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-Via @Redlight24fps
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⸻ Good morning to Roman Reigns only
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Kevin has some suggestions for the Bloodline's new digs.
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That time Roman stole Drew's sword. 🤣🤣
My Forever Champion
Roman Reigns 👑☝🏾
(Video credit: @wwe)
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After Paul Heyman's disgusting tweet shit like this from a wrestler like Mansoor is cool to see.
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Roman and Seth at the WrestleMania XL Kickoff
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heart4reigns · 11 months
Could i request a roman and afab reader imagine, where she’s like a sexy badass bitch and she’s been his like valet/girlfriend ever since he returned as the tribal chief. A lot of people think she’s for looks and can’t fight, then during a promo with the judgement day she beats Rhea’s ass. It like shocks everyone, and roman’s just like hell yea that’s my girl and loves it. Lol thank you!🩷🩷🩷
TROPHY WIFE, roman reigns.
Tumblr media
warnings: curse words, blood, pet names
tags: locker room talks, everyone teases you, slight age-gap, bloodline bonding moments, dominik calling you 'papi', sexual innuendos teehee, judgement day teasing YOU non-stop
summary: you’re not useless at all
GROWING up, you were always interested in the wrestling. but you couldn't imagine being in the ring without any experiences. that led you to training on your own. to your luck, your boyfriend–roman, was the undisputed champion of the wwe. ever since his big comeback as this chief-like figure, it made you easier to be on stage without talking. you just stood by his side, staring down at the other party, trying to intimidate them for the views.
no one actually knew that you were going to debut soon as one of wwe's new wrestler, except for the bloodline. for now, you were only a 'trophy wife' for the tribal chief. everyone in the locker room teased you about being there as his silly little girlfriend, you were only there for the looks. "morning!" you greeted the twins, before sliding inside the ring. "one more show before your debut, how you feeling?" solo asked.
"i'm excited." you stretched your body, preparing for the fight with jimmy. "i'm not, i don't want to get my ass beat by you." he shook his head. "oh come on, i don't hit hard." you chuckled. "girl, you hit harder than anyone else here!" jimmy complained. "that's because she's been doing this longer than us." your boyfriend stood outside the ring, winking at you. "right, now let's go!"
and everyone in the gym knew that you were going to beat jimmy's ass in a quick sparring. "good fight, baby!" roman was pumped up. "see, i told you. jimmy's gonna be limping for the next two days." jey ruffled his twin's hair. "shut up, get inside the ring with her now." "oh, i don't want that, i have a family!" he shook his head. "GET YOUR ASS HERE!" you grinned with excitement.
work came and you were mentally preparing to face the judgement day. they were nice people but there were two people that got into your nerves; none other than dominik and rhea. they were around your age, of course they would tease you non-stop. "hey papi." he winked at you when you enter the locker room. "shut up." you rolled your eyes. "awww, you look so cute being alone." rhea chimed in the conversation. "i'll whoop your ass, rhea." she smirked at your response. "the trophy wife can fight?" "come on, that's enough." damien came in to stop the teasing.
as much as you wanted to tell them that you were going to be in the roster, you couldn't. creatives were holding you back from spilling the news. a lot of people loved you, but some thought you were useless. you were just there to look pretty. "you alright, baby?" roman noticed your annoyed expression. "dominik and rhea situation." he chuckled. "don't mind them, they're jokesters." you nodded in agreement.
before walking out, roman quickly kissed your forehead. "let's do this, baby." he muttered. the crowd roared with excitement as they heard roman's entrance song. you pulled off your usual smug facade, ready to face whatever dominik and rhea throws at you. as the four of you walked towards the ring, you heard several people calling your name. "(y/n)!" you threw a wink at them, causing them to go frantic. "god, she's so badass, i wish she was a wrestler. just imagine her in a wrestling gear." one of them said, you were trying your best not to chuckle and break character. oh, they would be very ecstatic to know what's coming, you thought.
to say the least, this was the 'feud' with the judgement day was fun. the new storyline on how you were taunted to join them was a breath of fresh air for the fans. when you first heard about it, you were also excited. they seemed like good people to work with, oh how wrong you were. knowing that you couldn't 'defend' yourself, everyone loved pranking and teasing you. "so, this is the tribal chief?" finn had the mic. "and you should be thankful that he is here in person, to see you all." the crowd cheered as they heard roman's response. "with his wiseman, his silent cousin, and his trophy wife, what a deal!" rhea yelled into the microphone.
