, smiling with a certain light in his eyes. "We can't just kiss once and call it a day, can we?"
"No Kaveh, we can't."
The warmth he feels with you is unlike anything else. Incomparable, perfect.
"You make it too easy to love you, darling." ♥
Tumblr media
(a/n) i shouldnt have written so many characters the regret is very real but hey ive done it like the madlad i am adjosilkvsdv
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ayaboba · 1 year
let me do it all
summary: reaction to reader who has worn themselves out completely (physically).
chars: diluc, baizhu, zhongli, thoma, cyno, kazuha, ayato, kaeya, heizou, childe, kaveh, alhaitham, albedo, xiao, tighnari, dainsleif, wanderer.
cw: physically tired, petnames, gn! reader, mentions of not taking care of themselves.
Tumblr media
enters malewife mode - diluc, baizhu, zhongli, thoma, cyno
As soon as they see that you’re barely functioning, your movements are limp, and your eyes are struggling to stay open, they’ll diligently take over any household chores without a second thought. Cleaning the dishes, folding the laundry, cooking dinner—they even have time on their hands to lightly remind you to stay in bed and rest whenever you do the slightest physical activity. even though you insisted on splitting the work in half.
“Sweetheart, I can hear you in the laundry room. Go back to bed, please.”
“It’s just a few clothes. I promise I won’t break!”
“You have ten seconds to get back in bed, or I'll personally carry you there myself.”
All attention is on you - kazuha, ayato, kaeya, heizou, childe, kaveh
They’ve told you countless times that you are the most sacred gift to ever be bestowed upon them. It’s a sincere and hypnotic lullaby, almost. Lulling your heart into a surreal universe, their soft whispers gently guiding you.
Your mind and body fight to stay awake, determined to focus on their tender words that stream out of their lips like honey as they press their lips ever so lovingly to your forehead. You wonder how long it's been—how long you’ve been enveloped in their arms—but something tells you getting out of this situation might be a little tricky.
“Hm…? And where do you think you’re going?”
“I need to unload the dishwasher. It finished a few minutes ago.”
“Oh, that can wait. How about I prepare you a bubbly, warm bath instead?”
scolds you (while preparing your favourite meal) - alhaitham, albedo, xiao, tighnari, dainsleif, wanderer.
They admire your persistence in whatever you were doing that cost so much of your energy and effort; it’s always been one of their favourite qualities about you, truly. However, when your determination gets you into situations such as these, they’ll scold and tut like a strict mother, subtly shaking their heads and rambling about how you should be more careful with your health. Underneath all of that, they’re just worried about you. Why else would they be cooking up a gourmet meal at 12 a.m.?
“Really… What were you thinking?”
“Look, I'm sorry. It was just important!”
“More important than your health? Of course not. Now eat up. I'll get our bed ready; we’re sleeping early.”
Tumblr media
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lyneira · 1 year
Tumblr media
♤ can I be deep inside of your love? ♤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> after you both climax, he decides to stay buried inside of you. Why?
fem!reader x genshin men / cw: unprotected sex, breeding kink, creampie, cockwarming
Tumblr media
Wants to ensure you're having his babies
ZHONGLI, Ayato, Childe, Gorou
He'll keep himself buried deep inside you even after blowing his load into you because this man is MAKING SURE that you'll be pregnant with his child after this night (with your consent of course). He had already came in you so much that his seed was oozing out of your hole, to his dismay. And of course it would. Because even now, he was still managing to empty the rest of himself out into you as he further buried himself in your core.
As he's basking in your warmth, he's also basking in delight, rubbing small circles at your hip with his thumb as thoughts of you carrying his child run through his head. Imagining you with your belly swollen and round and seeing you with that special glow, gosh, the thought makes him swoon. You'd look so beautiful. It all excites him so, that he plants a tender, loving kiss to your lips, and whispers,
"There's no one else that I'd make the mother of my children other than you, my love...you'll make such a beautiful mommy"
He feels the closest to you like this
KAVEH, Kazuha, Baizhu, Thoma
Just because he's finished blowing his load into you doesn't mean he's done with you. He feels that this next part, where he's simply buried inside you, is just as significant as the previous act of thrusting his love into you.
