#steve raglan oneshot
cozymaples · 7 months
job offer
a/n: part 2
warnings: age gap (within reason, the reader is not a minor of course !) workplace fucking, power imbalance ig? , degradation, cumming!inside without clear consent
steve "i've got a job for you" raglan, who's so desperate to fuck you he doesn't even care about your credentials. steve raglan who can't stop staring at your tits as you sit across from him. "i really need a job," you'd pleaded, desperately.
"you need a job?" he'd ask, hips snapping against your flesh as he pounded you from behind.
you were facedown, bent over his desk, the tits he once ogled at now pressed into the cedarwood beneath you. he keeps his hand beneath your jaw, cradling your neck, but not pressing too tightly.
"uh-huh," you'd answer, though the phrase is stretched through a desperate whine. you can hear him grunting above you, every ounce of his effort poured into fucking you. his pace is agonizing, and you feel your eyes lull back into your skull with pleasure. the only other noise you can hear is his coffee mug, rattling against the desk with each thrust, threatening to spill over his morning dose of caffeine.
"a good pounding is what you needed," he disagrees. "good fucking to get you nice and set, yeah? nice and ready for your workday?" you can't even answer him, moans spilling from your mouth. they double as he degrades you, and you can't explain why it makes you so wet. "harder-!" you plead, and you hear a low snarl rip through his throat. his grip around your neck that had once granted you ease now squeezes tightly with dexterity, and you don't think you could breathe even if you wanted to. you're all fucked-out, near drooling and dizzy and reaching your orgasm. both of you are holding your breath, only moaning through exhales every few seconds. his grip on you is deathly, his cock ramming into you the only thing keeping you grounded.
"come for me, you fuckin' slut. you whore," he antagonizes, demands. it somehow makes your clit throb more, aching with each slap of his balls against it. "wanna hear you," he demands, and his grip on your throat releases just enough for you to spill each and every noise that's been bottled up. "mr. raglan-fuck-!" you spill over, fingernails dragging along the wood beneath you as you unravel him.
"there you go, you fuckin' slut." he coos, "hold still." you gasp as you feel his load shoot inside of you, writhing beneath him. he finally parts from you, and you immediately stand up, turning around to face him as he sits you on his desk. "you're lucky i'm on fucking birth control-" you sputter, and he chuckles. "yeah, well. you're lucky i fuck you at all, so..keep that routine up, if you wanna keep this routine up." you're taken aback at his confidence, and how quickly it makes you succumb to his demands. "..okay." you say, nodding as you smooth out your skirt. "and thank you, by the way-for, um-" you stutter, gesturing with your hands as you gather your belongings. he watches in amusement, and unbeknownst to you, adoration.
"same time next week?" he asks, twirling a pencil between his fingers. you nod rapidly, a small grin growing on your features before exiting the office.
this was a routine you could get used to.
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redskull199987 · 8 months
👤yo bro bestie my main man,how bout a William Afton/gn reader where Reader is at Aftons office to get a job and Willy Billy is just messing with them and they're really shy and just get embarrassed super easily.Afton offers them coffee and they take it even tho they don't like coffee.Reader isn't at his office for the first time.Like in THE MOVIE where Mike is at his office.Could you do som with that scene and a silly reader because I need it.(Mathew Lillard Afton if you didn't get what I was getting at because I'm rambling)
Career Counseling
William Afton x gn!reader Request Word count:1.2k Warnings:angstyyyyyyyy, but not overly angsty, my friend William here is just teasing you, he ain’t biting, Movie spoilers obviously Summary: After failing at the last job he assigned to you, you find yourself back at the office of your career counselor…Steve Raglan
Tumblr media
You were back at his office. The last place where you wanted to be. Or did you? You weren’t entirely sure of what you wanted. After all, you weren’t even able to hold onto a job for more than a few months. 
So, here you were again. Back on the creaky old chair in front of his even older wooden desk with the small name tag on it, that seemed to constantly remind you of your failure. Why else would someone spend so much time at a career counselors office? Surely, there wouldn't be another reason.
Your eyes were following his every movement, as he looked through your papers again, his back turned to you. He adjusted his glasses every now and then, until he finally turned on his chair, facing you again. You quickly straightened your back, your hands slightly squeezing the armrests of the chair. Mr Raglan gave you a small smile, before taking a look at your papers again.
You felt your heartbeat pick up, as his eyes wandered over the last page: the report of your last job. A job he had picked out personally and just for you. And you had messed it up. It was the easiest task really. All you had to do was stand guard at an office. But you managed to fall asleep during work, giving some stupid punks the chance to break in and steal anything and everything of value.
“You havin’ trouble sleeping?”
His question caught you off guard. You looked back up at his face, but he was still eying the Papers.
“Well, I-I kinda always had them, so…”, you stammered, fumbling with your hands and looking back to the ground.
“Honestly, I feel like you aren’t even trying.”, he only smiled and dropped the papers to his desk. He neatly folded his hands and looked at you expectantly. 
When you didn’t say anything, he continued to elaborate:”You are back at my office for the..what is it now, third time? I give you the easiest jobs and yet, here we are again.”
It took you a few seconds to fully process what he had said and when you finally did, you knew that he was right. He really did give you the easiest jobs known to man. Jobs with literally only one task...and you failed at them.
His question successfully caught you off guard again and you gazed up at him with a confused expression on your face:”Sorry?”
“Uh, would you, would you like some…some coffee. I made some coffee.”, he asked again, getting up in the process and walking over to the small table behind you.
You only looked after him for a second, before finally answering:”Uhm eh no, I mean sure. Sure, I would like some.”
With a smile, Mr Raglan handed you a steaming mug of coffee and quietly sat back down behind his desk.
You had no idea why you said yes. You hated coffee. It was part of your sleeping problem and yet, here you were, sitting in front of your career counselor with a steaming mug of black coffee in your hands. You just tried to ignore it and took an experimental sip. And immediately you remembered why you hated coffee. The taste and smell triggered something inside you, that made you want to spit the coffee back into the mug. But as Raglan looked at you again, you gave him a reassuring smile and quickly swallowed the coffee, before putting the mug down in front of you, on his desk.
“So, I have to be brutally honest with you here, Y/N.”, Mr Raglan continued after a few seconds of silence,”Given your track record, your options are now severely more limited than they were the last two times that you were here.”
“I know, I know.”, you nodded,”Like I said before, I’ll take anything, anything that you got for me.”
“You know, it’s not that easy.”, Raglan smiled and took a sip of his coffee, all the while still looking at you. All you could do was nod, feeling incredibly small under his watchful gaze.
“I…I know I messed up big time, b-but I promise you, this time, it’s gonna work out. It has to. I got nowhere else to go.”, you explained with a shaky voice, not even daring to look at him.
With a smile, he only looked at you for another minute. Right, as you were about to get up to leave, he ushered you back in.
“I got a job for you.”, he explained,”Come on. Sit sit sit sit sit.”
You looked at him slightly confused. Mere minutes ago, he had told you that you were out of options and now he was making you a job offer?
“Okay ehm, what is it?”, you asked, after you sat back down. Raglan leaned forward on his desk and you quickly did the same in order to listen to him attentively.
“It´s a security gig.”, he proposed,”Similar to the last one you had. Full disclosure: it’s not great. Right? High turnover, that’s what we call it in the business, but you get to be your own boss. Sort of. And you only have to worry about one thing. Keeping people out. And-and you know, keep the place tidy.”
“That’s two things”, you assessed with furrowed brows. Was he really going to give you another job as a security guard? When you had failed so miserably at the last one?
Raglan could only shrug at your remark:”You want the job or not?”
You thought about it for a few seconds, while he looked at you expectantly.
“How’s the pay?”, you questioned further.
Raglan answered faster than you thought:”Not great. But…the hours are worst.”
He did say, the job wasn’t great, but this lousy? You decided to ask further:”When exactly?”
“I take it then, that you want the Job?”, Raglan answered with a counter question instead. You nodded, motioning for him to continue.
