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Would you join them for a bite馃ズ?
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If I didn't draw anything related to fnaf with all the hype I have I'd explode im sorry
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silly little guys
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Please enjoy this lovely ritsu i drew, not to familiar with tumblr but thought I should start posting here hi!! 鉁
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Knights & ALKALOID (1/2)
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ritsuuuuu how do i draw youuuu
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Hi enstars followers鈥. My good friend鈥 my. Dear friend @mamichigo posted the sickest rtiz fic for the enstars big bang like 鈥. Almost 3 weeks ago and it's the best thing I've ever read if you like Sakura Ritsu and Sena Izumi READ THIS IMMEDIATELY cause even if u don't ship them I really like how she characterizes them and you should give the fic a chance immediately !!!!! and the scene this picture is of is my favorite so far but I won't explain what's going on cause thatd be a spoiler hahahsehehhe u gotta read it to find out
I forgot to say the name of the fic it's "chasing afterimages"
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Me : read Poly knights fic My hands : LET'S GOOOOOOO
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An assortment of Knights funnies.
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鈽 theyre in love :3 鈽
鈽 it was a tarot theme and i have never raised my hand so quickly鈥. sneaking them into my art fair 鈽
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Awawawa found another enstars blog uwu Can I ask for Kohaku, Mayoi and Ritsu falling in love at firsf sight???? Thank you so much! 鈾♀櫋鈾
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Love at First Sight
w/ Kohaku Oukawa, Mayoi Ayase, & Ritsu Sakuma x GN! Reader
not proud of this kohaku at all, i fear
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Kohaku Oukawa
鉁 Kohaku was just going about his day, exploring around ES and meeting new people. His current life was so different to what it was previously, that he was still just beginning to find his bearings around here.
鉁 It was all of a sudden that he heard the unmistakable laughter of his unit leader, Rinne Amagi somewhere down the hall. Kohaku pursed his lips at this, not really wanting to run into him lest he be teased and bullied relentlessly.
鉁 Kohaku was just about to go literally anywhere else when Rinne suddenly came to view and he seemed to have his arm around someone's shoulder.
鉁 Kohaku could tell from a mile away that your expression was that of nervousness, seeing as Rinne was being all touchy feely as he always was. Though in the short time that Kohaku examined your face, he did come to realize you actually looked quite pretty.
鉁 Kohaku sighs, before psyching himself up to go and confront his leader. Only because Crazy:B getting into more trouble would be no good for him, and totally not because he felt like he wanted to go and save the pretty stranger specifically.
鉁 Kohaku knew what he had to do, just run up to the two of you, scold Rinne even if he wasn't doing anything bad, and take you away.
Kohaku watched as you fiddled with the hem of your top as you and Rinne walked side by side, noting the light twinge of pink covering the tip of your ears. He totally gets that, being beside Rinne is just that embarrassing, isn't it?
Don't worry though, he'll save you soon enough. The shock on both you and Rinne's face when Kohaku popped out of seemingly nowhere was pretty amusing, but now wasn't the time to be laughing.
"Rinne-han.. What d'ya suppose you're doin' now?" Kohaku tried his best to adopt a scolding tone, though he'd never admit it, Rinne was pretty smart and could probably tell he had ulterior motives if he slipped even slightly. "Ya know Crazy:B isn't in a position to be causin' trouble, yeah?"
Kohaku tried to sneak his hand around yours, (to pull you out of Rinne's grasp of course) hoping that the conversation would serve as a slight distraction. Rinne however, only gave him a knowing smirk before pulling you in closer. Kohaku wanted to punch him in the face when he saw your face looked more pink than before.
"Now, now, play nice, Kohaku-chan. (Y/N)-chan over here was just telling me about how much they wanted to be Crazy:B's producer. Weren't ya?" Rinne ruffled your hair a bit, which was obviously quite the affront to Kohaku.
"Sure they were. Look Rinne-han, they're shakin' like a leaf." Kohaku took the chance to grab you, pulling you in to stand behind him. He felt quite proud of himself, maybe you'd think of him as a dashing hero? or a knight in shining armor? Though it's not like he was either.
