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Tumblr media
wenclair <3
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Kissing Lessons
Summary: Reader teaches Vada how to do the do
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Language, smut, fingering
A/N: For the anon who asked for inexperienced top Vada and experienced bottom Reader. Its not reaaaally bottom behavior, but it's close enough. Vada really is the cutest though
Tumblr media
“I want to do this.” 
“Vada, we don’t have to. I was just curious.”
“It’s not my first time, if that’s what you’re asking.”
“Well, technically…I guess it’ll be the first time I really remember it. I was pretty drunk the first time.”
You drop your pen on your desk and spin around in your chair to face Vada. She’s in a sports bra and gym shorts, sitting cross-legged on the bed in your dorm. You met at the beginning of the semester two months ago and started dating pretty quickly after that. You were drawn to her, enamored with her small stature and giant personality. 
She was beautiful, that much was true. With her thick dark hair, wide golden brown eyes, and soft bronze skin, she was the very image of beauty. But she was also funny and talkative, and sarcastic. The trauma she had endured so young left a mark on her, but she was resilient and able to recover after a few years and a lot of therapy. Every now and then, the backfire of a car exhaust or the slam of a dropped textbook made her flinch, but she carried on after a few deep breaths. You found yourself swiftly and inescapably falling for her. 
And now she was sitting on your bed, half dressed and asking you to have sex with her. You wanted to, god did you want to. But you wanted it to be right and perfect and sweet. Especially now, finding out the only other time she’d done it, she was drunk. 
You lean forward, resting your elbows on your knees, and smile softly at her, “Vada, I want to more than you know. But I don’t want to rush you. And I want it to be romantic.”
She opens her arms out, “This can be romantic,” she says, standing up on your bed in a rush. 
You blink up at her, your love-struck smile stuck to your face. You could tell by her expression alone that she was about to dive head first into one of her word tsunamis, drowning you in her excitement and enthusiasm. 
“See, we can…uhm…we can light a candle!” 
She takes two bounding steps on the mattress and jumps off the foot of the bed, sliding in her socks to your dresser. She picks up the three wick candle there and lights it. She sets it back down and scans the room, tapping her chin with her pointer finger.
“Oh!” She scurries over to your desk, gently rolling you and your chair to the side as she reaches for your curtain above the window, “We can just…close…this…” she struggles up on her tiptoes, trying to undo the knot holding the curtain open.
She fumbles with it, the decorative rope just a hair too high for her reach. She sighs and looks down at you, “Can you reach this, please?”
You laugh through your nose, shaking your head at her. You stand and easily pull the knot loose, letting the curtain fall over the window. The room darkens, the faint sunlight fighting through the curtain and the fire from the candle painting everything in an orange hue. Vada’s hands are on your waist, pulling your attention back to her. 
“See,” she says, her eyes on your lips, “now it’s romantic.”
You concede, deciding it couldn’t hurt to give her what she wants. You lean down and capture her lips in yours, letting her lead in intensity. She responds slowly but deeply, the passion in her making its way into you through her tongue on your lips and her hands sliding under your shirt. She walks you back to the bed, pushing you to sit when the backs of your legs hit the mattress. She pushes your knees apart and stands between them, your face in her hands. Your fingers cascade across her ribs, cherishing every inch of exposed skin they can touch. 
Her hands are on your shirt, pulling at it. She breaks your lips apart and pulls it over your head, tossing it aside. She stares down at you, her lips parted, pulse hammering away in her neck. You pull her back down to you, kissing her again. She picks up the pace, her lips feverish and hurried. Her hands are all over you, and you have to admit, you want her more than anything. A soft groan involuntarily slips out of you, spurring her further. She’s coaxing you up the bed, climbing on top of you when your head hits the pillow. 
She dives into your neck, licking and sucking at your skin, frantically trying to taste every inch of you. You laugh, running your fingers through her hair, and she sits back with a confused frown on her face.
“Slow down, I’m not going anywhere.”
She stares down at you and runs her hands from your hips up to your ribs, drinking in the sight of your half naked body. 
“Sorry. I’m just excited.” She says, staring at her fingers trailing down toward your belly button. 
“Don’t be sorry,” you tell her, reaching for one of her hands and guiding it over your breast, “take this off.” 
She’s like a boy with the thrill that crosses her face. You stop yourself from laughing, you don’t want to discourage her. You sit up on your elbows and allow her to reach behind you to unclasp your bra. When she finally manages to unhook it, her fingers fumbling for longer than could be considered sexy, you pull it off your shoulders. Her lips part with a sigh, and her hands immediately follow her eyes. You sit up to wrap your hand around the back of her neck and pull her down on top of you, wanting to feel her weight settle on your body. 
You pull her sports bra up and over her head with her help, and she flicks it aside. It catches on the arm of your desk chair, hanging there like a green flag. She sits back up, and her fingers are on the waistband of your shorts, her eyes wide and questioning. You nod, lifting your hips, and she slides them down your legs. 
“Yours too.” You tell her before she can return to you.
“Right.” She says, her eyes wide. 
She pulls her shorts and socks off and timidly leans back over you. You reach up and tuck her hair behind her ear, a comforting smile on your lips. You pull her down to you, your naked skin meeting hers for the first time, and she whimpers into your mouth. You kiss her lazily, letting her build her confidence, your hand skating across the plane of her back and up into her hair. She leans over on her left arm, her right hand slowly making its way down your body.
She pulls back from kissing you, speaking softly into your lips, “I have to be really honest with you. I’m not sure what I’m doing.”
You pull both hands up to hold her face, running your thumbs over her cheekbones. “How’s this, I touch you, and you touch me. Just do to me what I’m doing to you, and we’ll take it from there?”
She bites her lip, considering it, then nods slowly. You nod at her, double checking.
“Okay, yeah. I can do that.” Her voice wavers, but her hand is moving over your thigh, and you can feel her heartbeat pounding in her chest.
You slowly trail your fingers down her side, then around to her stomach. You stop just above her pubic bone, eyeing her. She takes a deep breath and nods again, waiting for you. You slide your hand between her legs, and your jaw drops open as your fingers find her center. She’s already wet, clearly excited, her body more sure than her mind. You gather up some of the fluid on your fingertips and begin to make small, tight circles over her clit. She gasps, her mouth open, closing her eyes. 
You stop your fingers, smiling up at her, and she opens her eyes, her brow furrowed. 
“You’re supposed to be following me, remember?”
Her eyebrows shoot up, “Oh shit, yeah, yes. Right.”
She runs her hand down your body, mimicking everything you had done with surprising precision. When she circles your clit, it takes everything in you to continue on her. You had wanted her for so long, you’re afraid you might fuck around and orgasm from the lightest of her touches. Luckily for you, she appears to be in the same boat, her breathing fast and heavy above you. You reach up with your free arm and pull her down into a kiss, picking up your pace between her legs. She moans into your lips and picks up her speed. 
You’re incredibly shocked and proud at how quickly she’s able to follow suit. Then again, Vada is talented at many things. You have a feeling this is going to be one of them. And you’ll have plenty of time to practice. You’re about to slow your fingers and move them south, but she cums before you’re able to get there. Instead of letting her ride it out, you gently slip one finger inside of her, your intent to push her quickly into a second orgasm. Her eyes roll back, and her hand stops moving for a moment as her first orgasm crashes through her. She drops her head into your neck and rolls her hips down onto your finger, your thumb pressing into her clit. 
She sucks in air through her teeth, groaning, “Oh shit y/n,”
“Keep going, Vada, don’t stop,” you encourage her, pressing your hips up to spur her on. 
She picks her head back up and kisses you hard, sloppy, frantic. She starts moving her fingers again and follows you, pushing a finger inside of you. 
“Oh god.” She groans into your neck, feeling inside of you.
You curl your finger inside of her, and she gasps, mimicking you immediately. You pull out, adding another finger. She’s so tight around you, you slow to give her a moment to adjust. She’s panting into the side of your neck, her head resting on your shoulder. You feel her relax around your fingers and start to move them again. Her teeth are on your neck, biting softly at your skin. She adds a finger, pumping her arm and curling them at the perfect moment. You can feel your orgasm building, inching you closer every time Vada curls her fingers and clenches down on yours. Her lips on your neck are like wildfire, burning your skin and simmering your blood. 
She pushes herself back up on her elbow and kisses your lips, small noises escaping the back of her throat, her hips pushing back into you. She bites your lip and her thumb passes over your clit, and you’re careening off the edge. She watches your face with parted lips and wide eyes and then hers are sliding shut as she joins you. 
She collapses on top of you, both of you gasping for breath, your sweat mixing together between your bodies. Vada shivers on top of you, clenching her legs around your thigh, still lost in the endorphin rush. You reach up and run your fingers through her hair, your body feeling heavy and satisfied. This is the quietest she’s been in a long time, and for a moment, you wonder if she’s fallen asleep. She shivers again, and you can feel her smiling into the skin of your chest. 
She lifts herself up, her elbows on either side of your body, a wild smile on her face. Her hair is sticking up from you playing with it, and her lips are swollen and pink. 
“That was fucking incredible.” She says, looking down at you.
You close your eyes and hum in agreement, running your fingers along her back.
“Can we do it again?” She asks, pushing herself off to your side to sit up. 
You laugh and rest your hand on her leg, “Of course we can.”
“Right now?”
“Can you let me catch my breath?”
She leans back over you, her hair framing your faces, “No,” she says, planting quick kisses on your lips, “I’ll never let you catch your breath again. I’ll take your breath away!”
You smirk and lift your hips, pushing her over on her back and sitting on her hips. “You have some more learning to do, let’s begin with lesson two.”
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Enid: Ask me why I love you.
Wednesday: Why do you love me, Enid?
Enid: *pulls out a 200-slide-presentation*
Enid: I’m glad you asked!
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Tumblr media
Wednesday and Y/N are lying on her bed, cuddling when Wednesday nibbles on his neck.
Y/N: Hey Enid, what do you do when a snake bites you?
Enid: Elevate and apply pressure.
Y/N lifts Wednesday like a cat caught doing something bad. Wednesday glares at him.
Y/N: Apologize or else.
Wednesday: Put. Me. Down.
Y/N cuddles her closer to his chest like a kitten.
Y/N: No, you love me too much, my little viper.
Enid quickly snaps a photo. Wednesday tried to wriggle out of your arms while you hold her back.
Y/N: Run Enid!
Enid dashes out of the dorm.
Enid: I'll send you the photo later!
Taglist: @fandomnerd9602 @thebisexualdogdad @6rookie-writer0110 @croman2006 @oxydedoesstuff @yuhck @lifespectator @multifandomimaginelover @multifandomxreader @deafeningsharkslimeempath @kingofthelizardpeople @devilsjacket @spiderfan922 @kneeeeellllll @lnlnbb @the-protector-97 @therealdisneyfan2319 @gayformyspouse @ma1egamer @ab1nsur @weepingwitchofthewest @sweeteagletidalwave @crimsonkokopelli @ornii @cole-el @aloneodi @justacuteduck @p4rallel-universe @reddeath125 @xenoncitadel @kaimeioneclipse @king-of-the-underworld-hades @eddieboi23 @redsxcks @xer-melody @kseung @skylarinfinity @captain-lessship @jennaortegasboyfriend @nickalpatel @justabunchofproblems @i984 @iamnicodemus @maryannecrimsworth @ocyrus @r0b1ns @anon-stuff-yk @cursedchar @sonicqaulan @graysonfriggason
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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glimpse of us
Tumblr media
ethan landry x reader
warnings: HUGE SPOILER , cussing , panic attacks , mentions of violence ,
synopsis: even after all that had happened , you cannot seem to forget about ethan.
authors note: this is for all of you who wanted a pt.2 to she’s mine (i’m sorry)
you hummed silently, leaning against the counter. the sound of bells dinging every second beginning to annoy you. your eyes scanned around the diner, groups of people coming in and out. loud chatter emitting from each corner of the diner.
working the night-shift at a diner in new york proved to be very time-consuming. your eyes flashed upwards towards the clock, sighing you shook your head, two more hours till chad or danny would come to pick you up.
after what had happened with ethan and everybody else the five of you were on alert on all times. you were the last person to get off of work, so chad or danny would be there to pick you up never one second or one minute late.
