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Tumblr media
Shield and their first PPV
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Via @Redlight24fps
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Tumblr media
warning: Smut (+18)
She currently served as a physical therapist for the WWE, her work quickly capturing the attention of the towering 6 ft 3 wrestler. From the moment their eyes met, a spark ignited. Vivid fantasies consumed his mind and he imagined himself held captive in the curves of her thick thighs, her hands helplessly pinned above her head while she begged for his touch.
Although his thoughts of her were lustful, genuine feelings lingered below. Roman's approach, however, focused on the pursuit of feeling her warm, wet walls around him.
Reclining on the table he had specifically ordered for these sessions, Roman's anticipation ate him up as he awaited her arrival. His hamstring troubles had forced him to not perform at the best of his abilities, he was looking forward to the relief her skilled hands would bring to his aching muscles.
As he mindlessly scrolled through Instagram, he was interrupted by her entrance into the room. He watched her appreciatively, taking in the sight of her pretty, black curls claw-clipped into a wild bun, much like his. Soft tendrils of hair dangled near her sideburns. She had done a quick wash and go and was proud of herself for making it look as good as it did.
She exuded a quiet confidence, her small frame enveloped by the vibrant hues of her floral scrubs.
"Thanks again for coming to my house to do this. I know today was your day off," he acknowledged, his voice portraying a hint of gratitude tinged with longing.
"No, it's fine. I didn't have anything better to do," she replied with a soft smile and a shrug. Honestly, if anyone else had asked her to do so, she would’ve immediately denied. But, in this case, every fiber of her being yearned for his presence. She found herself captivated by him, his presence easily invoking a mix of emotions that she struggled to contain.
He carefully placed his phone on the table and flipped onto his stomach. He crossed one arm over the other and laid his head comfortably on top of his arms.
Each time he felt her touch, it felt like electric shocks hummed through his veins. He often found himself battling the urge to pull her close, taken over by the need to explore every single part of her body.
"You know, just because you're here to work doesn't mean you have to wear those little flowery scrubs." he teased, a playful grin dancing on his lips.
Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and amusement, a nervous laugh slipping past her lips as she dispensed a dollop of oil into her palms, rubbing them together with practiced ease.
"I'll keep that in mind for next time," she replied, her voice laced with a hint of self-consciousness as she prepared to begin.
As her hands glided up the smooth fabric of his basketball shorts, she couldn't help but notice the subtle tension in his muscles. She was sure she was just as tense as him though. But despite her nerves, she focused intently on her task, determined to ease his discomfort.
With each skilled movement of her hands, soft groans of pain and pleasure slipped from him as she melted his knots away.
Her arousal was coursing through her veins, her touch both tender and purposeful. Just touching him was leaving her breathless.
By the time she finished working on his legs, she found herself soaked, her mind reeling from the intoxicating mix of his muted groans and the scent of his skin. She found it almost impossible to resist him.
As he rose from the table, she couldn't help but admire the newfound grace in his movements, the progress they had made together over the past weeks was tremendous. His praise washed over her like a wave, filling her with a pride and accomplishment she hadn't known before.
"Your hands are like magic," he murmured appreciatively with a small grip on her shoulder. His touch sent a shiver down her spine.
"Thanks," she replied softly, another nervous giggle bubbling up from within her as she gathered her belongings, almost running away from the tension between them.
With a final glance, she turned and made her way toward the stairs, the weight of his gaze lingering on her like a caress. As she disappeared from view, she couldn't shake the feeling that it would somehow, someway be a while before she would start heading home.
She found herself lost in the sensual melody of "Earned It" by The Weeknd as she placed the massage oils in the cabinet. She had realized she'd been over to his house a lot more often to treat him, so she figured why not keep them here to maintain his plan of care.
Glancing at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't help but fuss over the loose tendrils of hair, each rebellious strand mocking her efforts. The bobby pins seemed to have a mind of their own, failing to secure the unruly locks in place.
With a heavy sigh, she rested her hands on the cool marble countertop, feeling the weight of frustration settle upon her shoulders. The pressure mounted as she attempted to tame her hair, her fingers fumbling with the stubborn strands.
