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sadesluvr · 6 months
Three Simple Wishes - William Afton x Reader
It’s Vanessa’s birthday, but her father William ends up getting the best present. 
A/N:  Pure filth, yet again. This has gone through a BILLION iterations, but I’ve finally done it…I’m off to horny jail. Minors DNI!
Word count: 3.5K
Tags: SMUT / Dom + Sub dynamics / Dub-con / Age gaps (Reader is in her 20’s) / Infidelity / Costume sex / Perv! William / Oral sex, male and female receiving / Sex toys (Vibrator) / Multiple orgasms / Unprotected sex / Creampies / LOTS of use of the term 'Princess' / William is just NASTY, ok? And a bad father but we knew that
Tumblr media
Being a Rent-A-Princess was far from glamorous, but sometimes it was rewarding. As for the other times? Having to endure sleazy men who hire you for bachelor parties, and cleaning yourself up from that one sickly child who puked on your dress.
You hoped today wouldn’t be one of those days.
It seemed promising enough to start, until you’d apparently shown up an hour early.
“I’m sorry,” a man named William said. You’d quickly learned he was the birthday girls’ father. “Sarah should’ve told you that they were going to the movies first. It’s funny how she can forget that, but not to nag about everything I do,” he said matter of factly, swigging his drink.
So he was the complaining husband. Nothing you hadn’t dealt with before.
“Well, I can wait…” you sighed, playing with the sparkly material of your dress. Mrs Afton had specifically requested that you be a ‘fairy princess’ - so you were dressed in a flowery tiara, crème coloured wings, and a corset-like dress with off the shoulder straps and a tulle skirt that stopped just by your knees. 
“Want a drink?” William asked, breaking the tension. He seemed nice enough, albeit slightly dorky with his large glasses and oddly coloured tie. Apparently he’d come from work.
You politely shook your head, biting your lip as you directed your attention around the room, somewhat oblivious to the way the man was staring at you.
He’d heard of his wife’s “genius” idea to hire a princess, but for some reason the concept had never really manifested in his mind. He’d always seen them as slightly cringey with weird, overly heavy makeup, but you were a dream come true. Shy, polite - perfectly submissive. He wondered what was hidden under the layers of tulle and petticoat; if you’d squirm when he ran his hands up your thighs, spreading them apart so he could finger your pussy. He wanted to see you in action; if you’d stay in character whilst he pounded you into the counter, tears of ecstasy forming in your eyes as you’d squeal when you came around his cock.
His relationship with his wife had gotten stale a long time ago, and it was time that he got a thanks.
“You know, I’ll pay you for this extra hour,” he announced. “Can you do a little bit of your act? I wanna see if you’re good enough for my ‘Nessa,” he smiled, eyes wide and sparkling. Even though he was a grown man, it was actually rather cute. You loved seeing devoted fathers - 
How could you say no? 
You picked up your wand and stood in the middle of the kitchen before you curtseyed.  
“Your wish is my command…” you said gently, peering up at him through your lashes. It was a classic move in the business, but it drove the man crazy. He smirked, finishing the last of his beer before he walked around the counter to join you, leaning against the counter. 
It was then you realised how much bigger he was than you; tall, with a large chest and limbs. What struck you the most was his biceps and thighs - he was far more built than the typical man his age. For some reason you now felt nervous, but it wasn’t the usual pre-show jitters.
“…How may your Princess be of assistance?”
His Princess. You were all his for the next hour.
“I get three wishes, don’t I?” he hummed.
You pursed your lips and nodded, rolling the wand in your hands as your heart pounded against your chest.
“Well, for my first wish I’d like a dance with you,” William said, smirking at your startled reaction.
“I’m not a great dancer…” you said bashfully. 
William stepped closer, reaching out a hand to adjust the material of your sleeves down so that they were level, noticing how your skin freckled with goosebumps upon his touch.
“Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll teach you,” he said softly, taking your hand in his and beginning to lead you into some kind of ballroom dance. 
There was no music but he hummed a deep, methodic melody that came from inside his chest, almost like a satisfied purr of a lion. He was careful as he held you, as if you were a porcelain doll, making sure that his body was a safe distance from yours. Still, your bare legs and the tickly material of your dress occasionally rubbed against his own, earning an apologetic ‘sorry’ from you every time.
You were beyond perfect. Quite literally a fantasy come to life.
Once you were done, you broke away. 
“Where did you learn to move like that?” you chuckled.
“I play a character too,” he said vaguely. “I’m very comfortable in my body. Besides, my wife always said I was good with my hands…” he finished, raising his brows slightly. You bit your lip and cocked your head, giggling at his entendre. 
“What’s your second wish?”
“A kiss,” he said bluntly, and you glanced at the ground shyly. This was certainly beyond your means. Still, you were technically on the job, and you’d jokingly kissed people on the cheek before as part of it. This was the only gig you had that was getting you through college, and you couldn’t lose it.
You nodded, adjusting your tiara before you leaned in, standing on your toes as you planted a kiss on his cheek. His skin was slightly prickly because of his beard, contrasting against your soft, slightly sticky lips. Pulling away, you realised you’d left a smudge of your lip gloss on his cheek.
William hummed at the contact, unable to suppress his growing erection. You smelled heavenly, and your kiss was even better. So gentle, so precise…
“That was lovely, sweetheart, but I didn’t say on the cheek,”
Your eyes widened and you gasped.
“Mr Afton — I can’t…You’re married,”
“That doesn’t matter,” he said dismissively. “It’s all just make-believe. Besides, she’s not here…”
You remained frozen as he got closer to you, his hands again brushing the sleeves of your dress, this time beginning to slide them down your arms. You knew what he wanted.
“Mr Afton, please,” you begged, glancing around the kitchen. If this endeavour was going to happen, it shouldn’t be by a children’s birthday cake. “Not here…”
“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said, his voice raspy. The cracks were beginning to show, and his eyes were filled with lust. “This way,”
He led you down the hall and up the stairs. Before you knew it, you were in the Afton’s bedroom, the door left slightly ajar. 
“Get on the bed for me, Princess,” he grinned. “I want to look at you,”
William chuckled as you immediately obeyed, pulling yourself up towards the headboard, sat on your knees, staring up at him expectedly. You were quivering, and it only made his cock harder.
The tulle ran up your thighs, its poorly constructed bottom beginning to leave nothing to the imagination. Your chest was heaving, exposing the outline of your breasts. Even though you were scared, you were so ready for him.
“I don’t want to get caught…” you said softly, a lump bobbing in your throat as he slowly approached you, staring you down like a piece of meat. “I’ll be fired,”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, Princess,” he smiled, beginning to loosen his belt as he kept staring at you. “But it works two ways, you know…”
You nodded. 
“Is this your final wish?”
“No. I like to savour my treats…” he purred, pulling down his zipper. “Look up at me, doll,”
You obeyed, letting him take your face with his free hand, cupping your chin as he guided you to his cock. He was a little over average, and it was thick, with a prominent vein running along its side. He groaned and threw his head back as your warm mouth enveloped his cock, precum acting as lube and coating your lips like gloss. His grip remained firm on your face as he began to pump in and out of your mouth slowly, giving you time to adjust to the sensation. You hollowed your cheeks on his cock, guiding your head along the skin as you used your tongue to lick the sides, earning a groan from William.
“Has this pretty Princess sucked cock before?” he teased. “Of course you have…You’ve never had one like this before though, hm? Married, daddy dick,”
You managed a ‘Mmfh’ in response, unable to speak. The man chuckled and let go of your face, letting you do the work whilst he caressed your body, admiring your wings and stroking your neck, his hands making their way down to your chest. You wasted no time in using your hands to grip his base, holding him still as you began to eagerly suck him off, taking him as far as you could whilst your hands jerked him off at the base.
He huffed, and began to unbutton his shirt, leaving him in a vest, showing off his slightly hairy chest. He looked down at you, and you looked up at him, secretly satisfied at the way his eyes were half lidded with desire. It was his daughter's birthday, and his wife was 30 mins away, and yet here he was getting a blowjob from the hired entertainment. It was so sinful, and he’d barely even begun.
“Go deeper, Princess. For me…” he commanded, his voice breathy. You did, and his thick tip hit the back of your throat, making you gag. Pulling away, a trail of spit connected your mouth to his cock, and the man tutted, scooping it with his finger to run it over your swollen lips.
Had you disappointed him?
“I can do it —” you insisted, psyching yourself up to go again, but he stopped you, bending down to place a sloppy kiss on your lips.
“Lie back,” he said simply. “I have a surprise of my own,”
He opened a drawer, fumbling around through the contents before he pulled out a box — to a vibrator.
“It’s all clean,” he said, holding it up teasingly. “You got one of these, Princess? Or are you too much of a good girl for them – Maybe there’s a Prince around to do the job for you…?”
You shook your head. There was one guy named Mike who’d sold you the tires of your car once, but you’d never really pursued him.
“Hm,” William hummed gleefully. “ ‘Got this for Sarah as a fun little Valentine's gift ‘n she never used it. She’s a fucking prude, as you can tell. But you’re going to be my good little princess, aren’t you?”
“Yes Sir,” you replied, and he smirked as he opened the box, wasting no time in sorting it out. 
In a moment he clicked it on, and the quiet house was filled with whirring which filled you with anticipation. It’d been a while since you’d had sex, let alone anything penetrating.
William leaned down, hands on either side of your body as he snaked his hands up the sides of your thighs, calluses brushing the material of your skirt away before he reached your panties.
“I’m gonna put this inside you, okay Princess? Be a good girl for me…”
You hadn’t realised it was a dual operator. 
The rubbery material slid into your folds as he pushed your panties aside with his hands, allowing for the other nub to rest on your clit, leaving the base sticking out of your body. If that wasn’t torture enough, he covered the bottom with your panties, placing them back into position and leaving you with no escape.
The machine began to pulse and vibrate, leaving you as nothing but a squirming mess.
William chuckled at the sight below him, taking a moment to watch you squeal and call out for him as he lazily jerked his cock. This was far better than any porn. Or sex with his wife, for that matter.
You arched your back and clung onto the sheets as it continued to fuck you, the outside handle massaging your clit in circles, sending shockwaves through your body. You’d never been fucked like this, and it was even more sinful knowing it came from a married man.
“Please Sir…” you begged, eyes watery as you stared at him, arms outstretched. “I need —“
“Does the Princess need her King? He’s coming, doll,” he cooed, desire laced in his throaty chuckle. He walked over to you and took your hand, but assumed his position back at your mouth, taking a moment to run his heavy shaft over your wanting lips. You took him in your mouth like a good girl, making sure you teased his balls with your tongue.
He groaned, legs shaking as he ran his fingers to the top of your dress, roughly pulling it down to just below your breasts and began to fondle them with his large hands. He squeezed and tugged on your nipples, bringing you to a point of complete overstimulation as the vibrator continued its motions within you. The room was filled with sounds of wetness from both your mouth and cunt, and judging by the way you were beginning to desperately paw on William’s thighs he could tell you were close.
“Are you gonna cum, doll? You gonna cum all over my wife’s vibrator?”
You whined an ‘uh-huh’ as you nodded your head, and William grinned down at you, pulling himself from your mouth.
“Good,” he hummed. “Open your legs nice and wide for me Princess. I want to watch you,” 
You did so and he stood over you, inspecting you as if he were a doctor. You were beginning to see white, and you barely noticed that the man had dropped to his knees, face-to-face with your aching pussy. In a second, he dragged you towards him and buried his face between your legs, underneath all the layers of tulle and petticoat. He swiftly removed the vibrator and replaced it with his tongue and lithe fingers, flicking at your bud and pumping in and out of you, your juices beginning to coat his digits.
It was heaven when you came. You were so overwhelmed that you’d actually locked your legs around him; allowing him to receive all of your fluids across his face and fingers. He lapped you up like he was starving, his hands holding a steady grip on your thighs and waist, making it clear that you belonged to him.
As you rode off your high, you began to feel sleepy. William emerged from under your dress, looking rather proud of himself as he wiped a droplet of your juices from his beard. You mustered the strength to prop yourself up, and as you did he pulled you into a sloppy kiss by your neck, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth.
“Dirty girl,” he murmured. “You’re driving me crazy, you know that?”
You bit your lip as you pulled away, watching the man intently as he dropped his pants and boxers, leaving him completely nude.
“Keep your clothes on for me, doll,” he smiled sinisterly. “You look so pretty in that dress. I promise I won’t ruin it…”
Shifting so that you were amongst the pillows, you instinctively hiked up your skirt, watching as William climbed over you. Even though you were fully clothed, you felt completely naked under his gaze, and the severity of the situation finally sunk in on you.
Here you were, the image of innocence and grace, draped across the marital bed of the parents of the child you were supposed to entertain - on her birthday no less - whilst the husband straddled you, ready to fuck you within an inch of your life.
Sarah, Vanessa and the other children could come home any minute. 
“William…” you whispered, cupping his cheek in your hand. “I-I’m scared…”
He grinned. He hoped you were scared of what he was going to do to you, and the idea of being caught by his wife. 
“Shh,” he hummed. “I’ve got you,”
He lifted your legs to either side of him so that your lower back was elevated, and your thighs rested on his own as he lined up with your entrance. He took a moment to tease your slit, rubbing his sticky head along your wet folds, still sensitive from your orgasm.
He pushed into you with little warning and your back arched, relishing in the bittersweet feeling of being stretched open. You thought he was going to begin moving, but he continued to push into you, making sure that the ring of juices you’d left on his cock was entirely covered. He wanted you to take him whole.
“Fuck, Princess,” he groaned, voice rumbling from the inside of his chest. “You’re so tight…I haven’t had a pussy like this in ages…”
“Will…” you stammered, shutting your eyes as you felt him bottom out within you, balls resting on your skin. “Oh my God…” 
“Such a perfect little Princess,” he said, relishing in the sight of your skin-on-skin. Holding your thighs apart, he pulled back slowly before beginning to fuck into you, the contact making obscene sticky sounds. You had no choice but to grip the bed sheets as he drew long, agonising strokes into you, savouring the moment. Something about it was strangely intimate.
Once William found his rhythm he briefly let go of your thighs to grope your tits through the material before pulling it down and manhandling them himself. They moved with every thrust as your head lolled, mouth open and whining as he fucked you. 
William was a man of many feats, but he’d never believed he'd be able to have this. He wanted you to be his naughty little elf for Christmas, his Cupid for Valentines, and his present for his birthday. Just you, bound by ribbon with a bow on your head would be good enough.
“You like this, hm? Ever fucked another dad like me? They must love having you around,” he snarled, and your pussy clenched at the image.
“N-Noo…” you whispered, squealing as William abruptly slapped your cunt..
“No?” he repeated. “Hm, of course not. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? A true Princess…”
You nodded, leaning up as William leant down to meet your lips in another sloppy kiss, giving him the ammunition to drill his cock into you further, your legs now by his shoulders.
God, this was the best fuck you’d ever had.
He steadied himself on either side of you, and you could feel his hot, heavy breaths from his nose and mouth as he continued to fuck you, eye contact unwavering. 
As his thrusts became sloppier, you felt your stomach knot up, signalling yet another orgasm.
“William…I’m - I’m close…”
“Again, baby?” he hummed. “And here I was thinking I’d get to fuck your ass…Hm, there’s always a next time…”
You hardly acknowledged the implication.
“Y-You gotta — “
“Pull out?” he teased, withdrawing his hips, legs shaking as his nerves tingled and he entered you for the final time. “Oh no, Princess, I can’t do that! I could stain your pretty dress or ruin your makeup…”
He was so considerate.
You nodded, locking your arms around his neck as the weight of his body forced you into the mattress. You squeezed your eyes shut as you came, toes curling as your walls clamped down on his cock, making him feel bigger than before (if that were even possible). It wasn’t long before he came, grunting and whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he filled your pussy with his hot cum. He held you there for what felt like forever, making sure every drop wasn’t wasted, nor spilled onto the bed sheets.
“Fuck!” he bellowed, words broken between pants as he began to pull out, watching as the creamy fluids glistened in the natural light, even trickling down to his balls. You looked absolutely spent, and if you didn’t have a job to do he would’ve let you lie there.
Managing to pull yourself up, it was mostly silent until you heard a car enter the driveway, causing you to spring into motion. 
“William, we’re home!”
“Shit…” you murmured, looking around. How would it look if you both came down the stairs?
“Here, take this,” William said nonchalantly, handing you a pink envelope. “Vanessa’s room is at the end of the hall. I trust you know how to improvise...”
You nodded, brushing your skirt into place as you hastily began to leave. William stopped you, raising a hand as if to ‘halt’, and tenderly fixed your tiara, a sly smirk wiped across his face as he did. As he let go, his hands stroked your cheek and his thumb ran over your lips. You took the digit into your mouth briefly before planting a gentle kiss onto the tip, smiling back up at him innocently.
Keys were in the door.
“My final wish…” he uttered, “…Is that you come and work for me. We could really use an Easter Bunny…”
Tumblr media
@fandomwritingbit @ahsxual
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cozymaples · 6 months
job offer
a/n: part 2
warnings: age gap (within reason, the reader is not a minor of course !) workplace fucking, power imbalance ig? , degradation, cumming!inside without clear consent
steve "i've got a job for you" raglan, who's so desperate to fuck you he doesn't even care about your credentials. steve raglan who can't stop staring at your tits as you sit across from him. "i really need a job," you'd pleaded, desperately.
"you need a job?" he'd ask, hips snapping against your flesh as he pounded you from behind.
you were facedown, bent over his desk, the tits he once ogled at now pressed into the cedarwood beneath you. he keeps his hand beneath your jaw, cradling your neck, but not pressing too tightly.
"uh-huh," you'd answer, though the phrase is stretched through a desperate whine. you can hear him grunting above you, every ounce of his effort poured into fucking you. his pace is agonizing, and you feel your eyes lull back into your skull with pleasure. the only other noise you can hear is his coffee mug, rattling against the desk with each thrust, threatening to spill over his morning dose of caffeine.
"a good pounding is what you needed," he disagrees. "good fucking to get you nice and set, yeah? nice and ready for your workday?" you can't even answer him, moans spilling from your mouth. they double as he degrades you, and you can't explain why it makes you so wet. "harder-!" you plead, and you hear a low snarl rip through his throat. his grip around your neck that had once granted you ease now squeezes tightly with dexterity, and you don't think you could breathe even if you wanted to. you're all fucked-out, near drooling and dizzy and reaching your orgasm. both of you are holding your breath, only moaning through exhales every few seconds. his grip on you is deathly, his cock ramming into you the only thing keeping you grounded.
"come for me, you fuckin' slut. you whore," he antagonizes, demands. it somehow makes your clit throb more, aching with each slap of his balls against it. "wanna hear you," he demands, and his grip on your throat releases just enough for you to spill each and every noise that's been bottled up. "mr. raglan-fuck-!" you spill over, fingernails dragging along the wood beneath you as you unravel him.
"there you go, you fuckin' slut." he coos, "hold still." you gasp as you feel his load shoot inside of you, writhing beneath him. he finally parts from you, and you immediately stand up, turning around to face him as he sits you on his desk. "you're lucky i'm on fucking birth control-" you sputter, and he chuckles. "yeah, well. you're lucky i fuck you at all, so..keep that routine up, if you wanna keep this routine up." you're taken aback at his confidence, and how quickly it makes you succumb to his demands. "..okay." you say, nodding as you smooth out your skirt. "and thank you, by the way-for, um-" you stutter, gesturing with your hands as you gather your belongings. he watches in amusement, and unbeknownst to you, adoration.
"same time next week?" he asks, twirling a pencil between his fingers. you nod rapidly, a small grin growing on your features before exiting the office.
this was a routine you could get used to.
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This (William Afton x Fem! Reader SMUT)
Tumblr media
Hello! Wow, I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that big of a response on my first fic so thank all of you so much!! I've got brain rot real bad about this man, so expect a lot of fics for him. Now, onto the fun part. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT! ADULT CONTENT AHEAD, 18+ FIC AHEAD, MDNI, age gap (reader is in college, William is in his 40's/50's), jealous William, hinted that he killed your terrible coworker if you squint, thigh riding, unprotected sex, pnv sex, creampie, breeding kink if you squint, some spanking but it's nothing too intense, size difference (I just love me a big man what can I say?), cock warming, Reader is 5'0/152cm because that's how tall I am, whoops) dom William, slight degradation, definite praise, pining, domestic!William, OOC William, she/her pronouns, AFAB reader, use of pet names sweetheart, honey, pretty little thing, bunny (I think that's everything, please let me know if I forgot any tags!)
