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marzankabir · 2 months
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Portrait of Umma Habiba Meem
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mdsaidulislam · 11 months
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A Nation's Heartbeat: Artistic Homage to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
"A Nation's Heartbeat: Artistic Homage to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman"
The Father of the Bengali Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975).
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman(March 17, 1920 – August 15, 1975) was a Bengali politician and statesman who was the founding leader of Bangladesh. He headed the "Awami League (Political Party)" and served as the first President of Bangladesh, and later as Prime Minister.
He is popularly referred to as "Sheikh Mujib (shortened as Mujib or Mujibur, not Rahman)", with the honorary title of Bangabandhu ("Friend of Bengal"), and widely revered in Bangladesh as the "Father of the Nation".
Artwork Details: Subject: 35-year-old Bangabandhu Rendered Artwork Width: 14800 px Rendered Artwork Height: 20000 px Rendered Artwork Size: 439 MB
The Artwork is posted in more compact dimensions (3552x4800px) within the DeviantArt Gallery.
Artwork Link: https://www.deviantart.com/saidulislam/art/A-Nation-s-Heartbeat-Artistic-Homage-to-Bangabandu-977210572
Artwork License: "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License"
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higherentity · 1 year
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jamieroxxartist · 1 year
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✔ Mark Your Calendars: Tues Jan 31 on 🎨#JamieRoxx’s Pop Roxx Radio 🎙️#TalkShow and 🎧#Podcast w/ Featured Guest:
Author Mitali Perkins #Writer (#Novel) Rickshaw Girl: ​#Movie: #Drama, #Family
☎ Lines will be open (347) 850.8598 Call in with your Questions and Comments Live on the Air.
● Click here to Set a Reminder: http://tobtr.com/12189942
Pop Art Painter Jamie #Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes #MitaliPerkins Writer (Novel) (#RickshawGirl: Movie: Drama, Family) to the Show!
● WEB: www.mitaliperkins.com ● TW: @MitaliPerkins
Rickshaw Girl: ● WEB: www.rickshawgirlmovie.com ● FB: @RickshawGirlMovie ● IG: @RickshawGirlMovie ● IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt4853244
A daring Bangladeshi teen-aged girl battles the dangers of the big city when she disguises herself as a boy to earn extra cash for her struggling family in the critically acclaimed RICKSHAW GIRL, on Demand December 8 from Sleeperwave Films.
Daring and determined, teenage girl Naima longs to earn money for her poor Bangladeshi family, but her unrivaled artistic talent is of little use. When her father grows gravely ill, Naima feels she has no choice but to leave her small village for the bright lights of Dhaka.
In the big city, Naima finds the same economic, societal, and gender pressures faced by most young girls in Bangladesh. She cleverly disguises herself as a boy and takes the difficult job of a rickshaw puller. When her gender is revealed and her livelihood vanishes, Naima finds an unconventional solution to her problems.
Directed by #AmitabhRezaChowdhury. Starring #NoveraRahman, #NareshBhuiyan, #AllenShubhroGomes, #MomenaChowdhury, and #GulshanChampa. Based on the acclaimed novel by Mitali Perkins. ​ ● Media Inquiries: October Coast PR octobercoastpr.com
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sea-otter148 · 2 years
One of my life goals is to be a polymath. I want to know as much as I can and learn how to put it into use. I think Robert Heinlein, as cringe as he was, was correct about one thing.
"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
Speaking of polymaths, here's a list of people I have respect for for being polymaths.
1. Leonardo Da Vinci: Artist, sculptor, architect, inventor, engineer, scientist, theorist, the true Renaissance man. Painted things like the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Lady With An Ermine and Salvator Mundi. Came up with early drafts for the helicopter, airplane, submarine, tank, and various other things. Wrote notebooks and drew sketches of several different subjects, including anatomy, astronomy, botany, cartography, painting, and paleontology.
2. Ben Franklin: You know him, you've seen him on the $100 bill, you probably love him, he's great at a lot of things. The first ever postmaster general of the US, the first ambassador to Sweden and France, invented swimming paddles at just 11 years old, later invented the glass harmonica and Franklin stove, helped print some of the first ever newspapers in America, the New England Courant and later the Philadelphia Gazette, founded the University of Pennsylvania, the first fire department, police force (unfortunately), and hospital, did the famous kite experiment that proved lightning was a form of electricity, drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, came up with many aphorisms thanks to Poor Richard's Almanack (which was like any other almanac plus the aphorisms), the Silence Dogood letters, and many other writings, charted and named the Gulf Stream, laid the groundwork for modern demography, and was probably the first ever shitposter. I could name more stuff but honestly this is enough for me and maybe everyone else.
3. Rabindranath Tagore: The Da Vinci of Asia, arguably. A poet and composer who came up with the words for the Indian and Bangladeshi national anthems; an author who made several famous books including Gitanjali, a Nobel Prize-winning poetry anthology (HE WAS THE FIRST POC TO WIN A NOBEL PRIZE), Gora, and The Home and The World, among other literary works that have been adapted into films time and time again by Indian cinema studios; a playwright whose plays have also been adapted to the big screen frequently; a painter inspired by, among other things, Papua New Guinean masks from the Malagan people, Haida carvings from the Pacific Northwest, and the woodcuts of German artist Max Pechstein; a staunch advocate for Indian independence until his dying days, and a child prodigy, writing poetry as early as 8, and publishing his first poetry collection at 16. More people should be talking about this guy.
And finally 4. W. E. B. Dubois: Black sociologist, historian, author, and civil rights activist. He co-founded the NAACP in 1909, wrote his most famous work, The Souls of Black Folk in 1903, a seminal work of POC literature, was the first Black person to earn a doctorate in history, especially from Harvard (!!!!), and a very active member of the civil rights movement as early as the turn of the century. He is also the person that has lived the longest out of all the people on this list, as he died in 1963, at the ripe old age of 95, one year before the Civil Rights Act passed.
Let me know what you think.
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steliosagapitos · 2 years
Tumblr media
                 “Glowing Glory”, 2018, by Srijon Chowdhury (Bangladeshi-American painter, born in  Dhaka in 1987).
