figured out a meme to explain the difference between blocking and muting on AO3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blocking someone on AO3 means that they can't comment on your works or reply to your comments elsewhere on AO3.
Muting someone on AO3 means that you won't see their works posted in your search or tag results anymore.
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dear-ao3 · 2 days
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melodicwriter · 3 days
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dontbelasagnax · 23 hours
I find as fandom has assimilated towards a capitalist mindset of consumption, there has been a larger focus on fanart and fanfiction- both in spaces that view creatives as "content creators" and spaces where creatives are seen as writers and authors but lauded similarly to celebrities or deities for gracing the common people with their creations.
This has produced a side effect wherein fanart and, primarily, fanfiction are seen as the Best Forms Of Transformative Works... which means that any other type of transformative work is thrown by the wayside.
There should be no hierarchy of fanworks - every single work is a labor of love (or spite... I see y'all throwing middle fingers to canon 😉) and should be recognized as such. Fandom is a community. It's not a transactional relationship. Everyone contributes and interacts out of shared passions and interests.
If you make podfics, gifs, photo edits, fanvids, fan binding, metas, fiber arts, jewelry, fanmixes, translate fics to another language, run/contribute to a fan wikia or compile lore and resources in other ways: I see, appreciate, and cherish all the hard, love fueled work you put into your creations.
Not to say that fanfic and digital art are over-appreciated (Since I do see that many people are allergic to pressing reblog. It's a community. We're supposed to share and communicate. Lurkers are valid but for the most part, interaction with like-minded people is what fandom is intended for.) but the pedestal they are placed on needs to be lowered. Your favorite artists and authors are real people with real lives. They piss and shit just like you. They work in retail and healthcare and are unemployed due to disability. There is nothing extraordinary about them and they are wonderful human beings all the same. No one is better than anyone else. We're all equals here on this playground.
That said, I think we need to uplift the underappreciated fanworks and creators and give them more attention so they are on equal footing with fanfic writers and fanartists. Reblog the gifsets and tell the creator you're in love with how they colored the gifs, keyboard smash in the tags when reblogging a plush doll someone crocheted of your blorbo, try listening to a podfic on your commute home instead of an audiobook and remember to leave a comment when you get home.
As a final note, I want to give a warm hug to anyone who has sat refreshing tumblr or ao3 hoping that maybe someone will tell them they did a good job. To anyone who has considered quitting their fandom endeavors because their posts or works never get as much attention and love as the rest of the artworks or fics in the fandom tags, your creations are worth making and sharing. Numbers do not equate to quality, nor can they convey how loved your creations are by a given person. Only you can bring your unique sparkle to fandom and your presence is absolutely welcome no matter how big or small, grandiose or inconsequential, important or worthless you think it is.
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penvisions · 3 days
black hole sun {new series masterlist}
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pre-Outbreak! Joel Miller x Waitress! Reader ; Jackson! Joel Miller x Survivor! Reader
Summary: You carry memories of Joel Miller in your heart in the wake of the end of the world, someone who had once been a bright spot in the dull monotony of life.
When you unexpectedly cross paths with him again, he’s no longer the young man you used to share moments with but an unforgiving dark spot that had been corrupted by the new world order.
He’s gone in the blink of an eye once again, showing up months later to settle in Jackson as he’s turned into some convoluted mixture of each. Maybe time and circumstance will allow for you finally tell each other how you feel?
Word Count: undetermined
Warnings: canon typical violence, canon typical language, canon typical gore, past lives, dual pov (both reader and joel), outbreak day events, passage of time, heartbreak, angst, missed oppurtunities, miscommunication, second chances, sexual content, adult content, piv, unprotected piv, smut, moodboard photos do not depict reader completely just conceptually, it more tags to come as the story develops!