This unity you both had made: joined together as one, bodies pressed up against one another's, hands intertwined, his lips locked on yours, tongues dancing with each other, and him sheathed deeply inside you. This is where he feels the closest to you, both physically and emotionally, eyes looking into each other's with such vulnerability and love. Relishing in this feeling, he doesn't dare pull away. He views this union as romantic and meaningful as it was a declaration of love for you of an intimate nature, so he'd find it so insensitive to pull out immediately.
He also hopes to leave you with his warmth for as long as he can, just as you have enveloped him and given him warmth. He'd want to hold you like this for the rest of the night.
Loves the feeling
Venti, Heizou, Itto, Kaeya
Similar to the previous category, it simply feels so warm, so cozy, and so comfortable inside of you that he wouldn't want to pull out right away. He also wants to relish the feeling of being inside you, and he'd stay inside you for longer than you'd expect. Won't you let him be selfish a bit? Just feel the way his length was beautifully melded into your core. Wouldn't you want to stay like this too? He desires your touch and your heat for much longer.
He'll embrace you tightly the whole time, and if you begin to squirm, asking if he's done yet, he'll mumble into your neck, "No...just a little bit longer please...You feel too good", and he'll start leaving kisses up and down your neck and jaw to soothe you.
When the time comes that he has to pull out, he'll realize that he should do this more often. Maybe while you two are simply enjoying the time, not doing much, he'll think of pulling you onto his lap and slipping himself inside of you. He'd have a more enjoyable time and would make sure you would too.
Needless to say, cockwarming him would be a frequent thing between you two ;)
He can't
Alhaitham, Albedo, Cyno, Tighnari
Exhausted from his release, he initially tries to pull out of you. Yet, with your legs wrapped tightly around him and with your pussy still squeezing him and sucking him in so good, he just can't. He might have asked you to let up, but he couldn't find himself doing that either. It's not like he really wants to anyway. And with your pussy begging for his cock like that, who was he to resist?
He lets out heavy moans as you overstimulate his cock with each spasm and contraction of your walls tightening around him. The feeling of it all was terribly addictive and made him feel yet another high, an even more intense one at that. It's so intense that he finds himself pouring even more of his essence into you that he didn't know he had left.
A ring of his cum and yours was now formed at the hilt of his cock, the sight of it turning him on again Another round wouldn't hurt, would it? (You two wouldn't go one round; you two would go multiple rounds afterwards, and the cycle would repeat, heh)
Does it out of possessiveness
Scaramouche, Xiao, Diluc, Dainsleif
After releasing, you'd expect him to pull out, but he'd do the opposite. He'll grab you by your thighs and pull you in towards him while thrusting himself further into you, feeling as the mixture of your essence and his gushes out of your hole and stains his cock. More importantly, you'd also notice how desperately he'd cling to you: how he’d tightly hold your thighs at his sides, how his fingernails were digging into your skin, how deeply he was trying to bury himself into you, deepening his kiss to your core so lovingly.
Looking at your flushed face, all tired out, you couldn't look any more beautiful to him even like this; that expression, your touch, your warmth, your moans, your pussy, and most of all, your love was his. The entirety of you was his and his alone.
Under gritted teeth, he'd mutter, "You're mine, you know that?", holding you even closer as he feels you squeeze around him perfectly.
But when you gazed upon his face- oh, that look. It was so vulnerable. The way he looked into your eyes sought reassurance and was pleading, "Please never let me go...I'm yours and no one else's...and I give all of myself to you and only you"
So please tell him tenderly, "I know", and watch as relief washes over him, releasing his grip on your thighs to embrace you protectively. He'll then whisper a delicate, "I love you so much", into your ear, and won't be letting go of you for a while.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anantaru · 7 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kinktober 2023. — masterlist | ao3
𖧡 — including — alhaitham, thoma, scaramouche, wriothesley
𖧡 — warnings — fem! reader, jealous & possessive boys, a lil insecure, fear of you leaving them, prone bone, oral (male! receiving), teasing & rough
Tumblr media Tumblr media
indeed, it was a lot more convenient for alhaitham to pretend like he wasn't jealous right now, painfully so, and the thought of him even getting to this point was somewhat embarrassing to the renowned scribe— especially since you're giving him no reasons to be jealous in the first place.
