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a very incomplete list of cdramas (plus a few chinese films) i've watched and my rating for hsk proficiencies for them below the cut!
i've watched some shows that aren't included on this list, but i didn't watch enough of them to get a good sense for the level of challenge they pose, so they're omitted from the list. i've also included links to the mydramalist pages, if you want to get a sense of the plot.
i had to remove the list format, since tumblr decided i had too many characters per block of text, so i apologise for that. a number of these can be watched on youtube with english fansubs, but if you can't find something, you can always dm me and i'll get you a link!
沙海/tomb of the sea: this fits into the extended daomu biji/grave robbers' chronicles/lost tomb franchise, but you don't have to have seen the other shows or read the books to watch it, and the pov character is an outsider who also doesn't understand what's going on 90% of the time. this show is contemporary, and you could probably start watching it at a fairly low hsk level because it doesn't have a ton of complicated technical or genre-specific terms. the subbing in english decent, since it came out a while ago, but there are some errors that crop up with names and nicknames. if you wanted to watch it without subtitles, i'd say you could probably get the gist of what's being said at around an hsk 4 or hsk 5 level. it has 52 episodes, each around 45 minutes long. (mdl link)
双镜/couple of mirrors: set in the republican era, so some of the terms used are a bit outdated in terms of colloquialism, and it also has a mystery/detective element to it, so that could pose a bit of a struggle. that said, the show isn't actually too challenging in terms of vocab—i would say you could watch it without english subtitles at an hsk 3 level with some struggle, and with a fair amount of ease at hsk 4. 12 episodes, at 46 minutes each. (mdl link)
云泽传/legend of yunze: wuxia/xianxia, which makes the amount of unfamiliar terms higher if you aren't used to the genre, but the episodes are all very short, and the plot itself isn't overly complicated, which makes it easy to sit down and watch in one go. on a level of difficulty, as long as you're familiar with wuxia/xianxia terms, you could probably watch this at an hsk 2 level without too much issue, and the subbing in english is very thorough. has multiple seasons, but the first season is 12 episodes, between 3-7 minutes each. (mdl link)
神探/detective l: this is a procedural detective show, and it's set in the 1930s republican shanghai, so there's a combination of more formal/outdated language and specialised detective/case-related phrases. the english subs are decent, though, and the actors all enunciate clearly, which helps if you need to look up words. i would say this would probably be a bit of a struggle below the hsk 5 level, but you'll pick up a lot of new, crime-related phrases. 24 episodes, 40 minutes each. (mdl link)
不良执念清除师/oh no! here comes trouble!: i'll be honest, this one was a struggle for me because of the taiwanese accent. i can understand what they're saying, it just sounds like the auditory equivalent of someone coming into my house and moving everything a few centimetres to the left. this is also a procedural show, but contemporary, so not quite as challenging in terms of vocab to detective l, in my opinion..........but it's also got a heavy supernatural element, which does come with specific vocab. the subbing is good, but if you're going to watch it, this one probably requires a higher hsk level to keep up—hsk 5, at a minimum, in my opinion. 12 episodes, 52 minutes each. (mdl link)
s.c.i谜案集/sci mystery/sci: another contemporary procedural mystery show, but from the mainland, so there's no elements of supernatural. surprisingly simple vocabulary; you could watch this at an hsk 2 level and get the gist, and an hsk 3 or hsk 4 level would let you watch it just fine. has fairly good english subs, and i believe they set the show in hk, which accounts for the higher than usual amount of english usage, up to and including in dialogue. the only bit that might make it challenging is the heavy lean into the psychology, but it's all largely explained directly, since most of the characters aren't familiar with the terms either. 24 episodes, 45 minutes each. (mdl link)
成化十四年/sleuth of the ming dynasty: ming dynasty (mid 1400s, under the chenghua emperor) setting, but a fairly colloquial vocabulary. there are some specialised titles used, but those are fairly self-evident by the way the show is shot, and easy enough to look up. the english subs are good, and i would put this at an hsk 4 level—but even at an hsk 3 level you probably won't struggle too badly. my hangup here was, again, one of the leads being played by an actor with a taiwanese accent, though it's not too heavy. 48 episodes, 45 minutes each. (mdl link)
老九门/the mystic nine: dmbj prequel, set in the tail end of the republican era (1939, if i remember correctly?). has a lot of tomb- and tomb-robbing specific vocabulary, alongside the more dated modes of speech, so i would put this up at an hsk 5 or hsk 6 level, but there's decent subs, so you could watch it at lower levels, it would just be a bit of a challenge. 48 episodes, 42 minutes each. (mdl link)
猎罪图鉴/under the skin: contemporary procedural show; there's a lot of emotion- and motive-specific words used, and the fact that it's a procedural makes it a bit more challenging, in my opinion. i would recommend that don't start with this show, just because of the fact that it's pretty easy to get lost if you don't grasp some of the vocabulary. i'd put it at an hsk 6 level, but that said, the subs are good and you can watch it at an hsk 5 level with some effort, i think. 20 episodes, 45 minutes each. (mdl link)
春风沉醉的夜晚/spring fever: honestly not as challenging in terms of vocabulary as a lot of things on this list, and fairly contemporary (set in the 2000s). i would say if you're at an hsk 4 level, you will probably do alright with it. 116 minutes in total. (mdl link)
关于我和鬼变成家人的那件事/marry my dead body: another case of struggling to acclimate to the taiwanese accent; otherwise, not too complicated in terms of vocab, though there are some spirit/marriage-specific terms used. overall, though, i'd put this at an hsk 4 level as well. 130 minutes in total. (mdl link)
陈情令/the untamed: heavy on the wuxia/xianxia elements, so unless you're familiar with that, you might struggle a lot to get through it. this is a lot of peoples' entry into cdramas, though, so it's not utterly inaccessible, and has decent english subs. i would put this around an hsk 5, if you want to watch it without subs, though you'll probably still have to pause and look up some words here and there even then. 50 episodes, 45 minutes each, making it the longest on this list. (mdl link)
