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I didn't expect to draw them. But I like them so much, they're so cute. 💕
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An update!
Well, folks, it's official, I'm done with school until the end of summer! And that means I can get back to writing properly now! I agree that setting up requests in one of the most hectic school years of my entire life was not a wise idea... but hindsight is 20/20, as they say.
Apologies for making you all wait for such ridiculous amounts of time for my stories to come out, hopefully it will be a bit better now.
Tomorrow I'll get back to writing, and hopefully I'll be able to clear the rest of my outstanding requests so I can work on some of my other silly projects and open requests again!
Thanks for your patience and support, folks, it means a lot to me
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splish splosh has 23 been done yet for the ask game? :3
"This song sucks," Heatwave snaps, giving his engine an annoyed rumble.
"This is the lesser of all evils," Kade argues back, waving a hand. "Radio's shit right now."
"Fine," Heatwave growls, and suddenly the dial starts spinning, stations flipping rapidly. "If Earth radio is so shit, I'm putting on my radio."
There's a burst of static, a beat of silence, then a voice fills the cab, speaking a language Kade has only ever heard snatches of.
"Is he speaking Cybertronian?"
"NeoCybex," Heatwave corrects automatically. "Common. We have more than one language, you know."
Kade shakes his head. "Okay. Whatever. Is Cybertron, like, a gazillion light years away? How the fuck are you getting this station?"
Heatwave's head on the monitor gives a little tilt, and the cab rumbles, as if he's shrugging. "You can always call in to Truck Norris' show. I don't question it."
"Wait. Wait. Back the fuck up." Kade grips the wheel and leans forward. "'Truck Norris?'"
"Yeah," Heatwave says. "That's the host's name. What about it?"
"I-" Kade doesn't know what to say. How is he possibly supposed to explain to Heatwave that his strange radio host who apparently has a frequency that is strong enough to reach Earth has a name that's basically a stupid pun of a famous human. How. "I feel like you're not hearing yourself."
"Wait. Shut the fuck up," Heatwave snaps, and Truck Norris seems to be finishing off a sentence. Kade does as asked, staying silent as fucking Truck Norris speaks again, and then a familiar voice speaks over the radio, his voice a mix of soft clicks and purrs and whirrs, with the cadence of a question.
No fucking way.
But it's over just as fast as it happened, and Truck Norris' voice is back, a soft click coming through signalling the end of the call in.
"Okay, let me get this straight," Kade demands. "You not only can get this radio station from a billion-jillion light years away, you can also call in?!"
"Yeah," Heatwave says, his voice heavily accented for a second. He resets his voice box, and the accent is gone in the next sentence. "He's always taking callers."
"I feel like you're not understanding how freaky this is," Kade stresses, tapping a nervous beat on the wheel. "I'm not science guy, but this shouldn't be possible at all-"
"Shut up," Heatwave snarls, and Kade shuts up, as the volume dial spins and suddenly sound is flooding through the speakers.
It's unlike anything Kade has ever heard before. The closest thing he can relate it to is experimental rock, but even that's a stretch.
It sounds like heavy machinery and it sounds soft and loud at the same time, and there must be someone singing, a powerful, echoey, a mechanical voice holding and hitting notes most singers could only dream of.
And it's... not bad. In fact, Kade kind of likes it.
Heatwave's head on the monitor is bobbing along softly, as if doing it unconsciously.
They're quiet for a while once it's over, listening to Truck Norris talk and another bot call in, before Kade finally asks: "Was that a song?"
"Yeah," Heatwave says quietly, but there's a smile in his voice. "My favorite, actually. Haven't heard it in a while." The beginning of the song plays a bit, before suddenly being cut off. "And I have it recorded now." He's quiet for another moment, before asking, "What'd you think?"
Aw. That's... oddly vulnerable, coming from Heatwave. So Kade is honest. "I liked it," he says. "And I think I'd like to hear more."
Heatwave's engine gives a delighted purr.
"What's this?"
Kade's head snaps over to the CD Haley is studying. "Oh, that?" he says smoothly, holding out a hand, which she places it into. A clear jewel case and a CD with "Heatwave" scrawled on it in sharpie. "I think it's a band," he lies easily. "Found it in a thrift store. I searched them up but there's nothing, so they must be really underground. It's this weird, like, experimental metal rock. Want to listen?"