“Let me give you a little backstory then.”, he smiled,”This place was huge in the ‘80s with the kids. It’s been shut down for years. The only reason they haven’t given it the old wrecking ball treatment, is the owner’s a bit of a…Well, he’s kind of a sentimental guy, I guess. Just can’t bring himself to let it go yet.”, 
He gave you a small chuckle, while looking to the ground like he was lost in his memories,”Yeah…Had some trouble with break-ins over the years. Drunks and vagrants mostly. Not ideal. Security system’s dated but fully functional. Floodlights on the outside. Cameras inside and outside. Fair warning: the electricity is a bit…iffy. Anything happens, there is a breaker in the main office. Just flip it. Uh, I guess, that’s about it. You know, the rest is pretty easy. Just keep your eyes on the monitors and keep people out. Piece of cake.”
After he finished his explanation, the two of you sat in silence for a minute, while you thought the whole thing over. On the surface, the job did seem fairly easy. Just like he said. But you couldn’t help yourself, feeling a bit…suspicious of it. Why had he only told you about it now? He could’ve told you the last two times you were at his office. Why now?
“So, what do you think?”
For a third and final time, his question pulled you out of your thoughts. Raglan looked at you with anticipation. Thinking about it one last time, you finally made your decision.
“When can I start?”
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rev3nanttt · 22 days
Closer- Part 1 of ???
Steve Raglan X Female Reader
(this is my first fnanfic on tumblr so let me know if you want more!!)
lord help me
Tumblr media
You knew it was a stupid decision, but you walked into it.
And there's no way in hell you're gonna leave now.
"One large pepperoni on table 4!" you hear from behind you, and a steaming dish of pizza comes sliding towards you. You scoop it up and turn around quickly, maneuvering around others working behind the counter. It's lunchtime at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and you're stuck on kitchen shift. In a hurry, you step over little kids playing with miniature animatronic figurines, and almost break your ankle a couple dozen times getting to the table, but you at last make it to the large family celebrating their son's birthday. Placing the pizza on the table, you holler, "Happy birthday! We hope your day is as good as gold!" and you hand the little boy a small foxy plush. To your delight, he scoops the plushie up in his arms and shyly smiles at you. "Happy birthday buddy," you grin, patting him on the head before heading back to the kitchen for yet another order. You exhale sharply, running a hand through your hair, trying to get your wispy hairs to lay flat. You step over some more kids, some old pizza crust that's been discarded on the floor, gotta pick that up later.....and some weird stain that you don't even want to know where it came from appeared before your eyes as you made your way back into the kitchen.
Through the noise of the children, the loud, garish animatronic songs, and the awful disco lights on the dance floor, you make hear a small whistle to your right. You look around for a few seconds before you realise where that's coming from. Or who it's coming from. You turn around back to where you were originally standing, and you lock eyes with your boss, Mr. Steve Raglan, who's standing a few feet away from you. You smile warmly at him, waving. He nods back and beckons you over to him with a curling finger. Steve's out...you think to yourself. He never cones out of his office when its THIS busy. Huh. weird.
Steve typically doesn't come out of his office too often during the lunch rush. You've noticed after working at Freddy's for well over a year now, he's only come out on lunch once, when a kid climbed the animatronic stage and fell off, hitting his head on the ground. Other than real emergencies, he doesn't really leave the office during this time. Steve tends to walk around the pizzeria silently when the place is a little slower, giving the occasional handshake or friendly 'hello' to a parent thanking him for the "amazing party" or something along those lines, but he never makes the full effort to woo someone or to brag about his success. He always uses the same line when they leave, too. "Always come back, we'd be happy to host you again."
He's charming.
Steve is pretty reserved but incredibly polite during these interactions with his customers, you've noticed, and he tends to only come out when it's not very busy. You've also grown to notice some other things about him, some you probably shouldn't have noticed; he's much older than you, but to your dismay, you've found that charm to be intriguing, and a little...well...attractive. You couldn't lie to yourself and say he wasn't attractive, because he is, at least to you. There's something about him that drew you in, and you have no fucking clue what it is. Maybe its his eyes, adorned with gold framed aviator glasses, or maybe it's his half crooked smile you get to see when he laughs, which is even rarer. Nevertheless, he wants to talk to you, and you have no idea why.
You head past some tables to the corner of the pizzeria, where his office is located behind a wall in the diner. There's a long hall of rented party rooms the establishment offers, and Steve's office is the very last door in the stretch of hallway. Today Steve is wearing a simple button up and a dark purple tie with dark grey slacks. Pretty typical business-casual clothes for him. Stepping in front of him, you feel a little jolt of nervousness flicker through your body. It's always a little exhilarating to be near him, his greyish blue eyes always seem to be observing every little move you do.
"Hey Steve," you say, greeting him with a small smile. He nods at you. "Hey, sorry I pulled you away from your post." Steve says, pushing his glasses higher up his nose to get a better look at you. He smiles a crooked half-smile, teeth barely showing. "I promise I won't keep you away for too long." His eyes gleam with a mischievous hint of humor, and maybe something else, and you can't help but bite your lip when he turns around to lead you to his office. "Follow me," he beckons, leading you to his door. He pulls a large ring of many keys from his pocket and fumbles with the lock for a few seconds before opening the door. It swings open with a loud creak, and Steve holds it open for you. "After you," he insists, holding it open with one arm, watching you step inside. You can feel his eyes burning into you as you step by. As you walk past him into his office, you get a whiff of his cologne. Bourbon, hints of coffee and maybe old cigarette smoke? Fuck. He shuts the door behind you and leans against it, eyes observing every movement.
Steve paces the room for a moment, shuffling with files before settling on brewing himself a cup of coffee. "Coffee?" He questions, glancing at you briefly before rolling up his sleeves and pouring himself a steaming cup. You can't help but watch his large, veiny hands run up his forearms. He's very fit for his age, and you try not to make it obvious you're staring.
You just can't help it...he could have you pinned to the desk in an instant if he wanted to....
"You alright sweetheart?"
You snap out of it and whip around to see Steve staring at you with a little smirk. Your cheeks instantly heated up
"I just wanted you to know that you've been a valuable employee, and you should be rewarded for your work here at Freddy's." Steve smiles at you and hands you a small envelope. It's written to you in all capital letters, and you can't help but stifle a small laugh. His writing is AWFUL. You'd expect a big businessman to write well, but apparently not all. The envelope is heavy, and you are curious to what is inside. "You can open it." Steve prompts, sitting down at his desk and opening up a file absentmindedly. "Here, use this," says Steve, sliding you over a sharp letter-opener. You step closer to his desk to grab it out of his hands, and for a second, just a split of a second, your hands brush his, sending sparks up your body. You inhale sharply and quickly snatch the letter-opener from him, trying to act like you aren't losing your shit. Steve picked up on it, and he chuckles. "Don't worry sweetheart, I don't bite," he purrs, eyes burning into yours as you open the envelope with slightly trembling hands. Sliding the sharp blade under the lip of the envelope, you open the envelope in one fast tear. You pull the paper back and your eyes widen. It's a fat stack of cash. "What? You don't think you weren't gonna get a raise?" Steve says, smiling at you. "You deserve it."
You feel your cheeks heat up, and you tuck some of your hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear. "I....wow. Thank you Steve." You gush, giving him a sheepish smile. "I feel kind of spoiled..." you admit, looking at him across the desk. He raises an eyebrow and smirks. "You are being spoiled, sweetheart. Take it. Get something nice for yourself." He grins, eyes raking over your figure. You blush as his eyes travel to your cleavage. "Maybe get a new bra or something." He teases, raising an eyebrow at you. You feel your cheeks heat up and you look away from his piercing stare. You know that what he said was perverted, but....you liked it. Really liked it. Steve breaks the silence. "Alright, I've kept you here for long enough. You have pizzas to serve." You nod and quickly say goodbye to Steve. "Hey. One more thing." Steve purrs, not looking up from the document he began to flip through quickly as you leave the room. "Tell me what you get with some of that money, sweetheart. I'd love to see." His eyes rake to your cleavage, obviously checking you out. You decide to be bold before leaving the room. "Alright, Steve. Maybe you will." You grin, leaving.
The second the door shut behind you, separating his gaze from you, you sink to the ground, heart pounding. Fuuuuuckkkk....you bury your head in your hands, a blushing mess. You did NOT just do that. "Fuckfuckfuck..... that was hot." But you DID, and what was going on in that office as you continued your shift would never be known to you.
