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small-sinclair · 6 months
Just making my mind go brrrrr—
Bo Sinclair x Reader
Tw: mentions his scars
Tumblr media
Bo hangs his hat and took off his boots when he came home. The rain never stopped and won’t stop until morning or the next night. When it gets like this, his scars start to burn and itch. All day he felt like he was in his father’s old office chair. He wanted the pain to go and leave him be but it kept biting him like a dog.
The den lights and the kitchen lights were off, bottom half of his home without light, except for the dim lights leading up the stairs. He sluggishly goes up the steps as he unbuttons his shirt. All he wants is to slip into bed and forget the cravings on his wrists. The ache in his hands and the bones that bend and stretch rubbed under his skin unforgettably.
His shirt hung opened when he came into your shared room, turning the hall lights off before he entered, but he stopped and stared.
You were sleeping with a book opened on your chest, Jonesy at your feet. The dog’s head lifts sleepily at him before lying back down to sleep again. You looked like a princess from some fairy tale as you slept in one of his old shirts. Bo couldn’t help but smirk and grin to himself as he undressed and joined your side. He takes the book off your chest, makes the page with the bird bookmark, and blew the candle out. As he rested on his side facing you, you rolled into his arms and rested in his chest.
The pain in his body and the burning sensation from his wrists went away and numbed when you sleepily kissed his lips, saying, “I love you, Bo. Night.”
He remembered when his aching arms are for. He remembered why he loved this part of the day. Bo loves this simpleness, and it was the closest thing he had to feel normal. He kisses your hair, your forehead, then your lips. He could marvel and bask in your light. Bo brushed your hair back and held you a bit closer than he would any other night. He didn’t want the nightmares to get you. He didn’t want the ghosts of his parents to find you. He didn’t want you to wake up with matching scars over your soft skin.
He closed his eyes and allowed sleep to take over. He dreamt of you, him, in a forest dancing in the rain.
What a blissful dream, sweet muse, he thought to himself. What a wonderful dream…
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lilmoonbunny · 4 months
Crush; Bo Sinclair
Bo has a crush, but so does Lester.
Warnings: Jealous!Bo, swearing.
Tumblr media
Bo Sinclair was an asshole, anyone who knew him knew this fact, however, there was a side of him – albeit rare – that could be kind and loving, although, there was only one person who he deemed worthy of this side.
Y/N was everything that Bo was not: sweet, kind, caring, and loving. She was any man’s dream. Perhaps this was why Lester craved her, much to Bo’s dismay.
Whilst Bo’s initial craving for her was lust, it soon transformed into genuine feelings, something which terrified him. He didn’t believe that he could love, nor did he think he was worthy of being loved.
“Bo,” Y/N whined, capturing the mechanics attention as he lay beneath a truck. She watched as the man rolled out to look at her, oil clinging to his face.
“What is it?” He asked.
“I’m bored,”
With a roll of his eyes, Bo pushed himself back underneath the truck, turning his attention back to the job at hand. He enjoyed her company he truly did, but there were times when he couldn’t stand to be around her. It was nothing personal, he just didn’t know how to control himself.
The revealing clothes that she was wearing in the summer heat left little to the imagination and Bo almost wished he could take a picture of her, capturing her in all her glory, not that he would ever admit he saw her that way to anybody besides himself; he often struggled to admit it to himself.
He could feel her eyes on him, although he didn’t know why she was so focused on him, but it made it hard to focus. What was supposed to be an easy job was suddenly made harder with her focus solely on him; he almost felt insecure. Almost.
Bo knew he was both attractive and charming, but when around her he couldn’t help but wonder if she saw him the same way. In fact, that was something he pondered often. She was Vincent’s friend, that was how he came to know her and how she ended up residing in Ambrose after a ‘complication’ with her previous partner.
He remembered the nights she spent crying whilst Vincent comforted her, both with hugs and pats on the head which Bo found odd as Vincent was not one for physical touch. Bo would never admit he was jealous, and besides, he wasn’t aware of his feelings then.
The feelings came rushing to him one night as he found her in the kitchen. She was making a coffee after giving up on sleep a little after her breakup. Tears stained her cheeks, be it from the bad memories or the breakup itself, and Bo couldn’t remember the last time he had cried or seen somebody cried; maybe it was Lester when they were younger, he wasn’t sure.
“Sorry,” she had apologised to him. “I’ll get out of your way.”
Bo hesitated for a moment, something that he wasn’t used to. Sure, he had talked to her a few times, but rarely alone. He wasn’t big on conversation with new people, let alone friends of Vincent.
“It’s fine, don’t worry ‘bout it.” Came his response, shocking them both.
“Are you sure?”
“Course, s’pose it’s your house too for now.”
Little did he know, she would become a permanent resident in the Sinclair household.
“Thank you, Bo,” she smiled sweetly at him, and despite the tears staining her cheeks, he found her beautiful. He knew in that moment that he wanted her in more than a sexual way.
“Why are you staring?” Bo asked from beneath the truck.
Y/N paused for a moment, mouth opening and closing as she struggled to form an answer. “Admiring the view, I guess.” She said with a shrug and Bo could feel his cheeks warming but he simply blamed it on the heat; ignorance is bliss, after all.
Never in his life had he thought he would feel this way and it was terrifying to say the least.
“Oh, hi, Lester!” Y/N grinned, unable to see how Bo’s eyebrows furrowed and a frown formed on his lips. “How are you?”
“I’m all right, Y/N/N. How’re ya?” Bo could hear the smile as Lester spoke and his frown grew.
Y/N’s attention turned from Bo to Lester, red dusting her cheeks from the summer air, and maybe because she was called out for staring.
“I’m good! Me and Bo are just working. Well, he’s working and I’m just sitting here.” A giggle fell from her lips and both the men’s hearts warmed.
As Lester and Y/N’s conversation continued, Bo found himself zoning out, anger forming in his chest. He hated them interacting, having known about Lester’s feelings for his ‘crush’ for a while now. Even if Lester wouldn’t admit it, Bo knew; he always knew.
Rolling out from beneath the truck, Bo spoke. “If you two want to carry on talking, can you do it somewhere else!?” He snapped, immediately regretting it upon seeing the way Y/N’s face dropped. He did debate apologising, but his ego was too big to do so.
She paused for a moment before lifting herself to her feet, silently nodding before walking away, Lester following like a lost puppy.
Tumblr media
Bo’s anger continued to fester for the rest of the day, even as he entered the house, slamming the door behind him.
“Hi, Bo,” Y/N greeted him, but it went ignored as Bo removed his boots.
It was safe to assume that Bo was in one of his usual bad moods and Vincent had signed to her that it was best to ignore him when he got like this when she first came to stay. It was the unspoken rule of the house, so she turned her attention back to the television in front of her.
Bo, of course, was paying attention and seeing that Lester had left had his bad mood calming slightly, his tense shoulders relaxing ever so slightly. A quiet sigh of relief was next, although it went unheard by the woman that held his affections.
 “I see your little boyfriend left,” Bo broke the silence.
“He’s not my boyfriend…?” It was safe to say that Y/N was confused.
“He seems quite smitten on you.”
“I don’t see him that way.”
Bo relaxed some more and this time it didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N, nor did his dilated pupils. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what that meant.
As she stood up, a plan formed in her mind, but if she was wrong about this, she risked ruining everything, including their close friendship.
What is life without a little risk? She reasoned with herself.
Bo watched her as she moved closer, eventually standing in front of him and toying with the collar of his thin jacket, fixing it despite knowing that he would remove it soon.
“There is somebody I see that way, though,” she said, looking up at him with a coy smile that had Bo’s heart racing.
“Is that so?” He muttered, watching her closely.
“Yeah,” her smile grew, hands reaching out to grasp his face, taking it slowly and gently so that he could pull away at any time.
But he didn’t pull away, in fact, he couldn’t resist any longer and his face dived down, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.
She could taste a mix of cigarettes and beer on his lips, but it wasn’t something she minded; it was very Bo and she loved him for who he was, flaws and all.
Whilst her hands gently cupped his cheeks, Bo’s reached out to lightly grasp both her waist and the back of her neck as he continued to kiss her. It was something he didn’t want to pull away from. The sensation of her lips on his and his hands on her had his heart beating a million miles per minute and the feeling itself gave him a high better than any drug ever could.
When they separated, Y/N’s gaze turned downwards, a dark blush coating her cheeks.
“I didn’t know if that was a good idea,” she admitted. “I’m hoping it was.”
Bo paused for a moment, feeling as though he was unable to speak. “I think it was,” his voice was quiet yet filled with emotion which was unusual for the man. “As long as you liked it, then I think it was, at least.”
“I did like it,”
Bo smiled, and whilst it was a small smile, it was noticeable to her.
“So did I.”
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msookyspooky · 10 months
Goin' Hunting
You've been running from Bo all around Ambrose for the last hour...And he finally catches you in the woods.
Bo Sinclair x AFAB!Reader • CNC • Dubcon • S/M • Master/Submissive • Primal Play • Outdoor Sex • Rough Penetration VP • Fingering • Humiliation • Domination • Degredation • Praise Kink • Later; Established Relationship and Brat Dynamic from Reader
No Word Count. Not proofread.
Tumblr media
Your heart pounded as you sprinted to the woods. God damn it, you were so close! So fucking close to escaping.
Gasping for air, legs aching, knees weak and stumbling as you kept running...You heard a long...Low... Whistle...Somewhere behind you in the woods.
You froze, plastering yourself up against a tree. Sweat was dripping down your face and into your eyes as you blinked it away. It was pitch black outside except for a Quarter Moon. Bryer bushes scrapped exposed skin except for your jeans and flannel. It was October in Ambrose...Still warm for Louisiana but there was a damp heaviness in the air that made a chill ghost over your skin.
"C'mon out, darlin'....Ya ain't gettin' away. Ya know this...YER JUS' MAKIN' IT HARDER ON YERSELF!" He yelled out with both amusement and frustration lacing his thick Southern Accent. He was a predator. Through and through. He looked at you not like a human but like some scared little rabbit running from him.
You knew what he'd do if he caught you.
You covered your mouth, eyes wide to try and not say anything. Trying not to whimper as your eyes darted to the side.
He was in blue coveralls and that hat that read sweetbird 69. His tall broad shouldered frame crept past your tree and you felt your heart drop out. Trembling with anxiety as he looked around and looked the other way before huffing to himself and walking away from back where he came.
You felt your shoulders untense as you finally took a tiny, quiet breath you were holding. Slowly releasing your mouth and waiting a few moments. You snuck a peek seeing he wasn't there. He must have went back to the road or to Ambrose to hunt for you.
