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source of the EXO pictures (except Yixing): this post by @ohsehons
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Weekly Update
All reactions are Done and will be posted over the next couple of weeks. Reactions #13-#15 already posted with #16-26 will be coming out. Currently I do not have anymore in the works;
If you would like to submit reactions, they are open and can be done so through my ask box. (1 Request Per ask)
Swift Classics (with @mingigoo) - (3/9) Writing; (6/9) Planning;
Baekhyun Werewolf (Requested) - Planning Stage
Exceptional Love - Writing Chapter Two
Fated - Finishing Writing Chapter Two
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holding for jongin: day 209 of 641 ↳ EXO KAI for UNIVERSE | December 2017
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The General and The Prince
Park Chanyeol x Male Reader
Tumblr media
Contains:- mentions of wars, blood, and kidnapping.
<Part 1> <Next>
A little over a week ago, y/n's life was all over the place, and it still is; the difference is that now he is married to the vilest person he could have probably thought of while imagining a married life.
But life changes happen often so abruptly that one is found sitting in an emptied ballroom, with a burnt-up piece of dress shriveled up in hands clutching it tightly while the castle palace all around collapses.
Y/n was well aware of the fierceness of the General who was the primal cause of every defeat his kingdom had suffered; the end result of the war was pre-destined the day enemy troops crossed the inner walls of their most secured military base, but for it to come to this was never imagined.
A surrender was in process to safeguard the capital; y/n's father was hellbent on not letting the enemies cross the gates of the capital and destroy it like they have left ashes and misery in the path they have followed.
Yet General Chanyeol was not satisfied with it; he had to take the main palace down, and that was his aim, swearing which left his country.
Y/n sat there, ashen and mute, staring at the embers still there all around him; his clothes were still intact, he had a few cuts and burns throughout his hands and that was it; he sat as if in a trance, without any emotion on his face, so still that to an observer it would be a photograph symbolising doom.
Chanyeol saw y/n sitting there, he knew who it was and he knew why it was important to not touch him still; something in him was calling out, a melody, rising, rippling like an unknown sea coming up from the depth of the earth; it was the very last step which brought him so close to y/n that he was able to clearly see the tear stains on his cheeks that made enough metallic noise to break the young prince's trance and look up; there it was, the face that he denied to dance with at the last winter ball, still looking unfazed, 'let's get out of here your royal highness' said Chanyeol, with a proud grin, that is all he remembers before blacking out.
'Is this really the only thing you are going to ask for, General?' The King was shocked, and the Queen and the princesses too; everyone was ready for General Park to ask for rank promotion; the King even decreed a Dukedom, only for winning over the major ports and cities of the enemies, but to ask to marry the prince of the enemy was unprecedented.
'Yes your majesty, this is all. Now, if you may permit, I will take my leave.' Chanyeol left the murmuring throneroom and made his way to the room housing y/n, it was the fourth day since he arrived with the prince there, and he was informed that the younger regained consciousness last night.
'Leave.' As soon as he entered the room, he ordered all the attendees. He went forward and sat on the chair next to the bed facing the wall opposite to it. The prince was leaning on the headboard with his head down.
'So, your royal highness, how do you like our facilities here?' Chanyeol cocked while turning to look at y/n. No response. After a few minutes, the older continued, 'We will give the inner territories conquered by us back, and you will be marrying me for that to happen.' Y/n knew this was coming; all the threats the General made for years to make him dance with him whether he likes it or not, to marry him and only him, they were all real which y/n took in jest as he was too proud to accept such an invitation.
'You know, keeping quiet will not lead you anywhere, so say what you have to now, I am here to listen, I grant you a wish too, as is the ritual here, ask for anything but return.' Chanyeol was suddenly all perched up, looking at y/n. 'Respect' y/n whispered; his throat was still hurting due to all the smoke he inhaled.