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fleurdulys · 3 years
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Daughter of the Soil - Manishi Dey
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sramindukhu · 6 years
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ahenamphoto-blog · 4 years
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Struggle for existence Rickshaw art and artist In Bangladesh, rickshaw art dates back to the 1950s and every conceivable part of the rickshaw is painted. In addition to geometric designs, there are depictions of flowers, birds and even popular actresses. instagram.com/ahenamphoto 500px.com/ahenamphoto twitter.com/ahenamphoto #bangladesh #bangladeshi #lifestyle #painter #artist #dhaka #dhakagram #dhakadiaries #rickshaw #rickshawpainting #struggle #photography📷 #photooftheday #potd #instalike #instagood #like4likes #likeforlikes #ahenamphoto #culture #rickshawart #instalike #ig_world #life #struggling #dailylife (at Bangladesh) https://www.instagram.com/p/B88QGp4DiCh/?igshid=1w70q4afy1wfg
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mercerislandbooks · 3 years
For the Love of the Rom-com
Tumblr media
While I read across genres in the Young Adult section, I have a soft spot in my heart for the rom-com. Though this genre might come across as light and fluffy, in actuality the form is able to take on topics as varied as mental health, identity, immigration, racism, and grief, to name only a few. Sure there’s romance, escapism, and happy endings, but what kept me picking up one YA rom-com after another in the last month was the window into the lives of each protagonist. More than ever I’m seeing #ownvoices authors tell stories that reflect their particular experience with the characters that they hadn’t seen in novels as young people. In turn I get a glimpse into a life different than my own and subsequently widen my world view. Here’s a collection of some of my recent reads!
Tumblr media
Counting Down With You by Tashie Bhuiyan
The debut novel from this Bangladeshi American author (and the first novel I’ve read by a Bangladeshi American) takes the fake dating trope and turns it into a thoughtful exploration of expectations across cultures. Karina Ahmed is a high school junior buckling under the weight of Bangladeshi parental expectations and coping with anxiety largely on her own. They want her to be a doctor. She secretly longs to be an English teacher. When her parents take a month-long trip back to Bangladesh, leaving Karina and her younger brother in the care of their grandmother, Karina is looking forward to a much needed break. But her quiet month is almost immediately disrupted when, through a series of circumstances, she is roped into pretending to be Ace Clyde’s girlfriend, Midland High School’s bad boy. As the two slowly get to know, appreciate, and, of course, fall for each other, they also encourage and call out each other’s strengths. Bhuiyan movingly portrays the complex experience of a Bangladeshi American female teen, trying to meet the expectations of her more traditional parents, navigate managing her anxiety, dealing with the double standard of her gender within her culture, and learning to stand in her own power.
Tumblr media
Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean
Given this cover, I expected something totally different from what the pages held. The main character of this “lost princess found” novel is anything but sweet and demure, the impression I had from the cover. Japanese American Izumi (Izzy) Tanaka is living her best average life with her single mother in the small Northern California town of Mt. Shasta. When she finds out that her previously unknown father is actually the crown prince of Japan, her world turns upside down. Once this knowledge goes public, Izzy is whisked away to Japan to get to know her father and become acquainted with the rest of her family. Having always felt out of place as one of the few minorities in her town, Izzy is hopeful that she’ll finally find a place where she belongs. But life at court is more complicated than Izzy can imagine, and she finds that in Japan she’s too “American.” Izzy’s voice is suffused with humor, so even as she struggles to fit in, her inner monologue made me laugh out loud. A slow burn romance with a hot bodyguard, backstabbing cousins, and relentless paparazzi shenanigans only add to the delicious fun. There’s talk of a sequel in 2022!
Tumblr media
Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter
The premise of girl uses boy next door, with whom she (seemingly) shares a mutual dislike, to get to the boy she crushed on in childhood that has just moved back to town manages to squeeze in a slew of rom-com tropes with witty breeziness. Liz makes a deal with boy next door Wes that she will relinquish the parking spot they feud over daily if he will help her get a date to Prom with childhood crush Michael. Of course it ends up being more complicated than that. Liz is confident and comfortable in her own quirky skin, but is also still dealing with the grief of losing her mother, which seems to be hitting her more sharply as all the “lasts” of senior year are happening. Spending time with Wes in her efforts to get close to Michael, Liz realizes that maybe she doesn’t hate him as much as she thought she did. Movie lovers will appreciate that each chapter is headed by quotes from the rom-coms that Liz obsesses over. I appreciated the balance of snarky banter with an honest portrayal of the complicated relationship Liz has with her grief.
Tumblr media
Love in English by Maria E. Andrew
I’d been meaning to read Love in English for months and finally picked it up. Ana and her mother have recently moved to New Jersey from Argentina to join her father, who’s been living in the United States for some time. In Argentina, Ana thought her English was pretty good, but finds that navigating high school in America is a daily struggle in understanding her classmates and teachers. Andrew uses blocks of ##### to show the parts of conversations Ana misses, drawing the reader into her confusion and frustration. Reading this novel, I was reminded of when my family hosted a Japanese exchange student in high school, and the hours she spent translating her homework from English to Japanese. Reading what it was like for Ana, I had a glimpse into what it might have been like for Miki, and it made me admire her, and all the people who come to the United States not knowing the language. I’m certainly not proficient in any other language than English. The short chapters are interspersed with Ana’s handwritten ESL journal entries, musings on the confusions of the English language and poems that play with varieties of word meanings. Ana is attracted to a cute boy in her math class, Harrison, but also bonds with fellow ESL student Neo, who is from Greece. While romance is a central thread in the story, what I found most compelling was the portrayal of what it’s like to live in a place where the ability to communicate and comprehend is limited. Ana’s perseverance and curiosity in the face of that challenge is inspiring.
Tumblr media
The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks
Last but not least I decided to continue my theme of YA rom-coms in my current audiobook and cued up The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss. Set at an elite boarding school for math and science prodigies, this is a dual POV narrative Evie and Caleb, best friends since childhood. Evie is one of the few females at their prestigious school, and excels in math and physics, but hasn’t shown any interest in the opposite sex until new guy Leo catches her eye - with his physics proof. When Evie decides romance might be worth exploring with Leo, Caleb has to figure out how to be supportive, despite the fact that he himself is also secretly in love with Evie. Alternating chapters between Caleb and Evie’s POV mean that we get to see what’s going on internally for both of them as Evie embarks on her first relationship with Leo, Evie and Caleb team up for a national physics competition, and the course of love takes twists and turns. While there is plenty of swoony romance, I also loved the way that Evie has grown to learn to live with her anxiety and how she sets the boundaries she needs to take care of herself while also pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. Parks does an excellent job of making the all the math and physics approachable for the layperson.
There are many more YA rom-coms to choose from in the Teen section, so stop by and see what catches your eye!
