DPxDC: Fear Eaters??!!!
Uncle Scarecrow AU!
So Jonathan is either Maddie's Half brother or Cousin and was really close with the Fenton family until he went a little crazy.
His obsession with fear is driven partially by the idea that ghosts feed on fear and partially since he's ecto contaminated and also feeds on fear to some extent.
Eventually word gets out to a few people that Danny is Phantom and the GIW managed to destabilize him in a way that he doesn't look as human and needs a large amount of fear and ecto to look even somewhat normal.
Maddie and Jack send him off to his Uncle Jon knowing that Gotham has ecto and fear in abundance. Jon digs deeper into his fear gas and figures out that it can work as a stabilizer for Danny if he inhales, drinks, or gets it injected into him.
The Bats get suspicious when Scarecrow breaks out of Arkham and just isn't seen for weeks. They manage to track him down and see him with his mask off in a lab with Danny and Bruce, Tim, and Cass listen in:
"Are you sure this will work, Uncle Jon?" A boy with white hair and Lazarus green eyes asks looking just a bit too inhuman to be comfortable. ("Uncle Jon?)
Crane spins around
"It has to work, Danny and I'll keep working until it does." He approaches Danny with a syringe full of fear serum. The Bats get ready to intervene but the boy doesn't seem scared
"So this chemically causes fear and hallucinations. Right?"
"Exactly. Since you're half human I'm unsure how much fear you're supposed to ingest to stay healthy but we're going to figure it out. Your parents entrusted you to me so I'm going to make sure you're okay." The boy sighs and gestures for the needle. As the Bats shift, this child has to feed on fear to stay healthy?
"I'm pretty sure they sent me to you because of ecto levels in the city and the amount of fear I'd be able to consume naturally Uncle Jon." He states as he jams the needle into himself. Above him Bruce and Tim want to intervene but Cass stops them
"Not hurting him." She states. Danny shivers for a moment before shifting into a much more human form with black hair and blue eyes as they watch on.
"How human do I look?" Scarecrow grins widely
"You look great kiddo. How stable do you feel? What effects are there? How is it interacting with your biology?" Danny thinks for a moment
"I feel like I watched a horror movie in theatre and absorbed enough fear to last a few days." Scarecrow takes note of that.
"Eventually we'll find something that'll work more permanently." Crane vows
"How much fear do you need to eat weekly?" (The Bats listen closer if one of their rogues literally has to feed on fear that rewrites several prior assumptions about him)
"Not as much as you. I'm still mostly human and I tend to stock up on a bunch at once. I'm thinking about making a weak strain to inject myself with so I won't have to go out as much." His Nephew seemed surprised
"Really? Family tradition means that we need at least one Supervillain a generation and my parents have stopped doing vivisections in their basement so really it's just you?"
"Family tradition?" Tim questions but Bruce is almost as confused. He'll need to look into Jonathan Cranes background more after this if it's a family tradition. He's also concerned about the vivisections the boy mentioned.
Scarecrow let's out a bit of a laugh below them.
"Who will be the villain from your gen then?" He mused
"Any one of us really," Danny laughed "According to the Government I'm breaking the law by existing. Ellie is half raised by Uncle Vlad and he's enough of a villainous fruit loop, Dan is on probation for murder, and Jazz wants to be a psychologist." He explained.
"Jazz I'm sure." He smirks as the Bats take notes
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ladylokilaufeyson5 · 3 days
Never Yours
Tumblr media
NEVER YOURS | Azriel x Female!Illyrian!Reader
SUMMARY: You’ve known Azriel was your mate for a long time, but you never enlightened him to the fact. When you find him kissing someone else you decide to take a trip to the Illyrian war camps to take your mind off of the shadowsinger. But the thing about shadows – they always follow.
WARNINGS: Angst. Swearing, mentions of blood and injuries, reader doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions properly. Illyrian males are sexist and pieces of shit (not our batboys tho<3). Azriel is a mean but it’s kinda justified if you think about… 
I’m thinking of writing a part two where everything is sorted out. Let me know if that’s something you guys would like :))
Tumblr media
“He’s supposed to be my mate,” you whispered, voice cracking, echoing that of your heart.
“I know,” Mor murmured, one hand stroking through your hair, the other rubbing your back comfortingly, careful to avoid your wings. There was nothing else to be said.
A choked cry left your throat. You had thought that maybe, maybe Azriel had known. Maybe he looked at you and felt the connection – felt the bond that tied your souls together. You had thought that those long looks and small smirks he sent your way meant something more than friendship.
But when you’d walked in on him kissing Elain… it was like the world had stopped. They hadn’t even noticed you. Granted, you’d been in the room for a second and then rushed out as soon as your brain actually registered what you were seeing… But he had chosen someone else. You had waited too long to tell him, and now… now you had lost him.
“I have to go,” you hiccupped, rising out of Mor’s embrace. “I’ll, um… I’ll see you later.”
“Are you sure?” Mor asked, worry and concern visible on her face as she stood up as well. “You can stay here, if you’d like.”
You looked around at Mor’s apartment in Velaris, the one she stayed at when she needed time to herself. Everyone had their own home in the city, because while everyone loved the inner court dearly, sometimes everyone could get on each others’ nerves.
You shook your head at Mor’s offer. “No, thanks,” you mumbled. “I just… I just want to be alone right now.”
Mor pursed her lips but did not argue. She gave you a tight hug before you left, making you promise not to do anything stupid, and to get home safe. 
As you walked through Velaris, you could have sworn that the stars didn’t shine as bright, that the music wasn’t as loud, that the laughter was less frequent. It was as if your city knew the way your heart ached and ached, and was trying to reflect that. You hated the way it felt, the way your soul cried and wept, screaming at the Mother for giving you a mate that would not love you back.
You should have told him when you first realised. When he grabbed your hand to help him up after he’d bested you in training (a rare occurrence, as you were both pretty evenly matched and most duels ended in a draw), and when it snapped into place for you. You’d looked into his hazel eyes and felt like you were home, felt like all of your problems could melt away if you just got lost in them. You’d felt like a fool not realising, like the bond was always there, but now a veil had been lifted and you could see it clearly. Azriel hadn’t noticed anything, and so you pretended that you hadn’t, either. Because Elain had already arrived, and you could tell that there was already something between them. And having the mating bond rejected – well, that wasn’t something you thought you’d survive.
You had only told Mor. The thought of telling anyone felt wrong if it wasn’t Azriel, but Mor was your dearest friend, and she had trusted you with her deepest secret, so you could trust her with yours. You insisted every day that you should tell him, always nagging and never relenting, but you couldn’t. Not when he got closer to Elain and you could see the way his eyes lit up whenever she entered the room, the way his shadows would fade away when she came near.
You needed to get away. You’d have to see either one of them tomorrow, one way or another. If you stayed at the River House then you were bound to see Elain, and if you stayed at the House of Wind, then you’d definitely see Azriel. You both lived there, after all, and he was in every hallway you turned down, every room you walked into. You couldn’t bear seeing either one of them, not for a while. You had to leave.
You flew straight to the River House with a plan forming in your mind and entered without knocking, stalking straight to Rhys’s office. He was sitting at his desk, a pen in his hand, and his head raised as you entered.
“You know, most people would knock–” he started, but you interrupted.
“Send me on a mission.”
Rhys looked taken aback. “What?”
“Send me on a mission,” you repeated. Rhys looked at you questioningly, and talons delicately scraped down your mental shields in a silent request. Always a request, never a demand from him, but you shook your head and made sure your mental defences were as strong as possible. “Stop prying.”
It wasn’t a nice thing to say – Rhys only wanted to help you. You’d known him for over five hundred years, and you knew that while, yes, he and the other two Illyrians were huge busybodies, if you had something going on, he wouldn’t ‘pry’. He’d try to help in any way possible.
Rhys could clearly sense your bad mood. You weren’t exactly hiding it. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
“If I wanted to talk about it, then I would have come in here and started talking about it,” you retorted.
Rhys’s lips pursed. “Is this about Azriel?”
You scowled and snapped, “That’s none of your business.”
“You know, I’m sure if you just spoke to him–”
“It doesn’t matter,” you spat. “Either you send me on a mission, or I’m taking my vacation leave.”
Rhys sighed, and you could see the wheels turning in his mind. Sending you away would only fuel your unhealthy coping mechanisms, but forcing you to stay… well, he didn’t want to hurt you like that.
