pearl-likes-pi · 1 day
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YALL!!! AHH THE SHOW IM WORKING ON JUST GOT ANNOUNCED!! JENTRY CHAU VS. THE UNDERWORLD! I'm an animatic editor!! keep your eyes out for this one, it's gonna be a banger!!!
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bonerpill · 1 day
Reblog if you’re homophobic
Every persons url who reblogs this will be written in a notebook and given to my gay dad
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enden-k · 3 days
im gonna draw haitham in a (maid? dunno yet) dress and no ones gonna stop me
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third day in a row where i wake up, go about my day, and suddenly stop dead in my tracks to remember. yeah. bumbleby is canon now. holy shit
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citizen-zero · 2 days
I love knitting I truly do bc you’ll be perusing Ravelry just scrolling through the current popular patterns and it’ll be like, 99 women offering lacy shawls and colorwork sweaters and brioche hats and cute little baby clothes, and 1 leather daddy bear who has 21 knitting patterns for sale, 15 of which are jockstraps
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rabdoidal · 2 days
can someone draw cody walsh dying in a glue trap for me please
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secondbeatsongs · 1 day
y'know, sometimes I think it'd be nice to just be a person and not a political position or a moral stance
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altxxheidi · 1 day
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If a deftones song was a woman 🖤
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philomena-famulok · 2 days
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©Philomena Famulok
Dear sea, dear wind...
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conor-x · 3 days
Sending me nudes while I’m working?
I’ll be in work meetings with my dick twitching. I love it.
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katesattic · 20 hours
Me reading about Orphism: OK, so if this cosmic egg is what birthed the first god, where did the serpent wrapped around the orphic egg come from?
*thinking of Roman’s Norse Mythology post*: this is the cow thing all over again!
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wutheringheights78 · 2 days
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first tunisian crochet project all done!! i'm really happy with this one
100% crocheted by hand with wool, pattern by me
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smolnerdykitten · 13 hours
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I love these crinklz diapers so much. 💖
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wuntrum · 2 days
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tubis the best streaming platform because its free AND you get stuff like this and lake mungo in the first row of their horror tag. brilliant
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