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After Jags QB Trevor Lawrence's mammoth deal last week, here's the current quarterback annual salary rankings
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Intense starting! 馃槼 First two weeks are gonna be on fire!!!!!
KC vs BAL: The opening -and rematch- game and a tough test for both teams. It's Chiefs banner day, so they need this to be awesome (because of last years one...)
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DAL vs CLE: It's not that I enjoy watching Deshaun Watson playing (I don't like him either way) but.... he also needs to prove he's money worthy for what he was paid. And..... It's important because Browns are division rivals with Steelers, so.....
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NYJ vs SF: I'm really nervous about this game, as it is on Monday (like Aarons first oficial game being a NY jet last year, when he had his achilles rupture.... so, I hope this one breaks the curse as I'm dying to watch him play again)
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BUF vs MIA: this will be pure fire, the rivalry is big and both, specially Bills, have so much to prove.
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CIN vs KC: nooooo, this one.... no please -.- Bengals is the only team -personally speaking- that I think Chiefs needs to be so aware, a healthy Burrow is always dangerous. (I don't think I will be able to watch this game xD my anxiety won't allow it hahaha)
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Intense 2024 season!
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2023 NFL Season Predictions
Full Season Schedule,Final Standings, and Playoff Bracket available at
Adjusted 2024 First Round Draft Order (Includes trades to date)
3.Bears (via Panthers from Bryce Young/ DJ Moore trade)
6.Cardinals (via Texans from Will Anderson trade)
30.Texans (via Browns from Deshaun Watson trade)
Awards Picks (also receiving votes in parentheses)
Most Valuable Player: Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals (Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen)
Offensive Player of the Year: Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns (Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, Tony Pollard, Tyreek Hill, Christian Watson, Chris Olave)
Defensive Player of the Year: Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland Browns (T.J. Watt, Micah Parsons, Nick Bosa, Gregory Rousseau)
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Bijan Robinson, RB, Atlanta Falcons (Jahmyr Gibbs, Will Levis, De'Von Achane, Bryce Young, Quentin Johnson, Zay Flowers, Sam LaPorta)
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Christian Gonzalez, CB, New England Patriots (Will Anderson, Jack Campbell, Brian Branch, Emmanuel Forbes)
Comeback Player of the Year: Damar Hamlin, S, Buffalo Bills
Most Improved Player: Christian Watson, WR, Green Bay Packers (Skyy Moore, David Njoku, Brandon Aiyuk)
Head Coach of The Year: Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins (Dan Campbell, Zac Taylor, Kevin Stefanski, Mike Vrabel)
Offensive Assistant Coach of The Year: Ben Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions (Eric Bieniemy, Pete Carmichael, Tim Kelly, Ken Dorsey, Kellen Moore)
Defensive Assistant Coach of the Year: Jim Schwartz, Defensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns (Lou Anarumo, Aaron Glenn, Patrick Graham, Brian Flores, Vic Fangio)
Additional Speculation On Season Storylines (Listed by team) List does not include all NFL teams
Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders fire Josh McDaniels after starting 2-10 and losing to the Chiefs Week 12 in Las Vegas, and promote defensive coordinator Patrick Graham to be their interim head coach.
Patrick Graham will finish the season with a record of 2-3, leaving the Raiders with a final record of 4-13.
The Raiders will fire general Manager Dave Ziegler, interim coach Patrick Graham, and a majority of the rest of McDaniels' staff after the regular season is completed.
Tennessee Titans
Starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill gets injured early in the season, and the Titans allow scond-year QB Malik Willis and rookie Will Levis to struggle for the starting spot before Levis wins it outright after during Tennessee's bye week in Week 7.
Levis then manages to lead the Titans to an 8-3 record from the bye week on, putting up Rookie of the Year-worthy numbers... if he had started the full season.
The Titans still manage to fall in the Wildcard Round to a tough Browns team, but this year still cements Levis as the starting quarterback going into 2024, with Tannehill likely to be moved by the front office in the offseason.
Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera is fired after a Week 16 loss to the Jets, finishing his season in Washington with a record of 4-11. Assistant head coach and Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is promoted to be the interim head coach.
Bieniemy then coaches the Commanders to a 2-0 record in the final games, and after the season, his interim tag is dropped in order to make Eric Bieniemy the full-time head coach of the Washington Commanders in 2024.
Originally, I had afew wonkier predictions, namely the Cardinals and Colts trading their respective picks to quarterback-needy teams so those unnamed teams could select one of USC QB Caleb Williams or UNC QB Drake Maye.
My only reservation was that by the time October comes around, we're gonna have seen a much better sample size of football in 2023, so I'm certain I'll have opinions on it. I'd just like to save some for the wilder stuff for when there's a clearer picture to expand upon.
