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Black Swan: Do you think it could be PTSD?
Acheron: I think it's far more serious than a mere menstrual issue.
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Acheron from Star Rail! 7/13/24
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Prey and Predator
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Don't know why I had so much trouble with this boss fight, took till me getting Acheron to beat him
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twink retrieval service
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are you asking me?
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first dance
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I drew my favorite HSR characters but I did them in under 5 minutes 👍
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dance with me
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Let's dance, shall we.
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i got e2 acheron (at the cost of my aventurine funds...) so here's a bunch of memes to celebrate! no 2.1 spoilers here, don't worry
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Gallagher: I’m a murder, I am literally Death
HoYo: healer
Gallagher: I killed 3 five star characters and deceived all of Penacony
HoYo: four star
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Black Swan: My girl can wear whatever she wants because I am scared of her.
Stelle: My girl can wear whatever she wants because I can fight.
Himeko: My girl can wear whatever she wants because she a hoe and I knew that before we got married.
Sampo: My man can wear whatever he wants because I am scared of his sister.
Caelus: My man can wear whatever he wants because I can fight.
Dr. Ratio: My man can wear whatever he wants because he's a hoe and I knew that before we got married.
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When you get kidnapped
Tumblr media
pairings | sunday, aventurine, acheron x gn! reader
tags | a little spoiler for acheron's part but other than nothing is too major, sunday has a little yandere theme, mentions of killing, fluff, hurt to comfort, not proofread
note | God, I finally managed to beat that aventurine boss!! >.< Also, the sunday part is a bit short, sorry about that sunday lovers! :<
Tumblr media
He finds it funny how someone can think of kidnapping you.
He’s already informed of the plan because of his crows “What utter fools they are, perhaps a little punishment is enough for them to stay away?”
He’ll personally deal with them once his servants capture them.
He will also need to make sure you don’t know about this and that everything is alright and under his control “Dearest, you don’t need to be so worried, alright? Everything is okay”
After dealing with those fools, he’ll take you out on dates! Buying you everything you want and even the ones you don’t want.
All day, he prays for your safety and happiness. So if anyone dares to take that away, he’ll make sure that they’ll pray for their sins.
No one knows what he’s thinking of right now.
His subordinates don’t know whether they should speak up or not “Find them by dawn and if not…I’ll be sure to cut all of your yearly salary to 56%”
One thing for sure is that they are already searching for you.
It may seem like he’s calm but really, deep down he’s afraid of losing the only good person in his life.
Once he has you back, he’ll shower you with love. You’ll find in your shared room full of new clothes, jewelry, and items you mentioned to him years ago!
And don’t worry, he’s already dealt with the people who were involved in your kidnapping even those who only participated a little bit of it.
“I’m so sorry you had to experience that, my love…” He says while hugging you as you both lay down “I’m truly sorry…This is all my fault…” 
You gently grab his face and press your lips onto his forehead “This is none of your fault…You didn’t know and I didn’t know, it just happened, okay?” You smiled at him.
All Aventurine can think of is how lucky he is to have you.
Okay, who would be dumb enough to kidnap you? Like seriously, who?
Your kidnapping happened while she was out buying peaches and you were at home.
As soon as she stepped foot onto your home, she knew something wasn’t right. Noticing how clean the house was.
She balled her hand into a fist, unsheathing her sword.
Just as you were panicking about what happened to you, what was going on, if you were going to be killed?
You feel a familiar pair of arms, wrapping around you, carrying you bridal-style “A-Acheron? Is that you…?” You feel yourself sob, feeling relieved.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you there” You rapidly blinked your eyes as Acheron took off your blindfold.
Acheron places you somewhere safe “Could you…close your eyes and ears for me? This will be quick but it might get a little bloody” 
You nod, turning your head away from the screams of horror from your kidnappers.
You don’t feel any sympathy for them, why should you? They were the ones who were stupid enough to think they could kidnap an emanator’s lover.
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bloodraven55 · 4 months
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i don’t go here but OH MY GOD???
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inou-ie · 5 months
pairing(s): demon!(black swan, ruan mei, acheron) x sub!female reader
warnings: nsfw, (black swan - spanking, edging, fingering), (ruan mei - drugs, strap-on, blood), (transfem!acheron- demon form, size difference, creampie, belly bulge, breeding kink), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, squirting, rough sex, praising
read part 1 here
men and minors dni
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Hold it in, my darling." Black Swan whispered, her voice a soft melody that washed over you like a gentle breeze, soothing your senses as she kissed your forehead lovingly. Her touch was tender as she caressed your stomach, her fingers tracing delicate patterns against your skin, as if she didn't just deny you of your supposed to be first orgasm.
"Be a good girl, you hear?" she cooed, her voice filled with affection as she ran her fingers through your hair, the gentle gesture calming your racing heart. You felt a pang of longing deep within you, the desire to release the tension building within you almost overwhelming.
"I want to cum..." you murmured, the words escaping your lips in a desperate plea for release. But Black Swan simply chuckled, her laughter like music to your ears as she continued to caress your hair with one hand while the other trailed down your stomach towards your dripping pussy.