“Fine,” he relented. “There’s an Illyrian War camp that needs… overseeing. They say they’re training the females, but every time I receive information from… other… sources, they say otherwise.”
You wondered if this ‘other’ source was the shadowsinger that you were currently trying not to think about.
“So you want me to get them to train the females properly?” you asked, and Rhys nodded.
That would get you maybe two or three days away from Velaris, possibly four or five if you played your cards right. Maybe by then you would have calmed down and been able to come up with a plan as to where to go from there. How to survive the crushing of your heart; of your soul.
“I’ll leave tonight,” you decided, but Rhys levelled you with a hard stare.
“Y/n, it’s already late,” he scolded. “Just wait until morning. You need rest.”
You were tempted to retort, tempted to tell him that you weren’t a baby and could take care of yourself… but he was right. You needed your strength for the Illyrian camps. The males tended not to take nicely to female warriors, and seeing as you had escaped the clippings in your childhood, they’d more than likely strike if you were tired.
“Fine,” you muttered, relenting only because it was logical.
Rhys studied you, his eyes watching you closely. Even though he generally relied on being able to look into someone’s mind to discern their thoughts, Rhys was pretty good at reading people and their body language. It was part of being a soldier, being a leader.
“You know, anything said here will stay between us,” he murmured.
For some reason, you had a feeling that he knew. Maybe you hadn’t been careful enough at hiding it in your mind, burying it beneath thoughts of your duties and upcoming birthdays and celebrations and whatever else you could come up with to hide it all.
But you didn’t want to talk about it. That was why you were here, after all – you were running from… everything.
“Thanks,” you uttered before leaving.
You could have sworn you heard Rhys sigh as you closed his office door.
Tumblr media
With the luck of the Mother or Fate, Azriel wasn’t at the House of Wind when you arrived that night, nor was he present when you left the next morning at dawn.
The flight to the Illyrian mountains was a long one. You could have easily winnowed to the Illyrian camps, but you wanted to drag this trip out as long as possible. Besides, flying meant planning time, and planning meant that you’d be able to tackle this situation at the war camp more efficiently.
You arrived at the camp just before sundown, touching on the ground in front of the camp warlord and eight of his shoulders. Rhys had told them beforehand that you were coming, but they were obviously infuriated that a girl was going to tell them what to do.
“Devlon,” you greeted.
The warlord had his arms crossed and a frown on his face, causing a small grin to tug at your mouth. Whenever you came to one of the war camps, usually one of the bat-boys would accompany you to make sure they didn’t miss out on you burning it to the ground if you decided to. But now that they were training the females, you’d felt less inclined to do so, even if only slightly.
“So, the High Lord decided to send you to make sure we’re completing our duties,” he sneered.
You raised your chin slightly, the smug grin on your face growing a little bit. “Indeed he did.”
You looked around at the fighting rings, seeing (as you had been expecting) only men fighting and training. The wind pushed against them and they pushed back just as hard, swords clashing against each other, steel shining in the light of the setting sun, dimmed only by the clouds passing overhead.
“We do not need you to oversee us,” one of his men said, stepping forward and flashing his teeth at you.
It was a threat, the way he stood and the way he spoke to you. You could tell he was itching for a fight, and, luckily for him, you were, too.
“You clearly do,” you chided. “I don’t see any females in the rings.”
“Why don’t you get in there, then?” he snapped, rage practically wafting off of him. “Why don’t we see if you’ve really got what it takes, huh?”
You smirked to yourself, pleased with the way this was going. You’d been training and fighting for over five centuries with the best warriors Prythian and the lands beyond had ever seen. This male here was either unaware or too arrogant to realise he would not leave the ring a winner.
“Alright,” you agreed. “Weapons, or fists?”
“Fists,” the male growled.
You walked with him to the ring, eyeing the males who stopped what they were doing to watch. You peered over the edge and down into the valley below, the sheer drop making you want to snap your wings out just in case.
“If, and when, I win this fight,” you began, “you will begin to train the females following the schedule that your High Lord gave to you.”
The male before you grunted, his eyes full of rage. “And when I win, I will send you back to the High Lord in pieces,” he spat.
You simply rolled your eyes, enraging the male even more. Devlon stood outside the ring, his arms crossed and eyes watching you. Was it childish, this behaviour? Accepting a challenge from an Illyrian brute? Absolutely, it was. But you didn’t care. You had to do something to take the edge off, to make you forget the way Elain’s hand rested on your mate’s chest as she kissed him, the way your mate’s hand settled on her waist.
“You know the rules,” Devlon commanded. “No weapons, just your bodies and your wits.”
You grinned at the male, and before you knew it, the fight began. The two of you circled each other slowly, carefully, trying to gauge the other’s weakness. This one, he favoured his left side, which would be useful for you to know for when you were ready to end this. But for now? You just wanted a fight.
The male lunged at you while your back was at the ledge, just as you’d expected him to. He was hoping for a clean win, shoving you into the valley below, but you knew when he was going to strike. The slight shift in his weight as he leaned back told you that he was about to pounce and you side stepped easily, watching as the warrior turned back around in an instant.
This Illyrian was big, as most were, but you’d been fighting against a bunch of big idiots (namely Cassian, Rhysand, and the other one you didn’t want to think about), so you knew how to use your speed, and how to use their own strength against them. 
He lunged again, and this time you came to meet him. You blocked his attack and threw a punch, but he dodged it and grabbed your arm, flipping you onto your back. After a quick manoeuvre you had his legs trapped within yours and you pushed, dragging him to the floor. All of this happened within the span of seconds, and then the two of you were back in defensive positions, circling each other once again. As the sun sank beyond the horizon, fires were lit. You could see the flames’ light washing over your opponent, painting him orange and gold.
This time, you took the offence, throwing punches and kicks his way, fierce and unrelenting. He blocked all of your attacks before you feinted left and struck right. You hit his side as hard as you could, before punching him square in the nose.
You felt no little amount of glee as you heard and felt his nose crunch under the force of your hit. Blood gushed down his face and onto his training leathers and you danced back, prompting him to try to land a hit on you. His eyes were filled with a fiery wrath at being bested, and by a female at that. That was why he had challenged you in the first place – he didn’t believe that a female could beat him, let alone hold her own against him. And here you were, proving him wrong.
You could end it. Right now, you could end this fight, have this male’s face in the mud and the girls training. But you wanted to prolong this, wanted to feel every hit he struck, feel everything before you tired him out.
So you continued the fight, and you even allowed him to get a few good hits in. He got your jaw at one point and you felt your lip split – and yet you continued. You were going to be covered in bruises tomorrow, but it wouldn’t matter. No one in this camp would challenge you again, and you’d be able to lose yourself in the battle.
As the fight wore on, you began to notice the shadows flickering in the darkness. You tried to convince yourself that it was just the fire, the wind and flames messing with your mind, but… you felt him. You felt Azriel in those shadows, watching and waiting.
Unfortunately, while you were concentrating on those shadows, your attacks became sloppy. You struck at the male with your fist and had to hold back a wince as he hit your wrist and got you in the stomach, partially knocking the air out of you.
Voices arose after the blow, and the male turned his head to the crowd which contained males and females alike. But what captured everyone’s attention was the shadowsinger standing at the edge of the ring, fists and jaw clenched and looking like he was planning all the ways he could rip this male’s skin from his body. Shadows curled around him, whispering in his ear and sliding over his wings and body.
Azriel’s hazel eyes slid to yours and you looked away, and back to the male. You should end this. Your lip was still bleeding, as well as a cut on your eyebrow. Your wrist was most definitely sprained, and you were sure you had at least a few bruised, if not broken ribs.
But you wanted to continue. You weren’t done yet, especially not with him here, knowing that you flew all the way out here just to get into a boxing match. It wasn’t fair that he was here, that he was ruining this. It wasn’t fair that he distracted you with his shadows, it wasn’t fair that he distracted you with his mere presence. It wasn’t fair that he kissed Elain even though he was your mate, even though you’d loved him in secret for at least twenty of her lifetimes. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fucking fair.
But… you knew you had to end it. If it went on any longer, you’d only tire yourself out and give the male more of a chance at winning. So you sighed deeply before pelting him with attacks, not giving him a moment to recover. You secured your hands on his shoulders before hoisting your body up and around, wrapping your thighs around his neck and pulling him to the ground. You squeezed your legs tightly, cutting off the airflow to his lungs. He flailed about a bit, trying to escape, and a few seconds before he lost consciousness, he tapped your leg three times, encouraging you to let go and stand up.