with shaky fingers, you frame your hands behind his neck as you push him close for a quick kiss, and alhaitham found himself welcoming you with a roughness that manifested into ruthless ruts of his length shattering all sense of rationality in you when you jolt your hips into him, his cock continuously pushing into you possessively before dragging his palm down to grope your tits— his way of handling and pleasing your body was always enough to make you empty headed and crave more friction, even though alhaitham was rougher than usually this time around.
little do you realize that alhaitham couldn't look at your wide, pleading eyes, instead he focused on making you feel good, despite his head being full of constant bothering thoughts and emotions, his own glossed over eyes filled with deep annoyance.
what the man didn't wanted to happen was for you to suddenly believe that his obvious lack of attention and negligence was directed at you, but alas, it gave the impression away, especially when you whine out his name, alhaitham, alhaitham, again and again, but he doesn't even look at you, and it's like a mark burning into your skin when he stops himself at last, his cock still throbbing inside the confines of your walls but alhaitham wasn't moving an inch anymore.
"i-is something wrong?" you mutter, breathing and sniffling through your moans, "did i do something?" your gentle words of compliance  slip past his ears as he suddenly returns your gaze at last, his eyes open wide when the realization hit him. the heat in the air gets drained entirely and the mood falters a little, replaced with subtle touches, low breaths and at last, alhaitham's unwavering focus on you.
"no," he shakes his head immediately, "you did nothing," and here his voice softened, continuing, "you could never, you know that," he looks at you, and in return, you raise your eyebrows at him, utterly irritated, asking him non-verbally to explain himself and his difficult pondering— your cunt still pressed around his girth and it's more pleasurable than painful, yet neither of you was moving an inch, and it doesn't seem like you will for a while.
alas— as you might be utterly aware by now, alhaitham wasn't a man of many words, he preferred the easier route, and his heart was steady for once, thanks to you shaking his thoughts and calming him with nothing but your sensual voice.
and, truthfully, there was a part of him that enjoyed letting his desires out like that, to signalize you his desires despite him drifting off into his thoughts every now and then.
or, that in the end, any other individual fumbling their attempt to get to know you will fail, because as always, alhaitham never has to fear for any lack of loyalty coming from you.
Tumblr media
the mental picture of not being good enough for you creeped its way over thoma's psyche and body, while this particular thinking was making him much too jealous, too insecure and grumpy, truly, he absolutely loathed the feeling of it, it left a bad taste in his mouth and he hated himself deeply right now.
by now, it felt as though he had memorized every word that his negative emotions spoke to him, and it served as an evident contrast to the lustful temperature littering over your naked bodies as he plays with you, his red tip battering against your sensitive insides with such roughness that your entire body was bouncing back and forth the bed. 
"you're mine," thoma's repeated declarations ooze into you and scratch the deepest depths of your brain, "mine, fuck— and mine," it truly messes with your mind, his thrusts deep and precise making you cry desperately with quick snaps of his hips holding your breath away.
"yes.." you hiccup weakly, "forever... yours," and thoma groans loudly at your sentences, he was so glad that he cannot help himself but smile— even though of course, it didn't entirely melt away the troubling thoughts, they continue to pester him, how not when he was thinking about it all day long.
in spite of that, he wanted to prove himself until you're utterly trapped to the feeling of being overflowed by his throbbing length swelling inside, taking up all the sweet space until you're nothing but full of him— swiftly hiding your dampened face against thoma's neck, stifling your darling cries as he pushes faster, deeper, his painfully hard cock pistoling in and out until you're practically yelling his name in broken spells.
it only takes a couple more thrusts before he spills into you, your clenching walls trying to keep him in as your legs tremble while trapped in a frenzy, fluids mixing and oozing over his erection— and it's sudden, when you run your fingers over his scalp to drag him into you, and it immediately fills him with an emotion akin to joy, "i'm yours, thoma,"
perhaps, that’s all thoma needed to hear— remembering the fact that he was chosen by you, that it was only him who was allowed to touch you, kiss you, taste you.
