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becauseofthebowties · 12 days
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MISHA COLLINS as HARVEY DENT in GOTHAM KNIGHTS | 1.09 Dark Knight of the Soul
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jesterofalltrades · 13 days
I didn’t see all of it cause my tv sucks but can I just say that Misha is such a good actor like my god, you can tell that the two Harvey’s are completely different characters and it’s just so great. I can’t wait to see more
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aleriya-darling · 11 days
the more I watch this scene, the more I don't at all get an "evil/bad" vibe, but a protective vibe, which makes sense that Harvey would have an alter to protect him, considering the abuse he endured from his father.
I love him, your honor
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deancaslover · 12 days
The way she sucked in a breath when Stephanie was adjusting her blouse !!
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classycoffeecat · 13 days
they are in our tumblr walls
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Mrs. Hayes (Emily Rose) Gotham Knights 1x9 Dark Knight of the Soul (2023) 1
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tessalon-pearls · 12 days
Streaming Gotham Knights tonight (yes, one day behind!) and I’m still so excited! I avoided spoilers so far.
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clairedelune-13 · 12 days
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that no one has found the fugitives in the belfry?
It’s in the fucking school…
At least when The Boys were in hiding, it was more believable.
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This episode y'all, this episode.
It has all, Sharper, Duela being his amazing self, Cullen being the wise man as always, action, mystery and to finish it all with a bow the first glance we have of Two Face.
I love it, I love it.
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bwaykid250 · 10 days
the call
gk!harvey dent x wife!reader
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note: this can be considered a sequel to the last harvey bit i wrote but this is a stand alone too. sort of spoilers for 1x09 of gotham knights, this was supposed to be cute but after watching that episode, i had to write this. i hope you enjoy and please, if you have any harvey dent requests, message meeee!
night had fallen over the city of gotham, and while most were snug and asleep in their beds, you were wide awake. 
harvey had yet to return home. 
normally, this wouldn’t concern you. the man had stayed late many times before, it was just who he was, and harvey hated bringing his work home. 
but today, after the phone call, you were more anxious then ever. 
earlier, while you’d been grading papers, you received a call from your husband. it was almost noon, meaning he was on his self-proclaimed “break” where he’d hideaway in his office to give his lovely wife a call and fill her in on the craziness that was his job. 
so, when the phone rang, you answered it, a smile on your face as you lifted the device to your ear, “hi harvey.”
“hiya doll.”
you froze. that voice, it sent chills down your spine. it was harvey, yes, but something was different. it was gravelly, teasing, you couldn’t tell whether you hated it or loved it.
“he’s here.” 
you furrowed your brows, highly confused. “wait, what-“
“y’know, i think this is the first time we’ve spoken. it’s a pleasure to meet you sweetheart.”
what the hell is happening?
“hey, hon? are you there? i zoned out for a second.” and just like that, the harvey you knew and loved was back. the grit out of his voice, having it return to its sweet normality.
“honey, are you there?”
“do you remember anything that just happened?” 
“no, why?”
you’d ended the call quickly afterward and began researching. you were determined to find an answer to harvey’s current condition, anything that would prove something else was going on and not whatever his father had. 
but all you’d found is some disorders similar to the late mr. dent, and that terrified you. 
but now, at almost one o’clock, harvey walked through the door, looking exhausted. 
“you wouldn’t believe the day i’ve had.” he murmured, kicking off his shoes, dropping his briefcase. “rough?”
“you betcha.” he replied, moving toward you, his hands resting on your hips as he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. 
as of now, he seemed normal. you wanted to discuss it with him, but you knew he wouldn’t have the best reaction. 
“honey, where are you? your eyes look lost.” he said, a soft smile toying on his lips. you had a habit of “getting lost.” you were a thinker, a dreamer. and harvey was always able to bring you out.
but instead of saying what you truly wished to say, you simply replied, “i just missed you.” 
“and i missed you.” he pressed a passionate kiss to your lips again, his thumbs caressing the exposed skin of your hip bone. and just like that, you seemed to forget all about what happened this afternoon. 
but as you laid with harvey that night, his soft snores filling the air as he nuzzled against you, you couldn’t help but head that voice echoing in your head:
“hiya doll.”
it was at that moment that you slipped out of harvey’s grip and left the bed, seeking refuge in the master bathroom. you dialed a number and held the phone to your ear, listening to the line ring. 
you were greeted by a friendly female voice, asking what she could do for you.
“i’d like to schedule an appointment for a mr. dent, please.” 
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dotthings · 12 days
Gotham Knights 1x09, Dark Knight of the Soul With extra big thank you (I extra loved this ep) to Elle Lipson and Devon Balsamo-Gillis
There was so much going on in this ep, but Robins. Always get to me the most with the Robins.
Let me attempt to sum up.
