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Roman and low quality photos are a dangerous combo 馃い
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Its all coming back to me now
Roman reigns x Emeline(OC)
Tumblr media
"There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow"
Warnings: smut, its sad but has a happy ending, I guess it's my way of working out how I feel about WM40, errors I may have missed.
Word count: 2,374
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mzv11 @marchm-langdon @mandeelemons @pittieprincess22 @romanreignshairdresser @weirdgirl16355 @wrestlingprincess80
A heaviness came over her seeing him laying on the mat. Her heart dropped into her stomach, tears welling in her eyes. She dropped to the floor, her legs unable to hold her up anymore "Emeline!" She knew the voice but it wasn't his! With all her strength she forced herself to stand and as fast as her legs would carry her she ran. She didn't know where she was running to but she just wanted away from here.
The sound of the pouring rain filled her ears when she opened the door to the arena, numbing her senses. She ran out and slammed the door behind her. Running into the street, she hadn't payed attention to the cars that were driving by. A loud horn signaled the unthinkable. She'd been hit!
Laying on the ground, her legs broken and pain shooting through her all she cared about, still, was him. The person yelling at her was hazey. Their voice was muffled. Then she heard the sirens and everything went black.
Romans POV
I walked up the wrap to the wiseman and just broke. We shared a long hug "your wife is waiting for you my tribal chief!" He Said. I walked back stage and Dakota came running to me "Roman we can't find Emeline!" She said.
"what?" I asked "Paul just said she was waiting for me!"
"she ran out of the arena after the match! Hunter tried to stop her but she was in her own world! Her eyes were glossed over! And we heard a car honk!"
My blood ran cold "you didnt think to go fucking look?!" I yelled before running outside. When I saw the red and blue lights I knew in my gut she was hurt! I ran as fast as I could to the ambulance. The cop stopped me before I could cross "sir you can't go past here!"
"that's my wife!" I yelled, before he moved aside and let me pass "Emeline! Baby girl!" Her eyes were shut and her face was scraped up and bruised. I looked down and saw her legs were broken. This is all my fault! "Emeline, I'm so sorry!" I kissed her forehead.
"sir she's alive but we have to get her to the hospital! She's probably gonna need emergency surgery!" The EMT said.
"what happened?" I asked.
"someone who saw the whole thing said she ran out into the street and looked like she was distraught. She hadn't payed attention to the cars and..." He stopped, seeing my reaction. I grabbed her hand and held it to my face, all I could do was cry. This was all my fault. I let her down!
"Emeline please come back to me!" I sobbed, holding her hand in mine. My world stopped. I couldn't lose her! "Sir we have to put her in the ambulance. You can ride with her." The EMT said.
I let go of her hand so they could get her in the ambulance and hopped in beside her, grabbing her hand again, tears welling in my eyes. If it kills me I was gonna beat Cody's ass!!
When we got to the hospital, I called Seth, dwayne, Paul, jimmy, and hunter and let them know what happened. Hunter gave me some half assed apology about it and I nearly tore him a new one but Emeline wouldn't want me to do that so I just said "thanks!" And hung up.
Just as they wheeled her back into surgery Paul walked up to me hugged me "how is she?" He asked.
"they just wheeled her back into surgery!" I said "her legs are broken!"
"I'm so sorry!" Paul said "Dwayne's on his way along with the twins and solo!"
The realization of what happened finally hit me and I broke down "I can't lose her Paul!"
"it's gonna be ok! She's gonna be ok!" He said.
4 hours later
When the doctor finally came out I was trying to read his expression but he was blank and my heart sank.
"how is she?" I asked.
"She's stable but both her femurs were broken. She's gonna need physical therapy and that's just the emergency part of it. We don't know if she had any head trauma and we won't know until she wakes up." He said "your wife is a fighter!"
"Can I go see her?" I asked.
"Of course!"
"Thank you! Where is she?"
"Room 406"
I ran down the hall and when I found her room, I walked in and my heart broke. She was connected to so many tubes and machines. I hadn't even noticed the nurse checking on her "you must be her husband?" She asked.
"Yes!" I said "a few others are going to be coming as well."