The second you left, that file left his hands, and he groaned, pushing one hand on the bridge of his nose, adjusting his glasses, and the other on the throbbing tent in his pants. Fuck. The things I'd do to her if she just let me a little closer. Touching the now growing mass in his pants, he groaned again, leaning into his palm, wishing that instead of his hands, it was your plump lips, or even better, your throbbing pussy, begging for someone like him to take advantage of it. He wondered if you'd been treated well by the men your age, and with a sigh, imagined just how much better he'd be for you. He'd make you scream. The thought of him filling your tight pussy with his throbbing member and fucking you hard over his desk made him drawl out a garbled moan. Steve covered his mouth with his other hand to keep anyone from hearing anything from outside. You're intoxicating to him....every little part of you. The way you stare at him with those big bunny eyes...what would they look like if he pinned you against the wall? Grabbed your throat? How pathetic and useable you'd be to him if he just got a little closer....
Steve's hips pushed harder against his palm, and he threw his head back, sighing loudly. If only you knew what you really did to him. You were like a drug he couldn't get away from. As wrong and weird as it was for him to be addicted to you, he couldn't stop. Everything about you drew him closer, and he didn't know why. But who needs to know? He didn't. The way your hips moved as you walked, the small smiles you'd give him as you'd pass, the melodic chime of your laugh echoing across the restaurant into his office. Or the times he'd sneak a peek at your ass, the way it fit so perfectly into your jeans. He could only imagine what it looked like free from those pants, or how it would sound smacking loudly against his hips if he fucked you from the back.
Steve could only fantisize about what those eyes would look like drunk on his cock, rolling back into your head from the pounding of his cock. Just imagining your lips grazing the tip of his dick, or how you'd react if he could just grab a fistful of that hair and shove his cock down your throat, causing you to gag and choke on it. What would you do? Those big eyes of yours, tears pricking the corners, begging for him to fuck you again and again. He'd make you cry. He could already imagine the things he'd do to you; some over his desk, some in his car, some back at his place. The contraptions he'd build just for you to torture your little pussy with, and how hard he'd fuck you in the back rooms during work. He could get away with it too. Your eyes were begging for him, begging for his cock, his mouth. Begging to be abused by him.
Steve couldn't take it anymore. Unzipping his dress pants, he let his cock spring free, the tip red and throbbing, precum dripping out of the tip.
If you only knew sweetheart...
Spitting on his hand he ran a thumb over the tip of his sensitive member, causing him to inhale sharply, but he continued rubbing until he wrapped his entire hand around his thick cock and began to pump it slowly. The sensations of his hand were nothing compared to what he could imagine yours felt like. He could teach you everything you needed to know about sex, and how to please him. He would leave the office smelling like your sweet perfume, and only he would know why. Your smell was a drug, he always knew where you were because of that iconic scent. If he could, he'd follow you like a dog just to smell it again and be close to you. He'd make you wear one of his old t-shirts to bed so when you left to go home, his bed and undershirt would smell like you, and he'd wear it to work as a reminder of what he did to you that night. God. He would teach you what you wanted to know, and would please you so, so well. He'd be the best teacher ever. You'd be fucked by a real man, and not those sorry excuses for a man that are in your generation.
"Those boys know nothing about pleasing a woman..." Steve hisses, jerking himself harder, breath getting shallower.
You deserved to be treated right, like his little princess. All his, anytime, anywhere.
"I could teach you so much better than those boys your age..."
Steve whispered, pumping faster and harder on his cock, it twitching wildly in his hand. He could feel the release coming soon, and he gave in.
He could only think about the risk of getting caught. What a sin....fucking your boss right after a paycheck that came out of his own pocket money? What a dirty little slut you could be....horny for an older man like him? Pathetic. He'd make you his someday...he just knew it.
With a loud groan, Steve came loudly on his hand and on his desk, cum spilling on the file you gave him. Coming down from his high, he wiped his hands clean with some wipes in a drawer, throwing them away in the trash. He looked closer at the file and chuckled softly. It was your file. What cruel fucking irony. Your own boss fucking himself dry and cumming all over the file of the woman he just can't get away from?
I wonder if she remembered what I said about showing me what she bought with that money....
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blackypanther9 · 2 years
William Afton x Reader Oneshots
Tumblr media
(Couldn't decide on the pics, but I chose this one. Maybe I will change it one day to a different one.)
DISCLAIMER !: I do NOT support rape, abuse and other bad behavior ! This is pure fanfiction and fantasy ONLY ! People who can get easily triggered by it, DON’T FUCKING READ IT ! Warnings are at the very top of the beginning smut shot, so READ THEM BEFORE you read the fic !
Dad…? – Dad!William x Son!Reader (Part 1)
How the whole Madness started… - Dad!William x Son!Reader (Part 2)
Why do you call me bunny ? – William Afton x Male!Reader
SMUT !!!
My Bunny – Sub!Glitchtrap x Dom!Male!Reader (SMUT)
Masterlists to....
M/n's Pet~ - William Afton x Male!Reader
(Movie) William Afton x Reader Oneshots
How to turn a Killer into a Bunny – (FNaF Movie)William Afton x Male!Reader
Main Masterlist
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cathers-world · 4 months
GUYS REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I WILL WRITE WHAT THE FIRST REQUEST I GOT WAS AND I ACTUALLY DID IT WELLLLL were doing it again send in your request and I’ll write the first one I get!!!!
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springlockscars · 7 months
clueless (stepfather!w. afton/fem!reader)
pairing: stepfather!william afton | steve raglan/fem!reader content tags: daddy kink, size kink, age gap, praise kink, multiple orgasms, loss of virginity, hand jobs, blow jobs, grinding, first kiss/making out, inexperienced, come swallowing, vaginal fingering. summary: your stepfather is finding it harder and harder to resist you, while you remain entirely oblivious. PREFACE: the reader in this fic is 18+ in age. while phrasing like "little", "baby girl" and "daddy" are used, this terminology is not indicative of the age of the reader. the reader is 18+. minors do not interact. word count: 6,411 tags: @dilfkiss read on AO3
18+ content below cut. minors do not interact.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: I took "dumb!stepdaughter reader" to mean oblivious as to how horny she makes stepfather!william, I hope thats ok! also I know you only asked for a oneshot but I got so carried away lmao. enjoy! ♡
William was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even hear your knocks on the basement door. You cracked the door open slightly when he didn’t respond to see him hunched over his workstation. Flashes of light routinely flickering in front of his eyes as he solders metal to metal.
You sneak through the entrance and tiptoe down the stairs, stopping right behind him. You wait for him to put the soldering iron down before hugging him from behind, pressing yourself against his warm, broad back. William startled, too distracted to even realise you were there.
“Honey!” he exclaimed, “what’re you doing? Be careful, you could’ve gotten hurt,” he turns around pulling off his visor to look at you, but his eyes lock in place when he sees you. Your legs, bare to the upper thigh, hips covered by the thin fabric of your pyjama shorts, top half covered by an oversized sweatshirt he recognised as one of his own. He swallowed hard.
“I’m sorry,” you removed your arms from him, “I just wanted to come see you, see what you were working on.”
He couldn’t resist your pouting face, “c’mere, let me show you,” William patted his lap, encouraging you to take a seat. You settle down and turn to face the worktop which was covered with bits and pieces, metal and wire.
His hands rest naturally on your hips, feeling just how thin the fabric of your shorts really was. William had to stifle a groan when you wiggled in his lap to get comfortable. He immediately felt his blood rushing south, his length twitching under your backside. Taking a deep breath, he rested his chin on your shoulder and stroked the bare expanse of your thigh. There was something about seeing you in his clothes made his dick twitch in his trousers.
“What is it?” you asked curiously.
He cleared his throat, “it’s an elbow joint that belongs to one of the animatronics. Some parts needed replacing, and it needed oiling. The movement was too… stiff,” he was thinking about what else was stiff.
“That’s so cool, it’s so clever how you make these things,” your voice was full of wonder, like a kid on Christmas. You picked up the cold metal in your hands and shifted on William’s lap trying once again to get comfortable.
“Thank you honey, that m-means a lot,” his breath caught in his throat as you wiggled again.
Something was definitely poking you, and William knew exactly what it was. You, however, were none the wiser, entirely distracted by playing with the elbow joint in front of you.
William rested his forehead against your shoulder, relishing in the feeling of you pressed against him like this. He thanked whatever god may be out there for the good fortune of your mother working out town for the week, he knew he’d be in big trouble if she were to barge in right now. He’d be in big trouble if she ever found out about the thoughts he had about you, his stepdaughter.