She paused to catch her breath, dipping her head down and closing her eyes, searching for any sign of composure amidst the sexual tension. Was it truly the bobby pins that troubled her, or was she just frustrated? Frustrated with the way the Samoan man was engraved in her mind.
As she continues to fight her silent battle in front of the mirror. Roman had other plans..
Her heart skipped a beat as strong arms encircled her waist from behind, pulling her into an unexpected embrace. Keeping her eyes closed, she threw her head back, trying to figure out if this was just a figment of her imagination or reality.
"Roman, wait..." she murmured, attempting to break free from his grasp, but his hold remained firm, a silent insistence that she stay.
"Let's not pretend that you don't want me," he interjected with a sly grin, his hands venturing beneath her shirt to explore the contours of her stomach.
She finally opened her eyes, meeting his. The weight of his gaze put her in a trance.
Her breath hitched as he turned her to face him. With trembling hands, she traced a tentative path down his now bare chest, each touch eliciting a low groan of pleasure from him. Pressed against the cool surface of the sink, her senses heightened by the heady scent of his cologne and the warmth of his skin against hers.
With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she slid his shorts down, her fingers lingering over the tantalizing curve of his hips. As she began to stroke him, his hips moved in sync with her rhythm. The soft caress of her hand had him weak-kneed.
Her pussy grew wetter with each stroke, she couldn't help but softly moan at his easy submission. With a sense of power she had never known before, she brought him to the brink of release, his ragged breaths and whispered pleas urging her on.
“Don’t stop, please,” he whimpered with his eyes locked in on her own. His hands reach behind her, placing them on the counter, knuckles almost turned white at the grip while his precum dripped down her fingers and into her palm. She literally had him in the palm of her hands melting like chocolate.
“Mmm, but you don’t want to finish like this daddy. I know you don’t..,” she moaned while slowing down her strokes. He smirked and so did she, they knew exactly how to drive each other wild.
He grabbed her hand and took her finger into his mouth tasting himself, his precum lathering his tongue. He moaned softly staring deeply into her eyes as he stuck his tongue out and danced it around her fingers.
A moaned escaped her throat as she watched. She had never seen something so sexy in her life and the fact that he was staring into her soul while doing so was enough to make her juices slowly drip past her lips and down her thighs.
He chuckled darkly as he watched her fall into a trance and turned her around to face the mirror. With a hunger, he stripped away her scrubs, revealing the full extent of her beauty in the soft glow of the bathroom light. As he used his teeth to remove her panties, she gasped at the soft drag of the lace against her smooth skin, her body thrumming as he slid off the thin piece of clothing.
With each touch, each caress, she felt herself unraveling in his arms, her desire for him reaching a fever pitch. As he rid her of her bra, she surrendered herself completely to the moment, her body trembling with pleasure as they got lost in each other.
As his hands explored her torso, she basked in his touch, each caress leaving trails of goosebumps.
When he eased himself inside her, she couldn't help but gasp at his girth. It was as if every nerve ending in her body had come alive. His size stretched her in a way that both thrilled and challenged her, almost pushing her over the edge with each thrust.
Roman paused, his movements becoming slow and deliberate. His gaze, dark with desire, bore into hers through the mirror. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, the sight of her was so fulfilling.
"Damn, girl," he murmured huskily as he began to move, his hips setting a rhythm that matched the frantic beat of her heart. His thrust sent waves of pleasure crashing over her, building the tension between them to an almost unbearable intensity.
With every touch, every stroke, he worshipped her body as if it were a precious work of art, his hands exploring every curve with a reverence that made her heart swell. And when he finally wrapped his fingers around her throat, applying just enough pressure to send her into a state of euphoria, she couldn't help but whimper.
"Say my name, baby," he growled, his voice a rough whisper.
And as she complied, her voice barely a breathless murmur, he rewarded her with a slow, sensuous kiss behind her ear that left her head spinning and her body aching for more.