You took the risk to make a run for it. Lester! If you could get to the road, if he saw you, he could get you out of here and you could win this.
You shoved off the tree taking off before releasing a scream when you got tackled to the ground.
You struggled and he slammed you down with a grin. "Shh, shhhh." He told you as you fought him. Trying to crawl away from under him with fistfuls of leaves and soil in your fingers as he just grabbed you by your thighs and dragged you back to him.
"I don't think so, honey." He growled out and with a slight grunt flipped you onto your back where you had even less leverage.
"Get the fuck off me!" You yelled, teeth gritted as you tried shoving him off. "Motherfucker, get off!!"
He just chuckled at your attempts to shove his big self. He was well over 6'1, probably close to or was 180 lbs of muscle mostly and had an aggression in him that just spurred him on.
He grabbed your jaw and squished your cheeks. "Shhh...Shh, it's okay. It's over now. Ya aint gotta fight no more."
You kept struggling, grunts and cries escaping you as you screamed.
"Go ahead! Scream all ya want, sweetheart. Yer gonna be doin' plenty of it tonight...Ain't nobody around to hear ya." He mused with a sadistic smirk.
You tried to use your hand to shove him off by his face and he just grabbed both your wrist and jerked them down. Pinning them to your sides. Your heart hammered, your body trembled, a tingling went through your whole body at realizing just how strong he was. No matter your strength, he was stronger and had the upperhand...He could do whatever he wanted and you were helpless.
He smiled down at you. A bit of sweat curling his hair near his forehead as he caught his breath a bit from chasing you. "Yer a fun one, ain't ya?" He shoved you down more as you flinched with wide eyes. "Gave me quite a workout chasin' yer fine ass all over town. But I won. And now? I think I deserve a prize for winnin'."
He came foreward and tried to kiss you and you tried to bite him. He just laughed heartily in amusement at you. "Biting are we? I didn't take you for a feral dog...More like a sweet lil toy I get to use...Is that what you are? My toy I get to use?"
"Fuck you!"
"Don't you worry bout that. Imma do plenty of it out here." He retorted with a dark chuckle.
"You'll never get away with this! You don't have to do this, I won't tell, please!" You tried to reason as you felt him switch your wrist so he had you by one hand, pinned over your head. The other large hand of his roamed with that black and silver ring reflecting off the moon every so often. You could see his veins in his hand as he jerked at your belt and you whimpered and shook your head.
"Hey." He sternly told you before his voice became sweet and mocking once more. "You're gonna be a good lil thing for me, ain't ya? It'll only hurt for a lil bit. Jus' a few minutes of pain, nothin' too bad. I'll be done before ya know it."
He unsnapped your belt with one hand and worked on the button of your jeans as you fought and struggled in a panic. "N-No! No, don't-"
He cut you off by shhing you again. His blue eyes gleaming down at you with his pupils dilated. A sick smirk on his face. He was enjoying seeing you almost in tears, seeing you scared, feeling you fight him. He was a sadist, that was for sure.
You screamed and used your last bit of strength to knee him in the lower side as hard as you could. He grunted as you got away. But just enough to get a foot away before he grabbed you while you both were still on the ground.
He shoved you into a sitting position against the base of a tree. "Now, why ya fightin' for? Yer jus' makin it worse on yerself!...That knee kinda hurt, sweetheart. " He grinned that lopsided grin of his with his brows furrowed a bit. "The more ya fight, the worse its gonna get. I was gonna go easy on ya but now? I think you need tore up a lil bit. Need those sexy thighs to have some bruises even a few welts on that nice ass too-" He smacked the side of your ass through your jeans with a smirk. "I think you can handle it."
You stared at him with wide eyes as he held you by the throat up against the tree. On his knees while you sat. Everytime you raised an arm he squeezed tight enough to make your vision blurred. Once your arms fell to your sides he loosened it just enough to let you get tiny breaths of air. "Good...tha's a good toy for me."
You had tears in your eyes, gasping for air, sweat dripping off you as you could do nothing now. He was in control and he knew it. You felt small, helpless, vulnerable.
You whimpered with a cut off cry as you felt his calloused fingers dip into your jeans and feel your pussy. Running along the outers lips and just barely dipping in.
He pulled his hand out with a giant grin and a laugh at how wet you were. Coating his fingers in long slick trails of wetness from...The excitement? Adrenaline? Your body just reacting to this situation? Either way, you jerked your head away with shame.
"Ain't that jus' beautiful... It's like you know jus' how to turn yerself on...." He ripped your jeans off and then ripped at that flannel to expose you more. "I think yer startin' to like this, baby...Do you like this? Do you like knowing I can take whatever I want from your body and you can't do nothin' to stop it? Ya like the rush of fightin' an' runnin' from me?"
You furiously shook your head and gasped when you felt his thumb make rough circles over your clit. Jolting and trying to squirm away with no where to go. He used his hand to jerk your head to look at him while he kept rubbing your now hardening clit. "Ah, ah. Yer gonna look at me and tell me how much this is turning you on."
You shook your head with his fingers still digging into your jaw. You grit your teeth trying to ignore the heat pooling in your lower abdomen. "No...No, I don't."
He smirked. "Really? That why yer pussys so wet?" He jeered. "Now...Say it."
You refused stubbornly and he pinched your clit lightly hood and all. Your back arched and jolted in pain and pleasure at the same time. But the pain was a bit more as he did it again harder this time as you forced out with shut clenched eyes. "I enjoy it!"
He chuckled and gently rubbed soothing circles over your aching clit. "There ya go...Oh sweetheart. That is so sensitive! I can't wait to make ya scream for me." He grabbed your chin roughly again and forced you to look at him while he rubbed you there.
You tried so hard not to give him the satisfaction of seeing your body betray you. But your brows rose up and your mouth parted as he smeared some wetness over your clit and used two calloused fingers to rub underneath and all around your aching bundle of nerves.
He smirked that lopsided toothy grin at you. "I don't know about you, Sweetheart, but my bodies tellin' me to take somethin' from this lil situation...What's yer body tellin' you?"
You whisper to him, face hot and tears in your lashes. "P-Please, don't."
A dark brow rose as his fingers dipped down lower. "Yer beggin'? Funny, I don't remember askin'. Ya need to realize somethin' here, darlin'...I'M in charge. Not you. And I don't remember askin' for permission or askin' if you wanted this...This is allll for me."
"Hush." He jeered, seeming to get short with you as his thick masculine digit barely went in before he took it out and did two. Your mouthed opened in a shaky gasp as he kept talking. "Now we're gonna do this my way. You just need t' shut up and let me enjoy this moment without all that bitchin'."
His fingers stretched you but there wasn't too much resistance with how wet you were. Just a short moment of discomfort with the sudden stretch before he started curling his fingers and twisting them up into that cushioned frontal wall. The man was the devil.
You couldn't even contain the whimpering moan as he kept a firm grip on your chin so he could see your face at all times.
"Oh God, don't." You softly moan out as he just picked up the pace on your already adrenaline high turned on body.
"I don't think ya get it, darlin'...This is happening one way or another. Here in Ambrose, yer gonna learn what I say goes and if I want to make yer body get an ounce of pleasure before I have my fun then that's jus' how it'll be...Just relax." He cooed the last part with an evil smirk.
This wasn't for your benefit. He just loved forcing it out of you. Loved seeing the shame on your face as your own body betrays you.
You released a sobbing sort of moan. He leaned forward. "Just...Give in Sweetheart." He chuckled and got closer to whisper in your ear. "I'm sure you'll enjoy yerself. Jus' let it feel good."
His fingers kept doing that upward tickling motion on your g spot as your thighs started to quiver. A gasp escaped you as he kept coaxing you with his fingers and his words to cum.
He grinned when you moaned louder, feeling your inner muscles clench his fingers a bit as that heated started pooling in you. "Oh, no more fight in ya, huh? Where did that fiesty lil fighter go?" He pulled his fingers out as you whined in protest. So close you could almost taste it. "Oh so you liked that. Well you ain't enjoying nothin' without me." He started undoing the fly on his coveralls.
You tried to have some resistance. Some form of pride left as you felt tears running down your cheeks and you numbly shook your head. In a pleading tone. "No."
He sternly told you in a half sneer half smirk. "I don't remember askin' you a damn thing about what you wanted." He pulled himself out. Hard as can be and even leaking a bit as he pumped his cock a few times "Whaddya think this dance is for? Yer in Ambrose now. This is what we do to sexy lil things like you that get in over their head."
He grabbed your arms and pushed in. Your head reeled back and...God damn...He felt...Good. He shouldn't! But his was such a perfect size and shape to you in your nervous, excited, fearful and turned on body. You could feel a second hearbeat in your clit and your inner walls ached. They ached so bad from his teasing that the stretch felt like much needed itch that had to be stratched. It hurt a little at how forceful he pushed in but it hurt so good at the same time as your head snapped back and your hips bucked at the sudden intrusion with a strangled cry from your lips.
He chuckled, not moving for only a few seconds. Grinning in pure sadistic pleasure. "Oh you like that, don't ya?" He pulled out thrust forward with a harsh grunt while gripping your hair; forcing you to look at him. "If I remember correctly, this whole thing!-" He thrust harshly again as you saw stars and felt a deep aching soreness in your lower abdomen that hurt but fuck it was a good hurt. The type of pain that was easily overlooked for the building pleasure you were feeling. "-Started from you trying to fight me so hard!" He grunted again through clenched teeth as he thrust hard into you, this time it hit deep and you cried in pain a little. "Well how you like it now, huh? Ya like it rough?"
You tried to bite your lip and shake your head and then the bastard switched it up. Pulling out halfway and doing short but fast trusts right on your g spot and you groaned low in your throat. He laughed at that.
"Oh yes you do, darlin'. All that fighting in the beginning? You just wanted me to get this out of your system." He kept thrusting grunting a bit as he leaned in and nibbled at your ear. "You like it when I'm in charge. Yer just too shy to admit it."
You gasp and tremble as that thrusting is so damn firm and hard and fast and the fucker angled his hips upward. He knew what he was doing as you felt your inner muscles involuntarily clench around him.
"There we go, beautiful. Now ya ain't thinkin' bout it s' hard." He raised your chin to look at him. "Ya don't wanna ruin this moment. Cause this might be the best moment of whatever time you got left...So just enjoy the ride." He let go of your chin and shoved your thighs upward while thrusting deeper and fadter. "Oooh fuck, baby...Shit." He grunted out with a tiny moan himself as he went hard in you.
