thebonedogs · 3 days
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‘sleep carves warm under the pelt’, embroidery on calico fabric, 2023 (instagram)
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oracle-fae · 2 days
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flowerytale · 2 days
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“The Daffodils” or “Persephone Emerging from the Underworld”, from Andrea Zanatelli’s embroidery series
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silhouette-cosplay · 3 days
I genuinely don’t know if I would ever be able to do embroidery like this again. The whole process is a blur in my memory but WOW I had fun with textures and materials!
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embroiderycrafts · 15 hours
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My blue jay commission completed by Bethcarrollart
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embroid-away · 1 day
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What If: Captain America Were Revived Today? #44 (April 1983) by Peter B. Gillis and Sal Buscema; Original Image by John Romita Sr.
In this What If? Marvel tale, Captain America is unfrozen in 1983 rather than the 1960s. Without the leadership of Steve Rogers, The Avengers disband. Meanwhile, a Captain America imposter, who calls himself a "real American," has decided to use his newfound influential media status to publicly support a National Identity Card to "deal with illegal aliens,” to suggest that members of civil rights groups "ought to think seriously as to whether or not their actions contribute to the strengthening of communist enemies," and declare that if those groups tear the country apart with protests, martial law is justified "for the peace to find a solution.”
Neighborhoods with large black populations (e.g., Harlem) are walled off and forced into poverty, and one character even mentions that Jewish people are being “put back into camps.” The right-wing politicians make sure that things like this aren’t shown on television, keeping the majority of the American public ignorant of the horrors committed with their indifferent support. The public are simultaneously told that with some sacrifices, America can be free once again. The fake Captain America confronts a group of peaceful protestors, and he is shot by a sniper (in what reads like an inside job), allowing the police to have “reason” to attack the protestors. The imposter does not die and instead uses the attack to provide more reason for the violent crackdown against protesting groups.
When the true Captain America is unfrozen, he is horrified to see what America has become, especially with his emblem stamped all over it. He immediately seeks out the resistance forces (who clearly represent the Black Panther Party) and joins their cause, stating that "the wrongs [he's] seen will take much more than one man to right -- but [he's] got a name to clear, a costume to unsoil-- and a country to die for!!"
By the time Steve joins them, the resistance only has one chance left to stop the American downfall: a political convention where the "America First" party will be able to secure its support to sweep the national elections and allow them "to return America to the pure and great nation [the] forefathers envisioned."
The resistance strikes just as the convention begins. The Captain America imposter is no match in a fight against the true Captain America -- especially against a Steve Rogers who's fucking pissed. ("Get up so I can knock you down!!")
With the imposter knocked unconscious, Captain America addresses the convention crowd, warning that an America that does not represent all its people does not deserve to exist at all; that liberty can be "as easily snuffed out [in America] as in Nazi Germany" and "as a people, we are no different from them."
The crowd realizes that the man speaking before them is the true Captain America and cheers. Captain America holds his hand up and silences them, stating that he will not allow them the chance to simply replace one idol with another. He alone can’t undo the horrible damage, and he pleads that there’s still a chance for the people to “find America once again.”
Fascism doesn’t change its tune, just its singers.
A 2021 Marvel Trumps Hate ( @marveltrumpshate ) commission, completed on 22-count aida cloth with embroidery floss and watercolors on a 9" diameter bamboo hoop.
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artseamoni · 2 days
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✨golden stars and threads of fate🧵✨
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alexisdrawsetc · 2 days
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Customized a jacket for my wedding. I wanted something for the end of the night, when I’ll need a little something warm. Since I’ll be wearing all black, I thought pink would be a nice accent.
Decided to experiment with fabric paint and stitches, rather than fully embroidering
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How is embroidery regarded by the fae?
The art has blood woven into it. What more could you want?
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goodvibesteatime · 1 day
Warrior 2🧘‍♂️
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nyxsbotwtapestry · 2 days
now before
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more swirls today
227 stitches in 1h 15min
28.4% done
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gatheringbones · 1 day
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kell-stitches · 2 days
Working hard to finish the last couple pieces before the sale! Since I've been asked a couple times, I'm going to post a tutorial this weekend on how I make the thistles in this piece so keep an eye out if you're interested 💜💜
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dauen · 1 day
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sometimes, i regret my projects
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yula2008 · 7 hours
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* 『yulaのリース 植物刺繍と過ごす12ヶ月』 KADOKAWAより、、 Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4048974742 #yulaのリース#植物刺繍と過ごす12ヶ月#kadokawa#yula#刺繍#手刺繍#ステッチ#手芸 #ハンドメイド#手作り#リース#wreath #embroidery#handembroidery#stitching#needlework#자수#broderie#bordado#вишивка#stickerei https://www.instagram.com/p/CqK56nOSDtV/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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embroiderycrafts · 2 days
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Some creepy crawler germs for a friend! by Tinkhasanattitude
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