'What?' 'I ask for respect; if you can grant that, I will say yes to the marriage.' There was a stretched silence, the fountain of the connected gardens was all one could hear, then a deep inhale, 'Okay, if that is the only request you have, you will have titles here too, I have been granted a Dukedom and you will be living comfortably, nobody will disrespect you, even at the court. I will assure you that.' 'I want respect from you too; you have taken, vehemently snatched everything, still you are returning the territories, so I will say yes, but I want respect from you too.' 'Will I get the respect back my prince?' Chanyeol smirked; he knew how irritatingly ambitious he was, 'Yes.'
The only win here seemed to be that of Chanyeol; it was the completion of his grand plan, the final nail in the coffin; this is what he has been dreaming about since he set his eyes on y/n a few years ago during a festival, he was just a mere soldier back then, he bloodied his hands to get to the level of a reputed General to be asked in a ballroom full of aristocrats, then too he was denied the chance to be with y/n as the prince knew how ruthless the General was and y/n hated wars and murders.
After a few days of convalescence, all of which were accompanied by Chanyeol, who updated him about the upcoming marriage and all the preparations, y/n was free to meet his family.
A troop was sent with him to the castle on the farthest side of his kingdom where his family was currently staying after the attack on the capital. His father was annoyed and his older brother was not helping with the mood too; they were all dejected that it had to come to this but none of his relatives even suggested going against the marriage.
'We will gain back our territories; think about your brother's future as a limited king; you need to persuade your fiance to let go of all the territories and not just the inner ones.' 'I am doing no such negotiations, I am already becoming the reason for you to get back what you lost shamefully, do not try to depend on any of my upcoming relations, have some self-respect father.'
'Self-respect!?' Y/n brother screamed making him bounce in shock a little, 'It was your deranged idea of self-respect that caused this war; if only you could have given him a chance he would have never attacked us like this. And look where you stand; you are forced to do what you never really wanted and did whatever you could to stop it.'
'Well, brother, you do remember who it was who first denied me to dance with him, don't you? 'A self-obsessed lowly General' is what you said when he asked you for a dance with me the very first time we went there for the Royal Ball.'
'But later he became a threat so I urged you to give him a chance too, then you were the one who was hell-bent on denying him!'
'Enough! Stop arguing about what has already transpired and think about the future. Y/n, son, you must not waver and make demands; you are a prince, he is a General, and the rank difference must come into play.'
'Update your information father, because you seem to be having none; he is a Duke now, and even if I am a prince, of a mostly fallen kingdom I must remind you, I have no intentions of making any more deals for and on behalf of this marriage. I will leave now, I am not waiting for dawn to have another fruitless discussion, farewell your majesty, brother.'
With a solemn bow, y/n left as he came, with the metallic clinks and rustles of the troop.
Reaching the other kingdom he was informed that rather than going to the palace, he would be going to the new manor of Chanyeol, which was now decked and ready for his arrival. He was greeted by the whole household and finally met his mother-in-law, who opposite to what he had expected, was too sorrowful to handle without any prior preparation.
'I am ashamed to be hosting you like this, your royal highness; please find a way to ignore all the mess; the house is still not up to date with all that is necessary to be having you here.' The lady wouldn't even raise her head, 'Please sit now Lady Park, I have no reservations as such regarding the place, I am pleased that I am not in a prison after a war, and please do not make a fuss about the titles, you are going to be my mother-in-law so we can work things out.' 'Oh no sir, I do not accept any of this, I am more of an apologist for my son's actions right now in front of you; he paid no heed to my requests and did what all his swelled-up ego allowed him to do. I don't know how will I ever get over the fact that my son forced you into such a situation.'
'Lady Park, I just had this conversation with my father and brother too; let us please move on from what has happened and try to resolve the situation peacefully and think about how the path ahead can be one that is less painful to go by.' 'You are as kind as the rumours suggested sir; please let me know about any trouble you have here, and I will look into it right away; let me take you to your room for now; you must rest before tomorrow's ceremony.' 'I am not a guest here Lady Park, I am supposed to live here, so please do not be at your tip-toes around my comfort; let us go; it is quite late now.'