"(Y/N), right? Let's get outta here before he starts whinin'." Oh yeah, he probably looks so cool right now. Kohaku wouldn't mind if you fell for him at that very moment, actually.
"Pff... Alright! You two go have fun then!" The two of you could hear Rinne's laughter echo along the hallway as he sauntered his way out. It was pretty weird for him to just leave like that, Kohaku thinks, but whatever.
"Sorry about our leader. What was he even botherin' ya for?" Kohaku turned around to look at you, and wow. While he thought you were pretty from a distance, this doesn't even begin compare.
"...We were just talking about me being the producer. F-for your unit's next few projects." Oh. Rinne was being for real. Kohaku suddenly couldn't find it in himself to look you in your beautiful eyes anymore.
"I-is that so...? Then why were ya lookin' so... uneasy?" Kohaku sheepishly asked, realizing he probably messed up big time. When he found the courage to look at you again, he saw that you looked just even more embarrassed than when you were with Rinne.
Yikes... Did he mess up that badly? "Sorry. I musta meddled in something I didn't need to." You shook your head quite violently at that, shocking the pink haired boy.
"Haha... Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous? I wanted to be your producer cause' I'm a big fan of Crazy:B, but uh, you especially, Kohaku..." That last part was kind of quiet, but it was like he heard it at max volume. "I was just a bit at a loss for what to do when you suddenly showed up? Haha?"
Oh goodness, your awkward and shy laughter was like an arrow straight to Kohaku's heart. It was like your pretty levels multiplied by a million in his eyes.
Fate seems to have Kohaku's back this time around, seeing as you had quite the positive feelings towards him. He knew there was a reason why he felt drawn to you, even though this was the first time you two met.
"Oh? Is that so? Then I guess I better live up to those expectations!"
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Mayoi Ayase
鉁 Mayoi fell for you the first time he saw you, literally. Like he was wandering about in the vents when the part he was on top of suddenly broke off and he found you buried right below him.
鉁 He'd quickly scurry off though, as he usually does. But before he did, he caught just a short glimpse of your dazed face and he felt his heart skip a beat.
鉁 He'd hide behind a corner as he watches you slowly stand up, supporting yourself on the nearby wall. He felt awful that he just ran away without even so much as apologizing to you, but he can already feel how hot his face is from that short encounter and showing that to you was probably not the best idea.
鉁 As Mayoi watched you try to piece together what just happened, he'd find all your little facial expressions and gestures absolutely adorable. How your eyebrows raise as you look at the gap in the vents, your fingers rhythmically tapping against your cheek.
鉁 Why, he could watch you like this forever! Surely meeting you like this was just some sort twist of fate. Seeing you just made Mayoi want to protect and spoil you, though he clearly couldn't find the confidence to do either seeing as he totally bodyslammed you just now and ran away.
鉁 He'd find it admirable how you seem to just continue about your day after that. Seeing that you're just doing what he assumes is your usual work like nothing happened.
鉁 Love at first sight. It might be a bit too soon to call it that, but he wants to believe that it is. You just looked so perfect to him, the kind of person that he'd love to watch over for the rest of his life.
鉁 This would continue for quite a while, Mayoi just watching over you in what he hopes is more protective than stalker-esque. Though he wouldn't blame anyone for assuming the latter, he does have that suspicious aura about him doesn't he?
鉁 It was in one of his self-loathing episodes that he didn't notice you running across the hall and slamming against him full speed. Mayoi immediately found himself on the floor, looking up at you as papers flied around everywhere.
"Ah! Oh my goodness! Are you okay?!" Oh my, your voice sounds like honey to Mayoi, if this was the last thing he'd ever hear he wouldn't even complain. He could only stare dumbfoundedly at your face, it was certainly way more adorable when up close. "Uh... Hello? Are you alright?"
Mayoi regained his senses when he felt you lightly slapping his cheek, why, to think that you'd care so much for such a creature like him just makes him positively elated. "ohmygodishedead" he'd hear you whisper under your breath before he realized that he should probably answer you now.
"A-ah! Y-yes. I'm f-fine. Tha-thank you!" Mayoi always hated how he'd stutter like this, but when he flubs up this much in front of you of all people, it just feels positively awful! "I'm s-s-sorry you had to bump into so-something like me...!"