— Lori
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evolvingtimes · 3 years
Zainul Abedin
Abedin was a bangladeshi painter, also known as Shilpacharya, born on 28th March 1914 in Kishorgonj, . Abedin’s childhood was mostly spent near the banks of the Brahamputra. His inspiration came from the Brahamputra. In 1933, Abedin was admitted in the  Government School of Art in Calcutta, he spent five years learning British/European academic style. In 1938 after his graduation he joined the school as a professor. Abedin founded an institute of arts, in 1948 with the help of a few  colleagues it was considered one of the most best art institutes in Pakistan during it’s early years. He was made the principal of the institute. In 1951 Abedin went to Slade School of arts in London he studied there for two years he got the degree of masters in art. Abedin was known for his famine sketches he depicted the misery of the famine victims he expressed the art in such a beautiful way that we could not help but admit he is a great painter.  In 1970, he organised the nabanna festival at the Shilpakala Academy. He drew a 65-feet  long and 6 feet wide scroll called nabanna. He also   illustrated the Constitution of Bangladesh which he did along with some other artists.  Abedin was given the title of ‘Shilpacharya’ because of his famous works. Abedin has an art museum named:  Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Sangrahashala in Mymensingh, Bangladesh established in 1975. It has his paintings. Abedin had lung cancer he died on 28th May 1976. He’s sketch was ‘Two Faces’ which he drew lying in his death bed. He is still an artistic legend.
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saturdayboy · 5 years
“The other thing I love so much about the East End is the fabulous ethnic mix. We've always welcomed outsiders: Huguenots, Russian Jews after the revolution, Bangladeshis ...  And, today, painters, musicians and filmmakers, of course - there's an incredible amount of filmmaking going on.
That vitality always kept me optimistic during the times when the National Front was marching. At the Battle of Cable Street [1936], the locals broke up Oswald Mosley's marchers by throwing tomatoes at Mosley. He looked like a wimp wincing when the tomatoes hit him but what the newsreels didn't show was that there were razor blades in them. Don't forget this is East End folklore. But it's a great story.”
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mdsaidulislam · 3 years
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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - The Legend by Md Saidul Islam
#Bangladesh, #Bangladeshi, #Painter, #Art, #Artist, #Artwork, #DigitalArt, #Portrait, #PortraitPainting, #BangladeshiPainter, #MdSaidulislam, #MdSaidulislamPainter, #ArtistMdSaidulislam, #AwamiLeague, #BangladeshAwamiLeague, #Illustration, #Bangabandhu, #SheikhMujiburRahman
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An early photoshoot during my formative modelling days. So innocent and naive was I. Think I was 18 or 19 here. In the end I worked with three model agencies in London and Manchester. Used to appear on This Morning modelling outfits when Richard and Judy still presented... how funny is that. I never thought it was a big deal but I was the only Bangladeshi model on my agents’ books... things are slowly changing today. Wonder how things would have developed if Instagram had existed when I was a teenager? I remember when I won Miss Bengali in 1994 and came out of Theatre Royale in Covent Garden and people wanted my autograph it was so weird and bewildering, it must be such a pain in the arse to be famous. I knew there and then that it wasn’t for me. Name me one model who is also a seriously respected artist, writer and painter... it’s a such a vacuous, mind numbing profession in my opinion. Sitting in front of a mirror having make up slapped on your face and people styling your hair for hours is not good for your brain. And yet so many people want to be models... rather than use their brains and hands to create stuff... Image is everything, but is it? I have noticed that my old modelling photos or simply photos of me attract more attention than my work. What does that mean then? Maybe this is why at home I don’t give a toss about my appearance? 😂 Instagram is an interesting social experiment for me. A way to see all strands of my work and all facets of my personality in one space. There are some Instagram pages out there that just consist of endless images of the same person... it seems so narcissistic and yet those people often have millions of followers. It’s great that they no longer show how many likes people get on Instagram, it means I can post freely without pressure of receiving approbation. #modelling #manchester #blackandwhite #asianmodels #photography #film #sanchitaislam #pigmentexplosion https://www.instagram.com/p/B45BFVbg2Mn/?igshid=i98uu20opltz
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jamieroxxartist · 1 year
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Today's Episode #1322 of 🎨#JamieRoxx’s Pop Roxx Radio 🎙️#TalkShow and 🎧#Podcast w/ Featured Guest:
#Author Mitali Perkins @mitaliperkins #Writer (#Novel) Rickshaw Girl: ​#Movie: #Drama, #Family
The Episode has now been converted to a PODCAST and is now archived (for FREE) at: ✔ www.PopRoxxRadio.com
also on wherever you Stream or Download Podcasts at, Including:
✔ Blog Talk Radio: http://tobtr.com/12189942 ✔ Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yynbdbky ✔ Apple Podcasts: https://tinyurl.com/hjdpqb6 ✔ iHeartRadio: https://tinyurl.com/yylvjl65 ✔ TuneIn: https://tinyurl.com/y34agloq ✔ Pandora: https://tinyurl.com/yygddano ✔ Google Podcasts: https://tinyurl.com/yazcmb88 ✔ VIP Ad FREE (all Podcasts) on Jamie Roxx's Patreon: www.patreon.com/JamieRoxx
Pop Art Painter Jamie #Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes #MitaliPerkins Writer (Novel) (#RickshawGirl: Movie: Drama, Family) to the Show!
● WEB: www.mitaliperkins.com ● TW: @MitaliPerkins
Rickshaw Girl: ● WEB: www.rickshawgirlmovie.com ● FB: @RickshawGirlMovie ● IG: @RickshawGirlMovie ● IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt4853244
A daring Bangladeshi teen-aged girl battles the dangers of the big city when she disguises herself as a boy to earn extra cash for her struggling family in the critically acclaimed RICKSHAW GIRL, on Demand December 8 from #SleeperwaveFilms @sleeperwavefilms .
Daring and determined, teenage girl Naima longs to earn money for her poor Bangladeshi family, but her unrivaled artistic talent is of little use. When her father grows gravely ill, Naima feels she has no choice but to leave her small village for the bright lights of Dhaka.
In the big city, Naima finds the same economic, societal, and gender pressures faced by most young girls in Bangladesh. She cleverly disguises herself as a boy and takes the difficult job of a rickshaw puller. When her gender is revealed and her livelihood vanishes, Naima finds an unconventional solution to her problems.
