etherea1ity · 3 days
shadow & bone and the hunger games both trending at the same time like we're in 2013 again
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alphafemvle · 2 days
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rule #1: we smoke before we fuck (and after too)
bday month sale (29th march) 🌹✨ cum spoil me
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lokihiddleston · 2 days
Tom in Paris with his baby boy! 🤍🥹
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edamamefiend · 1 day
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good episode 👍
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nipuni · 1 day
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Some updates from this week 😊 I caved and got myself a sewing machine!! I found one second hand very cheap, so I went shopping for some instructive sewing books to start learning and I found a few! but I also found ..all these other books 😔💦 I keep buying repeats because of the pretty editions or different language but..these editions of classics have embossed covers with metallic details, gilded edges an glossy pages 😭 I also found this travel journal from Charles Garnier when he travelled across Spain in 1868 with his wife, painter Gustave Boulanger and architect Ambroise Baudry and documented everything they did in little verses and sketched the buildings and people and it is so funny, it even has the whole itinerary with travel times, hotels and more all in his handwriting and with a transcript, I love it so much 🥺
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coldasyou · 3 days
on one hand I really don’t think global super star taylor swift is gonna take orders from tik tok on how to organize her setlist but on the other hand the fact that debut has no permanent songs and speak now only got enchanted when there’s so many tik toks about people not knowing or caring about taylor’s early albums and enchanted went viral on there...somehow I am blaming that app
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zorlok-if · 2 days
Hi everybody,
It's been a while. Sorry that I've been gone so long without explanation or communication, I've been in a bad place. For more info check under the cut. Otherwise, hello! I'm alive and so is this project. Progress has been stalled and will continue to be stalled because this is a hobby and I have to focus on priorities. That doesn't mean that it's dead. I still intend to release everything when I can. I appreciate your support and interest.
Hope you're all well! 😊
(cw: discussion of bad mental health, anxiety, and depression; school shooting mention)
Okay, hello! Welcome to the rest of this post.
Basically, I've been in a bad mental place for a long time and have a lot of issues that I've left unaddressed or festering—most of which tie back to depression, anxiety, fear, and self-loathing.
To start, I wasn't able to graduate this past winter because I fell one class short of my requirements. That really sent me into a spiral and put a strain on my interpersonal relationships.
Then I tried to take that last class this spring but fear related to recent school shootings exacerbated and activated some bad ND habits and I won't be able to complete this course. That means I still won't be able to graduate until I find some online equivalent or professor who will allow me to remain fully remote.
Around the time I found out I wouldn't be graduating, I also got some really cruel anon hate which added onto how I was already feeling and made me hesitant to put anything else out online.
Other things have happened: family stuff, work stuff, health stuff, sociopolitical stuff, etc. (I don't want to go into details with some and won't burden you with the rest). But, essentially, I found myself at a darker place than normal. I withdrew into myself and have been stewing in crippling self-loathing while wearing a convincing smile in my everyday life. (being really honest with this stuff so that if anyone else is going through/experienced something like this they can know they're not alone)
Fortunately, I was able to get away for a bit and spent some time with loved ones I rarely get to see. I've also made a few irl friends recently and feel like I'm coming back out of my shell and starting to heal after traumatic events and relationships. For the first time in a long time, I feel invigorated. I mean, I still feel like stinking trash, but garbage with a will to live and better itself.
As of right now, I'm moving out and finding more work so I can better support myself financially.
If you've read all this going, where's the Zorlok/(other game) update? Here you go: I've been working on Zorlok somewhat, but in the situation/place where I was at, found myself unable to justify dedicating a lot of time to writing and struggling to feel confident about what I was creating when I actually did sit down to do so. This project is in no way dead and I want to work on it and release games more than anything, but I owe it to myself and other people in my life to keep my priorities in check.
This is a hobby and in the past I dedicated time to it when I should've been doing other things. As long as this is a hobby, I can no longer take time away from my priorities to do something I just want to do (no matter how badly I want to do it). So, that's where we're at. I'm continuing to focus on critical things and stop feeling like a jerk for doing that. I know that this might disappoint some people, but that's how things are right now.
If you want to know more about where things are literally at: I'm close to finishing a heavily updated and expanded prologue but episode one has been undergoing changes. I feel pretty shit about myself and that's seeped into my view on what I create which is in turn stalling my ability to make meaningful progress that I don't immediately want to destroy. I've worked on potential Patreon content (including an exclusive game and a Creating Goncharov director's cut), made a Twine template and tutorial, and made progress on updates for Mousetrap and System Processing. I've avoided making changes to the Zorlok page (and my other itch.io pages) these past few months since I don't want people getting their hopes up seeing some sort of "update" from itch.io—only for that update to be "there's no game update yet." That's why those are still out of date, but I'll be fixing them as soon as I can.