"We can only have 2 visitors at a time in the room. Its to keep the room clear for staff!" She said.
"I understand!" I said, forcing a half smile "I wasn't there to protect her! This is all my fault!" I broke down in tears. I felt a hand on my shoulder "it's not your fault. Accidents happen." She smiled "your wife is a very lucky woman to have a man like you and she's a fighter!"
"No, I'm the one who's lucky! She's stood beside me when no one else did! She believed in me when no one else would! Without her I wouldn't be who I am today!" I smiled.
"it's late why don't you get some sleep? The chair is a pullout." She said "I can get you a pillow and a blanket if you'd like?"
"i'll probably lay down later. My mind isn't going to shut off anytime soon! Especially not seeing her like this!" I said, grabbing Emeline's hand.
"well if you need anything just let me know!" She smiled.
"thank you!" I smiled back.
The next morning
I woke up with my head on my arm, I don't know when I fell asleep but I still had Emeline's hand and in mine. She had started to stir when I woke up and when she opened her eyes I was so happy "Emeline! Baby girl! Thank the gods your ok!" I reached to give her a kiss but she pulled away from me "who are you?" She asked.
The sting I felt in my chest was like nothing I'd felt before. I remembered the doctor said we wouldn't know if she had any head trauma until she woke up but I wasn't expecting this! I pressed the call button for the nurse.
"Hello, is everything alright?" She asked.
"Emeline's awake!" I said, my voice starting to crack "but she doesn't remember me!"
"we'll be right there!" The nurse said.
"you still haven't answered my question!" Emeline said "who are you?"
I reached for my wallet and pulled out a picture of us at our wedding "Emeline, I'm your husband!" I said, trying to keep myself from crying.
The nurse came running in the room "hey I know you want her to remembe but that's not the way to do it! It has to be gradual and she has to do it herself. I cant imagine what you feel right now but it's gonna be ok. 90% of the time the amnesia is temporary!" The nurse said trying to comfort me but it didn't work.
"I need to get some air!" I said, walking out of the room. My wife didn't remember me! The love of my life, my best friend didn't know who I was. I leaned against the wall and slumped to the ground, putting my head.in my hands. Tears fell down my face. I couldnt be without her! She was my world!
"joe?" I heard a familiar voice say.
"dwayne!" I said standing up and hugging him "she's awake but she doesn't remember me!"
I heard him sigh "it's not her fault or yours. Don't blame yourself! She'll remember you. I know it hurts but you can't rush it!"
"people keep telling me that but no one is telling me how to help her!" I yelled "my wife doesn't fucking remember me!"
Emeline's POV
I heard him shouting out in the hallway his couldnt remember him and I didn't understand why he was so angry. I felt sorry for him but I wasn't his wife. The nurse came in and gave me some pain medicine and I felt better. My brain was so scrambled I didn't even know how to start trying to figure out who he was.
"where's the tv remote?" I asked.
The nurse picked up the call light and showed me how to use it. I started flipping through the channels and couldn't find anything. Nothing interested me. I still had my phone so I decided to listen to some music. I hit the shuffle button and the sound of a piano filled My ears. It was a familiar sound but I wasn't sure why I knew it.
"I finished crying in the instant that you left!" I started to remember last night. "I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me!"
My friends started flashing in my head Naomi, iyo, Bayley!
"and if you kiss me like this!" Joe? "Joe!!" I yelled.
My body wouldn't move! I could hear his voice but I couldn't move!! Was I dead? No I can't be dead! I can hear him yelling! What's going on then? I tried to push a button, make a noise, anything but nothing! And then darkness. Empty, cold darkness!
3 days later
Emeline had started to slowly show signs of improvement. The doctors had hope that the coma was her brains way of healing itself and when she woke up she'd remember. All they could do was hope. Joe never left her side! Beside himself with grief all he could do was wait.
Holding her hand he fell asleep next to her again, hoping it was all a nightmare and he would wake up and she would be fine. A soft groan woke him "joe?" Her voice was faint but he clearly heard her say his name "baby girl?" He said rubbing her hair.
"what happened?" She asked "why am I in the hospital?"
"you were in an accident" he said, trying to figure out how to tell her "you had to have surgery because you were hit by a car! Are you in pain?" He asked.
