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Roman just can't help himself when he's near Amanda...no matter the time or place.
Tumblr media
Roman Reigns x Amanda (fem!black!oc) | 18+ ONLY, NSFW, smut | 1,560 words
a/n: Look what I found in my drafts from almost a year ago! This was meant to be a part of The Quiet Game Part 2, which is now The Waiting Game Part 1, but it didn't make the cut. Hope you enjoy. 🤭
Happy reading! Read more Roman and Amanda or my other Roman stories here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
Amanda hadn't laid eyes on Joe, in person at least, for nearly three months. It was strange as she usually saw him each Friday for work—and sometimes later in the night as he kept her up until morning. Yet he'd been on a lengthy break after SummerSlam...which made it even stranger when she suddenly felt him lay hands on her.
She gasped in shock, thankful the backstage area was virtually desolate as it was the afternoon before SmackDown with talent gradually arriving at the arena. Amanda knew Joe was scheduled to appear tonight, but she didn't expect him to be here so early or to startle her.
"Been lookin' for you...you're a tough woman to track down," Joe softly bellowed in her ear from behind before he pressed a kiss just as soft to her neck to make her lick her lips as she grinned.
"I'm here every week, Joe. You're the one who's been missin'," Amanda said as she ran her hands over his as they squeezed around her waist. While it was quiet backstage, it wouldn't be for long and she tried to yank his grip away before someone spotted them.
"Naw, I mean when you're not at work. I know we've been in the same city at least twice and we ain't link up," Joe sucked his teeth and kept his grip on her tight. Amanda rolled her eyes but her smile grew bigger as she could tell from the way he kept her close that he didn't want to let any more space come between them. Neither did she, but it wasn't like they were a couple...and she didn't want anyone to see them acting like one and report back to her boss when she was still fairly new on the job...
"Hmph. You missed me that bad?" Amanda asked as he planted more kisses along her shoulder in her red, spaghetti-strap dress.
"Duh. You just don't know how to text or call back when we're apart." Joe finally released his grasp on her to switch her around, bringing it right back as he entwined his fingers in her long, red-auburn braids while cupping her chin in the other to pull her into an unhurried kiss. He carefully backed her up to the wall behind them as she stood on her tiptoes in her black stilettos. She shuddered against him from his supple, full lips moving on hers before she shuddered at the loud sound of footsteps around the corner...
"Mmm, I missed you, too. You know I've been busy, I'm sorry. You mad at me?" Amanda asked playfully after she put her hands on his massive chest in his black tee shirt to gently pry him off her, making him nip at her bottom lip for more as she giggled.
"Not mad, sweetheart. Just been thinkin' about you. Needin' you..." Joe didn't seem to notice the sound of footsteps nearing as he inserted his strong thigh between hers to spread them open, listening to the sound of her surprised whimper, instead, when he used the hand he had in her braids to massage her ample breasts and belly behind her dress before he found his way underneath it. His brown eyes held a mischievous glint in them as they held hers watching him misbehave at work on his first day back...and it wasn't even the first time.
Nonetheless, Amanda didn't want to take the risk again, even as his thick fingertips easily found her clit in her thong, causing her to fidget with a muted moan jumping out of her. She froze as she could have sworn she heard the footsteps a only couple of feet away, but then they trailed off in a different direction.
"We're—mmmunhh—not doin' this here. This spot ain't that secluded..." she mumbled regardless as the spot was merely an enclave with ring equipment crew hands would surely come to fetch soon. However, Amanda barely made an effort to remove his huge hand as he teased her with light, little swirls up and down over her thong, inhaling her tiny, breathy moan with another kiss. She put her hands around his wrist but quivered when she let him work his fingers into the damp fabric.
"You don't give a damn 'bout that right now and neither do I," Joe grunted on her tongue before he sucked it. She wanted to tell him he was wrong...but the way her pussy sucked his middle finger in deeper when he thrust inside made her moan before she could.
"Oh my god, Joe...we shouldn't," Amanda quietly groaned yet he found her clit again with his wide thumb, encircling it with delicate pressure as the crooks of his finger curled on her tender g-spot. She slapped her hands back to his chest but she still didn't push him away, her pitiful, doe eyes glancing up at him as he glanced down at her with his haughty, wolfish eyes.
"Why? Is it 'cause I'm 'bout to make you cum already, baby?" Joe's sexy laugh was low and grazed her skin before his lips did, suckling her neck as he slowly glided in his pointer finger to make a small sob escape her. That's when he gave a long lick to the vein on her neck that pulsed with her blood rushing as he purred, "Mmhmm. Actin' all busy but you missed me playin' in this pussy. Didn't you?"
"Fffuck...yeahhh, I did," Amanda breathed a moan in defeat, their eyes locked together when he locked his caress on her spot as she throbbed in the palm of his hand. She could see the dare in his dark, beautiful eyes before he uttered it.
"Why don'tchu cum for me then? I know you can be quiet...besides it's just us. Cum, sweetheart...just for me." Joe leaned into her to keep her pinned to the wall as he watched her squirm and melt quicker and quicker into a puddle from being wrapped around his skilled fingers pumping faster and faster on her spot. She knew them being alone was far from the truth, but she couldn't stop those shivering, hot waves from washing over her even if she tried. 
"Goddamn it, mmmm," Amanda rasped into his shirt that she buried her face in and clung to when he had the nerve to hike up her thigh to his waist with his free hand. She felt each one of those waves crash into her harder as he thrust into her until his knuckles dripped with her pleasure.
"What? You mad at me?" he taunted her with a smooch atop her braids. Joe had to keep her together as she felt herself falling apart in her single, tall heel which swiftly became difficult to stand on as he made her weak in the knees. "I gotchu, baby. Daddy's gotchu."
Just as he helped her stay upright, he helped her stay quiet, too, when her whines hit a pitch that even his shirt couldn't muffle, gently letting down her thigh to grab her throat and cover her mouth with his. And when that didn't quite work, either, he pulled his soaked fingers from her altogether and tapped them on her plump lips until she parted them for him to gingerly stuff them in her mouth. Yet the sensual flavor of herself on his warm, slightly calloused fingers slipping along her tongue, and almost to her throat, made her clench where his touch lived for a moment and hum to him, too.
Their hungry eyes met once more as she slowly slurped on him, and she studied how it made him bite down hard on his lip, something hard poking her thigh as he pressed his body to hers. 
"I'm jealous. I wanted to enjoy the taste of you first," Joe said in a heated whisper and Amanda could feel that heat still simmering between her thighs where his hands fell to hold her. "I think I need more of this pussy, like, right now..."
She shuddered again when he twitched in his sweatpants as it was obvious he meant right here, right now. While she didn't want to take a chance and allow more footsteps to sneak up on them, Joe's fingers sneaking back up beneath her dress to tug down her drenched thong as he snuck sweet kisses on her throat compelled her to bet, anyway.
"And this pussy needs more of you, too," Amanda said in a hushed tone that nearly spiked into an excited moan when he turned her to face the wall. She knew what was next and she'd gone too long without it to pretend she didn't want right now, too. Once he pulled it out to nudge his heavy head inside her with delicious strokes that stretched her and sunk to her core, she squeezed her eyes shut in sizzling euphoria and heard herself silently moan to him, "Shit, Daddy...why you do this to me? Unnhh, god, yesss."
"Blame yourself for temptin' me..." Joe's deep voice rumbled in her ear with a slight moan she could hear him struggling to hold in. And as he took a handful of her braids, her cheek hugging the wall with his other arm hugged around her waist, his stroke game threatened to tease more moans out of her as he added in a husky growl, "Don't worry, though. I'm gon' make you cum on this dick again quick...now hush and take it, baby."
Thanks for reading! ❤️
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Never forget when our pre-Tribal Chief sonned Conor McGregor on Twitter 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
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He cute ♥
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Roman reigns x Mystic (OC)
Tumblr media
"Yo-ho, Mexico! Far to the south where the cactus grow! Take me away from the ice and the snow! Let's go to Mexico!"
(a/n: you know the photo Paul posted of him saying "when the tribal chief summons you" it gave me an idea so here we are. I actually started this a while ago but I've been in a creative rut so it took me longer then I thought it would)
Warnings: fluff, smut, errors I may have missed, its also LONG!!
Word count: 1.4k
Tag list: @acknowledge-reigns @reignsangel444 @mzv11 @marchm-langdon @mandeelemons @pittieprincess22 @queengreenarrowmia89 @romanreignshairdresser @weirdgirl16355
The winter months in Canada are so harsh! A 20° day is a heatwave here! It was so cold that when I threw boiling water in the air it turned to ice almost instantly. Some people had some fun with it and put food coloring in the water before throwing it while it did make for a bit of fun I wanted somewhere warm.
"you look deep in thought Mystic. What's on your mind" Paul asked.
"I'm just missing my husband that's all" I said with a half smile.
"well he's called me resently and he's bought you a plane ticket" Paul smiled.
"wait what? To where?" I asked.
"Mexico City" Paul smiled "your flight leaves in 3 hours so pack your bags and I'll take you to the airport"
I hadn't seen my husband in 3 months and I had a surprise for him. Paul was the only person I'd told because I had to tell someone "you haven't told him have you?" I asked.
"your secret is safe with me" Paul smiled "but i know he'll be over the moon"
"you think so?" I said, trying to hide the worry in my voice. We had talked about kids but never really got into detail about it. I was afraid Paul was just trying to soothe my nerves.
"mystic, he's always wanted kids. There's no need for you to worry" Paul smiled.
I took what he said at face value. I was worried but we've been married for 2 years now and I'm pretty sure he wasn't going anywhere "alright I'll go get packed" I said with a soft smile, walking away from paul to Roman and i's room. I grabbed my suitcase out of the closet and packed my bikini, several pairs of shorts, shirts, panties, bras, pajamas, and flip flops. I grabbed the pregnancy test I took and wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in the front of my suitcase. I zipped up my suitcase and walked out to Paul "come on mystic, I'll drive you to the airport" paul smiled, grabbing my suitcase.