Directed by #AmitabhRezaChowdhury. Starring #NoveraRahman, #NareshBhuiyan, #AllenShubhroGomes, #MomenaChowdhury, and #GulshanChampa. Based on the acclaimed novel by Mitali Perkins. ​ ● Media Inquiries: @OctoberCoastPR octobercoastpr.com
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tasksweekly · 6 years
Tumblr media
There’s a masterlist below compiled of over 500+ Bangladeshi faceclaims categorised by gender with their occupation and ethnicity denoted if there was a reliable source. If you want an extra challenge use random.org to pick a random number! Of course everything listed below are just suggestions and you can pick whichever faceclaim or whichever project you desire.
Any questions can be sent here and all tutorials have been linked below the cut for ease of access! REMEMBER to tag your resources with #TASKSWEEKLY and we will reblog them onto the main! This task can be tagged with whatever you want but if you want us to see it please be sure that our tag is the first five tags, @ mention us or send us a messaging linking us to your post!
THE TASK - scroll down for FC’s!
STEP 1: Decide on a FC you wish to create resources for! You can always do more than one but who are you starting with? There are links to masterlists you can use in order to find them and if you want help, just send us a message and we can pick one for you at random!
STEP 2: Pick what you want to create! You can obviously do more than one thing, but what do you want to start off with? Screencaps, RP icons, GIF packs, masterlists, PNG’s, fancasts, alternative FC’s - LITERALLY anything you desire!
STEP 3: Look back on tasks that we have created previously for tutorials on the thing you are creating unless you have whatever it is you are doing mastered - then of course feel free to just get on and do it. :)
STEP 4: Upload and tag with #TASKSWEEKLY! If you didn’t use your own screencaps/images make sure to credit where you got them from as we will not reblog packs which do not credit caps or original gifs from the original maker.
THINGS YOU CAN MAKE FOR THIS TASK -  examples are linked!
Stumped for ideas? Maybe make a masterlist or graphic of your favourite faceclaims. A masterlist of names. Plot ideas or screencaps from a music video preformed by an artist. Masterlist of quotes and lyrics that can be used for starters, thread titles or tags. Guides on culture and customs.
RP icons [of all sizes]
Gif Pack [maybe gif icons if you wish]
PNG packs
Dash Icons
Character Aesthetics
Graphic Templates - can be chara header, promo, border or background PSD’s!
FC Masterlists - underused, with resources, without resources!
FC Help - could be related, family templates, alternatives.
Written Guides.
and whatever else you can think of / make!
Shushama Das (1930) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mahbuba Rahman (1935) Bangladeshi - singer.
Ferdausi Rahman / Ferdausi Begum (1941) Bangladeshi - singer.
Fauzia Yasmin (1942) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shabnam / Jharna Basak (1942) Bangladeshi - actress.
Dilara Zaman (1943) Bangladeshi - actress.
Ferdousi Mazumder (1943) Bangladeshi - actress.
Nasima Khan (1944) Bangladeshi - actress.
Alaka Das (1946) Bangladeshi - singer.
Laila Hasan (1946) Bangladeshi - choreographer, dancer and actress.
Sharmili Ahmed (1947) Bangladeshi - actress.
Anwara / Anwara Begum (1948) Bangladeshi - actress.
Kabori Sarwar (1950) Bangladeshi - actress.
Bibi Russell (1950) Bangladeshi - fashion designer and former international model.
Shahnaz Rahmatullah (1952) Bangladeshi - singer.
Runa Laila (1952) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shuchanda / Kohinoor Akhter (1952) Bangladeshi - actress.
Jayasree Kabir (1952) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shamim Azad (1952) Bangladeshi - bilingual poet, storyteller and writer.
Shaheen Samad (1952) Bangladeshi - singer.
Lucky Enam (1952) Bangladeshi - actress.
Bobita / Farida Akhter (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Dolly Johur (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Sabina Yasmin (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Khaleda Aktar Kolpona (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shaban / Afroza Sultana Ratna (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Olivia Gomez (1953) Bangladeshi - actress.
Farida Parveen (1954) Bangladeshi - singer.
Nuton / Farhana Amin Ratna (1956) Bangladeshi - actress and dancer.
Shimul Yousuf (1957) Bangladeshi - actress, director and singer.
Sucharita (1958) Bangladeshi - actress.
Suborna Mustafa (1959) Bangladeshi - actress.
Kangalini Sufia (1958/1959) Bangladeshi - singer.
Lucy Rahman (1960’s) Bangladeshi - singer.
Ruby Hammer (1961) Bangladeshi - fashion and beauty makeup artist, columnist, co-founder of Ruby & Millie, and co-founder and Director of Scarlett & Crimson cosmetics brand.
Shakila Zafar (1962) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mita Haque (1962) Bangladeshi - actress.
Gouri Choudhury (1964) Bangladeshi - singer.
Anjana Sultana (1965) Bangladeshi - actress.
Baby Naznin (1965) Bangladeshi - singer.
Samina Chowdhury (1966) Bangladeshi - singer.
Munmun Ahmed (1966) Bangladeshi - actress and dancer.
Anima Roy (1966) Bangladeshi - singer.
Fahmida Nabi (1966) Bangladeshi - singer.
Afsana Mimi (1968) Bangladeshi - actress, model and director.
Tania Ahmed (1968) Bangladeshi - actress.
Leesa Gazi (1969) Bangladeshi - writer, playwright, theatre director and actress.
Kanak Chapa (1969) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shomi Kaiser (1969) Bangladeshi - actress and producer.
Badrunnesa Dalia (1970) Bangladeshi - singer, performer and music teacher.
Bipasha Hayat (1971) Bangladeshi - actress, model and painter.
Jaya Ahsan (1972) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Rowshanara Moni (1974) Bangladeshi - singer and actress.
Bonna Mirza (1975) Bangladeshi - actress.
Momtaz Begum (1974) Bangladeshi - singer and producer.
Akhi Alamgir (1975) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shapla Salique (1975) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter and harmonium player.
Konnie Huq (1975) Bangladeshi (Bengali) - presenter and writer.
Sadia Islam Mou (1976) Bangladeshi - model and television actress.
Tinni (1977) Bangladeshi - actress and model.  
Tareen Jahan (1978) Bangladeshi - actress, model and singer.
Sonai Gazi (1978 or 1979) Bangladeshi - Miss World Bangladesh 2000.
Monica Yunus (1979) Bangladeshi / Russian - singer.
Rubayyat Jahan (1979) Bangladeshi - singer.
Anila Naz Chowdhury (1979) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mila Islam / Tashbiha Binte Shahid Mila (1979) Bangladeshi - singer.