"No," she smiled, her voice firm yet gentle as she placed a firm hand on your abdomen, her touch a silent command to obey. "Don't cum until I tell you to." she reminded you, her words echoing in your mind as she leaned down to offer her breast to you.
Without hesitation, you obediently suckled on her perky nipple, the taste of her arousal filling your senses as you fondled her breasts carefully, your touch reverent and eager to please.
You lay still on Black Swan's lap, your body tingling with anticipation as you spread your legs open, silently pleading for her touch to resume. Black Swan hummed softly, her eyes filled with affection as she watched you suck and lick her breast with eager devotion. "So adorable, my darling. You're so good at this." she praised, her fingers now trailing teasingly towards the hood of your clitoris.
A soft sigh escaped your lips as her touch ignited a fire within you, your hips instinctively lifting up in anticipation of the pleasure to come. But just as quickly as her fingers had approached, Black Swan withdrew them, keeping a distance to tease you further.
"Stay still, don't move." she whispered, her voice a gentle command that left you trembling with anticipation. With a whimper of obedience, you dropped your hips back onto the bed, desperate to please her.
"Don't worry, darling... I promise you it will be worth it, so just be obedient... be my good girl." Black Swan reassured, her words soothing the ache of desire that burned within you. And then, finally, her finger found your erect clit, rubbing it gently in slow, deliberate circles.
A low moan escaped your lips as pleasure washed over you, your hips bucking instinctively against her touch as you sucked harder on Black Swan's nipple, each stroke of her finger sent waves of ecstasy all over your body.
"Even your clit is adorable... look at how much it's twitching." Black Swan chuckled in amusement, her voice a melodic sound that sent shivers down your spine. You released her nipple for a moment, unable to contain a dirty moan, but she quickly stuffed your mouth full of her soft flesh, silencing you with a firm hand.
"Did I tell you to stop?" she asked, her eyes piercing through you with a commanding intensity that left you trembling with desire. You shook your head obediently, your eyes pleading for forgiveness as you resumed your sucking on her breasts.
Black Swan didn't tolerate disobedience, especially in the bedroom where she desired complete control over every aspect of your pleasure. "Keep sucking," she commanded, her smile returning to her face as she observed the desire burning in your eyes.
She sighed in pleasure, her fingers tenderly massaging your scalp while her other hand teased your dripping folds. The gentle touch sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body, causing you to whimper softly in response.
Suddenly, Black Swan dipped a finger inside you, the sensation sending a jolt of electricity through your core. She repeated the motion several times, teasing your drooling pussy until you couldn't help but subtly move your hips in search of more.
"Do you want me inside?" she asked, her voice filled with desire as she gently pulled her breast away from your mouth, giving you a chance to answer. Your breath hitched as you pleaded, "I want you inside, please..."
Without hesitation, Black Swan immediately pushed a finger deep inside you, eliciting a soft gasp of pleasure from your lips. She moved her fingers skillfully, exploring your inner depths as if searching for something elusive.
"More..." you murmured, your voice barely above a whisper, your body craving the intimate connection only she could provide. Black Swan smiled warmly at you, her eyes filled with affection as she added another finger inside you, the sensation stretching you deliciously.
"Do you like it here?" Black Swan's voice was soft, filled with mischief as she looked into your eyes, her fingers expertly rubbing at that one particular spot inside you before pushing deeper, twisting and turning them within your eager walls. "Or here?" she teased, adding another finger within you, exploring every inch of your sensitive flesh.
You clenched around her fingers, a soft moan escaping your lips as she began to thrust in and out, each movement sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Occasionally, she would curl her fingers just right, hitting all the right spots inside you and causing you to cling onto her desperately.
Your gaze drifted to her breast, her nipple still glistening with your saliva. Unable to resist the temptation, you leaned in and licked her once more, your eyes pleading for release as you hoped she would grant your wish this time.
"Hmm..." Black Swan hummed, her thumb brushing against your clit, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through you. You reached out to fondle her breasts once more, this time pinching and pulling on her nipples in a desperate attempt to elicit a reaction.
She smirked in amusement, letting out a breathy sigh as she patted your head gently. "Good girl... your mouth and fingers feel so good, keep going." she whispered, her words sending a shiver down your spine.
Suddenly, she pressed her thumb against your clit with force, her fingers moving faster and faster inside you. You gasped for air, your legs instinctively closing around her hand in an attempt to control the overwhelming pleasure, but Black Swan didn't let that stop her, driving her fingers deeper and deeper inside you.
"I'm gonna cum..." you whimpered, your body on the brink of ecstasy. But just as you were about to reach that sweet release, Black Swan pulled her fingers out with a chuckle, leaving your pussy aching and pulsing with unfulfilled desire.
"Ah, my fingers slipped." she giggled, the sound sending a pang of frustration through you as you whimpered, releasing her nipple and wrapping your arms around her in a silent plea for comfort and release.