"a little!" She said, as he reached for the call button. The nurse came in "your awake!" She smiled.
"how long was I out for?" Emeline asked.
"4 days!" The nurse said "do your remember anything?"
"I remember joe freaking out that I didn't know who he was and-"
"Emeline you've been out this whole time!" The nurse said "it's not uncommon for coma patients to dream"
"it was so real though!" She said "no matter how hard I tried to wake up I couldn't!"
"it's ok baby girl! You're ok!" He smiled at her.
"I'm gonna go get the Dr!" The nurse said, leaving them alone. He smiled widely at her "I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried!"
"I don't remember what happened!" She said.
"it's probably best you don't right now." He said "it could make things worse!"
The Dr came in a few moments later "Emeline! Its good to see you awake!" She smiled "your gonna need therapy for your legs, I'm gonna give you some very strong pain killers. You'll be in the hospital for. Few more days as long as things go well. You need to rest as much as possible!"
"can he stay with me?" She asked.
"of course he can!" The Dr smiled, noticing their hands intertwined.
A few months later
Emeline's legs were 70% better! They hadn't been able to be intimate since she got hurt and Both of them we're going crazy with want! When she woke up in their canopy bed, he was still next to her. It was still dark but the moonlight shinning in the room made his skin glow.
His gaze at her made that heat between her legs pool. His eyes darkened with lust when he pulled the blanket back, seeing her naked body. Her curves, her perky, beautiful breasts and her eyes lusting just as much as his "I need you baby girl!" He said leaning towards her, pulling her body as close to his as possible. Kissing down her shoulder he felt goosebumps form on her skin, his thick beard tickling her as he moved to her breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth.
She laid on her back, letting him crawl over her. Reaching his hand down, running it through her folds before bringing his fingers to his lips and licking them clean "delicious!" He groaned, running the tip of his thick cock through her essence "joe please!" She groaned. Her pleas were music to his ears. He lined himself up with her entrance and slowly slid in, both of them letting out deep groans of pleasure. It'd been so long since they:d felt each other, both of them nearly busting at the sensation.
"Uhn! Fuck baby girl! I've missed how this pussy suckles my cock! Fuck!" He groaned.
He gently wrapped her legs around him, before lifting them over his shoulders "uhn! So fucking tight!"
A deep growls escaped him as he felt her pussy squeeze him even more "that's it baby! Give it to me! Let me feel you cum!" He growled. His words sending her over the edge, her walls spasming around him "oh fuck! That's my good girl! Milk my cock!" He growled throwing his head back, his own orgasm rocking his body, her walls milking him dry.
When he stilled inside her, they were both still spasming, neither one wanting to leave the other "I could stay like this all night!" She smiled.
He smiled back "I could to! I could make love to you all night long!"
"What's stopping you?" She smirked.
He smirked back "I love you baby girl!"
"I love you to!" She smiled. The rest of the night he showed her how much he's missed her, making her scream his name.
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Daddy please I... 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃馃馃
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@acknowledge-reigns @reignsangel444
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Roman Reigns Return
9/? Days without him
Tumblr media
Credit to gif owner
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I am so prepared for this come home Papa daddy come back home Roman we missed you so much
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im so glad someone else sees roman as the pretty pretty princess he is
EXACTLY. LOL. There is not enough of pretty princess Roman being taken care of!
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No puedo m谩s 馃槱馃い
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Sexy santa
Roman reigns x y/n
Tumblr media
Pic credit: @acknowledge-reigns
Warnings: SMUT!! Pretty much straight up porn!! Because my dirty ass mind got ideas from the pic above!! Errors I may have missed.
Tag list: @angelreigns444 @helensanders92 @heerah34 @lilucey @mindfulofmani @mandeelemons @niknakbucks92 @queengreenarrowmia89 @reignsxlove @weirdgirl16355 @windhamsrotunda
So many surprises during the holiday season! My biggest one was coming home and finding my husband in his recliner in nothing but a Santa hat and him saying "come sit on Santa's lap, baby girl!"
I took off my coat and slowly undressed in front him making sure to turn around and shake my ass in front of him. The groan he let out only egged me on more "leave them heels on baby!" He groaned "come ere!"