Word count: 8,058
You can find my Masterlist here!
You tapped softly on your boss’s half open door. You heard him finish up a phone call, the receiver clicking as he hung up. “Come on in.” He calls cheerfully. You push open the door, his gaze softening as it landed on you.
“Mr. Afton, can I talk to you really quick?” You ask nervously, anxiously tracing over the cold brass doorknob with your finger.
“Of course you can. Shut the door, come on in.” You do as he says, you swallow thickly as the door clicks shut behind you. You sat in one of the stiff pizzaria chairs he had at his desk, the once vibrant clumps of geometric shapes beginning to fade with age. “What can I do for you sweetheart?” He folds his hands in front of him as he shoots you a small smile. You always found yourself growing flustered under his gaze, your eyes darted to the nameplate that sat on his desk, tracing over the neat gold letters as you tried to steady your pounding heart.
“I was just wondering if you could stop scheduling me with Kyle?” You mutter, cursing internally at how stupid your request sounded.
“What happened? He didn't hurt you, did he?” The sudden flash of anger in his voice was unmistakable.
“No, nothing like that. It just feels like he always goes out of his way to give me the worst jobs. A kid throws up in the ball pit, I have to clean it up. A parent gets too drunk and trashes a table, I'm the one on my hands and knees making sure there's no fragments of glass still stuck in the carpet. I know this probably sounds ridiculous, I'm not trying to start problems-”
“(Y/N).” His gentle tone makes you freeze. Your eyes drift up to meet his. He reaches across his desk, holding his hand out for you. You tentatively slip your hand into his, your breath shaky as you watch him trail his thumb over your knuckles. His skin was so warm, you looked so small and delicate compared to him. “I'll deal with Kyle, okay? You're too pretty to be doing those jobs anyways.” You can't help but blush as he winks at you. He stands up, his height allowing him to tower over you as he walks you to the door, his hand on the small of your back. “Have a good night sweetheart, I'll see you tomorrow.” He smiles down at you.
“Goodnight, Mr. Afton.” You smile coyly at him as you turn to leave. He leans against the door way, his arms crossing over his chest as he scans over the pizzeria.
“Kyle!” He barks. “Come see me at the end of your shift bud, we need to have a little chat.” You couldn't keep the smile off your face as you pushed out of the building.
When you came back the next day you expected to see Kyle seething with rage over whatever punishment Mr. Afton had dished out, but he was nowhere to be found. You wandered back towards your boss’ office, wanting to let him know you had arrived to start opening. “There's my favorite girl.” He grins as you poke your head through the doorway. “Come sit, I took care of opening prep, you relax.” He nods in the direction of one of the chairs across from him. He never takes his eyes off of you as you sit rigidly in the seat. “You look tired, would you like some coffee?”
“Oh, you don't have to trouble yourself.” He attempts to wave you off, both of your actions cut short by the sound of your stomach rumbling. “Excuse me.” You look away awkwardly.
“I guess something a little more substantial than coffee is in order here.” He stands, motioning for you to follow him. You trail behind him as he leads you into the kitchen, the smell of the greasy premade pepperoni pizza baking in the oven practically making your mouth water. He grabs the wooden peel, expertly flicking the pizza onto it and retrieving it from the industrial sized oven. “So you haven't eaten and you look exhausted.” You cringed slightly as you waited for him to chastise you, knowing how bad it looked that you weren't showing up to your job with your best foot forward. He sets the pizza on a metal tray, leaving it to cool as his focus directs itself onto you. He takes a few long, agonizingly slow strides towards you. “Is everything okay, sweetheart?” You found yourself immediately growing flustered at the sound of the familiar pet name. Mr. Afton had been using the endearment since you had started, yet hearing it roll so effortlessly off of his tongue never failed to make your cheeks grow warm and arousal to pool between your legs.
“Yeah, it's stupid.” You try to brush your earlier problems of the day away, not wanting to bring attention to what you believed would come off as a childish reason to be upset. Seeing the concerned looks in your boss’ eyes prompted you to continue. “I got into a fight with my roommate today and I ran out of time to eat because we were arguing. I'm sorry-”
“Sweetheart, you don't have to apologize.” A shiver ran down your spine at the sound of his voice. “I'm worried, not upset.” His shoes enter your line of sight, which was currently trained on the floor, as he steps in front of you. A set of warm fingers ghost over the skin of your cheek, pushing back a stray tendril of hair that had fallen out of your messy attempt at tying it back. You slowly meet his hazy green eyes, a patient smile adorning his lips as he waits for his words to settle. You gave him a small nod in response. You walk out onto the main floor of the pizzeria, the eyes of the four life sized animatronics seeming to follow your every move. Although you had grown used to the sight of the vibrantly colored animals, there was something about them that still unnerved you. “Who's your favorite?” You jump slightly when Mr. Afton suddenly speaks up. You breathe out a laugh as you turn to face him.
“Bonnie,” his face lights up at your immediate answer, “I've always liked rabbits.” You join him in the small booth, he eyes you carefully as he serves you a piece of pizza on a napkin. “Thank you for the pizza, Mr. Afton.”
“William.” He corrects with a small smile. “There's no need to be so stiff outside of work hours, doll.”
You can't help but giggle at his playful tone. “Well, thank you for the pizza, William.” He straightens up slightly at the sound of you saying his name. You were honestly a bit surprised to say that you were having a good time. William was charismatic, funny, a little awkward but in a way that came off as endearing. You stood side by side with him in the kitchen, working in tandem to clean up the dishes you made from your impromptu lunch date. You kept finding your eyes drifting over to him, the sight of his sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows, his muscular forearms flexing as he twisted a rag inside of a cup. You swallowed thickly, quickly tearing your eyes away from him and back to the metal pizza pan.
“Right behind you, sweetheart.” William groans as he reaches around you to grab a dry rag. Your heart pounded in your chest as he leaned into you. You feel his arm brush against your back and you dared to look over at him considering that you might never get the chance to be so close to him again, your little secret crush on your boss refused to let you miss that opportunity. You let out a small, startled squeak as you found him already looking at you. Everything about him seemed to only drag you in deeper as you got caught up in his gaze. The deep, musky smell of his cologne, his mossy green eyes holding you firmly in place. His arm wraps around your waist, your hands flying to his chest as he pulls you into him, his lips crashing against yours. It took a moment for your mind to catch up with what was happening to your body. Your eyes fluttered shut, the warmth of being pressed tightly to him seeping into you as you let yourself give in to what you truly wanted. Your hands slid over the soft fabric of his shirt, your fingers just barely grazing over his collar to pull him closer when the main door to the pizzeria slammed open and the excited voices of your coworkers filed in. You startled apart, Williams eyes immediately averting to the floor as a look of shame rapidly spreads across his features. He mutters out a hurried apology as he pushes past you, through the kitchen doors, and directly into his office. You saw your friend Ashley jump as the door slammed behind him, eventually seeing you standing alone in the kitchen as your face dropped into your hands. You had no reason to be but you felt embarrassed. Your whole face burned as the moment replayed itself over and over in your head.
“What the hell was all of that?” Ashley exclaims in a hushed tone as she enters the kitchen.
“Nothing!” You turn to the sink, pretending to wash your hands as an excuse to not have to look at her. “Mr. Afton had an important call to take.” She eyes you curiously, knowing you weren't being honest with her. You felt sweat begin to bead at your temple under her scrutinizing gaze.
“Fine, keep your secrets.” She huffs playfully as she crosses her arms over her chest. She quickly closes the gap in between you, “but if you're fucking the boss and you're not telling me I'm going to be so mad.” You knew it was a joke but you were still a bit on edge from the earlier ordeal.
“Keep your voice down!” You snap, quickly looking over at his office door to see that it was, thankfully, still shut. She gasps, your nervous body language giving you away.
“Tell me everything.” She grabs you by the shoulders, forcing your attention back on her. “Is he good? Is he… y'know?” Her eyes flashing down to your crotch and back up. “Is he big?”
“Ashley!” You attempt to shush her again. “I'm not sleeping with Will-Mr. Afton.” You hurried to try and correct yourself, but your little slip up only added more fuel to the fire.
“Were you about to call him William?” She grills you, a wide, excited smile taking over her face. “Do you guys have pet names for each other? I hear him call you sweetheart all the time but I thought that was just because you're his favor-” You clamp a hand over her mouth, it was the only way you could think of to get her quiet.
“Just hang on,” you wait to see if she was actually done talking before pulling your hand away. “I came in early to open. I was supposed to be working with Kyle but he never showed. I think Mr. Afton might have fired him.”
“Did you finally go talk to him about that creep?” She asks as she leans up against the counter. You nod in response, “good, he was making your life a living hell here. Continue…” she prompts with a wave of her hand.
“I walk over to his office just to let him know that I'm here and he tells me that everything's already done-that’s not the important part.” You took a deep breath to steady yourself before telling her what had gotten you so frazzled. “He was helping me clean some dishes and he reached around me for the towel, so what was I supposed to do? Not look?” Ashley chuckles, being the one person who knew about your crush she understood how impossible that would have been for you. “I looked over at him and he was already looking at me and then he kissed me and then you guys came in-”
“Hold on. Pause.” She holds up her hands to get you to halt your recap. “He kissed you?” You nod, but before you had time to continue one of your coworkers kicked open the double doors to the kitchen.
“Alright ladies, I hate to interrupt, but I got some pizza to make.” He groans through his forced smile.
“We’ll talk about this later.” She whispers hurriedly as she ties her apron around her waist. You nod, copying her motions as you prepare to open for the day. Throughout your shift you kept thinking about the kiss. Did it mean something or was it just an impulse? Did William somehow know about your crush on him? You stood at the side of the pizzeria, unable to keep the smile off of your face as you watched him take a picture with an excited child. You found your mind wandering again, the delighted scream, pings, and whirrs of the room around you seemed to almost fade away. You could still feel his arm wrapped around your waist, how strong his broad chest was under the palms of your hands. You snapped yourself from your daydream, the glowing white eyes of the Spring Bonnie suit studying you carefully. You straightened up, hurrying off to the kitchen so you wouldn't be seen slacking. By the end of the night you had just about driven yourself crazy with questions. Questions you were determined to get answers to. You said goodbye to your coworkers, promising Ashley that you would catch her up when you were able to. You walk up to your boss’ door, a determined look etched into your features. You raised your fist, freezing just before knocking. Why was this so hard? He kissed you! If anything you should be furious! He had completely ambushed you out of nowhere and you had spent the whole day walking around in a fog because of it. But, part of you was worried about what his answer might be. It was easy to hide your feelings from him up until now; glances that lasted a little too long, walking a little too close to him so your fingers could brush his, it could all be passed off as if it were nothing. Now, you were standing in front of his door ready to charge in there to demand an explanation for the kiss not because you were upset with him… but because you were hopeful about what the implications of what that kiss could mean. Before you had the chance to decide for yourself what you were going to do the door opened. William froze at the sight of you standing on the other side. He sighs, raking a hand through his already messy hair.
“(Y/N), I'm sorry about earlier, I don't know what came over me.” Your heart cracked slightly at his apology. So, it really was just an impulse. “Can we… Can we talk about this? I think it might be better for both of us to get it all out in the open.” You were struggling to fight against the tears blurring your vision.
“I think I'm just going to go home, Mr. Afton.” You grimaced at the sound of your voice shaking.
“Sweetheart, I can't let you drive like that.” He carefully wipes away a tear that had slipped onto your cheek. Your lip quivered at the sound of his pet name for you, a soft sob breaking free from your chest as you couldn't hold back your tears any longer. William quickly pulls you into his arms, letting you hide against him. “That's it, let it out.” He says as he soothingly rubs your back. Your arms finally slid around his torso, he rocked you back and forth slightly as he waited for you to calm down. You sniffle as you pull back from him, his warm hand cupping your cheek. “You're even pretty when you cry.” He muses. Your cheeks flushed at the compliment. You allow him to wipe away any remaining trails of tears, realizing after avoiding each other all day that you missed being close to him.
“William,” your voice was a hoarse croak as you spoke. You place a hand over the one he has resting on your cheek. “I want to kiss you again… please.” His eyes widened slightly at the request. But, once he let your words sink in, he wasted no time granting your request. You stumbled back slightly as he kissed you passionately. You grab onto his collar, keeping him flush against you as you reveled in the sensation. One of his hands slaps haphazardly against the doorway as he guides the two of you inside, roughly kicking the door shut before slamming your back against it. He takes your wrists in one hand, pinning them above your head in one swift movement. You whimpered softly as he pulled away from you, despite your desperate need to breathe you felt like you would die without his lips on yours. You had to look almost straight up in order to meet his eyes, a wild and hungry look dominating his gaze. He breathes out a chuckle at the sight of you, the look you gave him so full of need it nearly brought him to his knees.
“Such a pretty little thing you are, sweetheart.” He slowly swipes his thumb over your bottom lip, the flesh tender and swollen for the one mind numbing kiss he had granted you. “I can't tell you how long I've wanted you.” You whine as you feel his leg push in between your own. You were forced up onto your toes, struggling to contain the soft moan that bubbles up in your throat at the delicious pressure against your clit.
“Enlighten me.” You challenge, earning a deep, rumbling laugh from him.
“Surely, you must've known.” His head dips into the crook of your neck, biting you hard enough that you knew he would leave a mark behind. “I see you everyday; the way those tight little jeans mold to your ass, how your shirt is always pulled down just low enough to tease me…” you see the briefest look of jealousy flash through his eyes. “How those immature, snotty little college boys are constantly throwing themselves at you.” He pushes into you, his lips staying just out of reach as he keeps you pinned in place. You pull your bottom lip between your teeth, he smirked as he felt you squirming against his thigh. “What's the matter sweetheart?” He asks sardonically. You were having trouble thinking straight. Every time you let your full weight sink into him it only made you need his touch more, his hot breath fanning over your lips made your whole body ache for him. “I think you know that no one could take care of you like I could, don't you?” You nod in response, your breathing growing noticeably quicker as he questioned you. His forehead comes to rest against yours, his dull green eyes searching your features for any sign of hesitation. “Well then how about I give you a night you'll never forget?” He smiles sharply at you.
In one sweep of his arm his entire desk is cleared off. Paperclips scatter across the floor alongside papers and whatever other trinkets decorated the wood surface. He grabs your hips and pulls you roughly to him, his lips ferociously meeting yours in a kiss that knocked all the air from your lungs. Your initial fight for dominance over the kiss was very short lived. If anything, William found your defiance rather cute. He growls against your lips, a sound that has your knees threatening to buckle. His hands slide from your hips down to your ass, groaning as he gives it a firm squeeze. You squeak as he easily lifts you from the floor, guiding your legs around his waist as he sets you on his desk. He fumbles blindly with the button of your jeans, eventually being able to start working then down your legs. “I can't wait to fucking ruin you.” He presses a hand flat against your chest, pushing you back onto his desk. You struggle not to blush, turning away from him so he hopefully wouldn't notice. Your fingernails dig into wood as he teases at your entrance with his fingers. “Such a cute little bunny.” He smirks. “Already so wet for me and I haven't even touched you yet.” He takes your chin between his fingers, turning you to look at him. “Look at me sweetheart, I wanna see those pretty eyes when I fuck you senseless.” His hand dips under the hem of your shirt, his large, warm hand roaming your bare torso as you lay compliantly before him. He roughly grabs your jaw, watching your expression carefully as he eases his fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. A strangled gasp breaks free from your throat as his digits bottom out in you, your gummy walls clenching around them.
He chuckles as you roll your hips, searching desperately for any type of relief. He begins to rock his fingers inside of you in time with your movements, taking his time to fully stretch you out in preparation for what was to come. As he gradually increased his pace the louder your moans became. You gripped tightly onto the arm that had moved from your jaw to the desk next to your head, your nails digging little crescent divots into his skin. “You look so fucking pretty like this.” He looks over you, drinking in the way your body writhed from his touch.
“William.” You whimper his name.
“What is it, bunny?” He coos. “What does my needy girl want, hm?”
“Want… want to touch you.” Your words came out slurred as you fought through your moans and the mind numbing pleasure he was inflicting on you.
He tuts at your demand, giving you a disappointed pout. “Poor thing, you want to touch me?” You nod furiously. He fingers thread into your hair, giving the strands a rough tug to ensure that your eyes are on his. “Ask nicely and maybe I'll let you.”
“Please.” Your wide innocent eyes pricked with tears as you gazed up at him longingly. He hummed, pondering over your pathetic state as he continued to slowly rock his fingers inside of you. “William, please, please let me touch you. I want… I need you.” Your begging came cracking out in a sob, tears sliding down your face as you grew more desperate to get your hands on him. William chuckles at the sight of you.
“Such a needy little thing” He smirks. He lets the request hang in the air for a moment, the only sound filling the room was the squelching of your arousal in his hand as he fingered you. His lips land on your pulse, causing you to shiver. He takes your wrist in his massive hand, guiding it to the top button of his dress shirt, giving you permission to start undressing him. Your fingers shook as you worked at the fastenings, Williams pace never slowing making it difficult for you to focus on the task at hand. Your struggling was going to be well rewarded. Once you had undone the final button on his shirt, William grabbed you roughly by the collar, hauling you to a sitting position so you were now sitting face to face with him. You whined at the sudden emptiness of him removing his fingers, but your annoyance was short lived. You pushed the dress shirt from his shoulders, William making quick work of discarding his undershirt into an empty chair in the room. You just about drooled at the sight of him. His broad shoulders and strong arms from years of working on machines in his shop flexed and shifted under the dim office lighting. You couldn't tear your eyes off of him as he started loosening his belt. You blush as he chuckles, realizing you had been caught staring. “Like something you see, sweetheart?” He asks in an amused tone. He prowls over to you, the buckle of his belt jangling as it hangs limply as his side, his pants falling low on his hips.
You bite your lip, reaching out for him once he’s close enough. You wrap your legs around his waist, fingers threading into his hair as his lips crash into yours. You run a hand over his chest, the thick carpet of coarse hair tickling your palm. In one swift movement your shirt is pushed over your head, your breasts bouncing slightly as they fall back into place after the disruption. William admired the soft lace that complimented your skin. His hands slide over your waist and up your back until he reaches the clasp of your bra. He fumbles with it a few times until the tension of the elastic finally relaxes. He takes his time removing your final article of clothing. The straps are eased off your shoulders one at a time, his beard ticking your bare skin as he places delicate kisses anywhere he could reach. Goosebumps spread across your chest as the fabric is finally fully removed, William’s eyes drifting down to get a full view of your perfect form. He lets out a primal growl at the sight before his lips latch into yours again. His fingers dig into your hips, dragging you to the very edge of his desk in order to line his cock up with your entrance. You moan into his mouth as he sheathes himself full inside you in one hard thrust. Your breath comes out in long, shaky exhales as you struggle to adjust to his size. Even with the prep from his fingers he still stretches you to a point that makes you feel like you're about to rip in half. William was a lot bigger and thicker than any guy you had been with previously. You already felt drunk just from the sensation of him bottoming out in you. “Eyes on me, bunny.” He whispers in a gentle tone. Your eyes flutter open, you hadn't realized you had even shut them to begin with, meeting his hazy green ones. You cry out as he gives you a single sharp thrust, a mixture of pain and pleasure burning white hot through your body as you struggle to take all of him. He lets out a satisfied hum as he studies your fucked out expression. “Already cock drunk, hm?” He chuckles, resting his forehead against yours to keep your attention on him. With every snap of his hips it brought you closer and closer to your climax, your moans impossibly loud in the small, cramped office. “You wanted this all along, didn't you sweetheart? You knew those stupid little boys could never make you feel like this.” He snarls. “Now, here you are, about to cum on my cock.” Drool had started to leak out of the corner of your mouth as you struggled to keep your eyes on his. He dips a hand between your legs, rubbing fast circles on your clit.
“William!” You moan out his name, his free arm wrapping securely around you to hold you tightly against him.