A/N: this is something that popped into my head one afternoon and it's stuck like a burr. will be working on this as inspiration and ideas hit!
navigation || joel miller masterlist
**series teaser
taglist: @punkshort @sawymredfox @pedroscurls @pascalssbabyy
@copperhalfcent @jeansjoie @starry-eyes-love @mac-and-cheese21
@ravensmadreads @tuquoquebrute @jessthebaker @hiddenbabynyc
@perfectly-imperfect-me23 @mboogie3
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pep reads: geto suguru – long fics
Tumblr media
But dang, i didnt realise we were all so thirsty for geto the brainrot is so real
☆ as we walk by cerialilith [AO3] [status: unknown ◦ 29/? chapters] [singledad!geto] [slow burn] [eventual smut!] [nocurses!AU] #sweet, softest sugu
He only loves two things in life: the scent of coffee and his daughter. But perhaps he can make a few adjustments.
— In which the single mother across the hall manages to catch Geto’s eye without him realizing it.
☆Temptations by @peachsayshi [AO3/tumblr] [status: ongoing ◦ 5/6 chapters] [ smut!] [nocurses!AU] #sugu treats you RIGHT #pep MELTED Suguru Geto is a playboy. A man who's had more lovers than he can even count. You've never been in a relationship, not even experiencing a real kiss when you first meet Suguru. But the two of you fall for each other, and you know that he's the one you want to experience all your firsts with.
☆ Breathe Me In by lovelied [AO3] [status: completed ◦ 5/5 chapters] [smut!] #pep love this characterization of Suguru Desperate for distraction, a troubled Suguru Geto began inviting you over each night. It began as a casual arrangement, but over time, you found yourself yearning for him in ways you couldn’t quite explain.
☆The good morrow by @temozarela [AO3/tumblr] [status: ongoing? ◦ 2/? Collection of fics] [smut!] #pep’s comfort fic
You narrowed your eyebrows as you felt your body being jolted, large hands gripping your face, and then your shoulders. Groaning softly, you turned in your sleep, trying to make sense of the voice fading in and out of your brain. It didn’t sound like it was from your dream… It was hushed… low… soft…
It sounded like your name.
geto finds you after his defection to say goodbye
☆ Mascara by softsellars [AO3] [status: unknown ◦ 5/7 chapters] [smut!] [tw!cheating] [nocurses!AU] [artist!suguru] #complex reader, patient sugu
You've never been a particularly good person, you're self-aware enough to know it. It's your only flaw, and recently you've actually been working to better yourself.
For example: paying for a 30-dollar Uber so you can take your friend home only for her to ditch you for some guy when it comes down to it. Although you’re pissed, you decide to try and make the best of it instead of get into a screaming match with her.
It's an easy thing to do when Getou Suguru is offering you everything to do just that. Everything a party entails: liquor, weed, and sex with a perfect stranger.
And Getou knows perfectly well you have a boyfriend, so it's not like he'll want anything serious.
***Porn with a little plot
☆ Whisper of the Petals by @nanamis-baker [tumblr!] [status: on going ◦ 2/? chapters] [slow burn] [College!AU] #SO SO SWEET #sugu with dumb feelings
A mystery blooms on your doorstep. A breathtaking bouquet of white flowers, a silent whisper of apology... but it's not for you. Delivered under the name of a man so handsome he takes your breath away, the mix-up sets your heart racing.
Fate seems determined to keep throwing you together, and soon you're caught in a whirlwind of chance encounters and undeniable chemistry. It was almost as if it was trying to bring you together. ☆ AFFECTION'S EDGE by @rush-the-stars [AO3/tumblr] [status: completed ◦ 3/3 chapters] [omega!verse] #THE INTENSITY?!
“You’ve got it all wrong,” he murmurs, “but what am I to expect from a stray like you? You’ve lived off scraps and abuse your whole life; of course you don’t know what to do now that I’ve given you food and shelter.” Suguru’s fingers ease up towards your neck as he continues, “a warm bed to lie in. Toys to play with. A collar—so you’ll never be lost again. No one’s ever given you this before, hm?”
