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long time no doodle dump!
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Hiding the rest of this HUGE comic behind a readmore for ur sanity
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Hes got the keenest eye for these things!
Now that this is hiding behind a readmore i can justify writing an essay in here. Nothing big tho i am just very chatty :)!
Postgame where Peppino still gets visits every now and again from the bosses of the tower. I already drew one for the noise (lmao) but i wanted to draw each of the main four interacting with him in some way.
Pepperman is a refined and well renowned artist. His art is highly sought after and his advice is not taken lightly. He has many MANY fortunes to pull from to make his visions a reality and to influence anyone to do anything. Except for Peppino.
From the very first fight, Pepperman is immediately, overwhelmingly obsessed with this stout little brawler. He is much much more than what meets the eyes. He is initially extremely offput and annoyed that a human so boldly decided to waltz into his domain, and he expects to be able to steamroll and bully this…beast…out of his place of work. He is refined when he wants to be, but he is quick to use his brute strength to get what he wants if only bc he knows he can do it
And so when he decides to fully charge and thrash this little trembling human, expecting him to skitter away the second he gets struck, he is completely unprepared for when he gets launched to the other end of this room. The human looks so incredibly PISSED, like a bull seeing red, and suddenly this little altercation suddenly became a real actual ‘knock your teeth out’ brawl. This human is only like half his height, but his punches and bashes fucking knock the wind out of him.
And like ! To add insult to injury!!! After he wins the fight! He visibly deflates, the adrenaline seemingly wearing off. Hes just this trembling fuckin whelp again !!! Whimpering as he fucking runs back out through the portal to do god knows what. And Pepperman could not be any more fucking intrigued. Like this no name came in, whooped his fuckin ass, and went about his day. Its unreal
While Peppino is running around climbing the tower, Pepperman is in his room losing his mind. Hes obsessed. No one has challenged him in this way. No one has fought him and WON. He is ALWAYS able to bully people into submission either through brute force or with money, and he got his ass handed to him !! He needs to know more. Its quite literally consuming him.
Cut to the final fight, set up for a rematch; and he knows he is going to get steamrolled again but it is SO exhilarating to get another chance to see this humans form up close again. This time he can try to commit everything to memory. Its all such a blur though, and in a quarter of the time it took to end their first fight, its over. He gets to watch the human fight the gunslinger with his bare hands, no gun necessary, and he doesnt even bat an eye at what looks to be a clone of himself. He is a force of nature tearing through every single defense, and when Pepperman watches the actual final fight with the bizarre little pizza man, its like hes caught in a movie. The rain, the storm, the atmosphere. He wishes he could burn the entire scene into his mind.
So when everything returns to normal, he takes the time to travel for days to come and find this little human named Peppino. The memory is still strong and vivid but eventually, details will start to slip his mind. He needs to find this human, convince him to sit and do some still life sessions with him to help cement the humans appearance in his head. He hasnt had to resort to…asking for permission for anything in a loooong time…he bullies people into doing what he wants but Peppino is not your average person, and if he wants something from this man, he’ll have to meet him at his level.
He...can make an exception for Peppino...he supposes.
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finnegan's wake (1939) - james joyce
"penis war: (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawanskawntoohoohoordenenthur -- nuk!)"
submitted by @say-duhnelle
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"You’re a real piece of work, Harry, you know that?"
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ava + every episode - episode 9: "2 corinthians 10:4"
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softest-punk · 3 days
In these trying times might I interest you in the mental image of a certain Professor Gadling coming home to find a certain husband of his - and definite stealer of cozy sweaters and hearts and so on - Dream dozing on their couch covered in ghost-kittens?
Also? That sleepy little grumble cats do when you pet them while they're sleeping because how can you not, only from Dream when Hob brushes some hair behind his ear to go along with the little scrunchy face at being Disturbed.
And then the sweetest smile because Dream is still not-quite all there and *oh* his Hobhusband is home. ~<33333333
(Mostly though, I <3 you and hope things get better.)
I am EXTREMELY interested in this mental image and am going to treasure it forever and fully believe that if you wake Dream while he's napping he makes a little cat mrrp.
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Postal 2 paradise lost 2015 
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— plan 99.
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#me and who
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he-is-half-my-soul · 2 days
thinking about how in the iliad, a book filled with characters that are prideful and arrogant and that specifically been described as their fatal flaw, patroclus is constantly described as 'gentle' and 'kind' by everyone who knew him, even by his enemies.