Black Swan hugged you back, her touch gentle and soothing as she caressed your back with tender care. "My poor darling..." she cooed, her voice filled with empathy as she pulled you onto her lap, offering you comfort in your time of need.
You sat on one of her thighs, a soft moan escaping your lips as the contact sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body. The ache for release was overwhelming, and you couldn't resist the urge to seek out pleasure wherever you could find it.
Desperation fueled your actions as you began to rub yourself against her thigh, your movements becoming more frantic as you sought to satisfy the burning desire within you. You made sure to grind your clit against her flesh, each movement eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from your lips.
"Stop that, darling." Black Swan commanded, her voice firm as she held your shoulders to keep you still. But the desperation inside you was too strong to ignore.
"Just a bit... a bit more..." you moaned, your voice filled with longing as you continued to ride her thigh with eager abandon, your movements growing more frenzied with each passing moment. You clung onto her desperately, craving the release that seemed just out of reach.
Witnessing your disobedience, Black Swan's eyes darkened, a shadow of displeasure crossing her features. With a sigh, she pushed you off her lap, her expression calm yet firm as she regarded you with a piercing gaze, making it clear that your disobedience would not be tolerated.
"Please let me cum..." you whimpered, the desperation evident in your voice as you pleaded with Black Swan for release. In response, she moved you onto her lap, but this time positioned you so that your hips rested on her thighs while your ass was up in the air.
"You don't deserve to." she said darkly, her words filled with a commanding tone as she delivered a sharp slap to your exposed ass cheek, the sound echoing through the room. You winced in pain, the sting reverberating through your sensitive flesh.
Turning your head to look at her, you found Black Swan's expression impassive as she delivered another hard slap to your other cheek, the force of it causing you to gasp in pain. Tears welled up in your eyes as you buried your face into the mattress, unable to bear the intensity of the sensation.
"I'm disappointed." Black Swan sighed, her voice tinged with a hint of frustration as she continued to rain down blows upon your exposed flesh. Each slap sent waves of pain through your body, your skin tingling with the sting of each impact.
And as you lay there, your body wracked with pain and longing, you couldn't help but feel a sense of shame wash over you, knowing that you had disappointed her with your disobedience. Yet despite the pain, there was also a strange sense of arousal mingled with the discomfort.
Slap after slap after slap... the pain was relentless, each strike sending shockwaves of agony through your trembling body. You cried out, your sobs echoing in the room as you writhed weakly beneath Black Swan's punishing hand.
Noticing your defeated state, her touch softened as she caressed your now red and tender ass cheeks, eliciting another whimper of pain from your lips. Black Swan smirked, a mischievous glint dancing in her eyes as she contemplated her next move. "You're forgiven... come here, darling..." she coaxed, her grip firm as she guided you to sit on her lap, but this time facing away from her. With a gentle yet commanding push, she guided you down until you were lying on your stomach against her legs, your red and throbbing ass presented prominently before her.
Without any warning, the sting of another slap echoed through the room, causing you to grit your teeth in anticipation of the pain. But just as the sensation registered, it was swiftly replaced by an entirely different feeling—a surge of pleasure that shot through your body as Black Swan suddenly pushed two fingers inside your dripping pussy.
You gasped in surprise and delight, the pleasure almost overwhelming as it mingled with the lingering ache of the previous slaps. Black Swan paused for a moment, her fingers buried deep inside you, allowing you to process the sudden shift from pain to pleasure. You turned your head to look at her, seeking some form of reassurance or guidance, only to be met with another sharp slap to your tender ass followed by a forceful thrust of her fingers.
Your mind and body were thrown into a whirlwind of conflicting sensations—pain and pleasure intertwining in a dizzying dance that left you gasping and moaning in ecstasy. With each thrust of her fingers, Black Swan expertly manipulated your sensitive walls, her touch driving you to the brink of madness as she alternated between spanking your ass cheeks and plunging her fingers deeper inside you.
Black Swan watched you with amused eyes, her lips curved into a wicked smirk as she savored the sight of your writhing form beneath her touch. Her fingers moved with precision, pulling out from time to time to give your neglected clit some much-needed attention before delving back into your dripping heat, all the while continuing to administer firm yet exhilarating slaps to your exposed flesh.
The constant onslaught of Black Swan's spanking and skilled fingers inside you sent waves of ecstasy coursing through your trembling body, your senses overwhelmed as pleasure consumed every inch of your being. Your eyes rolled back in bliss, your thighs quivering uncontrollably, and your knees threatening to give way beneath you.
"Please... please..." you whimpered, your voice laced with desperation as you pleaded for Black Swan's permission to release the building tension within you. With a firm grip on your battered ass, Black Swan wasted no time in granting your request, her fingers plunging deep and fast into your dripping heat.
Gasping for air, you spread your legs wider, surrendering completely to the overwhelming pleasure. Each movement of her skilled fingers sent jolts of ecstasy racing through your body, eliciting cries of pleasure that filled the room. "Cum, my darling." Black Swan whispered lovingly, her words like a soothing melody as she expertly manipulated your sensitive flesh, her hands working in perfect harmony to send you spiraling into ecstasy.