He knows he shouldn’t feel these feelings or think thoughts like these, but how is he supposed to resist with the way you’re grinding your ass into his erection right now. And to top it all off, you had no idea just what you were doing to him. Completely clueless.
“Are you tired?” you ask over your shoulder.
So naïve, “a little, yeah. How about we go back upstairs, hm? Relax and watch a movie maybe?”
“Sure!” you hop off his lap, the cold night air filling the space you occupied. He once again felt his dick twitch and strain against the fabric of his pants.
“You head on up and pick something out for us to watch. I’ll be right there; I just need to do one more thing.”
“Okay!” you shouted cheerfully. William turned to watch you go, your shorts riding up your legs as you ascend the stairs, revealing the curve of your ass cheeks at the very top of your thighs.
You close the door behind you, turning the basement dim again. William leaned his head back against his chair and groaned, deep and desperate. He hastily shoved his slacks down his legs and freed his now rock-solid cock from the confines of his underwear, wasting no time in pumping the appendage with a rough hand.
His lips parted, hot breaths escaping his lips, William imagined you on his lap once more. How you’d grind against him, no clothes, skin to skin. He imagined your moans, soft and pathetic, just for him. He imagined caressing your breasts, rolling the nipples to hard points, how you’d toss your head back as you rode him and screamed his name. He imagined his hand was your pussy, hot and wet, gripping and squeezing him until he came. How tight would you be? How deep could his length reach inside you?
It was bad, his own innocent stepdaughter. But it was the innocence that really turned him on. William wondered how much experience you had. He imagined being your first, the first cock to split you in two, the first one to hear you come.
Sensing the apex of his climax, William bit his lip and thrusted wildly into his hand, “that’s it baby, that’s it, you’re gonna… ungh, make daddy come.” He dug his nails into the leather arm rest as his hips stuttered, breathing ragged, until he finally comes hard all over himself.
His moans are high pitched and broken, head slumped back against the chair with the adrenaline of his orgasm dissipating through his body.
William now has an answer to a decision he didn’t even realise he had to make.
He was going to fuck you.
William finally gathered the strength to clean himself up with the tissues on his desk and compose himself enough to meet you in the living room. When he enters however, he has to grip the wood of the door frame to keep himself from collapsing right there on the floor.
“Honey… what are you doing?”
“Trying to fix the DVD player, the cable came out,” on your hands and knees underneath the TV stand, ass in the air. William could see the mound of your pussy through your- he shook his head, as though he could physically shake the dirty thoughts from his mind.
“D-do you need a hand?” he manages to choke out.
“No, I almost got it,” you spread your legs wider to bend down further, looking for the perfect angle that would allow the cable to slide into the slot, “I don’t think I need a degree in robotics and engineering to fix the TV,” you teased.
William takes a seat on the couch right behind you. From this angle, he can see right up underneath the sweatshirt you were wearing, his sweatshirt, seeing the faint outline of your breasts. There was no way you didn’t know what you were doing to him. There was no way someone could be this oblivious.
William began daydreaming again. Oh, what it would feel like to take her by the hips at this angle, slowly pressing into her tight-
“Got it!” you exclaimed, leaning back on your knees to check the TV.
Snapping back to reality, William snatched a pillow from the couch and placed it on his lap before you could turn around. Despite bringing himself to a climax a mere few minutes ago downstairs, he could feel himself hardening again already.
“Okay! This is one I’ve wanted to watch for a while now, but I’ve been too scared to watch it on my own,” you sit down on the sofa right next to him, leaning comfortably into his side.
The movie opens with a blonde woman making popcorn on the stove, before getting harassed on the phone by a mystery man and ultimately murdered in her own yard.
“Oh my god!” you flinch away from the gore to bury yourself into your stepdad’s side.
William chuckles, “don’t worry baby I’m here,” he wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer and leaning his cheek comfortingly against the top of your head.
In your panic, you had wrapped your arm around his midsection. William felt his dick respond to the proximity of your hand. He tried desperately to steady his breathing while stroking your back.
William thought for a moment that the horror movie would be able to distract him from the way you were pressed against him, until the teenage couple on the screen began making out and groping each other in bed.
Feeling emboldened, he decided to tease you a little, “now, don’t you be getting any ideas young lady. I don’t want to open your bedroom door one day and find you tangled up with a boy like that.”
You whipped your head up to look at him, arm still draped over his waist, “no way! I don’t even like any boys like that. They’re all weird anyways.”
“Weird how?” William probed.
“Like…” you thought for a second, “they’re all so dumb and immature. I want to find someone like how mom found you.”
Someone like him… Twitch. “That’s sweet, honey.”
“I wouldn’t even know what to do anyways,” you turned back around and laid your head in William’s lap against the pillow.
His brows furrowed, “what do you mean?” he rested his hand on your waist, stroking light circles into the fabric of his sweatshirt.
“I don’t know,” you mumbled, “like kissing and stuff. I’ve never done it… I would probably be really bad at it.”
William was dumbstruck, you really were completely innocent just like he thought. “So,” he started tentatively, “you’ve never kissed anyone?”
You shook your head in his lap, his breath hitching as you pressed the cushion further into his building erection. You didn’t notice.
“And you’ve never… gone further than that? Nobody has touched you?” he was pushing it now; you were bound to catch on.
You shook your head ‘no’ again, “I’m scared it’ll hurt…” You were silent for a moment, before sitting up suddenly turning on your knees and facing him, the movie long forgotten at this point. “Does it hurt? Is it supposed to?” Your eyes wide with curiosity, just like they were down in the basement.
“I- um,” William cleared his throat, painfully aware his hand was still at your waist, “no. No, it’s not supposed to hurt. If your partner is mature enough, and, you know, pays attention to you and what you need, it should feel like the best thing in the world. For the both of you.”
You nodded, deep in thought.
“Have you really never kissed anyone before?” William asked again, still not quite believing it.
“Never,” you shook your head, “how do you do it?”
William’s breath caught in his throat, “w-what?”
“How do you kiss someone like that,” you were serious.
He closed his eyes and braced himself, now or never, he thought. “I can show you, if you’d like.”
Your eyes widened once again and you nodded rapidly, “please,” you begged, scooting closer.
William brought his large palm to your cheek, caressing the soft skin gently, his other hand still resting at your waist, “close your eyes,” he ordered. You obeyed dutifully.
He glanced down at your plush lips, parted as your breathing quickened in anticipation. William leaned in closer and pulled you towards him to meet him halfway. His own eyes fluttered closed as your lips connected. Softly at first, then the hunger overtook William as he grasped your face in both hands, pulling you even closer towards him as he deepened the kiss. He couldn’t stop now.
He licked at your lips, earning a gasp which he quickly took advantage of. Pressing his tongue desperately against yours, you moaned at this brand-new sensation.
Instinctively needing to be closer to him, you shoved the cushion off his lap and took its place, your knees either side of his thighs. You grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, surrendering completely to your stepdad’s mouth.
Teeth and tongues clashing, William bites your bottom lip. This is everything he’s been dreaming about. You melting against him so deliciously. His erection grows harder still, now he’s sure you know exactly what it is because you’re grinding down against it in his lap.
William pulls away from your mouth, chest heaving. He has to push you backwards by your own chest as you try to chase the kiss. “Slow down baby, slow down,” he strokes your face with his thumbs.
“Is kissing always like that?” you pant, still gripping onto his shirt for dear life.
William chuckles, “it should be,” his hands drop to your waist as he buries his face in your neck, placing kisses there too, “I can’t believe you’re this innocent.”
He feels you lean into his touch, “you know, you look so pretty in my sweatshirt, baby girl,” he slides his hands under the fabric to touch your skin.
You’re completely drunk on his touch, mind empty, you don’t know how to respond.
“I’ve thought of touching you like this… for a long time,” he says between kisses.
“Really?” you ask, dumbstruck, “why me?”
William pulls away to look at you in the face, “are you serious?” he searches your eyes, “oh honey, you’re so beautiful. Everything about you drives me insane.” Hands still massaging the skin beneath the sweatshirt, “and seeing you in this, in my shirt and these tiny fucking shorts. Oh my god,” William leans in once again, latching onto your neck and sucking a bruise into the skin.
The stimulation sends jolts through your entire body, traveling down to your core between your legs. You grind on William in an attempt to relieve the pressure. He leans back, kissing along your jawline, “does that feel good?” he asks.