“[name] can you get this over on table 3!” your co-worker shouted. you nodded, knowing that it wasn’t like you had a choice. you picked the hot plate up, wincing at the pain at first. it was nothing compared to being stabbed or shot.
once you made your way through the crowds of people to the table, you placed the plate down. the group of obviously drunk friends thanking you and asking you for refills on their drinks.
before you had gotten a chance to leave you felt a hand grab your arm. “hey…aren’t you—like that one girl…one of the girls who survived the killings in new york four months ago? why do y’all still live here?” the man slurred.
you shuffled uncomfortable in his touch, whipping your arm out of his grasp. “yup that’s me. we’re broke and can’t move. have a good night.” you smiled, leaving the group alone.
after everything that had happened you were asked too many questions. the news, the cops, your family, random people who had noticed you, all of it. all of them bringing up the un-healed wound left behind by the man who you had loved the most.
you found yourself thinking about it a lot. the secret touches, the glances, the words exchanged by the two of you. you also thought a lot about what he did that day, the day he revealed himself to be a killer. the day he saved your life, despite the news and your friends talking about how crazy he was.
you shook your head, trying to ignore the thought of him. you found yourself doing that more than you would’ve liked too, but you knew you had to do it. especially during work—you couldn’t be caught dead crying.
you heard another dinging of a bell, your head whipping towards the kitchen. a huge platter filled up to each corner with little plates, a huge assortment and range of different foods.
you made your way towards the tray, stacking it over your shoulder. hoping to make it to the table without it coming crashing down.
“excuse me!” you shouted through the array of people. some looking at you, some moving. you had to make your way around them.
looking at all the people in the diner you felt your heart stop. a man, not too far from you sitting in a booth all by himself. curly, brownish blonde hair eating pancakes at night.
you felt your palms start to sweat up, freezing in place. you couldn’t tell if you were feeling relief or fear, maybe a bit of both.
“ethan..” you mumbled, walking forward— your eyes glued on the man.
just as you walked forward a man ran into you, causing all the plates to come down and crashing onto the floor. you were broken out of your trance, apologizing to the man and to the people surrounding you as you gathered all the pieces of the plate and put them back on the tray.
you couldn’t help but look back, look back at the man who was sitting at the booth. a piece of you hoping to see ethan once again, despite everything that had happened.
the man was looking back. he wasn’t the man you were hoping—longing to see. it was a stranger, somebody you had never seen before and somebody you would probably never see again.
you felt your breathing slow down, getting harder and harder. your body feeling warm as your legs began shaking, your head starting to pound while your vision went in and out—the sounds of the diner muffling.
“hey..hey you are you okay?” a stranger asked you, putting their hand on your shoulder. you flinched at the feeling. your eyes turned to meet there’s as tears built up in your eyes.
you quickly got up, your eyes scanning the room as the people in the diner were staring at you. some muttering and whispering, others recognizing you from the incident that took place.
you walked over to your boss, tears staring to come out of your eyes as you desperately tried to control yourself. “hey…can i get off a little early i’ll work overtime tomorrow i—i swear.”
“fine…” he mumbled. watching as you quickly ran past him and into the employee bathrooms.
you ran into the bathroom, struggling to unlock and lock the door with your shaky hands. your heart was racing, your breathing was getting harder and harder as tears continued flowing out of your eyes.
your eyes made their way over to an orange and black bracelet on your wrist.
“look what i got!” you smiled, holding your wrist up proudly.
ethan’s head turned, his eyes scanning your bracelet filled wrists and then going back up to the smile plastered on your face. he chuckled, grabbing your wrist and pulling it closer as he examined the bracelet.
“this is sick! where’d you get it?” he questioned you, slightly raising his eyebrow.
“some street vendors…but that’s not even the best part.” you jumped, sticking your hand in your pocket and rummaging around until you pulled out another bracelet that looked exactly the same as the one you were wearing.
you held it out in front of you, ethan looked at it confused before looking back at you. “is…is it for me?” he questioned.
“no it’s for the invisible person standing right in front of me.” you smiled “yes it’s for you!” you exclaimed, pushing the bracelet closer towards him.
ethan smiled, taking the bracelet from your hand and slipping it onto his wrist. he stared at it for a moment, not noticing you sitting down right next to him and just looking at him. then, his head turned to look at you, eyes beaming with love and dorky-ness as he smiled, putting his head on your shoulder.
though you were in love with him, you had always waited for him to make the first move. you were too afraid your feelings were one-sided and that he wouldn’t feel the same way about you.
your mind raced through a million memories, all of them with ethan in them. his smile, his voice, everything.
you pulled out your phone, hands shaking as you desperately tried to call chad. once you did, he picked up almost immediately— not letting the phone ring more than once.
“can you..can you come pick me up im not feeling very well.” you told him, attempting to hold back tears. “i think it’s the amount of people that’s in here, i feel claustrophobic.” it wasn’t a complete lie, you were feeling suffocated by the amount of people in the diner.
chad had responded that tara and him were on their way and to stay inside the diner. you complied, staying inside the bathroom as you laid your head against the stall door. attempting to calm yourself down as your breathing continued to hitch.
you looked at your hand, the scar from the knife that grazed your skin leaving a constant reminder on you.
twenty minutes later, chad had called you saying he was outside. you let out a sigh of relief, grabbing your things and leaving the diner. your eyes stayed glued to the front door, not wanting to look at anybody else.
you opened the door, the cool air piercing your skin. it helped you, made you feel calmer and peace as you breathed in the cool air.
the entire car-ride home was filled with questions. questions from tara about if you were okay, questions from chad about why you got off of work early.
when the questions stopped you watched as chad took tara’s hand in his, holding it while he drove. he rubbed circles over her hand with his thumb.
you remembered how ethan used to do that to you.
once the three of you got home you quickly walked inside the house. ignoring the questions of sam and mindy as you left to go to your room, slamming the door behind you.
you laid your head back against the door, tears falling from your eyes as you struggled to catch your breath. your legs and body feeling weak and shaky, just like they did on that night.
your eyes flashed towards your bed sheets, the same bed sheets you and ethan laid on. then your eyes flashed towards a teddy bear that laid near your pillow, one that ethan had gotten you for your birthday.
you slid down the door, bringing your knees up to your chest. you laid your head down, tears pouring from your eyes as your chest began hurting.
you thought about the night that ghostface re-appeared. all of you, besides quinn and sam, were at a frat party. you were by yourself, wandering around.
you went around the party, looking for ethan. you smiled when you saw him and chad leaning against the doorway. both of them looking at a crowd of girls, you snuck up on both of them— causing them both to jump once they had noticed you.
“what are you guys trying to do?” you questioned the boys, your eyes moving between ethan’s and chad’s.
“i’m trying to convince this boy that he’s a snack!” chad shouted through the music, ethan smiled awkwardly.
you nodded your head. “you are! ethan landry you’re cute! any girl would be lucky to talk to you.” you slurred, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“you’re drunk [name]!” ethan shouted.
you shook your head. “drunk words are sober thoughts ethan! it’s true! you’re the cutest guy i’ve ever seen!” you smiled.
“hey!” chad exclaimed, the three of you laughing.
chad knew, chad knew that his best-friend and his roommate were in love with each other. but despite the fact that ethan had tried to deny it multiple times, or the fact that every-time he brought up your name he’d smile awkwardly.
chad grabbed a couple of shots, handing it to the friends in front of him. “here’s to ethan landry! the biggest snack of blackmore university!” chad shouted, you shouted with him.
the three of you taking the shot as ethan let the substance go down his throat. he smiled, jumping up and down with chad, quickly you joined in as the three of you laughed and smiled.
you shook your head, tears falling from your eyes as your entire body shook. all the memories in your head racing throughout your mind, scary ones and beautiful ones.
you remembered the boy who would jump up and down whenever he’d get nervous. the one who’d always bring you chips, the one who would always tell you about his day, and the one who had always promised you that you would be okay.
how could all of that been fake?
you remembered how bailey had shot you, how quinn had attempted to kill you. how ethan stopped them, attempting to not let you die, praying that you wouldn’t die as he whispered apologizes in your your ear.
he must’ve cared….he must’ve.
you heard a knock at your door, you moved over as chad and tara opened the door. sam and mindy behind them, the four of them walking in. tara ran by your side, placing a hand on your shoulder as she asked you if you were alright.
“hey, what’s wrong?” chad asked you, kneeling besides you.
“i don’t know…” you started “i don’t know! it’s like he’s haunting me or something, he—he won’t leave my head.” you mumbled, running your shaky hands through your hair.
“ethan?” sam questioned.
you nodded your head. “i—i miss him. i know i shouldn’t but i just can’t seem to wrap my head around—around the fact that he was who he was.” you said, letting your head lean back against the wall.
tara shook her head. “hey, it’s okay. that’s how i was with amber, things happen but it’ll all go away all the pain you’ll be fine.” she reassured you.
sam had agreed, so did chad.
“but why! why do i miss him?” you sobbed “he—he killed anika! he tried to kill tara and you sam…fuck he even almost stabbed me!” you exclaimed, gesturing to the scar on your hand.
“hey it’s okay..it’s okay.” chad said, placing his head on your shoulder as he held onto your shaky hands.
tara did the same, leaning her head on your shoulder as she held onto your hand. whispering words of comfort into your ear, sam and mindy watched.
“everybody here knows, despite what you might think or thought. we all knows how it feels. tara was close with amber, sam was close with richie, even if me and chad weren’t as close to either of them we were still there.” mindy said, attempting to help you.
“hey y’know i was close with ethan. he was my roommate and all, but he was also someone who was starting to become my best-friend.” chad had told you.
you stayed silent. “we’re all, always here for you.” sam said.
“thank you guys.” you smiled, the tears slowing down as your breathing slowly went back to normal.
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ang3lik · 2 days
ultraviolence with tara carpenter maybe?
Tumblr media
i’ll do sfw + nsfw !!
(tara carpenter x implied!fem!reader)
nsfw hc’s under the cut (18+)
• tara’s actually kind of shy when it comes to actual flirting, she sees a pretty face and her mind gets cloudy and she starts to stutter.
• she’s loves shopping !! loves to try on clothes with you, loves doing you hair, makeup, nails !!
• tara is so very passionate and talkative and when she finds new interests she immediately comes to find you and ask for your opinion.
• pretty pilates princess !! she loves doing pilates and loves it even more when you join in, she loves waking up with you on a sunday afternoon and doing pilates together before grabbing lunch.
• uses google maps everywhere 😭 but she uses google maps to find new places like cafes and shops for you to go in dates to.
• very passionate and gentle and loves to touch you in any way, prefers to give !!
• into overstimulation and has a pink vibrator.
• when eating you out, she likes to take her time, she’s not messy with it, she’s also very sensual and loves to kiss you after you’ve cum on her tongue.
• likes hickies but doesn’t like long lasting marks, big bruises or anything painful is a no no for her, but she loves seeing lipstick marks on her stomach or face and thighs from you.
• likes to have her hair pulled, even if it’s whilst you’re scissoring and your fingers get caught in her hair whilst you’re holding her to you.