“Such a dirty girl, fucking someone nearly twice your age.” He chuckles cruelly, his eyes darken as they meet yours through your haze. “Pathetic.” Degrading you like that seemed to unleash something primal in him. His thrusts somehow managed to get faster and more brutal. You screamed as your orgasm ripped through you, desperately crying out his name as you clawed against his back. His hands wrap under your thighs, lifting you from the desk slightly in order to get better leverage. “Fuck.” He groans, his thrusts losing their rhythm as he approaches his end. He kisses you hard as he finishes, hot ropes of his cum coating your walls. You both stayed locked in your embrace for a moment, waiting for your breathing to calm down. You wince as he pulls out of you, a slight sting as your absurd cunt attempts to clamp around nothing. He looks around the room for something to clean you up with, deciding on his shirt when nothing else seemed plausible. He gingerly reaches in between your legs, a softness and hesitancy you didn't expect after the evenings most recent events. You let out a soft hiss at the slight bit of pain you felt as he cleaned you up. He soothingly caresses your thigh with his free hands, shooting you an apologetic look from his position situated in between your legs. You studied him for a moment, his gaze distant, and hazy as it trailed to the floor.
“William.” Your soft voice drifted over his ears, bringing his attention back to you. You adjusted your position so you could sit up. “Come here.” He stands, even sitting on his desk he still towered over you. You wrapped your arms around him, resting your chin on his soft stomach. You trail your hands over his back, his skin slightly sticky with sweat.
“I’m sorry if I took things too far-”
“You didn’t.” His gruff voice was cut off with your quiet reassurance. “You were amazing.” You give him a coy smile before pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. A small smile breaks out on his face as he chuckles at your glimmering expression.
“Come on bunny, let’s get you dressed.” He combs his fingers through your hair, “although I will never get tired of looking at your beautiful body.” He winks causing you to blush, you lightly slap his chest. He places a kiss on your forehead before collecting your clothes. You feel eyes on you as you’re getting dressed, you can’t help but smirk when you look over your shoulder so see William staring at your ass. You make a show of stepping into your panties, adjusting them so they are perfectly in place before shimmying into your jeans. William was practically drooling as he watched your supple flesh jiggle as you worked yourself into the tight clothing. You place one final kiss to his burly chest before he slips his undershirt back over his head. He trails a finger over your jaw. “I was hoping we could make this a more than one time thing… Maybe I can take you out to dinner after work some night?” He asks with a charming, lopsided smile.
“I’d really like that William.” You push yourself up on your toes, having him meet you halfway to place a chaste kiss to your lips. “Goodnight.” You whisper with a smile.
“Goodnight, sweetheart.” He breathes out a laugh as you both slowly pull away. You grab your jacket and bag from the employee locker room, giving William one small wave as you pass by his office on your way out. You fell into your driver seat with a groan, sticking your keys in the ignition, your heart still pounding in your chest. You turned the key expecting your engine to rumble to life, but your car refused to start. You tried again and again, falling against the steering wheel with an aggravated sigh. You kicked open the door and trudged back inside. William gave you a confused look as you walked back up to his door. “Everything alright?”
You grew embarrassed over the fact you had to ask. You never had anyone who was able to teach you about cars, you wouldn’t know the first thing about trying to find the problem yourself. “My car won’t start. I hate to ask, but could you come look at it?”
“Of course, honey. I’ll take care of it.” Your heart flutters in your chest at him taking charge of the situation. You definitely could get used to having him around, there was something about his unwavering confidence that made you long for him even more. You follow him back outside, watching him carefully as he examines your engine, a massive black flashlight held tightly in his hand. “I see the problem.” He groans as he reaches to point something out to you. “You need a new timing belt.” He points out the problem, excitedly going through the mechanics as you listened attentively. “You can leave your car here, I’ll pick you up a new one tomorrow.” He stuffs his hand in his pocket. He twirls his keys around his pointer finger. “Let me just go lock the door and I’ll drive you home.” You nod, growing giddy over the fact you would get to spend more time with him. He wraps his arm around your shoulders as he leads you around back to his car. You slide stiffly into his passenger seat. The inside of his car was pristine, some vintage model muscle car you didn’t know the name of. William’s hand envelops your thigh as he drives, ever so often giving the soft skin a gentle squeeze as you direct him to your off campus apartment. You lived in the not so great part of town, even outside of Hurricane standards. Shootings, stabbings, human trafficking, all of it had happened somewhere in your neighborhood. You noticed William’s expression grow more concerned as you drove. You eventually pulled up in front of your building, a rickety looking triple decker that looked like it would collapse from a slightly too strong gust of wind.
“Well this is me.” You state softly with a slight shrug of your shoulders. William sighed as he stared up at your building.
“You live here by yourself?” He glances at you in the passenger seat as he asks. You nod in response. “Bunny, would you like to come spend the night at my house. It’s dangerous for a girl like you to be by herself out here.”
“Spend the night with you?” You repeat his request back to him, he nods slowly, worried he crossed a line. “If you’re offering, I'm definitely not going to say no.” You lean across the cab of the car, pressing a kiss to his cheek. The drive back to his house was spent mostly in silence, every so often his hand would drift from your thigh to bringing your knuckles to his lips. You left the main part of town, the houses you passed becoming few and far between as the sides of the road were taken over by tall fir trees. You pulled up in front of a cozy looking house, the outside paint faded from years of abuse from the harsh Utah weather.
“Home sweet home.” Me mumbles with a lopsided grin. You trail closely behind him as you walk up to the door, jumping at every snapping twig and animal scurrying through the brush. “There’s nothing to be scared of sweetheart, I’ll keep you safe.” He smiles down at you, keeping you tucked into his side as he unlocks the door. He gently nudges you inside first, following closely behind you. The second the door clicks shut William’s lips are on yours again, a flustered sigh escaping you as you melted into him. “I’m going to get dinner started.” He mumbles against your lips.
“Would you like some help?” He nods, motioning for you to follow him to the kitchen.
“I would love some.” He grins at you. The two of you worked side by side to prepare dinner, every so often you would catch William stealing glances at you out of the corner of your eye. “Honey.” He suddenly speaks up, you turn to face him only for him to pull you into a kiss. “You just sit here and look pretty, I’ll finish this up.” His large hands wrap around your waist, he lifts you from the floor and sets you on the counter with ease. He hums as he works beside you, easily recreating his recipe from memory. Always keeping you on your toes, he was making homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese. He takes quick pauses, caging you in between his arms on the counter as he gives you rushed kisses that leave your head spinning. He holds out his hand for you, a gesture you gladly accept. He helps you down from the counter, balancing your plates and bowls on his arm. You sit across from each other at the small dining room table. “So what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a shit hole like this?” He asks with a chuckle.
“Unfortunately this shit hole has one of the best colleges in the state.” You respond with a laugh of your own.
“What’s your major?”
“Mechanical engineering.” You respond the moment he finishes his question. He looked very perplexed by your answer.
“What made you want to take that up?” He leaned forward, completely focused on you alone.
“Well, honestly, you did.” You blush a bit as you respond. “The animatronics you make are phenomenal. I hope one day I can be half as talented as you are.” He looks away bashfully, not used to such direct flattery.
“Maybe I can have you help out in the workshop sometime.” He offers with an excited glint in his eyes.
“If it means spending more time with you I would love to.” You shoot him a flirtatious smile. You find yourselves drifting closer together as you clean up after dinner. You gathered up your plates, standing on your toes to try and put them in the cabinet with the rest. You let out a frustrated sigh as you struggled to reach. The warmth of William’s body pressing into yours from behind made you freeze.
“I got it sweetheart.” He chuckles, taking the plates from your hands. “Such a cute little thing you are.” He whispers next to your ear making you shiver. You squeal as he lifts you from the floor, taking you in his arms as he carries you upstairs. He tosses you onto the bed, stripping out of his clothes with a groan, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. You can’t help but smirk slightly as you grab him by the wrist and pull him in to kiss you. “Strip, I wanna hold you.” He commands. You decide to give him a little show, taking your time to peel out of your jeans, swaying your hips as you pull your top over your head. You stripped out of your lingerie before straddling his lap. His hands knead your ass, rocking you gently against the already half hard erection in his boxers. He pulls you into bed, shutting off the lights before joining you himself. He slings an arm over your waist, pulling your back flush against his chest. You bite your lip, shifting your hips as you feel his cock press into your back. The moon cast in through the window, basking the room in a dull silver glow. You hear William’s breath catch in his throat as you press your ass into his throbbing member. “Someone’s needy.” He chuckles, his breath hot against his ear. “What’s the matter bunny, need me to fill you up?” You nod, letting out a soft whine as you push back into him again. He places a kiss just below your ear, spreading your legs with his hand as he lines himself up with your entrance. You let out a broken moan as he slowly pushed inside of you.
“Holy fuck.” You gasp, your fingers digging into his forearm as you grab him tightly as your walls stretch painfully around him. “Wow.” Your eyelids fluttered as your eyes rolled back in your head. His fingers slid around your throat, putting a delicious pressure on your neck.
“Such a good bunny, taking me so well.” His meticulous hand placement was starting to make you feel light headed, the mixture of the sensation and his praise making you dizzy with dopamine. You moan as he rolls his hips slightly. “You feel so good squeezing around my cock.” He purrs before placing a kiss on your cheek. You squirmed and whined as you lay there, impaled on his throbbing cock. William groaned at how wet you were, he could feel your juices dripping down the base of him. “So pretty sweetheart.” He coos, chuckling at your desperate state. His arm tightens around you, rolling his hips and causing you to cry out. You cursed as he pushed impossibly deep inside of you, your body moving instinctually as you bounced on his cock. He groans, his hips snapping up to meet yours. Your moans grew louder and more fervent with every thrust, his tip kissing the perfect spot inside of you everytime. Your thighs started to shake as you felt your climax creeping up on you. “Are you going to cum for me sweetheart?” He asks in a sweet voice. You nod, biting your lip to try and muffle your moans. You yelp as he suddenly delivers a sharp slap to your ass. “I want to hear you bunny.” He growls in your ear.
“Yes sir.” You gasp, letting your moans fall freely from your mouth. You let out a high pitched whine as your orgasm hung joust out of reach. You moan out his name, he sinks his teeth into your shoulder, making you cry out in pleasure. He reaches a hand in between your legs and swipes his fingers over your clit.
“So good for me.” He praises you. He wraps his hands around your waist, helping you fuck yourself faster on his cock. You scream his name as your orgasm rips through you, sobbing as he fucks you through your climax. Your whole body shook, your hand gripping weakly onto his wrist. “I got you sweetheart.” He whispers, settling himself deeply inside of you. Your eyelids felt heavy as you nestled into his soft pillows. He pulls the comforter up around your shoulders. You smiled at the scent of his musky cologne. Every small shift from him made you whine, after letting you rest for a while he began to rock his hips again. Small gasps and sighs falling from your lips as he tenderly fucks into you. “I’m gonna fill you up.” He groans, his thrusts growing uneven and stuttering every so often.
“Please.” You moan softly. Hearing your soft voice only seemed to spur him on. His slow deep thrusts had both of you moaning. You held on tightly to William’s arms, wanting to be pressed as close to him as possible. He groans your name as he finishes, his hips stuttering as he pushes as deep inside of you as he can manage. He places soft kisses to the nape of your neck as he pulls you into his chest. You found yourself easily drifting off in his arms, before you knew it you had drifted off into a dreamless sleep. When you woke up you rolled over, cuddling into his warm back. You placed a soft kiss to a couple of the faded scars on his shoulder.
“Well good morning sweetheart.” He hums as he rolls over and pulls you into his chest. “You wanna stay in bed while I get breakfast started?” His voice raspy and deeper than normal as he fought off the thickness of sleep.
“Can you stay in bed just a little longer.” You put, nuzzling your face into his neck.
“Sure, anything for you sweetheart.” He says with a smile and a kiss to your forehead. You laid on top of his chest, your fingers trailing through his chest hair as you talked about the plan for the day. He places a soft kiss to your lips as he slides out from underneath you to go get dressed. You cuddle up into the blankets, watching the muscles in his back flex as he gets dressed. A little while later he returned with a tray full of food, setting it in between the two of you. The two of you chatted pleasantly over breakfast, William consistently making you smile and laugh. “I’m going to head out to the garage, take your time getting ready, I’ll be out there when you’re done.” You grab him by the collar, keeping his lips on yours for a little longer than normal. He shoots you a wink as he slips out of the bedroom. You took your time getting ready, slipping into one of his shirts, the oversized clothing falling half way down your thighs. You washed your face and fixed your hair before wandering downstairs to find William. You heard the sound of powertools and pushed through the door. William stood with a welding mask on, his shirt discarded over a nearby chair. His skin, completely drenched in sweat, glowed in the dim overhead lighting. Streaks of grease dragged down his neck and across his stomach from where he had rubbed his hands across his skin. He flips his mask off when he notices you entered his workshop. “Hey bunny.” He grins. You saunter over to him to look over his expert work.
“You really are incredible, William.” He runs his fingers through his hair as he clears his throat, a noticeable blush on his face. You stood by him, allowing him to walk you through his process, an arm wrapped around your waist as he kept you tucked safely against him.He cursed as he looked up and noticed the time.
“We’re gonna be late.” He takes your hand, leading you inside. He pulls you into a heated kiss as he helps you out of your borrowed clothes. He picks you up and carries you into the shower. You yelped and giggled as your back pressed into the frigid wall. William carefully lets down your hair before allowing you to wet it. You sigh as he works shampoo into your hair, gently massaging your scalp. You couldn’t help but stare as you watched the soapy water run down his body. He wraps you up in a fluffy towel, retrieving your work clothes as you dried off. You both ran to his car, laughing as you fell into the front seats. “I’ll run out and grab the timing belt for your car after I check in on Freddy’s.” He promises. You nod, a bit sad that your stay with him was over so quickly. You fall into him as he turns sharply into the parking lot. He tilts your chin up with a finger, a softness in his eyes as he studies your features. His eyes flash down to the dark bruises and bitemarks that littered your neck. “Are you, um… are you okay with people knowing about this?” He asks with a slight wavering in his voice.
“This?” You ask with a coy smile as you raise your eyebrow at him.
“Us.” He blurts out before swallowing thickly. You lean in ,placing a soft kiss against his lips.
“Only if you are.” He breathes out a soft laugh, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. He walks around to your side of the car as you’re gathering your things, opening your door for you. You thank him softly as he helps you out. You link your arm through his, leaning your head on his shoulder. He holds the door open for you, wrapping his arm around your waist before pressing his lips to yours in one long, loving kiss.
“I’ll see you after work, bunny.” He winks before slipping off to his office. You smile as you watch him head out, adjusting his tie and greeting customers as he passes by. You turn to look out over the pizzeria, meeting Ashley’s shocked expression. She speed walks over to you, her eyes immediately falling to your abused neck.
“What happened to catching me up?” She yell whispers at you.
“Things might have gotten a little more serious than just a kiss.” You admit awkwardly.
“Well no shit, look at the hickey’s he gave you.” You smile as you catch his gaze from his position seated at his desk.
“He wants to make sure everyone knows I’m his.”
Tag List: @yellowbunnydreams @zoey5252 @redflowery (I think that's everyone, if you'd like to be added to the tag list or I forgot you please let me know!!)
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𐙚 How was your date, doll? (William Afton x fem!reader)
In honor of reaching >200 followers, this is a little gift from me <3 thanks for your feedback, comments and reblogs, it means a lot to me!!
After a bad date, your boss William Affon is more than glad to help you.
tags: nsfw, smut, fingering, squirting, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, public sex, pet names, doggy style, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, degrading and praising, dirty talk, dumbification, sir kink, manipulations, secret filming
Tumblr media
You have been working for William not so long ago, but you have already become his most beloved employee. He treats you in a special way, even forgiving you for being late. He likes to hand you a cup of coffee in the morning when he sees his beloved girl yawning adorably, still sleepy on the morning shift. He likes to stroke your hair gently at the end of the day, thanking you for your work. He truly appreciates you.
He has been watching you for a long time, noting your habits, your communication style, your gestures. You're so friendly, even already found friends in the team. William saw that many people liked you, visitors and colleagues, of course, such a good and smiling doll. He often wondered if his lovely girl had a boyfriend. Most likely, yes? You're so pretty and sweet, your eyes, lips, nose, everything is so beautiful about you, of course you have a boyfriend. William must be an idiot if he even allowed the idea that his girl was single.
But there was still hope, so he decided to test the water.
“You look so tired, doll. How about I give you a ride to your house?” he killed two birds with one stone. A pet name and ride offer. How will his baby react? William is holding himself together, nothing superfluous, right? It's just goodwill. You're so tired, barely standing on your feet.
“That's so sweet of you, Mr. Afton,” you look at him in surprise and the corners of your lips rise. “yeah, please, I'm so exhausted and my feet hurt.” It's the first time you've got in his car. Doubts crept into William's mind, if you had a boyfriend, you'd turn him down, right?
It's so interesting to talk to you, you're a good listener, and William has a lot to tell you, and at the same time ask you a couple of questions while you're sleepy. Just to make sure that his girl isn't in a relationship.
As he drops you off at your house, William tries his best to look casual. “Goodnight, doll,” he whispers softly, gently stroking a lock of your hair behind your ear. And here's another action that you didn't reject. If you had a boyfriend, you wouldn't let other man touch you like that, would you?
More time has passed, and with it more names have been added to you, more touches, more glances from Mr. Afton. You got along pretty well, William always found an approach to people. However his affection for you only grows stronger, but your personal life is changing too, just yesterday one person invited you on a date. If only William knew.
He's suspicious; something about your demeanor today isn't quite right. You're obviously acting more cheerful than usual, wearing makeup for the first time he's seen you which somehow makes you even more beautiful. You whisper to your friends, giggle softly, covering your mouth with your hand, a slight blush on your cheeks. Who are you talking about? William's gut tells him there's something different about his beloved girl today. What are you hiding?
“Mr. Afton?” his thoughts and assumptions are interrupted by your voice, he adjusts his glasses, slightly lost, he clearly wasn't listening to what you asked him a minute ago. He politely asks you to repeat it. “Uhm. . . I was wondering if I could leave early today?”
William raises an eyebrow thoughtfully. “Why exactly? Work isn't over yet.” a small smile tugs at his lips. “Unless there's some emergency. . .”
“It's just that I have an important meeting today.” your palms sweating slightly and your voice doesn't sound as confident as you want.
He raises his eyebrows, an amused gleam in his eyes. “A meeting, huh? Sounds interesting. Who is it with?”
And that's when you can no longer fight the feeling that you're lying to a person who trusts you a lot. Your excitement is becoming more noticeable and William already understands that this isn't an ordinary meeting. He's not stupid, but his jealous nature didn't want to believe to the last that you'd sooner or later find someone. And that's when he hears from his sweet girl, “I'm going on a date, sir,” fuck, the way you say it in such happy and naive tone, as if yourself can't fully realize it yet.
He doesn't want to let you go, he hates the idea of someone touching his beloved girl, kissing your lips, having. . . sex with you?
But everything changes the very next day, when you appear at work with your head down, your sweet face is tinged with sadness. You're distracted, silent, thoughtful.
“How was your date, doll?” a question when you don't expect it at all. The shift was already coming to an end, and you, all confused in your thoughts, didn't even notice. You give him a sad look, hoping that he'll read the answer in your eyes. But William still looks worried, even though he knows what happened, he needs his girl to admit it.
You look around. “I don't really want to talk about it.” you mumble.
You're just shy because you don't want anyone else to hear, William knows. That's why he leans towards you, too close. “Let's go to my office.” he offers, his voice tempting.
When you find yourself in his office, he closes the door behind you and sits down on a small couch in the corner, beckoning you to join him. You feel a little stiff and insecure, but as soon as you sit down next to Mr. Afton, your anxiety evaporates, and you feel a bit better. You trust him very much, you really need to hear a second opinion, especially from such a mature and experienced person as William Afton, who, although divorced, was married anyway. It's hard to hide your emotions, especially when you're new to this experience and relationships overall, when it's your first kisses, touches, hugs.
That's when he looks so sympathetic, interested in helping you and says, “Tell me what happened.” you obediently blurt out everything. You explain to him, your voice quiet and sometimes you're silent, as if afraid to say too much. You tell William everything, how your date started out sweet, romantic, how good it was in the beginning, and then when he started touching you, kissing not only your lips, but also your neck and collarbone, you stopped liking it. It became unbearable, uncomfortable, you didn't want this person, you felt no desire. It's an inexplicable feeling that you've experienced. And in some way, you even blame yourself for rejecting your so called boyfriend.