“Well, that was fun,” you exhaled. “Let’s not do it again anytime soon.” You turned your gaze to Devlon, his eyes shining with hatred. “The girls start their proper training tomorrow. I’ll be overseeing it, watching what you teach them and how you teach them. Understood?”
Devlon just grunted and left, his gang of males following him. You turned to the house that used to be Rhys’s mother’s and stalked towards it, sensing Azriel follow behind. You were furious that he was here – you’d come to the Illyrian war camps to escape him, and yet he’d followed you here. Had Rhys told him that you’d be here? Had Rhys sent him after you to make sure you didn’t fail? Or had your high lord sent him because he knew that Azriel was the source of your whirlwind of emotions?
The thoughts swirled around your mind as you opened the door. You were tempted to shut it in Azriel’s face, to force him to find somewhere else to sleep, but… he hated these war camps as much as you did. This house, it was a sort of refuge here, somewhere the two of you could feel safe out in Illyria. It was the essence of Rhys’s mother that gave you comfort, you knew. The woman who was more of a mother to you than your own was, the woman who protected your wings and made sure her son and his friends trained you in self defence. The woman who took you, Cass, an Az in, who gave them a home.
So you left the door open for him to follow, and he entered the home. It was just as you had left it the last time you were here; the hallway to the bedrooms that no longer smelled like Rhys’s mother; the small table next to the even smaller kitchen; the dishes that were clean thanks to the shadowsinger behind you, because the rest of you hated cleaning up.
You opened some of the cupboards, looking for the first aid kit. You found it shoved behind a mace and grabbed it, placing it on the table and opening it. You looked inside for the mirror but found it missing, and you sighed through your nose. Cleaning up your lip and eyebrow was going to be difficult now, but you’d figure it out. 
You sat on one of the wooden chairs and assessed your injuries. Split lip and eyebrow – those would need cleaning and bandaids. You assumed you wouldn’t need stitches as it didn’t feel deep, nor did it sting in the way it would if you did require stitches. Your knuckles were split, and your wrist was sprained. Those would require bandages, which you luckily had lots of. There wasn’t much you could do about the ribs – maybe you could get Madja to do a look over once you returned to Velaris.
“Why are you here?”
Azriel’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You’d almost forgotten he was here – almost, only because you could feel the string that tied you together. In a crowded street you’d be able to find him, you knew it. If you tugged on it (which you’d never done) you knew he’d be able to find you, too.
“Rhys sent me on a mission,” you replied nonchalantly.
While you had come here to escape him, it didn’t mean you had to be rude and ignore him, but you could speak as little as necessary. Azriel stayed silent and watched as you struggled to clean your wounds. He sighed and walked over, kneeling between your legs and taking the cloth from your hand, dabbing at your eyebrow. You tensed under his touch and he raised an eyebrow, pausing his actions. He’d done this too many times to count – patching you up after a fight. You all helped each other after a battle with whatever was needed, but this time, it felt… different.
“Why did you follow me?” you asked.
“Why did you start a fight?” he responded.
You glowered at him and a small smile lifted the corner of his lips. He continued to wipe the blood away, and you two sat in silence as he worked. He pulled a bandaid out of the kit and with featherlight fingers, pressed it to the cut on your head. He smoothed it out gently, and the sting was barely noticeable.
“Are you going to answer my question?” he asked, grabbing the cloth again and rinsing it before moving it to your lip.
“Are you going to answer mine?” you retorted.
Azriel chuckled lightly and placed the cloth against your mouth. You hissed as it stung, and the shadowsinger pulled back with a murmured apology. He returned to his task, dabbing lightly and carefully wiping away blood. With his hands practically on your mouth, you could barely think. All you could feel was the cloth on your bottom lip, your mouth separated from the pads of his fingers only by the material.
“You weren’t in the house,” Azriel finally answered as he moved away from your lip and rummaged around the kit for a bandage. “You didn’t tell me you were leaving, so I asked Rhys where you were.”
So Rhys did sell you out. You frowned at the thought, disgruntled by the fact that he sent Azriel after you. Noticing the look on your face, Azriel added, “It took a while for him to tell me, you know. He didn’t tell me what camp you were going to, so I found you myself.”
You scowled at him. “I can take care of myself, Azriel.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” he questioned, ignoring your statement and reaching for your hand to start the bandaging.
Your scowl deepened, and you pulled your arm away from his grasp. “You’re not my keeper, Azriel. I don’t need to tell you anything.”
Azriel eyed you for a moment, clearly seeing that something was bothering you, and trying to figure out what it was. You didn’t normally talk to him like this. Of course, he and the other two Illyrians could be overprotective mother-hens, and you would remind them that you were a warrior, just like them, but your words never had as much venom behind them as they did tonight.
“If this is about my confidence in you,” Azriel began, “I do believe you can carry out this mission on your own. I just…” He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face as if he was considering his next words. “I just wanted to be here.”
You narrowed your eyes at him. “You hate it here.”
“So do you,” he retorted. “And yet you asked Rhys to send you here.”
“I asked Rhys to send me on a mission, not here specifically,” you countered.
At the glint in Azriel’s eyes, you realised you’d been trapped.
“Why did you ask him to send you on a mission?” he queried.
You scoffed, “None of your business.”
You snatched the bandages from his beautiful, scarred hands and stood up. The shadowsinger rose to his feet as well, towering over you. You took a step to brush past him, intending on wrapping your wrist and hands in one of the bedrooms, when his wing snapped out, blocking your way. You glared at the male, and his eyes held concern.
“Are you avoiding me?” he questioned. 
“No,” you lied, trying to push past him again, only for his arm to stop you this time.
You took a deep breath in through your nose, staring daggers at Azriel. Azriel, who was supposed to be your mate, your other half. Azriel, who was looking down at you with pain in his eyes. Azriel, whose dreams you sometimes saw through the bond, the dreams of his past which pained you whenever you thought of it. Azriel, whose pain you could feel now, running down the bond as you tried to leave him behind.
“You didn’t answer my question,” Azriel reminded you. You opened your mouth, but he continued, “I answered yours, so you answer mine.”
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, suppressing a wince as your wrist moved wrong. It was starting to swell, and if you didn’t bandage it soon, the others would never let you hear the end of it. It would be, “you need to take care of your injuries, Y/n” and, “you know better than to leave a wound unattended.” You’d be driven mad, because they would never let it go.
“Why did you start a fight?’ Azriel asked again, quietly and gently.
You let out a breath. “Beating that male would assert my dominance, something that you males are always doing.”
Azriel frowned slightly, and you wanted nothing more than to smooth the wrinkles in his forehead away and assure him that everything was fine.
“You could have ended the fight the second you entered the ring,” he stated. “Why didn’t you?”
You shrugged, not meeting his eyes. You couldn’t tell him. He wanted Elain; sweet, beautiful Elain who could be the perfect wife. Elain, who was soft and gentle, Elain who liked to bake and garden. Elain, whose skin was porcelain and unmarred, whose hands were calloused by tending to her garden. Elain, the woman who spoke eloquently and politely, who was able to get him to smile so easily with simply her presence. Elain, the one who made his shadows disappear entirely.
Not you, the Illyrian female whose hands were calloused by weapons and centuries of training. Not you, the female whose physical scars reflected those of her inner scars. Not you, the female who was rough and sharp, with jagged and brittle edges, the female who had been shaped by battles and wars, the female who had witnessed and brought death to many. Not you, the female who his shadows danced around, as if they could sense the darkness within.
You didn’t answer, instead deciding to refuse to meet his gaze and looking around the house, which you now realised felt too small with the two of you in it. A hand rested underneath your chin and forced you to look up and into his hazel eyes.
“Please, tell me what I did,” he begged. “I hate… I hate this. I hate you not talking to me.”
Your breathing hitched as he stared at you, his eyes conveying the hurt that you could feel pulsing down the bond, even if he was unaware of it.
“You kissed Elain,” came out of your mouth before you could stop it.
Azriel froze, and you wished you could have just kept your stupid mouth shut. “That’s it? That’s why you’re upset with me?”
It sounded so silly. You knew it sounded worse to him, because he didn’t know. He didn’t know that he was your mate, that you’d been in love with him ever since you’d learned his name. You didn’t own him, anyway – he had his own free will, and he could kiss whoever he wanted to. But it didn’t stop the ache in your heart whenever you thought of him with someone else.
When you didn’t respond, Azriel took a step back, his hand leaving your chin. You looked down in shame, feeling Azriel pull away.