You whimpered in delight, your lips bitten raw as you were finally granted permission to release. Black Swan's fingers worked tirelessly to pleasure every inch of you, her touch driving you to the brink of euphoria. She repeatedly targeted your g-spot while simultaneously teasing your clit, pushing you over the edge into an explosive orgasm.
A primal moan escaped your lips, almost a scream of ecstasy as your body convulsed with pleasure, coating Black Swan's lap with your juices. She continued to move her fingers, prolonging your orgasm until every last wave of pleasure had washed over you, leaving you trembling and spent in her arms.
"Well, aren't you generous? Squirting all over me like this." Black Swan chuckled softly, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she lifted your body, allowing you to rest against hers. Your hips still twitched slightly, a tangible reminder of the intense pleasure you had just experienced under her skilled touch.
"You're so beautiful, my darling master." she whispered lovingly, her words like a gentle caress against your skin as she nibbled at your earlobe. The warmth of her breath against your ear sent shivers down your spine, and you couldn't help but melt into her touch.
"Get some sleep, hm?" Black Swan poked your cheek affectionately, and you nodded obediently, feeling the weight of exhaustion pulling at your eyelids. "Thank you..." you mumbled before closing your eyes, allowing yourself to sink into the embrace of sleep, guided by the soft hum of Black Swan's melody that enveloped you like a warm embrace.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You're so rough, dear master..." Ruan Mei moaned, her voice laced with pleasure as she wrapped her legs tightly around you. With one foot resting on your lower back, she urged you to press against her even tighter, seeking more intimacy.
"But you can do better..." she whispered, her arms now wrapping around your neck, pulling you in for a deep and passionate kiss. Her tongue danced with yours, igniting a fiery passion between you as you explored each other's mouths with fervor.
Driven by the overwhelming desire coursing through your body, you rolled your hips against her, eliciting soft whimpers from both of you. As you pressed your strap deeper inside her, Ruan Mei couldn't help but moan into your mouth, her body responding eagerly to your touch.
"You're slowing down... shall I give you more of my special concoction? I have plenty." Ruan Mei's breathy voice sent shivers down your spine as she whispered against your lips. Despite the overwhelming heat pulsing through your body, all you could manage was a groan in response.
Throughout the encounter, Ruan Mei had introduced you to various liquids and pills, each one her own creation. Her fascination with human physiology seemed to grow with each experiment, and now you were the subject of her latest inquiry.
Under the influence of her concoctions, you felt like a puppet, controlled by the irresistible urge to connect with her. As you moved your hips back and forth, thrusting the strap in and out of her tight pussy, it didn't feel like you were manipulating a toy; rather, it was as if your own skin and flesh were intimately entwined with hers.
Every clench of her inner walls, every contraction of her pussy sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body. You could feel her arousal building, matching your own, and it was all too much to bear.
"So tight..." you whimpered through gritted teeth, feeling the strain in your weakened knees as you struggled to maintain your pace. But Ruan Mei wasn't satisfied with your faltering movements; she wanted more, and she knew just how to get it.
With a sigh of disappointment, she reached for another small bottle of pills, popping them into her mouth before pulling you down to force the pills into yours using her tongue.
As she kissed you deeply, the pills melted between your mouths, their unpleasant taste dulled by the overwhelming sensations coursing through your body.
With a faint smile, Ruan Mei pulled away, pressing a kiss to your forehead before enveloping you in her arms. "Move those hips, my dear master..." she urged, her hands gripping your ass and guiding you into her. Your eyes rolled back, overwhelmed by the potency of the drug coursing through your veins.
With a loud grunt, you obeyed, seizing her hips and lifting them slightly before plunging into her hungry hole with deep, fast thrusts. Each movement sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body, fueling the insatiable hunger you felt for this demon.
It was as if a potent blend of love potion and aphrodisiac had taken hold of you, driving you to satisfy your cravings for her with every fiber of your being.
"Good, you're so good at this. Move faster... deeper..." Ruan Mei's voice echoed through your mind like a hypnotic melody, urging you to obey her every command. With fervent determination, you quickened the pace of your thrusts, driving yourself deeper into her eager cunt.
You cried out in pleasure, the sensation of her velvety walls enveloping you in their tight embrace driving you to the brink of madness. With every withdrawal, her inner muscles clung to you desperately, urging you to delve deeper into her intoxicating depths.
"Gonna cum..." you whispered, locking eyes with Ruan Mei before trailing hot, fervent kisses down her neck, nipping and sucking on her delicate flesh. Her moans of pleasure spurred you on, igniting a firestorm of desire within you.
"Keep going, my dear master..." she cooed, her words dripping with sweet temptation. With one final, desperate thrust, you cried out in ecstasy, your body trembling with the force of your release. Hot, sticky juices spilled from your depths, trickling down your inner thighs as waves of pleasure washed over you.