Y/n's room was, for now, pretty well arranged; he could run away pretty easily from here, the manor was secured but if he asked Lady Park to help him, he was sure that she would do all in her power to let him go without a scratch; but it was useless to do so, he had nowhere to run and if somehow he managed to cross over to the other kingdoms there was no guarantee of his survival, he had no money of his own or any possession, so he sits down on the bed and flops, to stare at the roof and think, think about tomorrow when at a private ceremony he will accept now Duke of Sandria Park Chanyeol, then he will be living with that man under this roof, as his husband, for the rest of his life, was respect the right choice?
The rituals were over; they were married, no gala, no ball, a peaceful summation of more than five months of unrivaled violence. Y/n was sitting in his room, with a book open as a distraction while looking out of the giant window; the land surrounding the manor was beautiful, and the hills were lush green and mild dew which the mist caused made it all look fantastical.
'Come in.' Y/n answered the knocks and did not look back at the door, thinking it was some maid or servant who came to take his belongings, or gifts as they were, away, 'You looked beautiful today, Mr Park.'
Y/n stilled for a moment, then closed the book and turned back. 'Why did you knock at my door? This is your house.' 'I believe privacy should be respected too; you have all the right to say no.' 'I believe I lost all the rights to deny anything the moment I said yes to you today.' 'Don't make it more miserable than it already is dear, I have no intentions of hurting you, I just want to talk to you before going to my room.'
'Oh? I will get a room of my own?' 'Until you are ready to share a bed with me, yes, you will have a room to yourself.' 'Then I guess there will be no more direct descents for the Dukedom.' 'Time will tell. Well, if you have any requirements tell to my mother who is pretty much willing to serve you food if you want, (he sits on the bed) I will be going on a tour soon so we have a week to spend together and unfortunately my sister will be coming to meet you too.'
'You know, I feel like this is all a dream; as absurd as it may sound, it has yet to settle down on me, because I never thought I would be taken away from one prison to another like this. I knew my father wanted to marry me off as a peace offering to any kingdom willing, but it happened so that I was actually picked up, like a garbage bag.'
'Don't demean yourself; you are the crown jewel I snatched, and this is not a prison; you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want; you do not need my permission for anything, just remember to come back otherwise there will be useless wars again.' 'Don't worry, I will not run away, I will stay, and live, but do not expect me to reciprocate your feelings, whatever they may be, and we will be fine; a lot depends on this marriage, I do not want my people back home to suffer because of my foolishness.' 'Ah well, I will go now; also, try to accept people here too; they see you as a prince and no less; good night.'
The next few days were calm, weirdly bland, and nothing happened, which made y/n realise how calm life can actually be; back at home before the war all he did was read and attend events or be locked in the palace; there was nothing to do, he was not allowed to go anywhere too since the threat of people kidnapping him was always looming, which he never understood why, kidnap the crown prince why the other one.
On the third day Lady Kim, Chanyeol's sister, arrived, and she was like her mother in a grave mood, fidgeting while meeting y/n; he did not understand yet again, why such courtesies for a snatched prince, 'Your royal highness, I am sorry I was not able to attend the wedding, I live quite far away from Sandrian region and it was such a shocking and sudden news.' 'It is alright Lady Kim, please do sit down, you too Lady Park, I have said it to you multiple times don't wait for me to sit, just sit; let us cut back on some formalities insides these walls at least, we are a family now, forced indeed, but I have not a drop of vengeance in me, if you ask me honestly, I used to live like this back at home too, so, let us just be comfortable.'
'How are you adapting to the changes, sir? It gets colder than your kingdom here, I hope my brother has made arrangements for you to be at ease.' 'I am doing well, I have always adored winters more than the humid summers we had, so I can say I am better off here in some sense.' 'Oh it is good to know; we can all go and skate over the lake once it freezes and you can attend the winter festivals; we have a lot of them throughout the empire, I am sure the public is eager to meet you too.'
