#not super into the series anymore but WOW this movie really catered to my high school age self lol
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Love that last ask about the reboot and your response! I do like the writing from the original series but why can’t they do that but make sure there are people from marginalised groups within the group of writers too so that things don’t get...icky...? I dunno the right word. Also, I feel like it’s too early to have a reboot...like the original only ended 11 years ago...maybe give it like at least 20 years since it finished before doing a reboot? It’s also gonna hurt my bi heart and soul knowing that the poc and queer characters are gonna be...republicans...I want that from the awful white straights (who we still kinda love but also kinda hate) from the 2000s not these gen z kids who are fluid and don’t know what a landline is! I also kinda don’t want the reboot at all...like I’ll watch it and if it’s good then that’s great but I don’t want it...I want GG to stay as it was - pretty crappy with kinda awful characters (except Jenny & Eric!) but you watch the show anyway bc it’s nostalgic and you kinda like it...you know?
haha, i'm glad you liked that response! i saw you reblogged it and i was like :D
i thought they did, actually? a few months ago i remember seeing an article about safran wanting a more diverse writers' room and giving a woman of colour (i think a black woman, but im only about 60% sure) a very senior position or something along those lines - which is one of the reasons i was like 'oooh im excited', haha. but a few days ago i was looking for that article because i wanted to send it to someone and i ...... couldn't find it?? so i have no idea what happened - i'm pretty sure i didn't imagine it or make it up, but it's weird that the article isn't there anymore. maybe it was a tentative thing, or maybe she wasn't REALLY a part of the writers room and was a consultant/sensitivity reader kind of person. or maybe the article just got paywalled. like i have no idea what's happening behind the scenes for the reboot - it could be a super inclusive and fun environment! but that doesn't change the way safran's the one calling the shots, or like, the fact that he is the person we all know is in charge, or whatever. (i have such a limited understanding of how tv shows are written, despite a friend spending actual hours telling me the ins and outs of it all, RIP.)
also GOSH what you're saying about the reboot and gen z kids reminds me a little of some meta i saw about the propaganada in the falcon and the winter soldier. that is not my fandom, but it IS something my sister's into, and since she lets me talk to her about gossip girl even when she'd rather be doing anything else, im always down for her to tell me stuff about media she likes even if it's not something im super into. but basically i was looking up TFATWS so that whenever my sister watches it, i can follow that conversation if she wants to talk about it, and i saw this REALLY GOOD POST about how marvel is essentially using their movies to advertise to the viewerbase. and it made me go, "shit, isn't gossip girl doing that too?"
gossip girl literally CHANGED trends in the late 00s. fashion was shaped by it. designers were so excited to send their stuff to the show for blair and serena to model. what is that if not an advertisement!! what is this show if not a vehicle for capitalism!! and obviously, i think you can still have fun watching it and still go "ooh i want to dress like blair waldorf" or whatever and there's no harm in it. but i think it's just a thing of like, the way the show is built is going to actively try and cater to kids who are currently in high school, because that's what gossip girl has always been and likely will always be. and we're sadly too old to naturally get it. if kids on the reboot are using tiktok i'm going to stare at myself in the mirror and wonder when i became 50 years old, lmaoooo.
but i think that's a big part of what isn't doing it for me: the pop culture of it all! i would've HATED watching gg when it was airing. keeping aside that i would've been too young to engage with it the way i do now (i bet nate/jenny would've been my otp or something, which, no shade at people whose otp is NJ, just saying this to say that i have changed as a person so much over the years, hahaha) - keeping aside that obvious thing, i love watching gg now and being like, 'oh this show is so dated' every time one of them smack their little flip phones shut. i can't take blair and chuck's wedding seriously because the moment "it's time" starts playing i'm like "oh wow this is so 2012 hahahaha" which.... is obviously not how it would've felt if i'd been watching it while it aired.
anyway. i watch gossip girl the way people watch period dramas; all "ah, times long past, wow, this is redundant now." i watch gossip girl, watch the flip phone shut, and go, "oh, how much things have changed."
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