“I was lost, so I let him touch me. I knew that sooner or later we would go further, but for some reason I didn't want to do this with. . .” you pause thoughtfully. “him.”
“Did he touch you here?” William puts his hand on your thigh. You shudder, such a strange question that you definitely never expected. But trusting William, you think that's the way it should be and nod. “Was it unpleasant or uncomfortable?”
“I didn't feel anything,” you shrug helplessly. “and then it felt like he didn't understand my signal and started kissing me more aggressively, it was too much for me.”
“It's completely normal to feel this way,” William explains, stroking your thigh. “Some people just can't be physically attracted to certain partners. It's not a reflection on you. The important thing is that you listen to your own body and emotions, if something doesn't feel right, trust yourself enough to speak up.” he's trying to ease your discomfort, as he talks, his fingers move slowly higher on your leg, gradually reaching closer to a forbidden zone.
You get goosebumps, immediately there's a feeling of warmth that spreads nicely through your body, such an acute reaction to William's touch, something that you never experienced with your boyfriend.
You're his naive little bunny, so trusting, sweet, blinded, yet curious about his opinion, craving his advice and help, support. “Your body knows what it wants, princess. You felt weird because your gut told you he wasn't the right one to satisfy you. On a subconscious level, you realized that he's not the person you would like to give yourself to. You need someone who understands your body. Someone capable enough to pleasure you, doll.”
William notices something much more than just guilt in your eyes, something sparking in them. That's when he catches your gaze on his lips, your eyes dreamy, as if you're not listening to him at all.
“I can give you that, darling. You deserve to be satisfied fully, someone who knows what they're doing and won't disappoint you.” you contemplating his words, comparing him to your boyfriend; William seems more understanding, experienced and dominant than any man you knew. “because I'm well aware of how to pleasure a girl like you.”
You don't pull away and let William kiss you, his hand squeezes your thigh, causing you to moan softly into his mouth. This is the first time you've felt so sensitive, you gasp when finally his hand slides to your clothed pussy. Your brows furrow and you let out a sudden “ahhh” as you pull away, lips parted. William continues moving his palm all over your core, his fingers rubbing you through panties, your skirt hiking up.
“You're wet just because I kissed you, doll. Was it different with him?”
“Much different,” you breathe out. “this. . . feels better.” your pussy throbbing in anticipation as his fingers push the fabric of your panties to the side, exposing you to his hungry eyes. “Sir, i don't know if—"
“I want to help you figure this out. We're already halfway there, we've already found out that your body doesn't want him, honey. I don't want you to get upset about yourself or men, I don't want you to think that sex is something unpleasant.” he understands that his little girl still in doubt, that you're shy, your face is confused, your lips are pursed, you're afraid to make a moan, but your eyes speak for you. So pleading, so needy, begging.
His thumb caresses your sensitive bundle and you whimper, grinding subtly against his finger, wanting more of those new sensations. Your curious gaze drops lower, noticing a distinct bulge in William's pants. “He had one too when we kissed. . .”  you mutter. William gently guides your hand towards the outline of his erection through his pants.
“Of course he did,” he husks out. “It's impossible not to get hard around someone as beautiful as you.” William feels like his dick is about to explode right in his pants as your hand hesitantly starts stroking his bulge. You've never felt anything so hard before; he notices his little girl's eyes widen at the size of him, making you even wetter. “That's right, babygirl. Let your hands explore, feel just how much you affect me.”
“Has he ever made you cum, doll?”
“No, i couldn't. . .”
“Then let me take care of that.” William doesn't stop rubbing your little clit with his fingers, moving in smooth circle movements, what makes your head spin. You spread your legs wider due to overwhelming bliss, breathing heavily, your hand no longer on his bulge as you hold onto his wrist instead, as if trying to stop him or control, but not really, yourself don't know what your doing.
“Ahh— Nn, that feels weird!. . .” your body writhing beneath his touch. “S-sir, wait, wait!” you moan, he never stops stroking your wet folds.
“Just let go, babygirl, it's okay, you're supposed to feel that way.” he purrs in your ear. The sounds you're making are too loud, but beautiful for a man like William, so he doesn't give a fuck, rubbing your clit just a little bit faster to bring you to orgasm. As you cum, your body shudder uncontrollably, your hole clenching around nothing. “Such a good girl.” you bury your face in his shoulder to muffle the gasps escaping your lips, because you've never felt anything as this before.
His erection aches painfully in his pants at the sight of his girl coming in his arms. You just realize what happened. “S-sir. . . That—”
“Didn't expect you to cum that fast.” he smirks and continues stroking your sensitive clit even after your orgasm subsides, making you jolt. You feel embarrassed at this comment now. “Now that's what happens when you're in hands of experienced man, princess.”
His words and especially calm yet dominating tone of voice have your pussy throbbing with need again, your mind hazy. You blink couple of times, still trying to come to your senses, but it's so fucking hard when his hands never leave your body, caressing you, even groping you. You bat your eyelashes at him as his fingers teases your wet entrance.
“Your body didn't react that way to him, did it?”
“No. . . ” you whisper.
“That's what I thought," he hums, finally slipping one finger inside your warm, wet cunt. You immediately gasp, feeling sudden stretch, William takes a deep breath as you squeeze his finger. “such a tight little pussy. No wonder your boyfriend couldn't get you even wet.” he pumps his finger in and out of you, watching your face contorted with pleasure.
“Sir, ohh. . .”
“That's it, keep calling me that and I'll make sure to train this pussy cumming only on my cock and fingers,” he growls, adding another finger inside your already wet slit while kissing a trail along your neck. He pinches and rolls your clit between his fingers. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be out there as a dried up little bitch who never got any satisfaction.”
“No, oh!. . .” you babble and glance at him in surprise, not expecting such degrading words, but as soon as your messy pussy clenches on his fingers, he can't help, but laugh. “Too much—”
“It's okay, bunny,” William curls his fingers up inside you, pressing on that sweet and sensitive spot that have you choking on your moans. “I'm just giving you what that prick of yours supposed to, making you squirt over my fingers, feels good, hm?” that's when he picks up a speed, finger-fucking you in fast rhythm, a small puddle forms on the couch under you.
“Waittt!. . . Ohh god, i can't! It feels so weird, sir,” there's panic in your voice as now this feeling is definitely not comparable to the previous orgasm, you sob and maintain eye contact with William, too shy to look down. He's pumping his fingers in your tight pussy, reaching deeper. “Please, wait!”
Your mouth hangs open and eyes roll back as you coat coach under you and drip on his fingers. William enjoys that cute scared and confused look on his little girl's face, he can feel the hotness of your cunt as you squirt, wet sloppy fucking filthy sounds it makes. You look absolutely hot and there's no way he's that lucky to finally have you in his hands.
“Damn it, doll, you should be grateful that I'm here teaching you how to properly fuck.” William pulls his fingers out, a satisfied smirk as he looks at the mess he created. “I bet you don't even know what an orgasm feels like until I gave it to you.”
Your eyes full with tears, body weak as you watch how William sucks his fingers clean, groaning at your heavenly taste. He manhandles you, putting you on all fours, slipping your panties off and unbuttoning your shirt to have access to your bare breasts. You don't even get what's going on, it's like your brain has leaked out through your pussy, but you love the way he behaves. That's what you needed. You press back into him and then hear the sound of his belt unbuckling, you nervous, but still glance over your shoulder with puppy eyes, lips pouty and cheeks burning. William pulls down his pants and reveals his cock.
“Tell me, princess, did the thought of his dick turn you on?“ you shake your head, he sighs. “You made a mistake, admit it, you stumbled, but you know, you're still a good girl because you came to your senses in time. You came to me, as a good girl should, that's because you know you need something better than him.” William's words make you almost cry at how true they are. In fact, you didn't like your boyfriend, you just didn't want to admit it, just was happy someone noticed you and liked you, but having a man like William around, it was hard not to succumb.
“It didn't feel right with him, as if there should have been someone other. . . Not him.” William teases his tip against your slit, rubbing sensually, you grip the couch, too desperate to finally feel him inside.
“You made the right decision, doll, you know that I'll always help you.” he tells you, while his hands carefully and gently fix your hair, all this time you feel his swollen cock runs through your folds. “It's good that you came to me, because someone else could just take advantage of you. But not me, sweetie, I'm here for you.”
“Please, sir, put it in, please—”
“You didn't beg him like that, did you?” his hands grabs your hips, squeezing the flesh hard enough to leave marks.
You shook your head, feeling a real fire igniting inside as your body doesn't obey, but begs for what it didn't receive on yesterday's date. A real good fuck.
“That's right,” he smacks your ass, pushing only tip inside of you, but that already enough to make your eyes widen and choked cry escape from your mouth. “you should feel lucky that I've taken notice of you and offered my help. Imagine if some other filthy jerk had gotten ahold of such clueless doll like you?”
“No, mr. Afton,” you're not yet able to realize what that feeling is, because you simply don't know, you're mindless, but every nerve is on edge, you're trembling with desperation. “i don't want anyone else, just you!”
“Fuck, you're so fucking hot inside, bunny,” William groans huskily as he pushes his length fully, your walls welcoming him with warmness and crazy tightness. Your knees weak, but William's hands wraps around you, not letting his precious girl fall. He leans towards you, almost pressing you into the couch, his breath on your skin. “sh, sh, babygirl, don't cry, don't cry,” he mutters in your ear while slowly starting to move. He frowns, trying not to moan loudly himself, but how can he hold back when your little pussy is so perfectly wrapped around his dick? So wet, warm and— “oh fuuuck, bunny!. . .”
You're shaking under him, mewling loudly and drooling as you cum, just from having his cock inside. Your eyes filled with sweet tears and nonstop “ohmygoood” slipping from your lips.
“You're full of surprises, dear.” William smiles and presses your head into the couch to shut you up. You can't make noise in the workplace, the most important rule. And that's when he fucks all the air and the last remnants of the brain out of you, starting to slam into your throbbing cunt. “Your taking me so well.”
William's dick presses deeper into you, your back arches. He knows what he does to you, but you don't, not yet. You swear you can feel his cock already penetrating where it's impossible, so deep in you that it begins to cause discomfort and pain. But you can't stop the madness that's going on, completely forgotten even your boyfriend's name, and what happened yesterday, as if no date ever happened. As if everything is as it should be, William Afton balls deep inside you, fucking your brains out, as it should be. All you can do is feel his cock filling you up, as it should.
“Nnggh— that feels, ohh— please!” you say through watery eyes, trying to wiggle your ass to draw him deeper into your pussy, but his grip on you is firm, so you have no choice but to just let yourself be used as a fleshlight.
Oh, poor little helpless and needy doll, William thinks. He sees how you grip the couch tighter, your glassy eyes, vision blurry, head empty, but cunt filled.
“You shouldn't have ignored your desires before.” he groans. “You're such a good girl, you deserve my dick, every fucking inch of it. I'll make you my little slut, who'll come to me at the end of the shift to have her pussy well fucked and filled with my cum. Every weekend at my place, where you can scream as loud as you want as I ruin your pussy.”
“That, nnngh— sounds so beautiful, sir.” you turn your head slightly towards William and give him the perfect view of how messy you are, dumbfounded, with silly smile on your peachy face, brows furrowed, drooling, your gaze isn't focused on him.
He thrusts roughly into you and you cry loudly when his tip reaches your cervix. He fucks you into oblivion. You're nearing your orgasm, your pussy preparing to cum one more time. William ruts deep into you, having no mercy on his girl as he lets his cock slide along your walls. The beautiful sounds your pussy squelching, your muffled cries and begs, of skin slapping filling his office.
“Yeahhh, I'll take care of you, don't you worry.” he grunts, you're breathless and limp in his arms, but when his hand travels down, his fingers finding your clit and starting to circle it, your closing your legs, shaking. “Spread them.” he commands you, but you can't really obey as your clit is way too sensitive and overstimulated. “I said spread your damn legs, doll.”
“No, no, sir, please— too sensitive, i can't!” you whine, your throat dry, but that only annoy him so he forces your legs open. His pace getting faster and his fingers rubbing on your bundle, what makes your mouth open in silent scream.
Soon his thrusts become sloppier, his dick twitching from how tight your clenching on him as if trying to milk him dry. William buries his cock deep inside you, low quiet moan leaves him as he spills his seed against your cervix, claiming you as his. Your orgasm hits you in next seconds, right after William's, what makes him laugh almost mockingly when he sees how his little doll becoming shaking mess, your hips moving in smooth circles as you cum, feeling warmth of his sperm inside you.
“Th. . . Thank you, mr. Afton.” William pulls out and his cum starts leaking of your used hole little by little.
You close your eyes and weaken, falling onto the couch fully now. Your panties on the floor, which is already stained with your juices mixed with his sperm, you don't even want to look there. No, right now you're not ashamed, not embarrassed, you just don't give a fuck, you felt so good that you won't be able to come to your senses for a long time. Even the glass of water that William handed you with big care won't bring you to reality. You're so tired that you don't even notice William turning off the camera in the corner of his office.
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ahsxual · 5 months
Dark Sins
Pairing: William Afton x Fem!Reader (and a little of Stu Macher x Fem!Reader)
Summary: You and Stu have been together for a while now. You didn't like his friend Billy, because in your opinion he meant trouble. But Stu didn't care about it. In fact, it only made him want to hide you from Billy. So when the two of you were at Stu's house and Billy showed up, Stu made you hide yourself in the bathroom... little did you both know that his dad was taking a shower.
Genre: Smut
Warnings: minors don't interact +18, cheating (I don't support this, only wrote it for the fic!!), Stu not being the best boyfriend, implied age gap (reader is on her 20s, William is 50), fingering, oral sex (f&m receiving), squirting, dirty talk, mentions of daddy, chocking, cursing, degrading and humiliation kink, cnc, almost getting caught, perv!William, Dom!William x Sub!Reader
Word Count: 2,8k
Part II & Part III
A/N: In this fic, William is Stu Macher's father. I just love this idea, so I decided to write this crossover. I haven't written for so long, so I'm sorry for any mistakes or the low quality fic. I missed writing for you guys, so here I am! I'm trying my best <33
Tumblr media
You and Stu Macher had been together for a few weeks now. He was your crush since you met him last year, and things developed over time, specially after one of his parties. You guys had sex in his bedroom at one of his parties, and let's just say it was the best fuck you guys ever had. The adrenaline running through your veins from the alcohol, the passion between you two and the risk of getting caught by one of your friends was too much. You were extremely happy when, after a couple of months, he wanted to make it official. It was like a dream coming true... I mean, who wouldn't want to be Stu Macher's girlfriend? But like in all relationships, nothing is completely perfect... and when you met his best friend Billy, you couldn't help but hate the guy. He had this creepy look whenever he looked at you both and you talked about it with Stu. Apparently the guy hated you too, so Stu decided to hide you from him. Like, literally.
It pissed you off even more. How can your boyfriend prefer his best friend over you?? The PDA between the two of you didn't exist anymore whenever Billy was around, and that hurted you. So today, you decided to go talk about this with Stu.
"Hey... can we talk?" you asked Stu when he opened his house's door for you. He already knew what you wanted to talk about, so he rolled his eyes and let you enter his house.
"Sure babe, come in." he said in fake excitement, which annoyed you to no end. How can he still think it's your fault and there's nothing wrong with what he's doing... or better, allowing others to do. It's like he cares way too much about what Billy thinks or not. What a weird relationship they have...
You both went to his room for some privacy, since his dad was at home. Talking about the man, there was something strange, maybe even creepy about him too. He barely talks to you or says anything at all, always busy with work on the few times he's at home. However, his intense eyes always seemed to analyze your body like a predator analyzes its prey. At least, that's how you felt. And it sent shivers down your spine every single time, for whatever reason unknown to you.
"So... I assume you already know what I want to talk about with you..." you were the first one to break the ice, since you and Stu have had been silent for a few minutes now. You shouldn't be feeling so nervous and you didn't want to bother Stu, but things had to be talked about when something bothers you. Communication is the key for a good relationship and that's what you decided to do.
"Yeah, I think I do." Stu seemed way too relaxed for your liking, his arms supporting his body onto his bed like he didn't care how this conversation would end.
"Can you just pretend that you care about how I'm feeling instead of like, running away? Because that's what it looks like you're doing and it annoys me, Stu. Deeply." you shouted at Stu, your patience disappearing by each second. But when he looked at you with those hungry eyes, you immediately knew what he wanted to do. Again. Every single time.
"Come on babe, we can do so many interesting things instead of arguing, don't you think? You look so fucking hot when you're mad at me." a large smirk was planted on his face, before he pushed you down onto his bed, his tall and lean body over yours while he grabbed both of your wrists with one hand and pinned them on the bed. He started sucking and kissing your neck, while his free hand grabbed your tits hard, making you moan.
"Stop it Stu, we have to talk about..." you tried to sound serious, but the truth was that you forgot what you wanted to talk about in the first place. You couldn't resist Stu: he had that power over you, and even tho you hated it sometimes, it was simultaneously the thing you loved about him the most. The way he made you weak to your knees by a simple touch. You felt like you were in heaven for a few minutes, before Stu's phone started ringing. You both looked at it annoyed, and when you thought you couldn't be more bothered, you saw Billy's name on it. Stu immediately got up, before sending you an apologetic look.
"Hey man, what's up?" Stu's face went from excitement to fear in a second, and you looked at him asking mentally what happened. "Yeah sure, just give me a sec." and then Stu hung up the call.
"What happened? What did he want?" your tone was a little bit harsh towards Stu, but you couldn't control it. What did Billy possibly want this time??
"I'm sorry baby, but... Billy is actually on my doorstep. He's outside and needs to talk to me... like right now." you could tell your boyfriend was feeling bad for interrupting your intimate moment, but he still didn't say no to Billy.
"You're kidding me, right? Does he know that I'm with you? Can't you tell him that??"
"Come on y/n, just cooperate with me! It will be fast I promise, just..." he paused for a second, before grabbing your arm and taking you to the bathroom. "Just stay here for a minute, okay? Don't come out until I tell you so! Love ya!" he then kissed you and put you inside of his bathroom way too quickly to realized that it might be occupied...
"Wtf!" you shouted quietly, visibly pissed off by the ridiculous situation you were put in. How could Stu do this to me?? Hiding his own girlfriend, because his friend didn't like me? You thought. When you were walking backwards, you didn't even realized that the bathroom was in fact, occupied. By your boyfriend's father.
"Shit!!" you screamed when you collided with a strong, bare and wet chest. When you turned around, you couldn't believe your eyes. It was your boyfriend's father, William Afton, completely naked with just a towel around his hips. You stared a little too long to his tall, nice built body for his age, before you closed your curious eyes. "Omg, I'm so so sorry Mr. Afton, I didn't- this is all that asshole's fault!" you whispered to yourself the last part, referring to Billy. Well, in reality it was Stu's fault, but you didn't want to think about it that way.
"May I know why you haven't left yet? Seems like you're enjoying being here... in my presence." William's tone was serious and his eyes roamed all over your body, since you were wearing a short dress. If you weren't feeling so embarrassed, you could tell that he was in fact teasing you.
"I-I can't Mr. Afton... Stu doesn't want me to get out of here... I don't know what to do... well, on second thought, I should probably go." you never felt so embarrassed in our entire life. You didn't know if you should leave and go against your boyfriend's stupid request, or if you should just stay there being confronted by Mr. Afton lustful eyes and semi-naked body. This was his opportunity, he thought. Just the two of you... alone.
He wanted to show you how much his son didn't deserve you. He wanted to show you who could be a real man to you. Someone who didn't refuse to pleasure you like his son did to you just now, even tho you could be caught. What you didn't know, was how long William have been desiring you. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to be with you and make you forget about his son only with his dick. To prove to you that you didn't know real pleasure until he fucked you until you're begging for his mercy.
"Who said you're getting out of here, huh?" how dumb and innocent you are, he thought. Thinking that now that everything was according to his plan, you could escape him. It made him laugh, actually.