"paul I'm pregnant not an invilet" I laughed "im perfectly capable of rolling my own bags"
"my tribal chief has told me that I take care of his wife while she's traveling to him. Im just doing what I'm told" he smiled.
I shook my head and smiled "I truly did marry an amazing man!"
At the airport
Sitting on his private jet I wondered how he was gonna react. I didn't have much time to think on it because my phone rang and he was on Skype. I answered and saw his gorgeous smile "hey babe!" I smiled.
"hi babygirl!" He smiled "I see Paul has taken you to the airport. I can't wait to see you! I was planning on taking you to the ruins of Tenochtitlan!" He smiled.
"I would love that! You know if it wasn't for the indigenous a lot of things people use every day wouldn't exist. Things like rubber wouldnt exist and we wouldn't have tires or those expensive shoes we wear wouldn't have their rubber souls. Mouthwash wouldn't exist, syringes, baby bottles and baby formula, the cultivation of corn, snow goggles, birth control, oral and topical pain killers, cable suspension bridges and many othes! None of those things would exist and we really should appreciate them more!"
"I agree! Also quinine!" He smiled.
"you've done your research! The first ever anti malarial drug!" I smiled.
"flight 21 now boarding for Mexico City!" The announcer said over the intercom.
"that's me babe! I'll see you soon!" I smiled "I love you"
"I love you to baby girl" he smiled back.
"you're a very lucky woman!" An older woman next to me said "he's a very handsome man!"
"he's my everything!" I smiled back, getting up to board the plane.
I handed my ticket to the stewardess "oh Mrs Anoa'i your on a private plane!" She smiled.
"he never disappoints" I smiled.
10 hours later in Mexico city
The flight here was uneventful and when I arrived I couldnt get off the plane fast enough. I knew he'd be at the airport waiting for me. I grabbed my carry on and headed off the plane. The the fight attendant opened the door he was standing at the bottom of the stairs with a smile on his face. I ran down the stairs and leapt into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist "hey baby" he smiled giving me a kiss "I missed you"
"i missed you to!" I smiled back as he set my feet back on the ground.
"We'll go to Tenochtitlan tomorrow!" He smiled "i have something planned for tonight" he said with a smirk. I knew what that meant. I wasn't gonna know my own name. the mere thought of him taking me all over the hotel room- "mystic? Are you ok baby? You look kinda pale"
"yeah I'm fine. I'm just a little queasy. I have a surprise for you" I smiled
"oh what's that's?" He asked.
I took a deep breath and reached into the front of my bag and took out the pregnancy test i'd taken before handing it to him.
"what's this?" He asked.
"what does it look like" I smiled nervously.
"are you pregnant?" He smiled.
"yes" I smiled back.
"baby why are you shaking?" He asked.
"I'm scared" I said "I'm scared that you'll leave now that you know"
He put his hand under my chin, gently moving my gaze to meet his "baby i don't know why you'd think I'd leave just because you're pregnant. I know we've vaguely talked about kids but you have nothing to worry about!" He smiled and I felt my body relax. I leaned into him, feeling his strong arms wrapping around me, realizing I was safe in his arms.
"come on let's get back to the hotel" he smiled. I'm sure you're tired"
"I am but I want my husband!" I said with a smirk.
"oh yeah?" He said licking his lips "I'll take you all over our hotel room!"
At the hotel
"fuck baby girl!" He growled "that mouth feels so good!"
I felt him twitch in my mouth and I knew he was close. I felt him pull me off him, my mouth making a popping noise "face down ass up baby!"
I happily obeyed, shaking my ass when I was on all 4s. I felt him tease me with the tip, sliding it through my wet folds "Roman please!" I whined.
"so impatient!" He said finally sliding himself inside me, both of us moaning out in pleasure. I don't know if it was the pregnancy hormones or not but feeling him inside me for the first time in 3 months activated a part of me I didn't know was there. I moved my hips against his, fucking myself on his hardened flesh "oh fuck baby girl! That's it! Fuck yourself on my cock!" The sound of his hand connecting to my ass rang out and he ran his hand up the curve of my back and into my hair before grabbing a handful and pulling me back, thrusting into me, His hips snapping against mine. He pulled me so I was on my knees and reached his hand around to grab my throat "i'm gonna take you all over This hotel room! You'd like that wouldn't you? You wanna be my little whore?" He growled in my ear.
I bit my lip "yes daddy!" I groaned.
"say it to me!" He growled.
"please use me!" I groaned.
"that's my good girl!" He growled.
"fuck baby! The way that pussy is gripping me I think you're close! Be a good girl and cum on my cock!" He growled. Fuck his dirty talk always got me. "Fuck! Yesss!" I groaned.
"that's it baby! Let it go!" He groaned into my ear "uhn fuck! That's it milk my cock! Milk it dry! Uhn I'm gonna fill that pussy!"
His thrusts became sloppy and eratic, his hot cum coating my walls. A few last sloppy thrusts and he stilled inside me, both of us trying to catch our breath. He slowly pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed and I followed him, snuggling into him "I love you" I smiled.
He smiled back "I love you to baby girl"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
No matter how big you get,
I'm always the big brother.
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Lady Of The Blue Bakunawa Ch. 6
Tumblr media
Afab black OC x Roman Reigns (Pirate au)
Banner by : @joannasteez
Warnings: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING. mentions of past child loss, grief, mentions of past child abuse, mention of past sexual assault, mentions of past murder, gore, mentions of past racism, heavy angst (with fluff), hard topics, sex, foreplay (fingering cunnulingus fem receiving) Handjob, description of bodily fluids (cum, arousal), emotionally heavy topics, Includes a creature (a collective) who thrives on pain, religious undertones due to mention of the seven deadly sins, brief mention of not wanting to be alive (not SH), patricarichal views (Jane is unlearning, give her some grace chile).Minors DNI. LONG CHAPTER ALERT.
Songs this chapter: When Ginny kissed Harry, Davy Jones, Avril 14, El matador, Observatory kiss
Chapter Playlist link here <-
Second warning. This chapter is emotionally heavy. Please consider reading it in two parts if you have to. This chapter has brief mentions of PAST sexual assault mid chapter. There is also a consensual smut scene (foreplay) at the end of the same chapter. If this is too heavy for you I will send you a cliff notes version (just shoot message in my DM’s) Chapter indicators for the SA topic will be <color coded> so you may skip if need be. . Proceed with caution.
He watches her take a breath and shoot at an empty can floating on a piece of driftwood. Caden had tied to the wood to rear of the ship. It was the best way she could get shooting practice from a distance. Funnily enough, Jane was savvy with a gun. She’d only been practicing for a few days and could shoot pretty well from a reasonable distance. Roman was impressed.
He’d left her for a few moments to set the dinner table inside his cabin. The waters were calm and the warm breeze had made the humidity slightly too sticky. He made light of it, feasting his eyes on the exposed skin of her neck and arms. Warmer weather called for thinner clothes. He would enjoy it for now.
He placed her bowl across from his and plated the food onto a porcelain plate. There were many upgrades on this new boat. Night had a taste for the finer things and had many high priced items hidden on the ship. He seemed to like fine china. Jane noticed his absence and turned around, he beckoned her to eat. She sat down across from him and placed her pistol on the table next to her.
Roman observed the way she handled her weapons so confidently already. “ Like a proper pirate”, Roman teased. She pulled off the extra hat he gave her and sat it beside the gun. She smiled shyly, placing a napkin in her lap.
8 days ago Roman and Jane’s relationship had changed in what only could be described as an explosion of passion previously left unshared. He now would encourage her sword lessons with Adhar. He would teach her how to use a gun and how to defend herself.
And now there was no confusion on whether or not affections would be shared. It was clear as day that they liked each other. He was just waiting for Jane to lean into her desires and initiate more often.
She sat across from him and dug into the food, spooning it into her mouth. He went fishing for her and cooked it. Tropical waters meant better catches of fish.
“ What is this?”, she said with an enthusiastic mouth full.
“ Oka l’a. It’s a dish of my people. Most people prefer it raw but sometimes we cook it for the children or sickly. You get the cooked version”, he chuckled watching her pick up a tiny piece of fish and eat it with her fingers.
“ You made this?”, she said with surprise.
“ Yes. That’s why I was gone”, he smiled.
“ It kind of tastes like coconut too. We used to put coconut in some of our food back in Trinidad. My grandfather used to add it to his Callaloo”, she sighed in content.
“ So you like it ?”
“ I do! You never told me you could cook.”
“ There was never a need to. Always had somebody to do it for me but thankfully my memory is pretty extensive. I’m sure there are a few missing ingredients however. This was my favorite dish my mother made.”
“ You remember her?”, she asked with curiosity.
“ I’m not ancient ”, Roman laughed. Jane just smiled and went back for another piece of fish.
“ Sometimes the memories get fuzzy after so long”, she shrugged.
“ I feel that way sometimes. The food was the easiest thing for me to remember because it was one of the last meals I had. At least that’s what my memory tells me.”
“ So this..raw fish. Your culture eats it a lot ?”
“ Yes. We prepare it in a way. We knew which ones to choose—we could asses how healthy the fish was. It’s very fresh and the children are brought up on it young. We never got sick. Thankfully, now that we’ve moved into more tropical waters, we have healthier fish. I could never eat this from the port. It was would end bad since the water is so filthy.”
“ Lest we want another cholera event”, she joked.
“ Don’t even remind me”, Roman shivered.
“ Do you have any other favorite meals ?”
“ Pork.”
“ Pork? But you can get pork anywhere.”
“ We cooked it better.”
“ How did you learn to cook anyway?”
“ The men cook where I’m from. Especially for big feasts. So young boys learn how to cook from their fathers.”