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fandomnerd9602 · 2 days
How about Wednesday threating Reader but finding out they're a masochistic so it turns them on
Wednesday: I'm going to make your life a living hell
Y/N: cara mia! you know the sweetest things to say!
Wednesday: I-I'm going to be a howling demon in your ear.
Y/N: oh please continue whispering in my ear. I love how toxic your voice is.
Wednesday: i just may have to keep you
Tumblr media
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mikavlcs · 1 day
Pairing: Wednesday Addams x asthmatic!fem!reader
Summary: A sudden run in with the Hyde induces an asthma attack. Luckily, Wednesday is there to help you.
Warnings: asthma attack(?), this is kinda rushed and not proofread lol, author does not have asthma but tried their best to research, this also makes no sense with the timeline of the show...ignore that<3
Word count: 2.8k
Notes: late post lol but this was a request from two weeks ago. sorry for the wait anon, but i still hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Having a partner in her investigation was something Wednesday never planned on.
She had started it alone because she was the only one to see Rowan’s death, and apparently, the only one to believe it actually happened.
Besides you.
The first time you approached Wednesday about what happened that night, she simply walked away. But you kept coming back, kept insisting that your knowledge of outcasts and creatures could help her.
After a week of your attempts, she did spill some of the details to you, only because she was desperate for you to just shut up. 
But you surprised her. Greatly.
Once she showed you one of Xavier’s paintings she stole, you were the one that correctly identified the monster as a Hyde. You confirmed that the Hyde was indeed a person and that Hydes always acted on the whims of their masters.
Despite her initial impression of you, you had provided crucial information to the case and made yourself an imperative part of it moving forward.
Before she knew it, she was spending more and more time with you.
When she found a new lead, you were informed as soon as possible. Your opinions and insight became important to her, though if you asked her she would vehemently deny that. And your presence in her dorm became so normal, that Enid and Thing would inquire about your whereabouts when you weren’t there.
Though she’d love to say otherwise, the two of you had grown somewhat close. Which is why she wasn’t entirely surprised to find out that you were asthmatic.
The time you spent together allowed her to notice many things about you and she noticed the ways your condition manifested itself in your behaviors within weeks of properly partnering with you.
You tended to avoid strenuous exercise, something she never thought twice about because she too had no love for exercise or physical sports of any kind. But that combined with the rather persistent cough you had some days and the vague panic she saw in your eyes whenever that cough got particularly heavy made her aware that something was off.
Your reasoning for not telling her about it upfront was some ridiculous fear that she would kick you off the investigation if she found out about your asthma.
But she didn’t, she only demanded you give her one of your spare inhalers.
Not because she personally cared about your well-being, that would be ludicrous. She simply wouldn’t allow you to die because of something as pathetic as your own forgetfulness.
You were her partner, after all, and you dying would significantly affect her investigation. Which is the same thought process she followed from that point on when she found herself studying you.
Wednesday would observe you throughout the day, taking note of how clear your breathing was or how much you coughed, and if you were having issues, she would try to deduce why.
Weather conditions, she found, had a particularly damning effect on you. Things like air temperature and density affected your asthma greatly, and the moment she realized this, she began making adjustments to her investigation to better suit your health.
During stormy days when the humidity in the air was almost stifling, she would ask you to help put together a crime board in her dorm.
She would insist on doing research in the library on colder days since the frigid air could be a trigger for you.
The spare inhaler you gave her gained permanent residence in her bag, going everywhere that she did in case there was an emergency of some kind.
And this ended up paying off greatly when the two of you journeyed into the forest to find the cave in one of Xavier’s drawings.
Wednesday was very hesitant to let you come along in the first place.
There was a myriad of factors that fed into her reasoning, your asthma being one of the largest. But your arguments were not without their merit.
The weather was clear, the sun shining bright without a cloud in the sky to impede it, and the Hyde hadn’t made an appearance in weeks. And while that was true, there was still an inherent danger in the situation.
You absolutely refused to take no for an answer, following her around and bothering her (more so than usual) all day.
Part of her still wanted to refuse while another wanted to give up and accept your company. Your guidance and knowledge weren’t necessary for this, especially given your lack of knowledge about the layout of Jericho’s forests.
But as much as she wished it was, Wednesday couldn’t deny that the idea of spending more time with you wasn’t entirely unappealing.
So she gave in and allowed you to join her, on the condition that you both brought along an inhaler for you. You agreed with some light grumbling, and you both set off into the woods.
The two of you had been roaming through the forest for about twenty minutes—Wednesday closely reading Eugene’s directions while you leisurely followed, offering the occasional (bad) joke to fill the silence.
You were in the middle of one of those jokes when a sound in the distance made you both freeze.
Wednesday turned, met your wide eyes, and looked in the direction of the sound. She waited, watching closely for any type of movement.
There was a moment of stillness then a twig snapped, the sound closer than the last. More silence ensued and Wednesday quietly inched toward you, positioning herself in front of you. A beat. Then a long scratching sound cut through the air, like something sharp—a claw perhaps was carving through the bark of a nearby tree.
Wednesday’s hand found your wrist, and she barely had the time to properly look at you before a thunderous roar tore through the forest and she was taking off in the opposite direction, pulling you with her.
Trees whizzed past in a blur as she, and in turn, you raced through the forest. Wednesday wasted no time trying to identify the creature following them. She knew that roar. She heard it the night Rowan died.
It was the Hyde, finally reappeared after weeks of inactivity to antagonize you two. Intentionally? Possibly. But she wasn’t going to fully delve into her theories until both of you were safe.
She didn’t dare look back and risk losing her footing on an unseen tree root or rock, but she could hear the monster giving chase behind her, leading her to increase her pace and tighten her grip on your wrist. The two of you ran at a steady pace for minutes on end, only slowing slightly when Wednesday felt you stumble behind her.
Finally, the sounds of the Hyde’s pursual faded but Wednesday only brought you both to a stop once they had long since stopped and she was sure it wasn’t there anymore.
She ignored the fire coursing through her legs in favor of taking in her surroundings, both watching and listening keenly for any sign of the monster and finding none.
“Alright, I think it’s gone, we should…” Her words faded when she saw you stagger in her peripheral.
Confused, she turned to you and finally took in your state. You were unsurprisingly sweaty and short of breath, but the redness of your face was beginning to give way to an unnatural paleness. Again, you stumbled, your pants turning to choked coughs, and only when she saw your chest stutter did she realize what was happening.
Her confusion morphed into horror, and she was by your side in a second.
She guided you to sit against a nearby tree, and you all but collapsed against the raised roots, harsh wheezes escaping you as your hands fumbled toward your pocket. Wednesday watched, puzzled, as you froze, your eyes widening.
The realization hit her a moment later. Your inhaler was in your right pocket, she knew because she watched you put it there and she was just noticing how flat that pocket now was.
“It isn’t there?”
You started to speak but your chest constricted, swallowing your words, so you instead shook your head violently. The tears in your eyes made Wednesday’s own chest ache, and that pushed her into action.
Tearing her bag off her back, she dug around its contents for your spare inhaler, desperately tossing her things out of the way. She struggled for about twenty seconds before finally finding it.
Like you showed her, she flipped the inhaler upright, shook it firmly, then brought it up to your mouth, her other hand moving to gently cup your cheek.
You breathed in as best you could as she gave a puff, weakly gripping her wrist as you watched her mentally count to thirty. Once she reached thirty, she shook the inhaler again and gave you another puff.
She repeated this process three more times before you shook your head, grip on her wrist tightening. Reluctantly, she dropped her hand and examined you.
Your breath was coming in short, deep gasps, but you were breathing again and that’s all she cared about at the moment. Intent eyes watched as your chest fell and rose from her knees in front of you, refusing to move until she knew for certain it was over.
Eventually, your hand released her wrist, and she hesitantly brought her hand back to her side. You looked up at her, the tears from before gone.
“I-I guess you could say…that you took my breath away,” you gasped out, a smile beginning to form on your face again.
Wednesday rolled her eyes so hard it hurt.
You were fine. She ignored the rush of relief she felt at the fact.
A few minutes passed and, slowly but surely, your breathing began to return to its normal pace. Wednesday observed you closely, eyes still focused on the increasingly steady rise and fall of your chest while her own heart rate decreased.
Shakily, you brought a hand to rest on your stomach, a groan falling from your lips. Wednesday inhaled sharply.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, eyes scanning you hurriedly.
You sighed, tired and heavy.
“I’m hungry.”
Wednesday rolled her eyes again, swallowing a quiet scoff. Of course, you were hungry. When weren’t you?
Shaking her head, she dropped the inhaler back into her bag and slipped it back onto her back. She reached over to grab your arm and stood, pulling you to your feet with her. “Fine, then we’ll get you food when we return to campus.”
“Oh? ‘We’ will?” you drawled, and Wednesday could practically hear the infuriating smirk you had on your face. With a sadistic smile of her own, she turned to you.
“I could always just leave you here. I’m sure you know the way back to Nevermore from here, right?”
Pride surged through her at the way you stammered. She didn’t bother giving you the chance to properly respond, snatching your sleeve and pulling you forward with her. “Let’s go, it’ll be dark soon.”
Knowing you were still a bit shaky on your feet, Wednesday walked slower than usual. It would take longer to get back to school, but there were still a few hours of daylight left so it didn’t matter much.
The walk was quiet. You were less talkative than normal, but she supposed that wasn’t surprising given the circumstances. Every so often she’d peer over at you to make sure you weren’t overexerting yourself in any way and find you just admiring the forest around you. She blamed the warmth in her chest on fatigue.
Throughout the journey, she kept a firm grip on your sleeve, valiantly ignoring the way her heartbeat accelerated whenever her fingers brushed your wrist. 
Around an hour later, Nevermore came into view and, as promised, the cafeteria was your first stop upon your return to the school. Dinner was in an hour, so the kitchen staff initially refused to give you anything until dinner.
Wednesday just glared until they gave in.
You ate your food in silence. Wednesday watched your every move only looking away to glare again at the kitchen staff whenever they looked in your direction.
The moment you were finished, she took your sleeve captive again and dragged you to Ophelia Hall. She was bringing you to rest in her dorm, only so she could monitor your state and make sure you didn’t die in her sleep.
When you arrived, she all but yanked you inside, locking the door behind her. She ventured to her desk and set her bag down while you kicked your shoes off and looked around, eyes settling on the other, uglier side of the room.
“Where’s Enid?”
“Doing god knows what with Yoko,” she answered, striding up to you and tugging your blazer off. You sputtered, the beginnings of a question on your tongue but she silenced you with a glare. She hung your blazer on the headboard and pushed you onto her bed.
You blinked owlishly. “What?”
Jaw clenched, Wednesday grabbed your shoulder and shoved you onto your back. “Lay down and rest. You’re exhausted, I can see it.”
And she could. She easily saw it in the hunch of your shoulders and the way your eyes drooped the moment your head hit her pillow. You looked like you wanted to put up a fight but after another moment of her glaring, you sighed.
“Fine. But only for a bit, I’m not stealing your bed for the night.”
She nodded. “Good.”
Wednesday promptly returned to her desk and sat down, loading a piece of paper into the carriage of her typewriter so she could begin writing. She was already behind because of your voraciousness, she refused to waste any more time.
While she typed her first few sentences, she could feel your eyes on her. She paid it no mind, her focus entirely on her story. Until your voice reached her ears.
“Hey, Wednesday?”
She didn’t even bother to pause her work, addressing you while her fingers moved swiftly across the keys. “What?”
“Do you think you would let me read your novels?”
