silvaris · 4 months
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Copper by Neil Burnell
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dabiconcordia · 5 months
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October's Party
October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came— The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples, And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet, And everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band.
The Chestnuts came in yellow, The Oaks in crimson dressed; The lovely Misses Maple In scarlet looked their best;
All balanced to their partners, And gaily fluttered by; The sight was like a rainbow New fallen from the sky. Then, in the rustic hollow, At hide-and-seek they played, The party closed at sundown, And everybody stayed.
Professor Wind played louder; They flew along the ground; And then the party ended In jolly "hands around." by George Cooper
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altri-menti · 6 months
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Source ➺ silvaris
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emartus · 2 years
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©emartus_official  , July 2022   📷 Photo by: @emartus_official   — instagram
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ahrikima · 7 days
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Hidden Path
This is my piece for the fanzine @gw2-zine Commander of your heart
this pieces is dedicate to my two friends zaspain and joel
Background story
me always was a fan of break maps is a thing that like for explore deep the things! but rarely i take people with me,, but many times was with them! i take them to many places that no many people know that there are and one of this is what is this piece.. A path of mushrooms!
Is one of my favorite places and many times i go there and take my time playing music alone
so i wanted to draw this, with my two friends, because this asura is not my commander and not my main, but for me my tow friends are my commanders of my heart, and always was a joy be with them
hope someday you guys see this piece... and hope you like...
you like my work? so feel free to support me on Ko-fi
also you can check my card fo other things!
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plantb0t · 5 months
Playing guild wars 2 and the sylvari quest where you meet those twins is so funny they're like "they're so young... only a few years old, so we want you to keep an eye on them" my man I'm like a month old at max I don't know what you want from me
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lordsireno · 1 year
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Updating old Destiny OC!
Kyocera 'Panda' Silvaris - Awoken Warlock
His favourite hobbies are reading and working out, especially at the same time. He mostly does solo work or team fills. He's friends with the titan M-4 and helps her where he can.
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sidereon-spaceace · 8 months
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Turns out I was able to get into my old account when I first signed up and made Balthazar, so I decided to give him a makeover while I was at it - Before on the left and After on the right
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fairytellingold · 8 months
@flwercrwn sent "[ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE] a starter where our muses wake up to find out they got married the night before (Max and Elian)" !
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light seemingly leaks into the room, a wakeup call being given in some sort of way. max stirs half awake for a few more moments, eyes not opening just yet. the bed itself is a mess of sheets and the two of them. his eyes finally opening up fully, a yawn leaving his lips as he goes to wipe his eyes, before a ring hits him in the face. "what's this?" he asks softly, a chuckle leaving his lips. he leans up a bit, eyes meeting with the ring on elian's finger too. "ah, we got married last night, didn't we?"
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theamari-blog · 1 year
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“Aurea Silvaris the Eighth, Long May She Reign.”
Another side character from my upcoming Urban Fantasy story.
Aurea is a Fae Queen with an affinity to water elements, so I figure if she’s visiting the Earthly realm, her Glamour/ Identity would be a wellness influencer living the life on an Island Paradise somewhere.
CC Below Cut
Fae Queen Form
Meteor Halo and Crown by @astya96cc // Hair by @miikocc // Earrings by @joliebean​ // Kimono by @yaya-maya-sims​ // fishnet bodysuit by @belaloallure3​ // Lore skin by @lamatisse​ // Shoes [TSR Warning] by @madlensims // Eyelens by @achinocreations // N5 Highlight by @ddarkstonee
Pose #1 and Pose #2 both by @helgatisha
Fae Glamour/ Human Form
Hair by @dogsill // Blush by @simandy // Magic Eyes by @goppolsme // Lips by @obscurus-sims & @sims3melancholic// Swimsuit by @madlensims
Pose by @roselipaofficial
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silvaris · 2 months
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Winter Forest by Pascal Stulz
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halljavalge · 5 months
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Source: silvaris
ℍ𝐚𝓵l נ𝐀 𝔳คĻǤẸ
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Morning Light Calling; for my friend @silvaris
(c) riverwindphotography, August 2022
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I posted 49,767 times in 2022
That's 28,606 more posts than 2021!
274 posts created (1%)
49,493 posts reblogged (99%)
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#funny - 246 posts
#laugh - 242 posts
#video - 241 posts
#hilarious - 239 posts
#my video - 238 posts
Longest Tag: 27 characters
#universal studios hollywood
My Top Posts in 2022:
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Ancient Tree
📷Photos by EMART
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mscoyditch · 10 months
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"Green". Photo by Angelique Boyer. 500px.
> Silvaris
> j-k-i-ng
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