henamyung · 6 months
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The word 'Semen' sounds so weird.
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un-known97 · 5 months
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Cairo sky ☁️
By me @un-known97
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sleepinglionhearts · 21 days
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Hobonichi updates 🖊 📖
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thingsdavidlikes · 4 months
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Tat Shilpo of Bangladesh (তাঁত শিল্প Handloom) by imu.imran2020
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esotericbish · 1 year
H A M S T E R 🐹🫰🏻
for hamster lovers only 🫀🤌🏻
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Excerpt from the Journal of Dr. Flug Slys
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February 11th 2024
7:30 PM
Dementia is getting "Game Night" snack foods all over the mansion floor and driving me out of my mind with her screaming and yelling at the TV.
Every year. EVERY. YEAR.
Dark Lord give me strength.
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koolxokat · 8 months
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jade n a jade cicada <3
detailed shots from my daily life
1: creekside 2: fallen phalange soldiers 3: christina ricci, my cat 4: w8ing in traffic 5: jade cicada that loved hanging out with me 6: walmart waiting
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I like my present (september - October)
- I published my first comic. I never thought that reading “Women who run with wolves” or drawing some sketches of a story that didn’t even have a name back in 2020, would turn into my first book in the future. With time, art has become something adventurous, fun and even spiritual to me.
-My trip to San Alfonso and Valle de Elqui was magical. I missed Valle de Elqui a lot, it’s such a spiritual and unique place that I wanted to come back to so badly. As usual, I found answers and new questions there. This time I traveled with my girlfriend and we felt more connected than ever.
-So much has changed in this new adveture (or phase?) in my life. I trully feel like I’m currently living the best years of my life. I want to enjoy and feel no regrets. In the past, I always felt like I was craving for something I didn’t even know what it was, but this time I feel like my melancholia turned into wonder and being present.
-I’ve been working on my spirituality for more than a year now. I started doing kundalini yoga and found a connection between art and being spiritual.
-I feel connected with myself and with others, but that has also brought pain as well. Change and growth are a decision, a very personal one. In the process of choosing my direction I found out that some of my friends and I took separate ways, and it’s been hard to see it and admit that sometimes you have to let some people go. I’m not good at goodbyes, but forcing a friendship or relationship because of the past is tiring and even selfish. It’s time to go, and it’s ok if the people I love and love me back take separte ways to follow whatever we’re looking for.
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eitaneliezer · 5 days
Hezbollah's Attacks and Israeli Displacement
The sound of sirens and rockets has become an all too familiar backdrop to our lives. Living in northern Israel, my family and I have experienced the constant fear of Hezbollah's attacks. The situation has become unbearable, pushing us to make the difficult decision to leave our home and move to central Israel.
Leaving behind our community, friends, and the place we've always known was heart-wrenching. The journey south was filled with uncertainty, as we joined countless other families seeking safety. The central region, now overcrowded and strained, has become our new, albeit temporary, home.
Despite the government's efforts, it seems no one can put an end to Hezbollah's relentless aggression. We live in hope that peace will return and we can go back to our lives in the north. Until then, we remain displaced, yearning for the day when we can safely return to our home.
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alieninthepoem · 11 months
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un-known97 · 5 months
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Glimpse of the day 🗼☁️
By me @un-known97
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happymoon-story · 3 months
Sudah diputuskan untuk mengganti nama akun ini dari "Teman Cerita's World" menjadi "Happy Moon Story"
Semoga setelah ini akan lebih banyak cerita menyenangkan dan membahagiakan yg bikin senyum senyum salting krn sudah mulai menerima segala kondisi dan situasi yang sedang dijalani dari episode-episode kehidupan.
Meskipun mungkin, kadang-kadang ada sedikit cerita sedih hehehe
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micahthemoon · 5 months
Things I did today #7 February 5 2024
Trimmed my hair
Took out the trash
Called the gender clinic to get a new prescription of hrt
Messaged my contact person about a new meeting
Got and read new instructions for application of hrt (higher dosis)
Asked for suggestions for tattoo artists in Helsinki
Went to a support group
Met up with my mother, sister and sister's bf
Bought groceries
Messaged a friend about meeting up in Finland in a month
Ordered train tickets home for my mom's birthday
Ordered bustickets to Malmö midmarch (for JO concerts)
Ordered hotel stay in Malmö (couldn't find a good bus home sadly)
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alittlebitofquirk · 1 year
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Coffee latte early in the morning to boost my mood. Although the candle is making me sleepy but my soul needs it
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twnenglish · 6 months
Understanding Print Revenue Models
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Circulation revenue and advertising revenue are the two main sources of revenue for newspapers and magazines. A third source is a syndication, however, it only accounts for a small amount of the total.
Circulation Revenue
It is the cover price at which readers buy a newspaper or a magazine. Circulation revenue for any newspaper can be calculated on the basis of its cover price. The cover price of a newspaper or magazine is much less than its production cost. Because of the low cover price, the circulation revenue hardly amounts to one-third of the total newspaper revenue.
Advertising Revenue
Advertisements form the biggest revenue head for any newspaper. They not only cover the production cost of the newspaper but also generate profits. The volume of advertising depends upon the readership of the newspaper or the magazine. A newspaper with a large readership attracts more advertising than a newspaper with a small readership base. This is because the newspaper with a large readership can carry the advertiser’s message to a comparatively larger audience. The composition of the readership also plays an important role in deciding advertisement revenues. Even if it has a small circulation base, a newspaper that is read by the elite and upmarket readers can charge high premium rates.
To Read This Full ARTICLE, Click Here
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