Ruan Mei's muscles clenched around you, holding you captive in her embrace for a few fleeting moments longer before finally releasing their hold. With a contented sigh, you withdrew from her, collapsing onto your back in a state of blissful exhaustion, your body tingling with the lingering echoes of ecstasy.
You tried to catch your breath as you held the strap-on in your hand, stroking it lightly, but it felt like nothing more than a mere object. Your thoughts were interrupted by Ruan Mei's voice as she sensually climbed onto your lap, her movements fluid and graceful.
"It's just a toy, my dear master... but I can make you feel like it's a part of you... only I can do that." she whispered, her words dripping with seduction. With a mischievous smile, she reached down and took hold of your cock, squeezing it firmly in her hand as if to prove her words. A gasp escaped your lips as pleasure surged through your body, causing you to writhe and whimper beneath her touch.
Ruan Mei's eyes sparkled with amusement as she lifted her hips and slowly aligned her dripping pussy with your cock. With agonizing slowness, she began to sink down onto you, inch by inch, until every inch of you was buried deep inside her warmth. A moan of pure delight escaped her lips, matching the soft groan that slipped from yours.
Once fully impaled on your cock, Ruan Mei began to move her hips in slow, tantalizing circles, grinding against you with exquisite precision. Every movement sent waves of pleasure coursing through your body, causing you to close your eyes and moan with ecstasy.
The sensation of her tight, wet walls engulfing you was unlike anything you had ever experienced, and you found yourself lost in the intoxicating rhythm of her movements.
You gripped the sheets tightly, trying to steady yourself as you whimpered softly, feeling a mix of exhaustion and lingering arousal coursing through your body. Ruan Mei's gentle touch on your breasts elicited a shiver of pleasure, causing you to arch into her hands instinctively.
"Does it feel good? Do you want to feel more?" Her soft voice washed over you like a caress, her hands continuing to fondle your sensitive flesh with care. You hesitated for a moment, torn between the desire for more pleasure and the need to rest.
Before you could think of a response, Ruan Mei had already retrieved a bottle of red liquid, a slight smirk playing on her lips. "Please, open your mouth, dear master." she cooed, cupping your cheek with a tender touch as she waited for your compliance.
You obediently opened your mouth, and Ruan Mei wasted no time in pouring the liquid inside. The sensation was immediate and overwhelming, causing you to cough and sputter as it hit the back of your throat. Some of it spilled onto your neck and chest, creating a warm, tingling sensation that spread through your body.
"No good, dear master... you shouldn't waste a drop." Ruan Mei sighed in disappointment, her expression turning stern as she reached for another bottle. Without hesitation, she forced your mouth open with her free hand, pouring the contents inside as you choked and struggled to swallow.
Tears welled up in your eyes as you gagged on the liquid, feeling it burn its way down your throat. As soon as the bottle was empty, Ruan Mei immediately held onto your shoulders for support, her touch both reassuring and commanding as she began to move her hips slowly.
Ruan Mei's tightness enveloped you, each deliberate squeeze making you whimper beneath her. "So hot... inside me..." you whispered, the potent concoction she had administered taking effect almost instantly.
It was a searing heat, spreading through your body and leaving you weak and helpless on the bed, but the sensation of being buried deep inside Ruan Mei only grew stronger with each passing moment.
"My dear master..." she called, her hands wrapping around your neck with just enough pressure to make you gasp for air, the sensation sending a shiver down your spine. You looked up at Ruan Mei, your eyes pleading for her to guide you through the overwhelming sensations.
"Look at me, feel me... keep your focus on me." she urged in a soft voice, her words both soothing and commanding. With each lift and drop of her hips, you felt yourself drawn deeper into her, the rhythm of her movements syncing perfectly with the erratic beating of your heart.
With each drop of her hips, she sent ripples of pleasure coursing through your body, the rhythm slow and deliberate, driving you to the brink of madness. You clenched your fists, trying to hold on to your sanity as she rode you with a controlled intensity that left you trembling with desire.
You whimpered softly, the sensation of Ruan Mei's hips moving against yours sending shivers down your spine. Despite your exhaustion, you found yourself thrusting upwards to meet her movements, desperate for more of the pleasure she offered.
"That's right... don't fight the heat, embrace it." Ruan Mei whispered, her voice like a siren's call urging you to surrender to the overwhelming sensations coursing through your body. Leaning down, she captured your lips in a searing kiss, her tongue dancing with yours as both of your hips moved in perfect synchronization.
As you lost yourself in the heat of the moment, Ruan Mei's lips trailed down to your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses and gentle bites in their wake. With a deft hand, she reached for the stock of bottles lying nearby, her curiosity driving her to explore further.
Pouring the liquid into her mouth, she drank deeply before returning to you, her lips finding yours once more as she shared the contents of the bottle with you. You drank it down eagerly, the taste mingling with the heady rush of sensations already flooding your senses.
Your vision blurred, your mind clouded with the intoxicating mix of pleasure and drugs swirling within you. Ruan Mei pulled away with a satisfied moan, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she took in the state you were in.