Your eyes rolled back and a tiny grunt of 'no', 'please', 'I can't' escaped you every thrust as your inner muscles betrayed you. Starting to do a milking motion around his cock on their own as he moaned a bit.
"Oh, that's it. S' good for me...It's alright, sweetheart. Nobody has to know ya like this. This can be yer dirty lil secret."
"I d-don't." You forced out not even believing it yourself as your face screwed up in pleasure the deeper he went.
"Hah, there's that face again." He grunted out with a slight smirk. Sweating and face flushed as he drove into you. "Ya can't hide it, darlin'. I can see it in yer eyes. I know you like this. Your sweet pussy keeps suckin' me in...Sopping wet....Urgh!" He groaned when you involuntarily clenched and it made his face screw up into a sneer as he pounded you on the forest floor against the base of that tree. He jerked your head back by your hair. "You love this. It's why I can make ya do anything. You're mine in Ambrose. You do what I say and you love it or learn t' love it."
"Noo-" You moaned out feeling yourself getting closer as tears kept pricking your eyes.
"Yes!" He laughed out through a moan while his blue eyes stared into yours. "You're doin' such a good job of makin' this fun for me. What a good toy you are, fightin' me and actin' like you don't like it. Yer goddamn pathetic, darlin'. A filthy, naughty lil liar whose pussy is betrayin' em."
You trembled, high pitched cries escaping you. "Yess-" You shook yourself realizing with shame you just said that. "No." You gasped.
He grinned while he kept thrusting a spot you seemed to like. "Yeah, ya like it. I think this whole chase was jus' you puttin' up some walls so you didn't look so desperate...You're so pathetic darlin'. Don't try to fake it. You love this. Maybe I'll keep ya around a lil longer and walk ya around Ambrose on a leash? Show anyone and everyone what a good pet I can make you be...You'll get addicted to this, sweetie...Good lil whore-"
You couldn't contain it any longer as those wonderful tingles and seering heat just washed over you. You hung your head back and yelled out in orgasmic bliss as he kept fucking you. He was right, you did scream. You couldn't even hold it back and you didn't want to. This was too damn animalistic and primal and wrong not to cry out.
He stuttered his hips a bit at how hard your pussy was clenching him as your hips bucked. "Fuckin' shit, honey." He gasped out. As soon as you calmed down and your muscles where just contracting every so often he huffed with a smirk. "Ooh you are such a lil freak, darlin! I haven't had one like you in too damn long. Maybe I was wrong...You're not pathetic, yer disgusting. Yer body doesn't lie as much as yer mouth does." He leered with a sadistic grin as he panted while thrusting.
You laid there satisfied. The adrenaline gone...The game over as you gave him a lazy smirk while he kept thrusting.
He looked a bit perplexed while moving slower in you. "What's that face for? Ya finally ready to admit yer nothin' but a naughty toy for me?"
You grinned and leaned forward to kiss his nose. He completely stopped thrusting. Looking with wide eyes and a faint tinge to his face before giving you a wry smirk. "Hey, jus' cause the games over for you don't mean it is for me....Stop bein' sweet, damn it."
You chuckled, blissed out on cloud nine. God Damn that was the type of orgasm that...You need a nap, a drink, a cigarette. Fuck. All you could do was with tear streaked cheeks and watery eyes and a heated face just give him that dumb satisfied grin.
He thrust a few more times before you decided to help a bit. Tired of the game and wanting your lover to hurry up so you could go shower and cuddle in bed all night. You used those inner muscles to clench and unclench while swiveling your hips the best way you could. He gasped out. "Hey! Heey, I'm in charge!... Urgh, fuckin' damn it YN!" He screwed his face shut and groaned low in his throat as he thrusted a few more times before panting and staying in one spot. "...Shit....Uh fuck." He panted out before looking back up at you. Giving you an annoyed look.
"...We'll have to think of a better punishment for you. Yer too damn freaky and I'm gonna have to be creative. Yer such a bad lil thing." He finally cracked a smile himself.
You were out of subspace. The chase and fighting and roleplay was over as you huffed with a coy smile. "I am not."
He pulled out of you and just held you for a moment. "Oh, yes you are. It's okay to be naughty jus' don't be so stubborn bout it." He looked at you before kissing your forehead with a sigh. "But it does make it more fun. You're such a perfect toy...Still gotta make you work for it though."
I scoffed. "Why?"
He smirked down at you. "Cause you'll be the most spoiled brat if I let you get whatever you want whenever you want. You're insatiable. I'll never get anything done around here!"
"Oh no, spoiling me? How awful." You chuckled and he smiled fondly down at you in return.
He stared down at you, using his thumb to caress your cheek. This was...It was interesting. You WERE a victim...You and him bonded during your time in that room. What started out as a supposed Master/Slave dynamic quickly became something more the more he got to know you. He fought it hard but after a while he couldn't deny his caring for you. You were that missing piece. It helped your inner freak matched his. You brought out his sadism to the point he rarely got other victims. You were too fun. And he brought out that side of you that wanted to be dominated and taken care of. This chade thing was your idea after you taunted him he was gonna get too tired to chase victims eventually anyways. All it took was a 'wanna bet?' and that predatory sadistic look in his eyes and you took off in both fear and glee making him work for it the last hour. You playing like you hated it and fighting him was all part of the game.
"What?" You asked as he gazed down at you.
"...Thinking how much I hate you. How damn soft you've made me." He had his hand around your throat. "Should've killed ya months ago. Ain't never let a toy get this comfortable."
You knew he was bluffing as you gazed up at him with soft eyes. You quickly found a look that made him weak and you pulled it out when you really needed it. His eye twitched in irritation as he kissed you. "Damn you..."
You kissed him chaste and sweet before telling him pleasantly. "You love me."
I tiny smile tried tugging his lips. "I tolerate you." He lost the smile, sighed, then just let it come back again. "...I do care for ya quite a bit though, honey. I ain't felt like this in too damn long."
"Sounds like love but you're too stubborn. C'mon, say it. 'I love you'."
"Glad to hear you admit it, brat." He huffed in bemusement while giving mock anger. "You ain't in charge here."
"Come oonnn, it's just us in the woods! Ain't like you haven't said it before. " You teased softly.
He groaned, rolling his eyes and acting more annoyed then you knew he was. "Fine. I love ya, ya fuckin' pain in the ass....Should've left the glue on yer mouth when I had you tied to that chair." He sighed with a slight smirk. "Come on. Let's go home." He helped you up. His body language of steadying you and his eyes roaming over you to make sure he didn't hurt you as much as normal victims; betrayed him. You were so tempted to retort 'something something...Body's not lying as much as your mouth does-" But you relented. Getting your pants back on.
You flinched when moving.
He looked pleased with himself. "Sore?" All before looking at you tenderly. That look reserved only on rare occasions for you. "C'mon, baby. Let's get you home...This was fun."
You let him lead you, wrapping an arm around your waist to steady you.
You finally said once you got out of the woods. "I almost made it to the road. You know the rules...If Lester or some car picks me up to lead me back to Ambrose? I'm in charge. You will be MY toy for a change."
He let out a hearty laugh. "That ain't happened yet and it ain't gonna."
You gave him a determined smirk. "Wanna bet?"
"Are you challenging me? Yer gonna lose, darlin'. Remember your place...But fine. Jus' cause I know I'll win. How bout we do this again tomorrow night if you can walk properly."
You chuckled. A bit sore but too satisfied to care. "You're on, Bo...What collar do you wanna wear when I win?"
He smacked your ass while walking with an amused chuckle. Clearly not thinking you could win. "Oh shut up. I'm just gonna make that punishment even worse next time, smart ass." But he pulled you close and bent down to kiss your forehead as you both walked the empty Ambrose streets back to the house.
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haddonfieldwhore · 4 months
god loves you, but not enough to save you - bo sinclair
Tumblr media
bo sinclair x fem!reader
please read warnings !
summary: bo sees you as his next victim. you see him as your last hope
warnings: stockholm syndrome speedrun, implied domestic abuse, language, mentions of death, blood, alcohol and smoking, some religious references sprinkled in, bo is bo
word count: 2k
your eyes fluttered open as you felt your body thud onto a chair with a creak, the metal frame unstable under any amount of weight. it wouldn’t break though. he tightened all the bolts himself; checked everything so nothing would go wrong. as unorganized as this hellscape of a room seemed to anyone else, bo knew where everything was; every pair of pliers, every blade. he was meticulous, sometimes damn near a perfectionist. not that any his guests were here to admire the furnishings.
in the rare instance that things didn’t go how he planned, he himself became unpredictable; became even more terrifying. but this was different. something in your eyes was different, and it drove him mad.
you didn’t scream, just looked around frantically to gather what was happening. everything that had happened. your ankles were taped together, and you were in a basement. your head hurt like you’d been hit with something, as you remembered the road trip you had been on with your boyfriend, nathan.
you remembered the washed out road
the gas station
oh god, where was nathan?
the man from the gas station….. bo…
“yeah sweetheart?” your focus snapped to the face of the man currently restraining you to the chair, a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. how much had you said out loud? why was he doing this?
“please - you don’t have to-“ his hand snapped over your mouth, the smell of dirt and gasoline filling your mouth and nose.
“shhhh, if you scream, i’ll have to hurt ya,” he cooed, and you shook your head gently. with your one free hand that remained unbound to the chair, you gripped his wrist desperately, but your touch was gentle; gentler than any touch he had felt in years. he nearly faltered for a second, your fingers hovering over the scars on his wrist. had you noticed them? he wondered.
his hesitation allowed you to softly pull his hand away from your mouth.
“p…please, you have to help me. nathan-“
“you think if you bat your pretty little eyelashes at me i’ll let you go back to your boyfriend?” he taunted, but your eyes went wide and you shook your head, frantically this time, and your hand clung onto his arm tighter now. he pulled it from your grip, looking at your face with a confused expression. what game were you playing?
“no - please, you don’t understand - you have to help me,” you repeated, and as he studied your face, he noticed a smudge on your cheekbone. your skin looked different; he spent enough time looking at the damn wax figures to know what a persons skin looked like. he reached his hand towards you slowly, dragging his thumb between your parted lips, wetting the pad of his finger with your saliva. he tasted of iron, and you wondered if he noticed the way you licked your lips when he retracted his hand.
you winced as he gently wiped the digit across your cheek, removing the makeup to reveal a dark bruise, masterfully disguised behind layers of concealer.
something clicked in bo’s head.
something terrible.
something cruel.
here he was, taking you captive and fully intending to kill you. here you were, begging him to be your saving grace. he smiled darkly, your eyes wide as they pleaded with his.