So, that's where we are. I wish that I had way more to talk about and release, but that's not been a possibility and I'm just going to be upfront and honest—even if I am disappointed and somewhat afraid and ashamed to admit it. (that's it for the game updates, the rest just gets back to personal)
In general, I've always struggled with shame and fear and those are the main culprits for why I've been radio silent until now. I couldn't find a way to address these topics or talk about them without my odious inner critic getting triggered and shutting me down. However, I'm trying my best to not listen to that asshole because this (*gestures at everything*) must stop.
To be honest, I'm not content with prolonged existence anymore. I want to live—and that's more than I've been able to say for a long time. To be perfectly honest, for the past decade or so I've lived simply because others wanted me around, not because I wanted to be here. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of indifference being my best hope for how I feel about myself. I'm tired of forcing an apathetic soul to drag my flesh through the muck of living. I don't expect what I experience to improve, in fact things will definitely be getting tougher, but I want to change how I experience it. I want to actively live rather than passively slip by. I want to answer questions like "what do you want to do with your life?" and "what are your plans?" with more than vague shrugs and dead-hearted replies meant to brush people off the topic of the future. I want to stop passing through life as a ghost.
I'm still trying to find the motivation, purpose, or courage to genuinely live for myself instead of existing for other people. I still haven't found my "spark"—that properly and blissfully selfish reason to live—but I think wanting to search is a good start.
Anyways, I'll be around more and I'll be more honest with where I am and what's going on. It's my personal mission to deny fear's control over my life and actions. Part of that means allowing myself to be more open with people even if I'm afraid of judgment or negativity.
Excluding a few outliers, you've all been exceptionally kind and encouraging. I'm always overwhelmed and astonished with the support that's been shown to me and my creative projects and I appreciate you all. Thank you so much. Thank you for reading through this. Thank you for caring. You're part of why I'm around.
I hope that you're having a lovely day/night/et cetera and if you aren't, you're not alone ❤️.
I'll see you around. 😊 Thanks again,
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tomatomagica · 3 hours
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Being self-employed content creators, my wife Charley (@charmarlowe) and i have been struggling with bills, food and medicine, as a large portion of our hard-earned income gets taken away in order to pay off Charley's credit cards, due to a lifetime of unfortunate circumstances out of our control.
Both of us are mentally-ill and struggle with chronic fatigue, even so we work A LOT to support ourselves, but no matter how hard we work, the debt is not getting any smaller due to interest.
Read the full story @ GoFundMe
any reblogs and shares to other platforms are greatly appreciated!
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I’m a (s)witchy woman 🖤
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altzoey · 3 days
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Have you ever been jealous of a pillow before? (See more here 18+)
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wormthing · 8 hours
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I finally sewed my patch from Willow @moldspace onto my jacket! She is somewhat lonely in the center of the back, but hopefully not for long, because I'd like to surround her with more patches eventually. I like how silly the opposite side of the fabric looks with all its threads so I included that too hehe.
Go check out Willow's stuff if you haven't! They're so talented, her work is amazing ::-)
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smolnerdykitten · 2 days
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i'm still a sickie but at least i can play video games all day with my new stuffie boris. 🙈💖
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hope-for-the-planet · 21 hours
whered u go?
Hey there, Anon! I've gotten a few messages like this and I'm so sorry this blog hasn't been active for awhile. I'm still here, I'm ok, and I will start posting again soon.
My mental health had a significant and very unexpected blip at the beginning of this year and it's taken me a few months to get back in the metaphorical saddle. Hope for the Planet (and all of you) are really really important to me, but for awhile all my emotional energy needed to go into putting one foot in front of the other and getting better.
Thanks so much to those of you who have stuck around. I'm really grateful for all of you--the kind asks so many of you have sent me over the years were a major source of light in my tough times. <3
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curiosity-killed · 23 hours
Why is it that sometimes you have an idea for art pop into your head and it’s easy peezy lemon squeezy and other times it is struggle straggle lemon bedraggled orz
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nipuni · 2 days
I got tickets for Phantom for the Spain reopening this autumn at the Albéniz theatre!!! 🥰🎉 auditions ended today and I saw Gerónimo Rauch mention auditioning? I’m so excited he is amazing I hope he gets it! I’m also happy about the spanish lyrics they are very accurate and sound good AHHH I can’t wait for autumn 😭
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