Ideally, I'd like to do one of these at the end of every month of the season, so we'll see how that goes.
End of the way, I wanted to put something out to reign in the new year, and I hope you're along for the ride.
Now who's ready for some mothafuckin football?
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Black Quarterbacks NFL 2023
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as the NFL season approaches i would just like to take the time to say to Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns鈥 organization and the NFL organization a big fuck you
if you are not aware of the situation surrounding Cleveland Browns鈥 new QB Deshaun Watson, let me fill you in a bit:
In March 2021, massage therapist Ashley Solis came forward and filed a claim of sexual misconduct against Watson. After Solis came forward another 23 - yes TWENTY THREE - women came forward and filed sexual misconduct lawsuits including 2 sexual assault lawsuits against the QB. In the cases of sexual assault it is said that Watson would force the massage therapists to perform oral intercourse on him and in one case grabbed a woman by her buttocks and vagina.
As NFL fans watched this situation unfold, many made the assumption that Watson鈥檚 days as an NFL player would be nothing short but over. But in the 2021-2022 season Watson was benched by the Houston Texans but was still a member of the organization and in March of this year he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. Upon his arrival the Cleveland Browns put out this statement..
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Which to me just sounds like 鈥淲e really don鈥檛 care that he鈥檚 tied to sexually assaulting dozens of women and also we hate women but we鈥檙e going to act like we care鈥
Anyways as a result of Watson鈥檚 trial that was held yesterday former federal judge Sue L. Robinson found Watson guilty of violating the personal conduct policy and suspended him ONLY SIX GAMES. TWO DOZEN SEXUAL MISCONDUCT/ASSAULT LAWSUITS AND ONLY SUSPENDED SIX GAMES
For context, let鈥檚 go through a list of player suspensions for some insignificant offenses:
- Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley: suspended at least an entire season for betting money on games he had no involvement in.
- Kansas City WR Josh Gordon was suspended 78 games for smoking marijuana
- Arizona Cardinals WR Deandre Hopkins: suspended 6 games for using PEDs
- Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: suspended 4 games for under inflated footballs
Although these suspensions may be valid in terms of some of the NFL鈥檚 policies. Once you see the suspensions I鈥檓 about to mention you鈥檒l understand why I call those offenses 鈥渋nsignificant鈥
- Former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice: suspended 2 games for domestic violence toward his fianc茅
- Former NFL RB Adrian Peterson: suspended 6 games after being arrested for felony child abuse
- Former Carolina Panthers DE Greg Hardy: had his suspension lowered from 10 games to 4 after assaulting his girlfriend at the time
- Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot: suspended 6 games for hitting women
- Former St. Louis Rams DE Leonard Little: suspended 8 games after committing vehicular homicide
- Former NFL WR Donte Stallworth: suspended 16 games after committing DUI Manslaughter
- Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III: charged with DUI resulting in death and has yet to be handed a penalty by the NFL
There are other cases and suspensions like this but I think you guys get the jist.
I am so sick and tired of these athletes getting away with these crimes just because of who they are and their status. It鈥檚 not fair that they get to ruin other people鈥檚 lives just to go about living their lives like nothing happened while leaving the victims to deal with the trauma. It鈥檚 time that the NFL and other sports organizations step up and hold these players accountable and ban them from playing in these leagues. Letting these athletes keep playing after committing these crimes sends the message to the young kids and anybody who watches those leagues that the crimes these men commit aren鈥檛 that serious and that there aren鈥檛 serious consequences for these actions. This could potentially switch the mentality of many young men to a very dangerous one.
As a young woman who enjoys the NFL and other sports it genuinely upsets and scares me how easily these athletes get off after committing these very serious crimes. It really goes to show how much these organizations don鈥檛 give a shit about women or any other minority or anyone/anything else in the sports world other than themselves and their pockets. It seems as though these leagues and athletes don鈥檛 care who gets hurt in the process as long as they get paid in the end. It鈥檚 truly sickening and terrifying to see what this world has come to.
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A Wild Watch Party Raided by Vikings
The Minnesota Vikings made so many moves and have such a huge opportunity to move up in the 2024 NFL Draft that we hardly talk about the surging Minnesota Wild, who pulled within four points of a playoff spot with a regulation win over Anaheim. Brian Flores is finally getting the players he wants and needs. Blake Cashman. Andrew Van Ginkel. Jonathan Greenard. That should excite Minnesota Vikings鈥
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QB Damage Report
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Out for Season
Browns Deshaun Watson
Jets Aaron Rodgers (likely)
Bengals Joe Burrow
Giants Daniel Jones
Colts Anthony Richardson
Vikings Kirk Cousins
Return Status Unknown
Saints Derek Carr
Jaguars Trevor Lawrence
Steelers Kenny Pickett
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NFL World Reacts To The Deshaun Watson Appeal News
NFL World Reacts To The Deshaun Watson Appeal聽News
BEREA, OH 鈥 JUNE 01: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Cleveland Browns looks on during the Cleveland Browns offseason workout at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on June 1, 2022 in Berea, Ohio. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images) Diamond Images/Getty Images The NFL officially exercised its right to appeal the Deshaun Watson decision.聽 The league made its decision on Wednesday afternoon鈥
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Exes Gone Wild: Which Jilted Parties will have their Revenge on Wild Card Weekend?