“now that’s no way to treat a lady,” he clicked his tongue, shaking his head. “he do this to ya, sweetheart?” he asked, making his voice sound so sweet, you almost believed it was sincere.
“please,” you begged again. maybe if you said it enough times, you would get through to him. a human part of him, if there even was one. “i’ll do anything you want. just please…. he’ll kill me.”
his rough hands held either side of your face, cradling it as he leaned over your body, caging you beneath him. you welcomed it, like a safety blanket.
this had never happened before. he hadn’t even done anything to you yet, and you were already giving yourself over to him. did you not get it? did you not understand that whatever had been done to you, oh lord he could be
it was almost too easy. the chase was half of the game for him. what was the point if you gave up so soon?
he thought about killing you right then. sure, that was no fun - he didn’t enjoy killing people quickly. but it would be so easy to just snap your neck, so delicate in his grasp. just one little twist-
“bo…” you whispered, and his eyes focused again, having zoned out looking at your throat, his chest heaving up and down with adrenaline thinking about just how easily you had surrendered to him. he hadn’t realized that he had leaned closer, so close that he could smell your strawberry chapstick.
you could smell the cigarettes on his breath; the whiskey on his tongue. he captured your mouth with his, teeth tugging roughly at your bottom lip as your heart pounded in your chest.
you shouldn’t like this.
you shouldn’t want it.
but the taste of him makes your head spin.
you reach to touch him with your free hand, but his own hand catches your wrist as you reach for him. maybe it’s instinct; he thinks your fighting back.
you should be.
you know damn well you should be.
the taste of iron fills your mouth again, but it’s not his fingers this time. his teeth have pierced into your lip, staining the kiss with crimson.
“he ain’t never gonna touch you again,” bo whispers as he nuzzles the side of his head against yours, and tears creep down your face.
“i swear to god. he’s never gonna lay another finger on you.”
and he won’t.
you believe him.
this time bo lets you reach for him, your fingers clinging to the front of his stained work shirt that your knuckles ached. the restraints on your other wrist clang against the metal of the chair as you pull at them, wanting to hold onto him. he undoes the leather strap and you reach up, pushing his hat off of his head so you can tangle your fingers through his dark hair. it’s greasy between your fingertips, but you don’t care.
“you look so pretty, darling.” blood stains your lips and your eyelashes are stuck together with tears. you stare up at him like he’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, and he realizes that you’re long gone already; he’s managed to sink his hooks into you and all it took was one little promise. the devil stands before you and you look at him like he hung the stars. lucifer was once an angel after all, wasn’t he?
a sound above you causes bo to cover your mouth again, gentler this time as he looks up through the grate in the ceiling. footsteps shuffle across the driveway of the gas station, and nathans boots drop dirt through the grate and onto your hair. you screw your eyes shut as you cling to bo, who looks at your cowering form beneath him and smiles.
“i’ll be right back darling,” his hand is still on your mouth as you nod at him with wet eyes, hands trembling as he slowly pulls away.
the room feels cold and empty as soon as he’s gone, his boots heavy as they stomp up the stairs, locking the door behind him.
you breathe a careful sigh of relief.
he’s gone, he can’t hurt me.
he’s gone, he can’t hurt me.
nathan’s gone, bo won’t let him hurt me.
with your hands no longer restrained, you undid the duct tape around your ankles, pulling your knees up under your chin and wrapping your arms around them.
footsteps descend the stairs, heavy again as the stairs creak and the lock clicks open.
you should be scared of him.
you should be scared of the knife in his hand. the blood on his wrist.
you should be scared because he was going to kill you, and he still might. but for now, he doesn’t.
at least for right now, he is your saviour.
he tosses the weapon aside, and it clatters onto the metal table next to him. you watch as his fingers slide a crumpled pack of cigarettes out of his breastpocket, and pull one out with his teeth. he lights the end and walks over to you, his fingers tilting your chin up to look at him.
your hand reaches up to wipe a splatter of blood off the side of his neck, and you almost don’t notice the way bo freezes for just a second as you touch him. his hand wraps around your wrist and brings your fingers to his lips, sucking the end of each finger past his lips until all the blood is gone, his eyes never leaving yours.
god, the way you look at him.
he’s never seen anything like it. it isn’t fear.
it’s a look of devotion.
he offers you the cigarette and you take it between your fingers with your other hand.
“you ready to go home?” he asks, and your eyebrows furrow in confusion.
“home?” you asked, taking a drag of his cigarette. you didn’t want it, you just hoped it would taste like him, but it just burnt your throat.
“the house, silly,” he smiled, and it almost looked sincere, like he was amused by you. “just up the road?” he was the bo you had met at the gas station again. the charming one. the sweet one.
the house, you thought. that’s right. he had taken you there to get the part you needed to fix nathan’s car, and the next thing you knew you were waking up here. “did you hit your head or something?” he teased, like he hadn’t been the one who knocked you out in the first place. he walked closer to take the cigarette from your grip, the ash falling onto your lap and sizzling against the layer of sweat on your bare skin. he placed a kiss on the top of your head before extending his empty hand to you, helping you out of the chair.
you followed bo up the stairs and realized you had been beneath the gas station, the sun long set outside. you didn’t know how long you had been down there.
“watch your step,” he mumbled, and you looked down at the pool of blood on the floor, and the trail of it, like something had been dragged across the floor and out of the store.
“nathan….” you asked, the word tasted vile in your mouth. you wiped your lips with the back of your hand for good measure.
“vincent took him out of here. no need to worry, darling,” he promised.
“vincent?” you asked, as he pulled you behind him by your hand, his calloused fingers rough as they interlocked with yours. you liked the way your hand felt in his.
“my brother- you’ll meet him later, he’s workin’ right now. he’s pretty quiet but i think you’ll like him.”
“okay,” you smiled - the first time you had smiled since you woke up in that basement. bo smiled back; and while it looked genuine, it was evil.
he knew he had you right where he wanted you.
and it had been
he hadn’t even done anything that he wouldn’t have done anyways - all he did was kill nathan.
but in your eyes he had saved your life.
how twisted is that?
bo tried to kill you, and here you were clinging to his arm, like you’d float away if you let go. as if he was the only thing holding you to the ground.
and he was. and he knew it.
there was no saving you now.
not when you believed you’d already been saved.
bo froze as your feet sped up to catch up with him, and your arms circled around his waist.
you were hugging him?
heaven help you, you really were a lost cause.
“thank you,” you mumbled, your head buried in the front of his shirt. bo laughed to himself, and let his arms wrap around you.
“you shouldn’t thank me, sweetheart,” he replied, the double meaning to his statement flying over your head. “what kind of man would i be if i didn’t help you? my momma - she raised me better than that.”
he couldn’t help but smile to himself. “you can meet her too, one day.”
you smiled up at him even though you didn’t get the joke, and he leaned down to kiss your lips. you decided you would never get tired of the taste of his mouth on yours. his lips like a drug.
“you gonna let me walk or we gonna stand out here forever?” he laughed, as you hadn’t let go of him yet.
“just don’t leave me,” you asked pathetically. you would have got on your knees and begged if you had to, even if the gravel would’ve scraped your knees bloody.
“believe me, darling,” he grinned. “i aint never lettin’ you get away.”
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boringbxtch · 1 year
Face Sitting/Riding with Vincent
- AFAB Reader- female anatomy described
Tumblr media
By clicking read more you acknowledge you will be reading smut albeit a short imagine, so 18+
Sat awkwardly beside Vincent you slowly lift your leg over his shoulders to straddle his neck, not quite ready to settle in yet. Looking down and seeing your unmasked man smiling up at you hinting for you to continue, taking a deep breath and scooting upwards but still remaining on your knees too far away from his face.
His hands guide you down so you are within reaching distance, a tongue licks across your clit catching you by surprise you jumping a little. That tongue comes back licking faster with more ferocity, looking down to see the bridge of his nose in between your lips and his one good eye looking right at your pleasure filled face.
Falling forwards slightly you angle yourself to put the focus on your clit sending a spark up your spine. He brings his hands between your thighs spreading your lips apart exposing you even further. The cold air sending shivers up your spine before he smothers it with his warm mouth back on the part you need him most. His grip is getting tighter on your thighs due to the shakiness of them but he doesn’t let up if anything he seems to gain more confidence to get messy with it.
With one hand to the wall and another in his hair you grind down feeling the beginning of your mounting orgasm. Moaning out his name and letting him know you’re about to cum he remains lapping at your clit, he lets out a groan that you feel setting you over the edge and cumming while grinding on his face to ride out your high.
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loveandmurders · 1 year
Imagine you got adopted by the Sinclairs when you were ten.
Victor Sinclair found you in an orphanage: he got called to take care of you after you got badly sick.
It has been three years since you were rotting in this orphanage. Your parents promised they would come get you soon, but you long lost any hope they loved you and wanted you back. You even hoped they died in a car crash, and that was why they didn't keep their promise.
You wanted to leave this place now. You were mistreated and unhappy. You would do anything to leave, and running away didn’t work so far.
It was the first time in so long you met someone new so you promised to do anything Victor could need from you, including taking care of his sons.
Victor had always wanted a girl and he thought you could help his wife with the boys.
And if it didn't work out, he could at least hope for Bo to lash out all his anger on you. He wouldn't care and Trudy either because you weren’t truly theirs.
You were scared because you were smart enough to know Victor wasn't a good person and he told you how violent his sons could be.
But the boys fell in love with you at the second you entered the house.
Bo stopped yelling back at his mother and quickly became overprotective with you. You were the only thing that could appease him. Vincent forgot about the sculpture he was working on. Your beauty and softness made him feel overpossesive with you. You were his muse. Lester shyly offered you some toys to play with you, and your bright smile made him melt. He was only cuddles and kisses with you.
You loved them so much and you brought balance in the family. You sticked by their side when Trudy died and when Victor got killed by Bo. You would do anything for the brothers.
As you grew up, your relationship got a little bit ambiguous. After all, you were the only girl of their age in their existence. You were extremely affectionate with one another, and you had no secret for them. You sometimes kissed them, but it wasn’t fully a romantic relationship, and it never went sexual so far either.
Imagine you are fully an adult now, and you live with the twins and work close by Ambrose. Lester is often at home to spend time with you, and the twins take care of you. For instance, they wait for you to be back from work to have dinner.
You are happy. Too happy to care about the murders. You actually enjoy living with dangerous people who only love and cherish you.
Imagine one day your biological family finds you. They go to your work to talk to you. You are confused and lost. You have always thought your family died a long time ago.
