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It's a Deal.
So! Steph is in a bit of a Bind. Literally.
Her Father had just discovered that she was the Vigilante who kept ruining his Plans, and decided to Deal with her. So he tied her up at a Bomb Site for one of his Plans and left her to die there.
No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't escape the Ropes, and time was running out. If only she had managed to get that last message out to Batman in time, maybe he would have come to rescue her.
The Timer had nearly reached Zero, when all of a sudden Time Stopped. The Ropes around her fell away, and a guy walked up to her as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
"Hey, you seem to be in a bit of a bind."
"Not so much anymore, was that you?"
"Yeah, bit of a Free Sample. See, I'm in a bit of a bind as well. I made a Deal with these floating Eyeballs, and long story short in order to keep my town safe I need to take the Soul of an Innocent person."
"And is that where I come in?"
"Yup, Basically I save your life, help you out with whatever you want, and you give me the rights to your Soul."
"What if I just walk away while time is stopped?"
"The building is Locked down tight, and I can't actually hold Time stopped for too long either way, it's sort of a new power to me. Without my help you wouldn't get out in time."
"So it's sell my soul or die?"
"Trust me,I don't like it either, but it's what I have to do."
"You know what, sure. You help me escape, help me take down The Cluemaster, and I'll give you my Soul."
"Then it's a Deal."
"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."
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robin-vb · 2 days
Tumblr media
Not my usual stuff but this is for the gorgeous @redsray enjoy _(:3 」∠)_
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incorrectbatfam · 1 day
"This is not a place of honor" is incidentally also the Gotham City welcome sign
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arguablysomaya · 1 day
Dick: Steph, what is my one rule!? Steph: You can tell how old a girl is by her elbows? Dick: My other one rule. Steph: Flaxseed relieves upset stomach? Dick: My other one rule. Steph: Always have a fake pair of concert tickets in your pocket in case Bruce invites you to something stupid? Dick: My other one rule. Steph: College girls sprint to third base and stay there? Dick: My other one rule. Steph: New is always better? Dick: NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER!
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aviolettrose · 2 days
I need a fanfiction, where all the batkids are alternative version of themselfes.
Dick is a Talon
Jason is the red hooded ninja
Tim is Joker junior
Damian is an assassin (w/ Jason. They're co-dependent on each other)
Cassandra offs people with no remorse
Stephanie took over her father crime business and perfection it
Duke is a cult leader
But Bruce is still Batman.
The JL wants to create a new team, and Bruce brings all of them to the watchtower, and they freak the JL and their partners out.
JL:" .. Batman, what do you got there ?"
Batman: "These are my children"
Dick: *Glares at them*
Jason: *looks around the room* *looks for threats for damian*
Tim: *giggles like a menace*
S/b: "Holy shit, is that. Holy Duke?!"
Duke:" Yes it is I, my child"
Cass and Steph: *don't care* *want to go home*
Damian: *glares at the JL*
Batman: "Aren't they precious?"
(The reason they go is because Bruce took them in when they had nothing or were lost. They love him so much and will do everything for him)
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Another chapter of my "The Waynes on Twitter" work on AO3
Masterlist of Tweets
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44 - the waynes are suffering but not really
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(i've been having issues with mentioning people so if you don't get notified i'm so sorry)
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imuncreativesorry · 2 days
Tumblr media
I know he’s just lying to protect his secret identity but I’m sobbing over the idea of Jack Drake being the Tony Hawk of philanthropists in Gotham
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a-sketchy-character · 22 hours
Tumblr media
and baby, Bruce is getting sunburned
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wetsandmemories · 1 day
I love it how we as a fandom collectively invented the concept of the "batfamily" when in reality it's just a bunch of messed up kids/teenagers and a few even more messed up irresponsible adults running around with their deeply dysfunctional relationships
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ashoss · 1 day
Tumblr media
this was supposed to be a lil painting practice bc the sketch was sitting in my files ,,, then i messed up my layers and ,, yeah.
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vanillagoatly · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
BOOM two in one day! I do think that stephanie is one of the better designs I've done (even if i dislike the colour purple). She's gonna play a more supporting role in the series until later chapters, but im excited to experiment with her!
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vodrae · 3 days
Gotham City is studied in the whole world for its strange sociology :
- Two of the richest guy in the world, Brucie and Timmy come from here but didn't even graduate high school, but they are doing lord's work in this city
- People with PHD/MD are unusually overly represented in the carceral population, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Two Face, Riddler, Bane (don't have a diploma but one the smartest guy in town)
- Crime lord Red Hood gives free courses on litterature and law "Batman isn't assermented, he can't arrest you."
- Even children are suprising, when a surgeon took in charge Jim Gordon after he has been shot, 5 apple tall Robin said "Tt ! Where did you have your degree, my cow operate better than you. Step back." And proceed to remove the bullets with his mother on the phone.
When Harper Row, 22, applied to be electrician and said 10 years of experience, it wasn't a lie.
Duke Thomas cracked the new LexCorp encryption program on live broadcasting when Luthor said he will give 1 billion dollars to whomever could do it. That was 5 profitable minutes. Barbara did in 2.
What a city
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redsray · 2 days
that trope where jason gets caught by the justice league and has to get (a) rescued by bruce or (b) reveal his connection to bruce or (c) both except it's steph.
and it's not because she was doing anything incriminating, no, it's because she wanted to find Bruce, who was not answering his communications nor was he in the cave; so obviously, the next place she'd look is, y'know, the watchtower. because surely they'd know who she is, right? there's a bat on her chest.
she's proven entirely incorrect.
because for some reason, bruce is not only not on the watchtower, but has also neglected to tell the justice league about any associates outside of the robins they've met. these superpowered wonderful people are all under the impression that the only person batman works with is robin.
since they never met steph as robin, the bat on her chest doesn't mean much. she could be anyone. she insists she works with batman, but none of them can contact him to confirm this, so they just kind of... let her stay. monitored, of course, because she could be a threat, but they do.
cue steph chatting with the justice league and them realising that oh, batman has more children. oh, batman works with others than just the robins. oh, batman has not introduced them to a robin- they'd thought they've met them all.
Green Lantern: So you were... also Robin?
Steph: Yeah. not for long though.
Green Lantern: But you're not...
Steph: Not what, green boy? Black-haired and blue-eyed? A boy??
Green Lantern, backtracking: No, no, no that's- that's not what I meant-
Steph, laughing: Hood was right, you are easy to tease. good lord.
eventually Dick swings by and explains that Bruce got kidnapped in his civilian persona and that the others are handling it. as soon as the League sees him, they complain about not being told about Steph, Cass and Duke. Dick's only response is;
"Oh, he didn't tell you?"
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
In Gotham the rats have rats
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valcove · 2 days
Batfam incorrect quotes, but it's things my friends have said
Jason: "It's been years since I felt guilt." (long pause) "Wait no, it's been about two weeks."
Jason: "Oh, you're going to get the talk." Tim: "oh, sex?" Jason: "...and PLUS."
Bruce: "Or when they're like 'oh, he's so evil' but he hasn't even killed anyone yet-"
Dick: "Keys are knives that open inorganic things!"
Steph: "And we're going to be honest, and lie!"
Dick: "I also believed there were gnomes under my bed that would drag me to hell, but that's irrelevant."
Jason: "Murder is a very serious crime... that I want to commit."
Steph: "Good thing I... hate men."
Jason: "I stabbed that before I even thought about doing science!"
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