Ah revenge games. The age old 鈥淚鈥檒l show them they were wrong鈥 narrative that makes football almost as good as a parlay with a full paycheck. This narrative becomes even juicier when it occurs in the playoffs. Not only can you deal an L to the team that dumped you, but you can ruin their season, their Super Bowl hopes, and a year鈥檚 worth of hard work in the process.
This year鈥檚 Wild Card Weekend contains not one, not two, not three, but you guessed it FOUR postseason revenge narratives. Today we鈥檒l dive into each one of those, explore what makes them so damn compelling, and give our thoughts on who will prove they were the one that got away and who will prove to be complete losers that don鈥檛 deserve love at all.
Texans vs Browns
Despite the Houston Texans鈥 leadership shamelessly covering up Deshaun Watson鈥檚 rampant predatorial tendencies and rewarding him with a life changing contract while he sexually violated every masseuse he could find on Instagram, Watson just wasn鈥檛 all that appreciative and tried to force his way out of the organization via trade demand at the conclusion of the 2020 season.
The Texans dug their heels in determined to get what they viewed as commensurate value for a Quarterback of Watson鈥檚 caliber despite mounting civil lawsuits. Eventually, the Texans struck a deal that resulted in 3 First Round Picks for Houston and an unprecedented fully guaranteed $230 million for Watson. That deal largely shaped the current Texans which find themselves in the postseason after somehow striking gold on another Quarterback in the draft and enlisting hometown hero Demeco Ryans as their Head Coach.
This matchup would have been so much more tantalizing were Watson starting, but alas, he is done for the year once again as that trade continues to age horribly for Cleveland. Still, since enlisting the services of Joe Flacco, the Browns look like bonafide Super Bowl contenders and nobody (well besides every woman in America) wants to see Watson get a ring less than the Team he so publicly embarrassed. Having found something stable with a nice guy who has everything in front of him, Houston would love to give the middle finger to the scumbag who took them for all they were worth.
Who wins:
While we love CJ Stroud and think the future is extremely bright for the surprise AFC South Champion, the Browns have been winning IN SPITE of Deshaun Watson who is a shell of his former self. This team has never looked better since bringing Flacco out of Daddy Day Care, going 4-1 and scoring 28.6 PPG with him as the starter while boasting the league鈥檚 top Defense. The Texans will absolutely make noise in the years to come, but it鈥檚 hard to imagine they鈥檙e ready to take a team this complete down just yet.
Tyreek Hill vs the Chiefs
In his two years away from the Chiefs, Tyreek Hill has proven both why you trade your super star receiver and subsequently why you don鈥檛 trade your superstar receiver. Chiefs鈥 kingdom basically reached Civil War level division on this subject as they debated whether Mahomes could carry this team without a clear cut top wide receiver.
Despite the initial results of that experiment being mixed, the defending Super Bowl Champions undoubtedly feel they made the right decision and will find receivers who can catch eventually. On the other side Hill, who was just named First Team All Pro, has had an MVP caliber season netting 1,814 all purpose yards and 13 receiving touchdowns. The first time he saw his former Kansas City flame, he nervously fumbled and basically threw up all over himself whilst representing the greatest Country on Earth on foreign soil.
He鈥檒l no doubt be looking to redeem himself in their next encounter with the type of performance that can fast-track him to the second ring of his career and the first in a teal and orange uniform.
Who wins:
With -21掳 wind chill temperature expected, it鈥檚 hard to imagine a team from Florida seriously competing in this game. Couple that in with the loss of two of their premier pass rushers and a Kansas City team that can run the piss out of the ball, play mean defense, and oh I don鈥檛 know, has Patrick Fucking Mahomes, and it becomes very hard to envision the Dolphins winning this game. The most likely outcome is Tyreek confirming the Chiefs we鈥檙e right to move on from him until they lose in the AFC Championship because they can鈥檛 pass the fucking ball.