Popy / Sadika Parvin Popy (1979) Bangladeshi - actress and model.  
Shabnur / Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur (1979) Bangladeshi - actress.
Srabonti Narmeen Ali (1979) Bangladeshi - singer and writer.
Tabassum Ferdous Shaon (1979) Bangladeshi - model and Miss World Bangladesh 2001.
Sumaiya Shimu (1980) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Naila Nayem (1981) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Meher Afroz Shaon (1981) Bangladeshi - actress, director and playback singer.
Afsana Ara Bindu (1982) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Chandni / Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni (1982) Bangladeshi - model, actress and dancer.
Shila Ahmed (1982) Bangladeshi - actress.
Mumtaz Alia Akbari (1982) Bangladeshi - actress, model and television presenter.
Aupee Karim (1982) Bangladeshi - model.
Elita Karim (1982) Bangladeshi - journalist, singer, performer, anchor and voice artist.
Shama Rahman (1983) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter, actress, sitarist, pianist, guitarist, ukulele player, and composer.
Tisha /  Nusrat Imrose Tisha (1983) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Srabosti Dutta Tinni (1983) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Nipun Akter / Nasrin Akter Nipun (1984) Bangladeshi - actress.
Purnima / Dilara Hanif Purnima (1984) Bangladeshi - actress.
Nadiya Hussain (1984) Bangladeshi - chef, author, and tv presenter.
Tanusree Chakraborty (1984) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Zakia Bari Momo (1984) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Rafiath Rashid Mithila (1984) Bangladeshi - singer, model, and actress.
Masuma Rahman Nabila (1985) Bangladeshi - presenter, model and actor.
Eniyah Rana (1985) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Thamina Kabir (1985) Bangladeshi - Mrs Bangladesh Universe 2013.
Kaniz Ali (1985) Bangladeshi - makeup artist and freelance beauty columnist.
Bree Ali (1985) Bangladeshi - actress.
Suzana Zafar (1986) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Badhon (1986) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Sohana Saba (1986) Bangladeshi - actress.
Ahona Rahman (1987) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa (1987) Bangladeshi - actress, model and dancer.
Sayani Datta (1987) Bangladeshi - model.
Bobby / Eamin Haque (1987) Bangladeshi - actress and producer.
Nazmun Munira Nancy (1987) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shimla (1988) Bangladeshi - actress.
Anika Kabir Shokh (1988) Bangladeshi - actress, dancer and model.
Syed Ruma (1988) Bangladeshi - model.
Airin Sultana (1988) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Sadia Jahan Prova (1988) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee (1988) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Shefali Chowdhury (1988) Bangladeshi - actress.
Afshan Azad (1989) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Ridhima Ghosh (1989) Bangladeshi - actress.
Apu Biswas (1989) Bangladeshi - actress.
Rola (1990) Bangladeshi / Japanese, Russian - actress, singer, model, and tv personality.
Mahiya Mahi (1990) Bangladeshi - actress.
Urmila Srabonti Kar (1990) Bangladeshi - actress.
Sahara / Amrita Khan (1990) Bangladeshi - actress.
Jannatul Nayeem Avril (1990) Bangladeshi - model.
Sabnam Faria (1990) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Shiba Ali Khan (1991) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Salma Akhter / Moushumi Akhter Salma (1991) Bangladeshi - singer.
Palbasha Siddique (1991) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter.
Megha Chakraborty (1991) Bangladeshi - actress.
Irin Afrose (1991) Bangladeshi - model, actress, and Instagrammer (irinafroseofficial).
Peya Jannatul / Jannatul Ferdoush Peya (1991) Bangladeshi - actress, model, Miss Indian Princess International Bangladesh 2013, Miss University Bangladesh 2011, and Miss World Bangladesh 2007.
Nabela Noor (1991) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Peya Bipasha / Azmeri Sultana Bipasha (1991) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Ari Afsar / Arianna Afsar (1991) Bangladeshi / German - actress and model.
Mashiat Rahman (1991) Bangladeshi - model.
Barsha / Afiea Nusrat Barsha (1991) Bangladeshi - actress.
Sarika Sabrin (1992) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Pori Moni (1992) Bangladeshi - actress.
Bidya Sinha Saha Mim (1992) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Ishika Khan (1992) Bangladeshi - actress.
Rumena Begum (1992) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Marjana Chowdhury (1993) Bangladeshi - model, actress, philanthropist and beauty queen.
Liza / Sania Sultana Liza (1993) Bangladeshi - singer.
Alisha Pradhan (1993) Bangladeshi - film actress, model, television presenter and entrepreneur.
Mahbuba Islam Rakhi (1993) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Zohra Etisha (1993) Bangladeshi - actress, model, Miss Intercontinental Bangladesh 2016, and Miss World Bangladesh 2014.
Saima Chowdhury (1993) Bangladeshi - youtuber and photographer.
Orchita Sporshia (1993) Bangladeshi - actress, model, and owner of Kochchop Films.
Tanha Jafrin (1994) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Safa Kabir (1994) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Fatema Islam (1994) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Prosun Azad / Azra Unjum Prosun (1995) Bangladeshi - model, film actress, director and producer.
Sunerah Binte Kamal (1995) Bangladeshi - model.
Nusrat Faria Mazhar (1995) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Sabila Nur (1995) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Margarita Mamun (1995) Bangladeshi / Russian - retired individual rhythmic gymnast.
Tishma (1996) Bangladeshi - rock music singer, musician, lyricist and music composer.
Porshi / Sabrina Porshi (1996) Bangladeshi - singer.
Nadia Afrin Mim (1996) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Sabina Hannan (1996) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Zarin Tasnim Naumi (1996) Bangladeshi - singer.
Falguni Rahman Jolly (1996) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Reema Islam (1996) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Lota / Lutfun Nahar Lata (1997) Bangladeshi - actress.
Reshma Islam (1997) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Raba Khan (1998) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Jessia Islam (1999) Bangladeshi - model and Miss Bangladesh 2017.
Nailah Jr (2001 or 2002) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Puja Cherry Roy (2004) Bangladeshi - actress.
Salma Islam (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Mahima Islam (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Shimul Zaman (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Maria Kibtia (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Shikhee D’iordna (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Pari ZaaD / Parizaad Zaman (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber and fashion blogger.
Samapika Debnath (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Shaina Amin / Mahmuda Amin Shaina (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Bijori Barkatullah (?) Bangladeshi - actress and dancer.