You only whine in response.
“Nuh-uh baby don’t play dumb. Use your words, tell me what you feel.”
“Feels good,” you whimper softly. The sound of your desperate voice making his dick strain harder in his slacks.
“Where does it feel good? Tell me.”
Heat rushes to your cheeks, “in-in between my legs.”
William runs his middle finger over your clothed mound, “right here?” he asks teasingly, applying pressure to the area he knows your clit will be, and by the pitch increase in your voice he must’ve guessed right.
“Ah! Y-yes!” you press your hips against his touch harder, chasing the stimulation.
William pulls his hand away but before you even get the chance to protest, his fingers are sliding below the waistband of your pyjama shorts. “Right here?” he asks again, running two fingers down across your clit.
You buck uncontrollably against his hand, almost overstimulated having never been touched there in this way before. Not even giving you time to respond, he slides his fingers lower, finding your entrance completely soaked with your arousal.
“Oh baby, you’re so wet for me already. Just for me,” he buries his head in your neck again, inhaling your scent.
William can’t believe he’s really touching you like this, and he’s the first. Your first. His cock pulsing harder at the very thought.
He rubs your pussy slowly, not wanting to overwhelm you too quickly. There’ll be time for that. He spreads your slick all around and up towards your clit, circling over the little nub tenderly.
“A-ah,” you cry, “daddy!”
William groans deep in his chest, “what did you just call me? Say that again,” he demands.
“D-daddy! It- it feels so good…”
“Yeah? You like your daddy touching you like this?” he can feel heat rising all the way to his ears.
You whined against his fingers and pleaded, “please.”
William pulls his hand free from between your legs. You cry out and grind down in his lap harder, trying to get the stimulation back. You look at him with watery eyes. He holds eye contact with you as he brings his fingers coated with your arousal to his lips, before running his tongue over them and sucking them into his mouth. Your jaw goes slack as he moans around his own digits, then pulls them from his mouth, now clean.
“I’ve dreamed of what you might taste like, but the reality is even sweeter,” William cups the back of your neck and pulls you in for another desperate open-mouthed kiss. You can taste yourself on his tongue and begin rocking back and forth against the bulge in his trousers.
He pulls back and leaves quick pecks against your lips, “do you want to try touching me, honey?”
You nod quickly, kissing him back every time his lips meet yours.
“Scoot backwards a little,” William takes one of your hands in his, finally releasing your death-grip on his shirt. He presses your palm against his bulge between your legs, sighing at the pressure, “pull the zip down, that’s it.”
You eagerly pull the zipper down and undo the button at the top, your hands freezing when you don’t know what to do next.
You look back up at William for guidance, his gaze dark with eyes full of lust, “you can touch me, it’s ok,” he reassures.
You caress his bulge lightly through his underwear with your fingertips. It was hot and hard, and it made the heat pool between your legs. Carefully, as though it were a dangerous animal, you pull down his underwear over his hard length, freeing it for the second time today. But not that you knew that.
His cock all but sprung out of his underwear, eliciting a guttural moan from William. Unprompted, you take him in your small hand and begin to slide it up and down.
“O-oh fuck, baby girl,” his head falls backwards against the couch cushions, his hands moving to grip you by the thighs, “just like that, a little harder don’t be shy.”
You followed his instructions, pumping his length in one hand with the other pressed against his chest for support. Pearly white liquid seeped from the hole in the tip, and you had the irresistible urge to lick it like an ice cream. Your eyes travelled up William’s body, settling on the expression of pure pleasure on his face. It made you happy that you were able to make your daddy feel good like this.
William couldn’t think straight. Here you were, his beautiful little stepdaughter, sitting on his lap and pumping his cock. He gazes down at you and his heart thuds in his chest watching you lick your lips.
“Here, move down here,” he slides his hands from your thighs to your waist to help you stand, then kneel on the carpet in front of the couch, William caresses the back of your head from where you are between his legs, “why don’t you give it a kiss, hm?”
You lick your lips again, then eagerly lean in closer, pressing your lips to the inflamed tip. Once, then again.
“A-ah! Oh fuck, b-baby,” William’s voice is desperate, he’s never been so aroused in his life, “keep going, don’t stop.”
His dick is hot against your lips. You dare to lick the pre-come from the tip, earning a tighter grip on the back of your head from William’s hand as you swallow down the salty taste. Eagerly wanting to please him, you become bolder. You lick a thick stripe up almost his entire length from base to tip, William watching through hooded eyes. You do it again, and again, flattening your tongue against the hot flesh.
“Here, baby, put it in your mouth,” he instructed, “wrap your lips around it like that I- oh! That’s it, that’s it!”
You take him into your mouth, sucking on him like an ice lolly on a summer’s day. The sounds he’s making prove to you that you’re doing well. You take the bottom half of his cock, the part your mouth can’t reach, and begin pumping him again.
“Oh my god!” William grips your hair in his fist, guiding your mouth up and down faster and harder, “ungh, just like that, just like that baby you’re doing so well. Taking my cock so well.”
He begins thrusting up into your mouth, penetrating deeper, and deeper into you. With one hand remaining on his length, your other hand grips onto his thigh to steady yourself. With tears building in your eyes, it’s almost too much for you to handle but you don’t want to pull away.
William, fucking into your mouth, has lost all sense of morality. His wife, your mother, could walk through the door right now and he would continue to choke you on his cock until he came. Nothing in the world could stop him at this point.
For the second time today, he feels his climax approaching. Chasing the high, he’s entirely consumed by thoughts of you. He no longer needs to imagine scenarios to beat himself off to, he has the real thing on her knees, devoted to him.
He feels your tongue pressing flat against his length, the increase in blood pressure as you suck him in. The lewd sounds you make as you gag around him and saliva dribbles down your chin.
“So close… I’m so close baby girl. Are you gonna swallow all of daddy’s come, are you gonna take what I give you?”
You hum in response around him, and the vibrations are enough to tip him over the edge. William grips your head firm in his hands, holding it still as he fucks into your mouth two… three, more times, before finally stilling mid thrust, and emptying his load into your mouth and down your throat.
The salty liquid hits your tongue, and you swallow it down instinctively. Licking and sucking the hot appendage, making sure you don’t miss a drop.
William relaxes, arms going slack, and he sinks deeper into the couch cushions. You rise from the floor, crawling back onto his lap to be close to him.
“Was that good, daddy?” you ask, voice quiet and shy.
“Oh baby…” William caresses your back and wipes the saliva from your chin. He then pulls you against his chest into an embrace, “that was incredible, my love. You made daddy feel so good, I’m so proud of you.”
You both lie still for a moment, William coming down from his high, and you listening to the thud of his heartbeat through his chest.
William brushes your hair back, away from your neck, before placing a kiss there, then another, then biting softly, “do you want daddy to thank you, hm?” his breath is hot against your neck.
Once again beginning to squirm in his lap, you nodded your head against his chest. He pushes you up to a seated position, sliding his hands under his shirt to caress the skin of your waist again, “I want you to use your words, baby girl. Tell me what you want.”
“I want you to make me feel good too, daddy. I want you to touch me again…”
He pecks you on the lips, then pulls his sweatshirt over your head in one swift motion, revealing your bare chest right in front of his eyes. Wiliam places a kiss to the centre of your chest, right on the breastbone, before moving across to the left, to suck and nibble at the plush flesh of your breast. His right hand sliding up your body to cup the other one on the right side. Your breathing immediately becomes laboured, William sucking a nipple into his mouth, biting and leaving bruises in his wake.
You were soft beneath his fingers. He felt a twinge in his crotch, becoming aroused all over again by the way you moaned and arched your back into him. William kissed his way lower, as low as this position would allow, before scooping you up in his arms and laying you flat on your back on the couch.
Your eyes widened but were filled with desire as he loomed over your small frame beneath him. He resumed his pathway, tongue trailing down over your abdomen, finally reaching the prize between your legs.
William wasted absolutely no time, whipping off your pyjama shorts, leaving you bare save your white panties. He pressed a kiss to the fabric covering your mound, moving lower and pushing your legs further apart. His mouth watered at the smell of your arousal, eyeing the dark spot on your panties where it had soaked through. He licked a stripe up your soaking cunt through the material, just like you had done to his cock earlier.
“Oh! Oh fuck,” your back arched, your walls clenched around nothing, and you gripped the cushions tight in your hands to ground you.
