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Ghost who lets you paint his nails. Throwing his gloves somewhere along the floor as he gives you a hand. The other on his thigh as he watches you work.
"What's that one for darling?", leaning over as he looks at the tools you use with some curiosity.
"Your fucking hands are nasty.", recoiling away almost immediately with a playful glare at your words before sighing.
Grease and grime stuck underneath his nails that you've had to remove. Only watching along with absentminded interest even as you lather hand cream over his hands. Making them smoother than they were before, as smooth as you could make sandpaper.
Enjoying the light touches against the tips of his hand as you paint his nails. Trusting your work even after you practically cut some skin off his cuticles. Making him bleed but ah. It wasn't too bad.
"And how much will that cost me hm?", he jokes as he arches his fingers. Inspecting the cleanliness and precision of your work before he chuckles. Grabbing your head with his free hand and kissing your forehead before he gives you the other.
"On the house for my favorite customer."
"Ya saying theres other people's hands you hold for this long?", jealous bastard.
A simple "No.", and he turns smug. >:(
××××××××××××××××××××××x x××××××××××××××××××××××
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Ghostie wants to celebrate you and spent last night cutting confetti out! 🎊
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Instagram
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IC 63, Ghost of Cassiopeia
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" There is nothing we can do, just pray for him " !! 💔 This is what the doctor said when we arrived at the hospital 😔 , What if it was your father ? Would you stand without doing anything? ..
My father suffered a stroke after our house, our only place, was bombed and his shop was bombed
Please donate to save my family's life
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Rite Here Rite Now | Ghouls
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Gif requests 1/?
Frater Imperator 🔥
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Orlando, 02.11.2016 - Video by Phil Lutz
Papa is handed a painting of himself by someone in the audience and proudly displays it on stage for the rest of the ritual.
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Pairing; Simon "Ghost" Riley x F!Reader
Plot; You staying at Ghosts place and see his uniform for the first time
Warnings; CNC, humiliation, Oral M Receiving
Word Count; 2,574
Dante Nyhpmir Master List
Tumblr media
So much music you'd never heard of. It was odd dating someone of a completely different generation than you. Why he felt compelled to collect records in the first place was a little beyond you but it made him happy. He had showed you how to start the gramophone before, you'd do your best to remember after,
“Finally” you thought, recognizing an album you actually know. One that would fit the mood you're looking for. You don't grab the actual center, he showed you how to hold it to not damage the vinyl as you bend over. Making sure the needle made contact all while not realizing he had come back into the room. His eyes fixated on you while you put the other record back. Sitting on the floor.
A scream lets out of you when you turn around to see him. You can't help it. It catches you so off guard.
“Holy fuck” you let out as you catch your breath, “you weren't kidding about your uniform….”
It was daunting. Full tactical gear, all black, combat boots, gloves. Everything looked so heavy.
And the mask.
It highlighted his eyes. Eye contact felt more intense. More extreme. The same feeling you get when you know someone's watching you, the instinct to look back. The evolutionary impulse to find what's hunting you.
Were you being hunted?
He stayed there for a minute. No words.
You forgot how big he was. In those moments realizing how quiet he could be.
What the people who had the misfortune to run into him felt, the last thing they saw before they died.
His eyes.
Burning holes into yours.
You felt stuck in place until he finally took his first step.
Simon never ran during any scenes. He didn't move quickly until you were actually fucking. Every moment of build up was slow. Discerning.
Each step he took you felt in your gut as he got closer.
And closer.
You have to at least to try to meet him but as you get up he cuts you off
You sit back down, slowly.
There is no asking.
You recognize a command when you hear one. This is not Simon in front of you. This is not the man that picks you up and takes you for dinner. This is not who brings you flowers and asks you about your day. This is not the gentleman that holds your hand under tables and grabs your thigh in the car. This is not the man you catch staring at you like he's the luckiest person in the world to have you. It's not the man who listens intentionally and shows you how much he respects your opinion. This was not a man of egalitarianism.
Ghost was different.
“Good girl” he says as he takes a seat on the couch across from you. Staring at you.
“Wow” you let out “I didn't expect it to be so….”
He stares, not helping you find words
“Formidable” you finally finished.
“You asked what my uniform looks like”
“I did” you swallow
“Do you–”
“Take it off,” he interrupts.
You hold onto your shirt, your eyes asking the question.
“All of it,” he answers.
Sitting up on your knees you remove your trousers, and gliding back down you pull the shirt over your head. His eyes never leave you. Trained on you.
As if they hadn't been undressing you all night.
With your shirt tossed aside your eyes meet but he's not satisfied.
He commands.
“I'll sit back down” You say as you stand up at a leisurely pace, bending over sliding your panties down your legs as they highlight every inch. Making eye contact with him again once they reach your ankles and tossing them aside with a flick of your foot. Without hurry, making your way back to the floor.