"Louder," he demanded, his fingers teasing her clit with a skill that bordered on torture. And as she cried out his name,
"Daddy!" her voice echoed in the bathroom, he knew that he had finally broken through her defenses, unleashing a raw passion.
Their bodies moved together in a symphony, sounded like one too. Her pussy gushed, making the sweetest sound. The wettest sound.
His middle finger continued to move in mind-numbing circles. Her body wanted to crumble forward but he held her throat with a tight grip, a grip that kept her stable.
"Give me my nut baby, it's mine. I want it over my dick.", he whispered behind her ear, placing a gentle kiss on her shoulder while he gave her some not-so-gentle strokes.
With him hitting her g-spot and rubbing on her clit, she felt her climax approaching. Her breathes with getting shorter, her curls were sticking to her forhead, and this man was tearing her up.
And when she finally reached her peak, her release crashed over her. He followed close behind, his own climax tearing through him with a force that left him gripping onto her body for dear life.
They stood together in the quiet, their breaths echoing throughout the room. She leaned into his embrace, their bodies entwined, the lingering heat between them melting into a shared warmth as they savored the aftermath.
His lips trailed feather-light kisses along her neck, before pulling away. A soft whimper escaped her lips at the loss, a smile forming as their eyes locked silently.
With a turn, she reached for him again, her arms enveloping his neck, drawing him into an embrace. Their lips met in a deep kiss.
As they pulled away, their breaths mingling in the stillness, he tenderly brushed his thumb against her parted lips.
"How about we go another round, baby girl," he murmured, his voice low and husky. She smiled, feeling her core tingle once more.
"Mmm, I like the sound of that." she hummed in agreement, her voice tinged with anticipation as she leaned in closer to him.
Hope y'all liked this! Please excuse any and all mistakessss, thanks!!! lololol
Tags: @harmshake @southerngirl41 @spritelucozade @empressdede @alichesmi @kumapassion @msbigredmachine @theninthwonder @mzv11 @wrestlingprincess80
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Bloodline Members When Pregnant Wife Has Midnight Cravings
Characters: Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa. x Fem!Reader.
Word Count: 2,497
A/N: When I thought about this I instantly knew I wanted to write it for the Bloodline. And I'm never gonna stop writing for this type of Bloodline. Freak whatever it is now. Anyways, Hope You Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Roman Reigns:
Tumblr media
You woke up to nothing, but silence and darkness.
You let out a little groan, turning your head to the side to your nightstand to see it was 2:10 AM. All of a sudden through the silence your stomach growled.
Your face twisted up, your 6 month baby kicking, begging for food. You turned your head to the side again and saw Roman peacefully sleeping with his hand on your stomach.
You desperately wanted something to eat to help you and your baby before going back to sleep, but Roman was sleeping and you don't wanna wake him up.
After he main evented WrestleMania and lost his title after 1,300 days, you wanted nothing more, but for him to sleep after all the hard work he has done.
You looked around the room. The TV was on Netflix asking 'Are You Still Watching?' maybe if you turned on a random show he wouldn't hear you leaving the room. You searched for the remote and found it underneath the blanket before turning on something random.
You carefully slid his arm off your bump and slowly made your way up and out of bed. Little breathes and grunts were heard in the room as you pushed yourself up and when you did, you cheered, before hopping up.
Your feet hit the wood floor and pattered all the way downstairs and to the kitchen. You were very careful going down the steps, holding onto the railing for dear life.
You shouldn't even be going there with no help anyways, but what Roman doesn’t know won't hurt him. He's been super overprotective when it comes to you and the baby, practically doing everything for you, so you won't have to lift a toe.
You made it to the kitchen, walking around and opening up cabinets to see what snack would reel you in and a cabinet later, Cool Ranch Doritos caught your eyes. You grabbed them, slowly opening the bag so you wouldn't make much noise.
You didn't really turn up the volume on the TV that loud, so it was all to you to be stealthy.
Once you got them open you did a little celebration dance. You took a chip out and took a bite. You let out a moan as the seasoning hit your tongue. This is just what you needed at 2:20 in the morning
You picked up another chip and as soon as you were about to put it in your mouth, the clearing of a throat caught you. You jumped, dropping the chip and whipping around only to see your husband.