"Your nose is bleeding... looks like your body can't take so much." she murmured, gently wiping away the blood from your nose before claiming your lips in another kiss.
The two of you kissed fervently, lost in each other's passion as your bodies moved in perfect harmony. Limbs entwined tightly, you reveled in the intoxicating sensation of being connected to Ruan Mei in every way possible.
"I'll bring more next time... I'll create more for you. Just for you, my beloved master." Ruan Mei whispered, her voice dripping with affection as she gazed into your eyes. Despite not fully understanding her words, you felt the depth of her devotion washing over you, igniting a primal desire within.
Driven by a newfound fervor, you shifted your positions until you were on top of her, ready to take control. With each powerful thrust, you pounded her into the bed, your breaths coming in heavy gasps as blood continued to drip from your nose, staining Ruan Mei's skin.
"Keep going, I'm close..." she murmured, her voice thick with desire as she reached up to wipe the blood from your nose with gentle fingers. Your gaze locked onto her, captivated by the sight of her pleasure-filled expression.
With a primal instinct, you reached down to rub her clit, eliciting a chorus of moans from Ruan Mei's lips as her legs wrapped around you tightly. In the heat of the moment, she let out a loud cry of ecstasy, her nails digging into your back as she climaxed hard, her walls pulsating around you in blissful contractions.
Feeling her release wash over you, you followed suit, succumbing to the overwhelming waves of pleasure crashing through your body. With a few final thrusts, you collapsed on top of her, both of your bodies trembling with the intensity of your shared climax.
Ruan Mei tenderly hugged your head, allowing you to rest against her soft breasts as she ran her fingers through your hair soothingly. "You did good... you were so great, my dear master. I have something to make you feel better, don't worry." she reassured, her gaze filled with warmth and concern as she noticed the blood still flowing from your nose.
You closed your eyes, feeling a sense of calm wash over you as you hugged Ruan Mei back. Her gentle humming and soothing scratches on your back lulled you into a state of relaxation.
After a few minutes of blissful rest, Ruan Mei gently guided you to lie down on the bed, her tender touch guiding you into a comfortable position. With a sense of purpose, she searched for another bottle from her collection, her eyes flickering with excitement at the sight of the empty bottles scattered around the bed, evidence of how much she had made you consume.
Instead of feeling remorse, she felt a rush of anticipation, eager to continue her exploration of your human body and fulfill her insatiable curiosity. Returning to your side, Ruan Mei held a small bottle in her hand, her affection evident in every gesture. She lay on top of you, showering your face with tender kisses before trailing down to your neck and chest, leaving a trail of wet kisses in her wake. Finally, she returned to capture your lips in a passionate kiss, her actions speaking volumes of her fondness for you.
With gentle hands, she cupped your cheeks, delicately coaxing your mouth open before carefully pouring the contents of the bottle inside. "Rest well, dear master... this should remove any discomfort inside your body." she whispered lovingly, her embrace providing a sense of security and warmth as a faint smile graced her lips.
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"Relax... you're making this painful for the both of us." Acheron's voice was gentle as she pressed a tender kiss to your forehead, her touch soothing against your skin. Despite her reassurance, you couldn't shake the overwhelming sensation of being stretched to your limit. She was so big, filling you completely, and the intensity of it left you breathless.
"If you truly can't take it anymore, I will stop." she offered, pulling back slightly to gauge your reaction. But before she could retreat further, your hands reached out to grasp hers, silently pleading for her to continue.
Acheron nodded in understanding, a faint smile playing on her lips as she brushed her thumb across your cheek, her touch sending shivers down your spine. Her large hand trailed down to your neck, her fingers skimming over your breast before coming to rest on the slight bulge in your stomach, a silent testament to the size of her cock buried deep inside you.
"Take deep breaths, I won't hurt you." Acheron's voice was a soothing melody as she cooed softly, leaning in to place a soft kiss on your cheek before capturing your lips in a gentle kiss. Her touch was tender, her lips moving against yours with a sweet intimacy, attempting to distract you from the discomfort.
Her tongue licked your lips tenderly before slipping inside your mouth, her hands trailing along your thighs in a comforting gesture, soothing the ache with her gentle caresses. Despite the throbbing sensation between your legs, Acheron's kisses provided a welcomed distraction, filling you with warmth and affection.
"You're doing amazing... just a little more, you can do it." she whispered against your lips, her crimson eyes filled with adoration as they locked onto yours.
Her words were like a balm to your frazzled nerves, calming you and instilling you with a newfound determination. With each deep breath you took, you felt a sense of peace wash over you, your body gradually adjusting to accommodate her size.
As you relaxed into her embrace, your fingers traced the bulge in your stomach, the memory of her cock's impressive size still fresh in your mind. It was thick and long, with prominent veins that only added to its intimidating allure. Despite its formidable appearance, the smooth texture of her cock had surprised you, a stark contrast to its imposing size.
Just the thought of it was enough to make you squirm and whimper, eliciting a soft chuckle from Acheron as she enveloped your body in her large frame, holding you close and reassuring you with her presence.