Lady Park put down her cup and said 'They are eager indeed, I have more than a dozen invitations for the balls and dinners already, and all asking specifically for his roya... I mean, y/n to join them.' It was as hard as biting a bullet for her to let go of the formalities in which she had soaked herself into the bones.
So it went on, and a week went by, full of still awkward lunches and dinners and a few guests to be entertained; throughout the week he did not see the head of the house anywhere, technically he was the head too but he liked Lady Park being in command more as he was not used to being the one in authority of a household.
One Saturday, after almost two weeks of disappearance, Chanyeol knocked on y/n's room around the ungodly hour of 1 AM. Y/n was a bit scared by the knock; he was writing a letter of reply to the crown princess as she had invited him to the palace for a private visit and did not expect anyone to be up this late. 'Can I come in?' The rasp was the giveaway, 'Please wait a minute, I am not presentable.' Y/n was not; he was in his robes; he quickly put on a loose shirt and trousers the said 'You can come in now.'
'Why are you up so late your royal highness.' The courtesy was more sarcastic than respectful, 'I have not been able to sleep, I have weirdly a lot of correspondents to reply to so I thought why not do that.' As he finished speaking and arranging paper on his desk facing the grand windows, he turned to look at Chanyeol and was shocked to see blood all over his clothes; for a moment he was stunned; y/n was not a fighter; he hated the very sight of blood when his brother would come from his military tours and right now, in front of him was a man almost soaked in blood, in his room talking to him, and he felt scared for the man, so much so that without thinking about who he is talking to, he had to verbalise it.
'What the hell happened to you!? So much blood!? Why are you here!? Go to a damn hospital for god's sake!' He almost screamed the last part, and was shaking so much that Chanyeol had to walk from the door side to hold him. 'Calm down, it is not mine.' 'DO NOT TOUCH ME LIKE THIS! I HATE BLOOD!' Y/n screamed in whispers while shutting his eyes. 'Okay! Okay. Will you try to calm down please, wait just turn around.'
Chanyeol took off his pads and shirt and gloves and threw them out of the room, then shut the door to come back in and saw y/n standing still, 'you can turn around now.' The glory of the human body was never so well available for y/n to look at like this; his brother was muscular and well built but nothing he can imagine, even the Commander in chief of his kingdom's army was not comparable to Chanyeol, yet he had to control himself once again. 'What happened? You are still wounded you know, I see the cuts on your arm, not that they should do anything to such a great General, but get treated I guess.' Y/N had already turned around again flustered.
'Nice to know you care, and sorry for coming in like this. I had no idea you would have such a reaction upon seeing blood. I will keep that in mind. I came to check up on you as I was attacked on my way here by some people who were allegedly from your father's kingdom, so I thought why not check up if you are safe or not.'
'Oh. Don't worry, my father does not want me back; they would never come for me; rather, they might kill me as it was pretty clear that I caused the war that destroyed them.' 'Something's wrong with your family, I have never seen anyone react like this to all the events that have happened.' 'Well, why dwell on it. I am here; you survived another attack, and all is fine.' 'Nice to know my survival is fine for you.' 'Don't get ahead of yourself; my survival depends on your survival, do not forget that you brought a prince from your enemy kingdom after a war. You must survive, I plan on living a long life.' Y/n turned and looked straight into Chanyeol's eyes.
There was an understanding between them that some lines are put up and they shall not be crossed, and respect was mutual. 'I will be staying for some time; we have to go to the palace soon, a private invitation. I hope it won't be a problem for you to attend, I have yet to accept it.' 'I was writing to the crown princess; we can go, I have no problem, just keep your mother here; she will probably fall sick due to all the stress she will take about a royal visit.' 'You like her?' 'I never had a mother; she is a good company, but frail for her age; you never thought about her while fighting wars?' Now y/n was sitting on his bed, and Chanyeol was in front of him on the chair where a y/n sat writing letters.
'I thought of her; that is why I never told her any trouble or wound or failure I ever had, and I had a retinue of servants to look after her.' They were again staring at each other; where will all of this arrangement lead them? Nobody had any idea; it was a day-to-day event still.