“I can kiss who I want, Y/n,” Azriel said.
“I know that,” you insisted, looking up, “but–”
“There is no ‘but’, Y/n,” he argued. “You can’t get upset if I’m with someone else. Why do you even care?”
He spat the last word and you felt anger bubbling up at him and his tone. You could care if he was seeing someone. You had the right to give a fuck about his love life.
“You don’t know how much it fucking kills me, Az!” you snapped loudly. “You don’t know what it’s like, being in love with you for practically my whole life and thinking that maybe, maybe you felt the same, and then having the bond snap in place, and feeling like it was always supposed to be like that, like the Mother or the Cauldron or Fate or whatever thought that I was enough for you…”
You trailed off, breathing heavily and feeling guilt and embarrassment spread through you. You weren’t supposed to tell him like that – you weren’t supposed to lose your cool and yell at him that you loved him and… and reveal that he was your mate.
“The… the bond?” he repeated slowly, the only time you’d ever actually heard him stumble over his words. “Y/n, what do you mean, ‘the bond’?”
You sighed and rubbed your arm, once again looking away. “The mating bond. You’re my mate, Azriel.”
He was silent, and you made no attempt to change that. This was it, the moment where he accepted or rejected the bond, the moment where he either made your heart and soul feel whole, or he ripped your heart out of your chest and crushed it.
“And you didn’t think to tell me?”
Your head snapped up at his words, at the icy rage dripping from them. Azriel’s eyes were hard and dark, staring into you and your soul. You saw him searching through every feeling, every connection to you that he could find.
And then you felt it. The tug on the string that tied your souls together, pulling you towards him. His eyes widened slightly, and his lip curled up into a snarl. “You lied to me.”
“Omitting the truth isn’t lying,” you retorted.
“I had a right to know,” he hissed, and you took a step back.
He shook his head, scoffing at you and your choices, making you feel small and inferior. You hated how easily he could do that, how easily he could make you feel irrelevant and insignificant. It reminded you of how the other Illyrian males tried to do so, not that they ever could. But Azriel had your heart and soul, and everything he said or did affected you in some way or another.
“Well, enjoy the rest of your mission,” he fumed, the cold fury still clouding his eyes. 
Before you could say anything he disappeared into his shadows, leaving you alone in the house as if he had never been there in the first place. For the second time in two days you felt a crushing feeling in your chest, a physical pain that made it hard to breathe. You felt empty, like a part of your soul was missing. 
And it was. Azriel, the other half to your soul, he was gone. And you knew you’d always be able to feel that emptiness, that hole that was so Azriel-shaped it hurt. You were going to feel it forever, no matter how far you went or how long you didn’t see him. It wouldn’t matter if you crossed oceans and lands and skies – you would always feel like you wanted to rip your heart out, if only to ease the pain.
You would always miss what was never yours.
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tommydarlings · 3 days
I’ll take care of you | c.l
pairing: charles leclerc x reader
warnings: none :)
w/c: 0.7k
summary: You didn’t knew that men could be so gentle and careful with women after they’ve had sex, at least not before you me the sweet Ferrari driver charles leclerc.
check this out: my masterlist <3 // my ko-fi to support me! <3 // my PayPal to support me! <3 // my Patreon to become a member! <3 (get access to +20 works) // Save a Life carrd made by me! <3
“That was… amazing.” You mumbled quietly, breathing still a bit uneven. The Ferrari driver chuckled, brushing his hair out of his face before he sat up, back now facing you.
Your legs were still shaking a bit, hair messy and a tiny bit sweaty, completely sprawled out over the soft cushions.
You turned your head and looked over to Charles, watching him standing up after putting his boxers and sweatpants on.
While he was in the bathroom, you slowly stood up and grabbed your clothes, collecting them all in your hands before you put them on the bed.
Right when you wanted to put your thong back on, you heard your one night stand entering the room again.
“Hey, why are you up? Get back into bed, mon amour.” He told you, hands already getting a hold of your hips since your legs were still shaking. You turned around and looked at the monaguesque, not understood why you should do that.
You furrowed your brows, “Shouldn’t I leave?”
He shook his head, “I mean, if you want to leave, then you can leave but not before I didn’t take care of you.” He said.
“No discussion ma jolie, please lay down again.” Charles quietly demanded in a kindhearted tone.
You gulped and laid down onto the soft and probably rather expensive sheets again, looking up at him with a confused gaze.
Charles quickly noticed your facial expression, “Why do you look so confused mon amour?” Body already towering over you, hands spreading your shaking legs before he grabbed a wet washcloth.
You stared down at the washcloth, not understanding why he got that in his hand.
“For what do you need a wet washcloth?” He tilted his head as he heard your question, smile slowly forming on his lips.
“And why are you smiling now?”
After hearing that, his smile fell, facial expression now looking like he’s… disappointed? Why should he be disappointed?
Now it was your turn to tilt your head, basically asking him why he looks at you with those sad and slightly angry eyes.
Charles quickly went to work and cleaned your slightly sticky body with the small washcloth, being very careful while doing so.
After a few seconds of silence between the two of you, he spoke up,
“So that’s why you wanted to leave.” He mumbled, hands now putting your thong back on and then caressing your leg. “Not because you wanted, because you felt like you had to, right?” The Ferrari driver asked you, eyes now focused on your face.
You only furrowed your brows before you sat up, eyes not leaving his, “Well, I-I thought that you d-didn’t wanted to h-have me here anymore since y-you’ve already-” you briefly took a deep breath,
“used me.” You finished your statement in a quiet tone before you broke the eye contact between him and you.
Charles shook his head as you gulped, quickly coming closer to you.
“What? Used you? Do you mean as in… used your body?” He asked you, obviously not believing that you would actually think of something like that but on the other hand he also didn’t know how you’ve been treated in the past by… men.
You bit your lip while the monaguesque reached out to pull your barely covered body onto his almost naked lap, thumbs caressing your slightly cold thighs.
You nodded and his eyes immediately widened, “No má cherie, god no! Oh mon dieu.” Oh my god.
Charles eyes suddenly grew softer and softer by every comfortably second that went by, his hands gently glided up and down your thighs but didn’t went to high. He looked at you before he leaned forward and lovingly kissed your forehead,
“I don’t know that these disgusting men in the past did to you or said to you, but I am not like them, okay? I promise ma joulie.” Lips still lingering on your shivering skin,
“I’ll treat you like you deserved to be treated. With respect, kindness, tenderness and most importantly… love.” Charles whispered in a very gently tone before you put your arms around his shoulders, pulling him even closer.
“Okay… thank you.” You quietly answered as you intertwined your fingers with his soft hair.
He sighed, “No need to thank me, baby.”
Tumblr media
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fandom-wreck-9000 · 3 days
Welcome home my Darling new neighbor (Wally Darling x Male reader) Yandere Fic
CW: Scopophobia, stalking, and kidnapping.
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Welcome home
Tumblr media
You slightly woke up your eyes still feeling heavy, so you didn’t try to open them, you felt as if you couldn't move your body maybe you were still tired, but you could still hear, and the only thing penetrating your ears was the eerie noise of a heartbeat and something breathing all around you… You could still slightly feel, although it was as if your sense of touch was numbed. The most you could make out from what little sense of touch you had was that you were laying in a bed with soft heavy covers. due to your mind still being fuzzy with sleep, you couldn’t remember much of what happened before this moment of waking up… all you could remember was being picked up and basically being kidnapped before this moment of sleepy paralysis. This all felt like some kind of nightmare more specifically a sleep paralysis nightmare.
You decided to try and put your mind back to sleep but before you could, you hear a door open and someone walking in closer to you… You had the familiar feeling of fear in your body although it couldn’t paralyze you any more than you already were, you heard them place something down next to you on a hard surface most likely a nightstand… You could slightly feel the slight weight shift of the bed as they sat down next to you, you could feel them staring it felt so familiar, they touched your face which sent a shiver down your spine… Who the fuck was this person? “(M/N) it's time to wake up.” Their voice spoke softly it seemed monotoned, and creepy yet soothing. it took some might but you eventually managed to open your eyes, and they widened in horror as you saw a puppet sitting before you staring straight into your eyes. As soon as you saw that familiar face all the memories came flooding back with a force, it gave you a headache… And made you even more dizzy and sick than you already were because of the fear you felt… It was Wally Darling…
You tried to sit up and hit him scream and get away, but you couldn’t now being more awake you could tell just how weird your body felt and how much more difficult it was to just move it, you could only do tiny movements like move your fingers, toes, and your head a little bit. “Now now just relax you’re still getting used to your new body friend.” He said that smile you first thought was adorable and cute now seemed absolutely horrifying, and your eyes traveled to look at your arms which your once (S/C) human skin, was now (S/C) colored felt… You could tell your face showed the pure fear and horror you felt for what Wally said next. “No need to be scared friend your in good hands you are safe with me within home.” You became confused what did he mean by ‘within home’? He didn’t answer that as he helped you sit up as your body was still hard to move, your eyes moved to the nightstand which was right by the bed. What was placed onto it by Wally was a tray with food and water, you had no idea how you would eat it since you were now a puppet with supposedly no digestive system.