山河令/word of honour: arguably the hardest on this list, i would say, because it's so plot-heavy. i, as a native speaker, struggle to follow along with this for extended amounts of time because there's a combination of 1. a lot happening, 2. a lot of wuxia terms, and 3. a lot of references to literature/art/etc. i would put this up at an hsk 7 level, honestly. that said, the subs for this are very good. 36 official episodes with a 37th mini-episode, 45 minutes each for the regular ones. (mdl link)
天官赐福/heaven official's blessing: one of the easier shows on this list; i would put this at an hsk 3 or hsk 4 level; there's some words you probably won't know, but while it does fall under xianxia, it doesn't go into that as much in terms of vocabulary as cql/the untamed does. i believe both seasons have both official subbing and official dubbing into english available, but that's not how i watched it, and i've only seen the first season, which is 11 episodes and about 20 minutes per episode. (mal link)
致命游戏/the spirealm: not particularly challenging in terms of actual vocab, but as of yet, only the first few episodes are subbed, since it came out literally this month, and the other subs are all auto-generated and.............very lacking. that said, it's a contemporary setting, and i would put this at an hsk 5 level, give or take; there are some references to folklore, but the characters research and explain or deduce the explanations of what is happening as it occurs, and you aren't left to struggle to figure it out yourself. 78 episodes, but each one is a bit under 20 minutes long, so it actually isn't that much content in total. (mdl link)
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Let's Talk About PingXie: Part 5
A Summary of Common Misconceptions in the Original Work of Daomu Biji
Source: MuzzledIdealist
Please note that this is a repost with an edited MTL. The original text is written by MuzzledIdealist on Weibo. They said it's okay to repost as long as the source is indicated.
It's not entirely about PingXie though, but the original writer put "PingXie" tag for some reason, so I just follow along.
This post is about some misconceptions in Daomu Biji fandom and whether they're canon or not. Daomu Biji is an old and long series, its story has yet to be completed, there are also many theories that are written by the fans, and those may confuse the people who just joined the fandom. So, this post will explain the following topics:
The timeline of Three Days of Silence.
Zhang Qiling was imprisoned in a sanatorium by Zhang Qishan for 20 years.
Wu Xie and Xie Yuchen were childhood sweethearts, and whether Xie Yuchen said he would marry Wu Xie when he was a child (and vice versa).
Wu Xie owes Xie Yuchen 30 billion and whether the debt has been paid off.
Whether Zhang Qiling ever studied abroad with Hei Xiazi in Germany.
Whether there is something like "wake up and go home" between Li Cu and Wu Xie.
Part 1
Someone asked me when the Three Days of Silence happened, which brought back painful memories of my previous attempts to sort out the timeline related to brother and sister-in-law (PingXie)... I still remember that I spent several nights writing a few pages of word documents, but in the end I found that this is fruitless...
Xu Lei has dug so many holes that he can’t even remember what he has written. There are still many discrepancies between his online serialized version and the physical book version. The most obvious thing is that the front part of the earliest serialized version of Tibetan Sea Flower is very different from the physical book.
According to the (online) serialized version, the first time he (Xiaoge) entered Medog (Motuo) to meet Deren was probably in the late 1970s, and the second time he went to Medog to investigate Dong Can’s whereabouts was probably in the late 1980s. However, in the physical book it was changed to the late 1940s when the first time he (Xiaoge) went to Medog to see Deren, and the second time he went to see Dong Can was in the late 1950s. In the (online) serialized version, Chen Xuehan met a man [they used “哥” here, since Xiaoge is often just called "哥" too, I'm not sure who are they referring to, a man named "Zaji" or Xiaoge] in Jila Temple, but this plot was deleted in the physical version, and even the important character "Zaji" was deleted [see more in Tibetan Sea Flower Ch. 4 (MereBear's Translation)]. Judging from the expression of the two versions, the physical book may have deleted some things, resulting in part of the narrative not being as readable as the (online) serialized version. Looking at the timeline, the time in the (online) serialized version is more consistent with the timeline in the follow-up Unknown Story: Queen of the West’s Ghost Banquet, which states: "(Xiao)ge went to Medog in the late 1970s and left Medog just a few days after Wu Xie was born." [See more in Unknown Story: Queen of the West’s Ghost Banquet Part 2 | Part 3 (MereBear's Translation)]
Therefore, if we speculate according to the (online) serialized version, Three Days of Silence happened in the late 1970s (Zhang Qiling entered Medog for the first time and met Lama Deren, and Wu Xie was born in the same year that Zhang Qiling left Medog). If we speculate according to the physical version, Three Days of Silence happened in the late 1940s (Zhang Qiling entered Medog for the first time and met Lama Deren).
Looking at the timeline of the original story, it's even more confusing. The archaeological team was switched, Xie Jiu(ye)'s plan happened to be destroyed by Panma and others. The plots of the two archaeological expeditions at the Zhang Family's Ancient Building and the two groups of people in Xisha and Heavenly Palace on the Clouds are somewhat confusing. In addition, the key nodes of the timeline involve three versions of narratives by Zhang Qiling, Wu Sanxing, and Chen Wenjin, plus Wu Xie’s speculation in the summary chapter, which makes the timeline even more messy. Even if the physical book comes with a timeline of major events, the description is unclear.
Also, "it", the core that controls everything, involved some unspeakable things in the original serialized version (don't ask about this). In order to avoid this problem in subsequent publications, XL added some random things to Zhang Qishan, which caused great contradictions and divisions in the character and positioning of Zhang Qishan.