Mayoi shimmies his way out, quickly standing up and about to make a run for it before he feels a tight grip on his wrist. Of course he wouldn't be let go that easily. Are you going to go punish him now? Well he deserves it so he doesn't really mind...
But instead of that, the two of you just stare at each other in silence for what seems like a few minutes as your grip on his wrist didn't seem to loosen at the slightest. You really had quite the pretty face, he thinks.
"U-um... Is, is there anything I could do for you...?" Mayoi eventually sputters out, really wishing he could just run away from this whole thing before he embarrasses himself further.
As if you were broken from a trance, you instantly let go of him, though he doesn't take the chance to run like he thought he would. Why didn't he? Well, it was because of the simple fact that there was quite an obvious flush of red on your face.
"Oh, ah, sorry." Your face grew even redder as you averted your eyes and Mayoi did his best to not just have a heart attack out of your cuteness right then and there. "You just, uh, looked really pretty is all."
You let out a small chuckle before covering a part of your face with your hands out of embarrassment. Mayoi felt like his brain and heart was going into overdrive like this. Was he hearing you right? Were you really complimenting a beast from the underworld like him?
Mayoi wondered what he did in his past life to be this fortunate, being complimented by such a pure and adorable angel like you. Wait, does this mean that there's a chance you could like him back? Then maybe you two could become an item!
"Th-thank you. You too..." He was sure that the two of you looked like a pair of tomatoes by now, but for the first time in his life, he kind of didn't mind?
Mayoi then felt your hand grasp his, squeezing it tight. "Ahaha... You think I'm pretty? Thanks!" You beamed at him and Mayoi was almost blinded by the sheer brightness.
鉁 After that, he'd help you gather your stuff and send you on your merry way after exchanging contact details on HoldHands.
鉁 Then, he suddenly processed everything that just happened in an instant and immediately crawled into a hidden place to scream. He really feels so blessed that he got this chance.
鉁 He's going to try his best, so promise to love him lots, okay?
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Ritsu Sakuma
Tumblr media
鉁 Ritsu! The silly ever. The first time he'd see you is when he found you napping in one of his favorite sleeping spots. Normally, he'd be pretty mad, this place was one of his sanctuaries after all, a cool breeze and just the right amount of shade.
鉁 But after seeing just how breathtaking you look when doing something as simple as sleeping, he decided that maybe you two were just birds of a feather and let it go. Hell, he understands full well why someone would sleep there, so at least your tastes align.
鉁 The problem is, he doesn't want to just leave you be. He knelt down on the ground to observe your more delicate features, the small amount of light piercing through the shade framing you like some sort of ethereal angel.
鉁 It didn't help that your neck was in plain view, not obstructed by your clothes or any accessories. Having your weakspot readily available against a vampire was a big no-no.
鉁 Though it's not like Ritsu would do anything to you while you were asleep, he is a gentleman after all. Just ignore the fact that he's staring holes into a beautiful stranger who happens to be sleeping.
鉁 Seeing such a comfortable face made Ritsu remember his original purpose of going there, he wanted a good nap and he felt like he wouldn't be able to find another place in time.
鉁 So, he laid down beside you, close enough to still be relatively near his favorite spot, but far enough that you two wouldn't touch unless you suddenly rolled ov-
鉁 Ritsu had to hold in a yelp when he felt your arm suddenly lay on top of his chest. He turned his head to see that you were facing him now, and it seemed you were the type to cuddle anything you got your hands on.
鉁 Your eyes were still closed, but he could feel you pulling him in closer ever so slightly. Geez, what a troublesome sleepmate you were. Ritsu doesn't really mind though.
鉁 He puts his hands behind his head so that you could have a more comfortable time hugging him, before closing his eyes as he too slowly felt sleep take over him.
鉁 Before he fully lost consciousness though, Ritsu couldn't help but smile. You were just his type, and this certainly would be a fun story to tell if you two end up together. Part of him wanted to roll over and cuddle you too, but this is fine for now.