I walked over to him, my heels clacking on the floor, my breasts and hair bouncing as I walked. Putting a leg on either side of him as he stroked himself a few times before I lowered myself down on him both of us letting out groans of pleasure. "fuck baby! So wet! So tight!" Slowly I started to grind on him. Then an idea hit me. I got up and turned around, hearing him whine slightly when I did. I put a leg on either side of his knees and impailed myself on him again. Using his knees for balance I started bouncing again "that's my good girl! Bounce that ass!! Fuck baby!! Bounce on my cock!!!" *Smack* the sting of him smacking my ass only egged me on more. His hands running up my back, fingers digging into my skin until he reached around and grabbed my breasts, leaning me backwards.
Wrapping a hand around my throat he thrusted up into me, both of our groans filling the room and the sound of my skin slapping. "You like this baby girl? You like when daddy grabs your throat?" He growled. Fuck!! "Yes daddy!" I groaned.
"that's my good girl! You wanna cum don't you?! You wanna be a good girl and cum for daddy?" He growled. Fucking damn!! His thrusts became hard and deep "oh fuck!!" I moaned out.
"that's it baby! Give it to me!" He growled. My whole body tensed and the orgasm that rocked me made my eyes roll back in my head. "Oh fuck yeah! Milk my cock with that pussy baby! Uhh I'm gonna cum!!" He growled. A primal growl escaped his lips as his cock twitched inside me and ropes of his hot cum coated my walls. A few last sloppy thrusts and he stilled inside me, both of us trying to catch our breath and spasming from sensitivity. I leaned back on him "that was incredible!" He said
"it was!! We should do that more often!" I giggled.
He reached up and grabbed my throat again, a deep chuckle escaping his lips "well I see who's gonna be in Santa's naughty list this year!"
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not sure if you listened to ariana鈥檚 new album but could you maybe do a sad roman smut about we can鈥檛 be friends and i wish i hated you if that鈥檚 okay 馃ス
Wait for Your Love 鈾
Tumblr media
Featuring 馃尫: roman reigns + female!reader
Warning 鈽侊笍: angst, rough sex, daddy kink, dirty talk, unprotected p in v, overstimulation, backshots, creampie, 18+ Minors, please don鈥檛 interact. Thanks! 喹ㄠ
Word count 馃尫: 1.4k
Scenario 鈽侊笍: Realizing what he鈥檚 lost, Roman tries hard to make things right with his now, ex-fianc茅e.
鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞
鈥淲hat鈥檇 you just say?鈥 Roman asked, as his eyes widened.
She met his gaze, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. "The wedding鈥檚 off," she confessed, her voice barely above a whisper. With trembling hands, she removed the ring from her finger and placed it in his open palm.
His mind reeled, trying to grasp the sudden turn of events. "But why?" he managed to choke out, "Everything was perfect...what happened?"
Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked away, unable to meet his eyes. "Roman, I loved you more," she confessed softly, her words hanging heavy in the air. "I loved you more than you loved me."
His chest tightened at her words, "That's not true," he protested. He reached out to touch her, but she flinched away, her body trembling with suppressed sobs.
Desperation crept into his voice as he pleaded with her. "I love you, baby. Please, don't do this," he begged, his heart breaking at the thought of losing her.
But she shook her head, her tears falling. "No, Roman. You don鈥檛 understand," she whispered, her voice choked with emotion. "I've waited for this for so long, all I ever wanted was to start a new life with you."
Roman looked at her, his solemn gaze searching her face for answers, until a flood of memories came rushing back. The countless times she'd dropped subtle hints about wanting to get married whenever they were out with his family, the longing glances she'd cast at pregnant women passing by, the way she'd gently tried to steer their conversations towards their future together. How could he have been so blind, so selfish, to ignore her silent pleas for commitment and a family of their own? He was more focused on The Bloodline than the one that really mattered.
"I'm so sorry," he whispered, "I never meant to hurt you."
She looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears, and he could see the pain in her eyes. "I know," she murmured, "I don鈥檛 want to argue."
