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Zac Emmanuel, Man with Red Drapery
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Zac Emmanuel
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constantbeliever - Zac Emmanuel, Two Saints, 2023
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If Ashley's children traveled back in time and met their future parents, what would their reaction be? Why do I feel like Ashley would be quite "sassy" with Gabriel about this revelation?
So much confusion initially- Gabriel’s doing the math and nothing is adding up
“But- I can’t even- how???”
“Yeah thanks for that by the way mom—“
After- explaining the entire situation, Gabriel would be excitedly asking his kids questions while- also struggling to be a dad as well. Ashley’s vibing- was pretty shocked she ended up having kids, but it’s some reassurance to her that Gabe stuck around long enough for them to even happen. She’d probably ask Lilith if she’s a good mom, or at least a better one than hers.
After the kids head back to their time (I’m thinking the good ol’ reliable demon magic is how), there’s just this quiet awkwardness and then—
“….soooo….three kids?”
“Are we really that surprised?”
“Not really….totally unrelated note, but would it be cool if I summoned the demon super quick?”
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Zac Emmanuel Artwork
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"Desire II" by Zac Emmanuelle. (AI-assisted image).
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des hommes Zac Emmanuel Artwork
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Zac Emmanuel Artwork
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Tagged by @66-bl1tz-kr13g-fr1tz a long time ago lol Spell your username in song titles
Something in the Orange - Zac Bryan Clothed My Skin - Sisterbrother Anesthesia - Bad Religion Ring of Fire - Social Distortion Anoana- Heilung Broke Girl - Abby Hamilton End of the Era - Sick Of It All Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos Question - Old 97s Used - Rocket From The Crypt Emmanuel - Hilary and Kate
I’ll tag @crabs-and-bongos @tomboiny1 @wunkmanson @inhighcotton @ancatmom @babylon-fall and anyone else who wants to do it
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Zac Emmanuel Artwork
More Male Beauty at htpp://www.tumblr.com/blueskywalkerworld
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2023 NFL Season Predictions
Full Season Schedule,Final Standings, and Playoff Bracket available at
Adjusted 2024 First Round Draft Order (Includes trades to date)
3.Bears (via Panthers from Bryce Young/ DJ Moore trade)
6.Cardinals (via Texans from Will Anderson trade)
30.Texans (via Browns from Deshaun Watson trade)
Awards Picks (also receiving votes in parentheses)
Most Valuable Player: Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals (Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen)
Offensive Player of the Year: Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns (Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, Tony Pollard, Tyreek Hill, Christian Watson, Chris Olave)
Defensive Player of the Year: Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland Browns (T.J. Watt, Micah Parsons, Nick Bosa, Gregory Rousseau)
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Bijan Robinson, RB, Atlanta Falcons (Jahmyr Gibbs, Will Levis, De'Von Achane, Bryce Young, Quentin Johnson, Zay Flowers, Sam LaPorta)
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Christian Gonzalez, CB, New England Patriots (Will Anderson, Jack Campbell, Brian Branch, Emmanuel Forbes)
Comeback Player of the Year: Damar Hamlin, S, Buffalo Bills
Most Improved Player: Christian Watson, WR, Green Bay Packers (Skyy Moore, David Njoku, Brandon Aiyuk)
Head Coach of The Year: Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins (Dan Campbell, Zac Taylor, Kevin Stefanski, Mike Vrabel)
Offensive Assistant Coach of The Year: Ben Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions (Eric Bieniemy, Pete Carmichael, Tim Kelly, Ken Dorsey, Kellen Moore)
Defensive Assistant Coach of the Year: Jim Schwartz, Defensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns (Lou Anarumo, Aaron Glenn, Patrick Graham, Brian Flores, Vic Fangio)
Additional Speculation On Season Storylines (Listed by team) List does not include all NFL teams
Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders fire Josh McDaniels after starting 2-10 and losing to the Chiefs Week 12 in Las Vegas, and promote defensive coordinator Patrick Graham to be their interim head coach.
Patrick Graham will finish the season with a record of 2-3, leaving the Raiders with a final record of 4-13.
The Raiders will fire general Manager Dave Ziegler, interim coach Patrick Graham, and a majority of the rest of McDaniels' staff after the regular season is completed.
Tennessee Titans
Starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill gets injured early in the season, and the Titans allow scond-year QB Malik Willis and rookie Will Levis to struggle for the starting spot before Levis wins it outright after during Tennessee's bye week in Week 7.
Levis then manages to lead the Titans to an 8-3 record from the bye week on, putting up Rookie of the Year-worthy numbers... if he had started the full season.
The Titans still manage to fall in the Wildcard Round to a tough Browns team, but this year still cements Levis as the starting quarterback going into 2024, with Tannehill likely to be moved by the front office in the offseason.
Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera is fired after a Week 16 loss to the Jets, finishing his season in Washington with a record of 4-11. Assistant head coach and Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is promoted to be the interim head coach.
Bieniemy then coaches the Commanders to a 2-0 record in the final games, and after the season, his interim tag is dropped in order to make Eric Bieniemy the full-time head coach of the Washington Commanders in 2024.
Originally, I had afew wonkier predictions, namely the Cardinals and Colts trading their respective picks to quarterback-needy teams so those unnamed teams could select one of USC QB Caleb Williams or UNC QB Drake Maye.
My only reservation was that by the time October comes around, we're gonna have seen a much better sample size of football in 2023, so I'm certain I'll have opinions on it. I'd just like to save some for the wilder stuff for when there's a clearer picture to expand upon.
Ideally, I'd like to do one of these at the end of every month of the season, so we'll see how that goes.
End of the way, I wanted to put something out to reign in the new year, and I hope you're along for the ride.
Now who's ready for some mothafuckin football?
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Zac Emmanuel, Veil & Ecstasy II
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Zac Emmanuel
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Zac Emmanuel Artwork
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I caved
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These three were genuinely so much fun to design—
AU where everything is fine and Gabe and Ashley end up having kids! Unfortunately to get these kids Ashley had to sell the soul of her first born to Demon Daddy but it’s fiiinnneeeeee—
Lilith “Lily” Emmanuel - Able to talk to the demon through her dreams, much like her mother. Strained relationship with her due to the whole selling soul thing. Not nearly as bad as Ashley and her own mother, but there’s some tension. Huge daddy’s girl, still very attached to Gabe.
Issac “Zac” Emmanuel - Middle child syndrome. Both Lilith and Luke think he’s a pussy, and they’re right. Draws like Ashley does, but he actually has some skill. He likes drawing still life’s. Ashley gave him the bunny hoodie when he was 10 and he wears it everyday.
Luke “Lu” Emmanuel - Little shit, always scheming. Surprisingly good in school, his favorite subject being science. Ashley babies him, so he goes to her a lot of the time when he does something bad. Tries to wrestle and playfight with Gabriel, despite his dad not being much of a fighter. Better than Issac though. Inherited his grandma’s eye color.
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Zac Emmanuel Artwork
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