Your mother is very sick, and she needs money to get a treatment. Your biological sibling wants to convince you to help and he sweet talks to you, saying he needs you, his big sister, in his existence.
You realise they are manipulating you and that your parents abandoned you but happily raised your little brother. You were the problem. You are heartbroken.
But they are good with their words. Your brother is a lot more dangerous than you can think. Your instinct knows it, but for the moment, you are too shocked to think.
You need to talk about all of this to your boys, but you don't know how. A small part of you is scared they will push you away, they will stop loving you.
Imagine you go back home later than usual that day, which worried the twins. When they see you, they instantly know something happened, and they make you talk.
Imagine the Sinclair brothers' reactions once you finish your story.
Imagine them thinking they are going to lose their girl, their sunshine, their happiness.
They don't know how they will deal with this, but they know one thing: you are a Sinclair, and you are theirs.
(Yes, I want to write for this 🙈)
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Run Rabbit
Pairing: Vincent Sinclair x GN!Reader
Themes: Predator/prey, some fear play, some dom/sub
I probably should have let this sit a bit longer so I could proof-read/edit, but I was too excited to post it! Feel free to comment any advice/mistakes and I will probably edit at a later date.
Tumblr media
Your heart raced as you ran through the rooms of the house of wax, dodging the wax figures and various other decorations as you went. You could hear the heavy footfalls of your pursuer, but they seemed to be getting fainter behind you. Out of breath, you ducked behind the old piano in the next room you turned into, feeling safe enough to rest for a few moments as the footsteps that followed you were barely audible. You tried to catch your breath as you crouched in the shadows. Despite being mostly hidden, it was hard to will yourself to stay there; the adrenaline flooding your veins made you want to continue running. You realized suddenly that you could no longer hear the movements of your pursuer. Holding your breath, you carefully listened for any indication of his whereabouts. The sudden, sharp rap of a boot on the wooden floor almost made you cry out. The sound had come from just beyond the doorway to the adjacent room. You wasted no time in scrambling to your feet and out from behind the piano, and just in time because as you did so the figure of a tall man emerged from the doorway. Your heart leapt into your throat as he lunged for you, just barely missing you. You could feel the tips of his fingers brushing against the fabric of your shirt. 
You continued running, and the steady sound of heavy footsteps resumed behind you. There was something about the way he chased you, never quite running, but keeping a swift, certain pace. Like he knew he wouldn’t have to work too hard to catch you. The thought sent something of a jolt through you, equal parts fear and excitement. You knew you wouldn’t be able to run for much longer, but you felt a little thrill at the thought of the chase finally ending. 
Seeing the door to the basement ahead of you, you made a beeline for it. It opened easily, and the hot air from the workshop below washed over you. You quickly stepped onto the stairs and closed the door behind you. It wouldn’t slow him down much, but you were still committed to prolonging the pursuit even that little bit. Even as you reached the bottom of the stairs, you could hear those confident footfalls starting down after you. Running through the basement, the heat from the fires caused sweat to run down your back, and you could feel yourself beginning to slow. Faster than you expected, you reached a dead end. You quickly turned to run back the way you’d come. He was already there, swiftly moving in to corner you. You tried to duck under his outstretched arms, but this time he was expecting the move and grabbed hold of you. You barely had time to cry out before you were held firmly to his chest, one hand moving to cover your mouth. 
You squirmed in his grasp, a futile attempt to free yourself from the tight hold he had on you. Your heart pounded in your chest as he tightened his grip on you slightly. A shiver went down your spine as you felt his hot breath on your ear, and you grasped his wrist as you again tried to twist your way out of his arms. With a low grunt, he twisted you around and slammed you down onto a nearby work table. The surprise of the impact gave him a moment to pull two wicked-looking daggers from a pocket, holding them up for a second so they flashed in the dancing firelight. Your stomach dropped at the sight of the sharp blades, although you knew he wouldn’t hurt you with them. You felt your heart skip a beat as he slammed them into the table on either side of you. It took you a moment to realize you were unscathed, as you heard the material of your shirt rip as the blades pierced it. Instinctively, you reached down to insure that you were unhurt. A large hand stopped you, quickly pushing your hands over your head and holding them there by your wrists. A soft gasp left you at the move. 
Vincent was usually so gentle during your intimate moments, often checking in with you and letting you take the lead on many things. You loved that side of him, seeing how he looked at you so tenderly, and how he touched you like he was worried you’d break under his hands. But there was a few times you’d seen him going after victims, and it put some thoughts in your head . . . Seeing how he was so unrestrained, and how easily he could throw most of them around. When you first brought the idea up to him, he’d been a little hesitant. He didn’t want to treat you like he would one of his victims, and he was worried about being too rough with you. But after you’d spent some time easing him into it, you could tell he began to really get into it as well. 
It was almost a complete shift in his personality, the way he would manhandle you during these moments. The ease with which he held you down only served to amplify the desire you felt burning in your stomach. With his free hand, he made quick work of your pants, throwing them to the floor. He took a few moments to take in your appearance, flushed from both exertion and excitement, and now partially nude on the table before him. He tilted his head as he regarded you, and you squirmed slightly under the scrutiny of his gaze. 
Unzipping his own pants, he pulled out his sizable cock, already hard and dripping pre-cum from the tip. It was clear the chase had excited him as much as it had you. A surprised yelp left you as Vincent grabbed your thighs and pulled you down the table towards him, lining his cock up with your entrance. Usually he would take the time to prepare you, and make sure you were ready to take him, but it was clear he wasn’t going to do that this time around. You let out a moan as he roughly pushed himself into you, feeling yourself stretch around his girth. It burned a little, but the mild pain only added to the pleasure you felt as he entered you. He wasted no time in thrusting into you, setting a fast pace that had his hips snapping against you. As you felt each stroke hit deep inside you, he reached up to hold your hands above your head again. 
You loved the feeling of him holding you down or against him as he fucked you. The feeling of being so helpless underneath him made your knees go weak, and you could tell over time that he’d grown to love showing off his strength with you. You let out a choked moan as he hit a spot inside you that made you see stars, and he made a noise like a growl as he roughly fucked into you. You arched your back up into him as he hit that spot consistently, unable to hold back on whimpers and groans of pleasure. The way he just held you there, thrusting into you so roughly . . . like you were just a toy he was using for his own pleasure. You must have clenched around him at the thought, because a second later he groaned into your neck. You could feel his thrusts becoming sloppy, but he kept up the same hard pace as you felt his cock twitch inside you. Suddenly, he buried himself to the hilt inside you. You could feel the warm spurt inside you as he came, and the feeling sent you over the edge with a cry. He thrust into you a few more times, but they were gentler, almost lazy as he spilled the rest of his cum inside you. 
A few seconds later, he released your wrists. You could feel the ache where he’d been holding them, and you knew you’d most likely have bruises later. He moved his hands to gently cup your face, looking into your eyes with a slight worry. You smiled at him to let him know he hadn’t hurt you too badly, still feeling blissed out in the aftermath of your climax. You pulled him in for a kiss, and you could feel his relieved smile against your lips. 
“Let’s go get cleaned up . . . and I reckon I’m gonna need a new shirt.”
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luna-charlie · 1 year
Vincent: how's married life?
Y/N: it's good, but bo got really drunk and tried to set our marriage certificate on fire.
Vincent: WHAT?
Y/N: he said 'good luck tryin' to return me without a receipt!'
Vincent: why am i not surprise..
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i-heart-slashers · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bo couldn't believe the sight of their home, and he knew that all this was your handiwork. The lights, tinsel, and ornaments were something his parents hadn't done even when he and his brothers were young'uns.
As he entered the house, he heard the Christmas music and smelt cinnamon as soon as he walked through the door, but mostly, he saw the large, oddly decorated tree with weird bits and bobs on it.
He noticed Lester standing on a step ladder with a grin, placing decorations as Vincent carved some wax Christmas figures, both radiating joy that Bo had never seen from them before.
Then there was you making food in the kitchen, sneaking bits of food to Jonesy, who sat patiently by your feet, barking happily when getting scraps and a head scratch.
They didn't have many Christmases to compare with, but Bo knows (and would only ever begrudgingly admit to) it's the best Christmas they've ever had.
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fandom-imagines · 10 months
Bad idea, right?
Fandom: House of Wax
Pairing: Ex!Bo Sinclair x Reader
Warnings: Exes-to-Lovers, implied nsfw, mainly dialogue, reader doesn't know about Ambrose, not proofread.
Inspired by bad idea right by Olivia Rodrigo!
Tumblr media
Seeing the name ‘Bo Sinclair’ pop up in her phone a couple of months after they had officially ended things was not something that Y/N expected during her night-in with her friends.
As the four of them were seated around her best friend’s coffee table, the loud text-tone of Y/N’s phone broke the conversation that they were having and at first, she seriously debated ignoring it.
“It can’t be anybody important,” she said to the group. “It’s probably just my boss asking me to work a shift tomorrow!”
The three girlfriends giggled, each raising their eyebrow in a questioning manner.
“Just answer it!” One said, tossing the woman’s phone to her, one which she caught with expert accuracy.
“Fine.” She huffed, a sound which was cut short when she read the texters name.
Thankfully, nobody noticed the way her eyes widened in both shock and confusion, the emotions intensifying the moment her phone began ringing.
Bo Sinclair is calling.
Answer.        Decline.
It was at that moment Y/N realised that she had never changed his contact image. It was still a photo she took of him whilst they were drunk in Ambrose.
“Sorry,” she muttered to the group, leaving the room to answer the call.
It was as though her body was on autopilot as she answered the phone, his name falling from her lips just as easily as it had when they were a couple.
“Bo? I haven’t heard from you in a couple of months, is everything okay?” Y/N asked, assuming it must be bad for him to call her. After all, he was the one who broke up with her after they had an argument about him keeping secrets from her.
The line was silent for a moment, and she wondered if he had changed his mind, realised his mistake, and hung up. That was, until he spoke.
It wasn’t anything huge, just her name, but it was enough to have her heart racing, past feelings resurfacing at the sound.
“That’s me,” came her response, a forced chuckle shortly following.
“You should come over.” He said.
“You heard me.”
The door to the room she was previously in opened, startling Y/N. She knew then that she had been caught, cheeks flushed and hands shaking; she simply prayed they wouldn’t judge her too much.
“Y/N?” Her best friend asked, smirking as she took in the appearance of the woman on the phone.
“Think about it, Darling. I’ve texted you my new address.” Were Bo’s final words as he hung up the phone, the device suddenly feeling one-hundred times heavier than before.