*** Suguru tries to tame you.
☆ Musubi by Penrose_Quinn [AO3] [status: unknown ◦ 2/? chapters] #LOVE THE CHEMISTRY
Then there was a quiet shrewdness in the way he carried himself. You would call it cocky, but this one proved to be more poised and collected on how things would unfold for him. Framed with the anchor of his composure, legs stretched out in front of him but not overly laid-back, and his mind – whatever unfathomable brilliance that dwelt underneath – was unperturbed, self-assured. You wouldn’t claim to have known him entirely though like this, Suguru looked more like himself. “But you won’t disappear,” he concluded. “Not yet anyway.” You gave in to a hum. “You’re really making it tempting for me to leave you hanging on nothing.” Suguru listened, waiting. His pursuit was a game of patience and you chased after the gamble.
Or: the string of each encounter was an entanglement to what brought you closer to him, twisted in each other’s darkness, torn and tied back together throughout the years.
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haley-harrison · 2 days
Tumblr media
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tamyvanvoreen · 2 days
Tumblr media
I have so many unfinished drawings, as soon as I can I will be publishing them😞
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er3mo · 2 days
love that moment when a fanfiction becomes your entire life. youre a psychopath
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Newlywed!Nanami Kento x Reader
one-shot domestic fluff and smut, also on ao3
Nanami thought he couldn’t love you any more than he already did. That is, until he saw you with that delicate band on your ring finger, nestled against the diamond promise he had made you. His wife.
He thought he couldn’t be any prouder to be yours until he felt the weight of the gold band on his own finger, the way it caught the light and pressed against the softness of your hand when he held it. Your husband.
Now that you were married, he took every opportunity to call you his. “I’m waiting for my wife.” “One vanilla latte for my wife, please.” “Excuse me, I need to call my wife.” He’d be quietly thrilled each time in a way that only you could notice, a squeeze of your hand or a dust of pink on his cheekbones.
This new joy of being yours carried over into everything. He would slide over your cup of tea in the morning, made just the way you like it, with a lovestruck smile on his face. “Tea for my bride.”
He’d come home tired from work, his hair messy and his suit rumpled, and brighten like the sunrise when he saw you. “Welcome home, my husband.”
In your shared bed, tangled under the covers in sleepy bliss, he’d press soft kisses to the inside of your wrist, trailing his lips up to where your ring sparkled. “All mine,” he’d whisper, kissing it.
In your most intimate moments, he would moan the title like it was a prayer. “My wife,” sighed into your neck. “I’m all yours,” murmured between your thighs. He would slide his ring finger into you, thumb planted on your clit, and watch in adoration as you slicked his wedding band with arousal. He would put it in your mouth, trembling as you cleaned him off. His wife’s mouth, his bride’s tongue... Spit-shined gold on your husband’s hand.
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knifknightkorner · 2 days
Ellie has to take Danny’s core inside of her to incubate after his parents tortured him. 
Ellie would probably be 16+ in this, around there idk maybe a bit older. I've been reading a lot of pregnant Danny aus and haven't seen anything like this. I already wrote part of the first chapter because I have no self control.
More stuff about the au>>
Ellie moves to Gotham with two friends she made during her travels. She moves to Gotham because of the ambient ectoplasm in the air. Her two friends are Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (Pamela Isely).
Ellie takes up the name Elana Isely-Quinn and becomes a ghostly rogue called Poltergeist. Ellie doesn’t stay off of the Bats’ radars for long. 
Ellie has to deal with her self-worth issues and the mental issues that arise when being an incubator for your blueprints. 
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mrs-apocalypse · 2 days
Please stop posting on AO3 with “I need help finding this fic…” works. I’m seeing this a worrying amount and I fear that it’s due to a very modernized social media view of how AO3 works. Archive of Our Own is an ARCHIVE, not a search engine. You can go on Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, etc for help finding a fic, but AO3 is intended specifically for fanfiction and fanfiction ONLY. Not only is it against policy, but it is also frustrating to people searching through tags only to find several slots filled with fic searches.
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dear-ao3 · 3 days
Tumblr media
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why does it comfort some people or bring them joy/excitement to imagine their favorite characters in terrible situations and being hurt physically or mentally? wouldn’t you want your favorite characters to be happy and safe?