It's actually a CD of Heatwave's favorite Cybertronian songs. Boulder and Graham took the recordings and burned them onto a CD for him, and they're working on ones for the others. Still, no one has questioned Truck Norris yet.
Kade's actually taken quite a liking to Cybertronian music. It's kind of pretty, in its own way. And Cody absolutely loves it. Human vocal chords are not built for the proper pronunciation of NeoCybex "words", but that doesn't mean he's not going to try.
The CD loads and the first song begins to play. Haley looks taken aback for a second, before leaning forward, falling into the rhythm immediately.
It makes it a little hard for Kade to keep his eyes on the road.
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Alright I know I haven't even made a proper post about Yakuza Kiwami 2 but-
I finally finished Judgment and ????
This game is spectacular, will absolutely get a longer rant eventually.
The way everything came together got to me, and I love how every single character was written. I will never be the same person I was before playing this (which applies to any RGG/RGG spinoff game so far tbh).
Have a really dumb pic of Tak I took meanwhile. He is speed, he is grace and he'll sniff out evidence and throw it in your face.
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Added an "OC Database" section to my pinned post, so it's easier to look for my silly little guys!
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I mean, this is on Yotsuyu's wiki page...
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I don't think an allo would meet a prostitute and then be like "Man your job must suck huh. Does it piss you off? Are you tired of being nice? Don't you just want to go apeshit??"
Tumblr media
We seem to have reached a general consensus
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“May I please draw your OC?”
Reblog this message if you encourage anyone that wants to draw your OC to do so.  No need to ask for permission in advance.
Go for it.  Draw my OC.  If you want, I’ll even give you reference posts.  Go to town on it.
You are welcome to draw my OC and surprise me with the result.  Seriously.  In fact, I encourage it.  I will proudly display whatever it is you submit to me regarding my OC.  There is a chance that I will squeal about it for several days.
Even if you feel you aren’t good at whatever artistic adventure it is you do, please feel free to submit it to me.  I want to see what you have done.
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Okay okay hear me OUT WITH THIS ONE sooo what if reader has like some chronic illness the can't be cured and they know their time isn't much long soo they broke up with their girl/boyfriend well if it's marriage then let's say they had a divorced saying lies that they don't love them anymore but it's just a way from them to not let them get hurt, since it's better if it's the reader's who's getting sad since they'll soon die anyways rather than seeing their lover be sad about their death, BUUUT before they die they gave an anonymous present for them. what's ur thoughts and who do you think will suit this scenario the most?
The floodgates of angst have opened, and the main victim seems to be my inbox. All jokes aside, though, this seems fun, so I'll try my best! As for who fits the scenario, it can be basically anyone in my opinion. But there are certain characters I haven't really written about much (if at all), so I think I'll give them a spotlight! So in this one, we'll have Kenshin, Yukimura and Motochika take the stage! Of course, I haven't written about Oichi either, but the poor girl has been tortured enough, I'll put her in something more wholesome if I get the chance. Enjoy your angst!
𓉸 Lies and Sickness - SB Imagines 𓉸
You were dying. It took you a very long time to accept, but the way you grew weaker and yet were unable to rest because of the strange aching in your body... it pointed to something being wrong. Every healer you visited was unable to help you, so eventually you just accepted your fate. But what you couldn't accept was your beloved seeing you waste away and die. Tired, hurt, and absolutely not in the right state of mind, you broke off your relationship and left, but not before leaving a gift for him as your last farewell...
𓉸 Kenshin 𓉸
Kenshin squints his eyes but doesn't falter, his legs firmly pressing into the sides of his steed to make it go faster. The weather assaults his face and hands with waves of cold rain, and the howling wind cuts into his skin. But he doesn't care. He is on a mission now... and nothing will stop the warlord from completing it.
Everything used to be good between you two. He was an attentive partner that always made time for you despite often having to go into battle. When he fought, he fought even more ferociously than he did before he met you. All because he knew he needed to come back to you. And you returned his affections in kind. No moment was dull around you, even if you both just sat in silence.
And then it was gone. You've been acting strange for a good while... and then you suddenly came up to him in tears. Saying that this is not working out anymore, how you wish to leave, and how he should just forget you, because it will be better that way. He kept up his stoic facade well back then... but it hurt. Especially since you weren't able to explain what was wrong. Did he hurt you? Was something else in the relationship unsatisfactory? But you only said the most basic information, before leaving the room, and his castle as well soon after.