As he watched her turn away, a sense of helplessness washed over him. He wanted to reach out to her, to beg her to stay, but he knew deep down that it was pointless.
With a heavy heart, he began to pack up their home, each item he placed into boxes a painful reminder of the life they'd planned together. He couldn't shake the feeling of guilt that weighed heavily on his shoulders, knowing that he'd let her down in the worst possible way. He couldn't bring himself to hate her for calling off the wedding, he knew she deserved better than a love that was half-hearted. He walked out of the door, hoping that life didn鈥檛 bring her no new pain.
Roman's muscles strained as he pushed through another set of bench presses, his mind consumed by thoughts of her.
"You gotta pick yo鈥 head up Uce," Jimmy urged, his tone a mix of concern and frustration.
Roman sat up, wiping the sweat from his brow, "It鈥檚 easy for you to say that," he retorted bitterly, his voice tinged with resentment. " Hell, you made it to fuckin鈥 marriage..."
Jimmy's expression softened, his gaze steady as he met Roman's eyes. "Barely," he admitted, his voice quiet but firm. "We had a big ass argument 'cause I was ready to tie the knot, she was scared. In a relationship, shit ain鈥檛 gonna be easy. 'Specially not in marriage. It鈥檚 hard as hell dog, but sitting here drownin鈥 in yo鈥 sorrows and shit ain鈥檛 gon鈥 bring her back."
Roman's jaw clenched as he took heed of Jimmy's words. He rose from the bench, grabbing his water bottle and keys before dapping up Jimmy. He needed to speak to her if he wanted to fix what he'd broken. As he sped down the freeway, his mind raced with thoughts of their shattered relationship. "Fuck!" he yelled, banging the steering wheel in frustration.
Meanwhile, she was at home, surrounded by the remnants of their once-promising future. Tears stung her eyes as she tossed away wedding invitations, each one a painful reminder of what could have been. She glanced around the empty closet, her heart aching at the sight of the few remaining shoe boxes he had forgotten. She wished she could hate him, wished there were worse things he had done to her. But despite it all, she still yearned for him, still longed for the future they had once dreamed of together.
Hearing a knock on the door, she sighed heavily. When she opened the front door, Roman stood before her, "Hey, baby girl," he greeted, his voice uncertain. "C..can I come in?"
She hesitated for a moment before stepping aside, allowing him to enter. As he walked into the house, she couldn't help but notice the tension in his shoulders, "Coffee?" she offered, trying to break the heavy silence as she poured herself a cup. Roman politely declined, his gaze fixed on her as she took a sip.
"I'm sorry," he began, his voice filled with regret. "I didn't realize how unhappy you were. I was so caught up in work, in everything else..."
Tears welled up in her eyes as she traced the rim of her coffee mug. "I know," she trailed off, "But I needed you... I needed you to be present, to invest time in us..."
"I understand if you can't forgive me," he said softly, "I'll do whatever it takes to make it right, to show you how much you mean to me."
She looked into his eyes, searching for any hint of sincerity. Despite the pain, she saw a flicker of genuine remorse in his gaze.
"I want to believe you, but it's going to take time... a lot of time."
Roman leaned in and kissed her with admiration. With a gentle tug of her hand, he guided her towards the bedroom, both of them silently hoping for a chance to mend what had been broken.
It was an hour later and she was on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm. Roman鈥檚 thumb toyed with her clit as he sped up his strokes.
鈥淢issed daddy鈥檚 dick, baby?鈥
She moaned in response, causing Roman to pinch her sensitive bud. 鈥淵esss daddy! I missed it,鈥 She squealed.
"Tell me who鈥檚 pussy this.." His hand gripped her neck as he rolled his hips. Her body shook as she moaned loudly, "This is yo shit, daddy. All yours!鈥
Despite being worn out from her third orgasm, Roman wasn't finished yet. She cried out as he increased his pace after experiencing her orgasm,
Her moans filled the air as she desperately tried to get a hold of anything as Roman was literally fucking the shit out of her. As the headboard moved violently against the wall, it probably caused a hole.
"Yeah baby," He breathed out, chuckling. "Gimme that shit.鈥
He groaned loudly as he felt her clenching around him again as she came. She gasped as she tried to catch her breath, suffering from the aftershocks. He stared down at her, placing gentle kisses on her while still buried deep inside of her.