Tumblr media
"are you close? please tell me, please.." a hot breeze ignites the shell of your ear as scaramouche's warm, desperate heaves brush across the deepest parts on your body, each word of his spoken out so sinfully that it somehow showed a different, much more vulnerable side of him. he holds you close to his figure, one hand planted on top of your hips while the other was located on the back of your neck, sinfully pressing your head against the soiled pillows with your mouth gaped open, moaning out the pleasure.
the unforgiving, strong pace of his hips was never losing on strength, the intensity of his blows was maddening, merciless, and you could feel it all, he made sure of, the thick veins prancing around his shaft ripping through your bruised walls, sending a stimulating bolt all the way down to your spine.
"cry for me, come on," he breathes, his voice thick of lust, fuck, he was so worked up, so fucking mad at the fact that his own insecurities were playing cruel tricks on him, and he needed to make you cum right now, so he could release himself right after and bury every last drop of his seed inside of you, until you're overcrowded, your eyes brimming with warm tears due to the sheer impact.
now, kuni's broken inability to talk about his feelings and concerns was difficult to navigate through, but this is where everything changes— because after you whine out his name when his rough fingers slide down between your trembling legs, rolling two digits over your neglected clit as he glides his tongue over his lips before pressing his entire weight on top of you, with his mouth located right against your ear.
"i hate, hate, hate, hate, how they look at you," scaramouche really wanted to be gentle this night, he was really trying his best to not let his emotions run freely, but he just couldn't help himself anymore, so he grinds down harder, feeling everything, fucking you hard and deep and reaching the sweet spots he knew you'd roll your eyes back at.
completely lost in the feeling of you, his dripping erection ridges into your bruised walls as his cock repeatedly stretches you— he needed to feel you, more and more, endlessly craving your insides to tighten around his shaft and milk every last drop of him, until his troubled mind would stop racing into negative directions and perhaps then, he'll finally open up to you and tell you about his deep-rooted insecurities.
Tumblr media
"hold still for me", wriothesley inhales deeply into his chest, the scent of pheromones and sweat driving him ferocious— he could feel himself twitch underneath your warm palm hungrily smearing his salty pre all over his shaft and it's uncontrolled, stimulating, when you pin a snug kiss on his rosy tip.
he places on hand against the back of your head as you part your mouth to take him, your nostrils filled with his scent that permeated every single part of him and made you push your thighs together in impatience— but it wasn't your turn yet, and you wanted to parade your hot mouth over his throbbing dick a while longer, until wriothesley realizes that you could do this perpetually, his lengthy cock in your mouth so you could give it the attention it deserved, your saliva streaming down and making it shine as the spit dribbles all the way down to his aching balls.
"you know you're the only one for me, right?" he laughs before hissing out in exhilaration when you fondle his balls, adding more strength towards the underside but holding them sensitively, you wouldn't want to hurt him, so you bob your head up and down, swallow his salty pre whilst massaging his balls in your hand, all the while parting your mouth as wide as you could, taking as much into your throat as would fit.
"and there's— fucking hell, no reason to be jealous, baby," you suddenly look up at him through pleading eyes, were you really this obvious with it today? well, granted, you cannot even describe the level of rage you would feel whenever someone would talk about your boyfriend, as if he was single, even though knowing full on well he wasn't— yet the good part? wriothesley might be the last person who'd ever give a damn about those pestering intruders, how you referred to them, and he was barely able to wait until he could bury your mouth to the hilt before spilling sweet nothings into your ears.