Zerin Mou (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Tania Brishty (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Titan Chowdhury (?) Bangladeshi - model.
Shampa Reza (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
RJ Nilanjona (?) Bangladeshi - rapper and DJ.
Hosne Ara Putul (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Mousumi Nag (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Rumana Malik Munmun (?) Bangladeshi - model, actress, dancer, and television anchor.
Mukti (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Rakhi’s Beauty World (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Moushumi (?) Bangladeshi - actress and director.
Shova Shahriar (?) Bangladeshi - model and Miss University Bangladesh 2016.
Misty Jannat (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Makeover by Tabassu (?) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Moushumi Hamid (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Aparna Ghosh (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Bindiya (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Sharbari Dasgupta (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Hridi Haq (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Tahamina Akter Authoy (?) Bangladeshi - Miss University Bangladesh 2017.
Humaira Himu (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Ishrat Jahan Chaity (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Munjarin Abony (?) Bangladeshi - dancer and Miss University Bangladesh 2015.
Nowshin (?) Bangladeshi - actress and radio personality.
Sushoma Sarkar (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Achol / Achol Akhe (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Samroj Ajmi Alvi (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.  
Shabnom Bubly (?) Bangladeshi - actress and news anchor.
Champa / Gulshan Ara Akter Champa (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Naznin Hasan Chumki (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Jyotika Jyoti (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Rozina (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Tanjin Tisha (?) Bangladeshi - actress, model and TV presenter.
Anju Ghosh (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Sara Zaker (?) Bangladeshi - actor, director, business entrepreneur and social activist.
Aruna Biswas (?) Bangladeshi - actress and director.
Chitralekha Guho (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Tamalika Karmakar (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Rumana Khan (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Lucy Tripti Gomes (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shormi Mala (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Farhana Mili (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Toma Mirza (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Monira Mithu (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Moutushi Biswas (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Shamima Nazneen (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shabnam Parvin (?) Bangladeshi - actress, director, and producer.
Rokeya Prachy (?) Bangladeshi - actress and director.
Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed (?) Bangladeshi - actress and voice artist.
Nijhum Rubina (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Saberi Alam (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shabnaz / Sabrina Tania (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Shanta Islam / Najma Haque(?) Bangladeshi - actress, anchor and director.
Suborna Shirin (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Kusum Sikder (?) Bangladeshi - actress, singer and model.
Amelia Maltepe (?) Bangladeshi - model. - Trans!
Chitra Sinha (?) Bangladeshi - actress, dancer and producer.
Richi Solaiman (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Tanvin Sweety (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Wahida Mollick Jolly (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Jyotsna Biswas (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Falguni Hamid (?) Bangladeshi - actress, playwright, director and producer.
Deepa Khandakar (?) Bangladeshi - actress.
Rumana Rashid Ishita (?) Bangladeshi - television actress, director, and writer.
Nadia Ahmed (?) Bangladeshi - actress and dancer.
Sabrin Saka Meem (?) Bangladeshi - actress and television news presenter.
Authi (?) Bangladeshi - actress and singer.
Samin Sababa (?) Bangladeshi - actress and model.
Anusheh Anadil (?) Bangladeshi - musician, artist, cultural activist, and entrepreneur.
Shusmita Anis (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Ferdous Ara (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Priyanka Gope (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shaila Simi (?) Bangladeshi - writer, poet, and Miss World Bangladesh 1999.
Nina Hamid (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Rezwana Choudhury Bannya (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Iffat Ara Dewan (?) Bangladeshi - singer and painter.
Nashid Kamal (?) Bangladeshi - vocalist, writer and professor of demography.
Khilkhil Kazi (?) Bangladeshi - singer and organizer.
Uma Khan (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Fahmida Khatun (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Konal (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Kona / Dilshad Nahar Kona (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Kazi Krishnokoli Islam (?) Bangladeshi - singer and lyricist.
Lemis / Lihat Lemis (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mehreen / Mehreen Mahmud (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Chandana Mazumdar (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Aditi Mohsin (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mitali Mukherjee (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Anupama Mukti (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Rawshan Ara Mustafiz (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shabnam Mustari (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Nodi / Moumita Tashrin Nodi (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Oyshee (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Rizia Parveen (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Sahana Bajpaie (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Papia Sarwar (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Shithi Saha (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Abida Sultana (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Fatema Tuz Zohra (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Chandrika Chevli (?) Bangladeshi - actress and broadcaster.
Mumtahana Elahi (?) Bangladeshi - Instagrammer (abayaholic).
Naziba Naushin (?) Bangladeshi - Instagrammer (naziba.naushin).
Mehzabin A. Aurna (?) Bangladeshi - Instagrammer (mehzalicious).
Zahra Mitu (?) Bangladeshi - model and Miss Supermodel International Bangladesh 2017.
Tania Rahman Tonni (?) Bangladeshi - Miss World Bangladesh 1998.
Rehnuma Dilruba Chitra (?) Bangladeshi - Miss World Bangladesh 1996.
Yasmin Bilkis Sathi (?) Bangladeshi - Miss World Bangladesh 1995.
Anika Taher (?) Bangladeshi - Miss World Bangladesh 1994.
F - Athletes:
Nilufar Yasmin (1975) Bangladeshi - jumper.
Beauty Nazmun Nahar (1984) Bangladeshi - track and field sprint athlete.
Foujia Huda (1985) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Shirin Akter (1994) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Amaresh Roy Chowdhury (1928) Bangladeshi - vocalist.
Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury (1930) Bangladeshi - news presenter, elocutionist and voice actor.
Masud Ali Khan (1931) Bangladeshi - actor.
Saidur Rahman Boyati (1931) Bangladeshi - singer.
Sunil Dhar (1933) Bangladeshi - musician.
Duke / Abdul Fakir (1935) Bangladeshi / Ethiopian - singer.
Momtazuddin Ahmed (1935) Bangladeshi - playwright-actor and educationist
Mustafa Zaman Abbasi (1936) Bangladeshi - musicologist.
Syed Hasan Imam (1935) Bangladeshi - actor, film director, television director.
Ashish Kumar Louho (1937)  Bangladeshi - actor, playwright, dialogue writer and story writer.
Pabitra Mohan Dey (1937) Bangladeshi - tabla player.
Mobarak Hossain Khan (1938) Bangladeshi - musicologist, musician, and writer.
Prabir Mitra (1940) Bangladeshi - actor.
Syed Abdul Hadi (1940) Bangladeshi - singer.