鈥淐an you give daddy one more?鈥 He asked soothingly. Earning a weak nod from her, he flipped her over and pressed his hand in the small of her back, 鈥淔ix that arch, baby girl.鈥
Obeying, she hissed as he began to dig her out. She didn鈥檛 know what got into him, but it was becoming a bit much for her. He sped up, groaning at the feeling of her gummy walls. He saw how she鈥檇 began coating his dick,
鈥淭ake this dick鈥 He encouraged before slowing down his strokes and allowing her to take control. He slapped her ass before she began to throw it back on him. Her eyes rolled as she began hitting her spot over and over again, 鈥淛ussttt like that, daddy!鈥
He slapped her ass, praising her before meeting her with powerful thrusts. Each thrust caused her to whine as she tried to run but he chased her every time,
"Stop." He hissed, applying pressure to her spot.
She continued to moan loudly, listening to Roman鈥檚 heavy breathing in her ear as he chased his nut. "Cum for me." He moaned into her ear, as well as slurring curse words. She couldn't even focus as her final climax hit her hard, babbling nonsense. He was right behind her, "Finna nut in this pussy, Shit!鈥 He growled as he nutted.
"Damn, we ruined these sheets baby." He chuckled as he pulled out slowly, watching their mixture run onto the white sheets.
As the couple laid there, Roman looked over at her. "I'll wait," he vowed, his voice filled with desire. "I鈥檒l wait for your love."
鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞鉅佲爜鉅傗爠鉅勨爞 鉅傗爠鉅勨爞
Thanks for reading babe 鈽侊笍馃尫
銉烩潵 銉 @kumapassion @romanreignsbae @pittieprincess22 @cyberdejos2 @xoxoril3yyy @rwbypatootie @solefae @adoreesun
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Go the distance
Roman reigns x y/n
Tumblr media
Warnings: comfort fic, bullying, possibly a part 2馃し . Errors I may have missed
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mindfulofmani @niknakbucks92 @pittieprincess22 @windhamsrotunda @wrestlezaynia @lonewolfy45 @shadyprincesslife @salirophiliac
They always made fun of me in the locker room. No matter how hard I tried to show them I belonged here they always found ways to show me i never fit in. It didn't matter if I was myself or if I went along with what they wanted me to be. I gave up. I gave up hope thinking they were ever going to accept me for me.
A song most people would take for granted had helped me through so much self hatred. It meant the world to me. Sometimes when I was super upset and on the verge of tears I'd sing it to myself. "I have often dreamed of a far off place where a heroes welcome would be waiting for me! Where the crowds will cheer, when they see my face and voice keeps saying..."
I hadn't noticed him standing behind me while I was singing and his deep voice joined in my singing "this is where you're meant to be!" I turned around and something told me to keep singing "i will find my way! I can go the distance! I'll be there someday! If i can be strong! I know every mile will be worth my while!" I stopped and looked at him, tears on the verge in falling "I would go most anywhere to feel like I ... Belong"
He grabbed me in a hug, his strong Arms protecting me from the world around me. In that moment no one and nothing else existed except me and him. "Baby girl, dont let them get to you!" He whispered. I don't know why but hearing him say those words let the flood gates open and the pain i felt came pouring out of my eyes. "Shhh its ok. Let it out. Im not going anywhere!" He cooed.
As if fate has seen fit, one of the female superstars who had bullied me came around the corner and started in her usual bullshit "eww! Roman why are you holding her?!" She said laughing.
He pulled away just enough to whisper in my ear "I'll handle this" before turning around And looking at her "nattie! Haven't you had enough plastic surgery for all of Hollywood?" He smirked "how dare you!" She yelled and went to slap him but I step in and grabbed her arm "doesn't feel so nice when someone does it to you now does it? How's that taste of your own medicine feel bitch?!" I said before pushing her to the ground. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" She yelled.
"I'm the woman you bullied long enough and I'm tired of crying because your plastic ass doesn't have the confidence to be real and not a fucking Barbie! Get fucked nattie!" I said.