He apparently saw you stare at the tray with confusion and he grabbed the cup of water and spoke. “You can still drink and kinda eat you just don’t really need to but since there are still some changes happening to your body and you're getting used to your new body, I thought you could use the extra energy boost. But soon you won’t need to eat or drink anymore!” he said bringing the glass of water to your felt lips and gently opening your mouth with his hand so you could ‘drink’ it when you drank some to your own surprise, he placed it back down on the tray. You had to admit it mentally since you couldn’t really vocally admit it and frankly didn’t want to, the water slightly helped you gain some energy. During this entire interaction Wally has not stopped staring at you the only time he looked away was when he went to grab the water and place it back down, it freaked you out how much he stared at you… Especially now since he’s kidnapped you… His eyes were like empty black voids as he intensely stared at you. You also still heard the sound of a beating heart and breathing, but you decided to try and ignore it as best you can, even though it was creepy… especially for the fact that it wasn’t coming from you or Wally…
Wally seemed to be staring into your eyes with the same intensity as the day before, it was unnerving… “I’m really glad your pretty (E/C) eyes stayed even after your form changed to accommodate my world… so very glad… your eyes and yourself are the absolute most after all…” He said in his soothing monotone voice as he continued to stare, you shifted the gaze of your eyes uncomfortably. “I have to go 'cause I have stuff to do today but just rest, Friend 'cause you need to be at your best… remember you are the absolute most.” He said he got up from the bed and he blew you a kiss before leaving the room and soon the house itself, now by yourself, you sat in the bed terrified and scared you gripped the sheets with the little strength you had… how did you get into this situation why you? You felt tears gather in your eyes somehow but you didn’t pay mind to it you just wanted out, you just wanted to get back home… you didn’t want to be here anymore…
After a few hours, you were finally able to move your arms and upper body so you turned to pick up the tray that was on the nightstand looking at the food itself… it seemed less than edible… it seemed to be an attempt at french toast, but the toast wasn’t fully cooked and it seemed that the egg that was on it was still raw, there was also bacon but that was burnt to nothing but charcoal… the only thing that seemed edible was the berries, so you decided to slowly eat those because as time passed… it started to feel like your stomach was being filled with stuffing… I guess he was right about the fact you soon wouldn’t need to be eating or drinking soon anymore… you placed the tray back on the nightstand and continued to sit on the bed, still not having the energy to move your legs…
A few more hours passed and you were finally able to move your legs, so you moved so you could try to stand up from the bed, as you did you heard the front door open. You quickly stood up of course as you did you felt dizzy and your legs felt like complete jello but you grabbed the lamp that was on the nightstand and stood your ground, the ominous steps toward the room you were in frightened you… Your grip on the lamp was relentless. You heard the house creak and squeak, the steps slowed down as they stopped in front of the door to the room you were in… The door started to slowly open so you started to rush forward but you underestimated how wobbly your legs were because not even two steps forward and you tripped over your own feet and dropped the lamp, before you fell face first you heard quick footsteps toward you, and someone caught you and you knew who it was exactly. Looking up you saw Wally his stare seemed kinda angry but he helped you up and hugged you tightly to him, his face resting on your shoulder he held you tightly so tightly that you could barely move your arms away from him… but you were still too weak to fully fight back against him.
“Friend it’s okay Stop being so scared and freaking out… you almost fell and hurt yourself there you still need some rest… Let's put you back in bed friend…” He said as he picked you up with ease and put you back into the bed, sitting next to you again, back to staring at you…
You were stuck here, weren’t you?
Tumblr media
@morallygreyhound, @grungedemon, @orquydia, @Kodasstar, @itsawildsaltychip, @yippeeboi, @bombshellbella, @bloodblossomtree, @shaggy-carpet, @fake-it-25, @eddwardtheseventhspacewizard, @r4ggedy-andy, @random-theater-kid, @kayssweetdreams, @animedestler, @zeroplay-69, @n1mble, @salems-apiary, @magno-13, @lucialaotakuxd, @loveolgy, @fufawa, @penisbanger, @callmenobodythehoe, @dragonea, @funbugz, @vato-moo, @h0n3y-f1ll3d- g1ng3rbr3ad-man, @emohaircutstumblur, @puppetskulls, drc00l4tt4, @artistesimp, @hatmekindsirr, @sirenafterdark, @flwerdeath, @wxntcl, @emerald-dream, @lurkingposting, @syrupnscones, @gay-and-random-shit-i-can-find, @bread-samdwich, @tremendouskingcherryblossom. @floof-boop, @thewisteriarchives, @the-reaper-of-souls, @justaconfusedorganism, @theoats420, @fuck-bitches-get-milk, @looneytunestime, @aoniv, @mangle5, @lurkerintheabyss, @judos-tavern, @good-from-all-sides, @buttertoast432
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cottoncandysprite · 3 days
Tumblr media
POV: You're taking the subway back from watching the most fucked up talk show interview you've ever seen
(Read the fic here)
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😈 You are not bound by the Hays code.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who are not punished by the narrative by the end of the story.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who win.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who make evil look fun and cool.
😈 You are allowed to make your fun, cool evil character the protagonist.
😈 You are allowed to glorify, romanticize and eroticize evil characters and villainous acts.
😈 You are not obligated to teach your audience a moral lesson.
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Cute Scenario:
I don’t know but the idea of Wally falling in love with somebody who has trouble showing emotions without getting flustered is so cute to me.
Like Wally could be just smiling staring at them and then all of a sudden, let’s call them Neighbor, Neighbor is all like “Stop that.”
And confused, as well as worried, Wally is like stop what, only for Neighbor to be all blushy and flustered saying “stop staring at me.”
I also think Wally is very chill but not stupid so he’ll catch on very quickly on why they’re flustered and he’ll just be like “I don’t know what your talking about.”
So then Neighbor has to elaborate but the more they explain the more flustered they get and Wally’s just watching all amused.
And this will go on until Wally feels bad and then he’ll apologize but the Neighbor is already annoyed, in a friendly way, and so now Wally has to apologize.
But the way Wally apologizes doesn’t make it better because he puts his face on the Neighbor’s shoulder and then looks up at them with doe like eyes while saying sorry in a cutesy voice.
Which in turn will make the Neighbor more flustered and even worse hide their face in their hands, to the amusement of Wally.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days
Katy Perry discovered AO3 and it disgusted her so much it turned her into a republican.
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eventually27 · 2 days
jack/ethan are watching a movie with friends, he touches fem reader under a blanket, to finger her, they are a secret
I've never written ethan before. I'm not sure i ever planned to.. so don't judge me too harshly, if you like it I can do more 🤨
Shh it's a secret..
