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Prom photos part 1
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King Ghidorah: *lets out alpha call*
Everyone else:
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So I had an idea of a crack au where, in-between the events of KOTM and GVK, Earth getting invaded by Team Rainbow Rocket who capture a few of the titans and shrink them down to nearly human size (though Goji here is roughly around 15 feet tall).
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wobblyworks · 3 months
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inferno-0 · 2 months
Rodan x human reader /one shot/
Just ordinary days with a cute "bird" (very hot bird)
Sorry for the English
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"When I mentioned that I wanted something to eat, I didn't mean it." Your gaze slowly landed on the shark, which was floundering desperately in the sand. Her appearance could no longer be considered one of the best. The claw marks on Kaiju's side stood out, indicating the force with which he was carrying this gift to you. Looks like Rodan really took care of your so-called requirement. Even though you didn't ask... You just said, calmly and without any hint, but the Titan decided otherwise. Not listening to you, Kaiju just silently got up and flew away. He didn't even shout a warning.
And now, this Tomboy is waiting for you to react to this miracle that he has been catching for twenty minutes or more. His claws clenched and unclenched as you took another breath and looked at him. Looks like you were... Not very happy, as it seemed to Rodan. His beak snapped in exasperation and descended toward you. He tilted his head questioningly and growled something at your imperturbable face, which he didn't like.
Just because you're used to his behavior is an understatement. Rodan can't scare you or do anything about it now, as you know this Titan's true intentions. He's never hurt you and he never will, because he's attached. The downside was that he couldn't influence you with his powerful body and the size of his wings, which were really impressive. One swipe and you're off to the flight. But that's not happening.
Rodan narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment before standing up again. The heat that enveloped you from the bird's side immediately disappeared, leaving behind a gentle breeze that ruffled your hair on the top of your head. The shark underneath his feet was no longer so active. Her body was breathing heavily, needing oxygen in the form of the ocean. Touching it wasn't an option, as it might not have given up before dying on this land, but it wouldn't survive long at sea either, given the red streaks that covered the predator's past.
You sighed sadly as you watched Rodan turn away. He was silent and stared off into the distance, trying not to give you casual glances. His wings fluttered before folding on his chest in a very familiar pose.
Human posture.
With your eyebrows drawn to the bridge of your nose in disagreement, you approached the Titan, who didn't seem particularly willing to make contact with you. His head would constantly turn away when you wanted to look him in the eye. The sharp claws only pressed harder against his chest, and the wings literally wrapped around his belly.
"Are you offended?" You were amused by his new habits, which he picked up from you in just a couple of weeks of communication. His rumbling in response to your question sounded like the typical mumbling of a grumpy old man. Maybe it is, though. It's certainly not thousands or a few hundred years old. But he wasn't flabby. Rodan was in full swing, given his hyperactivity, which is to be envied. But at the moment, he wasn't really trying to move.
"Rodan, listen. I didn't mean that seriously. It's a custom for people to jokingly talk about their hunger." You looked hopefully at the silent Titan. I don't think your words alone will be enough for him to even look at you. Rodan was irritably proud. Sometimes it was appropriate, and sometimes it was terribly stupid. Especially now.
"Rodan" you said the Titan's name again, knowing what you would get in return.
Silence, then hiss.
You rolled your eyes and pouted in judgment. The shark, which has already said goodbye to its miserable life, will now be useful. Since you still decide to use it for your own purposes. Rodan, hearing your retreating footsteps, turned and looked. His wings relaxed and sank when he saw your direction. His gaze immediately took on an interested look, but he did not dare to follow you yet. He is only intrigued by what you do with his gift.
Too proud.
And proud individuals like to be right.
You squinted slyly, knowing that the Titan was watching you right now. You knew he wasn't going to do anything but be an observer in this situation. Looking at the shark, you smiled before calmly praising the Demon behind you.
Pretty big, isn't it? And in a short fifteen minutes" You covered your mouth with your hand when you heard a low growl, which clearly indicates what emotion the Titan is standing with right now. Barely suppressing your laughter, you continued. "A really good catch. Such a rare find, plus delicious" . You paused abruptly, choosing a phrase in your head that should have a strong effect on the red-haired Kaiju.
"Are you sure you caught her? Maybe you'll show me the true catcher after all?" You bit your lip as you squeezed your eyes shut as you heard a not-so-cheerful screech behind you. Even aggressive to some extent.
"I think this guy deserves a warm hug from me" You folded your hands behind your back, stomping your foot quickly on the ground.
A menacing gaze immediately went to your surprised face, which only a few seconds ago was bursting into quiet laughter. The Kaiju's body warmed up with anger, paws spread out at the sides of your small figure and blocked the way back. The sun, which had been shining brightly in your face, became imperceptible over the creature's shoulder. A rhythmic growl came out of Rodan's beak with irritation. You pursed your lips as you looked at his small eyes. A shiver ran through his body before laughing in Titan's face again.
"I'm sorry" You hunched over, reaching out to Rodan's warm beak. Surprisingly, the Pteranodon did not move away from your touch, but instead joined in stroking.
But he still didn't look pleased. The Titan's yellow eyes closed for a moment, as if falling asleep, as you moved your hand along his beak, making his way to the lower one.
"I don't think you should be offended now, Rodan."
Kaiju opened his eyes and looked at you. The silence that passes between you was quieter than water and lower than grass. It would seem that the world has frozen in the realm of your views on each other. You looked at him with a guilty look, and he looked at him with a glint of hope.
And here it is.
A long-awaited moment.
"I Won't Eat a Shark"
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I seriously fucking hate drawing rodan so much, stupid ass fucking bird
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chaotic-deity · 6 months
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"What song do you wanna listen to?"
"Don't you have the "shut up for a moment" one?"
"...No. it's not in my playlist"
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Rodan…the fire demon. 🔥
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Boys night
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Un plauso a los nooviooos❗❗❗ los esposos ❗❤️✨
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Happy Pride Month ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️
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Un pequeño dibujo
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Random Doodles
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Some of the drawings in here are inspired by these people @dacrackerz @awkwarddork-0 @fallssong @startheskelaton and @kaiju-krew
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