And he let you.
A bit of time passed, and on the servants brought him a small box one day. Found while cleaning one of the spare bedrooms, she tells him. When Kenshin opened it, he found a small sake cup. His favorite one broke around two months back and he complained about the lack of its presence a few times. This one was nothing like the one he used to own... but still very beautiful. Well made, clearly colored with expensive paints. But there was no indication of where it was from, who made it or who bought it.
That's right, you both enjoyed surprising each other with small gifts. Neither of you said anything out loud, but you paid attention to what the other wants and needs, before your days were brightened by something that the other gave you or did for you based on what you found out. It was a wholesome game you played with each other, constantly trying to one-up the other. And you left him a sake cup... when you were leaving too, clearly. You never went into the guest rooms as you didn't need to, so you probably went into one before leaving.
You still cared. And something was very wrong.
With that realization, one thing led to another. Kenshin sent out some of his men to look for you and figure out what's going on. Eventually, they found you, staying at your aunt's place. She was your only living relative. And from what Kenshin was told, you weren't looking too well.
And that brings us to now, where Kenshin is battling the elements to get to you. The lights of the village are coming ever closer with each sound of a hoof hitting the ground. Closer, and closer...
He's finally arrived. He ignores the few village commonfolk that are rushing home and staring at him as if he was some sort of apparition. He got clear instructions on where he should go, so he ties his horse to the nearest fencepost and rushes off to find you. It's a small, inconspicuous house near the center of the village. He doesn't bother knocking, though he does slip off his shoes quickly, before barging into the home.
He's met with a startled scream of your aunt... and the sight of you lying down, wrapped up in a thin blanket. You look weak, tired... in pain. Kenshin does all he can to cover up the emotions bursting in his chest, and kneels down beside you.
"I know not why you decided to run off like that... but please. Let me share this burden with you," he gently takes your left hand in both of his, and you can't help but let out a sob. Oh, how foolish you were to think you could deceive him. How foolish you were to run away. How foolish you were to think that a cup will replace your presence.
He'd rather starve and drink muddy river water with his hands if it meant spending more time with you, however fleeting it may be.
𓉸 Yukimura 𓉸
Yukimura doesn't understand.
One moment, you were laughing about something dumb together after yet another succesful battle, and the next you tell him that your relationship has to end and you're leaving. And the next... Sasuke delivers him the message that you had perished.
They weren't moments, really. These event stretched out for a long time. But now, at the end of it all, it all feels like seconds to him. The day you met, your first kiss, every battle you survived together... the long nights spent talking about everything and nothing. Even the way you teased him about still being just a cub, compared to the mighty tiger that Lord Shingen represented. Oh, how he misses that cheeky smile you had in those moments.
He hates that he didn't realize it in time. How tired you looked and why his beloved lord bid you stay in the castle instead of fight. That whenever he noticed something wrong, he let himself be brushed off so easily. How far does his foolishness reach? Of course you weren't okay.
And he's bitter about the gift too. The one you left him. A new pair of spears that fit in his hands as if he was born with them. This whole time, he thought they were from someone else- someone who wanted to cheer him up after you took your leave so suddenly. Sasuke would do something like that. Even his Lord would if he was concerned enough. Maybe even one of his other comrades.
But of course they were from you. You always admired how he wielded them, and oh, such a show off he was sometimes. But only for you.
Now, Yukimura holds them once more, staring at your headstone. He didn't even get to say goodbye, and that probably hurts the most. He would have been there. So why didn't you tell him?
Yukimura doesn't understand. But he knows that in some twisted way, you meant well. And so he will wield the weapons you left for him, and when he dies, you will have nothing to tease him about anymore.
He'll keep living as long as he can, and make you proud.
𓉸 Motochika 𓉸
You wake up feeling oddly... warm. You think that maybe you died already. Well, afterlife seems quite comfortable, you think to yourself. Until a jolt of pain forces your eyes open, that is. Not only are you still alive, still ill... you are face to face with Motochika. The one you tried to run from, to spare him from seeing you waste away. The one you wanted to grow old with, once.
The warmth comes from his arms, which are gripping you tightly, but not so much that it hurts.
"You're awake..." he gasps, before he grits his teeth, forcing his tears to stay in his eyes. "Do you have any idea how worried I was?!"