Jane’s eyes widened. “ Remind me why we aren’t back there instead ? Everything I’ve heard so far is promising.”
“ If you want off cooking duty you’d best say so. Unfortunately my meals are only reserved for you”, he teased.
“ As tempting as that sounds, I can't abandon ship with Caden.”
“ So what’s another interesting thing about your culture ?”
“Our seafaring is unmatched. We were the first people in the world to migrate by boat.”
“ So this comes naturally to you then?”
“ Yes. Especially because all I knew was water even in my life before.”
“ Married to the sea”, she teased. Roman didn’t laugh but instead graced her with a soft unassuming smile.
“And what about you?”, he asked.
“What about me?”
“Is there anything you remember about Trinidad ? Anything at all ?”
“ I remember putting scotch bonnets in our food. We have really spicy peppers—maybe even some of the hottest in the whole world. As a kid, whenever a general was particularly mean to us, we would rub the rim of their mugs with the juices from the pepper. There lips would blow up like fish.”
Roman laughed. “ Mischievous .”
“ Oh you don’t know half of it. Me and my cousin used to get in SO much trouble. There’s a certain kind of fearlessness children are born with. I would never have the gull to do something like that now.”
“ I’m a fan of young Jane. She sounds like she doesn’t take any mess”, Roman smiles.
“ I also remember being able to wear what I wanted as a kid. The culture we created for ourselves didn’t concern itself with layers and corsets and thick fabric. It’s hot. If I left my house with my stomach showing as a kid, people would laugh at my pot belly at most. Women didn’t have to be covered from neck to ankle either—like I said, it’s hot. Our garbs were also very colorful and bright. Then one day there were all these rules. Wear this not that. Your hair should be this not that. Anything else was suggestive or loud.”
“ Well..sounds like a story I’ve heard one too many times unfortunately.”
Jane shrugs. “Well I suppose there’s no point in stewing in it now. You take the good parts and leave the rest.”
“ I would have disagreed with that before I met you but now….”, Roman trailed off teasingly. A smile spread slowly on her face. He had a habit of staring at her unpromoted now. She was convinced he just liked to see her squirm.
She anxiously changed the topic. “How much longer?”
“ A few more days. We’re close.”
“ Days? Good, we have more pressing matters to address anyways.”
“ Like?”
Jane looks down in her lap finding the courage to finally spit it out. “We kiss…”
“On the lips….”
“Yes I know.”
“And you touch me…”
Roman scoffs in a humorous tone. “How could I forget ?”
“Yes but… usually when that happens there’s a reason for it. Like there’s a purpose.”
“I want to make you feel good. Is that not the purpose for any of it ?”
“What I mean is that we’re doing things that people who are in established relationships do.”
“ We are. Fun, isn’t it?”, he smiled smugly. He enjoyed forcing her to be more direct.
“ I am unspoken for. You have no claim on me and I doubt you intend to wed. I know people see that we are involved no matter how cordial and polite you are in front of others. It’s unbecoming for a woman on a ship full of men to be so loosely claimed, while clearly giving away the very thing reserved for a steady union. I mean what if people think I’m just…kept. And while I think that most of your crew have been outstanding gentlemen to me, they’re still just men Roman”, she uttered quickly.
He raised a brow at her. “ Who said you were unspoken for…?”
She mirrored his face with a surprise of her own. “Uh…well you never said.”
Roman leaned forward with his elbows dominantly on the table across from her. “ My apologies. We are together. Meaning that you are my intended, lover, suitor. Or if you prefer the term courting then that is suitable as well.”
Jane is visibly stunned. She just assumed that any relationship she formed with Roman wouldn’t be a steady one. He wasn’t exactly traditional. “ Courting would mean that you intend to marry…?”
“ So ?”
“ You’re a pirate ?”
“ And?”
Her expression flattened.“ You live in a boat in the middle of the ocean.”
“ Accomodations can be made, don’t you think?
“ I mean yes…”
“ Unless you prefer our connection to stay strictly physical?”, he asked.
“ No no. I was just concerned about how it looked.”
“ How about this…I could make an announcement?”
“ No… it doesn’t have to be some big event.”
“ Well then I won’t hide my affection.”
“ I didn’t take you as a publicly affectionate person.”
“ It’s not like I’ll have my tongue down your throat—without your permission of course. Hand placement goes a long way.”
A mischievous expression spread across her face. “ Well since you’ve declared that we’re courting I’ll have to put you to work more often.”
“ I aim to please Miss Ramlal.”
“ I’ve noticed”, she giggled.
Romans attention faltered when a loud thump echoed beneath them. He stalked to the edge of the ship to see a giant piece of plank wood bumping on against the boat.
“ Look!” Jane gasped.
Behind them a ship splintered into a million pieces laid on the shore of a beach. It looked old and the wood was wet and rotten. The sail was obliterated.
“ Why-has this happened ?”, Said Jane.
“ I’m not sure, it could have been anything. I know one thing for certain though, this means we’re getting closer to our destination.” Roman pulled out his spyglass and further inspected the shipwreck. The wood had chunks bitten out of it as if something attempted to eat the boat.
Worry clenched Roman’s chest as he folded the spyglass and put it back on the table.
“ Room for dessert dove ?”
3 days of wind and gray skies with absolutely no rain and plenty of thunder, it was unheard of. The air was colder and despite the wind there were no waves. The boat had an almost mechanical float, as if it had feet underneath the hull dragging across the sea floor. Roman insisted that things were moving according to plan. Jane wasn’t so sure.
Suddenly a thick mist filled the air causing Jane to step back cautiously. Jane retreated back towards Roman’s quarters as a huge groaning sound echoed in the distance. A rumble vibrating throughout the ship sent her scrambling for Roman. Sure enough she needn’t look far as he immediately looked for her too, stepping out of his quarters and holding onto her with caution. Something rumbled under the surface of the water completely gray, solid, and endless.
What looked to be a building made of stone or concrete traveled slowly and disruptively out of the sea and into the sky, reaching past the clouds and onwards to the heavens. Water fell from the sides splashing back down to the sea below. Jane turned to Roman with fear, a question already forming on her lips but never making it past them.
“ It’s alright. This is where we’re supposed to be ”, he reassured quietly.
A murmuring crowd had formed now. The building had hundreds of tiny small square glass windows but no light illuminated from them. The shape of the building was rectangular, narrow and smooth. She’d never seen a construction like it. It’s opening was a gaping black hole that she couldn’t see through. Large wet stone steps led to the entrance, just wide enough to put a ship ramp down. As afraid as she was, her feet felt compelled to move forward. If he was going to go then she was coming with him.
“William, Adhar, with me. Jane…”, Roman headed for his cabin leaving the french doors open. The two followed behind him. William loaded his pistol and Adar unsheathed his sword. They sat at the table sharpening weapons and loading their pistols. Roman’s attached two small pistols to his hip. Jane took a pistol for herself and Roman softly took it from her.
“ You should know what you’re getting yourself into before you make your choice”, he said softly.
“Well, let’s hear it”, said Jane.
“The man who gave me the map to the key was rumored to have been the only survivor of the journey but it changed him forever. Every pirate knows that this is rumored to be an eternal prison of all depravity and fear. Here belongs every spirit of corruption—the first of their kind. Some are referred to as fallen angels.”
“ Demons ?”, her face wrinkled in confusion.
“ Aliens, demons..fallen angels. Whatever your persuasion.”
Jane took in a sharp inhale.
“ You do not have to go in. None of you do. I can do this alone”, said Roman.
“No…no I won’t leave you”, said Jane.
“ We stay with the captain”, Said William confidently. No fear.
“ Us pirates have heard the rumors for years about what this will look like…what it will feel like. I fear the rumors have been true. That…this place is every bit of a prison. I don’t know what horrors await us on the other side. All I know is that you will be judged in some way. The myths over the years alter and change.”
“ I understand.”
“ I must warn you that this creature has a fixation for women. Crane mentioned that we may have a better chance of getting the key with you there.”
“ Why?”
“ I have no clue but for that reason maybe you should sit this one out. Fixation could mean anything ?”
“ I’m coming”, Jane said with a gentle firmness. Roman is visibly nervous and holds back on controlling the situation. She can see the wheels turning in his head.
“ Are you absolutely sure Jane?”
“ I stay with the captain”, she uttered.
Roman stood in finality. “ Adhar behind Jane. William at my side.”
The group goes back to preparing their weapons. Hat, boots, long shirts and cotton pants. It was cooler now despite being in the tropics. Jane dressed in Caden’s hand-me-downs, disguising herself as a man as best she could. She was almost sure “fixation” wasn’t a good thing where they were going.
The four of them finished gearing up and made way for the ramp. Caden wished Roman luck eyeing the building with hesitance. Their feet finally touch the wet slabs of the stone stairs leading to the opening. William stands with Roman and Adhar is behind Jane forming a protective shape around her. Jane reaches for Roman’s right hand. He let’s her have it, wanting to give her comfort in some way. She looks back at Caden only to find Adhar staring at their hands with an unreadable expression.
William and Roman take the first steps and the others follow. Their boots echoed into the abyss. A few steps further and they become engulfed in darkness. Then suddenly the dark opening is lit with dozens of torches. They paused when they sensed the presence of another person. A large person–or perhaps it was once a person held a lantern. Large muscles, hooved feet, a tail, long uncanny long arms, and a BULL’S head. Before the scream could leave Jane’s mouth, Adhar covered it. Roman pulled his hand slowly from her and rested his hand on his pistol. William held his hand out, motioning to wait. The bull tilted it’s head to the side watching the group as if to assess them. The Minotaur’s eyes grew darker and wider when they landed on Jane causing Roman to completely pull out his gun.
“ If you want in, those weapons are not allowed”, it spoke with a deep honking barrelous voice. He motioned for Roman’s weapon.