Ethan Landry x fem reader
(Warnings, smut-foreplay)
Tumblr media
Ethan, Chad, and Mindy were glued to the TV. You were sitting next to Ethan on a couch and the twins on another. You had seen this film 100 times before you were only watching it so you could be close to Ethan. You wished you could have been in his arms while you watched it. You subtly moved closer to Ethan. Your bodies were under a blanket anyway, so no one would notice, you could see from the corner of your eye Ethan turnt to look at you, only for afew seconds, you then felt his arm slide against you, his hand on your bare knee, you tried your hardest not to react or smile, you had been seeing eachother for afew weeks now, but you hadn't told anybody yet and was keeping it a secret for awhile. He gripped your knee tightly, which sent goosebumps all over your body. You snuck him a secret smile and whispered, "Be careful," This must have felt like a challenge to him because his hand started to slide up your skirt and settled on your thigh, you felt butterflies between your legs, knowing his fingers were so close to you. "Im always careful, baby," he whispered. You looked over to Chad and Mindy, checking if they had heard anything. They were paying no attention whatsoever. Both were fixated on the screen. You moved your legs slightly, so your knee was now touching his. This was an opportunity he could not miss. His hand slid further to your inner thigh. He lightly tickled your clit with his tumb, you let out a whimper, then panicked, but nobody had noticed, "shh don't get us caught" Ethan squeezed your thigh, your heart was nearly beating out of your chest, you kept your head straight but moved your eyes to look at Ethan, he had a small smirk of his face, he looked back at you and you smirked in return. You held your breath to prepare to feel his touch again, and he began to rub his thumb against you, you tried your beat to focus on the TV, he reached lower with his two fingers and felt the wetness through your underwear, he let out a deep breathe, you saw Mindy look over but she looked straight back at the TV afterwards. You both kept still for a minute or two, then you felt his fingers slowly push your underwear to the side, "ready?" He whispered, "Yeah, " you barely moved your lips as you spoke. You felt his fingers slowly enter you. You pressed your lips together as hard as you could, so no sound could escape. He curled his fingers up inside you. He pushed and massaged against your gspot. Your breathing started to pick up pace. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer. You clenched your jaw as hard as you could to stop the endless moans from coming out, Ethan could feel you begin to tighten around his fingers, "cum for me baby" he whispered, you felt pleasure take over your body, you closed your eyes and bit down on your lip, the pleasure made your legs feel weak, it took everything you had not to let out a scream, you sighed in relif as the pleasure drifted away and you hadn't made a sound, you watched as Ethan removed himself from between your legs and put his fingers in his mouth to taste you and clear up the mess, "you two ok over there?" Chad had sat up as the film had finished, "yeah, all good, enjoyed the film, " Ethan said, and you let out a giggle.
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bi-bard · 3 days
No Saints Ever Watched Over Me - Kaz Brekker Imagine [Shadow & Bone]
Tumblr media
Title: No Saints Ever Watched Over Me
Pairing: Kaz Brekker X Sun Summoner!Reader
Word Count: 1,798 words
Warning(s): canon-typical violence
Summary: Kaz held onto the belief that no saints had looked out for him and none were in a rush to rescue him. When forced to face the very saint that he refused to believe in, will Kaz accept that he was wrong or continue on his path of denial and avoidance?
Author's Note: Here's how one piece of dialogue made me want to throw all sorts of canon to the wolves just so this idea could happen.
At some point, hiding became as natural as breathing.
My parents taught me to hide before most things.
They were the only ones who knew about my... condition that I hadn't directly told.
They had seen the sunlight that coursed through my veins. The prophecy unfolding in their very home. The future presented to them on a silver platter.
They knew what would happen if I was ever discovered. They never wanted me to hear, but I did. They knew that I would be hunted for the rest of my life. That I would be shoved into harm's way in the name of Ravka. Men would be happy to watch my blood spill for their battles if they were wrapped in the flag of their country.
I was young when a group of men showed up at their door.
My dad took me away. As far away as he could. My mom didn't have a chance.
When he knew that what was happening was inevitable, he told me to run. Run, hide, and never tell anyone about my gift.
I was alone.
I never saw my power as a gift. Especially not after that day. In one swoop, this "gift" had taken everything from me.
And I still had to survive despite that.
I settled in Ketterdam. Alone and terrified. I needed to find work and a place to stay while I was still very young.
Working with Kaz Brekker was an accident more than anything else. It had been a few years since I had seemed to plant my feet on the ground. I had made friends with Jesper, who had offered me a chance to make myself a decent amount of money.
After that, Kaz seemed to come to me for every mission they had. I don't know why. As far as he was able to know, Kaz could have found a hundred people who were just like me.
Granted, I didn't have to keep working with him. I could have taken another job. But I didn't. Working with Kaz just felt right. Working with the Crows felt right.
I was a regular part of the team.
It was nice.
None of them seemed willing to say it out loud but it was like having a family. A real family for the first time in ages.
I kept my... situation private. They didn't truly need to know.
However, I knew that it would be foolish to think that I could hide it from them forever. It did take them longer than
Inej was the first to find out.
Kaz had noticed that something was "off" about me. Something was different. He couldn't figure out what that thing was. And Kaz Brekker hated not knowing everything about a situation.
He sent her to spy on me for the night. Follow me. See who I did business with, who I met for drinks, who I brought home with me (which I never did).
I had been curled at the foot of my bed after a long, exhausting day. I was tired and sad and angry all at the same time. I needed something of comfort. I allowed a ball of sunlight to form in my hand and sit in my palm. The fog and dreariness of Ketterdam didn't allow for one to enjoy a moment in the sunshine, so I had to make my own.
Inej must have caught me just as I was sitting there with it.
Not that she told me.
Instead, she went straight back to Kaz with what she had learned.
I could imagine what his reaction was. The disbelief, the anger at the insistence, and the dismissal of the whole event with some comment about it all being some clever trick on my part.
I hope she asked him what the point of a trick was when I was alone.
I only found out that Inej knew when I was told to go meet Kaz in his office. As I passed the bar, Inej and Jesper watched me go by. I watched Inej's hand move to her forehead and chest. I furrowed my eyebrows for a moment. I hadn't told her anything, so why did she do that?
Kaz was standing behind his desk when I walked in.
"Close the door," he instructed bluntly. I did so.
I walked over to stand across from him, waiting for some indication of what this was all about.
"What are you," he asked.
I paused for a moment. "Excuse me?"
"What are you?" he repeated, putting an emphasis on each word.
"I'm (Y/n), you allow me to work with you because I can fight, and you said that I can be pretty clever-"
"I said what, not who."
"Will you just tell me what this is about," I asked. "I clearly don't know."
"I had Inej follow you last night."
"You were hiding something from me," he tried to explain.
"So you sent someone to watch me? That is incredibly invasive!"
"She saw your trick," he continued. "The sunlight in your hand."
I felt frozen. The motion at the bar suddenly made sense to me. Inej was firm in her beliefs. Private, but firm. She saw me and thought that I was the saint that the stories were about.
"How did you do it?"
"I... I just can," I shrugged. "You think it was a trick."
"I know it was a trick," he replied. "The sun summoner wouldn't hide away in Ketterdam."
I took a deep breath. "My parents paid for me to get here. They knew what I was. They knew what would happen if the Grisha got their hands on me. It was meant to protect me. I kept my head down. I stayed quiet. Worked with you for money because it was the safest choice I had at the time."
Kaz didn't speak up. He didn't truly believe me. Not entirely. I wasn't surprised by that. Kaz had trust issues when it came to normal people. Never mind... someone like me.
I took a step away from the desk. I let a ball of sunlight form in my hand.
Kaz slowly walked around the desk. He studied me, stepping in a small circle around me. He was looking for the trick. The effect. Some sign that what Inej had seen was wrong.
He stopped in front of his desk again.
I closed my hand, scuffing out the sunlight.
"You are never to do that unless in the presence of me, Inej, and Jesper. Understood?"
"I know how to hide," I replied. "I've been doing this for a long time now."
He just nodded to me.
I kept to that agreement as best I could. I never showed my gift outside of my room. The only time anyone else saw it was when Inej came by, begging to know if it was all true.
She tried to praise me. Call me a saint.
I didn't let her. I begged her to not see me as a hero because I wasn't one. I had no interest in being one. All I wanted was some semblance of normalcy. She respected that.
My agreement with Kaz didn't crumble until I saw it as absolutely necessary.
He had told me to join him to get through the door of some place.
He had been doing that more and more. Having me work directly by his side. I had no interest in questioning it, but I did notice it.
It had been going well. However, the number of guards had been greatly underestimated.
The only part that I truly remember was one of the guards choking Kaz. His cane had been thrown across the room from him. I didn't have the physical strength to stop the guard. I knew that.
So, as if on instinct, I threw a ball of sunlight at him.
He fell to the ground, allowing Kaz to lean back against the wall and catch his breath.
I ran over to grab his cane. I walked over slowly, holding it out to him. He snatched it from my hand, an angry look taking over his features.
"Are you alright," I asked.
He didn't bother with my question, instead posing one of his own, “What the hell were you thinking?”
“That you were about to die."
“You could have gotten yourself killed, hunted! All that you have claimed to have been terrified of!”
"You would truly rather die by the hand of your own stubbornness than ever thank someone for their help," I rolled my eyes.
"You agreed to never use your powers around others! I don't need you to save me!"
I scoffed at him. “Kaz, I understand that you think you’re invincible, but please believe me when I say that you are nowhere close.”
“And you are?” he stepped closer to me.
“Would you like to compare a list of things that I could survive versus what you could survive? I really don’t think you would because you would end up quite embarrassed!”