'Well, I will take my leave; you should sleep, I will ask them to serve the breakfast an hour later than usual.' 'Don't do that; your sister and mother should eat on time, I will just get up early.' Chanyeol was surprised at how well y/n was settling in; it was as if for the first time he had somewhere to hold on to. 'Okay then, good night my prince.' Chanyeol smirked closing the door, and left y/n flustered again.
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The Dark Future - Chapter 1 - Family Line
Watch me fulfill my own demise promise when I claimed to adapt one of my favorite lore books into a monthly comic series if I dropped Vex Mythoclast before the 100th VoG conclusion.
EDIT: Link to the PT-BR version (link para a versão PT-BR)
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Pairing : Jungkook x reader (f)
Genre : angst, breakup drabble?!
Warnings : tbh none, it's angsty...... ( we have a special guest here btw. Lol!!)
" So this is it then? " You nodded your head with tears filling your eyes.
" It is... I never meant to hurt you y/n." He swore and his doe eyes widened when he heard you sob.
" But you did. You did jungkook. " You whispered.
A/N 1- I can not pin point the emotions I feel towards jk here. He lost something very dearly to him just because of his immature behavior.
You noticed how things changed from the beginning, a part of you had always known that the relationship with jeon jungkook was meant to doom. You ignored the nagging voice inside your head telling you that he would never love you as much as you love him.
He would never reciprocate the feelings. He gave you hope even when he knew he would never keep his promises. He made you laugh like no one else did. He had a soothing scent that felt like home to you.
He ran to you whenever he needed a shoulder to cry on but never comforted you in your lowest days. But you didn't dwell on that too much. His eyes held those sparkling glint which you admired the most. He looked so innocent, so pure when he asked you to stay with him. He promised you that he would never leave you and you believed him. You were happy and so you thought that maybe... Maybe you are enough for him just like he's enough for you. But you were wrong, you never were enough for him.
How could you be enough for him when he never gave you his heart? He gave his heart to someone long ago! And he just needed someone in the meantime to hang on. Someone he could escape to, someone who would love him in the meantime. And you naively thought that he wouldn't go back to the same person who wounded his heart so bad. You never thought that he would grab the opportunity of going back to that same person. You never thought that he could use you so damn well.
" You'll never come back. Right? " You asked quietly. he stopped dragging his suitcase towards the door.
He didn't speak for a second and somehow he looked guilty. Maybe guilty for leaving you alone, maybe guilty for using you and your love. Maybe... Maybe...
He bit his lower lip and shook his head. " Y/n...you know I can't. I-"
" So this is it then? " You nodded your head with tears filling your eyes.
" It is... I never meant to hurt you y/n." He swore and his doe eyes widened when he heard you sob.
" But you did. You did jungkook. " You whispered.
" No. " He said firmly and came where you were sitting. He didn't sit beside you on the sofa, but on his knees while holding your hands softly. Making you look at him, you still found him soft. " You know y/n I would never hurt you, it's the least I would do. If I had met you first I thi-. "
" So just because you met her first you'll leave me.? " You pulled your hands back looking at him in disbelief.
" No, I didn't mean that y/n list-. " He furrowed his brows and tried to hold your hands again but you didn't give him your hand this time.
" You forgot how she cheated on you gguk? Not once, not twice but for three freaking months. Even when she met you first she couldn't keep you happy. I was the one who held you when you cried jungkook. " Your tone was harsher this time.
Jungkook's jaw clenched, he diverted his gaze and didn't respond.
" Pleas-ee gguk. Don't do this. She hurt you and you're still choosing her. Why I'm not enough gguk. Why? I gave you everything... Everything I had..... Then why are you pushing me away.? " You sobbed... It fucking aches inside your chest to see someone slipping away from your fingers. Someone whom you loved dearly.
He hugged you and you cried your heart out on his chest. He felt warm. Safe... He always felt like home to you. But probably this is the last time you're feeling him.