Wednesday paused her typing, giving you a sideways glance. Her answer should be no. She had never let anyone read her novels (besides incompetent publishers) but the thought of you reading them didn’t fill her with disgust.
She thought about it for another moment, then answered. “Perhaps.”
A soft laugh came from your direction. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see you smiling widely, and it took all of her innate self-control to not turn and look.
She redirected her thoughts to Viper and her current mystery. Thoughts of your laugh were slowly replaced with the bloody crime scene Viper was investigating and just when she was getting back into her rhythm, you spoke up again.
With a sigh, she once again turned away from her typewriter to face you. “Yes?”
“Thank you,” you whispered, sending a sickeningly tender smile in her direction.
Her words caught in her throat, face getting oddly warm at the soft look in your eyes. She forced a nod, taking another moment to just look at you before returning her gaze forward.
Silence overtook the room again, the soft clacking of the typewriter the only sound to be heard. When Wednesday finally gave in and allowed her eyes to drift to you, she found you finally asleep.
You looked relaxed, even the minuscule tension she saw on you throughout the day was absent in your dreamless sleep. The smile you had before you drifted off waned as your muscles relaxed, but the shadow of it remained and Wednesday was still as captivated with it as she was before.
Once again summoning all of her self-control, Wednesday tore her eyes off of you and set them back on her typewriter, still intent on finishing her dedicated hour for her novel.
By the end of her writing hour, she had only managed to finish five pages. Meager compared to her usual daily output, but she couldn’t bring herself to be upset when you were feet away from her, sleeping in her bed without a worry in the world.
She didn’t look at you directly but she did push her chair back a bit and turn it in your direction, quietly grabbing a book she was in the middle of and flipping it open on her lap.
Wednesday placidly skimmed the pages while taking small, occasional glances at you over the book. Just to make sure you were still breathing, of course.
As she read, her mind constantly went back to your question from earlier. Should she grace you with the opportunity to read her work? A brief internal debate gave her the answer she was searching for.
Turning, Wednesday opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out the manuscript for her first novel, setting it on her desk beside her. When you woke up, she would give it to you along with a gruesome threat to your life if you made any stupid comments or told anyone about her letting you read it.
(Begrudgingly, she looked forward to hearing your thoughts on her story.)
Until then, she would keep watch and continue to make sure that nothing brought your demise before she did.
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Tumblr media
Ethan landry x bimbo! reader
Summary: what happens when Ethan invites the rest of the friend group over to his dorm but his roommate is a bit underdressed
Tumblr media
Ethan decided that he would finally invite over the rest of the friend group which consisted of Tara, Sam, Chad, Mindy, and Anika. Ethan was a bit nervous for the group to come over to his dorm, especially meeting his roommate. I mean don’t get Ethan wrong. He loves y/n, she’s the perfect roommate, she’s sweet, and all around positive, but the one thing is that she’s always lacked was the clothing she wears. Ethan loved it, and hated it at the same time , her prancing around in her little short skirts, and her tops that barely cover anything, but he also hated it, because he could never focus on anything else but her. “ OK just so you guys know my roommates kind of energetic.” Ethan said, as he turned around to the group. “ how is that gonna bother us, Ethan?” Tara asked, with her hand on her hip.  “ come on dude just let us meet your roommate.” chad said getting tired of all the bickering. “ or maybe he doesn’t want us to go because that’s where he’s hiding all of his Ghostface shit” Mindy says, using her pointer finger at Ethan. “ all right enough, let’s all be mature and just let Ethan lead the way it’s his dorm anyways.” Sam said, trying to calm the group down. After Ethan finally unlock the door to his dorm. He was automatically hit with a scent of strawberries and vanilla. But what he didn’t get to register was his roommate, jumping on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Ethan didn’t even realize she was only in a cropped T-shirt and her tiny thongs until he catched her and felt her bare ass.  “Hey E, you look so cute today.” Y/n said as she continued to assault his face with multiple kisses. Ethan also didn’t realize the group behind them was just standing there in shock. Especially Chad trying to be his wing man because supposedly he didn’t get any action, so who the hell was pretty girl basically naked in his dorm Chad asked himself. “Oh uh guys this is my roommate y/n.” Ethan said, as he slowly put her down and scratch the back of his neck, while blushing like a tomato. “ so she’s not your girlfriend?” Tara asked, slightly confused. “No no silly, we’re just best friends and roommates.” Y/n said cheerfully as she skipped over to the group to round them up in a group hug,. The rest of the group turn their head to Ethan asking with their eyes why was she doing this, Ethan just shrugged his shoulders, and turned away. “ hey um, y/n/n  maybe you should, you know go back and maybe put pants on.” Ethan said awkwardly, not trying to sound rude. “Aww why but I’m wearing your favourite pair?” Not even realizing the words she let out of her mouth,  “ excuse me what?!?” the rest of the group now yelled turning to Ethan with their jaws all the way to the floor. This is gonna take a lot of explaining, Ethan thought to himself.
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gf!tara x gf!fem!reader
Tumblr media
a.n.: this is my first ever fic, so please make sure to share your thoughts about it...
warnings: blood, mentions of past trauma, slight schizophrenia, murder, mentions of hot scenes, harsh language
English isn't my first language, but I did my best!
word count: 5.1k
Some people say it’s a miracle you are alive. Some say you are cursed, and a threat to the community. Some say that some unworldly power helped you get through your life until now. You agreed with the last one. Nobody in the world knew how you survived your childhood. Except for you.
When you were three years old, you were involved in a car crash, in which both of you parents were inpaled on a tree and died. After that, at the age of five, your godfather, was shot down by the police, because they thought he is going to shoot them first. Of course, you were in the back seat when this happened, and you only survived, because you ducked away from behind your new guard. The orphanage you’ve been put in, burnt down around you, when you were eight.
The „Voice”, you called it. The second part of you, which nobody knew of. The part of you, that you hid from everything and everyone. It was the saviour of you. It was the one, who told you to put your back against you fathers’ seat, before the car crashed, so you would survive the tree that pierced through the front window. It was the one, who told you to duck, just before the gun was fired. It was the one, who told you to hug the ground and crawl to the back door of the building, so you wouldn’t suffocate from the smoke, and so you wouldn’t be trapped inside the building, once the support beam that held the ceiling crashed down. It forced you out of situations, without letting you warn others of the danger. It felt like there was a psychopath on you, who was ready for mayhem and destruction.
And it was the one, who tried to influence all your actions. It spoke to you; it tempted you and it bothered you. Only when in danger, did you listen to it. It was full of envy and hatred. It didn’t want you to make friends or go to activities. It tried to manipulate you and cut you away from those, who you loved and or cared about you. Whenever you tried to talk to it, it was like it didn’t hear you, or just didn’t bother to answer neither your questions nor your accusations.
Other then it being a pain in the ass when it came to the public, it was actually very tolerable when you were home at your aunt’s place. It stayed silent, mostly ever talking when you were trying to choose a movie or a book to read. You’ve had similar tastes and quickly found that the favourite movie serious for you both, were the Stab movies. The only place where you could speak to it was in front of the mirror. You’ve rarely done it because it felt weird to speak to your reflection, that didn’t even mimic you. Anyone who would come in would see nothing, except for you talking to your own reflection. After you’ve made this discovery, it was there EVERYWHERE. Any time you would go to the toilet, there it was looking back at you from the mirror with a horrific grin on your mouth. Every time you looked onto the water’s surface it was there, mocking you. You were terrified of it and thus, yourself.
Then, at the end of primary school, when you went home, you’ve had enough. From it. It has teased you with murder before, but now it was meaning it.
“Kill the bitch! Run your knife through her and see what her insides look like! I guess that would be a sight worth seeing!”
You ignored its words. You knew it wouldn’t hear you until you were face to face with it. You barged in the bathroom and unleashed your fury at it on the dirty mirror.
“Shut up!” you screamed.
“If she won’t be ours, she won’t be anybody’s!” it lashed out.
“You want to kill her because she said no to me?!” you asked in disbelief, shame running through you as you remembered back at what happened.
“Of course! Turn the canal’s water red with her blood!”
“I don’t want to hurt her! I won’t hurt anyone!”
“It would be so liberating!” your reflection was feral. The grin on your mouth was mixed with the terrifying sight of absolute madness in your eyes. You needed to convince yourself, that you weren’t seeing your own face. You were feeling the effect it had on you. You were losing control of yourself.
“Get out of my head!”
“I won’t go anywhere! I will help you slice that bitch up and then get on with everybody else, who has hurt you. Think of the kids that bullied you in the orphanage. Now picture their bodies…”
“SHUT UP!” you were yelling at this point. You didn’t care if the neighbours heard you. You wanted it out. It was getting to you. The images that it said, were flashing through your mind, and to say they weren’t nice would’ve been a lie. You gripped the corner of the sink so hard, your fingers hurt and turned white.
“It would fill the hole in your soul. Let go! It would make you whole!”
Your vision went black. You couldn’t see anything but it, with a huge grin on your own mouth. You couldn’t think straight. You wouldn’t give up either though. In a last, desperate attempt, you crashed the mirror with your bare hands as you screamed your lungs out. It hurt like hell. Blood was dripping down your hand. But at that moment, you felt victorious and at peace. When you looked at your reflection through the cracks, you saw yourself. A laugh escaped your lips, as you smiled at yourself. You touched your face, like it’s the first time you saw it. The blood you left on it was now running down your cheeks, but you didn’t mind. It was nowhere to be found. You finally got rid of it.
High school was calm and peaceful. From the moment you set foot in there, you were famous. Almost everybody knew your name, knew what shit you've been through. Most of the people left you alone, or tried to keep distance for the first half semester, like you were rotten meat. Except for a small group of people, whom you quickly became friends with.
After the school got used to your presence, the bullies started to present themselves. Not afraid of you anymore, they started picking on you, for even the smallest detail. To say that they made your time there miserable would be an understatement. You still finished your first year on a good note. Your aunt and you have become close and you finally had some friends with whom you would meet with during the summer.
The next year started off, as the last closed. At the first day the others already left because they got less hours than you. This was when the bullies showed up. Your impulsiveness led you to a fight with them. Two of their group ended up in the infirmary with bruises and stiches, and you in the principal's office, with a warning. When your aunt picked you up, she was angry but the moment you were in the car, her face lightened up and asked you all about the fight. At first you were confused, but then started to talk about what happened with more and more enthusiasm. She listened to every last detail you told her, with pride on her face.
"Next time, maybe don't hold back." She said with a wide grin.
"There won't be a next time, for a long time if I assume right." You answered.
At night, you all gathered at Tara's place. When they saw your black eye, and the stich on your cheek, their jaws dropped. Then, you were hit with a wave of questions on your well being, the state of the "other guy" and whom the fight happened with. You told the story all over again, with a bit more detail than you actually remembered. As you were talking Chad encouragingly patted your shoulders, and commented on your technique, like he was some kind of professional. Tara's face lit up when you got to the part where you got your scars. You didn't take it as something important until after the party, in your bed thinking about her. Realization hit you, that you like her. The way she moved around, the way she made everyone laugh and that she always was nice. Oh, you liked her very much.
That night, in your dream, it came back. You were standing in front of each other. It spoke to you, but you didn't listen. Even if you tried to take in what it was saying, you couldn't understand it. Then it took out Ghostfaces' mask from behind it's back, and placed it on its head. As it approached you, you froze down. Couldn't move, couldn't think, couldn't talk. When it reached you, it tilted its head, and you woke up. You tried to calm down, as your thoughts were racing. It was back. Was it back? 'Please. Somebody save me' you thought.
The next weeks were normal. You haven't heard its voice, or felt its influence. As the days were passing, you shook it of like it was a nightmare, even though you were most certain, that it wasn't one.