“ The girl needs protection”, said Roman.
“ As does fate. No weapons”, said the Minotaur crossing his arms.
“ Remember what we came here for Roman, it’s fine. We didn’t come all this way for nothing”, Jane whispered.
“ I am the keeper of this prison. I control what goes and what doesn't come out. This is your final warning. Lose the weapons or you will not pass”, the Minotaur warned.
Jane saw the puzzled anger in Roman’s eyes. For a moment she thought he would shoot the damned thing but she rested her hand on his back. With a tense jaw he slowly placed his guns on the ground followed by his sword. The others followed suit. The minotaur watches them for a moment and begins to walk, not bothering to motion for them.
He leads them up a thin and narrow stone staircase with small windows overlooking the sea. There was a wet mildew smell to this place that clung to her nose. The stairs carried them out to a stone floor that held 6 cells on each side. The first creature was something out of a nightmare. It was humanoid with fleshy pale gray wings, an emaciated slim body, large eyes—all pupil, holes for a nose and no mouth. It stood unmoving, eyeing her before placing it’s hand on the invisible barrier that held it inside its cell.
She turned her head in the other direction only to find an even more terrifying creature. There was an Octopus like creature whose skin resembled human flesh with tentacles that had suckers like human mouths. It’s moans sounded like that of a woman’s and an animal mixed together. Her breath hitched and her nails dug into Roman hands so hard that he winced and turned around to face her. The group stopped.
“ Just don’t look Jane”, he reassured her quietly. Adhar placed a reassuring hand on her back looking behind him protectively.
“ Come. They are contained”, said the Minotaur without looking back.
“ Come Miss Ramlal. They look just like my old military unit. Just another walk in the park”, William said quietly in that thick German accent.
They go back to following the Minotaur. Jane keeps her head down to the ground in order to avoid scaring herself again. The only problem is that they would have to travel ten flights of stairs before they reached who they were looking for.
Within those ten flights of stairs the sounds of these…beings were far too intriguing. Some levels were completely silent and so dark it looked like nobody was there. Others were extremely loud with howling screaming monsters. Some of the creatures were violent, banging against their magical traps while others didn’t bother to turn around and see who was there.
She peaked and saw three 4 foot beings with dark grey skin, large eyes, slits for noses, no mouth, long fingers, large heads and tiny child-like bodies. She saw beings that looked like humans with three eyes and mouths full of razor sharp teeth. She saw beings that looked like children with black eyes. Some of them looked like animals that stood on hind legs, some of them were beasts she’d heard of in fairy tales. Lizard creatures, vampires and wendigo. She saw creatures that she’d only heard of in Trinidadian folklore. Douens, Lagahoo’s and Chikcharney’s.
Magic was real. It was a real as rain and it was dark. It was scary. Suddenly she knew without a doubt that the treasure had to be real too.
“ We have arrived”, The Minotaur grunts.
The tenth floor was one long hallway with a stairwell. It was dark. So dark that the torch the Minotaur held looked like a candle light. He snapped his fingers and ten torches lit the room to reveal a cell at the end of the hall. The cell was completely dark as if nothing was there.
The Minotaur turns to them. “ Have you brought them a gift ?”
“ Them? There was no talk of bringing it a gift. Nobody informed us.”
“ They will not speak unless you’ve brought a gift.”
“ I have an apple..”, Adhar says quietly.
The Minotaur hold out his hand awaiting Adhar. Adhar places the apple in his palm. The bull places the apple into a slot by the cell and pushes it into the opening. For a moment it’s just quiet but then a voice calls out. It sounded like a child, a man, and a woman all speaking at once. Like three voices stacked on top of one another.
“Have you met my children? My aspects ?”
“ Children ?” Roman called out the darkness.
“ Yes, they are my flesh and blood and …bone. Created in my image”, the voices groaned.
“ I wasn’t aware,” said Roman cautiously.
“ Perhaps you have read the apocrypha ?”, said a child’s voice. It startled Jane.
Roman doesn’t respond.
“ This is what you were wore that day….it is not ?”, said the child voice. Suddenly the blackness of the glass faded until it revealed a little boy….
His palms grew cold and wet. The room was hot. There it stood. The reoccurring nightmare that he could never truly out run. Himself.
8 year old Roman stood in front of him in a cotton lava lava, barefoot, no shirt because it was especially hot that day. He’d been playing in the water and his mother finally flagged him down to eat. He ate the last meal he would ever eat from her. He played with his siblings making sand cakes and running around the shore line. Then his life turned upside down.
“ Roman”, he heard Jane whispered to him. He couldn’t even turn around to face her. He was utterly frozen in place. The memories come back to him. His crying, being pried from the hands of his mother, sand burn on his back from being dragged, the screaming, the pleading. Nobody understanding him because of the language barrier. The confusion. The realization that he would never see his family again. The realization that his parents were not invincible and in the end, there was nothing they could do against German occupation. The harshness in the soldiers' glares. The disgust.
“ Or perhaps…this form would be better…”, The creature morphed into his tormentor. Queen Augusta Luise. She stood with a knowing smirk on her face, fanning herself with that imported Chinese fan. She was in her usual dramatic ball gown with an obnoxiously large ruby and diamond necklace. Her hair was in a tight updo with brown hard curls pinned at the top of her head. Her blue eyes cut him as they always had. It had even mimicked her thick accent.
The most gut wrenching, visceral, primal rage came over him. If he ever saw Augusta again he vowed that he would make her suffer. He stepped closer to the cell and the Minotaur reached a hand out to his chest.
“ They can’t get out. You can’t go in. It is written.”
“ What does it want?” Roman urged.
“ Your pain is your payment. If you want the key your pain, secrets, and sins will be judged. There is no prize without punishment.”
“ That hardly sounds fair.”
“ Is it not? You desire a treasure older than your existence. A treasure that can only be held in the hands of a worthy man. Are you worthy ?”
Roman frowned. “ What does my pain do for you?”
“ feeds us..”
Roman frowned, disturbed by its words.
“ We are hungry. It has been many years since we have tasted the sweetness of fruit ... .but the sweetness of sorrow is unmatched. It is dripping from one of you. We could not pass up this opportunity”, says Augusta’s clone with a sickly fake sympathetic voice.
“ Is it really worth it all? We don’t need a fucking key to get the treasure. I’ll take my bloody gun and shoot whatever’s holding the goddamn thing. What does this thing know about any of us?”, William whispered to Roman.
“ William Wright. Prideful William”, The monster morphed into a 3 year old boy with strawberry blonde hair, freckles, large green eyes and a button nose. It’s voice became tiny to match the body it emulated. Jane’s eyes widened in horror as William dropped to his knees in as soon as he saw the boy.
“ Too prideful to spend time with your only son thinking being a provider is more important than being there for your sick child.. Now he’s gone and what do you have to show for it ? A dead General who did nothing wrong but give you the commands you signed up for. Plucking out his eyes in a misplaced fury….”, This monster morphed into a burly man with blonde hair, and a bloody face with missing eyes.
“ Stop this! You know nothing!”, William cried in agony. Jane debated comforting him or staying put. She didn’t want the attention to turn on her.
The creature taunts William in his sons form and voice, leaning against the barrier. “ Prideful William, too prideful to say that he took out his own eyeball in guilt but instead lies and claims that he lost it in a sword fight. William the prideful. Too prideful to write to his wife. You ignore her letters. You let her wallow in her grief alone. Oh…pride is your true love. This sin suits you well. Even now…you cannot face the truth. You refuse it.”
William sat on the floor reduced to tears, head tucked between his legs. How easy this fierce man broke down. Roman’s fierce fighter had self- destructed. A reminder that everyone has something in their life worth crying over no matter how strong they appear.
Roman rested his hands on Williams' shoulder. He looked back up into the cell to see Augsta staring at him with that smirk again.
“ Do you accept..wraithful Roman?”
Roman’s face fell. “ Fine…but not her.”
Augusta twirled her hair playfully. “ If your pain is worth the treasure you seek, then perhaps…”
“ NOT. HER”, said Roman sternly.
“ We shall see. Come …”, the monster said in a gentle voice as it morphed into a young woman with nearly ankle length jet black hair. She had tawny brown skin, thick brown eyes, a wide nose and full pink lips. She was gorgeous… She was his mother.
Roman let the tears happen, he didnt try to wipe them away. It was too painful to claim indifference. It had been many years since he saw her face. His mother– the monster, was crying with him. She placed her hand on the invisible barrier and Roman nearly did the same. He stopped himself remembering that it wasn’t her.
“ She grieved you for a long time. She didn’t believe you to be gone forever. She convinced herself that it was a bad dream and that you were simply lost. But you were not lost.. You had a new mother..”, said the womanly voice. The monster then turned to Augusta again. Anger creeped up on the back of his neck. He always felt anger on his back and on his neck. Now it was no different.
“ Have your lover the fantasies you have of killing your former mother?”
“ She is not my mother..”, Roman sneered.
“ You called her Mommy. You held her hands in yours, appeased her even when she made you beg for a God you didn't believe in. She beat you into submission. So peculiar how hatred can turn into an obsession. You were her little doll and you performed for her for years. Making her believe that her love was the cause for your greatness. Fencing, Math, Polo, Portuguese,Spanish, German, English, Japanese. Star pupil…handsome and muscular. Smart as a whip. Well spoken…they would say. When her back was turned you spat in her food. You stole her items and sold them for free. You cursed her name every night before you closed your eyes. Too afraid to show your rage, too afraid to upset your captor. How she had turned you into her perfect pet, performing at a whim and entertaining her high born friends.Then suddenly she outgrew you. Her little puppy had turned into a wolf and that rage had cracked and broken the seams of your composure. She kicked out her dog..”, The monster taunted. It shifted to his teenage self in tattered clothes.