"How do you feel?" Acheron's voice was soft, filled with concern, as she looked into your eyes, her own expression mirroring your discomfort. She took long, deep breaths, perhaps trying to steady herself, to calm the storm of desire raging within her.
"...full," you managed to whisper, the sensation of her inside you overwhelming your senses. "I'll be fine, you can move..." Despite the discomfort, you offered her a faint smile, knowing that Acheron was likely holding back her own desires for your sake.
Her cock throbbed within you, and you could feel the warmth of her arousal seeping into your depths, coating your walls with her precum.
"Then... just a bit." Acheron breathed, her voice strained with restraint as she pulled back slightly. Your tight walls clung to her, as if reluctant to let her go, a silent plea for her to stay.
Acheron gritted her teeth, her body trembling with the effort to hold back her desire. "I want to fuck you so bad." she admitted, her words a low growl as she struggled to rein in her urges.
"But not yet... I want you to be comfortable." Acheron murmured, her voice gentle as she leaned down to brush her lips against yours. "It'd be painful for me too... if you're this tight." she added with a faint chuckle, her eyes closing briefly as she savored the sensation of being connected to you.
With deliberate slowness, Acheron began to withdraw her hips, her movements careful and measured. You could feel the stretch and pull as she eased out of you, a sensation both uncomfortable and oddly satisfying. Then, just as slowly, she pushed back in, her cock sliding back into your depths with a deliberate, unhurried pace.
She wasn't thrusting in the traditional sense; instead, she was grinding against you, the tip of her cock seeking out the deepest parts of your being. Each movement was calculated, each stroke designed to maximize your pleasure while minimizing any discomfort.
You moaned softly, the sensation of her cock filling you to the hilt sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Despite the discomfort, there was a sense of intimacy in the way she moved, in the way she sought to connect with you on a deeper level.
And as she continued to grind against you, you found yourself surrendering to the sensation, letting yourself be consumed by the overwhelming pleasure of being with her.
"I'm going to move..." Acheron's breath was warm against your ear as she leaned in to kiss it, her tongue flicking out to lick and nip gently. Moving down to your chest, she maintained eye contact with you as she fondled one breast, teasing the other with slow circles of her tongue around your nipple.
Lost in the sensation of her touch, you barely registered her movements until she began to pull back, withdrawing until only half of her cock remained inside you before thrusting back in. Each movement sent shivers of pleasure coursing through your body, and soon you found yourself moaning in pleasure, your hips instinctively rising to meet hers.
Acheron leaned back with a sigh of satisfaction, groaning softly as she kissed your now perky nipple one last time before pinning your wrists down. "I have taken my time getting you ready," she murmured with a faint smile, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. "I shall enjoy your body to the fullest."
"Brace yourself..." Acheron's whispered warning sent a shiver down your spine, and before you could fully prepare yourself, she pulled back abruptly, causing your walls to cling desperately to her before she thrust back in, hard. Your eyes widened in surprise, a tear escaping as you choked out a moan, squirming beneath her.
Feeling your discomfort, Acheron pinned you down with her weight, wrapping her arms around you tightly as if to anchor you to her. Your arms instinctively wrapped around her large frame, hands gripping her back tightly as she grunted beside your ear, her heavy breaths washing over you and making you feel even more sensitive.
"It hurts a bit..." you managed to murmur, but Acheron only held you tighter, her grip almost possessive. "Please, bear with it. I can't hold myself back anymore." she sighed, her thrusts becoming faster and more forceful, each one reaching even deeper than the last.
With your face buried in her shoulder, you couldn't help but let out choked moans with each powerful thrust, the pain blending with pleasure as Acheron took you with an intensity that left you breathless and completely at her mercy.
Acheron's frustrated groan reverberated through the room, echoing the intensity of her desire to be closer and deeper within you. Whimpers of need escaped her lips, a testament to her struggle to maintain control as her primal instincts urged her to merge with you completely. With a possessive fervor, she tightened her embrace, one arm cradling the back of your head while the other encircled your body protectively.
Her hips surged against yours with increasing urgency, each powerful thrust driving her deeper into you. The slick, squelching sounds emanating from your joining fueled her arousal further, heightening her need for you to belong to her and her alone.
"Why do you have to be shared? You should be mine... and mine alone." she whispered fiercely, her eyes locking onto yours with a possessive intensity that left no room for doubt about her desires.
With a primal hunger, she drew your head closer, capturing your lips in a sloppy, demanding kiss. Her tongue moved clumsily yet hungrily, exploring every inch of your mouth as it sought to claim you completely.
Shared saliva trickled down the corners of your mouth as she eagerly swallowed your moans and whimpers, her movements relentless and unyielding as she consumed you with her fervent need.
Tears cascaded down your cheeks, a silent testament to the overwhelming feeling of being trapped beneath Acheron's powerful presence. Her body pressed against yours, pinning you down with an unyielding force that left you feeling utterly helpless. As she pulled away from the kiss, resting her forehead against yours, her gaze bore into your soul, ensnaring you in its intensity.