Ramendu Majumdar (1941) Bangladeshi - actor, stage director and theater producer.
Ataur Rahman (1941) Bangladeshi - actor.
ATM Shamsuzzaman (1941) Bangladeshi - actor, director and screen-playwright.
Amjad Hossain (1942) Bangladeshi - film director, actor, scriptwriter and lyricist.
Keramat Moula (1942) Bangladeshi - theater activist and art director.
Jamaluddin Hossain (1943) Bangladeshi - actor, director and theater activist.
Ahmed Sharif (1943) Bangladeshi - actor.
Enamul Haqu (1943) Bangladeshi - actor and academic.
Kari Amir Uddin Ahmed (1943) Bangladeshi - musician.
Jayanta Chattopadhyay (1944) Bangladeshi - actor and reciter.
Abul Hayat (1944) Bangladeshi - actor and writer.
Khurshid Alam (1944) Bangladeshi - singer.
Aly Zaker (1944) Bangladeshi - actor, businessman, director and writer.
Tele Samad (1945) Bangladeshi - actor.
Badal Roy (1945) Bangladeshi - tabla player, percussionist, and recording artist.
Ujjal / Ashraf Uddin Ahmed (1946) Bangladeshi - actor and director.
Farooque / Akbar Hossain (1948) Bangladeshi - actor.
Mamunur Rashid (1948) Bangladeshi - actor, director and scriptwriter.
Rathindranath Roy (1949) Bangladeshi - musician.
Gerry Bednob (1950) Indo-Trinidadian [Bangladeshi] - actor and comedian.
Abul Khair (1950) Bangladeshi - actor.
Syed Neaz Ahmad (1950’s) Bangladeshi - academic, writer, journalist, and critic.
Wasim / Mesbah Uddin Ahmed (1950) Bangladeshi - actor.
Alamgir / Alamgir Hossain (1950) Bangladeshi - actor and television host. .
Raisul Islam Asad / Raisul Islam Asad (1953) Bangladeshi - actor.
Tariq Anam Khan (1953) Bangladeshi - actor, director, writer and producer.
Subir Nandi (1953) Bangladeshi - musician.
Afzal Hossain (1954) Bangladeshi - actor, director, writer and painter.
Alamgir (1955) Bangladeshi - singer.
Sadek Bachchu (1955) Bangladeshi - singer.
Andrew Kishore (1955) Bangladeshi - singer.
Malay Bhowmick (1956) Bangladeshi - playwright, actor, director, and educationist.
Ilias Kanchan (1956) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ali Raj (1957) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ayub Bachchu (1958) Bangladeshi - musician.
Shahadat Hossain Khan (1958) Bangladeshi - musician.
Eenasul Fateh (1959) Bangladeshi - cultural practitioner, magician, and live artist.
Rez Kabir / Rezaul Kabir (1959) Bangladeshi - actor.
Masum Parvez Rubel (1960) Bangladeshi - film actor, fighting director, producer and director.
Alaur Rahman (1960) Bangladeshi - singer.
Fazlur Rahman Babu (1960) Bangladeshi - actor and singer.
Kafil Ahmed (1962) Bangladeshi - poet, singer and artist.
Salauddin Lavlu (1962) Bangladeshi - actor.
Chandan Sen (1963) Bangladeshi - actor, playwright, and director.
Kumar Bishwajit (1963) Bangladeshi - singer and composer.
Bapparaj (1963) Bangladeshi - actor, director and producer.
James / Faruq Mahfuz Anam (1964) Bangladeshi - singer, guitarist, and composer.
Ahmed Rubel (1965) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shahidul Alam Sachchu (1965) Bangladeshi - actor.
Kamal Ahmed (1965) Bangladeshi - singer.
Tauquir Ahmed (1965/1966) Bangladeshi -architect, actor and director.
Kamal Ahmed (1966) Bangladesh / Trinidadian - comedian and producer.
Azad Abul Kalam (1966) Bangladeshi - actor, director and writer.
Shuvro Dev (1966) Bangladeshi - musician.
Misha Sawdagor / Shahid Hasan Misha (1966)  Bangladeshi - actor.
Zahid Hasan (1967) Bangladeshi - singer.
Mahfuz Ahmed (1967) Bangladeshi - actor.
Menhaj Huda (1967) Bangladeshi - director and producer
Omar Sunny / Omar Sani (1969) Bangladeshi - actor.
Kishon Khan (1970) Bangladeshi - jazz pianist, composer, arranger and music producer.
Chanchal Chowdhury (1971) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Amit Hasan (1972) Bangladeshi - actor.
Mosharraf Karim (1972) Bangladeshi - actor.
Asif Akbar (1972) Bangladeshi - singer.
Monir Khan (1972) Bangladeshi - singer.
Riaz / Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique (1972) Bangladeshi - actor, producer, model, and television presenter.
Amin Khan (1972) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ferdous Ahmed (1973) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shakil Khan (1973) Bangladeshi - actor.
Sumon / Saidus Salehin Khaled (1973) Bangladeshi - bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, music producer.
Anisur Rahman Milon (1974) Bangladeshi - actor.
Bappa Mazumder (1974) Bangladeshi - lyricist and composer.
Tanzir Tuhin (1974) Bangladeshi - musician, singer-songwriter, actor, painter, and architect.
Ziaur Rahman Zia (1975) Bangladeshi - musician, composer, bassist, songwriter, and architect.
Pritom Ahmed (1976) Bangladeshi - singer, songwriter, and music composer.
Iresh Zaker (1976) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shahriar Nazim Joy (1978) Bangladeshi - actor, writer, and director.
Ananta Jalil / M.A. Jalil Anantal (1978) Bangladeshi - actor, director, producer, and businessman.
Tonmoy Tansen (1978) Bangladeshi - singer and film director.
Arnob / Shayan Chowdhury Arnob (1978) Bangladeshi - musician, singer and composer.
Habib Wahid (1979) Bangladeshi - composer, musician and singer.
Tahsan / Tahsan Khan / Tahsan Rahman Khan (1979) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter, composer, actor, teacher, and model.
Shajal Noor (1980) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Apurba / Ziaul Faruq Apurba (1981) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Bappy Chowdhury (1982) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shishir Ahmed (1982) Bangladeshi  - guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer.
Aamer Rahman (1982) Bangladeshi - comedian.
Shuvo / dRockstar Shuvo / Moidul Islam Khan Shuvo (1982) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter.