The taste on his tongue sweet and a little bitter. Your panties clung to your skin, the large man between your thighs making them wetter and wetter with every swipe of his tongue.
With one hand, William pinned your hips down into the soft couch cushions, the other one pressing firmly against your pussy through your panties. He circled his fingers around your clit, high pitched moans tumbling from your lips as you try to grind forward seeking some kind of release.
William, deciding he couldn’t wait any longer, hooked his fingers in the waistband of your soiled panties, pulling them down your thighs and all the way off your legs, discarding them on the ground.
He couldn’t believe the sight before his eyes. Your pussy, swollen and glistening with your arousal, right in front of him. Close enough to stick his tongue out and taste you, and that’s what he did. He buried his face in your cunt and ate you out like a man starved.
You cry out, high pitched and needy. You’ve never felt anything like this before, the way the hot muscle of his tongue slides expertly through your folds, the tip circling your clit, moving back down to poke at your entrance.
The heat was pooling between your legs rapidly, jolts of pleasure were coursing through your body, building in intensity. More, and more. You had no idea such an intense pleasure existed.
William tentatively pressed an index finger to your entrance, you felt your walls stretch and flesh burn as he pushed in deeper, and deeper. You twitched and squirmed under his grip, until the digit was pressed inside you all the way to the knuckle. He pumped it in and out, slow at first, then picking up the pace.
“How does that feel, sweetheart?” William’s voice was heavy with arousal.
The muscles in your stomach twitched, “A-ah, s’good,” your voice was hoarse, “feels so good, ‘ve never felt t-this before, ah!”
“Yeah? Do you want daddy to add one more?”
You can only manage a groan in response.
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” William pressed kisses to the flesh of your thighs, his beard scratching your skin, before slowly working another thick finger into your cunt. Taking it as a success when you scream his name and press yourself down harder against him.
William thrusts his fingers firm and deep, curling them every now and again to catch your G-spot, you probably didn’t even know what that was, he thought. He brings his lips to your core again, gently flicking his long tongue over your clit, pressing flat against it, circling around, sucking it into his mouth and biting lightly with his teeth.
You twitch and writhe in place, feeling pressure build within you. Your thighs flex by his head, one of his hands gripping the flesh there hard enough to bruise.
“D-daddy,” you cry.
William raises his head, “I know baby girl, let it happen. Just relax and let go for me,” he goes back to sucking harshly on your clit, fingers fucking into you a little harder than before.
The air feels cold against your skin, the pressure builds higher and higher, your legs tense and toes curl. Your muscles tense more and more, and tighter and tighter. William flicks his tongue over your clit one last time, then all of a sudden, your entire body is convulsing. Your thighs flex and spasm at either side of William’s head.
You scream out and shudder under your stepfather’s touch, “shh that’s it baby, that’s it. Come for daddy, that’s it beautiful,” his pulsing fingers slowed as you rode out your first orgasm, hips rolling against his hand.
Just like William earlier, you go limp against the couch. You can feel aftershocks pulse through your body and down your legs. William pulls his fingers out slowly and you watch through exhausted eyes as he sucks them into his mouth and licks them clean, devouring every morsel of your arousal that coated them.
William holds you by the waist and leans over you kissing your neck softly, moving up to your jawline, before finally connecting his lips to yours. The kiss is deep and full of desire.
He pulls away briefly, “you did so well for me, my little bunny,” then kisses you again, “did that feel good?”
You couldn’t speak. Fatigue engulfed every cell in your boy, all you could do was kiss him back lazily.
“Ohh, did I fuck my baby dumb with my fingers, hm?” William strokes his thumbs over your nipples, your body twitches and you whimper beneath him.
Your whole body was still on fire, you ached for him to touch you again. To bring you to the edge over and over, senses filled with only him. Your fingertips brushed the fabric of his dishevelled shirt, pulling him down closer to you.
Not even fully aware of your own actions, your fingers found the buttons of his shirt and began undoing them, one by one. Lust burned within William; you don’t want to stop… you want more. His lips meet yours once more, with an intensity this time.
He pressed that long tongue of his into your mouth, exploring every curve, devouring you ravenously. After releasing the final button, he shrugged out of the crumpled yellow shirt and tossed it on the ground where your clothes lie. Smoothly, without breaking the kiss, William hooks his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and pulls them down along with his trousers. He kicks them off and kneels over you, entirely bare on the couch.
William parts your legs to wrap your thighs around his waist. He shuffles forward, a deep, guttural moan spilling from his mouth into yours as his cock, hardening once more, makes contact with your soaking cunt.
Your hips react instinctively, rolling and grinding your core into his. William rocking his own hips rhythmically, sliding deliciously through your folds. The tip of his member bumps your sensitive clit inciting a whine from you in response.
Both of you are a mess of whimpers and groans, grinding and thrusting furiously against each other. A sweat breaks out on William’s skin. He pulls back away from your mouth to kneel up straight, gazing down at where your bodies connect with blurry eyes.
He takes his solid cock in his hand, feeling the blood pulsate through the skin, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard in my life… for anyone,” he presses the tip directly through your folds, gathering your arousal. “Do you see what you do to me, baby girl? Look at how hard daddy is for you.”
You lean up on your elbows and follow his gaze down between your legs. William sliding his cock through your slick is a sight to behold. Feeling his heat pulse and throb against your sensitive skin.
You only now realise just how big he is in comparison to you. Knowing full well how much you struggled to take him into your mouth earlier, you feel a sense of panic begin to rise in your chest.
William notices this, and cups your face in his large palm, “don’t worry, honey. Remember what I said? I’m going to take good care of you.”
He takes your hips in both hands and begins to press directly against your entrance, immediately feeling resistance there.
“Oh… Oh my god,” you collapse down onto your back again. Legs parting wider as though that’ll help to accommodate your stepfather’s girth more.
“Breathe for me, bunny. I need you to relax,” William’s voice is thick with need. The need to pound you with all his strength, until your voice breaks and you spill all over him. But he must be patient.
He slides through your folds again, tip bumping your clit a couple of times and making you spasm beneath him before pressing against your tight hole once more. Pushing further and further. More and more.
The pressure ten times more intense than when he entered you with his thick fingers. Curse words spill from your lips, your hands grip William’s arms where he’s holding you firm by the hips. Your breasts squeezed together and heaving with the intensity of your breaths.
One of his thumbs moves to circle your clit, trying to ease the tension in your body. You whine and writhe and beg, a litany of “please”, and “oh god”. William presses harder still, until the bulbous head of his cock pushes through. Your entrance finally yielding to him.
He continues to strum your clit soothingly and gently, allowing you time to get used to the intrusion.
“Talk to me, how does it feel, baby?”
You pant desperately, “s’good… I-ah!” your hips twitch, “It feels so good daddy, you feel s-so good!”
“Oh, honey… I told you it should feel good. You’re being such a good girl for me; I love hearing your beautiful voice.”
William pulls back slightly, and tentatively pushes into you further, groaning when his length does indeed penetrate you deeper. You’re so tight. Never in his life has William felt a pussy like yours, it’s like you were made just for him. He could probably come inside you right here and now, but he fights with all his strength to supress the urge.
He pulls out a little, then slides in again, and again. Over and over. Around half of his length is inside you now, and you’ve never felt anything like it before.
The burn, the stretch… It should be uncomfortable, but it isn’t. Your back arches and your hips rock. You want more. All you can think of is more. More of him, your daddy. More of his kisses, more of his cock, more pleasure. More, more, more.
Tears spill from the corners of your eyes, the feeling is so intense. William picks up the pace, spurred on by the wails slipping past your lips. With every thrust he dives into you deeper, exploring the uncharted territory of your walls, whimpering himself when he feels your cunt squeeze him even tighter.
With every thrust he reaches deeper into you, until he realises his cock is sheathed entirely inside you, “Ah! Oh baby, my baby girl…”
William pulls out, leaving only the tip still buried inside, then plunges back into you all the way to the hilt.
“Daddy!” you cry, feeling every bump and ridge of his length stretch you out.
That word provokes him further, he’s pumping into you relentlessly focusing on chasing his own building high, that knot getting tighter and tighter in the base of his cock.
“Are you close, baby? Are you gonna come again, all over your daddy’s cock this time?”