"I-I don't understand, sir..." your back was against the bathroom door, not allowing you to escape his slow approach towards your small body compared to his. The moment you called him sir made his cock harder, and when you noticed it through the thin towel, you gasped loudly not just by the unknown effect you had on him, but at the size of it. It was huge and you could tell that it was thicker than Stu's dick.
He noticed you staring at his cock and smirked at your reaction. He knew deep down you wanted him too. You naughty, dumb slutty girl. He suddenly approached you faster, not even caring about the fact that his towel fell on the ground, leaving him completely naked in front of you and showing you his dick fully erected because of you. Before you tried to say something, he covered your mouth with his big hand.
"Shhh. Don't say a single fucking word, you understand me? You don't want my son to find out that you're about to get fucked by his father, now would you?" his voice was deep and low, and you could hear the lust in it. You felt scared. Terrified actually, for what was about to happen. But then, you felt something that betrayed your mind. Your panties were dripping and your clit was throbbing, wanting desperately to be touched. All of a sudden, you heard the door being locked by William.
"Please Mr. Afton, I-I don't want to cheat on Stu, please..." you were so desperate not to sin, since you're completely against cheating. But it seemed like you had no choice... and the worst of it, was that you couldn't deny how much attracted you felt to the older man. By this point, you didn't know if you were talking to William or to yourself. Suddenly, you felt William's cock against you, hard and desperate for your attention.
"Too late for that, bunny. I'm gonna teach you how a real man can pleasure a sweet thing like you... don't lie to yourself. You want this as much as I do." he suddenly grabbed your hand and put it on his hard cock, pre-cum leaking from the tip. You started to jerk him off, not being able to stop since he was controlling your movements. "That's it, you dirty slut. Now be a good girl and suck daddy's cock." William forcedly grabbed your hair and pushed you to your knees, making you gasp in pain. He then opened your mouth and shoved his dick in, making you gag around him.
You started to suck him off since you had no option but to obey, before he pushed you back by your hair and took your dress and bra off, leaving you only in your panties.
"Don't worry, I'll rip them out soon." the older man promised before he pushed you against his cock again. After a few minutes, he felt himself almost reaching his limit, so he pushed you back once again, this time for good. He then grabbed you and put you onto the long bathroom vanity, before tearing your white panties in one move.
"Mr. Afton! Those were my favorite panties!" you were shocked by his rough action, realizing that when he said something, he would do it. William laughed at your face, realizing that you and Stu apparently never had real fun.
"If you behave and cum for me, maybe I'll give you new ones for Christmas." he promised before circling your extremely sensitive clit. You moaned loudly, so he quickly covered your mouth once again. "What a dirty fucking whore you are. Can't keep your mouth shut while being fingered by a man old enough to be your father... leaving aside the fact that it's actually your boyfriend's father too." he degraded you, before shoving 2 long and thick fingers inside you, not giving you any time to adjust to him. His movements were cruel and faster than any man you had ever been with before, making you cum in a few minutes.
"Fuck Mr. Afton, I'm gonna cum!! Please s-stop!" you didn't know why you were pleading him to stop if you didn't want to. Maybe you thought that if you didn't cum, maybe it wasn't real cheating... How stupid you were to think that. Obviously there was no going back now.
"You're fucking dripping, bunny. Look at my fingers, fucking you so easily and being all drenched in your cum. You should be ashamed of yourself, you fucking slut. I bet my son never made you cum so fast and hard." and those degrading words, which were the truth even tho you didn't want to admit it, were enough to make you orgasm. Hard. The way Mr. Afton humiliated and deprived you to breath properly with his hand covering your mouth and nose, was all you needed to squirt onto his big hand. Your moan was muffled by William's hand, otherwised Stu and Billy would hear you without any doubt.
"Oh fuck..." you said once you looked at the mess you made. William's fingers and cock were drenched in your cum, and he hadn't even fucked you with his cock yet. "I'm so sorry Mr. Afton-" your apology was completely ignored and immediately replaced by a loud gasp from you when William opened your legs and licked your cunt like he was a starved man. His tongue expertly sucked your wet clit before he fucked your hole with his long tongue. He continued to suck on your clit and fuck your hole just the way you loved, when suddenly you heard Stu's voice. You wanted to scream from fear of being caught in such a vulnerable, embarassing position and act, but William knew you too well already, so he put his hand over your mouth before you could make any sound and continued his attack on your dripping pussy.
"Wait man!" you heard Stu saying to Billy. Apparently, Billy wanted to go to the bathroom, but Stu stopped him just in time. "You should go to the bathroom downstairs. I took a shit on that one before you arrived." if you weren't in this situation, where your boyfriend's dad was eating you out like a madman, you would have laughed at the poor excuse that your boyfriend came up with. However, you were too focused on cumming again, this time on William's mouth since he didn't stop fucking your cunt with his tongue the whole time. Oh, that mouth... you definitely wouldn't forget it. It even looked like somehow, William did want to get caught to prove his son that he could make you cum harder and faster. That even if he was older, he was better nonetheless.
You started to feel your second orgasm approaching. "Fuck Mr. Afton, I'm gonna fucking cum again." you didn't know why would you tell him that or why you were saying it out loud, if you felt ashamed about all of this.
"Come on, babygirl. Cum for daddy one more time, squirt all over my face." and that was it. Somehow you managed to squirt once again, this time on William's face. Even tho it wasn't as much as before, you still covered his face and mouth with your cum. "Good girl. I know you could do it. You're being so nice for me, just one more time." when he said that last part, you looked at him with wide eyes.
"I-I can't anymore sir, please..." you were breathless and covered in sweat from his actions. He suddenly grabbed your neck and chocked you enough to make it difficult to breath.
"Yes you can, and you'll do it for me." for the first time, you were scared of him. Scared about what he could possibly do to you and the fact that you could be caught anytime now. He lined his big cock against your overstimulated pussy, ready to fuck and destroy you, before you both heard Stu's voice again.
"Alright man, see ya later! Don't forget to bring my things tomorrow!" Stu said before closing the front door downstairs, saying goodbye to Billy. You looked desperately at William, and even if he wanted to destroy you right there and then and couldn't care less if Stu caught you both fucking, he didn't want you to be in big trouble. You and William started to hear Stu's footsteps, so William took your damaged panties with him, grabbed his towel from the ground to cover himself up and got ready to go to his bedroom before Stu came in and saw you two together.
"Get yourself presentable. You don't wanna look like you just had been fucked, right? Next time bunny, I'll make sure there's no one to interrupt us. Prepare that tight and sweet pussy of yours." he said in a serious and cold tone, like he didn't just say the most sinful thing to you. Before he left, he smelled deeply your ripped and drenched panties and stuffed them inside his mouth.
And there you were. Left alone naked, covered in sweat and cum and thinking about how William's cock would feel deep inside of you, ripping you apart.
And that's when reality hit you and slapped you hard in the face. You just cheated on your boyfriend with his own fucking father.
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murdrdocs · 7 months
"c'mere," steve raglan closes the file and throws it to the side.
he beckons you over with two curled fingers, prompting you from your timid stance at the door and into an excited walk towards him. he scoots back in his chair, spreading his legs, nodding his head in the direction of his cleared desk. you know exactly what to do, hopping up on the wood, legs falling into place with a respectable distance between them.
it's easy for steve to slide his hand between your thighs since you'd decided to wear a dress, his palm pressed flat against the inside of one of them.
"how's my girl been, huh? she's been taking care of herself?" you lean back onto your hands, spreading your legs even further to allow steve's fingertips to start brushing along your hidden slit.
"yeah," you moan, already a little breathless and he hasn't done anything yet.
steve, sensing this, laughs a little, voice taking an amused edge whenever he echoes you. "yeah?"
you nod, letting your eyes flutter closed whenever steve removes his hand to encourage your knees apart with both hands, palms a little rough against your skin. you have to resist the urge to lay back whenever your skirt is flipped up and his fingers dip into the elastic waistband of your panties. your fear of looking too eager holds you back, although you'd been in this position with steve many times before.
"not too much though, right?" you know steve doesn't really care how often you've been fucking yourself. he's not like that. but he likes to tease you more than anything else. he likes to make you feel a little embarrassed before he gives you what you want, already entering that territory as the sides of your panties start to slide down your outer thighs. "you're not replacing me, are you?" his voice feigns hurt, but when you open your eyes you see nothing but amusement behind his glasses.
you still shake your head rapidly, always eager to please. "no, steve. of course not."
he smiles, leaning forward in a motion you mirror, the two of you meeting in the middle in a kiss that steve separates first, despite your low hum of disapproval. he ignores it, still tugging at your panties.
"mm good. now help me take these off."
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springnote · 7 months
William Afton/Steve Raglan x gn!reader smut
warnings: nsfw minors dni, dirty talk, spanking, mentions of riding
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Steve Raglan was an interesting one. It started when you came looking for a job, and you returned a few times to ask some questions or just see if he wanted anything for lunch. Finally he handed you his number one day, grinning at your flustered expression when you realize he was onto your little crush. From there, you two started going out.
The relationship was pretty solid, and your sex life was very active. Both of you agreed you enjoyed engaging in forms of bdsm and lighter kinks, but were still trying to work out what to try and when. You decided you both wanted to try out spanking some time, and Steve told you when you were ready, to act out as a signal.
Well you decided to bide your time that weekend, until he went to work on Monday.
Steve was trying to go over some work in his office when you stopped by, and he perked up just a little when he saw you. His somewhat dorky smile fell a little when he noticed you didn’t have a lunch bag for him as per usual.
“Did you have other plans for our lunch today?” He asked somewhat jovially, but you could see his eyes watching you carefully.
“Nah not really,” you say casually, moving to sit on the edge of his desk. “Are you busy?”
He looked down at the files on his desk, clearing his throat a little before sighing. “Yeaah, just a little, bunny. So what were you—”
You slide his files off the desk and onto the floor, making him pause and blink with his mouth hanging slightly open. You tilt your head a little, a small, mischievous grin on your face as you lean over the desk.
“You still busy?”
He closes his mouth, his jaw ticking a little as he looks up at you. He’s figured out what you’re up to, and a small smirk crosses his face even while he looks at you sternly. Your stomach flutters nervously as he stands up slowly, moving around the desk to stand over you.
“Someone’s feeling a little bratty, huh?” He hummed, his large hand encircling your wrist, veins prominent as he lightly jerks you towards the couch. “I’ll need to put a stop to that.”
You gasp a little as your suddenly lifted up, only to be slung over his strong thighs. His hands swiftly pull down your pants and underwear in one go, and you shiver as the cold air hits your exposed flesh. A hand presses into your back, keeping you down as he sits there, letting anticipation hang in the air.
“You couldn’t even wait til I got home, you’re greedy aren’t you?” He purrs out, pinching the fat of your ass in his hand as you stifle a sound.
The first slap to your ass catches you by surprise, a small yelp leaving you as the sting spreads. The sound is sharp, and his large hand comes back down to knead at your asscheeks. Another slap quickly follows, making your body jolt as you gasp.
“Such a little brat. Making a mess and trying to get a rise out of me…” he shakes his head a little, before slapping your ass again, making you moan this time. “Well are you happy now, bunny?”
“Y-yea…” you moan out, feeling yourself growing warmer and leaking a little wetness. You almost hope he doesn’t notice, but nothing slips past him.
“What a dirty little bunny you are…” he chuckles a little, a dark rumble in his chest as he reaches down between your legs. You shiver from the touch, moaning softly again when he whispers. “Oh? You’re so excited already? I knew you’d love this…”
You can feel him hardening in his pants, the warm girth against your stomach as you squirm on his lap. He slaps each of your asscheeks when you squirm, making you shudder and moan again. The sting is getting warmer and you feel slight tears pricking your eyes from it. It feels so good though, even as it burns.
“S-Steve…” you whine out, whimpering a little when he delivers a spanking to the back of your thighs.
“That’s “sir” to you, bunny.” He corrects, smiling a little deviously.
The hand on your back moves as he rubs a thumb lightly at your eyes, wiping the wetness away with a smug smile. He moves you to sit up in his lap, maintaining eye contact as he reaches to trail his fingers down to your privates.
“Now, would you like to cum?” He hums.
“Y-yes sir.” You answer obediently, relishing in the proud smirk on his face.
You hear his belt clink as he undoes it, pulling his pants down and pulling his cock out of his underwear. He smirks as you practically drool at the sight of his thick, reddening dick, watching it twitch a little under the attention. His voice purrs out lowly as he leans towards your ear.
“Now….if you want to cum, you’re gonna cum bouncing on my cock, understand?”
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lxstfathier · 7 months
Yeah, people would say William was canonically married right? well- I'm kinda ashamed to wanna see anything about being William's side chick- 😭 Maybe William's wife was a bitchy or she had already cheated on him, and he wanted to have fun too perhaps...?
(idek if you commissions are still open. If they're not just lmk if u like idea lolzz)
Ngl i’m kinda torn with that idea. I don’t support cheating and i would never do that irl, buuut, sounds hot so i’ll let it pass just cuz it’s all fictional. And i’m gonna offer you a ✨thot✨
Tumblr media
After being done with his bitchy and cheating wife, William definitely wants to take vengeance in the same way, so he gets involved with the first girl who catches his eye. And you are that girl. The new sweet waitress in the pizzeria.
First, he starts to flirt with you, approaching you slowly. Then, when you start to get closer, he decides to make you the one in charge of the springlock suits, teaching you how to maintain them and sometimes even helping him put on or take off the spring bonnie suit. Just to have more time with you, alone, backstage.
And once William is sure that you have fallen into his trap, he makes his last move. So it’s not long until you’re getting fucked in said backstage, against the cold wall, with your moans being silenced by the animatronics performing on the other side, hearing ‘talking in your sleep’ for the ninth time that day.
Since then, he becomes addicted to the thrill and dopamine rush. It’s a nice little game. So he fucks you in every place he can, his car, his office, on the prize counter…
But maybe, the real vengeance on his wife is taking you to his house and pounding you senseless on their shared bed as he grunts sweet nothings to you ear.
“Your young pussy feels so fucking good, so much tighter than hers. Maybe i should dump her and put a ring on you instead.”
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scaredofbrits · 6 months
Once again here to ask for more nsfw William audios like an orphan asking for more porridge. 🍽
Tumblr media
Nsfw Audios ; William
william afton x listener
Tumblr media Tumblr media
• xtra info ⬇️
× ˚ ₊ m a s t e r l i s t
⊹ ₊ ✦× ˚ ₊ warnings; nsfw audios
⊹ ₊ ✦× ˚ ₊ !! fyi !! this is a part 3! check out 2 & 1 after this one if you havent already! ⊹ ₊ ✦
you and william had bad days
teasing comes with consequences
early morning activities
you go get you car fixed with a strange fee
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sadesluvr · 6 months
Doctor's Orders - S. Raglan x Reader x M. Schmidt
You and Mike are having intimacy issues, and Dr Raglan is the best couples therapist in town.
A/N: Pure filth and nothing more. This might be the dirtiest fic I've ever made...Minors DNI
Word count: 2.4K
Tags: Threesomes / Cuckolding / Dom + Sub dynamics / Age gaps – Steve is in his 50’s, Reader and Mike are in their mid 20s / Hints of manipulation / Abuse of power / Oral sex, fem and male receiving / Breeding / Humiliation / Overstimulation / Sex rivalry / Unprotected sex  / Dirty talk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dr Raglan was a renowned couples therapist in your town, which was why you were so eager to see him with your boyfriend Mike. Even though you’d been together for a while, when it came to sex you’d found that he had trouble staying ‘up’, and even reaching orgasm. He insisted it wasn’t you, but the egotistical part of you worried that you weren’t enough.
Still, you would’ve never guessed that, upon hearing your issues, the doctor would’ve been gracious to extend the session by another hour, free of charge. It slightly worried you that your issues were apparently that bad, but you took it anyway.
“I like you two,” Steve said. “A lot, actually. I’m very happy to help you out,”
He wasn’t lying. He’d been lusting over you for the whole session, his cock growing hard at how desperate you were to get through to Mike, even willing to do the work on your part. You were such a sweet, attentive little girlfriend, and yet Mike seemed like a total loser. Utterly powerless.
The pair of you were still sitting down as he got up, walking around to stand behind you and place his large hands on your shoulders. He smirked as Mike looked at him, ready to argue, whilst you seemed uncomfortable.
“I’m going to use Y/N here as an example,” he said, instructing you to stand up. He didn’t even bother to ask for your permission - you were nothing but a toy. A toy and a tool to be fucked. It was going to help your issues, after all. 
You stood up, and he cupped a finger under your chin so that you looked into his eyes, his gaze intense and unwavering.
“Strip,” he said, and your eyes grew wide.
“Y/N, don’t  —“ Mike interjected, sticking out a hand defensively, but Steve stopped him.
“That’s your problem, Mike. Stop trying to be the hero,” he said forcefully. You hesitated before squeezing Michael’s hand and beginning to undress. You loved Mike more than anything, and wanted to move towards the next stage of your relationship. 
Mr Raglan knew best.
As you undressed, you noticed a visible bulge in Steve’s pants, and Mike, though quiet, seemed to be developing one too, but hid it with his hands. Their eyes were filled with lust, and Dr Raglan seemed to hum with approval as he took in your semi-nude body as you assumed your position on top of his desk.
You were undressed all for him; naive and exposed to what was about to come. 
He was ready to fucking consume you.
But he had to be professional.
“You see, your intimacy problem has nothing to do with her, and everything with you,” he said, pointing at Mike. “She’s such a cute little thing with a body just begging bred. Any man would be lucky to have her…And yet you can’t appreciate something good. Why is that?”
Steve smirked as he saw your legs twitch at the mention of breeding, and he looked between the pair of you knowingly. Mike seemed unresponsive, whilst you were like a deer in headlights.
“You’re building it up too much. You keep thinking things are going to be mind-blowing, and that you’re going to be the best she’s ever had, but in actuality it’ll probably be average. You need to learn to live with being disempowered,”
You glanced over worriedly at Mike. Perhaps the loss of his brother was the root of the deeper issue?
“Has he touched you here?” Steve said, his large hands reaching to massage your breasts. His hands were cold whilst your chest was warm, causing your nipples to harden against his touch. The older man chuckled, rolling the bud against his fingers before he tugged them, showing them off to your boyfriend. He’d barely done anything, and you were responding to him so well.
“Do you usually get turned on so quickly?”
“I’m not—“ you protested, trying to ignore the growing heat between your thighs. “—It’s just because your hands are cold,”
“Sure. I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said mockingly. “How about you have your boyfriend come warm you up?”
You looked over pleadingly at Michael and he obliged, getting up to place his hand on your other breast, but not without giving Dr Raglan a side eye, to which the older man brushed off. You stared up at them with glassy eyes as they fondled your breasts, with Mike’s touch more gentle compared to Steve’s pawing. You weren’t oblivious to Raglan’s now hardened bulge either, as he pressed his groin into the bare skin of your knee, teasing you with what was to come.
“Doesn’t look like you’re doing a good job there, Mike,” he said matter of factly. “Unsurprising, considering everything I know about you. Let me show you how to take care of business,” 
His bigger frame pushed Mike to the side, and you could see him clench his fists in frustration. Steve stared down at you hungrily, one of his hands sliding past your breast to grab the base of your neck; squeezing it ever so slightly as his other hand made its way to your panties. He spread your legs so that you were on display, his thick fingers rubbing against your slit through the material. 
“I bet I can make her cum just from my hands…” he said, staring down at Mike who remained in his seat. As much as he hated watching a perverted older man like Raglan touch you, part of him was actually enjoying it. He knew you were hot, and to see someone making you feel as sexy and liberated as you deserved made him feel good in turn. Perhaps the Doctor was right - he needed to be comfortable feeling powerless.
“You said you’ve tried oral sex, correct?” Steve said, clearing his throat. You looked up at him and nodded shyly, and he tutted.
“I want you to say it,” he insisted, briefly removing his hands from your panties. “Tell me what you do to him,”
“Um —“ you said, flustered from the sudden loss of pressure. “I touch him through his pants first. He’s usually hard then, so I take it out — I don’t suck him off immediately, I like to keep it going with my hands…” 
Steve began to unbuckle his belt before pulling down his zipper and taking out his cock through the hole, beginning to stroke it lazily as you droned on about trying to please your boyfriend. He was aching to see you in all the degrading positions you’d put yourself in for Mike’s benefit (to no success), even more so at the prospect of being in front of him. 