I’m sure I’ve seen this exact ask being sent to another writing blog before, so seeing one in my own inbox was a little surprising. but anyway, I’ve said this before, but I don’t mind saying it again because lots of people seem to still be confused about this; the enjoyment of imagining or seeing fictional characters in terrible situations in which they are hurt and/or scared is called whump. people who enjoy whump tend to express their interest through art, such as drawings, writings, etc. whump has a community on several online platforms, as well as here on Tumblr. we are simply known as “whump community”.
moving on to your question, “why does it comfort us to imagine our favorite characters in agony?” — there is no definitive answer to the question, because different people enjoy whump for various, different reasons, and all of these reasons are valid. however, what I can give you is some examples of the reasons why people enjoy whump
reasons why people like whump:
some people use whump as a reflection of what they’ve been through, and they let their trauma out by channeling the trauma through fictional characters. to make it as simple as I can, some people use whump as a coping mechanism to help them heal from any traumatic events in their lives.
while whump is indeed about pain, it can also be about the comfort (the healing process) that comes after the pain. I personally known several people who heal by writing whump stories in which their favorite characters went through and survived terrible things that happened to them. the comfort part of the whump was used as a symbol of hope for these people, in the sense that they hold on to the idea that if these fictional characters can survive horrible things that happened to them, they (the writers) can survive and heal too.
some people use whump as a way to let out their frustration, trauma or pain. an abuse victim may fantasize about hurting their abuser back by creating a fantasy world in which their favorite character was hurt, but later healed and/or get their revenge.
it’s also worth mentioning that one doesn’t have go through their own trauma in order to be able to enjoy whump. 
some people like whump where their favorite character is hurt because they just Want to Hurt These Little Guys. 
some people like whump where their favorite character is hurt because they like the part where their favorite character gets comforted and is nursed back to health after they are rescued.
whump that’s followed by comfort (whump with a happy ending) is valid.
whump that has no comfort (whump without a happy ending) is also valid.
because whump is a genre, just like how lots of people like horror movies just for the sake of liking them. 
the term whumperflies is used to describe the euphoric feeling a person experiences while watching, drawing, writing or reading a whump scenario that hits right in the feels. for lack of better comparison, some people experience whumperflies that come close to an orgasm, whether or not whump is a sexual thing to them (some may enjoy whump as a form of kink, while some may enjoy whump for reasons that aren’t sexual at all). for some, whumperflies are these tingling sensation in the chest and/or the stomach, for someone else, whumperflies is like when you ride a rollercoaster and the ride is going down from its highest stop. there's no wrong way to experience whumperflies, as different people describe and experience them differently.
so, yes, some people may enjoy whump just for the euphoria whumperflies bring. and some people — myself included — can’t get whumperflies unless the character that’s going through pain is their most favorite character; it’s like… because you love this character so much, you’re so connected to them, you're so emotionally invested in them that you can only get whumperflies if it’s them going through the torture, meanwhile other characters just don’t make you feel half as strongly.
and that’s explain why people in the whump community prefer their favorite characters to be the ones going through hell.
and again, just like how movies have different genres, whump is a genre — people who like whump aren’t “freaks” or “red flags” in real life, even if they like whump for reasons that aren’t about coping mechanism. whump is a genre and a form of art, and most importantly, whump is fiction. it’s not real.
I do understand why people who aren’t into whump tend to be confused by the concept of whump, and I do understand why these people think being a fan of a fictional character only means wanting said fictional character to be safe and happy, which is why whump is not for everybody, and that’s okay too.
the thing is there is no wrong way to be a fan of something that’s fictional, you can like this fictional character so much you want to see them cry and covered in blood for whatever reasons, and that’s okay. as long as you’re not hurting anybody in real life.
there’s nothing wrong or abnormal about people who enjoy whump, just like how there’s nothing wrong or abnormal about people who like horror movies. it’s fiction and it’s a form of art. and I believe everybody is allowed to express and enjoy their interests through art in whichever way they want, as long as they’re not harming anybody in real life.
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hana-loves-bumblebees · 4 months
“Is it okay if I draw fanart of your fanfic?👉🏼👈🏼”
My brother in Christ we shall have a spring wedding
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faeriekit · 7 months
"This fic was ai generated—" Cool, so lemme block you real quick
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