Just as you thought, the bullies didn't come back for a long time. During the 'Time of Peace', as you called it you managed to get to know your friends more, especially Tara. It was like having a new family. You guys would always go to one's house to hold small get-togethers and parties. Everybody was nice and smooth, but your eyes were always set on her.
You two got together really well. You both liked horror movies, and would go on to watch them all together. Like yours, her favourite movie series was Stab too. One time around the end of the year, you managed to prank call her, and she quickly got into the game. You left your voice changer at home, so you tried your best at hiding your own voice, failing miserably. You sneaked in through the back door and got into her house. As she was heading into the kitchen, you jumped her. She did definitely not expect you to be in her house.
She gripped you tightly as she calmed down quickly. Her touch made you have goosebumps. You never saw her scared, and were proud of yourself. She looked cute.
"Fuck!" she breathed out finally. "Y/N!"
"At your service."
"What are you doing here?!"
"Well, the plan was to sneak in, scare your gorgeous ass. Then maybe, just maybe, watch something together" you admitted. "First half worked out pretty well if I dare say so myself."
"Okay than Mrs. jumpscare. Take your shoes off. I just finished cleaning. After that, we may discuss having tv night." She looked at you through her smile. After a second, she watched you curiously and raised an elbow. That’s when it hit you how close you were. She was still in your arms so you quickly let go and did as you were told. You were trying your best to hide your blush but the way she looked at you made it pretty clear, that it didn't work.
You settled down on her couch, patiently waiting for her to make the popcorn. When she got to the living room, you slowly pulled out an ancient dvd holder of your bag. You shot her a grin as you saw her mouth drop.
"No fuckin' way where did you get this?!" she shouted in excitement. She took the holder out of your hand and started analysing it. It was the original Stab movie's director's cut.
"Did a little digging in the attic." You shrugged.
"You're kidding me."
"Indeed I am. I needed to pay off the guy in the dvd renter so that he lets me to the backside of his place. I found this piece of art there."
She bit her lips in excitement as she looked at you, her beautiful eyes full of wonder. You nodded to her, so she would open it and place the dvd in the player. As it started playing, she sat beside you. Too close, for your body not to act up. You could only hope that the couch didn't vibrate from your heartbeat.
Even though you have already seen the scenes that were cut from the film on the internet, you eagerly waited for every one of them. When one would come up, you sat straighter. Yet, you couldn't pay attention to them because every time you sat up, Tara grabbed your hand, like she was afraid you would go away.
This made it impossible for you to look at the television. Your vision was filled with her, the way the lights reflected back from her beautiful eyes, the way her smile could melt any matter on the world and the way she looked up at you time to time. This was one of those moments. Your eyes met and you felt like you could gaze into hers for the rest of your life. Her eyes went to your lips, then back again. You did the same, whilst leaning just a tiny bit closer to her. She was the one to close the distance. You felt in heaven as your lips crashed together, the salty taste filling your every sense. Your eyes shut close as you pulled her into you. She was addicting, and would be the death of you. Somehow that idea just made her even more appealing. She separated herself from you, to take in a quick breath, then she was back onto you, her jaws biting your bottom lip ferociously.
She pulled away again, worry in her eyes from her own action. You already missed her presence on your lips. You chased after her kissing her the same way she did you. You sank onto her, grabbing her thighs as you pushed her down to the couch. You can't tell how much time you spent there, just making out. The only thing that stopped you was a sudden scream. You quickly looked up not really understanding where it came from. Her giggles made you realize, that it came from the movie. It was as if the outer world completely disappeared to you. The film was about to end, and the real stabbing began in it.
"Do you know how long you've kept me waiting for this?" you asked her, when your senses became clear again. You still couldn't believe what just happened.
"I actually do." she said with a smirk. "You aren't really good at hiding your feelings dear."
"Yes. I get that a lot."
She smiled at you, somehow being even more gorgeous than before, than snuggled up to your side, to finish the movie. You put a hand around her and played with her hair, as you finally calmed down. After the film, the two of you would have a long night ahead of you.
From that point, you two were always found together. She didn't want to hide you, which made you even more confident. Days, weeks and months passed but nothing made you feel as complete as her. Well, almost complete. You still didn't feel quite right, but you couldn't put your finger around it.
As your third year began, you both found some new activities for yourselves. You signed up for drum classes, and she to a new art group. You knew she loved to draw, and this only made her already good style into something that you could only describe as "high art". One day, you went to her place only to find it empty. As you killed time, you found one of her old sketchbooks. Your eyes widened, when you realized more than half of them were you. Wait, were you really that beautiful in her eyes? When she got home, you couldn't stop teasing her with it, as you also complimented her work.
"Stop it!"
"Only if you draw me right now, so that I can see how well my gorgeous can draw!" you said with a wide grin.
She blushed at the comment. With a bit more of your nagging, she finally gave in. As she drew you, she started speaking about her peers at the art group. She kept mentioning a boy named Kent, whom she really got close with. A hint of jealousy hit your stomach as you listened to her.
"He helped me improve my line work." She was always rambling about something when she was focusing. It's one of the things you loved about her. Whenever she was cooking, which she was also a goddess at, she would always talk about her day, or something that was on her mind. "He is also the best student of his class."
"Well, he sounds like a nerd."
Tara's hand stopped and her mouth dropped open a little. "Is someone jealous?"
"No…" you huffed out immediately.
"Riiiiiight." she teased and returned to drawing.
In minutes, you already hated this Kent. Tara rented about him for a few more minutes, only because she loved your reaction. You hated every minute of it. Anger coiling in you, eating you up from the inside. A really familiar feeling, but you couldn't quite remember when you've felt like this. Then it hit you. Just a moment later, it, also hit you.
"You know what to do…"
You froze down in shock. Terror showed on your face, and Tara immediately stopped, watching you worriedly. 'No, no, no, no… It can't… Why…' you felt like your mind stopped working. Everything felt cold and hot at the same time, your clothes too tight, you couldn't breathe. Tara stepped to you, saying something, but you couldn't hear it. Then she gripped your shoulders and shook you up a bit.
"Look at me!" she spoke, her words finally hitting your ear. "Y/N!" you obliged. "What's the matter? It was just a joke. Nothing serious…" she hugged you softly.
"N- No it wasn't that…"
"Then what was it?"
You couldn't tell her. You wanted to run away, to curl up in a corner and hide the world from yourself. Her eyes wouldn't let you. So you did the second best thing that came to your mind. You lied.
"La- lately I have started having panic attacks. They are tied to what happened with me in my childhood." 'Idiot!' you thought.
"Mhm, how can I help?"
"This does…" you said eyeing her closeness. She held you even tighter now, calming you down.
You don't know how long you've been standing in her arms, but after a while you slowly pulled away to kiss her. "How's the drawing going?"
She smiled at you. "Ready for you to judge babe." she said, taking her sketchbook from the couch, showing you the newly drawn masterpiece. You were truly amazed by it.
"I can't decide why it looks so good. Because it is about me, or because you were the one to draw it." you teased.
The next days were torture. It came back indefinitely. It overtook your image in your reflections once again. It spoke to you in the most inconvenient of times. It tried to influence you again. And it fuelled your hatred of Kent.
You always saw him around Tara, either you were, or weren't with her. He was like a little puppy, eagerly following her around. He definitely had a crush on her. This made you mad and insecure. It was like there was a knife, twisting in your stomach. The Voice only made it worse. Somehow it succeeded at making you not think of Kent as a human, but as a threat. As a predator, who was circling around something, that was yours. This made your nights restless and your days infuriating.
"We need to keep her safe." it spoke to you, as you were drying your hair.
"I need to keep her safe, yes. Stop using the royal we please."
"There is not one, without the other. I am a part of you and you can't even fuckin' deny it."
"I can, and I do. Can I dry my hair now?"
"I see your dreams as well as you do. I know you've been dreaming about it. Let us cut him up!"
You didn't answer him.
"Oh, it would be a site to see. The bloodied mess of his open stomach. I bet his screams would be just as beautiful as your dreams show. What sweet nightmare we can bring to life if we pay him a visit! Picture Tara! See as he touches her, as he holds her!" you couldn't cut the pictures out of your head. You were furious, full of hatred and jealousy. It took your thoughts over. No. You took your own thoughts over. "Now picture him dead."
That night you put on the mask. You didn't need to go far for it, as it was tucked away in your closet. The robes and the knife too. Originally you only wanted to buy a fake knife, but to your aunt's advice, you bought a real one. What a great decision that was.
You looked at yourself in the mirror. Your reflection didn't behave differently from you. You pulled the mask down, and smiled at yourself. It was you all along.
You started the engine of your aunts' car. She was away on a business trip, and left the car for your use at home. You couldn't be more thankful for her, that she thought you how to drive at summer. Kent was living at the other half of Woodsboro, and you didn't want unwilling eyes to see you.
You stopped two blocks away from his house. You put your mask on, and taped the voice changer to your neck. You got out of the car and quickly made your way to the backyard of his house. Light shined out of the building. Only one shutter wasn't pulled down, and it was on the second floor of the house. 'Fuckin' prick too. Oh this really will be fun!'
You pulled your phone out and rang the number of the houses' line phone. While still at home, you searched it out of the phone book, your aunt was still keeping at home. It rang for a while, before someone finally picked it up.
"Hello?" you heard his voice from the line, uncertain.
"Hello there Kent." you said, voice changer turned on.
"Who am I speaking to?"
You chuckled. "Soon, you'll discover. Tell me! Would you like to play a game?"
He didn't answer right away, as if he was talking to someone. Were his parents not out of town? "Well, I'm kind of in the middle of one, so I would say no…"
You looked in through a small gap at one of the shutters. "I think this game is more fun than Monopoly…" you said with a grin under your mask.
"How do you know what we're playing?"
"Don't you know not to ask this question?" oh, he was clueless. Sweet sweet ignorance.
Now, a familiar voice came to the phone. "Hello sweet prank caller! Could you please let my friend go now? He needs to step in my hotel!"
You recognized her. What was Tara doing here? Your mind went through the possible causes, then you remembered. She invited you too for game night, but you backed out of the offer. 'Fuck. Well, can't back off now can I?'
"No I cannot Tara Carpenter. I have some unfinished business with the gentleman."
You saw the shock that settled on her face through the gap. It didn't please you even in the least amount. Then she looked up at Kent and cut the line. Both of them are going to start searching for you know. The others already left. Mindy and Chad left with Liv, because she needed her private time with Chad, and Mindy didn't have a car of her own. Wes had a tight deadline to head home because of her mother. Amber called sick for the week. The only ones staying the longest were always you and Tara. You didn't know about Kents' friends, but you didn't see more people than two.
You climbed up at the eaves of the house to the window, where your only entrance lied. You opened it with your knife, and climbed in without a sound. You called again.
"So, I bet you are dying to hang on the line now!"
"You talked about a game… If I play, you leave us alone… Right?"
Obviously Tara wasn't near him. She would have given her such a smack, that his screams would've echoed up the stairs. Oh what wouldn't you give to hear that sound.
"Precisely! Now you are getting it. I ask, you answer. A wrong answer means five more stabs! Do I have your undivided attention?"
You heard his gulp through the phone. "Yes."
"What's your favourite scary movie?"
"There is no good answer to this!"
"Wrong… You are living in Woodsboro. There can only be one good answer. Stab. But since this would be an unfair game, I will give you some fair questions, so you have a chance." You played with your knife in hand, waiting for his response.
"Tell me Kent. What were you and Tara talking about when you took her hand, and drag her to class?"
"I think at this point you really should know better than to ask back boy."
Little pause. "We were talking about her girlfriend. I was saying she was too possessive of her and she started a fight with me.