“Show me,” Steve groaned, positioning his cock towards your face. “Give me everything you’ve been craving,”
You abided by his words and stroked him, moaning as he resumed his motions on top of your panties. He was bigger than Mike, and you could feel him throb in your hands with every tug, desperate to penetrate your lips. You remained like this for a moment before the older man pushed your panties to the side, the cool hair sending shivers down your hot cunt. Steve greedily pushed two of his lithe fingers inside of you, grunting at the sensation as he felt the insides of your thigh on his arms, grazing his hairs ever so slightly.
“She’s fucking dripping,” he laughed, staring Mike in the eye. “She feels so good down here. I wonder how her mouth feels —“ he stated, and angled your head around his cock. You took it in your mouth instinctively, eyes widening in shock as he hit the back of your throat unexpectedly. Steve was almost completely feral; wasting no time in thrusting deeper into your mouth whilst his fingers explored your fold, making sure to rub your clit.
“—Like heaven,” he purred, and it was as if something deeper had arisen within him. “Don’t be shy Mike. You should get in on this,” he teased, giving the younger man all but two seconds before focusing back onto you. You were mewling and writhing under his power, and if he were a teenager he probably would’ve cum right there and then. Luckily for him, he was a man now.
Mike obeyed, and quietly made his way between your legs, watching in awe at the way your juices coated the man’s fingers. It looked heavenly; and it killed him to think he was missing out. All he ever wanted to do was please you.
He unzipped his trousers, freeing his cock so that he could touch himself. He inched towards your spread pussy, one hand on his cock and the other keeping your panties out of the way and practically dived in, eagerly lapping at your folds, causing Steve to hum in amusement.
The sensation was painfully overwhelming, with Steve’s fingers now rubbing at your hood, and Mike’s lips licking and sucking on your insides. It was beyond pornographic, and you wondered whether this was genuinely helpful or just a self-serving ruse. 
“Ugh,” you moaned, and pushed Mike’s head deeper into you, prompting yet another reaction from Steve.
“Seems like he can do something well, hm? I suppose this is the part where everything goes to shit?”
“For your information, I never said I couldn’t make her cum,” Mike snapped, staring daggers into Steve as he momentarily drew himself away from your cunt. 
“I’ll admit –” he began, stopping to groan as he began thrusting faster into your mouth, your cheeks hollowing around his cock and nose repeatedly making contact with his pants, “--That’s impressive, but it’s child’s play. You’re a child, Mike. She needs a real man…” 
Even though it was wrong, your pussy twitched around Mike as the pair bickered; using your body like a ragdoll. You weren’t a person to them, but a vessel, and it was sparking something within Mike that you hadn’t seen, licking along your folds and up towards your clit, flicking his tongue upon the nub as two fingers pumped into you. All he’d needed was a bit of ‘friendly’ competition.
“Mike —” you whimpered against Steve’s cock. “I’m gonna —”
“Get off her, Mike,” Steve commanded, and the younger man obeyed, his frustration growing deeper. The Dr drew himself from your face, leaving a trail of spit against your swollen lips.
“That’s not how this is going to go –” he stated, guiding your body so that you were spread flat on top of his desk, your legs dangling off of the sides. Steve towered above you, and even though Mike was in the room you felt like a shrew underneath his predatory gaze, waiting to be devoured. You stared up at him with wide eyes, and you almost came as he smiled down at you, a large, calloused hand rubbing along the sides of your body, spreading your cunt effortlessly with two fingers and admiring the mess you’d made.
“--I’m gonna fuck her, and you’re gonna watch. Got it?” he said forcefully, staring Mike down. “Don’t try to save her, Mike. She doesn’t need saving. Let it go,”
Mike nodded, and Steve barely gave you any time to react before he thrust into you, practically gasping at the hot, wet sensation against his aching cock. His grip on your legs were firm, slinging them around his waist so that he had full control over you, relishing in the sight of your breasts moving with every motion, and your mouth agape as he filled you up. Mike was stroking himself, his face flushed as he watched you intently, completely inebriated on oxytocin. There were no sympathetic smiles or gentle hugs when he couldn’t ‘perform’, but a different person entirely - the sex goddess you deserved to be. It was dirty, and so very wrong, but he was enjoying every moment.
Steve’s thrusts were getting faster now, to the point that you could feel his thighs slap against your own, much more his heavy balls against your aching pussy, causing the desk to creak. His eyes darkened as one hand made its way to your throat, squeezing ever so slightly as his cock seemed to hit at you from every angle.
“You like this, hmm?” he cooed, a large smirk wiped across his face. “Getting fucked by an older man whilst your mess of a boyfriend watches? He can’t make you moan like I do, huh?” 
You could barely answer, but managed to shake your head.
“Hm, you’re pretty fucked up, aren’t you? I think you and I should have a little private session n’ work some of those issues through…”
You moaned louder, and Steve let out a gleeful cackle before looking over at Mike, who was in a daze. 
“I consider myself a fair guy. Get over here,” he gestured to him, and once he was there you took Mike’s cock in your mouth, helping him finish what had been started. He threw his head back as you eagerly licked and sucked on his tip, using your hands to stroke his base and steady him in your mouth. 
You’d reached complete overstimulation; and you could feel a familiar heat pooling in your stomach, your body instinctively beginning to grind itself on Steve’s cock. Mike drew himself deeper into your mouth, briefly making you choke at his desperate motions, and Steve placed his hands onto your hips, holding you down and beginning to fuck you mercilessly.
“Touch her,” he ordered, and Mike began rubbing your pussy in circles, adding to the unfathomable feeling. “Feel how much she’s trembling because of me. She’s such a slut, you know that? You might own her heart, but I own her pussy – Fuck – She’s perfect...”
The sound of his throaty voice made you unravel, and you threw your head back as you came, desperately pulling Mike into a kiss as you did. It was euphoric, made all the more otherworldly when Steve said a certain few words:
“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill this pretty pussy up real good, like a real man does. Didn’t you see the way she begged and moaned for me? Our pretty little fucktoy —”
He came with a loud groan and his glasses almost slid off of his face as he lurched forward whilst his fingers left marks on your skin as he held you down to pump his hot, heavy seed into your aching hole. You were both sweaty, and you felt your eyes flutter shut from the exhaustion. As Steve rode off his high he drew his hips back, watching his seed slowly drip out of you and onto his desk. 
Smirking, he caught his breath before walking over to assume Mike’s position at your mouth, looking down at him expectedly.
“It’s your turn. I hope you don’t mind the mess I’ve made,”
Tumblr media
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itsbuckytm · 7 months
Having a relationship between Mike Schmidt and Steve Raglan
Having to share a relationship between Mike Schmidt and Steve Raglan would be interesting (SFW & NSFW) hihi Enjoy!
Tumblr media
If a romantic entanglement involving Mike, Steve, and yourself were ever to materialize, it's worth noting that they aren't particularly keen on sharing. Especially if one of them feels that they  monopolizing their time with you a little too much. You see, to them, you serve as both entertainment and a source of distraction to maintain their sanity.
Steve had a distinctive approach to relationships. He relished role-playing scenarios and enjoyed seeing you play the role of a devoted partner. Upon returning from work, he had an expectation that you would have dinner prepared for him upon his arrival. That meant, dressing like a wife and being meticulously responsible with your duty. 
Steve had a deep appreciation for your culinary skills. Every Friday, as a gesture of gratitude for your kindness and domestic attentiveness, he would order takeout on his way home. This package usually included a thoughtful card, a bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of wine. And each evening would often culminate in a relaxed yet passionate encounter.
In contrast to Steve, Mike had a completely different perspective. Having faced numerous challenges in his life, he viewed you as the love of his life. This sentiment often translated into him tenderly embracing you, wrapping his arms around your waist when he returned home from work, eagerly anticipating dinner. His guilt for not assisting with meal preparations weighed on him, but you, understanding how exhausted he was, firmly insisted that he relax and even allowed him to rest his head on your shoulder.
While you appreciated his efforts to assist you, you also took pleasure in witnessing his relaxation. It was a rare sight, the way he would occasionally sneak a kiss from you, even when you pretended to be asleep before he headed off to work. It was these small gestures that brought him great joy. Sometimes, they led to extended cuddling sessions that seemed to stretch for hours, only to be interrupted by the reminder that he had to return to work.
Dry Humping : 
This was a favorite experience for both of them. Mike, in particular, preferred a gentle and unhurried approach. He took pleasure in watching the gradual blush deepen on your cheeks with each tender moment. The subtle friction between your lingerie and the warmth of his clothing held a special allure for Mike. Let's just say that Mike reveled in intimate moments that were passionate and unhurried. In fact, there were times when he was so exhausted that he willingly relinquished control to you. When he returned home from work, he'd head straight to his room, a subtle invitation for you to join him. You'd often find him already asleep, lying on his back, his face turned towards you with closed eyes. Sometimes, the sensations of your movements would stir him, leaving you in suspense, unable to discern whether he was truly asleep or not. This ambiguity added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience for both of you.
For Steve, it was the complete opposite. Whenever he was engrossed in work or engaged in a call with a client, you would stealthily enter his office, taking extra care to make no noise that might raise suspicion. This clandestine rendezvous was something Steve found quite enjoyable. As you approached him, it was you who would assert control before he had a chance to resist. Only once the calls and other tasks were completed would he finally wrap his arms around your petite waist. The sensation of your clothes rubbing against each other would gradually intensify, transitioning from a slow pace to something more urgent. Your voice would fill the room, calling out his name, as he leaned in to explore the curve of your neck, his full lips eagerly exploring every inch they could reach. 
Peaking : 
Mike typically wasn't one to sneak a peek, but when he was truly captivated, you couldn't underestimate his curiosity. His fascination often went a bit overboard whenever you entered the same room as him. You began to notice this when you returned late from your job at the local canteen, still wearing the uniform that your boss required all waitresses to wear. Exhausted from your long day, you inadvertently forgot to lock the door while changing, and this presented an unexpected opportunity for Mike. Although he had seen a naked body before, it was his way of expressing his deep admiration for you. While it may have seemed a bit strange at the beginning of your relationship, you eventually grew to appreciate how his eyes would light up as each piece of clothing was removed. Even the subtle moments, like when you knelt down to retrieve something you had dropped, only to find Mike discreetly stealing a glance, became endearing in their own way.
Steve had a more uninhibited approach to peeking. While Mike would either request it in advance or on specific occasions, Steve didn't bother with such formalities. In fact, he often indulged in discreet glances in your direction whenever you made any kind of movement. Whether you were bending down to pick something up from the floor or leaning forward to him, providing him with an enticing view of your cleavage, Steve didn't hold back. Sometimes, when Steve visited the Pizzeria where you worked, your role as his employee also meant being at his beck and call for whatever he desired that evening. As the boss, he expected you to accommodate his requests, and if that involved being a source of temptation for him, he was sure to make it abundantly clear. 
Intercourse : 
Mike had a preference for unhurried and passionate encounters. He wasn't inclined to opt for quickies, and if the thought ever crossed his mind, it was likely during a moment of urgency. In general, he favored languid and intimate sessions, whether it was in the morning, sometimes in the shower, or at night – especially if you managed to steal away to the Pizzeria to entice him. He was the kind of lover who left you in a state of lingering desire, a reminder of who you belonged to, without being overly rough and leaving you sometimes when he dared to with a hint of looping tease. However, if he did go a bit too far, which you didn't mind at all. In fact, you found his earnest apologies endearing, and it even added an extra layer of intimacy to your relationship. To this, Mike didn't raise any objections.
Steve, on the other hand, had a fondness for the intensity of quick and passionate encounters. He took pleasure in witnessing your eyes roll back in ecstasy as your bodies ignited with desire, feeling your fingernails dig into his skin, leaving their mark all over you. Steve delighted in the idea of demonstrating that you were unequivocally his, regardless of the setting, even if it meant a hasty encounter in a department store's changing room. While he wasn't particularly keen on public spaces, your fascination with them was one of your fantasies that deeply aroused him, pushing him to explore more daring encounters, including in his office. Steve wasn't hesitant to leave tender red marks on your buttocks, eliciting your passionate pleas and cries for his name, often rendering you unable to move the next day. This, in turn, led to teasing and left you blushing intensely, with a pout that invited a mischievous grin to dance across his face.
After care : 
Mike was incredibly nurturing and affectionate when it came to post-intimacy care. After both of you had reached the peak of pleasure, and with exhaustion from your busy days taking over, you often found yourselves napping for extended periods. His lips would tenderly pepper your warm skin, repeating declarations of love for you. Sometimes, he'd suggest taking a soothing shower together, and on other occasions, he'd wrap his arms around you to cuddle for hours, all the while engaging in lighthearted conversations about life and sharing silly dad jokes. This would often result in Mike monopolizing the conversation, but he would always pause to place a gentle kiss on your lips, his fingers tracing gentle circles on your body, conveying a desire to hold onto that intimate moment for as long as possible.
Despite Steve's dominant and somewhat sadistic tendencies, he possessed a unique and caring side, which may have seemed peculiar to some but was endearing to you. After an intimate session, he would tenderly scoop you up in a bridal style if you happened to be at home. Steve would then prepare a soothing, warm bath for both of you, complete with a glass of wine, all in an effort to pamper and clean you. He'd wash away any traces of the session and proceed to plant more kisses on your skin, as though the ones he had left earlier weren't sufficient. You couldn't help but chuckle at the sensation of his plump lips caressing your soft skin, especially as the warm bathwater enveloped both of you. Steve had a penchant for the simpler pleasures in life, and if a bath and some extra cuddling brought happiness to your world, it was all that truly mattered to him.
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ruh--roh-raggy · 6 months
Run Rabbit Run (William Afton x Fem! Reader SMUT)
Tumblr media
Hello hello! I felt the need to work on something a little different from Home Sweet Home just so I wouldn't get burnt out, here's the product of that. Porn no plot, established relationship and boundaries, be sure to check out the warnings on this one folks! Thank you all so much for reading, if you'd like to be added to my tag list please let me know!
WARNINGS: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, MDNI, 18+, established relationship/boundaries, primal play, knife play (no actual cutting), mentions of stabbing, slight physical violence, chasing, shoving, reader elbows William a few times, William wrestles reader to the floor, CNC sort of, cutting off clothes, ripping off clothes, threats of violence, some degradation but not really, biting, marking, possessive!William, choking, size kink, penetrative sex, p in v sex, unprotected sex, creampie, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, fingering, crying, clit slapping, reader being pinned down and forced into positions by William, hair pulling, spitting, nipple play, age gap (reader in early 20's, William in 50's), aftercare and fluff at the end (please let me know if I missed any!)
You can find my Masterlist here!
Word Count: 3,736
You pressed yourself against the cool tile wall, your hair sticking to your sweat drenched forehead as you tried to quiet your breathing. You closed your eyes, struggling to listen for any sign of his approach as your pulse thundered in your ears. You could hear it at the other end of the hall, the steady ‘tink…tink…tink’ of a stainless steel blade against tile. You sucked in a deep breath, your only chance of him not catching you is if you could manage to hide. You pressed yourself into the small alcove, hoping the shadows would shroud you just enough to keep you out of the golden rabbit’s sight. A bead of sweat trailed down your temple, dripping off of your jaw and splattering on your bare shoulder. His heavy footsteps echoed down the corridor, the subtle creaking of the suit accompanying every loud thud.
“Run rabbit, run rabbit, run… run… run…” Your blood ran cold at the sound of his voice. He knew you were nearby. That was the thing about him, he never wanted to sneak up on you, he wanted you to know that he was coming, leaving you desperate and scared as you had nowhere left to run. The fear in your eyes would be delicious, if he was lucky enough maybe he’d get the chance to lick the salty tears from your cheek.You caught sight of his massive form shuffling past the opening to where you were tucked away. Your whole body shook as you tried to remain as still as possible, you were finally able to release the breath you were holding as he fully passed by to the other side. You listen to him trudge off, waiting for him to get a considerable distance away before making you move. As carefully as possible you tip toes to the edge of the alcove, peering around the edge to see how far from you he was. You saw him take very slow and deliberate steps, fully dressed in his normal day to day attire save for the addition of the yellow rabbit head and the massive blade in his hand. Deciding you more than likely wouldn’t get a better opportunity you booked it in the opposite direction down the hallway. “Rabbit!” You hear him snarl as he quickly turns on his heels, stomping after you. You stumble around a corner, seeing the door to the main dining room.
You slam against the rusty push bar, throwing the door shut behind you as you stumble into the pitch black room, the only source of light coming from the front door at the opposite side of the restaurant. You sprinted off, hiding yourself under a booth. The golden rabbit crashes through the door, the wooden frame splintering as the latch is ripped from its pocket. He scans around the room, shoulders heaving as adrenaline coursed through his veins. “I know you're in here, rabbit.” His voice deep and gravelly as his eyes scan around the space. “You can't hide forever.” You shuffle yourself away from him, hoping he would wander further into the room, giving you the chance to push back through the door you originally came through and down to the exit. If you could manage to beat him outside you would be able to escape. As you thought of your plan you hadn't realized you lost where he was. Your eyes widened in panic as your ears filled with nothing but silence. You couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, the one indicator of how much danger you were in, gone.
Your blood turns to ice in your veins as you feel his hot breath against the shell of your ear, his dark chuckle making you shiver. “Found you.” He groans as your shoulder connects with his chest, shoving him to the floor before scrambling in the opposite direction. He growls as he chases after you, bounding after you like a crazed animal after its prey. You threw open the door, sprinting down the long dark corridor, sickly yellow light flickering from the dying bulbs as they struggled to illuminate the small space. You slip as you round a corner, managing to catch yourself on the wall in order to recover quickly, you didn't have a fraction of a second to lose. Your pursuer's brown leather shoes slid across the slick tile floor, his body slamming into the opposing wall with a crushing force. You were going to make it, the door was only a few steps away. The glowing red exit sign is a beacon of hope as time itself seems to slow down around you. You hear the golden rabbit let out a guttural growl, charging forward with a new found strength. Your fingers slid against the cool metal of the door, hurrying to push it open, only to find it was locked.
“No.” Your voice shook as you realized he had thought ahead, he knew you would try to get out this way. You shriek as two large hands grab onto your shoulders ripping you away from the door. Your face feels hot as tears begin to flow freely from your eyes. Well, if you had no chance of escape your only hope was to fight your way out. All of your breath gets knocked from your lungs as your back slams into his strong, broad chest. You had to think quickly if you wanted a chance at getting away.
“You're a clever little rabbit, aren't you?” You feel his hot tongue run over the shell of your ear. “Good thing I remembered to lock the door or you would have escaped.” You wind up, sending an elbow flying backwards into his ribs, managing him back with your smaller frame. You bolted for the security room, a large calloused hand catching your arm as you were yanked back to him. You struggled, smacking your hands against his chest trying to kick him, pushing at his masked face as he pressed into you. You gave one violent shove, sending the rabbit head tumbling to the floor. The dilated pupils of William Afton stared down at you, his gray streaked hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. A muscular arm wraps around your waist, you feel one of his legs slip in between yours as he sweeps an ankle out from underneath you, both of you smashing to the ground with him on top of you. You bared your teeth as you fought to push him off of you. He grabs ahold of your wrists, slamming your arms to the cold floor as he pins you down with his legs. “Fuckin’ brat.” He growls. He wraps both of your small, delicate hands in one of his, the other wrapping firmly around your throat, locking your jaw in place so you were forced to stare up at his sharp silver eyes. “You just never know when to quit, do you?” He smiles broadly as he notices the knife you had knocked out of his hand was right at his side. His hand releases your neck, fingers slowly wrapping around the handle of the blade as he picks it up. You struggle against his grasp, your body thrashing wildly underneath his. “Better hold still, bunny. We wouldn’t want someone to get cut, would we?” He drags the dull side of the blade up your clothed stomach.