It was beautiful watching his chest lift under the tactical gear.
He leans forward, elbows over his knees holding his hands
“Come here”
Your body forgets to work sometimes before it snaps back to what's happening. To just respond.
To just let go.
Taking your time to crawl over to him,
“Eyes up” he says with each step you take before you find yourself between his legs.
His hands hold your face. The tension in his fingers is palpable, you feel him holding himself back already. Managing to gently move hair out of the way of your face as his thumb runs itself over your cheek.
Why does this scare you?
Why does this feel like a threat?
Why are you so far gone by now?
Your hair needs to be out of the way for the collar he takes out of one of the many pockets.
“Sit down and straighten your back”
You listen, you're already locked in but the collar proves that point.
He's not the gentleman you know.
You're not the progressive feminist for a night. You're not the woman who fights back at the second site of disrespect. You're not the person who has to navigate each individual situation and how it will affect the outcome of your day to day. You don't have to think of anyone else.
You don't have to think at all.
You're just a body.
His body to play with.
A pet.
It feels so good tightly wrapped around your neck. Both hands holding onto your face as he kisses you, there's a way he kisses you that always takes over. Like his whole body does it, the hold you feel when his lips finally let go but linger next to yours as you hear his breath.
Hearing him breathe always helped you let go. You're just bodies. Exploring each other, matching his breath before his hands tighten up and toss it aside.
He sits back.
“Show me how you play with it”
His arms spread across the couch as you sit between his legs, directly looking at him. Remembering eye contact until your instructions are presented.
“Show. Me. How you play with it” he adjusts before you clue in. Seeing the bulge you think could rip through his fatigues.
Your lips press against themselves, excited to play with him.
To please him as your hands undo his belt, zipper and adjust to finally let his cock breathe.
Before you drown it in the back of your throat.
Your hand pulls down your face as you lick your palm before your tongue pulls itself up over his cock. No friction to be had as your mouth moves up and down. Feeling him get harder and harder with every slow thrust of your lips and grip of your palm. It was the best feeling, his body couldn't lie, how happy you'd make him with each twist of your hand finding rhythm as your head would escape to the tip. Your tongue wrapping around and centering that sensitive head. Even making your lips wet and kissing it softly before plunging back down.
Your favourite challenge.
To take all of him.
“Eyes up” he says again
Your lids flick up, doe eyes matching his cold ones. You can't smile but your eyes can as your melancholic energy breathes new life into him. Tightening your grip and then releasing, your hand working in unison with your mouth and tongue. Each one taking care of him from the base to the very top.
His body didn't lie, you didn't know how to explain it but you knew exactly what his body needed. So in tune with how to please him, harder and harder, until
“Do better”
You halt mid lick, looking up at him confused before finishing the lap.
Your eyes don't smile. Just concern.
Maybe you forgot to make eye contact. You would get lost in pleasing him at times. That's probably what he meant.
Fixing your mistake as you look up at him, tip of your tongue caressing around the bottom of the head and kissing before going back down with your mouth and hand. This time, eyes locked on.
But his head never falls back, pupils never roll into his skull. Just looking at you.
How can someone look at another in a condescending way? How do his eyes say that?
His hand finds a way around the back of your head and lifts it up off his cock before you once again hear.
“Do. Better”
As he lowers you back down by your hair, eyes trained on him.
You know he's excited. You feel it in your hands. You know how to play with him. You know how to please him.
He's playing with you.
Give him more.
Your body lights up, there's a difference between autopilotting a part of your body and giving over your body. You hold your weight, as you take him with your entirety. All of your energy in your body is being thrown together.
He would kiss you with his whole body.
You would do the same.
But still, if not worse this time,
“I told you to do better”
His boot finds a way to your shoulder, your scared eyes lock into those cold ones before he kicks you back onto the floor. Off your balance.
It takes you a minute to compose yourself before he calls you back over. His boot extended and his condescending lean on his knees again.
“Lick it”
His eyes point to you, his boot and then back to you.
“You can follow instructions, can't you?”
You nodd.
It's hard to get words out.
Find your knees, find your ground.
Even you leaning over isn't good enough as he interrupts
Before your mouth is inches away
“Eyes up”
Your eyes meet his as your tongue falls out of your mouth and head tilts, dragging your tongue behind on the foot of his boot.
Back and forth.
Over and over again.
His eyes smile.
“Good girl”
Your tongue makes its way around your mouth, almost reminding itself what it feels like. The texture isn't normal to you before hearing
“Did I say you could stop?”
You continue.
Back and forth.
Over and over.
Your head drags your tongue, looking at him. Relishing it.
“Ass up”
You do what you're told. You're well trained.
“So you can follow instructions”
As he pulls away. Your head falls forward as if he pulled out a chair from underneath you before his hand reaches down.