When you awoke, you felt a bit hotter than usual, like as if someone put a heat pack right beside you while you were sleeping. Not too hot though, just like a mild heat that would make anyone drowsy.
It was then that you felt something below your arm, something soft and rhythmically raising and falling, like a person breathing. Your eyes shot open when you realized that was exactly what it was.
You quickly pulled your arm back in, causing a disgruntled sound to come from the person it was laying on. His face scrunching up a bit before he stirs awake as well.
"Hmm?" He sounded out as he rubbed his eyes, letting out a short yawn before turning to look at you. "Ah, you're awake. Good..." He looks up to the sky, seeing that it's already turned a gorgeous hazy orange. "Afternoon."
"I'm so sorry!" You worriedly said, it was bad enough you spent an unknown amount of time hugging him, but to wake him up too?
Ritsu smiles at you, and it's such a soft and warm smile that you feel like it could probably save a life or two. "It's okay. I got to wake up to such a good sight, after all." He said, sitting up and stretching his arms out.
"Still, I'm sorry. Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?" Your earnest eyes fueled the fire of mischief in Ritsu's heart, a slight smirk showing on his face.
"Then how about next time, you let me cuddle you?" A truly amazing strategic move by Ritsu. An implication that he wants the two of you to nap together again, and that he wants to pay back the favor.
Ritsu pat himself on the back for that one, especially when he saw in your pinkish face that you didn't seem to averse to that idea. "Sure..." You trailed off, a hand trying to cover the lower part of your face that was slowly turning brighter.
"Hehe. I'll look forward to it then."
done ^^ i really do get quite a lot of kohaku reqs dont i 馃
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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Ritsumao on twt
Based on:
Tumblr media
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鈥 Headcanons.
Having the hereditary condition your brothers do as well, you got sent to the same school as them so that they could keep an eye on you.聽
Congrats you鈥檙e the favourite sibling鈥 Ritsu doesn鈥檛 dislike you, in fact, he approaches you often to either sleep on your lap, or invite you to the Tea Club. Rei equally adores both you and Ritsu, but since you don鈥檛 ignore him, you鈥檙e typically the one experiencing his doting behaviour.聽
Rei鈥榮 usual absence during his second year and before affected you as well. You had guessed his intentions, but that didn鈥檛 stop the overwhelming loneliness you鈥檇 feel at times. You and Ritsu grew even closer in that period of time, being each other鈥檚 pillars of support.聽
Ritsu would confide in you, as you do with him. He does little things, such as patting your head in approval; take you to a shaded area if the sun got too much; letting you borrow his sleeping masks; taking you to see his unitmates, so that you can have more older siblings to look after you.聽
With that, you鈥檇 hung around the Knights quite a lot, growing close with the members, especially Arashi, who seems adamant on acting as an elder sister for you. There are times where she鈥檇 take you shopping for new clothes (During a cold, sunset evening preferably). You guys would drag Ritsu with you if given the chance too as well.聽
You had grown close with Koga during Rei鈥檚 absence as well, you鈥檇 eventually found out that Rei had personally asked him to take care of you during his leaves. You鈥檇 confided in Koga at some point about Rei, now he teaches you plenty of card games to beat Rei in as a form of revenge.聽
Now, when Rei came back, you didn鈥檛 ignore him, but you did tell him how you felt. He dotes on you more in his own way as a result; letting you beat him in those card games; taking you on walks in the gardens to chat with him; letting you use his coffin with the air conditioner; hugging you everytime he sees you, and a lot more. He鈥檚 doing his best to make up for what you鈥檝e missed out on for the past year.聽
You act as a bridge to connect your two brothers, no matter how awkward it may be. You know Ritsu doesn鈥檛 truly loathe Rei, but more so has lost trust in him from his promise to care for them yet left abroad majority of the time. You also understand that鈥檚 part of the reason Rei had become more doting than ever. So, with the free time you have, you often try to arrange sibling bonding times to help them out a bit.聽
There had been a time that you three were on a train on the way home; you fell asleep on Ritsu鈥檚 shoulder; Rei fell asleep on yours; Ritsu surprisingly stayed awake to watch over you two. Though nothing was said at that moment, both Rei and Ritsu were incredibly thankful that you, their youngest sibling, cared for them as much as they cared for you.聽
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haaiii!!! could i request a drabble abt rough sex w ritsu x m!reader where reader gives someone else much too much attention instead of ritsu? :3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW: nsfw, bottom reader, top ritsu, blood, biting, rough sex, semi-public sex, possessive behavior, little prep
producing knights always seemed like a sweet and easy gig. they were all so regal yet deep down, friendly and goofy. it was easy to befriend them, no longer having a strict professional barrier. it evolved into getting ice cream with tsukasa, shopping for beauty products and clothes with arashi, helping leo compose new and unique music for the unit; and so on.
