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Guess my favourite characters via these text posts I made, very hard edition.
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I promised a yuushino in my tags about a month ago but I hold to my promises! ryusei junior trio friendships completed
I really love drawing different character dynamics in fun scenarios… if anyone has one that won’t leave their brain, feel free to request it and I may just get around to it!! :D
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silly doodle... genshin 2winkpact
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Day 3 Sweet🍬 and Spicy🌶
Honestly I just wanted an excuse to draw them in some funky fashions as always!
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Blend+ ☕
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2wink Week Day 1 - Neon/TRIP!
That's right, I'm back to participate in another fandom week! I hope you're all ready for a week of unconventional prompt fills. Today's a two for one, because I found the most perfect palette — Neon Zombie! It's the same colors as the TRIP outfits even. Serendipitous!
Please credit if using!
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「 I wish I could stare at you as you fall under the spell 」
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My babies 🥺😭💗
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you can't ask a tree to blossom if isn't it spring. 💥
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yuta world domination 🙇🙇🙇
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yuta wip
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Helloo!! I saw that requests are open so can I ask for 2wink + Kohaku confession? And can I be 🦋 anon???? Thank you!! <3
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Confession Headcanons!
w/ Hinata Aoi, Yuta Aoi, & Kohaku Oukawa x GN! Reader
AAA another anon! of course! glad to have you here ^^ im apologizing in advance if they're kinda ooc 😵‍💫 i had a lot fun writing these though, so thank you!
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Warnings: None! Just some fluff and happy misunderstandings!
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Hinata Aoi
✩ Hinata I feel, would realize pretty early on in your friendship that he really loves you. The thing is though, he's a prankster at heart, and even the subject of his affection wouldnt be immune to that.
✩ Like, he wouldn't tone them down for you at all. In fact you'd probably be his primary victim after he realizes his feelings for you. Childish, right? He acknowledges this, and Yuta would reprimand him for it quite often, saying how what he's doing could have the opposite effect on you.
✩ But see, this is just his way of showing affection! Seeing your shocked face slowly soften into laughter at whatever it was he did made him feel all fuzzy inside. He could just pop out of a corner to shock you but you'd still eat up something that simple.
✩ There was another perk to this behavior though, and it's that he could always wave off his actions as a prank if you didn't seem to receive it all that well.
✩ Flowers on your desk? Haha! He just wanted to see your reaction! Giving you chocolates? Well, one of them is spicy! A hug from behind? It's just to surprise you! All the common acts of affection that he people would have, he could easily write off as just another silly prank.
✩ But one day, he decided it was finally time to tell you how he really feels. If the result was unsatisfactory, then he'll just backpedal like he always did.
✩ He would never admit it out loud, but he knows exactly why he built up this kind of image. He was afraid. Afraid of you refusing his feelings. Afraid of losing you and the wonderful friendship you two shared.
"What did you call me out for this time, Hinata?" You said, playfully scolding the boy who couldn't seem to meet your gaze. He looked a bit more serious than usual... Or maybe that's what he wanted you to think...? "Uh, Hinata? You o-"
Before you could finish, he finally decided to look at you, and you could see just how flushed pink his face was. "(Y/N)! I really, really like you!" With how genuine he said it, you almost seemed to forget this was the mischievous trickster that messed with you on a daily basis.
Well, the truth is you liked him too. How could you not? He was just such a fun guy to be around. His daily pranks and teasing basically became the status quo for you. But you bit your lip, not sure how to respond to this apparent declaration of love.
When Hinata saw that face of yours riddled with confusion, he was just about ready to bail. Seeing you ruminate on his words for a while formed a pit in his stomach.
"Got ya! Haha! Sorry, (Y/N)! Did that make your heart skip a beat? T'was just a joke!" His delivery was so stinted and forced that you really had no idea what was going on anymore. Though he said it was a joke, you could somehow tell it wasn't.
Hinata was ready to start running in the complete opposite direction, only stopping when he suddenly felt you tug at his clothes. "It's not a joke, is it?"
The slight smirk on your face made Hinata shiver, is this what it feels like to be on the receiving end of these sorts of things? "A-aha! Yep! It's a joke! Why, do you like me or something?" He sounded a bit too desperate towards the end there, but that wasn't important.