Mike McCarthy vs the Green Bay Packers
As hilarious as it is to poke fun at Mike McCarthy鈥檚 complete lack of situational awareness in tight games, he did what the Packers鈥 new flame has yet to show he can do and brought Green Bay their last Lombardi. And while it鈥檚 easy to give Aaron Rodgers all the credit for that, Matt LaFleur had the 4 Time MVP/sworn enemy of Jimmy Kimmel PLUS Davante Adams and back-to-back 1 Seeds and still has yet to even make the big dance. Still, there鈥檚 a reason LaFleur was brought in and it had a lot to do with Rodgers鈥 constant questioning of McCarthy and the franchise being middle of the鈥..Pack towards the end of Big Mike鈥檚 tenure.
The most damning aspect of this transition was the Packers鈥 immediate ascension to the top of the NFC with three consecutive 13 win seasons. So how has McCarthy responded in his second go round as HC? With three consecutive 12 win seasons! That鈥檚 right both these coaches have reasons to puff their chests out and Sunday鈥檚 Wild Card matchup will undoubtedly be a nationally televised dick measuring contest.
The key difference here is Green Bay鈥檚 new beau is playing with house money. Rodgers and Davante are gone, half the Packers鈥 roster still carries fake IDs, and McCarthy is under more pressure than ever to deliver the goods at home with the best Cowboys鈥 team he鈥檚 had and coaches like Belichick and (most likely) Jim Harbaugh back on the dating scene. Green Bay has also had Dallas鈥 number as of late ESPECIALLY in the playoffs (just ask Dez). If he lets Green Bay鈥檚 new man come into his house and give his ex a night she鈥檒l never forget right in front of him and all his fans, he鈥檚 as good as gone.
Who wins:
While it would undoubtedly be hilarious to watch another early Dallas collapse in the postseason in a game they should absolutely win, this feels like too tall of an order. The Packers have played well and will be a lot of fun to watch in the years to come, but this years鈥 Cowboys play too well at home (16 straight wins in Jerry World) and are too well rounded with All-Pros in all three phases, while the Packers鈥 are woefully inexperienced on this type of stage. It would take a cataclysmic meltdown for this upset to occur and while we won鈥檛 totally rule that out, our money is on the home team winning a game that is probably closer than it should be.
Jared Goff vs The Rams
Of all the exciting revenge narratives of Wild Card Weekend, Goff鈥檚 Detroit Lions vs Matthew Stafford鈥檚 Rams IN DETROIT is the Super Bowl of axes to grind. It鈥檚 not every day that number one overall picks are swapped, let alone face each other on their respective new teams in a do or die game. Matthew Stafford was basically the Tom Brady of disappointing his fanbase during his tenure as a Lion, going 0-3 in the playoffs with Detroit. He鈥檒l look to keep that streak alive and ensure another playoff loss for Detroit this Sunday. He finally popped his cherry with the Rams who did things with him his former flame never would. To make things juicier, the Rams left Jared Goff, a Quarterback who had taken them to a Super Bowl, to be with Stafford.
When Goff was dumped, everyone assumed him falling into Detroit鈥檚 arms was a meaningless rebound that would flame out in no time. But lo and behold, this dynamic just works with Goff doing things for this Lions franchise that Stafford never could such as winning the NFC North for the first time in three decades. Still, as much as Goff has satisfied Detroit, Stafford gave the Rams the night of their life bringing them the Super Bowl Trophy that Goff never could.
Ignore the sportsmanship diatribe in the press conferences leading up to this one. Both these guys have something to prove and both will be looking to put on a show in this awkward AF reunion. Stafford will be looking to display the caliber of play that made him the home team鈥檚 top pick in 2009 and further demonstrate what could have been with a better supporting cast. Goff will be looking to show McVay he was wrong to give up on him and that they still could have won it all together if they鈥檇 just stayed the course. Campbell will be looking to show Stafford how different things could have been under his leadership and that he never had to leave to be successful. In the end, both these squads have flourished despite the stir this move created. But only one is going to move onto the divisional round while the other takes a very personal loss and an agonizing blow to their ego.
Who wins:
As feel good as the Lions鈥 story has been this year, this one just feels like the jocks are going to come in and rain on Detroit鈥檚 parade all over again. Sam LaPorta, who鈥檚 been a revelation, fucked up his knee and the Rams finished the year as one of the hottest teams in Football. Couple that with LA鈥檚 postseason success (7-3 with two Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl Championship under McVay) and Detroit making their first foray in the playoffs behind Goff and Dan Campbell, and it seems more likely that the Rams bite off the Lions鈥 kneecaps while Stafford rips Detroit鈥檚 heart out one more time.
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The best thing about the Browns going on a win streak and clinching playoff berth specifically now, with Flacco as their starting QB, is that Deshaun Watson is getting none of the glory 馃槍
Unfortunately he's still getting the money 馃様
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