Whimpers escaped your lips as you felt her eyes probing your very essence, as if seeking to control your every thought and desire. With a tremble, you closed your eyes tightly, attempting to shield yourself from her penetrating gaze, but Acheron's faint chuckle resonated in the air, a haunting reminder of her dominance over you.
"How pure..." she mumbled softly, her hand moving to rest reassuringly on your back while the other cradled your head. With a swift motion, she pulled you into her lap, her strong arms enveloping you possessively as her knees bent and her hips began to roll, each movement deliberate and calculated to heighten your pleasure. Gasping for air, you found yourself unable to escape her grasp as she remained buried deep inside you, her hold on you growing more possessive with each passing moment.
"Gonna cum... just a bit more... I'll give you all I have." she whispered, her voice laced with a mixture of desire and possessiveness. With each slow and deep thrust of her hips, she pierced the depths of your being, sending jolts of pain and pleasure coursing through your body in equal measure.
Acheron's hand tightened in your hair, tilting your head back to expose your vulnerable neck to her hungry lips. With a primal grunt that bordered on a cry, she buried herself to the hilt, pressing her cock tightly against the entrance of your womb. The sensation was intense, a mixture of pain and pleasure that left you gasping for air.
Your teeth gritted against the overwhelming sensations as Acheron released a torrent of hot, thick cum deep inside you, painting your walls with her essence. Your eyes rolled back in ecstasy as the fullness of her load filled you, satisfying some primal urge deep within you.
As Acheron pulled back slightly, some of the shared essence seeped out of your quivering hole, only to be pushed back in with each forceful thrust. The rhythm of her movements was relentless, each deep thrust driving her load deeper into you while thick spurts of cum continued to seep out, forming a small puddle beneath you.
With each thrust, Acheron seemed to revel in the pleasure of leaving her essence deep inside you, taking her time to ensure every part of you was filled with her intoxicating release. And as you whimpered in her arms, there was nowhere to escape the overwhelming pleasure and the possessive grip of her embrace.
Your mind felt numb, consumed by the intense sensations coursing through your body as Acheron's essence filled you to the brim. Despite the suffocating embrace, there was a warmth in her hold that made your heart swell with a mixture of emotions. Gasping for air, you whimpered softly, finding solace in resting your head against her shoulder.
"That was great... Did you feel good as well?" Acheron's voice broke through the haze. Her delight was palpable as she expressed her satisfaction, her grip on you unwavering as if determined to keep you plugged up with her cock, her hands gentle as they cupped your face, drawing your attention to her crimson gaze. "Master." she called, her eyes pleading for your response, for some acknowledgement of your shared experience.
Struggling to form coherent thoughts, you managed to nod weakly, acknowledging the intensity of the pleasure you had just experienced. "It felt nice, yes..." your voice trailed off, barely above a whisper as you looked into her eyes, your own barely open.
Acheron's smile was warm and affectionate as she kissed your cheek tenderly, a sigh escaping her lips. "Please don't sleep on me... I have more to give." she whispered, her words stirring a whimper from deep within you.
Acheron allowed you a few minutes of rest, giving you time to recover before she shifted you beneath her once more. This time, she ensnared you in a mating press, ensuring you were completely trapped as she filled you to the brim again and again, each round leaving your hole overflowing with her thick, potent essence.
With every thrust, your shared essence seeped and dripped out of you, but Acheron maintained the position, ensuring your womb could accept each drop of her release. The experience was overwhelming, your sobs and moans echoing through the room for hours on end.
Finally, Acheron ceased her relentless assault, withdrawing from you after numerous rounds. Your pussy oozed out thick, copious amounts of cum she had deposited within you. With a tender embrace, she held you close, her form slowly shifting until her crimson eyes transformed into bright violet orbs.
She purred softly as she held you close, showering your face with tender kisses instead of speaking, understanding the state of your body and mind in that moment.
Acheron's hands delicately played with your hair, the gentle strokes soothing as her other hand massaged your stomach. She felt a surge of satisfaction and happiness knowing that a part of her was deep inside you, intimately connected to you.
The desire to keep you plugged up pulsed through her, but she knew it would be too much for your exhausted body... or would it? The uncertainty prompted Acheron to glance at you, ensuring your well-being as you rested.
With careful movements, Acheron shifted you to lie on top of her, your bodies melding together seamlessly. Despite your fatigue, a soft groan escaped you as she stroked herself before spreading your pussy open, her cock sliding effortlessly inside thanks to the remnants of your shared essence.
Both of you moaned in unison, the sensation of being joined once again sending waves of pleasure coursing through your bodies. "Please rest, I just want to stay connected." Acheron whispered, her lips pressing softly against your head. You nodded weakly, allowing yourself to sink into her embrace.
Though she promised to refrain from thrusting, Acheron couldn't resist the occasional slow and deep movements, each one eliciting a mixture of pleasure and contentment from both of you. As she caressed your back with gentle strokes, she sought to soothe any lingering discomfort, ensuring that you could rest peacefully against her chest.
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