"we're still waiting for everyone to betray you. the next time you'll see us, your little trophy wife will sign our contract. or give us your titles. loyalty doesn't exist." rhea smirked, the crowd boo-ed as she waved the papers. you had the mic and you stared down at the opposite group. "i won't be joining you, and you said loyalty doesn't exist? that's right. let's ask who created your group? is he still here?" several 'oooh's dropped as you saw rhea's eyes lit up. another strong girl in the ring, she thought.
the locker room smelt like sweat. you were used to it. "god, i'm so tired." you complained to solo, who was putting on his shoes. "can't wait for you to complain after every match." he chuckled. "you know, it's such a shame that your mic skills are being wasted, could've been an amazing wrestler, papi." dominik came inside the room, all sweating. "stop calling me 'papi', jesus." you chuckled. "i'll stop calling you 'papi' if you hang out with us soon." solo couldn't help but to laugh at dominik's sentence.
the remaining week was spent inside the gym. you were training non-stop for your debut. at one point, you had probably beat all the guys inside the gym, leaving roman last. everyone gathered around the ring, waiting for you to charge at him. "COME ON (Y/N), GIVE HIM HELL!" jey yelled. sure he was a loving boyfriend, but in the ring? another different person.
"baby, hit me with your best shot." roman was challenging you. "don't go soft on me." you warned him. "oh, i won't." your boyfriend smirked. you gritted your teeth, trying to find a spot to attack him first. before he lunged at you, you step aside to avoid him. you weren't stronger than him, but with your figure, you were obviously faster. he landed on one of the ropes, turning his back, facing you again.
but before he knew it, you attacked him with a spear. "DAMN GIRL!" jimmy shouted. you tackled roman to the ground, breathing heavily as he tried to switch places. "did you just speared me?" he asked. "i just did." roman clenched his jaw, trying to find a spot to attack you. you dodged it once again, going to the ropes. "you're going nowhere, baby!" the entire gym was pumped out.
you stood up on the ropes, ready to attack again. "FROG SPLASH HIS ASS!" you heard solo's voice. "OH WE'RE NOT GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN!" roman looked concerned. "DO IT! DO IT!" the twins chanted. "I'M SORRY, BABY!" you apologized before your attack. his entire body bounced back. "what a sell, baby." you chuckled. while being distracted on how he looked, which was very hot and sweaty, he took the chance to flip you over. "aw hell no." you muttered.
roman was on top of you, you struggled to move your body–but like usual, you were faster than him. you licked your lips, ready for another attack. "shit girl, you never run out of energy do you?" solo asked, analizing your stamina. the fight was almost done, you just had to make him tap out. with your agility, you could tell roman was getting tired. "how are you so fast?" roman was gasping for air. "you taught me that." you winked at him. the gym whistled over your answer.
"i can't believe you made me tap out." he chuckled, snuggling closer to you. the two of you were already home, chilling on the bed. "hey, you might be bigger than me, but i can definitely flip you." you rolled your eyes. "and that's what i love about you, you're fearless." he kissed your forehead. "god, i can't wait till tomorrow is over." you confessed. "nervous, are we?" he asked. "course i am." you sighed.
"i don't know, what if people don't care about me? like what if i'm only meant to just be a pretty face." his eyes softened. "baby, you know that everyone loves you right?" roman held your hand. "you'd be the brightest superstar out there, love." even in the darkest times, his words made you smile. "on the good side, we're gonna spend more time together. i look forward to it, baby." roman patted your head, trying to calm you down. "i love you, thank you for believing in me." "i'll always believe in you, baby."
you saw fans lining up outside the venue. paul thought it would be a good idea for the bloodline to go out and meet some fans. so there you were, with the other four, interacting with fans. "(y/n)!" one of them greeted you. "hi hello! thank you for coming today." you passed her a water bottle. "(y/n), god, when are you debuting? i'd love to see some ring action." one of them asked you. "i'm not a wrestler, babes." you told him, giving another bottle of water.
roman was holding your hand the entire time, not wanting you to let go. "wait i gotta take a pee." he said. "go piss girl." you chuckled at your own response. your boyfriend rolled his eyes and excused himself. you entered the locker room with your heart beating faster than usual. no one was inside, you arrived early to change to your new gear. you put on your usual black shirt, covering the gear for the surprise. "sup, papi?" dominik's voice startled you. "oh, good evening to you too." you greeted him. "got the script for today it says get ready for a special surprise attack, damn papi... are you the surprise?" he asked.