“ Suddenly the victim becomes the monster. Does she know about the killing spree you went on after she discarded you? Kings guards, high society sweethearts? Anyone who looked at you wrong? You may believe that your anger was warranted but how many orphans did you create ? Mothers you made childless? They called you the Lacerator because of the mess you left behind. Everywhere you went there was destruction and pain. You killed your fellow pirates in ways that would make the devil blush. You killed for money, for greed, for power. Yet you believe that the family you formed in your crew washes the stain of blood from your hands?”
Roman turned to Jane to see a sick look on her face. Would she see him differently after this?
“ You mention no context. Those people saw me as subhuman. Some of them were even ordered to kill me or took it upon themselves to torment me. I did what I had to do to survive”, Roman countered.
“ Not all of them were high born. Some of them were similar to yourself. Class traitor…so dignified in your approach to violence. Does she know that every moment of your life you have a wraith boiling inside of you so legendary that I can feel it through our barrier. You wish to harm me. You wish to harm those who have done you wrong but instead you have pillaged your way to your current riches. The same way the Germans pillaged your people. No amount of blood spilled will fill the hole inside of you. Wraithful Roman. Be hopeful that all this suffering will have amounted to something. May god save the ones you love if you get to that treasure and find nothing but bones and dust.”
Roman watched silently as the monster morphed itself into countless faces…some he remembered and others he didn’t. He could bare it no longer.
“ You got what you wanted”, Roman sneered. The monster froze with the terror stricken face of his last kill. A pirate from Captain Night’s ship.
“ Adhar…oh Adhar....”, the creature groaned in a woman’s voice. It’s figure became that of a woman moaning in pleasure. Gingers, Brunette’s, Black, White, Asian. Fair skinned and Dark skinned. They all moaned Adhar’s name one after the other.
“ They all loved you, Adhar. What is it about you that drives women to madness ? What wound do you press against that makes them feel so unworthy. Or is it you? Is it you who feels unworthy ? Is it you searching for something you never had ? Perhaps it was your mother. She couldn’t be bothered to care about you. She was forced to have you. You barely know the warmth of a mothers love. Or was it your father ? Nothing was ever truly good enough for him. You weren’t a man in his eyes. Kita almost made you whole again. She loved you dearly…”, a soft voice called out. She was undoubtedly south Asian. Green eyes, curly shoulder length hair, elaborate jewelry and an olive complexion. Roman looked back at Adhar to see a watery smile spread across his face.
“ I didn’t have any money. I just wanted to be able to provide for Kita. To give her nice things. To take care of her like a real man”, Adhar sniffled.
“ Instead of stepping up, asking her father for her hand and living a humble life— you rob and steal. You killed the market owner, someone you knew since childhood. You take from your own community. You betray the ones you love for money. They had no choice but to send you away leaving Kita with broken promises and a broken heart. What do you do to ease the pain? You pursue countless women, giving them sweet nothings. They awake to the smell of you on their sheets. Lustful lonely Adhar, so sure he’s content. So sure that he’s simply a kind man. So sure he made the right choice but constantly searching for a woman you’ll never have. Your longing has no restraint. It is so boundless that it has made you envious of the man who saved you from a life of poverty and starvation”, said the monster.
Adhar breathing quickened. His fists balled up in flattered fashion. “I- I- I just didn’t want to be …I didn’t meant to hurt anyone. That was never my intent….”
Then with a sudden turn of events Kita morphed into full lips, brown almond eyes and black onyx hair. Roman looked at himself on the other side of the glass. The monster mirrored him perfectly before splitting itself into a second person. Jane. The monster had morphed into himself and Jane. Roman tensed up not understanding where this was going,
“ Not only are you lustful but you are envious. Envious of affections shared between your captain and your new friend. Envious of a love lost. Envious of the love brewing between Roman and his intended. If you feel that you are unloveable—then you will always be. No matter how much you fuck the loneliness away you are lustful lonely Adhar. Adar the envious”, said Roman’s Doppelganger. It turned to kiss Jane’s doppelganger. Adhar looked sick as he glanced over to Roman and then Jane.
Roman was just as embarrassed as Adhar was. All the speculations he had about Adhar and it never occurred to him that he was jealous of what he and Jane shared. He assumed he just wanted Jane but that wasn’t the case. He wanted what they had. He didn’t know about Kita or much about his life before. Adhar was a newer crew member who he didn’t get the chance to speak with often. He took him in because of his proficiency with the sword.
Roman turned to look back at Jane who was standing behind the Minotaur now. The last time she looked this frantic was the first time they saw each other. William was in a ball on the floor staring at the wall. Adhar looked like he was seconds from cracking. Everyone was a mess. Now he understood what the creature meant when it said pain. Everything about this was painful. Their worst thoughts about themselves actualized.
“ If you don’t mind sir I’ll…be waiting behind the door. Just yell for me? ”, Adhar looked to Roman. Roman nodded in agreement allowing him an early exit.
“ We are done”, Roman says with resistance. For the first time in his life…he was afraid. He was afraid of what came next. He was afraid for Jane.
“ I could stop now but…this treasure that you want. It’s more than just Gold, Silver, Rubies and Diamonds. This treasure would make you the wealthiest person to have ever lived. The monarchies would pale in comparison to you. I have seen nothing to convince me of any of your repentance. If you give me her pain I could feed off it for months. Give me her or you return to your ship and get swallowed by the sea”, the monster hissed. It’s voice was nowhere near the familiarity of a human. It was stripped of any of humanity.
“ She is mine to protect. We will and take our chances. Jane come, we are leaving ,” Roman stalked to her but she stepped back.
“ N-no. No I can do it.”
“ I don’t want this. You don’t want this Jane”, Roman raised his tone ever so slightly. He didn’t mean to but his mind was spinning. Whatever she wasn’t ready to tell him, surely this wasn’t the way she’d go about it?
Jane walked over to him and placed her hands in his in an attempt to calm him.“Do you honestly think that this would be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me? I’m stronger than you think. Besides…it all had to have been for something. There’s nothing that this thing can tell me that I haven’t already told myself”, Jane smiled sadly. Roman nodded and hesitantly stepped out of her way.
The creature before her was incomprehensible. It was all things horror, despair, loneliness, fear, lust and darkness. It was many things and then nothing at all. Limbs, eyes, many teeth—countless teeth. Many faces and orphases. Its shape took up the entirety of it cell. And then in an instant it mirrored her. It looked just like her, like she was standing in a mirror.
“ I’m probably not in the position to make requests but…would it be okay if William left the room as well as the Minotaur.”
“ fine”, said the monster.
The Minotaur picks up William and throws him over his shoulder, leaving out of the room. Now it was just Roman and herself and this ….thing.
“ Come closer sweet little creature…”, said her doppelganger.
She stepped forward just a few short inches from the barrier. Her doppelganger looked her up and down, walking back and forth from one end of the cage to another in a predatory fashion. Jane didn’t not falter her gaze.
“ I was told you like women ? Why is that ?”
“ Like isn’t the word I’d use to describe you creatures. It’s so much more than that. The essence of a woman is sweeter…their secrets—darker. You are the original sinners. Your capacity for corruption knows no bounds.”
“ I see”, says Jane quietly.
“ Jane Ramlal. Trinidad and Tobago…. September 22nd. Family is gone—I presume it’s from the Spanish and British occupation”, her doppleganger assessed in a detached manner.
“ You have a knack for lying don’t you? Your grandfather taught you reading, writing and arithmetic. Very rare for a girl like you…and to have to pretend all those years to not know a thing.”
“ he did.”
“ Such sadness. It wafts off you. Depressive, even as a child. Fun times were short lived. It’s almost like you were doomed from the start.”
Jane doesn’t respond. There was no need to. She couldn’t change what she was born into. There no point in being defensive.
“ You killed a general with your cousin at 10 years old. You put a scotch bonnet in his drink and it burned a hole in his stomach. I would deduct points for that but he wasn’t a very good man either. Seems like you know how to pick the bad apples unlike your dear friend Roman.”
“ It wasn’t right.”
The creature looked at her strangely as if her accountability was unusual.
“ How hard it must have been for you working for high society. Cruel wives and their vulture husbands. The last 13 years of your life have seemed to blur together. Every day is the same. Work, sleep, work, sleep. No enjoyment, no happiness. It’s as if I’m looking at a loop.”
Jane remained unmoved. “ Yes I only just…started living recently.”
<<<<<<<IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO BRIEF MENTIONS OF SA STOP HERE. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!
“ And you are no stranger to the violence of men?”
And there it was. Jane froze and closed her eyes slowly in shame. That’s it… the moment she was dreading. The one thing she would never say. The reasons she told the other men to leave.
“ I am more than familiar”, she croaked.
“ Something was taken from you…more than once. And again fairly recently on this boat taking you the America’s. You wish to not exist..?”
“ I….”, tears flooded Jane’s eyes. “ I have many times.”
The doppelganger tilted its head. “even now?”
“ Months ago. Not now.”
“ That desire drove you to poke holes into the hull of that ship for months with screws and knives. When the storm came the ship could not withstand it. However, the storm took a violent turn and you were left for dead. You survived by hanging onto driftwood. What a viper you are. You play helpless very well”, the Doppelganger smirked at her.
“ Yes…I did those things”, Jane said stoically. She wasn’t proud of what she did but she felt that she had no other choice. She wouldn’t bother rationalizing it to the creature.
“ You have been given an exit from your suffering. You cannot tell the dark from the light. All around you… endless possibilities. So many women would want what you have. The chance to start over but you are haunted by your past. I give you the sin of trisitia. An old sin long before the seven. Tristia…sorrow..Are you aware of the cure for each sin?”
“ I am not.”
“ For lust it is self control. For gluttony it is temperance. For greed it is charity. For sloth it is diligence. For wrath it is patience. For envy it is kindness. And for pride it is humility. Can you guess what the cure for sorrow is ?”