Topu / Rashed Uddin Ahmed Topu (1982) Bangladeshi - musician, singer-songwriter and composer.
Arifin Shuvo (1982) Bangladeshi - actor and television personality.
Nirab Hossain (1983) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Kazi Shuvo (1983) Bangladeshi - singer.
Arun Saha (1983) Bangladeshi - actor and musician.
Mamnun Hasan Emon (1983) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Asif Azim (1984) Bangladeshi - model.
Shakib Khan (1984) Bangladeshi - actor.
SP / Mumzy Stranger (1984) Bangladeshi - MC, singer, songwriter and record producer.
Symon / Symon Sadik (1985) Bangladeshi - actor.
Jan Uddin (1985) Bangladeshi - model.
Amaan Reza (1986) Bangladeshi - actor.
Fahim Faisal (1986) Bangladeshi - singer, composer and media personality.
Rahsaan Islam / Rahsaan Noor / Rahsaan Noor Islam (1986) Bangladeshi - actor and filmmaker.
Arfin Rumey (1987) Bangladeshi - singer, musician, composer, lyricist, music director and model.
Rakib Mosabbir (1988) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter, musician and record producer.
Tawsif Mahbub (1988) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ron Mustafaa (1989) Bangladeshi - actor.
Anik Khan (1989) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter, rapper, and director.
Rahat Hossain (1989) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Hridoy Khan (1990) Bangladeshi - singer, music composer, and actor.
Islah Abdur-Rahman (1991) Bangladeshi - director, actor and screenwriter.
Sanjoy / Sanjoy Deb (1991) Bangladeshi - musician, DJ, producer, and director.
Imran Mahmudul (1991) Bangladeshi - music composer and singer.
Shoumik Ahmed (1992) Bangladeshi - actor and singer.
Shouvik Ahmed (1992) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Nish / Nishat Monsur (1994) Bangladeshi - singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist.
ICEY (1995) Bangladeshi - rapper, singer, and instagrammer (icey4u, dreamscouple, p.ropose, iceylit).
Tamim Mridha (1997) Bangladeshi - singer.
Tawhid Afridi (1997) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Ahnaf Nasif (1999) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Prottoy Heron (2001) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Fatin Arman Nahin (2002) Bangladeshi - youtuber.
Iftakar Chowdhury (?) Bangladeshi - actor and director.
Big Baby Gandhi / Nasif Allah (?) Bangladeshi - rapper.
Ellis Miah (?) Bangladeshi, Unspecified Caribbean - actor, singer-songwriter, DJ, composer, and producer.
Niloy Alamgir (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Hero Alom (?) Bangladeshi - actor, model and social media star.
Asif Imrose (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Afran Nisho (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Irfan Sazzad (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Adil Hossain Nobel (?) Bangladeshi - model.
Sumit Chakravarti (?) Bangladeshi, Indian - actor.
Lr Khan Simanto (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ifte Amed (?) Bangladeshi - model.
Agun / Khan Asifur Rahman Agun (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Saleh Ahmed (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Litu Anam (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Masum Aziz (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Fakhrul Hasan Boiragi (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Intekhab Dinar (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Azizul Hakim (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Rawnak Hasan (?) Bangladeshi - actor and playwright.
Ejajul Islam (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Helal Khan (?) Bangladeshi - actor and producer.  
Mir Sabbir (?) Bangladeshi - actor and director.  
Arman Parvez Murad (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Nayeem (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Nurul Islam Bablu (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Pijush Bandyopadhyay (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Ziaul Roshan (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Mishu Sabbir (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Sadman Sameer (?) Bangladeshi - actor and model.
Shahiduzzaman Selim (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shahed Sharif Khan (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Afzal Sharif (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Danny Sidak (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shatabdi Wadud (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Shams Sumon (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Taskeen Rahman (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Zayed Khan (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Titas Zia (?) Bangladeshi - actor.
Mujibur Rahman Dilu (?) Bangladeshi - television and stage actor, director, theater activist and playwright.
Minar Rahman (?) Bangladeshi - lyricist, composer, singer, actor and cartoonist.
Tony Dias (?) Bangladeshi - actor and director.
Hamin Ahmed (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Shafin Ahmed (?) Bangladeshi - singer and composer. .
Rafiqul Alam (?) Bangladeshi - musician.  
Nolok Babu (?) Bangladeshi - singer.  
Partha Barua (?) Bangladeshi - musician and actor. .  
Balam (?) Bangladeshi - singer, guitarist, composer, performer and producer.
Tapan Chowdhury (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Sajib Das (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Motiul Haque Khan (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
Haider Hussain (?) Bangladeshi - singer-songwriter.
Iqbal Asif Jewel (?) Bangladeshi - singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer.
Kaderi Kibria (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Kiran Chandra Roy (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Tapan Mahmud (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Pollob Vai (?) Bangladeshi - rapper.
Chandan Sinha (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
ZooEL / Zooel Morshed (?) Bangladeshi - audio engineer, music composer and singer.
Muhin (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Indra Mohan Rajbongshi (?) Bangladeshi - singer.
Sadi Mohammad (?) Bangladeshi - singer and composer.
Emon Saha (?) Bangladeshi - singer and musician.
Shahid / Syed Shahid (?) Bangladeshi - musician and composer.
Ferdous Wahid (?) Bangladeshi - singer and director.
Mujib Pardeshi (?) Bangladeshi - musician, film actor, and music director.
DJ Rahat / Rahat Hayat (?) Bangladeshi - DJ.
Russel Ali (?) Bangladeshi - musician.
S.I. Tutul / A B M Shahidul Islam (?) Bangladeshi - singer and musician.
Nayeem Faisal (?) Bangladeshi - Instagrammer (nayeem_faisal_).
Al Fahad Bari (?) Bangladeshi - Instagrammer (alfahadbari).
M - Athletes:
Saidur Rahman Dawn (1963) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Golam Ambia (1966) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Shah Alam (1962) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Shah Jalal (1966) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Shahanuddin Choudhury (1967) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Hossain Milzer (1967) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Mehdi Hasan (1971) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Mahbub Alam (1972) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Bimal Tarafdar (1974) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Mohamed Abu Abdullah (1981) Bangladeshi - track and field sprint athlete.
Mohammad Shamsuddin (1983) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Syque Caesar / Quazi Syque Caesar (1990) Bangladeshi - gymnast.
Mohan Khan (1991) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Masbah Ahmmed (1995) Bangladeshi - sprinter.
Muhammad Ali (1996) Bangladeshi - boxer.
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