“Is everything okay?” Rachel, her best and closest friend, asked with concern. “Who was that?”
With a harsh swallow, Y/N spoke. “That was Bo.”
“Bo? As in your ex? What did he want?”
“He wants me to go over, just moved or something.”
“At this time? You can’t seriously be considering it, Y/N! He’s your ex-boyfriend, for crying out loud!” Rachel exclaimed in shock, remembering how heartbroken her friend was when Bo broke up with her.
“Yes, I know that he’s my ex, but can’t two people reconnect?” Y/N asked. “I only see him as a friend!” The biggest lie I ever said, being her immediate thought after she finished speaking.
“You can’t be serious?” Rachel was clearly unimpressed with Y/N’s choices but knew she was in no spot to say anything; everyone makes bad choices. “It’s a bad idea, right, but I can’t stop you.”
With a smile, Y/N spoke. “Fuck it, it’s fine.”
With a smile on her own face, Rachel repeated her words. “Fuck it, it’s fine.”
As she reached Bo’s new house in Ambrose, she hadn’t expected him to be stood at the door with a small smirk, giving her reason to believe to he had been waiting for her to pull up.
“What did you tell your friends?” He asked, widening the door for her to enter the house.
“That I was going home to sleep,”
“Well, you never said where or that you were in my sheets. I guess you could say you just tripped and fell into it.” He joked, still smirking.
“Seeing you tonight, it’s a bad idea, right?” Y/N spoke aloud, watching the way Bo’s smirk widened at her internal debate. “I should probably not.”
“Fuck it, it’s fine.” He said, as though he had heard the previous conversation with Rachel.
Watching Y/N stood in front of him once again had Bo’s chest feeling a way that he wasn’t used to feeling. He didn’t miss her, no, no way! He only saw her as a friend, somebody to hook up with! The biggest lie he ever said.
Y/N watched as he stared at her, seemingly too deep in thought to even notice her moving towards him. Judging by the way he flinched as her hands landed on his shoulders, she knew he hadn’t been paying attention at all.
Bo, who was now well-aware of her touch, leant in to connect their lips, his arm wrapping around her waist in an instant. The feeling of her lips against his after months apart had both parties reacting in ways that they didn’t know were humanly possible.
One of Y/N’s hands moved from his shoulder to the nape of his neck, fingers interlocking with his hair, tugging sharply as Bo bit on her lower, drawing a moan from her. Bo’s free hand reached to toy with the fabric of her shirt, tugging it over her head.
“Should we go upstairs?”
Neither of them knew how to react.
Bo, who wasn’t exactly the best at expressing his emotions, watched as the woman he still loved prepared to leave. He didn’t want her to but didn’t know how to express that without seeming ‘weak’.
“You don’t need to go,” Bo muttered, almost too quiet for Y/N to hear.
“What do you mean?”
With a sigh, Bo knew he had to tell her the truth, no matter how much he didn’t want to. “I don’t want you to leave. Not again.” He admitted, cheeks warming at the confession.
“You… don’t?” She asked him, genuine curiosity and confusion in her orbs. “Why?”
“Because… Fuck are you really going to make me say it?”
“Say what, Bo?”
“Because I still love you, okay!?” He yelled, and he was grateful that Vincent was visiting Lester that night. “I mean, fuck, I’m- I’m sorry, all right? I shouldn’t have lied to you, but I was scared what you would say if you knew the truth.”
“The truth about what?”
“Everything! The town, Vincent, Lester, me…. If you knew the truth, you’d never look at me the same.”
As Y/N stared at him, concern evident, Bo winced slightly. He wasn’t exactly used to expressing his emotions, especially not these types of emotions, but as she moved to sit beside him, he couldn’t stop the words leaving his lips.
“Please don’t leave again, Y/N…”
“I won’t, Bo, but only if you tell me the truth.”
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bitchyglitterfox · 1 year
Saviors - Sinclair Brothers x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: abuse but not from the Sinclairs, murder, language used against reader, Bo being out of character. Fluff, let me know if I missed anything.
A/n: this is possibly the second longest one-shot I've ever written besides petals and bullets. I hope you all like this one.
You, your two friends, well they were technically your boyfriend's friends and said boyfriend had decided that driving from California to Florida to go to Disney world would be cheaper and way more fun than flying. What a dumb idea that was. Your clock read just after midnight and you've made it just forty miles out of Baton Rouge when your back left tire blew on your Volkswagen minibus. 
"Fuck," you moan out as you gently pull to the side of the empty road.
"What? What happened?" The sudden jolt from the blow tire woke everyone including your easily irritated boyfriend, Ben. 
"I think we blew a tire so I pulled over," you say un buckling your seat belt just as you turned the key in the ignition. You open your door, the Louisiana air is sticky and wet. Of all the places to break down it had to be here. 
You stop next to your back left tire and inspect it, a rusted nail sticks out of the tire as it slowly deflates. You begin mumbling swears as you open the back of the minibus searching for the spare you are more the positive you replaced when the front tire blew six months ago. 
"Fucking damnit!" You place both hands in your hair giving a frustrated tug. 
 had already gotten out at this point and was standing next to you, his voice making you jump. 
"I asked you if you had put the spare back in, god do you always have to be so stupid!" He slams his fist against the side of the minibus. 
His anger makes you feel small, if there hadn't been people in the bus he would have punched you instead of the bus. 
"I-I could have sworn I put it in," you say barely above a whisper. 
"Yeah? You thought? Well you didn't and now we're stuck out here in bumfuck Louisiana!" 
"Hey, what's going on?" Rebecca rubs the sleep out of her eyes. 
"Y/n forgot to replace the spare tire and now we're stranded here til morning when another person probably comes down this road." 
You look down ashamed, reaching out to grab the camping gear and flashlight. You head off the road and just want to set up camp and sleep. You've been the only one driving for the last couple of days. 
"Come on let's just set up camp so we can all sleep and hopefully get help in the morning. 0 on, let's find level ground." You don't want to make Ben any madder than he already is. 
Everyone gets out of the van and follows behind you with sleeping bags and backpacks, in case someone stumbled upon the bus and decided to have some sticky fingers. 
Once you're all settled, you finally turn in for bed. Ben, still angry and annoyed, decided to sleep next to Rebecca and her boyfriend, leaving you alone near a tree stump. You let the tears flow freely from your tears. None of you noticed the truck slowly driving past with their lights off or the man that got out and took the spark plugs.
When the sun begins to rise you peek your eyes open and see everyone has already begun packing up camp, it seems they forgot to wake you. It's silent. Not the friendly enjoyable silence, no this silence is awkward, as thick as the Louisiana humidity. 
You walk back to the minibus, packing everything up as they all wait for a car as they lean up against the bus. Maxwell, Rebecca's boyfriend, opens the side of the bus to sit half inside and half out. 
You decide to turn the keys in the ignition to at least getting the inside of the bus cool. But to your surprise the ignition does turn over. 
"What the fuck is wrong now," you groan getting back out of the car and popping the hood, "where the fuck are the spark plugs?!" 
You slam the hood shut and walk over towards the trio standing outside the bus. 
"Who took the spark plugs out of the bus?" 
"What are you talking about?" Ben asks giving you an annoyed look. 
"The sparks are missing, did you guys hear anything last night?" You ask again looking around the three of them. 
However just before you can get your answer a truck comes round the bend. It's an old beat up pick up. The driver slows and stops just before you guys. 
"Well howdy there? Whatch y'all doing out here so early in the mornin'?" He's a scrawny man with a cute dog in the bed and you think that makes him all the more attractive too you. 
"Oh well we-" you're cut off by Ben. 
"Well my girlfriend here, she blew a tire and seemed to forget to get a new one. She also says she's missing her sparks but you know how women are with cars," he says roughly slamming his arm over your shoulder, making you flinch. The stranger's eyes flickered to you softening for just a moment before going back to a stoic look and staring at Ben. 
"I see well, I can take you to Ambrose, it's just 12 miles up the road, my brother owns a mechanic shop and he should be able ta help yall with yours problem. Only this is I only got room for two of ya's," he says rubbing his chin. 
"Why doesn't Y/n go? It is her car after all," Rebecca says looking at you. 
"I'll go too right babe? Can't have you going alone," Ben says, squeezing your shoulder painfully, you have to bite your lip from crying out. 
And so you and Ben pile into who you all found out to be Lester Sinclair. He was the youngest of three. 
"So where y'all from anyway? Don't seem like locals round these here parts," 
"Oh well-" 
"Were from California, driving cross country this summer to go and see disney world" 
You stay quiet now and just look down at your lap. You don't feel like getting Ben angry once again.
Lester looks at you from the corner of his eyes. Planning on ways to make your boyfriend shut up and let you speak for once. He had this overwhelming sense to protect you. Don't go thinking that healing black eye and the way you flinch any time that no good asshole would touch you. 
that. But why did yall choose to drive and not fly? Seems like you'd saved some time flying?" 
"Yeah well it seemed fun at the time until this one had to go and get the tire popped" Ben says annoyed. 
"Well shit, I forgot the roads flooded. We may have to go the long way." Lester says stopping in front of the road that leads into Ambrose. 
"Oh that's OK! We can walk from here, that way you don't have to worry about going an extra way," you say, smiling up at him with a genuine smile. He smiles back at you but doesn't miss the scowl on your boyfriend's face.
You wave at Lester after you've both exited the truck, you give jonesy a rub behind her ears and head over to the little step stones that have taken place in the washed out road.
"Come on, the faster we get into town the quicker we can get the shit we need and on the road again," Ben said, grabbing your arm and pulling you hard. He drags you all the way to the mechanics shop. He knocks on the front door. 
"Hello! We were told you were open and could help us!" Ben yells. 
Unbeknownst to the two of you, Bo was on the back roads talking with Lester. 
"She needs our help, he doesn't treat her right neither. She's got a healing black eye and every time he touched her she flinches, and you should've seen her, she's finer than frogs' hair split four ways," 
"Hmm, and you say she's got two other with 'er? Well bring them back to Vin and he can take care of them while I go and help our visitors. You grab them sparks and hide them in the house, right?" 
Lester shakes his head headed back into his truck to get Rebecca and her boyfriend. 
Back at the shop, Ben was getting impatient and you were bored. 
"I'm gonna go explore, since I'm just a woman and wouldn't know anything about cars right?" 
"You don't have to be such a bitch you know," he huffs. 
"Well you are such an asshole, after this all over and we're in Florida, I'm going to drop you all off and head home, beauce this," you say pointing between yourself and him, "is over. For good this time." 
