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scrunchi · 1 day
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Hello I’ve watched Hazbin Hotel
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fansta · 8 hours
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Chaggie sketch and some Charlie doodles
I love drawing them <3
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yurnu · 2 days
Imagined Charlie meeting God. I imagined this. Hope you like it.
Charlie enters a large and beautiful garden. Everything bloomed and smelled so fresh. She made her way as she looked at the flowers and plants that surrounded her, taking in the view. Then, she see’s her grandfather, God, carefully cutting the roses.
“Greetings Charlie.” Charlie was spooked by this.
“Oh shi-I mean, hi grandpa! Nice to see you. I didn’t know you could see me.”
“I am omnipresent my dear.” His shears disappeared from his hand and he gestured to a table with a tea set. “Now have a seat.”
Charlie sat down in the chair as she looked at the tea. She took a sip and it was caught off guard by it. “F-this taste like a Frappuccino?”
“Yes, I know you’re not a fan of tea so I changed the taste for you.”
“Thank you. Creepy, but thanks.” She took another sip. “So, you know why I’m here.”
“yes, because of your redemption hotel.” God, poured his tea. His eyes not leaving Charlie.
“Right! So, you know why I’m doing it. So if anything we can-“ God put his hand up to the young woman.
“I know what you want my grand daughter. I read your heart the minute you entered. I do not blame you for your father’ and mother’s sin, but, just because you’re my granddaughter, I will not spoil you. I do not support your hotel.” Charlie’s face dropped, her optimism and plans seemed to have died down. She nervously looked around and tried to drink more of her tea but it didn’t work.
“W-why?” Charlie squeaked, trying not to cry. “Why are you like this? Why is it that you allow angels to stay in heaven when they have do not follow your rules but punish those who try to change?!” Her voice became louder, as the supreme being listens on and drank from his cup. “I worked with these sinners! I helped them see the errors of these ways and tried everything in my power to make things right not just for me but for my people! And…And how can you sit there and not do anything?! There are people who suffered for a few bad choices yet angels can live up here and do anything they can because they are perfect?! Why kind of a system is that?! What do you have against this?!”
Just then, God put down his tea and looked at his granddaughter with a serious expression. “Angel was a gang member who had killed several innocent people when he was alive. After his sister died from a rival gang attack, he found comfort in booze, drugs, and sex.” Charlie anger subsided. “Husk was a notorious playboy who gambled people’s lives. And Alastor? Ha! That guy already showed you his true colors and yet you’re are blind to it. Or maybe…” he took the tea pot and poured his cup. “Maybe you know and just play dumb because you don’t want to admit to him that he was right.” Charlie’s eye widen from his last statement.
“We-well, why is it that you allowed Adam to stay here when he was responsible for killing his own kind?”
“His kind? You mean a bunch of pedophiles, murders, kidnappers, racists, criminals, and so on. Do you know I have them chances to change for the better? To turn back against evil and proclaim my name but no! So now they rot where they all belong.” He stands up. “But I find it funny that the girl so obsessed with redemption didn’t try to find a redeeming quality in my first man. Didn’t even bother to do research herself about him rather than the lie her parents read to her.” He picks up the tea pot. “So much so that she ,along with her father, killed him and left him to rot. Never even bother trying to find a common ground with him. Didn’t even have a rainbow inside of him. So tell me, Charlie,” He then poured the girl’s tea as he leaned close to her. “Doesn't that sounds hypocritical?”
(This won't appear in the comic)
God: You say you preach redemption, that everyone deserves a second chance. But my son, who fought tooth and nail, sweated blood and perished in pain to protect the family from him. All this because your father couldn't admit that he was wrong. Doesn't he deserve heaven?
The atmosphere became dense, Charlie found it difficult to breathe properly, it was as if air was being denied him.
God: But apparently, those sinners who ruined millions of innocent lives have a right over those who did earn their place in heaven when they were alive.— God's expression was emotionless. stirred her cup of tea before taking a sip.— Did you even research heaven, purgatory and hell before thinking about making your hotel?
Charlie: Pu- purgatory?...
God: Mn... Apparently you didn't. Purgatory is a place where lower-ranking sinners or those in a gray area go to be cleansed of sin, giving them a second chance to repent. Your friends, Anthony and Pentious fell in there. They were given a second chance to make amends for their actions, but they squandered it and continued doing their thing there instead of seeking redemption. But only now, when they fall to hell, do they want redemption? They had their opportunity on a silver platter before and decided to waste it, now that they bear the consequences of their actions.
Charlie tried to make a contract argument but the thin air around her made it impossible for her to answer.
God: But tell me. Do you really preach redemption? Are you really as merciful as you pretend to be? Or do you only do it for the mere pride of being praised as the "savior" of sinners?
The atmosphere became denser and more difficult to breathe, a lot of eyes and toothy smiling mouths appeared around God and the garden plants. Looking at her, judging her.
God: You say I am unfair because I let sinners suffer in hell for the actions they decided to take. But haven't you thought that you are also the one who is unfair to the victims of those same sinners? How do you think a rape victim will feel when she sees her abuser walking the same pristine paths of heaven as her? That apparently his good actions in life were in vain since apparently if you are a sinner and you repent you can go to heaven too. Isn't that unfair?
Charlie was panting heavily as he tried to get some air into his lungs. His eyes, full of tears, looked at God with fear.
God: Listen well. Daughter of the archtraitor. Even if you continue with your blasphemous hotel, no sinner will touch the golden gates of heaven, since I refuse to recognize your hotel. It was not for nothing that I sent that disgusting sinner back to your kingdom.
With a wave of his hand, God lifted Charlie into the air with his powers, and with a snap of his fingers he opened a portal that looked towards hell, in hell's heaven.