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More antics of the blu mercs! Didn’t expect such a warm reception to these silly little headcanons at first, and I’m working up the motivation to finish the rest of the team (failing)
some sillies..
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thinking about this scene today
this scene alone convinces me that byler is endgame bc you cannot make will actively say that hes not gonna fall in love and then write a whole plotline abt him being in love with mike.... just for it to not be reciprocated???
will is the only party member who's completely unexperienced with romantic relationships, which of course has to do with the fact that he's gay in the 80's, but this is a TV show. all of this is fictional so they can take whatever route they want with these characters, and making will continue to stay alone and suffer through unrequited love would be awful storytelling, especially when people claim that will moving on from his feelings would bring character development and growth.
wills feelings for mike arent there just to "show his growth". weve seen this kid go through hell and back yet even with everything kicking him down he stays strong and kind. hes the most selfless character in the show and always puts others needs before his own. in s4, they put a lot of emphasis in these character traits of his, and they're always picturing his love for mike as something selfless and pure.
now if his feelings are not reciprocated, how does this teach will a lesson that leads to character growth?? he already doesn't expect anything. life has shown him time and time again that he always gets the short end of the stick, why would he think this is any different?? making him have feelings for his best friend just to get rejected would just be a nail in the coffin, reaffirming to him that no matter what hes not worthy of ever getting what he wishes. this isnt character growth at all.
but if his feelings ARE requited, that gives us a twist to the story we havent seen. we would get to see actual growth for will, him learning to give himself value and realize that he DOES deserve happiness!! instead of leading into the expected spiral of bad things keeping up the consistency with everything else that has happened to will so far, finally giving him one good thing leads to us seeing a shift in his whole nature, and wed see him dealing with things he hasnt dealt with before!!! GROWTH!!!
besides why would they make such an intricate complicated storyline.... just to lead to a rejection we all saw coming? the GA expects him to get rejected. his feelings not being reciprocated would not be any surprise. but twisting those expectations in a way to shock the GA AND give wills character the happiness he so deserves after being through so much..... now THAT would be world shattering and a satisfying ending to both the viewers and will himself!!
this scene establishes a clear subversion trope, making us aware of how will believes he's never finding love, just for the show to later on subvert expectations and reward will with the love he deserves and never thought hed get🫶
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thinking about bernard always choosing compassion. about him always choosing love. the way tim goes, “and when you become a famous chef, you can turn them away at the door.” and the way bernard immediately goes, “i wouldn’t do that.” the way how even though his parents make it so fucking hard on him, he always tries his hardest to reach out, to keep trying to have a relationship with them. even though he truly believes that his father never wanted him, he keeps trying. the way he tries his hardest to see the kindness in everybody. just thinking about bernard and his ability to choose love and compassion every time.
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theloveinc · 1 day
I also like the idea of Bakugo having a lil crush on Kirishima’s secretary. He’s somewhat formal with his own staff, so seeing how sweet you are to Kiri when you pat his shoulder when you drop off papers, or he to you when coffee is ordered just gets him so… flustered and itchy under the collar. Not knowing how to feel.
Bakugo doesn’t even realize it’s jealousy at first, and especially not when he has an interview planned with Kiri, and you’re there too, being just as kind to him as you are to your own boss.
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the very CONCEPT of Gustavo being Peak Performance of gnomekind and then hooking up with someone EVEN BETTER is sending me. Imagine other gnomes just being like omgomg i wish i was as hot as gus oh my goodness. And then he pops up with (a reluctant) pep in tow like 'hi everyone!' and they lose their goddamn minds over how unbelievably SPICY HOT this anxious chef is. like GUS HOW DID YOU DO EVEN BETTER
YES EXACTLY lmao it seems very silly when u put it that way djsfkskfhdsfjkh but yes that is basically it. I even drew up examples of my own homebrew gnome designs to give u some perspective
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gus is like the best example of this; hes VERY strong (strong enough to tame a creature like Brick), good facial and body hair (which is the equivalent of my homebrew gnomes viewing thick and well groomed fur as very attractive), and hes got a very sturdy body shape (not fat, but fat would be included in this too; Peppino is proof of that)
So when they see Pep theyre like ! Hes even BIGGER and he can lift Gus with no fucking problem! Like he is EVERYTHING!!!
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