"I did. Hinata." His jaw dropped, was this for real? He's so happy he could cry! "Sorry, that was a lie." Well, now he just wants to cry normally! "Cause I actually love you!"
His brain short circuited when you pulled him in for a hug. In just the span of a few seconds you really took him for a ride didn't you? You rascal!
"Is that so? Well, in that case I lied too..." Hinata hugged you back, squeezing you so hard it was like he would never let you go. "I guess I love you too!"
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Yuta Aoi
✩ Yuta fell in love slow, but he fell HARD. Unlike his silly brother though, he wouldn't want to do such roundabout things to express his feelings.
✩ Rather, he simply doesn't. Instead of jokingly telling you how he loves you, he just. Chooses not to.
✩ Sure some people see that kind of thing as cowardly, but he just doesn't want to try anything until he's sure. He'd hate nothing more than to do the wrong thing in a situation as complicated as love.
✩ Yuta loved you, but he had no way of confirming if you would feel the same. Sure, you were kind to him and always offered to help him out at all sorts of things, but maybe you were just like that with everyone?
✩ Nothing you did ever made him feel like he was special to you after all, like you wouldn't treat him any differently from any of the other guys around.
✩ So maybe, just maybe, choosing to give up on you while it's still early would be the better choice. He did want to check just one thing before he does though.
✩ Yuta doesn't particularly like doing this, but it's for a good cause, he rationalizes as he styles his hair to look like Hinata's. Putting on some of his clothes as well before adapting the cheerier tone that his brother uses.
✩ This was a needlessly complicated plan, and he was worried if he could even pull it off. Still though, with how many loops he's jumping just to confirm your feelings, seems Yuta is more like his brother than he'd like to admit.
"Oh! Fancy running into you here, (Y/N)!" Yuta called out to you, though it wasn't a coincidence. You smiled and rushed over to him, Yuta's heart squeezing a bit as he felt guilty for what he was about to do. "Are you free right now? There's something I wanted to ask you."
The two of you make conversation as you just aimlessly walk around, no clear destination in mind. "So! What do you think about Yuta?" He suddenly piped up, part of him worried that it was too direct, but he has more important things to deal with right now.
Yuta watched your face scrunch up a bit as you went into thought. "He's nice and friendly, a bit mischievous like his brother, and he has a good eye for sweets." He didn't expect such a logical analysis, though his question was a bit vague.
"Haha! Let me rephrase that. How do you feel about Yuta?" He watched your face scrunch up a bit again, a much more serious expression on your face this time.
"He's a good friend. I like him a lot! He recommended me a good cafe the other day too!" You replied, Yuta's face darkening a bit at the notion of being called friend.
"So, (Y/N). How would you react if I said I love you?" He watched you get shocked for a second before a slight blush tints the tip of your ears. His heart hurt a bit at this sight, did you end up liking his brother of all people? That would just be too sad.
"Then I'd say: I love you too, Yuta!" Huh? That wasn't the response he was expecting at all? You actually liked him back? Wait no, first of all you knew it was him rather than Hinata?
"How could you tell?" Yuta asked straight up, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks.
"Of course I could tell. Yuta is his own person after all?" You said it so matter-of-factly that Yuta was taken aback. For so much of his life, he's always just been Hinata's twin, the other half of 2wink. For someone to actually see him for who he is...? Oh he'd never let you go.
You let out a yelp as he suddenly enveloped you in a tight hug. "I'll confess properly another time." His voice was a bit strained, as if he was holding back tears he didn't know he had. "But for now. Thank you. I love you."
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Kohaku Oukawa
✩ Oh Kohaku, the silly ever.
✩ He spent most of his life alone, and what little social interaction he had was online, so suffice to say he didn't understand how he felt for you at all in the beginning.
✩ Why did his heart beat a bit faster whenever you're around? His palms would get a bit sweaty, and he'd find it difficult to meet your eyes.
✩ He didn't attribute these occurences to you at the start, simply thinking that he was just feeling off or some other external factor was causing it.
✩ But when he eventually realized you were the cause of these weird feelings? Hm, he did not know what to do at all. Who could he even turn to at moments like these? The others at Crazy:B would tease him about it, he just knows it. Madara seems like he'd know the answer, but owing him favors wasn't something Kohaku wanted.
✩ So who was left? He didn't really know that many people, much less trust them enough to figure out what was wrong with him.