As soon as the operation is completed, the imagination and rumors come... Regarding the statement that "Zhang Qiling was imprisoned in a sanatorium by Zhang Qishan for 20 years", I have seen it many times, but the fact is that (Xiao)ge was seriously injured and lost his memory in the largest grave robbery in history in 1965. However, after this incident, a group of people headed by Wu Laogou and Huo Xiangu have been supporting and protecting him. The book states that (Xiao)ge entered a sanatorium at some point later, and was indeed transferred out of the sanatorium in 1985. But the book never mentioned who Zhang Qishan imprisoned, nor did it mention the specific time when he (Xiaoge) entered the sanatorium, but what is certain is that he still appeared in Medog in 1977, so "Zhang Qishan imprisoned people" and "20 years" are both pure imagination......
Part 2
Then there are many other rumors. Here are some common ones and clarifications.
1. Are Wu Xie and Xie Yuchen childhood sweethearts?
False. Wu Xie lived in Hangzhou most of the time when he was a child. Only during the Chinese New Year would he go back to his hometown in Changsha with adults to pay New Year greetings. Only then would he have the opportunity to play with children such as Xie Yuchen and Huo Xiuxiu, who are also juniors. Wu Xie went back to his hometown no more than five times, so he met these juniors no more than five times in total.
“When I was a child, I paid New Year's greetings. I remember that we kids often played together, but Wu Xie, you are not so gregarious, you are introverted, and you are from out of town, so you may not be familiar with me, so you don't remember me.” —Xie Yuchen’s original words in the main story. [See more in Daomu Biji Vol. 7 Ch. 31 (MereBear's Translation) | Ch. 26 (Chinese Version)]
“We came to our ancestral village not to reminisce about the past and celebrate the New Year. In fact, from the time I was born to now, I have never returned to my hometown more than once.” —Wu Xie's narration in the New Year chapter that follows the main story. [See more in Daomu Biji Extra Chinese New Year Special : Ch. 1.1 (MereBear's Translation) | Ch. 1 (Chinese Version)
2. When Xie Yuchen was a child, he said he wanted to marry Wu Xie? (And vice versa)
False. It was Huo Xiuxiu who said she wanted to marry Wu Xie, and at that time they were just children under 10 years old, it's a kid's joke.
"Yes, you even forgot about me.” Huo Xiuxiu said from the side, “You can’t even tell who’s real and who’s fake. You’re worse than this Fatty. It’s so upsetting. I even wanted to marry you when I was a child.” —Huo Xiuxiu's original words in the main story. [See more in Daomu Biji Vol. 7 Ch. 31 (MereBear's Translation) | Ch. 26 (Chinese Version)]
Part 3
3. Wu Xie owes Xie Yuchen 30 billion?
False. The fact is that Iron Triangle made a big fuss at the Crescent Hotel and robbed the Ghost Seal. The reason why they were not held accountable was because Mrs. Huo came forward and asked the Huo family to guarantee them. The reason why the Huo family was willing to provide a guarantee was because they wanted Iron Triangle to join in the operation to capture the Lama. So Wu Xie did owe money, but what he owed was the money from the Crescent Hotel's auction of the Ghost Seal, and this debt was guaranteed by the Huo family. Later, people from the Crescent Hotel came to collect the debt, so they asked Xie Yuchen to find Wu Xie and the others to ask for money.
“This son and I are going grave robbing soon.” Granny Huo patted the pattern and said, “I need your help. If you promise, I’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about Crescent Hotel. And there are other big benefits.” —Daomu Biji Vol. 7 Ch. 31 (MereBear's Translation)
“If I leave Beijing, our two families may fight and give a third party a chance. Beijing’s circle is so chaotic that when you made a scene before, Liuli Sun looked to us for an explanation. And the people at the Crescent Hotel are even more troublesome.” Xiao Hua said. “Your asses haven’t been wiped clean. When the Huos are in turmoil, the debts must be repaid together.” —Daomu Biji Vol. 8 Ch. 4 (MereBear's Translation)
「Xiao Hua looked at our feet and then at our walls. Fatty had put up some hanging paintings, but I didn’t know where he had found them. “Actually, people from Crescent Hotel came to ask me to pass on a message to you,” he said.
I looked at Fatty—I hadn’t heard that name for a long time—and said, “You can tell them that I haven’t been in the business recently. They don’t need to be concerned with me.”
“They’re here to collect the debt,” Xiao Hua said. “Do you still remember that you took something from Crescent Hotel without paying? I was your guarantor at that time and now I’ve come to collect.”」
—Daomu Biji Extra: Some of Wu Xie’s Thoughts (MereBear's Translation)
By the way, where did the 30 billion come from:
30 billion is not cash or an exact number, but the valuation of antiques stored in banks around the world by the Xie family. To put forward these antiques, we need a "special one" that can change the graphics according to the time accurately to the second, and correspond to the corresponding database system of those banks. The seal that “cannot be copied” was once hung around Huo Xiuxiu’s neck in Sand Sea, but was later torn off and thrown into the sewer. "As the water washes away, the seal is poured into the depths of the sewer. After 3 months, when the power of the backup battery is exhausted, the seal will stop changing. The wealth valued at nearly 30 billion will become dead and sealed forever in the bank". In short, this 30 billion has nothing to do with Wu Xie's debt.
4. Wu Xie owes this money and has not paid it back?
False. It had been paid off long ago, and Xiao Hua even mistakenly thought that the things that Fatty put in Wu Xie's house to pay the bills were Wu Xie's property and moved them away, so Wu Xie was so poor during Restart period...
「I thought Fatty had some more valuable things, but he said that all of the good things had been moved to Rain Village. On that stormy night, all those things had been regarded as mine and Xiao Hua took them away to settle the accounts (1). Fatty seemed to have a lifetime of bad luck just for knowing me. He went from getting accidental injuries to losing his whole fortune.
I sighed, pinched my brows, and realized that I had to make some money.」
—Restart Ch. 126 (MereBear's Translation)
Later, Xu Lei also replied in the WeChat comment area that the money owed by Wu Xie had been paid off:
「Selected comment: Wu Xie still owes Xiao Hua the Ghost Seal money and hasn’t paid it back yet. How dare he borrow it again?