He stood there, arms crossed over his chest with a disapproving look. "What do you think you're doing out of bed?" He asked, making his way around the island. You looked up at him, batting your eyelashes to seem innocent. "The baby was hungry, so I came down for a mid snack."
Roman took a small breath. He wasn't mad at you, he couldn't be, but the thought of you going down the steps with no help made him worried.
"Okay, but why didn't you wake me up? I could’ve gotten you something." You avoided his eyes, looking down at the bag. "I wanted you to rest. You've been working so hard and I didn't want to make you get up."
Roman sighed, grabbing the bag and putting them on the counter before his hands circled around your waist, pulling you close. "Baby, I don't care how long I've worked, wake me up. You know how I feel about you going down them steps without any help."
You nodded your head, letting Roman guide you back near the steps, but you stopped him. "Wait!" He paused. "Can you get the chips?" Roman chuckled as he got your bag of chips and helped you up the steps.
Now, his next mission is to make your nightstand a snack drawer and put a mini fridge nearby so you can have everything you need and want without getting up.
Tumblr media
Jimmy Uso:
Tumblr media
The sound of your stomach growling woke you up. It was loud and hurting as your baby kicked and moved for food.
You were about 7 months pregnant and your cravings have been getting weirder and weirder each month. Last month you wanted pickles and pancakes and the month before that you were obsessed with toast with ranch.
Yeah, nasty, but you were enjoying it. But tonight was simple. You yearned for a Burger King wrap.
You looked over at your husband who was sleeping on his back, his mouth open as he breathed in and out. He looked so relaxed.
"Jimmy." You called out quietly, but he didn't move. "Jimmy." You tried once more, but still he didn't wake up. You began shaking his body, repeatedly calling his name. "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Baby, wake up. I'm hungry."
Jimmy finally woke up. "W-what?" He groggily asked, rubbing sleep out his eyes. "I'm hungry." He looked at you and then the clock. "Really? It's 4 in the morning!" He groaned out.
He knew he would get up either way, but wanted you to know what time it was that you got him leaving the house for something to eat. "Please, Jim! I'm really craving a Burger King wrap." Jimmy shook his head in shame as he got up and slipped on some sweatpants and his Nike slides.
“That's all you want? A wrap?" You cheered, sitting up. "Yes please, and some pink lemonade!" And with your order, Jimmy left going to his car and driving all the way to Burger King. He decided to go inside since nearly every time he ordered at the drive thru, they got something wrong.
As he opened the door he caught the eye of an old friend. "Kofi, is that you?!" Kofi turned around and saw Jimmy, a smile coming to both of their faces. "Aye, man, what'chu doing here at 4 AM?" Kofi asked as Jimmy remembered. "Y/n's cravings again. She wants a chicken wrap." Kofi chuckled. "Sounds like her. Anyways, how has WrestleMaina treated you?"
As the two began to talk about WWE, Jimmy forgot what he was even in there for until his stomach growled. "Oh, I'm a little hungry. I'll talk to you some other time, Uce." Jimmy said to Kofi as he went up to order something. He got him a burger before getting back in the car and going home.
He opened the door and was instantly met with you standing there with a smile on your face. "Food!" You cheered, your hands out, but that made Jimmy freeze.
Your food.
That's what he was supposed to be getting.
Your smile dropped as you saw there was one bag and no drink. "Where's my food?" You quietly asked him as Jimmy still stood there.
He was very careful with his words as he broke the news to you. "Babe, I'm so sorry. I forgot-" Jimmy didn't even finish his sentence as your eyes teared up. You were really looking forward to a wrap and pink lemonade.
Jimmy put the bag down and pulled you into a hug. "No, no, please don't cry. I-I'll go get your food, just don't cry." Jimmy pleaded.
Curse your stupid hormones for making you feel this way over food.
“Please." You begged as Jimmy broke away. "Okay, stay here. It won't take long, I promise." Jimmy said, placing a kiss on your forehead and rushing back out to Burger King.