You have no answer for him, only managing to weakly look away. His breathing gets heavier, and you can feel his warm, half-bare chest rising and falling i nrapid succession.
"First you tell me this isn't working out anymore... then I suddenly find a nice gift in my cabin... and then the others tell me they found you half-dead in a boat that you stole from me," he continues, his voice filled with frustration. "Did you really think I'm so dumb I wouldn't realize who it's from? And were you really so stupid to think that a damn gift can replace you?! And that my love for you would just stop when you left?!"
His voice gets progressively louder, as it does when he's dealing with feelings that are too much for him. He never hid how he felt, unlike you. A roughly made, yet beautiful open book you could read over and over again. And right now, its words are those of sadness, guilt, regret... and undying love and devotion.
Please don't leave me like this, say his eyes, never again.
"You're such an idiot sometimes," he growls, before his voice softens once more. "But you're my idiot. And I was stupid too, for not noticing how badly you've been feeling. So stupid..."
Motochika holds your trembling body closer to him and runs his finger through your hair, the gesture meant to calm you both.
"Look... I'll admit, finding out you're really sick was hard. But I can handle it. I love you too much to just let you go. You're the greatest treasure I've ever found in my life... and I didn't even need a map this time," he huffs softly. "You're a part of my crew, the most important one... and the other guys missed you too. I might not be able to heal you but..."
The pirate pauses, his expression the most sincerely caring you've seen on him.
"Well, we are on a ship, right? I'll take you anywhere you want. We'll have one last adventure, even if I have to carry you. If you want to try anything you haven't yet, you can be damn sure we're going to do just that," he starts to look a lot more like his usual self. "I want you to sail away into the beyond with a grin on your face. And nothing will stop me from trying to achieve that."
Tears stain your cheeks by the time he finishes talking. You're weak, and in pain... but you won't be alone.
Maybe the real treasure in your life was the pirate you found along the way.
Well well well, look who finally deigned to post! Deepest apologies for not posting any imagines for a looong time. Those of you who have seen my update post know that school is kind of a nightmare for me right now (lots of work and big exams coming up), which is why I also closed off my requests for now.
But I finally managed to finish this request in my backlog, woohoo! And fret not, my dear readers, the next one will be more sweet than angsty! I will try to work on it as fast as I can, but no promises :D
Hope you enjoyed, and like always...
Tumblr media
Have a spectacular day!
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I used one of my actual names, and it's pretty funky :DD
Tumblr media
But if I use my blog name/nickname thingy it's this. Groovy! But I'm glad to be in the same group as Fort Max at least with one of the names I go by :D
What Sparktype are you?
A spark is the lifeforce, or soul, of a Transformer.In the IDW Generation 1 continuity, there appears to be at least eight known sparktypes in Cybertronians
My result: Aomi ‘s sparktype is:Isomeric-Positive
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Hey everyone, please consider buying the 2024 itch.io Palestinian Relief Bundle- it's 373 games, game-making assets, tabletop roleplaying games, zines, and comics for a minimum of just 8 USD! They have a goal of 100,000 USD, and as of the time I'm writing this post, they have 8 more days to reach it.
Tumblr media
Link will be in the reblog!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
club membership revoked
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Let us say I was tagged by you, @shinkimarbles :DD
My five topics! ☆ ~('▽^人)
Final Fantasy (mainly XIV, but also XV and others)
Transformers, now that I'm in the fandom
Sengoku Basara (duh)
RGG/Yakuza/Like a Dragon series
OCs (don't even have to be mine, I just like yammering on with someone about our respective little guys
Of course there's more, like my favorite obscure/less-known anime, my newly discovered passion for videogame photography, character analysis of my favorite fictional characters... the list goes on and on!
Anyhow, tagging (and zero pressure from me, you guys don't have to do this) the lovely @whatwooshkai, @steelthroat @soundcrusher, @new-bula and @ryuki-blogs because you guys are super cool :DD
I saw this meme going around on twitter and I think it'll be perfect for this account.
List 5 topics you can talk on for an hour without preparing any material.
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cinematographic parallelism LOL
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But making us wait another hour when the livestream started was very mean :D
Anyhow, what did you guys think after watching? I, for one, am pretty interested to see what they'll do with it.
And it takes place on CYBERTRON, FINALLY we get more of that.
And Megatron is super cute in this in my opinion!
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