God: Perish. —was what God said before throwing Charlie through the portal.—
The last thing Charlie saw, before the portal closed, was the indifferent and icy gaze of God.
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When angels fall with broken wings
I can't give up, I can't give in
When all is lost and daylight ends
I'll carry you and we will live forever
Art by sa312803, DarklART, PamCrtz, and randomperson101
Angels Fall (2015) by Breaking Benjamin
The Taxidermist by AngelusM19
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bunnyinfoxclothing · 2 days
Chaggie Cooking/Baking
Okay... hear me out...
This is something I have wanted to talk about for awhile. But it is so out of left field and absolutely nobody asked for this. But I want to rant, and this is my blog so suck it up.
So I read a lot of fan fiction... probably too much and as far as I have seen. A lot of people agree, that Charlie can't cook, but in the same vein most think that she can bake.
I'm talking anything other than premade flour dough, where you just add eggs, butter and water or oil.
None of this:
Tumblr media
Baking is almost exclusively about specifics. Everything has to be mixed for a certain time. Over mixing can cause any rising agent to go flat. If you over mix eggs they will become curdled and dry. But if you under mix your bread becomes tough and dense, almost like a brick, making it inedible. With egg whites they can be left too runny and unusable in a meringue. Temperatures have to be exact. Butter has to be the correct consistency. You have to know how to measure, things can be messed up if you are off by a gram.
This is because Baking is quite literally, stripped down to it's most basic form, Chemistry.
All of this to say in baking you need 5 key things.
Attention to Detail
Does Charlie have all of these traits? YES! Can she hold all of them at once for 40 min? I am less certain.
However if Charlie is failing to cook... she is not succeeding in baking.
Now that being said. I think Charlie would make a fantastic cook.
If Baking is chemistry, cooking is art.
In baking if you mess something up and it doesn't taste good, you are back to step one. In cooking, you add seasoning and flavors and adjust to your taste and the tastes of others as you go.
Cooking is hands on, taste every step of the way.
Baking is follow this recipe exact or face the wrath of the gods. Cooking is, here is a general guideline, you decide what a pinch is, and always double the amount of garlic we suggest.
In art, there is trust the process, because in the moment things can look bad or strange or use ugly colors, but you can paint over mistakes, you can use markers to color over wrong lines, you can add details to turn something from a sketch to a masterpiece. You can look at something, see the mistake and fix it.
Tumblr media
Tell me this scene of Remy dancing, tasting, and adding flavor doesn't seem exactly like what Charlie would do. Throwing stuff in, just to add to the flavor, improvising.
In episode 3 Charlie literally heard the words "I don't trust you" and decided that's what they were doing for the day. No plan, no idea, just straight into it.
(Charlie and Vaggie probably had a brainstorm session right before to decide on trust falls and to make the banner, but still)
Charlie as a Character very much hops into things with full enthusiasm and lets whatever is happening guide her to the next decision.
That is not the personality of a baker. That is the personality of a chef.
Anyway, someone please make an Au of this with Chef Charlie and Baker Vaggie trying to teach each other and fall in love. It would be so cute.
(Vaggie teaches Charlie discipline and subtly, creating a calmer mind in the kitchen, and Charlie applies that to her personal life, so she can better talk to people. Meanwhile Charlie teaches Vaggie how to have fun and go with the flow. Allowing Vaggie to go out and explore the world a bit more. Greet the world with open arms style. iykyk)
Anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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Chaggie Lovecore Stimboard!!
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beccdoodle · 2 days
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divine0rdainment · 3 days
Made a Hazbin hotel ship chart for people who follow me. Go crazy.
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valgreys · 16 hours
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¡Yo! Aquí traigo el garabato a color. 🤗 Dejaré dos versiones: una con los colores de Alastor y Charlie, y la otra, con los clores de Saya y Haji. ¿Que versión prefieren? 🤔
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toiletpudding · 3 days
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Y'all should give me four more 👍
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someonemultifandom · 2 days
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I finally did another cover for my rebooted fanfic! With all the characters introduced in chapter 1! Well, 10 out of 14 but good enough
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polubrony · 5 months
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More of these two, cuz I'm still feeling inspired
Yes, my love language IS resting with each other, how could you tell?
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Very much inspired by that Valentine Pin-Up Alastor merch where the only significant change is him having his bow-tie unclipped.
Anyway, happy valentine day sike, it's Aro week and we are begrudgingly going on dates to help our friends with their heist. Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (end)
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yurnu · 2 days
Boludo. I am shocked at how many people are stopping by my profile and leaving questions in my mailbox trying to justify the actions of Lucifer and Lilith or how they label me as favoring Adam more. Did you even look at my profile picture? It is more than OBVIOUS who I favor.
Listen. I have no problem with you loving Lucifer and Lilith more and wanting to make them look like the heroes of a poorly told story. But let's not cover the sun with a finger. They made some monumental mistakes, apart from those who say "But the series says that Lucifer was not part of the court.... "The book that was shown in chapter 1? The one that was made by LILITH? The mother of lies?
Yes... No.
Look, there are several things in this profile that you will not like and you can easily go to another profile that supports your things and your sense of seeing. But don't come to me with cheap excuses and bother me.
Am I angry? A little bit. Since I don't mess with the profiles that are assertive Lucifer fans and treat him like a baby and other bullshit, why should they come and bother me?
So please. Don't make those comments in my question box, as I will not answer them and will ignore them, just as easily as you can ignore this profile if it is not to your liking.
Have a nice week! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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moonlet-from-space · 6 months
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meandtheyeehaws · 6 months
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father in law still loves u maggie
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