it was a comfortable and stable relationship. they were your friends as you were theirs. of course, it could be easy to get wrapped up in it all, which oftentimes found you neglecting a member or two 鈥 a painless offense. they all had other friends and other duties, especially arashi and izumi with their frequent photoshoots and variety shows.
time just simply got away from you sometimes, especially when tsukasa was always asking to help you with his work or to go to a sweets club meeting. it was easy to be around him, and you enjoyed your time with him.
it was a painless guilty pleasure, one that wasn鈥檛 meant to be malicious or negligent towards the other knights members! sometimes you just had a hard time scheduling meetups with the others.
well, it was painless for all except for one member, the one who currently had you cornered against the wall of the now empty practice room.
鈥減roduucer~鈥 the vampiric boy whined, rutting himself against you. it felt so, so good, just simply the feeling of him frantically grinding against you had you excited. 鈥測ou鈥檝e been ignoring me. so so rude of you, producer-kun.鈥
you craned your neck, feeling warm breath tickle the expose skin above your uniform. before you could apologize for being busy and spending unequal amounts of time with others, ritsu spoke first.
鈥渋t鈥檚 okay producer~ i know you鈥檙e so busy with all your work,鈥 he spoke in between kisses and small nips, 鈥渂ut you鈥檙e mine, okay? made just for me.鈥
a needy and breathy whine escaped your throat, only serving to make the boy more frantic in undressing you. he stripped your blazer and shrugged it to the ground before loosening your tie and unbuttoning your shirt. before long, the cool air of the practice room hit your exposed chest.
ritsu played with your chest, rolling a nipple between his fingers, 鈥渕mm,鈥 he hummed. 鈥渟uch a good boy, all mine, okay? no one else.鈥 you shuddered as the hands exploring your exposed torso moved south, cupping and palming at your erection through your trousers.
you were painfully hard.
鈥渟o hard for me, hmm?鈥 ritsu spoke softly, 鈥測ou want this, producer? is that why you tease me by being so friendly with suuchan and the others?鈥
you nodded, a moan building in your throat. the only thoughts in your mind was need, need, need. you needed ritsu. you needed to feel good.
ritsu bit the soft skin of your neck, allowing hot blood to flow down your collar and chest 鈥 not that it mattered much, it ended up being smeared away from how much he was groping and touching your body, trying to drink in every inch.
after what seemed like eons of being toyed with, in a rough motion he flipped you over and needily stripped you of your pants, leaving you exposed. he continued to bite your neck and jaw, gifting you dark marks that would blossom into pretty bruises.
in one swift motion, he pushed himself into you. it burned and felt like you were being split in two. you gasped out a cry that quickly turned into slutty moans and whimpers. ritsu rutted into you like he was a dying man, not caring about your pleasure and only seeking his own. he did wrap a steady hand around your length, but the combination of the two points of stimulation was almost painful.
ritsu hummed between his pants and gasps, eventually quieting himself by biting your shoulder.
鈥渟uch a good boy, but you need to be quiet. can鈥檛 have anyone hear us, hmm?鈥 he teased between moans. 鈥渟uch a good boy for me. you take me like we were made for eachother.鈥
in a desperate and lustful haze, ritsu quickly met his climax shortly before you hit yours. he continued to ride the high, fucking his cum into your hole until you screamed with pleasure and overstimulation. he held you against the wall for a few minutes, panting heavily and soaking in the smell of sex and sweat.
you devoted a lot more time to ritsu after that.
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An assortment of Ensemble Ponies doodles. :P
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