“ No…”
“ To live. Jane Ramlal…I sentence you to live.”
Jane looked thoughtfully at her doppleganger. The last few months had proven to her that she didn’t know what it meant to live until recently. It wasn’t just surviving like she’d always known. Living…enjoying life. Eating food when you’re not hungry. Not caring about how rich a dessert tastes. Buying clothes for fun. Listening to music and swaying to it. Relaxing and not feeling guilty about it. Being present enough to laugh at a joke. Being admired and not feeling unworthy for it. That was living. That was what she’d been missing for so long. “ Have I…given you enough ?”
“ I suppose. You are worthy of this treasure. You may have the key”, says the creature in a bold flat tone. It shifts back into its original form. Carefully it used their hand to reach inside of one of its many mouths and pulled out a key with a long chain. It placed the key into the slot box, pushing it to the outside. Jane picked up the key and held it in her palm. It was a mortice shape.
“ Only you may wear it. If you give the key to anyone else it will destroy them. Now that you have this key there will be many creatures that do not want you to have it. Keep it safe and do not lose it.”
“ I will protect it”, Jane placed the chain around her neck and tucked it into her shirt.
She turned to Roman and saw such a tired and withered expression on his face. It was as if being here had aged him 10 years.
“ Let’s get out of here”, she said.
“ Goodbyeeee friendsssss!”, the creature hissed.
Roman makes no protest as he leads her out of the room. The Minotaur, William, and Adhar all stood quietly by the stairs. They gathered their weapons and made way for the boat. The bull led them back out to their ship without so much as a goodbye. She walked up the ramp and looked back at the Minotaur standing in the entrance.
Magic was real. It was as real as rain. And it was dark. This..she knew to be true now.
An exhaustion came over her so heavily. She stumbled into Roman’s cabin, kicking off her boots. He trailed behind her placing his weapons on the same table they strategized at. William and Adhar left to go be alone. Truthfully she didn’t want to be alone after something so triggering and sensitizing.
She’d never seen Roman cry and his nose was still red from it. She studied his face thinking about all the things he did. She felt not a single ounce of judgment towards him. He was a bit more morally complex than she initially thought. There was a time in his life that he was unrecognizable compared to the man before her. She understood it all. She could accept that anger for his past. She was still angry about her own past—sin or not.
The two sat in silence for a few minutes before he pulled a hidden stash of rum. He sat out two glasses and she chugged the first serving. The second glass she poured on her own, filling it all the way to the rim. Alcohol never really made the pain stop but it slowed down her thoughts. She took another burning gulp.
“ Easy….”, Roman sighed across the table. She sat the cup down and suddenly the tears came. They racked over her heavily and violently. She muffled the sounds with her face in her hands. Roman reached across the table and grabbed one of her hands.
“ It’s alright dove”, he whispered.
“ It’s not alright. I feel. I feel…violated. I feel open. I hate this feeling.”, she sniffled.
“ We all do.”
“ I was never going to tell you what happened to me. Especially on that ship.”
“ Why….”
“ Because men pretend to sympathize…to empathize. They pretend to be good people but they’re not. You tell them your past and they’ll be sure to give you double of it. To make it hurt worse.”
Roman didn’t respond. He wasn’t sure how to.
“ I…have spent so many years trying to come to peace with it. Then the ship happened and it unraveled me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be whole enough again to give you what you want.”
Roman frowned in confusion.“ What do I want ?”
“ What all men want. Real sex. Not whatever game that was a week ago.”
“ Game? That’s how you saw it ?”
“ What could be better than taking the pleasure you want as opposed to spending all your time giving it ? I came and you got nothing”, Jane scoffed, wiping her face.
“ You’re approaching this like some type of payment Jane. Sex isn't some transaction—at least not how I see it. Not with you. I don’t pleasure you in hopes that you do it back. I do it because I enjoy it and nothing more.”
“ I don’t believe you”, she shrugged.
Roman was dumbfounded. Absolutely dumbfounded. He thought he made his intentions clear.
“ What aren’t I saying to make this better? What am I missing ? How do I take this pain from you ?”
“ You can't, it's already done.”
“ Jane..”
“ I can’t….I can’t go all the way with you right now. I don’t know if I’ll ever enjoy real sex again. And what’s even more maddening is that I experience a desire for you that supersedes any other man I’ve encountered. I crave you in a way that is foreign to me. But I cannot give you the very thing that I’m supposed to. What any woman would. I’m trapped in my body—in my desire. I’m fucked up. I’m…broken Roman.”
“ Don’t say that….”
“ I am.. it’s true.”
“ It’s not true. I want whatever you give me. I want you. There’s so many other options on the table for us. It doesn’t have to be just ONE way Jane. However and whatever we decide to do is for us only. There’s no guideline on this sort of thing. I’m in no rush.”
“ You told me that if I chose you I would be guilty of crime by association. I’m telling you if you choose me—I may not be able to fulfill you sexually in the way that you need. At least not in this moment. That could be days, months, weeks, years. It could be a lifetime if we make it that long.”
“ I’m telling you that there are other ways. I am more than fulfilled right now. I’m fulfilled by your gaze. The touch of your hand. Whatever you’re comfortable with is what I’m comfortable with.”
“ You say that now but what happens when what I give you is not enough anymore? There could be someone else, someone more willing. Someone more beautiful.”
“ You must think my brain is located in my cock”, Roman chuckled.
“ I…I just want it all out of the table.”
“ No seriously. You’ve got to stop with these generalized statements about men. I know the horrors of men. Every person who looks like you and me understands those horrors. What I can say is that I know men don’t always have the best representatives. A good portion of them are shit—even I can agree. And for about a decade of my life I was one of them. But people do change Jane. I changed. I changed even more when I met you. Being able to call you mine is enough. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I will never pressure you. I meant it when I said you’ve paid your dues. I’m not here to cause you anymore pain. Neither one of us needs that now. Especially not after today”, Roman urged.
She carefully took in everything he said. The conviction in which he spoke, the sincerity in his eyes… he was telling the truth. Her gut told her so.
Roman continued. “ You and me—you especially, have been through hell and back. Let us have this one thing to ourselves, for ourselves. Leave the expectations behind you. I’m not your dictator. I'm not here to tell you what you should or should not do as a woman. I just want this, I want us. Nothing more.”
Jane’s face wrinkled in confusion. Roman was a strange bird. Any other man would have walked away—at least the ones she encountered previously. “ That’s not very traditional, you know ? You really truly want this…all my darkness? All my pain? It’s not too much for you ?”
“ In case you haven’t noticed, I’m nowhere near a traditional man. I could ask you the same but who else would understand me like you? You heard about all those things I did in my past and you still look at me like I hold the moon and stars. Like me—an ole’ pirate, has the right to cast judgment over you. I want you and anything that comes with it. The good and the bad.”
Roman gets up from his chair and walks over to her, crouching down to where she sat. Her arms leaned over his shoulders and she wrapped them around him tightly in a deep decompressing embrace. How often do they hug?? Not often, if even at all especially for it to have felt so good. She revels in the feeling, confused on how something so simple had taken so much weight off her shoulders. He pulls away and cradles her face in his hands.
“ I will take your darkness and turn it sweet. This I vow to you. No secret of yours should be burdened alone”, he says.
“ Okay”, mutters wiping a stray tear from her cheek. Why did she always end up crying in his arms? Why was it so easy too?
“ Okay”, he chuckles. He kisses her lips gently and sweetly. Like she’s made of glass. She doesn’t mind it. She doesn’t mind being doted on and revered as precious especially after such a hard conversation.
“ What can I do to make your frown turn upside down ?”
“ I need a hot bath”, she murmured.
“ Okay I can do that . Any other requests ?”
“ More of what you made me earlier.”
“ ahh. The Oka l’a ?”
“ Yes please”, she mumbled face first into his shoulder. All that crying had made her sleepy.
“ Your wish is my command.”
Much to Roman’s dismay, they stopped on the deserted island with the rotting boat for barnacle scraping. It was necessary to ensure that the ship continued to travel at its highest speed. Barnacle scraping was one of the more annoying facets of being a crew member. In moments like this he was thankful to be the Captain. All that sand and salt water battering against someone while they scraped away with all their might—it wasn’t fun. Rory and Thomas were on duty. He watched them scrape against the hall of the boat, flinging the barnacles into the sand.
He needed to touch land and recenter his thoughts. His mind kept wandering back to all the venom that the creature spat. The conversation with Jane played on a loop in his mind. He had come to the realization that every action he made with Jane was in protest to all the beliefs she had about men. It would be his job to show her better everyday. It wasn’t a hard job but she was resistant to her prior beliefs. He was patient with her.
He let a wave of warmth fill his lungs from his pipe as he stared at his ship from the beach. Should he feel guilty for his anger towards the monarchy? It wasn’t just Augusta that caused him pain. There were many people like her. However, he was angry quite a lot. It was something he had only recently gotten a hold of 5 years ago. He found other cathartic ways to deal with it. He’d gotten into reading again and collecting cigars. He’d even gotten a fucking parrot but every now and then his mind would wonder.
He’d rethink arguments and injustices and dream up something better. A desperate need to be the savior he needed for himself. The thirst for vengeance. The occurring nightmares did him no favours. Sure, he was remorseful of the violence that ensued. His treck to the top of the food chain had been bloody—sometimes unnecessarily. He was bitter for many years. Still, if Roman had no choice but to be removed from his family he would choose being a pirate always. He never wanted the life of a monarch.
This constant battle of being a fierce figurehead and a the gentlest version of himself for Jane was a catch 22. One side of him needed the other, yet his line of work contradicted the very thing he wanted to give her. How much longer could this go on? He would never out run the cruel man he used to be. But he had to make space for the man Jane needed.
The ache for her returned, dull and throbbing like a maddening tooth ache. Ever since he’d nearly left her it seemed like there was a thin long string between them. If he got too far she’d pop into his head and somehow he’d return. He’d have to head back soon. But he needed this fucking smoke.
