#hahaha merry christmas in march 2.0
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Hello! What about a scenario (I love your scenarios) for Nazuna and Mika trying to spend Christmas together but they're afraid fr telling Shu they're dating?
i love writing scenarios too they just take. a while hnff  _ (┐「ε:)_ but! i wrote this in mika’s third year bc christmas/starfes was still messy between valkyrie + nazu-nii, so have some nice nazumika closure
 He's running late, so he doesn't have much time to worry over the things he has spent nights worrying about: is his hair fine? Did he remember to bring his gift for the present exchange? Is he going to be late - well, yeah, he's definitely late.
  Mika pushes the door to the diner open, and scans the room for that familiar crop of yellow hair - ah! There he is! He slides into the opposite booth, already mumbling a string of apologies.
  "It's alright, Mika-chin," Nazuna tells him, and his smile is understanding. "I didn't wait too long - look, you're only fifteen minutes late."
  Mika shifts in his spot, uncomfortable by how he isn't being rebuked for making someone wait. "I-I guess that's true, yeah."
  "But it's been so long since I've seen you," breathes Nazuna, and he reaches out to touch Mika's hand. Physical contact... physical contact with his boyfriend; it's been something Mika's been longing for, what with Nazuna studying in a university out of town and Mika living in Shu's apartment to finish his third year of high school. It's almost too sinful, and he retracts his hand a little too fast. Nazuna notices. "So... why were you late?"
  "Uh..." He'd been drinking in the sight of Nazuna ever since he'd sat down, and now he finally finds it within himself to look away, abashed by his answer. "I had to explain to uh... Oshi-san that I was gonna meet some friends today for Christmas... instead of stayin’ at home. Took me a while."
  "I see."  Nazuna's smile dips into something disapproving, and Mika already knows what's coming: why haven't you told Itsuki about us? When are you going to? He wouldn't be mad - would he?
  Mika doesn't know, but it's been a sensitive subject between the two of them ever since he confessed to Nazuna over text a few months ago, and they started going out. He doesn't want this to ruin the limited time they have together, so he tries to change the subject. "H-how's school been goin’ for ya?"
  "Oh! School's been going quite well - except for this big project we have due in two weeks time. Did I tell you about it? No? So basically..."
  Almost immediately, Nazuna perks up again, chattering away about life in university, and how he'd made the most of the short break to meet up with his family and the boys from Ra*bits. Mika doesn't know if Nazuna is really that oblivious, or that he too doesn't want this dispute to ruin their day together.
  So they enjoy their lunch together, happy to be able to see and touch the other in real life rather than through the walls of their tiny phone screens. The present exchange goes smoothly too - Mika is delighted by the prime selection of candy Nazuna had assembled for him, and Nazuna is smitten by the handkerchief with a little embroidered bunny that Mika had sewn for him. The rest of the day is wonderful too, and Mika can't help but enjoy every moment of walking around town with his boyfriend hanging off his elbow, excitedly pointing out the shops he used to frequent when he still lived here, or the stages he had performed on with Ra*bits.
  That's why it almost physically hurts when the day ends, and Mika has to finally let go of Nazuna's hand.
  "S-so I'll see ya tomorrow, yeah?" Mika asks, hopeful. "Ya don't mind me sendin' ya off at the station, d'ya?"
  Nazuna laughs. "No, not at all," he says, but then he pauses, and his smile tightens. "But Mika-chin, I do mind that you're not going to tell Itsuki about our relationship."
  Almost immediately, he feels his body stiffen again. Mika doesn't want the day to end on a bad note and yet... and yet Nazuna is so serious, there's nothing he can do to run away from the issue at hand.
  "I... uh..."
  "I know that you're scared to tell him - I-I'm too, y'know?" goes Nazuna, face turning a little red. He takes a deep breath, exhales, and fumbles for something in his back. "H-here. I got this for him - a Christmas present."
  The parcel is pushed into his hands, and just by feeling the material within the thin packaging, Mika can tell Nazuna had purchased some sort of fabric, and that of a really good material. All of a sudden, he feels helpless.
  "Nazuna-nii... I..."
  "Thank you, Mika-chin." Nazuna smiles the sweetest smile he's smiled all day, and Mika's breathless all over again. Then he pulls Mika down, tippy-toeing to kiss his boyfriend on the lips. He's a little shyer when he moves back, and definitely redder in the face. "I-I'ww see you tomowwow, I guess."
  Nazuna slips off into the darkness, leaving Mika standing there, trying to relive the best Christmas present he'd ever received.
 It's past the Itsuki family curfew when Mika slinks back into the apartment, and he expects Shu to be so furious at him that he would've gone straight to bed; curiously enough, the light is still on in Shu's room.
  Mika stands before the door for a few seconds, unsure of whether to leave the gift before it with nothing else so Shu can put two and two together himself, or whether he should knock on it and give it to him directly. No... maybe he should just pass it to him tomorrow-
  "Kagehira?"  Mika jumps when the door opens, and Shu peers at him. "You just returned, did you not? Where were you this whole time?"
  "I... I was out w-with..." Under Shu's scrutiny, Mika almost bursts into flames, and is beyond relieved for Shu's attention to be drawn to the gift in his hands.  "What is that?"
  "This? It's a... Christmas gift for ya," Mika says, placing it in Shu's hands. "F-from... it's from..."
  The gift tag tied to the wrapping paper has Nazuna's name, and having it read out by Shu... the shame burns hot. Shu can probably feel it radiate off Mika from inches away, so he mutely unwraps the present.
  "Ribbons," Shu mutters as the slivers of fabric reveal themselves to him. "Oh, and what beautiful ones too... There's so many outfits I embellish with these."
  "O-Oshi-san!" Mika blurts out, pained by the awkwardness of the situation. He screws his eyes shut, and his hands grip helplessly at the hem of his shirt. "I-I'm so sorry for lying' to ya all this time b-but- I've actually been seein' Nazuna-nii for a few months already, behind yer back! I-I was scared of how yer'd react, but... but I..."
  He trails off when he realises that Shu's gaze is soft on the ribbons; soft on him. "I knew it all along, Kagehira," says Shu, his voice quiet and resigned. "I've known about your budding relationship with Nito all along - don't look at me like that now, your phone doesn't have a password feature, does it? - and I was just waiting... waiting for you to tell me. For you to trust me with this knowledge."
  Somehow, the fact that Shu knew he had been hiding it from him all along makes everything feel worse. Mika shifts a bit in his spot.
  "It is laughable, is it not?" goes Shu, and he smiles at the ribbons. "I should be upset with you, and yet... I find myself being rather happy, to be quite frank. That's why... thank you for letting me know, Kagehira. Thank you."
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