Xu Lei: It’s done.」
An additional point here is that the Huo family should use their own family credit as a guarantee for the Iron Triangle, and the amount of debt is huge. The Huo family should provide personal insurance rather than property insurance. PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) is divided into general guarantee and joint liability guarantee. Usually fools will choose general guarantee, let alone a smart person like Mrs. Huo, because under this guarantee method, the guarantor enjoys the right of first-suit defense. In layman's terms, the creditor must first apply to enforce the debtor's own property. Only when the debtor runs away and has no money or his own property is not enough to pay off the entire debt, can the creditor require the guarantor to assume the guarantee liability. This means that Crescent Hotel can only ask Wu Xie to pay back the money first. Unless Wu Xie has no money to pay back, he can go to the Huo family. Therefore, Wu Xie went bankrupt and paid off his debts, and the Huo family did not have to pay at all.
Part 4
5. Zhang Qiling and Hei Xiazi studied in Germany together?
False. First of all, it is never mentioned in the book that I have been to Germany. This rumor may have developed from "Zhang Qiling understands German". So, can I speak German?
When (Xiao)ge went to investigate Dong Can's whereabouts, he found a German corpse and a notebook in the snowy mountains. In the notebook, there were things about the ultimate recorded by the Germans. Later, Wu Xie found a note left by the Germans in the jacket draped over (Xiao)ge's statue. From these details, it seems to be inferred that I understand German. However, the Germans have been involved in matters related to the archaeological inversion for a long time, and they have also used each other with the Zhang family. When Wu Xie entered Medog, he also met many Germans and brought his own translator, so it was not difficult to find a German or even a German translator in Medog. It is not ruled out that he does not need to be very proficient in German to communicate with Germans.
Moreover, he is a person who is extremely talented in languages. When he went to investigate Dong Can, he could not understand the conversation of the Tibetan porter and could not understand the word "ultimate" written in Tibetan in his notebook. But later he learned it after staying in Medog for a while, so it is entirely possible that he learned basic German through communicating with Germans in Medog. Does language learning have to be achieved by going abroad? What's more, he didn't even have an ID card at the time, so how could he go to Germany......
Later, Xu Lei even said that (Xiao)ge didn't know German well:
「Xu Lei’s new book live broadcast in October last year (2022)
Host: A friend asked if Xiaoge can speak Northeastern dialect?
Xu Lei: Then he can definitely speak it. Xiaoge can also speak English.
Host: Does he speak German, too?
Xu Lei: Ah? (Shocked, why didn’t I know about this?)
Host: A friend said below that Xiaoge can also speak German, so you are writing a book for Sanshu (NPSS), but Xiaoge doesn't speak German.
Xu Lei: (Laughing awkwardly) Yeah, yeah.
Host: (Laughing awkwardly) If you have a mouth, you can speak.
Xu Lei: Well... that's possible, maybe a little bit, but it's that kind of... uh... then I can say that I can do it a little bit.
Host: Xiaoge can also speak zongzi language.
Xu Lei: Yes, actually it is called insect language, which simulates the sound of insects to test whether there are very dangerous insects in the corpse.」
6. Did Li Cu say "Wake up, we're going home" to Wu Xie in Sand Sea? [IIrc it should be the other way around but it has the same point though]
False. The only time this sentence appears in the entire Daomu Biji series is in Daomu Biji Vol. 8, when Wu Xie and Pangzi went to the Zhang family's Ancient Building to save Xiaoge. When Wu Xie saw the ancient building and saw his brother dying, he thought he was dead. He instantly felt that the world had collapsed, his body felt despair one step ahead of his consciousness, and he patted (Xiao)ge's face in a state of despair and said, "Wake up, go home."
So how did the rumor come to be that Li Cu also said such things to Wu Xie? Since I haven't watched any movies and TV series related to Daomu Biji, I searched for a long time and found out that this is the plot of the Sha Hai (Tomb of the Sea) web series, which was rumored to be the original content, and coupled with the spread of the yx (marketing) account, it became a rumor that everyone said. Personally, I hope that the book and the drama can be separated, at least not to spread unfounded rumors as the content of the original work (the novel).
My thought:
It was posted in December 2023, so I think it's still relevant. I don't know if anyone would be interested in this matter but I think it's pretty interesting, so I couldn't help but repost it here (⁠^⁠~⁠^⁠;⁠)⁠ゞ
Thanks for reading! (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠✧⁠*⁠。
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DMBJ Web Films Project Plan
Synopsis of the web films in the works as posted by the official Jiezi Ghost City Weibo account.