He undressed her for her bath in his room. She was stunning while clothed and even more stunning naked. It seemed quite redundant after the intensity of their discussion. However she seemed to be fairly comfortable. He kissed her intensely before he left, he could still feel it on his mouth. He liked the way she used his space, it made the cabin feel “lived in”. He could see himself shutting out the world and imagining the captain's quarters as a house on land. She’d be busy doing tasks around the space like a house. There would not be a roaring sea outside and he’d have her all to himself. He would soon suggest the idea of her moving her things into his cabin. There was no use in being apart.
He turned around to look at the boat, realizing he had strayed further away than he should have. He threw his cigar in the sand and squashed it with his foot. He watched the embers burn out in the sand. A distant yell snaps him out of his thoughts.
He can see Thomas stumbling backwards in the distance before getting up and lunging forward. Maybe a fight broke out? Roman starts a light jog back to the boat. Another yell and Adhar appears to be swinging his sword around—fighting? Roman was sprinting now. He dreaded the thought of secret attack but how? They were in the middle of nowhere.
He ran to the other side of the boat to find Thomas sparing with what could only be described as a skeleton. A skeleton?
“ Don’t just stand there! It’s strong !”, Thomas choked. It took Roman a moment to actually process what he was looking at. Not even the creatures in the prison confused him this much. The Skeleton had its forearm pressed against Thomas's neck. Roman grabbed the back of its head and swung it effortlessly to the ground. The bones shattered apart. The two just stand there panting while looking at the pile of bones.
“ How the fuck did you manage to let a skeleton choke you?”, Roman turned to Thomas.
Thomas rubbed his sore throat. “ I’m telling you it was kind of strong. And it’s bones hurt. Bloody thing got me while my back was turned”, he hissed. Suddenly Thomas’s eyes widened. Roman turns around to find that the skeleton had reanimated. This time he pulled out his sword and slashed across it’s sternum with his sword, causing it to fall again.
“ Bloody hell….”, Roman groaned as the Skeleton made yet another attempt and rebuild itself.
“ Just keep it discombobulated. It can’t hurt you if it can’t put itself back together”, he gave his sword to Thomas and stalked back to the ramp.
The top deck was hell. Pirates' backs were being ridden by skeletons in Tang dynasty armor. Rory blasted through a group of skeletons with a roar sending bone parts flying everywhere. Adhar was sword fighting with two skeletons at the same time. Williams fought at the edge of the ship sending bones flying into the sand. Caden used a femur as a weapon warding off approaching skeletons. Each time a skeleton was knocked down they’d reanimate and come back for more.
“ Anybody got a fucking match ?”, Williams yelled with a pipe in his mouth flying a bone down the beach.
“ Don’t even bother they won’t burn, OUCH!”, Earl yelped as a Skeleton bit his ear.
The skeletons that managed to get on the ship held Dao’s. Some of them were rusted by sea water making sharp, rusted, jagged weapons that could potentially kill someone. That’s how Roman ended up in a fight with an armored Skeleton holding a spear. One for the story books.
She actually didn’t mean to fall asleep in his bed but he insisted that he had work to do. To her surprise she woke up to yelling. She quickly grabbed her pistol off Roman’s table and busted the French doors open to find utter chaos. Skeletons were everywhere and they were angry? Roman fought somewhere in the middle of the deck, throwing Skeleton heads in the air and kicking them off the boat.
An especially tall Skeleton in thick black armor came stomping towards her. Her eyes widened and she lifted her gun at its head, shooting at it in three short bursts. She shot the head, chest and pelvis. It paused looking at her momentarily before collapsing onto itself. Roman turned around, nose flared in a heavy irritation. He storms over to her.
“ Get back in there and close the door”, he hissed.
“ What ?! No. I just killed that thing. It looks like you guys need the help!”, she gawked.
“ It’s not safe t-— wait”, Roman punched the head off a skeleton creeping up behind Jane.
“ They’re trying to stab people with rusty knives. I’ll be damned if you die because a bag of bones shanked you. Go back into my room and lock the door”, Roman demanded. Another Skeleton attempted to swipe at Jane with a spear. He snatched the spear from the Skeleton’s arms causing the bones to disconnect from it. Now an armless Skelton was trying to bite him.
“ I’m fighting. We talked about this. You said I was perfectly capable of defen— HEY!”, Jane scoffs as Roman picks her and throws her over his shoulder like a bag of flour. She scrambles against his hold, beating against his back but it’s pointless.
Roman storms through the French doors and plops her on the bed. She takes a pillow and throws it at him. When she realizes he’s heading for the door she sprints after him. She's a second slower than him and he manages to trap her inside.
He wraps his belt around the double door handles and places a sword in between them to prevent her escape. He can hear her yelling and beating from the other side.
“ William!”
“ Aye Cap’n?”, he turns to Roman, face drenched with sweat.
“ Do not let Jane leave that room. Do not let anything enter that room. She can’t come out.”
“ Aye”, William stalked over to the door with a pistol standing in front of it.
“ JACKASS!!”, she shouts from the other side of the door.
10 minutes into this “fight” a skeleton had actually managed to slash the skin on his arm. It did nothing but piss him off more. Thomas had retreated back onto the boat with a Skeleton biting his ankle like one of those rat terriers.
“ We need to get off this bloody island!” Adhar yelled in exhaustion. There were over 100 Skeletons reanimating themselves with some rising from the under the sand, crawling from the rotten boat and even coming out of the tree line.
“ Fuck this. Raise the sails. Cortez! Get us out!” Roman yelled, pushing another skeleton down the side of the boat.
They made sail again, throwing the bones overboard. The reanimated bones on the shoreline tried following the boat but fell apart once the water reached their knees. What was left of the skeletons was dumped in the water.
The men sat there panting on the wind deck. This was somehow the perfect way to end a shitty day. Some of them had bite marks, cuts and bruises. Others just looked disheveled.
“ Let me out of here you NOW!!”, he heard Jane screech from the other side of the door. Roman painfully peeled himself from the floor and untied the French doors. Jane swung the door open and pushed Roman. He barely stumbled. Her eyes widened when she saw his arm.
“ You’re hurt”, she held his arm.
“ Just a scratch”.
“ You’re bleeding onto the fucking floor. Earl!.”, She pulled him inside the cabin and sat him down.
Earl came and assessed his arm.“Superficial though I’m sure very uncomfortable. You won’t need any stitches; the cut was clean. Why don’t we get you an astringent, some ointment and a bandage?”
“ I can help him. Why don’t you go relax Earl. I’m sure it’s been a long day for you.”
Earl thanked her and gave her the wound supplies before leaving, likely to go assess his own bite. After a quick wash up, Roman sat at the table with Jane on her knees, pressed witch hazel against the wound. She rinsed it cleaned and dabbed bag balm on the very top.
“ You know you might not have gotten than cut if you actually let me help”, she sighed wrapping his arm with a bandage.
“ It was no big deal.”
“ Oh really? If it was no big deal then why didn’t you let me help?”, she bit.
“ Rusty. knives.”
“ I don’t. care”, she mimicked.
Jane rolled her eyes and sat the bandage roll on the table. Roman unexpectedly pulled her forward in between his legs, leaning over her just inches above her face.
Roman smirked. “ Have I ever told you how cute you are when you’re mad?”
He leaned down and kissed her mouth firmly in a long hum. She stiffened and then softened, swatting at his chest as he pulled away. He chuckled at the pout on her face.
“ You’re not funny”, she whined with annoyance.
“ Maybe not but I have to admit, after all the shit that happened today I never guessed I would be nearly stabbed by a dead guy.”
“ Well…that thing did say that other creatures won’t want us to have the key . I just hope nothing else comes up. Nothing we can’t handle at least”, Jane sighed.
“ Whatever it is we will get through it.”
“ Not if you lock me away”, she frowns.
“ Alright fine. Next time I promise but not if I sense your imminent death.”
“ Fine but you’re going to have to make it up to me.”
“ How ?”
“ I don’t know.”
“ I could always give you a kiss.”
“ You just gave me a kiss?”
“ Not that kind of kiss darling.”
She yawns in an exaggerated manner. “ Maybe with breakfast. I’m exhausted.” She stands putting the pound supplies back in the aid kit.
“ Then… I bid you a goodnight Miss Ramlal.”
“ Good night you stubborn ass”, she drawled on her way to the door.
“ One of these days you’re going to have to move your things in with mine. it’s only right ”, he called back to her.
“ In the midst of you making it up to me, maybe you’ll give me your proposition”, she winked at the door before turning the corner.
Roman accepted that challengeand went to bed with a stiff cock.
Thanks to her nap earlier she was up tonight. She read, she had a snack, she even tried on new dresses she got back in Port Plado before they left. She was bored. It also didn’t help that ever since their exchange she’d thought alot about that “convincing”. She should have taken the offer.
A knock on her door pulled her from her thoughts. She gets up pulling on her robe and answers the door. Roman is standing there wish disheveled hair, opened shirt, just trousers.
“ May I come in ?” He asks quietly.
“ Of course”, she moved over to let him sit on her bed.
“ How’d you know I was awake?”
“ I could see a light under your door.”
“ Oh. Right ”, she smiled pulling her robe around herself.
“ feeling okay ?”
“ yes I’m fine. Just a bit restless”, she looked at his trousers and could see a dint. Her belly flipped in excitement but she tried to hide it. He seemed tired.
“May I…..touch you ?”
Fuck it…
“ Ye—-.” before she can even finish the word he ambushes her, covering her mouth with his mouth. He pushes up her dress. They fell backwards on the bed. He pins her left leg to her stomach, keeping her open to reveal her glistening center. He licks three fingers and places them at her clit swirling them in tight firm circles. Her eyes nearly cross as her head falls back. He's so big she can’t close her legs. He props her other leg over his shoulder for better access. She has to cover her mouth from the sudden stimulation. She’s audibly wet which gives away the arousal she’s had for the last few hours. He pulls back to spit on her cunt and then resumes with those firm circles.