Your breath shudders out in the silence, watching the shiny steel blade glint in the low light. “You put up a good fight bunny.” He chuckles, gathering up the fabric of your shirt onto the edge of his blade before slicing through it. “Your struggling is only going to make this that much sweeter.” He smiles dangerously at you. He slides the flat side of the blade under your bra, between your breasts, twisting the knife upwards to quickly cut the thin strip of lace between the cups. Goosebumps littered your skin as a chill settled over your exposed body, the thin veil of sweat that covered your torso quickly stealing all your heat away. William breathes out a raspy groan at the sight of your naked form, leaning down to take one of your hardened nipples into his mouth. You can't stop a soft gasp from escaping your lips as you feel his tongue swirl around the sensitive bud. He catches it between his teeth, making you help, before pulling off of you. “I've barely touched you and you're already making such cute sounds, rabbit.” You can't help but blush as he traps you under his gaze. “I can only imagine how fucking pathetic you'll sound whimpering on my cock.” He chuckles. He presses the tip of the knife to your skin, just light enough that it wouldn't puncture your skin. “I wonder how loudly I can get you to scream for me.” His head dips into the crook of your neck, lips fluttering over the sensitive skin. You shudder as he pops off the button of your jeans with his blade, the metal clattering against the floor as he roughly rips your pants down your legs, grabbing both sides of the zipper he rips the denim down the seam, splitting the garment in half. He roughly runs at your clit through your panties with his thick fingers, causing you to cry out from the sensation.
“Already so fucking wet for me.” He growls, pressing against your entrance, making you squirm. “You liked being chased, bunny? Do you like knowing that I'll do absolutely anything to hunt you down and get my hands on you?” Hearing his gravelly tone made heat pool in your core. He hooked a finger into your panties, pulling the fabric back before letting it snap back against your clit, making you moan. “What was that rabbit?” He repeats the motions, making you let out another broken moan. He grabs the thin lace, ripping it with a loud tearing sound before fully removing it from your body. “Such a pretty little thing, I can't wait to fucking break you.” His breath was hot as it bounced against your cheek. Sharp teeth grazing over your skin before he presses a kiss to your temple. He cups your sex, you whimper as you push yourself against his hand, in desperate need of any type of friction. He coos at you, giving you a mocking pout. “Needy thing.” You yelp as he delivers a sharp slap to your clit, making tears prick at the corners of your eyes from the mixture of pleasure and pain. His fingers grow slick with your arousal as he rubs his fingers firmly over you in an attempt to ease the sting. His middle and ring finger dip inside of you, the ice cold metal of his wedding band paired with the delicious stretch of his thick digits making you yelp. He gives you no time to adjust, thrusting in and out of you at an animalistic pace, making you scream in absolute ecstasy as he rapidly works you right up to the edge of your climax. You sobbed as he suddenly pulls out of you, delivering another sharp slap to your clit, dulling your pleasure as you feel fat tears begin to streak down your cheeks. “Poor bunny, don't cry.” He smirks, licking away the salty trail that coated your skin. He pushes his fingers back inside of you, immediately picking up the same pace as before.
“Oh my fucking God!” You manage to yank one of your hands free, it immediately latches around his wrist as he mercilessly fucks you on your fingers.
“So fucking pretty rabbit, my little slut getting fucked dumb on my fingers. Look at how pathetic you are, you're already drooling.” He releases your other hand. He cups your cheek, his thumb running over your bottom lip before he pushes it into your mouth. You eagerly lap at it with your tongue, groaning around the digit as he repeatedly hits the spongy part inside of you that had the edges of your vision going white. “Fuck, you're so beautiful.” He groans, pressing the heel of his hand to your clit as he continues to fuck into you. Your eyes roll back in your head, biting lightly onto the thumb you held in your mouth. You could feel your orgasm welling up inside of you, your moans becoming desperate and needy as you felt yourself preparing to tip over the edge. “Don't you fucking cum.” He growls, not slowing his pace in the slightest.
“Please,” your voice was thick with tears as you begged him. “Please let me cum, ‘s too much.” Your words slurred as you struggled to form a sentence, your mind numb with pleasure. “I want to cum on your fingers please.” Your hips stuttered as he suddenly pulled out of you, your pussy clenching around nothing as your orgasm quickly faded.
“You haven't earned it.” He whispers gruffly against your ear. His strong hands knead your thighs, you hear a soft groan leave his mouth as he admires your glistening sex. His fingers ghost over your swollen clit, making your legs tremble as the sensitive bundle of nerves ached to be touched. His eyes hungrily scan over your body, the way your chest rapidly rises and falls with every breath, the tears that streaked down your face, your lips puffy and pink from you chewing on them in an attempt to keep quiet, to hide how good he was making you feel. The sight alone was enough to ignite something feral in him. You yelp as his teeth sink into your shoulder, hard enough that you knew there would be a perfect imprint of his bite left behind. William marked you as his in any way he could think of; dark love bites in every inch of your skin he could get his mouth on, crescents where his finger tips dug into your his as he fucked you senseless, the smell of his musky cologne permanently saturated into your skin from how closely he kept you pressed to him. You belonged to him and no one else, his pretty little rabbit. He fumbles with his belt and the fastenings on his pants, eventually managing to free his long, thick member. He taps the hot skin against your clit, making your whole body jolt. He pushes his hips fully against your cunt, making you whimper at the pressure. He releases his erection, letting it slap against your stomach. You swallowed thickly, his member appearing impossibly large to fit in your body but you knew he somehow would manage.
“Such a tiny little thing.” He groans. “I'm going to fuck my way into your stomach.” His voice comes out in a growl, he traced a line just under your navel where his pink tip ended. He ruts his hips against you a few times, letting out a gruff moan as he lets his cock get coated in your arousal, the friction of the firm muscle sliding over our aching sex making you mewl. He teases your clit a few times before lining up with your entrance, your hips jolted from him barely pushing inside of you. He curses under his breath. “You feel so fucking good.” He wraps his hand around the shaft, simultaneously stroking himself as he watches the tip of his cock disappear inside of your tight entrance. He gradually works you open, managing to push himself deeper inside of you with every thrust, your walls spasming around the intrusion as you cried out in pleasure. Your nails dig into his biceps, one hand still roughly holding your hips in place, making it impossible for you to squirm away. He takes his time pulling out of you to the tip only to push himself entirely inside of you, his hips pressing firmly into the plush of your thighs. You couldn't think straight, incoherent nonsense falling from your lips as you tried to formulate a string of words to beg him to let you finish. Your whole body burned with your impending orgasm, the feeling of him nestled right against your cervix making you see stars as you tried to fight through the nearly incomprehensible fullness of him member being stuffed inside of you. He roughly grabs your jaw, forcing your mouth open. He leans over you with a smirk, spitting directly onto your eagerly awaiting tongue.
“My slutty bunny.” He purrs, giving your face a small shake before letting your go. His grip on your hips grows impossibly tighter, he pulls all the way out of you before slamming you back down on his cock. You scream his name, your back arching off of the floor. The force he fucked you with was almost inhuman, his hips snapping perfectly against your clit as he bottomed out in you with every thrust. You clawed at him, bright red marks covering his pale skin. You didn't have any time to even ask for permission to finish, your orgasm ripped through you so quickly, you nearly blacked out from the intensity. You yelped as he delivers another sharp slap to your clit, this time it only added to the aftershocks of your orgasm that ripples through your body. “You wanted to cum on my cock that badly, hm?” He asks as he maintains his relentless pace. You could only nod in response, your brain utter mush as you felt your walls stretch around him. “I’ll make you cum then my dumb bunny.” He pouts. “You're going to keep cumming on my cock until I've decided you've had enough.” He snarls, thumb roughly swiping over your clit, the coil already beginning to tighten in your core. He noticed the pitch of your voice get higher, your cunt fluttering around him as he hit all the right places inside of you.
“Fuck, can I cum?” You whimper.
“That's not how we ask, rabbit.” He grabs a fistful of your hair, jerking your head back in order for you to look him in the eyes.
“Please can I cum, you feel so fucking good.” You manage to bed through gritted teeth. He grants you permission, your body goes rigid as you sob, your legs desperately trying to push yourself off of him but it was no use, his strong hands holding you exactly where he wanted you. The wet squelching noises you made were embarrassing, your cheeks darkening as you only heard yourself grow wetter with his every action. He flips you into all fours, your knees digging painfully into the tile as he hikes your hips up to line himself up with your entrance. Your legs gave out underneath you as he pushes inside, a string arm wrapping around your waist keeping you upright. Tears flowed freaky down your face, dripping from your chin and splattering onto the floor, you felt the heat of your next impending orgasm settle in your stomach, your body still utterly spent and overstimulated from your last one. One of his hands slip in between your legs to rub tight circles on your clit with his calloused fingers. Your moans echoed off the walls, sweat dripping down your spine, you struggled to keep your eyes open as you let yourself fully fall to William’s mercy.
“What's the matter bunny? Did I fuck you stupid?” He chuckles as he notices you're reduced to a whimpering, spasming mess below him. You clenched around him, your body struggling to keep up with his animalistic pace, his massive cock stretching you to your absolute limit. He buried his face in your hair, you feel his lips place a soft kiss to your neck. “You did such a good job sweetheart.” A whine leaves your throat at the sudden praise, your body going completely limp as he tears one last orgasm from you. His hips stuttered as he empties himself inside of you, his hot cum pooling deep in your core. He holds you close to him for a few moments after, the heat radiating from his chest keeping you warm as the sweat rapidly cooled down your body. He carefully pulls out of you, trying his best to avoid any discomfort. He scoops you up in his arms, cradling you against his chest. He carries you into the security office, pulling a blanket out from one of the desks drawers. He wraps you up in it, setting you down on the desk for a moment so he can pull his boxers back on. He settles you in his lap as he collapses back into the office chair.
He gently combs his fingers through your hair, untangling any knots he came across. “Are you okay bunny?” You nod, knowing he would want you to verbally respond to him.
“I'm just really tired.” You admit with a small laugh. “All the adrenaline wore off.”
“You were a tricky one this time.” He responds proudly. “I'm really glad I remembered to lock the back door this time or you probably would've won.” He presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“I'll beat you one of these days.” You beam as you cuddle into his chest, allowing you to place a chaste kisa to his lips.
“Are you sure you're alright? I wasn't too rough with you, was I?” You could see the concern in his eyes. You had indulged in this little game because you knew it was something he enjoyed, he would never forgive himself if he ever hurt you, even accidentally.
“I'm perfectly fine honey.” You reach up and languidly rubs your thumb over his cheek. “I actually had a lot of fun.” The two of you share a loving smile.
“How about I help you get dressed so we can go home, I think we both need a nice hot bath.” He offers, tucking some hair behind your ear.
“That sounds wonderful.” You grin back at him in response. William is very careful with you, wanting to make sure that he took care of any soreness he had caused by massaging your muscles as he helped you into a spare set of clothes he kept around for when he destroyed the ones you were wearing. He kisses you softly as he places you in the passenger seat, your tires gaze of adoration making his heart beat quicken. “I love you Will.” Your lips brushed his as you kept him close.
“And I love you, rabbit.”
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gh0stsp1d3r · 7 months
Can you do William afton doing the deed in his SpringBonnie suit?
still not quite sure how this would work but we’re gonna ignore all logic in this, okay?
warnings- 18+, Minors DNIII. Established relationship, oral (m), p in v
Tumblr media
The yellow rabbit suit towered over you. William was tall enough, but the suit made him a lot bigger.
You looked up at him with the innocent doe eyes he loved so much.
God he wanted to ruin you.
He looked down at you, taking off the head piece of the suit.
“William, I just came to-“
“Leave, all of you.” He said, looking at the animatronics. “Don’t come out.”
He interrupted your words, leaning down and quickly kissing you. You were shocked by the suddenness, but kissed him back anyways.
The bottom part of his suit was quickly removed, you didn’t even know he could do that. You smiled at his eagerness, and began to take off your own clothes.
And that damn suit was hot on him, somehow. Somehow he made it look good.
He raked his eyes along your almost naked body now, only covered by panties and a bra. You felt embarrassed, trying to cover yourself up a bit.
“No need for that.” He rasped out, his large yellow gloved hands reaching out. He could snap you in half if he wanted to, he could throw you around if he wanted to. He loved that.
Your cheeks heated up as you fully undressed now. He looked hungry, and ready.
He wore clothes under his suit, and he couldn’t quite take them off so he left that to you. You got on your knees, unbuckling his pants. The cold, hard floor hurt, but you ignored it.
You threw his pants and then pulled down his boxers, it was hard to see you because of the large torso part but he could see a little. And that was enough for him.
He saw you look up at him before you took him in your mouth, he let out a groan and his large gloves hands flew to your head. It was hard for him to keep his hands on you.
You set a pace, a slow one at first. Then it quickly became faster, just the way you knew he liked.
Luckily the animatronics knew better than to leave from behind the curtains.
You followed your cheeks, and you could tell he was close by the way he let out his noises, and groaned out your name. You knew to swallow his cum. You looked back up at him, and he pulled you up by your shoulders.
“You’re too good for me.” He mumbled, kissing you feverishly, his hands groped your breasts and you let out a moan at that.
He bent your body over a table roughly, the cold of it hitting your naked body.
He positioned his dick on your entrance, prodding into you and thrusting into you slowly. He didn’t wait to thrust in fast, his thrusts turned faster and borderline violent. Your moans and the skin slapping was the only thing heard around the pizzeria.
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charlottecutepie · 4 months
° ❀⋆. Picnic date (William Afton x fem!reader)
tags: outdoor sex, corruption kink, daddy kink, innocence kink, soft to rough sex, unprotected sex, choking, lots of pet names, creampie, riding, missionary
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ah, those beautiful and hot summer days. Mid July.
Nature alive and thriving. The warm sun enlivened the surroundings; the trees shimmered with emerald green leaves as delicate colourful flowers were scattered around, blooming under a clear azure sky. The air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers mixed with freshly mown grass. A quiet and windless day, you can only hear the unobtrusive but beautiful singing of birds nearby.
There were no people around because only you knew this secret place. You loved spending free time here, often reading your favourite book, relaxing in the shade of large trees.
As it is now, nothing has changed, except that you aren't alone now. You were lying on your stomach, on a blanket, as always reading your favourite book in the genre of old novels. William was next to you, holding a small diary for notes in his hands, carefully reading something in there, all concentrated. He was lying on his back, squinting against the rays of the bright sun. Today was a particularly hot day, so he ditched his usual vests and jackets, replacing them with a light linen shirt and knee-length bermuda shorts.
William looked up from his diary for a moment, glancing at you beside him. What an angelic and innocent little creature you are. Truly beautiful, like one of the blooming flowers. Gentle as one of the weightless white clouds in the blue sky. Innocent as a little fawn. Tender baby, pure and adorable, like a little bunny. Daydreaming little beauty, his beauty.
Your hair shimmers beautifully in the summer sun, William wants to stroke it, to run his long fingers through your strands. Your lips, as always so soft, just begging to be kissed, bitten, eaten. Your ethereal eyes, which follow the words in your book, shine with naive curiosity about the plot. Your cheeks, so adorable as they turn slightly pink every time you come to the part where the characters in the novel do something more than just kissing. Your fingers, so small compared to his long ones, turn the page of the book, William wants to bring them to his lips and kiss each one, whispering how charming you are.
His precious girl, dressed in a white dress that accentuates your figure, his heart stops. It perfectly fits every curve of your body, emphasizing your every movement and the beauty hidden inside you, like long-awaited flowers after winter. You're lying here in the warm rays of the sun, reading your novels and waving your legs, so adorable. Your dress is a real dream, short enough to give William a wonderful view of your body.
Blood rushes to his cock. Oh, how he wants to destroy your innocence. How he'd like to corrupt and ruin his precious girl right here, under the sun, on this blanket, where the sweet smell of flowers surrounds you both. All sorts of vicious thoughts roam in his head: kissing your delicate neck, running his fingers along your spine as they finally reach your core. He wants to defame your purity. That angelic voice of yours must break down in sobs and moans as you whimper "daddy" while he roughly fucks you. Those eyes must be filled with tears, those lips parted in moans, those hands around his neck when he pounds you. William's fingers are clutching the blanket, he's frowning. No, he shouldn't do that, just not right now.
"Want me to read it for you?" a cute offer comes from him. Smiling warmly at your nod, he began to read your novel aloud. His voice rich and seductive, like dark velvet, captivating you. He was reading about an intense encounter between two characters that made your heart beat faster; it took your breath away from the passion-filled words unfolding in front of your imagination. Lost in his fascinating narrative, you snuggled closer to William, seeking solace in this newfound sensation pulsing through your veins — an inexplicably sweet mixture of shyness and pleasure intertwined in your feelings for him.
Suddenly, your eyes sparkled mischievously as you took a juicy ripe strawberry from a bowl.
"Want some?" you playfully teasing him. William doesn't even have time to react as you shut his mouth with strawberry. You laugh softly, seeing how he enjoys the taste, and coquettishly run your finger over your lower lip, a wide smile on your face. Such innocent teasing that thrilled him more than anything else.
"Mmm. . ." He murmured, swallowing fruit down as you giggled. Your fingers lightly brushed against his lower lip to remove any trace of strawberry residue. "Thank you, darling."
Oh, so his girl wants to play.
"Someone wants to play, hm?" he cooed, moving closer to you. He carefully put one of the strawberries between your parted lips, looking at you hungrily. William couldn't help but feel an irresistible desire to touch your soft lips, completely covered with the sweet essence of strawberries. "Guess I'll take my revenge sweetly," he murmured before leaning forward and capturing you in a soft, gentle kiss. His tongue teased at your lips, begging for entry, and when you parted them slightly, he slipped his tongue inside tasting the sweetness of the strawberry. William groaned softly, savouring the taste. His hand gently caressed your cheek.
As the kiss stopped being innocent and William put your book aside, you leaned on top of him, devouring his lips in a passionate kiss now. William barely restrained himself from cumming in his pants. His precious girl is so hot, so daring, brave even, not afraid of daddy at all. His innocent girl just doesn't know what he's capable of.
"Oh, daddy. . ." you moan into his mouth, fuck, such an angelic voice you have, your lips slightly swollen from a hungry kiss you both shared. "oh, daddy, daddy, daddy. . ." you nuzzle into his neck, pressing your whole body against him. William's hands stroke your hair, then go down to your back, caressing tenderly. His hardness pressing against you, a pleasant friction that makes your pussy clench around nothing. You grind on his bulge slightly, craving more. William gently thrusts up into you, his clothed erection pressing in your panties, causing you both to moan softly.
"My sweet girl," he whispers. You move your hips back and forth on his bulge, your needy pussy rubbing against his cock through the thin fabric of your panties. His cock twitches in response. "So wet for me, princess, oh my god," he groans in your ear. "I need to be inside you, darling, need to fuck my precious girl, fill you up real good. Right here."
You shuddered at his words, nearly crying from how needy you are. "Yes, yes, please! fuck me, want to feel you, daddy. . ."
His hands immediately and impatiently undid the zipper of his shorts as he lowered them along with his underwear. His hard cock was already leaking with pre-cum, demanding to be inside you. You lifted yourself up slightly, your dress pulled up. William's fingers pulled your panties aside, exposing your wet and leaking entrance. He bit his lip, nearly till blood. Fucking fuck. He can't believe his eyes, his little and innocent angel is so. . . So lustful, depraved, sinful, just begging him to fuck her, to cum inside her and claim her.
"Daddy will fuck you so good, baby," he says, thrusting his cock into your tight pussy. Summoning all his strength, he refrained from cumming in the first seconds. God, your cunt feels like heaven, so tight and warm, just made for him, William moves his hips up and slips into you fully. "Oh fuck, angel, oh fuck! such a good girl for me." he whispers.
Unable to keep your balance as you feel dizzy from his cock, you lay down on him again, clutching the blanket under you with one hand and holding on to him with the other. He groans in pleasure as he lazily fucks into your wet cunt at a slow, but steady pace.
"Mmm," you purr, nuzzling his neck. "Love it when you fuck me like this, daddy, ohh. . ."
He ran a hand through your hair softly. "You're beautiful," he murmured back to you, gripping one of your ass cheeks through dress possessively. "I could spend all day like this."
You gasp loudly at his touch as you dig nails lightly into his skin in response, your cheeks burning, but not from heat of the hot summer. Your pussy tightening around his shaft, feeling how his tip rubs against that sensitive sweet spot deep inside you.
You cling to him tightly, your body trembles as pleasure overwhelms you. He slammed into you harder, your bodies moving in way that took your breath away. "Yes, daddy, yes!" you cried out. "Fuck me harder, please!"