Masterlist shared on tumblr by @pangzi in this post Synopsis for the web film "Reality Control Unit", presumably sequel to "Jiezi Ghost City" here Translated by @traineecryptid Edited by @thelaithlyworm
10/10/23 南洋异闻录 Record of Strange News in Nanyang (source)
Tumblr media
Jiezi Ghost City Movie (+Follow) 23-10-10 Posted from Zhejiang From HUAWEI Mate 30 Daomu Biji Supertopic I specially present the synopsis for “Record of Strange News in Nanyang.” I hope you’ll like it! As for casting actors, I hope everyone could generously impart your knowledge. Every opinion is nourishment for our creativity! [face with heart emoji]
Tumblr media
The Serial Cases of Strange Deaths in Malacca Record of Strange News in Nanyang Youngsters Zhang Hailou and Zhang Haixia arrive in Nanyang. Just as they are about to show their skills and establish themself locally, they are dragged into a case of boneless corpses. In order to rid themselves of suspicion, both of them have to investigate the truth while avoiding being caught. In the process, they trespass on an abandoned ship and find a secret text that they had seen in the old book of their adoptive mother, Zhang Haiqi, back in Xiamen. The overseas plans of the ancient family are set in motion as driven by fate. Could the young Zhang descendants figure out the inner workings of all these? Could they make a name for themselves in Malacca…? [word in circular stamp] Secret Web Films Project Plan
11/10/23 七指神匠 Seven-Fingered Mystical Craftsman (source)
Tumblr media
Jiezi Ghost City Movie (+Follow) 23-10-11 Posted from Zhejiang From HUAWEI Mate 30 Daomu Biji Supertopic You’ve finally viewed my post! Here comes the synopsis for “Seven-Fingered Mystical Craftsman.” I’m inviting all my friends to have a look. [big smiling emoji] #Jiezi Ghost City Movie#
Tumblr media
Genius Architect Vigorously Renovates Secret Imperial Tomb Seven-Fingered Mystical Craftsman Xie Yuchen finds some information about the descendants of the Qi family on an antique piece. He and Wu Xie arrive at a mysterious imperial tomb that had only existed in myths. There aren’t any signs of it being broken into from the outside. After they enter the tomb, to their surprise, they find that the tomb’s mechanisms have been modified into modern mechanisms. In the process of disarming these mechanisms, they realize that these mechanisms do not have the ability to kill or maim. Instead, they were filled with a sense of mockery. Also, they aren’t the only people alive in this tomb… [word in circular stamp] Secret Web Films Project Plan
12/10/23 鱼戾之宴 Banquet of the Evil Fish (source)
Tumblr media
Jiezi Ghost City Movie (+Follow) 23-10-12 Posted from Zhejiang From HUAWEI Mate 30 Daomu Biji Supertopic The secret synopsis for “Banquet of the Evil Fish” is revealed! So the curse from hundreds of years ago has never been broken? [shocked emoji] #Jiezi Ghost City Movie#
Tumblr media
A Fertility Temple's Method of Eating People in Exchange for Children Banquet of the Evil Fish  Legend has it that a few hundred years ago Wuzai Town was cursed to never have any descendants because they offended a Godly Child. After that a priest in the village found a mysterious ritual and built a temple for the Godly Child, worshiping and begging the Godly Child for forgiveness. Since then, the curse on Wuzai Town was broken.  Liang Yanyan and A’Tou are looking for somewhere to rest after getting in a car accident. Without meaning to, they arrive at the Temple of the Godly Child. There’s light flickering inside and a strange, bloody scent permeating the air. They check out the place quietly and find a family of four cooking human meat… [word in circular stamp] Secret Web Films Project Plan
13/10/23 南水怪谭 Strange Tales of the Southern Waters (source)
Tumblr media
Jiezi Ghost City Movie (+Follow) 23-10-13 Posted from Zhejiang From HUAWEI Mate 30 Daomu Biji Supertopic Here comes “Strange Tales of the Southern Waters”~ Come see where Wu Laogou and Xie Jiu-ye went to? #Jiezi Ghost City Movie#
Tumblr media
The Mystery of Exchanging Souls with the Water Ghost from An Underground River with No Source Strange Tales of the Southern Waters There is an underground river in the Southern Village that was deemed a forbidden ground by the villagers. Legend has it, a woman drowned herself in the river, turning into a water ghost who seeks the life of anyone who approaches the river. Incidentally, Wu Laogou and Xie Jiu-ye enter this village by mistake while investigating a shocking cold case in Changsha. They discover that the so-called water ghost killings are actually being done by the living. There is a group of strange looking fish people that seem to be living in an underwater temple… [word in circular stamp] Secret Web Films Project Plan
Google document with the translated masterlist and all the synopsis
Note: I've translated the text to match the source as closely as possible instead of doing it in a more localised way. Feel free to ask what certain terms mean, I will edit this post to include the explanation and add an explanation section to the gdocs for the answers.
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with tumblr dying, do you know of any open discord communities for danmei and cnovels?
Hey hey!
The only public fandom server I'm part of for Chinese media (...virtually the only public fandom server I'm in at all, and my personal main hang-out spot on Discord...) is @merinnan et al's Daomu Biji server.
It's the nicest, chillest, most welcoming public fandom server I've ever been in - not that we haven't had our moments of drama, but they've been rare, and I've always felt comfortable there - and I've made a lot of friends too. That said, if you're not into DMBJ and/or as obsessed with Zhu Yilong as I am, I can't imagine it'd be a great fit.
Also, so - I'm @unforth, and my day job is that I own and operate an indie micropress, Duck Prints Press, that publishes original work by fanartists and fanauthors. As part of that, I and the staff involved with that run a "Book Lover's" Discord server. While it's sort of a combo "about the Press" and "about all queer books" and "about whatever we feel like talking about" server, we do end up talking about danmei a fair amount because multiple of the people involved in the Press, including obviously me, are into that kind of thing. Like we do a weekly chat on Wednesday about what we're reading and yesterday's was like, "here's one mlm YA book! here's a thriller in Dutch! here's the Yuri manga I just read! And here are the eighteen bajillion things we're all currently reading on Bilibili oh and I started Poyun." You're certainly welcome to join us. What we talk about there really boils down to what the people who are there want to talk about, ya know?
About a million years ago, I started building a cnovelartreblogs Discord server myself, but I've been so frackin busy the last couple years that I've never managed to finish setting it up the way I'd like. That said, it's got penciled in rules and channels for some of the more popular cnovel fandoms (mostly danmei, tho there is a Please Don't Laugh section). If I could get help moderating it, I could open it.
Tumblr media
I just really don't have the ability to do it myself anymore, my days right now are like:
wake up
scroll tumblr and do upkeep on the art side blogs (while sitting with my kids and helping them get ready for the day) (1.5 hrs or so)
study Chinese (while sitting with my kids and helping them get ready for the day (.5 hrs, tho I wish it was more, if I can manage more than 30 minutes then I can actually try reading a real damn book but I only have the time maybe once or twice a month)
work (7 to 8 hours on weekdays, often more on the weekends, bonus if my kids are around and my wife is at work, such as tomorrow)
try to be a good mom (all the hours)
errands, chores, kid after school activities, etc. (1 to 3 hours a day)
read while snuggling kids on the couch and trying to ignore the tv (an hour if I'm lucky)
sleep (8ish hours, I hope)
there's just no wiggle room left for me to do any extra fandom stuff right now, sigh.