" I loved you y/n please don't forget that. Please don't hate me. She needs me and I-I don't- " He stuttered but you didn't let him complete and pulled back. You knew he is not in love with you anymore but hearing him say the same thing from his mouth...fucking hurts. And He has told you this stupid reason a thousand times.
" Please jungkook. I love you. Please do not choose her over me. Please stay we can sort-. " You were babbling and he cut you in between shaking his head in a no.
" I would never forget what you did for me. " He walked back a few steps.
" Please... " You begged, your voice was shaking by now.
" I know you'll be happy y/n. You are strong you'll move on. " He tried to console you but you were tired, exhausted from his fake hopes and intentions.
" STOP! Fuck you, Jeon. " You screamed and started smacking his chest so hard that you were sure that your wrist would hurt later on. He didn't budge, letting you do it because he knew he hurt you real bad this time. This situation broke you, said the unsaid things, he thought you weren't worth fighting for.
Your tears slowly slowed and faded, you regained your sense and walked away from him. Suddenly his presence was making you nauseous.
" Fine. Be happy with her and don't you dare take your ass back here when she fucks with you again jungkook. " You spoke coldly not even looking in his direction.
" Y/n don't do this. You're angry and don't hate me please. " Jungkook again walked towards you and tried touching your cheeks.
" No... This is over. This is it. You said yourself. " You smacked his hand harshly and your tone was getting cold.
Jungkook looked defeated, frustrated, and more like guilty. " I can ask yoongi hyung to- "
" I don't need your friends to watch my back when you were the one who stabbed me there. " You gritted your teeth. You realized your voice was way harsh when he flinched.
" You said this is over. So leave.! " You said showing him the direction towards the door.
" Y/n, please. " He again tried to speak but this time you aren't having his shits.
" Get out of my house Jungkook-shii. " You said plainly and he nodded accepting his defeat.
You watched him walking, grabbing his things, and moving out of your house.
your body had switched to autopilot, feeling numb as you laid on your bed. Thinking about what could go wrong. you were feeling drained as you stared at your ceiling. Slowly sobs left from your mouth as the realization hit you.....there's no more love, no more jungkook,s presence, no more his face would be the first thing you'll see in the morning. No one to call yours.
You shifted around your bed and found a photo frame of yours and jungkooks on the nightstand. It was a candid shot....your favorite one.....he looked so happy around you in that picture and you were staring at him lovingly. Jungkook didn't know the photo was being clicked, neither you did. You know it'll be hard to move on but you can't sit and grief over a person who didn't even fought for you. Who didn't gave a second thought before leaving you behind?
later you thought of asking for a transfer from your superior, maybe moving onto a new place would help you move on. You had skills, a talent so you'll be able to survive. You had no friends no family to start with...not even jungkook's. Indeed they were great guys but they didn't contact you after jungkook left. And that's when you realized that they never considered you in their group....just an outsider...a stranger. You never fitted between them and that proved jungkook's theory of not choosing you. His friends only tolerated you because of him. you never belonged there.
After a few days, your transfer request was accepted and you were all ready to leave the past and move on to a new city, a new place. You still got those flashbacks of jungkook's memory but you didn't dwell on that too much. It wasn't the time to grieve and cry over him but to let go. It was time to let go of those hurtful memories.
" why isn't she here yet? " Jimin asked irritatingly.
" patience isn't your thing Jimin. Is it? " yoongi replied as he sipped on his drink.
" no, it isn't. Our precious jiminie can't be patient for too long. " Taehyung teased Jimin as Jimin scowled.
" she'll be here soon. " Namjoon replied as he looked towards the door waiting for someone to enter.
It was almost four years to the day you left everything behind. They didn't contact you because of jungkook and when jungkook realized that he did mess up big he came back searching for you, only to find that you were gone.
He never thought that you would leave. You didn't have any close friends just your colleagues who didn't tell jungkook where you went because...let's just say that you asked for a favor for the first time and they did help you. You changed your number, your bank account, you weren't active on social media either so it took time to track you down.