He back hands you hard enough to draw blood from your lip that his fist made contact with.
"Fuck you Ben!" You screech, "find your own ways to Florida you fuckwad" you walk away up towards the house of wax wanting to clear your mind and maybe have a good cry. 
You are amazed when you make it up the hill to the beautiful building, only realizing as you got to the front that the architecture was made entirely of wax. You gently pushed open the door and stepped inside, giving  yourself your own guided tour of the house. 
Everything was beautiful and the little intimate details intrigued you. 
"These look so life like, the artist must have such magical hands," you say in a hushed voice as though you were in an art museum and let's be honest here you really were. 
Hiding in the shadows, watching you as you gushed on and on about his art work was Vincent Sinlair, the middle son of the Sinclair brothers and the artist behind the house of wax. 
His eye stared at you as though you were a beautiful piece of art that needed to be taken care of and looked after. He silently followed you around like a lost puppy. 
Once you finished admiring the art work and decided enough time had passed and Ben more than likely got the parts needed to get back on the road. You walk towards the exit when the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. You peak over your shoulder and you are more than certain you saw a flash of long raven hair. 
Back at the mechanic shop just after you had left Bo's voice was heard booming from inside.
"Hold your fuckin' horses, I could hear you banging like all hell!" He opens the door with a scowl on his face, Bo hopes to see you there as well. With the way Lester was talking you up he was excited to see the beauty that was you. But alas you were there, only you annoyed looking boyfriend. 
"Whatchu need?" Bo asks, folding his arms over his chest. 
"My girlfriend's minibus has a popped tire and missing sparks. We need them as soon as you can give them to us. And I can make the pot sweeter," Ben says, pulling out a $100 from his wallet. You see Ben, Rebecca and Maxwell were silver spoon babies, you were lower middle class. 
"Well I'll be damned. As much as I'd like to take you up on your offer, I'll have to check in our basement to see if we have them. Why don't you come with and we can work out the price," Bo says, making room for Ben to come in through the door. Ben walks in further into the shop not paying any attention to where Bo had moved. Rookie mistake. Bo hits him over the head and Ben is out cold. 
When Ben wakes he is secured to an old barber chair under a grate in what he assumed to be the mechanic shop. He's gagged and wiggling trying to escape. He's screaming but nothing comes out. 
When you make it to the mechanic shop, you try the door and are happy to see it's finally open. 
"Hello! Is anyone here? Ben! Where are you, you still here?" You ask out walking around, fingerings all the different products on the walls. 
"Why hello there darlin'" you jump at the sudden voice behind you. You are greeted with quite the sight, a gorgeous man with a trucker hat and mechanic overalls.
"H-hi! I um, I'm looking for the guy I was with, he came here to get a new tire and spark plugs. Have you seen him?" You can feel a blush creeping up your neck. Curse your affinity for getting nervous about gorgeous men talking to you and making you lose all sense of yourself. 
"That one fella with the permanent annoyed look? Yeah, I sent him on up to our house, we didn't have the right type or sparks here so I sent him up there to get help from my twin Vincent. I could take you up there if you want or you could wait here?" He says while taking his hat off and running his hand through his damp hair. It makes him look all the more attractive to you.
You smile at him, "is your brother the one who made the art in the house of wax by chance?" 
"That he is ma'am, that he is. He's our own lil family artist," he says showing off his award winning smirk, now how about we get you on up to your friend? Maybe even get some food in yall too. You must be hungry." Just as the words left his mouth your stomach growled causing you to blush and wrap your arms around your noisy tummy. 
You smile at him. You've smiled more around these two strangers than you ever had in your entire relationship with Ben.
"Of course, please lead the way," you follow after him and to his pick up truck, this one much nicer than the one you previously rode in only hours before. The silence on the drive to the house is silent but peaceful. 
You get a better peak at him as he drives, he's attractive and knows it. His hands are big and veiny. Suddenly you are having thoughts about how they'd feel between-woah there y/n you have a boyfriend. Wait wait no you don't you broke it off with the fuckwad. Yes continue with the thought of his fingers in between your thighs as he moves them in and out of your- 
"Doll?" Bo lays his hand on your shoulder startling you. 
"Yes?" The blood rushes to your cheeks and head almost making you dizzy.
"I said we're here now," he says while fixing his hat and getting out of the truck. 
"Oh." You peep out as you follow him into the house. It's beautiful, it's very homey and definitely has the feel that three grown men live here. 
"I'll get started on some lunch for you" he says walking to the kitchen as you stand awkwardly in the living room. 
There are footsteps heard coming up from what can be assumed is the basement. When the door opens you are met with a beautiful sight, a man appears sporting long black hair, half up in a mini bun. He's wearing a wax made mask. He was beautiful. 
"Wow you are beautiful," you say out loud. 
He head snaps towards you and he then signs 'Thank you' you smile, you took a few ASL classes in high school. 
"Are you the one who made all the beautiful sculptures in the wax museum?" 
'Yes, did you like them?' He signed again.
"I didn't just like them, I loved them! You have such a beautiful talent!" 
'Would you like to see more?' He signs, 'I have just finished one at the workshop I have in the basement of the house of wax,'
"I would love to, but I'm only in town until my minibus is fixed. It would've been a great honor to see it though!" 
Just ask he was about to reply, Bo is calling you both to the dining room table. 
The 3 of you are enjoying a wonderful meal when it's interrupted by the front door being slammed open. All three of your heads look towards and see Ben. 
"B-ben!" You stand abruptly. 
"Get the fuck away from them y/n! They are a bunch of freaks!" 
Neither man speaks as they are stiff as a board.
"What do you mean? They've been nothing but nice to me this entire time," you say staying put. 
"That one locked me up in some torture device!" He says pointing to Bo, causing you to look at him, "I think they're the ones behind the missing sparks and blown tire," this causes you to slightly step back. 
"Now darlin' it ain't what you think, ok maybe it is," Bo begins looking at Vincent for help. 
"Get the fuck over here now, so help me. Don't be fucking stupid!" Ben says. 
"What did you say?" You look at him. Without you even realizing, you subconsciously grabbed the knife on the table. You don't even realize what your doing until you hear Bo say "don't go at the throat or head. Vinny needs those intact." 
"I am so sick of you abusing me and belittling me! I am so sick of it!" You scream. 
"You wanna stay with the freaks you crazy bitch? Fine you do that but dont you ever forget who owns you." He says stepping back away from the three of you. "You don't own me, you've never owned me!" You land the first blow in his stomach twisting the blade. You don't stop until Bo is pulling you off of him. Holding you close to his chest as Vincent wipes away the tears that have begun to fall. You're free, you're finally free of the abuse. 
"We'll always protect you doll, always." Bo says as he holds you close and kisses the top of your head. 
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small-sinclair · 22 days
I think about Bo falling to his knees, just collapsing, while his s/o is sitting on the bed. Him resting his head in their lap and just melting into their touch. His curls up from the heat, his hat tossed in the floor, his boots still on and he knows he just dragged mud into the house but he doesn’t care. He’ll close his eyes and breathe deep and slow. He allows himself to fall apart. He allows himself to be vulnerable. Because he knows he’s safe with them.
Tumblr media
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komotionlessqueenmm · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine # 985
Gif NOT mine.
If this gif is yours (or you know who's it is) please let me, so I can give you/them credit.
Gif credit goes to - @tendersugarr (Unless told otherwise.)
Year posted - 2022
📝Note(s) - I think I read someone had this as a headcanon for Bo's name, and I fucking love that idea so I'm rolling with it. (If you know who did it, let me know. I'd love to tag them!)
Tumblr media
Bo frowned in slight confusion at the sudden laughter emitting from his father's old office. Sure he recognized the laughter, but why was she in his father's old office? And why was she laughing so hard? Setting his cigarette in a nearby ashtray he rose from his spot on the couch, and walked briskly down the hallway, slowly creaking the office door open as to not alert her to his presence just yet. "What's so funny darlin'?" He asked after regarding that no one was with her in the office, a smile gracing his lips when she jumped with a startle. "Bo!" (Y/n) hissed with mock annoyance, clutching her free hand over her heart. "Sorry sugar, didn't mean to scare ya." He hummed as he leaned against the doorway, a smile tugging at his lips again as she wiped away a stray tear that had formed from her laughter. "Oh sure you didn't." She snorted before setting the paper she held in her hand down, giving him her full attention. "So what's so funny?" He asked again. "Oh well I found something..." She smirked before rising from her seat, taking the paper with her as she approached Bo. "What's this?" He wondered aloud as she handed the paper over, the amusement falling from his face in an instant once he realized what he was holding. "Why were you looking for this?" He asked with a frown, clearly unamused. "Well Bo if you're intending on marrying me, we kinda need our birth certificates." She mused casually. "Why didn't you tell me your first name was Beauregard?" She asked after a moment of watching him glare at the offending piece of paper. "Why do you think?" Bo sassed with an unimpressed look, making (Y/n) giggle. "I think it's cute." She cooed softly, giggling again when he scoffed at her words. "Oh please. Vincent could hear you laughing from his lair, under the Wax Museum." He huffed, before tossing the paper away onto a nearby table. "I was laughing because of how cute it is!" She insisted with a small giggle, pecking his lips a few times to try turning his mood around. "Don't worry I still love ya Beauregard." She teased playfully, laughing when he playfully shoved her away. "You're lucky I love you." He sassed before pulling her back against his chest, kissing her once his hands rest on her hips. "But do we really have to get legally married? I really don't need anyone knowing about my first name." His words made (Y/n) snort with laughter. "Well I would prefer it honeybee." She muttered softly, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. "Oh alright." He grumbled after a minute of trying to resist her eyes, smiling when she squealed with excitement. "Thank you baby! I love you, I love you, I love you!" She gushed before covering his face in kisses, making Bo laugh at her excitement. "I love you too... But if Lester or Vincent say anything about my name, I'm gonna punish you for that." He warned with a certain glimmer in his eyes, making (Y/n) blush under his gaze. "Okay." She bit her lip, secretly hoping they would tease Bo in the near future.
Tumblr media
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msookyspooky · 6 months
♡ Obsessed Delusional Reader x Sinclair Brother's ♡
Tumblr media
Bo Sinclair:
- "Wow, so you want me that bad, huh? 🤭😏 You tied me up because you want to keep me here? That's so romantic! 😍 And out of everyone in my group it was me?"
- Bo is staring at you, trying to scare you and even hurt you but...The drive isn't there with you being so...Willing? Like, there's no fun in this you lil nutjob!