"Very good! Two more questions to go." you said as you sneaked down the stairs. "I'm going to make this harder for you. Who is the man behind the mask in the original Stab?"
"Lemme think!"
"Tick tack Kent!" you said after ten seconds. "If you don't answer, Tara might be in trouble. And you wouldn't dare risk her pretty shirt getting all bloody would you now?
"If you dare touch her!"
"I would be more interested in your wellbeing at the moment, if I were you. Answer!"
"I- I don't know!"
"Wroooong again… You disappoint me young man. I know for a fact Tara has told you about this, since she tells everyone about them.  The right answer is Billy Loomis and Stu Macher." you were in the living room now, sanding not far and behind him. "Last question, and this better be right! Do you think, I could have made it into your house, through the window that was wide open on your second floor?"
His head shot back, fear in his eyes. It was more beautiful then you ever imagined. You theatrically hung up the phone, then waved at him with the knife.
"TARA RUN!" He yelled out, as he too, started to run towards the front door. You took your time chasing him. Before you called first, you barricaded the front door. Nobody could leave that way.
He was banging on the door terror in his eyes as you walked slowly closer. "What's your answer Kenty boy?"
"Fuck you!"
"I'm afraid that I can't take that as the right answer…" you said tsking, then you started running at him hand and knife raised. He tried to duck away, but you predicted it and ran your blade through his side. It felt so good! The warmth of his blood that soaked your hand, the scream of pain he let out. It was liberating. "One!" you shivered out, euphoria taking over your body.
You pulled the knife out of his stomach, then kicked him to the ground. He desperately tried to defend himself, failing miserably in it. As you climbed him, he hit your ribs, and tried to pull of your mask. Each attempt he made, you rewarded it with a stab. His blood spilled on your mask, bloodying it. You couldn't contain the laugh that escaped your mouth. You counted the stabs, making sure to reach the target. Blood spilled from his mouth as he writhed under you. Your own blood was pumping in your ear, making you numb. You almost didn't hear the scream that echoed through the house. Your head snapped back up, searching for its source. Even though you didn't want to believe it, you would have recognized that voice from anywhere. Tara was in trouble.
You stood up, kicking his now lifeless body in the process. Then marched your way to where you heard her. As you entered the kitchen, you froze down from confusion. Tara was on the ground, sticking a kitchen knife in someone's neck, whom you saw with Kent two times before. 'So there was a third wheel…' You watched as she took the life of the boy, only looking up at you after she was done, smile on her face. That bloodied smile made you melt. This was a completely new side of her, that you never saw before. The insanity in her eyes was burning, her perfect white teeth shown to you.
"What took you so long?" she asked still smiling, getting closer to you.
"What do you mean?" you asked back. Your voice changer didn't work anymore. Kent probably ruined it.
When she reached you, she took your mask of and kissed you immediately, all softness gone from her. She bit your tongue and pulled you into her smaller body. You were so turned on from her, and you knew she felt it.
"You mean, you wanted me to get to him?" you asked, as you pulled away for a moment.
"We both wanted you to get to him. Our first night together, remember? The Voice in you, overtook you, and made me feel better than ever." she said, as she started undressing you, pulling you upstairs. "Afterwards, we talked freely. You told me everything about your past, so I told you everything too. I told you, how I feel my anger build up until I can't control it. I told you about my first victim, and you devoured me for it! So in return, I decided to help free yourself." she took half a step back looking at you with wild, heart eyes. "I love you."
"I love you too." you said instantly. As her lips crashed on yours, you could only think about you being finally complete. Complete with her, complete with yourself. You picked her up, and carried her upstairs. You dropped her onto the bed, and climbed after her. You were finally free. She liberated you, and you would dedicate your whole life to showing her how grateful you were for that.
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gothicknightz · 2 days
bloodline pt. 3 | ethan landry
Tumblr media
notes: you guys know the drill; read the others before you get here. scream spoilers under the cut & attempted to use a gif that matched the events of each part
(y/n) arrived at the apartment seconds before she heard Mindy making fake retching noises at the sight of Tara and Chad’s flirting, commenting something along the lines of ‘why don’t you two makeout already.’
She chuckled as she yelled, “I agree with Mindy, Chad!”
(y/n) could hear Chad groan from the kitchen as she plopped herself on the couch nearby Anika, “You should be doing that with Ethan by now!”
She threw up the middle finger at him, “That’s gonna get old real quick!”
Sam walked into the kitchen as Chad commented about how it would be a fun little slumber party with the core four.
“Did you just give us a nickname?” Tara had asked, looking up at him.
“I sure did; I mean, we’ve been through a lot together, and, it’s a pretty cool nickname.” Chad smiled, reassuring himself as he leaned up against the kitchen counter.
The girls then teamed up against Chad, saying that the nickname was debatable, and in his defense, Chad said that he could give them a nickname, proceeding to try and attempt a group high five that nobody pitched into.
As the group started playfully bickering about the nickname, Anika and (y/n) noticed on the nightly news that the headline said something about Sam being the target suspect in the recent Ghostface killings.
“Hey, core four?” (y/n) snapped her fingers before looking over at the group in the kitchen, “Bring your asses out to the kitchen, you might wanna see this.”
The news went on about how Sam had ‘attacked’ someone the night prior, and that in the wake of the Woodsboro Ghostface killings last year, rumors started to spread that Sam was the mastermind of it all.
This had gotten to Sam, who turned off the television and stormed off to the dinner table, visibly upset. 
Her sister had followed after her, apologizing for the way that she had been handling the trauma from the killings prior, with Sam breaking down that she was tired of being hated all the time, and treated like she was the villain.
Chad and Mindy then sat at the table, with Chad saying that not a single person in the room had hated her and that the four of them had been through some messed up stuff, and how they all handle it differently. 
Meanwhile, Anika and (y/n) were currently discussing love lives, how Mindy and Anika met, and how everyone equally agreed that (y/n) should make a move on Ethan, since he had supposedly been pining for her since day one.
“Literally everyone notices it,” Anika said, as she hugged a pillow close to her body, “He has these eyes of like, longing, and we all see it. I know you do too.” Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, Anika looked at (y/n), “I don’t get why you don’t act on it.”
(y/n) shrugged, leaning back into the couch, “He’s cute and all, but,” She paused, hearing a faint noise, which sounded like Quinn and her current partner going at it again until the six of them all got a text from Danny showing a picture of Quinn getting attacked by Ghostface.
All of them got up and gathered in front of Quinn’s door, with Sam standing in front of (y/n) protectively as they waited for Ghostface to burst out.
With those words, Ghostface kicked the door open, and Quinn’s body towards the group, with Quinn’s lifeless body falling on Anika as Tara and Chad made their way for the front door.
Mindy muttered some profanities before getting her arm slashed by Ghostface, with Sam and (y/n) backing up as Anika made a charge toward the masked killer to protect her girlfriend.
In response, he grabbed her by the throat and started choking her, then proceeded to pick her up and slam her against the fireplace before his knife subsequently went into her stomach.
Sam then throws a knife block at Ghostface’s head, and that’s when Tara and Chad realize their friends didn’t follow their suit, with the four of them upstairs running into Quinn’s room, in which Sam and (y/n) attempt to keep the door shut as they tell Mindy to go to the bathroom door.
As Mindy makes her way to the bathroom, she notices Quinn’s earlier partner dead and covered in blood in the bathtub, screaming “Oh fuck, that guy’s dead!” Before Ghostface appears at the other end of the door, and (y/n) runs over to help keep it shut.
Sam helps by pushing a set of drawers in front of the door, with Ghostface still attempting to barge in while Danny, across from the apartment window, yells subsequently before whipping out a ladder as some sort of makeshift bridge escape from Ghostface.
Sam and Mindy argue about who will go across the ladder when Mindy brings up that someone has to hold the door, and that she’ll send (y/n) before going after, then sending Anika.
As the three had made their way across the ladder, it was now Anika’s turn to cross, her injuries becoming so painful and unbearable that she was more focused on how much it had hurt her than crossing, despite their many desperate pleas.
Ghostface taunts and teases Anika as she attempts to cross the ladder, with Anika eventually falling off of the ladder, hitting her head on a dumpster, then onto the pavement; with Mindy, Sam, and (y/n) watching the whole thing unfold.
── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
The gang ends up at a shrine within an old movie theatre, led by Gale after Mindy had highly suspected Ethan, taking note that this shrine had all of the evidence and costumes of the victims and previous Ghostface killers, with the addition of a couple of drawings.
After visiting the shrine, they, with ‘they’ being Kirby, Chad, Mindy, Ethan, and (y/n) were in Kirby’s van, currently tracking a call Ghostface had made, with the connection being linked to an apartment on the upper west side.
Sitting on her couch, Gale scrolls through the ‘Woodsboro Truther’ sub on Reddit, looking into more information on who the killers may be and the rumor that started the frenzy around Sam being the mastermind of the 2022 killings.
The phone then rings, which to her boyfriend Brooks replies, “That’ll be our food.” Who is instantly proved wrong when he tells Gale that the call is for her and that it was from the killer.
“Hello, Gale, strange that you and I have never spoken on the phone; this is long overdue.”
“I agree,” Gale responds, in which she whispers to Brooks to call the police.
“I figured, after all these years you’d want an interview.”
“You figured right. So what’s your motive this time? You angry at the movies, or, are you just trying to stay relevant?”
“I could ask you the same. Don’t you know that the legacy characters are disposable now? Nobody cares about last century’s heroes.”
“Then why bother with me at all?”
“Call it nostalgia. Or maybe you deserve to be punished for all that money you made on the misery of others. Maybe it’s time someone made a buck reporting  your death.”
“You know, you’re like the tenth guy to try this, right? And, spoiler alert; it never works out for the dipshit in the mask.”
Ghostface then nabs Brooks, before continuing on to talk about how previous killers Richie and Amber had carved her former lover, Dewey, up like a Christmas goose.
He continues to taunt about how she was never there for the only man who ever loved her at the end, and that she wasn’t going to be able to stop the attack on her before it began, with Ghostface throwing Brooks’ dead body and wiped the blade clean before chasing her.
Eventually, in the end, Ghostface ends up managing to hurt Gale just enough that when paramedics arrive, she has a weak pulse, and she tells Sam and Tara to tell Sidney that Ghostface had never got her before passing out. 
── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
The gang is now in the lobby of Gale’s apartment building, with Danny arriving shortly after; Tara having the quip of whether or not he actually did get here as fast as he could, and Mindy admitting that she was afraid this time.
“I’m scared you guys; I really don’t wanna get hurt again.”
“Neither do I.” Her twin, Chad agrees.
“And I don’t want you getting hurt again, either.”
“I know,” Chad said, as he rested his head on his twin sister’s shoulder.
Chad then questions what the group can do this time, and Sam suggests that maybe, Ghostface gets to win this time; it’s what he wanted anyways. 
Tara then stands up against her sister, and says that it’s their turn to protect her now, and Chad adds in that they are a family now; they’re the core four.
“Isn’t there somewhere safe that we could just, hole up in?” Ethan inquires, to which Tara says that he’s going to keep finding them if they continue to hide.
“I agree with Tara,” (y/n) nods, as all heads turn to her, “The more we hide, the more he knows we’re afraid. We won’t let him get to us; he can’t get to us,” She pauses, crossing her arms, “So why don’t we get him to us?”
“I’m getting my ass chewed out for not dropping the case, and you want me to do what?”
The group was now on speaker phone with Detective Bailey, with Tara formulating a plan to hole Ghostface into his own lair, “We want to lure him to a secure location to trap him inside.”
“And then what?”
“We execute him.”