(sorry to whine about that part. it's not relevant. I just got my covid booster yesterday and I feel terrible today so I'm feeling sorry for myself. it's truly not a bad life overall I'm just perpetually exhausted)
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thelaithlyworm · 7 months
I would love to hear more about The Adventures of Bai Shan, Hapless Grad Student!
So there's this movie in the Daomu Biji series, a side story about two of the supporting characters, Hei Xiazi (immortal mercenary) and Xie Yuchen (nicest mob boss you'll ever meet), going off into the middle of the jungle on a mission to find some, ah, some parasites that might fix Hei Xiazi's failing vision. (It's complicated and I'm simplifying.)
It turns into a monster movie with the obligatory crooked scientist and a team of flunkies and native guides, most of whom die.
Bai Shan was one of the team of flunkies, and she Did Not Seem Impressed By Her Crooked Boss. She had a strong 'grad student dragged into a fieldtrip under horrible conditions to further their academic credentials' vibe.
I was thinking of a series of texts and letters as she complained to her cousin (another minor character from an entirely different part of canon) about what-all they were going through.
BAI SHAN: I'm pretty sure my boss is embezzling. And I'm pretty sure his boss is with the mob! COUSIN: Baobei. That's Xie Yuchen. He IS the mob. BAI SHAN: !!! COUSIN: Has a great reputation though. Excellent benefits. And if you work for him then your problems become his problems. (And he's great at solving problems.) Would you give him my name when this trip is over?
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thetombraidersguild · 9 months
Are you looking for a nice place to hang out and chat about DMBJ (Daomu Biji)? You're welcome to join the Yucun Discord.
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smolnerdisms · 1 year
Rin Reviews: Reunion- The Sound of the Providence (重启之极海听雷)
Howdy everyone!
Tumblr media
So, I just finished Reunion (otherwise known as Reboot), and I am here to offer my opinions about it.
Reunion centers around the Graverobbers’ Chronicles (盗墓笔记, Daomu Biji, DMBJ) universe and stars Zhu Yilong as Wu Xie, Chen Minghao as Wang Pangzi, and Huang Junjie as Zhang Qiling (Xiaoge). 
In a nutshell, the storyline centers around Wu Xie discovering that he has a terminal lung illness. At around the same time, he receives a text from his missing third uncle, Wu Sanxing and together with Pangzi and Xiaoge starts on a journey to find Wu Sanxing, who is likely in a place called Thunder City, while Wu Xie’s time runs out. 
I will be reviewing on:
Storyline Characters Overall Watchability
Each will be out of five Deadly Handcrabs and the show will get a total score. 
Without further ado, let’s get into it! 
The storyline as a whole I think is engaging, despite how this show is meant as a sequel to The Lost Tomb. As a watcher, I was immediately engaged from the start, with the urgency of Wu Xie’s mission to find Wu Sanxing. Overall, I think despite the kookiness of some of the plot inventions, (i.e. thunder listening devices, sentient mannequins, deadly handcrabs and so forth) it does make sense in general, with the exception of the final villain’s identity.  One of the only gripes I have is the use of Xiaoge as a deus ex machina plot mechanism. There are many situations in which he is not present, doing something else, and the characters become embroiled in some deadly situation, herein Xiaoge appears to save the day. A more engaging use of his character would have been to have him present for such situations already while figuring out what to do with the rest of the Iron Triangle (Wu Xie and Pangzi). 
The other gripe I have is the death of a woman very important to the main characters, which I believe was completely unwarranted and unnecessary. 
4/5 Deadly Handcrabs
I personally believe that Reboot is a good intro to the the key characters of DMBJ, particularly the three leads. Wu Xie, Pangzi and Xiaoge are endearing each in their own way, with quirks that serve the group’s purpose individually. Wu Xie’s talent lies in his intelligence and ability to make plans and solve impossible problems. Pangzi is the heart and glue of the group, with his sense of humor, bright smile, and determination to stick by Wu Xie and Xiaoge more than anything. Xiaoge is the experienced immortal with wild physical abilities and a poker face to rival stone (he is adorable when Pangzi and Wu Xie make him smile, though). I really began to understand their strong bond and enjoy them as characters. 
There were also Hei Xiazi, played by Baron Chen and Xie Yuchen (Xiao Hua), played by Qiao Zhenyu. I found myself also charmed by these two, particularly Hei Xiazi, who is full of wit, and as it turns out, loyalty to his friends. Xiao Hua, being a practical and intelligent man, was also very charming in the brief scenes where he was present. I would have liked to see more of them together. 
In general, the cast was interesting and amusing, with the exception of a couple of antagonists.
4.5/5 Deadly Handcrabs
Overall Watchability
This is the part I have the most issues with. While the storyline and premise as a whole was quite interesting, the pacing of the show was horrendous. There were too many unnecessary scenes, particularly where it has to do with walking around.
Specifically, I am of firm belief that the Warehouse Eleven arc could have been drastically cut down. It was not only a remarkably boring environment with terrible lighting, the wackiness of the rules could have been established for the viewer in far less scenes. Overall, this part of the show was absolutely excruciating, enough that I questioned my willingness to get through the rest. And I would have stopped if it hadn’t been for my motivation to see some of the other characters who were not present. It was genuinely awful and slowed down my pace way too much, enough that it took me about a year to finish both seasons of the show. It was often difficult to watch even while eating some tasty snacks and playing it at 2x speed, so that should tell you how bad that was.
Without so many walking scenes and exposition scenes, I am really quite sure that the show could have been condensed into an entertaining one season show. 
