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wiggly static pride wallpapers
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lesbian | gay
bi | trans
rainbow | pan
ace | aro
nonbinary | queer
please reblog if you save any! <3
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gay people doodle
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Ep 10 got me like
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boys with high pitched voices deserve more appreciation. you are wonderful and your voice is music!
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Went to see the killers last night. They fuckin rocked!
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kawasama · 1 day
hello 😸 can your write 141 w male reader who’s usually big and cold and during training, trainees see how dangerous and mean he is but don’t know that w the team he’s a snuggly sleepy guy☹️
Cuddle Pile
Tf 141 x Male reader
Tumblr media
Females She/Her She/They DNI
Looking good L/n!” A soilder yelled out as M/n stared down his opponent. One of the recruits decided he wanted to fight the biggest person on base. You may be thinking Ghost, but tou would be wrong. M/n was taller than Ghost and because he was one of the biggest people on the base, the recruit chose you.
Bad decision
“Get ready!” Soap yelled out while keeping his arm raised. M/n glare had gotten harder, which made the recruit nervous.
“Get set!” The next shout made M/n get bend down slightly, indicating that he was about to rush the recruit. The people watching already knew how this was about to end.
“Go!” Soap yelled out and with that M/n was gone. The male took a flash step before hooking the recruit in the ribs. The man could only gasp in shock when his body was lifted, then suddenly slammed onto the ground. M/n backed away, examining the man in case he actually got up.
The fight was over, as to be expected. The recruit had to go to the infirmary due to him gaining a broken a rib. M/n watched as he was carried to the infirmary and turned around to look at Soap with his sleepy eyes. He slowly walked up to him before wrapping his arms around the Scottish mans waist, sighing as he closed his eyes.
“Aye mate, you really wiped the floor with em.” Soap laughed as M/n pulled away. The male stared Soap down before leaving the area, wanting to go find Ghost.
“M/n can you let go.” Ghost groaned in annoyance as he tried to get out the mans hold. Ghost had been working on some paperwork and M/n dragged him out his office and into the living room where he was now laying on the Brits stomach. Being in the h/c haired males arms was a comforting feeling, so instead of continuing to try and get the male off of him he decided to relax.
M/n had woken up due to him being thirsty, so he got up and went to the kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen, he ran into Gaz who hadn’t been paying much attention. You could imagine the look on his face when he felt arms wrapped around his waist. He would’ve gave the perpetrator a hit to the ribs if he hadn’t noticed the muscles on the mans arms.
“Hi Kyle...”M/n spoke tiredly as the brown skinned man blushed in response. Your voice was a bit deeper than usual due to you just waking up. Kyle took a sip of water out of the bottle he had, to which M/n gently took it out his hands and drank from it himself. M/n bent down and picked up Gaz by his thighs. The man let out a noise of disapproval as M/n brought him to where he and Ghost had been resting. Gaz grunted when M/n put all his weight onto him, but sighed in content after getting comfortable. Soap and Price who had came into the room a few minutes before watched the scene play out and Soap pouted. He wanted to be part of the cuddle pile, so he waltzed over to them and was about to lay over on Gaz until M/n stood up.
He had put Kyle to the side and retreated back to his room, and when he came back he had blankets and pillows. He threw them all to the floor before spreading them out and laying down. Gaz stood up and layed next to M/n, head on his chest as he huffed. Soap did the same thing, though he wrapped his arms around the bigger man.
Ghost had woken up and saw the small cuddle pile, so abruptly he joined in. He layed his head on the mans stomach as Soap looked down and smirked at him. The Brit rolled his eyes before shutting them, feeling more relaxed around the gentle giant known as M/n.
Price just left his office after scolding a recruit snd was now going to get some tea. After making his tea, he walked into the living room and almost tripped over Ghosts leg. He examined his team and sighed before sitting his tea down on a table. The captain then sat down next to M/n’s legs before resting his head on his thighs. This was about to be one of the best naps all of them have had in a while.
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NICK OFFERMAN as Bill in The Last of Us (2023)
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Hello, #Tumblr. I apologize in advance for the lengthy message, but I would just like to get my thoughts down because after doing some reflection on myself, I have many.
For the longest time, I have considered myself an ally to the LGBT community. Having a homosexual sister, two LGBT kids, and many LGBT friends and coworkers made me a very passionate ally for this community.
I've also wondered if I'm something more than an ally. With the stability of my marriage being thrown into question, joining a website with a large LGBT community, and talking with some of my friends, I've decided to do some reflection on myself, and what I actually want in life.
I can't deny that I lam interested in women, so I never considered the possibility of being a homosexual at all. I was in love with my wife, and I'd be lying to you all if I said that our divorce wasn't heartbreaking. In fact, because I loved my wife I never once thought any LGBT label could possibly apply to me. However, after some interesting events I believe I would also be open to the idea of forming bonds with other men. In fact, I did experiment with another man recently and I enjoyed it.
Quite frankly, If I do end up in a relationship again, I'm not sure if the Gender of my next partner really matters to me. If I had to put a name to it, I suppose Bisexual would be best suited for what I'm experiencing. I didn't know such a term existed when I was younger, so this makes me wonder: had that term existed earlier, would I have called myself Bisexual earlier on in my life? I don't know, but I'm glad such a name exists now. I loved my now ex wife. But through self discovery and joining such a loving, accepting community of LGBT folks here, I have discovered that I am interested in men, too. I'm open to all genders. :-)
So I suppose this is my coming out message. Thank you all for reading.
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wips of a queer gothic dream inspired tarot deck i'm making
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sapphic-bats · 3 days
Daily reminder that one of the only people who hasn’t blatantly mocked Steve to his face is Nancy.
Just kidding.
Eddie “doesn’t matter, you’re metal, is what i’m saying” Munson.
Eddie ‘actually listens to what Steve says, and remembers it’ Munson.
Eddie “Steeeeve Harrington, was actually a pretty good dude” Munson.
And Steve Harrington noticed.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 days
I was dating Dove Cameron. There's not much more to it than that she was just a really great girlfriend and it was all very gay and I woke up sad.
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Still in love with this story, months after reading it: Ninety One Whiskey by komodobits.
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