“P-please daddy, please,” you cry, “I n-need… I want-”
William takes your thigh in his hand, pressing your leg back towards your chest to achieve a deeper angle inside your cunt, “what do you need my bunny? Tell daddy.”
The stimulation you’re receiving leaves you speechless. You babble obscenely and incoherently, fists gripping onto anything you can reach. William’s arms, the couch cushions, your own breasts to pinch at your nipples.
You are completely drunk on the pleasure your stepdad is providing you. Feeling the burn inside begin to peak again just like when he fucked you with his fingers, “daddy, I’m gonna… Oh! I’m gonna-”
“That’s a good girl, come for daddy. Come for me,” William pants, his thumb rhythmically stroking across your clit, assisting you to the peak of your climax.
Arching your back, feeling your walls begin to clench, the heat intensifies until it’s a burning, white hot fire inside you. You scream as your orgasm wracks through your body, wilder than the last one, your whole body shaking and spasming uncontrollably. Your mind delirious with pure pleasure.
William’s grip on both your thigh and hips turns bruising as you come violently on his cock. Your walls pulsating and gripping him, pushing him over the edge of his own orgasm. He pulls you forcefully down against his hips one final time, before stilling, and emptying his seed deep inside you.
He stays there for a moment, until his dick is no longer twitching, and he collapses down on top of you. Both of you breathless and writhing, riding out the most intense orgasms you’ve ever experienced. William holds you by your waist, his face once more buried in your neck. You both cling to each other, skin sticky with sweat, eyes closed as the rush dissipates.
William strokes your skin soothingly, “you’re such a good girl,” he praises, “such a good girl for your daddy.”
You sigh and curl into his embrace. Perfectly content.
“Now baby,” he leans up to look you in the eyes, “this is very important, okay? You can’t tell your mother what we did tonight. It has to be our little secret or we won’t ever get to do it again, do you understand.”
You nod curtly, “I won’t tell, I promise.”
“Good girl,” William presses a kiss to your lips, pulling back when you turn to yawn. “Do you want to come upstairs to bed with me? You can sleep in daddy’s big bed, but we have to keep that a secret from mom too, okay?”
“I’d love to,” your eyes sparkle.
William kisses you once more, before sitting up again and gently pulling out from inside your hot pussy. Your muscles pulse and you sigh at the loss of contact.
“Are you okay?” he checks.
“Just a little sore,” you confess.
“Oh baby,” he pulls you up to a sitting position and strokes your cheek, “come upstairs with me. I’ll take care of you.”
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unfilteredaj · 8 months
Taking requests for William Afton/Springtrap/Steve Raglan from the FNAF movie…
Send ‘em in, folks! Fluff, Spice, (maybe smut, I’m very rusty though), Angst… any type of oneshot!
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rev3nanttt · 16 days
Closer-Part 2 of ???
Tumblr media
This chapter is more of a long one, sorryyyyyy. Slow burn. Don't worry, we still get our Steve Special in this one. Enjoy!!!
"Let me help you, sweetheart."
What a fucking day....you think to yourself as you finally get to closing shift. Your day has just come to an end; the middle shift coworkers have showed up for the 9-12 shift before the night security gets there at midnight. Ovens cleaned, tables wiped, and with th last few families trickling their way out the door, you decide to call it a night. With a sigh, you unbutton the first couple of buttons on your uniform, freeing yourself from that tight fabric. Your loosen your black tie and pull it downwards, it hanging loosely at your neck.
"Ughh…" You mutter to yourself, mind still racing back to what had happened just a few hours ago. The occasion had lingered in your mind for hours, the scenario replaying again and again.
Had you really done that? Had you really just flirted with your boss? And…you liked it. A lot.
You cant help but wonder if it was just generosity alone that caused the gesture, or if it was truly something more. You know Steve doesn't have a filter, and you've heard the comments he makes. But this...this was different. Somehow, someway, you knew that this was special treatment.
Sure, you could live on with your life, but you're seeing him tomorrow...he's your boss. This isn't just your daily tips from a stranger.
"Fuuuckk…" You exhale in a long breath, finally in the back of the pizzeria, making your way into the cramped locker room you keep your stuff in. The hallway is long and flickering, and you can't help but feel a little jolt of adrenaline when you pass Steve's office.
But you push on, and make it to the locker room. You open the door and are met with the smiling face of your coworker, Jennifer. She's been at Freddy's for just about as long as you have, and you see her as a really great friend. She's the only coworker here you've given your number to besides Mike. You, Mike and Jenny, as you call her, hang out together outside of work, occasionally getting together for little dinners and such, so Jenny knows you well. It's pretty nice having someone to look after you at work.
"Hey girl," Jennifer says, smiling warmly at you before getting back to packing. "Hey," you respond, doing the same."God that shift felt long, didn't it?" Jenny says, taking her shirt off and throwing on a hoodie. You nod in response."Y-yeah…it was…huh?" You kind of stammer out. She stops packing.
"Girl what the fuck happened? You don't stutter like that." You look up to see Jennifer standing there with her arms crossed and bottom lip pouty; you never keep secrets from her. Ever. "Well…" You begin before stammering off again. "I got a raise today…I think?" You shrug, a little embarrassed.
"Okay now you really gotta tell me." Jennifer probes, poking your shoulder. You sigh, pulling out the envelope of cash, showing Jennifer. You laugh a little as you slip it back into your backpack.
"Wait then who-" Jenny asks before trailing off, eyes widening as they connect the dots.
"No way." She says, turning her head to one side before giving you a naughty grin. "NO FUCKING WAY." You blush and cover your now burning cheeks with your hands. "He did not!" She giggles, raising an eyebrow. "Girl…you dont think he-" "See there in lies the issue..I have no clue…." You admit, blushing. "He told me to get something nice and to uh….show…him…" You stammer. Jennifer squeals a little bit. "So you and your geriatrics, huh? Getting yourself a nursing home special, aren't we now?" She snarks making a teasing face. You wrinkle your nose at her in return, cheeks still burning. She knew you'd found him attractive, and had always made fun of you for it.
"Oh shut up Jenny," you giggle, throwing your hair into a messy bun. "I doubt he meant anything by it. It's just harmless flirting." You try to convince yourself that's all it really was, just some banter; but you knew deep down this wasn't normal. Jennifer rolls her eyes and heads to the door. "Alright, let's go. I'm starving." She comments as you two make it to the door. Jenny leaves first, and you close the door behind you two, heading to your car.
"Night Jenny! See you tomorrow!" You call as she steps into her car. "Night!! Don't kiss any old men without telling me!" She yells extra loud just to embarrass you. "Ahhh fuck offf!!" You laugh back. You too get into your car and turn the key on, and the engine whooshes to life. As you're driving, you remember what he said to you, "Tell me what you get with some of the money, sweetheart. I'd love to see." Your heart begins to pound as your body unconsciously makes a choice. Before you can even think, you're parked outside the nearest mall, right in front of a lingerie store.
"Fuck, what am I even doing?" you curse to yourself, staring at the big Victoria's Secret logo flashing brightly in the dimming hours of evening.
His grip on you was stronger than you had thought....you're this far in the water anyways, so why stop knee deep? Your hand reaches for your backpack, pulling out the envelope of cash. It feels heavy and full in your hands, and your heart begins to race. Were you really going to give in? You feel yourself make the choice and step out of your car and head inside. It's hell or high water, and you've chosen the former.
As you pull up to your apartment, you turn off your car and sigh loudly. You're back tomorrow...there's no escaping Steve....not like you'd want to anyways.
You step inside the mall, avoiding the lingerie store at first. It’s bustling with people, but you navigate the crowd with ease. You stop by a few stores, browsing through clothes, accessories, and shoes. Just some usual fun shopping. Eventually, you find yourself in the lingerie store, eventually finding your way to a display of elegant, lacy bras. You feel a rush as you start picking through the bras, finding your cup and rib size. Steve's teasing comment about getting a new bra flashes through your mind, and you feel your cheeks heat up again. You're really going to make the choice.
Then you find it. The one. Hidden below near the bottom of the stack of bras is a lacey set of bra and panties in dark purple. There is soft lace covering the bra, and the panty is see through, just a tiny layer of purple mesh fabric. It's scandalous. It's not work appropriate. It's fuckin sexy. You bite your lip. His favorite color.... You'd seen his purple ties, his purple tops, and his cute purple bunny socks he definitely didn't mean to show you on accident by placing his feet up on his desk. You find a changing room and step inside, trying on the piece, admiring how they fit and make you feel more confident. The set fits perfectly around you, as if it was meant to be yours.You blush and spin around, admiring your figure in the set. You're gonna do it. You're gonna buy it. So you do.