She stood up and turned on her heels "that was amazing!" Roman smiled at me "I knew you could do it!"
"it's thanks to you!" I leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek but The last moment he moves his head and our lips met. I blushed and he smiled "let's go to dinner tomorrow?" He asked.
"I'd like that!" I smiled "do you want me number?"
He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and handed it to me and I put it in before handing it back to him "here I'll give you mine to" he said and i gave him my phone.
He handed me my phone back "I'll pick you up at 6!"
"I can't wait!"
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Tumblr media
Still a baddie 馃懣
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lilsedge 9 months
Can I request a one-shot (Jey Uso x Female reader)? Where their enemies but they both secretly like each other but are too stubborn to admit it. And they both share a hotel room due to budget cuts and it's the usos birthday. Jey is like "I want another present." and she's like "What, I can buy you it." and he's like "No, the present I want. Is you." and it ends in smut.
Birthday Gifts (smut)
Tumblr media
Jey Uso x fem! Reader.
Warnings: Daddy kink, oral sex (female + male receiving), unprotected, blowjob, deep throating, fingering, slight edging?? (Not good smut tbh)
Jey Uso and Y/N were enemies. No one knows why or how it happened, because the rest of the bloodline likes her. It鈥檚 just one day they were down each other鈥檚 throats.聽
Y/N wasn鈥檛 even in the bloodline or against it. It鈥檚 just an argument arose when she and Jey crossed paths one day. It didn鈥檛 matter if they saw each other in the ring. They always fought, but there was a secret.
They both liked each other. Either of them won鈥檛 admit it because they鈥檙e both stubborn as a mule.聽
It was Friday night right after SmackDown. No one had booked their hotel rooms yet. Which was a big mistake. Well, it wasn鈥檛 their fault the flight was delayed till early in the morning, so they got there like right before SmackDown.
To prepare, WWE workers booked hotel rooms. The crew member was handing out the keycards to each superstar, informing them they would be sharing with someone. Not telling them who they would be sharing with.
Y/N was in front of her hotel room. She was about to scan the keycard, but stopped. A loud noise came from the other side. Y/N just shrugged it off and hoped it was someone she could stand.
Walking in the room. She notices that it鈥檚 boys鈥 clothes laying on the bed. There was also only one bed. Who is the boy she will be sharing a room with?
The boy emerged from the bathroom. They were face to face.
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 you,鈥 says Y/N.
鈥淢an, why did they put me with you?鈥 Jey questions.
鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 interact with each other tonight then,鈥 Y/N says.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 fine by me,鈥 he replies.
In reality, it wasn鈥檛 fine by Jey. He didn鈥檛 want to miss out on interactions with his girl on his birthday. A knock was heard from the door. Jey goes to answer it. It鈥檚 Jimmy.聽
鈥淎ye, Uce, let鈥檚 go out for our birthday dinner,鈥 Jimmy says.
鈥淥h, and Y/N you can come too,鈥 Jimmy finishes.
鈥淥h, alright if that鈥檚 okay,鈥 Y/N replies.
鈥淵ea let鈥檚 go,鈥 Jimmy says, grabbing Y/N鈥檚 arm pulling her out of the room.
Jey was jealous of the interaction between his twin and Y/N. Anyone who touched Y/N that night Jey was jealous of. It should be him touching his girl, not other people.
Back at the Hotel Room
鈥淚 know I said no interactions, but how was your birthday?鈥 Y/N questions.
鈥淚t was okay, I guess,鈥 Jey replies.
鈥淵ou know what?鈥 The Samoan questions.
Y/N just looks at him, confused.
鈥淚 want another present,鈥 Jey says.
鈥淲hat? I can probably buy it for you,鈥 Y/N replies.
鈥淣o, the present I want,鈥 Jey pauses, 鈥淚s you.鈥
Jey makes his way closer to Y/N, eyeing her up like she鈥檚 prey and he鈥檚 ready to attack. His hand makes it to Y/N鈥檚 cheek. Y/N hesitates before moving her hands to the back of Jey鈥檚 neck.聽
Jey leans in, capturing Y/N鈥檚 lips with his own. Jey let his hands roam her body. The Samoan man detaches their lips for a second, just to sit with his back against the headboard. He immediately grabs Y/N, pulling her onto his lap.
