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New Family Speedrun 00:09.12 (World Record Not Clickbait???)
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anteatersinthefreezer · 5 months
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Two of the best dynamic duos in history plus an appearance from THE family ever
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unofficial partner piece to this art
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secret late night queenkaard post
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i saw a meme and thought of them
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weird parallel I've noticed in my fav duos
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the kingqueenkaard polycule is absolutely hilarious in canon context cause like. you’re a powerful king and your bitch wife left you with a kid. so you get into a situationship with the kingdom’s hottest loser malewife twink and it works out for a while. until the dreaded Heroes of Legend show up, turn your kingdom against you and throw you in jail, and your idiot partner divorces you as well and gets custody of your kid. next thing you know he’s attempting to get together with your ex-wife to try and make you jealous, although she’s not into it at the moment. unfortunately for you it seems like his pathetic wetbaggedness is starting to charm her a little, or at the very least you saw him in her room with a lampshade on his head. so, that’s something.
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vermwerm · 4 months
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I'm She's and He'm I's
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ace-of-digiorno · 1 year
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Epic game theory as to why rouxls is a lamp, ft. My Cringe Pickup Lines
(This is simltaiously the best and worst thing I’ve ever drawn. Absolutely rushed as soon as the idea entered my skull)
(Also for people who can’t read my writing:
Queen: Hey Are You A: Lamp?
Queen: Because You’re
Queen: Absolutely Radiant~)
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smoothedsmoothie · 4 months
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i made them hold hands
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slatykim · 4 months
Warning (nsfw joke)
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I think Swatch doesn’t like Rouxls very much.. (+a Swatch design i made a few months ago)
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cozylittleartblog · 1 year
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do you guys remember having the craziest weekend ever a few weeks ago or was that Actually a fever dream
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sharkchan12 · 1 year
What your favorite deltarune ship says about you 😎
Big thank you to my bestie @amaranth-moths for helping me with this video and for making the k_k and Kris dances 😎😎😎
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the-meme-monarch · 7 months
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wtf. girldad <3 (mostly)
(link to the reference for the second img)
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sukifoof-art · 5 months
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thinking about the loser wife again
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totally-stoked · 1 year
List of tropes and dynamics I like
girlboss x malewife
“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
“I am NOT going there, and that is final!” *cuts to the exact location they said they wouldn’t go*
Found family
Enemies to friendly rivals to unrequited one sided crush to actual friends maybe allies to mutual pining to lovers
Literally any character being a good parent or parental figure to a child
Unintentionally goes on a rambling spiel about everything they like about a person who they had previously insisted that they did not have feelings for
cocky asshole x stuck up nerd
bad ≠ evil: a “robin hood”-esque dynamic, a criminal or bad guy who has a heart and uses their abilities for good (i.e. that one news article about the inmate who used his car jacking skills to work alongside the police to free a baby from a locked car, and they were able to free them within like five or ten minutes; I’ll link it) https://abc7.com/amp/inmate-saves-infant-chris-nocco-ryan-smith/5142698/
“You fucking asshole, you scared me!” @ a person who got seriously injured and/or almost died (bonus points if they’re the rival lovers from before, completely relieved that this person they’ve grown close to is alive)
Stubborn characters who insist that they are not soft for the child actually being soft for the child
“What is wrong with me?!” <- someone developing Romantic Feelings and being unable to acknowledge them
Best friends being basically siblings and when one of them has a baby the kid calls them aunt/uncle/auncle
Character A has a moment of vulnerability, Character B is surprised to see it and comforts them through it, they have a bonding moment (panic attacks, grieving, sickness, depression, injury, etc.)
villain x good guy (slowly falling for each other, hating it and trying to resist it, maybe the villain has a redemption arc and the good guy has a corruption arc and they meet in the middle and fall in love)
red x blue, fire x ice
hetero ships but in an explicitly bisexual way
“Idk I just don’t celebrate my birthday :/”“absolutely NOT that is unacceptable we’re gonna celebrate Right Now” *proceeds to celebrate them with presents and cake and a stupid party hat and making them feel loved* 🥺
Awkward but genuine confessions
Anyways this was random but whatever
Reblog with your favorite tropes and dynamics
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