His finger finds the piece of the collar to pull you back up, tightly. Holding you in place as he moved the mask up to expose his lips.
“Open your mouth”
God he had a beautiful jawline.
His other hand gives your face a light slap.
“Just when you were doing so well.”
God it felt good.
“Let's try this again. Open. Your. Mouth”
Your eyes meet his as your chin falls.
“Let's see your tongue.”
Gravity pulls the tongue out of your mouth without hesitation.
“Good girl” he says as he spits directly in your mouth, his index finger under your chin to close it.
“What do you say?”
“Thank you” you manage to get out
“Thank you, what?”
“Thank you Sir”
His hand slides to grab your face, pressing your cheeks together before letting go
“Are you ready to try again?”
You nod as your body floats back to him. You dive into him. Both hands holding on and twisting with each thrust of your mouth. Your tongue does not leave any spot untouched. The delicate head being caressed and kissed before plunging back down. Feeling him hit the back of your throat and keeping him there. Your eyes don't leave him. Back and forth repeating, hitting a bit harder each time. The gagging muffles of your whines sounded so sweet to him. Reveling in watching your eyes water and drag the liner down your face. Weak enough to have his eyes roll in the back of his head. Finally hearing him moan at the new pace.
God you lived to make him moan. To watch him breathe.
To use your body.
His hands grabbed onto your cheeks.
To fuck your face.
“Fuck” he whined gripping on tighter and tighter, moving his hips back and forth to hit that back wall of your throat.
“You're such a fun little toy”
Faster and faster,
Over and over again.
You were not in control anymore. You never really were. Your tongue couldn't keep up with this pace now. The only thing it could do was hang out of your mouth and guide his cock as it dove deep in your mouth.
“You have such a pretty little fucking mouth”
His hands tighten in your hair, your eyes watering. Almost crossed in a daze as your eyelids fall half asleep.
Taking him.
“Its so fun shutting you up”
“Eyes up”
You don't hear.
His hands tighten in your hair
Your lids open, pupils match with his.
Your cum drunk eyes matching his rage filled ones.
He says before you feel him cum. Before you hold all of it.
His grunt when he cums is one of your favourite sounds in the world.
He needs a moment to catch his breath before he takes his hands and guides your head off his cock.
“Hold” he says in an exhaustive breath.
Your lips glide off his cock and close. His hands holding your face, eyes locked together. Breathing in unison before he gives you your next command.
Your jaw falls, your tongue hangs as he watches himself drip out of your mouth. Falling on your naked body.
A smile creeps across his face before he pulls the mask down back over his jawline. His hands holding your face delicately again, his thumb makes its way to sit on your tongue and whip some of it out then moving to your chin to do the same favor. Pressing harder.
“Aren't you a sight”
You nod. All words left your body so long ago. You can't muster them anymore.
He kisses you, with his entire body.
“You're so beautiful”
His hands pull the back of your head into him. Still tight.
He's being loving but the coarseness isn't through.
Merely a break.
He gives you a moment before pulling you.
“Knees” he says “on your knees”
It's hard to hold your body up, he feels like he's doing it while he braces your neck with one hand as the other trails down your body. Over your breasts that his cum has dripped over, past your midriff and just along where your thighs meet your pelvis and finally over your lips, finally between them, finally buried inside you.
“Jesus Christ”
He would drown in you. First in your mouth and eventually your cunt.
It was a long night ahead.
“What a damp little slit.”
His hand tightened around your neck as the other explored your walls, soaked.
“I'm not done playing with you” he threatened
“Still so much of my toy to play with” as his fingers hooked inside you
His hand lessened around your neck as you caught your breath, awake again.
“What do you say with all that air I gave you?”
“Thank you” you muster out, looking at him with the stains rolled over your cheeks
“Thank you what?”
“Thank you Sir”
“Good girl”
He kisses, hard. On your open mouth.
“That's my good little pet”
Dante Nyhpmir Master List
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"This is part of my story. For more information about me"
"Hello, my friends"
‏"My daughter Mona turned 5 years old during the war on July 15, 2024. This is her life now, between the past and the present 🇵🇸🕊️
‏Please help spread my fundraising campaign to save us from death and the brutal war we are experiencing in Gaza. $5 - $10 can help me
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"I hope you won't let me down; you are the last hope. Share the with your friends." 🍉🍉🙏
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⛧ Year Zero ⛧
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ━━━ "we did a trick where the costume changes, which was a 30s in camera effect, where we zoom in on him. Hold the frame, then he changed, and then we reset. Then it looks like a seamless dissolve."
_ Alex Ross Perry.
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Tumblr media
"𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘰 𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘻𝘦, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘰𝘧 𝘪𝘵 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵....𝘕𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘐 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘦."
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Price: Why is Simon crying? Y/N: He took a 'which Kortac member are you' quiz Price: And? Y/N: And he got König
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freaky little guys
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