Kaz’s jaw clenched as he merely continued glaring. As if he were stunned that I had the nerve to yell at him the way I did. To question his power and control and leadership the way I did.
“I hate to tell you this, but you have people who care for you, Kaz Brekker,” I continued. “There are people that actually don’t want you dead. Let them help you. That’s why you have a crew in the first place.”
"Don't claim to be my savior."
"Don't claim that you never need to be saved!"
The silence after that was tense. He was angry and the boss of the whole gang. I was angry and able to scorch the earth beneath his feet.
"We have work to do," I finally muttered, walking around him.
"What happened to keeping your... affliction a secret," he asked as I did so.
I stopped at the door, turning back to him. "If the choice was letting you die or exposing my secret, then the choice would be you. Every single time."
There was a long pause before Kaz spoke up, "Why?"
There was another, even longer pause. "Is it not obvious?"
His face didn't shift. Not at all.
I had some feeling in my chest that he knew the answer to his question long before he asked it. Maybe he just needed the personal confirmation. Maybe he wanted me to say something entirely different so that it would bring some comfort. Allow him some escape route from his own feelings.
"Can we go now," I asked.
He nodded. "Fine."
Kaz may not have believed in saints. But I would like to believe that some part of him believed in me.
And that was enough for me.
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Some Original Characters
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I wish all authors to have That One AO3 Profile™, who comments every single chapter of their work and the comments are like, a few paragraphs long
They're the gems of the fandom and I love them so much
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urf1lterr · 2 days
lovesick | series masterlist
Tumblr media
"and on this night and in this light i think im falling, im falling for you."
summary: in which a 1975-obsessed film student accidentally falls in love with an older man she can't have.
pairing: actor!pedro x intern!reader
genre: acting world!au, big age-gap!, strangers to friends- maybe lovers?? au | angst, mature, love- eventually
author's note: each chapter has a dedicated 1975 song <3
chapter one [7.4k] - "she's american"
chapter two [6.7k] - "the 1975"
chapter three [5.7k] - "this must be my dream"
chapter four [10.6k] - "please be naked"
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yelenasdiary · 1 day
Well since u asked… 👀 maybe Dom!Nat x fem!reader where nat is a mob boss or powerful CEO, and readers job is just to be a stress relief for her. Like nat Just uses, spanks, and degrades us for her personal pleasure. 🧎🏻‍♀️anyways nat can use me anytime LMAFO. THANK U LOVE 🫶🫶
To Good Use
Pairing: CEO! Natasha Romanoff X Fem! Reader.
Warnings: Dom! Nat, Sub! Reader, Spanking, Degradation Kink, Daddy Kink, Fingering, Strap-On Use, Nipple Play, Overstimulation, Language Warning, Rough Sex Basically. 
1.9K | 18+! Minors DNI! 
Tumblr media
Tears filled your eyes as the hand of your boss came down harshly on your backside. Bend over her lap, your skin red with the print of her hand as she took her frustration out on your mistake. "Do you know how late I was?" She spoke in a stern tone before the sound of her hand slapping your right cheek once more filled the room. 
"I asked you a question whore, answer me!" 
You stuffed up her last meeting of the day, it wasn't on purpose it was simply just a misunderstanding between you and her client.
"I-I'm sorry d-daddy" you sobbed in pain, a pain you could never admit that you loved. "I was 45 minutes late because of you! I didn't hire you to fuck me around yet here you are! Do you want my company to fall? Huh? Do you want to see my company gain a bad name?" Another spank on your red behind only made you wetter. Your cunt clenching around nothing with each slap she delivered, your clit throbbing with need to be touched.
"Are you fucking dumb?! Answer me!" Natasha demanded.
"N-no daddy, I'm s-sorry daddy, I deserve to be punished" you replied. You'd lost count of how many times her hand slapped your bare arse, how long you've been bend over her lap listening to her disappointment in you. If only you'd remembered to tell her the meeting was brought forward by an hour. 
 "Of course you do! You know, when I hired you, I knew you'd be the perfect little fuck toy for me to use. I saw the way you couldn't keep your eyes off me in your interview, you're just a brainless little whore and I'm going to make sure you never make this mistake again, do you understand?" Natasha spoke with another slap.
"Yes daddy" 
"Get off me. You're going to ruin my pants with how pathetic and wet you are" she slightly pushed you off her lap but not before seeing the wet patch on your panties as you stumbled to your knees. She looked at you as she made you look up at her by gently lifting your head with her thumb, "do you remember your safe word?" She asked. She always asked this when things were stressful for her, it was the time you knew you were in for a rough time. 
You nodded, "yes, roses" 
"Good. Now, stand up and strip. And wiped those tears, you look pathetic" Natasha lent back in her chair as she watched you begin to remove your clothing. She loved watching you do anything she said, she sent everybody in the office home early just to have this afternoon to ruin you in ways she'd been thinking the time she was in her meeting.
"God, look at you. You want to keep this job so fucking bad you'll do anything I say. Maybe I shouldn't have sent everybody home early, maybe I should've just fucked you in front of them all, let them see how much of a desperate whore you are. Look at your panties, fucking soaked. Why? Did getting your arse spanked turn you on?" 
Shamelessly you nodded, embarrassed that it was true. "Use your words. Tell me exact how you'd liked it" Natasha's tone was harsh but raspy, sending a wave to your core as you clenched once again around nothing.
"I love when you spank me, daddy" you replied standing in front of her completely naked.
"You can't even answer the question correctly. Tell me, did you purposefully fuck my meeting up so I would punish you?"
"No daddy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean too! I promise"
"So you're just a dumb little whore who forgot? Get on the desk and spread your legs. I'm going to play with what's mine, going to show you just how brainless you are" 
Natasha stood from her desk chair and watched you jump up onto her desk and spread your legs, showing her just how wet you truly were. The cool air hardened your nipples and made your cunt clench, making your boss chuckle at your state. "You're so fucking wet for me it's disgusting. I'm your boss!" She spoke as she closed the small space between you and her. Running her fingers through your wet folds as she looked you in the eyes, "say it. Tell me how much of a desperate little slut you are" she said without warning as she slid two fingers inside your pussy. 
A moan escaped your lips as you felt her trust her fingers harshly into you, "I'm just a desperate slut for you d-daddy, just h-here for you to use me like t-the whore I am" you managed to word as she abused your hole with her fingers, her thumb ghosting your clit causing more moans to fill the air. "That's right baby, daddy's little whore. You're so wet and tight, your pussy is sucking me back in. Fuck yourself on my fingers" her free hand pinched your right nipple harshly.
"F-fuck daddy!" You moaned as you bucked into her hand doing your best to grind on her fingers. Natasha shook her head at the sight of you while she continued to tug and twist each on of your nipples before sliding a third finger easily into your clenching pussy, throwing your head back in pleasure as you moaned her name. A few more bumps and Natasha stopped, pulling her fingers out as you whined at the loss of her fingers. 
"Clean them" Natasha instructed, "if you want to cum, you're going to show me you want it. Now open" she added. You did as told, opening your mouth for her to place her fingers against your tongue. Sucking the sweetness of your juices of her fingers while keeping eye contact with her. "You're going to take my new strap today. I brought for times just like this, when you can't do anything right and make me look like a fucking fool in front my clients" she spoke as she pulled her fingers from your mouth and began to unzip her pants. 
This was by far the biggest strap you've seen her have, the dark red color suited her so well like it was custom made just for her to use on you. The length worries you as your eyes were glued to the toy stood proudly. "T-that looks too b-big" you said as you swallowed the lump in your throat. "Did you not hear me? I said you'll be taking it. You might think it's too big but that pussy is screaming for it" Natasha towered over you, the tip of the strap rubbing through your folds, using your slick as a lubricant. 
You couldn't help but moan softly everytime she slapped your clit with the tip, making her chuckle once more. "Such a slut, already moaning and I haven't even entered your tight pussy yet. What we're you just saying huh? It's to big? Let's see" Natasha pinned both of your hands above your head while her free hand guided her thick strap into your cunt, stretching you more with every inch. 
"Look at you, sucking me in like a cheap whore" Nat spoke over your whimpers. "D-daddy p-please it's too big" you whined as she bottomed out inside of you. She smirked as she looked down at how well your pussy looked wrapped around her cock, completely not phased by your whimpers as she began to harshly trust into you. 