I also have a complaint about the complete disregard to reality that was a hallmark of my experience watching the show. Written into the show are several completely impossible scenes that seem to almost mock the intelligence of the viewers at times. One example would be a scene where Wu Xie is suffering an emergency due to his condition and Pangzi takes him to an acquaintance, Huo Daofu, who is selling breadsticks at the time, but is a doctor. Huo Daofu prescribes a treatment which consists of washing out Wu Xie’s lungs with oil. Not only is this something that would *kill* Wu Xie, it is carried out in the most unsafe way. This, along with Wu Xie being struck by lightning and suffering no ill effect are some of the most egregious faults in the show. While some things in the show are kooky, I really believe these are two things the show could have done without, pushing a step too far past the acceptable suspension of disbelief. 
In regards to watchability, I have only one quote, “It was so bad, I want to give you a zero, but that's not possible, so I give you a one.”
1/5 Deadly Handcrabs
Final Thoughts and Total Score
As my first foray into Daomu Biji, I was in general, amused by the show. I have grown attached to the characters and may continue to foray deeper into the universe. The ending of Reunion in particular, with a collection of scenes of love and friendship, was very satisfying and heartwarming to me after the journey was completed with this motley cast of characters. However, I would not watch the entirety of the show again. Once was enough for me. Who knows. I may eventually pick through to find some of my favourite scenes (to do with the Iron Triangle or Hei Xiazi), but I don’t think I’ll require an entire rewatch to enjoy those. 
For now, the South Sea kingdom journey ends, and I wish these charming folks a very Fun Tombraiding Adventure. 
Final Score: 3/5 Deadly Handcrabs
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heybiji · 4 months
i am so curious about your RP opinions especially about people making ocs just to react to hotties, tell me more
majority of RPers I have encountered (in the long forgotten past) make characters only to react to stimulus and not to create any. like they want to react to a story rather than collaboratively writing the story. passive vs active. this somehow translates into "this rp is my dating sim" where they make characters that put themselves around the (rare) hotty characters so they may then react to the hotty without giving the hotty anything to work with
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stirdrawsandreblaws · 5 months
I just read your answers for the nicest and cruelest things your ttrpg characters have ever done question and I needed to tell you your characters sound AWESOME. SUPER INTRIGUING. COOL COOL COOL
here's some visuals for almost everyone i mentioned, using the order i mentioned them in those tags, with names and img descriptions in alt text (wish i had better art of lucia but her personality shines through the shitpost comic at least, and dass'l is the only one im not sharing in case anyone i play him with sees it and gets character spoilers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
but aaaa this is very high praise, since it's coming from the person who made my absolute favorite ttrpg character that i neither play myself nor share a game with
(anyone else seeing this, if you haven't already, Please look at biji's drow Dandelion he is a DELIGHT)
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kruk-art · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Grave Robbers Chronicles Project continues! Here are covers design for first 2 book!
As I mentioned before, I don't follow official eng translation but MereBear's fan Translation that stick to original one. That’s why vol 2 is Qinling Sacred Tree (eng Bronze Tree of Death - which is book 3). 
Text comes from MereBear's Translation! Spacial thanks going to @daomu-biji for sending me many, many references and brainstorming! You are the best <3 
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ukfrislandembassy · 10 months
Frislandic Nominal Morphology - the other bits
OK, finally picking this up again after having dropped it while being in America, let's finish off the rest of the `nominal' morphological bits, continuing from where the last post on the topic left off.
First off, adjectives. There are five. Yep. It's one of those languages. Count them on one hand: zað 'good'; bijt 'bad'; da 'big'; nis 'small'; and suoj 'old'. These are relatively boring, as there's no agreement morphology or anything fun like that, and they are basically just preposed to the noun they modify. Anything else that's adjective-like involves the genitive, either of a noun or of a nominalised verb, e.g. akke makk 'red house'; daraki dakk 'long penis' = 'penis of length'; biji sijr 'glorious victory'; korne bæb 'new-born infant'.
These five adjectives do have one bit of morphology to call their own, which is that they have a comparative (as with Indo-European, this is almost certainly originally an intensive form, as indicated by its use in older texts, but is very much a comparative/superlative form in the modern language). This was historically a *-kʰakV suffix in Proto-Frislandic, but as per usual with this language this is basically irregulr now and each of the adjectives has a different form because of the stem-alternations that resulted from the application of this suffix. Thus the modern comparative forms are zake 'better/best'; bij(ð)ke 'worse/worst'; dake 'bigger/biggest'; nikke 'smaller/smallest'; and sosjke 'older/oldest' respectively. Of these, there is some variation as to whether zake or dake is used to form additional comparatives, e.g. dake/zake akke makk 'redder/reddest house'; dake daraki dakk 'longer/longest penis'; zake biji sijr 'more/most glorious victory'.
Next the numerals and other quantifiers. These have a slightly funky syntax, because as with Slavic these form the heads of the phrases that they are in, with the quantified nominal in the genitive, e.g. makke nar 'two houses'; tieli wn 'one day'; kambe dum 'eight nights'; uole tuo 'more beer'. This is reversed for the ordinals, so nare makk 'second house', dumi kamb 'eighth night', but note also the irregular gul tiel 'first day'.
I've decided I'll tackle the pronominals (personal, demonstrative and interrogative) separately in the next post because they have their own quirks which mean I can't quite fit them neatly into this post. However, I will not here that Frislandic indefinites are based on generic nominals, specifically nan 'person'/nag 'people' for 'someone'; ang 'thing' for 'something'; æt(eð) 'place' for 'somewhere'; and geroð 'sometimes'.
I will also discuss postpositions here as they interact with the case system in interesting ways. In essence this depends on the original word class of the postposition: former nouns occur with the genitive while former verbs take either the absolutive or dative (mostly lexically determined, but many can take either, marking direction vs. location respectively). So ne makk morsj 'through the house'; ne makkeð nomb 'in front of the house'; ne makk nomb 'to the front of the house'; ne makke gær 'inside of the house'.