His lips attach to hers for just a bit before moving them down along her jawline. Down her neck, finding her sweet spot in an inconsiderable amount of time. A soft moan came from her lips.聽
That made Jey smirk. His cockiness got to him.
鈥淲ould my brothers be able to find that spot so quickly, huh?鈥 He says.
鈥淢mm, Jey just,鈥 she pauses, 鈥渇uck me, please.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 have to tell me twice, baby,鈥 he replies.
His hands immediately made their way up Y/N鈥檚 crop top. Jey smirks again. She鈥檚 not wearing a bra. He swiftly takes off her crop top, throwing it somewhere in the room.
He is massaging her tits, giving one a kiss than the other, so that they鈥檙e equally loved. Y/N put her hands on the hem of Jey鈥檚 shirt, wanting it off.聽
Jey let鈥檚 go of Y/N, letting her pull off the shirt. Now it was her turn to shower Jey with kisses. She might have snuck in a hickey here or there.
When Y/N had gotten closer to the tent in Jey鈥檚 pants, he was impatient and pulled his pants down. Y/N鈥檚 eyes immediately looked at his dick. Jey grabs Y/N's cheeks, making her look into his eyes.
鈥淪uck it,鈥 he demands.
The younger girl didn鈥檛 have to be told twice before doing what she was demanded to do. Of course, she was going to tease Jey. Y/N only put the tip of Jey鈥檚 member in her mouth before taking it out of her mouth with a pop.
She had done that a few more times until Jey got impatient. He grabbed her hair, putting it in a horrible ponytail. Forcing her to take more of him in her mouth. Jey let out a groan when he felt himself hit the back of her throat, causing her to choke on it.聽
That happened for a few more minutes until Jey sat up, putting Y/N where he was sitting. He made a trail of kisses leading to her pants. His hands made it to the waistband of her pants.聽
Jey pulled them down rapidly. A gasp sounded from the girl鈥檚 lips, from the feeling of cold air hitting her heat. Jey chuckles.
鈥淛ey please,鈥 Y/N moans out as Jey gets closer and closer to her core.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my name, baby,鈥 Jey replies.
鈥淎we fuck don鈥檛 make me say it,鈥 Y/N becomes more impatient, feeling his breath against her core.
鈥淚 ain鈥檛 moving till you say it,鈥 he says, purposefully blowing on her clit.
鈥淯gh, fine, please daddy, please,鈥 she moans.聽
Jey immediately answers her pleas and starts sucking and licking at her core. After a few minutes, he starts to add his digits into her. He starts off with one, but quickly adds two noticing that she wasn鈥檛 moaning enough for his liking.
Anyone walking by the hotel room could honestly tell that Y/N was close. Jey didn鈥檛 let her come undone, though. He pulled away, causing some whines out of her.聽
The Samoan moved to the edge of the bed, pulling the younger girl with him. He spreads her legs out, grabbing his dick, rubbing it up and down her wet slit.聽
Slowly sinking into her, she let out a loud hiss of pain. Jey stops for a second. Seeing her nod her head, he moves again really slow.聽
Her moans start to pick up as Jey's pace picks up. Jey鈥檚 hands felt everywhere on Y/N before settling on her hips. Moans, grunts and skin slapping sounded the whole hotel room.聽
鈥淢mm Jey, I- I鈥檓 so close,鈥 Y/N moans out.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not allowed to until I say and until you say my name,鈥 he says.
鈥淥h please, daddy, please let me cum,鈥 she pleads.
Jey was also getting close. His thrusts were sloppier. His grunts were becoming a bit louder.
鈥淎lright baby, go ahead,鈥 he says suddenly.
Y/N moans becoming undo. After she finishes, Jey pulls out and lets undone her stomach. He grabs her face and gives her a gentle kiss before walking to the bathroom, wetting a towel.
Jey comes back and starts cleaning her up. The Samoan man chuckles when Y/N jumps at the coldness of the wet towel.聽
After he finishes cleaning her and him up, Jey crawls in bed and cuddles up to her. That was the rest of their night. Just cuddles, kisses and giggles.
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