fowlaroundtown · 4 months
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Heyo! This is just a lil comic I thought up while watching Big Hero Six again (specifically this scene). Idk it just made me think of Donnie and Shelldon. I know their relationship isn’t the most perfect thing in the world but brainworms happened and here we are.
I think Im going to call it ‘Through Another Lense’. Idk tho I stayed up way to late working on this. The rest of part one is under the cut because of got. Obnoxiously long. Anyway. Enjoy.
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offpixie · 1 month
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webcam selfies are still cute right? ⭐️🎮👾
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senjuushi · 1 month
Valentine's Day 2023 Lines — Moderns
Friend Chocolate: Master! Are you giving me chocolate!? Thank you!! I’m so hap... friend? But, I’m Master’s partner, right? Friend...?
Dear Chocolate: Master... f-for me...? This is...! ...! Shit, I’m so happy... ...thank you...! I’ll treasure it forever!! 
Like Two
Friend Chocolate: Chocolate? Ah, it is that day, isn’t it? Thanks. ...however, you’d better take responsibility for giving me this calorie bomb and come train with me to burn it off. 
Dear Chocolate: Ahh, you really are still a student, huh... With all of this fighting, I kinda forgot. Well, guess I’ll play your cool senior, this time. 
Friend Chocolate: Thank you so much, Master. Um... Charleville-niisan and I made this as well. If it’s alright... would you take it?
Dear Chocolate: Th-Thank you... Even for someone like— no, you made this for me, didn’t you? Hehe, it’s delicious. Sweet and happy! 
Friend Chocolate: I’m so happy to be receiving chocolate from you, I could grow wings and ascend to heaven.♡ Or something like that, at least. Thank you. 
Dear Chocolate: Huh? Dear Chocolate, for me? Is this a joke? From you, who refuses my advances at every turn... um... you’re serious? No way...
Friend Chocolate: Oh, you’re giving this to me? Chocolate, hm? ...thank you. I’ll have to put it in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t melt.
Dear Chocolate: Thank you. To show my thanks, I invite you to Germany. Shall I go ahead and submit your application to the German branch? We’ll welcome you there... heheh.
Friend Chocolate: Chocolate? ...friend chocolate? ...friends... N-Nevermind, it’s nothing. You make sweets too? Next time, let’s make something together, ‘kay? 
Dear Chocolate: There’s seriously something wrong with your taste, you know that? Even though I call you consumable goods... You’d better prepare yourself for me to return the favor, got it!?
Friend Chocolate: Chocolate is always delicious, but it seems to be sweeter and better-tasting when it comes from Master. Master is... amazing. 
Dear Chocolate: Chocolate... Arisaka is happy. Whether it’s solid or melted, in cake or in ice cream, Arisaka thinks chocolate is delicious. 
Friend Chocolate: In the Self-Defense force, Valentine’s Day isn’t too popular. As expected, the military academy is filled with the kind of young, trendy people who would enjoy it. 
Dear Chocolate: What delicious-looking chocolate. How delightful.♪ Now, how should I show my thanks? Would you like a hug? A kiss? Or perhaps I should pat your head. 
Friend Chocolate: Oh, leftovers, huh? I’ll take ‘em. Sorry, but I’m in the middle of a boss battle, so just set ‘em over there. 
Dear Chocolate: This is the same as what you gave to everybody else, right? Huh? That’s wrong...? Ah, you made ‘em special for everyone. Huh? Even me? E-Ehh...
Friend Chocolate: I fuckin’ hate cavities! And if I eat a buncha chocolate, I’ll get ‘em, right? If you’re gonna give me chocolate, then would’ya brush my teeth too? 
Dear Chocolate: Valentine’s Day is for confessin’ to the guy ya like, right? Does that mean you like me? ...I don’t hate you, either! 
Friend Chocolate: Ah, is that chocolate? It would be inconvenient if you had any leftovers, so I’ll take it. It was intended for me, to begin with? Haa... you really are an unusual one. 
Dear Chocolate: If you try to strike the air, will you hit anything? Giving me chocolates is just the same. Still, I’ll accept it for its nutritional value. 
Friend Chocolate: Oh, chocolate. ...mm, I prefer something slightly more bitter, so please bring me such instead. 
Dear Chocolate: Thank you. I was just wanting to eat something sweet. I don’t want to dirty the keys, so let me eat from your hand.
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ink-black-wings · 4 months
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iawv · 6 days
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spinefrepple · 5 months
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More YeehanWeek stuff! Soft fluff sickeningly sweet middle aged men in love enjoying some appled goods  We’re more active at twitter ok!? follow us there ;) @spinefrepple
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selkiecoded · 5 months
the way falsettos 2016 transitions out from the cube and city background as they become less a set of people playacting at family and a real family dealing with a loss they cannot force into the abstract
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narfalcafe · 2 months
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Türkiye’nin en iyi online falcıları haftanın her günü 24 saat sorularını eksiksiz yanıtlıyor!
Nar Fal’a ulaşmak için Whatsapp üzerinden bizlere ‘’Merhaba’’ yazmanız yeterli
0534 200 77 77  
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alpine-strider · 4 months
The baby shower is today so I decided to get off my butt and put some lead down range
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via Dana Ward on Unsplash  
••• Wake Me Up When September Starts •••
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pafftwo · 4 months
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n00b-vegas · 2 years
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Trying to beat art block with a quick Nick sketch
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senjuushi · 2 months
Of the gun boys who’ve never gotten off before, who would have the best reaction to their master making them come for the first time?
When 89 is close to coming, he loses all filter. With no shame, he impulsively blurts out all of the things he's wanted you to do to him for so, so long, and he's not thinking at all about how much he'll regret it later. He's clingy and desperate and rambling all kinds of grateful, needy things that will haunt him later, but all he can think about is how happy he is that you're touching him. A total cuddler once it's all over and done, and barely conscious.
As tough as he is, Eins isn't at all used to pleasure. Physically and mentally, he doesn't know how to process it, so he's a mess under your hands from the very beginning. This should only be another means of maintaining his human form, but with Master touching him and all of these feelings that he has no frame of reference for, Eins is past the point of functional in no time. He gets terribly disoriented after coming and will hold onto you to stay grounded.
He holds onto his dignity for as long as he can, but when that first orgasm finally hits, there's no chance of him holding onto his pride for long. It turns out that coming saps all of Murata's aggression right out of him, and he ends up barely coherent. Feeling so helpless doesn't do good things to his mental state at all, which means that he's starting to slip mere moments after the orgasm has thoroughly wrecked his ability to keep himself under control.
Like Two
Bringing Like Two to orgasm is a process of unraveling that aggressive front little by little, until he's too focused on getting more to care how desperate and slutty he looks. He's squirmy and loud, moaning like a porn star while trying (and failing) to bite down on some truly shameful pleas. He doesn't want to like it, but he does, and that's both terrifying and an utter relief in a way that his sex-stupid brain can't possibly keep up with as it is.
He's utterly horrified to find out that his body does, in fact, have a sex drive, and that he's every bit as weak to it as the guns that he's shamed for the same thing. Pleasure makes him muddled and desperate, and no amount of panic is stopping him from melting under your touch. He's one who will almost definitely cry, especially when he finally tips over that peak and is hit with the unfamiliar rush of endorphins and too-good aftershocks.
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fuckyeahguns-ig · 1 year
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Which one would you choose? FAL or M14
Via - @1776_duck
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iawv · 4 days
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