" Are you sure she wants to see us.? " hoseok asked frowning in confusion. Because no one would call them great friends on your part.
"I don't think so. We did her wrong and we didn't even meet her because kook told us not to. Her heart was broken so I guess she did the right thing " jin replied walking towards the crowd.
" Hyung is right. I don't even know why jungkook is so reluctant on meeting her. She probably hates him and us. " Jimin stated the facts while trying to find jungkook in the crowd.
Just after that, you entered the ballroom like a cinderella indeed. almost every head turned towards you. You were beautiful as always in that baby blue gown and a soft and calming smile rested on your lips. You looked younger than before. You felt everyone's every on you and it made you nervous. But you didn't mind that much and walked towards the center. The waiter gave you champagne and you thanked him.
" wow...she looks - " taehyung gaped at your sight
" happy. " namjoon interrupted in between completing his sentence.
You sipped on your drink as you glanced around, several eyes were on you. It made your ears turn red. You were not a big fan of crowds and today you were the center of it. You just wanted to turn your back and hide in your cozy apartment. as you turned around you gasped...eyes widened as you saw who was standing in front of you.......
The sight in front of you froze you. You never expected to see the same pair of eyes again. Jungkook looked more manly and good in his fitted black suit and eyebrow piercing. He looked good there was no doubt in it, but what more shocked you was that how was this possible? how can he be here?
" you look beautiful y/n," he spoke with a small smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes.
Suddenly you felt at the loss of words. All the old memories, emotions flooded back making you nauseous. You could've done anything everything for him if he asked you to. But that was all in past, you've moved on. or maybe not.
" What are you doing here. ? " you replied as your grip on the glass tightened.
" I came to see you," he answered. Honestly.
" well I don't want to so please if you'll excuse me," you spoke coldly as anger erupted inside you.
He shook his head in a no as you were about to walk away. He almost held your hands softly to stop you. You pulled your hands away and frowned.
" It's just not..me...everyone's here..to see you. " His voice was rather soft as he gave you a piece of new information.
" look you need to leave...all of you." you gritted your teeth as he mentioned everyone. Why are he and everyone even here after so long? that makes no sense.
" We just got here y/n..and it's been- " Jungkook tried convincing you but he frowned when you didn't let him speak.
" Yes, it's been four years...four fucking years...jungkook...And I don't want to have any sort contact with you jungkook so please leave. " You snapped raising your voice by now.
Jungkook frowned as you dodged his advances. He still thought you're the same lovesick puppy who'll listen to everything he'll say. " You aren't going to give me a chance to even explain myself? " He said coming closer.
" What chance.? What chance are you talking about Jeon? You left me. That's it. End of the story. " You answered.
" I left I know... But.. I came back but you weren't their baby. Please listen-" His eyes showed some emotion. Which honestly you didn't want to acknowledge.
" I don't care. You have to leave jungkook, please. " You said softly as you don't want to make a scene here.
" Please y/n.....just 5 minutes please.? " Jungkook begged through his doe eyes. Years ago you would've done anything to take that pain away from his eyes but today you felt like you didn't care anymore. It's not your business.
" Jungkook no. Leave. " Your voice was Stern. That's it you won't entertain him anymore.
" Just a dance at least? Please-" He cupped your cheeks softly as you struggled with your inner turmoil.
"Jung-" You were about to say something but then he spoke again.
" I made a mistake I know let me -"
" Excuse me?..... Mind if I say something? " A deep voice cut in between taking both of your attention towards the voice.
Jungkook glared at the person and his displeasure was written on his face. " Yes. We aren't done talking yet. " Jungkook spat harshly.
" Jungkook. " You warned him.
" Oh is he jungkook?. " The same person spoke questioning you.
" I don't know you. So please excuse us. " Jungkook spoke as he glared at the person.
" Jungkook... Meet him. Kim Jongin. My fiance. " You introduced.
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