(this ones a bit short and cut into pieces but i PROMISE there’ll be better action in the next part)
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somekindofpoet · 3 days
Nevermore Grounds
Summary: Reader owns Nevermore Grounds, a Brooklyn coffee shop that Jenna stumbles upon.
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: Language 
A/N: @irish-piece-of-trash thanks for the request my friend! Hope you enjoy this one. Also, is there a Raven cameo from The 100 or is she cleverly named Poe reference? I'll let you decide :)
Tumblr media
Nevermore Grounds
It had been your dream for most of your life to own a coffee shop. To create a space that felt like a hazy dream. Somewhere you could retreat to no matter the weather or circumstance. So that is exactly what you did. You went to school and earned your business degree with a minor in dramatic literature for fun. 
Thus, Nevermore Grounds was born, tucked away amongst the brownstones of Brooklyn.   You had created an atmosphere you never wanted to leave, so you simply did not. You rented the apartment above the shop, ensuring you rarely needed to leave the building if you didn’t want to. The shop had turned into an expression of yourself, with soft leather secondhand furniture, dark bookshelves filled to the brim with every kind of story, and the ever-present smell of espresso grounds. 
Many of the people who frequented your shop were college students or young New York transplants, tapping away at their laptops or tucking themselves on the couch in front of the large fireplace to read one of the many books from the shelves. In every season aside from summer, a quiet crackling fire was lit, the lighting was low, and the atmosphere was warm and comfortable. You kept a small staff of four to six, choosing to barista yourself most days. Most of your employees were also college students, rotating out every few years as they graduated and moved away, thanking you for your companionship and easygoing management. 
It was a particularly nasty day outside, so you let the two on shift head home early, telling them you’d lock up at the end of the day. Usually, customer traffic died down in the late afternoon, giving you the place to yourself. You still had a few hours until you could lock up, but the place was dead empty, so you grab your dog-eared copy of Salems Lot and curl up in front of the fireplace, content to read until you closed.
You’d read the book many times, but you could always get lost in the tale of the small Maine town haunted by vampires. Your eyes were growing heavy as you read, the gray light outside fading as the sun slowly set over the city. The bells jingling from the front door snapped you out of your Stephen King daze, and you jerk your head up toward the sound. A slight girl and two rather large men were shaking the rain from their shoulders, the girl closing an umbrella as she stepped inside. She picks her head up and looks around, frowning in confusion. You sit up further on the couch, catching her attention.
“Oh, uhm, I’m sorry. I thought this was a bookstore.” Her voice is soft and airy, floating across the room.
You stand and smile, “You thought Nevermore Grounds was the name of a bookstore?”
A bashful smile pulls at her lips as she eyes you, “The Grounds bit was slightly confusing, but I saw the shelves,” she gestures at the overflowing books on the wall, “and figured I’d give it a shot.”
You make your way around the counter toward the cash register, and point up at the menu. “I sell coffee. The books are free.”
You know who she is, you knew the moment she spoke, but you decided not to fan girl and just treat her like you’d never seen her before. She seems to appreciate it because she approaches the counter with an intrigued smile.
“I’ll take a coffee then and a book recommendation if you have that too.” 
You glance back at the two men hovering behind her, and she turns to look over her shoulder at them. She turns back to you and shrugs, “They like following me around.”
You raise your eyebrows, playing in to her joke, “I don’t blame them.” You grin at her, your eyes twinkling with mischief, “You want that coffee black? And do they want anything?” You lower your voice to a comedically loud whisper, leaning closer to her over the counter, “Can they speak?”
A surprised smile stretches across her face, showing her teeth and wrinkling her nose. “Only when they smell fear. And I’ll have a latte, actually,” she turns to the men behind her pretending to ignore your conversation, “Billy, Phil, coffee?”
They both light up, their eyes crinkling above their smiles and nodding. She nods once and turns back to you, “Make it three. And the book recommendation?”
You input her charge in the cash register, “That’s six dollars even, Miss…?”
She slides a ten dollar bill across the counter to you, squinting at you, trying to figure out if you’re messing with her or not. You absolutely are, but you’re not going to tell her that. 
“It’s Jenna.”
You nod, “Mhm, and there are no bad books here, they’re all great choices really. Just grab one from the shelf, and I guarantee it’ll be the right one.” 
“They’re all great? That’s a bold assumption.” She says as she wanders over to the closest shelf, running her fingers along the spines.
You busy yourself making their coffee, watching her when you look up. “I should know, they’re all mine.”
She stops and turns back to you, her fingers resting on the top of a paperback, “All of them?”
You nod, looking back down at your work. You’re focused on the foam art, a recent practice you’d picked up during hours when the shop was slow.
Jenna returns to her exploration, humming now and again as she reads the titles. “So you’ve read all of them?”
You walk two of the lattes to the counter, pushing them toward Billy and Phil, “I think so, unless people leave their books here, which happens sometimes. Those ones I haven’t sorted yet.”
You turn back to finish the foam art on Jenna’s drink, smiling down at the picture you’d created. You pick it up gently and walk it to the counter, setting it down and resting your chin in your hand. 
“One latte for Jenna.” You say, smirking at her when she turns toward you. 
She leaves the shelves and approaches the counter, pulling the mug over and looking down at the foam. You’d created a rather detailed image of Thing Addams, and she looks up with a playful frown. 
“So you do know who I am then.” She says as she lifts the cup and leaves the counter, picking through the wayward furniture to a table close to the fire.
You leave your station to follow her and sit on the arm of the couch. “Of course I do. Does anyone not know who you are?”
She shrugs and sips the coffee, closing her eyes to savor the taste. “This is good.” She sips the coffee again, this time keeping her eyes on you.
“I’m glad you like it, or I might have to change professions.”
“You could audition as an actor, you did pretty well fooling me.” She says over her cup.
“Ah, I love New York too much. Plus, I’ve heard actors can be real divas, you know.”
A snicker draws your attention to the two men sitting a few tables away, they’re listening to you openly now, laughing at Jenna’s expense. She pretends to be affronted, but the smile never leaves her face.
“I like to think I’m pretty humble, thank you very much.”
You laugh and stand, heading over to one of the bookshelves. You pull The Bell Jar down, swiping the dust from its cover. 
“Have you read this one?”
She eyes the cover, “Sylvia Plath? Of course I have. Try again.”
You hum, returning the book. Which one to give her, which one? She’s probably read most of them, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Your eyes light up when you find The Song of Achilles, and you bring it to her.
“This one?”
She frowns, looking down at it, and takes it from you. She opens the first page and scans it, flips the book over to look at the back. 
“No. I haven’t read this one.” 
“I’ll leave you to it then,” you say, returning to your spot on the couch. You crane your neck to look at her, “We close in an hour, by the way.”
She tilts her head at you, “Your boss lets you read on the clock?”
You snort, “Yes, she does. She also looks at me in the mirror when I brush my teeth every morning.”
She stares at you, trying to understand, then her face lights up in realization, “Oh, you own this place!” 
“My pride and joy,” you say, opening Salem’s Lot again, grinning at the pages. 
You don’t see the small smile on Jenna’s face as she watches you or the raised eyebrows of Billy and Phil as they watch her.  You do notice when she gets up half an hour later and leaves her empty mug on the counter, then comes back to curl into the armchair to your left, the book still in her hands. You glance up over your book and watch her eyes racing across the page, spellbound. You return to reading your book, but you’re hyper aware of her, just in your peripherals.
A throat clears behind you, making both of you jump. You twist around to see Billy standing behind the couch, his finger on his watch.
“Ms. Ortega, it’s time.” He says, his voice deep and raspy.
Jenna sighs and slides a napkin into the pages of the book, then looks at you. She lifts the book, “Can I take this?”
“Only if you bring it back.”
She nods, one eyebrow raised, “Smooth.”
You shrug, “I do my best.”
She stands and stretches, looking down at you, “I never got your name.”
You get up off the couch and look at your watch, it’s an hour past closing time. You yawn and make your way to the door, opening it for Billy when he follows you. Jenna crosses her arms expectantly, waiting for you to answer.
“Tell you what,” you say, scratching your head and ruffling your hair, “Come back with my book and I’ll tell you my name.”
“And if I don’t come back?” She challenges.
“Then I’m out a book, and a giant missed opportunity.”
She smirks, accepts your answer, and follows her bodyguards out the door. You lean out of the doorframe, watching them climb into a black town car and give them a small wave as they drive down the street. You turn in and lock the door, pulling the shades closed and heading to the register to close it out. As you’re counting the dollars, the gravity of the scenario you’d just lived out slams into you. You’d just flirted with Jenna Ortega successfully for the last two hours. No one was going to believe this.
Two days pass, and your book has yet to be returned. You made a point to be in the coffee shop as often as possible, your eyes are always drawn to the door when it opened. Many faces passed through, but none of them were the one you were hoping for. 
One of your long standing employees, Raven, took it upon herself to poke at you endlessly about it. You had relayed the story to her the day after Jenna showed up, and at first, she didn’t believe you. It wasn’t until she’d read an article about the movie Jenna was shooting in Manhattan that she finally accepted you were telling the truth. 
“Dude, count your losses, she’s not coming back.” Raven’s voice made you jump, pushing yourself off the counter.
“You’re such a pessimist.” You grumble, grabbing the rag you were using before your daydream and returning to wiping down the wooden bar.
“And you’re entirely too hopeful,” Raven says, laughing softly and shaking her head.
You sigh, “Probably. But a girl can dream.”
You head into the storage closet to return the rag, fumbling around for the light. You end up tripping over the mop handle and fall into the bucket, which is still half full. Everything happened so suddenly all you can do is sit in the bucket, your butt soaking wet, and reevaluate your life choices. You consider getting angry and scolding your employees about the importance of cleanliness and organization until you remember you were the one who left the bucket half full and the mop haphazardly strewn to the side. 
When you finally pull yourself together, you realize you’re stuck. You close your eyes and inhale deeply. Of fucking course, your ass is stuck in the mop bucket. Why wouldn’t it be? You were always so lucky. You squirm around trying to find purchase on anything but just end up rolling the bucket around the room, your feet unable to reach the floor. You slump, giving up, and scoot toward the door.
“Uh, kinda busy boss!”
“Raven seriously, right now!”
“We have a customer!”
“Tell them I’m very sorry, but your boss is currently stuck in a FUCKING MOP BUCKET!”
“Oh I don’t think you want to tell them that…”
“Raven!” You throw your hands up, desperate for her help.
You hear footsteps approaching the closet and sigh in relief.
“It’s about time dude, help m-“ 
Your words are cut off as you see who’s come to your aid. It’s not Raven, that’s for sure. You hide your face in your hands as your savior barks out a hard, genuine laugh. Just your luck. The day Jenna comes back, she finds you stuck in a bucket. You think maybe you’ll find whatever god has cursed you and fight them to the death. Raven pops up over Jenna’s shoulder, a pained smile on her face. You shoot her a ‘what the fuck’ look, and she throws her hands up, shrugging and gesturing at Jenna.
“I know this must be truly hilarious, but would one of you please get me out of this damn bucket?!” 
You figure since your pride has dissolved in the soapy water under your butt, you may as well resort to begging for help. You reach both hands out, and Jenna takes one, Raven the other. They pull, finally dislodging you. As you begin to wiggle out, the bucket tips forward, sending you sprawling onto the floor, the mop water dumped on your body. They let go of your hands and begin laughing uncontrollably, both bent over, their legs weak from their giggling. You remain on the floor, questioning the universe and wondering what you’d done to deserve this.
You roll onto your back, any pretense of being cool long gone. “I’m glad you’re both getting such a kick out of this.”