Like promised, it only took about 20 minutes and he was already back home, but when he didn't see you standing in the living room waiting for him, he thought you went to sleep, but when he walked through the hallway and turned the corner to your shared room, he saw you on the bed with HIS burger wrapper ball up.
You looked up at him with your mouth full of food, an apologetic look on your face. "Sorry, I was really starving."
Although Jimmy really wanted that burger, he couldn't be mad at you. He handed you your food and drink and watched as you happily ate.
Tumblr media
Jey Uso:
Tumblr media
"Jey?" Jey's eyes opened at the sound of his name being called. You sat above him, a hand on his chest. "Yeah?" He asked, looking at you.
You had this innocent look to which he knew you were about to ask for something. "The baby's hungry, can you get me something to eat?" Jey let out a sigh as he sat up, kicking his legs over the side of the bed. "What are you craving?" He asked.
You shrugged your shoulders not really feeling the need for a specific food. All you know is that you’re hungry . "I dunno? I just want something." Jey chuckled.
"Fast food or homemade?" You quickly answered. "Homemade." Jey nodded his head going to the kitchen and looking at what y’all had. He found some Ramen noodles, deciding to cook it for you. It was warm, a little salty, and something that will get you full.
He went back into the room with the bowl, bringing it to you. "Ramen for you." He didn't even get to put the bowl on the nightstand before you spoke. "Actually, I don't want that." Jey's brows furrowed. "Well, what do you want?" He asked, holding onto the bowl. "It doesn't matter, but not noodles." Jey took note and returned back to the kitchen.
He looked through the cabinets again and found bread. The thought of French toast came to mind. Instead of eating something salty you'll have something sweet.
He was quick to make that and came back to the room, a smile on his face. "Here's some French toast, baby." You took the plate, stabbing the toast with the fork he gave you and took a bite.
A moan of satisfaction came out of you as the sweet syrup hit your tongue. "Mm, this tastes so good!"
Jey nodded proudly, going to his side of the bed and not even 5 minutes later you were calling out his name. "Jey?" Jey looked at you to see a different look on your face. "Don't be mad, but I kinda don't want this either."
Jey closed his eyes, trying to control himself from getting upset. "So what do you want now?" You thought about it for a second before answering. "McDonalds?" Jey got up and put his crocs on. "The regular?" You nodded and Jey left.
He went all the way to McDonalds which was 10 minutes away and got your favorite thing and drink, but on his way home his phone dinged. As he reached a red light he quickly took a peek at the notification and saw a text from you.
'Change of plans, don't want McDonald's, feeling Burger King rn.'
Jey growled in slight anger. He just got the food and was halfway home, but now he has to turn around and go to Burger King. Even though he was a little mad he turned around and went to Burger King, getting your classic order.
Once again, he drove back home and opened the door, but you were already standing there, a small smile on your face. "Jey?" He silently pleaded you weren't gonna say what he thought you were.
"I actually want Dominos." And there it was. It took everything inside him to hold back the words he wanted to say.
He quietly left the house and got back into the car which scared you. You know he's tired and wants to get back in bed, but he's gonna keep going out until you get what you truly want.
He pulled up to dominos, but before he got out the car, his phone rang. He saw your name and quickly answered it. "What is it now?" You were silent for one second before telling him.
"I'm thinking about a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A instead of pizza." He's tried. Jey had tried holding it in for so long, but this was his final straw.
Not only were you pissing him off, but you were stressing him out. You got him running all around to different fast food places only for you to call it off for a new one. He was kinda done.
"Are you serious, Y/n? I've driven to 3 different fast food places only for you to change your mind every time. I'm tired and want to go to bed, so please for the love of my Dad, make up your mind." As Jey finished his sentence it was quiet on the other end.
He didn't want to make you cry, but he was so tired and wanted to go back to sleep. "I'll eat what we already have." And with that, Jey hung up going back home.
When he got to the bedroom he saw you looking happy as you stuffed your face with food. He slid back in bed, finally going back to sleep.
