shkretart · 3 days
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An old Ghost sketch that I didn't want to show... but I'm showing it. Aaaaand of course Price and Nikolai <3
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sixleggedboar · 2 days
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The pros and cons of having a partner with a different core temperature than you.
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milkydough · 2 days
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Alex likes Farah
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yjhariani · 2 days
"Alright, that's it," Simon said once he found you burying your face into your pillow.
The next thing you knew, Simon pulled you up from your lying down position. He set you to sit on the edge of your bed as he stood in front of you. You opened your eyes and looked at Simon who was looking at you already.
Simon put his hand on you face. The first few seconds, he merely brushed his thumb over your cheek, taking in the details of your face.
"You did great," Simon said. "You did all you could."
"What if it's not good enough?" you replied.
"You tried. Trying takes a fucking lot of effort," Simon said. "Besides, I know you did great. You're gorgeous and talented. I'm proud of you."
The way he said it made you look away from him, flustered. However, Simon tilted your head so you put your gaze back at him.
"Not even a supercomputer can be overworked, love," Simon said. "Let yourself get some rest from thinking about it, alright?"
"I don't know, Simon," you sighed.
Simon now placed both his hands on your head to keep it in place. He leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.
You leaned forwards and wrapped your arms around Simon's waist and pressed the side of your face against his abdomen. Simon wrapped one of his arms around you and had the other cradling your head with his hand.
"As I said… gorgeous and talented and I'm proud of you," Simon said.
If it was possible, you probably would have involuntarily printed your smile on his body.
"Thank you," you said.
"Fancy a film?" Simon asked.
"Sure," you nodded.
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batcopia is usually on my mind 🦇
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lemonemlyn · 3 days
Nihil: I want the red one!
Copia: Well, you are a ghost, so you can just, ehh, walk through that glass and get it yourself 😒
Nihil: ofc I can not do that! What a nonsense!
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ghostlyghoulzzzz · 3 days
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Rain dramatic lighting moments
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thatsbelievable · 18 hours
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"He's a miserable, old, wounded, bitter man."
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Are you sure we’re talking about the same guy here? He seems pretty fun to me.
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He’s just pretending. We all know he’s really just a big softy on the inside 🥰
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zegalba · 2 days
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mdemorita · 2 days
Ghost for Metal Hammer in 2022
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cryptid-coffin · 2 days
I got to visit the Ghost ministry today...it's so fucking beautiful in person. Copia's room is so cute. I love it so much, I took so many pictures.
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ave661 · 1 day
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"Ghost, do you have Hassan?"
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cozy-earthbaby · 21 hours
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Doodles of the lil raccoon man <3
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ghostismybbygorl · 1 day
Being best friends with soap
Tumblr media
This man
He's very affectionate when he 100% trusts you and youve been friends for a while
Forehead, and cheek kisses
Hes a big cuddle bug
He'll come over with a 6 pack of your favorite beer or a bottle of your favorite wine and will absolutely get white girl wasted with you while watching a movie and gossiping about the latest tea
He'll pick you up and throw you over his shoulder
Especially if the two of you go to a concert together he'll put you on his shoulders or give you a piggy back if you cant see
BEAR HUGS TO THE POINT YOU CANT BREATHE. He does the little rag dog shake as well
He'll hold your hand in the car
Hes the type where he'll be in the bathroom while you shower
Will talk to you about his sex life and will go into graphic detail about it
Says this all the time
"I will literally go to jail for you"
When your upset
"Who do i have to kill?"
"I can make them mysteriously disappear. Just let me know and si and i will do business with em"
Face times you 24/7 even when he's deployed he will find a way to ft you
Yes he even FaceTime you while taking a shit
The two of you have a secret code when you're out together if someones making one of you uncomfortable
Definitely fakes being your boyfriend when the signal is established
Also has a code word if a date or hookup goes south
Will demolish you in fifa and in football in general
Will teach you how to play football
"Paint me like one of your french girls"
He loves to tease you, Sarcasm is one of his love languages that being said he knows your boundaries and when to stop
When you're sick hes at your door with a basket full of cold medicine, soup, movies to watch, tea everything. He doesnt give a shit if he gets sick he'll nuture you back to health
His family has already adopted you as their own child and they get you gifts for every holiday
Says that he loves you frequently. He wants you to know that he's there for you and will always support you in the things you do
Gives your partner "the best friend talk" when you two start dating
Even if its ghost he'll be like
"I love ya bud but if you do hurt them i will fucking kill you"
Big brother energy
Okay thats all i got for today so FEAST
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novanitee · 2 days
Call of Duty characters reacting to you telling them your trauma
Tumblr media
- Sits silently when you're finished telling him
- You think he doesn't care but he's actually trying to stay calm
- The only way he can calm himself down is to imagine murdering everyone who had ever hurt you
- You never says a word the entire time, he just walks over and holds you in his arms while you cry
- He doesn't need to say anything, you know he's right there for you
Tumblr media
- Holds both your hands and talks you through it
- Promises he won't ever let anyone hurt you again
- Tries to make you laugh
- You end up falling asleep with him playing with your hair
Tumblr media
- Sits and listens to every word you say
- Halfway through he sits beside you and holds your hand, softly rubbing the skin with his thumb
- When you're finished he holds you and softly sings a German Lullaby he used to sing to himself
- Tells you he's there for you forever
- Gets a little possessive of you after you tell him, he's scared to let you out of his sight now
Tumblr media
- Brings you a cup of tea when you say you want to talk
- Sits closely to you while you tell him
- His hand eventually lays on your thigh and gently massages your skin
- You end up leaning your head on his shoulder as you cry softly
- He wraps you up in a hug and keeps whispering to you
- Calls you a good girl for telling him
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