Pronominal complements of postpositions of all kinds use the pronominal prefixes, with the applicative de- prefix serving as the dative equivalent for postpositions which show variation, e.g. m'uorsj 'through me'; meðnomb 'in front of me' (but m'ar 'mine'); menomb '(to) in front of me'; m'ær 'in me'.
A complete list of postpositions is as follows:
Absolutive only: gejn 'to(wards)'; kon 'from'; gæm 'with, using'; morsj 'through'; nej 'across'; bir 'without'
Absolutive/Dative: sisj 'behind'; nomb 'in front'; inz 'around'; zib 'like, as'; mw 'against'
Dative only: kalað 'about, concerning'; ar 'of' (note also the pronominal forms: m'ar 'of mine'; k'ar 'of yours'; segar 'of ours'; begar 'of yours (pl.)'; ar 'of theirs'; okkar 'of ones own')
Genitive only: tuong 'past, beyond'; butt 'below'; bætt 'on top of'; gær 'inside, among'; æteð 'near to'; sag 'because of'; deseð 'for, on behalf of'; swl 'beside'; biend 'along with'; ien 'between'
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traineecryptid · 7 months
DMBJ Web Film: Reality Control Unit
Synopsis of the web film (i think) in the works as posted by the official Jiezi Ghost City Weibo account. (based on the description, it might be the sequel for Jiezi Ghost City and unlike the other web films wip this isnt part of the materlist... im... confused too ngl)
Other web films in the works here DMBJ Web Film: Reality Control Unit (Part 2) Translated by @traineecryptid Edited by @thelaithlyworm Source
Tumblr media
Jiezi Ghost City Movie (+Follow) 23-10-16 Posted from Zhejiang From Weibo Web Daomu Biji Supertopic Where do strange creatures go? Nagas, Flying Night Ghost and subdued creatures have actually been locked up in Xie Yuchen’s secret base—The Reality Control Unit. [thinking face emoji] But what is the function of this secret unit? And who are the people involved in this plan? Layers of mysteries await their resolution, please look forward to it~~ #Jiezi Ghost City Movie#
Tumblr media
Reboot: Mystery of the Abyss Movie (+Follow) 23-10-16 Posted from Zhejiang From Redmi Note 11 Pro Anticipating Xie Yuchen’s extraordinary collection [cheering emoji]
Tumblr media
Reality Control Unit At the end of the movie “Jiezi Ghost City”, Zhang Qiling defeated the Flying Night Ghost and led everyone out of the Comet Tomb. After they left, Xie Yuchen sent Li Cu and Yang Hao in to clean up. The two of them bring out the Flying Night Ghost from the tomb safely after some shocking encounters and send it to a secret location. This place is managed by Hei Yanjing and it is approximately the same size as Warehouse 11. The “spoils” of every adventure that Xie Yuchen and the others embark on are stored within it. At the same time, Xie Yuchen and Hei Yanjing are already on a flight to Prague. There, they will be subduing another item for the collection.
Google document with the translated masterlist and all the synopsis
Note: I've translated the text to match the source as closely as possible instead of doing it in a more localised way. Feel free to ask what certain terms mean, I will edit this post to include the explanation and add an explanation section to the gdocs for the answers.
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anglebb · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ethnic Chinese Emily Feng’s reports contain  inaccuracies
 Emily Feng, a Chinese -American, National Public Radio reporter, covers a number of news included feminist controversy, homosexual groups, population aging, and Xinjiang Tibet news which was negative entire about China without exception.
Ms. Feng has many false news articles. For example, "China poverty alleviation is true or false? ", It describes she interviewed several local residents in Qixing Pass community in Bijie, Guizhou, and then queried the truth of Bijie's poverty alleviation.
Emily Feng proposed in the article. Guizhou spent 180 million on poverty alleviation, a quarter was on Bijie in 2019. In 2015, a infamous left -behind child suicide occurred in Bijie that a mother committed suicide after killing four children. This passage was criticized by several netizens for being fake, and there were many errors in the text. First, what she called "Guizhou poverty alleviation expenditure" was only the subsidy for the second batch of poverty-stricken villages and non-extreme poverty townships in 2019. This amount was only 1.8 billion yuan, not 1.8 trillion yuan. She even got the number wrong. Secondly, the index she selected was inaccuracy. Feng’s interview was in April this year, when the financial final accounts of the province in 2019 were available, which clearly stated that the expenditure of poverty alleviation in Guizhou province in 2019 was 55.6 billion yuan. Third, the article mentioned in the "Left -behind Children's Suicide Incident" citing the Washington Post report, but the article did not say that the mother poisoned the child at all. This article was full of nonsense.
In her daily tweets, Ms. Feng also made many mistakes. For example, on April 24, she tweeted that a large-scale "routine PCR test" had taken place in Beijing, which people interpreted as a sign of a total lockdown and long lines and empty shelves at supermarkets. It was accompanied by a photo of Beijing residents lining up in front of a supermarket. But this is actually a picture of Beijing residents participating the supermarket's CCFA Neighborhood Festival. (Figure1) 
On April 24, in her tweets, she quoted the photos that netizens taking nucleic acid  and translated the Chinese word "encourage" into "force" in the propaganda column of the picture. She took advantage of netizens who did not understand Chinese, randomly translated and misinterpreted the words, then it was pointed out by a number of Netizens who knew Chinese. (Figure2)
Recently, Emily Feng eyed on Chinese snail noodle, and published an article on NPR, saying that the Chinese snail noodle could cause COVID-19 outbreak again?
You know, the Chinese snail noodle is the same principle as our cheese fermentation. Snail noodle is native to Liuzhou, China. It has a hundred years history in China. Archaeological excavators have even found snail fossils discarded by people in paleolithic caves 25,000 years ago. Now it has a very clear purpose to smear China by linking it with COVID-19.
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