Now you both were happy.
Tumblr media
Solo Sikoa:
Tumblr media
It was 1:00 in the morning when you woke up, craving something sweet, but salty. You called out your husband's name once and he rose up like Undertaker.
"Solo?" He was up, eyes locking onto your form. "Hm?" You hummed. "I really want something sweet and salty." You pouted, looking up at him through your lashes in hopes to somewhat seduce him to get out of bed and get your snack.
“What do you want? A snack or meal?" You shrugged your shoulders. "You choose for me, as long as it's-" Solo quickly joined in. "Sweet and salty, yeah, I know.” You both chuckled as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and put on his shoes.
It was only 5 AM. This is usually his normal time to wake up for the gym, but because of WrestleMania, he was granted 2 weeks off along with the rest of his family.
He didn't have a single problem with going out at any time of night to get you something you and the baby craved for and he made sure you knew that.
Solo locked up the house and outside on the sidewalk all the way to the corner store. It's a good workout and it only takes him about 10 minutes to get there.
Solo instantly went to the chip section and picked up a bag of caramel popcorn. It was sweet, salty, and crunchy, all to which you would love right now. He picked up a couple of bags along with a drink and went to the counter and paid for it.
He did a small jog back home and met you with your awaited treats. "Got you some caramel popcorn and your favorite." You cheered, clapping your hands before pulling him in for a kiss. "Thank you, thank you, baby!" Solo smiled as he watched you open the bag and pop one in your mouth.
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He was looking at his father like this is the 5-year-old Joe looking at his hero
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Beautiful photographs moments of Roman
Credit 📸: redlight24fps
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ballerina skills.
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Tumblr media
Hollywood Roman commencing 🎬
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
⸻ Good morning to Roman Reigns only
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Roman and low quality photos are a dangerous combo 🤤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Always touching
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Behind the scenes of WrestleMania 40 (April 6-7, 2024)
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Tumblr media
warning: none :), just a jealous man..
And I love making you jealous but don't judge me And I know I'm being hateful but that ain't nothing..
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
Roman's question sliced through the air once Jimmy had exited his dressing room. He was the last one to exit after a brief post-show gathering, which allowed you both to have a private conversation.
You settled onto the couch, wearing a smirk that practically screamed mischief.
"What are you talking about?" you asked innocently.
Roman shook his head before pulling his shirt over it and giving you a pointed look.
"What are you talking about?" he mocked. You giggled, unable to contain your amusement.
"I'm talking about you flirting with my family, right in front of me at that.", he side-eyed you with a threatening look.
You waved away his concerns with a dismissive flick of your hand. "Oh, that? That was just a little friendly banter."
Roman's expression darkened at your casual explanation. "Friendly banter? That didn't look like 'friendly banter' to me."
You shrugged, a mischievous glint dancing in your eyes. "I was just being polite. You know me, always the charmer."
"Charmer, huh?" Roman muttered under his breath as he shrugged into his hoodie, clearly unconvinced.
But let's cut to the chase. You knew exactly what you were doing. Jimmy was undeniably attractive, and the mere sound of his voice sent a flush of warmth to your cheeks.
You couldn't resist the thrill of making Roman squirm with jealousy, especially knowing how rare it was to ruffle his typically composed demeanor. Well.. it was always easy to ruffle Roman's feathers but Joe is always calm, cool, and collected.
Roman was a different kind of beast compared to Joe's gentle demeanor. So any chance you got to actually experience his roughness, you'd take it. It was just the icing on the cake.
"Come on," Roman's voice cut through your thoughts, his tone firm as he slung his work bag over his shoulder. "I was planning on taking you out to dinner tonight, but since you seem to enjoy pushing my buttons, I think it's time for a lesson in respect.", he angrily whispered against your ear.
Did you mention how much you loved making him jealous?
We love a little short and sweet read!
Tags: @harmshake @southerngirl41 @spritelucozade @empressdede @alichesmi @kumapassion @msbigredmachine @theninthwonder @mzv11 @wrestlingprincess80
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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