Jenna composes herself first and holds her hand out for you. You take it, and she helps you to your feet. Raven has abandoned the bar, flopping onto the couch, tears running down her cheeks. You finally see Billy and Phil perched at a small table, drinking their coffees and chatting happily. The rest of the shop is empty, due to the hour. Jenna’s hand is hovering near you like she’s unsure if you need her to steady you. You glance down at it, then back to her, blowing your hair out of your face. 
Her brows furrow in a mixture of amusement and concern, “Are you okay?”
You laugh and shake your head, “My pride has been mortally wounded. Other than that, I think I’ll be fine.”
Jenna smiles, nodding, “I brought your book back.”
“Did you like it?” You ask her, trying to hide the hope in your tone.
“I loved it, you were right, it was great.” She says, making her way out from behind the bar and to her purse on a chair near the fireplace. 
She holds it up, showing you it’s been returned safely, and places it back on the shelf. You look down at your soaking wet clothes, dripping onto the floor. You look back up at her, she’s waiting for you to keep your promise from the other night. 
“I’m going to go change, and when I come back, I’ll fill my end of the bargain. And give you another book if you want one.”
She raises an eyebrow but nods intrigued. She sits in the armchair she had been in the other night and makes herself comfortable.
“Hey Ray,” you call out, “can you make Jenna her coffee? And an extra for me, please, the usual.”
Raven drags herself off the couch and salutes you, “Right away, fearless leader.”
You roll your eyes and head to the back of the shop, where the door to your apartment is. You quickly change into dry clothes and hurry back down the stairs, eager to spend more time with Jenna. When you open the door to the coffee shop, Raven is perched on the bar, talking animatedly. The smallest shiver of anxiety passes through you, who knew what horrors Raven had told Jenna. Then again, she had just pulled you out of a mop bucket, so things probably couldn’t get worse. Probably.
Jenna smiles up at you when she catches sight of you, and you can tell Raven has told her something you’re not going to appreciate.
“Raven was just telling me about your recent interest in watching your front door,” Jenna says, her tone poking fun at you.
You cross your arms and shoot a glare over to Raven, who yelps and rolls off the bar and behind the counter. 
“Oh, was she now?” You say, flopping onto the couch.
Jenna laughs, and Raven pops her head from behind the bar. “See, what had happened was I’m a great wingman and figured she should know that you’re a useless lesbian who-“
You twist around on the couch, throwing one arm out, your eyes wide in horror, “Ray what the fuck!”
Raven sinks back below the bar, her fingers slipping off it as she hides from you. You turn back to Jenna, your cheeks burning. She’s leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, her chin resting on her fist. She’s smirking, her eyes burning into you, making you pull at your collar to let out some heat.
“She is a good wingman,” Jenna says, her eyes glinting.
You run your hand over your face, mortified. “She’s a menace, I’m sorry if any of this makes you uncomfortable.”
“If it made me uncomfortable, I wouldn’t have stayed,” she says matter of factly.
Her eyes are still on you, evaluating something you don’t quite comprehend yet. She seems to make up her mind on something and leans back in the armchair, her hands on her knees.
“Do you want to go out with me?”
You raise an eyebrow, curious, “Sure, where?”
She laughs, shaking her head, “No, like, on a date. Would you go on a date with me?”
Your jaw falls open, and you freeze. Your brain has short-circuited, and you can’t for the life of you figure out how to do anything but stare at her in awe. Her smile begins to falter, and the quickest flash of worry crosses her face.
“If you don’t want to, that’s oka-“
“Are you kidding me I’d love to!” You finally begin processing information again and shoot up off the couch. 
You reach your hand down to her, offering to help her off the armchair. She looks at your hand, confused, and looks up at you. You realize she hadn’t meant right at this moment but lean into it.
“Let’s go.” You tell her, your hand still outstretched.
“Don’t you have to work?” She asks, her eyes darting across your face.
“My shop, remember? Plus, my menace of a wingman can lock up, can’t you Ray? Unless you have something else going on this evening?”
Jenna shakes her head and takes your hand. She doesn’t drop it when she stands but interlaces your fingers. It’s a gesture so intimate for someone who was basically a stranger, but it doesn’t bother you. 
“Have you ever walked the High Line?” You ask her, grinning.
Dates in NYC were your specialty, and you knew she’d love it. When she shakes her head no, the decision is made. You look over to her bodyguards and whistle at them.
“Hey boys, there’s enough of me to go around, let’s go on the world's weirdest date!”
Jenna lets go of your hand and tsks, slapping your shoulder with the back of her hand. You are in rare form, recovered from the embarrassment of earlier and riding a high. You’d show her a great time in NYC if it were the last thing you did. 
The bodyguards were courteous and trailed along far enough behind the two of you that you almost forgot they were there. The High Line is a 1.5-mile elevated park lined with gardens and murals, and stunning views of the city. Jenna loves it, as you knew she would. She walks with shocking ease in her high heels, her eyes wide and absorbing everything the city has to show her.  While you walk and take in the surroundings, you talk, getting to know each other better. 
You learn that she prefers New York over Hollywood and that she always wished she could move there. You tell her about the coffee shop and getting your degree at NYU. She talks about the movie shes filming and how much fun she’s having with her cast.
When you reach the elevator that will take you off the High Line above Chelsea Market, you pull her toward it. “I have to show you this place,” you skid to a halt, turning to her, “You do like tacos, right?”
She gives you a deadpan stare, pursing her lips. She doesn’t need to answer, her face is enough. You give her an awkward smile realizing it was a stupid question.
“Right,” you say, “Latina from California…well this place is something different. Its Japanese inspired tacos, one of my favorite places.”
You pull her through Chelsea Market, Billy and Phil closer to your sides, keeping the crowds away. People recognized her, but most of the locals ignored the two of you. Celebrities were nothing new in Manhattan, so most people would stare and then go about their business. You buy her dinner, and the conversation between you is easy and endless. It felt like you had known her forever. When you leave Chelsea Market, Billy taps his watch, his eyebrows raised.
Jenna nods at him and turns to you, “I have to go, but I had a great time with you today.”
You sigh, smiling and nodding your head, “I wish you didn’t, but I get it. Jenna Ortega is in high demand these days.”
She laughs and holds her hand out, “Give me your phone.”
You hand it over with no hesitation and watch her as she types away, her tongue poking out between her lips as she focuses. She hands it back to you, her name in your contact list. Butterflies explode into your stomach as you absorb the information. You look up at her, gaping. 
“Text me, okay?” She says, stepping closer to you.
You nod, unable to speak. She leans in and kisses you gently, her hands pulling at your waist. You take far too long to register, and she’s already pulling back when you find the brainpower to reciprocate. You reach out and pull her back in, kissing her, taking her by surprise. She laughs, her teeth brushing your bottom lip. Billy clears his throat, and she leans back, waving him off.
“I’m serious,” she says, still inches from your face, “text me.”
You smile, “You couldn't keep me from it if you tried.” You peek over her shoulder at Billy and Phil, “Not even your personal beefcakes could stop me.”
Billy barks out a laugh at you shaking his head. Jenna laughs, too, rolling her eyes. 
“Next date is on me. I’ll see you soon.” She blows you a kiss and walks off, disappearing into the crowded sidewalk.
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Tumblr media
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djljpanda · 1 day
I'd have a request, if I can.
Wednesdayx fem!reader where reader is a 17 yo actress.
After the gargoyle fall, Wednesday wakes up in.. A set? That's not Nevermore anymore, people keep calling her Jenna and she's just "wtf??"
Everyone think that Jenna's pranking them but that's not true at all, the only one who actually believes and understands that there's something weird, is Reader.
So Y/N helps Wednesday to finds out how to come back at her world, host her at her trailer, explains to her how to act like Jenna Ortega.
The two of them grew feelings for each other and they even share a kiss (the first one for Wednesday).
When they find out how to fix that mess, they understand that they'll live in two different worlds, they'll never be able to see each other anymore but Jenna need to come back at her home. How this is ending, it's on you :)
I Like This Idea.
You knew Jenna for a good while now so after shooting the gargoyle scene and her acting strange after that. You excused the both of you to her trailer as 'Jenna' sat down in front of you.
"So you are saying you are Wednesday Addams" "Yes, are you the one who brought me here?" "Nope but how can you be Wednesday if you are Jenna?" "I apologize if you think I'm this Jenna but you have to help me get back...your name?" "Y/n L/n and yes we will fix this some how but I need you to do something for me".
It was going to take time for you and Wednesday to find out what truly happen and how to get her back you had to teach her how to be Jenna. So lucky for you the two of you had enough time before recording again. I'm not doing none of that" "But you have to or the government might come in on this".
After more explaining Wednesday was out acting like Jenna as you went to work.
One night Jenna or Wednesday was over at your place as you are the only one who knows what os going on but also the one where she can truly be herself.
As Wednesday was in your living room as she was watching a horror movie on your Tv and you were in your room on your computer trying to figure out what could have happen to bring Wednesday.
As much as you liked Wednesday she was not your Jenna and it hurt you more because before the gargoyle shoot you two have gone on a date together and she had promise another one that night as last time you both left it off with a kiss. You had decided to turn off your computer and to relax for a bit and went to go see what Jen-Wednesday was up to.
You had walked in seeing how she was about to put on another movie when she notice you walked in from your room. "So watcha trying find" "Another movie to watch" "Well how about we just watch some scary stories instead?" "That is alright".
You had put on some scary stories that you and Jenna would watch together when you two would be getting ready to go out. As you were talking about what you had found about Wednesday situation she just stared at you as you rambled on and on about witch craft. Wednesday always liked a girl who was into witch craft. But for the past few days she had be getting feelings that are making her sick but not the "Imma die by vomiting" sickness. She had wondered about till she remember how Enid said she felt when talked about her boyfriend, Was she inlove?
As the video was over you had notice the time and thought it was time to go to sleep as you do have to go over some lines tomorrow. But when you turned towards Wednesday she was starting at you but not like an evil or mean but she looked just like your Jenna in the moment as you remember that was how she looked at you during your guys date.
You got up quickly as you said goodnight and rushed towards your room. Only to be stopped by Wednesday, "Y/n you make me feel all these weird things that I don't like" "Oh well sorry for that-" "But I like weird things that torture me".
In that moment you and Wednesday didn't know how it happen but it did as you parted away from Wednesday lips and in the moment you leaned in for another but soon you remember again that she wasn't Jenna and that broke your heart as you would have to break it to her.
But for another month you two were together like dating together. But than you figured out how to get Wednesday back and first you were happy you can finally bring Jenna back but you would have to leave Wednesday. It was a rough night as you had to tell her but she understood.
So the next night you two were in your bathroom with the bathwater cold and the room dark only lit by candles. "So I will push your head down and I will chant your words and after counting to ten in your head you should rise up to your world", you said looking down at her with your notebook in hand with the words to say. "Y/n before I go I just wanted to say th-thank you for helping me" "No problem Wednesday but can you do something for me when you get back to your world" "What is it?".
"Find me or find my character I should say. Find them and become friends have with them on what we had and that is all I ask" "That does sound awful and that's why I love your way of thinking". "I hope to see you in the next life Wednesday I really do, now this might hurt" "Don't worry I dreamed of someone doing this to me", that is when you shoved her head in the water. You said your chant counting to ten after than letting go as Jenna rose from the bathtub. "Oh hi Y/n I didn't hear you come in" " Well you better hurry you promised you will help me with my lines" "Alright lover girl I'll be out soon just wait for me".
You went outside and as much as you loved how Jenna was back you felt a little bad for Wednesday but you can only hope she can find love in her world.
Wednesday was now heading back to her dorm till she heard a familiar voice. When she checked out her nightmares came true, it was you.
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