"well, let's just see."
you went over to roman's locker room, seeing him gearing up. by gearing up, he was taking off his t-shirt. you whistled your way inside. "you single?" you teased him. "depends who's asking." he teased back. "you look good." you complimented him. "i always do. let me see your gear." he winked at you. you took off the t-shirt and he returned with a whistle. "red and black is definitely your color, baby." he held your waist and kissed your lips. "it's your pick, handsome."
"damn, hope i'm not interrupting something, but we're up in 10." and that moment was ruined by none other than jimmy uso. "(y/n), your gear looks amazing!" roman glared at his cousin and closed the door. "give us 5 more minutes!" he yelled from inside the room. "now where were we?"
the crew ushered you backstage. you felt adrenaline rushing in your veins, you were no longer nervous. this is what you've always wanted and you had the privilege to pursue it. the judgement day went up first, rhea and dominik casually messing with you. "can't wait for the surprise!" dominik chuckled. "oh fuck yourself, mysterio!" you smiled at him.
"the bloodline!" smug face mode on, you thought. the 6 of you walked towards the ring, hearing the crowd go wild. you were the one holding roman's belt. he offered a hand and you gave him his belts so he could make his signature pose. as you stepped inside the ring, rhea was already holding the papers.
the promo started. "so, you're either gonna give us your trophy wife or your title, your pick, tribal chief." rhea mocked him. "your time is up, give us your trophy wife now." she continued. "we are not gonna give you anything." roman replied. "either you walk away or we walk away. leaving you standing here, embarrassed. having nothing in your hands." he was in his character and he looked so hot.
"see, there are 3 things that i love in life." the crowd chanted 'what?' as roman spoke to the mic. "first is (y/n). i wouldn't trade her for anything. second is my titles. third is seeing people like you thinking that you could get away with anything you want." he smirked. "and we're not signing your goddamn papers." he dropped the mic. it was your cue to walk away now.
as you walked hand-in-hand, rhea went over her lines. "walk away! like you always do! a useless group with an even more useless advocates!" roman looked at you, giving you the biggest smile that the camera couldn't capture. "go, babygirl." everyone was still walking back but you turned around. you caught everyone's attention.
roman's song changed to yours. "what is this? why is (y/n) running back to the ring?" the commentator said. the crowd roared as you ripped your shirt, revealing your gear. "what? that's a wrestling gear! can you believe it? the trophy wife is in a wrestling gear!" you slid inside the ring, quickly attacking the first person you saw. finn. he was practically grinning from ear-to-ear, excited.
you jumped and punched his jaw, avoiding certain spots that could damage him. the judgement day had an excited expression plastered on their faces; especially dominik and rhea. "bring it on, trophy wife!" dominik yelled. you quickly speared him outside the ring, causing him to fall on his back. "and you're fast!" damien smiled, trying to take a hit on your shoulders, only having you avoid it. "i am!" you smirked, using roman's iconic move–superman punch, against him.
rhea stood in the middle of the ring, ready to attack you. "so you're not useless at all, huh?" she stared down at you. "is she going to attack rhea? how is she going to survive her?" the commentator yelled. to your luck, you were able to dodge multiple hits. rhea tripped a bit, giving you several seconds to spare. you quickly picked her up and slammed her on her back. you looked over her, she gave you a small nod, indicating that she was okay.
your song played and there you were, in the middle of the ring–with a grin plastered on your face. "did we just witness the debut of the trophy wife?" one of the announcer said. "and there she is, the long-waited debut... what should we call her? the trophy wife? (y/n) (l/n)!" everyone cheered and stood up from their seat. you were gasping for air, raising your fist up. "(y/n)! (y/n)!" the crowd chanted.
"that's my babygirl!" roman yelled as he ran back to the ring and tackled you with a hug. roman picked you up on his shoulders, showing you off to the crowd. "i love you." you mouthed. "and i love you too." oh his expression is gonna end on a 'top 10 times roman reigns breaking character' video, you thought. nevertheless, this was only the beginning for you.
a/n: SORRY IF THIS IS QUITE LONG I GOT CARRIED AWAY... HOPE YOU ENJOY IT <3 feedbacks are appreciated and requests are always open for any other wwe wrestlers!!
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Highlights from The Bloodline Civil War at WWE Money In The Bank 2023 in London
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Heyman always knows how to add to a moment, and the way he goes from stunned paralysis to a burst of screaming horror as he realizes the Bloodline is imploding is just... *chef's kiss*
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His belt swinging and tongue out always my favorite part 🤤😏
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I don't give a damn what your name is. If it's a Bloodline setup, I'm right here! Come and get me! Come and get me!
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You’re damn fucking right I deserve it - Paul Heyman WWE HOF 2024
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Solo fighting for his life.
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