Feeling satisfied with your choice, you make your way to the cashier with a pounding heart. You feel your cheeks heat up as the cashier says to you with a grin, "He's gonna love this. As you hand over the envelope of cash to pay, you can’t help but think about Steve's reaction if he ever saw you wearing it. He'd have you against his desk in a heartbeat. You hand over some cash and leave as fast as possible. You don't wanna be seen in there, buying something for a man who was easily 20 years older than you. He'd fuck you until you cried. He'd whisper all the disgusting things he'd do to you while pushing into you harder and harder until you couldn't take it anymore. You felt yourself becoming aroused and it took all your strength to get to the car and calm yourself down. Looking down into the bag full of money and purple lingerie you think to yourself,
What has he done to me?
As you make your way to work, your heart is pounding with nerves. The music in your car wasn't helping you calm down as it usually does.
You'd have to face him today. He'd be there in the pizzeria with you and the other staff in a few hours, so you'd need to keep yourself cool if you could for as long as possible, and avoid him. You can't let him know what he does to you. Except...there was still that guilty desire you felt for him, and you couldn't shake it off, as hard as you tried. And the lingerie you had put on from yesterday was another clear reminder that he really had you wrapped around his fingers. You pull into your usual spot at the pizzeria and take a deep breath before getting out of your car. You head to the doors and unlock them with your keys. Jenny hasn't gotten there yet, she usually arrives an hour or two after you, so it gives you time to open up shop before the families start arriving for their parties. You head to the breaker room in the back of the building and flip on the lights and tune the speakers. The building instantly comes to life with sound and color. Another day at Freddy's has begun...great. you think to yourself with a small chuckle. Today was gonna be weird as hell, you just knew it.
You decide to start with setting up tables; you head to the back and head to the party supplies. The back door opens with a loud screech, and you step inside. The air is stale and cold, and you can't help but feel that "I'm being watched" feeling every time you go inside there. Something just had always felt...off. There was an eeriness there that you just couldn't put your finger on. But today, it was even more so. It wasn't a scary feeling, you just had a feeling you were being observed. You inhale sharply and try to ignore it. There was nobody even here yet, just you. "I'm just paranoid....I'm fine," you scold yourself gently before sifting through the piles of decorations along the back wall. Try as you might to shale the feeling, it was still lingering as you left the back room. You decide to grab a couple of tablecloths, streamers, and some party hats, and head back to the dining area. You can feel the mild anxiety wash away as you enter the main room and begin setting up. Humming softly to yourself, you place the brightly colored decorations on the tables before leaning back, looking at your work satisfied. Next task, cleaning the kitchen before the morning shift got there. You take a few steps into the kitchen before you are met with a god awful mess of flour and grease.
"You're fucking serious...." you curse to yourself, pinching the bridge of your nose in annoyance. How could the closing crew be so ignorant? Whatever. It's your job now, and you only have a set frame of time before the families start to arrive. "Lucky me, playing cleanup before work even actually starts..." you whine, laughing in exasperation. If push comes to shove, you'd still be cleaning anyways, so you grab your supplies under the large sink and begin. And to not much of a surprise, the cleaner is also missing. Just another issue added onto the day. "I swear I put this away last night somewhere else." You sigh in annoyance. I was right...this day WAS gonna be a pain. Opening cabinets and drawers to no avail leave you confused and a little annoyed now. The cleaner was nowhere to be seen. There was only one more place you'd not looked, the top cabinet that you could barely reach. You sigh. "I swear to god if it's in there...." you mutter, trying to snag the handle of the cabinet. You're just barely too short, so you try and jump to grab it. Your finger just barely slips the handle, and the cabinet door creaks open just barely. You can see the fucking bottle, it's like its laughing at you. "Fuck." you curse, trying to reach it.
Then that feeling is back again...that...watching....you whip around and see nothing. God, you're really scaring yourself this time. You try once more to grab the cleaner, but to no avail. You jump a few times, but the cleaner doesn't move. How fucking annoying.
"Let me help you, sweetheart."
a voice coos from behind you. You practically leap 3 feet in the air before turning around to see Steve walking into the kitchen behind you. You feel your cheeks burn with embarrassment. How long had he been standing there, watching you fail again and again? Without saying a word, he steps behind you and towers over you, you still facing the cabinet. His chest pushes into your back, and you can feel your heartbeat instantly speed up at how close he is. One of his large forearms rests in front of yours, and you realize how large he is compared to you. He could do anything. His arms are lightly scarred and he seems more fit than other men his age, probably from the robots he works on.
"There you go. Is this what you were looking for?" The smell of his fresh cologne washes over you as he leans forward for the cleaner, and you can feel his chest rising and falling as he reaches for the cleaner, grabbing it with ease. He was so close to you, so close you could see every scar and callous on his arms and hands from hours of animatronic work. And this was FAR from safe for work. You can feel him pressing against your ass, and you bite your lip at how good but sinful this is. You can feel yourself growing sinfully aroused by this older man. He's doing this on purpose. It took everything in you not to back into him, begging for his cock through your clothes.
Steve places the cleaner in front of the both of you but doesn't move. His hands are massive compared to yours, and you can't help but think of every awful scenario that could happen in this kitchen. He could fuck you senseless, and you wouldn't even mind. You'd let him breed you until you were on your knees, begging for him to stop. What a pathetic thing you are, and for your boss? Even worse....You don't dare move. He could have you bent over instantly on this counter if he desired. And you wished he would. You could feel yourself clench around nothing, and it was pitiful. Horny for a man that was easily over 20 years older than you, yet....you loved the thrill. He stands there silently behind you for a couple of painfully long moments...moments too long to be a normal interaction. After what feels like far too long and far too short, he inhales and backs away from you. As he does, you swear you feel something brush against your ass as he backs up, making you even wetter than you already were. Your arms are shaking, and your gaze follows him until he's a couple feet away, smiling. "Glad I could find that for you, sweetheart. Shame it was put up so high, so out of reach." Your head tilts to one side slightly at his choice of words. This was intentional.
It was you. You put it up there.
His voice is dripping with tease at the end, and you'd want nothing more than for him to absolutely fuck the hell out of you more than right now. It was all a set up. And you had fallen into it like there was nothing there. Your eyes fall to his crotch, and you can only wonder what his cock looks like underneath. You could bet money he put his hands in his pockets for a reason after that interaction. Maybe he was the same as you, horny for someone they really shouldn't be horny for...
"Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need anything." Steve says with a smirk. And then he's gone, leaving you in the kitchen alone, desperate to process what the hell just went down.
Your heart is racing, cheeks flushed, and you're sinfully wet. You ask yourself in a shaky whisper,
"What the fuck just happened?"
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rev3nanttt · 18 days
Writing more tonight so get ready for an update on "Closer!"
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rev3nanttt · 3 days
Hey everyone! Sorry, I’ve been on vacation so I haven’t been posting. I will be working on part 3 today!
And you won’t be disappointed!
xoxo, Rev
Steve leans in, a hand sliding up your throat, chuckling. You can smell his cologne and feel your chests brushing together. Your heart is racing. His eyes are glittering with a dangerous look, and you can’t do anything but stare like a doe into the man’s eyes. Steve had you wrapped around his finger, and you weren’t doing anything to stop it.
“Oh sweetheart, I knew it from the start. You just couldn’t get away from me.”
His grip tightens and his thumb brushes your lip, making you quiver. Steve gets closer, closing his eyes and resting his forehead on yours. His lips are almost touching yours, and you are fighting everything in you to not lean into the temptation and kiss him.
Steve guides you closer before whispering,
“And I am never going to let you leave.”
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Chapter 2 is up!!! Have fun everyone xoxo
im shocked i could write so much over this fucking man ANYWAYS
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Heeey dear writer!Hru,hope ur doing great.I wanted to ask u if u could do an oneshot with stepdad william afton/steve raglan x dumb stepdaughter reader (YK WHAT I MEAN 😭)
Sorry it took so long, I got way too carried away when drafting this and it ended up being like 6.4k words 💀
Here it is! also on AO3!
Thank you for your suggestion! ♡
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