- Match made in hell
- "Are you there? Is your head just decoration or somethin'? What the fuck is your problem?? I am CRAZY and EVIL and will FUCK YOU UP." You: "Okay bby, if you say so. 🥰" All while Bo is short circuiting.
- Alright, that's it. You're getting the glue on your mouth.
- Honestly about to cut something off to make you afraid or hurt...He might but also might not because you fascinate him so are you a person that fascinates him or a toy he needs to break?
- The bondage sex is probably banging though ngl he's even a bit enthralled by how eager you are compared to most victims
- When you are still not afraid and looking at him in a way that melts most hearts even his icy one he can't even truly torture you properly. Most victims he can shut that off because they trigger his sadism by screaming and fighting or cussing him out or begging him but all these years he's never had a victim act so lovey dovey even after finding out his darkest secrets
- At first this has him so frustrated he has to leave the gas station room; having a crisis cause this has never happened before!
- Doesn't trust you but decided to undo the mouth glue or tape and untie you after all the fun to see what you would do...When you follow him around like a love sick puppy he's both annoyed yet enjoys it
- Mad lil unloved boy in a man's body that is both flustered and irritated at his captive being so fucking smitten for him without manipulation on his part. He has to be in control and your feelings for him is out of his control and he hates it.
- "...What the fuck" -Bo after finding you drawing his name with hearts in a notebook and planning your wedding and future with your captor while your chained up in his bedroom instead of the gas station room bc he obviously is in love with you to move you to someplace more comfy; how sweet of him ♡
- You are dead ass scarying him.
- He should kill you but he thinks you're so crazy he's kinda nervous if he misses with his shotgun and what you'll do if he does because you so obsessed with him is a level of coocoo he ain't never had before
- Once you start to show dimension other than flirting with him (Bonus points if you have trauma like he does and it's why you're lovebombing him and so attached) he starts to look at you as less a pest and more a clingy pet.
- Like...You really just have that much of a crush on him after everything he's done? You both can trauma bond and lovebomb each other? (And manipulate even if he's too dumb to realize you're manipulating him too to love you)
- Is actually willing to be crazy with you after awhile and have you obsessed with him because why not? It gets lonely in Ambrose and he likes you as a pet at times. He'd put a ring on your finger as his spouse just to shut you up, claim you like someone claims their chair, and as an act to lure victims
- If you get extremely possesive and jealous and refuse him having anyone strapped in that chair in that room but you; he actually is so flattered you're that possesive of him. Like he secretly always craved a person making him theirs like this PLUS you know his dark side and still want him.
- He'd probably ease up on being so mean and try acting like a crazy possesive delusional married couple together after that even if he still treats you as a thing to easily manipulate and control and he's CLEARLY not being manipulated either (Poor dumb bastard.)
- Vincent is internally screaming and questioning why this person is in their house and has a wedding band from a victim on their finger and his brother is...Being sweet on them??? Lester is happy for you though.
Vincent Sinclair:
- "Wow...I'm your muse? 🥺💘 That's so swee-" *Paralyzing agent kicks in but you have heart eyes still*
- He literally cannot work with you looking at him like that. Stop. He can't even wax your brows off because you're looking at him in a way no one has before
- You weren't even afraid and it makes him hesitate because...He forgot his tools upstairs! Obviously...He'll try again later.
- Once the agent wears off and your spared for now it's ten times worse
- He is blushing so bad under his mask at all your praise and admiring his work and admiring him you're gonna melt his damn mask!
- He is harder to get through to than his twin (HC Bo is more desperate for affection as the least favorite bad seed unloved child than he let's on he just acts cold but they both crave acceptance)
- Vincent pats your head like Jonesy the dog when you smile at him while he works...You're not so bad. As long as you stay outta the way.
- May have to pick you up and move you where he wants like furniture sorry his people skills kinda suck being sheltered for his face then stuck in abandoned Ambrose half his life
- Bo acts annoyed with your obsessed ways but secretly enjoys the neediness for him. Vince is actually annoyed being much more reclusive than Bo and now you're staring at him while he works.
- Dead stares at you when you sculpt tiny little figures of you both holding hands with wax he let you have...He loves it or else he'd destroy it obviously ♡♡♡
- When he lost his mask and you fawned over him (He acted like Erik in Phantom of the Opera the DRAMATICS) he's absolutely panicking and startled
- Once you kiss that side of his face and praise him maskless how on Earth could he not fall for you too despite your odd ways??
- Becomes just as obsessed with you only in a more lowkey way than you. Making sculptures and drawing you all the time. Enjoys you talking, keeping him company etc.
- Bo is bewildered when you verbal rip his ass so viciously when he made a nasty remark to your angel bby his twin brother that this big guy was reeling back thinking you were gonna jump him. Probably said shit that he'll be secretly thinking about tonight with a heavy heart too. Vincent snickers and pulls his guard dog away as you glare at Bo the entire way back downstairs.
- You and Bo do not get along because of how protective you are of Vince and how mean Bo can be
Lester Sinclair:
- "Oooo, you got such a big hunting knife! Is it in reference to...Other big things?🤭😘"
- HUH!?
- His brain shut off because he had never had a victim he took to his brothers flirt with him like this. And while he's covered in grime and roadkill?!
- It's okay it just adds to his manliness. We love a man with hobbies! ♡
- Like...Are you being mean and joking? Are you...Alright up there in your noggin? He would take the long way and other roads to Ambrose just to talk to you more and figure you out (Even when Bo is in a hot ass suit in a Church with no air waiting and is ringing Lester's cell off the hook)
- When you are fascinated by what he does, praising his job, asking about him; he is a blushing mess driving. Then he tries flirting back and cracks his cheesy jokes. And when you laugh??? Ooooh it's over. He's crushing severely.
- Easiest brother to woe. He's keeping you. Gonna show up to the house like Spencer in that one episode of ICarly.
Bo: "...What is that?"
Lester drinking a smoothie while you cheerfully wave love struck on his arm: "A smoothie??"
- He did question your mental state at first but hell he grew up with Bo and Vince so what the hell? He's a lil crazy too! Just part of your charm is all.
- When you are talking about the future he gets a little nervous but not out right opposing it just give him some time, babe! He could give you a ring made of deer antler or bone wittled down and you'd cry and say yes.
- He acts cute with you. You both are so disgustingly sweet on each other it makes Bo gag and Vincent roll his eye whenever you both come to town.
- Both twins are so jealous their goofy dirty lil brother found love before them and they can't stand it
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haddonfieldwhore · 4 months
strangers - bo sinclair
Tumblr media
bo sinclair x fem!reader
summary: bo has a very rare moment of humanity
warnings: implied smut, reader is bo’s captive, stockholm syndrome, blood
word count: 0.7k
loosely inspired by this song
the busted spring of the mattress poked into bo’s back as he rolled over in bed, trying to get away from the rays of sunlight creeping through the cracks in the curtain. he tried to go back to sleep but the light refused to let him, and he surrendered, sitting upright and leaning his back against the wall behind the bed. he rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the light, before he looked over to your side of the bed at you still sleeping form. the sheets were the only thing covering you, draped lazily over your side as you lay turned away from him, your only movement being each breath you took.
he traced the bruises and indentations left behind by his teeth, leaving a trail down the side of your neck and across you shoulder. you stirred slightly, rolling over to face him but remained asleep, giving bo the chance to admire every detail of your face. your lips were bruised from his harsh kisses, dried blood caked to your mouth, and dark circles under your eyes. you’d only been in ambrose 6 months, but it had aged you nearly two years. not that you could remember how long it had been anymore.
but still, bo couldn’t help but think how young you looked; innocent. he knew you weren’t - at least not anymore. no, he had taken that from you. you were hardly the same person you were when you’d arrived in town, just asking for help with your car. all alone. a pretty young thing like you didn’t stand a chance. not for a second.
it hadn’t taken long for bo to decide he was going to keep you. after that it wasn’t long before he convinced you that you wanted to stay; that it was your idea, even. once he knew you wouldn’t try to escape (not that you could’ve if you tried) he let you stay at the house with him instead of the basement.
they were both prisons. one just had a bed.
bo thought back to that first day, that first week, that first time you didn’t flinch at his touch. the first time you smiled at the sight of him. it was over; you were his.
even if you could’ve gotten away, it was too late. you were his. he owned you.
it didn’t matter if you had a family back home, looking for you. your missing poster had started to tear from the bulletin board at the grocery store in your home town; your mother would replace it. it didn’t matter. no one would find you. the person you were was gone. a ghost, though you were still alive.
something twisted in his stomach, a strange feeling; something he didn’t recognize, like he’d eaten something off and felt sick. but it was something else entirely.
bo sinclair, for the first time in his life, felt a shred of guilt. it lingered for only a second, disappearing as quickly as it had materialized, as your eyes fluttered open and you smiled at him. your hands reached for him immediately, and bo pulled you into his lap, letting you curl into his chest. still half asleep, you peppered kisses along the underside of his jaw before nuzzling into his neck, nearly drifting off again. see? you were happy. he decided there was nothing for him to feel guilty about.
“mornin, darling.”
“good morning, bo,” you mumbled happily. anyone who saw this scene would think the two of you were in love. he’d rewired your brain so good you thought so too.
“go back to sleep baby. you did good last night.”
last night. you lost track of him many times he’d been buried between your legs last night, barely able to string together a cohesive thought by the time he was done with you, tears streaming down your face from it all being too much.
“i did good?” you hummed, and he nodded, kissing the top of your head.
“you did so good, sweetheart. now go back to sleep,” he cooed. you mumbled incoherently as you let yourself fall asleep in his arms. “that’s my girl.”
“…yours,” you mumbled before you were asleep again. he smiled.
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boringbxtch · 1 year
Sinclair brothers |
I’m having some Sinclair brother brain rot
You are dating one of the brothers when you find him tied to a chair or something and being surrounded by the others, he becomes the cuck and gets forced to watch his brothers use you for their pleasure, though your noise level and cock drunk face say you’re enjoying it the most
Like Bo in the chair while Lester and Vincent go at you ; how pissed off that man is going to get watching everything though I’m sure he’d be the least appreciative being strapped down for obvious reasons so maybe another method of restraint for him
Or Lester in the chair while you get tag teamed by the twins - they’ll show you how well they can work together when they put their minds to it
Or Vincent: just don’t touch his mask when he has no way to stop you, Bo being a little bitch showing Vincent how to treat a hole because right now that’s all you are and Lester being the praiser in this equation while jamming his shaft down your throat
Late nights are either incredible for my writing or terrible I don’t know yet
If someone wants to use any of these please tag me so I can read the absolute filth please
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