“ Roman ”, she sighs.
“Jane”, he mocks quietly.
“ What are you doing ?”, she asks lazily. She knew exactly what but her mind didn’t have enough time to calculate the last 30 seconds.
“ You really do have such a pretty cunt”, he grunted against her mouth. She just sighs softly against them, closing her eyes and relishing in the warmth of his fingers.
“ I’ve been thinking about how it tastes ever since that night. I told you…there are so many ways to get my point across. You haven’t an inkling on what truly satisfies me. I can’t be satifised- won’t be satisfied, unless I can see you crumble in my fucking hands.” His tone was rough and sharper than usual. She didn’t mind it at all. He pulls back to gently but firmly slap her cunt and it ignites all of her pleasure centers. She gasps, Instinctively closing her legs. To no avail she remains wide open to him. Her back bends off the bed as he continues rubbing her clit.
“ Stay right there. You’re doing such a good job”, he whispered. She’s whimpering behind her hand now. He looks down to see a sticky arousal forming around his fingers.
“ You see, if you were in my bed you could yell as loud as you want. Think about that next time because I plan on doing this again”, he sucked her neck. Her eyes rolled around her skull as she gripped his bicep. She can feel her nails biting into his skin. It just makes his hand move faster.
“ Roman…sensitive”, she warned.
“ I hope you know that you’re not getting up from under me until you’re properly ruined”, he chuckles darkly. He flashes his teeth and he can see another dreadful wave of arousal come over her features.
“ You’re not ready to go all the way, that’s fine. I can take that. Take all the time you need but I will watch you cum. Whether I do it for you or you do it yourself. I will watch you shatter every single time Jane”, he murmured against her temple. Her brows scrunch and her lips tremble into a pout as she feels herself coming close to the edge. A true delirium was seeping in as she neared her impending climax. That stage where she’d do or say anything to cum. No matter how bat shit crazy it was. She’d recite the Spanish alphabet if it meant he kept going.
“ Yes ...yes only you—make me come”, she whined hazily. Her entire body had broken out into a light sweat. Properly wanton and consumed by desire. Not caring about her appearance. Raw pleasure.
“ Only me, yes. Say it again”, he says with another quick slap to her cunt.
“ Onl-Oh fuuckk”, she squeaked.
“ Tell me all the filth going on in your head right now. Tell me and I’ll lick you a bit. Tell me what you were thinking about before I came in here”, he taunts in her ear.
“ Y-your tongue. Your shouldersss-shit!”, she moaned.
“ What a good girl you are..”, he pulls away and laps at her clit. His tongue is pleasantly cooler than her heated sensitive skin, which gives her a gush of relief. Yet as quickly as she relaxed, she tensed up at the feeling of his tongue. It poked, flicked, lapped and dipped at the entirety of her cunt, pushing her closer to her release. She was seconds away from coming undone right then but he pulled away to watch her sex. She’s drenched down to the sheets. The longer he prolongs her pleasure the wetter she gets. He licks into her awaiting mouth.
“ You like my tongue?”, he mumbles against her lips.
“ Yes I love it I love it love it”, she chants desperately into the quiet of his mouth. His fingers become more frantic.
He shuts her up here and there with lip locks, sucking on her tongue to keep her at bay. Or he’d pull away just to rest his forehead on hers and watch the way her face breaks up and contorts. H finds her devastating in the height of pleasure—a feast for the eyes. He kisses her forehead as she hiccups underneath him, becoming desperate for reprieve.
“ More ?”, he asks her. She neither nods nor denies, just stares at him with pleading eyes. He pulls his hand away.
“ Open your mouth and say it”, he says firmly.
“ Yes please”, she gushes desperately.
She bucks her hips. He takes his thumb into his mouth, sucks it and places it right on her clit, swirling in fast circles now. Her pleasure becomes more narrowed and more precise. Her head falls back but he uses his other hand to pull the back of her head up, forcing her to look at him.
“ Right here. Right at me”, he says. Forehead to forehead she can see his pupils dilate.
“ I’m- I- I ”, she whimpers. Her words fail her. She’s so close she can taste it.
“ Shh. Just give it to me darling”, he soothed shushing her.
She felt it was her duty to describe to him how good this felt. How mad she was driving her. She almost pitied him for not being able to feel this intensely. So good so…
“ Look at that. So… wet. You see what happens when you keep from it. It’s weeping Jane”, he taunts.
God his fingers... Holy shit his fucking fingers. In her right mind she’d debate if they were better than his tongue. She can only nod as her eyes roll into the back her skull drunkenly. Just what he wanted.
She fists the front of his shirt stretching it towards her, closing the rest of the distance between them.
“ I’m going to cum”, she croaks out in a panic from the force of which she can feel her orgasm sprinting towards her. She imagines it like a train. This would be a big one —just as big as the party if not bigger. She holds onto his wrist in an attempt to brace herself. Eyes wide and filled with worry and desire. There were over 100 pirates just outside that door and the only thing on her mind was how hard she was about to come.
And then her orgasm briefly paused in it’s pursuit of her and she was frozen at her peak for seconds longer than she’s used to. She wants to screech at the intensity. It was agonizing. It was deliciously agonizing. Her climax had her by her throat and it was nearly unbearable.
“ Go ahead, Dove. Don’t need my permission”, Roman whispered softly.
And his words dislodge any delays and fuck her mind. What follows is nothing but pure ecstasy. She contemplates pushing against his chest or biting him to withstand the force. All she can muster up is the bend of her back off the bed. He smashes his mouth to hers but there’s no need. The release is so intense she can barely make a sound. Her hearing gives out and the room fills with dots.
“ Breathe”, he whispers. She goes limp from the lack of air she denied herself.Seconds later he pulls his hand away.
The moment a gust of air pushes past her mouth he eats it, swallowing it down for himself and pulling her into a dizzying sloppy wet kiss. She’s panting heavily looking at him like a crazed man. Then they both look down to see her drenched center glistening against the lantern light.
“ Inside, okay ?”, He asks. She nods.
He gently takes two fingers and pushes them inside of her, feeling her slippery release. The squelch of his fingers brings an inner warmth to her cheeks that thankfully can’t be seen. He then pulls them out and watches her intently as he sucks on them. He attempts to swipe at her clit with his thumb again but she bucks against him, shaking her head in warning. Too much.
He chuckles at her expression and looks down hungrily between her legs. He takes a moment to pull those lips apart to see the wet inside of her. She's pulsating, flashes of her climax still seizing her flesh. He pulls his hand away to grab her chin and kiss her. She groans, feeling the heat nearly return to her core from him.
“ Can you taste yourself on my tongue ?”
She nods almost dumbly. Did she have room for another orgasm?
“ I like the way you taste. If I was in a crueler mood I’d pin you to this bed and eat your cunt until you started wailing. Push you past the point of sensitivity. I’ll save it for another day.”
She’s gobsmacked. Center out and he just looks back down at her.
“ I’m just getting one last look before I go into my cabin and tug on my cock with my fingers in my mouth”, he says in the most casual tone.
She can still see a tint in pants. He begins to pull away.
“ You…you could do it here”, she pants. He pauses.
She leans forward and grabs him through his pants. His eyes closed slowly as if he was hoping she wouldn’t.
“ You said—.”
“ There are other ways, you said so yourself.”
“ Are you sure you’re ready for that ?”
“ I am.”
“ Absolutely sure ?”, he presses.
“ Yes I’m absolutely sure”, she drawls.
“Okay. If you want me to stop, just say the word.”, he slowly reached down to his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He was bare under his trousers which caused his length to pop out and hit his belly button. Her eyes widened.
The length alone was just as concerning as was the girth. She was happy to have chosen a patient man because she would need it. But it was perfect. Tawny colored, with a thick vein in the center underneath. The head was flushed and wet with his own arousal. He took off his shirt. She noticed a slight curve to it when she reached forward and pulled him towards her. His skin was hot and throbbing, twitching in her hand. It almost made her giggle with how reactive his body seemed to her touch.
She pulled her hand away, dipping her hands between her still soaked thighs and spread it onto the base of him. His head fell back, looking at the ceiling in restraint. “Christ, fuck”, he spat. She moved her hand up and down his length.
“ You can fuck my hand…”, she giggled. Something about the sentence seemed silly to her but he didn’t laugh. Instead, he eagerly took her invitation, drawing his hips back to his tip and pushing into her hand. His eyes moved back and forth, up and down her body. She licked her other palm and pressed it firmly around his base, allowing him to use both of her hands..
Truthfully she needed two hands for his length alone. He went faster, which caused the bed to shift resulting in her bouncing. Her breasts bounced up and down with each thrust which nearly sent him over the edge.
He became more eager. It was so obvious he wanted a quick release and she was happy to give that to him. She looked down to see the squelch of arousal in her hand as his cock appeared and reappeared around her fist.
She reached down carefully and cupped his balls. Roman took a fist between his teeth as she massaged them slowly. His composure broke.
“ Tell me where you want it”, he huffed, thrusting into her fist like a cunt.
“ You decide”, she grinned mischievously up at him.
He came with a grunt and settled for her stomach and breasts. His release shocked her. It was the most beautiful thing to see him come undone. It didn’t push her away, it drew her in. The way every muscle in his body seemed to get bigger, the way his stomach contracted, the way his mouth hung open, his eyes, the grunting. She loved every single moment of it. It took her a few moments to notice the wetness between her chest and on her breasts. She looked down and swiped his arousal off her nipple with her finger, placing it in her mouth. He visibly shuddered.
“ You taste really good”, she smiled up at him. He leaned down for another kiss.
She no longer needed any convincing.
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