"fuck—," he grunts, clenched jaw tensing when he feels it move over your wet tongue tracing over his swollen veins, "fuck, just you wait— just you wait," before he spreads his legs further, so you could fit right in between his strong thighs better, and have enough room while being stuffed full of his cock prodding at the back of your throat.
as was anticipated, wriothesley was slowly turning louder and it's a melodious sound sending a warmth through your body, heightening the temperature on your drenched core slicking up your panties and puncturing it to a sizzling degree— but you're keeping yourself contained, all for him, for his delicious erection  slipping through and expanding, sealing you together as one.
Tumblr media
©2023 anantaru's kinktober do not repost, copy, translate, modify
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giamee · 14 days
... aka fictional boyfriends as things my pet cat does lmfao
༊*·˚ featuring ➻ my genshin, hsr & jjk faves
༊*·˚ gia's notes ➻ switching up the layout bc i can teehee... also this one is kinda slop cos its just every character on my masterlist oop. N E WAYS i found out that im allergic to my cat but love is pain and i am a masochist so here we are
Tumblr media
he's leaning against your kitchen counter, fingers tapping against it as he's poised so deliberately to give off the impression that everything he's doing is so absent-minded. the way he's scrolling through his feed so aimlessly, just tuned out from the world, including you and your futile attempts at getting his attention.
you call his name, tug at his sleeve, and you don't miss the mischievous smirk on his lips as he glances up at you.
"i don't know who that is, sorry, i hope you find him though."
it's infuriating, sometimes, when he lets his more playful side out. but you know him well, and you play along, not being able to help the smile that fights to stay on your lips.
"well then, my beloved, could you help me look for him?"
and there's an instant change from him, back straightening as he stops leaning against your counter, arms open wide to receive you, a beam on his face.
"gladly, my love."
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ kaveh, welt, dan heng, luocha, GETO
no matter as to whether you had gone to bed with him or before, you're woken up prematurely in the middle of the night at the sensation of your body being moved, ever so gently, across the sheets, closer towards a warm body that nestles itself solidly behind you.
you're barely awake, but you smile to yourself at the newfound comfort, having drifted away as you slept, and now happily reunited.
"i missed you," he breathes against your ear, turning his head to dip down and press kisses to your cheek. you smile, nose scrunching at the ends of his hair that tickle your skin, but welcome it nonetheless.
his arm slips around you, keeping you safely anchored to him, and he lets out a contented hum that almost sounds like he's purring, chest solid against your back.
"you're acting like you've come back from war," you murmur, and he can hear the way you tease even in your half asleep state.
"every second away from you is agony, my love."
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ DILUC, alhaitham, JING YUAN, choso, NANAMI
sure, there's doing something unexpected to grab your attention, but it catches you off guard every. single. time.
he has seemingly no regard for whatever it is that you're doing- you're cooking something? he sneaks up behind you, teeth sinking into your shoulder before he slinks away like it never happened.
trying to get work done? he comes up to you, using his head to poke you and offering no explanation as he walks away.
it's ... endearing, to say the least. it comes from a place of love, that's for sure. make no mistake that you like to bite him too, but he still manages to one-up you each time.
while it started off as surprising in the early days of your relationship, over time you've adapted to it, now even offering a body part for him to headbutt as a greeting.
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ cyno, WRIOTHESLEY, neuvillette, BLADE, toji, HIGURUMA
"babyyyy, i'm bored."
you don't have to turn around to know that he's pouting, some grown ass man acting like a toddler in hopes that you'd pay attention to him. you can't help but roll your eyes, what with him pushing the limit between cute and aggravating for the past half an hour or so.
ever since you had invited him over and he practically let himself in, he had basically followed you from room to room, huffing and puffing as you focused on your work instead of entertaining him.
and as you finally settled in your room, at your desk, you watched out of the corner of your eye as he flopped down onto your bed, his head dangling off the edge as he scrolled through his phone half-heartedly.
and you had to admit, he looked cute like that. you bite back your smile as you see him glance up at you to see if you're looking at him before flopping back down on the bed with a huff.
you'll be done soon, then you'll give him all the attention he wants.