Batkids group in conflict with each other. Steph frantic about Turner, Duela angry/fighiting/scared on behalf of Turner, Carrie still having to be the leader and live up to the legacy she feels responsible for, the lives she feels responsible for--the Gotham Knights as a group, and for the people of Gotham and Turner. Like her mother, Carrie carrying the world on her shoulders.
A lot going on with the GK's relationships. Steph and Harper teaming up, Harper's increasingly visible crush on Steph, Cullen calling Harper on her crush, Harper's protest-too-much denying the crush, Cullen worried that Harper has fallen for someone who won't fall in love with her back. The whatever is going on among Harper, Steph, Turner, and Turner and Duela right now. Personally, I am team Sharper and Turner/Duela. "No agenda, just you" was a big deal for Duela to just say it out loud like that. Because we might expect her to keep pretending. To make a joke, make up something about why it's some practical benefit to her if Turner lives. But she was so HONEST about it. Once Duela cares, she goes all in and isn't hiding.
Duela and Carrie's oppositional approaches to saving Turner. Carrie wants to save Turner, but not at the expense of further harm to the entire city. She cares about Turner. She cares about Gotham. Duela, who is used to caring only for herself, and isn't community-minded like Carrie, wanting to turn the electrum over to the Owls for Turner. Saving one person vs protecting many. But it's not that Carrie doesn't desperately want to save her friend, and it's not that Duela is actually being selfish. Carrie ultimately hands the real electrum over to the Owls when it's the only way left to save Turner's life. Duela, who has always looked after number one, caring about saving someone else. Turner -- is a selfless mindset, for her. And she cares about the city too, despite her protestations. She seemed really happy and relieved about Cullen's plan that would allow them to save Turner without doing further harm to Gotham. And who is it that hands the electrum over to the Owls after all that, to save Turner? Carrie. So many wonderful layers there. There's no good or bad to Duela and Carrie's emotional sparring over this. Flip sides of the same understandable impulses.
Lincoln is manipulating Turner. Who killed Turner's parents? I don't think it really was Bruce, but Lincoln needs Turner to think so, and tempts Turner to become their new Talon. The thing is, Bruce really might have been driven by guilt, if he felt he failed. If he felt it was his failure to save Turner's parents, so he took Turner in, why Turner of all the city's orphans. Because maybe Batman knew about the Court of Owls and maybe was trying to save Turner's parents and he failed. How very Bruce to carry the guilt, even if he's not the actual murderer. Or maybe he did kill them but...I need to see more to get there. Is the GK version of Bruce AU enough to abandon one of the core Batman tenets, which is not killing? Or is this a misdirect. Even though Turner denounces Lincoln's bs...I think the doubts are planted. The drug worked on Turner's subconscious, playing on questions and doubts Turner has, and Lincoln pushed it along with his words. Doesn't mean Bruce is the murderer but there are things he kept from Turner.
Harvey figuring out his body has been used by...something. That he's brainwashed, or he's become aware some other personality is taking him over. That he didn't do the things, that other guy did. Not sure yet how much Harvey thought it's him being manipulated by the Court, or if he fears his alt personality is taking over. The video Two Face left for him sure would take care of any doubts he had. Not the Court manipulating him. Two Face, the other personality, cohabiting Harvey's brain and using Harvey's body without him remembering it. Misha fuckin' Collins, everybody. The range.
Big, big love for the Cullen and Carrie scene in front of the belfry clockface and also one of the most visually beautiful shots in the whole series so far. "Giving the bad guys the means to live forever is not exactly out of the bat-manual." "No. But it could be the first chapter in the Book of Robin." "I always wanted to be a hero. Ever since I first saw the bat-signal light up the sky. I just--I didn't know what it would mean having to choose which lives to save and which to sacrifice..." "We're going to keep showing up. Keep fighting. Because Gotham's worth fighting for. You are what's keeping Batman's legacy alive." MY HEART.
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jesterofalltrades · 13 days
Harvey, the Harvey Dent that you and the rest of the city knows will know that you’re not a murderer
But the Harvey Dent that the Court of Owls knows most certainly is
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classycoffeecat · 13 days
Tumblr after this ep: Okay maybe rebecca deserves some rights
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clairedelune-13 · 12 days
Ok, one thing I noticed in GK is there’s no real struggle when an obstacle comes along. There’s always an easy solution cuz the entire team is apparently perfect at everything.
Don’t have masks? Just pop over to a 3D printer and make some. Or when Cullen conveniently makes a perfect model of the immortal rock from some…clay? Cuz I guess they just had that lying around, cuz I guess he does pottery as a hobby.
There needs to be more believable conflict. A Hero’s Journey, if you will.
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jesterofalltrades · 13 days
Can we please get more Harper and Steph team ups please, cause that whole scene was just great
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