Here you were, spread out on her desk as she fucked you hard against the wood, watching as your breast bounced with every thrust, smirking at the way you gripped the edges of the desk as you moaned her title. The loud sounds of skin slapping against one another added to the sounds she pulled from you, making you glad she sent everybody home early. 
"Daddy, f-fuck! P-please!" You moaned when she picked up her speed, fucking all her stress and frustrations into you, making you a whimpering little mess for her. The way she loved you most, begging her to let you cum, wanting her to stop but never wanting her to stop. "Shut up, can you do that? Just shut up and take my cock like the dumb whore you are for me!" She hushed you while pounding deeper. The need to cum was building quickly and you knew she wouldn't be impressed but you couldn't help yourself, "n-need to cum! Please!" You threw your head back once again only for Natasha to pull out.
"Don't give me that look, I told you. If you want to cum you'll work for it" she glared as she sat back down in her chair before patting her lap. You straddled her and let her line the tip of her fake cock with your soaking pussy before sinking slowly down onto her. The new position making you feel even more stretched out, you could feel her deeper than you've ever felt her. Natasha looked up at you, "go on baby, ride daddy's cock" Her hands gripped your hips harshly as you began to slowly ride her the best you could. 
"God! You're fucking pathetic at everything, can't even make yourself cum on my cock can you?" Natasha groaned as she forced your hips to grind faster and harder on her strap, your moans got louder the closer you got to breaking. "Are you make this mistake again? Fuck me around and make me late to important meetings again?" Natasha watched as you were on the edge of falling apart against her. She bucked her hips just to hear you scream her name. 
"No daddy!! P-please!! M'sorry! Won't do it again! Please!!" You begged, doing your best not to cum without her permission. You're eyes rolling back with bliss as her cock hit your favorite spot over and over again. "Next time you fuck up, I'm showing everybody in this office how much of a needy little whore you are! Now cum!" She demanded. 
Your hands gripped her shoulders, nails digging in harshly through her shirt as you came, falling onto her for support while she didn't stop moving her hips and fucking you until you saw stars. Dragging out your orgasm as long as she liked, even when it was too much for you, she had a hold over you. 
"Too much daddy!" You whimpered as she picked you up while still inside you and placed you back on her desk. Natasha didn't say a word as she started to pound into your abused hole once again, her hands holding your waist down to stop you from squirming all over her desk. Every now and then she would harshly draw tight circles around your clit, driving you to the edge once more. Screaming her name as you came for the second time around her. 
Natasha stilled as she looked down at you, out of breath with sweat droplets on her forehead. She brushed your sweaty hair from your face and smiled softly, "you did so well for me, I needed that. Thank you" she kissed you gently as she pulled out. 
"No, thank you daddy" you looked at her with a smirk. "Wait here, I'm just going to go get a wet cloth, I'll clean you up and take you home" she spoke as she removed the harness from her waist. 
Even though she could be rough with you as much as she needed, she never failed to care for you afterwards. Even if you had to spend a few hours in the office while your body recovered, she wouldn't leave and she always made sure you got home safely.
Tumblr media
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I’ve been sitting on this for a few days wondering if I should request it. For the blurb request if no one else has requested it - soft kisses on both cheeks and tip of the nose for Tommy Shelby.
Thanks for sending this in, Ace! 💕 I’m sorry I sat on it for a few weeks (maybe months at this point 😬) … I’m about a quarter of the way through the latest Birmingham chapter and I needed a break, so I decided to take on this request — I hope you like it! I think it turned out rather cheesy, but who cares…right? 😅
How Much I Love You
Tommy Shelby
Tumblr media
Warnings: allusion to suggestive situation, Tommy’s a little mopy in this one, but then again, when isn’t he?
(Y/N) takes the opportunity to tell Tommy what she thinks when she finds him still in bed.
“Is the world going to end?” (Y/N) questioned as she shut the bedroom door behind her and pulled the corners of her robe tighter around her body. She’d got up to check on the baby about an hour ago and thought for sure that Tommy would have trailed out right after; heading to lock himself in his office for the day. To see him still in bed was a surprise.
“Huh?” Tommy questioned her, not making much effort to look in her direction as he kept his hand rested on the pillow behind his head.
“You’re still in bed,” she pointed out as she walked over to him.
“And that’s a crime now?” he raised his eyebrows as he was finally able to look at her.
“For you it might as well be,” she teased him, cracking a grin, one that he didn’t return. “Is something on your mind?” Tommy furrowed his eyebrows as to ask the silent question: ‘what?’. “You’re brooding…I can see it in your face. The only difference is that you’re doing it in here instead of your office,” she pointed out, explaining the reasoning behind her first question. Tommy sighed and looked away from her, his fingers tapping away on his chest; another one of his mannerisms that showed he was consumed by thought. “Scoot over,” she mumbled to him then, not waiting for him to do much before she sat on the side of the bed so that she could be closer to him. “What’s going on in that mind of yours?”
Tommy sighed and stared at the ceiling for a few moments before glancing over at (Y/N) again. She was waiting expectantly for him to answer her question. “I’m just wondering where we all go next,” he began.
“Go next with what?” (Y/N) asked him to clarify.
“The business…the family…” he trailed off, scratching his eyebrow with his thumb, “they all hate me now.”
“I don’t think they hate you,” she disagreed with his statement.
“I’ve put them in prison, (Y/N),” he didn’t dare dance around the subject, “sure they hate me.”
“They hate what you’ve done,” she suggested another way to look at it, “they may hate you now…they won’t hate you forever.”
“There’s no way you can know that.”
“You’re right.”
“So why bother bringing it up?”
“Because I wanted to get your mind off of it…” (Y/N) slowed their conversation down as she trailed off and took a breath, “I know how you get when your mind gets stuck on something…you become a problem unto yourself, and you cannot go down now…not with the family being where they are,” she tried to speak some sense into him. “Why don’t you go visit them?”
“(Y/N)…” Tommy spoke in a warning tone, showing her how against the idea he was.
“They ask what you’re doing, you know,” she commented, “it almost always comes up when I’m there.”
“They’re probably wondering if I’ve still managed to keep going,” he mumbled, adding in his own thoughts on the matter.
“They may be…” she trailed off, feeling stuck in the arguement at this point. Tommy could argue like a child who wasn’t getting their way, and he wouldn’t quit until he did…it made her nervous for the future arguements she’d inevitably have with their son. “But they still ask about you…you’d probably benefit from going to see them,” she shrugged her shoulders, deciding to see the light in the situation.
“Can we stop talking about this, love?” he asked her, a pleading look present on his face as he dropped his hand onto her thigh and squeezed it gently.
“What do you want to talk about then, hmm?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at him. She didn’t ask her question in any sort of tone, instead she was curious. “Should we talk about the weather?” she continued, her words making Tommy’s eyebrows furrow.
The confusion became even more apparent when she moved from sitting next to him to straddling his waist, a grin forming on her face as she leaned in closer to him. “What’re you doin’, love?” he questioned her, his hands automatically moving to the sides of her hips to hold her in place.
“I was thinking maybe we could talk about how much…” she paused, her hands moving up to take hold of his jaw. She leaned down even further to brush her lips against his. He tried to follow her, but she was too quick, and his actions made her giggle. “I…” she stopped again, kissing his left cheek, “love…” she kissed his right cheek, “you…” she pressed a kiss to his nose, making him scrunch his face at the unfamiliar feeling, which made her giggle again. She pulled back to smile at him, feeling butteflies erupt in her stomach as his eyes danced across her face. “I love you, Tommy,” she repeated herself, dropping her lips onto his then for a proper kiss.
Tommy took the opportunity, tightening his hold on her as he deepened the kiss. (Y/N) giggled against his lips before she managed to pull away and slide to lay on the bed next to him. “I should go check on the baby again,” she said to him, grinning as she spoke.
“That’s all?” he questioned her, surprise etched into his features.
“Hmm?” she played innocent, her eyebrows raised.
“You can’t do all that and then go check the baby,” he told her.
“Well I have…I’m going to check the baby,” she stuck to her guns, smiling before going to get off of the bed.
“You’re not,” Tommy managed to grab her hand and bring her onto her back once more, “because I’ve now got something to talk to you about.”
A giddy feeling arose in (Y/N)’s stomach as she saw how Tommy was looking at her. She could tell by the smirk on his face that he wasn’t going to be doing much talking. At least she’d managed to get his mind off of things.
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Thinking of rewriting the first two chapters of welcome home my darling new neighbor since I felt like I rushed into the story it’s an if though idk if I’ll go through with it
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