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ CHILDE, thoma, sampo, gepard, GOJO
Tumblr media
IF YOU LIKED THIS, TRY ... enjoy the silence!
an introduction to your new roommate dan heng, and the guitar that he loves to play so much
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angelltheninth · 14 days
How Genshin Men React to You Cupping Their Face
Pairing: Kaeya, Diluc, Thoma, Childe, Pantalone, Neuvillette, Wriothesley, Zhongli x Reader
Tags: fluff, established relationship, teasing, playful biting, hand kisses
A/N: Let's get back into adorableness.
Tumblr media
Kaeya leans in a bit closer, testing the waters and seeing how far he can get before you pull back. Perhaps you won't? Perhaps you'll meet him half way and kiss him back and he'll get to feel your hands caress his face.
Diluc blinks in mild confusion as well as amusement of your sudden action. Not an unwelcome one mind you, he's more than happy that his lover is an affectionate one. He is too, turning his lips to kiss your palm.
Thoma gets really flustered about you holding him so gently. He should be used to this by know, he knows this, he likes soft touches with you a lot. So why can he ever seem to get his heart under control?
Childe grins widely and kisses you, asking you to keep holding him like that. You're one of the few he wants to be this close with and this gentle with. No matter what happens, what he does your hands are always safety and warmth.
Pantalone hates to admit it but he could fall asleep when you hold his face like that. Your touch, the feeling of your hands, your smile, it makes him so relaxed. If he closes his eyes he allows himself a few extra moment of this.
Neuvillette does the same to you, wanting to touch you and love you as you do him and learn of all the ways he can express it. When you hold his cheeks there's no rain, not a single cloud even. He smiles, thankful for the joy you bring.
Wriothesley bites your fingers, not used to many casual touches. He tries to play it off, fluster you and get you to let go but you keep holding on to him until your lips touch his. After a moment of hesitation he melts against you.
Zhongli is embarrassed of the deep rumbling purr that emanates from his chest. Gestures like this are something he doesn't have much experience with, or at least not in a while. But he doesn't hate it, so please, keep holding him.
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catcze · 8 months
⠀「 Waking him up in the middle of the night, asking for food 」 
Reblogs are greatly appreciated !!
trying out a different format for content when im strapped for time lmao
Tumblr media
"Babe." You nudge him in the shoulder with a finger. His arms are wrapped around you, asleep with his face half-buried in the pillow. He doesn't respond the first time, merely twitching slightly, so you try again with more force. "Babe," you say with more urgency, and he grumbles under his breath, rousing from sleep.
"What?" he asks, voice raspy.
"'m hungry," you tell him quietly, whispering not to break the tranquility of the night.
"What?" He leans closer, and your eyes narrow.
"I'm hungry. Food please," you tell him, louder this time.
Tumblr media
He grumbles under his breath, burying his face further into the pillow, ignoring you. His hands tighten around you so much that you nearly squeak. You gasp, affronted, and keep poking his shoulder until he finally gives in.
"You're lucky i love you," he mumbles into the pillow. With a tired groan and a glare tossed your way, he releases you and tosses the blanket off of himself. He pulls on his slippers, runs his hand through his hair, still swearing, and stands. He turns back to you, a hand outstretched to help you out of the sheets, and you grin at him victoriously.
"Fine, what do you wanna eat, you menace?" He asks around a yawn, tired, but too tightly wound around your finger to actually ever tell you no.
— Wriothesley, Alhaitham, Cyno, Scaramouche / Wanderer, Xiao, Childe
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He wakes up a little bit more at your request, blinking once or twice. He frowns at you, glancing at the clock on the wall, before levelling you with an exasperated stare. "At this hour?" he asks dryly. "It couldn't wait until breakfast?"
You shake your head resolutely. "Nope. I don't think I'll be able to sleep."
He sighs, but doesn't contest further, instead pressing a kiss to your cheek, and then one to your lips. "You're so spoiled," he says it fondly though, and you beam up at him. Because really, when it comes to him, you definitely are. He slips out of bed. "I'll make you that toast that you like, okay?" he asks, and you nod enthusiastically, already clambering out of the sheets after him.
— Kaveh, Diluc, Neuvillette, Kazuha, Ayato, Albedo, Kaeya, Thoma, Zhongli
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