codeineniki · 1 day
Invite my shadow to walk next
to your colourful parts glued
After the storm
I will carry on blooming and
Turning into a butterfly
For the night
For my wings to Fall and
My heart to die
I let my guard down
One last time
//Enjoy your metamorphosis<3
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codeineniki · 3 months
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codeineniki · 3 months
Who's that body
Numbness of its parts
Have I said it?
Have I let the silence
kill my heart?
Oh there goes a tear
Oh how it aches
Let it bleed
Let it slip out of my hands
I can hear but I don't listen
Why do I let this noise pass me by?
Why this sentence structure I still choose?
Why the language?
Maybe there's no pulse
The ghost, always two steps behind
Maybe it's staring from afar
//Enjoy your detachment<3
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codeineniki · 9 months
The smoke, me and the sky
Why am I in love with a smoke
that strangles your throat?
Is there enough
to float to the cloud?
Will it take me to the sky
in the flickering fire's
Am I light enough
to blend with the sky?
All of you are blind,
blind, oh so blind,
not to see the smoke, me
and the sky.
//Enjoy your blindness <3
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codeineniki · 1 year
A bleeding flower grew
where the rain was due
A sturdy ground
dry soil
fluffy moss
concrete fountain
waiting for the drops
//Enjoy the drops of life<3
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codeineniki · 1 year
He died so many times
No fire could take him
No wind could move him
There was no stare to split
His heart in two
and to wonder why
//Enjoy eternity<3
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codeineniki · 2 years
Hotel experience
The million faces,
ghosts and wanderers
in between social
groups and families,
Are they for their
business cases
or to rest, loose the
Are they here to discover,
or is it just another
trip to the city of
Kings that conquered
it all for them
to hang it on Instagram
I love the different
smiles, delicate stares
and unpredictable reactions,
I love the sound of
coffee maker, vacuum
and chatter from all
I love the rush
with every problem to
solve and every new
gossip that helps pass
the time.
Some things are tirening
in routines dark eye
but I don't mind
//Enjoy what's in the drawer<3
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codeineniki · 2 years
Crystal glass
I go back to the old days
but now are no
old ways
and you say how
it all changed
but see we are much
the same.
Looking for the main
and I don't even
write nowadays
I feel so transparent
like I'm made of
crystal glass,
they all look
but don't see me as
who am I
Am I someone to
them anymore?
Time will show.
//Enjoy being someone to someone<3
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codeineniki · 2 years
An evening bliss
I'm hypnotized by the
way the trees sway on
the wind
and as the light
of street lantern
flickers within,
the old TV shows that
play well-known sounds,
the way I caught
your shiny glance,
I was there, I was
alive, and for a moment
the world was mine,
so sway on, sway on,
sway on.
//Enjoy your evening bliss<3
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codeineniki · 2 years
Sympathy for the lost
Give me the heat,
don’t leave me standing
in the cold,
I never fell for all
that’s gold,
but a heart,
a flesh and a soul
inside you,
and the eyes,
eyes crying over
world’s dispair,
now here we are,
don’t leave me in the
or I will go my way,
and keep to follow,
the Moon’s dance,
my feet rustling in the
from an end to another end.
//Enjoy your warmth<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
The wanderer
Jet black hair
shining in the Sun
once was red like
cherry wine.
Where have you gone?
Where are you now?
Silent, sad girl that
took a road for a life.
Hope they didn’t take your whole will,
your whole might, and
that God healed your scars,
hope you didn’t give up
and that you’re somewhere
there, looking for a better way out,
giving another chance to
your life, one more
circlin of blood
//Enjoy your road<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
The Virus
Stuck inside,
pandemic in my brain,
virus in my mind,
taking over each neuron
but not the one you
heard of,
it’s a virus of feelings,
using time where you
face yourself each day
in many ways,
where you look for answers
while getting more questions,
where you change moods
and methods
like changing color of
your walls.
How about the ones that build you?
The ones that
surround what’s
inside? Do you have the
cure for that?
//Enjoy the virus of thoughts<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
Human flesh
We’re just human flesh,
mixed blood in each veins
so how could I judge your
For feeling cross across strong
bones, for being lost
with bold thoughts, for spitting
on someone’s pain, for
bringing yourself or other
soul down, like there’s
none, none of sensitivity
that just lays on the
Live and let others, eat
and feed tolerance,
in any possible way.
We are just mix of
stones with enormous power
on others, makes you wander,
are we?
//Enjoy your awakening<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
Sleep deprived
Maybe I like these all nights? To keep my eyes open wide, whereas everyone sleeps tight. To keep my mind flowing since too often I shut it down, I let myself run away into silence To deprive myself of actually being awake Enough. To the point where I don't want to take anymore Time. Maybe that's the case too, it runs, everything runs and I'm the one not keeping up. Maybe, Or maybe not. That's me: Sleep deprived.
//Enjoy your insomnia<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
Everything passes
Sometimes you get that certain breath upon your shoulder, You hear it say "you aren't infinite", It's death reminding to live the life you want Cause there may be no other chance to do this or that, Don't hold on tight To a grudge. It's good when you smile through the tears And mutter "life's beautiful", I think it's hope, that no matter what, It's just a period of time which will too pass soon.
Photography: @Lizzie9970
//Enjoy your moment<3
Tumblr media
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codeineniki · 3 years
Story of the Light
She was a princess trapped in a cold, bricked castle, thorns and dust hugging it's walls crippled around her. It's been like that since she could remember so being used to it wasn't a magical trick. Secret laid in the Sun rays reaching from above the window sill. Secret laid in her face facing it's arms. There were princes trying to reach her and the light they shared was shining for a while but it couldn't last just like that. Their armors were drown to dark silk, it made them feel hidden and thrilled mixed with numbness for emotions. They didn't have to face the dark all their lives to fear it, to despise it, to know it's back. So she had to let them go with hope that their will be something in a right time that will make them face the light and admire it the way everyone could if they'd just try enough to be inside out with themselves. So it went on until the doors opened again, another brave but there was something different this time, that drew her mind. The eyes sparkled with well-known light. Soon enough, she got to share her own and get his back and they got warm in each other's spark. When the dark started to attack one, it had to run from the other and they could bathe forever.... in the precious light.
//Enjoy your stories<3
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codeineniki · 3 years
You gave me steady light, In a trembling darkness, Standing alone in a windy night, Feeling in my hair, air's freshness. I no longer have to worry, where I'll be And what I'll do All I care about is being next to you. The rest will settle somehow Because having you around Gave me strength's addendum. I wasn't supposed to write About amores floating round Cause there are people outside Feeling lonely, in a constant worry But maybe this time I'll inspire them To try living their lives And that there's no hurry, It all comes at the right time, Life writes a story.
//Enjoy your path<3
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