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The Archivist
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Wanted to see this image in motion, lil animation!
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lallelol · 2 days
“I got you kiddo”
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I hope season 5 is treating you as well as it treated me
Animation process under the cut!
Let’s all begin by thanking @meggalice for inspiring me with her beautiful LMK sketches ♥️
Boards (the timing of these was changed a lot, for instance there’s a much longer pause on the moment Wukong catches MK in the final version, instead of being one flat flow like this)
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Lines, without the flowy bits
Final, slowed down at 12 fps
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Wow you reached the bottom, lets have a chat. How you doing? Me? I finished my first 3 exams this summer, later on i got another one and then it’s graduation time 💃
About LMK, go show season 5 more love!!! The animation team at Wild Brain deserves all the kudos, for real they created a miracl
Now leave this post better than you found it
Day 1 of animating Flying Bark series until they hire me
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the-saunatonttu · 2 days
It's finally the 23rd. Also this tweet by Alex Hirsch is exactly 10 years old now
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chibird · 2 days
Ghostie wants to celebrate you and spent last night cutting confetti out! 🎊
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possiblycringe · 1 day
Mass...Animation attack...Done...(Collapses) Song - Now or Never (C-Side) - Splatoon 3 Soundtrack (Character credit under the cut, in order of appearance)
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slow down and just take a moment to breathe
(high res is up on my patreon)
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liberumalas · 2 days
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Cool hat! A very loose and simple animation for practice. Any animtion pros if you have any tips, I am very much open to them!
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more shots being done
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life ain't cookies and cream little fellas
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lackadaisycats · 1 day
The pilot has so much delightful foley in it, but the one that never fails to make me giggle is when Rocky rolls down the hill with his violin in the beginning. Would you have any insight to share about what went into the foley work?
I checked in with M Gewehr, who did sound design and music composition on the Pilot. Here's what they had to say about it: "The foliage and cloth and stuff was from a sound library but the violin sounds were my grandfather's violin from the 20s that i was very carefully getting painful sounds out of."
-------------- We also originally had voice audio for Rocky in that scene, shouting oofs and ouches on the way down, performed expertly by Michael Kovach. We realized along the way, though, that the whole thing came across much funnier if Rocky was silent as the poor violin voiced the sequential agonies of tumbling down a steep, brushy incline like that.
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red-pencil · 2 days
Keep in sync this #AniMonday !
This was an early Nimona concept I was proposing where the guards would move in sync with each other, while visually sticking to a design that leaned heavily on vertical, horizontal, and 45° angles.
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ericaofanderson · 16 hours
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Gangle 3D model, look at her speen! Based off of @allhailthequeenuwu's Visual Novel Design
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