✩ Because of that, he decided to just start journaling his thoughts on you. Like how he thought your eyes looked very pretty, to how much he wanted to play with your hair. He wrote about how your hands seem like the perfect size to slot his fingers into; and though he hasn't had one, he knows a hug from you would be just perfect.
✩ Something told him that he probably shouldn't show this to other people. He doesn't know why his face heats up ever so slightly whenever he's writing about you either.
✩ It was one late evening with Kohaku laying down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, before realizing something absolutely dreadful. This was love, wasn't it? This definitely fit with the "rabu-i" things Aira would always pester him about.
✩ So that was it huh? He was in love with you. When he realized that, he breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been pretty bad if he was getting sick or something after all. He's truly glad it was just something this simple.
✩ He was about to write down how he feels when he had yet another grim realization that evening. He had left his bag along with the journal inside the practice room he was using earlier that day.
Tumblr media
✩ Kohaku made a mad dash from Seisoukan all the way to ES, ignoring literally everyone asking him what on earth he was doing. When he got to ES in record time, he quickly made his way to the practice room, busting the door open to see that his bag was no longer there.
✩ In the ES Lost & Found, you yawned a bit, placing this bag you just found along with the other missing items. It sure is tiring work to be watching over these things, lots of people just love leaving their stuff around everywhere like ES is their home. This is just another part of your job, you surmise.
✩ You let out a shriek when a certain pink haired boy suddenly came crashing into you. The bag and it's contents flying out all over the place.
"Are ya' okay?!" You heard, from somewhere above you. Were you on the floor? Your sense of balance was all wrong and it felt like something heavy on top of you was making it hard to breathe. "'M so sorry!" The same voice cried out before your eyes finally decided to open and see that the boy that ran into you was currently right on top of you.
All of a sudden, a light thud resounds as a journal falls right on top of his head and onto the ground, opening it up to some random page. Kohaku quickly gets off you and grabs the journal, shoving it into his bag.
He helps you get back to your feet, before bowing down to apologize again. You wave him off and tell him it was nothing, much to his surprise. "Why were you in such a rush, though?" You asked, eyeing the bag he was clutching like his life depended on it.
"Ah. Uh. Ya' see... There was somethin' I needed from my bag!" He stammers, whatever it was he needed back he clearly wanted to hide. Still, there were procedures to these sorts of things, you had to confirm that it was really him who owned this stuff after all.
You gave him a form to fill out, telling him that you need to check the contents before you can hand it back to him. His face darkened at your words, the grip on his bag tightened so much his knuckles went white.
You wonder how you can verify if that bag is really his when you remembered he had a journal thing that he stuffed in his bag. "Ah, if you could just show me something there that matches with your handwriting in the form, that should be good enough!" He rummages through his bag before shaking his head. "There was a journal there, right? That'll do just fine!"
Kohaku was shaking his head so much it looked like it could fall off. Your lips formed into a line as you explained how you can't give it back to him like this, even if it really was his stuff.
Kohaku quickly rummaged through his bag again, surely there was something, anything but the journal that could prove his identity?! But just like last time, he came up blank. With a shaky hand, he pulls the journal out and hands it over to you.
He could only watch as you opened it and started reading it to compare his handwriting. He could see the light pink starting to dust your features as you continued to study his journal.
Eventually, after what felt like hours, you handed it back to him. "Yep! I can confirm that it's yours!" You could feel just how hot your face was. Even though you just caught a glimpse of it, you could tell that this boy seemed to have fallen for you.
Well, he was pretty cute, and this is certainly an interesting first meeting. "So, was this your master plan in letting me know your feelings, Kohaku?" Hm, pink is a good color on him, not just on his hair and eyes, but his face too.
Kohaku was cringing so hard, he can't believe this just happened to him. Still, it's not like he can worm his way out of this one can he? Might as well run with it.
"Ahaha... Ya' caught me! I love ya, (Y/N)."
ugh im sorry the kohaku one is so mid i couldnt think of anything at all
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entober 2022 - day 5: friendship
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Day 2 Mischief / Love
I probably rushed this one more than I would have liked, but I just wanted to draw some cute Yuta/Shinobu and Tetora/Hinata~ Not the most creative but ah well. But honestly I have too many ships for them.
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