William doesn't need to be told twice. He pulled out of you, staring down at your glistening pussy with lust-filled eyes. You spread your legs wider for him, wanting to feel his big cock filling you up again.
"Lay down." he rasped huskily. You obeyed immediately, changing pose, lying back on the soft blanket as he climbed between your legs once more. He positioned the swollen red tip of his dick on your clit, rubbing, teasing you mercilessly. You bucked beneath him, trying to get more friction, but he abruptly grabbed your wrists above your head, pinning them to the grass and not letting you move. "Patience, angel," he breathed harshly. "Daddy's going to ruin that angelic pussy now."
Finally, he slipped inside you slowly but firmly, stretching you wider as he filled your pussy. You gasped in pleasure, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes, he entered deeper from that angle. He began to rut into you hard and fast, your cunt clenching around his cock as he slammed into you over and over again. You let out desperate moans, writhing beneath him as pleasure overwhelmed you. "Fuck, Daddy!" you cry out. "Im close!"
He gave a low growl in response, fucking you even rougher than before. Your pupils blown at his fast pace. Your head fell back on the blanket, your hair messy, eyes teary as you being fucked roughly but lovingly. Your pussy squeezed his cock, coating his base with your slick.
"Cum, angel, cum on your daddy's cock." he groaned, thrusting even deeper where it already hurt. Your pussy flutter around him as you cry out his name and he kisses you, roughly, biting your lips and nearly fucking your mouth with his tongue. God, you taste like strawberry, such a sweet, sugary girl. He's damn dizzy, his cock throbbing inside you as his balls slaps against your ass. "Fuck, fuck! Yes— Oh, fuck, yees, angel!" he moans loudly into your mouth, breathing heavily. You're close, so damn close to coming hard around his cock as you choke on your own moans and squirm under him.
"Daddy— Daddyyyy!" you felt a powerful orgasm building up inside you, your walls clenching down tightly on his cock as if trying to milk him dry. You screamed out in pleasure as it washed over you, your cunt spasming around him hard enough that he almost lost his footing. "Oh, oh! Noo, no, I'm sensitive, William!" he squeezed your wrists harder, leaving a red mark on your skin. Oh yeah. When you call him by his name, it means you're being serious, but he doesn't give a fuck. He knows his little angel can take another orgasm. Despite this, he kept pounding into you relentlessly as if trying to push even deeper inside, his tip brushing against your cervix.
"Take it, angel, fucking take it." you writhing beneath him, your sensitive pussy still spasming around his dick, tears in your eyes from overstimulation. "Again," William growls. "I want to feel you cum again." he slammed into you harder, faster; your body shivering. William let go of your wrists, instead his hand went to your neck and squeezed it. You immediately gasped, grabbing his hand, a little fear in your eyes brought him closer to the edge.
His grip tightened, making it harder for you to draw air. The lack of oxygen heightened your sensitivity, intensifying every thrust that he made into your wet pussy. It was almost too much to bear as his cock rubbed against your sensitive spot again and again. The squelching sounds your little cunt made had William completely lose his mind. His grip on your neck firm as you drooling over his hand, eyes rolling back from pleasure and lack of air.
"That's right, angel, let daddy fuck you stupid." you reply him with choked mewls and whines as your another orgasm grows nearer. He smirks, hand reach down to your clit as he rubs it with his calloused rough fingers, earning sobs from you.
Oh, his precious girl is so cock drunk, so dumb, drooling stupidly as your pussy being ruined. What a sight. William took a deep breath. You were completely at his mercy as he fucked you on the picnic blanked. He stared down at you, captivated by your angelic beauty. The way your breasts bounced with each thrust, nipples perky, fuck, even seen through the fabric of your innocent little dress.
His precious lovely girl. You lie under him and take his big cock, while beautiful flowers bloom and smell around you both, and sunlight falls on your pretty rear-stained face, illuminating the picture of sick yet lovely bliss on it. Everything around you is so alive and natural, tall trees, green meadow, blue sky. Your beautiful moans are mixed with the singing of birds, oh, his precious angel, cry as much as you can, William considers your moans a prayer. His prayer.
"You—… Fuck! Fuck!" his words are slurred as he fell into the abyss of lust and sin, fucking his innocent angel. Your pussy so warm, just too fucking good that he can't stop pounding you. His grip on your throat loosened and you finally inhaled a portion of air. "Oh, princess, gonna cum inside you, gonna fucking breed you."
At such a moment, you wanted warmth from him, despite how roughly and harshly he slammed into your pussy, you needed his hugs and kisses. So you wrapped your arms around William's neck, pulling him to you. He lay down on you with his whole body, continuing to thrust, he left a kiss on your shoulder, inhaling the sweet aroma of ripe strawberries next to you both.
"Ooh— Daddy, so good! Ugh, so good!" you melted under him like vanilla ice cream under the scorching sun. Another powerful orgasm snaps in your stomach. You screamed his name, clawing at the blanket beneath you as your cunt pulsated all over his shaft. William felt it too; your tight pussy milking his cock brought him close.
"Fuck, im cumming." he growled. His body tensed as he slammed into you one final time before releasing his warm seed deep inside your womb, filling you to the brim, coating your walls completely. William shudders against you as spurts of his cum shoots inside you, forcing soft sobs from you.
Sighing heavily, a soft smile appeared on his face, which he gives only to his angel, his precious girl. William pulls out slowly and you whimper at the loss of warmth and stretch as his cum starts leaking out of your little hole to the blanket.
"You did so well for me, darling," he leans down to your face, holding his weight on his hands now. "always such a good girl for me."
"Thank you, daddy." you look at him with innocent yet naive eyes, what nearly makes his already soften cock hard again. "can i have strawberry ice cream?"
William's eyes widen at your question. You've just been roughly fucked and choked and now you're asking for. . . some ice cream? William freezes for a second and then bursts into laughter.
"Oh, angel, of course, of course you can!" he chuckles softly, studying your face. Your fucked out expression, but cute smile. "I love you, princess." William leaves a kiss on your nose and embraces your body.
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ahsxual · 5 months
Birthday Girl
Pairing: William Afton x Fem!Reader
Summary: Your dad invited his best friend William Afton and his family to your house, so you could spend your birthday together. William was determined to make your wishes come true.
Genre: Smut
Warnings: minors dni +18, age gap (reader is on her 20s, William is 50), Dom!William x Sub!Reader, married William, rough sex, possessive!William, fingering, oral sex (f receaving), p in v sex (w/o protection), sex toys, masturbation, overstimulation, choking, humiliation/degrading, cursing, cum eating, daddy kink, praising, slap in the face (just one)
Word Count: 2,9k
Tumblr media
It is your birthday today and you were super excited about it. You invited your friends to have lunch with you and spend the daytime doing whatever you guys wanted to have fun. It was a very peaceful and sunny day, so you felt like nature was in your favor to make your day as special as it could be. You decided to dress your favorite outfit that you bought last week and you felt incredible in it, even your friends almost didn't recognize you in a good way. You tried to spend time with them the best you could, since you promised your parents you would have dinner with them to celebrate with your family as well. It was only fair to manage your time between your family and friends, so you gladly accepted.
Time passed and it was almost 8 pm, so you said your goodbyes to your friends who offered you a beautiful and expensive necklace. You decided to wear it immediately, since it matched perfectly with your favorite dress and skin color. You arrived home after a while and opened your doorstep, only to be greeted by your excited parents and... William's family. William was your dad's bestfriend and Vanessa, his daughter who was a little older than you, was your best friend for years now.
They all greeted you with open arms and big smiles on their faces while wishing you happy birthday. Yet you knew better... William wasn't just smiling like his family members and your parents. No... he was looking at you more intensely than the others, his intentions clear like he was eating you alive with his blue eyes behind his big, gold glasses. You never admitted to anyone, but you had the biggest crush on your dad's bestfriend. He was older, very attractive, and he was a business, smart man... just how you liked. You had masturbated several times thinking about him whenever you were feeling needy and horny, which only made your little obsession with him worse. The best part of it, or worse depending on the perspective, is that you noticed he looked at you the same way... with the same lustful eyes and the same amount of desire in them whenever he saw you.
This "situation" between you made you feel guilty and sad, since William was married to a beautiful wife and had 3 children, one of them being your best friend Vanessa. That being said, you never acted on your desires and tried to control yourself the best you could, so that you would never regret anything. And William... well, he did the same thing, since he didn't want to ruin his reputation or lose his family.
"Surpriseee, honey!" your dad shouted excitedly, being the first one to hug and give you a kiss on top of your head.
"You look so beautiful, sweetheart!" your mom felt very proud of you, because you looked like a little princess in her eyes. And you were sure it wasn't only in her eyes...
"Thank you, mom." you answered shyly and smiled at her, feeling your cheeks turning red at her compliment.
"Come sit with us, Y/N. You look amazing." Vanessa hugged you and you felt relieved that she was there too, so you wouldn't feel so alone and awkward in the presence of her family.
While you were having dinner, you noticed that William made sure to sit right in front of you. His eyes traveled down your cleavage more times than needed, and you couldn't help but feel your cheeks burning from inappropriate thoughts about your dad's bestfriend, who was also your bestfriend's dad... yet, you didn't do anything to cover them. In fact, from time to time you did it on purpose, so that your boobs were more exposed when he was the only one looking.
"So tell us sweetie, how was your day?" your dad asked and you felt all eyes on you. Especially William's eyes which expressed pure curiosity.
"It was great. Some of my friends and I decided to go to the beach, since it was very hot today. I missed having fun with them, it felt refreshing after my hard work on the exams." you replied feeling a little nervous, trying to stay focused so as not to stutter and embarrass yourself. Suddenly, you felt William's leg clearly rub against your exposed legs, making you hit your knee on the table. "Sorry, I uhm... think I felt a bug or something." you laughed awkwardly, trying to find a credible excuse.
"And what about boys, honey? Vanessa was telling us before you arrived that she met this guy named Mike a while ago. She'll bring him next time, right sweetheart?" your mom asked you before smiling towards Vanessa, who nodded and reciprocated with her shiny smile. At this particular question, you felt William's eyes burn into you, his expression more serious now.
"I uhm... met this guy named Tim. He's a sweetheart, but I guess we'll remain just good friends." you smiled awkwardly, not liking when your parents asked about your private life in front of others. You noticed William become less tense than before, a gesture that confused you. When your mother was about to make another comment about your new friend Tim, William interrupted her.
"That's a very elegant necklace. It suits you perfectly." he pointed to your new necklace that your friends offered you. You touched it instinctively, with a smile slowly increasing on your face.
"Thank you, Mr. Afton. I received it today, it was a gift from my friends." you blushed at his compliment and you could see him smirk discreetly, clearly enjoying the effect he has on you.
After that, your family and William's family started chatting with each other, while sharing funny and romantic stories from their past. You noticed how William's wife was so excited to talk about how she met William and some details about their romance through the years. You couldn't help but feel a little disappointed... maybe even jealous, since what she was sharing with all of you seemed like a fairytale, William obviously being the charming king. You also noticed how she loved having physical contact with William. He had an arm around her waist and his other hand was on top of hers. For a brief second, you stared at his attractive hands which were big, strong and veiny. You were completely lost in your thoughts... the way his thumb caressed his wife's smaller hand made you feel warm things inside you, and you couldn't stop imagining how he could touch you like that one day. In a parallel reality, where he was divorced and Vanessa accepted your relationship. Wait, what? What are you even thinking? A relationship with this man, seriously? You must have some deep and unsolved daddy issues, girl...
"Y/N, are you listening?" you heard your mom's voice calling you with a worried face. You jumped a little before noticing that everyone was staring at you once again.
"Yeah I'm sorry, I was just..." you paused for a moment, not knowing what to say. You just wanted to hide inside a hole right now or be locked in your room and wake up on the next day.
"I was asking if you wanted dessert. Are you sure you're alright?" you suddenly felt William's fingertips brush against your leg, caressing your soft skin in a teasing way. You didn't know why he decided to act on his thoughts on this particularly day, which were definitely reciprocated, but you were feeling a bit frustrated at his carefree and bold behavior. You pulled your leg back to avoid any suspicion before getting up.
"It's not necessary mom, thanks. I'm just going to my room for a bit, it's been a long day." you chuckled, hoping your parents wouldn't insist. You didn't want to be seen as rude or ungrateful, but you were feeling awkward and also, if you were honest, your panties were pretty much wet to the point of making you uncomfortable.
"You can go, but you'll have to come back within an hour, okay? We want to spend more time with you and we have your presents to give you." your dad suggested and you never felt so relieved, you thought.
"Thanks dad, I'll be right back. Excuse me." you apologized before looking at Vanessa. You made sure she understood you were alright and just wanted some time alone, so she wouldn't follow you to your bedroom. She smiled back and nodded, understanding your message.
Once you got to your room you sighed deeply, feeling like a heavy weight finally fell from your shoulders. You fell on the bed carelessly, thinking about what just happened. Was it your imagination when you felt William's touch? Was he trying to tease you? You didn't know it for sure, yet the only certainty you had was that you were feeling extremely horny. Since it doesn't hurt anyone to pleasure yourself and at least you could relieve some tension down there, you grabbed your favorite vibrator. After turning it on and set it to your preferred potency, you started to masturbate with your eyes closed, enjoying the pleasurable stimulation. It felt amazing, and since you were becoming overstimulated, you covered your mouth so nobody could hear your desesperate moans. You came twice within 20 minutes, trying to catch your breath, when you suddenly heard someone coughing purposely inside your room. You almost screamed and stood up in shame, immediately covering yourself. The vibrations of your sex toy were the only sound heard inside your room while you watched William's eyes staring intimidatingly at you, his pupils so dilated that you could barely see its light blue color. You clumsily tried to turn off the now wet advice, making it difficult to grip properly.
"How long have you been watching me?" it was almost a whisper, but William heard it perfectly.
"A few minutes now. I watched you cum at least once." his arms were crossed over his chest and his expressionless face intimidated you, making you feel like you would die from embarrassment. You were almost crying from shame, when William discreetly locked your bedroom door.
"Shh come on, babygirl. Why are you crying? You look so beautiful when you cum..." he caressed your bare thigh, dangerously close to were you needed him the most. His other hand cleaned a single tear that escaped your eye, before he licked it while staring at you like it was his favorite flavor.
"What are you doing here, Mr. Afton?" you asked softly as your voice trembled, trying to understand his real intentions with you.
"I wanted to see my birthday girl, obviously. But I came to realize that it was my fault you felt so horny that you had to make an excuse to touch yourself, isn't that right? How desperate can you be? Bad girl... my little whore is not as innocent as I thought..." he was now touching your lower lip with the same finger which he had licked your tear.
He then forcibly pushed it inside, forcing you to take it into your mouth. You began to suck his large thumb while maintaining eye contact with him, pretending it was his cock instead which seemed to satisfy him a lot. After a minute of teasing, he took off his thumb and kissed you hungrily, a little bit rough but you didn't seem to care at all. You felt his wet tongue desperately trying to enter your mouth and win dominance over yours, making you moan into the sloppy kiss. He started to undress you, so you were completely naked in front of him while he was fully dressed, and you got immediately the message that he was in total control of you. He pinned your wrists above your head with one strong hand, before eagerly starting to suck and lick your hard nipples while pinching the other expertly. You were being too loud for his liking, so he quickly grabbed your drenched panties and put them in your mouth.
"You have to stay quiet and behave if you want me to fuck you, do you fucking understand me?" he grabbed your cheeks hard enough to make you wince in pain, his eyes staring into your soul like he was gonna kill you if someone discovered you both. You just nodded, the adrenaline of fearing him and of being caught making you feel dizzy with excitement and pleasure. "Now... be a good girl for your daddy and take what I have for you. It's your birthday anyway, so I'm gonna make sure my girl feels pleased in every way possible." he smirked, before attaching his lips around your erected nipples while rubbing your sensitive clit. Your moans where muffled by your panties and a few tears slowly escaped your eyes when you felt two long fingers inside you. He started picking up the pace and finger you hard, not having any mercy on your overstimulated pussy. His assaults in your drenched cunt made you cum in less than a minute, your most impressive record. When you tried to recover your breath and from the first orgasm William gave you, you suddenly heard your vibrator being turned on.
"No, please no!" your voice was barely perceptible, yet William could read your face like a book.
"Who do you think is in charge here, huh? Don't make this worse for you Y/N, take it like a good girl. Stop being a brat or else I'm gonna punish you... and believe me baby, you don't wanna see me get mad." William threatened you before grabbing your hair roughly and turning on your vibrator almost at the highest potency, only to place it on top of your overstimulated clit while fingering you again. He watched you squirm around and begging for mercy, and that only made his cock get harder, his smirk grow bigger and his ego go wider. When you were almost cumming, he turned off your vibrator and replaced it with his own tongue, sucking your clit hard until you came in his mouth.
"Please Mr. Afton, have mercy please..." you cried from pleasure when you felt him overstimulating you, yet you loved every second of it. You then felt a harsh slap on your face.
"What did you just call me?" he was clearly mad by your wrong choice of words.
"I'm sorry, daddy... please I can't take it anymore." you were almost sobbing from pleasure. You never felt this good in your life now that your biggest desire was finally accomplished: having William Afton making you cum.
"But baby, I haven't even fucked you yet. Don't you think I deserve some pleasure too, huh? Do you think you're the only one who needs to cum? Don't be selfish, bunny. Say daddy deserves to cum inside you. Say it." he demanded between clenched teeth, making you obey him immediately.
"Yes daddy, you d-deserve to cum inside of me!" you stared deeply into his now dark blue eyes, watching him breathing heavily from desire. "Please fuck me daddy, I need you to fill my empty and needy pussy with your cum."
"Oh bunny, you have no idea how much cum I have to fill your pretty little pussy. You're gonna be so full..." he promised before he licked and kissed your neck hard while taking his belt and tie off. He then grabbed you by your hair and put his tie around your neck, before tighten it so he could choke you while he fucked you. He positioned you on your knees and started fucking you from behind while gripping your hips hard, surely leaving bruises on your soft flesh. He fucked you fast and roughly, just like you imagined it would be every time you masturbated while thinking about him, and you absolutely fucking loved every second. He then pushed his tie around your neck, making you stood up and have your bare back against his clothed chest. The lack of air didn't allow you to breathe properly, yet it only increased the intensity of your last orgasm of the night. He kissed your neck once again and pinched your nipples hard, while his heavy balls slapped your ass and his big cock was buried inside your warm cunt. This made you feel completely dumb for his dick and his possessive touches on your body.
"Say you're mine and no other man will touch you. Say that you belong to me." William demanded sternly in a deep voice, since he needed to hear it from you so he could reach his own orgasm.
"I belong to you daddy, only you... No other man will touch me like you do, I-I promise!" you said impulsively, not caring about how possessive he sounded over you. And that was enough to make William cum inside you, his sperm painting your wet walls until it came out and dribbled some of it down your thighs. You both stood there breathless, before you felt William kiss your forehead in a tender way while caressing softly your hot cheek, his thumb rubbing your face like he did previously to his wife's hand. However, in this moment it felt more genuine.
"You were so good to me, baby. I'm so proud of you." he said with a satisfied smile printed on his face, before putting his now soft penis inside his pants and fix his tie, like he was casually getting ready for work and nothing just happened. He slowly approached you, his eyes roaming over your naked and destroyed body like a predator, enjoying the vulnerable state he had put you in. After a moment of contemplation, he softly put a single finger in your pussy to colect his cum before putting it on your lips, waiting for you to suck it clean. You obeyed him eagerly while looking into his eyes through your eyelashes and started sucking his middle finger which was covered in his cum. Your soft tongue caressed his digit seductively, which made him breathe deeply since he was feeling himself getting hard again.
"That's my babygirl..." he whispered in a low, raspy tone that made your pussy clench again, but this time around nothing as you felt extremely empty. After you finished getting dress and grabbed some tissues to clean the rest of his cum out of you, you heard him suddenly stop you, which made you jump slightly.
"Ah ah, you're not doing that. You're gonna wear your pretty panties with my cum still inside you. Don't try to get daddy mad." his tone was of someone who couldn't be defied so you just obeyed him, fearing the consequences of desobeying him. He then smiled at your right decision and approached you, before giving a long, soft kiss on your forehead.
"This is our little secret now. Happy birthday, sweetie."
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